William, Kate, and Harry join Prince Charles and Camilla for Battle of the Somme centenary

William, Kate, and Harry join Prince Charles and Camilla for Battle of the Somme centenary

For their second day in France commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, yesterday July 1, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry joined Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, British Prime Minister (?) David Cameron, and French President Francois Hollande to open the new Thiepval Memorial Museum and honor those who died on July 1, 1916.

William, Kate, Harry arrive for Somme commemoration
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The first event of the day saw William, Kate, and Harry join President Hollande to open the museum.

The visitor center at Thiepval opened on July 1, 2004 through combined efforts of the Somme County Council, the “Thiepval Project” (a charity that raised funds from Great Britain), and support from Europe. The visitor center has educational exhibitions about the First World War and the Battle of the Somme. It also has three computer databases of soldiers who died in the war for those who want to research the soldiers and their lives before the war.

The new museum which the royals and Hollande officially opened actually opened on June 1, 2016 and has new galleries themed on the battles of the Somme and to the memory of the lost soldiers.

William and Kate at Thiepval Museum
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Afterward, the royal trio and Hollande were joined by Charles and Camilla, Cameron, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester for a Service of Commemoration at the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme which included hundreds of military personnel and 10,000 guests. The service involved hymns, readings, and music reflecting the cultural and military impact of the site to help tell the story of the Somme.

Among others, 600 British and French schoolchildren took part in the ceremony, laying wreaths at the graves of the dead.

kids lay wreaths at graves Somme
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William, Kate, and Harry spoke to the schoolchildren, trying out their French language skills on the kids.

Kamelia el Alelga, 15, said of Kate: “Her French was very good. She asked my age, my name and if we all come from the same school.” They also spoke in English, and Kamelia said of Kate: “She said it was really impressive and emotional. It was amazing to meet her – it was everything.”

Berteel Py, 11, also talked to Kate in French: “She asked me my name and my age and said she was happy to be here.”

Harry apparently isn’t as good at French as Kate, Berteel said of Harry: “He asked me if his French was good or bad. Of course I said it was good, but I didn’t really understand what he was saying to me.”

[The Sun]

Kate speaks French with kids Somme
[Emily Andrews @byEmilyAndrews]

Harry also told the students: “It’s important that you are here. There are all sorts of parts of history that are being forgotten. It’s important for us to remember older history as well as more recent history. I’m actually quite jealous of you guys getting to spend five days here learning all about it. You will come back with a huge amount of knowledge.”


Harry speaks French with kids Somme
[Emily Andrews @byEmilyAndrews]

Kate chose a new bespoke lace dress for yesterday’s events. The dress features a peplum detail, peter pan collar, and three-quarter sleeves. The lace is from Sophie Hallette, a French textile house which made the lace for Kate’s wedding dress.

I don’t hate the idea of this dress. I like the length, the silhouette, and even the peplum, but I dislike the peter pan collar, the poofy shoulders, and the color. I’m all for #TeamUpdo, though.

Kate donned black accessories, carrying her Mulberry Bayswater clutch in black suede, and wearing her Gianvito Rossi black suede pumps again.

Kate brought back her Annoushka Pearl Drop Earrings, and repeated a Lock & Company black “Lion Tamer” perching hat (£795.00) which she wore twice in 2011 – to Trooping the Color and a friend’s wedding.

Both Kate and Camilla wore a poppy and a cornflower. The cornflower (“bleuet”) is the French equivalent of the poppy.

After the Service of Commemoration at the Thiepval Memorial, Charles, Camilla, and the Gloucesters attended a ceremony at the Ulster Memorial Tower, and then a ceremony of remembrance hosted by the Government of Canada at the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial.

Charles and Camilla at Ulster Memorial Somme
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

Charles and Camilla at Newfoundland Memorial Somme
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

Camilla and Charles then visited the grave of Camilla’s Great Uncle, Captain Harry Cubitt, where she laid flowers. Captain Harry Cubitt served with the Coldstream Guards and was killed during the second Battle of the Somme on September 15, 1916.

Camilla lays flowers at her Great Uncle's grave
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

Some photos from the ceremony.

It was raining during part of the ceremony.

Kate greeting Charles and Camilla.

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  1. Thank you KMR for the great coverage of these important events. I really like this outfit on Kate; the cut is good and really suits her slender frame. I love the longer length also; and tighter cut of the skirt – it seems to give her some shape and style. But, alas, the puffy sleeves are not good. I’m willing to overlook that though as its a fashion win for me otherwise.

  2. I like the idea of this dress, but the color and the silly collar and the shoulder puffs make me think of a juvenile little girl playing dress up trying to be an adult. Which is kind of how I see Kate, oddly. Trying to stand out outside of the black and navy but blending into the gravel. A navy dress would have been far nicer and more respectful though I like they wore the poppies and bleuets.

    The updo is the same old, same old. Can Amanda Cook Tucker only do that one updo? It is so aging! that and the heavy, heavy makeup. I kinda like the hair down with this hat, but a half-up half down do would have looked nice too. Just if the hair wasn’t so long!

    I heard the broadcast was extremely moving. I hope it’s on Youtube.

    Thanks KMR!

    I hope all my KMR buddies have a great 4th of July weekend (for us Americans and happy belated Canada Day too!).

  3. First and foremost, thank you KMR for not really focusing on our Kate for both posts on the Memorial! I feel sad that to this day, war and suffering is still prevalent. Haven’t we learned anything from history? Sigh …

    I really liked what Camilla was wearing. It was nice for the occasion. Kate, on the other hand, I just had to LOL at the outfit. I am really sorry (but not really sorry) but she looked invisible and perfectly camouflaged with the ground! Why the beige lace when everyone else was wearing either black or navy blue? She could’ve just worn the coat and dress during the visit to the US Embassy after the unfortunate massacre at that Club. It will look simple yet appropriate.

    I am beginning to believe that Kate is not really educated. The only words she can say about the Memorial to the girl was ”impressive and emotional”? I get the emotional part, but impressive?

    1. I think it’s less about her education and has more to do with the fact she’s speaking french. Since it’s not her first language, her vocabulary in French is probably limited.

      As for the dress, I’m not a fan of the color either but I think it was a good choice to underplay her outfit and to put the focus on the day instead. I remember how ridiculous her pink coat was at the 911 memorial. This is a good step in the direction of what to wear to a somber occation without going a boring black dress route. I do genuinely hate that colar. She can pull of most outfits but I hate that colar on anyone.

  4. Non, non, NON! The dress is dreadful….cannot make up my mind whether she looks like a wedding cake gone wrong or an advertisement for a chocolate box. Hair is great but between the lace, underlay and fussy hat….too much. I do wonder if she has an allergy to smooth leather shoes? Even with the sausage curls of a scant few years ago she looked so much better. I refuse to believe her life is just too much as she’s hardly overworked.

    1. Yes! That’s the right description I’ve been looking for regarding this outfit!!! It looks like my plate after I’ve finished my tiramisu cake, with the cream smeared over the plate.

      1. Great description of this inappropriate dress. Inappropriate for the occassion. The scalloped hem was more for a guest’s dress at a wedding than such a visit to a cemetery where so many young, brave men lost men now rest in peace.

        The hat was also a very poor choice. It smacked of “Look at me.”

        Maybe, the kids thought Kate’s French was wonderful because she only had to memorize three or four questions to ask them! At least, she did that. I’m a bit shocked, but will give her credit for doing so.

        Camilla’s appearance at her relative’s grave was very touching. You could see how moved she and Charles were.

        Harry’s message to the children was wonderful. Oh, I hate that he is relegated to the third wheel position. He has it rings around the Cambridge twosome.

        Happy July 4th Weekend to all Americans and Happy Canada Day, too.

        1. Harry’s words were touching a so important. It is nice to see his love of kids and his ability to communicate the importance of history.

          I also was touched by Camilla.

          They should have kept Kate home. She is a disaster and looked half dead herself. Let those who care and respect the significance of the moment and of the past be there. Enough.

    2. Regarding the shoes, I think it would be very appropriate not to wear such a high hills for this occasion. Very high hills look bit chip especially if you pair them with hat like she wears(another 5 inches high) you asking for nothing else but to stand out. This isn’t a place to draw attention to itself.

    3. I find the hat too showy/frivolous for the occasion – I wear hats often and think they really have to suit the occasion: at Ascot (esp. Ladies’ Day) it is all about making a statement of fashion, here, the somber event must not be overshadowed by fashion! The Duchess of Gloucester did well: as member of the royal family a hat must be worn, so she wore one, but it did not distract from the event.

  5. I agree with Sophie that the dress is dreadful. Why is it that Kate likes to purchase several dresses made of the same type of material and color? Did anyone not tell her that lace has run its course and is on its downward trend? Thus far, or over the past 18 months I should say, she has worn about 4 lace outfits that I’ve seen. I guess that since saving money is unimportant to her considering her huge wardrobe allowance, then she can just buy, wear and discard to her heart’s content. It’s such a waste of money which could be used to feed the poor in England and/or other parts of the world. As usual, the dress is boring.

    The style of this dress can probably be compared to those of the 1940s from pictures I’ve seen of that era. There is an overkill of puffing out of the sleeves and then again at the waist. The Peter Pan collar reminds me of my Parochial school uniform blouse. I noticed that there is a slit at the back of the skirt, but it still does not cover up her very long and ladylike stride.

    As per usual, Camilla was tastefully dressed for the occasion. She’s always very coordinated. IMO, it appears that Kate uses these solemn occasions in an endeavor to stand out and outshine everyone else, but instead, she looks like the clown at the kids party. These occasions are just another opportunity to pose for the cameras and she runs true to form with the ridiculous facial expressions and ensuring that the ring is in full view.

    I noticed recently that Kate has been embracing the senior royals with a kiss on the cheek. She did it with Princess Anne and now with Camilla and Charles. Considering how calculating she is, I wonder if she’s doing the kiss instead of having to curtsey?

    A Happy Fourth of July to you Ellie, and all our other American posters.

    1. I agree with El. She, along with William and Harry, both do the kiss on the cheeks and bow/curtsey with all the senior royals. She’s been in the picture for quite some time now so I think she has every right to greet people the same way others do and that’s not calculating.

  6. I’m really not a fan of this dress. If it had been at least black, grey or navy blue but the colour and design are just not working for me. And not to start with the heavy make up again…

    But actually in the pictures from 2011 she also wore heavy make up but yet the difference is huge for 5 years. Of course people get older and age leaves its traces but these days Kate looks so much older than 34! And she always looks like she doesn’t want or can’t handle the situation she is in… like it’s all too much. Though I’m not her biggest fan I really hope she is doing well and someone takes care of her.

    Really liked the pics of Camilla and Charles. She always dresses so well and seems so caring. Some other blog also had a picture of Charles and Harry and I really like them together. They seem to be a great team and really hope Harry will learn as much as possible from Charles about being a working Royal and charities.

    1. It seems to me like the light has completely gone from her eyes. She looked so full of life especially in the Trooping the colour picture. Now she just looks lost.

      1. Totally agree Ann! Ever since the kids came along she’s looked tired and lost. She regained some of her sparkle during the India tour but as soon as she returned home it disappeared again. I hope she’s ok.

      2. Than she was still hungry, in her hierarchy of values now there is nothing to fight for, she reach the top and from the top there is only way down.

        1. I actually wonder if she is also like that in private and if so why no ine says or does something. Either if she is just unmotivated and bored to remind her of her job and what comes along with it, or if there is some kind of problem, why no one is helping her. Maybe that would be harder for Royal Family as they hardly see her but there is still William and the Middletons

    2. I too saw that pic of Charles and Harry together and it made me smile. Charles was at the garden show when it was for Harry’s charity. Hopefully they still have a close relationship since it appears he and William do not.
      Since Kate was giving them kisses on the cheek it was my impression that it was probably the first time she’s seen them that day. We know the trio at least we’re spending the night in France how hard would it have been for them to have breakfast together? This family has weird dynamics
      And thanks KMR for including th gravel picture! It makes me smile to see her all blended into the background!

      1. I guess a father-son relationship isn’t always easy and obviously there is much we don’t see but Charles and Harry seem to have a good relationship. Would be nice to see Harry taking over Charles charity work when the time comes as W doesn’t seem to have big interest doing so…

        Wouldn’t be surprised either if WK didn’t spend much time with the family in France. They rather seem to do their thing and stay for themselves.

    3. Kate never knew how to wear or apply makeup but she could get away with it when she had better skin, looked healthier, and seemed happy. Not a good sign. She is only 34. I agree that there is no life in her eyes. she is mechanical

      1. I’m not an expert when it comes to make up either but someone in her position has people around who can show her, or well they could pay someone – but maybe she isn’t interested in doing so.

        And some have more wrinkles than others, get grey hair early but like you say, there is no life in her eyes and that makes her look older even more..

        1. I agree Kristin. if she is going to wear makeup, like anything else, she should learn how to do it properly of hire someone. harping on her makeup to me is not about things she or anyone of us can control – skin tone, laugh lines, etc. it is about looking like a grown up and not like a child playing with her mother’s makeup. I know someone else said this or something like this recently – putting makeup on with crayons. apologies for forgetting who said it!

          1. Hard words but actually true!
            And interesting how it looks like she put make up on with crayons like someone trying make up for first time and in other side she looks much oldet than her age!

            Not saying she should pkay a role or change who she is (eell maybe to some point) but she could really improve things with the help of some people who know their job. She could so easily learn from other Royals in family… it’s frustrating to see that she does not seem to care.

          2. I think the Middleton women have been running their own show for so long that they don’t care to take anyone’s counsel on anything.

  7. My dear blog companions. I would not come here today but after seeing Kate yesterday I could not help but comment. On June 30, she was appropriate, although as always she ruined everything with those ridiculous faces. But at least the coat color was appropriate. But yesterday, July 1, My God, what was thaaaaaaaat? The other ladies with sober clothes and our beloved Duchess in lace beige with that hat. No, that was too much. Once I had information about this battle here on the blog and see a story on TV, my anger at Kate was immeasurable. Knowing that thousands of soldiers lost their lives in that battle and see that stupid duchess dressed like she was going to a wedding or Ascot (IMO) made my blood boil. And the worst is that I saw several pictures of her SMILING, as if she were at an event at Buckingham Palace garden. Kate did not really know the meaning of the word RESPECT. I know many people may not agree with me but I think the color of the dress was wrong. It was a war memorial not a garden event. I do not know why I even surprise myself with Kate since she specializes in disappoint me. After 34 years and after 5 years as a Royal, she does not know how to behave as a future queen and representative of the people, and frankly I do not believe that one day she will be a Royal model. She acts as if everything revolved around her and her clothes. PATHETIC. I don’t care if she is fluent in languages, I care if she is dressed and behaves appropriately. I repeat, I think that the dress is dreadful, but what bothers me is that the color is not appropriated for this ceremony. And the heavy make up, OMG, no words.

    Have a great day, dear blog companions.

    1. Jamel, I understand your anger. I think many of us share the same sentiments. And I think we have established the fact that she is (forgive me for using this harsh word) just plain stupid. I really hate to use that word on a person but I think that pretty much sums her up. I don’t even think she knows any other language besides English. Research has proven that people who speak more than two languages have higher IQs. She probably memorised the questions in French and repeated them to every child as she went down the line.

      I wish if Harry was cheeky enough he would wear a ‘I’m with stupid’ shirt with an arrow and sit beside Kate & Will.

    2. Hi Jamel: You’ve articulated so well what I feel. I don’t think Kate was taught how to behave in public. Her behavior is more like a truant adolescent, than an adult. I find it to be disturbing and sad that this woman uses every occasion to have the camera’s attention, and maybe some day will be England’s Queen consort. She does not want to blend in, but to stand out.
      I feel that Kate, as well as many rich people, seem to think that money fixes everything. In her case, she probably feels that it will cover up her blatant lack of respect and maturity.
      Money cannot buy class, which is something that’s innate and in our genetic makeup. Have a nice day dear Jamel!

      1. I couldn’t agree with more with you ladies!

        She dated William for 10 years and is a Royal since 5 years and yet she simply doesn’t understand how to be Royal. Ofc even Royals who had been born into that position make mistakes from time to time but she has so many great role models (the Queen, Princess Anne, Camilla, Sophie) around her and just needs to look and learn but yet I don’t see any improvements. Worse she doesn’t even seem to try! And also, she has peopke working for her who could help with outfits, help her with speeches and letters, help with information on events… what are those people doing all day long?

        She is the prove that money cannot buy class and that a university degree doesn’t necessarily mean you are intelligent.

        1. Unfortunately, money can still buy class.
          However, a uni degree does not guarantee intelligence. A facility for memorization of facts for testing is sufficient.

          I suggest that the following two words would NOT be widely used in describing the duchess character or behavior:

          1. decorum
          correct or proper behavior that shows respect and good manners

          2. grace
          the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful

          Not studied at uni and not studied after uni. Had no compunction to attempt to learn either. It shows, over and over, at the majority of her engagements. In the ‘old’ days, this is what finishing school would accomplish.

          A good LIW could school you — if you had an LIW. Apparently the duchess doesn’t want one, not that anyone would volunteer for the position. ‘Tis a pity.

          I would find it difficult to respect someone in her position who exhibits fewer manners than me and has no sense of decorum. I’m guessing she will be experiencing more rudeness from the populace if she continues in her self-absorbed ways.

    3. I completely get your anger. The colour was inappropriate but even more so, the fact that she ordered a new, bespoke outfit. It gives the impression she wanted to stand out at this event.

    4. I think it’s less about her education and has more to do with the fact she’s speaking french. Since it’s not her first language, her vocabulary in French is probably limited.

      As for the dress, I’m not a fan of the color either but I think it was a good choice to underplay her outfit and to put the focus on the day instead. I do genuinely hate that colar. She can pull of most outfits but I hate that colar on anyone.

      I’m not sure why she’s faulted for smiling when most of the pictures from this day show others smiling at the same time. Harry, William, and the individuals giving them the tour had a few smiles/laughs at the same time she did so it would have been odd for her to look somber when they didn’t.

  8. I much prefer this lace skirt to the Dolce and Gabbana prairie ruffle, but the top part of the dress is too much with both peplum and the Peter Pan collar. If she wore this as a skirt with a black top I would have liked it better. It’s very nice that she spoke French to the children, but since we follow her we know the questions she asks kids are always exactly the same. That must make things boring for her – if I were her I’d liven my life up a bit by varying my questions.

    1. That’s because Kate probably doesn’t know any French and she memorized these questions ahead of time. What a pathetic woman and a public figure, she had years to learn another language (considering the position that she is in now, it would be an asset), yet she chose not to.

    2. A black top would have looked nice. I just think the peter pan collar is too much. She loves her peter pan though

      1. Agreed, a black top with the lace skirt (bottom half of dress) would have been more appropriate. The dress is flattering, I actually like it and think it is styled quite well but incredibly inappropriate for such an event.WTF is she thinking wearing that hat and those super high heels? FFS she’s at a cemetery, yesterday’s service was not about her, her wardrobe speaks volumes and says otherwise. She’s an attention seeker, insecure and insincere with everything she does. Smiling at inappropriate times, looking for a photo op, posing for the cameras…the children were more sombre and respectful. Truly disgraceful for a future queen consort.

  9. I like the silhouette of the dress but it looks like a doily even more than the dress that she wore at Ascott, Kate should really lay of the lace. The nude, beige colour specially was entirely inappropriate for the occasion where everyone else (ladies included) were wearing dark colours. I should really think about sending Kate a letter telling her that she could try other makeup styles that don’t involve smokey eyes and that would look more flattering on her.

    1. My husband took out daughters out to a local stable for some pony rides. I keep saying I am going to start making potato salad and other things for our family barbecue. Instead, I keep scrolling through the comments.

      Thanks for the reminder of Charlene and Albert’s anniversary, Tracy. I just read the PEOPLE Magazine piece about the photo session Char had with Julian Lennon as she was being made up for her wedding. I was blown away. The black and white photos are so intimate and so lovely.

      I was listening to some old Beatles music the other day and asked my husband what happened to John’s son, Julian. I really hadn’t a clue as to what he was doing. Then, along come these gorgeous photos. I didn’t know that he and Princess Charlene were friends.

  10. I actually quite liked her outfit, as I love lace, peplum and that particular hat.

    What I didn’t like is the colour for the occasion. In the picture on the gravel, she stands out and makes it about her, and she seems to make this a thing, like when she wore the red McQueen for the boat pageant for the Jubilee. I found it hilarious how much she blended in with the gravel, haha.

    I also can’t stand her stupid grinning and laughing at important sombre events. Look at Harry and he is showing utmost respect and emotion.. she just doesn’t seem to get it.

    She also needs to work on what to say. Harry talks to the students about how important it is for them to be involved and gain all this knowledge, and all she says is “it’s impressive and emotional”…

  11. Lace…..2012, Peplum…..2012. Where does she think she’s at? A BP garden party or a friend’s wedding? The hat’s too fussy for the dress or vice versa. Lace dress = plain hat. Plain dress = busy hat. It’s not rocket science you daft mare. For God’s sake will someone book this woman an appt. with stylist and make up artist to get these fundamental lessons into that head. Shouldn’t be too difficult it’s not crowded in there, it’s full of air.

    I don’t expect to see Gianvito Rossi suede pumps at a memorial that’s is a garden……who wears suede in a garden especially when it’s given to rain so much? Buy Rupert Sanderson, Burberry, Jimmy Choo suede pumps if you must but just get a British designer onto your inappropriately shod feet. You are a British Duchess that means when in public you wear BRITISH especially when the item is as standard as a pair of suede pumps that every major fashion label has.

    She’ll be at Wimbledon next week maybe twice if Andy Murray makes the final. And I notice Mike & Carole were putting on a show of togetherness this week in the Royal Box. I wonder what is happening there?

    1. This is what is so baffling about her. By far one of the easiest jobs she has is to promote UK/commen wealth designers and yet she can’t even do that

  12. Can she lose that “Gosh, how interesting!” Look on her face? I was in tears just watching the coverage. This battle was an incredible carnage over only a few months 1 million mothers lost their sons. Some lost more than one. I don’t know, but her attitude totally rubs me up the wrong way.

    Look at the silly face in the umbrella pic and there are more like this. If the scope of the tragedy has really sunk in, a face like that doesn’t happen to you. It just doesn’t.

  13. KMR, thanks for the fantastic history lesson. I mean that with the upmost respect. I appreciate that I can learn a lot from this blog.

    Yesterday was a solemn day for sure. Add to that Diana’s birthday had to be on their minds as well. I looked at the ‘gravel pic’ and focused in each royal. The Gloucesters, Adm Laurence, Charles, Cam, and Harry. Those people know duty. They have worked for the crown with respect and professionalism. And there we have W +K. I can’t.

    I am with KMR on the outfit. It was if she asked for everything on the dress and they complied. I don’t like it. And the hair, please go to YouTube, Amanda, and learn how to do hair. I looked.at the 2011 pics and it made me a bit sad. Something is going on. I don’t pity her, but I wish she could find peace and an outlet for it.

    Wonderful coverage, KMR!

    1. Did you know that Kate’s Great, Great Uncle, Lieutenant Lupton was lost at Somme aged 24? Which makes her shallow posturing even more reprehensible. In a remarkable coincidence he attended Trinity College, Cambridge at the same time as Princess Diana’s grandfather Albert Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer, where both men studied the same subject.

          1. Thank you French Girl for your research. With such enormous life loss during the Great War there hardly is any family in France or Britain not affected by it. British soldiers who were relatives or from this same village, first time were allowed to stay in this same military unit. As a result many families lost all men and the villages were decimated. By the way I hope Polish Girl is ok after the surge of hate crimes after Brexit.

  14. While waiting for the photos of this event to emerge, I wondered if Kate would be wearing a Peter Pan collar like she did for the D-Day events a couple of years ago and wouldn’t you know it she did! It also struck me as I was thinking about her D-Day event outfit, how much she likes to reinforce the “little girl” aspect of herself. Meaning imo, that with some of her fashion choices are juvenile or have juvenile elements that she uses to reinforce to others “see, I’m still a young girl, please don’t take me seriously or ask me any serious questions”. I don’t know if I’m explaining this well, still working on my first cup of coffee.

    I don’t hate this outfit but when I first saw it I thought she took the theme dressing a bit too far. I know that this is a 1940’s – ish style and this memorial is for an event that happened in 1916 but this outfit felt a bit “on the nose” to me today. Imo, if the Peter Pan collar was left off and this dress had a neckline like the blush lace McQueen and tone down the shoulder pads, it would have worked better.

    I know I’ve harped on this before but it really bugs me that the younger royals aren’t bilingual. Their European counterparts are at least bilingual and in many cases probably multilingual. To me, it just shows how lazy and uninvolved the younger royals are in the wider world.

    I thought Camilla looked rather nice today. I felt that her outfit struck the right note between somber yet hopeful.

    1. PoW speaks impeccable French. There really is no excuse in their position not to have a command of languages. I know I always harp on about what I would do in their position but I would take advantage and learn a couple of languages. They would have the best tutors that money could buy. But again these two don’t believe in self improvement. Their arrogant egos let them believe they are perfect as they are an no doubt that idea is fostered by the fawning sycophants they surround themselves with.

      1. I don’t think anyone in the family in this generation has any passable language skills except probably Harry who I’ve read is fluent in one of the Lesotho languages which wouldn’t surprise me. Harry AFAIK said once he took Spanish or German and was awful at it. William, well, his speech in French in Canada was absolutely terrible.

        I wonder if it has to do with education. I know in the UK you take your GCSEs and A-Levels but I’ve read that people don’t do languages as much any longer unless they want to study it at university or need it for their university degree. Sort of like here in the US; I took several years of French, but that’s because I grew up hearing it and had an ear for it from a very young age (my mom is fluent and my godmother’s family, who we spent a lot of time with, spoke French fairly often as my godmother’s sister married a Frenchman). I’m nowhere near fluent, no way, but I can communicate in it still though it’s been 10 years since I took a French class.

        BTW if you’re interested in languages check out he app Duolingo. I’m using it to brush up my French and I am learning Welsh!

        1. It would seem reasonable to learn a 2nd language if you were in line to be king/queen whether or not the schools require it. Since money would not be a barrier to learning, a tutor every week with conversational practice would make one at least passable.

          Foreign language study is required in HS in my school district. No exceptions. If you speak your parents native language and English — you get to learn a 3rd language. Some of the district schools start the courses in 6th grade.

          I took Spanish (a language I would be more likely to use) and though I don’t speak conversationally any more, I can understand what someone has said to me. It just takes me a while to respond. I keep up by watching the Spanish language news every day and, the telenovellas and game shows on occasion just to keep the vocabulary alive.

          So many people believe that English is the language of commerce that they forget that it isn’t necessarily the language of conversation in every location. A future king and his wife should be fluent in at least one more language.

          1. It would seem practical to be fluent in German and French. or Spanish and French. either Way, you make great points. Many of the other European Royals are fluent in 3+ languages!

    2. The child-like collar reminds me of the what she said in the recent documtary about the Queen. Kate likes to say that people look after her, etc. It goes with the theme of never aging and in need of protection.

      1. Exactly Rhiannon, Kate likes to reinforce the child-like perception of herself in order to taken care of and coddled. Seeing her around various world leaders it really brings home how unprepared she is for her role and how unprepared her parents left her to deal with a wider world. Seeing William talk with Cameron and Hollande, while Kate stands off to one side makes me wonder if it ever crosses her mind “what exactly do I bring to this table”? As said before, self improvement and introspection isn’t anything Kate troubles herself with so I imagine this thought really doesn’t cross my mind.

        1. Makes me wonder if she had any conversational engagement with the leaders/kings/queens of the nations she has visited. Perhaps Bhutan because the king & queen spoke English? It could be she has no political education and has no idea who those people are. A sad omission in her education if true. She is seems more animated around men than around women. Just an observation.

    3. Sometimes i wonder if she dresses juvenile so that we remember she is still a fresh, young, beautiful woman since so often she dresses like a middle-aged woman. But dressing juvenile doesn’t make her look younger. It just makes her look kind of pathetic.

  15. I like the cut of the skirt and that her hair isn’t blowing all over. I grew up in a military family and have several family members buried in national cemeteries so her idiotic faces really bothers me. People who died in the defense of their country and freedom are buried there so show some respect not look like a grinning idiot or so bored that you’d rather be at the dentist. I loved Harrys comments to the children about the importance of history while kate could only babble about how emotional it made her feel (she never mentioned which emotions) and how happy she was that they were there, so as usual she made it about her.
    KMR thank you for your lovely posts and for giving us the details on this historic battle.

    1. Vickiv, my dad is buried at Calverton in Long Island. It is so quiet and solemn and respectful. I don’t go as often as I should, but I always reflect and sit in peace. I also reflect.on those around him. I agree that respect is due in military cemeteries and memorials.

      1. My 23 year old daughter and I went to the Vicksburg Battlefield and cemetery this past April. I was moved to tears by the respect she showed and questions she asked. I have a photo of her looking out over the battlefield and I can’t describe the look she has on her face. Knowing that there are young people like you and Brianna out there makes me smile. I wish you two could spend the day with Kate and maybe force some sense into that vapid head of hers

      2. When I visit my grandparents graves at Fort Rosecrans I find myself sitting there looking over the rows of headstones that overlook the bay and just reflecting on life and the lives lost so that we may be free

      3. Oh, Rhiannon, my grandfather is buried at Calverton. It is a most solemn place. Somewhere that offers amazing respect for those who served and for their loved ones who visit. I am sorry you lost your dad. He must be so proud of you. How are you feeling? I so hope each day finds you moving ahead in your healing.

          1. What a coincidence! When I was younger, I remember the drive from Coney Island to Montauk Point. It was forever!

            I’m doing okay. Trying to wean myself from the walker as much as I can. I’m doing my OT and PT throughout the day to keep me busy.

            A mini KMR reunion would be awesome.

  16. So standing out is our lovely duchess purpose in life , not work ethics wise but appearance wise , when she wore the pink coat in New York I thought the west has ditched the back in mourning but from the comments apparently it was not , so I thought maybe she did a mistake , but yesterday showed that here we have a person who was going to a war memorial with a huge human loss and all she did was going there in a cream dress and memorizing a couple of french sentences to show that she is miss perfect just like the sweating or the unsweating trick in Buthan . When they first got married they said they are going to break traditions and behave like normal people , which people loved , but apparently the idea of breaking traditions was doing what suits her , and while some traditions are chaining with no use and getting rid of them would be more practical , sometimes following traditions show how well a person is brought up and showing others respect makes them people happy , our duchess knows how to keep traditions when it comes to william holding the umbrella for her , notice “from a picture in the daily mail” that he was the only husband holding the umbrella for his wife while the wives of the other two couples beside them were the ones holding it , because no one thinks twice of it , but no, not our lovely princess who apparently knows how to keep traditions when it’s about showing her , but not when these traditions request work or dim her light, and you can see william is not happy even if they choose this occasion to smile at each other to show things are fine , for despite all the sweet smiles and snowflake act I think we have a woman with a very determined personality , a one that maybe she inherited from her mother , over and above and despite all the botox , fillers and make up , because of her underweight and maybe over thinking she is starting to look way older than william .

    1. Determined personality, sure. She’s determined to remain a pampered idiot. There I said it. This woman is an embarrassment to the UK and the Commonwealth.

      And any child will know, especially if their parents have brought them up to have some respect for social norms, that one wears dark colours to a memorial in the Western world (where I’m from, you would generally wear white or cream to a funeral or memorial). But Kate doesn’t care and she shows up in a hot pink coat to the 9/11 memorial and in a cream Lace dress to this one: she’s showing that she just wants to stand out and have a fashion plate moment. If this is a bespoke dress and she had it made for this occasion, she could’ve easily had this outfit made into a black lace dress with a beige underlay.

      1. I totally agree!

        15 years in stalking and after all the expense of four and the middleton’s she ignores royal protocol, refuse to abide and continue disrespecting taxpayers, the service members and lives that made her lazy, entitled luxury life possible.

        Wearing lavender/sand/coral to disrespect the honor, sacrifices, duty – that HER the middleton’s couldn’t begin to appreciate is hughly Wrong, as was light dress blowing up to her waiste in Indian Memorial -pink coat at 9/11 Memorial, brush off St Patrick Day service…. Whiny billy cannot and the middleton children need to retire/go away.

  17. Strange that she would practice her language skills in French instead of polishing her public speaking skills. Maybe because of the impression that French is posh? I do think it’s sad that it doesn’t seem like many in the BRF are fluent in at least another language. I feel like that’s the hazard of coming from an English-speaking country; a large portion of the population don’t bother learning another language.

    Btw, this dress is classic Kate – peplum, lace, peter pan collar. Only things missing are a pleated skirt and a v-neck but with the collar it probably wouldn’t work. It’s amazing how this seems to fit her better than all those D&G lace dresses but you get the impression that her sense of style is lacking I guess. Her bespoke clothes seem particularly uninspired.

    1. If I were Kate, I would turn into a full time student when I wasn’t working. I would pick up a language, brush up on history, and create partnerships both inside and outside the BRF. If I started that either at the engagement or honeymoon, imagine where I would be in 5 years? This tells me Kate doesn’t care.

      1. Rhiannon, Learning new languages would be a great goal and I have no doubt that you would excel. You also learn about different cultures. Kate spoke a few basic phrases everyone learns in high school French. When I was learning Italian while in Bologna, Italy polite Italians told me I spoke well when I knew that I was really terrible. Others less kind would tell me the truth. Learning a new language is hard work. Waity merely brushed up on a few basic phrases and I seriously doubt that she’s fluent and can hold a conversation in French.

        When people try to promote her in a dishonest, exaggerated way it cheapens genuine achievement and hard work. I get it, the press needs to have people they can slavishly adore, but she is clearly out of her depth around accomplished people. She enjoys her athletic events because that is her strength. But she flounders and looks foolish at all others.

        1. I’ve been to several countries in Europe and West Africa. I made it a point to learn phrases to be respectful. In Italy, a man told me to never speak Italian ever again. I kept trying. He told me, in no uncertain terms, he would call Interpol to get me to stop?? He said he appreciated my effort.

          1. At least you tried (and I would ignore that rude Italian’s advice). It shows respect, integrity and intelligence to learn the language and culture of a host country. And you sound so well travelled and a true citizen of the world! All the best to you.

  18. I thought this outfit was reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s civil wedding outfit. Same all-over lace, peplum, peter pan collar and bracelet sleeves. Of course, that suit was totally appropriate for the occasion, Grace was supposed to be the center of attention.
    So, first Jackie Kennedy, yesterday Princess Grace. Silly to put yourself for comparison to two style and class icons.

    1. FIFO what a terrific observation. I looked at Kelly’s dress and Kate’s dress undeniably reminisces hers. Definitely it was an inspiration for what we see on Kate. It also proves that her team is trying to crate a “classic duchess” using the past fashion icons. What they don’t see is gradual disintegration of Kate’s own personality and preferences. My conclusion is pure speculation base on images.

      1. Sorry for misspelling your name, must be computer intervention which I didn’t notice. Here is a link to Grace Kelly dresshttp://myroyalty.skyrock.com/2989990021-Wedding-Dress-Civil-Grace-Patricia-Kelly-Princess-of-Monaco.html.

          1. Nothing like butchering another Princess Grace look. She did the same with her wedding dress. It definitely looks better as a two piece because it breaks up that line of continuous lace a bit. The Peter Pan collar can be forgiven for that time because it was in style then. Now she just looks like a grown woman trying to be an innocent girl.

            It’s a pity Kate doesn’t have her own style and continuously chops up the looks of others.

  19. Perfect! Elegant! Love the look! Say what you will but if Kate wasn’t at that event most of us would not be interested. No one cares what Camilla is wearing. Really some of you take yourselves very seriously here. I hope Kate is wearing her hair down at Wimbledon I’ve had enough of the up-do. I think her behavior was just fine. Jeez! I don’t love the collar or sleeves but that’s nitpicking. I have to jot down details and fake it when hubby is around so excuse my broken logic. I’m supposed to be working on the farm so I keep walking away and coming back to the computer. KMR, I Liked it when you inserted more of your own personal remarks on your blog. Thanks for all your work. Part of why I come here is to read what YOU think. Really people, when Kate marks off your boxes you need to give her credit or you just look petty. Her hair is up, her dress is not flying around, she spoke French, the jewelry and flower pin were tasteful. She looked somber, she stayed in the background. So really?

    1. I disagree that most people on this site would not be interested in the Battle of Somme if Waity had not appeared at the ceremony. Have you read what people post here? KMR posters are articulate, highly knowledgeable about history, and care about world events.

    2. Jules now you make us posters seem as dumb and ignorant as Kate. Myself and many other posters here love history and actually care to research about things to grow our knowledge, during our own downtime.

      And clearly you must have very low standards for a future Queen Consort, if you are just satisfied that she hasn’t flashed anyone at a memorial, isn’t looking like a scarecrow 100% of the time and has her hair tied back. These are things that most of us ladies here do when we are at work, so we deserve to be queen consorts and have an unlimited wealth and social power, don’t we?

      Part of why I appreciate this blog is

    3. People are allowed to voice their opinions in the comment section. Just because you may not agree with what they say doesn’t mean that other people are ‘petty’ because they disagree with you.

      I personally do not think this outfit was appropriate for the occasion. Beige lace was just too fussy and dressed up for such a somber event. I would have preferred it if she had worn something a bit more understated. All of the other women were in black or navy. Kate stuck out like a sore thumb. That’s just my opinion.

      If Kate was not at the event I most definitely would still be interested. This isn’t a fashion show, this is about history and respect.

      1. Yah, because we all know I have ZERO interest in historic military battles, both being a Gulf War Army Vet, and a Norman…(Battle of Hastings, anyone?) To say Kate (in her gloruios splendor) is responsible for promoting interest in one of the largest sacrifices of human life for the perpetuation. of the Free World is absolute BUNK!

    4. I am sorry but your words kinda offend me. I respect your views of Kate and have no issue if you feel that how she presented herself was acceptable for a future Queen Consort. I don’t because this is 2016, not 1916 where the wife of a future King is expected to be muted and subservient. In fact, this is the time where Royalty is required to do more to prove they’re still relevant and I am sorry, our Kate here is actually going backwards.

      Over here at KMR, we are not Kate haters. Well, although I have to say some of us already have a negative preconceived opinion about her. But you can’t help it when all she did for 10 years was partying and chasing after the ring. Even though for us who always see Kate in a negative light, we still wish for her to improve but she continues to disappoint except for rare occasions.

      I am actually quite surprised that her exaggerated expressions don’t bother you at all? This isn’t the first time actually. Maybe you’re just more forgiving than majority of us. Cheers!

      1. You absolutely are “Kate haters.” You can argue that it is warranted by her own actions, etc., but it’s pretty disingenuous to pretend that the majority of the commenters here are not “Kate haters.”

      1. Why I appreciate this blog is because KMR actually provides history and background info in great detail. She goes above and beyond than news site covering this event have. And this isn’t the first time that KMR has gone into the history behind such and such event. Keep up the wonderful work that you do and for building a unique community here.

        1. I whole heartedly agree. I’ve learnt so much from KMR and those that contribute regularly to this blog. I have to say that on the whole those that post here tend to be critical in a constructive manner and they draw from their own experiences as to how Kate could put a negative right. Compared to what I have seen in blog world this is an enlightened, educatated and intelligent place to post……yes we do air our frustrations that after 5 years of marriage and a very long courtship elementary mistakes are still being made but equally praise is given when it’s due and constructive feedback when we feel it’s needed.

        2. I love the history and information on this blog too. I can find that on other sites. It is KMR’s perspective that interests me. So in addition to the history of whatever event is taking place I enjoy KMR’s personal opinion.

      2. One of the reasons I decided to blog on this site is due to its theme, *a critical blog on Kate Middleton*. I’m not someone who enjoys confrontations. I was a newbie on another blog, same as this one, and made the mistake of posting that Kate’s hair is not all hers, but is filled with wiglets and extensions, and anyone can achieve the look if they had the money to pay for an hairdresser on a daily basis. The replies from her admirers/worshippers were downright rude. After that incident, which left me in tears, I made an effort to never post on any blog that idolizes waity. And then, I found this blog. I was a lurker for several months before I took the steps to sign up, and so far, so good.

        My reason for the above explanation, is to remind others who may be offended by some posters’ comments on Kate, is to have them bear in mind of the theme of this blog. I do hope I’ve not offended anyone.

        1. Welcome, Vonnie! There are.times when she gets it right and we do applaud that.

          We are a good group and I can personally attest to the support and goodwill from my KMR family.

          1. Hi Rhiannon: Thanks for your kind response and welcome. I do appreciate it.

            BTW, when you mentioned your diagnosis a few days ago, I so wanted to say something, but not knowing you well enough kept me from commenting. I’m so sorry that you have been suffering for quite some time without a diagnosis. I’ve been through that for 7 years, and had to stop working because tests showed nothing. Eventually, I was diagnosed according to my symptoms, that I have fibromyalgia, and have been on several medications, without relief. My reason for mentioning the fibro is that it has very similar symptoms to your condition. Perhaps you can ask your doctor about it. I don’t know whether you felt relieved when you were given your diagnosis, but for me, I felt thankful that it’s not all in my head.

            Stay well Rhiannon, and try to take one day at a time. Yesterday is gone, today is where we’re at, and who knows, maybe some new tomorrow will bring us healing. With life, there is always hope.

          2. Thank you so much, Vonnie. I am meeting with my GP on Tuesday for further tests. I will make sure I ask.

            Each day has ups and downs. Yesterday, I decided to bs cute and not use my walker. Let’s just say that I nailed my landing. ?

        2. To your last paragraph Vonnie, it’s just the simple truth about KMR and it’s comment section. Thanks for getting it and welcome?

          1. Hi Ray, Thanks for your reply, and also, for welcoming me to this site. KMR has done an excellent job of keeping us informed on the historical aspects of what has happened in years gone by, lest we forget. And, she has kept us uptodate on *waity*. Words cannot express how much I appreciate this site that has afforded all of us the freedom of airing our opinions and not have other people breathing down our necks for having opinions different to theirs. It baffles me that there are others who actually worship Kate and are obsessed with her to the point of being abusive with name calling. One poster on another site stated that Prince George is so much cuter than her children when they were his age and that Kate is so much more beautiful than that woman will ever be. WOW, talk about blind adoration!! Have a nice day Ray!

            @Rhiannon: Awwwh, I’m so sorry to hear about your attempted moment of independence. I hope your test results will shed more light on your condition, and you’ll be given the right medications. Please learn to nurture yourself, which is so to do, due to having a previous active lifestyle. Stay well Rhiannon, and let us know of your progress.

        3. Welcome Vonnie! I hope you will be commenting more now that you have tested the waters :). I had similar experiences on the Kate obsessed sites. If you mention anything that actual points out her being human, they attack! Or even better, call you jealous. It is like they want to live in their dream world where she is perfect and god-like. It is actually quiet scary how some people worship her. I think it is unhealthy to put anyone on a pedestal like that. And honestly, if i were Kate, those people would freak me out. She does some things well and others not, but to them they think she can do no wrong. They take the blind adoration to far. Lol. Anyway, you are with like-minded people here, so welcome 🙂

          1. Hello Overit: Thanks ever so much for your warm welcome to this site. I have thus far enjoyed my interaction here, and hope that it will continue. As humans, and being women, we do enjoy *shooting the breeze* at times, and receiving validation from our peers, who have similar thought processes. For example, considering the theme of this blog, I/we can expound on anything, or most things pertaining to Kate, and not made to feel that we are terrible people. Thanks to KMR for this outlet.

            “Or even better, call you jealous. It is like they want to live in their dream world where she is perfect and god-like.”

            You’ve articulated perfectly what I’ve experienced on the other sites, and, I agree with you that if I were Kate, I’d feel freaked out. It’s one thing to admire another person, but when it becomes a matter of obsession, then such people need medical intervention pronto, like yesterday. As I write this John Lennon of the Beatles comes to mind. He was so very talented and provided enjoyment to millions of people, including my mom, who had most of his music and was a huge fan. I was about 8 years old at the time when he was killed, and I remember my mom crying when that dreadful incident was shown on TV.

            Overit, thanks ever so much for your kind words and welcome. I’m already experiencing the warm, fuzzy feelings of being among friends, and I will definitely be commenting more. Please have a nice day, and I look forward to interacting with you again.

    5. Obviously we all like a different style, clothes, hairdo etc. so I won’t comment on that but I would like to kinda disagree that most of us wouldn’t be interested in the event without Kate.

      A lot of people are interested in history and would know about Battle of Somme even without Royals attending. Same goes for many other events. Also there are a lot of other Royals people can be fan of. If you know the Royal fandom you know how popular Victoria and Swedish family is, how many people follow Maxima, Mary, Letizia, Mathilde and Charlene and all others and how many respect them for raising their children well and doing a fabulous job!

      And you only need to read the comments here to see that even people care what Camilla wears…

    6. No, I care because a whole generation of young men were wiped out. As an American from Scottish and Irish stock (I’m a 2nd generation American) with family who fought in WWI I am interested because this is history, personal history, and human history, and these men-most of them so very young–were killed so brutally after they climbed over that hill. I don’t give a crap about Kate being there. She disrespects events like this showing up preening with her eyes looking for the cameras only insistent on looking good, not looking respectful, but she probably doesn’t have any compassion even in her pinky finger because it is all about her. The media plays into it: they always say ‘Kate leads those paying respects’ or whatever, even when HM is there!

      Who the hell cares what Camilla was wearing. Kate is a mannqeuin and all there is to her is what she wears. Now that is truly sad for a woman who could be doing so much for others in this world as her brother-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, her aunt-in-law, I could go on, do. Clothes are shallow. Actions and behavior tell the truth.

    7. No one cares what Camilla was wearing?? Obviously people are commenting on it so they do. You just don’t care and this is not your blog.

      Kate stayed somber-no she didn’t! But as you said yesterday, this is only a funeral where people died 100 years ago, so she doesn’t need to be somber all the time.

      It is obvious you are just trying to rile people up. Like yesterday, you tried to defend Kate’s laughing, but never came back to respond when people disagreed with you. You obviously think Kate is perfection and if you have a problem with people not thinking so then don’t read the comments section. I can’t believe how rude your comments are today and in the past.

      1. I don’t think Kate is perfection. I don’t post to rile people up. I’m entitled to my opinion and this blog is open to anyone. My opinion is my opinion, I don’t have to come here and defend everything I post. THAT would rile people up. I post my opinion then I let the rest go. Usually I read posts and just ignore them if I don’t agree. Occasionally I feel strongly enough about something to post. If you don’t like my posts don’t read them and don’t respond. I don’t want or expect anyone to reply to my post, I just want to put my two cents in.

        1. When you attack people and this site, it sure seems like you are only trying to rile people. Springsmom down below already showed how you were attacking people. You came across very judgemental of us for not agreeing with your opinion. Especially when you take such a meaningful event as this one and say that Kate is the only reason anyone would care about it. That is very disturbing. Trust me, i will avoid your posts, but in kind, don’t respond to my posts like you did on the last post with the night ceremony where you pointed out it happened 100 years ago and therefore defended Kate’s disrespectful smiles. Thanks. I am off to celebrate the 4th of July, which doesn’t involve Kate.

    8. Jules

      You set the bar really low.
      “Her hair is up, her dress is not flying around, she spoke French, the jewelry and flower pin were tasteful.”

      Should we applaud her for this??

      1. In the past these have been complaints about Kate; hair down, hem too short/too long, fly away dress bottoms etc. I’m simply saying if you criticize her for something then when she gets it right next time you should mention that. I don’t consider my bar low at all.

        1. You are right saying that we should give her credit where credit is due.

          My point rather was I do not want to cheer her becasue she presented herself appropriately but what she does with the fact that she became the member of the BR family. This is what we all would like to see that she cares and succeeds.

    9. Now you have piqued my curiosity. Are you the photographer who tried to put everyone in their place previously? I want to say that I have seen your “name” pop up here before, but I can’t imagine that really means anything unless KMR is checking IP addresses which are somewhat easy to bounce around if you want too.

      The entire purpose of this blog, and please KMR correct me if I’m wrong, is for KMR to provide everyone with the information on an event and her viewpoint, after which we all can come on here and politely discuss our viewpoints on what she is wearing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, just as you are entitled to yours. However we are not entitled to force our opinions on one another.

      Once again something takes a lot for me to comment because I have generally found that the ladies on here are much more eloquent in their comments than I am and generally cover everything that I would wish to discuss. I will let you know that I lived overseas for many years and before we were stationed in Germany I took it upon myself to learn German. I had a smattering of French and Spanish in high school, which got me by when I was in other countries. I also had to learn, quickly, what was appropriate behavior for an officer’s wife and how to dress properly. This included pulling the car over to the side of the road and exiting upon taps at 5pm. If I were to go to a funeral, and I went to many, dressed as Kate is and behaving the way she does I couldn’t have looked myself in the mirror. It doesn’t matter if these men were killed yesterday or a hundred years ago they all deserve the same respect because the event is about them and not about Kate. She needs to learn this but apparently cannot and I for one, find this extremely frustrating.

      So while I respect your opinion, I do not respect the way you went about telling others what they should think. We all enjoy this site, as you apparently do as well, so let the true spirit of the community continue and not cause arguments where ones do not need to exist.

      Rhiannon you go girl! Learn those languages and you will be a truly exquisite consort of yesteryear where they were taught languages first! 🙂

        1. I’m not a photographer. I’m a farmer. In Ohio. I haven’t called anyone names or been rude or threatened anyone. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I’m trying to force my opinion on you.

          1. “Really people, when Kate marks off your boxes you need to give her credit or you just look petty” This is what you wrote and that is forcing your opinions on others and being rude. I do not want to attack you and I do not want to be rude in turn, but I believe you have miscalculated the spirit of the blog.

            Right now I’m moving on. It’s the 4th of July and I’m heading to Arlington, VA to visit friends of ours who have died from past conflicts. I will be wearing black and my hair will be up.

    10. And then there are those of us who would be interested because we studied history in college or are descended from veterans of the Great War. World War I is often ignored in the United States and unjustly so. We should involve ourselves in its remembrance because it scarred so much of the Western world, both literally and figuratively, and set in motion the events that would lead to the Second World War. The devastation of a war of attrition, trapped for months on end in a trench, paralyzed into emotional numbness–those are things to remember. Those are things we should never forget.

      Sure, Kate didn’t make any gaffes this time out, but saying that “most of us would not be interested” in this event without her raises my hackles. My rambling probably makes no sense as a result.

  20. So I don’t know why I’m bothering to write this since no one will listen, but here goes. I’m going to take up for Kate in a few ways because I firmly believe there is more to her story than a vapid mind who is only good as a clothe’s horse. I know the flack is coming, but I will ask that if you read this really consider what I’m saying.

    Back in elementary school, I was so shy that I’d cry if a teacher called on me, but sometime around puberty, I became really loud outside of the classroom. Still, inside I was painfully shy. There was this huge disconnect between my two sides. By high school, the disconnect was greater, and I would ask my teachers for low grades as long as I didn’t have to talk in front of the class, but I really really enjoyed acting. I was good at acting, I have a natural charisma that can’t be taught, so says others, but I’m the most introverted person you’ll ever meet.

    Finally, a friend said to pretend that I was acting when I had to speak in front of the class, and that did help. By college, I was a pretty good speech giver despite being an introvert.

    In the military, I tested in the Arabic language program, a highly coveted position. It’s hard to get into that school but I passed the test. The problem was that I may have had the intellect, but I did not have that geek personality like the other students. I only wear heels, ever, unlesss sick. I keep my hair and nails done. I adore clothes, and I was considered prettier than the geeky girls in the military, so I garnered attention without trying.

    All this is bad in the military. I just stood out. The women hated me, and the guys were mean because I had a hard time with my studies. I fell behind twice due to my undiagnosed dyslexia, my deep depression, and my abusive relationship that 8 years later still affects me. I was the Kate of the Navy!

    After I left the Navy, I went back to school to get my degree in psychology. Most of my college career I failed more classes than I could pass due to my dyslexia, but since no one knew I had it, including me, I was called dumb and lazy all my life.

    Now I have my degree, mostly because the Navy taught me how to be more organized, but my grades were still lackluster. I still have an issue with reading comprehension, I have brain bubbles because my working memory is vulnerable to my depression and PTSD, and I mix up meanings to words all the time.

    On paper, I’m really stupid, and I have been called stupid all my life. I can’t follow rules well for two reasons: I can’t read or hear technical sentences well, and my type of brain makes it difficult to do things that others find easy. Telling time is hard, knowing my right from left is hard, even writing this post in this tiny box is hard.

    So I lack self-esteem because I know I will make a mistake, but I garner attention because I’m just one of those people that people notice. I have been in Kate’s shoes. I know what it feels like to be nit-picked publically, and I know how it feels to have others say, “Well if you knew you couldn’t do it why did you try?”

    Also, with Kate, everything she’s allowed to do or not do is known by the Queen. So her spending, lack of work, etc is being allowed by the Queen. I’m not saying she’s a sweetheart, I am not a nice person at all, but I do think that Kate suffers from anxiety.

    I spend most days suicidal and people don’t know unless I tell them. I had a hard time learning Arabic and French and Spanish in school, but I’m learning them fine now, albeit with a lot of repetition, doing it independently. I’m not fluent, but I can read Arabic and French, and if I refreshed my Spanish vocab I’d be able to read that as well. (Honestly, my neuroscience and photography studies are taking the place of Spanish right now, but I hope to have a fluency in French and Arabic soon.)

    Usually, people think I’m bragging when I tell this story because they miss how hard everything is for me. There’s such a disconnect with my potential and my performance that I rather back out of social engagements than have to talk to people, although I’m not shy, at all, anymore.

    I’ll be honest I like attention. I like male attention, which is just natural, but I don’t have to have it.(And I’ll just add that I’ve even taken a vow of chastity. Imagine hat in this age!) Liking attention isn’t bad. People who are in the spotlight either like it or know how to use it, and unless you’re making Instagram porn to be famous, it’s all right if you like attention.

    Everyone isn’t made for the spotlight, and when I was in the military it felt as though the other females hated me because I wasn’t as plain as them and just didn’t fit in. (Plus I had undiagnosed ulcerative colitis that drained my energy, and anyone unwell in any capacity is considered a lazy person in the military)

    I tend to read people well, and Kate doesn’t seem any more calculating than any other woman. She was just successful in getting what she wanted. Obviously, no one else wanted the job. I do understand that there is a set decorum that she and her family are not following, but they still have more class than our spotlights here in America. I also understand that her lifestyle is funded by taxes, but place the fault where it comes from, the Queen and Prince Charles. They let her spend like that. They let her not work.

    Also, the woman speaks French and she’s still roasted about being dumb. Clearly, she spoke it so the kids could understand it, and that’s a feat that even Prince Harry didn’t accomplish. I understand that she’s not the worker, but neither was I in the wrong setting. I couldn’t pass a writing class with higher than a C in school, but I’ve written six books and two screenplays. I study Arabic and French through the week. I’m in school for photography, I read about neuroscience in my spare time, and I’m technically the same level of stupid as what Kate appears to be.

    There’s so much more to her story than simply vapid or dumb. Her entire team of people seems to be off, and yet she gets all the flack. I really think that Diana was a lot more calculating after dealing with Charles, and from what I know of calculating people from my studies and from what I’ve seen first hand, they tend to look how they want to look. It’s people like me who are called all sorts of names when we’re just trying to survive.

    Yes, Diana was a great person, but she was calculating, which is not a bad thing

    1. Thank You for sharing this with the posters here. Please do not compare yourself to Kate, you do yourself a discredit IMO. Even though things may be harder for you, you at least try to keep going and pick up new skills. So far, there isn’t any evidence that Kate does the same- or else we the public would constantly hear how super duper amazingly talented Kate is ( her smallest, most mundane efforts are praised to the hilt. Most people wouldn’t even get that recognition).

      And I too like male attention sure, even though I’m married, it doesn’t hurt to know that I’m still considered attractive and desirable. But for someone in Kate’s exalted position, she shouldn’t be so obvious in flirting up a storm and revelling in the admiration. It is unseemly and U decorous in her position. It would be the same if William, the future King, was openly flirting with other females that are not his wife.

        1. And Enjoying It, I want to thank you again for trusting all these strangers on the Internet and sharing your struggles with dyslexia and how it have impacted you. I have a brother on the autism spectrum and also a learning disability, so I have been witness to his struggles too. It is not an easy thing to explain to people and to get people to understand that brains can be wired differently and hence people learn differently and it can impact their lives in so many ways.

          1. Hahah, thank you again for the kindness, but after living through all this posting about it was easier!

            Is your brother high functioning?

    2. Enjoying it, you are brave to post this and I think you should have pride in what you have accomplished and all you are doing. Please don’t think we aren’t here for you. It saddened me when you said you think about suicide, but would not verbalize those words. If you have such thoughts, I urge you to seek professional help.

      You are a very special person and I hope that you don’t put yourself in the category of anyone else. Most of us are disappointed in Kate and worry about her health, too. I think we express frustration, anger and disbelief over much that she shows to the world. We don’t do so out of hatred. Just frustration and hopes that she will grow.

      You also said something interesting concerning the fact that she does not have a solid staff. Many of us have said that in other posts. In the long run, it is William and Kate’s decision as to who to hire and who to fire.

      I am sorry if you feel badly and think many of us are too harsh. What I wish to say once again is that you are a very amazing person and I hope you will realize all you have accomplished and what more you can do. The commenters here are mostly very caring people who reach out to one another during hard times. I hope you will feel you can reach out to us and know we are going to be there for you. I also hope you have others in your immediate surroundings who love and care for you. Please don’t hesitate asking for a hand now and then. We all need to do that. And, if you need to talk to anyone when you are feeling low (a health professional), I hope you will. God bless.

      1. Thank you for your kind words, but since I was in Kate’s place while in school and in the military I can’t just be simply frustrated with her. Does that make sense? What people say about Kate mirrors what they said about me. Also, to me, she looks as if life is being lived around her instead of through her. I totally get the frustration since she is a welfare recipient, but simply due to my own past I have to consider all the possibilities. There’s this actress that I hate for all the reasons why hate gets flack, and I’ll admit that it is harder to be fair with her, but I try to be. I even asked on another forum that she not be put down because if nothing else it made the commentators look bad. That went over like a led cloud, and I had to pull out of that discussion for life. It is frustrating when people in the spotlight misuse their opportunities, but sometimes there are mitigating circumstances. If I’m wrong about Kate then I can live with that, but I couldn’t live with myself if I thought badly of her and there was a serious problem. She looks unwell.

    3. There is no reason to give you flack. You seem to be a fighter, seeing all that you achieved. Others here have gone through a lot, too and nobody will criticise Kate unfairly (ok we can be a bit sarcastic), especially not KMR who has defended her on other blogs if snark got a little out of hand.

      What makes me angry with her is the disconnect between her role, one which she fought for tooth and nail for years, and her lack of acceptance of said role. If she has anxiety issues, I don’t rule it out, she needs help. KP has her say she wants to end the stigma. Well, go ahead then. It would be so helpful for all of us who go through anxiety, depression and other challenges, to know we’re not considered as lesser people. We don’t have to hide.

      As long as they don’t say anything, we have to assume she flunks it on purpose or because she isn’t fit for the role.

      1. I can appreciate everything you said, but for years I wouldn’t admit to any of my issues because they were embarrassing. Now I’m embracing them because they aren’t going away, but I’m not a princess. Most people can’t talk about their issues no matter how plain their lives are, and I do not mean that as an insult. Plain = lack of media attention. I sure hope both Kate and Will improve for their careers’ sake, but I think that the fault is Wills, mostly. He seems not to have many royal standards and he wants that in a wife. So she goes with it. I don’t fault her for wanting the ring, but I think she made herself be what Will would marry. I tried to do that, a bit, in my abusive relationship, so I can see how it can happen. Kate is an enigma.

        1. Enjoying it, we may be more similar than you think. Abusive relationship and all. I absolutely understand what you’re saying, but we tend to give some too much benefit of the doubt. If I take reports that she was a bully, intellectually disinterested and considered herself a puppet master, she may just be what we see. A vain, empty headed scrounger.

          1. I’m having a hard time here.

            Enjoying It, while I do not deny what you’ve gone through, I remember you coming to this blog and chastising both KMR and the people on this blog. It was some months ago. You had a different handle. Your story sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure. It was confirmed when you shared your website/writing further down in this post.

            I would like to know what might have changed?

          2. Rhiannon, what do you mean what changed? I had some questions that KMR answered, so I said I was changing my handle way back then. What are you asking?

          3. Rhiannon, thank you for saying that. I thought the same thing when she shared the link and i remembered who she was, but with a new name. You said what i was thinking.

          4. Enjoying It, I will explain what I meant. You came to the blog in April 7,2016 with the name Baffled. You made several comments that criticized some of the posters here and KMR. Here are a few examples:

            “And I’m talking to everyone here who loves to say unecessary things”

            “Am I missing something? I consider her to be so well dressed. If anyone here in the states cares about her they love her clothes, in general. Are her clothes “awful” beacuse they don’t fit a royal? Unlike many politicians wives she dresses for her body, and looks good. I’d take her wardrobe today, but I’m so glad to be a commoner all of of a sudden. In the pictures of the floral dress she looks better than the rest of those women. I understand the criticisms about her work life, but her wardrobe critiques just feel mean. Her body is excellent, I like the thin look. Whether she’s too thin is objective as the US and UK have higher than normal obesity rates. At any rate she always looks good. I’m glad that William showed her affection”

            All I’m asking is what changed your perspective from then until now?

          5. rhiannon, I remember the last episode as well. I commend you on overcoming your difficulties Enjoying It. However, Kate played a role/game to marry William. There are lots of responsibilities and requirements that come with marrying him. At this point in time I don’t see Kate stepping up her game to embrace her role beyond what she is already doing. William may claim to be “normal” but trust me I have a feeling that if you step out of line regarding protocol, he would let you know in some way. They are both far too wrapped up in the perks that come along with being royal to not be interested in maintaining that lifestyle.

          6. Rhiannon,

            Nothing’s changed. Like I’ve already said I like Kate’s clothes, and still do. I still think people say unnecessary things on here, and one reason why I felt that was was because of my history of people saying things to me without asking why or considering there was a good reason other than me being dumb.

            I’m still not sure why you’re asking what has changed. I said way back then that I didn’t understand all the flack, KMR responded back to me, and I said then that I was changing the name since I wasn’t baffled anymore. I’ve posted that I was changing the name at least three times since. I also said then that I loved the site and was a frequent visitor.

            I’m not sure why you’re having a hard time understanding me. I started out my recent post with “I’m going to get a lot of flack,” because of what happened last time, and I was again defending Kate. It’s just that now I gave my own story to give a reason why I saw Kate in a different light because any defense of the woman makes some irate.

            I still like her clothes, but why bring that up again? It’s petty to me, so I left it alone. I’m also not going to argue against someone else’s personal opinion since that goes nowhere. So I gave my story, enough to explain why I saw Kate differently than some do, and that’s it.

            “And I’m talking to everyone here who loves to say unecessary things”

            Some people do nitpick, and some admit that they do. I’ve already said it once so why say it again? But my goodness did you screenshot the conversation? I need you as my assistant!

            “Am I missing something? I consider her to be so well dressed. If anyone here in the states cares about her they love her clothes, in general. Are her clothes “awful” beacuse they don’t fit a royal? Unlike many politicians wives she dresses for her body, and looks good. I’d take her wardrobe today, but I’m so glad to be a commoner all of of a sudden. In the pictures of the floral dress she looks better than the rest of those women. I understand the criticisms about her work life, but her wardrobe critiques just feel mean. Her body is excellent, I like the thin look. Whether she’s too thin is objective as the US and UK have higher than normal obesity rates. At any rate she always looks good. I’m glad that William showed her affection”

            I asked if I were missing something, and KMR explained some things. So like I’ve said before I changed the name to enjoying it.
            Actually, I just think that you were so offended that I wasn’t saying what others were that you missed why I was so upset the last time. Did you even read my story? Did you get that I have PTSD and that I said I felt like Kate in some ways? So the mean comments, whether validated or not they can be mean (I’ve been mean and was still right so it happens) triggered memories for me. You kind of proved my point when I said that I’ve spent my life being misunderstood and out of place and you’ve just done what all those other people I wrote about did. Accuse without taking the time to consider why. At least I asked if I were missing something in my last post, and then in this recent one, I just wrote about my own struggles so as not to look as though I was accusing anyone else, again. If something doesn’t work why keep doing it? There are a million ways to present the same material, so I chose another route.

            Were you offended? I’m not offended you brought an old conversation to make a point that didn’t exist, but I am having a good laugh about it. If you were offended then why?

            I asked general questions, gave reasons, why and never called anyone out personally except KMR, because this is her site, and guess what? She considered what I said. But if I ever need another transcript for something I’ll know where to look.

          7. “But my goodness did you screenshot the conversation? I need you as my assistant!”

            “Were you offended? I’m not offended you brought an old conversation to make a point that didn’t exist, but I am having a good laugh about it. If you were offended then why? ”

            “But if I ever need another transcript for something I’ll know where to look.”

            Wow…catty at it’s best. I’m sure you’ve gotten a few hits on your blog from this latest outing. Pretty sure that’s what you were looking for in the first place.

            KMR if I’m out of line please delete my reply. But it’s just too obvious for me.

          8. Oh and goodness, you made me work today. I am dyslexic, and I’m still not sure why you’re confused, so It was like pulling teeth to come up with that answer that I hoped answer your question. I’m used to not being understood, though, so if you don’t get it, this time, I’m done. Writing is not easy for me, and I write a lot, so I’m not going to spend time in a written conversation that will go nowhere.

          9. Lisa,

            My blog is about abused women, and both times I gave my address was because someone else said something. First to show that I wasn’t hiding behind anonymity and second because Anon asked about my books. How was I any cattier than anyone else? I’m dyslexic!!!!! Reading and finding things are hard for me, so yeah I’d love an assistant that can find things easily. I’m so unorganised, but better since the Navy. That’s all.

        2. I simply asked you a question based on your previous stance and now. I brought examples to illustrate it.

          Please do not put words in my mouth. I’m neither offended nor upset. Just asked a question. I do take umbrage in your response back to me. While your intent of your response was to provide further detail, it’s impact was rather insulting. Rather than assuming one’s feelings, it’s better to ask, as I asked of you. I know that words can be misinterpreted on the internet. That is why I asked a simple question.

          At this point, I’m not going to engage this thread. Wishing you a beautiful day.

          1. Rhiannon,

            I’m dyslexic, which means I can’t read well. I’ve been so clear about that, but now you’re offended that I misunderstood you? But again another example of my life, and why I feel for Kate.

            I keep saying I’m not understanding you, and I hope I’m answering the question. And , no this shouldn’t bother me since we don’t know each other, but it does simply because I’m always misunderstood or am missing something. That’s why I think Kate is not what she appears to be. I really see anxiety in her life.

          2. I think this comes down to the internet and how text can sometimes convey the wrong message, tone, etc.

            You have said countless times that you are dyslexic and misunderstood. We hear you. And it is absolutely horrible! It isn’t easy to live that way and no one should ever feel like that. So please don’t take this the wrong way, but now it’s sounding like you’re using that as an excuse for what you think other people perceive as wrong with you. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” You’re not going to like everyone. And not everyone is going to like you. And you can’t go through life that way. I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve told us you’re dyslexic in this comment thread. I’m dyslexic too, but you don’t see me using it as an excuse. I have a very similar upbringing to Kate. But you don’t see me acting like a lazy and entitled brat. I have anxiety. I’ve had depression. But I’m not sitting in a corner cowering in fear. I know what my issues are and face them head on. And I am way proud of everything I have accomplished despite the issues I’ve had to deal with. I’m also sure every other individual who has commented here has had some sort of issue at one point or another or ongoing in their life. But at no point do you see them using “but I have *insert issue*. You can’t be mean to me.” Everyone has issues. Kate included. The thing is, most, if not all, of us here are frustrated with Kate NOT dealing with her issues and just walking around like “I’m miss perfect”. No one is perfect. She is the future queen consort. She is supposed to be a role model. The way she’s acting now is not something to inspire to.

          3. Does it look as though I’m hiding behind my issues? That upsets me, not that you said that but because my issues are the reason for this particular thread. So I keep saying I’m dyslexic to make the point that it seemed to be missed. My entire history of being miosunderstood on here is due to something that a few didn’t seem to get, that’s all. I did admit earlier that I can be mean, so I’m not afraid of people being mean to me. I gave out my address thinking I might get personal hate mail, but I can take it. Obviously, I can take a lot, but I really hate being misunderstood which brings me back to my original post for this thread. I think that there are other things going on with Kate than simple entitlement, meaning entitlement may be an issue, but it’s not the only issue.

            I’ll be honest, and I’m only being honest not playing the victim (But that’s why people don’t admit their issues. If Kate was dealing with anxiety and she told it, I bet a lot of people would give her flack for not getting over it fast enough. I read an article about Princess Mary and in the comments, she got flack for marrying well. All her husband did was be born, so what’s the difference?)

            I mentioned before that I struggle with PTSD from an abusive relationship, so I am extra defensive. Something I frequently admit to on my blog. (Just a mention, not an advertisement.)

            My mental illnesses color everything I do, not to be a victim, but people deal in different ways. Hon, I’m used to flack and “people being mean” so if I were afraid of it I’d just cower in a corner!

            I tried to explain myself better this time, but the same thing happened. Once people see your mental illness they’ll only see you as that without understanding that it’s a condition, not a character flaw.

            Criticize my work, trust me as a writer that has happened a lot, but being misunderstood really hurts. Call me a *****, but don’t say I’m playing the victim when I’m only trying to explain myself. Those others kept missing what the problem was so I was wrong in restating it. I was wrong the first time when I took up for Kate, and I’m wrong now for admitting some things. I’m not complaining about being attacked or anything, just trying to be clear on some things.

          4. I don’t think it’s that they missed it. They heard you the first time. You just keep bringing it up like it’s the be all, end all for the entire discussion. At least that’s the impression I get. You’ve been misunderstood a lot in life so far. And sorry to say, but you’re going to continue being misunderstood in life. I’m not being mean. It’s just a fact of life. Everyone is different. Everyone has different personalities. While one person may understand you to the very being of your soul, another person might not. It’s almost a useless battle to try to make everyone like and understand you. I know some people don’t understand me or how/why I do/feel things. I certainly don’t expect them to. I figured it out early that if you like me for me, awesome. If you don’t, oh well. I can’t win them all. And yes, I’m confident, but that was after being bullied all through elementary school. Trust me, I get it.

            I have nothing against mental illness. I work in a field where PTSD is a very likely outcome. I have mental illness of my own. Everyone does to a certain degree. And of course it will colour what you do and how you act. It’s who you are. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But again, you’re using it to say “why don’t people like me? Why don’t you understand?”. And that’s playing the victim. Have you ever considered that maybe we have heard/read what you said and it just isn’t a concern/we don’t care? And repeatedly bringing it up isn’t going to help the situation. Like I already said, not everyone is going to like everyone. Not everyone is going to care. Why do you think there are wars? Why do you think there fights? It’s because people are all different and don’t all agree. So who cares about what people think? It just so happens that the individuals who comment on this blog have at least 1 thing in common and that’s our mutual frustrations with a future queen consort who can’t seem to get her crap together.

            If it helps you to write it all out, awesome. I think writing is a great therapy tool. If you want to scream about it at the top of your lungs, that’s cool too. You need to do what works for you. But don’t let that become the only thing you’re known for. Sure, Kate may have anxiety or depression or any other mental health issue. And sure, she might be doing something about it behind closed doors, but the facade that she shows the world is one of a very entitled brat who thinks she’s the sh*t. She lives a pampered life. And I’m sure that while there will be some who use it against her, she may actually benefit from being open about whatever her issues are. But that’s all beside the point. As a future queen consort, she’s a terrible role model. She needs to step up her game.

          5. Miss K,

            I’m not using it as anything. I brought it up to show why I saw Kate in a different light. Not playing the victim, only frustrated. I will say that my original first post as baffled did come across as condescending. I can see that that’s why I posted my own stuff here this time, but that still backfired. So what can I say?

            However I feel about Kate, though, I can’t argue that she’s not the best role model. Although like I already mentioned, Some even think that Princess Mary is a terrible role model because she married well. So I’ll say this again that women have it hard.

            We have it hard because of other women more than men, though. When I was in the military it was the women who gave me a rough time. The men were easier because they’re straightforward. Being sexually harassed was easier than dealing with the women. I’d tell the guy off, and that was the end of it. The women smiled in your face, acted offended over everything, and then did as much as they could behind closed doors. The men were at least forthright.

            There’s an actress that I despise like people here hate on Kate, for very similar reasons. She’s famous ONLY for dating a famous actor, so on his forum, his fans just tear her down. Here’s the thing, though, I don’t let myself hate on her clothes, her hair, or too much that doesn’t involve him. I don’t scream about him being misled on the internet , like his other fans, nor do I take screenshots of everything she does, like they do. She’s something that I won’t say here, but for whatever reason he chose her. So I said that on the forum, some agreed but said that the GF started the fight, and some just went off on me then got so huffy they stopped speaking! So I just excused myself out and have never posted again.

            The huge difference, of course, is that the GF is not royalty, so I get the frustration. This is why our forefathers said absolutely not to the US having a monarch.

            If all Kate wanted was to be married to a rich man, then she was at least successful. People here pretty much dislike William as much so there’s no unfairness going on.

            I grew up really poor so I’m used to seeing poor women chasing men and then taking care of them and their child support that they owe to other women. Those situations are what’s really pitiful. At least Kate got a man who she personally is not financially responsible for. Yes, that’s a low standard, and it’s not my personal standard, but Kate got what she wanted.

            Anyway, I’m out. This thread went so far south that I’m just going to unsubscribe to KMR. Anything I say after this will come across as really wrong, and I’m not trying to hide who I am. Thanks for the conversations. I’m putting some of this into the new book!

        3. Enjoying it, you obviously have some history with this blog- good catch Rhiannon. We’re pretty protective of this site, if you want to contribute please refrain from being garrulous and condescending.

          It’s a critical review of Kate Middleton. That is the entire concept. Not a critical review of people’s comments. If you want a good debate or to show a different opinion we are cool with that. This may not be the place for you and others if you can’t reconcile yourselves to the basic premise of the KMR blog.

    4. Enjoying It, glad you wrote something that has been in my head for a while now. I too, keep reading all the sugar comments and critique about Kate and can’t help but compare her to my own situation. I’ve been married a good ten years into an influential family, and come from a middle class background, and am not of my husband’s social standing or family cast. My husband and I knew of each other during high school and had similar friends but never really hung out together. When at university though, by chance we began to talk over email and a long distance relationship began, and six years later, we got married. A lot of opposition was involved to make it happen, both from his side and mine, and I was pretty much labelled as too dull for him and his family, despite having a college degree. Throughout the time the marriage talks went on, I was not able to keep a proper job, simply because his side thought themselves too aristocratic to marry their son to someone who worked for a living. I therefore, did contractual, consulting jobs in between, but never a full time office job, despite having several offers.

      After the wedding, I was headlong thrust into an environment that was a complete 360 of what I had been used to. I had to learn to behave in a traditional household, act submissive, wear formal attire with lots of bling (not an easy task to learn if you’re not born into it), and deal with tons of in-law politics. Nothing in my nuclear family, middle class upbringing had prepared me for this. My husband is the only son but in terms of putting his foot down regarding his family, his options were always limited. It took me a good ten years to gain some standing within the family, and it has been a constant struggle. On the outward, I look like a pampered daughter in law who bagged quite a catch, but no-one is privy to the internal politics and scheming that I deal with on a constant basis. It is a battle in which one constantly has to remind oneself to stay strong. Although, I am now on top of my game, it has taken a good decade of consistent hard work to get there. I have had numerous instances of blurting the wrong sentence out, which was not due to my dumbness, but rather the strangeness of my surroundings and the constant pressure of being the outsider. I was harshly critiqued, judged, ridiculed even, and only whe I managed to detach myself and find my own niche was I able to stand apart and shine in my own right.

      The point of the entire long essay therefore, is that when I look back at my own struggle, I find it easy to place Kate in my situation and think, hmm, maybe she’s just not found her niche yet. Being a prince’s wife comes with the baggage of having to appear almost perfect, add to that the legacy of a mother in law, and well maybe, Kate just needs to detach herself from all that and find what she does best. And speaking from experience, when you’re in a traditional close knit family atmosphere, it is a hard thing to stay within the defined circles and be able to create something just for yourself. I will give Kate a little more time, I think, before I begin judging her to be lazy. I have been in that situation and know what it feels like to know that you’re worth it inside, but having people around you sneer and be mean. It breaks you down, and you get to learn how to walk all over again.

      Maybe I’m delving too much into myself here, but just had to put this out there, been circling in my head for a while! (Oh and the calculating mother in law, well, let me just say, that is a whole other essay to write on)!

      1. You sound just like me!!! I didn’t marry well, but I’ve felt out of place in just about every arena in my life. I’ve had to detach myself well to find my niche. I understand how you feel. Marrying into another family is so hard, especially if that family is considered “better” than you. I have blurted out so many pithy and “vapid” things from anxiety even though I read a lot of various subjects. People do not understand how a lack of comfort and familiarity feels or to have the spotlight on you.

        I admire you though for not giving up.

      2. And you sound like the heroine of my first series. I’m writing the third book in it right now, and her mother-n-law has finally accepted her after 8 years of not speaking to her own son. These things happen.

        1. Thank you for getting my whole diatribe! And hey, kudos to you as well for staying strong. It takes someone special to go through all that life hurls at you and still stand. There’s one religious quote that really hits me in all this: “God does not burden a soul greater than it can bear”. Maybe we are just made of thicker metal! What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?
          By the way, can I know the name of your books/series? Would love to read them! (Especially this third one, cause my MIL does not seem like she might give up anytime soon)!! :))

          1. Hon, women like us have to stick together, and I love that quote!

            Here’s the link to my website. The first book is going through the last round of edits but I have some sneak peaks up. Join the mailing list and you’ll get info when the book is published. I also write a blog about my struggles, if you’re interested.


      3. Anon, thanks for sharing your story. Your story actually is very similar to Kate’s and made me rethink a few things about her. It was interesting hearing about the struggle from middle class to more aristocratic family and the adjustment that took on you. So thank you. You really have made me rethink a few things with Kate.

    5. But Kate is vapid and dumb. It’s sad, but she just /is/. No amount of expensive education can hide that with the gems and the comments from people. Courtiers have been recorded as saying she’s uninterested in anything, never reads a book; professors said she was unremarkable and never had interesting thoughts; her cousin said she has a hard time being interested unless it’s about her.

      You have way too much going for you to compare yourself to Kate! So, so impressive. Kudos to you. No, seriously, I’m not being facetious, it’s true! 🙂

      1. Thanks, Ellie, but people who knew me in the military and in school would say I was as bad as Kate simply because they watched me mess up rudimentary tasks over and over. Even still my “slow” brain makes me want to cry. Actually, in Kate’s case, I really hope I’m totally wrong. At least then the bad press wouldn’t kill her!

        1. I’m the same way. People say something is easy and I’m like, “Errr, what are you talking about? No way this is easy!” I guess I’m bad at following directions. I can do it if I read it, but being told something just doesn’t work so well.

    6. But she is calculating. She planned her gap year around William’s, hoping to run into him. She changed her University after finding out where Will was going. She picked the same major as him. She changed the skirt to a see through dress in order to get William’s attention. She slept with him while he dated another girl that wouldn’t sleep with him. She once again used her body to win him back when they broke up. She was a guard dog around him when other women were around. She adjusted her whole life to win William and the title. That is very calculating and far more than the normal woman. There is a reason women don’t like her and it has nothing to do with her looks.

      I agree that Diana was very calculating. But so is Kate, the difference is Diana’s was after the divorce, Kate’s was before marriage and now current (she manipulates the press like Diana). I think calculating and manipulation are a bad thing. A little bit can help you get ahead, but Kate’s whole life was centered around William. To me calculation=manipulation, which is not an attribution I like in people, because you never know if they are just using you for their gain or doing something behind your back in order to better them. They are harder to trust.

      Also, you tried to better yourself and grown. Kate hasn’t. Her whole goal was the ring and that is it. She hasn’t tried to grow and involve herself in something. Which isn’t surprising because her lack of work in her 20’s shows she doesn’t care about extending herself. So, i have to say you and Kate are very different people. I don’t see any similarity.

      One more thing, you said Kate speaks French. She spoke the same or similar 3 sentences to children. That is not speaking the language. That is just memorizing a few sentences for kids. And we never really know how good or bad at something Kate is since the press only reports the praising comments. For all we know, Kate was terrible and the kid’s were told to praise her. Kate is babied-Harry isn’t, so people say good and bad things about him. Such as at the Head’s Together event involving boxing. The boxer praised Kate’s form and not Will/Harry and said how much Kate got into it and how it is obvious she has boxed before. Well, watching the video disproves all he said about her. Thus proving these people are either told to praise her or do it because Kate can’t handle criticism. So i take those comments with a grain of salt since all they do is praise Kate, yet are more realistic to Will and Harry. There is more to her story, but so far she seems very manipulative and shallow.

      1. Yeah, I can see your point, and I won’t argue against it. But I will try to clear up what I meant by calculating. In personal life, it’s a really bad thing, but for a media personality, it’s a good trait to have. The press would eat up a naive person, so I don’t think Kate is that, but I’d call her more aggressive than calculating. Aggressive women look bad, but they tend to get what they want. Calculating women tend to get what they want, but they at least know how to look good while doing it. If Kate is putting on a show then she’s not really doing any kind of facade building.

        She doesn’t really play the ingenue well either if she were going for that. I don’t see the child as much as I see someone who isn’t that sophisticated, and compared to the other European Royal women she is lacking. I can totally see that, but for whatever reason, the US press caters to the BRF and ignores the rest. The Swedes are my favorite all around, but they get no press here. So Kate is great, for what we want her to be. Clothes and hair.

        I say it like that because I think that we over here are allowed to overlook too easily what the royal family is and is not. They are only celebrities to us, so Kate gets pass after pass in the press. Then there’s the Diana legacy and such. I’ve noticed that people want easy on the eyes in this post 9/11 world.

        I am sorry that Kate isn’t using her position for more, but I do think there’s something not right going on there. Aggressive or calculating doesn’t mitigate anxiety, and I really think this role has been a lot of anxious days for her.

      2. And I bet there were countless other girls doing the same as Kate to get to William, but she got him, initially. Usually, I ‘d say that men are slow, not stupid, but generally simpler than women, but William looks like the calculating one. He married her stable family more so than her. She had that family bond that he wanted. Her “calculations” probably weren’t what did it.

    7. Enjoying it , I am writing to you to praise your efforts in getting over your difficulties in life , and just like red tulip and the rest of the ladies said here , you cannot compare yourself and your achievements to Kate’s , learning arabic and french is not easy , I am a native arabic speaker and still reading old arabic scripts seems like a foreign language , I also speak french , not as well as english but I learned it when I was young at school which made it easy for me , so way to go with all your efforts , and we all love fashion and attention but know our limits , that’s why I say Diana could have enjoyed the attention of all the world without doing anything but despite all her faults she enjoyed this aspect of bringing joy to other people just by being there , let alone really breaking the rules to be a human by supporting aids victims when no one would get near them and tackling landmines a problem of poor fighting countries nobody was aware of . You seem to be convinced of Kate which is your opinion , but as an independent woman , I hate to see young girls being affected by Kate and prefer to sit and wait for the husband and we all know men are not always the solution even if they were princes , and encouraging girls not to achieve anything and be staying at home mom relying on their husbands is against what women worked for and achieved in 100 years , again I know that children especially nowadays need their parents’ whole attention but you have to achieve something for your own good and your children’s by participating in anything whether it’s a job or charity , which is something Kate is not doing despite having nannies and other people who help her and despite the fact that she has few charities who would really be thrilled if they see her , she wants to be miss perfect appearance wise who doesn’t want to work for something that she waited for for 10 years , thus helping in nourishing an already shallow selfish and self centered generation . Can you compare her work ethics to the queen, who at 90, was in Scotland today ?

      1. I see what you mean from that perspective. I think anyone in the spotlight should try to be a role model, so I agree with you on that, and thanks for the kind words!

    8. Enjoying it, Yes I am listening to you, and Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I don’t ignore anyone on this site and I read your post twice. Have a great day.

  21. OT: there’s still no news on whether Kate will attend Wimbledon next week or about her supposed patronage. But there’s one thing for certain, we’ll never see KP issue a statement saying we shouldn’t expect her to attend every year. LOL. Only the pending birth of baby will keep her away from the Royal Box at the All England Club!

  22. Kate’s look today makes me confused, it’s not place in reality, it is a costume fit for a theatre. If you imagine some more fabric in the back to build up rear assets it will look like 19th century dress. Base on her body language she thinks she nailed it, but unfortunately she sticks out like she came from a different era. She looks ridiculous. The pieces by itself are not badly executed, there is some quality in it but choice of fabric texture and design is …distracting, the color of dirty cloth. Peter pan collar is an attempt again to whitewash her party girl image and present her as an innocent and improved person. In the picture where she is standing by William she takes the “signature” side look, her invitation to the photographers to take her picture(she did it on her wedding day when she took a look to the side before entering the cathedral). I wonder if anybody else notice this with her.

    1. Over the last few years, I find her choices of clothing style interesting. As previously mentioned in the comments, the choice of juvenile style elements is curious because they are often paired with form fitting skirts and very fitted bodice. Is this her idea of modest or proper dress? Comparing to other Euro royals, she has a shallow pool of styles and is prone to choosing the same things multiple times with only the color to distinguish the outfit. A stylist would help but if she’s not willing to abandon her only two public styles, the childish modest mode and the flirty flashy full skirt mode, then there is nothing to move her forward into a more appropriate and maturing style. More fun for the paps, more gossip for blogs.

    2. Hi Ale: I noticed the side look on her wedding day, as she was about to enter the Abbey. At that moment, I thought to myself that brides do not normally do that, and it was an open invitation for the photographers. The on the side pose emphasizes her awful posture, rounded, bent shoulders and neck jutting forward. Her deportment is dreadful.

    3. Ale, I remember that side look. It wasn’t just a look, she stopped and posed for the photographers. When I saw that I thought it may have been planned to give them a good photo of the bride, but who knows, she could have just been thanking them for helping to get Big Blue on her finger.

  23. Just on it’s own and not considering the occasion, I actually love this dress. She has better hats that would have suited, this one is a bit whimsical. I just have to laugh and shake my head at how much our girl is spending on clothes. I would love an unlimited budget, but not if I was (rightly) being called to account with every purchase. Wouldn’t want her life if it was handed to me on a silver platter, by the looks of her lately, it’s becoming a tough go.

    Another thing, the trio seems to be inseparable. A new KP mandate? Strength in numbers? Probably not a bad thing in the long run, if the Cambs hitch their cart to Harry. He can only take them farther than they’d get on their own.

    1. Ray, I do concur about the dress. It just doesn’t fit the occasion. However, I would wear the exact style of the dress including the peter pan collar but in a different colour. The skirt length and contour is just perfect.

    2. If Harry was still garnering the terrible headlines, the other two wouldn’t associate with him.

      When they started pulling him into areas he had not shown prior interest back when William was getting flack for going hunting when he was about to chair a conference on the same topic.

      When the foundation was first put together, the idea was that it would be the 2 princes as a double act. That wasn’t acted upon because Harry was still garnaring negative headlines.

      Then William married Kate and she was added to the masthead.

      The mooted double act became WK except for that one year when Kate tried being solo in a bid to prove that she wasn’t lazy.

      As Harry became more popular and the other 2 became unpopular, they’ve hitched their wagon to Harry’s star, but you know, if he should ever become unpopular, they will ditch him so fadt he won’t know what hit him.

      1. WK are a calculating duo: no surprise. Individually and as a couple, they are deeply unpleasant people. I hope Harry – should he actually see the pattern established – can steer his course away from them, or at least that an advisor, such as ELF, has his back.

        For this occasion, only the brothers need to have attended; Kate’s presence was superfluous. She clearly has little empathy for others, or such serious occasions so is better left at home.

      2. I want Harry to split off his own foundation now, long before he gets married. His loyalty to the institution of monarchy (in spite of his brother’s many failings) will be his personal downfall.

        He needs to build a solid body of charity work that will stand alone. One day, the split from William might come and he’ll need that work to continue with or without “the monarch’s” approval.

    3. @Ray: “I just have to laugh and shake my head at how much our girl is spending on clothes.”

      This is something that grind my gears, and it’s not that I’m jealous, but because I know that there are millions of people all over the world who have to work at 2 jobs to take care of their families. The money waity spends on one dress is what a guy with a masters degree in India earns in 12 months.

      I think Prince Charles and/or the Queen should just accommodate Kate and let her remain at home, especially since she keeps hammering across that she wants a normal lifestyle for herself and the kids, and be a hands-on parent. That decision will definitely save PC $1 million. Waity would not have any need to buy expensive clothes and jewelry for her 35 minutes of work once or twice per week. I doubt that she has to account for her purchases, unless she exceeds her limit. And, let’s not forget the hefty bills for helicopter rides between Norfolk and London. I’ve mentioned previously that her thought processes appear to me as passive aggressive, to wit, “If they want me to work then they’ll just have to pay monetarily.

      “Probably not a bad thing in the long run, if the Cambs hitch their cart to Harry. He can only take them farther than they’d get on their own.”

      I agree with you on Harry being joined up with W&K as a good thing in the long run. Harry is the *star* on such occasions and his admirerers will most decidedly pay more attention to what he does. They’ll probably use him and then discard him when they’ve achieved their goal. Additionally, I don’t think William has any great love for Harry and Kate likes to have him around to flirt with and be noticed. Whenever she sees the photographers she ups her wide-open mouthed look to give the impression that she and Harry are great pals and that she’s having a wonderful time. Kate may not be intelligent but she is definitely calculating.

  24. I meant to add that the “ghost soldiers” completely undid me. Had I been there to witness, I wouldn’t have been able to hold back the tears in public. What a poignant and moving way of reminding people of the sacrifice our great greats made to ensure our freedoms.

  25. Please reflect also about millions who perished under British Empire and have no graves to mark them.

  26. I can’t believe i am going to say this, but i think Kate should go back to fake tanning. Not the orange that Pippa likes, but a light golden tan. She needs some color. Her skin looked so much better with a little color and hides some of the aging/smoking/dieting.

    I actually like this dress-minus the peter pan collar. I think she should wear more pencil skirts and bonus, no fly ups. I like this dress……but not for this occasion. I find it odd that she chose this color and chose 2 new expensive dresses/coats in France, when this ceremony was not about her. This would have been the time to repeat and with British designers.

    I think this coat would have been good, but with a different hat:

    1. I don’t understand the appeal of the fascinator type hat on anyone. To me, the wearer always looks like she is trying to balance a ball on her head. I prefer Camilla’s choice of wide brimmed hat.

  27. I have seen other articles today about Kate’s relatives and what they did during WWI. I think it was in the telegraph. Interesting that her presence at these events needed to be validated by these articles. It is an attempt to make it look like she could give a **** about the Somme.

    1. She accomplishes nothing, so they have to keep reaching back in history and saying, “But look, her grandmother was a secretary at the code breaking center. She had a relative who was in WWI” etc.

  28. I don’t dislike the idea of black with a lace overlay – I think it’s quite appropriate and ‘French.’ Good thing the lace is made by such an impeccable ‘house’ – it could have ended up looking like a bad table cloth. That said, there is A LOT going on here – the Peter Pan collar sucks the sophistication out of the dress; combined with the peplum and puffed sleeves, it’s just too much. Also, couldn’t the designer have scalloped the underlay to match the lace? It’s a minor detail, but for what I’m sure was a crazy expensive dress, just do it already. The group picture does make it appear like the dress is perfect camouflage for the gravel! Her head appears to be floating.

    Could she please cut out the damned ridiculous facial expressions? I know the pics capture a very brief moment in time, but she knows there are cameras constantly, just cut it the hell out and be respectful. That and the Marilyn moments too.

    1. LOL……..I just read your comment after I posted mine below. The dress DOES LOOK LIKE A BAD TABLECLOTH. I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

      Kate has regressed. I hope she can get her $hit together sooner rather than later. First thing she needs to do is sack her so-called stylist, her hairdresser, and hire some professionals, including make-up expert. And also spend more time getting up-to-speed with the issues at hand. In her role, she should not be just parading expensive frocks. She needs to make intelligent commentary, make speeches, act like a professional woman. Geez, I am impatient with her to the point of DISGUST.

  29. This is an interesting piece from the BBC showing the scars on the land 100 years later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4e6viF4b5Y
    I hope more of the ceremony shows up on YouTube.

    I did giggle at CamoKate on the gravel. Judging by what others were wearing, Kate was not dressed appropriately IMO. Perhaps Camilla thought the same? https://67.media.tumblr.com/730abe650bab111c39eab7aec3e6d346/tumblr_o9neaiUGqw1ssue4ho2_400.gif

    My favorite royal, Princess Anne, was in Newfoundland [KMR posted the photo of Charles, Camilla, and the Gloucesters at the Beaumont-Hamel memorial in France above – can’t miss the moose]. In 1916, Newfoundland was a British Dominion like Australia and New Zealand, not a part of Canada. 801 soldiers from the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, of which the Princess Royal is Colonel-in-Chief, fought on the first day in Beaumont-Hamel. The next morning, only 68 could answer roll call.

    In Newfoundland, the morning of July 1 is Memorial Day. They don’t celebrate Canada Day until the afternoon. http://globalnews.ca/news/2793683/a-loss-of-innocence-newfoundland-marks-100-years-since-the-somme/

    And I couldn’t find one decent picture of Princess Anne there. The lady gets no respect from the media…

    If you are interested, this is a good documentary “Turning Points of History: Newfoundland at the Somme”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0exjb7zp53M

  30. Kate demonstrates once again that she hasn’t learned a thing since joining the Royal Family. I cringe at the thought of her being Queen Consort because right now it is obvious to me that this is just beyond her scope. She isn’t cut out for that role. These outward faux pas that she has made, including wearing a lace tablecloth to a memorial service, but also the dead look in her eyes. She knows she doesn’t have what it takes and is trying to fake it. The only thing holding her back is HERSELF. If she had a moral compass and some drive, she would get her rear in gear and get moving. Get off the treadmill Kate and do some real work – including educating yourself about cultural situations, memorial situations, issues with true meaning to the betterment of society. Stop being a damned mannequin. So sick of this numbskull…………

    1. I like this princess a lot, but even she got flack in the comments section. Some people are never satisfied. The woman is doing a good job, and she’s called bad names!

    2. Thanks for the link Lauri. Now THAT is a Vogue cover. And i love that the photos inside are of the family. William would never allow that. And it sounds like she actually spoke in the magazine and didn’t just do photos like Kate.

  31. The heavy heavy losses are simply staggering. Kate really doesn’t seem to be able to compose her expressions. She seems so coy in her behaviour. She reminds me of Wallis Simpson here.

  32. I think it’s safe to say that Kate has 3 words in her vocabulary: keen, emotional, impressive. Am I missing any other ones? What a tool!

    When I first saw pictures, I thought she had gone to her grandma’s house, took the fabric off the couch and turned it into a dress. Peplum… lace… Peter Pan Collar… Clearly she likes these 3 design elements. But girl, you don’t put all 3 together in one thing! You have 1 so you can highlight it! She really has zero clue.

    I don’t get the Peter Pan collar. It’s not very flattering. But I do find it fitting for her seeing as she basically has Peter Pan syndrome. A person who’s emotional life has basically stalled. She wants the freedom that the money brings, but she’s stuck within the limits of having to perform royal duties. That’s probably why she’s so unhappy and looks dead inside. She would’ve been better off marrying just some rich guy.

    There’s a picture of her from the side and she looks pregnant. But I think it has more to do with her horrible posture. She’s hunched over but she also sticks her hips out so she looks like she’s got a belly. I don’t care how big or small you are. You need to wear the right size and stand properly. Get over your insecurity and vanity of wanting to be a certain size and embrace your true size. You’ll look 100x better!

    Are the Gianvito Rossi pumps her new Sledges? I get that if you like something, sometimes you buy a few of them. I’ve done it with camisoles. But shoes? The same shirt? I just don’t understand how this women buys the exact same crap all the time!

    1. I would assume a fourth – “oh” – for when she’s really on her game. I think you articulated the symbolism of the Peter Pan collar perfectly.

      she folds herself into a question mark when her posture is really at a low, creating the look of a baby bump. is it possible that on top of posture issues, she likes generating rumors of pregnancy?

      I was looking at her father at Wimbledon the other day. while he seems to have fine posture his neck seemS to naturally Crain forward. she has a similar issue so some of it may be genetic, but like I said, his overall posture seemS fine.

    2. Miss K i know the picture you are talking about! I thought the same thing, but it is because she pushes her stomach out when she stands. She doesn’t stand up straight but rather pushes her pelvis forward. It drives me nuts, as I’m sure it does Lauri as well :). Btw, she is so skinny she has to push her pelvis out a lot to create a bump. That can’t be comfortable.

  33. When I look at those photos I think she’s saying to herself, ‘I look hot don’t I? Ok, wistful face now, not sad, that’s a downer, just a bit wistful, but flirty too. When can we go?! I’m tired from my severe calorie restricting’

  34. I didn’t have Internet and woahh many comments!!!! I don’t have the time now to read all the comments so I just give my opinion so sorry for the repeats.

    The first day I didn’t like so much her clothes (her coat looks identic to another coat) but it was appropriate for the events so a win. I don’t like the dress : the shoulders, the lace… but what I hate the most is the color : it is a memorial, you wear dark blue or dark clothes it is simple. So I don’t know if she chooses her clothes or if someone of her staff choose them, but it is not very difficult to know that. I think that some of her clothes ages her. I read somewhere that she laughs during the ceremony, I don’t know if it is true or not, but if it is true, it is hopeless.

    Personaly I don’t see her like a modernizing force of the monarchy : I see an article speaking of that, I see French observator royal saying that. For me, contrary to other females royal she looks traditionnal but I wonder if the british monarchy is less modern than other European monarchy.

    I hear that the Queen will visit the @EastAngliAirAmb Cambridge Base on 13th July to open the Egerton-Smith Centre, so William’s work : hmm….

    Love hearing about learning languages in other countries : In France we learn two languages (English + another (Spanish, Italian, German) and we have the possibility later to learn a three language (Chinese, Russian…. language depending of the school).

    1. It would be interesting to see how much of that is actually going to find its way to EACH. Did the hosts actually pay for everything else or will expenses be deducted?

      As for Harry, they can’t let him outshine William and Kate. If it were either of them it would already be on the CC.

      1. I understand your concern, Lisa. I’d imagine that chefs donated their time and expertise – well, I hope so! The article Clem so kindly linked to said that most of the produce came from the estate of the hosts, and again, let’s hope it was donated too. As for everything else, again, I hope organisations donated or lent whatever was needed.

    2. Kate probably spends that much in clothes each year and then when you tack on all her other expenses such as travel, home and security is she really worth it? I wonder how much she raises for her charities each year?

  35. I looked after a friend’s children last night while the parents went to dinner.

    While there I was looking at this post when the children joined me…
    Miss 9 (looking at Kate in her lace outfit) “She looks nice, is she going to a party”
    Me : “No she is at a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of a battle where lots of men died”
    Miss 9: “Like a funeral?”
    Me: “yep”
    Miss 11: “So why is she dressed like she is going to a party?”
    Me: no answer
    That was when I showed the girls the photos from the day before, their response?
    “She looks like she doesn’t want to be there”

    If Kate doesn’t want to attend then perhaps she shouldn’t go as I feel her presence takes away from the occasion and it then becomes all about Kate.

    1. Wow! A 9 year old gets it, but a 34 year old doesn’t!!! That says a lot that a child picks up on Kate’s attitude and even knows she should have dressed differently. Ahhh from the mouth of babes :).

    2. Hi, Cathy. I went away for the July 4 weekend and am late coming to this blog. I loved what the kids said. So very true. Thanks for such an astute comment. Hope you are well!!!

      Kate’s dress was a terrible choice. That hat? She really likes to make everything about her, doesn’t she?

      The men who lost their lives deserve to be remembered and thanked with major respect.

      I’m tired, frankly, of the shallowness of Kate Middleton. I will call her that until she starts and continues to act like a Duchess. She is not someone who is a good model for little girls in any way.

    1. Thanks Cathy!!! I love America’s birthday. There are fireworks going off all weekend right now :). Happy Independence Day to everyone!

      1. @Overit, Happy Fourth to you also. I’m looking forward to watching the celebrations tonight on TV. The TV shows are always beautiful to watch. It’s occasions such as these that makes me grateful and proud to be an American.

        @Miss K: Let’s not forget “interesting”. She said that when she was in India. It was in reply to being told that some of the kids were being mutilated so that they could become beggars. Her reply was “interesting”.

        Kate, IMO, seems to think that she’s some sort of a model, but has things in reverse. If you look at models on the runway, they are schooled to suck in their abdomen and push their butts out. Also, their shoulders are squared, backs straight/upright and boobs pushed forward.
        Look at her posture in the first picture of this article. She has a bored expression as though she is being forced to be there, and cannot fathom the significance of the occasion. There’s another picture of her walking past one of the staff, she was smiling. It’s a very solemn occasion, but somehow waity thinks otherwise. Also, in that picture, she is walking with boths hands on her clutch bag below her abdomen. I’d like to know the significance of why she holds her clutch bag in that manner. Looking at her, one’s eyes are automatically drawn to the position of the bag.

        It’s unfortunate that waity is so very narcissistic. She butchered that lace dress. Lace, is in itself a very delicate but fussy type of material. I can honestly state that her dress is the first I’ve even seen with a Peter Pan collar. Usually, lace dresses and/or tops do not have collars and have boat necklines. The slit at the back of the skirt looks misshapen due to her long strides. Sad to say, but Kate does not know how to walk like a lady. It’s such a shame to waste so much money on that dress. If memory serves me correctly, I think she has a D&G black lace dress. That dress would be perfect for the occasion. For waity, every occasion boils down to a dress parade and it’s all about her.

        1. I think Birdy made a reference to the situation in Scotland (volonty to stay in EU and to be independant from UK), and maybe to Northern Ireland (maybe a reunification with Ireland).

        2. Yes sorry, not being political, just that the Out campaigners said June 23rd was our independence Day. Those people have all now resigned so I guess we won’t be celebrating any time soon!

    2. thank you so much! we went out on a boat last night to watch fireworks from a beach town. it is one of my favorite holidays. I appreciate the thoughts!

  36. Tired of these STIPID hats that look like the wind ALREADY blew them up. (Clearly thet is where the entire trend began).The hat “looks” like a Satellite Dish. (Just sayin’) Clearly there is no intelligence being beamed here.

  37. I really don’t like this look. It looks like an upholstered chair at an old lady’s house. Her make-up is way too heavy and harsh and is aging and enhances her sour facial expressions. She’s trying to pull off a vintage look, which I would love if she carried it off, but it’s just not working. You can see she is trying, but I don’t understand why she keeps wearing unflattering shapes with terrible fabric. The money spent on this hideous dress could have fed a family of four for a month. As a side note, I sense major tension between her and William. Interesting body language.

  38. Rhiannon, I just wanted to give you a heads up that I’ll now be transferring my desires to your future hubby Harry. The objects of my desires, mr. Tom hiddlestone has made a complete numpty of himself by wearing an I ? T.S. tank and over the top pda so no longer worthy of said desires. Have no fear tho, I don’t want to marry into the BRF so it would only be a summer fling type thing then I would pass him off to you! You’d be cool with that right?!=)

      1. I’m hoping the tattoo he supposedly got is a temporary. In the meantime I’m waiting for the news that Taylor has dropped him and the song she writes about she threw her hammer down on Loki.

        This whole “relationship” is just unreal. They can’t go any where without having their picture taken???? Yeah, right.

      2. A tattoo, what? I don’t follow him so I don’t know much about him except the media persona as a charming gentleman which is … probably not very true now right? I mean, he’s in it for the PR obviously. Why is the question!

    1. In light of current events, Sarah, I will approve of such crush. The timeline is negotiable and we can work out a deal. ?

      I saw that. I thought Tom had much more self respect that this facade of a relationship. It’s all kinds of no and reeks of a PR stunt.

      1. Thanks for letting me have my pity fling! Since I just want to use him to get over Tom, I’ll save him from others who want more, for when you’re ready for him=) he can get over his broken heart with you!
        I’m sure he thought it was funny but what I liked about him was that he seemed above all that. The problem with celebrity crushes-you don’t really know the person=)
        Lisa, I think the tats were fake because the article I saw (USA today) had a pic of the whole “squad” and Ryan Reynolds was there and he appeared to have tats all up and down his legs. Which I don’t think he normally has?

    2. I so agree Sarah, I had a whole board devoted to Tom on Pinterest and now…ugh! I can’t believe that he’s okay with how public and how fast this “relationship” has moved, does Taylor have the paps on speed dial?

      I do have to wonder though, perhaps Harry would fancy spending some quality time (wink, wink) with an older woman before he pledges his heart to our fair Rhiannon, looks like you have some competition. 🙂

    3. I think the I ♥ T.S. tank was hilarious because he’s clearly trolling the media.

      Also, as a fan of both Tom and Taylor, I like them together and think they probably get along very well (at least their public personas would). I hope they get married and have babies. But I also kind of hope they break up at some point because I can’t wait for that breakup album.

      1. I like Tom and Taylor too. She gets a lot of flack for her break-ups, but it’s better than marrying someone, especially having kids, and then realizing the love isn’t there. It’s a tough world and only getting tougher.

        If she does a break-up album she could call it Low-key (get it?).

        Wishing you a good day KMR

        1. Taylor gets a lot of flak for her dating life and breakups, and I can partially understand why because of the whole breakup songs thing, but she’s a young person dating and having relationships. It’s perfectly normal for her to do that. The only difference between her and other people is her level of fame and the amount of money she has. But there is nothing wrong with her dating around.

          Hope you have a great day, Sunny!

      2. Happy to see some people who like them together (and that don’t see their relationship like a PR exercice) : I like them two.
        I agree with you about the tee-shirt trolling the media, maybe a bet too…
        I think interesting to see the people speaking about Taylor : a manipulator hypnotizing men or a stupid girl… Honestly I wonder how she makes to not become crazy…

        1. I actually am a Taylor fan. I think she’s a good role model for kids and does some real charitable things for her fans. I don’t like them together because he was supposed to be mine!! Although Rhiannon has graciously agreed to share Harry with me so I’m moving my British man love to Harry!!
          I’m not a fan of the over the top pda. Tom always seemed pretty low key before all of this. To me that’s why it seems to be a media play. If you want to keep things private there is always away for the most part.

          1. Harry’s a warmhearted, sincere man who realizes his privilege but feels the cut from it too. I sincerely wish him happy and peace in his life.

            KMR–new favorite “royal” couple, Tom and Taylor? I love how Tom radiates happiness.

          2. Honestly if it is a media play, I don’t know what they win : Taylor is more and more criticized, Tom is seen like an idiot to be with her….

        2. I think Taylor is a great business woman, and knows how to hire great business people around her. I like Taylor.

  39. Okaaaaay, where shall I begin? Well, I’m a 40+ working mum of 2 with a husband, a household, sick parents and restricted budget, living in one of Germany’s most expensive cities. If I can afford a facial every once in a while, why can’t she???? Her skin is hideous!!!! Cleanse, exfoliate, serum, moisturize + good food and no booze. Apparently the later is the problem. Sigh.

    1. I think Kate sleeps with her makeup on her face. That’s the No.1 don’t on the list for achieving good skin. Considering how narcissistic she is, I doubt she’d want for critical William to see her without. And, if her skin looks so hideous with makeup on, I suppose it is twice as bad without. The bad skin could also be the reason why she does not a use a professional to do her makeup. I saw an internet photo of her in the delivery room just after Charlotte was born. She had on false eyelashes, eyeliner, smokey eyes, and blush.

      She may not be boozing nowadays, but it’s her past neglect that’s catching up with her. From pictures I’ve seen of her and William drunk when they were dating, I’m convinced that it’s a combination of the booze and sleeping with makeup. I often wonder what she’ll look like when she hits 50.

      1. As she spends more on boring, always the same shoes than on skin care her face will look like an old pair of wedges of doom within the next 2 years already.

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