Prince Harry to tour Caribbean, sends message to Paralympic competitors

Prince Harry to tour Caribbean, sends message to Paralympic competitors

Prince Harry had a busy PR day yesterday. Not only did Kensington Palace announce a tour to the Caribbean for this fall, but Harry sent a message of support to 11 Paralympic competitors who competed in the Invictus Games.

In late fall, probably late-November/early-December, Harry will visit Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines. Full details of the tour will be released at a later date, but here is the preliminary press release from Kensington Palace:

    “Prince Harry will make an official visit to the Caribbean in the late autumn, on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen.
    “His Royal Highness will visit Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.
    “The visit falls on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Independence for Barbados, the 50th Anniversary of Independence for Guyana, and the 35th Anniversary of Independence for Antigua and Barbuda.”


Harry’s previous trips to the Caribbean include a tour of the Bahamas and Jamaica (where he hugged the Prime Minister) in 2012 as part of the Diamond Jubilee, and a tour of Barbados in 2010. This will be Harry’s first visit to all of the other countries in the 2016 tour.

Harry also released a message of support to 11 Invictus Games competitors who have been selected to compete at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

As Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation, Harry said:

    “I remember watching these competitors at the 2014 and 2016 Invictus Games. And now they’ve been selected for the Rio Paralympic Games. I can’t think of a better example of showing how important sport can be for recovery. I know they’ll compete with the same Invictus spirit that we saw in London and Orlando – motivated not just by winning, but by pushing their bodies and minds to the absolute limit to prove to the world there is life beyond injury. They will lift everyone around them and whether you’re watching in Rio or on TV around the world, they will inspire you. I’m incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved and will be cheering on every single competitor during the Games.”

And addressing the 11 competitors directly, Harry said:

    “To those Invictus Games competitors representing your five nations, all I have to say to you is what an incredible achievement – well done for your selection. You have trained harder than ever, but the fight to the finish line won’t be easy. You all know this better than anyone. Cherish this moment as you get to serve your country again. Absorb the applause and atmosphere for inspiring millions, but most importantly – have fun!”


It’s great that Harry is supporting the Invictus competitors who are going to the Paralympic Games in message even though he’s not going to the actual Games. But let’s be clear here, this message is only for the Paralympic competitors who are past Invictus competitors. Harry did not release a message of support for all Paralympic athletes like he, William, and Kate did for the Olympic athletes prior to the Olympic Games. At least Harry did something for some of the Paralympic athletes considering William and Kate have done nothing for them, but the Paralympic athletes are still getting shafted by the royals compared to the Olympic athletes.

The 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio start on September 7 and run until September 18. Here is a link to the event schedule. And here’s a link to NBC’s coverage schedule.

Prince Harry Invictus closing ceremony

117 thoughts on “Prince Harry to tour Caribbean, sends message to Paralympic competitors

  1. While support for Invictus Alumni from Harry is great there should be a message of support to all competitors from Commonwealth countries, particularly the UK. If The Crown wants to continue to hold the highest position in Commonwealth countries after QE11 is no longer with us it needs to step it up a bit. There is a very strong possibility that Charles will have a smaller dominion to “rule over” I can see Canada, NZ and Australia voting to be Republics

    1. I think many of the bigger countries will bolt not long after QEII dies. I can see some of the smaller countries sticking around since they get more benefit from being a part of the Commonwealth than not being a part of the Commonwealth.

      1. KMR – a country can be a republic but still a member of the Commonwealth – in fact most Commonwealth countries are now Republics – particularly the samller ones. The Olympics are a classic example of how HM and her representatives (family) could show support beyond the UK – expressing “good wishes” and “congratulations” is easy, costs nothing, and is not anti UK.

        1. Except they never did. Canadian athletes get well wishes from the Canadian PM and the GG. It is just another example of how there is no real connection to Canada or Australia, or any other non UK country anymore. Canada trades more with the US than the UK by a long shot. It is purely symbolism at this point.

    2. In some ways, that isn’t Harry’s role. Invictus is “his”, he was the main creator and driving force. Him cheering on the Invictus competitors makes sense. W&K should have sent a message of support to the Paraolympians overall, or there should have been a joint message from all three.

      The Paraolympians are getting shafted in general, starting with their money being used to back-fill shortfalls for the Olympics.

      1. I think Harry can’t release an offical statement support to Team GB (or the commonwealth countries) without throwing the Cambridges under the bus for not bothering/caring. In his personal capacity and through the avenues assigned to him where it won’t raise flags, the way a national backing/ Team GB statement would, he seems to have shown an interest in these games,

        I do think Harry loves his brother and does what he can within the safe limit of never overshadowing William, or seeming to want. From his first documentary when he was 18/19 to subsequent interviews he seems to firmly believe what his mother taught him, that he’d need to be there for William and William will have the harder gig and he needs to be there for him.

        When it was London’s turn to host William and Kate were in France on holiday and not preparing for their upcoming tour like most assumed, which would have never come out had it not been for the topless Kate photos.

        I can’t remember if Harry was training or partying before his next deployment to Afganistan but good to see a bit of attention towards Rio Paralympics this time round.

        1. I’m not sure where to put this but here I go: does Harry love his brother? Of course! Does he like him? He more than likely adored his older brother when they were kids, and relied on him for support during his teenage years but as they’ve grown and become adults (and very different individuals), I don’t think Harry likes his brother as much as he used to. I just get a vibe (whenever the brothers are together) that they aren’t as close as they were as children but he still defers to William because that’s what was drilled into him for as long as he can remember: “support William but don’t outshine” Harry probably feels like he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place: he wants (and seems) to do much more charity work and it comes form the heart but he can’t work *too* hard for fear of being on the receiving end of William’s temper.

          It’s different between Anne and Charles because, once Andrew and Edward were born, she was down the pecking order. Charles and Andrew? Holy schnikies! You can tell that there is a shed load of bad blood between them and that’s sad, IMO.

          I guess I should consider myself lucky because, though my two sisters and I couldn’t be more different if we tried (we’ve had relatives tell us they’re surprised at how different we are), we still talk, laugh, hang out and support one another without malice or an ulterior motive.

          I actually feel bad for the Windsor brothers because I think they would make an amazing team.

          P.S. I apologize if this seems all jumbled up. The thoughts in my head are swirling and I tried to get them to make sense.

          1. There are no doubt royal protocols in place that hammer the firstborn’s God-given destiny. It’s all about royal self-preservation, isn’t it? Unfortunately that strategy comes at the expense of the next born, who needs to be ‘lesser than’. In that context, I don’t see William and Harry as a team because there can be no team, just a ‘better than’ based on birth order. It strikes me as really stupid as well as being obstinately blind to human potential.

            Given both brothers have been educated at Eton, in the military, and William at St.Andrews, have unprecedented access to the greatest achievers in the world, indulge themselves in every privilege the world can offer, and are kept in luxury by millions of people who are considerably poorer than them, William and Harry should be working their arses off every day. Neither man does anywhere near enough. I really do not understand why ‘royals’ in the 21st century are considered too fragile to work. And I mean real work, not just the casual raising of their heads as they do now.

            Harry picks and chooses and does a good job (with some expert help); I applaud him, but he can and should do more. He has no job and no need to support himself. So Harry is in this amazing position of being able to design a job for himself. Whether that will become genuinely full-on, or as it appears to be now, hazily casual, picking and choosing things that take him to exotic locales, has yet to play out. He’s been out of the army for over a year and he needs to make some decisions and/or take some advice from people who actually get out here and achieve genuine difference.

            William is just incredibly damaged. I see someone in all sorts of pain and rage, but who feels incredibly entitled and aggrieved. I really don’t think he is capable of much, except being looked after.

            My message to both brothers: what is your life for? Just living large on the back of others? If you cannot or will not perform at substantive levels with all these advantages poured upon you, then you are not deserving of them. Please, leave the world stage and live off your private funds.

          2. Well said, Jen. ITA. They’re both in their 30’s and are still faffing around. Meanwhile, that faffing around and their welfare is luxuriously supported by the people. If they only knew how infantile that level of dependency makes them in reality. Their lives continue to be one long gap year wherein they are not challenged at all to grow up.

          3. I agree, Maven, the faffing around of two men both approaching middle age is laughable. But it is absolute proof that total indulgence arrests development.

  2. There is also a story that Prince Henry interest to purchase a Mansion close to AH. If this is true, middletons, someone making sure the Mansion get sold before or bidding war… so The Wales don’t move too close and have regular visits with george and charlotte, as Nanny Maria could take the kids to grandpa and uncle Prince. Also lazy entitled, secret hiding time would be disrupted for bill cat and carol with the people Prince close. Imagine Invictus planning and other charities functions held there.

  3. It is clumsy to congrulate only the Invictus competitor but good to salute them anyway.
    Maybe there will be a video for the Paralympic athletes like the Olympian…

    I read on a blog that Harry will have officially visited 13 out of 16 commonwealth realms after his tour this fall and William just 6.
    I think that the charming way of Harry pass more easily in countries where there are inegality and less development than in UK.

    I wonder how many days this tour will have

    1. “I think that the charming way of Harry pass more easily in countries where there are inegality and less development than in UK”.

      Why do you say that and what’s the foundation for your statement?

      Harry did well in Australia, America and Canada, as well as third world countries. In fact, had it not been for the fashion and glamour aspect Kate brings to the Cambridges’ tours, Harry’s tours seem to be more popular, not just with the people, the press pack but heads of states, other officials and charity workers. Harry even stays behind post tours to help rebuild schools like in Nepal. Harry was more popular with the POTUS then William, FLOTUS, George W. Bush and his wife, Jill and Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Tony Abbott and his family.

  4. As nice as this is, a message exclusively for the Invictus competitors is really short sighted. These games aren’t exclusive to injured military veterans. This message excludes an entire population of people who never got the opportunity to serve their country because they were born with physical disabilities or missing limbs, among other things. I’m sure they would love to get a message of encouragement from the royals, but I doubt they’ll get one. The royals don’t tend to care about the Paralympics (Let’s not forget WK ditched out on most of their Paralympic duties to vacation in 2012). The Paralympics hardly get any airtime on TV. There’s still quite a bit of stigma and taboo surrounding disabilities, even in 2016.

    I realize Invictus is his baby, but this wasn’t executed well. It would’ve been better to send a message wishing all of the Commonwealth competitors best wishes. That way there’s no exclusion, accidental or intentional. By making this message Invictus exclusive, it could rub some people the wrong way and result in backlash. Especially with how the media likes to twist things. That’s my opinion anyway.

    1. Wouldn’t this be a little on Jason? Who watches Harry’s back? Why didn’t someone note that before he sent his message? I would assume Harry would write up his personal message but then turn it over to someone who looks it over for spelling before it is run. Yes, he should have thought about it, but I think this is another example of clowns running KP.

      1. I agree, the staff seem so disorganized, and make needless blunders. I wish Harry would ditch the KP staff and join up with the Queen.

      2. Absollutely, Sunny. Where is Jason on such issues? He should have caught this and had Harry include the others in a message that was actually quite well written.
        Or, maybe, Jason and W and K what a bit of a stir over Harry’s words?

        All in all, I am thinking about the coming cold weather and wish I could make a trip like the one Harry will be making . So many beautiful places in the Caribbean and wonderful people to meet.

      3. My point above is that it would have been seen as “reaching” if Harry alone had congratulated the Paraolympians. Invictus is his, he *should* be sending special messages to cheer on the Invictus competitors. W&K should have issued a statement, or a joint statement from all three should have been done.

        Harry knows his place. Second. And he stays in it most of the time, because IMO stepping out of that place would feel like betraying his brother.

        1. You make a really good point. Goodness only knows how Harry has been raised to make sure not to step on Will’s sunshine. We’ve all seen how Kate takes it seriously not upstaging His Royal Petulance by being unsure how to sign her name until William showed her–and making sure she didn’t finish before him.

          I really feel for Harry. He has to feel like a bird in a gilded cage half the time.

          BTW, wow did he look like Charles in his military picture! Once the Spencer hair was covered up and he doesn’t sport his usual smile or glinting eyes, just wow.

          He’s the best representative of his parents and should be the future king. I wonder if it would matter to future countries plans to break away if he was the intended after Charles rather than Will.

    2. Aren’t the Wessexes involved in the Paralympics more than the other royals? And Anne too, being a member of the IOC.

      I would be more disappointed if there was no congratulatory message once the Paralympics are over. Harry’s ties are with Invictus. I wish he said something about the other Paralympians (and I wish the whole thing to more press in general!), but I get why he didn’t or why he just didn’t think of it. At least he mentioned it; most do not. It’s a damn shame.

      1. It is also a big deal that the Invictus Games was named a qualifying event for the ParaOlympics. He might be alluding to that as well by focusing on “his” athletes at the ParaOlympics.

  5. Oh, Harry. While it is awesome that you sent a message of support to the Invictus athletes participating, the message was exclusive versus inclusive. Shame on his people for allowing that. Imho, anyone who makes it to the Olympics and Paralympics is a champion. The latter receives such little support and it’s important to highlight them. The sad part is when Harry misses the mark, he misses big.

    I find it telling that Mr.Rhiannon is being sent to more countries than his brother. I am sure that this itinerary is probably envied upon by Kate as they are “bucket list” islands. I’ve been to St. Vincent and it is absolutely beautiful. Good thinking for having Harry visit the Caribbean right after hurricane season. As far as him visiting Barbados, I can only hope for a Rihanna/Harry photo op. And please let him wear his white uniform….

    Thanks KMR, for this Harry uodate. If you all excuse me, I’m going to save my coins for the upcoming tour ?

    1. Rhiannon, I’ve travelled to many Caribbean islands, and have found Barbados, which is referred to as *Little England*, to be the most beautiful in scenery and the one island that has maintained most of the British traditions. I hope you will have the good fortune of travelling to B’dos in the future. If so, enjoy!

    2. Bit of an Oops not mentioning the other Paralympics by Harry, but in some ways I can kind of see what he was doing – Harry was wanting to remind people of the wounded service men and women and get them back into everyone’s consciousness. It was a little clumsy but I think his heart is in the right place.

      How is your recovery coming along Rhiannon? I may not have posted much lately but I have been cheering you along, and I’ve helped out with the lady I know who came down with GB about 2 weeks before you did.

      She’s progressing very well and from what I have read I’m thinking you must be slightly ahead of her on the road to recovery.

      1. Hi, Cathy! I am doing okay. Physically, my core and legs are getting stronger. I still have the lovely GBS “waddle” when I walk. I still use my cane, but can walk short distances without it. I’ve returned to the gym to do upper body workouts and can use the recumbent bike.

        I have good days and bad days. Good because I’m slowly getting better. Bad because I’m slowly getting better. I still have the dizziness, brain fog and fatigue. I go back to work next week part-time for a bit.

        How is your friend? How bad was her case?

  6. Harry’s message was to the Invictus community on the Invictus site. I’d imagine this is part of his ongoing communication to keep that community intact and growing in between actual IG events. The 11 athletes comprise people from the US and Italy in addition to those from Commonwealth countries, so IG defies national borders in that sense. I’m fine with that approach.

    William, Kate and Harry issued their Rio Olympic good wishes to GB competitors, NOT to those from the Commonwealth. So did Sophie, to GB Hockey. It’s a small indication that countries half way around the world don’t figure much in their minds, if at all… except for royal tours, all of which seem light on substance and heavy on personal enjoyment.

    The lack of consistency here is in not wishing the GB Rio Paralympics team good luck, since the Commonwealth didn’t figure in the first round of good luck wishes anyway. Did I care that the BRF’s affections lay with Team GB? No, because the BRF doesn’t matter to Australians, and are in our lives only due to current constitutional reasons. And – using KMR’s argument as to why Mary should support Denmark at Rio over Australia – the BRF is paid for by GB so that’s where their support should lie.

    1. The reason I brought up the fact that Harry’s message was Invictus competitors specific was because I saw people on Twitter fawning over the fact that Harry sent a message to Paralympians and W&K didn’t. So I wanted to make it clear that Harry’s message was not to all Paralympians, and while it’s great he sent the message he did there is no reason to fawn over Harry while trashing W&K since the only reason this message exists is because of Invictus not any actual care for Paralympic athletes. It’s nice that Harry sent this message but they all need to be called out for not caring about the Paralympic Games as much as the Olympic Games.

      1. As Szolo said, Edward’s role as patron of BPA would place him as the most appropriate royal to offer good wishes to the GB team. The only issue I can see here is one of consistency: good wishes should be offered to both Olympic and Paralympic teams.

        Meanwhile, Harry was doing the right thing by his constituency – the Invictus community. He may have been prompted to do so because no such message to the larger GB Paralympic team has been forthcoming from the BRF.

    2. They didn’t include the Canadian athletes either once again showing they have no connection to this country except for historical symbolism. And yet the Canadian media will have to remind Canadians of the connection once twit and twat visit BC.

  7. If anyone should have sent good luck wishes to Team GB, it should be Edward. He is the patron of the British Paralympic Association (BPA) and will be attending the Games.

    Harry is very much friends with a lot of the 11 competitors (I still sigh over the fact that Elizabeth Marks is happily married – they are such an adorable couple 🙂 so I perceived his message as more of a personal one, not necessarily exclusionary. He could have added a P.S. though.

    It’s sad that the Paralympians are getting the short end of the stick. Not enough money, lousy ticket sales, etc. At least they are filing the stands with kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Princess Margriet (my very favorite royal) and Princess Astrid (King Philippe’s sister). Both of them are on the board of the IPC, along with CP Victoria, Prince Albert, Princess Haya, and GD Maria Teresa. I hope some of them will also attend. I follow and admire some of the lesser known royals who work hard but never get any recognition for their efforts.

    As far as Harry’s Caribbean tour, I hope he does a number of non-“Party Prince” engagements. The press is getting snarky again – aren’t they soooo predictable?

  8. I would be happy to put my fear of flying to one side to accompany his Royal Loveliness on his Caribbean tour if he needs a plus one. I knew that Norfolk house story was horsesh*t. For a start that house is too middle class. Not that I expect Harry will have a massive Royal palace but I can imagine an old Royal Hunting lodge or something with some Royal connections in it’s history not a mock Tudor new build. I bet it’s currently owned by a friend of the editor who fancies bumping the price up. Can’t see Harry in Norfolk either TBH…..I think he’d more likely settle in the Cotswolds longer term even if he doesn’t inherit Highgrove. So many of his friends are there, most of the polo clubs he uses are there and his Royal cousins via Princess Anne’s side of the family are based there too. And it’s 90 minutes tops by car into central London. Harry’s not a great abuser of the helicopter perk either so journey time by car is important. Did you know that Princess Anne is frequently seen at Kemble railway station getting the train up to London? I can see His Royal Loveliness doing that too.

    1. To clarify, Harry cannot inherit Highgrove as it is owned by the Duchy not Charles personally. If Charles wants Harry to have Highgrove, he has to purchase it from the Duchy with personal money at fair market value.

      Harry could live in Highgrove if it remains in the Duchy, but not own it like W&K do not own Anmer. Once William is Duke of Cornwall he can kick his little brother out of any Duchy property including Highgrove.

      I think odds on Harry buying a private home are slim to none. The security required for the property would be astronomical and generate loads of criticism. Peter and Zara will face this once Anne passes away, as all taxpayer funded protection for Gatcombe will end upon her death. If they want security for the estate, they’ll have to pay for it themselves.

      Harry will probably end up either in a Duchy property or a smaller house at Sandringham. He will not own any of these, and once his brother is either Duke of Cornwall or King, William can throw him out unless there are lease protections in place.

      Charles may be able to evict Sophie and Edward from Bagshot, but he cannot throw Andrew out of Royal Lodge because of his 99 year lease. HM being wiley there and protecting Andrew from Charles. Otherwise, Royal Lodge would be a good home for Harry once HM is gone. Frogmore and Fort Belvedere are distant possibilities.

      I hope HM and Charles are both looking ahead to a time when the Middletons will overrun Balmoral and Sandringham. They need to leave Harry much larger amounts of “private” money to protect him from William’s petulant behavior in the future.

        1. I don’t think we’ll know until Charles passes away and we see who gets what. Like we won’t know who gets HM’s Kentucky horse operation until she passes. Being the Windsors, most of it will be hidden from public view for years.

          Odds are, with monarch-to-monarch tax escape, William gets all of Balmoral and all of Sandringham. Both of those will be William’s private property, not belonging to the Crown. Hopefully Charles will leave Harry his entire “private” cash and investments because William won’t need any of it.

          There is a fledgling rumor about Charles wanting to give Balmoral back to Scotland as a national park, but we’ll have to wait and see.

      1. I’ve also wondered what will happen to Harry. William seems like such a hog. He took Diana’s ring, Kate wears the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, and Charlotte has Diana as her middle name. Maybe it’s not weird for cousins to have the same middle name, assuming Harry wants to give his future daughter the middle name Diana. It really seems as though because Harry is second in marrying and having kids, he has little left of the family heritage to work with.

        1. But what a kick in the teeth, if Harry’s daughter turns out to look like Diana!
          And, what if her first name is Diana, too? Yes, William surely lays claim to so much, but Harry is definitely winning hearts the way his mum did.

      2. And if the monarchy ceased to exist, the only properties belonging to the Windsor family would be Balmoral and Sandringham. So KP and Buckingham Palace etc would also revert to the state? If that scenario unfolded I’m assuming existing leases would be honoured, but security, if needed for private citizens, would be borne by the Windsors.

        1. Yes, but those properties (Balmoral and Sandringham) would be the personal property of the one person who inherits. Whichever member of the BRF who inherited them. Right now, they belong to HM and only HM. When she passes, they will belong to Charles. When he passes, likely they will belong completely to William.

          If the monarchy ends when HM passes, then Charles will have to decide what to do. If he is no longer monarch, he will have to pay the massive inheritance taxes. That would likely mean selling one of the properties to pay the taxes on inheriting both.

          1. I’d imagine HM has already passed them to Charles to avoid death duties (ie 7 years before death). She’s not silly with money. Charles won’t pay anything. If a line is drawn under the monarchy continuing during Charles’s reign – it gets a bit tricky determining end of monarchy – then William would face the same circumstances as all other citizens in the country who inherit property, and that’s fair.

          2. There is a way Charles/Her Majesty can give stuff to Harry and avoid death tax, if they give Harry it 7 years(I believe) before their death…No death tax. Plus there are people wanting death tax done with because it does not effect anyone really. So if Charles wants to give Harry Balmoral, he can give it to Harry while he is still alive and if he survives 7 years, no death tax. Same with items/jewels.

  9. What happened behind the scenes with the planning of this? The Caribbean tour was first rumored to be W&K. It was thought they were horning in on Sophie and Edward, who had just returned from a tour of that region shortly before the rumors began. Lots of criticism of W&K going on another holiday tour by going to the Caribbean.

    I wonder if some of these nations put in a request to have Harry visit. W&K tried to grab it. The nations insisted on Harry. That isn’t how things are usually done, but China/Japan had originally requested Harry and got William instead. The public Canada invite for W&K helped cover up the Caribbean criticism, but I wonder if W&K were rejected by the nations because they wanted Harry?

    1. I’m certain after the success he made of the last visit the other Caribbean countries wanted a bit of the Harry magic. Just imagine the Miseries turning up…..Oh George loves the Caribbean. Of course the trip would have no gravitas or aims whatsoever as it would just be seen as an extended jolly for Kate who probably would tag two weeks in Mustique on at the end for post tour recuperation and two weeks at the start for pre tour climatisation. Thank God for Harry.

      1. That’s what I was thinking, that they had requested Harry even if that is against protocol. Edward and Sophie got the Jubilee tour of the Caribbean because HM likes them so much. Sophie also has a regiment that is stationed in the Bahamas sometimes. Either them or Harry going there makes sense, but not W&K.

        1. Dang I was hoping George wants to be the best maple syrup maker or a moose when he grows up! 😉

          P.S. I got home yesterday and my power had been on for several hours! In fact, my butter was still hard as a rock! YAY for having power back and food not going bad!!

          1. Oh, good news, Kimothy! Nothing worse than having food go to waste. Hope there were/are no nasty surprises and you feel settled asap.

            I’m sure George loves maple syrup and his favourite animal is a moose. You can see it coming, can’t you?

          2. Imagine little George saying he wants to be a moose when he’s grown up. I would laugh! (My son wants to be a daddy to one baby and 94 cats. He used to just want to be a cat when he grew up.)

          3. That’s good to hear your house is ok Kimothy!

            I hope that’s the bad weather over for this year for you?

            94 cats Ellie? It may be an idea to start checking his school bag when he gets home each day just in case he starts smuggling in a cat or two? (Like my sister did!)

          4. Thanks Jen and Cathy. I really appreciate it.

            P. S. Should we start making bets on what is going to be said in Canada or is that too mean?

    2. Harry is the most requested after The Queen. Some get thrown Will/Kate because they want to go, probably promising Harry later that year or next as Harry does end up going shortly after.

    1. I didn’t know about the campaign but it’s such a great idea! So many seats been been empty during the Olympics and one can image that it would be the same for Paralympics. The athletes deserve the support and someone who cheers for them and the children will have a great time, learn and be inspired.
      Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’m happy he sent a message; I’m not gonna fault him for that. To me this reads as he is happy to know that those particular people got in the games. Like when you find out people you know got into something you werent expecting you tend to focus on that because you have a connection with them. Anyway I’m interested in this carribean tour. Wasn’t there a rumor that the Cambs would go there? Does anybody think that they changed that to give Harry later because if the Cambs went there it would be too obvious that they are just really there for vacation? Haha

  11. Glad that Harry will tour in the Caribbean.
    What I didn’ t like about this post is that is not precise at all.
    Harry sent a message in the site of the Invictus Games, he didn’ t send a message to the paralimpic athletes addressing his best wishes only to the 11 who took part to the Invictus Games.

    The message was in the Invictus community only and Harry has a bond with some of them.
    From what I read it seems Harry sent a message pubblicly to the 11 who took part to the Invictus only. But things weren’ t like that at all

    I like Harry really much so I may be biassed but I feel that this forum favors Kate and Will a little, instead tend to disfavour Harry.
    It seems you let Kate and William get away with it a bit.

    Harry has been kind to leave that message IMO, probably if Harry and his brother left a message for all the artists of tyhe paralimpic games would have been better, but what Harry did is nice and show how careful he is.
    Good job Harry!

  12. So Harry’s taking up the Cambridge Ways. Another exotic locale for him to play in. I am not impressed. When was the last time he toured the UK? The paralympic message bundled with the holiday announcement is a good distraction.

    1. “His visit will mark the 35th anniversary of independence for Antigua and Barbuda, the 50th anniversary of independence for Barbados and the 50th anniversary of independence for Guyana.”

      The BRF would have sent someone on this trip because of those anniversaries and the fact that so many of those countries are looking to throw out the monarchy. He was sent to some of the countries before and won over the Republican PM of Jamaica. As the BRF/Government were going to send someone anyway, why not send someone who has proven to be popular in the area?

      He isn’t acting like the Cambridges, who pick many of places they want to visit (Canada, Hollywood, Australia and NZ) and then staff have to make a visit happen because W&K demanded it.

      1. I wrote in a post re. the Canadian trip that a local newspaper there mentioned that the Cambridge’s had chosen some of the places they wanted to see while there. Seems only a ‘once over lightly’ in terms of actual official work. So, yeah, a holiday in all but name.

    2. I don’t understand why Harry doesn’t do more in the UK, especially outside of London. Maybe just not enough invites for the BRF as a whole? Still Harry is so popular you would think lots of places would love him to visit. Is he only slightly less work shy than W&K? Or not allowed so as not to show them up? He needs something to do. Being Princess Margaret is not going to cut it.

      1. You must be new. Harry works more than Will/Kate 10x. He does things that don’t get counted in the CC and does not get publicize due to their laziness. Harry is always working. He goes to Africa, to help with the charity he set up with Prince Seesio(Sentebale). He also is going on tours like all royals do.

        1. Not new to royalty watching, just new here. I just hope Harry doesn’t get stuck in the Princess Margaret box: the “bad” sibling who doesn’t do anything but party. I’m sure he does more behind the scenes that is marginalized to protect W&K. But I do think he could do more a la Princess Anne, just nitty gritty appearances.

          1. The point is that he does a lot but as Sleepy said it’ s not reported in the papers, there’ s so much hype for every single engagement by Will and Kate, no much is siad about Harry’ s work and it is a shame

          2. He’s definitely in that box, and I believe will be all his life. People think William is the amazing, hard-working royal and Kate is intelligent and lovely and well-prepared; and Harry’s the partying drunk who sleeps with any woman he finds.

        2. And the press is more critical about Harry, creates false stories and perpertuate the image of bad guy. And more soft on W and K : the principe of the invation of the media to see children in exchange of good press is always something that I don’t appreciate.

      2. In my opinion (FWIW), Harry needs to take a cold, hard look at the public’s perception of him. Yes, the press insist on using the “Party Prince” title, and his PR staff (except for his Private Secretary, Edward Lane Fox or ELF) is shared with W&K. Obviously, the staff is cautious not to make W&K look bad, even if it means throwing Harry under the proverbial bus. And they do little to fight Harry’s wild child label.

        I think he also needs to take a look at his patronages and how they can be perceived as “not a lot of value added” for the UK directly, which I think is what Fifi was questioning.

        Sentebale is absolutely worthwhile, but it is based in Africa, not the UK. It could be seen as Harry’s excuse to go on “vacations” to Africa. His fundraising activities (aka press and photo opportunities) are “fun” events – playing polo, having concerts, taking part in the AIDS conference while hanging out with Elton John, etc.

        His Welsh charity, Dolen Cymru, again benefits Lesotho by sending teachers there for six months, then sharing experiences in Welsh schools. Minimal benefit to the UK (and I am not in any way, shape or form implying any of his patronages are useless or a waste of time or anything even remotely like that!)

        WellChild funds WellChild Nurses, who provide care and support to children and young people needing long-term or complex care, helping children to leave hospital and be cared for at home. Harry did two engagements in 2015 (a gala concert and the WellChild Awards) and in 2016, so far, recorded a video message and played polo (the Awards will be in October). There have been reports of private visits but, as there are no press releases/photos published, he doesn’t “get credit”, so to speak.

        His three Rugby patronages could be seen as “Harry gets free tickets and great seats to matches”.

        His work with veterans is obviously another passion. Bravo for the Invictus Games but not being carefully scripted, look at how his “Good Luck” message has turned from positive to rather negative!

        This is already too long, but more UK engagements, especially connected with the AIDS charities, would go a long way toward improving his reputation (not quite the right word, but I can’t think of a better one at the moment!) After all, the public’s perception becomes the reality whether it’s accurate or not.

        1. I agree with what you say.
          I think Harry is working very well, however he could do more in Uk, I agree.
          He started with the AIDS campaign only a few months ago, probably he will carry on with that in UK. And let’ s not foget how he works with the veterans in UK.
          I hope he changes PR office because in my opinion it is not working well.
          For example, as you said, Harry just sent a good luck message in the invictus games forum, so of course it was addressed to his 11 ex soldiers.
          There was nothing to criticise actually and if a good luck message was supposed to be sent, Will, kate and Harry together had to sent or Edward.
          Not Harry alone at all

        2. Insightful comment, Szolo.

          Part of Harry’s problem is having to defer to William (and his ego) before embarking on anything. I wonder if his choices of charities have been influenced by that; perhaps working outside the UK allows him the space to be more active and in control? Just wondering here…

          Harry’s future seems tied to his brother’s goodwill and because he no doubt loves his brother, I doubt whether he will make moves to upstage William, even accidentally. However, William will be jealous of Harry’s successes with IG and Sentebale. There’s no getting around someone who doesn’t want to do any work but resents others for doing it. Hence, Harry must play the third wheel in W+K’s empty mental health ‘work’.

          William and Kate won’t change so Harry has to build a life accommodating that fact; should he marry, his wife will also have to live in the shadow of the two dolts. To be so tamped down must be awful. The best he can do is (a) cement the work he is already doing (b) take on some of the Queen’s work in the UK on her behalf (c) be the supporting character in the W+K debacle and (d) work closely with ELF to ensure his narrative is seamless and unable to be easily tampered with.

          Is the perception of Harry changing in the UK? From far away, he seems to have grown up a lot from being a wild child, is empathetic to others, genuinely easy-going, using his position to get things done. I don’t think he’s a saint, but he has the good sense to keep his private life private these days.

          1. I agree with you, Jen. I think a lot of it has to do with the BRF hierarcy. Harry would not be allowed to out-work William due to his ego and need for attention. Charles and Anne are usually even in the most engagements, and they are close siblings. I don’t think W&H are close anymore.

            I wish Harry did more. I expect to see him do more. However, due to hierarchy and how things are as it stands with William I don’t see him doing more than he is.

            I think what he does do in private that isn’t counted on the C unlike for W&K is pretty abhorrent. Imagine all the meetings he attended to plan Invictus; everyone who worked on Invictus said he got stuck in and was there for every meeting and very, very involved in the organization of the event in 2014 and 2016. They’ll be planning 2017 now. I’m sure he’s busy with that and Sentebale’s work. I am eager to see how the AIDS stuff comes out.

          2. The CC is just a mechanism for the BRF to justify itself. Most people would never consult it. It’s terribly unfair to Harry but he is lucky in that he knows the worth of using his position in ways that really count for people; true service. Stuff the CC, the hierarchy, the wounded egos. They don’t matter a jot to people’s lives.

          3. Jen,

            Then Harry needs to grow up and not continue to be tied to his brother’s apron strings.

            Although I don’t quite understand how Harry can be prevented from *working* in the UK. Anne seemed to never have a problem hoeing her own row. I do think he prefers exotic locales- the evidence and patterns are there. I still remember how crabby he was with reporters when he and Willy finally showed up to toss a few sandbags around days into severe flooding (don’t recall where in England).

            To me he’s still a trust fund baby, a rich wandering hippie prince (Willy’s dream) with charm and a heart, but he’s not really working much, is he- you know, grinding away at the tough stuff? I’m also confused as to what else he does- he no longer has a job, does he? It’s like he, too, is taking a gap decade or something. In his favour, at least he is capable of follow through on some things, unlike his indifferent brother.


            Great comments and food for thought!


            How is the hierarchy at fault for the choices he makes? He chooses exotic locales. He chooses work here and there. He chooses not to be seen to be believed _in the UK_. And most importantly, he is one of the senior royals according to Chuck’s plan for reducing the royal numbers to his immediate family. He’s in his 30’s. Why is he still getting a pass?

          4. Maven, my thoughts about Harry largely echo yours. His life is exactly as you describe.

            Harry has perfected the art of being more-or-less around and in full view, though no-one actually knows exactly what he does, when he does it or for how long! He is amiable and very aware of his ‘good guy’ persona, and as a result is cut a lot of slack. My guess is that he plays long and hard (but discreetly these days), chooses his commitments, and has solid people in place who know how to get things done. However, I do believe his motivation with IG and Sentebale is genuine. He was working up a storm with Invictus, using his unique position to plug it everywhere, prepared to do whatever it took to get the Games off the ground. Vets put a lot of trust in Harry, but he also knew damn well that he had to deliver too.

            The Charles-Anne dynamic is very different from that of William-Harry. I don’t feel the streak of slyness and volatility in Charles that I sense in William. I agree with you that Harry has the financial means and maturity to set his own course but, like all the BRF, he too is completely wedded to the privilege and money afforded them. None of them will disrupt the delicate balance of hierarchy. They kowtow to William because he threatens to walk, plays them, whinges etc, but he won’t give it up because power, money, status.

          5. While I think the work Harry does is downplayed to favour William, saying he doesn’t do more because he can’t seems like a stretch. I have a hard time believing anyone would stop him if he wanted to be seen out there attending more engagements.

            I root for Harry and I think he means well, but I side-eye him hard for focusing mainly on doing private work. I wish he balanced it more his public appearances. What’s the point of paying for royals if they’re not going to bring attention to causes?

          6. Harry doesn’t choose where to go on tours. The royals are requested–so, say I want to invite a royal to my country. I want Harry, or W&K, or whoever. I put in that request, and you see what happens. I either get who I want or they send someone else. ie China and Japan requested Harry; they sent William instead, who made some major faux pas as one would expect.

            I sure wish Harry would do more, but I do think he is supposed to be William’s support and on the down-low more than his brother. William’s ego couldn’t handle it, for one, and again, Harry knows he is always second fiddle. It’s why he just sort of bows his head and does what he’s told to show up to things with W&K to hang onto his coattails. I don’t feel I am giving Harry a pass; I do wish he did more, and would be seen more, but I don’t think he’s encouraged to do so when William and Kate hardly are ever seen. Harry was raised to know he was in second place and not as good/as valued/as worthy as his brother. William has always been the golden boy despite his unsavory personality since he was a young boy; Harry was the troublemaker, the naughty one, the bad one. The press continues this spin.

            I mean, we look at the work of Charles and Anne. They’re not really publicized very much and those two are always doing something. It’s the younger royals who get the attention, sadly enough, IMO.

            I wonder how much will change when HM dies. I think a lot of it has to do with how she wants things run. I do feel she thinks W&K doing nothing and Harry being the support role for his do-nothing brother and sister-in-law is okay. She doesn’t care. It’s about her legacy and that’s secure, besides she’s 90; Charles will deal with the fall-out.

            I think about everyone can be criticized for the lack of work or at least not sorting things out as who should be doing what. Harry at least has projects he follows through on. I just wish he wouldn’t gallivant around Africa. Sure, he’s doing good things, but come on, focus on your own country and Commonwealth, bud. I do think he cares, look at his passion for his own things, but he’s limited as to how much he can do and what he can do. Andrew once said that when the Queen Mum and Margaret died they sat around a card table and just picked the patronages to take over; it didn’t have to be something they were interested in, it was just “oh fine I’ll take it and deal with it”. Then we have the Gloucesters, Princess Alexandra, who never stop; if they did I would really want Harry to step up his game and take over their work. It’s interesting how the Queen relies so much on her cousins at his point to do a lot of the plaque unveiling, the sort of thing one would expect W&H to do more of, not her cousins who should be relaxing and retired, especially Alexandra who’s been in poor health but does her duty when required. And we can’t forget Sophie and Edward who are out there almost every day doing something as well. I think there are too many working royals for the amount of so-called work they do. So what do they do with Harry? I don’t know what the answer is there. Harry could do more projects like Charles’s various charitable endeavours and support him, Charles has said before he is sad neither of his sons want to take over the great things The Prince’s Trust and The Prince’s Charities have done and are doing. I’d love to see Harry really get involved there. Those organizations make a massive difference in people’s lives.

            It is an odd situation all around. I find it odd we see evidence on the internet–ie Twitter, whatever–that Harry’s out visiting charities and doing things but it’s NEVER mentioned in the work-count Court Circular which is how you see what’s going on and who is doing what. Why is this construed as private when they are charitable endeavors? Kate got a freaking CC mention for giving birth to Charlotte, for crying out loud.

            OMG, this is long, I’m sorry, but I keep thinking of things to add and say. Ack. I also find it weird their people aren’t doing enough to really push them as the next generation. Do they think W&K’s PR of the golden couple with the cute family will do it all for them? Do they look at what could be done by all three and still choose to not do anything? If I were an advisor I’d tell Harry to not go on these African jaunts. Stay in the UK, do more, whatever ‘more’ it is he wants to do. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at KP.

          7. If Harry doesn’t choose where he goes on tours then why do people assume W&K get to choose where they go on tours?

          8. It makes sense for Harry to take over the Prince’s Trust; it’s worthwhile work so what’s the problem? W+K+H have their own foundation but do all three of them work on it (or even one of them)? Both boys have been over-indulged, and they now need to step up in exchange for so much privilege heaped upon them. It’s time the mummy card was retired.

            Re. the tours: didn’t Trudeau invite W+K specifically? As for other tours, I’m sure they all privately decide who’s going where and share around the destinations. The tours are not substantial, like the G20, for God’s sake; just a few ceremonial duties interlaced with pleasurable activities.

          9. AFAIK Trudeau asked W&K because W&K are good press fodder to make them all look great. Look at the young vibrant families and hands-on parents we all are! It’s a win/win; W&K get their taxpayer hiking holiday and both sets of parties get to look modern and cool and like such good parents dragging their kids along. It’s like all their tours are, extended photo ops with nothing substantial at all. (At least other tours do have substantial stuff going on versus the tourism gimmicks. But let’s expect hiking, fishing and loads more wine tasting!)

        3. If we are not going to “give credit” when people claim Kate does private visits, then unfortunately we cannot “give credit” to Harry’s supposed private visits either.

          1. For most members of the BRF, the private visits aren’t counted.

            The difference is, she doesn’t do private visits. Even when they start out private, they end up being published in the CC after the fact to boost her numbers. She’s pretty much the only one for which these visits started to be counted, because her numbers were so bad.

            Ditto her very rare scouting work, which was announced to be private volunteering. Her numbers were so low, they started sneaking those few scout events into the CC.

            Harry’s work 3x a week with veterans in rehab doesn’t “count” towards anything. He cannot be seen to do more than William, even when he does. His numbers have to remain smaller, so his end of year numbers are artificially lower. That is the game of not technically overshadowing his brother.

          2. Is Harry even still doing the 3x a week work thing? I thought he stopped that months ago. I seem to remember a royal reporter mentioning on Twitter that he stopped that.

            I didn’t mean Kate’s private visits being in the CC. I meant that we, as watchers, always say “photos or I don’t believe it” whenever anyone says Kate is doing private work. So any work Kate does privately (not that she does any but if she did) doesn’t get counted by us since there are no photos. So any work Harry does privately shouldn’t get counted by us if there are no photos.

          3. My point is: if there is not proof of Harry’s private visits other than people said so, then it shouldn’t count since we would not count the same thing if it were said about Kate.

          4. Regarding Harry’s 3x private visits for his private volunteering with the MoD’s programme for wounded veterans, every so often, photos show up on twitter.

            Not just with this, but for random charities where he made quite visit and perhaps was persuaded to take a picture with the particippants and the pic ends up on twitter or the royal reporters mention the private visits.

            The difference between Harry’s private visits vs Kate’s private visits or even William’s work with EAAA, is that there is much, consistent evidence either pictorial or independently verified by random people, public or official wheras Kate and William is verified by the Palace only and those pics are taken by the same palace sanctioned photographer.

            Harry’s work not showing up in the CC allows a lazy, not working in the UK narrative to be spun around him.

          5. Yes, Herazeus, and W&K’s ‘private visits’ especially Kate’s end up having press photographers like Chris Jackson tag along so it all ends up all over the place. So much for private.

        4. Nobody but here has criticized the message. And why should they? Just petty.

          Harry works with many different organisations in the UK, even without being patron.

  13. Looking forward to hear more about the upcoming tour and to see him in the Caribbean! Last time he did a wonderful job, so hopes are kinda high…

    And I agree that it would have been nice with a message to all athletes but as this message was posted on the Invcictus site I get why it had been like this.

    1. I think that he feels very close to these 11 ex soldiers, therefore he sent that message, as nearly a friend would do.
      Edward was supposed to send the message to all the athletes

  14. The message was published through the Invictus Games Foundation. Criticizing a patron for doing his job is quite hilarious.
    He also personally donated money to a Paralympics campaign today, bringing children from Rio to the games. All I see is that he does heeps more in publicising the Paralympics than any other member of the BRF at this moment. To pick on him because of his statement is pretty petty.
    Prince Edward will be there for a few days I believe, but no word from him yet on anything.

    1. I’m not criticizing Harry for doing his job as Patron. I’m pointing out that he is only doing his job as Patron and not sending a message to the entire Paralympic team as was suggested on Twitter.

      ETA: Why is it petty to point out a true fact?

      1. Because he is still the only person in the BRF to acknowledge the Paralympics in any form. Twice. Through his statement for the competitors and his donation. Why is he being criticized for this? He is founding patron of the Foundation and sent a message.
        If someone didn’t understand his message in the right context, the fault lies with them not him.

      2. It is daft for people in the Twittersphere to extrapolate that a message on the IG site to IG people means that Harry is somehow wanting by not publicly declaring support for the GB Paralympic team. Geez… He’s doing more than the rest of his family.

        If there is an issue, it is one of consistency: if the BRF offers support to the Olympians, then do the same for the Paralympians.

    2. Couldn’t agree more, Abby. Harry did his job as Patron of IG.

      As Nic919 said further up, Prime Ministers usually offer support to athletes on behalf of the nation; I see that Theresa May has just done so. Support from royalty for athletes is an extra, but the main thrust should come from the PM/ government. The budgetary shortfall for the GB Paralympics teams has thankfully been rectified.

      1. May has publicly praised Olympians and sent support to Paralympian’s today in PMQ’s .

        It was the first thing brought up at the first PMQ’s after the summer break.

  15. **Sorry! Threadjacking here**

    Before I forget to post this – if anyone is in the mood for lots and lots of sparkly tiaras and jewels, the 2 hour 2011 Danish documentary “The Royal Jewels” has reappeared on YouTube! is part 1 (Danish, Swedish and Norwegian jewels) Narrator is Danish with interviews in English by Queen Margrethe, Queen Silvia, Princess Benedikte and CP Mary. is part 2 (talking about Russian jewels like HM’s Vladimir tiara and Faberge eggs). Interviews from Princess Olga Romanoff (her great uncle was Tsar Nicholas II), Prince Michael of Greece and Prince Michael of Kent in English, Prince Henrik in French.

    Loads of close ups and video footage as well as really interesting stories, especially from Margrethe.

  16. Somebody said this article was petty and that’ s what it really is a petty inaccurate article.


    He didn’ t wish good luck pubblically to the invictus team only. He just wished good luck to the charity he created in the forum of that charity. That’ s really kind of him.
    Yet from this article it sounds he pubblically said good luck to his 11 invictus athletes only. But it’s false. This article is not well written at all.

    I find this blog sometimes favor Kate and Will too much: Kate is praised if she smiles and looks happy and relaxed ( sorry, she’ s requested much more than looking at ease).
    Instead, as the press does, Harry is thrown under the bus like in this article.
    What Harry did is nice and he shouldn’ t be criticised.
    Bad article.

    1. “this blog sometimes favor Kate and Will too much”

      Seriously? Pretty much everyone *except* William and Kate get a pass for pretty much everything – other royals get a pass or even praised for doing the exact same thing William and Kate would get crucified for. William and Kate are the only two people who get called out on a regular basis.

      1. Yes seriously.
        William and Kate are called out because they don’ t work enough and when they do they lack preparation.
        William and Kate in the press are NEVER crucified, the one who is crucified, is Harry.

        I noticed in this site you are more soft towards the Cambridges and you are quite critic towards Harry: when Harry had a barbecue with Heads together for example, at least he did something for that charity.

        Harry sent a message of good luck to the invictus forum.
        Plus he gave some money.
        That would be to praise but you criticized it.

        The point is that you didn’ t only criticize what Harry did, but also you didn’n t report it prpoperly: from what you wrote it sound as Harry pubblicly sent a message to the athletes, wishing good luck to the invictus games only. That’ s wrong.
        Harry in the invictus games forum wished good luck to the 11 atheltes form the invictus gamnes participating to the paralimpic games. Harry wished to good luck to his charity. Harry did his work and it’ s hilarious, as one of us stated, that he’ s been criticised for that. He should have been praised.

        Sorry but I noticed that you are much softer towards Kate, you always try to find the positive in what she does, you even praise her when she looks engaged and happy!!
        Harry is always engaged, yet he’ s not praised for that since their job is much more than looking happy and relaxed

        1. I am sorry, but I don’t see super praising of Kate by KMR on this blog. KMR stresses positive angles when there are some. She also openly criticizes W and K quite often. I think that many of us, myself included, often go overboard in our criticisms of Kate and don’t offer positive comments when they are deserved. At least not as many positive comments as others often receive.

          KMR has written many times that she wants Kate to succeed. I wish I was as openly kind on this blog. Yes, in the long run, I do think I would like to see both William and Kate succeed, but to be honest, I think they have quite a good deal of making up for past mistakes, to do before I can embrace them more positively. Although, yes, I want to be more fair and offer compliments to them when I can. I don’t see KMR being softer toward Kate. I see this as a fair and balanced blog written by someone who takes her work very seriously!

          1. No doubt there’ s a lot of work behind this blog and most of KMR’ s articles are rather interesting.
            Yet sometimes I found she favored Kate somewhat: for example when she compared the number of visits to kate’ s charities by Kate herself and the number of visits by the other Royals to their own carities. Of course Kate topped the list, Kate has a few charities, the othetr Royals have hundreds, it would really hard, probably impossible to visit them all frequently.
            Also, Kate’ s always praised for looking relaxed, happy and engaged, but she ‘ s a senoir royal in the middle of her thirties, she should do much more than looking engaged.
            I mean, Kater is criticized in this blog, no doubt about it, but I expected, for what she did and what she didn’ t , that the critics would have been more harsh.
            In my opinion KMR doesn’ t like Harry so much, I do like him since he is e working harder and way better than the Cambridges.
            In this article for example, KMR didn’ t point the message was on the Invictus board, it sounded as Harry pubblicly wished good luck to the invictus men only, but it wasn’ t like this.
            Indeed, many comments here were about how unclever and rude his PR and Harry had been, when actually it was this article only beeing misleading.
            Regarding the laziness of the youngest ( Harry, Will and Kate) KMR write about, I just have to say that a lot of Harry’ s work is not counted: it took a lot to organize the invictus for example.
            Lets’ not forget that in the cc the christening was counted as an engagement for the Cambridges, when obviously it’ s not : it show how unfair the cc can be.
            Sure Harry could do more, but IMHO he’ s not bad at all. Yet if he makes a tiny mistake he’ s harshly criticized here.
            In my opinion KMR is much more critic towards Harry, much softer towards Kate.

            This is only my point of view, I’ m showing what I really think, I don’ t mean to offend anyone.

            I still appreciate all the efforts KMR put in this blog and most of her articles are brilliant, sometimes I just have different points of view

          2. It just makes me laugh that you say that I’m too soft on Kate since I get (really rude) comments telling me I’m to harsh on her.

            I’m never going to please everyone, so… I’m gonna do me. You do you.

  17. Of course, do you please!!!!
    It’ s your blog!
    I just didn’ t want to offend anyone, I was just being honest, that was what I actually think.
    Still the hard work behind this blog and the blog itself are brilliant!

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