POLL: Favorite Kate Outfit from the Royal Tour of Canada 2016

POLL: Favorite Kate Outfit from the Royal Tour of Canada 2016

Here’s a poll about Kate Middleton‘s Royal Tour of Canada wardrobe. This poll is just for her dress, coats, etc. not any of her accessories (I’ll have an accessories poll later in the week).

The big fashion winner for the Canada Tour 2016? Zara. Kate wore 16 different designers, only repeating 1*: Zara, a Spanish label. Kate wore multiple pairs of Zara jeans and a Zara blazer. 14 of Kate’s pieces were new, with 2 old pieces (not including the jeans). Kate wore 9 British labels, 2 Canadian labels, and 1 each of American, Italian, French, Swedish, and Spanish labels. Kate did wear two more Canadian labels in the form of jewelry.

* Kate repeated a Troy London jacket but I’m not counting that since it was not multiple pieces by the same designer.

The Daily Mail has Kate’s entire tour wardrobe cost at £61,852 (~$80,024), but that includes previously worn items (including very expensive jewelry). If we take out the previously worn items, the number comes down to £18,562 (~$23,991). BUT that does not include several pieces which were not identified and priced (plus the Queen’s brooch). So the total cost of all of Kate’s new pieces is well over that £18,562 amount.

Let’s get to the polls (I’m doing a Favorite and Least Favorite poll on these outfits)…

1) Jenny Packham bespoke blue dress worn on Day 1.

2) Alexander McQueen red & white dress with tiered skirt from the Resort 2017 Collection worn on Day 2.

3) Holland and Holland “Safari Jacket”, blue sweater & plaid shirt, and Zara jeans worn on Day 3.

4) Preen red stretch-crepe “Finella” dress worn on Day 3.

5) Dolce & Gabbana customized version of the green “Pocket watch-appliqué crepe midi dress” worn on Day 4.

6) Hobbs Persephone Trench worn on Day 4.

7) Carolina Herrera red coat from the CH AW16 collection worn on Day 5.

8) Sentaler “Wrap Coat with Ribbed Sleeves” in grey & skinny jeans worn on Day 5.

9) See by Chloé “Pointelle-knit cotton-blend dress” in Ivory worn on Day 6.

10) Smythe one button “Duchess” blazer in Army, Somerset by Alice Temperley “Spot Pretty Blouse” in Ivory, and Zara jeans worn on Day 7.

11) Really Wild “Cashmere Mix Cable Crew in Ruby” sweater and Zara jeans worn on Day 7.

12) Zara blazer & jeans, and H&M top worn on Day 8.

13) Troy London jacket and Zara jeans worn on Day 8.

14) Catherine Walker bespoke cream coat worn on Day 8.

96 thoughts on “POLL: Favorite Kate Outfit from the Royal Tour of Canada 2016

  1. I like the blue outfit on arrival and the red dress but the accessorizing game is so fail I don’t know which to choose. So I’m going with the airport arrival outfit. She looks so severe and really a lot older than 34, there, but appropriate and no flashing. Sad the bar is so low, haha. That and I love the color. I like the coat from the leaving but the rest was so boring.

    1. All the Midd women have severe, hard faces.

      By seeing photos of all the clothes together, I now understand a lot of the comments about poor tailoring and KM’ s clothes being ill fitting. I still like the Preen the most, but agree with Rhiannon that the broach would have been nice place higher up on the dress or in her hair. The Beau Brummell outfit was horrible and cartoonish as well as the safari jacket and boots outfit.

      In so many of the photos she has a “little girl lost” quality which translates to no energy and so out of her depth.

      1. I wonder how much of that “severe, hard” look to the Middleton’s faces has to do with smoking. I’ve noticed in my family that the smokers age faster. My father is the eldest of his siblings yet looks like the youngest because he never smoked. He has also outlived most of his siblings. Smoking gives you those deep crevices in your face, especially the nasal labial lines.

        1. I know when I smoked in my 20s my complexion was wan and dull, so I stopped because of that. But I also think the Midd’s extreme social climbing and snobbery have left a mark.

        2. Smoking deprives your skin of oxygen, so it makes you wrinkle faster. Also makes it look drier and duller.

          I think in Kate’s case it might be a combination of cigarettes and too much sun exposure, which are the worst things for your skin.

        3. The expression on her face in the Holland jacket floored me. Why so nasty looking, Kate?

          I have to be honest, I really don’t have a fave among the choices! The McQueen dress was the worst, though.

  2. I am a sucker for a poll! I love to see how the votes fall. I voted for the red cocktail dress as my favorite. The styling had a bit to be desired. The more I think of it, I would have chosen silver pumps/clutch or electric blue accessories. And bring the brooch up a bit or put it in her hair. My least favorite was the McQueen. It looked like it was straight out of Butcher’s Holler a la Coal Miner’s Daughter.

    I liked the general concept of the casual looks. And I liked where she was going. But the pants/jeggings were way too tight. And it threw off the look. Any looser trouser would have looked more polished. That gray sweater was everything.

    One gripe – the hair. I’ll leave the wiglet out for a moment. Her hairstyles age her. She would have casual clothes, but fussy hair. Or business attire with it all over the place. And let’s be honest, no stylist worth their weight in gold would claim those styles and the hideous wiglet.

    Thank you so much for this poll, KMR! You’ve worked so hard to provide this wonderful coverage. I hope that you get a moment to rest and relax soon.

        1. I wear them all. Wigs, wiglets, hair pieces, extensions. Not at the same time of course! Lol. Have done so since my parents let me as a young teen. A couple of relatives were in the fashion and beauty industry in the 70s, so it was fun to play and experiment with your look with their guidance.

          I still experiment with my look by changing style or colour though these days it’s strictly more conservative than the styles i tried as a teen or young woman.

          My own hair is in good shape because the wigs, wiglets, hair pieces, extensions take the brunt of my experiments.

          I notice when people have them in. Wince when they are poorly attached/styled/managed and really eyeball the good ones.

          Many women, of all ethnicities wear them in everyday life. I’m always surprised at how much celebrities pay for their hair, but i guess if you can charge through the roof and someone is willing to pay…..

          1. I wish I could meet up with you and learn. I am so awful at doing my hair. My favorite invention is this Babyliss spin brush / blow dryer – because it’s so easy to use. Maybe I’ll see if there is some cosmetology school class I can take.

      1. Rhiannon, I don’t know anything about wiglets either. I always laugh when you express your frustration with how badly she wears it. I still can’t make it out, but I too don’t wear enhancements because I don’t have the patience. But I agree, her hair always looks a mess. The loooong hair is not flattering at all. Her fragile stooped posture is weighed down by a mass of curls or straight tendrilly blanket hair. It looks dated and like a cult-wife hair style.

        1. Seeing the wiglet like that reminds me of an infomercial product sold a few years ago called “bumpit”, a little plastic thing you anchored to the top-back of your head and brushed your hair over to give you that bump/volume on the top. I always just teased and back-brushed my hair for the same effect.

    1. I think the accessories all around left something to be desired, as they typically do with Kate. I’ll stick by my original assessment that cheetah shoes would’ve looked amazing with the red cocktail dress.

      My least favorite was the safari jacket or the red sweater. The red sweater looks like something my grandmother would knit and then guilt all her grandkids into wearing. I don’t like the numerous pockets on the jacket and I don’t see why she needed to wear 2 separate tan windbreakers this week.

      Overall in the fashion department I rate this trip “yawn”. At least in India she stepped out of her element.

    2. I’m with you regarding her hair. With or without wiglets, it is so aging. I think the low matronly chignon she has taken to wearing is due to the extensions ie she dare not lift her hair because the extension roots will be obvious so they style it this way to cover.

      1. I get hairstyles off YouTube and one of the person I get them from will add extensions in for length, I can never tell in the final process. So if done right, she could have better up dos with the extensions in and no one could notice!
        We need a poll on who should be fired first! =)

  3. I voted the blue JP as the best, and the Zara jeans/red jumper as the worst. I wish there was an option to pick more than one ‘worst’, because there were some shockers… pretty much all involving those cowgirl boots…

    1. The sweater by itself is fine but the ensemble is laughable. Agree, the cowboy boots are just awful on her.

      All her clothes look costumey to me. It’s Carole’s influence and the Party Pieces factor again. She’s dressing up to look like something (royal? glamorous? normal?) but never looks like she knows who she is. I see the clothes but I don’t see her, the person.

      1. LOL……………Kate is really gimmicky with those boots, that’s for sure. I actually thought they sort of balanced out the skinny jeans, they were preferable to her ugly wedges that she tends to favor. (Thankfully we only saw her wedges once – at the garden party – and they were awful as suspected.)

        The vision I won’t forget anytime soon though is the short Twitter video of her exiting the canoe. Adjusting her wedgie from her jeans and then prancing down the dock. Horrid behavior and unfortunately I think it shows who Kate really is. 🙁

  4. Favorite:See by Chloe “Pointelle knit cotton blend dress” in ivory
    Least Favourite:Carolina Herrera red coat
    ***If the pocket watch detail from the green D&G dress had not been removed then it would certainly have been my favorite.In fact it would have made its way into my all time favorite list.

  5. I agree with the other comments, but want to say that’s a lot of money for such boring clothes! It felt like she wore the same looks during the course of the tour, but in different colors.

  6. Favorites are arrival and evening red. I chose McQueen as my least favorite, although I thought it fit fine. The green dress seemed a size too small on top, which is bizarre since it is bespoke! I’ve come to expect Kate in skinny jeans, but I really wish she’d try something new. In fact, my summary for the clothes is that they were pretty forgettable. I think the only one I’ll recall years from now is the arrival.

    1. I no longer find the McQueen dress disturbing since other people pointed out it looks like a Mexican wedding-shindig dress. At least it filled out her figure a bit. So it easn’t my least favorite.

      1. Oh, that McQueen dress! Just terrible. To me, it was the worst.

        Best? I really loved the grayish/blue wrap sweater, but I didn’t like the tight jeggings she paired with it. That sweater, though! It’s beautiful!

        I thought her wardrobe, for the most part, was very boring for this trip!

  7. I want to vote for the slip Kate wore under that knit dress to the balloon party. It saved us from getting up close and personal!

    I love a poll too, but when I see all the outfits together I can see how badly they are fitted to her! Even the Catherine Walker coat has fit problems! And I know Catherine Walker’s work as my Mum bought pieces, fitted by Catherine, so I know how much effort they put in to get the fit right. IMO, it seems to get the story is true that Kate doesn’t go to fittings and either sends in false measurements or has someone else take the garments in for an even tighter fit.

    1. I agree with Cathy – the clothes were so badly fitted it detracted from the fashion. That green dress was just dreadful in my opinion – to a large part because I couldn’t get past the overly top bodice. It’s not a good look to wear such tight clothing – and so inappropriate for her age and position.

      1. Yes, Cathy, her clothes never seem to fit properly. I go back to a comment I made regarding the Preen dress previously. It just didn’t look right to me. So off-balanced. The skirt was too long, in my opinion. And, the red pumps did little to help. I just wonder if it had been shortened a bit, if I would have liked it better on Kate. Oh, and the metal zipper! Yikes, I hate those darn things!

        The white coat she wore for her departure was lovely, but seemed a bit tight around the bust area. We’ve remarked so many times in the past that she doesn’t have her clothing tailored properly . Is that another form of laziness? Having to stand there, while someone pins your outfit and looks for appropriate ways to make them enhance your figure? If I could afford to purchase designer clothing, I sure as heck would make certain they fit me perfectly!

    2. Cathy, I am in agreement. Kate’s clothes never seem to fit her properly. There is always something “off.” When I took a closer look at the green dress, I noticed that the buttons down the bodice appeared to not line up properly. The red dress she wore didn’t seem to fit her properly, either. The skirt was not balanced with the bodice. Just appeared off to me. Nothing appeared to have been done to make it fit the lady who would be wearing it. It just looked as if it had been purchased off the rack. And, those of us who can only afford off the rack know that we sometimes must adjust things so they fit us better.

      Back to the red dress, in a previous post, I think it was rhiannon who said that the brooch would have looked better if it had been pinned on the strap. That would have made a big difference to me. Would have taken my eye away from the skirt!

  8. My favorite was the Jenny Blue least was the going away cream coat. I did not like the panels as it looked like something overweight Camilla might wear. I think
    If I could dress her I would add more accessories, and find some coats that were a little more trendy but with the same color scheme she is already using. I love the monotone colors just not the cuts. I think this is a designer issue. The same tried and true designers are being used over and over wish she would find someone more creative, however I love the vintage look on her and hopes she keeps it up but think she needs to step up in the glam department.

  9. My favorite picture from the whole trip — Charlotte pulling at her mother’s collar yelling balloons balloons. She wanted DOWN.

    1. The look in her eyes when she spotted those balloons! It gave me life. She was already running even as she was set down by Kate. And the verve with which she attacked them!!!

      My gossip genie may yet fulfill my wish that she turns out to be the most unladylike, mind-of-her-own, running-circles-around-her-dolt-parents that ever hit them.

      I wished the same for G when we first saw him in motion because he too had alot of personality, but it looks like they’ve stamped it out of him and i hope they don’t do the same to C. Or G finds it again.

      1. She was! Which is why when Kate was still holding her back, I thought, geez just let her go! It’s a party!

        The difference between George at landing and the party and then leaving was a lot. I am hoping that something prevailed upon them to make him less fearful of the press and public in that interim.

  10. I voted for the Persephone trench coat. I thought she looked polished, and I love the color. My least favorite – there were a few contenders here, but I voted for the red coat with the unfortunately placed buttons. I was disappointed at the ill-fitting bodices on the customized and bespoke dresses.

  11. A few, many thoughts. I voted for the custom Packham as my favorite. I love that Hobbs coat. (But I’m not voting for a dang coat. It kind of pained me to vote for the Packham as my favorite for similar reasons. It’s a little trite, and it feels like I’ve seen her in that a million times. Like the Walker coat. But she looked flawless.) And I loved the Preen dress itself, but not on Kate. It isn’t especially flattering on her, I don’t think.

    I’m glad the McQueen is winning the most hated. It was my second choice. But I voted for the D&G because it represents many bad habits and stupid thinking. All the different stupids of her wearing D&G ever. But wearing it here is extra. Plus removing the only detail that made it “interesting”, and having it poorly tailored. I didn’t really like any of the casual looks. There’s something off or wrong about many of them. Please, someone tell Kate to stop with the ribbed tops that clash with what she’s wearing and look like cheap undershirts. Remember Cornwall? http://katemiddletonreview.com/2016/09/02/prince-william-and-kate-middleton-in-cornwall-day-2/ At least the white mostly matches the other white she wore this time. But would it kill her to wear a tailored dress shirt? We know she loves collars! 😀 Speaking of more stupid. The thin sweater over the checkered shirt that you could see through. Plus, wearing those layers under a stupidly expensive, lightweight, cotton jacket in the pouring rain. Then hauling out a different, heavier jacket to go sailing. (And I bet she had another similar jacket that fit somewhere between those two in tow.) The cowboy boots. The garden party dress? Just wear pants! But real pants. Not these spray painted, denim tights that she needed to adjust out of her rear after the canoe ride. I can’t get over the superfluousness of the Walker and Herrera coats. And then with some other things I can’t get past how much they cost and how much they are NOT worth it.

    I hate those E! Online and DM’s lists. They go through making lazy guesstimations of the cost of her clothing, while adding up every single thing she wore. They are also a ways off on some of those prices, and actually tend to cite the lowest cost for some of her more expensive pieces. For example, the Mail itself has written (several) articles about bespoke clothing and Packham’s work. In one last year they cited the low-end for Packham at £2,000. Yet they continue to lowball these costs knowing that several of Kate’s even more casual looking bespoke Packham’s were closer to $5,000. The arrival outfit was as custom as it gets, actually fit, and was properly hemmed. That suggests to me that Kate may have had this physically tailored on her body AND had it done by Packham’s team. That dress is closer to that $5K high side than the $2K low one. Similarly, the cheapest Lock & Co. hats start at $500. They can cost in the thousands. The Marisabel hat http://katemiddletonreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Kate-Middleton-and-Camilla-at-Trooping.jpg was $1300 at the time. Oh, that’s nothing. Philip Treacy’s hats can cost Sev.ver.ral thousands! A custom made, custom dyed (and yet not quite matching the dress), maple leaf motif hat is NOT “around £650”.

    My math, KMR’s wonderfully documented details, cross-referencing a few others, and just pulling some numbers out of the air, puts the minimum total at around $34,600 or $4,000 per day. Minimum. Or around $4,000+ for every like four hours of “work”… MINIMUM. $34,600+ of mostly pedestrian nothingness, many foreign brands, and many more things that we’ll never see again… But I digress. I don’t know how much the altered McQueen and D&G cost in the end. (I imagine D&G removed the clock. But the off tailoring, including the crooked buttons, was probably all Kate.) Or what the price was for that Catherine Walker coat. The Fail puts it at $3,860. Remember the infamous red Walker she wore disembarking a plane on the Australia tour? The Express claimed it was $9,000. E! and The Fail said $2,521. I really don’t know. So, to be positive, I’m glad the price per day average is back down to the OZ tour level of $4,000 a day. She was averaging $8,000 a day in India and Bhutan for those 23-25 engagements. This tour was two days longer right? And they did around 30 appearances. So… #budgetgoals? Ugh, I just remembered that these are the clothes that we saw. (Literally. What is she wearing under the Walker coat?) And she no doubt brought more stuff with her. There was also the extra costs of bring George and Charlotte with them… Nevermind! Nevermind! Digressing, digressing. Happy thoughts!

    1. I think you make a good point.. because of the changeable weather in the Autumn I bet she had several custom alternatives or extra coats available just in case.

    2. Add to the fact that she already had some very similar items (red and cream coats, red and nude shoes, cowboy boots from last Canadian tour) the cost is even more ridiculous! =(

  12. For the most part, this vacation was a snooze fest as far as fashion goes………for me at least. I guess the arrival outfit was the best of the bunch. Mostly because that style looks good on her. I would have modified a few things though. The collar. The shoes. And the hat didn’t perfectly match (in some photos with a flash it is really REALLY obvious) therefore it would have been a good opportunity to add some color in the hat embellishment. I would have put some ochre, brown, and rust leaves on that hat. And maybe picked up one of those colors in the shoes. The nude court shoes are so passe, they need to disappear for awhile.

    Overall, her stylist failed her. Particularly in the safari jacket outfit, wearing all the red and white, and the wearing of cowboy boots. I guess they think when you go west, you wear cowboy boots. Now, I’m not against cowboy boots, I just think the Duchess suffers from this theme dressing syndrome and it just shows how unimaginative these people are.

  13. The only outfit to me that conveyed ‘I am a royal person who is on tour’ was the blue suit Kate wore when they arrived. I had my hopes falsely lifted at that point that perhaps the fashion on the tour was going to be a turning point from girly-woman to full fledged woman. But alas……….more clothes buttoned up to her neck, blouses with fussy bows and little Peter Pan type collars. Blecch!
    Tough to vote for worst, since after that it was all downhill, but the worst, that McQueen which looked like curtain valence’s sewed together and the green dress. Terrible tailoring, the button placket on the McQueen was gaping and whoever, if anyone, fitted the darts on the Dolce, well that person should go to fashion prison for life.
    Accessories………..get the magnifying glass………too boring to get any votes from me.
    Lastly, I would like to say a big thanks to KMR for her coverage of this tour. If some of the locations were not so beautiful and the people who lived there so interesting, there would not have been much for you to write about.

    1. I’m with you. I didn’t have high expectations going into the tour but when she stepped off the plane looking lovely, hair back, able to see brooch and overall nice looking, I thought yay maybe some excitement! Nope, day 2 pretty much squashed all excitement and never came back. I loved the grey sweater but the too tight jeans ruined it for me.
      Besides the maple leaf brooch, the rest of the accessories were just as blah as always. I understand that she’s in the wilds of Chanda but she could have still accessorized so much better.

      1. Me too!! And sure did, as her alternations to McQueen always do. I would rather her just be in bespoke McQueen based on no design that the house has out than always modifying the cool designs. I know they would never say no, but to me it’s disrespectful to the house and Lee McQueen’s legacy to always be boring it down.

        1. I’m not sure Lee’s legacy really is being preserved under the current designer. Makes me wonder, if he was alive today, he’d even consider dealing with Kate and her ‘vision’…………..

          1. Sarah Burton has been disappointing at a time when other houses that were always relatively boring are trying the thing he did in the early 2000s. He may have, but on HIS terms — and HIS tailoring. And probably no bullet boobs.

          2. If he were still alive, she would not be wearing his clothing.

            People don’t appreciate how much Sarah Burton has watered down his vision and or moved away from it completely. Lady Gaga and Anna Paquin are the last celebrity women to wear original McQueen designs on the red carpet. Everything that has come after has been a parade of unoriginal boring designs that is found at other fashion houses.

            This is a man who was very vocal about who he wanted to wear his clothing and was equally vocal about those he did not. He famously barred Victoria Beckham from wearing them and she didn’t until after his death.

            He was rude about royalty except for HM and once wrote rude things in Prince Charles’s suit linings when he was an apprentice at Charles’s saville row tailor.

            Kate and her bland, boring personality would have repulsed him and he wouldn’t be OK with her wearing his clothes or wanting him to make up clothes for her.

          3. +1 everything you said, Herazeus.

            I’m always on the fence about McQueen. I do think banning people from wearing your clothes is jerkish behaviour. But as JT said, his designs were on another level, and I can understand him not wanting someone who didn’t represent his brand sporting his outfits.

            If he was alive, I doubt Kate would even be allowed to touch his designs.

  14. Off topic: Princess Beatrice arrived in Kalimpong on, Tuesday October, 4th 2016. To attend a free three-day eye care program, for cataract, intra-ocular lens and implants. She will attend days 2-3. Over 200 patients from the hills and neighbouring areas were expected to be treated at the three-day eye care programme.

    The programme is being organised by Jamgon Kongtrul Eye Centre, Kalimpong, in technical collaboration with Tilganga Eye Centre of Nepal. The centre is locate near lower bridle road and is run by the Paramita Charitable trust, which was started by the late Jamgon Kongtrul Rimpoche.

    The Princess shared her experience about the region, “ I got to know through my team that I’d be traveling here. I was really interested in promoting community eye care centers like this one; this is thus an important development for all concerned. Kalimpong has memorized me in ever sense; thus I feel very lucky to be amongst the local people. I have been traveling with Dr. Kathmandu and to travel with him in the field has brought me to Kalimpong today.

    The princess further added, “ In the context of charity I think I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to come and see the great work that is being done on this ground. I think it is a great chance to see the difference that can be really made, especially through building strength in the community.”

    The princess informed that her schedule in the next couple of days is packed with similar camps in different regions.
    There is some pics in the link.

    I hope the admin doesn’t mind I keep posting about her events

    1. I love the fact that’s she rumpled and wearing no makeup because she’s working and it’s not important. What a beautiful young lady she is I wish she had a more prominent role that kept her occupied properly. She is a credit to the BRF but could do so much more.

    2. I love her look too. Fresh, natural, unpretentious. And the quote is caring and humble. She understands her priviledge position allows her great opportunities to help others. That is what being regal means to me.

    3. I would never wish anyone heartache, but I think she has come out from under a cloud since her break up. She is doing seriously good work and she looks great even rumpled and her hair bunched up. Feels like we’re seeing the real Bea.

    4. I love that she’s getting out there more now. She’s always so engaged and kind in her appearances. I hope she gets a role working privately for charities like Diana did after her divorce. She has mentioned she would love to do royal duties and she does seem suited for these roles.

      1. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are warm, diligent and compassionate women. It is good to see an article about Princess Beatrice out and working. Both women do so much charity work, that is not in the news. They do seek the limelight. I think Beatrice should join a charity organisation or take on more royal duties. Thank you for the article.

  15. $80,000 for those things. Imagine that. I did not pick a favorite because none of them are. The least successful was a tie between the too tight skinny jeans and the horrid Mexican/Indian red thingy, so adolescent. Total fail but without her clothes she is without interest

  16. i liked bits and pieces of her outfits but mostly disliked her overall looks. In the end who cares what she was wearing – she is such a disappointment. So shallow, vapid and self centered. It’s ALL about her and her family/kids/clothes/husband, etc. Fashion wise, I dislike the theme dressing – wearing red because she is in Canada. She wore the maple leave brooch three times. Are there no other bits of royal treasure that she could bring along? Most of their days were spent being entertained on a public holiday where they both were able to replenish their wardrobes and engage in fun sight seeing events all on the Canadian dole. Also the kids got several new outfits as well. For them it’s all about the photo journal of their wonderful lives and influencing the biographies that others will write about them. Their clothes, the kids, the we are so in love looks, etc are all just for the books that will be written about them. It’s not about the cause or raising awareness or caring about anything but themselves.

    1. +1. The PDA on this trip was calculated for some stupid reason; all too much manipulation of public sentiment for my liking. I really don’t care about their ‘being in love’, whatever love means to them.

    2. I would have thought that she could have/should have brought out the Harry Winston broach she received on their first tour of Canada. It would have been a nice gesture of the previous tour as well as not having to wear the same maple leaf one several times.

  17. If Kate thinks her public role is to be a clothes hanger, she should at least be an interesting clothes hanger, but apparently she misses the mark on even that! I agree, she tends to look costumey! Take the $80K & give it to a stylist who could help her shop her current closet & buy interesting accessories! I personally believe she comes off as dull, because she is dull. An interesting person says more with her wardrobe!

    1. “…she comes off as dull, because she is dull.”

      Exactly! Kate seems devoid of real character, as opposed to creating one for the camera. Much as I love a poll, I couldn’t vote for any of the outfits, basically because the woman wearing them is not authentic; nothing feels right about her persona. Kate’s aim is to be thin and look thin, though her public role has nothing whatsoever to do with personal vanity.

  18. I chose the blue arrival outfit. I would have chosen the red dress but her arms creep me out. I chose the white dress she wore to the children party as the worst because it was just inappropriate for the event and ugly.

    I was not very impressed seeing all of the outfits together like this. She’s just so dull…ugh!

  19. Can I vote someone else’s outfit for best? As someone else mentioned a few posts back, the lady who walked in behind Kate when Kate wore the red dress looked best. She was appropriately covered, her clothes paid homage to the native culture, and it was beautiful. I think that was the best outfit on the tour. Too bad it wasn’t on Kate.

  20. I liked the shoes she wore with the white blazer and too tight trousers (day 8?). Otherwise this was such a yawn. I actually liked the red sweater and voted for it as my favourite – purely because I have its (much) cheaper relative in my closet and it’s my go-to comfort jumper. I doubt Kate’s will ever see daylight again.

    Said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m betting they are on holiday right now.

    1. If they are it’s only a short one as they have an engagement on Monday, Oct 10.

    2. I voted for the red sweater as my favorite, too. I liked the look of that outfit. I got to thinking about it later and realized it’s because it’s not so revealing. I’m so tired of her skin-tight clothes! My least favorite is the green dress. The dress as originally conceived was great and so interesting, but with the horrible alterations, the Kate version was awful with the darts, no watch detail, crooked front, and snugness. The blue dress on the first day was nice, but it had a very USO tour vibe. I half expected Bob Hope to be behind her. So that was a fail for me.

  21. I just asked my husband to take the poll. Halfway down he said, “Why would I care? There’s nothing interesting about her.” And that’s just by looking. He doesn’t even know anything about her!

    On the other hand, he’s watching baseball right now and couldn’t care less. Bless him.

    1. Ines, I am surprised he even took half the poll! We were watching baseball last night (Wednesday), too. This Mets fan is still recovering! I wish the manager had left the pitcher in! Oh, well. I don’t like long hair on men, but I love Thor/Noah! He’s hot!

      Loved your husband’s comment, though? Why care? There is nothing interesting about her! Very astute of him.

  22. Were there a lot of unidentified pieces?

    I saw on E! News that bookies are taking bets on Kate and Will announcing a pregnancy next year.

    I think I’m really stuck between the blue arrival and the red Preen.

  23. Thank you for the poll KMR. I voted for the red dress but my second choice was the blue wrap around cardigan. I have a photo of my great grandmother wearing one. They were obviously in the fashion back then too. I thought the green military on Kate and the Safari jacket. Kate does wear the casual look well. I give Kate that. I am not a fan of the wiglets I am afraid. That blouse with the bow just nope.

  24. My favorite outfit was not worn by Kate. I loved the little burgundy sweater and shoes that Charlotte wore on departure day. The sweater over that pretty little dress — yes, I am a sucker for little girls in such frocks. Charlotte really looked adorable!

    If I have to choose a favorite Kate fashion item, I guess I would go for the white coat she wore that same day, as well. To be honest, I would have liked to see it in a color that popped, but the design was impeccable.

    My least favorite Kate outfit? I don’t think I will ever be able to forget the horrific red and white “Valentine” number. Is that the McQueen dress? To me, it was just ghastly!!!!

    Thanks, KMR, for these polls. They are always fun! Be careful in the storm. My goodness, I am sorry to hear that Florida is expecting such a bad time! Hope not where you, or any other people on this blog, live.

    1. Yes, Mary Elizabeth, I agree with you. Charlotte looked so cute in the burgundy sweater over her sweet dress. And, oh, those cute little burgundy shoes!

  25. I agree. The burgundy outfit looked very cute. It is the best outfit I think I have seen on Princess Charlotte. Please take care KMR, in the storm.

  26. The outfit where she is wearing the Duchess blazer in green with the suede brown cowboy boots: the upper half looks like she is playing English wealthy country toff-chic and the lower half is a cowgirl with sass, here to partay.

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