Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Prince William, Queen Maxima, Princess Charlene, Queen Rania

Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Prince William, Queen Maxima, Princess Charlene, Queen Rania

This royal round up features: A Kate Middleton engagement announcement; an update on Prince William‘s cyberbullying taskforce; Queen Maxima attending the opening of Parliament; Princess Charlene bringing Prince Jacques to an engagement; and Queen Rania being honored with humanitarian award.

Kate Middleton will make her first solo overseas visit and first solo foreign royal meeting on October 11. Kate will visit The Netherlands on Tuesday, October 11, for a day of official engagements in The Hague and Rotterdam.

Upon arrival in The Netherlands, Kate will pay a courtesy call on King Willem-Alexander at Villa Eikenhorst. Kate won’t get to meet Maxima again because apparently she’s going to be out of the country. Sad face.

Kate will then visit the Mauritshuis in The Hague for the exhibition ‘At Home in Holland: Vermeer and his Contemporaries from the British Royal Collection’. Twenty-two works by Dutch artists from the 17th-century have been loaned from the British Royal Collection to the Mauritshuis where they will be on display from September 29, 2016-January 8, 2017. Kate, Art History Major, will tour the gallery’s permanent collection before visiting the exhibition, meeting children taking part in the gallery’s learning program, and attending a short reception with museum supporters.

Next, Kate will visit the British Ambassador’s Residence in The Hague, where she will lead a roundtable discussion on the themes of addiction, intervention, family, and mental health with professionals from Trimbos Institute in The Netherlands, Anna Freud Centre (of which Kate is Patron), and Action on Addiction (of which Kate is Patron).

Kate will then travel to Rotterdam to see Bouwkeet, the social Makerspace of Bospolder-Tussendijken. It’s a community project which provides a creative design and technology workspace where people can share their skills and provide education, skills, and positive role models within the community.

Is it weird that I’m looking forward more to this visit than the tour of Canada? I wonder what Kate and Willem-Alexander will talk about. Hopefully reporters will get to be in on the meeting, or there will be video or something.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

On September 14, Prince William attended the second meeting of The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying, which he launched earlier this year. Don’t know what was said or accomplished since KP didn’t tweet about it, and if there is a post about it on the website I wouldn’t know since that site is crap and is so difficult to search for stuff. But just letting you know that that is still happening.

Speaking of the Dutch royals, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima were out on September 20 for Prinsjesdag. Every third Tuesday of September is Prinsjesdag, the opening of the new parliamentary year where the monarch reads a speech about the plans of the government for the coming year. You can read a transcript of the speech here, it’s in Dutch.

The King and Queen traveled to the Binnenhof in The Hague from Noordeinde Palace via the Glass Carriage. Upon arrival back at Noordeinde Palace, the royals did a balcony appearance.

Willem-Alexander wore a morning suit with a grey vest and the insignia of the Military Order of William.

Hats with long dresses and orders is the dress code for women for this event. So Maxima wore a two piece dress of a midnight blue silk top and gold silk satin double gabardine skirt from Claes Iversen, with a hat from Fabienne Delvigne. Max wore some giant sapphire and diamond earrings and a giant sapphire bow brooch at the waist, and the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

Prince Constantijn (W-A’s younger brother) wore a morning suit and the insignia of the Order of the Netherlands Lion, while Princess Laurentien wore a dress made ​​of knitted metallic jersey, and a matching hat made ​​of two layers of black and one silver layer sinamay and decorated with pleated crinoline. She also wore the Order of the House of Orange and a moth brooch.

Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, and Prince Jacques attended the annual Pique Nique Monegasque on Saturday, September 10. Last year Albert and Charlene brought both babies. I don’t know why Gabriella didn’t come along this time.

Charlene wore a Vilshenko dress – the “Jerry” floral-print silk crepe de chine dress ($1,785). Last year Jacques wore a baby version of the traditional outfit, but this year he wore a red polo shirt and white pants.

On Sunday, September 11, Queen Rania attended the Celebrity Fight Night gala at Palazzo Vecchio as part of Celebrity Fight Night Italy benefiting The Andrea Bocelli Foundation and The Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center in Florence, Italy. She received the Andrea Bocelli Humanitarian Award.

Rania’s dress is Atelier Versace Fall 2016 Couture.

Rania posted a photo from the event on her Instagram with the caption: “Our world desperately needs a new renaissance that drives humanity to give its best just when the stakes are highest… Honored to receive the Andrea Bocelli Humanitarian Award in Florence”.

110 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Prince William, Queen Maxima, Princess Charlene, Queen Rania

      1. Items 2 and 4 of Kate’s tour are typical looking, hand-shaking, being photographed engagements. So, 1 hour or so? Leading the roundtable discussion takes skill, unless she simply asks prepared questions one after the other. Maybe two hours maximum? I imagine she’ll wear orange somewhere. Can’t quite see the point of it all, maybe a bit of publicity for the exhibition? Not sure what Kate can add to discussions about mental health and addiction, given her past inarticulate performances. Goodness what Kate will talk about to the King.

        1. Yes – something with orange touches clothes wise and new Kiki earrings to match. I can’t imagine how the conversation between WA will unfold- she will probably say George loves daffodils

          1. She’s not bold enough to go full orange, but an orangey red color perhaps. She may wear clog inspired shoes and say how she and the children have planted a tulip garden at their fortress.

          2. I thought the same thing, Rhiannon. How, I really am perplexed, just how can she lead a discussion? I guess she will just call upon the people who have things of substance to say.

            Really, her involvement in mental health issues, this far, has not made me think of her in any aspect when it comes to mental health issues. And, this is the cause that is so dear to her heart and Will’s.

            I hate to keep making Diana comparisons, but with Diana, you really thought of her when you thought of the issues she championed.

          3. Jenny you are so right. With Diana you could tell what she was passionate about by her actions and words. With Kate we are told what she is passionate about. Yet I have never seen anything from Kate that makes me believe she is so passionate. Actions speak louder than words.

        2. Akris actually has/had some tulip pattern outfits out so maybe she’ll show up in one of them. Although might be too spring/summery. =)

        3. Kate the Shallow will *lead* a discussion on mental health? Bwahaha. And pigs will fly. The lies never stop. But I am sure she will be “well taken care of”.

          Maxima rocks! Maxima rules! She looks fabulous!

          1. And she’s so intelligent and knowledgeable! Their PR repeats it, thus everyone believes it.

            I hope it goes well but I’m expecting it to be a cluster. IF she even shows.

      2. I hope she does not feign sickness, like she did with the Malta solo trip, and have William go instead. We’ll see if she genuinely wants to go. I suppose she’ll have to reward herself with some more blue colored dresses that carry price tags of several thousands of pounds. It would help the BRF’s bank account if Kate remained home and refrain from making appearances — she’s too expensive!.

        1. I don’t think that she will not go again. Because if she does that, it is really bad for her image.
          I don’t think that she will be the leader. I think that we just have photographs of the event, I don’t think it will be a conference like MM or Victoria, or Maxima or Mary…

      3. I read a few minutes ago on DM’s site that waity and willy boy are taking a night off in Yukon away from the children before they begin touring. I seldom get to surf but from the comments on DM the Cambs are not as popular as they were say about approx. 4 years ago, as there are a lot of derogatory comments on the article.

        I suppose nanny Maria will have to take care of the children who are in strange surroundings and should have their parents. What the worthless duo are proving once again how untruthful they are and that they are not actually hands-on parents as they claim to be. Maria is nanny and parents all rolled into one. I feel badly for Maria being stuck alone with the children after a 10-hour flight and in strange surroundings.

        Don’t they realize that it’s these types of actions that shows them up as liars and not being hands-on parents? But, they have shown time and time again that they don’t care for public opinion. I suppose Kate and Will are the only two who are needful of a night off *alone* before they actually begin their hand-shaking photo-op work.

        I suppose waity brought her pole dancing equuipment, so that she can entertain Will and the children would only be a distraction to waity from putting on a stupendous performance for Willy boy.

        If I were a betting person, I’d bet Kate is setting Will up for their 3rd child, despite Will’s emphatic statement that he only wants two, but Kate will get what Kate wants. However, only time will tell.
        What a worthless duo!

        Here’s the article headline I copied from DM’s website:

        The Cambridges have one night away from the children on their tour.
        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

        A night off prior to hand shaking for a few hours per day. Didn’t they mention that their work time has to be arranged, with a day off in between and stopped early evening because they need to spend time with the kids? It’s now quite obvious that the kids are only for show and family picture time. Waity and Will you are such hypocrites! sheesh

        I made a promise to myself to stop blogging and reading about this duo because their behavior and lies make me vey angry. Unfortunately, my resolve only lasted for a week. Anyway, I’ll keep on trying.

        1. That is incorrect. William and Kate are spending a night in Yukon away from the kids on September 27.

    1. Thank you, Emma. I thought the little girl may have been sick.

      Jacques is quite a cutie and I loved him holding Charlene’s hand and in one photo, you could see his Dad reaching for the other.

      1. Jaques is just the image of his mum, you can tell he’s a much loved little boy and kudos to the family for getting the children involved year after year (even if reluctant and scared they tried)! Just can’t get over how much he looks like Charlene!

        1. Charlene comes across as a very hands-on, loving and dedicated mother.

          I like how Jacques is dressed, in long pants and a polo shirt. I don’t know why George is very often seen in copies of Will’s clothes. And, those knee length socks can be eliminated if he wore long pants.

  1. Hmm – can’t see Kate “leading” any discussion of substance- I appreciate that wouldn’t have been your adjective KMR ! Max looks great and love the diamonds and sapphire jewels. Charlene’s dress reminds me of the one Kate wore to Wimbledon – the cream one wth the woodlands motifs- not wildly enthused. I’m not sure what the point of the trip to Netherlands is ? Pop in visit to the King, tour of art gallery and insubstantial participation in a forum. She could have done the same in uk

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Kate leading a discussion? She can hardly get a full sentence out. I can’t help but wonder if it is like the huffington post all over again. She was ‘editor’ for a day, which really meant nothing. I have a feeling ‘leading’ is the same thing and is being very loosely used. It is more of a courtesy title. I doubt she will have much to say unless it has been prepared ahead of time. I would love if she proved me wrong and we could finally see some glimmer of thought and care for what is being discussed. I just hope she doesn’t use the same key words and sentences from the past, which are her go to.

      1. I had the same thought re. HuffPo replication. In this instance, ‘leading’ might mean being in the room. If Kate possesses the knowledge that others insist she has, it should be in full evidence at this event. The whole ‘away day’ smacks of ‘make work’ aka trying to look relevant.

      2. Judging by how jam-packed this one day in the Netherlands is, there won’t be too much time for any in-depth discussion IMO. Kate will be rushing from one event to another. Maybe she will surprise us by bringing something to the table, but somehow I’m so sceptical what comes to her that I can’t quite believe it until I get to see it. However I’m looking forward to this visit more than the trip to Canada as I see this visit could be her chance to prove the critics wrong and really deliver something all by herself. I still see no point in the Canada trip, and I wonder why they’re willing to bring the kids along to playdates etc. abroad but never in the UK. Taking them somewhere in the UK would bring them lots of goodwill, and it’s their subjects in the UK who decide upon the future of the monarchy and even their kids in that sense. A monarchy that is perceived distant does not survive in the long run, not in today’s world.

      3. She was billed as editor for the day, yet was only present for 45mins of said day and was later papped shopping on the very same day.

        Further, the op-ed that was submitted on her behalf was clearly written by someone else based on sentence construction, grammer, nuanced ideas. Her ‘voice’ is extremely inarticulate, didn’t grasp basic grammer, and doesn’t have a nuanced opinion on any of her causes.

        1. I wish this pretence of Kate being knowledgeable, passionate and keen about mental health would cease. She clearly has nothing to add or offer beyond the inarticulate, generic comment. It’s really irritating that we are all taken to be fools.

    2. This was the first thing that came to my mind, Oz. This trip seems like a waste of taxpayer money IMO. All things she could do in the UK. I could understand if she was going to a large event in The Hague, like a conference or a UN summit, but this is just her boring, typical work. I understand she will be meeting with the British ambassador, but it seems as thought she could’ve saved money and met with more of her own future subjects by spending the day in the UK.

    3. Charlene’s dress also reminds me of Kate’s McQueen dress from Wimbledon. However, I like Charlene’s better. It’s not so busy and the floral pattern is much prettier than the pattern of inanimate objects that Kate had.

  2. I have been away too long. So lovely to finally read the review.
    Max looks incredible. Just love her look.
    What an asset she is to the King and country.

    1. Hi Sophia, hope things are going okay with you and your daughter. Yes, Max looks lovely – that hat is wonderfully flamboyant and the dress is so beautiful.

    2. Kate has a jam packed schedule. It makes my head spin! I’m interested in seeing how this unfolds. I tend to think she does better without William. The roundtable is a big undertaking and hope she’s prepared.

      Thanks for adding Maxima to this. I simply adore her. I like Rania but find her clothes to be distracting at times. She’s a gorgeous and smart woman, but it all comes off as overly styled.

      Thanks for a great review, KMR!

      1. Hi rhiannon , I am with you about queen Rania , this is what happen when a person is bold about experimenting with colors , I’ve been wanting to wear a trendy striped blue shirt and red trousers together but did could not sum the courage to do it , and although I see these colors sometimes looking good worn together but apparently the kind of pieces when combined have an effect .

        1. Hi Alia, I have a trendy blue striped shirt that I pair with a red skirt and leopard print belt and I get tons of compliments on the look, so I say go for it!

      1. Oh, you are all just so lovely, thank you all for your kind words.
        It has been a very trying and hard few months. At present things are now stable, which is refreshing nice.
        We are relocating to a bigger regional area in the next 5 weeks.
        More facilities and organisations to help meet my daughters needs and at the same time a chance of a better quality of life. It has been 8 1/2 years of turmoil, so things can only improve!
        Thank you KMR for a wonderful consistent review. It’s terrific to read all the comments, very much looking forward to the upcoming Cambridge tour.
        I hope you are all well and families are fine.

        1. Dear Sophia:
          What a time you and your loved ones have had. Eight and a half years! I wish you a smooth and happy move and may this be just what you all need to turn things around. I was happy to hear that are stable for your daughter.
          Wishing you all well.

          1. Hello Jenny,
            You are so kind thank you very much.
            Unfortunately my daughter has a rather severe form of mental illness that has been hard to treat as she has proven to be drug resistant. This is very changeling.
            Her illness gets the upper hand and escalates very quickly.
            She never complains, her favorite saying is I am not too bad Mum, and there are others worse off.
            It is very difficult as her mother seeing suffering and limited in what I can do, medical intervention always gets us out of strife!
            But yes closer to facilities etc.. will definitely help. That is why I am most interested in the Cambridge’s and Harry in what they can highlight or bring attention to Mental illness, somehow maybe make some sort of difference.
            Plus side not so much long distance travelling and more time to read one of my most favorite royal blogs. With such lovely fellow readers. Take care Jenny. Cannot wait for Canada, thank you again KMR you do a splendid job.

  3. Queen Max hits it out of the ballpark!!!! Gorgeous, appropriate, stunning – I think this is my favorite modern royal look EVER.

  4. I cannot imagine Kate “leading” any group discussion. I am totally in shock that again this is being put out there…(acting editor did not happen). Kate is not a leader type at this time anyway. She would have to speak louder and more clearly to even be understood unless the group is 3 or 4 people sitting around a very small round table.

    1. Totally agree with you kat. Kate “leading” a group discussion is the same as imagining a dog “mewing” (not calling Kate a dog, of course, I’m just comparing the situation). And what will she talk? OMG, I need water now, excuse me.

      1. I do not understand the day trip to the Netherlands. Is it on Kate’s list of places to see? I’m a little perplexed here. As for her being received by a King what will they talk about it? Does she realize she will have to speak up, not mumble her words, with her unintelligible posh accent? She may prove me wrong. I just do not see it happening. Yes does Kate need to step up. Adding more engagements to her diary. Which has been pretty bleak this year. How much longer will she be transitioning into her role as a Duchess? It’s been over five years since her wedding to William. And yet she has not done much besides birth an heir and spare. Kate to me just seems like a silly school girl. That had a dream of marrying a Prince. In the process, of landing her prize, she didn’t realize that this is an actually a job and work. It’s pretty sad. She has no confidence or the intellectual savvy to hold a round table discussion. Just my opinion.

        As for Queen Max, love her outfit and hat for the opening of Parliament. This woman can wear anything in my opinion. She has confidence, intelligence, grace, and presence to support her husband and stand on her own. Max doe not need her husband to prop her up. A woman of the modern world

        1. I think that this trip is here to show that she is very interested in mental health at an international level, shows that she loves art and that she can play a diplomatic role.

          1. Well I hope the palace gave her some classes on diplomacy then. Like they had the princess lessons. Really prepare her for this trip. She is a senior royal and represents the BRF. If she makes one wrong step or a gaffe it will not be good for the brand. No half ass preparation. I do want to give her the benefit of the doubt. I do think she is an extremely shy person. A little socially awkward. Yet in this line of work you can be neither. So she needs to overcome her fears and insecurities. Play the role of the Duchess. If she cannot do it how will she be the Princess of Wales or even the Queen Consort to England someday?

          2. I’m willing to bet she wanted to see that exhibition, and charity causes were added to disguise this fact.

            See William’s Jecca wedding trip.

          3. I wouldn’t be surprised, Herazeus. At least she is not attending an exhibition to look at an image of herself again, so we’re all spared another vanity exercise. It’s an easy trip of questionable value; I am always annoyed when others have their time taken up by providing ‘cover’ to deflect the real intent of the visit ie personal pursuits.

  5. Is Kate pregnant again? The last time she had a solo oversea engagement KP announced her pregnancy and said that she wouldn’t make the trip for health reasons. I have my doubts that this visit is going to take place. I hope she proves me wrong.

    1. I’m going to be totally honest and say that’s the first thing I thought when I read about Kate’s visit.

      1. I was thinking she was pregnant as well because that horrid blue polka dotted schmatte she wore last week looked big on her or else it was just another bad tailoring job. If she is expecting and going to Canada then I guess the HG has not kicked in yet.

        1. Funny, as I was thinking the dress looked big on her because she upping her diet and exercise regime before the trip to Canada and meeting the Canadian First Lady.

          1. Canada does not have a First Lady. That is strictly an American term. Sophie Gregoire- Trudeau is simply known as the spouse of the Prime Minister of Canada.

      2. It’s inevitable that it comes to mind. She hasn’t done a solo oversea visit in her 5 years of royal working the only time she said she would the hg hits with full force, enough to get her off work, but never enough to not go shopping.

  6. Well, this is a big deal, an international visit solo and highlighting mental health. Kate is being billed as the leader of the discussion. I’m thinking the Balmoral visit to the Queen was to make sure the Queen was confident enough to send Kate solo as a representative. It’s good news actually as it implies the Queen is trusting Kate will be ready. The British are eager to praise Kate, often I find her comments lack substance and yet she’s praised as being very knowledgable. It will be interesting to see the international feedback on her comments at the round table. I agree that this will be more interesting than the Canadian engagements. I’m guessing Kate will be prepping for this visit, because it really is a make it or break it moment for her. If she does well, it may be the confidence booster that she needs for public speaking. If she does not do well, prepare to see William be by her side at all future international engagements for the near future and Kate remain as the clothes horse who waves, smiles, and gives generic quotes.

  7. Finally!!!The Duchess of Cambridge’s first solo overseas visit.This is honestly the most exciting Royal announcement about her all this year.I hope nothing goes wrong and that this trip to Netherlands does not get cancelled.
    Also,Maxima looks brilliant.

    1. I agree with all that I would love to see Kate do a great job on her own, I hope she is watching videos of how CP Victoria and Princess Madeleine conduct themselves, so she can learn. This is her moment to prove she is regal, mature, well informed and can speak to issues intelligently.

  8. I’m actually looking forward to this visit, it will be a make or break moment. She might be more relaxed without her husband there and step up as she is the solo representative. I wasn’t aware that Maxima and Kate have met before, how did it go? In the snap provided Maxima seems underwhelmed, was she underwhelmed or is the picture deceiving? Love Maxima’s confidence, I don’t always like her choices but I admire her confidence and work ethic.

  9. I guess we all have lowered expectations. I just hope someone tells her who Vermeer was, and that he is no longer producing paintings.

    I actually liked Charlene’s dress and wish that Mette-Marit would do prairie in this way.

    Love Max, and her outfit.

  10. Max is awesome. She’s lucky she’ll be gone and will have to miss seeing and interacting with Kate. I don’t envision Kate leading anything, to be honest. In fact, I’d be surprised if she actually makes the trip, the poor snowflake will be so EXHAUSTED after her Canadian vacation!

  11. Oh doesn’t Maxima look amazing! Always so regal but yet warm and friendly… it’s hard not to like her!

    When I read “overseas” I have to admit that I expected smt far away and exciting but then Netherlands. Don’t get me wrong the Netherlands are great and interesting places and all, yet for me it’s just around like around the corner so… but will be interesting to see her interacting with foreign royals and to see her without William being around. I really hope she will show up prepared and uses the chance to say smt helpful and to learn… if she even makes it.

  12. Wow, I’m loving this look on Max!!!! The skirt, the hat and those jewels, oh my goodness the whole outfit is perfection!!! I love how she used that brooch, it certainly adds some visual interest and probably ensures perfect posture as well.

    Well I have to say that I’m shocked that Kate is doing any kind of solo engagement let alone one on foreign soil. I was beginning to believe that the royal duo act we’ve been seeing lately was going to become the new norm for the couple, but I guess not. Like others here, I have to admit wondering how she could get pregnant and start with the HG before this trip, as it’s less than a month away. I really don’t have any other thoughts about it, I’ve been a bit consumed with the Brangelina drama, but I hope the Duchess ups her game for this trip and her normal m.o. just won’t work here.

  13. Oh Maxima never lets us down, fashionably or otherwise, who but Camilla can wear a hat like that and not be accused of it wearing her.

    I love how Charlene is such an unabashed mother. I know she has as much help or more as any other royal, but since the day the twins were born you could feel the lioness vibe coming off of her. She is hands on, that’s easy enough to see, and I applaud her. In her position, how simple *not* to be, but she lives for those babies. Warms my heart.

  14. I’m looking forward to this as well. I’m excited that the round table discussion will host experts, so I’ll get a better idea of the scope of the Cambridge Mental Health plan. I don’t expect her to say much, but she should be able to encourage the experts to detail proposals for how to help (and define) her target audience.

  15. A bit off topic, but I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed that the Cambridges did not release a family photo before the start of this tour. I recall that they couple released an official photo prior to their first tour of Canada and I think one of the family to commemorate this event would have been a nice touch.

  16. “Is it weird that I’m looking forward more to this visit than the tour of Canada?”

    No, I feel exactly the same way.
    The Canadian trip is a photo-op to remind Canadians they are part of the realm and look at these adorable little munchkins that will grow up to live off your tax money one day, AND an excuse to trot out Charlotte and George on foreign soil so that British people can see them without being in Britain. ( It’s going to be cloying nonsense.

    But this Netherlands trip is an actual proper engagement as a representative of the Queen.

    1. Thank you bluejay for the article. It will be interesting to see how they will present George and Charlotte in Canada. I find it weird that they are even bringing them. The reason I say that is young children of they’re age need to stay on routine. Also that the two of them are so paranoid about the privacy of the children. Complete black out about their children especially Charlotte. It’s strange. I understand it to an extent. My children are the same age as George and Charlotte. You want to give them a normal upbringing. Yet my children are not a Prince and a Princess of the United Kingdom. I really think they are doing their children a disservice. They will not be little forever. And when that day comes when they reach adulthood. In my opinion they have a target on their backs with the press. Hunted like their grandmother.

      1. I am now wondering if the Canadian press will be on guard as much as the UK press in what they publish. In my opinion, every photo op of the 2 kids will be very staged and once they return from Canada, the children will once again disappear. I bet their Christmas card will be shot during this trip. All in all, there seems to be very little interest in this tour.

      2. The schedule indicates that G+C will be seen when they (1) disembark from the plane, (2) attend a play-date party thing, and (3) get on a plane to return to the UK. It’s just ridiculous and selfish to drag two very small children on two 10-hour flights for a party that will last about an hour. It will be very interesting to see how these two children grow up and view their parents’ treatment of them as props.

        1. Jen, I don’t know where you live but I just saw that in October PBS has a documentary called Hamilton’s america. It follows Miranda’s process of doing the musical=)

          1. Oh, thanks so much, Sarah! I live in Australia but I’ve just checked out PBS youtube channel. The extended trailer is up so let’s hope the full documentary will go up after broadcast. The Hamiltome I mentioned last time is great – a paper version of how the show was all put together. Thanks again!

        2. Tried to post this before and did not work. So, I will try again.

          I had a dream last night that poor little George took a tumble when disembarking in Canada. I hope William keeps a hand on him when they land. I am sure Kate will have Charlotte in her arms.

          I don’t think this is a good idea, either. Taking such young children on such a trip. Just a PR stunt for a photo opp with the Trudeau family, I guess. The kids will be hidden for the most part. Oh, but let’s not forget the fishing trip that W wants to make with G.

          Poor kids. That’s a long flight to endure. And, their schedules will be disrupted.

  17. The Mauritshuis exhibition sounds wonderful. I imagine it will become a pilgrimage site for lovers of Vermeer and other 17th c. Dutch painters, for the chance to see works that “normally hang behind closed doors in Buckingham Palace and other royal residences,” as the website says. I wonder how generous the royal family are with loans; this seems to be a significant one. I hope Kate is well-prepared for all aspects of this trip.

  18. Count me in as one who is skeptical about Kate leading any discussion. I guess, as others have pointed out, this will be similar to her editing gig for the Huff Post. Kate never seems comfortable in her appearances and to have the grace and polish to oversee such a discussion, just doesn’t fly with me. Is she that familiar with the subject matter? That’s a question I have, as well. I can just see her facial expressions — ones that telegraph, “Help me, someone. Where is Wills?”

    Maxi is sensational. And, what a shame she won’t be around for the Visit of the Duchess of Cambridge. Of course, maybe this was done on purpose. Kate standing next to self-confident, regal Max would not photograph too well. Obviously, KP realizes that. And, Kate can flirt with the King. That’s more her speed.

    Loving the photos of little Prince Jacques with his parents. I agree with those who think Charlene has blossomed as a mom. You can just tell that both the parents love the twins. Sorry that little Gabriella could not be there, too. Both children are so cute.

    Rania’s dress did not do it for me. She is a beautiful woman, but this particular number did not send me!

    So, many think a Kate pregnancy could be announced soon. I know there is a bet going concerning flashing during the Canada trip. Can we bet on this, too?

  19. I’m leaving my judgement about Kate on this solo visit until it happens , but what drew my attention is that William is leaving the next day to Vietnam , also in a solo visit , so is it possible that Kate refused to go with him on a tiring trip to Vietnam and was shoved instead to Holland in a nicer damage control visit with so many events that there is no chance for any mistake or deep conversation to take place ?? what drew my attention also is that Maxima will not meet her as she will be out of the country but they didn’t say where or what’s the event ; as I said , even though I have my questions but I will not be judgemental and will take things as they come about this visit .
    Charlene and Maxima are both the epitome of elegance who rarely miss in fashion , Charlene in her quiet way and Mazima the opposite .
    Rania has her hits and misses in fashion , this I think happens to someone who is bold enough and have the courage to experiment in new fashion and colors , I liked her other pieces during her UN visit this time , but this one could have been nicer had she used a black or silver shoes and left the lovely blue wrap for another outfit with similar shades .

    1. William’s Vietnam trip isn’t until November. Kate’s Netherlands trip is in October.

      1. Good morning , sorry , the announcement of his trip was made a day after her announcement . This what happen when one reads quickly 😉 but still she’s not going with him .

        1. No, she’s not. I would expect her to, though, since it’s just about the wildlife conservation thing William does.

  20. I feel like this is a test for Kate. The engagements are fairly simple, minus leading the round table (yet I have a feeling that is not what it seams). It is a good way to test Kate with a light overseas away day. There is nothing major here for her to screw up, so I imagine this is a way to see how she does.

    1. Interesting point. Yes, this does seem rather light weight, and while others here are being nice and waiting to see she how she does, I don’t expect much. She can barely speak on issues she is “passionate” and “keen” about in her own country, how will she lead a discussion abroad? I don’t think she can do more than dress boringly, smile and wave.

  21. I may be the only one here to write this, but, while I loved Queen Maxima’s outfit and the jewels I thought the hat was totally overwhelming, even for her. The hat reminded me of a straw version of the spaceship from the TV show Lost in Space. Now you know I was a kid in the late 1960’s!

  22. We should make Canada tour bingo cards….for flashes, repeated bad out fits, nude shoes, Kiki earrings etc. …

    Might make the tour more interesting.????

  23. I think Maxima’s clothes look (like Maxims herself of course) gorgeous! I really like the dark blue and the golden hat. It looks really beautiful 🙂
    I always liked Queen Rania, she seems naturally and honest.
    Jacques seems to be a cute little boy, of course it’s a pity that his sister is not with him, I hope she’s alright.

  24. Maxima looks bigger than life and warm and so regal! I don’t like the hat with the outfit but I love the blue dress! Princess Charlene is so beautiful and elegant but I find her so remote and stand offish- perhaps she is a shy person. The Little Monegasque Prince is cute tho, toddlers are really the most fun age! I say that having a busy 2yr old at home.

    While Jordan is ripping at the seams & undergoing a humanitarian crisis due to taking in countless refugees from neighbouring Syria, Queen Rania received a humanitarian award? In a fancy gala wearing outfits that can feed a refugee family for a month? I don’t know how I feel about globe trotting fashionistas using global conferences as a fashion runway. While I appreciate that they are using the exalted position to do good in the world, but…..

    There’s an article on DM today about WK preparations for their Cdn vacation. I’m glad that KM had the good sense to bring George and Charlotte’s REAL mother along, Nanny Maria. Mother Maria will need to deal with the upsetting of the schedules of 2 toddlers including being fussy and cranky, not sleeping at night.

      1. I think it’s because everyone knows what it really is. A holiday at someone else’s expense! Tripadvisor just sent out top 10 fall places-Victoria and Vancouver were both on the list. BC doesn’t need help promoting tourism.

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