Crown Princess Victoria & Princess Sofia at Sweden Dinner, Princess Madeleine in New York

Crown Princess Victoria & Princess Sofia at Sweden Dinner, Princess Madeleine in New York

Friday, September 16, saw King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Sofia attend the Sweden Dinner at the Royal Palace, while Princess Madeleine was in New York. Victoria has been in New York this week but her trip doesn’t end until the 23rd, so I’m going to wait and throw her entire trip into one post.


The approximately 180 guests at the Sweden Dinner included representatives from culture, business, education, sports, and club activities from Sweden’s 21 counties and county governors. Sverigemiddag is a less formal dinner (no tiaras or orders) which was started in 2013.

Victoria wore a navy tiered dress from Ann-Sofie Back which dates from 2011 and has been worn both as a non-maternity dress and as a maternity dress when pregnant with Estelle. She wore crystal earrings which she has worn previously, and a floral headpiece in her updo.


Sofia sadly went back to the dreaded center part. She wore Kay Senchai “Mystique” black dress from the SS15 collection. This dress doesn’t even look good on the model.


Dinner was held in the White Sea. Flowers include hydrangea, scabiosa and clematis. The tables were set with a gilt candelabra by Karl XIV Johan, linen cloth from Klässbols and linen napkins woven in Belgium in the 1980s with the King and Queen’s monogram, glasses made by Skruf Glassworks designed by Carina Seth Andersson which were a gift from the parliament and the government to the King on his 70th birthday.


The menu consisted of:

    Duck liver mousse with baked figs, rye bread crisps and lingonberry vinaigrette.
    Butter Baked pike-perch from Lake Hjälmaren with fried cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, crispy red cabbage and ginger-scented beurre blanc.
    Blackberry mousse with yogurt sorbet, chocolate and almond crumbs and blackberries meringues.


In the morning of September 16, Princess Madeleine attended the United Nations High-level Meeting on “Solutions to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals for Children”. The event was hosted by World Childhood Foundation, the Permanent Missions of Italy and Sweden to the UN, and the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

Madeleine wrote on her Facebook page: “The objective of this high level meeting at the United Nations this morning is to conceptualize solutions that would contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for the global benefit of CHILDREN. This meeting aims to illustrate the power of working TOGETHER to address the needs of children and ending violence against children.”


In connection with the meeting and the #EyesWideOpen campaign, a new mobile app has been launched called the “Stewards of Children Prevention Toolkit” – which was created in partnership with the World Childhood Foundation, Darkness to Light, and Ericsson.

Madeleine wrote on Facebook:

    “Each year, it is estimated that 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18 in the United States. Globally, every year, it is estimated that 150 million girls and 73 million boys experience sexual violence. Despite these astronomical numbers, child sexual abuse is rarely discussed and solutions do not adequately address the public health crisis affecting one tenth of the world’s children. But is not our children’s obligation to keep themselves safe. We, as adults, have an obligation to ensure that our children are surrounded by child protectors.
    “In 1999, my mother decided to use her voice to speak about children’s rights and founded the World Childhood Foundation. I have always admired my mother’s courage and aim to continue her work in combatting child sexual abuse. Now as a mother of two, I am even more determined to help create a world free from sexual abuse for all children in our lifetime. The first step in combatting sexual abuse is removing the stigma from discussing the abuse, which requires learning the facts, talking about it with our children and investing in prevention. Because of this I am so excited to share with you a new mobile app which is launching today called the ‘Stewards of Children Prevention Toolkit,’ created in partnership with the World Childhood Foundation, Darkness to Light and Ericsson.
    “I hope that with the availability of this new app, all adults who have caring roles with children, including parents, teachers, coaches, church communities and other youth serving professionals as well as health care providers for children, will take the time to educate themselves about child sexual abuse and everyday protection approaches, and can feel better equipped on how to react when specific concerns about a child arise.
    We live in a digital world and it is crucial that technology is integrated in our fight to end child sexual abuse and not for online child abuse. Let us commit together to keep our #EyesWideOpen and ensure that we keep the children in our lives safe from all forms of violence.”

You can download the app here.


Here is a video of Madeleine announcing the app.

In the evening, Madeleine attended the World Childhood Foundation USA Thank You Gala 2016 at Cipriani 42nd Street. Madeleine presented the ThankYou Award to Forest Whitaker, Andrea Bocelli, and Paul Polman (Unilever CEO). The night included an auction to raise money for the organization.

Actress Malin Akerman and chef Marcus Samuelsson were also there. You can view a full gallery here.

Madeleine co-founded both Thankyou by Childhood and #EyesWideOpen while working as Project Manager for Childhood USA when she lived in New York.

Madeleine wore a silver Jenny Packham gown from the Fall 2012 Collection which she previously wore in December 2012, carried a silver Marchesa “Lily” clutch ($1,495), and wore Baroque Pearl earrings. Madeleine looks very pretty.

Oh, Malin Akerman… what are you wearing?

Photos: Expressen / / Princess Madeleine’s Facebook / Getty

44 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria & Princess Sofia at Sweden Dinner, Princess Madeleine in New York

  1. Gosh… I really want to like Sofia, but I need her to put down the lace dresses and step away from the center part. Kate has murdered lace dresses in my eyes!

    Do you know what Madeleine’s security entourage consists of (if she has one, I was assuming she does). Also does Madeleine have a LIW or any kind of assistant like that? I know she is not functioning in her role as princess/SRF per se, so I really don’t know what her role consists of. I think it’s so great that she is out there in the media so much. I feel like I see her much more than Kate, and she doesn’t even have a princess job description to uphold since she and her family are living much more like private citizens.

    Thank you so much for your coverage of the Swedes, KMR!

    1. Yeah, Sofia loves lace, tulle, and center parts. She’s needs an intervention.

      I know nothing of Maddie’s security or entourage.

    1. All are regal elegant and beautiful- Well done SRF!

      Wonderful on most occassions, the three Princess sisters, seem to coordinate even a small part of their wear or hair.

  2. I have read that Vic has a recognition problem commonly called ‘face blindness.’ I have no idea how she attends all her meetings, especially those at the UN, where she may be meeting people that she has met before and cannot recognize their face. Does she recognize voices or does someone stay by her side to tell her who a person is, where she met them last and if they are friend or foe? Fotos of Vic always capture a smile, an interested facial expression and sometimes a friendly hug at these types of meetings. I can’t imagine not being able to recognize someone by their face. Can someone explain how she does it?

    1. Her LIWs help her with the face blindness, telling her who she is meeting.

      It’s subtly done. Like the party scene in the movie ‘the devil wears prada’ where Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt’s charaters stand behind Meryl Streep’s character in a receiving line and whisper names + biography + any other pertinent information to Meryl as she is receiving each guest.

  3. Madeleine looks lovely as always. It’s always nice to read her updates about her work with Childhood and what they are doing. It seems like a real, legitimate organization genuinely trying to make a difference. Bravo to her and Queen Silvia.

  4. I want those flowers. They are absolutely beautiful. I might have to pass on the appetizer, but the menu looks delicious. Thank you KMR for adding the menu to this type of coverage. It’sasnif we are sitting there at the Palace.

    Vic knows how to rock a bun. This is how you add a piece into your hair and make it look believable. Kate’s hairdressers need to take the next hot thing to Stockholm to take note. I love Vic’s dress. Simple and classic. And yes Sofia needs to drop lace and a center part.

    Kudos to Maddie! Child sexual abuse is a taboo subject that meeds awareness now. I applaud her efforts tremendously. She follows up, provides stats and doesn’t claim to be an expert. And supporting an app is genius. It is easy to access and provides resources. As far as her clothes, she nailed it. I need that pantsuit.

    Thank you for covering the SWF. This is a hardworking and warm family.

    1. Hah! I was going to write this exact post. Beautiful flowers and table setting, interesting menus, and Victoria’s hair is big and beautiful. I bet she used a “rat” in it, a flexible, fabric, hair-colored, sausage shaped object you roll your hair around to get those perfect rolls for chignons.

  5. Thanks for the update KMR. Loved Maddie’s pant suit, she looked so elegant. Not a fan of the evening dress she wore, it’s not flattering in the bust area. Regardless, she supports a great cause and promotes it well, which is the point of royals taking on such causes. I follow Maddie on Facebook and she posted information about the cause a few days ago.

  6. Thanks for this post KMR. The SRF is such a hard working bunch and I always get the impression that they are a loving and united family as well. By the way, as a former floral designer, I loved seeing the centerpieces that were on the tables!

  7. I Love this entire Royal Family!! I think Sophia might be pregnant again…just saying! (I would be if Daniel was my husband!!!) 😉 Thank you KMR!!! <3

          1. Those are different spellings that would end up with the same sound. For Sofia of Spain, the “ph” and “f” make a different sound in Spanish, so the spelling is important.

        1. In Spanish they don’t pronounce PH as “f” like we do in English, so Queen Sofia of Spain spells her name with an F in order to make the “f” sound.

          1. But in Sweden they do, so in English/Swedish Sofia/Sophia is the same.
            Essentially my point is, as this post is on the Swedish one, I think we all know who’s be referenced. It’s splitting hairs. I don’t make a big deal when people spell my name without the ‘h’.

          2. I was specifically commenting on the Queen Sofia of Spain part since that’s what Lauri brought up. For Sofia of Spain, the spelling is important. For Sofia of Sweden, the spelling isn’t as important since the sound is the same (which is why I don’t correct people when they misspell her name on here).

          3. Being Swedish, I can with authority comment on the Sofia/Sophia controversy. In Sweden, the spelling Sofia would be considered true Swedish, while Sophia would be considered “new fangled”, a little foreign and very upper class. As Sofia was not born into the upper class, I think we honor her by correctly spelling her name: Sofia.

  8. Okay, fashion first…Sofia needs to lose that dress stat!!! A lace bodice with a trash can liner skirt, what is she thinking??? Her updo looked so lovely the other day that I had high hopes that it would become her new go-to updo, now I’m just sad 🙁

    Standing ovation to Maddie and Silvia for their work to end the sexual abuse of children!!!! It is so inspiring the see these royal women move beyond their role as Princess or Queen and use their positions to highlight important causes, not only important to their respective countries but causes that are important world wide.

    Thank you so much KMR for your continued coverage of these awesome royal women. I am so glad that you decided to cover more than just Kate!

    1. The bottom of that dress really does look like garbage bag material. I couldn’t find what the material was, but it looks terrible. I looked at the rest of that designer’s collection and the rest isn’t any better. Best for everyone to just avoid that designer.

  9. So in love with the way the Swedish Royals entertain! Those flowers! That menu!
    Thanks for the coverage, KMR. As, Rhiannon said, you make us feel as if we are there!

    Congratulations to Princess Madeleine for her work to end sexual abuse of children. Thanks to her lovely mother, too! Such an important subject and one that needs to be addressed worldwide! Maddie seems to take her rolel seriously and I believe she and her mother will continue to work hard on this terrible problem It is unbearable to think of children being abused in such ways!

    IMO, Maddie’s incredible blue eyes stand out so much more when her hair is more brown. I am not sure I like the blonding of the Princess.

    1. I totally agree with you about Maddie’s hair color. I think she looks best with darker brown hair. Her blonde years weren’t great.

  10. Thanks for this coverage!
    First, Victoria looked lovely and I liked her updo.
    Sophia looked terrible! Dreaded Middle part, unflattering dress. She’s not a big lady but that dress makes her looks preggers. I’m not big but carry most of my weight on my hips. I avoid chiffon for that reason.
    I so enjoy Madeleine and she looked delightful on both occasions! Yippy. I need to remember royals go to NYC at this time and do a trip there next yr!.
    Thanks for including the place settings and table arrangements. They looked lovely.
    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I don’t know why the BRF doesn’t get involved with the UN. It seems most royals are in some aspect.

    1. Just a theory but if the BRF got involved with the UN it might look like they are trying to interfere in government and politics and would cause problems? Maybe that’s why they steer clear of UN stuff?

      1. Could be but there are some pretty a-political type of causes. Victoria and water conservation comes to mind. Max and her finance cause is through the UN. I even think Leti’s Red Cross work is with them as well.
        I know Harry has his charities but I always thought he’d do well with a cause through them. I even thought Kate could find something with them since she doesn’t seem to care too much about her current ones but I don’t think it’s something you can say you do in name only and never show up. She’d actually have to do some work.

  11. Just wondering….did CP Victoria, Madeleine and Carl-Philip all go to university? Unlike some other royals who went to university, they just seem so much more self-possessed, intelligent and literate.

    1. CP Victoria:
      Victoria studied for a year (1996/97) at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest at Angers in France, and in the fall term of 1997 participated in a special program following the work of the Riksdag. From 1998 to 2000, Victoria resided in the United States, where she studied various subjects at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

      In May 1999, she was an intern at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C. Victoria completed a study program at the Government Offices in 2001. In 2003, Victoria’s education continued with visits to Swedish businesses, a study and intern program in agriculture and forestry, as well as completion of the basic soldier training at SWEDINT (the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre).

      In 2006, Victoria enrolled in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ Diplomat Program, running from September 2006 to June 2007. The program is a training program for young future diplomats and gives an insight to the ministry’s work, Swedish foreign and security policies and Sweden’s relations with the rest of the world. In June 2009, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Uppsala University.

      She speaks Swedish, English, French and German

      P Carl Philip:
      During 1984–1986, Prince Carl Philip attended the Västerled parish preschool. In the autumn of 1986, he started school at Smedslättsskolan in Bromma which he attended at junior level. For the intermediate level, he attended Ålstensskolan in Bromma, proceeding from there, in the autumn of 1992, to senior level at Enskilda Gymnasiet in Stockholm. In the autumn of 1994, Carl Philip enrolled at Kent School. He then continued his studies in a science programme at Lundsbergs upper secondary school. He graduated in the spring of 1999. In 2007-2008, he studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design for one year. In 2011, Prince Carl Philip finished his studies in Agricultural and Rural Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp.

      P Maddie:
      From 1985–1989, Madeleine began her education at Västerled Parish Pre-School. In the Autumn of 1989, she entered Smedslättsskolan in Bromma, attending at the junior level. For the intermediate level, she proceeded to Carlssons School in Stockholm, and then went on to Enskilda Gymnasiet in Stockholm, which she attended at the senior level. She also completed upper secondary school at Enskilda, from which she graduated in 2001. During the Autumn of 2001, she lived in London where she studied English. In the spring of 2002, she took a basic module in Introduction to Swedish Law and studied for the European Computer Driving Licence. In January 2003, she enrolled at the Stockholm University where she began studies in art history. She took 60 Swedish academic units in this subject (two semesters). In the Autumn of 2004, she began a course in ethnology at the same university. She speaks English, German and Swedish fluently, and also intermediate level French. She graduated 23 January 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in art history, ethnology and modern history. During 2007, she studied child psychology at University of Stockholm.

      1. Seems like a smart way of preparing for the future, especially Victoria’s courses. What William should have done, except he seems to have dropped out of most of his courses.

          1. LizB, thanks for such solid info. The Swedish Royals take their roles as seriously as they obviously took their studies.

            Hope all is well with you and your family!!!

  12. I saw Sofia’s dress and immediately thought “why doesn’t Kate have this dress?!” It would solve all her long torso/bad tailoring issue. 🙂

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