Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia

Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia

I was fully expecting to get photos from the Annual Cambridge Family Polo Photoshoot over the weekend, but that never came because I guess the Irish Guards St. Patrick’s Day parade isn’t the only thing Kate doesn’t want us to expect from her every year. Oh well, let’s catch up with what Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia have been up to.

I’m going to start with Princess Sofia because the date of Prince Alexander‘s baptism was released: September 9. Having been born on April 19, Alexander will be almost five months old at the time of his baptism. The baptism will take place at the chapel at Drottningholm Palace – the same place Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas were christened.

Back to Sofia. Sofia, as Honorary President of Sophiahemmet, attended the university’s graduation ceremony at Stockholm City Hall on June 14 where she presented the Sophia Sisters with their traditional brooches. Sophiahemmet was founded in 1884 by Queen Sofia who was inspired by Florence Nightingale’s work and nursing school in London. Princess Sofia has been Honorary President since January 1 of this year, having taken over the role from Princess Christina.

Sofia repeated a pink Paule Ka “Crepe Satin Dress” she first wore last year for Day 1 of the Indian State Visit to Sweden.

Prince Carl Philip, Sofia, and Alexander attended Stenhammar Day – arranged by the Swedish University of Agricultural Science and Stenhammar estates – on June 13. This year’s theme was aspects concerning the climate, environment and securing food.

Stenhammar Day began in 2006 when the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Stenhammar Estate began a partnership with the aim of generating knowledge for the development of grazing-based meat production, for the benefit of both the industry in general and Stenhammar’s own operations.

Sofia wore a new Daisy Grace top – the I C U top in white (895 SEK, or about $109).

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

On June 16, Carl Philip and Sofia joined Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel at the Polar Music Prize at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

Sofia wore a white shirt and skirt combo from Rodebjer, and new silver pumps from Charlotte Olympia. Sofia wore Lara Bohinc “Saturn” earrings that she may or may not have borrowed from Victoria.

Victoria wore a new Ralph Lauren “Dora V-Back Gown” in cream (on sale for $2394.00). She wore a giant necklace over the dress – the necklace comes from the H&M 2014 Conscious Collection.

I really like this look. The dress is very pretty on it’s own and lends itself perfectly for the detail of the necklace.

Ralph Lauren Dora V-Back Gown

Here is a video of the event. From 7:27-8:00 the royals literally dance their way out of the Concert Hall. Those 32 seconds are giving me life!

On June 13 and 14, Victoria and Crown Princess Mette-Marit attended the EAT Stockholm Food Forum. The Forum is about the connection between food, health and sustainability, and had a mixture of lectures, panel discussions, and conversations between scientists, politicians, and business representatives. On the first day, Victoria presented the Global Innovation Award 2016 to Innoscentia AB.

For Day one, Victoria wore a new dress from Mayla, the “Georgia gown with ruched sleeves and collar” (1,677 Kr which is about $203), and a studded bag from Valentino.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit EAT speech

On the second day, Mette-Marit gave a speech about nutrition and how both malnutrition and obesity affects society, and moderated a panel about nutrition. Victoria sat in the audience for Mette-Marit’s speech.

Crown Princess Victoria listen's to Mette-Marit's speech

Day two saw Victoria bring back a purple Prada dress which she wore last year, a new Prada “Saffiano” clutch, and Tabitha Simmons pumps.

On June 16, Victoria attended a foreign relations committee meeting at the Royal Palace.

Crown Princess Victoria Foreign Relations Comittee June 2016

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  1. CP Victoria looks amazing in that dress and necklace. This is a woman who knows how to accessorize!

    It’s interesting to see CP Mette-Marit carrying a large size handbag, while Vic only carry a clutch. I wonder what MM brings in it. A laptop, perhaps?

    1. Notes, ipad. Etc. I’ll still always find these women carrying those little clutches odd. I highly doubt they are checking their phones or applying lipstick at these events. I suppose the bags give them something to do with their hands? At least it looks like M-M carries her own stuff. I was a personal assistant for 3 years and hated carrying piles of my boss’s things.

      1. I like that Sofia tends not to carry a clutch to day engagements, because she clearly doesn’t need one to carry stuff and she doesn’t use one as a security blanket like some others do.

        1. I too will never understand the clutch craze! (Not just the Duchess) Why the need to carry a bag when you have a staff to keep what you need on hand??

          1. I don’t mean that to sound elitist. I was a nanny for many years and know that it sucks to feel like someones servant. (The family i worked for was never like that but I saw plenty of elitist behavior from other families) I just meant that if you have a staff who can look after your things (or pass you a lipstick or tissue when you need it) while you’re working then why would’t you do that? There’s just no need for them it seems.

          2. I know! They all have staff to carry their stuff; they don’t need a clutch at all. I can understand something like Ascot where they would want to bring their phone because of boredom, but during actual engagements to charities and such? Not needed at all.

          3. After carrying a handbag everywhere for 40 years, I would give anything to find a way to minimize taking it with me everywhere. So, yes, while on engagements when you are accompanied by staff, leave the clutch at home, I would think. To me it would be an encumbrance when meeting people, shaking hands, leaning down to sit with children and looking at their art work.

          4. I was at a charity event over the weekend and I had my clutch. (Side note, I was totally channeling royalty and charity events. Had me back straight, head held high, etc.. I thought if you guys and thought you’d be proud I did WAYYYYYYYYYY bettet than Kate.) I honestly only had my phone, driver’s license, credit card and health card on me. And even then, I wish I didn’t have to hold my clutch. It got in my way of interacting with people. I had to hold it or clamp it under my arm. But at no point in time, did I crotch clutch. Lol… I don’t get why they have it. I can kinda see it completing an outfit, but it gets in the way.

  2. Good afternoon everyone, hope you all had a good weekend.
    I think Crown Princess Victoria looks stunning in her white evening dress and necklace. This outfit definitely has the WOW factor, I love how she has her hair groomed, accessories are all appropriate. She oozes class and elegance. Now that is how you do it!
    Princess Sophia looks lovely in her crepe satin pink dress. She always looks so sincere and dignified, it is so nice to see her out and about, her little one is only a couple of months old and she is already proactive and making a difference. She should be commended for that. Well done Sophia

    1. Are you still threatening the kangaroo population with lots of travelling back and forth ? Is your daughter on the mend?

      1. Aw Birdy you are so sweet. It is an ongoing process with my daughter she needs ongoing treatment to keep her as stable as is possible.
        She is going for a 2nd opinion to the Black Dog Institute in August just to see if there is any more that we could be doing or have not tried, so I am keeping all options open. If we are told all that can be done is being done, at least I will be at peace knowing I have done all that I can possibly think of.
        Yes the kangaroo population is a worry, where I live it is over populated with them but we try as best we can to give them as much a wide berth as possible.
        When I am online like this I am home when I am silent it means trips away no internet access where we stay unfortunately.
        Hope you and yours are all well and happy. YOu are very kind to ask and we both appreciate it. I show my daughter the comments and they mean a lot to her.

          1. Hello Tanya,
            Good evening,
            Thank you, yes the roos are dangerous but are so incredibly fast. They move with such speed and can jump such great heights. LOL! scary is one word for it!!!

        1. Hi Sophia
          Good luck at Black Dog. Let me know if they suggest treatment over in NZ, if they do I will give you my cellphone number so you have support over here.
          In the meantime, safe journeys and watch out for the roos!

          1. HI Cathy, thank you so much that is very kind of you. If I can be off assistance to you also I will certainly try. The Black Dog Institute is in Sydney, Australia . I don’t know your location. I will let you know of any positive outcome. Support is a wonderful thing, in rural regional areas unfortunately it is extremely limited and in some instances none at all.
            I will be careful on the roads thank you and yes the roo’s pop out when you least expect it, before you can try and get out to the way.
            Take care

          2. Hi Sophia
            I’m in Auckland. We have a couple of treatment places here that are good, though I did look at the Black Dog website and it looks very comprehensive so I do hope you and your daughter will be able to get your answers there. I agree, support can be limited in rural areas. I am thinking of NZ here and know in some places that the community do gather round when something goes wrong and Federated Farmers are proactive. But the distances are so much greater in Australia so I’m thinking it must be harder to help out in the remote places? My Uncle is a doctor and used to volunteer for the Flying Doctors so I’ve heard stories from him.
            I’m sending good wishes and cyber hugs to both of you.

        2. Hi Sophia, you’re spot on about Princesses Victoria & Sophia. I like them both.

          Good luck with your daughter’s treatment. I hope everything goes well.

          1. Hi Elina,
            Yes both princesses are out there being pro active, with young families , yes they would have help, but showing the drive and initiative still trying to make a difference, I think that is outstanding.
            Thank you very much for your kind words, it is work in progress. We try and keep positive.
            Hope you and yours are well also.

          2. Hi Cathy,
            What a wonderful thing your Uncle did for the Flying Doctors, rural and regional areas would be in dire straits without help from this organization. They are very respected in our country.
            You are right about the distance this is a huge problem. As you have to drive for hundreds of miles sometimes to just access the basic medical, not talking specialist or treatments etc..
            If you want to get help you have to go outside the box to get the quality and premium care required.
            Thank you for your kind thoughts and good wishes. Hoping you and yours are well and happy

          1. Sophia, my prayers and thoughts are with you, too.
            All best wishes to you and your daughter and all your loved ones!

          2. Hello Rhiannon,
            Thank you for your kind words, if kindness has any pull in this fight we will definitely start winning thanks to people like you.
            Sincerely Sohpia

        3. A big hello to your sweet daughter from the U.S. I send you both my best. I really like to hear about her and appreciate the update.

          1. Hello G,
            Thank you very much that is most kind. I certainly do not want to distract from the KMR page at all. If it is no problem I will certainly update you, she is very humbled by the kindness shown.
            Looking forward to reading your comments on KMR.
            Take care

        4. Sophia, I am hoping you and your daughter are chugging along okay and each day is a little brighter than the last. Rhiannon said something yesterday that I thought we could all remember when times are not so good: “there is a rainbow out there, I’ve just got to find it.”
          Fingers crossed that Black Dog can help; it’s a fantastic resource and if they can help light the way forward, well, go for it! I wish you both all the best, and please know that people here are thinking of you. You are not alone.

          1. Hello Jen,
            Yes you are correct about the finding the rainbow, I firmly believe that, that is what we are striving for.
            Black Dog Institute has the top experts supposedly in this field, so it cannot hurt can it!
            Jen I hope you and yours are all well and happy.
            My daughter never complains she accepts that this is her cross so to speak to bear and she quietly gets on with things as best she can, she has great strength but a wonderful empathy and compassion for others, I am very lucky to have her.
            KMR, I am sorry I have forgotten to thank you for an exceptional blog, it is a real escape for me and just love reading the comments, and I have learnt so much from all of them along the way, apart from being entertaining, you have some of the most lovely kindhearted people I have ever had contact with.
            Living in a rural area unfortunately there is very little understanding of mental illness so it is easier to shun the person afflicted to be the order of the day, so this is a breath of lovely fresh air.
            Looking forward to tomorrows visit by the Duchess.
            Take care

          2. Jen and Rhiannon
            Thanks Jen for telling us about Rhiannon’s comment
            ““there is a rainbow out there, I’ve just got to find it.””
            I think that’s a lovely saying and a great thing to remember on grey days, thank you for bringing it to our attention and thank you Rhiannon for sharing it with us.

  3. I agree, Sophia, Victoria looks stunning in the white but I think Sophia also looks stunning in white and I’m not really a fan of lace, but this dress has enough other interest.
    I like that CP and Sophia are seen together so much and with the baby?.
    Great post KMR thank you, over had enough of Kate so I’m glad she didn’t go to the polo. It’s a shame for her kids though ,meeting the other Royal kids would be good. They need a relationship with these families to support them in years to come.

    1. The Swedish Royals do really seem to have figured out how much to show off their children. They certainly control the narrative, unlike the BRF with the press. I think the Swedish children will be well prepared to handle the press in the future.

      My one comment about this event is that it seems odd that CP is in a suit and tie while Sophia is in jeans. They both look fine, just mismatched for the event.

      1. I think a lot of European and British men find smart casual a bit difficult so often wear a suit. I do think this may be a casual suit or even possible trousers and blazer. But they both look happy which is the best style.

        1. They do look so happy together! I can see how a good suit uniform can make things easier for men. Their fashion is not so wishy-washy as women’s.

    2. I like the polo photos because we get to see the kids’ personalities. But yeah after Kate’s flurry of engagements the other week I needed a break.

    3. I agree, Birdy. They looked stunning. Sophia pulled off that delicate pink dress with minimal accessories and it was not remotely boring. It really is about thewoman, not the dress. I am not crazy about the white lace dress, but it is youthful and fun. so different from Kate. I also agree that the SRF treats the kids beautifully. It is natural. I may be naive but it seems sincere, like they live each other. Watching Kate prance about like she was better than everyone else last week left an awful taste in my mouth

    1. I’ve just listened to the first few minutes but wow. I’ve never really been interested in M-M but today I am seriously impressed. Such a vital topic around the world from both ends of the spectrum. I’m going to watch the full clip this evening.
      M-M has I think been spending time with the Danish RF she has a bit of an Aussie twang which I love! How impressive to give this speech in English to such a wide audience . I’m now officially a M – M sugar.
      Come on Kate watch and learn, this is how you use your position to influence debate.
      KMR do you know if Victoria spoke? Has she ever spoken about her own issues with food? It’s the sort of thing Diana would have done.

      1. As far as I am aware Victoria only presented that one award and watched from the audience the rest of the time.

    2. I’ve never heard her speak before; her voice is not at all what I thought it would be but she has a great voice.

  4. Wow, didn’t expect M-M to sound like that! If I didn’t know it was her, I would’ve thought she was Aussie. I’m Aussie and the way she says a lot of words sounds incredibly Australian!

    Not a fan of what she was wearing, but love the cause she’s part of.

    1. I think that is so important – if we like the cause and the hard work the outfit becomes irrelevant as long as it is not inappropriate and there is no flashing.

    2. Frith, I’m American, but also thought she sounded Aussie! I wikipedia-ed her, and it looks like she spent 6-months studying abroad in Australia. She probably learned a lot of her English there. She’s also good friends with CP Mary. Maybe she practices her English with Mary and has picked up some of Mary’s Aussie flavor. 🙂

      She carries herself with such confidence and grace, even when speaking her second (or perhaps third) language. That’s a true leader and a woman being groomed to be Queen

  5. I am impressed by the English of MM! I stuck with my French accent (that’s why I prefer speak German!).

    Sofia and Victoria look beautiful

  6. I’m baaaaaack…..did you miss me? 😉

    Okay, back to the topics on hand:

    1) Sophia looks fabulous in that light pink gown–I hope she repeats it often, especially in the Spring or Summertime.

    2) I *don’t* like the white-on-white on her. Was that the dress code? **scrolls up** I guess it was since it was called “Polar Music Prize” but geez Louise!

    3) On the flip side, I liked how Victoria’s necklace gave her dress that va-va-voom!!! I honestly thought it was PART of the dress, until I saw KMR’s pictures!!

    4) I liked Victoria’s blue gown and purple gown–it appears that jewel-toned colors look best on her.

    5) Last, but definietely not least, CP MM–WOW!! I’ve only viewed a few minutes of her speech but so far, I’m liking it! Does anyone have any idea why she’s so out of breath? Sorry but that caught my eye (and ear). I think the reason why she’s dressed down is to be comfortable while on stage for over 30 minutes. Can’t say that I blame her.

    It’s obvious that the European Royals are close and it’s sad that the BRF doesn’t allow themselves to form friendships or even allies. I think, if allowed or desired, Victoria and Madeleine would’ve been a great allies to Kate, especially her early years in the family.

    1. Hi Kimothy, welcome back, I agree with pretty much of what you said. Victoria’s white gown is amazing and Mette-Marit’s speech too!
      I hope you had a blast in the games, please tell us how it’s been for you and if your feet are healed. 🙂

      1. Kimothy, welcome back and yes, we await a full report. Hope the trip was memorable. How could it not be, though>?

        Rhiannon, here’s to you and your road to feeling better. I was upset when I heard your news and posted on the other thread. Just want to reiterate that you are one amazing woman and I can understand any frustration and apprehension you may have. I think you will be blessed with good docs and good results. Let us know if you need anything.

        Haven’t read through this entire thread, but I am convinced LizB had her baby over the weekend. Oh, now I scroll on and wonder if I am wrong!

        1. Okay, here is the good, the bad and the UGH regarding the 2016 Transplant Games of America.

          The Good:
          ~No flight issues getting there Friday, the 10th (YAY!!!).
          ~After (eventually) finding the convention center I was in the middle of a circle and a big hugfest with A LOT of people!!
          ~For the first time ever my folks were at the games the whole time
          ~Monday the 13th (the eve of the big 2-0) I was at the RARHOF and danced like a loon at the Quarter Century Club dinner & dance AND I received a tie-dyed t-shirt that says “Quarter Century Club Wannabe” since I’m now 5 years away from being a member
          ~I was able to roam the RARHOF for free the next day because a friend and I were going to be interviewing each other for something called StoryCorps (I’ll let you know when it’s online so that you can hear my story–and voice!) there
          ~Team Florida was within the top 10 in Trivia Challenge (out of 23 teams) so not too shabby!
          ~On the afternoon of the 11th, my team manager surprised me with a cake that read “Happy 20th Kim” and a very cute card signed by many from the team!!

          The bad:
          ~I didn’t win any medal (I knew it was a longshot but still a bit bummed since the medals were made to look like guitar picks!)
          ~After showing up for corn hole, and practicing a bit, my Team Florida partner bailed on me so I was paired up with a 13 year old from Southern California (though kept in my age group) and lost both games (I was the one who racked up the points for us both times)!
          ~A group of us went to the Hard Rock Café for lunch/linner/dinner and OMG!! There were only 5 of us in our group and it took OVER AN HOUR to get our food so we were there for over 2 hours!! The place had a few people but not packed and we were stunned at what happened. At one point, a donor mom from Australia, got up from our booth to find the waitress LOL!!

          The UGH:
          ~How the Opening Ceremony was done. Each team didn’t march in, the donor families (and living donors) couldn’t march in like they did (in the past, living donors and donor families would march with their team and then turn around and march in again with whatever group they belonged so that *they* received their own moment of glory as well), we were in the balcony level (which I hated since I’m terrified of heights) AND stadium stairs (no rails) and I *really* don’t like walking up and down those kids of steps for fear of falling or tripping. I much prefer using a handrail. You know it’s bad when your own team manager writes on her Facebook: “Worst opening ceremonies EVER!!!” Yeah, the Cleveland Sports Commission got an earful the next day (the 12th) from EVERYBODY!!!

          (On the plus side (and yes, there is one), the MC was AMAZING. He’s “the voice of the Cavaliers” and he was a sweetheart. You could tell that he didn’t just read a script, he was really into it and we all liked him so much that we asked him to come back and MC the closing ceremony (which he did!).)

          ~The beach party (held June 14th) was a bust. 3100 people bought tickets…..only 3 food trucks and 1 “dessert truck”…..I’m sure you can figure out how long the lines were and yes, some people didn’t get food because the trucks ran out!! On the flip side, the head of the transplant games (a donor father) came to each table and apologized for what happened and promised to make it up to us the following day, which was the evening of the closing ceremony…..and he did!! MUCH more casual closing ceremony than years past, the food trucks were back but this time MORE trucks and MORE variety!!! Also, a kid on my team got the Youth Athlete Award!! He won 6 medals, all of them from track & field!!

          Unfortunately, the location for the 2018 Games hasn’t been announced and we’re all curious.

          Whew!! Let me know if you have any specific questions. 🙂

          1. Hi Kimothy
            Thanks for the news! I think it’s nice that the donor families are including as well.
            So, no meet-cute yet?

    2. Of course we missed you. I agree with your sartorial critique.

      I hope you had a good time at the games. I live about 30 minutes southeast of where you were. I pray people from this area had a few manners and were kind to you while you were here.

    3. So nice to have you back! I saw some photos of the games and people certainly looked happy. Hope it was a great success for all of you. Let us know if you are posting things to your channel and how things went.

      1. Welcome back Kimothy, we are all waiting for a full report. Did you meet anyone famous or interesting, or much more importantly a possible love interest?

        1. Birdy,

          Nobody famous that I personally seeked but about 7 members of Team Australia came and I was kinda adopted by them! I now have a pin with their coat of arms AND a Team Australia jersey hahahaha!! No love interest. They’re either married, meds caused havoc on them OR they’re too young for me. At one point, my mom saw me talking to a cute guy from Team Indiana. He was staying as the same hotel as me and knew who I was by my posts on Facebook. As soon as we got back into our room she pounced one me going, “find him on Facebook” and I did. I sent a friend request, he accepted (I gave him my card so it wouldn’t be hard to figure out who I was 😉 ) aaaaand then I found out he’s 24. When I told Mom that she went, “oh, too young for you….” Thanks Mom **makes UGH emoji face**

          1. Haha! Oh Kimothy, you’re a delight. I’m happy you had such a full and happy time. The parties sounded really amazing!

            Too bad you didn’t win anything, but you’re such a good sport, I’m sure you win people’s hearts. 🙂

            And hey, next time prince Daniel may come, right?

          2. Go for an Aussie ! I love them all and when I win the lottery will be living in Sydney in a mega mansion overlooking the harbour, and will pop to Condo (6 hours) to do all my Australia Post business with Tanya.

          3. Birdy~
            The Aussie guys that I met were either married or gay! **makes UGH emoji face AGAIN** It really kinda sucked ’cause there was this one guy that’s really cute (the gay one). Damn…..

    4. Hi Kimothy; welcome back!

      White was not the dress code. I thought at first the royal color coordinated with each other, but Silvia wore blue and a red shawl.

  7. KMR, thank you for this lovely round up. It really takes our minds of the Cambridges which we needed.

    I have to say that after watching the video of the Food Forum I’m really impressed not only of Mette-Marit but also the work that’s being done towards better global nutrition. As it was said in the video, the issue is political and linked to sustainable development. Well done to Mette-Marit for addressing such a huge cause.

    On a funny note, I admit I like Carl Gustav when he smiles. I loved it when he was leading the dance of the royals out of the Polar Music Prize concert. Victoria & Daniel had also some moves!

    Carl Philip and Sofia are cute with the pram. I’m looking forward to September the 9th!

  8. This roundup was a wonderful way to start the day! This entire roundup was filled with hard work, dedication, and collaboration. I actually giggled when CG started to smile and dance.

    I love to see when the Scandinavian royals pair up. It was amazing. I loved Victoria’s white gown and necklace… beautiful!

    Thanks for such a sweet review, KMR!

    1. +1. Very much enjoyed this post- a breath of fresh air after all the heavy dessert we’ve been gorging ourselves on lately?

      My thanks too, KMR, for making sure we don’t miss a thing!

  9. Mette-Marit shows the qualities of a real strong woman leader. She came from a much more “middle class” background than Kate, and has gotten lightyears ahead of Kate in the way that she speaks and carries herself.

    I think the Swedish women looks beautiful as always. Victoria’s dress and necklace combo was bomb. It shows great fashion knowledge. I just wish we saw her with her hair down sometimes. Or in a style that’s not such a slicked-back look. I criticized Kate for always having similar updos, so I have to be fair and say the same about CP Victoria.

    1. I love CP Vic but agree her hair is a little harsh and always the same. Unlike Kate though I wonder if it is a work look to just keep it out of her face so she can do her job?

      1. That’s a good point, but she still could mix up the ways she keeps it out of her face sometimes. Perhaps half up? Her hair always looks so healthy and shiny; I would love to see it styled nicely down for some of her more formal events. I do appreciate that she means business when she is at events, though. No fluff for CPV!

        Like here:

        Or this half up style:–VictoriaHairNobelDinner–Svenskdam.jpg

        1. Oh don’t get me wrong I wish she would wear softer styles they suit her. In some ways she reminds me of Princess Anne – the sort of no nonsense, it’s not what I am wearing but what I do attitude. I think she is a very attractive lady, largely because she is so inwardly beautiful, but from a very human point of view it must be difficult having such a glamourous younger sister.
          Please don’t anyone take this as me insulting Vic, I adore her, but Maddie to my mind is supermodel beautiful.

          1. I agree. I think Maddie is drop dead gorgeous. She is a knockout. Everyone praises Kate’s beauty, but to me, in the world of Royals Maddie is by far the prettiest. I am actually surprised the press doesn’t talk about her more.

          2. Maddie is in a class by herself in terms of beauty. Some people are just born that way and wow is she stunning

            I have to admit that I do not think Kate is that attractive. She was cute in the girlfriend years, but her skin has gone to shell, she is sickly thin, and probably has more fake hair than real. My main problem is that she is vapid. If there were sign of inner beauty, work ethic, ambition to make the world a better place, I would probably think differently.

    1. I agree! M-M has overcome a lot of negativity in order to be with the man she loves. Instead of wallowing or attacking the media, she admitted her past mistakes and works her tail off for good causes in order to prove herself.

      I’m not sure was the current sentiment of her countrymen is towards her, but M-M seems to me like a shining example of a modern royal woman who’s emerged from middle class roots.

      1. It would be interesting to know what Norwegians think. She certainly has ‘ a past’ and unlike Sophia she will be Queen Consort.

  10. Jumpy claps, jumpy claps!!! I’m so thrilled you did a post on Victoria’s and Sofia’s dress KMR, thanks so much!

    I saw these photos a couple of days ago and fell in love with Victoria’s gown!! I didn’t realize that the necklace was a separate piece because it really looks like it was made for this dress. Who ever styled this look for Victoria really knocked it out of the park! The earrings, the hair, the clutch, all of it came together for one stunning look!

    I have to say, I’m falling in love with Sofia’s look at the Polar Music event, I wasn’t quite sure about it at first but it’s definitely growing on me. The earring she borrowed from Victoria work perfectly with this outfit and while silver shoes might not have been my first choice, it’s not a bad choice. And I like that she slicked her hair back and kept the focus on the dress and earrings.

    Lastly, I must commend both women for their excellent posture!! It’s such a joy to see a woman stand tall and proud!

    1. I thought the necklace was part of the dress when I first saw the photos, too. I like that it’s not though because I really like this dress and hope Vic wears it again without the necklace.

  11. I have to say I actually found this site because I was looking at the Swedish family after the christening and wanted to learn more.0 about them. The fact that they had the kids involved and out and about impressed me. So thanks KMR for involving more royals than just the Bristish family!
    I know I’m in the minority here but I’m not a Sofia fan. As a nurse I’d be highly offended if someone of her background of no education, “modeling” career was handing out my degree! I’m not saying you have to have a degree to be worthy and yes, we’ve probably all done things in our past that we want to move away from. She just hasn’t done it yet. she’s set up some shady business since she’s been married-so hasn’t completely earned my respect.
    Also I think her dresses are way too tight in the bust since giving birth. She needs to either buy the next size larger or have the bust area taken out. At the christening photos you could actually see her nursing pads through the dress. General rule should be: if nursing pads are visible-probably need the next size larger. A woman’s body changes after birth, especially the breasts if your’re breastfeeding! Nothing wrong with needing a little larger size.
    Having said all that, I love Victoria. The bald lady whoever she is, is absolutely beautiful!

    1. I forgot the name of the pretty woman you asked about, but I think I read she has system scleroderma.

      1. Thank you for that info, it makes me think she’s even more beautiful! I used to work in a dr’s office for a bit and had a great old lady who always wore her pearls, had her hair and make up done and dressed to the nines when she came in. She was diagnosed with cancer and still did all that! I told her that I was impressed that she still put all the effort into doing all that even with the chemo going thru her body. She told me she was going to let the cancer change who she was! Loved her spirit!
        It was seein pics of Madeleine doing the princess party that put them on the radar and then seeing the christening pics made me want to know more about them. I’m happy to change my mind about Sofia, the jury is still out on her, clearly a little more towards the unfavorable at the moment. I thought KM would be a hard worker (although the waiting years should have told me other wise) and I was obviously very wrong about that.

    2. Hey cool. I very much like the Swedes so it’s great that my coverage of them landed you here. 🙂

      Honestly, Sofia tends to get a lot of hatred, so you’re not in the minority. I’m in the minority for liking her and covering her in a positive light.

      1. What I like about your blog is that it’s more constructive criticism rather than William/Kate suck, hers’s them sucking more type of blog. All the posters here seem knowledgeable about so many different subjects that makes it an overall informative place to come! Plus, everyone is nice even in dissent. I’m not one to normally post/comment on a blog but this seems to be a welcoming place. So kudos to you for facilitating such an informative diverse place to come! Especially to those of us who are newbies in the royal discussion.

  12. Thank you KMR! I love it. These women are amazing. The SRF have become my favorite royals.

    Sofia and Carl make a very nice looking couple. I still swoon over Carl though. He is very handsome. Good on Sofia for getting back to work after having a baby so recently. And she looks amazing!

    I was thinking about her lace dress though and i like that she accessorized with large silver earrings and silver metallic shoes. Can you imagine if Kate had worn this outfit? First, she wouldn’t have chosen this type of white lace dress. But she would have worn small pear earrings and plain nude pumps. Lol. I am glad to see Sofia doesn’t think like Kate, even though the press tries to make them the same.

  13. “I was fully expecting to get photos from the Annual Cambridge Family Polo Photoshoot over the weekend, but that never came because I guess the Irish Guards St. Patrick’s Day parade isn’t the only thing Kate doesn’t want us to expect from her every year.”

    The pictures of Prince Harry playing with little Mia and his cousin Zara were absolutely adorable. It is really a shame that Kate didn’t bring George and Charlotte to play with their cousins and Uncle Harry. I would have loved to see Harry playing with his niece and nephew. I wonder how much Harry and the rest of the family really get to see George and Charlotte?

    Beyond that, I love the Swedish Royal Family. And good for Sofia for attending so many events for her patronage. That’s refreshing considering it takes Kate a year or more to visit hers sometimes. I have seen Princess Sofia doing a lot of things for Sophiahemmet even when she was heavily pregnant. If royals want to work with fewer patronages I expect them to visit them multiple times a year like this.

    1. At this point, I get the impression that Kate wants nothing to do with the Windsors. She seems to hideaway with her kids and only comes out when it’s absolutely necessary. Perhaps it’s one of the factors that is straining their marriage? They don’t look as giddy with each other as they used to.

      I wouldn’t blame Charles for being frustrated that Scarole seems to get much more access to the grandkids than he does. I’m sure he’s besotted with Charlotte. He was known to always want a girl. It’s sad that we haven’t gotten any pictures of him playing with her.

    2. Sofia has done five engagements for Sophiahemmet since the first of the year. And yes, one when she was heavily pregnant and about to go on maternity leave. I realize a lot of people still hate her, but I give her credit for getting out there and actually touching base with her patronage five times in one year whereas Kate can barely visit hers once a year.

      1. I don’t “hate” her KMR. I think her decade long life choices are disgusting. Everything she did was using her body to become famous, degrading to women, encouraging child p 0 r n, and her “charity work” was only started to try to trick the public and cover up her past. That cannot be washed away, as hard as the PR tries.

        I also think she and her husband are a useless burden on the state. Her showing up for work is merely a fame hungry, grasping woman cashing in on making a sucker of a prince and a country. I expect they will turn into Inaki and Cristina in a matter of years, complete with corruption trials.

        That is criticism, not hate, and I’m very tired of that label being tossed around. I expect it of desperate Kate Middleton fans, not the more level-headed discussions around here.

        1. Not all criticism is hate, and that’s where a lot of the Kate stans get confused. But there is hate for Kate out there on certain forums and on here sometimes. Unfortunately for us, we get grouped in with those people because the stans can’t differentiate criticism from hate.

          While not all criticism directed toward Sofia is hate, there is hate for her out there, and even on here sometimes. Stating that one doesn’t like someone for X reasons is not hate. But calling someone a “meth-mouthed wh*re” or a “meth-mouthed sk*nk” is not criticism. That’s hate.

          Maybe I should have used “dislike” instead of “hate” in my comment above, but when I said “hate” those nasty comments were what I was thinking of.

        2. Yes, this.

          I don’t hate her, I find her a gross person for various reasons and not just her nude modeling. I talked about it in another response though.

          I mean, look at her starting a business with Drottningholm Castle as the address and when the court was asked about it by reporters they had NO idea what they were talking about. And funneling Project Playground money into her bank account. If you donated it used to go STRAIGHT to her. Sketchy sketchy sketchy.

          I do think the way people talk about her is gross though. The name calling is not appropriate.

    3. I thought those pics were so cute. They even had pics of Anne with her and kissing her. Too cute! What I was thinking about the balcony pics the other day was it would have been nice of Kate to pass Charlotte off the Charles for a few minutes but then I figured he could very well be a stranger to her so wouldn’t go off too well. At this point I don’t think the Cambridges interact with the rest of the other family

      1. I think we all agree Sarah! The swedes all look after each other’s kids, W & K don’t seem to want to lower themselves to the minor royals …even Gorgeous Mr Rhiannon.

  14. Thank you for this blog, it’s fascinating. I’ve been interested in the royals for a long time- I remember Prince Charles’ investiture as Prince of Wales, and getting a day off school for Princess Anne’s wedding! Keep up the good work.

    1. I got a day off school for Princess Anne’s wedding but my whole class went to the home of a wealthy girl who had colour TV!! I still look at her dress and think it was beautiful.

      1. Ted Heath wanted to declare a state of emergency on that day because of the miners strike! The Queen persuaded him not to!

  15. The Swedish Royal family dancing made my day!

    I really like Sofia in that light pink dress but even more to see her out for her patronage again. She really seems to be involved and willing to work and to learn. And actually by just getting involved and trying you will learn the most… even though there might be not everything perfect from start.

    Also huge credits to Mette Marit. To br honest I haven’t made up my mind on her. Less because of her past but with some Royals on needs more time to get into them.

  16. princess victoria is one of my favorite young royals with her commitment and work ethics as a mother and as a royal , and I think sofia is proving to be a willing and hard worker as well , taking into consideration being married into the royal family is no joke as one has to be accepted not only by the family “which is usually the case” but by the people as well , good for sofia and the swedish royal family .

    1. what i also liked about sofia so far is that she was not ashamed to come out a little time after her giving birth in her post pregnancy body , unlike some people nowadays who are making the woman’s weight after pregnancy a shame , and make sure that they lose all the extra weight in no time at all before they appear , when I think it’s normal as long as the woman is taking good care of herself and her baby, and makes sure she returns to her normal weight in good time , this super woman appearances is so hectic in a superficial way , don’t get me wrong , I love fashion and being elegant and i also love sofia’s sense of fashion , but concentrating on appearances only turns the human into a self centered person who cares about nothing but her looks , thank god that sofia is proofing she’s not like that , proud of herself and her body and getting along well in not an easy situation . maybe some people were hesitant towards sofia because of her job before she married the prince , but I am a firm believer in second chances , and i like her for how hard she is trying giving the circumstances , wish her and her prince all the best.

        1. Sofia did some nude modeling and appeared on a reality show circa 2000-2005. She lived in NYC from 2005-2008. And started Project Playground in 2009.

          1. at what point will she be forgiven? I don’t wish to argue, but the past is past. she is a mother now, she represents the family very well and life moves on. I don’t like her prior life, but it seems unconnected to her current life. perhaps I am naive

          2. That’s a question for someone else since I’ve already forgiven her. I dislike her past choices but those were a decade ago. Her past doesn’t matter to me at this point, only what she does as a royal.

          3. I am not required to forgive someone who participated in the creation of child p 0 r n because she wanted to be famous. Who mocked a disabled professor. Who ran charity money through her personal account – and did anyone ever research if that money was used to pay her rent on the apartment? Who used vulnerable children to improve her image so people in Sweden would find her less objectionable.

            She didn’t start PP, that’s another one of those whitewashing things. It was started by someone else and she joined later.

            Note: Becoming a parent does not absolve someone of their past. The new shady business venture housed at the palace is not representing the family well.

            There is a new anti-Trump commercial going around. It shows parents of a disabled child and their reaction to video of Trump mocking a disabled man. That video to them shows them “the truth in his heart” about disabled people and that’s why they will never vote for him.

            No matter how you try to clean her up, you cannot clean up the truth in Sophia’s heart.

          4. no on can know what is in another’s heart and I sincerely hope that your past mistakes are not so strongly held against you.

            as an American, please do not turn to Trump to make your point. it is political and raises many deep seated feelings that are not appropriate for this forum.

            as we have seen over and over, all we have is public information. I personally do not take it at its word and we do not know her heart or her story.

            forgiveness is good for the soul.

          5. Reilly, she wrote the comments mocking her disabled professor herself in her own blog. Taking her at her own words. She showed her heart to me, and it includes mocking the disabled, belittling woman, and using children for PR.

          6. You’ve never written stupid, rude stuff on Facebook or any other social media when you were 21? I did. I wrote some really stupid, rude crap on my Facebook page when I was 20/21 and thanks to Facebook’s Memories thing I read them again recently and was appalled that I wrote that stuff. I’ve changed since I wrote that crap. What’s in my “heart” has changed since I wrote that crap. Sure, that was my “heart” back then but it’s not now. People change.

            You don’t have to like Sofia, and you don’t have to forgive Sofia her past. But I tend to give her the benefit of the doubt because the negativity, and yes hate, that she has received from people across the internet is stated in a way that I disagree with. A lot of the negativity she has received in the past from bloggers was very slut-shame-y (this from bloggers who are all “get it girl/be proud of your body” when it comes to every other celeb woman), which I dislike because although I disagree with her choices they were hers to make (and I blame the nude modeling at 16 on her parents because they were the ones who consented to it). I also very, very much dislike the “she did X ten years ago and that means she’s that way now” argument. As I said above, people do and say things that they grow out of, that they change their minds on later. I would absolutely hate to be judged now based on information about me from then years ago.

            We don’t know what’s in Sofia’s “heart” now. She may be the same person she was ten years ago, or she may have grown and changed. We don’t know.

            I’ve changed my mind on Sofia since I started covering her because 1) I’ve grown in the two years I’ve been covering her, and 2) I’ve reacted to the way other bloggers have covered her. That doesn’t mean you have to. If you choose to dislike her for the reasons you have, then that’s fine. I’m not going to stop covering her; though I probably will stop responding to comments about her since I end up repeating things I’ve said many times before.

            We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

            PS. Please leave politics off the blog. Thank you.

          7. My comment wasn’t intended as political, it was an example of people saying the same thing I was trying to say far better than I said it.

            Sophia participated in that degrading behavior for 10 years, right up until she met CP and made a beeline for the taxpayer-funded job as royal. She and her husband showcase why having royals these days is so ridiculous.

            The other day she handed out diplomas to far more educated, hard-working women – and they were expected to think her better than them because of her title? It is insulting to them.

            There is rising anti-monarchy sentiment in Sweden. CP and his wife being on the taxpayer dole, plus their shady business interests? They are only going to make it worse. They should have followed Chris and Maddie’s example and moved into private life.

        2. Underage nude modeling, she went to Thailand, she was under 18 I believe. Blog entries about how she’d toss a coin with her NYC sugar daddy (and there were lots of those!) as to who took care of his kid. Making fun of disabled people in the same blog. And hell of a lot of sketchy stuff, like Project Playground’s funds going into her personal bank account. And sleeping with Carl Philip when he was dating his ex, which cements my opinion he’s also gross.

          Also she started a business and gave the court’s address and they had no idea about it when asked by the media, it sounds sketchy to me. Daniel had to give up his business and everything when he married Victoria.

          She never even graduated high school as far as I know.

          1. Her parents consented to it, so that makes it okay? That the entire family is on board with creating child bondage p 0 r n?

            I’m with you Ellie.

          2. I don’t hAvea problem with her past per se but it probably taints my present opinion of her ‘business’
            It’s my understanding that she owns all the stock in the company, her father and sister are the either sole board members or employees. Nepotism has always worked well for royals so hey why not someone who married into Royal fam=) so her business is supposed to be competing with legit Swedish businesses? That doesn’t seem legit because you’re always going to have people who want to be around that royal connection.
            Maybe you know since I’m new to Swedish family shanningans but it was my understanding that Chris didn’t take a title because he wanted to work as a private citizen. So if she wants to work as a citizen then she needs to rescind the HRH. then I’d be cool with whatever Royal work she does.

          3. I am with you all the way Ellie , and you all might not like what I’ll say ,but I think that by becoming a princess she’s sending young girls the wrong message , that the way she took in life is safe and will get the girl a prince at the end , and we all know it’s a dangerous life not many get out of it unscathed or unharmed , that is if they get out of it at all . So two recent princesses are the perfect idol for our young girls , one was passive all her life waiting for her boyfriend prince to marry her , and the other is this . Still i think the swedish palace is trying to control things here , because while she looked more mischievous at the beginning now not as much and playing more by the rules which shows she is not as stubborn or self centered as some others , and this is what made me praise her , anyway , time will tell what she really is .

          4. In terms of “Sofia as role model” I think there are two ways of looking at it.

            1) Sofia as a model which is harmful to women: Selling one’s body leads to fame and fortune without taking into account all the negatives to selling one’s body that most women will and do encounter.

            2) Sofia as a model for change: One can have past mistakes, and mistakes one might not be proud of, but work to change them and lead a better life in the long run.

            The first one views Sofia in a negative light in that she’s doing harm to young women, while the second one views Sofia in a positive light in that she is an inspiration to young women.

            It depends on how one looks at Sofia’s situation and what one chooses to focus on.

          5. I don’t know the right vocabulary for different kind of businesses but the Swedish article that told about Sofias business, which does not seem to have any activity yet, mentioned also Madeleines connections to Chris’ some companies (this got really much criticism when it came out some time ago) and Daniel’s shares/position in the board(?) in his old company. Daniel did not “give up everything” when marrying Victoria. So Sofia is not the only one with business connections but surely the easiest target to attack.

            And if people want Sofia and Carl Philip off the royal duties and providing for themselves, then isn’t it possible that starting businesses is their way out and in to a “normal” life?

          6. Neither Daniel nor Chris started their business post-royal marriage, with the Palace as the business address, using palace staff as advisors, and using their family as the board members.

            CP and Sofia need to be outed now and removed as working royals. He has millions in property, they do not need to be living off the taxpayers. Move them into private life now, get them off the taxpayer funding, move them out of Palace apartments (he has at least three other properties that are privately owned).

            The private businesses need to be registered at their private residence, without any members of the Palace being used as advisors. Those businesses need to be watched and combed through constantly to make sure nothing underhanded is taking place, like him stealing other people’s designs again.

            And they will not be working royals, but receive occasional apanage like Madeleine when they attend the big events (which should be the only ones they attend).

  17. Thank you KMR for the Swedish Royal family fix. I like the photo of the Carl Phillip, Sofia and the bub.
    I am enjoying reading about Sofia and her engagements. Getting out and about is getting my support of Sofia. I am not ecstatic about the lace dress but it is covering and basically a good choice for the event. I like the photo of Victoria with her half down hair style and the earrings. Mind you I think Victoria looks stunning with the white dress and necklace. Perhaps being married to Daniel, Victoria is taking more risks. Madeleine is a glamorous model type but I wonder if Victoria looked like that in appearance, would Victoria have attracted Daniel. I think Madeleine is too good looking to be a friend to Kate. Wasn’t Kate jealous of Isabella Calthorpe? I mean what would they discuss?

    Finally I like how the Royal families in Scandinavia work together.

  18. Hello, everyone! I would just like to tell you that I have followed the British Royal Family since I was about 14 (you don’t want to know how many years that is), but have never been very interested in the other European dynasties until I joined the KMR blog. I confess, I am still getting used to who is who (or is it “who is whom”?). In either case, I find myself enjoying seeing the other royals, and as a newbie to seeing their pictures, social media and videos, I am very impressed with the dignified but relaxed manner in which these ladies and gentlemen comport themselves. I am of British ancestry, and understand first-hand that the English, in particular, are more reserved than other countries, so I truly understand why people think the BRF can be very uptight at times because I get a lot of comments that I am that way. I have had to make an effort over the years to be a bit warmer (living here in Southern California, but originally from Long Island, it was difficult because people in So. Cal are so open with their mannerisms, feelings, etc. than my old-world, quiet little town on L.I). That said, I am beginning to appreciate how and why the Swedish Royal Family are so beloved by their subjects because they are very down-to-earth. I know this is a Kate-centric blog, but again, thank you for your thorough coverage of the other European royals. It’s nice to get to know them via your blog, KMR.

  19. That video was so informative. I am shocked that China is now the ‘fattest’ country. That really surprises me. Thanks for posting that

  20. OMG. I can’t believe I missed this post. Days later and with almost 150 comments it feels like an cold post”.

    Sofia looks lovely in the pink dress and even better in the white dress. I don’t think either is particularly spectacular but she looks great. I especially like her accessories in yhe polar gala. Nice to see them happy walking with their r baby too.

    Victoria looks AMAZING in that white dress. Absolutely stunning. I never imagined that necklace wasn’t part of the dress, and that PRADA lavender dress is one of my favorites ? it really compliments her skin tone.

    The SRF dancing?! I so love these royals. So much fun!!!
    SRF – you rock!

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