Royal Round Up: Duchess Camilla, Crown Princess Victoria, Crown Princess Mary, Queen Sonja

Royal Round Up: Duchess Camilla, Crown Princess Victoria, Crown Princess Mary, Queen Sonja

This royal round up features Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles at the 500th anniversary of the Royal Mail, Crown Princess Victoria at a seminar and supporting the Paralympics, Crown Princess Mary at the Flag Day parade, and Queen Sonja in a tiara for a State Visit.

Prince Charles gives speech at Royal Mail 500th anniversary
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall marked the 500th anniversary of the Royal Mail Tuesday, September 6, at a reception at Merchant Taylors’ Hall with guests including long-serving postmen and women from around the UK, participants in Royal Mail’s Apprenticeship scheme, and Army Reservists.

The Royal Mail’s history dates back to 1516 when King Henry VIII knighted Brian Tuke, the first “Master of the Posts”. It wasn’t until July 1635 that the Royal Mail was made available to the public.

John Penfold designed the hexagonal pillar box in 1866 and since then it’s been known at the Penfold Postbox. Camilla unveiled a Penfold Postbox as part of the reception.

Also part of the reception, Charles tried out a 1933 BSA 500cc motorbike which was used for delivering telegrams. Charles and Camilla cut a cake, too.

Charles gave a speech as part of the reception. He spoke about some of the history of the Royal Mail and the many different modes of transport there have been over the years, and how the Royal Mail supplies many people with jobs. He then said this:

    “But Ladies and Gentlemen, perhaps your greatest service is the way that Royal Mail, by its very existence, defends the written word. In these days of texting and various social media “apps”, the well-constructed sentence is under mortal threat! As someone who relies on the well-aimed letter – and relishes the ones in return! – I can only say how strongly I feel that the logical ordering of thoughts in proper, grammatically correct prose is in fact rather important at the end of the day.
    “So on behalf of letter-writers; of isolated communities; of the eager and expectant on Valentine’s and other equally special days; and, indeed, on behalf of dear old Santa Claus himself, I can only offer my heartfelt thanks and warmest congratulations on a job conspicuously well done by you all. You are, as they say, a National Treasure.”

[full transcript here]

Charles is kind of getting his curmudgeon on with his “You damn millennials and your texting!” but, as someone who writes grammatically corrects texts, I actually agree with him.

On September 2, Crown Princess Victoria took part in a seminar on the Baltic Sea in order to focus on the difficult environmental situation in the Baltic.

Crown Princess Victoria Baltic Sea seminar

Victoria met with the Swedish Paralympic team in Kista during their final collection camp before the races in Brazil back in August (the info was just now posted on the SRF website). Victoria spoke about the important contribution the Paralympic team makes for Sweden and wished them good luck.

Crown Princess Victoria supporting Paralympic athletes

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the Flag Day parade for international deployed military personnel, veterans, and those lost in action at The Parliament Square in Copenhagen on September 5.

On September 6, King Harald and Queen Sonja paid a State Visit to Finland and were guests at a State Banquet held by the President of Finland at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki.

Sonja wore Queen Maud’s Pearl and Diamond Tiara and lots of pearls around her neck. She wore a light blue gown with the Order of the White Rose of Finland (Finland). Harald also wore the Order of the White Rose of Finland (Finland) as did the President’s wife, while the President of Finland wore the Order of St. Olav (Norway)

35 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Duchess Camilla, Crown Princess Victoria, Crown Princess Mary, Queen Sonja

  1. I agree with Charles. I miss the days of receiving a letter in the mail. When I get one now, I’m shocked. As a child, my Nana and I would write each other weekly. I couldn’t wait to go to the mailbox in hopes of a letter. After her passing, she saved every last letter. I digress…I love this engagement for Charles and Camilla. I appreciate that they can provide food for thought and have a good time.

    Victoria is definitely following up on her clean water pledge. Kudos to her dor sending off the Swedes to the Paralympics. I watched the Danish ceremony and it was touching. It makes you reflect and be thankful for our military both past and present.

    Finally, I never realized how oretty Queen Sonja is. She looked absolutely lovely. I read about her story and was amazed at ehat she had to go through to marry Harald. It’s sad that so many heirs have had to threaten to remove themselves from succession to marry who they love.

    Thanks for the roundup, KMR!

    1. Hi Rhiannon, I find it interesting that the heirs who had to fight for their love ended up selecting spouses who have become awesome royals, like Letiza, Daniel, Maxima.

    2. I actually still send letters. I love stationery and quality card stock. Nothing like quality personalized stationery=) I’m old school
      ps Rhiannon, I can you Harry back, it looks like my man Tom is back on the market

      1. Lol! Thanks for taking care of him for me.

        I made sure that I wrote thank you cards to the people who visited and sent cards. It was so important that they receive the same kindness that was offered to me.

    3. I just read a collection of letters that women wrote the men in their lives during WWII. It is called Since You Went Away and it amazing. Not just an intimate look at he love that occurred between husands and wives, mothers and their sons, siblings, and engaged couples, but a lovely look at history. And, it is a tribute to the fine art of letter writing, which I still do often.
      The people who wrote the letters that are depicted in the book were everyday citizens. Their writing was so eloquent. I wonder how many people today could express themselves in writing so eloquently. Last year I taught a letter writing workshop for teens and hope to do it next year, too.

      1. Tried to edit my above comment and was told I don’t have permission to do so. Never saw that message before. Just wanted to correct a typo, or two and also say that I think it is wonderful that PC is such a fan of the fine and lost art of writing letters.

          1. KMR, that has happened to me on several occasions too. It’s intermittent but time has not been a factor. Just thought I’d mention it. Just a glitch in the system?

          2. I don’t know. I tried to recreate the error in a different browser (where I’m not logged in) and didn’t get any error. So I don’t know what is causing that.

          3. I’ll let you know next time it happens, or perhaps just keep a log to see if any patterns emerge. At times I’ve not been able to edit at all immediately after posting, with the message that Jenny got; at other times, I’ve edited and gone back, with the same message displayed. As I said, it is intermittent.

  2. My mother always insists on handwritten letters for anything that vexes you and of course thank you notes and christmas cards.

    Nothing more terrifying than a letter from her telling me off for something i did wrong.

    She tolerates texts, grammatically well written and proper sentences, no text speak!!

    …but she holds firm on (angry) letters and thank you notes.

    1. I’m reminded of the story from the Ant & Dec show about Prince Charles and his handwriting. As the day goes on, his penmanship gets worse. Neither of his sons can always read it, so sometimes they aren’t sure if they’re being praised or chastised in the letters they receive.

  3. Charles is always impeccably dressed. Don’t he and Camilla look so happy together? I also agree with him that handwritten letters with correct spelling and grammar are an endangered species.

    Good to see Victoria out and about again. I do miss seeing Daniel – he’s such a wonderful husband and supporter for Vic.

    Kudos for CP Mary for being able to walk on cobblestones in those heels. I’d surely break an ankle (or worse!) if I attempted that.

    Harald and Sonja are tied with HM and Philip as my favorite royal couple. Whatever Sonja is drinking, I want some. Both she and Harald will be 80 next year.

    Did you know that her tiara is only 20 years old? The original was stolen from Garrard’s in London when it was there for cleaning. She’s wearing the replica they made for her.

    I love seeing the Norwegian ladies in traditional dress, and the Queen, MM and Ingrid Alexandra wore bunads at a garden party last week.

    1. Oh, wow, about the tiara! I’d never heard of that. Something about Sonja and Harald I like. They seem warm yet dignified. She looks incredible for 80. Not at all creepy like Silvia and her heaps of plastic surgery.

  4. I love that Victoria showed up to give a speech and cheer them on.
    I always drool over Camilla’s pearls then I saw Sonia’s! I might have to add them to my pearl envy list!
    Thanks for another great post!

  5. Isn’t it just a great thing to receive a letter or even just a postcard. New technology for sure has its advantage but I miss opening the mailbox and seeing an envelope with handwritten adress on…

    Have to agree with others here, Charles and Camilla look great and they always look so happy around each other! Through this blog and other’s I’ve learned so much about these two – wonderful couple doing a great job!

    Victoria is a class act. Caring and supportive. The athletes of paralympics really deserve the support and attention.

    Mary looks great. Don’t know what else to write actually but I like her.

    Every time I see Queen Sonia I realise how less I know about her and her story- she does not get the attention like others but she seems to be a wonderful person and doing a great job.

    1. When I was in the Air Force and I had to go TDY I would make sure to have a roll of stamps. I would get postcards and mail one home to my daughter everyday that I was gone including the day I left for home. Imagine my surprise when she packed for college and I found 2 shoeboxes full of the cards I sent over the years

      1. Oh it’s wonderful that sge kept them! Such great memories and pure treasure to have… I kinda regret not having kept the letters I got from several pen pals over the years but I still have all postcards I received over the years. Can’t imagine to throw them away – my mum still has the old ones too. Was always fun to read them.

  6. Charles’s speeches are always delightful and on point with his sense of humor. He always makes me laugh, smile, or think, which I think is good in such a public persona. Camilla looks lovely in that dress. They just seem so joyful together. It’s great. I’m a big fan of them both. I wonder if there is more work Camilla will be doing this year and next about assault, rape, etc; it’s so important and I admire her greatly for being gutsy and so public with supporting women, pushing for rape kits, and just talking about it so openly.

    1. She’s started to tackle DV. She visited a DV charity in July.

      While it isn’t sexy or headline worthy, she’s also a very strong advocate for the Osteoporosis society. IIRC, this was her initial pet cause because her mother died from the disease.

      I like that she doesn’t simply launch initiatives or forever ‘listening’, but has follow through an seems really involved in her initiatives and her pet causes.

      1. Well, Camilla has maturity on her side, and stickability; a ‘get in and do’ attitude. It’s laudable that she is tackling difficult areas that need active advocacy.

        I’m not impressed with the W+K forever ‘listening’ approach either, nor the video messages and generic letters. It’s passive, low-balling, hoping that people won’t notice that nothing much is being advanced.

      2. Thanks for letting me know! I thought you would. 🙂 I’m pleased to see Camilla keeps up with her causes. I wish they got more publicity. Things like this show that yes, fame through royalty can make differences. Instead of buzzwords, interest, listening, ‘shining a spotlight’ rubbish. And there’s usually more gravitas to them than there is some celeb doing it.

        The osteoporosis charity is such a good thing. It’s a scary disease. My stepmom has been dealing with a mild version of it for years, it’s not good.

        Camilla just goes and does it. I wish she’d be out there more, too, but her health seems to prevent it; I like her ‘get it and get it done’ attitude and her personal warmth that shines through especially with children. I bet she’s a fun, loving grandma.

  7. Thank you for the round up, KMR. I always love when you do them. C&C just look so happy together. They truly do seem to enjoy each other so much. CP Mary always looks wonderful. My husband’s boss is a dead ringer for her and I am always teasing him about what “her royal highness” is up to and then sending him pics of CP Mary. Just look how she sits, so straight and with her toes pointed in her shoes like a poised ballerina.
    Mary’s back is super straight and (it looks like) she is scratching her eye but she doesn’t look maniacal or crazy like Kate does when she is forced to sit for longer than five minutes and not fidget and behave herself. Kate is worse than my youngest son sitting still. Maybe Rebecca can pack a diaper bag for her at her next long function and she can munch on some animal crackers or slip her some legos to play with so she would remain still.
    Great post, as usual. Thank you KMR!

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