Royal Round Up: Queen Letizia

Royal Round Up: Queen Letizia

William, Kate, and Harry will be in France for engagements commemorating the centenary of the Battle of Somme later today and tomorrow. Until then, let’s catch up with Queen Letizia.

Queen Letizia and King Felipe were in Navarra, Spain yesterday, June 29, to visit a Volkswagen Factory on its 50th anniversary.

Letizia decided to go ultra-feminine for the trip to the auto manufacturer, wearing a light pink chiffon blouse with a Hugo Boss “Rizalia” flared cotton blend skirt, Magrit heels, and white clutch. She looks nice, but it’s weird to see Leti in such a feminine style. She usually goes for more sleek looks.

Letizia paid tribute to her mother-in-law on June 22 when she attended a ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of the Foundation for Help Against Drug Addiction (FAD). Letizia became honorary president of FAD in September 2015, taking over the role from Queen Sofia – who served as patron for almost thirty years.

Letizia honored Sofia in her speech:

    “I do many things, I work with many people, are many citizens’ initiatives that deserve institutional support. But certainly one that has made ​​me feel worthy to serve, happy to go hand in hand with a cause, that is, without doubt, the Foundation for Help Against Drug Addiction, because its work points to the depths of the human condition: the values, the will, the individual decision-making, which is also what defines us as free beings.
    “Thank you for both my predecessor, Queen Sofia, and thanks to everyone who made it possible, for the past 30 years. FAD is a leader in everything related to addiction, this institution has always been at the forefront researching, supporting all without hurting or blaming or stigmatizing, putting all their energy into preventing and informing, educating. Congratulations on 30 years of success.”

[transcript, in Spanish]

Letizia debuted a new pink outfit with black ribbon detailing, pairing it with her Prada Cipria Patent Pointy Toe Pump ($670.00) and Coolook “Kraz” earrings with Mother of Pearl and Onyx.

On June 15, Letizia and Felipe attended the board meeting for the Princess of Asturias Foundation. Letizia brought back those Uterqüe black leather culottes she rocked back in February. She paired them this time with a fuchsia blouse, black Prada Saffiano print patent leather pumps and TOUS Ruby and Emerald earrings.

On June 13, Letizia was in Salamanca for a flag presentation, where she presented the Spanish flag, donated by the City and County of Salamanca, to the Specialties Regiment of Engineers No. 11 (a division of the Spanish army).

While Letizia adhered to the Queen Sofia-set trend of wearing a long black dress and Spanish mantilla for flag presentation ceremonies, since becoming Queen, Leti has done things her way – wearing white to a flag presentation in May 2015.

This time, Leti wore a new Felipe Varela pink coat and dress, and the bow of the Order of Charles III. Leti wore pink Magrit pumps and Yanes earrings. I really like this outfit.

Leti gave a speech in which she thanked Salamanca for donating the flag and thanked the regiment for their service.

Letizia gives speech at flag presentation s
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

On June 8, Letizia and Felipe attended a lunch for the 10th anniversary of ‘El Economista’ newspaper.

Letizia wore a new jumpsuit from Hugo Boss: the “Kasha” crepe belted jumpsuit ($595). Leti paired the jumpsuit with new red Mango perforated sandals (currently $39.99), and Zara colorful gems earrings (currently $12.99).

49 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Queen Letizia

  1. Unbelievable that one can be Queen, take patronages, give speeches, visit charities and so … AND raise children!

    Actually I have to admit that in the beginning I found Letizia rather cold but she really grew on me and think she does a fantastic job! She always looks so professional and yet caring and interested and beside that she and Felipe are such a lovely couple who do a fantastic job raising Leonor and Sofia normal and royal at same time (from what we can see from outside)

  2. I love that Leti can go from ultra feminine to sleek business lady depending on the events. Like Kate, she is a mother of two, but is always dressed appropriately there are no Marilyn moments, no crotch-clutching, no slouching and she is always informed about what she is doing. She has her fashion misses like those leather culottes that she seems so fond of since this is the third time I see pictures of her wearing them this year.

    1. I cannot stand the culottes. She’s slipped other leather outfits in that did better. She has a blue skirt suit in patterned leather that looks professional. There is a taupe shift dress of hers that I didn’t like until I realized it was leather. Then it stopped being boring.

      The first time she wore the culottes, fashion bloggers in Spain thought they were wonderful. To each their own.

  3. She really is my template of how a commoner becomes Queen and then develops herself into the role. Compassionate, driven, energetic, enquiring, informed and intelligent. Most of the time I think she’s incredibly well turned out but like all women she has a few horrors in her wardrobe. I love the way heels always just seem to be an extension of her legs. She glides along like she was born in 4 inch heels. Her weight is a bit alarming though. She looks fit and healthy but she’s as tiny as a bird.

    Kate really could improve if she took a look at Letizia as a role model. I know in her position I would. Although I have come to the conclusion this year that Kate thinks she doesn’t need advice and guidance. Self improvement doesn’t seem to be a goal of Kate’s in any area of her life.

  4. Leti’s pink coat & dress looks like the blue one Kate recently wore though I prefer this one. I really like Leti’s style – sleek & professional.

  5. All hail Leti, the Queen of Perfect Posture!! Hail! Hail!

    I have to say when I see pictures of Kate I feel the need to feed her and when I see pictures of Leti, I feel the need to take ballet classes 🙂 and of course stand up straight! Imo, Leti, like Victoria, Max, Mary and the others is a “woman”, strong, confident, vibrant and warm. You can tell that these women are up to the challenges ahead of them and will meet those challenges in killer style.

    Gosh I like Leti’s style, the sleek tailoring, the feminine touches, the beautiful jewels!! I just don’t know about the heels, my feet start to hurt just looking at them 🙂 Even her misses (I’m talking to you leather culottes) seem more of a whimsy, a fun fashion risk that didn’t pay off then a true lack of styling sense.

  6. I just love this post, KMR! Leti is a beautiful and hard working woman. I always feel bad for Queen Sofia. Juan Carlos was a louche and she suffered for it.

    Thanks for a Leti fabulous post, KMR!

    1. Hi Rhiannon, how are you doing today? You’ve been on my mind much lately and I’m glad for you that we’ll be seeing Harry today 🙂

      I feel the same about Queen Sofia, but it appears that she and her daughter-in-law have a lovely relationship. After putting up with Juan Carlos’ shenanigans for years, I hope that she is finding happiness now that she is no longer “the Queen”.

    2. Rhiannon I’m taking a KMR vacation can’t cope with everything happening here at home . Nightmare .
      But I really hope you are doing ok and send you my very best wishes. I think the next few months will be tough but you will be back to those mudruns before you know it. Harry will love you more for having coped with such adversity.

      1. Oh Birdy, I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be posting here for awhile! I enjoy your commentary so much, but completely understand the need for some down time. Hope to see back soon!

      2. Hi, Birdy! I am recovering. I have good and bad days and just trying to keep my grace and perspective.

        I hope to see you back soon, Birdy. I wish you the best as things clear up at home. We love you here are rooting for peace for you. Please come back once all is sorted.


  7. Thanks for the post! She has actual style. Since this is “KateMiddletonReview” I’ll make this observation – Kate is like a very thin paper doll with a rotation of meh outfits and boring shoes; Queen Letzia looks like she puts a lot of thought into what her clothes convey and has fun doing it. All hail Queen Letzia!

  8. Leti is gorgeous. So confident, so hard-working and so fashionable. She has it rings around Kate. Yes, that pink coat did look like something Kate wore, but Leti really looked fabulous in hers, while Kate always manages to look matronly. Leti is older than Kate, too.

    Oh, and yes, those red shoes!! And, that red lipstick. B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! !

    1. Good morning everyone,
      Have to agree with you. Leti is beautiful so well groomed. I just love the pink coat and dress, classic and so elegant.
      The red shoes , amazing, but best of all the beautifully painted red toenails, stunning, so many people forget about there tootsies.
      She looks so classy from top to toe.
      I think the problem with Kate is that she isn’t advised by her stylist adequately,actually I am not sure if she has one, but she never seems to get the entire picture right.
      The European Queens/Princesses have got it nailed.

      1. Hi, Sophia:

        Agree, The toes looked fabulous.

        How are things going? Wishing you and your family the best!

      1. I agree Mary Elizabeth. I had a blouse similar to this dress, it fit and looked great after first putting it on but within an hour it grew 2 sizes and wrinkled so bad it looked like I had just rolled out of bed. In theory, this dress should have been great but in real life, not so much.

      2. I agree! She looked great getting off the plane, but this white number is not flattering. Mrs. O has a rockin’ bod and she typically looks much better!

    1. Mrs. 0’s dress resembles a flour sack with a dish towel thrown over the shoulders.

      Silly me first thought this was a taxpayer-funded jaunt to visit more royalty and take the kids plus the “Queen Mother” on their last free summer vacation.

      I’ll agree with something the Maven posted on the Harry thread. Look a little closer to home to use your influence and spend our money. Did you know that one hour away from Washington DC, 73% of eight-year-old children cannot read at their grade level (3rd grade)? And 20-23% of adults cannot read and comprehend a basic newspaper article? I’m all for education, but let’s clean up our backyard first.

  9. Compare the pink coatdress to some of Kate’s coat dresses. Kate’ dresses look like they could be worn by a much older woman. Letizia’s looks youthful. Kate looks like she is drowning in fabric. Letizia wears her dress, not the other way around. I can’t put my finger on it, but this is the type of coatdress Kate should be wearing. Is it a lighter fabric? Is it the small details like the scalloped edges? I don’t know what it is, but the last few coat dresses Kate wore looked like heavy blankets with some trim added, the royal equivalent of a snuggie.

    1. I went back and looked at some photos of Kate, and I think part of the problem is her love of v-necks. She wears v-necks with thick lapels or crew necks that strangle her (remember that horrid green dress at the flower show). Look at Letizia’s neckline. There is a collar but it is wide and pulled away from her neck. And the dress underneath is exposed. Most of Kate’s coat dresses function as the dress, she is so buttoned up in them you can’t tell is she’s wearing anything underneath (unless the wind blows). I think all that fabric at her neckline is distracting and looks heavy and suffocating.

      1. I agree JET, but I think if she stuck with V-necks instead of buttoning/zipping her coat/dress all the way up would be a big help. Somehow Kate’s outfits manage to look both childish and prudish at the same time.

    2. Seconded. I looked at the pictures of Letizia, then went back to pics of Kate in the Catherine Walker coatdress from the National Service of Thanksgiving recently – the outfits are so similar, but Letizia is owning it with impeccable posture, confidence, and obvious engagement with her audience.

  10. I think the major problem is Kate seems to be very uncomfortable when wearing dresses, gowns, etc. She always seems to feel more like herself in casual clothing. Leti’s overall glamour is more than just her beauty. She carries herself well, moves with ease and knows how to accessorize. She’s not afraid to go outside of her comfort zone, but she is also a woman with a strong understanding of what she likes and what looks good on her.

    Two women can wear the exact same dress and one will usually look better than the other. It’s a natural style thing. People say Kate lets her clothes wear her. Other more fashionable women really Wear their Clothes. It’s true. There’s a natural ease in those women. They are comfortable in their own skin and thus, in their clothing, too.

    And, I think Kate chooses styles that are “safe,” but don’t do justice to her. When she’s not flashing, she’s Miss Prim. It’s odd. But, that is how I see it.

    1. I agree Fiionamarie, I’ve often thought that Kate wears clothes she thinks a duchess should wear, not what’s she’s comfortable in or what suits her body. In fact, sometimes it seems that attitude is how she approaches the whole concept of “being royal”, instead of being herself she seems rather intent on being anyone else.

      1. It really all goes back to Kate not having any experience in the world outside of getting the ring. She hasn’t had time to play with clothing or learn what works best in different situations because she’s never had to work. So everything she does is based on what she (or her mother) have decided is appropriate attire for her role. A lot of times it seems she’s taking cues from Diana’s history or Downton Abbey on types of things to wear. She really needs to know herself better and then she can own the clothes she wears instead of them wearing her.

        Seriously, her personal history of style revolved around jeans, Wellies, aristo style country wear, the occasional slinky gown and little dresses for falling out of night clubs in or more proper little dresses with hats for weddings of friends. I think anyone on this list would be able to pull together more appropriate and tasteful yet fun attire simply because we’ve actually lived life to varying degrees and know ourselves.

  11. Thanks KMR for the Leti post! She’s becoming one of my favs and her husband is a total hottie!! She seems like a hard worker and considering all that’s going on in Spain, it’s nice to see royals not being completely oblivious to the going ons around them. Absolutely loved the red shoes and can’t be how affordable they are!!
    Not to compare women and body shapes but the difference between Leti and Kate-Leti is thin but she she still has that fit and healthy look to her. Kate has gone to the side of alarmingly thin and unhealthy look.

    1. Letizia is fresh faced,whereas Catherine has looked worn out on many occasions,especially after the arrival of Charlotte.She used to be a healthy slim.
      When one is required to live a more active lifestyle,one must eat more to keep the energy up and maintain the
      same figure while still looking fresh.
      I do realise that some people are naturally tired looking,but that’s not the case with Catherine.Both Carole and Michael Middleton are more fresh faced than her.

  12. Hey guys – maybe this is just me and my ultra-Conservative Washington, D.C. way of dressing, but I find it a little inappropriate that Leti is giving out an award and making a speech in a tank top. I understand that it’s wide, and it definitely meets the old school rule of being “three fingers across.” Perhaps I’m just so used to seeing her in a jacket that she almost seems a little undone to me without a suit. For the record, I wear tops like this to work, but have to put on a jacket or cardigan for meetings. I’m also not a queen *sigh*

    1. I wouldn’t call it a tank top. It’s a sleeveless shirt with a collar. The white one is also not a tank top but just a sleeveless shirt.

      Whether or not showing your arms is appropriate or not in a meeting depends on your industry and the culture of your company.

      I, personally, don’t mind what she’s wearing. Leti’s personal style is much different from Sofia’s.

      1. That’s a good point. I work with a bunch of 70 year old men, so showing arms might cause a heart attack! 😉 Leti can much better get away with a more modern style.

    2. It could be that since she’s giving out an award she feels that it’s okay to be a bit more “casual”? I remember reading a sticker or something online that said “my boss told me to dress for the job I want and now I’m sitting out side of HR in my Catwoman suit”.

  13. Gosh she has style!

    I want those red heels. I can’t believe they are only $39.99! Too bad they are sold out. I guess there is a Leti-affect, it is not just Kate 🙂

  14. First, rhiannon happy to hear that you are home. A little bit of the blues can be expected. I had two mini meltdowns when I got home after my surgery. It was weird for me because I was in a really good space and then BAM! But I got over and you got over and will work through any other little moments you have. Onwards and upwards!

    Now for Leti! I don’t know why but I am loving that pink dress with the black lace trim. And her shoes!!! The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the leather culottes, I think it’s because I feel they look awkward with her height. Otherwise this woman could give Kate lessons in dressing and how to carry herself.

    Thank your for doing a round up on her, it was a wonderful breath of fresh air!

  15. I love the variety of her style. She is interesting to look at because everything is so different yet still looks good. Great post!!

  16. Pure class. I really like Letizia and she and Felipe make a great team. From all I have read, he is an excellent monarch and really the buck stops with him. Spain’s had a rough time of it with their elections and he’s keeping the ship steered properly. Good man.

  17. I just wanted to add a non-fashion comment. Letizia’s husband always seems to be looking at her like (a) he’s so proud of her; or (b) he wants to ravage her on the carriage ride (or whatever) on the way home. Contrast with how William looks at public engagements – dull, bored, insulting Kate when he does open his mouth (I don’t see it as playful, it’s hurtful). I’m sure that doesn’t help her confidence. Giving her ‘time’ to grow into her role, she needs support, and it seems like something Letizia gets in spades from her husband and Kate not so much.

    1. I see the same looks of pride and…um…passion from Williem-Alexander, Frederick and Daniel when they look at their wives, that kind of support can only increase the ladies self-confidence while making their way in world they weren’t born into.

  18. I did a double-take on those red heels. It looks like her feet are in jail! I wonder if the black “pants” looked better in person than in pictures. I hope so. Other than that, I like the rest of the outfits.

  19. Overall a bad week in style for Queen Letizia.I especially hate those red shoes with her pedicure.But got to give her credit because she is professional when it comes to her duties.

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