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Kate sends message of support to SportsAid

Kate Middleton is still out of action – but may be back on October 10 for a reception at BP – so for now I guess we’ll take what we can get from Kate. Today’s edition of ‘I’m actually a bit bummed that Kate is MIA’ comes from SportsAid: Kate sent a message of support to SportsAid for their second annual SportsAid Week.

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Kate Middleton sent message to EACH Gala Dinner

I’m actually fairly surprised that we haven’t gotten an appearance announcement from Kate Middleton yet. I kept thinking all week that KP would either announce an appearance or a pregnancy since Kate has absolutely nothing on her schedule, but they haven’t as of time of this posting. Something Kate did do was send a message of support to East Anglia Children’s Hospice (EACH), of which she is Patron, on the occasion of their big Gala Dinner fundraiser on November 30.

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Kate Middleton writes birthday message for a patronage she hasn’t visited in 17 months

Yesterday, I was checking my Twitter feed and kept seeing photos from a gala that the SportsAid Twitter account was retweeting. That gala was in honor of SportsAid’s 40th anniversary/birthday which is today. I thought to myself that that gala would have been a great event for SportsAid’s Patron, The Duchess of Cambridge, to attend since it’s an easy one to show up for, get her picture taken, meet people, and leave. No hard work there. But alas, Kate skipped the event that she, as Patron, should have attended. I wondered if Kate would do anything at all for one of her patronage’s big milestones, since SportsAid has seemingly gotten the shaft for the last 17 months, and she has. She wrote a message congratulating them on their milestone.

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