Princess Eugenie gives interview to Harper’s Bazaar

Princess Eugenie gives interview to Harper’s Bazaar

Okay, things are getting bumped because Princess Eugenie did a photoshoot and interview with Harper’s Bazaar which I really want to cover. I’m not sure why she did this interview or what she is promoting other than herself (and a bunch of names she drops), but I came away from the interview liking Eugenie at lot.

Princess Eugenie wears Alberta Ferretti in Harper's Bazaar
[Alex Bramall/Harper’s Bazaar]

The photoshoot took place in the sitting room at Royal Lodge, Prince Andrew’s home in Windsor Great Park, though during the week Eugenie lives in London. The interview is done in a “day in the life” style with times as headings. I’m not going to quote the entire interview (for space, and because not all of it is interesting, IMO), and instead have selected a few interesting quotes and used my own headings.

    Fergie doesn’t think one should check one’s emails in the morning: “I get up around 6:45 to start exercising by 7. I read my personal e-mails when I wake up. My mum always says, ‘What’s the point of rolling straight out of bed and looking at your e-mails? It can ruin the first few hours of your morning. If you just wait …’ But I really can’t!”
    Eugenie’s boyfriend and dog have the same name: “I come home, have a shower, get dressed. My first conversation is often with my mum, saying, ‘Good morning, what are you doing today?’ Or it’s with my boyfriend, Jack. Sometimes I don’t speak until I get in to work and talk to the team. Or it’s my doggie Jack—yes, my boyfriend and my dog have the same name—total accident! If you can call that a conversation.”
    Her love of art: “I’ve loved art since I was very little. I knew I definitely wouldn’t be a painter [laughs], but I knew this was the industry for me. I love being able to share my passion for art with people. If someone doesn’t understand something, you have the ability to suggest, ‘Maybe you can look at it this way.’ That’s what I find most thrilling about working in a gallery. A seminal moment for me, at age 16, was when I saw a Jean-Michel Basquiat show in New York. Basquiat is my hero. I did a study on him at school, and learned to paint like him. I’d never done anything like that! But art is all around us—sculpture, architecture, fashion …”
    On wearing high heels to work: “I wear a dress and boots to work. I’ve started wearing high heels, which is so grown-up. But they’re painful by the end of the day. I look at people wearing heels in movies and I’m like, ‘How do they do that?'”
    On her royal duties: “In the evenings, I often have engagements related to my family or a charity I support. Hauser & Wirth is very accommodating and understanding of my sense of duty. So I’ll work until 5 P.M., then leave to do the engagement. My sister, Bea, and I have charities we’re patrons of. We also try to support Granny and Grandpa in any way we can because that is what family is for.”
    On fashion: “I’ll go home, change, and go to the event. I love trying new looks. I don’t want to be pigeonholed. You wear the same thing twice? Great. If you don’t, great! And if that means wearing a green Sandro dress, great. I wore that to Granny’s birthday parade, with a Vivien Sheriff hat. I also wore this amazing red Eponine dress for Granny’s 90th-birthday service at St. Paul’s.”
    Her dinner favorites: “I like to go out for dinner when I can. My friends and my boyfriend love trying new places. I collect restaurant cards. (I also collect airplane tickets, by the way—since I was 16. One day, I’m going to turn them into wallpaper and paste it into my cupboard.) Two of my favorite restaurants in London are Bocca di Lupo and the Palomar in Soho. For dinner, when I’m being good, I cook my own food. When I’m being really bad, it’s Basilico pizza. My favorite drink is vodka soda with loads of lime. Can’t beat that.”
    On her downtime/favorite TV shows: “When I get home depends on whether there’s an art opening, or if I have an event or a dinner. If I’m home, I cook and watch TV. It’s very relaxed. At the moment I’m watching How to Get Away With Murder—Viola Davis, she’s insanely good—and Outlander, my favorite. When I’m with Jack, we watch The Walking Dead, which we’re obsessed with. Maybe Game of Thrones is our next thing. I don’t watch reality shows, but I love cooking programs. Indulgences? Chips—fries, as you say—Diet Coke, nuts! Cashew nuts with mustard are the best. Netflix.”
    On the state of her room: “My bedroom is full of photos my parents have taken. Mumsy took one of an elephant spraying water on its back, which is incredible, and there’s one Papa took of Balmoral Castle. I’ve got a lot of art that needs to be put on the walls. And there are shoes everywhere.”
    Extras: “Sadly, my bedtime is late. Less than seven hours’ sleep? I guess so! What can’t I live without? My family. That sounds cheesy, but I really can’t. Especially my mum. I wouldn’t be able to make tough decisions without her. And my sister. My mum always says that we’re the only ones who know exactly what’s going on in each other’s lives. My father as well. He’s the rock. And I couldn’t live without my doggies. [Laughs.] What might people be surprised to learn? That I have a full-time job. And I have metal rods in my back keeping me straight. I was born with scoliosis and had an operation when I was 12. Those rods live with me permanently.”

[Harper’s Bazaar]

I just have to LOL at Fergie thinking that emails ruin your morning.

“I look at people wearing heels in movies and I’m like, ‘How do they do that?'” Girl I know!

“We also try to support Granny and Grandpa in any way we can because that is what family is for.” Ah man, if only someone would tell William that.

That red Eponine dress was gorgeous. But “If you don’t [wear the same thing twice], great!” is spoken like a true child of rich people who has never had to worry about money in their life. 99% of people cannot afford not to wear the same thing twice, which is why people making a big deal over Kate repeating clothes is humorous since for the vast majority of people that’s just normal.

As far as the photoshoot goes, in the top photo is wearing an Alberta Ferretti gown with Bulgari earrings and a Harry Winston ring. I think Eugenie looks very pretty in that pink gown and I really like that photo a lot. There is also a beautiful B&W photo of Eugenie in the same styling which you can see at the Harper’s Bazaar link above. The other photo is of Eugenie in an Erdem dress, Harry Winston earrings, bracelet and ring, and Manolo Blahnik pumps. While it’s a nice photo I just don’t like Erdem.

Anyway, I think Eugenie comes across very well here and I ended up liking her more after reading this interview. She seems like someone you would want to get pizza with and talk about art and TV. I guess that was the point of the interview, to come across as relatable and to change the public’s perception of her.

Princess Eugenie wears Erdem in Harper's Bazaar
[Alex Bramall/Harper’s Bazaar]

77 thoughts on “Princess Eugenie gives interview to Harper’s Bazaar

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I hoped you would. 🙂

    Um, my opinions are the same as yours. I like Eugenie a lot. She’s a nice girl. I wish she could detach herself from the leeches who are her parents. It’s amazing she and Beatrice turned out so well with those two who cling to them like barnacles, especially Fergie.

    1. While we may not like Fergie, I don’t think Beatrice and Eugenie would be pleased to hear people call their parents barnacles. Especially when Eugenie herself commented in the interview about how close she is to her parents.

      While Fergie and Andrew’s public persona may not be great, they clearly did something right with the kids.

      1. Andrew is most likely a pedophile, having slept with that 16-17 year old girl; and Fergie clings to her children and doesn’t allow them to grow up and move on and live without her.

        I despise Andrew. I just find Fergie weird.

        I’d say that’s not so good behavior from parents.

        1. Ellie I must take exception to describing Andrew as a likely paedophile. Paedophiles are interested in pre-pubescent children not teenagers. As unsavoury as his predilections for young women are rumoured to be he is not a paedophile. To be honest I’m not even sure he likes young girls. Apart from that one very shaky allegation there is not much else to substantiate it. An insufferable, boorish buffoon he may well be but I don’t think the other comments are fair.

          1. Thank you Mrs BBV you got there before me. In the UK sex is legal from 16. You may not like an older man having sex with a 16 year old but it does not make him. Paedophile and such an accusation with not facts is IMO not acceptable. I’m no fan of Andrew but this is a step too far.

          2. But he had sex with her in the US. Quite frankly I believe it all. Very very sketchy, the whole situation. I find him disgusting and a horrendous person. Considering his friendships with people who were pedophiles, and how he’d use their planes, and come to the US to have sex with girls, well…

            Fergie I sort of feel bad for with her messed up upbringing. I don’t doubt she loves her children very much, but the clinginess is very strange. I think they’re all she has and it’s really sad.

          3. Ellie: if i remember correctly, she alleged he had sex with her in London. Definitely not in USA.

            She said she met him in several places including the USA, but the sex was definitely alleged to be London.

            And she was 17 at the time. Definitely of legal age by our laws.

            Ewww, but not illegal.

            As for him being a ‘likely pedophile’, all his girlfriends have been over the 21age limit. I was definitely surprised by this one, but it was a one off if it’s true. A pedophile has definite age tastes and they never stray from their preferred age range. A pedo is also described as someone interested in pre-teens.

            This girl was 17yrs old, but his usual MO is women in the over 21-35 range.

            His friend can be accused of being a pedo or heading in that direction since he seemed to like them early-mid teens. He (or possibly the female friend) is alleged to have told the girl that at 17 she was getting too old for him.Heck, he has a conviction to prove it, but Andrew is not a pedo nor a likely one.

            That would be on the same plane as calling Charles a ‘likely Pedo’ on the basis of his relationship with Diana who was a teenager when they met, dated and married.

          4. Ellie what you are suggesting is that Andrew performed illegal acts that in this country would put him in prison. Unless you have facts can I suggest you apologise.
            He’s not popular, he’s crossed some boundaries but to say he is a paedophile as I have said before is a step too far.

  2. I’d have loved to read more about her work and interest in art, but maybe it wasn’t the purpose of this interview. I like Eugenie and her sister (btw I think she looks just like Bea in the first pic!), but dropping all those brand names and comments on not wearing a dress twice etc. made me feel I was reading something written by a teenage fashion blogger. Don’t quite get why she gave this interview as I’d imagine it does not necessarily do any good to her image to come across as a rich kid. But I loved the way she spoke about her family. However, I’m afraid it’s just those comments that make her look like a rich kid that will be remembered.

    1. Yeah, all the name dropping was very odd. I tried to remove as much name dropping as possible from the quotes I pulled since I just glossed over all the names she dropped while reading the interview because I didn’t care. The only thing I can think of is that because Harper’s Bazaar is a fashion magazine they asked her specifically to name her favorite brands of clothes and makeup.

      1. You’re probably right. I’m afraid this kind of interview will be used against Eugenie in the future, it’s the brands people will remember and not that she stresses she has a full-time job :-(.

      2. I was thinking that the magazine had her do it or she’s hoping that by mentioning these designers they will give her a nice discount in the future 🙂

      3. She could be the sort of person that identifies her clothes by designer. Today, for instance, I am wearing my Target boot-cut jeans and Coke-a-Cola T-shirt. This differentiates it from the Levi button-ups and pink henley I wore yesterday. My Converse knock-offs accessorized both outfits.

  3. She looks and sounds like a really lovely young woman. Close to her family and a good head on her shoulders. I wish her well.

    1. Yes I think both Eugenie and her sister are lovely young women. But I guess as I’m old enough to be her mother and I’m a parent to a teenager myself, this interview with all the brand names and a somewhat thoughtless comment on not wearing a dress twice being OK made me feel she’d been made to look like a teenage blogger. I’ve seen some interviews with Eugenie and she’s come across totally different in them, focusing on family etc.

      1. This is an interview for a fashion magazine.

        This particular column always uses this format to ‘interview’a famous person. It’s a regular feature in the magazine. And it’s fashion/brand focused.

        They’ve used this ‘a day in the life’ column to ‘interview’ everyone from Tom Ford to Jennifer Lawrence to Hannah Bronfman. They all name drop brands of everything they use and places they visit. My guess is that is all the magazine is interested in since they stick to that format for this column.

        It’s never been an indepth column.

        If they were serious about interviewing her properly, she would have been featured elsewhere in the magazine and not in this column.

        1. Thanks for the info. I’ve never read Harper’s Bazaar before so I didn’t know.

          1. I’ve read this magazine sometimes, but it’s been years since I last did it, so I didn’t know either. Thanks for the info.

          2. To be fair, i stopped reading Harpers Bazaar because it’s so brand focussed. And not in an interesting way.

            They might as well hand out a list of their advertisers and a list of fashion brands.

            Whether they use this column or a more indepth interview feature, you are never left with any indepth knowledge of the subject, but a thorough knowledge of fashion brands.

            It’s the perfect magazine for people who are into instagram because that’s what it has always been.

        2. I didn’t realize it was a fashion magazine. I had it my mind that it was an older women’s magazine so I thought it was interesting she was doing a spread for them!
          Learn something new everyday! Plus we got a peak into the house

  4. Good for Eugenie – She is one of the few of her Royal generation actually working – along with Peter and Zara Phillips. And she has patronages – I’m guessing she is of more assisitance to them than Kate is to hers. Since Will and Harry left the Armed Forces they have not really found a role – particularly supporting HM.

  5. All i see are the carpets.

    I’m obsessed with Kashan carpets and i’m having an attack of drooling envy looking at them in the spread.

      1. I’d curl up on the sofa and take a nap with a blanket or comforter wrapped around me, especially during the holidays with the decorations out!

        **shakes first** Florida, why don’t you give me Fall-like weather for this lover-of-the-Autumn-season?!


        1. Hey, that’s what I am doing now Kimothy! Not so much with the decorations, but it is winter here (tail end), raining all day, and I have curled up on the sofa with pillows and blanket watching the Rio Olympics in the early hours of Thursday morning (our time). Like you, I love autumn too; it’s the heat that beats me up.

          1. I’m right there with you! I can’t stand the summertime; it’s my least-favorite season. Too hot, too humid, I don’t like thunderstorms (especially with lightening) and the humidity reminds me of pre-transplant breathing.

          2. Me three! I love fall/winter more than spring/summer. Probably because our summer weather is such a crappy joke most years, ugh

          3. Oh and I am dreading the coming of autumn. Not that I enjoy the heat and humidity, but the longer days. The sun and fun! Jen, it is raining here, too. Pouring,actually. I had thought the humidity would ease up a bit, but no. It’s just awful. Enjoy the Olympics.

          4. O m goodness we could form the autumnal/winter season club.

            I dislike the summer as well.

            I’m happier than a pig in mud during the autumn/winter months.

          5. Count me out of your autumnal love in. The hotter the better for me! Just a shame I live in the UK. Whilst my friends bring out boots , jumpers and coats asap I’m still in summer dresses and sandals!
            The English summer has been very disappointing but a doggy walk in the evening through wheat fields at 9pm when it is still light is quite wonderful.

          6. I love the fall and spring!
            A New England leaf peeping trip is on my to do list! Any place that has a leaf peeping hot line has to be cool!

        2. Hi Kimothy was thinking of you today. Amazing story in the news of a lady who has a 101 year old kidney. Her mother donated one of her kidneys over 40 years ago, and the lady is still alive and doing well. Her drug cocktail sounded awful, lots and lots of pills every day. They are saying is is the oldest transplant organ in the UK.

          1. Thanks Birdy! Yes, I once calculated how many pills I take in a year and it’s well into the thousands. Not fun but it’s much better than the alternative. 😉

  6. Oh I really like those pictures!
    She and her sister really turned into wonderful ladies and love to read more about them and get to know more. And even though I would have really loved to know more about her charity work and patronages, I think the “day in the life” column is a nice way to get a bit of an insight, ofc nothing too indepth ofc, but good start and smt different.

  7. I can never imagine Kate giving such an honest or frank interview, vodka and lots of limes.

    I’ve always like Eugenie and am glad to see her get some positive press time. Sophie had a piece and Zara too not so long ago.

    The York sister do a lot more unseen charity and royal duties then gets reported, like every other royal pretty much beside Kate… Which once again is why I don’t buy the “behind the scenes” card people like to throw around. It’s sad to see that people’s dislike of her parents has her and her sister pitted negatively against the Middletons, despite reports that they are actually not mean girls and its the other way round.

    The media, and those most Brits seemingly, including William, seem to be so unkind to them.

    Sure Bea holidays a lot but they are not unkind and are committed to their patronages and support their grandparents without applause or media pressure to do so.

  8. You know, all other issues aside, it makes me so happy that Fergie has such closeness to her girls.

    Her mother abandoned the family when she was a child to live with a polo player in Argentina.

    She wasn’t the family favourite. Her older sister was.

    Father remarried and started a new family.

    Fergie was fending for herself by the time she was 18yrs old with no family support. Her sister had married and moved away to Australia.

    She wasn’t the best person to enter the royal family, and her marriage probably increased her abandonment issues, and she acted out and continues to act out, but she was determined to do right by her girls, and she did.

    If she clings to them, it’s completely understandable given her own family history.

    1. You could not have said it better. Given the outside chaos that was lobbed at the York girls, both brought on by their parents or the press, they turned out pretty well. And that is the one thing I will never take from them.

    2. Children instinctively know which parent needs them most. They don’t necessarily have the details; they just know and protect and fill the gaps. I suspect this is the case here with the girls’ relationship with their mother.

      I do like Eugenie’s youthful openness and her sense of duty and respect towards her grandparents. She seems to have genuine empathy for elderly people; if I recall correctly she had some lovely moments with some old soldiers at the most recent garden party.

      1. That was actually Bea but yes, I love how devoted they are to their folks and grandparents. If anything, I think that comment (about duty to “Granny and Grandpa” was a slight shade at you-know-who 😉 )

        1. Thanks Kimothy; I knew it was one of them and took a shot. Both do a nice job helping out their grandparents and it has been often remarked so. Yes, I picked up on the tart remark and fair enough too! I’d say that view is shared by other members of the royal family as well.

          1. Oh I agree, it was definitely a subtle dig at them and I’m sure the rest of the royals (especially the Princess Royal and the extended family members (Princess Margaret’s adult children, whom the Queen is still loving towards) feel the same way as the York sisters.

      2. Eugenie in interviews has always come across as a lovely, dutiful girl. Beatrice too. I like them a lot and feel bad they get so much hate from people from their parents. You don’t choose your parents.

  9. Those dresses are gorgeous. I have always loved Beatrice and Eugenie. They come across as sweet and interested in charity work in their interviews and I admire how Beatrice has found ways to bring positivity to negative press like being mocked for her weight and for the royal wedding hat. Andrew and Sarah have a lot of faults but they did something right with their girls.

    1. I agree about the frocks! Both look wonderful on Eugenie; the Erdem is young and chic – perfect, and the formal gown is simply stunning. Best of all this young woman looks happy and healthy, presenting as secure in herself.

  10. I mentioned on another post that I was impressed with her. She seems like the average 20 something. She seems quite relatable and approachable. It’s also interesting how she looks similar to the Queen Mother at that age! I truly hope that Charles decides to have Eugenie and Bea to represent the monarchy. She and her sister would be total assets.

    Thanks for covering Eugenie, KMR! I love when you cover the York girls

    1. I agree, Rhiannon. I think both of them represent the monarchy better than Kate! I hope that Charles’s animosity for the Duke of York doesn’t shade his judgement when he looks at these girls. I do worry about how they will be treated when Andrew passes or when William is king. The latter is a major concern because the York girls seem to have icy relationships with Kate and I could see her influencing William to cut them off completely. I hope they both make wonderful fulfilling lives for themselves outside of the firm.

  11. Say what you will about Andrew and Fergie (and believe me, there is a lot of ammo) but I think they did a fantastic job raising their two daughters. I watched and interview on the Today show (before I wound up dispising them) with Andrew and at one point, Meredith Vieira commented how the girls were “incredibly down to Earth” and she said that in a pleasantly surprised way. Andrew immediately responded with, “that’s because if their mother…..she’s the only one who knows what it’s like to enter the Royal Family and then leave” and I remember being taken aback at how blunt he was about that. Considering everything that has happened, it’s clear that they put their children first and that’s a wonderful thing.

    All things considered, Eugenie comes across as a sweet, relatable young woman; someone I’d genuinely want to hang out with, go get some Italian food or have a girls night!

    Thanks for covering this interview, KMR!

    1. I agree, Kimothy. As I’ve said before, I’m Eug’s age and would love to hangout with both girls. They seem like they would be wonderful and loyal friends and a great time out on the town!

      1. I’m 2 years and 6 days older than Kate (though I’ve been told that I look–and sound–a lot younger) and I’d love to hang out with Autumn, Zara, Beatrice and Eugenie!! Sophie too, can’t forget about her haha. 😀

        1. They all seem like they like to have a good laugh. Even Anne would probably be a bit of naughty fun with a few martinis in her! She makes some good dry humor jokes.

          1. Eugenie, Beatrice, Zara, Autumn, Anne and Sophie all have a wonderful camaraderie, I would love a night out or just have high tea with them. They strike me as very agreeable and witty to be around.

      2. I would love a cozy chat with Camilla and Anne, opinions unedited. That would be a salty convo, I am sure, and loads of fun. And I’d never repeat a word, promise!

  12. I have to agree with all the positives given on the two York girls. Yes thank you to their parents that despite their problems their children obviously came first and foremost. Thank you for sharing this post. I sincerely wish the best for both Eugenie and Beatrice.

  13. Royal Lodge makes me laugh. You sort of imagine a granny annex that the Queen Mother lived in before Prince Andrew inherited it but of course it’s not and it’s exceptionally grand.

    Eugenie is beautiful. A real English Rose and I can see Princess Margaret in her amazing skin and eyes.

    I know Andrew & Fergie are much pilloried in the press but those girls are surely proof that they didn’t get it all totally wrong?

    1. Speaking of houses within Windsor great park, i wish Frogmore was available for Harry.

      The Duke of Windsor was very proud of the gardens he installed there. For someone like Harry who likes gardening, i hope he gets a house with gardens.

      1. I really hope Harry gets Highgrove, He will nurture the PoW initial vision. William will just abuse it.

        I am determined to go to St George’s Chapel in Windsor one day. I want to feel the history of that place.

        1. Yes agree Harry for Highgrove. Will has Amner. St Georges is wonderful you will love it when you go. The hairs on the back of your neck will rise, all the things that have taken place there.

          1. I am Tudor mad so that’s why it’s so important to me. It’s so weird because when I saw these places as a schoolgirl I paid no attention whatsoever now I am desperate to see them again with my love of history hat on. You know Kate Williams, Lucy Worsley and Alastair Bruce……I chat history to them on Twitter. In another life I would come back as a historian. I have to go to an evening service at St George’s too. ????

          2. Mrs BBV I am Tudor mad too. Elizabeth 1 would be top of my list when asked who I would want to have dinner with. And probably her mother too! Just reading about Katheryn Parr, who did well to keep her head.

          3. I’m history nut too, but my favourite periods are the Plantagenets and the Georgians.

            I used to love the Tudors until i realised what a load of PR Obsessed misinformation they put into the world.

            Unsurprisingly, my favourite royal lady is Eleonor of Aquitaine with Matilda a close second.

            However, my favourite Tudor lady isn’t a royal. It’s Bess of Hardwick. She ended up with royal connections, but my goodness what a life!!!

        2. Hey Birdy, she’s a complex one isn’t she? I never realised her mother was one of KoA most favourite ladies in waiting. I’m reading Alison Weir’s Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen at the moment. I just can’t get enough reading material. I have exhausted my local library so Amazon are doing very well out of me these days. I have a book on the Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk next.

          1. I just finished her Mary Boleyn book which I enjoyed if you haven’t read it. For some reason I never put it together that Elizabeth was close to her cousins through her until this book. Things that stick when you’re older.
            I was on trip advisor trying to figure out how I could add a stay at Hever castle!

          2. I heard Alison Weir on Radio 5. She’s doing a new book on each queen. Had forgotten so will go and order KoA. She’s finished AB already so it should be out maybe for Christmas.

          3. I love Alison Weir’s historical fiction and Philippa Gregory too. Just a few pages to go now. I have read the Mary Boleyn book too. In fact it’s been written by AW, PG or Tracy Borman I will more than likely have a copy of it.

            Herazeus……please tell me about the Tudor propaganda, I’m intrigued.

            And Hever……yes, yes, yes! I want to go and stay there.

          4. Mrs BBV: re Tudor propaganda….too many to fit in a simple blog answer. I’ll do top 5 to get you started.

            1. Claim to the throne. Tudors were descended from an illegitimate child of John of Gaunt and his mistress Kathrywn Swynford.

            A later King legitimised the line, but on a binding oath that neither they or their descendants ever seeks the throne for themselves.

            2. Dates of Henry Tudor’s reign. He changed them to day before battle of Bosworth Field rendering all who fought for Richard 3, including Richard himself, traitors. A copy of the parliamentary instrument used to make this happen is in Elizabett Tower in Westminster.

            3. Speaking of Richard 3…??? Nuff said

            4. The real reason Henry Tudor held onto Katherine of Aragon vs the official version. Clue: she was a LEGITIMATE Lancastrian descendant. Funnily, also descended from John of Gaunt, but the legitimate line.

            5. The Princes in the Tower, not to mention all the Plantagenet claimants to the throne with stronger, legitimate claims to the Throne.

            6. One more….Margaret Beaufort. A more coniving treacherous, horrible woman you couldn’t find. Though, she had balls. I’ll give her that.

  14. I have to say that Royal Lodge is much nicer than I expected. I guess that since it is Andrew’s home I expected it to look more like a frat house, I don’t know why I thought that but I always have. Maybe because Andrew has always reminded me of a frat house guy who never grew up, a bit crude and immature.

    Anyhow, I love those dresses on Eugenie, the pink one is beyond stunning!! I can totally relate to her comment about seeing people on tv wearing heels and wondering “how do they do that”.

    I so agree with those who think that Kate’s photo shoot should have been styled like this instead of trying to make her look like Jecca Craig.

    1. After the Queen Mother died Royal Lodge had a multimillion pound makeover. It’s no wonder there is never any money to sort out BP because Royal individuals housing projects seem to take precedence. I take the view HM is leaving BP to Prince Charles to sort out.

  15. Eugenie has a special grace about her. In the second photo in the navy dress with the flowers, her face was just radiant. So poised was she. So downright lovely.

    I am always saddened when the York sisters get the short end of the stick from the media and when Kate tries to outshine them at each and every one of the same events they attend. If you look at Eugenie, you see a warm and caring individual. When you look at Kate, you see a self-centered woman/child. I could be wrong, but that is what I see in the photos.

    Eugenie and her mother have a solid relationship. She and her sister do, too. I noted that she mentioned her dad last. Almost like an after thought. I don’t know much about Prince Andrew, but what I have read about him does not resonate positively with me.

    I like reading about Eugenie and am grateful to have had the chance to do so on your blog, KMR. She seems to be a young woman with a love of art and a desire to give others the opportunity to learn about the subject and grow to love it, too. I think she is sincere and positive when it comes to that. Good for her!

    P.S. What an amazing place to come home to each night. Wow, I would love to kick my heels off and walk barefoot on those carpets! (If I was still wearing heels, that is). I’m with Eugenie on that subject! A truly stunning home!

    1. I agree. There is something very lovely about Eugenie. She radiates goodness, I think.
      While the subject of fashion was the thrust of the interview, Eugenie’s love of family and art came through. She appears to be a very good person. Her interest in helping the Royals is very fine, too. Good for her!

      The pink gown was amazing, but I liked her facial expression better in the second photo. And, the home where she and her family live. Gorgeous! Those carpets are so sumptuous, and I agree — Who wouldn’t want to pad around barefoot amidst such splendor!!!

      Thank you, KMR, for such an interesting look at this lovely York sister.

  16. I like hearing from the York girls. They are both sweet, charitable and diligent girls.

    I like how Eugenie has collections like any normal teenager and twenty something. Eugenie expresses her love for art and her knowledge in depth of her favourite artist and how art just is not painting.
    I think Eugenie is very dedicated to her grandparents and that shines through in her sentence about supporting Granny and Grandpa. Definitely a hint about you know who and the shoes needed to be filled. I like how the York girls are close and support their mother with an acknowledgement towards her father. But it is good to hear Eugenie spends time with her boyfriend as well but has her own life. I think Eugenie is sightly better adjusted than Beatrice. I am interested in Outlander and her honesty about nuts and Vodka with lots of lime is honest.

    I adore the pink gown. Eugenie looks the part of a real princess and I also like the second dress. I agree the second expression looks better on Eugenie. Eugenie is rather serious in the first photo.

    Thank you KMR, for this post.

  17. *I am interested in Outlander and her honesty about nuts and Vodka with lots of lime is great even. Writing very late at night so please excuse the grammar.

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