Prince Harry holds Sentebale concert, plans to focus on HIV/AIDS

Prince Harry holds Sentebale concert, plans to focus on HIV/AIDS

Prince Harry held a concert at Kensington Palace yesterday, June 28, in aid of Sentebale to help raise funds and awareness of the challenges faced by young people affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Harry even flew in The Basotho Youth Choir – a choir of young children from Lesotho – to sing in front of the 3,000-strong crowd. Coldplay and Joss Stone, among others, performed.

Harry gave a speech talking about his first visit to Lesotho when he was 19, and the fight against HIV/AIDS. I’m only quoting part of his speech, you can read the full transcript here.

    “My friend Prince Seeiso and I founded Sentebale to do what we could to support the young people of Lesotho – to empower a generation with knowledge and understanding so they can give their country an alternative, brighter future.
    “Sentebale, meaning forget me not in Sesotho, has helped tens of thousands of children in just over a decade. We focus on, not just making sure children with HIV, get the medical treatment they need, but the emotional support and empowering knowledge that is so vital for their long-term health and prosperity. And we put that warmth, optimism, and courage that I first saw in Lesotho as a teenager, into everything we do.
    “Now, I know you’ve come here tonight to see some of the best entertainers on the planet. But I want to take this moment to give you something to think about… If you have been moved by the stories that you’ve heard, please commit to taking a little bit of time to learn about the fight against HIV in places like Lesotho, throughout Africa, and here in the UK as well.
    “This is a topic that has drifted from the headlines, but remains an urgent challenge. In southern Africa, the epidemic remains the biggest killer of adolescents. Here in the UK, more people have the virus than ever before.
    “What we know is that HIV is a virus that thrives off silence and feeds on stigma. Every single one of us has a responsibility to educate ourselves. To do what we can to speak out and stamp out the silence, ignorance, and fear that the virus needs to win.
    “We must follow the example of the young people of Lesotho, and meet one of the great challenges of our generation with optimism, energy, and openness. That’s what tonight is all about. When people come together for a purpose we can achieve extraordinary things.”

Earlier in the day on June 28, KP issued a press release about Harry’s future plans to work in the fight against HIV/AIDS:

    “Prince Harry will begin a new series of engagements and meetings designed to shine a spotlight on the ongoing need for action in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Building on his decade of experience in supporting young people with HIV in Lesotho through his charity Sentebale, The Prince is now determined to help his generation understand that the battle against the disease has not yet been won and still needs fighting. He hopes to convene leading figures in this sector and support their vital work in ensuring that everyone – and young people in particular – get the help they deserve to lead healthy and successful lives.
    “In the UK more people are living with HIV than ever before with thousands of new people being diagnosed with the virus every year. In places like Southern Africa, HIV is the biggest killer of adolescents and represents a very real threat to the success of an entire generation. His Royal Highness wants to expand his own knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the fight against the virus around the world. This will see him tackling topics including testing, treatment, and prevention as well as anti-stigma efforts that were famously championed by his mother Diana, Princess of Wales. Prince Harry believes that greater public awareness of the innovations in both testing and treatment for HIV can help save lives and he wants to do his part.”

In July, Harry will meet with doctors and nurses who are caring for patients in South London – which is home to one of the highest concentrations of HIV-positive people in Europe – and will visit an innovative sexual health service that encourages regular testing for HIV and outreach to the partners of newly diagnosed patients.

Also in July, Harry will travel to Durban, South Africa as Patron of Sentebale for the 2016 International AIDS Conference to meet leaders in the field and to speak to the assembled delegates.

This sounds great, and it’s good to see Harry actually scheduling visits rather than just talking about “ending the stigma”. I’m still waiting for something to come from that Heads Together thing William, Kate, and Harry launched earlier this year. I think Kate forgot that her Big Cause for this year is children’s mental health because she hasn’t done anything associated with children’s mental health since she launched Heads Together with William and Harry back on May 16.

Above: Joss Stone with The Basotho Youth Choir. Below: Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Prince Harry greets Chris Martin on stage.

Harry and Prince Seeiso.

Harry and another Ginger dude.

Several members of Prince Harry’s family also attended the concert and were spotted in the crowd.

Princess Beatrice in a red trench coat.

Peter Phillips, Princess Eugenie, and Mike Tindall. There was rain, hence the poncho on Eugenie.

Autumn Phillips and Peter.

77 thoughts on “Prince Harry holds Sentebale concert, plans to focus on HIV/AIDS

  1. That Ginger dude is Mark Dyer. He’s been William and Harry’s mentor, friend and secretary since they were children. On a par with Tiggy Legge Bourke. In adulthood, Harry remains very good friends with Mark and is godfather to Mark’s son.

    Harry is often papped hanging out with Mark and his family in London.

    In the pic before that, of Harry and Seeiso, ELF is the 3rd person.

      1. ELF is the one person on Harry’s staff whom I pray stays with him until he retires. As far as I’m concerned he has been a major reason for Harry being so on point with his causes. W&K need someone like him on their team.

        1. W&K wouldn’t listen even if they had an ELF. While I do think W&Ks team is crap, W&Ks failings are on them.

          1. Apart from ELF, Harry’s team is the same as the Cambridges. I don’t think KP team are incompetent, Harry’s work is the proof of that. W&K just don’t listen to them.

          2. I was thinking about Rebecca Deacon – who is terrible at writing Kate’s letters – when I wrote this. Rebecca only works for Kate.

          3. KMR is right. Despite presenting as one unit, there are actually two teams at KP. A hydra of sorts is the best way to describe them where they share some people, whilst also people working exclusively for boths sets.

            We tend to hear more from the joint staff members and those staff members that were are longstanding, but there are several recent appointees that work exclusively for Harry OR WK

        2. Totally agree!

          On point and so very worthy – can’t wait for ELF to move King Henry away from KP and the lambridge.

          Where was billy middlleton support to his brother charity….

  2. Great stuff Harry. And lovely to see every one of your cousins and partners with them supporting you. I am disappointed that his brother couldn’t be there to support him and enjoy his continued success.

    1. In some pictures on the DM, Jecca’s husband can be seen standing behind Mike. I guess everyone else can support Harry except his own brother.

      1. That’s sad, isn’t it? His very own brother couldn’t be bothered to be there for something very important for him. If Will and Kate are as tight with Harry as KP tried to make us believe, they will be there to cheer him and support his cause. I’m sure Harry will appreciate the support given by his cousins. Seems that they are his real family.

        1. I was thinking that as well. It is sad that they didn’t come to support him. It is not as if they are rushed off their feet. Although, now that I think of it Wimbledon is on and Kate is probably at home trying on outfits for the days she is going. Hopefully she is also concentrating on her clapping skills as well.

          1. Ha ha@ clapping skills… Maybe she’s also practicing new flashing skills to outdo Pippa’s flashing on Monday at Wimbers. Not to mention her smug face when doing so.

          2. Well done Harry! William and Kate are trapped in a bubble with their children and the Middletons. They have almost completely distanced themselves from the public and the royal family. It’s incredibly sad and I wish the succession to the throne worked like it does in African royal families where the heir is decided by a council after the monarch’s death. Birth order means nothing. Prince Harry would win over William.

          3. William and Kate didn’t show up either at Chelsea Flower Show when Harry had a garden for Sentable there… but actually I have to admit I was glad they weren’t there yesterday so the focus was on charity and Harry.

          4. Matty, I can’t believe how clueless the Middleton sisters are!
            Pippa following in her sister’s “footsteps, isn’t she? Really!
            How trashy can you be? She knows the cameras will be all over her. But, perhaps, that was what she had in mind, yes?

            The Midds Storm Wimbledon. Ugh!

        2. I think it’s sad that they couldn’t be bothered to come out and support him yet most of the cousins could. WK have isolated themselves oblivious (or not caring)to the fact that little things like this could do them good. They moan about wanting the kids to have a “normal” life but how normal is it to squirreled away from the rest of society most of the times?

          1. Yes, Sarah, and someday the kids (George and Charlotte) will wonder if it is normal not to support one’s sibling — especially when said sibling is doing such good!

            Harry is an amazing man. He is doing what needs to be done.

            I loved the speech, the specifics and the over all beauty of his words. I know he does not do things to make his brother and sister-in-law look like light weights, but their own lack of caring and doing, makes Harry shine even more!

            Loved his enthusiasm at the concert. Loved the children’s choir performing (What an experience for them), and loved the support and love that so many of Harry’s family did show him.

            Rhiannon, our hearts are with you, too. Hope you are doing well.

    2. Hi MrsBBV, at first I was also disappointed that William wasn’t there to support his brother or at the very least send some written word of support but after thinking about it a bit I’m rather glad he didn’t. Sentebale is Harry’s charity, that he build from the ground up because of his personal passion to help others and imo William attendance would have been other example of his riding the coattails of others in order to make himself look good. I know I would have accused him of this, so at least this time I’m glad that the Cambridges stayed home and let Harry have his rightful place in the spotlight. All that being said, I hope that William congratulated Harry privately.

      1. You’re right Lauri..,..I would’ve done the same if William had turned up with Kate but I rather wish he had gone on his own and just once appeared in public playing second fiddle to Harry. After all AIDS is Diana’s legacy too. But I know William can’t really win in my eyes because he doesn’t have Harry’s natural compassion & empathy for others. As a king Harry would serve his people, William will want to ‘rule’ his.

      2. William doesn’t care. If it has nothing to do with him why would he show up? He’s the Golden Boy, after all!

        I think that’s sincerely his mentality. He’s a narcissist.

      3. The sad thing is Harry supports William in all of his causes by mention or actually being there while William and Kate just snub his things left and right. I’m sure they will come up with an excuse along the lines of “the kids needed us…we were in Norfolk (although their travel between abodes is considered official)…we didn’t want to take the spotlight away from your cause…Kate couldn’t figure out what to wear…we would have to actually talk to people and look relaxed and you know we just can’t do that.

        Bah to William and Kate. Harry needs to pull out on his own and keep moving forward.

        1. Yeah, after William flying between a horse show and polo and back twice in one weekend, I don’t think there are any more “we were in Norfolk and couldn’t get to London in time” excuses for me. Even if William was working that day, he could have taken the helicopter to be there for Harry. It’s not like William is opposed to that sort of thing when he feels like it.

          1. It’s also hard to believe his conservation efforts are truly meant when he takes helicopter rides as a routine form of transportation!

    1. William is also definitely her son. He simlly displays her bad qualities whilst Harry displays her better qualities.

      And i pity Kate when i think how much William displays the infamous Spencer temperament. Diana, her brother Charles and her father all had/ have it, and as does William.

      Harry appears to have escaped that particular inheritance.

    2. Yes! I am happy that he will go on his work, go to the summit…. I love his work and his passion about it. I love that he seems accessible, that he doesn’t really feel superior because of his birth (contrary to William).

      William worked, he couldn’t go (lol) : I don’t think he appreciates that Harry is more popular than him.

  3. Now now now, we know wee willie and kathy decided to skip the concert to avoid upstaging Harry. All the media would comment on would be how generous they were in supporting Harry and the sacrifice they’re making in taking time away from their life saving work. Why bless their little hearts!

    1. Haha, they’d like to have us think. I bet they were told to stay home, since the media cannot seem to help itself letting Kate’s outfit become the focal point of any and all events she attends. They can step off anytime, we’ve seen enough to know she is not a fashionista, but a collector of staid name brands preferably in lace and/ or some shade of blue.

  4. I love that other members of the royal family stepped out to support Harry and his wonderful work. Sad his only brother couldn’t do the same. Harry looks handsome and radiant per usual.

    1. Since it was held at KP I’m assuming security costs would be less than for a public venue? It would be a good idea for such events have full costs incurred made public in easily read categories. In fact, it would be good for all royal events to have costs incurred listed, such as transportation, security and maybe clothes (!) and from what funds they are drawn from eg local councils etc. Of course, that may prove to be too transparent and no doubt weak objections would be raised!

      1. Does Kensington palace have a concert venue? I don’t understand how that place works. The concert was outside, do they have a big open area for events?

        1. KP sits to one side of Hyde Park. Hyde Park is about 350acres in the middle of London.

          KP opens directly into Hyde Park. Lots of open park on 3 sides of it.

          The concert would have been put on in one of the sides that is technically Hyde Park closest to the Palace.

          1. Yes, there’s a lake–the Serpentine–separating KP gardens, which is also public, from what we know as Hyde Park. I spent lots of time there! It was fun and a gorgeous place. So is St James’s Park. And Green Park!

  5. All Hail King Harry!!!

    I am so glad to see Harry continuing the work Diana started with HIV/AIDS. I remember her shaking hands with an AIDS patient at a time when people were afraid to touch them for fear of getting this horrible disease, she was able to put a face on an epidemic that many at the time thought was simply a problem for gay men. Gosh, I still remember the fear that accompanied this disease and it’s rather disheartening to see that fear still persists today, not the fear of the disease itself but the fear of those suffering from it. I commend Harry to continuing the work his mother started and hope that he will continue to move the conversation forward toward prevention, living with the disease and hopefully one day ending this plague.

  6. Best line of a great speech: “What we know is that HIV is a virus that thrives off silence and feeds on stigma.”

    Harry is the man! His efforts on behalf of the causes he believes in are outstanding. As you said, KMR, he gave specifics. We await such info concerning the mental health issues that Kate and William are so “keen” on helping.

    I am aslo saddened that William could not be around to support and compliment his brother. Why didn’t he attend? I could care less if Kate showed, but William should have been there!

    Thanks, KMR. This post is an important one and shines love on a disease that is wrecking havoc on many areas of the world. Diana must be looking over her son with pride and love.
    She should kick her other son in his Royal Butt, too!

    Special words to Rhiannon. Hope each day finds you feeling and doing better. This Harry post should help! Sending hugs and love your way!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I got out yesterday. I was in a bit of a funk for a minute. I fell into the “poor Rhiannon” mode. Thankfully I am out of that.

      I just marvel at this. Mr. Rhiannon is doing an amazing job. He is both talk and action! I am glad that William and Kate didn’t go. On one hand, he’s his brother and should support him as Harry does for William. However, Kate would have been mugging for the cameras and Will would have said something stupid or made fun of him.

      KMR, you know the way around my Good King Henry heart!

      1. Hi, Rhiannon. You had a right to feel down, but I am glad you are out of that mood now. A serious health setback, being in the hospital…. Not easy, I am sure. Things will be up and down for a while, but with all the love and good wishes heading your way, I do hope your health improves and improves. Never feel you can’t vent here. Your positive comments and great insight are always appreciated, but when someone needs a boost, KMR and company are great people to know. It is a gorgeous day here on Long Island. Hope it is beautiful where you and everyone else is, too.

        Isn’t Harry spectacular?!

  7. Sorry been battling a viral illness (have a toddler at home, so moment he gets sick, so do I, lol) and have been in a snarky mood 🙁

    I like how Harry indicated that AIDS/HIV doesn’t rule the headlines like it once did, now its more likely to be “terrorism” esp in light of the tragic Istanbul airport bombings (I spent time last year in Turkey and a lot of time in Istanbul, Turkish ppl are some of the nicest and generous people I’ve ever met and I’m heartbroken over their loss through multiple suicide attacks this year).

    Therefore, its doubly important that Harry hosts these big scale charity events to highlight that HIV/AIDS is still a devastating illness for so many people throughout the world and that their plight is not forgotten. One of thebest things we can do to end stigma and to halt the progress of this illness is to talk about and practice prevention methods.

    I just wish we would know though how much this event has raised and how much UK public money was used to host this event, ie. security costs- all in the name of transparency.

    1. Red Tulip, hope you and your little one are feeling better.
      I agree with you. The media is more interested in writing about other issues now. Shining a light on AIDS is important. So many people around the world are still affected.

      My thoughts and prayers go out to the people who were at the airport in Istanbul. —those who were killed, injured and/or traumatized.

    2. Sorry to hear you and yours are feeling low! While toddlers are such a joy, they are also little petri dishes 🙂 How you both feel better soon!

    3. Hope you feel well very soon, Red Tulip… and also you too Lauri.
      And Rhiannon, if you’re reading this, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    4. Red Tulip, we are of one mind when it comes to the finances. Where is the transparency? How much is offloaded on taxpayers? From whence did the money come to fly in the kiddies? Is this all a tax write-off? How many people are getting paid and how much? How much did the event raise that is useful?

      I’m going to seem more churlish than usual, but what does Harry do for the UK? Yeah, there’s that dubious mental health initiative. Invictus is really international. He has Africa. He seems to spend more time roaming the globe rather than focussing intently on the UK. For example, he helped in Nepal but there’s no disasters at home that could use his services for more than a few hours? Is it because the rest of the fam have it covered? One could argue that he is the international face of the BRF, but what about home?

      Is he actually the patron of any charities in the UK and a fully committed one? I’m confused.

      1. I doubt the tax payer paid ANYTHING for this concert. It’s a charity concert by SENTEBALE. If you would have taken the time to look at their sponsors (they have many), you’d know that. Kensington Palace gave them the space, that’s about it. A travel company provided for the flights and gave the kids a wonderful time in London by taking them on special tours on the weekend. One of the reporters did a live stream at the event and said the musicians were playing for free. The general admission tickets were sold for 79 pounds, VIP tickets for 500. Sentebale is a small charity, but because of Harry it has great, longterm partners in the UK and abroad.
        Harry does work with many UK charities. The Invictus Games Foundation is a UK based charity and does work beyond the games. He works with local sport and youth clubs. Some of them for years, privately and publically. Heck he volunteered (and maybe still does) at Headley Court and other PRU facilities. For BRITISH soldiers. And if you would have read the article, you’d know that he will focus on HIV/Aids in the UK now.

        He does a lot for HOME. You just need to look beyond Daily Fail articles to find your information.

      1. Thank You for the well wishes all…it turns out that it was Hand Foot and Mouth disease (yuck!). My little guy probably picked it up from an indoor play center that we took him to in Prince Edward Island and then I of course got it, as I was bathing and lotioning him. Now my hands and the soles of my feet have all these dried up blisters and marks all over it…better than last week though when I had red, angry rashes and this terrible itching and burning.

  8. Wow another charity Harry started from the ground up, was fully involved in and made a speech/participated in. To bad the future King and his wife are too busy to do something like this….

  9. Wonderful work by Harry and everyone involved!
    To speak about AIDS/HIV is just as important as many years ago though it doesn’t make the headlines often anymore. But also the focus switched to other topics, too many are still affected. Too many getting sick and too many left behind…

    And I’m also looking forward to see more of Harry’s work in the future!

    As for WK, I didn’t expect them to show up so I wasn’t really disappointed that they haven’t been there but tbh maybe better like that. Harry got support by family members he seems close to and the focus was on Sentable as it should have been and not some new dress, jewelry or hairstyle…

  10. I wonder if Harry and joss are friends with benefits. I know she’s been in Africa several times for Sentebale. They seem to be very close.

    1. She has a longtime boyfriend who is frequently cropped from pictures of Joss and Harry. Though he is a music promoter, he tends to stay out of the limelight.

  11. Diana took on HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, but after her death the issue was shelved again because it was a difficult topic, to have Harry pick it up again is beyond beautiful. I’m sure that for him it’s a way of keeping his mother’s legacy very much alive, but you can see that he truly believes in the cause with how much work he puts in it. He has done great things with both with the Invictus Games and with Sentebale. He is truly a remarkable person and I’m happy to see his family supporting him.

  12. Harry is wonderful. We all agree on that! 🙂

    It’s just lovely to see him using his fame and his position for the greater good of the world as it should be. We should all take pointers from Harry. It’s reminding me to get into volunteerism again.

  13. I love how Harry is so dedicated to his causes. I also enjoy how the cousins are close and support one another. I *did* notice that W & K weren’t there and, while it’s sad that William wasn’t there for his own brother (heck, his only sibling!), like others mentioned, Kate showing up would’ve taken the attention away from the purpose and the concert.

    Rhiannon, I’m glad you’re back and responding. I can definitely relate to PT; I had to have it pre AND post-transplant (“athletic” is NOT one of the top 10 adjectives to describe me 😉 though I would love to try and get myself in better shape ). If you ever want to vent or whine, even privately, don’t hesitate on it! If anyone understands hospitals and doctors and whatnot, it’s me! 😀

    jenny, sorry that you and your little one had the stomach bug–I have an incredibly sensitive system already (if I have anything heavy or completely different from my usual, my GI system punishes me, plus, the day after my anniversary, I woke up feeling lousy and had to rest that entire morning and wait for my system to settle down) so I can’t imagine when it’s something out of the blue or just a bug floating around. Hugs!

    1. Oh, Matty. The Midds March On! Carole and Michael! Are they together?
      I bet Camilla is shooting darts their way!!!! Awesome! Thanks for the heads up.

      1. Matty, I just went on the Daily Mail site. So, the Midds are together. Interesting.
        I’m heading out with Jenny and our kids in a bit for a walk in the park. Lazy day here. After seeing Andy’s Mum in the photo, I am putting more sunscreen on And A HAT! Serena and Venus’ Mum is gorgeous!

        Sorry, if we are thread jacking, KMR.

    2. Not that I wish any marriage to split up but I was hoping the rumors that Carole and Michael had separated were true. He seems so unassuming. She not so much…

    3. I have to admit, I was surprised to see Michael there! The last time they were together was almost six months ago (right after the New Year). Carole is “out and about” waaaaay more than Michael. I kinda of feel bad for him because he seems to be the type who just does what he’s told and that’s it (though I will say he was definitely the proud papa on Kate’s wedding day and I’m sure he’ll be just as proud when it’s Pippa’s turn. From what I’ve heard/read,she’s more of a “Daddy’s girl”).

      1. Every time i have seen the Middletons out and about en famille, Michael’s body language seems very protective of Pippa. It’s often led me to believe that she’s much more of a daddy’s girl despite having to chaperon and socialise Kate all the time.

        Kate is hands down Mummy’s girl.

  14. I couldn’t reply upthread because there wasn’t a Reply button…. But Pippa flashed at Wimbledon? Does anyone have a link they would share with me? I’m kinda shocked… I always held some measure of respect for her because I always thought she really tries to make something of herself.. But if she’s just pulling a “Kate” for attention, then there goes that…

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