Prince Harry gives speech at WellChild Awards

Prince Harry gives speech at WellChild Awards

Yesterday, October 3, as Patron of WellChild (since 2007), Prince Harry attended the WellChild Awards at the Dorchester Hotel in London to meet with the winners if this year’s awards and give a speech.

Founded in 1977, WellChild supports children and young people in the UK living with a long-term or complex health condition get the best quality of care possible. WellChild provides practical and emotional support to seriously ill children, young people, and their families, enabling them to leave the hospital and live life in their own homes; and they fund projects and research to ensure parents, carers, and those who work in the children’s healthcare sector are better equipped to provide support to children and young people with long term, complex healthcare needs.

Harry worked the pre-awards reception with the winners of the awards, and got a hug from 5-year-old Ollie – who was born healthy but developed the rare genetic condition Battens Disease, which has no cure, and will eventually leave him unable to walk, see, eat, or breathe. Ollie had some trouble standing to give Harry a hug, but Harry, who got down on the floor with him, helped him and gave him a hug.

Ollie’s mother, Lucy, said afterward:

    “Ollie isn’t actually aware of who Harry is but just reacted instinctively to the way he was talking and interacting with him. He is brilliant with kids and just very natural. He was very privileged as Ollie cannot use his legs but he just used his strength to stand up and hug him. I felt really proud of Ollie – and of Harry too! I was so touched at the time he took to talk to Ollie. He even knew about his younger sister, Amelia, who is three and has also developed Battens. It was incredible.”

[Daily Mail]

It seems like Harry actually reads his briefing notes.

Harry met 8-year-old Sam – who was born 26 weeks premature and has a host of significant health needs – who gave him a monkey he made from two socks. After Harry was done speaking with Sam and his father, Harry told Sam: “I’m going to give it to someone else to look after while I walk over there.” Which, in my opinion, is the proper way of making a child feel good after giving you a gift, instead of handing it off right away without a word three feet away from them.

Sam’s father said of Harry: “What was so remarkable was that he knew everything about Sam and the medical problems he has, even the fact that he was taken into hospital on Friday. He seemed genuinely touched by the present and said he would definitely take it home with him.”

Again, this is what happens when one reads one’s briefing notes.

Harry also spoke to 10-year-old Jessica, the Good Morning Britain Inspirational Young Hero Award Winner, who helps to care for her older brother William, who has complex health needs and autism, while also dealing with her own hyper-mobility and a mother, Paula, with MS.

Jessica gave Harry a picture she drew of him, and told him that her older brother William could be embarrassing sometimes because of his condition, to which Harry laughed: “I have an older brother called William and he’s embarrassing all the time!”

Harry also met a boy named Noah who was wearing a vest with the Batman logo and shoes with the Batman logo on the bottom. Noah’s version of “dressing up” is my favorite.

Harry gave a speech:

    “Wow, wow, wow – another incredible year of awards, and barely a dry eye in the house amongst the adults. Upstaged once again by the younger generation!
    “This is now my ninth WellChild awards and each year at this remarkable event, I am profoundly moved by the people I have met and the stories they have shared with me. It is one of those moments in life when you are left in awe at the strength of human character, particularly amongst those so young. Watching these children and young people face challenges with such determination, positivity and good humour, never fails to take my breath away.
    “We are also here this evening to celebrate the selfless dedication of those around them, who work tirelessly to make their lives better – from remarkable young carers such as Brodie, Armaan and Jessica, to the devoted professionals and volunteers you will hear about later this evening – never underestimate the impact you have had on the many lives you’ve touched.
    “Across the UK today, there are thousands of children and young people living with serious illness or exceptional health needs. Many are having to spend months and sometimes even years in hospital. But it doesn’t need to be this way. WellChild nurses are experts at training and empowering families to manage complex health needs so children can return home and enjoy the comfort that so many of us take for granted.
    “We have heard tonight how important ‘home’ and ‘family’ are in giving many of our young winners the foundation and inspiration to defy the odds. With your support we can give many more children and young people the best chance to thrive – at home, together with their families. As you have seen this evening, WellChild’s work really does change lives.
    “Thankfully WellChild now has more nurses working across the UK than ever before – many of whom are with us tonight. But at a time of ever-increasing demand, their role in enabling children to be cared for safely at home with their families is more important than ever. Please continue to support these amazing nurses in getting more children home, where they belong.
    “I would like to congratulate all of tonight’s winners again, well done and thank you for inspiring all of us with your strength, positivity and selflessness. I am so fortunate to have had the chance of meeting you all and so proud to be associated with this fantastic charity. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Thank you.”


Here is a video WellChild produced of the event which actually has uplifting music to match the uplifting images.

Harry received a WellChild friendship bracelet made by 3-year-old Joshua.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

PS. I totally forgot that the WellChild awards were yesterday, but I rearranged my post schedule because I know that you guys love Harry.

Over the weekend, I wrote up a bunch of articles about various royals which I missed while William and Kate were on tour and have them, and two more tour polls, scheduled to post throughout the rest of the week and into next week. I will cover Kate’s trip to the Netherlands on October 11 and her and William’s trip to Manchester – which KP announced yesterday and will see them visit Football Museum, Manchester Town Hall, University of Manchester (graphene), and Francis House – on October 14.

Other than that, and unless something major happens, I have over a week’s worth of articles ready to go so that I can take a break from writing (though I’ll still be checking in on the comments). So if you guys want me to cover something specific, please email me, other than that the rest of the week and next week are going to be catch-up posts and tour polls.

113 thoughts on “Prince Harry gives speech at WellChild Awards

    1. Yes Charlotte. And there are people who said that the two brothers William was the one who had common sense. Ridiculous. Even his own brother knows that William is embarassing.

  1. Rebecca English
    Harry was brilliant with the @WellChild children & families tonight. Warm, funny – and he knew everything about them (take note William!).

          1. I love when William tries to dictate the narrative on Harry. “Poor Harry. So dumb. Never went to university. Not married, no kids, no direction. Doesn’t have a glamorous job like helicopter pilot. It’s a wonder he can find the will to get out of bed in the mornings!”
            It must gall him that Harry is so effortlessly popular. Not fair!

  2. What a great job Harry does. He has empathy in spades. You just know that everyone there went home feeling that they were understood as individuals and respected as people. The speech hit the right notes and was genuinely empathetic. The good thing about Harry is, despite having the same issues with press and privacy, puts it aside to focus attention on the charity and people. He also has the sense and humility to be guided by professionals who obviously prepare him well for his engagements. I wonder what the Queen and Charles think of all this…

  3. Wow! Just wow! Harry is amazing. His interactions are genuine and so very heart warming. He knows how to reach out to the children and their parents.
    I loved the jab at wills and I’m sure he’s ready to be thrown under the bus.
    Could we be lucky enough to have wills abdicate and let Harry become the heir? I’m officially a Harry sugar

    1. King Henry!

      Wow, his speech bring tears as he unknowingly speak of himself (in our eyes).

      The throne/Monarchy can skip whiny bill middleton. As the Monarchy take serious consideration by the dictates of Parliament and the Commonwealth decision..

      Carol waity k middleton matters not. And without a king whiny willnot there is no george our charlotte heirs. Who only became prince/princess to abide by oldest child as heir regardless of sex, IF whiny willnot became monarch (as both are lazy, dutiless, secret, entitled -haters of the British media and service to the people).

    1. Charles did. Hopefully Harry marries the woman he truly loves, who truly loves him, regardless of age, class, or race difference. I mean, I would love for her to be hardworking and confident, etc, but the most important thing is that they love each other.

      1. I’m still pulling for Rhiannon who has all those qualities in abundance. Harry needs to look beyond his set.

        Glad you are giving yourself a well-deserved break. The coverage here is the most measured of all, for which you should be proud.

    2. Philippe of Belgium is 13 years older than Mathilde, Albert is 20 years older than Charlene, Angela of Liechtenstein is 11 years older than her husband. If it is the right match, it is the right match.

  4. Rhiannon come on no need to sit around moping just because you are so ill. Grab your walking stick or even a wheelchair if you need it and get on a plane. Mr Rhiannon needs you. Imagine how great he will be with you as his wife. Lauri from CA will help with styling for your current needs – flat shoes and maybe trousers in case you trip.
    (On a serious note I do hope you are getting better and the recovery is going well. Ironically having never heard of your illness it is now being highlighted on one of our weekly hospital dramas so I am learning a little more about it.)

    And KMR I’m delighted you are going to take a break. Enjoy! And thank you. You said the time difference suited you in Canada, and for us Brits it meant we woke up with a new post to enjoy over coffee in the morning. ( I may be English but please don’t ever ask me to drink tea!).
    And KMR

    1. I am doing better, Birdy ? Thank you for asking. I am still in physical therapy and getting stronger. I’m almost at 100% with my upper body strength. My core and legs are taking a little longer. I only use my cane now when I get tired. I still fatigue easily but that’s par for the course. I look at my heels longingly in my closet all the time. But, I’ve graduated to ballet flats and driving shoes now. That is such a small price to pay. My doctor feels that I will make a full recovery and the chance of relapse is low.

      That being said, Harry and I would make an awesome team. He just might need to be on hand when I start to get the wobbles.

        1. Oh, rhiannon, I am so happy for you, too. And, proud of your efforts. I know you are working hard and I believe your doctor. Full recovery and no relapse. Bless you!!!

          1. Thank you all! I went to PT today and got on the elliptical for the first time since June. My physical therapist told me a while ago that my goal was to be able to use it by Thanksgiving. Well, I got on it and rocked it for six blissful minutes. We both teared up because of my progression. I was at a plateau for a bit and now seeing marked changes. I was a puddle after PT, but am thankful that these long days have paid off.

          2. WooHooo! Go Rhiannon!
            My friend with GB is doing well too!
            It’s great to know that both of you are coming right, in fact my friend seems to be better now in some ways then she was before? It’s like she has a new attitude on life? I’m sure you will know exactly how she is feeling!

          3. Cathy, my neurologist told me point blank “This is your second chance. What are going to do with it?” It startled me a bit when he said that. Mind you, I met him days before my diagnosis.

            My intention is to live life to its fullest and be grateful for every moment.

          4. “my neurologist told me point blank “This is your second chance. What are going to do with it?” It startled me a bit when he said that.”

            Phew! I did a wee gasp at that comment but he is right. Now, for me I am glad I paid attention to your comments and looked up GB too. As I said before, the first time I saw my friend, after her diagnosis, I gave her a big hug. I had the feeling from the way she just sunk into my hug that no one had willingly touched her for a long time and she really needed it! If I hadn’t read up on GB, because of you, I may not have done that so I must thank you now for opening up my knowledge base. I will always wish you only the best of everything as you are a good person and you inspire others to be good too!

        1. I have/had Guillain Barre Syndrome. I was a pretty active runner/OCR addict and worked out with weights quite a bit. I had a stomach bug that let to GBS. It’s funny that my KMR family remembered when I had the stomach flu and wasn’t getting better. They’ve been with me ever since. ?

          1. Oh I think I remember reading about your bug (I used to post a few comments before but I went mia for a while).
            Anyway, it’s a great community you have going on here. The internet can be such an awful place, it’s nice to see people supporting each other.
            Good to see you’re recovering well. All the best xx

          2. You’re an inspiration rhiannon, and I’m absolutely thrilled with your progress. I whined and carried on about a frozen shoulder and to my shame just said ‘bag it’ and haven’t done my exercises in months. I have almost full mobility back, almost. Anyway, back to Harry. This young man will have to be thrown under an extremely huge bus to make a dent in his popularity. He’s so natural with the kids, and so thoughtful. There are people out there doing awesome things for others so who cares what they do in their off hours, it takes nothing away from the good. Harry is just so real, either that or he’s an academy award winning actor because I’ve yet to see him looked bored or above it all. Either way, if the UK absolutely insists on having a king I, as an American would very much prefer Harry over Billy any day. We are allies and I’d like a hos, however titular, (holding or constituting a purely formal position or title without any real authority) that I can trust and count on. Billy is a jerk. His wife is a silly frivolous expensive accessory and they are never ever ever going to be fit to be king and queen consort. Too much has happened and hopefully the public will remember. I know, dream on. Mummy.
            Anyway, keep on keeping on and congrats on your better than expected progress!!!

      1. That’s wonderful news, Rhiannon; to have conquered this disease in such a short time frame is testament to your strength of mind and sense of purpose. So glad the long term prognosis is positive. The heels will wait.

      2. You obviously have ‘balls’. I hope that’s not considered rude in the US. Working so hard and fighting this thing is tough, so well done you, and by Thanksgiving goodness knows what you will be able to achieve. Great job.

        1. Birdy, I take that as a compliment of the highest order.

          I joke that the GB pissed me off so bad that I might need to run a half marathon next year to prove a point, lol.

          1. Rhiannon, I second Cathy. I gasped when I read the second chance comment from the doctor. Congrats to you on such disciplined work in getting yourself back on track. I will always wish you the best, too.

            You keep up the good work and know that we are inspired by you!

  5. I love WellChild. Seeing Harry and his empathy and compassion to these families–not just the kids–warms anyone’s heart. It’s lovely how much he cares about these people and really knows what’s going on in their lives so he can talk to them and really discuss how the charity helps them.

    KMR, you deserve a break! Lots of chocolate? Cookies? Cake? And relaxation? 🙂

        1. Apartment hunting? I’ve briefly put it on the back burner but need to jump on that again!! Thanks for the reminder, Cathy!!

          I can’t believe my birthday is in 90 days (well, nearly 89) and how fast this year has flown!! Pretty soon, I’ll be 37 and Kate will be 35 (yet, I look younger and she looks older!). When did that happen?! Part of me feels like I should be a teenager again but the other part feels so much older.

          P.S. KMR: did you watch DWTS just now? I’m so happy for Sasha and Emma!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Aaaand this one account of Harry is more interesting and authentic than all of W&K’s week of tour events combined. The overall impression is Harry is so engaged and present that there is nothing to nitpick. The focus is on the kids and parents, and Harry making them feel noticed and known. As it should be.

    1. Yes we meet many people and know many stories through Harry : Rio in Invictus, the little guy in Lesotho (I forget his name)….

    2. +1 kateincali! This is how visits should be done. Notice how the parents in the WellChild event are the ones singing Harry’s praises, calling him by his first name and saying the same things..that he is so well-informed and warm hearted. Usually with positive comments from WK, its almost always coming from the head or the executive of the organization, making it sound like it may be more of a PR statement. Most of the participants only say that Kate is very pretty; nothing else about her warmth, being well informed, compassionate, etc.

      1. I agree. Because his focus is on the kids, ours is, too. No hugging the children with eyes on the camera, like Kate. Or forgetting important facts, like William. How can one brother be so great at this and the other so clueless?

        1. Maybe KP should use this information then…Harry is a natural with children anywhere. William and Kate are not. Obviously they love their own children, but I am not a “kid” person either. My daughter on the other hand is is a magnet for anyone under the age of 12! Either you have it or you don’t, imo. Stop trying to force something that isn’t there and go in a different direction. It’s ok and it would be much more comfortable for all of us if you did!

  7. Harry is wonderful. You can see in his face that he is invested in his work and is genuinely happy to be there. Unlike the other two whose faces say, “I’m too important to be touching the peasantry. Please make it stop.” Harry’s comment about William made me snort so hard my husband came to check on me.

  8. Thanks a lot for covering this event, KMR!
    It’s always great to see Harry with children. He is just so natural with them and not shy to hug, laugh or make a joke.
    I also liked how he explained to the little boy that he would give someone else the monkey for a while. It’s just one sentence but makes a huge difference!

    You can really see that children are a topic close to his heart and that he cares! And I understand that not all people are good with children, sick people or other topics but it shouldn’t stop anyone from caring and showing up informed. Beside that, there are tons of cases out there from environment to sports, from since to human rights so every Royal could find something close to heart if they really tried and cared.

  9. YAY!!!! Harry at the annual WellChild awards!!! The fun he poked at William was sweet but I ?ed his interactions with Ollie and Sam. I noticed that Sam uses oxygen and was wearing the tank on his back. Does anyone know why? Just curious because, as you can imagine, pulmonary and cardiac issues are the things I notice almost immediately.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling yucky lately and woke up with a sore throat. (There has been a lot of sniffling and coughing at work so it was only a matter of time.) Also, I wrote a long post on my Facebook page, about how one of my medicines has given me a trippy side effect, and it has generated a bit of buzz! .

    Thank you for all you do for us, KMR. Now go do some binge watching or book reading!! ?

    1. Kimothy,
      I read that Sam has a chronic lung condition (no mention of what exactly) and has had one lung removed. He does use a ventilator and a feeding tube, plus he has had a bone marrow transplant.

  10. Nothing like starting the day with Harry. Wonderful. I knew he was a patron of the WellChild but I didn’t know about this charity, but as usual KMR provide me with the information and the link. One more time, Thank You Very Much.

    As for Harry, no surprise. Always engaged and amazing with people. “Ollie had some trouble standing to give Harry a hug, but Harry, who got down on the floor with him, helped him and gave him a hug.” Do you imagine Kate doing what Harry did? And then Ollie’s mother said: “Ollie isn’t actually aware of who Harry is but just reacted instinctively to the way he was talking and interacting with him. He is brilliant with kids and just very natural. He was very privileged as Ollie cannot use his legs but he just used his strength to stand up and hug him.” Yes, this IS Harry. As it is said “Action speaks louder than words.”

    Have a good day everyone.

  11. Perfect speech and interactions – this is a great example of the positive aspects of royalty – how they can truly highlight the amazing work organizations do and hopefully garner future support. Plus, they can make individuals feel appreciated and special. Harry is right up there alongside Victoria and Maddie as my favorites for this very reason. They all seem to be humbled by their position and want to do their best in their role.

  12. This is my favorite Prince Harry engagement of the entire year. He is so compassionate, and I love how he sits or kneels on the floor at their eye level. He treats his guests as if he has all the time in the world to really talk to them. They will never forget that night with him.

    Here’s another cute clip featuring Harry and Noah (the Batman boy 🙂

    Thank you, Prince Harry, for focusing attention on this charity and the many people it has helped without using them as a photo op.

    1. awwwww how adorable that clip is. See he is involving that child by holding onto his hand but also talking to the adults in the room too.

  13. My heart is swelling. Mr. Rhiannon is the bee’s knees. I noted that he got down on the floor with each child or at least to their level. This is how you connect. I mentioned on another post that it’s important to give people a meaningful interaction. It was adorable how he put the pic that the little girl made of him in his jacket pocket.

    William & Kate – this is how you prepare for a meeting. This is how you should interact with people. Be prepared. Be engaged. She empathy and not pity. Leave them with a smile and a good feeling about the role that you play.

    Thank you so much for this Harry post, KMR. Please rest and relax. I appreciate all that you do for us.

    1. Agree, Harry’s connection to people, and this event specifically, is breathtaking. Part of that is preparation. He read the briefs and he’s worked hard with a speech coach. He’s consistent and loyal–9 consecutive years attending the event. But more than anything he cares, he’s humble, he is charismatic. WK don’t care to do or be any of those things (well, no hope in the charisma category). And no hope for KM in the caring, humble category.

    2. I loved how we got on the floor with them, not bending at the waist to still tower of them! You can feign interest but empathy can’t be taught. You either have or not bad Harry seems to have it in spades!?
      I don’t even want kids of my own but seeing Harry’s interactions with them makes me think I could change my mind for him!=) sorry Rhiannon just preparing you for other women lusting after your swoon-worthy guy

  14. “It seems like Harry actually reads his briefing notes.” & “Here is a video WellChild produced of the event which actually has uplifting music to match the uplifting images.” KMR, I am loving the digs on this! Well done. I don’t think we can reiterate more how obviously Harry cares about his patronages. Anyway, next year will be his tenth year as patron. Do you think there’ll be a little something special they present to him next year?

  15. I love this event. Seeing the kids and how Harry interacts with them is just special. I love that he knew all about them and not one but two parents confirmed that. He always seems to be prepared for his engagements, the only time he wasn’t (tie-gate) he was visibly embarrassed. Reason No.1 why I believed him when he said he was told not to wear one for whatever weird reason.
    His speech was delivered brilliantly as well.

    Oh and saying he will just give the present to someone else for the time being, just shows that he respects them. He’s not looking down to them, feeling above them, but he takes into consideration that this is something they especially brought for him. I also saw a video with a girl who gave him a painting and he just folded it and put it in his jacket. He gives them their full attention.

  16. Harry has IT.

    William tries to force it and Kate tries to fake it, but they fall flat. Even Jason Knauf can’t spin it for them.

    Harry truly is a treasure.

    1. Ah, Lizzie, you said it all!

      So happy to have some Harry news to chase away the W and K blues. He really has what it takes to make everyone feel special and at ease. I wish each of the children he met — and their loved ones — the best. It is terrible to imagine the problems that so many endure.

      Harry has a way of letting his heart guide him when meeting people. He shows care and love, not pity, as another here, said.

      Loved his comment about his brother, too!

      And, the way he took the hand-made gift from the boy and explained that someone else would be keeping it safe while Harry attended to meeting others. He assured the boy that the gift was important and that Harry would eventually take it into his care again.

      Princess Diana must be smiling in Heaven! Charles is grinning, too — here on earth.

      1. Diana is smiling. Harry is her true heir. Not Billy Boy. He holds a room like his mother with empathy, warmth, and a common touch. Bravo to Harry. A class act all around. Who shows up prepared and engaged. Too bad he will be thrown under the bus by his own brother. Keep your chin up Harry. Keep doing what your doing.

      1. I don’t think it’s fair to compare, because not everyone is a natural like Diana and Harry. But that can be overcome by hard work. What bothers me about William and Kate is that they don’t even seem to be trying. If they made a habit of working and interacting with people, they would be much more at ease in these situations. Just by watching Harry they could learn a lot.

        1. Very good point but to learn you have to want to learn. To get better you have to practise and listen to good advice…and watch back videos to see where you go wrong, and read some press and see where you’re being criticised.

          1. It is so evident that Willilam and Kate don’t want to learn. Don’t think they have anything to learn, actually. Of course, not everyone can be as charismatic as Diana was and Harry is, but W and K really are just skating by and they are being allowed to do so. Ever hear of thin ice, though? One day this couple will have to wake up and face the fact that they are not doing anything to elicit fondness and loyalty from their people. Ugh, I hate that expression. “Their” people!

  17. Hi KMR, thanks for such an uplifting and inspiring post. Those photos of Harry hugging those children really warmed my heart!

    Thanks so much for putting some posts together for the rest of this week and next week, you are so thoughtful !!! I say “take a break, put your feet up, go for a bike ride, drink a bit of wine and enjoy yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” you deserve it 🙂

    1. Seconded. What a great way to end the Canada tour, by talking about how awesome someone else was at their job. Please take some time off KMR and do some fun things for yourself. We will be here for you when you return. I don’t think W&K deserve a break, but you sure do.

  18. Thank you, KMR as this post makes the day for all!

    Harry is amazing. Such a kind and loving man. So eager to make everyone he meets feel special. I found myself tearing up many times as I went through your wonderful coverage. The children he met will never forget him! Nor, will their parents. For kids to have so many challenging issues is so hard to understand. Why is life this way? And, yet, how brave and how much inner strength these children and their loved ones have.

    Harry was wonderful with each child. I loved that he told the one youngster that he was handing off the gift the child gave him to someone else as he had to focus on something else at the time. He made it appear to be a temporary turning over of the gift. Are you listening, Kate? William? Perhaps, little George will actually receive that gift? Or, maybe Charlotte? No burning of it, I hope.

    And, yes, Harry’s remark about William was so on target! William may try to throw Harry under the bus, but it’s not going to cancel any of the love Harry is receiving from people because we all know when someone is genuine and someone is not!

    You get a nice rest, KMR and may Hurricane Matthew stay away from you and all Floridians and East Coasters. I’ll mention the Gulf, too, in case the winds blow the storm that way. So far, panic mode has begun here on LI. Hurricane Sandy is still a nasty memory and nobody wants a repeat. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I wish the people in Haiti were luckier than it seems they were. In the one region, any way.

  19. Harry is a natural! Just born to do these appearances and put everyone at ease!

    I join with others in thinking that he is someone we’d all love to spend time with. He made the children feel how happy he was to spend time with them. Their loved ones, as well.

    He seems to have been born for such a role and he will continue to do it so well in many years to come, I am sure. How sad that his brother cannot relax and enjoy his appearances more. Kate, too. They have golden opportunities to help others and give comfort and joy to so many. Harry does just that. And, he prepares for his visits so well, too.

    Bravo, Prince Harry. And, a well deserved rest to KMR!

  20. This is wonderful. And very moving. Harry was first rate. The guy gives me such cognitive dissonance.

    Completely OT, but I wish he would get married. Why isn’t there a woman in his life? It would be fun following the new golden couple. The Dolittles are so stultifying.

    1. @Maven

      Do you think that once Harry marries, the press will focus on his wife (her clothes, hair, etc) instead of any good works either of them may do?

        1. I just hope his wife is nothing like his SIL……

          A down-to-earth, middle class (like Sophie Wessex) or high society woman who loves Harry for Harry and not because of the “Prince” attached to his name, has a kind, thoughtful heart, and sharp mind (and tongue 😉 ).

  21. I just love that Harry got down on his knees on the floor while wearing a suit so he could be at the kids’ level. He’s a bit of a kid himself, and I think that’s one reason why he’s so good at these events. What a great patron he is for this charity!

  22. I hope William would learn something from his brother.
    And HM should give more responsibilities to Harry .He deserves more .
    He is hard working and is always willing to do more . No wonder he is most popular member.

  23. What is there to say, really, when in comparison, the coverage of Kate and William notes as something exceptional when they are actually engaged.

  24. This visit of Harry’s is getting more coverage in the entertainment sections of US news outlets than the entire Canada tour. The Cambridge’s media team must be apoplectic.

  25. Thought it was cute how PH interacted with the children.

    Off topic for anyone interested in PrincessBeatrice’s events she recently visited Hamro Ghar – Muskaan Sewa Nepal, is a non profit Children’s home for orphans. Her visit took 5 hours and the children got to ask her a bunch of questions.
    “Princess Beatrice of York invited us for lunch. The kids asked loads of questions and so did the Princess. We found the Princess to be very down to earth and pleasant. We wish you all the best for everything that you do. Thank you Princess Beatrice and Simon for a wonderful 5 hours. The children can’t stop talking about it. ❤ God Bless??”

    1. This is nice. I like Beatrice, she seems genuine like Harry and I think she would do really good as a working royal.

    2. I saw that on another page, thank you duchesschicana!! I consider myself a member of #TeamYorkGirls and have a soft spot for Bea.

  26. That video really made me tear up. Bravo, Harry.

    What I love about him is that he goes beyond bringing attention to his causes. I believe Harry actually inspires people to do good.

  27. There is no comparison between William and Harry. Harry gets it. He’s the real deal. It’s not a show for him, I believe he really cares. To take the time he did to remember the conditions of all of the kids and their personal information was amazing. I’m sure he does this every year but after William’s face plant in Canada I’m sure he doubled down to make sure he had everything memorized correctly.

    Now William is getting involved with wounded vets…just can’t let Harry have his own thing.

    Rhiannon, happy to hear you are doing so well. Definitely need you to get near Harry and wrap it all up. We need a dynamic duo to combat the Cambridges.

  28. Just looking at these pictures reveal such charisma and genuine interaction from Harry. No emotion looks like it is faked. He gets on his knees to talk to people, looks them in the eye, gives them warm smiles — you can’t fake that kind of innate charm.

  29. KMR – thank you for your great work on this blog! I appreciate the time and effort you put into writing fair and balanced posts for us. I hope you enjoy your break and get some time to have some “me time”? And that hurricane doesn’t come anywhere near you?

    When I saw there was a new Harry post to read I did think “oh good a Harry palate cleanser” as I’d had enough of the Cambridges last week. But then I thought, that’s not fair on Harry. He does his engagements with enthusiastism and is completely involved in what he is doing and that has nothing to do with what his brother and sister in law are doing (or not doing).

    As KMR said, he reads his notes, he know who he is meeting, he’s prepared, he’s not phoning it in, he’s not trying to wing it. He’s there because he wants to be there and it shows!

    As a final comment, I’m pleased to see that Harry knows to tell the kids that he will have someone look after the gift the kid has given him! I teared up to see that!

    Yes, Rhiannon – we need you on a plane to the UK!

  30. What Prince Harry has cannot be taught. I teared up watching the video. He’s 100% genuine and engaged, he was prepared and he believes in the cause. Well done Prince Harry! Well done!

  31. My prayers for all impacted in any way by hurricane Matthew. Where I live we don’t have that to worry about much, but a tornado did touch down a few years back so I can totally identify with the terror. It’s rare here, mostly we just get buried in snow. I sincerely hope that you are all safe and the danger passes soon.
    KMR it’s time for you to pamper and spoil yourself 🙂

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