Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry at Thiepval Memorial for Somme centenary

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry at Thiepval Memorial for Somme centenary

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry were in France yesterday, June 30, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme at the Thiepval Memorial.

The Battle of the Somme took place during the First World War from July 1-November 18, 1916 between the French and British Empire and the German Empire. The Battle was fought on the upper reaches of the River Somme in France. More than one million men were wounded or killed at Somme, making it one of the bloodiest battles in history and the largest battle of WWI on the Western Front. The Battle of the Somme saw the tank used in combat for the first time.

Thiepval Memorial Somme

The Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme is a war memorial for over 72,000 missing British and South African soldiers with no known grave who died during the Battle of the Somme. The Memorial was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens (who also designed The Cenotaph, at Whitehall, and India Gate, in New Delhi which William and Kate visited back in April) and inaugurated on August 1, 1932 by the then-Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII.

William, Kate, Harry view no mans land Somme

As part of their day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Harry climbed to the top of the Thiepval Memorial where they viewed the battle fields and heard a briefing about the Battle from Glyn Prysor, Chief Historian at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

William, Kate, Harry Somme centenary

After their briefing, William, Kate, and Harry took part in a vigil to commemorate the Somme centenary.

William gave a reading of words written by Sebastian Faulks for the occasion, part of which read: “We lost the flower of a generation; and in the years to come it sometimes seemed that with them a sense of vital optimism had disappeared for ever from British life. It was in many ways the saddest day in the long story of our nation.”

William's reading Somme

Harry gave a reading of Before Action by W.N. Hodgson – who was a Lieutenant in the 9th Battalion, Devonshire Regiment and was killed in action on July 1, 1916. Hodgson wrote the poem days before he was killed.

Harry's reading Somme

Kate wore a new Missoni “Long Snake Stitch Coat” over a black dress, and a new black pillbox hat from Lock & Company. She carried her Mulberry Bayswater clutch in black suede and wore Gianvito Rossi black suede pumps. Kate wore her Balenciaga “Eugenia” silver-tone, faux pearl and crystal ear cuffs ($745) which she first wore to Trooping the Color. Kate wore her hair in an updo with a hairnet over it.

The men wore navy suits with matching red and blue ties, and their medals.

William, Kate, Harry arrive at Thiepval Memorial Somme

I wonder what they are saying to each other.

Photos: Getty / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Emily Nash @emynash

180 thoughts on “Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry at Thiepval Memorial for Somme centenary

  1. I honestly don’t hate this look on Kate, it’s appropriate for the sombre occasion. It’s frumpy sure, but Kate is the queen of frumpy at this point. That make up though, her hair stylist has upped her game, Kate should be doing the same regarding her make up, it’s too harsh and underlines the bags under her eyes and the fine lines around her eyes and mouth.

    1. I think the coat is fine for the event. But if I were nitpicking, I like the fabric pattern but I don’t like how closed off it is up top, and the sleeves are too long on Kate.

      1. Well Kate likes her coats nice and tight around the neck and you are right about the sleeves, they are a tad bit too long.

      2. Kate likes for her clothes to choke her. Honestly, she dresses like a grandmother. So buttoned up. She could teach at a Catholic school in this outfit. You can wear clothes other than coat dresses, Kate! At least this one has a pattern.

    2. I agree Lauren, at least the coat is appropriate for the occasion. It is unbelievable how even on occasions like this Kate can make faces. Look at the people behind her and William, everybody is serious. Oh woman, pay attention to the ceremony and keep your face serious, too. This is named respect.

      P.S: Thanks KMR for this post and for the explanation of this battle. On this blog we do not learn only about the Royals, but about events and history. Fantastic.

        1. 1 July 1916 was the worst day in British military history. The British casualty number was approximately 57,000 on 1 July 1916, approximately 20,000 in the first hour with the number of dead listed as approximately 21,000 for one day only. The offensive was meant to help the French army which was almost bled dry in the Battle of Verdun and to assist the Russian Army with the Brusilov offensive in the East. This battle lasted until November 1916. In short this is a very solemn anniversary for the Britain. Could she not have dressed in a plain black coat so that the memory of these lost soldiers could have stood out? And at the service earlier today, again could she not have worn a simple outfit. The beige lace dress with black lining would have been terrible on any occasion but today it was showy when she should have been solemn. She would have made the papers no matter when she wore. The Queen was dignified and her clothes were black. This Duchess has no instanct for appropriate behavior. And please, someone, get her to ditch the lace.

  2. A hairnet? Is that a thing? Is that something that wealthy, famous people do? Or is she on her way to her second job working a deep fryer?

      1. Then the hairdresser should be sacked. I have never seen a hairnet on anyone except my Nan and that was when I was four and went in to get a cuddle from her when I was staying with her.

        Of course people working in the food industry wear them. Maybe Wills had a craving for some cheese on toast before the ceremony so Kate tucked her hair up and put a hair net in place and forgot to take it out before they left for the ceremony.

        1. I don’t see anything wrong with wearing a hairnet?
          I have been dancing ballet for more than 10 years and for every Performance, whether it was just at a local school or local festival but especially for big performances in town halls and theathres, we would always have to wear a hairnet over our bun. The blondes had golden hairnets and the brunette girls had Brown hairnets so that it wasn’t that obvious. But it was definitely necessary and we had to do it because it would have been horrible if the strict and elegant bun we had would have opend while we were dancing on stage. In Addition to the hairnet, we also had tons of bobbypins and hairspray. But most of us had really Long hair.
          I am 17 so definitely no old grandma, but when I do an elegant updo (not the messy ones that are en vogue at the Moment), I sometimes still use a hairnet because my hair is really Long and it is not easy to get so much hair to stay up. I use a golden hairnet which is almost like my hair colour and only some People notice it, but nobody has ever said that it was only for old People πŸ˜‰
          Just my two Cents, but I was really surprised by that comment!

          1. I can definitely see why dancers would need a hairnet for performances. I’ve never thought of using a hairnet when wearing a bun, but I might try it. My hair falls out of my buns, too.

          2. I agree M from Germany.
            Queen MΓ‘xima uses it regularly. It is also commonly used for people who have layered hair and can not secure all the different sized locks. But I wonder why would she need one? She is used to wear this type of low buns and it never seemed a problem before no matter the weather or other circunstances… Is the first time she wore one so maybe she cut her hair again?

          3. It definitely serves a purpose for the dancers, but she is not a dancer. She looks very matronly and dated and those clips belong to 50s. On the positive note, she is highly entertaining especially her facial expressions.

          4. I think the hairnet was Catherine’s nod to the year the Battle of the Somme happened – 1916. Hairnets were quite common them.

          5. Oh, Marion, you are probably right. But, is such a nod really necessary? It is a way of Kate saying, “It’s all about me”, isn’t it? Even when so many men lost their lives. Ugh, if she was trying to “Bring back time,” with a fashion statement, I am even more appalled than I usually am by how shallow she appears to be.

          6. Kate is wearing the hairnet because her chignon is sitting very low, it is stuck between the hat and the coat. After a while it would surely get undone due to the friction on the clothes. She wanted to avoid looking sloppy in the process, as the individual hairs would be coming out and hanging in the air or lying on the coat. With the hairnet, they are nicely contained within the chignon. Nothing wrong with it, I think. Considering that it is overcast, followed by night, the hairnet is only visible when very up-close.

          7. Continuing about hairnets. For example, July 1 Kate wore basically the same chignon, but with a dress that had a collar much lower than the coat here. They probably figured, the hair would be fine, and did not put on the hairnet. Meanwhile, the hair did become undone a tiny bit (see here, for example: ). But, since it is a day engagement and a little less formal or sombre (no vigil), they probably figured that a few hairs on her neck would not be the end of the world.

            I really liked how they handled Kate’s hair in this engagement at Somme. She was put together, tidy and appropriate. Just as necessary for an occasion like this.

          8. Could it be that they are just trying to get her to stop playing with her hair like a child?? I don’t mind it.

          9. Fellow ballet dancer here. Hairnets were required at my studio. Every dancer I know uses hairnets to keep buns neat and tidy. Non dancers, I don’t know, it’s pretty grannyish.

    1. I rebuke it!!! I gasped when I saw it. First, if you wear one, it should be damn near invisible. Second, if your hairdresser is that good, you don’t need one. Or, if it’son purpose, it needs to be stylish (ex. 1940s style or Madonna’s La Isla Bonita video).

      The style is sloppy, so perhaps they want to keep that hot mess contained. Or, it can be a device that’s used to stop Kate from fiddling with her hair. Similar to putting nail polish on the thumb of someone who sucks their thumb.

      1. Imo her hairstyles usually are very sloppy and we know she is paying for it. Looking at the tours and everytime she leaves the country (or hospital), with her hairdresser, her hairstyles do not improve at all, which leads me to think she rarely does events without having her hair ‘professionally’ done. Don’t get me wrong I understand the pressure she is in to look the part but most of the times the hair does not have anything special, I can easily make my hair look that ‘professional’ at home. Well at least it’s not like in 2012, when she had her hair blow dry with curls at the end, purposely to attend polo…

        I personally liked the outfit and I really like her earrings. It was appropriated and someone manage to pass down the memo: hats look better with the hair up! πŸ™‚
        I still think high necklines do not suit her (or most people) her posture is still bad and for goodness sake how about using tailored clothes for once?

        1. I think she would benefit if the SRF’s hairdresser taught her hairdresser how to work a bun, chignon, etc. Those styles should be clean and tidy. In addition, the pins, wiglets, and weave should not be seen.

          1. Went and had a look at the pics on the DM, and in some of them she was NOT wearing a hairnet. There were wisps coming undone and flying around. So who put the hairnet on? Rebecca? Kate herself? Weird.

          2. I’m with you Rhiannon. That hairnet was, yet again, a fail. I’ve used hairnets at different times and you can get really fine ones which are hard to see. But then this up do was done by the same person who leaves obvious bobby pins in Kate’s hair. Time for a new hair stylist?

    1. My first impression was a reptile. Personally I don’t like the pattern on this coat although the colors are appropriate for the occasion. Seem to me she is becoming a Queen follower as a collector of many coats. As an advice, I would recommend to open the top buttons and introduce some color like a burgundy for this occasion.

      1. Well, the coat is supposed to resemble snake skin, so that makes sense.

  3. When I see a photo of other young royals, Victoria for example, I automatically look at her face. It is radiant, animated and full of care and emotion. I know that wherever she is, or whatever she does, she is completely there, if you know what I mean…You can see that she is mature, happy and confident.

    When I see a photo of Kate, my eyes automatically go to her clothes. Maybe because I unconsciously know that she doesn’t seem to have to offer much more than her looks. Sorry if I sound so harsh! I was a great fan of Kate ever since her wedding, but I realize more and more, that if she wants to be queen one day, she must change her attitude.
    It always looks like she is trying too hard. Her facial expression looks a bit stiff and unnatural. Now, I know we can all easily judge from behind our laptop screens, but she knew what would be expected from her, even before the wedding… Anyway, its going to be interesting to see if maybe age will change her attitude and whole demeanor. After all, the world is used to the hard-working Queen Elizabeth.

    Excuse my grammar:) English is my fourth language…

    1. I still look at her face first and end up feeling slightly sorry for her now. Clearly whatever she thought this role would be and the reality are completely different. She is not coping.

      I was raised bi-lingual and if I could pick up a third language as well as you write English, I would be ecstatic! Your English is really good.

    2. Olivia I agree with what you said. Kate is only clothes. Very sad. And on this outfit I read people comparing Kate with Jackie Kennedy. Pill box hats were Jackie’s trademark and It looked amazing on her, but seeing Kate as “a touch of Jackie” is an insult. As someone posted: “Jackie looked the picture of class in every thing. Perfect and carried herself with grace.” This is true.

      1. The picture with her exaggerated facial expression reminds me of Nancy Regan. She also was, like Kate, fiercely devoted to her husband.

      2. She is no Jackie Kennedy. Just because one place a pill box that a top the head does not make her Jackie. And those earrings are just ugly.

        I do like the hate. Everything else can go. Makeup is horrible. She is no doing the contouring techniques, except she is stuck in 1982. You can see thee lines on her cheeks. So unattractive and aging.

  4. She is the queen to make strange faces at each engagement : I wonder what that was funny inside.

    I think it is good that her hair are up (she doesn’t play with them).

    Honestly the coat is blah : doesn’t she has practically the same recently in an event where she wore a big hat? I wonder how she doesn’t hurt her neck with a collar so high. And it is not very tailoring.
    Anyway it is a good outfit

    I don’t know if you saw one of the first pic when they arrive : Harry speaks with the guide, William with Tom Lawrence, Kate doesn’t speak with anyone (apart when another person speaks to her).

    Is it bad of me to be content to see Harry with one more medal than William?

    1. “Is it bad of me to be content to see Harry with one more medal than William?” No Clem, I am very happy too about the medals. Harry served in Afghanistan, he DESERVES these medals. He looks very sad and this is because he knows what a soldier goes into a conflict. Of the three Royals he is the only one who truly gets it.

        1. OMG!!! I know!!! I really didn’t wanna laugh considering the sombre occasion it was but … she really camouflaged herself with the ground and it was funny to look at! Everyone was wearing either navy blue or black and she decided to be one notch above and wear some beige lace outfit and it backfired. But thinking again, maybe that was her plan? To be invisible for that day.

  5. The matching ties are actually their military regiment ties. It’s the tie worn by the Household division regiment which was the regiment both William and Harry belonged in the army.

    Both men also have their jubilee medals, given to all military (and male members of the royal family) on the silver and gold Jubilees.

    Harry has one more medal than Harry because he served in Afghanistan. The extra medal is for tgat service. All military who served there would have received a similar medal.

    As for Kate, i would enjoy the look if she were a 50yr old young italian widow as styled by hollywood. The buttoned to her neck look together with the hands held together as if she is freezing are not helping to disabuse this impression.

    I don’t mind the hairnet since it’s keeping her hair neat, but the earrings feel too much. Those needed to be smaller, and she should either have added a brooch to go with the buttoned to the neck look OR left the top 2-3 buttons undone.

    I generally think Kate has lots of lovely coats including this one, but the way she wears them sucks all the fun out of them and instead makes her look simultaneously cold as in tempreture and cold as in unapproachable.

    1. Lately, I’ve noticed that Kate dresses in a very similar style to the queen. While it looks fabulous and appropriate for the queen, it doesn’t on Kate. Kate’s 34. She shouldn’t be dressing like a 90 year old!

      Someone mentioned yesterday that Leti had a pink outfit that was similar to Kate’s blue Catherine Walker she wore recently, but that Leti looks so much better. It’s because she doesn’t have her jacket buttoned up to the top. The carries herself with confidence. Kate? Yeah… she looks like she’s playing dress up. I’m so done with her!

    2. Hahaha! 50 year old Italian widow as styled by Hollywood! I really liked this look and now that’s all I see. The hair net really clinches it — though I assume it was just meant to control flyaways, knowing the day would be spent outdoors in breezy weather.

  6. Have you read the comments in Daily Mail? Most of them are on how old and skinny Kate looks.
    I thik the top three comments are regarding her ageing appearance.

  7. I think the outfit is suitable for a sombre occasion, and I’m glad she’s having her hair up more, it does look more dignified. I’m a little concerned about her appearance, she’s only 34, but she looks very worn and tired, I hope she’s not unwell. She’s heavily made up, but the black shadows are not concealed.

    1. Spending public money with no accountability in expensive and ugly clothes, is tiring y’all. Or maybe she actually feels some guilt for being such a lazy and wasteful person? Hence she looks like death warmed over, maybe? I have no use for her or her worthless husband. These poor soldiers at Somme sacrificed their lives and showed courage in terrible circumstances, so that William’s ancestors could continue to live in power and luxury. Where is the democracy and freedom in that?

      1. I know this is a somber occasion and one shouldn’t criticise William’s speech, but in blaming govts, i wonder if her realises that his own family of cousins caused some of this war. Kaiser Wilhelm II was Victoria’s grandson.

        I wonder that he (or his people) didn’t think about this and edit the speech accordingly. Meaning that he could have added a note that made it less removed from himself given his family history and recognised that some of those European govts were his own cousins exercising autocratic power.

        1. Indeed. William, or rather his speechwriter, has conveniently omitted the deficiencies of character and education of his extended family – George V (neither charm nor presence, a bully), Nicholas II (henpecked by wife) and Wilhelm II (vain and posturing) – that contributed to the causes of WWI, particularly when Queen Victoria’s presence (with all her weaknesses) was removed. Those same deficiencies of character are also curiously evident in William…

        2. Isn’t that around the time they changed the family name to Windsor, to pretend the German ties were not that strong. They ignored the last Russian Tsar as well and the family was slaughtered. His wife was Victoria’s favorite granddaughter. Funny how history changes . . .

          1. It’s a very tart set of observations, and in hindsight, absolutely spot on. It would have been breathtaking in 2007 as a couple of the commenters pointed out; a slightly more ‘innocent’ age in the world of social media and celebrity watching?

            Interesting to see the role of the press of pushing Kate into the public imagination, and making William a ‘cad’ if he did not follow through. But didn’t the Middleton’s employ a PR company to manage their campaign with the press et al to catch the prince?

        1. To think it was written 9 years ago, everything in it is what we discuss in this blog. Quite accurate, good find!

        2. Wow, that Swedish article is amazingly accurate and was written nearly 10 years ago! Made me think of the expression “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose”. Kate and William have indeed disappointed and Harry, so long in his brother’s shadow, has proven himself to be Diana’s true descendant.

      2. Considering that a professional writer wrote what William read, and he had nothing to do with it, I don’t think it’s appropriate to criticize what William read. And William making edits because of his family history would have been rude as all hell.

        1. Professional speechwriters work with the people for whom they are writing a speech to make sure it reflects the speaker’s ideas and voice.

          Speeches are changed all the time.

          Speeches are edited all the time, even at the last minute. You should look up notes released on memorable speeches.

          The line about European govts was the height of obtuse hypocrisy considering it was his own family that was hell bent on this conflict no matter other people trying to prevent it.

          To say it was all about the European govts distances himself as if the war had no impact on him or future generations. As if we aren’t in this together.

          Govts aren’t vacuums and in his specific case, his family were the problem.

          A simple, ‘we failed to prevent this war’ immediately makes this speech a personal one, not just for him, but for everyone.

          A clarion call that no matter what happens, it’s always on us to learn the lesson or not.

          European Govts is so impersonal that he may as well be speaking about some alien lifeforms that caused this war. Why should we be bothered?

  8. A very appropriate outfit for the occasion, I think we would not complain about it except that she so often wears heavy, buttoned up looks that we say, “Again?!”

    Loved the fact that there was no chance of hair flyaways or skirt flyaways. It was a nice choice all around for the event.

    I think Kate is a pretty woman, so it is a shame she wears so much makeup. I think that is what ages her the most; when I saw her mostly make up free after sailing in that black casual outfit, she looked younger.

    1. I’ve been trying to figure out why she looks different from recent looks and I think she dyed her hair a shade darker as well. With darker hair, I think it’s especially important not to go too dark around the eyes.

      1. It looks to me that she’s gotten a new dye job too. Not really loving it. I don’t know why she stopped going to Richard ward but he know how to color her hair the right shade. She needs to sack the new person.

    2. Hi Anne, I was thinking the same thing last night when I saw the Duchess in her heavy, dark eye makeup, it’s aging her horribly. I also noticed where she applies her blusher is really drawing attention to her jowls, I think if she applied her blusher higher on the cheekbones almost right under the eye would work better for her. I know it sounds weird to apply blusher so high, I read it in a magazine for women over 40 and tried it, sure enough it made my face look a bit fuller, now of course don’t use a lot of blusher just a little sweep would do it.

      1. I noticed the badger stripe blusher too. She’s really been trowelling on the makeup lately. The pictures from above show a slack jaw, sunken cheeks, and enough eye baggage for a round the world trip. Trying to cover this all up with heavy handed maquillage is not working. I always wondered if she was still smoking, and after seeing these photos, I think she is. Spending distressing amounts of money on ever new coats and questionable jewellery is also not working. She is oblivious to 90% of the daily struggle of the average human being. She does not deserve all that she has, it’s unfortunate for the British public, to have to support this barnacle whether they choose to or not.

        1. Are there pictures of Kate smoking? I didn’t know that she smokes. That explains a lot why she couldn’t gain weight.

          1. I’ve seen them but they’ve been wiped off the face of the planet since the engagement. At airports smoking. And there are pics of her smoking in France when they were caught sunbathing nude when they were supposed to be preparing for their Asian tour. The lady who took them said they were smoking.

      2. I’ve always been told to apply blush in an upward movement–towards the cheekbones-and to put a bit of that blush all over your face, not just the cheeks since, when one blushes, it’s ALL OVER THE FACE (speaking of years of experience, it’s true) and not just the cheeks. πŸ˜‰

        I just realized how much of a run-on sentence that is. WOW!! My bad!!

        The outfit is too blah, the eyeliner is too heavy and makes her small eyes look smaller (I have large eyes so the eyeliner doesn’t look so severe), the hair is fine but those earrings are way too ginormous for her face/body/etc. and looks borderline ridiculous. I too noticed the “Jackie Kennedy era” nod via the pillbox hat. On Kate it’s just too try-hard. Sigh….

        I’m stunned that William is making a face right back at Kate! We almost never see that!

      3. Hi Laurie, I can barely talk about the makeup Anymore. She seems to be highlighting and contouring her cheeks but she is doing it in a way that adds 20 years. Too heavy, wrong colors, terrible technique. Add to that the astounding amount of foundation and eye makeup and it is a mess.

        She needs to go lighter and brighter on all of it. Soft, summer colors that add brightness would change her eyes completely, well only if she lets up on the liner of doom that is.

        Someone help the woman out.

  9. Also the outfit would also work well for someone much older than Kate, I think I think it is appropriate for the event and don’t mind it.

    But looking at her I don’t get it with the faces she makes, maybe it’s simply part of how she is and at some events it might not be a big thing but like yesterday, she could actually pay more attention and stop it.

    On other note, thanks a lot for including information on the battle. Always nice to get some background information.

  10. Thank you for a lovely post KMR! These types of memorials are so sad and moving for me, having a father, brother and son who all served in the military, the thought of so many lives lost, of so many families torn apart…sigh…

    Anyhow, onto fashion. While I don’t love this coat, the fit is terrible, it is completely appropriate for this evenings event. On the flip side, I have to point out that the almost $4000 price tag makes it a tad obscene for this evenings event. Seriously though how can one item of clothing cost $4000?? Is it made from silk spun by virgin silk worms while they receive a massage from 7 virgins in the remote Himalayas???? Ridiculous! But I digress, Kate’s hair looked lovely. I can understand using a hairnet, stray hairs sticking out would certainly ruin this look. The pillbox hat worked well with this outfit and of course her trusty, black pumps and clutch rounded out the somber styling.

    As Anne pointed out above, Kate really needs to quit letting Charlotte apply her eye makeup with crayons, this dark eye shadow is really a harsh, aging look that really highlights the bags under the eyes. And the dark blush needs to put aside for a much lighter color. I saw photos of Carole at Wimbledon yesterday and she sports the same thick, black eyeliner and wow it is not flattering. When I see this look I think back to my early days when the only girls who wore the black eyeliner like this were the “hard” girls, the “easy” girls (if you know what I mean) so, to me, it’s a somewhat slutty look.

    1. I think the heavy makeup is because photos will be taken for historic archives and they won’t be close ups of Catherine – they will be group photos taken from a distance. The heavy makeup is probably intended for those photos – the same as people on stage look ridiculous close up as their makeup is done to make their features stand out from a distance.

      1. I don’t know Marion, I don’t think Kate would think of that. I mean, it’s not uncommon for her to wear too much eye makeup at other events. Maybe she thought since it was an evening event she should go for the smokey eye look? Either way, it’s not flattering up close or at a distance, imo.

      2. If the group photographs and archives bit were true, why don’t we see other royal women in such images as vividly made up? They tend to be more deliberate in their application of cosmetics and still look the part.

      3. Ya that doesn’t fit since Kate has done this since Uni. Her mom does the same thing, so it makes more since that she picked it up from her. She probably thinks it brings out her eyes, when in reality, it makes them smaller and ages her.

      4. That may be part of her logic, Marion, but an expert mAkeup artist knows how to work natural lighting, colors and facial features. Look through history or Hollywood and you don’t see this sort of amateur makeup. Women like Liz Taylor had similar makeup styles but they knew how to wear it. Look at the SRF wedding and family events. You don’t see the same heavy hand most of the time. The women shine, not the makeup. I think of mAkeup as the accent, not the first thing that should jump out at you. It wears her.

    2. “Seriously though how can one item of clothing cost $4000?? Is it made from silk spun by virgin silk worms while they receive a massage from 7 virgins in the remote Himalayas????”

      Thanks for the laugh Lauri!

      And the other question… Who is silly enough to pay so much for fake pearl earrings? Someone with more money than cents (sense)?

      Who was it who said Kate dresses like a lottery winner? A rather b*tchy comment but oh so true!

  11. I love the coat. Hate the hair. I see where they were going, but the execution was way off. Her KiKis would have been better than those huge earrings. Kate is a pretty woman. But that makeup is so harsh.

    I appreciate the history of Somme, KMR. I will readily admit my ignorance of the impact of the various world wars had on European countries. I think that we need to honor our vets in a respecful and thankful way. I appreciate that they were there, but if W+K can’t behave in a dignified way (guffawing), then they may need to stay home.

    Mr. Rhiannon was great as usual. I do like seeing him do events that honor the military or vets. He truly understands it. Hos service allows him to.have both empathy, respect and understanding.

    Thank you, KMR, for this. This post reminds us about the ultimate cost of war.

    1. Yes, thank you for the history. The pictures of the area and cemetery gave me goosebumps.

      R, I hope that you are healing and doing well.

  12. Kate continues to be the Queen of Krazy Face, but at least no flashing like the Pipster. I think the Lady in Waiting the Queen assigned is making final decisions on what Kate wears which would explain the matronly look. I think we can all agree that Kate really wants to be queen someday to wear/do whatever she has to. I don’t see Kate picking out her clothes; it was Mommy before marriage and probably after, then LIW once Kate got media slapped for crotch offenses.

    I love the poem Harry read. It was beautiful and sad. Thanks for including it KMR. Props to W for making a small effort.

    Krazy face? “69?! That’s what I guessed too!”

    1. Since when does Kate have a LIW? I thought it was just her assistants, Rebecca and the other gal and the hairdresser who was really the lady who cut W&H’s hair so not suited for the job at all.

      1. I don’t think Kate has a LIW, just Tash and Rebecca, plus Amanda who does her hair. Doesn’t Tash also do the re-jigging of clothes too? I think Carole might be in the mix (well, she seems to be in every mix) which explains the choice of clothing. It seems to be a wardrobe seen through a 60-year old’s eyes. Nothing wrong with that if you’re 60 and wearing it, but not so appropriate for a 34-year old. There is ‘classic’ and just dowdy. European royalty of a similar age to Kate seem to get the balance right, as we have seen.

  13. As far as BRF at ceremony, only Charles and Harry seem to understand the depth of horror at loss of life and the supreme sacrifice of these soldiers. At this moment I detest Wills and Waity, two shockingly shallow people who shouldn’t be allowed to attend this type of ceremony.

    1. Totally agree!

      This woman and the moddleton family, who hates helping the less fortunate after all is given to her, cannot comprehend or care to …the meaning of sacrifice and service.

      She is able to travel to France and with entitled bill middleton …. and to play at expensive dress up (yet another expensive coat,that is too busy for the occasion). She could learn from HM, Do Cornwall/P’ess of Wales how to be regal and dignified at such occasion. Even with expensive clothes, she misses the regalness ALL the time. More a celebrity than an HRH.

      Notice King Henry has more awards/medals than entitled, whiny useless bill middleton.

  14. Thanks, KMR for this lesson in history and for allowing us all to think about those who served and those who still do. I was particulary moved by the two pictures from the cemetery. Such sacrifice. So many young men, I am sure. But, no matter what the age, how noble.

    I guess the coat was appropriate. The hat, as Jamel said so beautifully, did not smack of Jackie Kennedy to me. Jackie looked chic no matter what she wore. When you look back at the photos of her as First Lady, you see a fashion icon, I believe.

    Harry’s respect during the service was what I wished to have seen from William. When W tries to look serious, he just looks as if he’s annoyed. W and K and that hilarious look between them was so inappropriate, it ruined anything else they may have done with decorum.

    1. I forgot to add that the poem Harry read really brought tears to my eyes. And, to think the poor writer died a few days later. I know Harry has such respect for those who serve. His way of honoring them is touching, indeed.

      And, when I looked at the photo of Kate and William yucking it up again, I got even angrier.
      Do they have any understanding of what is appropriate and what’s not? BTW, there is a photo of William, Kate and Harry (and others) entering the cemetery and Kate is in the back. Everyone looks somber and she seems to be smirking. I feel sad that they are so clueless. Sad and angry!

      1. Mr. Rhiannon understands the huge loss. Yesterday, DM had an few pictures of a group of men before the battle. If I remember correctly, out of 14 men, 9 were killed and 4 were wounded.

  15. I love the fact that Kate has used a hairnet……it’s the dignified, respectful thing to do given the occasion. No one wants to see that mop blowing about in her face, sticking to her lipstick etc.. Very elegant hair and the pillbox looks lovely sat on that chignon. Top marks from me. Having embraced some of these up dos and chignons she now needs to use them at the right occasion. I don’t want to see her become a Princess Anne clone with her hair permanently up but there is a time and place for both young, fresh flowing locks, half up half down and the full updo.

    I am irritated by the constant use of Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. More than ever she needs to fly the British flag in her public clothes. What she wears in a private princess time is up to her but in public we need a champion of British design. And she looks poorly…..again tired, sore, hurting eyes. In some pictures I thought I saw a stye on the inner corner of her left eye which would suggest she’s run down. Malnourished more like.

    On a more positive note, although I’m not a huge fan of the Queen in black / grey she totally rocked her outfit last night. The coat twinkled in the light, as did she and the hat suited her beautifully.

    Princess Diana would have been 55 today. I still miss her so much.

    1. Oh, Mrs. BBV, thank you for the reminder.
      Diana touched so many hearts the world over.
      That she is remembered so fondly by so many is a tribute to the lives and hearts she touched. I am sure her boys miss her and I hope their memories of her are ones that are filled with great joy and love. Her death was so sad and often people who lose such a dear loved one get trapped by the sad aspects of that person’s life and death. How much better to remember the amazing and unique ways that Diana showed love to all.

    2. Dear BBV, I support all you have said but the hair net has to go. I despise it so much it makes me shudder. The last time I saw it was on the dead person in the coffin… By the way, when Kate doesn’t smile she looks “dead”. Not much substance there, she makes Camila look great
      Which is hard to say for somebody who admired Diana.

      1. It reminds me of dressage so to me it’s such an elegant look. Chuckling away here as to how a small piece of net can represent so many different things to many people.

        Alia…..She wasn’t perfect but that’s one of the things that drew me to her. I can’t think of anyone except Marylin Monroe or Jacqueline Kennedy who would know what it was like to be her. She would have never found peace wherever she went, she was just too big on a global scale… do you ever live with that burden of expectancy upon you and still have enough left to keep on giving to others? Kate will never know that feeling because she doesn’t have that compassion or empathy inside her. It makes me so sad that she never fulfilled her destiny and yet I don’t know how on earth she coped with what she became? Xx

        1. you are so right MrsBBV , how was she still able to think of others when she had the attention of all the world , in my point of view even more than Marylin Monroe or Jaqueline Kennedy who both had charisma but no one I know reached out to others the way Diana did in a way that erased all her mistakes , and those who say she did it for attention , I say she already had it , and she could have enjoyed it without doing anything and became just a beautiful party princess , but she simply had this empathy that many lacks in our times , she was a true princess inside out

    3. Diana , that lovely person who spread happiness while she was miserable herself taught me a good lesson how appearances can really deceive ,and how we should never take things at face value , may she RIP . wish you a beautiful day MrsBBV

    4. It struck me as odd too Mrs BBV, that attending a memorial for British soldiers in France and the Duchess wears an Italian designer. Sigh…shakes head….

    5. I agree. Especially for events like this where Kate should have worn British or French, or even a Commonwealth country. But not Italian.

  16. Am I really the only one to think that her coat is nearly the same that one she wore with the big grey hat?

    I didn’t see the hairnet at first glance!

    1. Great observation Clem! She definitely could “recycle” that one for the occasion. They have this same palette of color and similar cut. Hopefully she burn that hat. But no matter what she wears she looks like she is in the play…and not performing in a convincing way.

  17. Someone else has commented that Kate’s hair is a shade too dark. I agree, I think it’s a harsh shade.
    In my town there were whole streets that lost men in the Battle of the Somme. Every house lost a brother, father or son.

  18. when the memory of the death of thousands turns into a Kate show , I mean she looks like she tried really hard to look like she’s into this whole thing but the heart is not into it , I hate myself for being judgemental but for such an occasion she looked as if she was touring a museum , it’s difficult for a self absorbed person to understand what such an occasion means , what human tragedy , loss and suffering is , I really wish her happiness with no sadness at all , and some more empathy towards other humans .

    1. ‘Touring a museum’ is exactly it Alia….I say it all the time but until she finds genuine empathy & compassion for others she will never understand anything.

  19. In some other close-ups from the Daily Mail you can really see how much Kate has aged in the five years since her wedding. Her heavy eye makeup doesn’t help, but it is more than that. She looks ten years older than she really is. Is it sun damage? Does she smoke cigarettes? Or maybe it is because she is too thin? Sometimes when you gain ten pounds your face fills up a bit. Maybe gaining a few pounds would make her look a bit younger? I don’t understand why she went on such a strict diet before her wedding anyway. She was perfectly healthy and thin during her college days and even in her engagement pictures. Whatever it is, she is aging fast. I hope she is ok and that there is nothing going on behind closed doors like an illness or something.

    1. A combination of all three I think……sun, smoking and a diet which has little or no fat. And I don’t think she’s happy either. She may have spent 10 years auditioning for the job but I don’t think she ever realised the constraints it would put on her. I think she thought being with William would give her the freedom to do what she wanted, go where she wanted and have what she wanted. The idea that with power comes great responsibility never occurred to her IMO.

      1. Totally agree. I also think too much botox and other procedures are making it worse. Contributes to the crazy faces but also just seem to age her. When she is in full botox mode she doesn’t look much better to me.

  20. Really, it comes down to styling. The coat is great, and the hat is nice, but they could have been styled in a much more youthful way. And by youthful, I don’t mean casual. Different earrings, black shoes or belt with a hint of whimsy, younger makeup, a slightly different updo. But obviously, trend setting finishing touches are not Kate’s forte. So, really, I call it a win.

    And as someone who is very animated in facial expressions, I’m not going to criticize her for the occasional crazy face. Man, if people were taking 10,000 pictures of me a minute, I’d look like a deranged psychopath, too. You have to know they look through tens of thousands of photos and find the one that looks insane. In the blink of an eye, moving from one expression to another….anyone can look ridiculous. (Just pause your DVR and see what I mean.) Just my two cents on that issue.

    1. I have to say that often Kate has good pieces. She simply doesn’t know how to put a look together. Frequently, i find myself re-styling her outfit using pieces in her wardrobe that i think would look fabulous together.

      Occassionally, i think entire outfit should be burned.

      I think she tries too hard and it shows. It’s no use saying you do not want to be a style icon or that fashion doesn’t interest you when you turn up at every event in a new outfit in an attention grabbing colour.

      If that were true, she would copy Anne and wear either the same outfit repeatedly and or her self presentation would be professional yet completely non descript as to cause no comment.

      There is no rule that says females must wear attention grabbing outfits and colours. The Queen wears bright colours for reasons that are specific to her. Kate’s reasons for her wardrobe choices remain baffling especially when she keeps sending out minions to decry the attention it garners.

    2. That’s true Jenni. I too have a very animated face and I look deranged and like I’m about to eat someone whole, when random pics are taken off me from a side angle, lol!

      Though this is a nice outfit overall for Kate and I think she looks elegant, what stops this and from any of her outfits from being iconic or memorable is her terrible posture, her lack of confidence and her lack of interest in her job. All that shows. If she isn’t fit for the role, she should withdraw into privacy and stop taking so much public money. She is a poor return on public investment. However, it is more William’s fault than hers because as the heir, it should’ve been his duty to choose a partner who’d be more suitable for this public role: someone with confidence and can inspire confidence in turn, someone with passion, with the ability to talk to people

    3. Oh I would probably look ridiculous if people photographed me talking to someone. I’d have crazy expressions, too.

    4. Yes, but, Jenni, those crazy grins at a memorial service? It’s as bad as the flashing at the laying of the wreath ceremony in India, if you ask me. She KNOWS the cameras will be watching. Make those stupid grins in the car when you are alone with your husband, Duchess. Even if something semi-amusing was said at the service by the person who was addressing the group (though, what that could have been is beyond me), the looks between William and Kate were in very poor taste.

      People in their position should know about decorum. They should be disciplined enough to behave with dignity for such a relatively short period of time. But, I forgot. This is modern royalty. Yep, and they should be laughing hysterically at any and every memorial service!
      Other serious moments, too.

      It is just something we have all come to expect from the Cambridges. And, isn’t that sad?

  21. Thank you KMR for the history on this event I did not know the magnitude of the young lives lost. What a tragic event. As usual Harry looked appropriately engaged and so did William to a degree, but I always get this feeling that these events mean nothing to Kate, she was probably upset she could not go to Wimbledon with her parents! I know this was a sombre event, but Kate looked so “wintery” to me. Maybe if she had unbuttoned the first 2 buttons on the coat she would not have looked like she was being strangled and who the &^%#$! wears suede shoes in the summer! Also, I noticed like a lot of her coats the material did not completely meet on the bottom when she was standing. I agree with those of you who have noted her heavier than usual black eye makeup and her haggardness. She lacks radiance.

  22. Looking at all the images again in the Daily Mail, I’m wondering if she’s pregnant again? That would explain her looking unwell.
    Thank you KMR for a very interesting blog! Keep it up!

    1. That is how Kate normally looks when she isn’t photoshoped to the nines. We just are used to seeing her touch-up photos so when they aren’t, it looks like Kate is sick. But in reality that is just how Kate naturally looks.

      1. Those dark eye pouches look dreadful. I honestly thought she’s either got flu or is in the first trimester.

  23. People keep saying Kate is skinny. For some reason, I can’t see it. Not in these pictures nor in any other recent pics. She is just slender.

    OK, I am quite slim myself, you can see some bones stick out but that’s just my natural body type. Even at times when I have put on some weight, some bones are prominent. Same with my mother.

    Now I know Kate used to be chubbier in her teenage years and while at uni. But again, lots of women’s weight settles in their late twenties.

    In any case, my point is even if she is on a diet 24/7, she is still not skinny.

    1. She looks like she’s half dead if you ask me. I want her to get help.

      She is not naturally slender, it’s not her build, which is fine. She is dieting herself to be a stick. Her skin is suffering, her hair, all of it. It’s a clear lack of nutrients. She looks precisely like women I know who are suffering from an eating disorder. Gaunt, ill, dry, as if a strong wind would crack their spine. It is sad to see.

      I know people who’ve seen her in real life and they are positively horrified, all these from Kate sugars. She looks very sick and even thinner in person.

      Clothes when she was at her thinnest around the wedding don’t evne fit her anymore, they swamp her figure. Something is wrong. I hope she gets help.

    2. It is frightening that you don’t think Kate is skinny-even if you don’t think she is too skinny, you still don’t think she is skinny? Gosh if a size 0 isn’t skinny to you than what is?? That is a scary thought.

      It worries me when people don’t think she is too skinny or that it is natural. I guess that is what is wrong with society. You can never be too skinny. Kate isn’t at her natural weight, her natural weight was before William broke up with her. That is when she started dieting in order to win him back and then dieted to a crazy extreme for the wedding which as she said “was all part of the plan”. She was thin then, now she is too skinny. It is obvious that it is not natural, but due to her dieting/working out. She isn’t in the intervention stage yet like Angelina Jolie thin, but she still is too skinny for her body. At least she still has some tone and muscle, it is just obvious her size is not natural and she is making herself that thin. Kate is in her 30’s which is when your metabolism starts to slow and you start putting on weight in different spots than before. Your 20’s are when you are typically at your smallest naturally and she was never this small, even then. And sadly extreme dieting ages you, which it has in Kate’s case.

      1. Thank you both for the replies, much appreciated.

        I still feel it depends on one’s vantage point whether Kate is characterisized as slim, very slim, stick thin or skinny.

        In any case, even if she is controlling what she eats to achieve a certain weight, that can be exhausting enough and an indication that all is not well in her world.

        Now if I were her and if I browsed this place occasionally or even everyday, I would be inclined to continue to do what I am doing for no one ‘s ever become a better person through constant criticism.

        So if you guys think she is got an eating disorder, better not mention it in every comment and definitely not in a way that makes her feel like she’s a failure.

        I am not even a royalist/monarchist and to me that is the greater issue, I find it very hard to understand how one accepts the existence of a royal family, any royal family, in this day and age. I am pretty sure Kate is conflicted on that issue, William probably as well, and maybe that is a huge issue for them that spills over everything else.

        1. Chloe, I’d imagine they don’t care. Neither of them have a lot of brain power to put together. They just love the perks and their luxury life–they’d never get off that gravy train for all the normality in the world. Or the responsibilities, which they’ll continue to shirk as long as they get Charles’s money.

          I think Kate’s beyond slim – she looked slightly better when she gained a bit of weight while I assume they were working on having George. Then she looked lovely while pregnant with him. Healthier, glowing, not nearly so sickly looking. Now she just looks gaunt and haggard in the face as women often do when they have no body fat to speak of and have lost so much weight they are skin and bones.

          I don’t like Kate but it’s really concerning to me.

          1. The thing is, Ellie, if they are truly not even aware of the issues involved, then they definitely need compassion.

            If, on the other hand, they are and as you say they don’t care, then compassion is needed even more.

            As always, time will tell.

            In the meantime, I would rather give them the benefit of the doubt. Especially as I don’t know them personally.

            On this human plane, it seems everyone’s got a cross to carry, sometimes in less than obvious ways, so I feel better knowing I have suspended judgement-irrespective of whether I like someone or not.

          2. Chloe, William’s mother had an eating disorder. He surely remembers that. And, if they don’t see how emaciated Kate looks, then someone else who loves Kate must. Her mother, her sister, her father, her brother. She’s beyond skinny. She’s unhealthy looking. I truly don’t like Kate. I find her such a lazy and boring individual, but I don’t wish her a serious illness.

            And, I doubt very sincerely that she reads this blog. If others on her staff do, maybe they need to step up and offer advice so that she can get health.

            Gosh, that you don’t see an unhealthy woman in the photos is just hard for me to understand.

        2. My observation of Kate is that she is very thin to a point that is noticeable in a way that causes concern rather than criticism. Whether she wants to be, feels pressured by others to look a certain way, or has a disorder, I have no idea. My main concern about anyone is that they are healthy enough to live happy, productive lives.

          I share your ideas about monarchy though remain unconvinced that William and Kate are conflicted. But if so, there is an easy remedy: remove oneself and family from succession. William has substantial millions on which to live privately for the rest of his life. Another less severe response is to live modestly, taking as little as possible; however, they live very extravagantly on the public purse. By choosing to stay in their positions, accepting the huge financial privileges accompanying it, then surely William and Kate have an obligation to step up their game to an enormous extent.

          1. Hi Jen!

            I agree with you, once you become a bit more aware, the only possible way to go is abdicate/remove oneself from the line of succesion.

            I don’t know why but I just get the feeling it might still happen.

          2. I think the monarchy may well be deemed redundant during Charles’s reign. The expense is one thing, the status quo being challenged (as we have seen with Brexit) is another, but what is the need in the 21st century for this (or any) family to ‘reign’? I’d also question the House of Lords too, but that is another argument. Whether William would pull the plug on his ‘destiny’… hmm, I suspect he reckons monarchy will go the way of the dodo by the time he would step up, but meanwhile he and Kate will avail themselves of the material goods on offer at no personal cost. I have no objection to him withdrawing from the line, but it is reprehensible to keep taking from the public. The stories we hear from boyhood to now is that he really uses the prince title to get what he wants. Hence, I think he and Kate would find it incredibly difficult to wean themselves off privilege they are used to, the adulation, bowing and scraping. Neither present as thoughtful, reflective or empathic individuals so I think they will stay put until such time it all comes tumbling down.

        3. We could only hope that she or their staff would read a site like this! The comments here aren’t cruel more constructive criticism. It’s clear that they don’t care or are oblivious to public opinion tho. It wasn’t until several newspapers called them out for being work shy was William trotted out to do an interview and we see how what that changed their attitude.
          And if they were reading comments most of their monikers i.e. Will not and cannot, duchess Doolittle (are the ones I remember all have to do with their lackadaisical apathetic attitude towards work. They could prove people wrong and get out do things. This could had more good will bestowed upon them during their wedding yet destroyed it by not caring. They have unlimited resources at their disposal-use them. Not comfortable giving a speech? You can hire some to help work on that. Practice in front of your peeps at home. Not good at small talk? Have 2-3 of her patronage people come for tea. It’s easier in a more intimate gathering. Plus, it looks like you’re working!! Most people want/ed them to succeed.
          Having said all of that, I do believe Kate has something going on with her. Whether it’s an eating disorder, postpartum depression or something else, their secrecy/privacy issues do them more harm then good here. Publicly acknowledging it would give her the respect and privacy to get the help she needs with out some of the more careless comments. With knowledge comes tolerance and understanding. It’s obvious she’s not getting the help she needs at home when her numpty of a husband makes “jokes” about her cooking….

          1. I just think they look unhappy a lot of the time. So whatever their faults, I just somehow feel they have a lot to contend with and I wouldn’t want to add to that by being dismissive or contemptuous. Even if I could be certain they don’t read this blog, esp Kate, I still wouldn’t feel comfortable criticizing them for in that case, it would be sort of behind their backs. If I ever meet them, then maybe I could tell them a few things or ask them a few direct questions. But doing it on a blog on the Internet, I really don’t want to do that.

            But I also understand how some of you may feel very strongly about the whole thing given they are public figures and thus open to public scrutiny or criticism. I also realize I might have felt differently myself had I been British.

            I don’t come here often. And maybe it would be better for me to remain silent if I do come again.

            Thanks to all who took the time to reply to my posts.

            Best wishes to everyone here! πŸ™‚

  24. I think overall it’s a win for me. Hair is up and dress is down. Outfit is appropriate to the occasion. The Trio did well.

  25. I haven’t read all the comments, but Kate makes me so mad at this event!!! She was totally disrespectful. Of all times, this would have been one to re-wear an understated coat, Lord knows she has a ton of black ones. But no, Kate chooses this as a time to wear a brand new coat with busy-look at me print (when she knows the only thing people talk about is her new clothes). She didn’t even wear a coat by a Commonwealth country or France! There was nothing respectful about her.

    Then on top of it there are 2 photos on another site that show Will, Kate and Harry walking down the steps at the end of the ceremony. Harry looks lost in thought, William is serious and our Kate has a big toothy grin on her face! How can you be grinning after such an emotional event?? She loves the attention, is all i can gather from it. If i were William, i would be embarrassed. This whole ceremony to me showed how little empathy Kate feels. She is very shallow and self-absorbed. I am really quite disgusted with her today.

    1. It does make you wonder doesn’t it? A few weeks ago the Queen laid a wreath at the National Memorial in Alrewas and the photographers noticed a single tear wobble out of her eye as she had laid her wreath…….and she’s been doing this for how many years and could be forgiven for being a bit numb to these memorial types events. Where as Missy just seems to think it’s another day out to showcase a new frock / coatdress. Having been to the National Memorial which isn’t far from where I live, you just can’t help but be moved as soon as you walk in there. It’s the same at every war grave I’ve ever visited. I just don’t understand how she doesn’t get it? All I can say is thank goodness she never flashed at this one.

      1. Seriously! Every memorial i have gone to has affected me. Especially visiting the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. I didn’t feel like talking after any of these memorials. The weight of these men who died just stays with you and I don’t see how you can’t be affected by it. All of our freedoms and way of lives are due to these men and women. I cried at each one. I don’t expect Kate to cry, but for crying out loud-show some respect. These men died for your country and no one knows their names! They gave the greatest sacrifice and the least Kate can do is not giggle and make odd faces. Harry gets it!

        1. People laugh and smile at funerals. Those soldiers died a long time ago. We can remember them with the honor and respect they deserve. But then we should laugh and love and be alive! Other people are smiling and talking during the event. The somber part doesn’t have to last forever.

          1. I disagree. No one is laughing during the actual ceremony. And the photo i am talking about both Will and Harry are very serious and Kate is smiling. In the video she tries to talk to William and he just bobs his head-obviously not wanting to make light of things. The somber part was the ceremony, which is the part that Kate showed no seriousness in. But this is a woman who twirls her hair during Rememberance Sunday-so i shouldn’t be surprised. The fact is, Will and Harry took the ceremony seriously, which shows Kate should have as well.

          2. The problem is everyone always looks somber and here’s Kate laughing and smiling for the cameras. It is the timing of it. It is disrespectful and very typical.

            It makes me angry.

          3. Thank you Ellie. It makes me angry as well. She has no respect for anyone. And at something so serious as this, she is still smiling when everyone else looks thoughtful. And this is not even close to being the same thing as a funeral.

          4. Overit: i think it’s difficult for her to maintain a somber expression because it goes against the grain of what she has been trained to do.

            On youtube is a documentary about paps and celebrities and a section on how the middletons deal with them and every single talking head mentioned that the middletons smile the minute they see a camera.

            They deliberately present a happy smiley visage as soon as they are aware of cameras and especially if they are at an official event.

            We saw that when William broke up with Kate so publicly and rather than look heartbroken, which everyone said she was, we saw a happy, smiling, fun looking person, having a great time.

            Without exception, the paps said she and the Middletons always smile although they also added that she is less smiley when with William because he doesn’t like the paps.

            The employment of that ever present smile can be disconcerting because you see it even where no one is talking to her or she’s standing alone.

            On important public occasions, somber or not, she is on show. The middleton way of being on show is to smile.

            It’s taken targeted public and or private censure for her to understand how inapproplriate it is to smile at somber occasions.

            Yet that training isn’t easily overcome, and i think it’s become instinctual in the presence of cameras.

          5. I’m sorry, I don’t care if they died a hundred years ago, fifty, or a few months back, each of them deserve our respect and our gratitude for the lives they helped allow us to live today.

            Yes, people often smile and laugh at funerals, but I think this ceremony deserved the highest of respect from the dignitaries there. Dignitaries? That means dignified, doesn’t it? Kate is not aware of what that word means. Flashing in India, manic grins at this somber occasion? She is a Royal Mess, if you ask me.

            Whenver I take my daughters to family member’s graves and we lay flowers, they always show respect and love. Whether laying down flowers or saying quick prayers, there are no manic grins on their faces. And, they are 3 going on 4 and 6 going on 7!
            Far more mature than the Duchess.

            I’m signing off now. Have to start preparing for a holiday barbecue we are having today to kick off the long weekend. Happy 4th to all Yanks.

        2. I have to agree with you, Overit. I know you cannot always be expected to maintain a sad depressing look in this event and it is unfair to criticise Kate for that since other attendees were also smiling at one point or another. But what irks me is the exaggerated expressions she pulls. You can still smile but make it subtle. Imagine the kinda smile one makes when at a funeral and when guests offer you condolences. You’ll still put on a smile but people will know you’re grieving.

          My bet is she has no idea what event she was turning up for.

        3. Yes, Overit and Mrs. BBV. I visited the Arlington National Cemetery and the Vietnam War Memorial and the World War II Memorial last year when I was in D.C. I was crying at each and every site. The fact that Kate is so flippant is a major problem. It’s always all about her. And, poor Kate, Harry didn’t flirt with her at this particular memorial. She must have been beside herself. How was she expected to get through such a serious event?

          1. hi Mary Elizabeth. I live in DC and take my kids to the memorials often. I always cry.

            after the Irish Guards snub, I lost all faith that they have any sense of history, appreciation and respect for human sacrifice and disregard for those who fight and defend the liberties and freedoms we live under. it makes me sick.

          2. Reilly, bless you. I feel the same way.
            How sad and what a bitter pill for the Brits to swallow. This man and his clueless wife are going to be King and Queen Consort one day.

          3. I was at the Tomb of the unknown soldier during the changing of the guard openly sobbing! I might have had tears at the Vietnam war memorial as well. You wouldn’t think a list of names could be so powerfully moving yet it was.

          4. The Vietnam War Memorial was so hard. Hard in the sense that each person had a life and family left behind.

            Arlington was tough too. I once saw the changing and there were people who wouldn’t stop snickering. Let’s just say that they were firmly put in their place not only by the visitors, but the marine himself.

          5. I always cry at the Vietnam memoral because you cant look at the names without seeing your own reflection as well, forcefully making you understand that in some way and for some reason, they died for you and your country. people tracing the namesame of loved ones is breathtaking.

            the changing of the guard and the actual movement of the guard is so deeply filled with respect, honor and duty that again, I cry. someone’s som, brother, father, mother, etc is within the tomb. I am also awed by Kennedys grave, the inaugural address inscribed and the view of the Lee house over DC.

            similar sites and tributes abroad have the same impact on. me.

    2. Kate was always unfit for the position she currently occupies. Whether it’s a church service or a memorial, she has to engage whoever is next to her to keep her entertained, keep herself as the centre of someone’s attention, have a laugh, whatever. Kate is, simply, an embarrassment as a UK representative. There is no need for her attendance at these events since she does not perform any role. I couldn’t care less about her clothing, makeup, ageing etc as these reflective events are not.about.her. She clearly has not read the memo. Nah, she wouldn’t even have picked it up.

      1. She doesn’t do instructions or memos. Self improvement in an anathema to her. If she gets into a spot of bother she can just flirt her way out of it. It’s always worked in the past. Hey it landed her a future King. God he must have been so desperate to settle that he ended up with her.

          1. What a great find Jen! Thanks for sharing that link. Did a perfect job of nailing both Kate and William on the head and that was back in 2007. Seem that much hasn’t changed since then. I didn’t know that much about Kate pre-wedding and i fell for the love story. So, seeing an article like this from so long ago say what we now say about Kate is refreshing.

          2. Overit, I just happened across it quite by accident a couple of days ago. I was struck by the clear-sighted, no holds barred approach of the writer. His would have been a minority opinion I’d say. But he absolutely nailed Kate Middleton. In light of what we have seen since 2007, everything falls into place. It was all there back in 2007 if you could join the dots.

          3. Wow, that piece really nailed the essence of both of them. Why is it everyone can pretty much see through the epic manipulations but William is seemingly blind to it all.

            Sad thing is, I think he caught on but let his ego get the best of him and was determined to prove that he was right and would do what he wanted. Now he’s pretty much trapped.

          4. Lisa, he probably was warned by his family, but dug his toes in. He seems very immature and determined not to take advice. William’s ego and lack of experience was his undoing.

  26. I like kate’s outfit. Meanwhile, On June 30th Princess Beatrice went to visit her royal patronage, the Berkshire’s community foundation. The event was to help celebrate their 30th anniversary. Later that night, Bea attended an Auction dinner for Children In Crisis. where her Mother hosted the event. Her sister was also there. A collaboration piece with With TeddyM,
    Princesses Eugenie & Beatrice &he Duchess of York achieved Β£15,000 for the charity.

  27. I like that this look is at least appropriate for the occasion, even if it does make Kate look much older than she actually is. I am having some trouble wrapping my head around the fact that a pair of earrings that are silver-tone and faux-pearl cost $745.00. They’re way overpriced costume jewelry.

    1. I totally agree about the earrings. For fake jewelry, I can’t believe that it cost that much.

      1. I agree as well. She could have bought real pearl earrings for that price. I don’t understand why Kate would spend so much money on these earrings or on all of the lookalike Kiki McDonough pieces but not invest in a brooch or two or maybe some more fancy, big pieces for formal events.

      2. The Kiki stuff is expensive, insubstantial and unmemorable. If there is a need for more jewellery, why not consider some antique pieces eg Edwardian etc.

  28. An entire generation of young men were wiped out that day. It is horrendous and heartbreaking. Some as young as 15 who lied about their age to serve their country in WWI.

    Kate smiling and making faces and gurning as usual, yesterday and today, spending thousands; William looking angry that he’s even there…

    Those boys deserve better at their memorial.

    Kate looks ridiculous as always. I love the pillbox. I’m glad she’s doing her hair up. However, the updos are so aging and for a 50 year old. The updos she had during that Asian tour were beautiful! What happened there? These all are those same knotted low chignons that look like she’s plopped a wig on top of her head.

    It’s sad there’s no substance so we talk about her clothes.

  29. She looks so old. I think it’s a more somber event as well, today Diana would have been 55. Wow, made me realize she was so young when she died.

  30. A very somber occasion and a sobering reminder of the horrors of war. But unfortunately humans never seem to fully grasp that concept and wars continue through time.

    I can understand that W&K were there because he is the heir to the heir, but if they could leave them at home next time and just send Harry it would be wonderful.

    I was not crazy about the coat. The first photo I saw of her was a distant one and it came off as Kate in old fashioned prison stripes. The make-up was shoveled on and was far too heavy. It’s like she’s decided Vogue got it all wrong and piling it on is the way to go. It’s a mask for her.

    It was good that her hair was up, the hairnet didn’t bother me. But my thoughts go to it containing the pre-styled attachment and was then placed on her. It seems thicker than her do the following day without the hairnet. But I could just be seeing things.

    The moment of the little private joke between W&K was definitely out of character for the event. Maybe they were checking how much longer it would last and realized it was ending soon.

    Harry genuinely looked moved by the event. Too bad he had to play third wheel to these two.

  31. I just wondered over to some rather Kate-centric sites to see how others were viewing her outfit and makeup from this event and was rather surprised at how many commented on how old and haggard Kate has been looking lately. More surprising to me was that one of these sites is sooo pro-Kate that they’ve practically made her a saint, even there her fashion choices for these two events aren’t universally loved.

    1. Maybe they’re becoming smart to the Photoshop version of Kate that has been sold and seeing the real thing? It must be a shock.

      So much potential but all we talk about are her clothes and how terrible she looks. I wish there was substance there for us to talk about like we do with Letizia, Maxima, Anne, Sophie…

    2. Be careful of getting diabetes over there, Lauri! Interesting observations by the pro-Kate folk. Perhaps they are moving beyond her?

    3. Every time i go to the Kate obsessed sites, they still worship her beyond belief. It makes me so sick to read. One fan on a site was wondering from this event how Kate walks on the grass and her conclusion was the maybe she just floats. BARF!

      Sadly, if the are thinking she looks old/haggard lately they will probably excuse it to her busy schedule and taking care of two young children. Some ‘fans’ are scary. It is actually creepy how much they put her on a pedestal.

  32. I kinda like the pillbox hat on her for the occasion even though they remind me of Werther’s Original candy. Her hair looked matronly as always, but I am happy it was tied up. Beggars can’t be choosers. As for the coat – I hated it!!! I am sorry but it’s fugly and I feel itchy just by looking at it. I don’t know if it’s the fabric or the color but it just didn’t work for me. The coat added 30 years on her.

    I think those raccoon eyes was just to create illusion that Kate is in a sombre mood? She clearly wasn’t saddened in the slightest way by the occasion when she was all smiles and even appeared to be joking with Will during the service. Probably getting pumped up for Wimbledon, I suppose.

    This also got me thinking about how Kate is gonna go down in history 100 years from now. No sense of duty, no achievements of her own to be proud of. In future people are just gonna remember her as Waity Katie, The Mattress, Duchess DoLittle or even worse – Hunchback of Anmer Hall.

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