Prince William and Kate Middleton attend Royal Ascot for the first time

Prince William and Kate Middleton attend Royal Ascot for the first time

This is turning into a few months of firsts for Prince William and Kate Middleton. It was their first time attending the Royal Windsor Horse Show, it was their first time attending the Chelsea Flower Show, it was William’s first time attending a Buckingham Palace Garden Party, and it was their first time attending the Hillsborough Castle Garden Party in Northern Ireland. Now they’ve added yet another first for them: they attended Royal Ascot for the first time yesterday, June 15.

William and Kate attended Ascot and rode in the royal carriage procession in carriage four. It took naming a race after William to get them there. William and Kate were on hand to present the trophies for the Duke of Cambridge Stakes to the winning owner (Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum), breeder (Andre Fabre), and jockey (Mickael Barzalona).

Kate repeated that white lace Dolce & Gabbana “Cotton-blend lace dressโ€ ($5,995) she first wore under a red jacket at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Kate went nude with her accessories because of course. LK Bennett Natalie clutch, Gianvito Rossi nude suede pumps in “Praline” ($675), and new Jane Taylor “Una” hat (ยฃ1,050).

And what does Kate need when debuting at Ascot? Another new pair of Kikis!! These are the Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Pearl and Blue Topaz Drop Earrings (which retailed for ยฃ3800 but are no longer available).

Kate’s seem to be bespoke as the stone is not blue in hers. Kate’s are also in white gold or silver and not yellow gold as in the stock photo.

Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Pearl and Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

I don’t hate the idea of this look – it’s got kind of a Winnie Foster in Tuck Everlasting or Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady vibe to it, which I think could work for something like a day at the races with the Queen – but I dislike the dress chosen and the way it was styled. This dress is too long, and that ruffle at the bottom looks bad – the skirt of the dress looks unfinished like it’s the crinoline missing the top skirt. I am loving Kate’s commitment to updos these last several days, though.

Kate and William at Royal Ascot 2016
[Ascot Racecourse]

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary joined in on the Ascot festivities, arriving in a carriage with Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex. I love that Mary and Frederik came with Sophie and Edward – they’ve met on so many occasions that I’m sure they’re very friendly at this point.

Mary repeated an orange Marc Jacobs dress and a beige Jane Taylor hat. This is my favorite dress from the day.

Sophie wore a bespoke blue Emilia Wickstead dress, a Jane Taylor hat, and an aquamarine brooch.

Other royals at Ascot Day 2 include:

Queen Elizabeth in a pink Stewart Parvin outfit with matching Angela Kelly hat and a new Cartier diamond flower clip. Prince Philip was also there.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Princess Anne in a purple and green repeat.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates), winner of the Duke of Cambridge Stakes, and wife Princess Haya bint Al Hussein (of Jordan) also attended.

Here are some photos of Kate interacting with other royals.

Kate gave Anne a kiss on the cheek on arrival, and later Anne showed Kate something in the racing guide.

Kate had a laugh with Camilla.

Kate spoke to Mary on arrival, then sat next to her in the stands where they chatted. I have not seen a photo of Kate curtsying and have not seen a video of this interaction, but I would love to know if Kate curtsied to Mary. This is not the first time Kate and Mary have met – they met in 2011 when they did a joint appearance at a UNICEF boxing.

Kate and Mary at Royal Ascot 2016
[Ascot Racecourse]

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  1. It would have been a little offbeat, but can you imagine something like Mary’s shoes with Kate’s dress? Still in the same color family but they’re so fun. I just… I don’t understand someone who clearly isn’t into shoes.

    And Mary’s entire ensemble was fantastic but does she ever go wrong? I wish her stylist would consult for Kate.

    1. Lauri is a posture fanatic and I am ocdc when it comes to wrinkled clothing. Especially, the backs of women’s skirts, if they don’t smooth them down prior to sitting. While I think Mary’s dress — especially the color – was gorgeous, I think it only fair to criticize the wrinkled back skirt, for I have done so in the past for Kate.

      I’m frankly sick of all this “rich-rich” stuff of late from the Royals. The Cambridges at a Garden Party, at the races, and soon Wimbledon. If these are appearances are considered work, why not bump up the number of actual “working” engagements (of 15 minutes or less) that they attend? Come on, Jason.

      Kate’s dress? I hated that ruffle. Just thought the dress was blah. And, there was a photo of her on the DM that showed her making the most ghastly expression I have ever seen her make as she watched one race. Edward is behind her, if I recall. Gosh, you always work so hard, KMR. I just wish that photo had been included here. It’s worth the price of admission, you all! (Not a criticism, KMR, just my wish). Thanks for all you do!

      1. Hi Jenny, I was just looking at other photos of Mary and my goodness her posture, even when holding her clutch in front, is wonderful. Kate’s of course is all rounded shoulders and hunched…sigh…such a shame for a beautiful young woman to have the posture of a much older woman…big sigh.

        1. Yes, but to be fair, Lauri, Mary’s skirt was a wrinkled mess in the back, as Jenny pointed out. Her posture is great, though!
          Hope you had a fun time when you were away.

          1. Yes, I did see the wrinkles…sigh, imo a slight mar in an other wise perfect outfit. It made me think of a shirt I wore to work recently, I took quite a bit of time ironing out all the wrinkles and by the time I got to work it looked like I had slept in it. I was so uncomfortable all day, feeling like such a mess…ugh, it was such a bad day. I wonder what fabric Mary’s dress was made with, maybe it’s a easily wrinkled fabric, which if that’s the case I would never wear it again.

        1. Thanks all! I went to a neurologist. It looks like it could be Gullaine Barre or a pinched nerve. My hands and feet are still numb. My gait is horrible. O have been tested for everything and should get results soon. I get an MRI on Monday and I’m quite scared.

          This is going to sound vapid, but I feel lost. I workout daily and run several times a week. Being physically active is a big part of my life. Now I am dependent on others to drive me, help me get dressed, etc. That’s how bad my legs are.

          I know there are many people who have it worse than me. There’s a rainbow here, I just need to find it.


          1. Rhiannon- I am so sorry. I have tworked stories of hope for you. I was a runner, not like you, but it was a regular part of my life. a car accident left me with one bulging disc in my neck and two in my low back. I went through 5 yrs of insane pain until I finally had surgery on my neck and back next yr. I am still in recovery mode but I am starting to run again. I should never have waited so long.

            a dear friends wife had GB syndrome. it was terrifying until a proper diagnosis. then with time, proper care and support, she fully recovered.

            it feels hopeless, esp when it is life changing as it is for you right now. make sure you fund the best medical care possible. research your Dr’s. the MRI is loud but not that bad. it is scary the first time. ask for ear buds or early phones and music.

            you are strong. please try to stay positive. I am again so sorry. I have been there and it is lonely and scary. lean on family and friend .

            sending you positive thoughts and a virtual hug.

          2. rhiannon hang in there. As soon as they sort out what’s going on you’ll be able to figure out how to treat it and get past it. You’re a very strong woman and will get through this. I have no doubts about that.

          3. Just googled it on NHS Direct. The thing that popped out was ‘ most people make a full recovery’ .
            Hang in there, be glad they have found the problem and be patient.
            Aged 14 my oldest son was told he would never walk again. He had a neurological condition called Complex Regional Pain – 6 months later he was completely better. He hated me for those 6 months forcing him to do the exercises etc.

            You will get better and you will find your Prince..Harry or another prince.

            Big cyber hugs take care and remember we are all here and because we are worldwide we are around 24/7 .

          4. R – we all go through hard times in life and rely on the love, kindness and support of others. Then at some point we are able to provide love support and kindness to others. I remember completely collapsing in tears from pain and frustration and my prince, my son who was about ten, helped me into bed and stayed with me until he was able to make me laugh. In a world that seems upside down, remember that people care and kindness is real. We have shared my personal stories on this site and as Birdy so eloquently said, you have a 24/7 support system here.

            KMR, I hope at times you can step back and think about what you created with this site.

          5. rhiannon,
            Also make sure your neurologist looks for a DVT as well. A family member had the same “could be GB or a pinched nerve” diagnosis and it turned out to be a DVT in both legs.

          6. Rhiannon, please stay calm. Whatever it is, you *will* get better. Be strong and patient, dear. Have faith that you’ll be OK. Hugs & prayers.

          7. rhiannon, I really felt for you reading what you have been going through with all the testing and waiting. It sounds like there has been a good deal of info gathered and you may soon have a definitive diagnosis.

            It is completely understandable to be frightened, but if your doctor was concerned you would have been admitted. I am glad you have a good support system who are there for you.

            It sounds like you are in good hands. Tomorrow will bring some answers. You go from there. Yes, you are frightened, but you are a strong person. You will get your diagnosis and make a plan of action with you doctor. If anyone has a strong mental game it is you.

            I will be thinking of you and waiting to hear how you are doing. I pray this will be easily resolved and you can carry on. If Harry knew he would be sending you the most amazing bouquet of flowers with a loving note of support.

          8. Oh Rhiannon, I am sorry to hear your diagnosis. I am hoping the GB one is wrong though.

            Birdy made a very good point, remember we are scattered all around the world so if you need someone to talk to then you’ll probably find one of us no matter what time you log on.

            I’ll be thinking about you on Monday re the MRI. Hopefully you’ll be on your back so it’s not so bad, and yes – take ear plugs as it is very very noisy.

            Your courage and a bit of support from your friends will get your through.

            Sending you cyber hugs!

        2. rhiannon, you **are** lost since a vital part of your identity is temporarily taken away. I do mean temporarily since GB is awful but not a condition that hangs around forever. You couldn’t sound vapid if you tried btw. Of course you’re scared, who wouldn’t be. However, you have many many cyber prayer warriors on your side. God Bless.
          And I hope I’m not being too forward in asking for an invite to the wedding when Harry realizes that you are perfect for him ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Oh Royals we are having a special KMR section in the Abbey. No nude heels allowed! We are just waiting for the specially commissioned KMR brooch…

          2. royalsareajoke, thank you for the kind words! I promise that I will get out of these doldrums. You are most certainly invited ๐Ÿ™‚ I truly love my KMR family.

            KMR – sorry for the threadjack. I agree that you have created a wonderful and caring community.

          3. So well said, royalsareajoke. Rhiannon, this is a scary time for you. It’s obvious you are a very independent woman and someone who does for others often. I will be thinking and praying for you . I hope you like your doctor and have confidence in her/his abilities. I am a firm believer that often we need a slight setback to allow us to stop and remember to take care of ourselves. I hope that you are going to feel stronger and better with each day and that you know how much you mean to so many people. When you get scared or frustrated, just remember Harry! You met him. You talked to him. You impressed him, I am sure. Life smiles at you often for you smile at so many by all the loving and caring things you do. Know we are here for you!

          4. Rhiannon, I’ve been away and only found your post now. I am really sorry that things have progressed to this stage and that you are still awaiting confirmation of a diagnosis. This is the most scary part but as others have said before me, diagnoses can be wrong and people come right when told otherwise. You’d be whisked into hospital if there was no doubt. Let’s wait and see. In the meantime, try to let others help you with little things to ease each day. GB does not hang about forever,if indeed it is that, and with your overall wellness and determination I am sure it would not dare to! There is so much more to your identity than the physical though I understand its importance to you. Be patient, by kind to yourself, and stay strong. Please know we are all thinking of you, and will do whatever we can via cyberspace to help you through this.xx

      2. Mary’s posture in those heels is impeccable. She clearly knows how to carry herself. I agree, jenny, about the wrinkles. That is unlike her, but the dress is adorable.

        1. Rhiannon, how are you? Did you receive help from your doctor? Hope you are feeling better.
          Lauri, you chose quite a time to be away. Did you have a good time? And, I agree, Lauri. Mary’s posture is excellent.

          1. Y’all are going to yell at me and I deserve it.

            I raced on Saturday. In 97 degree heat. And I got dehydrated. I pulled a hamstring prior to the race and hobbled over 8 miles.

            I woke up on Sunday with numb hands and feet. Had to go to ER yesterday. CT scan and MRI are clear but I have to see neurologist to make sure I am 100%.

            My initial diagnosis is extreme dehydration. My potassium and electrolytes were depleted. I trained for a race in April with mild conditions versus a race in Georgia heat.

            So, I am excused from work for the week trying to hydrate. My hands and feet are still quite tingly. If you didn’t know me, you would think I had too much to drink. And I don’t drink. I need to get to the bottom of that because I need my hands to type and feet to walk…maybe run. I have a race next Saturday and will have to give it up.

            I am looking for answers. But long story short, it was my fault and I am paying for it. Thank you for asking.

          2. Oh Rhiannon, I’m so sorry to hear about this but am glad that you’re on the mend. I just hate it when I have to pay for the things I’ve done, it’s just not fair ๐Ÿ™ Have you tried Hammer Endurolytes? they come in either pills or fizzy tablets and I swear by them.

          3. Thanks, Lauri! I will certainly try it. As far as my earlier tummy issues, I had a bad bug that I never recovered from. First the food poisoning and then the bug.

          4. Rhiannon! You silly girl. So sorry to hear all this trouble but I hope you know now you must get to the bottom of the problem and stop your raving until you are well. Take care, cyber hugs.

          5. Oh, Rhiannon! You are so into running, but you need to take some quiet time for you. I hope you will rest and re-hydrate. I hope you will relax and take care of yourself. When you get stronger, you can run, but please don’t push too much.

            And, Lauri, glad you had a good time. A vacation from the vacation. Yes!

          6. Oh, rhiannon, hope all is well soon. I bet a week of rest for you will be difficult. It can take a little time for the fluid to mobilize, but with your age, good health and level of athleticism it should be pretty quick.

          7. Our brains like to think we are indestructible and immortal, but our bodies let us know otherwise (especially the older we get) and it’s hard to reconcile ourselves to! Take care of yourself, but don’t be too hard on yourself, I’m sure you won’t make that mistake twice ๐Ÿ˜‰

          8. I hope you will have a nice and relaxing weekend Rhiannon. (I’ve left it to others to tell you off)

            But be careful of hamstring injuries, I tore my hamstring half off the bone it attaches to at the bottom. This healed with a slight bump, as it’s right on the heel it means I can get a blister on the top of the bump if I’m not careful.

            Can I make a suggestion? After reading your symptoms it seems similar to the symptoms my friend had after she was bitten by a tick, any chance you may be reacting to being bitten by something? (not that I want that to have happened)

          9. Rhiannon,

            I just said a few prayers for you! Rest up, love! We need you! Harry needs you! Take a break, drink lots of Gatorade and relax, knowing that giving yourself time to heal can allow you to come back stronger. Keep us updated!

    2. Has anyone looked at Kate’s handshakes? The hand and arm are so ‘down’ it always looks condescending rather than being a friendly gesture… “You may touch the tipsofmy fingers, you lowly person down there”…

      Re Mary and Frederick being in a carriage with Edward and Sophie, rather than with William and Kate (or indeed Charles and Camilla): as protocol is so important, was this not demoting them? They are after all Crown Prince and Crown Princess (like Charles and Camilla).
      I don’t think Kate would have curtsied, is that not vis-รก-vis crowned head only?
      I think Kate’s dress un-pretty (to be polite), I am bored with the slanted hats, I think yet another set of earrings is shamefully wasteful!

      1. I love the Queen’s hat, and coat.
        I like the colours of Anne’s clothes, but am disappointed by the slanting hat….

      2. Her mannerisms in general seem to lack grace and elegance. Her stance and handshake often seem awkward and almost manly.

      3. Ri, lots of hugs and prayers.

        Totally agree Rose – km is more ‘royal’ than the real royals and entitled!

        Her hands seem skeletonlike, frail – maybe a hand issue like her stitched hairline….well another low bar to the posture.

        Thankfully, the Firm HM placedCP Fred andMary with the regal, dignified and as hardworking and dedicated – with the Wessexs.

        Has entitled normal Will notยฎand cannot realize how useless they are in their position.

  2. Mary for the win! She just stood out-everything worked. And i loved her shoes!

    Kate is so boring. That dress looks like a nightgown. What is crazy to me is how much she spent on the entire outfit! Her new earrings i like. BUT do you remember the earrings she wore the first year of marriage a lot? They were costume jewelry pearl and diamond drop earrings? These looks like a take on them, but with the real thing. It is like she upgraded to the real thing.

    It is sad that it takes naming a race after William to get them there. Gosh, these two are so transparent. I am glad they have been out so much this week, but we know it is short lived. Please tell me today did not count as ‘work’????

    1. It was renamed in 2013.

      I notice W&K spent time only with their little circle of William’s buddies, and didn’t interact much with others.

      1. Exactly Overit and Ellie. Kate’s dress looks a nightgown and I hope that today did not count as โ€˜workโ€™. Once I read that William and Kate don’t attend Ascot because the race don’t accept gays and for this reason the Royal couple, having “solidarity” with the gays, don’t show up. I don’t know if this is true. What I find it funny is that the press said that the couple”s attendance at Ascot would be “a surpise gift” to the Queen for her Birthday. A “surprise” that everybody knows. Ridiculous.

        1. The race doesn’t accept gay people? Are you kidding, that was some excuse someone pulled out? There are plenty of gay couples at Ascot. My goodness I just read a post about it on some blog when I was curious about Ascot and it was a male partner situation and nobody cared.

        2. A gift for the queen. Showing up is a gift to the queen? If this is true these yahoos are so into themselves it’s beyond ridiculous.
          And whoever said that they are attending all these fancy posh upper crust only shindigs is right. Way to relate to the common people.

      2. Spot on!

        Km seem to be mocking the RF, in some photos she is next to Prince Edward, making weird over the top faces and noise – that was so unroyal -Earl Wessex seem put off!

        She may have done this due her hangers on ma scarol and middleton family not around; never mind she waity 10 years to get in.. .

        1. Doolittle, I had a similar reaction. It seems that when they don’t want to be there, the expressions become more exaggerated and over the top, sarcastic. Like when Mr. Reilly says yes dear when I harass him!

  3. Oh and i am glad Kate is wearing her hair up so much. It makes me thinks something was said to her since Kate loves wearing it down. It is her security blanket. The only thing is with this many up-do’s, she needs a better hairstylist so that they don’t all look the same. All of them have looked so similar. I would except more from how much her stylist charges. I wish she would bring back Richard Ward.

    1. +1 on richard ward. Whatever happened to him doing her hair?? The James Price debacle was a mess, but I thought Kate migrated back to Richard Ward. Where did ACT come from?!?!!

  4. All these recent firsts for W&K seem a lot, don’t they. I wonder if it means anything or they were called to step up their game as senior royals. That would be another first!

    I love Mary and Sophie in this event and I love that they seem so close. Mary’s dress and shoes and Sophie’s colours and brooch are all wonderful.

    What a disappointment Kate’s dress is. I don’t mind so much her nude accessories, although her suede pumps were soaked in the wet grass, but Gosh, this overpriced dress seems like an unfinished wedding dress for a puritan bride.

    Thank you KMR for working overtime. After Wimbledon, you can have some holidays, as I’m sure W&K will.

  5. Kate is beige and boring as usual in her, what, $6k nightgown, and crazy with her weird gurning and expressions when other people don’t seem to be finding things that hysterically funny. I don’t get that about her. According to adding up of what she’s worn this year so far she’s spent over $150k. o.O

    She also tried the Diana move of looking down with lidded eyes. Did not look so cute, was rather creepy. There’s a gif of it somewhere. Clearly copying her MIL. So weird.

    Mary, who I’m not a big fan of, looked great except the dress was so wrinkled! I bet she’s thrilled to be schmoozing with the BRF. Sophie always looks lovely.

    1. I don’t know much about Mary…. Is there anything specific that she’s done that makes you dislike her? I don’t know enough about her to have an opinion, but she has never come across to me as quite as sincere & genuine as say Maxima or Victoria/Madeline.

      1. I think she’s just as much of a stalking gold digger as Kate, if not worse. She seems so fake to me but that’s just my opinion. And they’re like the BRF–sparse schedules but make people think we work hard! That and the way she treats her kids makes me side-eye her, especially Isabella. Worn out shoes with holes in them for photo ops when Isabella was a toddler.

        1. Well to be fair no Royal comes close to a 40h job and is seen out and about every day.
          A lot of their countries are also smaller than Great Britain and don’t have smt like a Commonwealth so it is less work for them…

          And Isabella is 9 years old now and for sure not an unhappy child.

          But we see things differently and that’s the good part here to share those thoughts

          1. I am also not such a huuuge fan of Mary. I mean of course I do not know her, but I agree with all of you that she dies not seem so… warm? Sweet? I don’t know why, I think it is the way her eyes look at me in the pictures (and maybe the fact that she looks like my former ballet teacher who was quite severe and who for more than 10 years could be really harsh and strict and angry at one moment and seem like a sweet gentle warm woman in the next one. She looked almost exactly like Mary!

            But I really like Frederic ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. Ellie, I have much the same response as yours to Mary; no matter the clothes, I find her brittle, not warm. Just a gut feeling. Similar to Kate.

          The D & G dress: what the hell? The waist seems to have been altered; doesn’t Kate do this to her clothes to disguise her long torso? Or is it an A-line dress, sort of? Either way, the fit is not good. The bed ruffle reminds me of that Erdem car crash of a dress. Kate’s breasts sit so low because the waist is so high and her hunched posture is incredibly distracting. She comes across as an elderly dowager.

          But I really want to know what was so hysterically funny that her mouth was open so wide, with all those teeth on display? No-one else seems to be in hysterics. Perhaps something is very wrong, she is on medication, the rest of the BRF know and all make allowances.

          1. Interesting …I really like Mary and I think she has worked hard to be a good CP. so far from home, language , culture etc . I love seeing her with her kids they all look so happy as a family.
            I suppose none of us really knows and we see different things in the photos.

          2. I like her very much too Birdy. She is regal, very pretty, impeccably dressed and seems dedicated to her family and adopted country. Who knows though, Kate could be the sweet one and Marythe evil twin!

        3. Ellie, I’m with you. Fred was the third prince she went after that night, and after a cheating one-night stand, he went back to his long-time girlfriend for months. After a letter-writing campaign from the Australian one-night stand, a relationship eventually developed.

          If he had been Fred from Tassie, she wouldn’t have pursued him the way she did. As KM wouldn’t have pursued plain old Bill. Needing to point out in the engagement interview that she wouldn’t put up with infidelity, when their relationship started with him cheating? Was Mary trying to hold him publicly-accountable in case his eye wandered in future years?

          The description of Mary as “brittle” is a good one to me. She is very interested in image and spends a ridiculous amount of taxpayer money on designer clothing. What they get in return is nice, but no where near worth the price of her.

          She’s had at least two PR companies on retainer, and they do silly things like make websites promoting these two visiting NYC with trade delegations. Over-the-top vs. doing the job without needing a huge designer wardrobe or Hello magazine fame. I liked her at the beginning, but her behavior has devolved.

          1. We all have our opinion but I trust Art Historian who repeatedly says the Danish people like her. I thInk she works as hard as is expected in Denmark, loves her husband and has great kids.
            Compare this to the Windsor mess with Charles, future head of the church, openly admitting adultery …
            I will agree to disagree ?
            Wouldn’t it be great to actually know what goes on behind all these closed doors!

          2. AH is one Dane (whom I like very much) who is expressing her personal opinion. Plenty of other Danes out there on other forums expressing their opinions about Mary – and many of them are not positive.

            The Church of England was founded by a man who created a church in order to divorce his wife. And he wasn’t exactly faithful to any of his six wives!

            Catholic Spain deals with a divorced Queen, the majority of the UK will have no problem with Charles and Camilla.

    2. And with all the clothes she has I find it odd that she’d rewear this of all things, to Ascot, a month after she first wore it. It’s like someone told her she needed to spend less and repeat as much as possible. Well no. Because she still has debuted around $75,000 in clothing and accessories in the past week. At first I was thinking that’s the trick. Emphasize the repeats and wedge in one (pointless) bespoke outfit, two new hats, and debut about four pairs of earrings totaling upwards of $58,000. But her repeats have been weird. Like, I’ll repeat the outfit I wore to my child’s christening, having just worn my ensemble from my other child’s christening a few weeks ago. I’ll bring out a 10 year old outfit I’ve worn five times for my visit as Duchess to Northern Ireland. Then I’ll bust out this month old Dolce outfit to one of the most British occasions in existence and my first time attending that too.

      1. At the end of the year, it will be interesting if KMR make as an article who gives us how many money has she spend for new clothes, shoes….

        -> it is just an idea….

        1. And how much of her tax payer money goes towards British designers. Sophie is just as bad her wardrobe is becoming super expensive and not British. They both need to rethink.

          1. Great idea Clem and Birdy. It would be interesting to know how much has been spent on new clothes ( including shoes, bags, hats, jewellery) for 2016. Then have it broken down into:
            1. British designers
            2. Other designers
            3. Number of official engagements over the calendar year, and if possible, a further break down into:
            (a) Ceremonial
            (b) Queen’s 90th celebrations
            (c) Charities
            I’m aware that this could mean that KMR gets no sleep over Christmas-New Year!

          2. Check the Appearance Total and Fashion Total – 2016 tabs at the top of the page. A lot of what you are asking for is already there ๐Ÿ™‚

            This was meant for Jen, but for some reason, a Reply button didn’t appear.

        2. Look on the bright side …..they do bugger all in Dec & January so compiling the figures in those months would be relatively easy.

  6. The bottom of Kate’s dress is like my Grandma’s table cloth–worn out and just plain wrong. Her hair looks pretty, though. And I see she wasn’t lacking in manic fake smiles for the event. She’s turning into a Stepford wife, I swear.

    Mary looked so stunning–not that I’m surprised! The Queen and Charles looked happier and more smiley when they were there with Harry, can’t say that I blame them ๐Ÿ˜‰

    On a side note though, Kate is so horribly thin that she even makes Princess Mary look wider through the middle than she actually is, which is saying a lot. Someone needs to help Kate! I think she’s thinner than in India, if possible ๐Ÿ™

    1. I agree Annie. Her weight seems very low for her height and body size and her skin seems to show it. She is aging terrible and now she is lining her water line with black liner (like Diana did, but with blue and brown) way too heavy for day time and way too harsh. She is also going overboard with the blush again. sigh. And someone needs to tell her that all white and cream colors make her look drained. They just don’t work with her coloring.

      I would not put my little girl in that ridiculously overpriced puritan lace disaster!

  7. I LOVE Mary and Sophie’s looks! Beautiful colors and they were dressed to have a great time. I also adored the Queen and Princess Anne’s outfit (probably worn for the 2,000th time, but she is awesome for it).

    Then we have Kate, who clearly escaped a Mormon compound and hopes her other sister-wives don’t drag her back to camp. Atrocious. One of my.Top 5 Worst Outfits Ever, and it’s a shame the girl won’t do colors apart from red or blue.

    1. Bwahaha!

      Or, all she needs is some pink shoes and a wand, and she’d be a fairy princess!

      She really is colour deaf. And she calls herself a photographer?

      1. Oh man. Fairy wings, a wand, and shoes won’t save this. This Duchess is determined to wear that fugly doily, and no taxpayer can tell her otherwise.

          1. At least Peter Pan was charming, William is a dull boy and a bit…brutish? Even Tick-Tock was a lot more interesting, and he was a reptile.

  8. I love everything about Kate’s outfit.
    I think she looks lovely and completely appropriate for the event.
    Princess Anne….well…..that’s another story. I’m going to be nice and keep my opinions to myself.

      1. I think Anne looks fabulous. I want her coat. Very English garden, very gay and spirited.

        I just don’t understand white bridal lace for horse races.

          1. I’ll be there Birdy!! I have never worn heels in my life, well, I tried once and nearly did away with both of my ankles. That was when I was a lot younger. Since then I have broken both of my feet so I’ll be wearing some nice shoes with an interesting pattern. You can count on bright clothes since this will be a wonderful happy occasion with genuine smiles. (I couldn’t fit into skinny jeans with a shoe horn but I’m thinking Khakis with a bright and colorful pullover. Not showing anything of course since I have 7 kids and 4 had to be C-Section so my errr figure isn’t suited to lump showing clothing.) Be sure and let me know what I can bring for snacking, I think those attending might just be inclined to eat.

        1. I also liked Anne’s outfit; it looks like a quality piece of clothing and suits the time of year, the occasion and the wearer.

  9. Loved Mary and Sophie together. Judging from pics they enjoyed each other’s company theough the event and had a great time!

    Kate – same again. I guess we ared used to Royals not wearing the cheapest clothes but 6000 for that dress!? Maybe someone else would rock that dress but for sure Kate isnโ€™t. And ofc new earrings again…
    I wouldn’t even pay attention to her boring look if her personality would shine through or if one could focus on her work but well…

    1. Exactly! If she had any character or did her job properly we wouldn’t be talking about her clothes, weight, looks etc. People would be less critical and understanding if she stepped up and took on the responsibility she has to the people of Great Britain.

      1. Maxima has the kind of personality to make every dress work, while Mathilde dresses rather boring and sometimes had weird choices, but both of them do their job. They are both engaged with several charities, seem caring when meeting people and are prepared when they step out. And that is what it should be about!

        Sure I also like to look at nice outfits and jewellery but that shouldn’t be the main focus when Kate is doing her job.

      2. She has neither character nor honor, she’s committed to one thing it appears and that is turning herself into a skeleton to keep her prey in his corral. Her natural looks are quite nice I think, pretty eyes and what there is of her real natural hair a pretty color. Anyone who has to be someone they aren’t to keep someone who doesn’t respect nor want them may have a lot of material things, fame, and forced adulation but in my mind they have n o t h i n g worth having.

  10. Love Mary’s look. She totally nailed it. Not a big fan of Sophie’s dress. But then again, I’m not a fan of Emilia Wickstead’s stuff. The proportions seem off to me. Didn’t like Anne’s purple thing.

    Now Kate. I love the earrings. I actually like the white gold a lot more than the gold. As for the dress, I’m torn. The first few pictures I saw was when she in the carriage and I only saw the top. I thought it looked ok. Typical Kate: safe, but not horrid. The next pictures I saw where of her from afar, and it looked ok. The lengrh was appropriate. There was no flashing. Then I saw the up close and saw the ugly tier thing. So I don’t know. I liked it ok waist up and from afar. Up close, no thanks. The accessories on the other hand, she needs work on that. And suede shoes again?! When is she going to learn?

  11. Ugh. One look at Kate and all I could think of is it looks like she got dressed this morning out of a Hope Chest. ๐Ÿ™

        1. Hi, LIzB. I commented on the other thread, wondering if you had your baby yet. Oh, I hope you have the baby soon and will have a safe and easy delivery. May you be blessed with a healthy new baby and the best to you and your family! Keep us posted. Maddie is looking forward to a new KMR baby to relate to, as her mommy taps away on the keyboard, whenever she has time to do so!

        2. Oh, this waiting is terrible, isn’t. Especially in hot summer. You just want to get over with.
          Wishes for a quick and safe delivery, LizB.

        3. C’mom baby! Being pregnant in summer is no picnic. Before I had my son we had a heat wave of 105 and my feet swelled to balloons!

        4. Looking forward to hearing about your beautiful baby. Yes, I am one of those who are crazy about babies. All the best to you in this last week or so.

          1. Running out in a bit, but wanted to share this: I had a dream last night that LizB would have her baby this weekend. I only know you, LizB from this blog, but wow, the dream was so real. All went well, so I trust all this is what will happen, or already did.
            Best to you! And, your baby and your little boy — your whole family!

          1. LizB let us know …get your husband to post ( in French I can translate if needs be) best wishes and huge cyber hugs.

  12. Love the look of Sophie and Mary!!!!

    I am not so sure about the interraction with Mary and Kate : Mary seems more with Sophie, so I hope that the journals won’t want to sold the relationship “best friend” between Mary and Kate.

  13. At first, I thought Kate borrowed a skating costume from Nancy Kerrigan…that dress is atrocious! I really don’t like the all-lace look, especially with the bed skirt ruffle. Too, too much! And the hatnlooks like a mock-up for a piece of retro-inspired lawn furniture. Ugh. Sophie looks great and I love Mary’s dress! I’m actually quite a fan of Camilla’s cream/ivory clothes, but then again, I like that Phryne Fisher vintage vibe!

    On second look, is K trying to repeat Diana’s see-through skirt photo?!? It looks as if you can partially see through the lacy skirt…and it has a very similar silhouette to Diana’s skirt…and similar vintage…

    1. As an ex figure skater this made me laugh out loud! It does remind one of a skating dress. Cut it short and add Swarovski crystals and you got it…

      1. Ellie, my childhood dream was to be a figure skater. My reality was, and is, super weak ankles. I would have loved to have done what you did!

        1. I never competed but I skated for a very long time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m picking it back up again as my son wants to learn to skate (he has crushes on a bunch of the girls, oh boy, and wants to be an ice dancer!).

          As an adult you can pick it up as long as you get boots that support your ankles, which is hard to do even for those of us without weak ankles. A lot of brands don’t support them properly for beginners which is a shame and dangerous.


    Have you all seen this guys? I guess William does do what he’s told occasionally. By the way I hate the dress and that anecdote about William and Kate not doing Ascot because of it’s anti gay stance……but it’s ok to wear Dolce & Gabbana who think same sex parentage is a sin? Hey Kate? Even I have stopped even looking at D & G since they came out with that little gem. But I’m stunned at that Ascot comment……never heard that before.

    1. Meant to say that every year at Ascot Princess Haya bint Al Hussein is one of the best turned out ladies I have ever seen. Her hats are works of art.

      1. yes she is elegant and a kind person as well , and she is so into horseback riding , i think this how she met her husband

    2. Hahahaha that gif is hilarious! It’s QEII in granny mode. My granny would say very much the same thing to me, in the name of old fashion proprietary:)

      1. There’s so much I like about that clip…..that William is engaged with George’s needs and puts him first. That Granny takes no sh*t and you do what you’re told. That William does what he’s told with not so much as a murmur and that the Queen insists on doing things properly. Very, very telling snippet of Crown power at play. And that even at 35 you are never too old to do what your Granny tells you no matter who you are.

        1. What a shame HM has not been around to witness one of Kate’s flashings. They would never happen again, I am sure, if the Queen ever witnessed such unladylike demeanor! Then, again, I would hate for HM to have to endure the shame of Kate’s behavior first hand.

        2. The look on his face before he realizes it’s Granny is priceless. Shows how he treats other people. Badly. The brief glower on his face and glare in his eye.. Ugh.

    3. Well done, MrsBBV! This is so hilarious! I love QEII as granny and William as obedient grandson. It made my day!
      Hey, if anyone else knows of any other funny gifs, pllllease post them here. Gosh, I wish I was a lip reader.

      1. In one picture Mary’s over the shoulder boulder holder can be seen. I apologize for for not remembering who said that Mary and Kate were the most polarizing of the ‘royals’ but whomever said it is absolutely right. No middle ground. Love them or loathe them. And the defenders of each can get downright vicious. On a lighter note I agree totally and whole heartedly with the consensus that KMR has created a forum that allows for differing opinions, and also a place where while we will never meet in person we care about each other. Not an easy feat. I’ve been on other sites, and love Lola Heart as well. Other places not so much. No one here is mean, no one here is malicious, no one here is close minded and I’ve learned so much. MrsBBV I adored that clip!

        1. I have to admit to being a fan of Mary’s, but I appreciate that my opinion is superficial. I love her clothes and find her very pretty. I also like what I know of her charity work, but I have learned from this recent discussion that I am only judging superficially. I am thankful for the SRF – they seem to generate admiration and gushy love for their precious children.

          this site and those who contribute are special and unique. after last week, I have a new appreciation for this community of friends.

    4. To be honest, I’m not a fan of this clip. It just makes the British Royals seem so staid, stuffy and archaic – then Queen is giving off major “children must be seen and not heard” vibes. They could learn about allowing children to be and allowing genuine loving interactions between kids and parents from the Swedish.

      1. Ella I think we all know that when the crown passes on many things will have to change and modernise. The Queen is amazing but she is also 90 and while in some ways she has moved with the times in others she hasn’t.
        The problem with these long living Windsors is that Charles will be well into his 70’s before he is King and may live til Will is 60/70 .
        I do like the Dutch method of handing on the baton because I think we benefitted from having a very young queen ( before even my time!!) but can’t see it happening again unless we have disasters.

        I do not mean this as a personal attack on HM or Charles before I get criticised. But young leaders do bring something new and special. The Dutch royal couple show this I think.

    5. MrsBBV , I don’t know if it’s me over imagining things , but here is william bent over to calm his child who apparently is not comfortable with this situation , and both of the videos i watched about this situation are cut at the point where it “seems” that kate intentionally or not nudge george with her knees , maybe her way of calming him or maybe by mistake while calming edgy charlotte , and both he and william turn to look at her “this is the part that is cut in both videos” , so at this point , the queen intervenes and tell william to get up , maybe to avoid a further drama , “notice how the video starts with william looking at kate not george” , but i don’t know why the media is always bent on belittling william and idolizing whatever kate does .

    1. Yes I agree Anne, the hair has seen a big improvement this week apart from when she was shaking it about with her fingers at the American Embassy before signing the book of condolence. I understand her not wanting to put it up all the time like Princess Anne…..she’s a young attractive woman but she has taken far to long to really understand when it should be up and when it’s OK for it to be down. I’m not quite sure why she doesn’t make more use of hair clips, barrettes and more formal ponytails.

    2. Kate looks better with her hair up or one of her half up styles. She looks terrible when she touches her hair during official engagements.

      That dress needs to be put away until she has her dress auction. Face it, there must be one in Kate’s future.

  15. I hate the bottom ruffle at Kate’s dress, kinda like an old woman’s nightgown. But I love the earrings and the hat with the updo!

    Mary in bright orange (or is it already red?) Really pops out on such a lovely spring day – great colour for her dark hair! Like Kate’s LK Bennett dress from Wimbledon last year – I really hope Kate will repeat this!

    As I’va already said, Mary looked great. But there is one thing I have to criticize: the slit under the neckline of her dress is just too deep! It goes so far down that in some photos you can see her bra peeking out and too much.. cleavage for a crown princess. I love the idea of a slit and a high collar, but this just goes down too far. Mary should have had it altered. This was just a no go

    Here is one of the pics I was talking about:

    1. It’s interesting that Mary and Frederick rode in the in the carriage with Sophie and Edward. It seems like they would’ve been with W+K since Charles and Camilla (their rank equals) weren’t there. Or perhaps I’m just making up this protocol in my head.

  16. Ok I am 45 so half of HM’s age, but I tell you, I would kill for her hat! I ADORE it! I love the shade of pink on her and she looked wonderful today.

    As for Mary’s look, I don’t really like that shade or red/orange so not thrilled with it. I also have the same opinion of Mary that others have that she is not as warm and caring as she is made out to be. I am Aussie too, so not sure if it will get me thrown out of the country though. I remember when she first married into the DRF and she had a few fashion fails and I was thinking that if Diana were still alive she would have been able to help her out.

    Thankfully she got her sh*t together because if Diana were still alive, she would have her hands full of Kate, who seemed to confuse Royal Ascot with the set of Little House on the Prairie. Her look is just so bad and she wears suede shoes when it has been raining!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that Diana would have been the one person that Kate would have taken fashion advice from, and I am sure that Ma Middleton would have been sitting on the edge of the bed with Kate taking it all in as well. However I don’t think that the Middleton’s would have stood a chance with Wills if Diana were still alive, but I digress. I do however like her hair this week. Someone has told her that grown ups can wear their hair up and someone has done this for her and it looks lovely. Not a big fan of the hats that she has been wearing, especially the vagina one, but baby steps.

    Sophie looked lovey, I am not a fan of that shade of blue, but she rocks it. I also love Anne’s hat, but I love anything in Purple.

    Can I just say again how much I love HM’s hat!

    1. tanya , you said exactly what was on my mind , i guess you all know by now how i love the queen , we’re borh born on the same day , i wish i would be 70 and still have her liveliness and freshness , also the colors she wears especially the pink are lovely , I think that today she was the best dressed among all of them and the hat was awsome , katie reminded me of laura in little house in the prairie , otherwise i agree with every single word you said .

    2. I agree. No way W+K would be married if Diana was alive. I can’t see Diana tolerating the Middleton clan’s blatant social climbing and catty behavior very well. Let alone Kate’s lack of interest and empathy in her charity causes.

      1. That and William would have no weakness of his mother being gone and wanting a ‘normal family’ for the Middletons to exploit so well. I mean, my God, thisis the family that gave W&K the master bedroom in their own home to encourage Kate to take William back after her mom invited him to a party when Kate was done with him. A rare show of backbone.

        1. I really do wish someone would write a tell-all about the time when K+W were dating and what the Midds were up to. I was too young at the time to have read the tabloids and feel like I missed out on all the juicy bits! I try to google these things, but I think a lot of it has been wiped from the internet.

        2. eeewwww!

          really Ellie? Ma Middleton gave up her own bedroom to encourage Kate to go back to William? That is bad parenting!

          I feel very queasy at the thought of the lengths Carole went to get William married to Kate.

          1. I read somewhere that ma took to her bed when William broke up with Kate and I’ll second that ewwwww. I don’t understand social climbing to start with (I’m a chubby little woman who is basically a hermit) but really? Desperate and obvious much? I don’t feel sorry for Kate but when you think about this situation she really was simply a step or twelve up the social ladder for that odious family and a brood mare for William, a way to get his family to shut up about his having to marry and produce heirs. I think ma’s plan didn’t quite work out and waity and wills are stuck with each other until one of them cracks. Kate doesn’t stand a chance of getting people to commiserate with her if Billy bolts and she is stuck emotionally on a teen age level in my opinion. Hope that makes sense, I’m so tired that I just messed up a birthday card for my grandson. I signed it grandma and grandma.

          2. From one “well endowed” woman to another… We could say Rubanseque?

            And signing that card Grandma and Grandma means you are sending twice as much love? yes? ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Loved Mary’s and HM’s outfits the best. From the neck up and the ankles down, Kate looked very fine, but I found the overall look a little costumey…she’s period dressing again, someone stop her!!
    Kate has appeared extremely pleased with herself this past week, and I’m sure we’ll see more of this attitude during Wimbledon. As many people have commented, what a noticible difference in her demeanor when she is out and about in the public eye NOT working. Sigh, that is the life for her, she will never be reconciled to the important parts of her “job” title (princess indeed, give me strength), it has all become so clear.

      1. Social Surburbia is best place for them really. We’ll have to put up with old Ma Middleton at Wimbledon supping her wine out of brown paper bags next week. I wonder if Daddy Middleton will be there in a show of unity?

  18. When I first saw the photo of Kate and Mary together I had to laugh out loud at the apparent style differences between the two women. What first caught my eye is that Mary dressed like a woman, while Kate dressed like a little girl playing dress up for the day. Secondly, Mary accessorized perfectly, her hat is perfect for this dress, her shoes are rather fun and add a pop of something unexpected to her outfit and I like the jewelry she wore today; imo it all added up to one great look. While I like Kate’s hat and earrings, I’d burn the rest of look. When Kate wore that blue lace Erdem dress in Canada I really liked it, sure it was lace but didn’t feel overwhelming so, but she has picked some truly awful lace dresses in the last couple of years.

    Is it just me or is Kate’s dress particularly unflattering in the bust area? It reminds me of that ghastly green lace dress she wore in India, the shelf bra is not a friend of the Duchess’.

    I really like Sophie’s Emilia Wickstead’s dress today and how fun is that hat?? Sophie really knows how to add some whimsy to her outfits but the aquamarine brooch helped keep it elegant. It’s interesting that Ms Wickstead’s dresses don’t work well for Kate but look stunning on Sophie.

    1. I thought Kate’s dress was especially unflattering for her bust type. I’m on the smallish side too, without a really defined waist, so I avoid looks like that. Doesn’t do me any favors!

      1. I so agree LizB! I too have a smallish bust and after two kids, menopause and gravity…well…let’s just say the girls need more support then a shelf bra can give. I like wearing tank tops with shelf bras around the house because they’re so comfortable but I wouldn’t want to be caught out in public in one. Of course, Kate’s poor posture really accentuates the lack of support seen here today.

    2. Lauri you hit the nail on the head! Mary dressed like a woman, where as Kate dressed as a little girl. When they stand next to each other it is just so obvious. Kate’s dress is just so bad. I am positive she thinks because it is expensive, it is a great dress. Money doesn’t equal style.

      And i thought the same thing in the bust area:(

    3. Sophie looked great, and that hat! It’s really too much but the color and her expression pull it off. She probably has a great sense of fun.

      I wondered about Kate’s dress. In a small way, it reminded me of her wedding gown, with the lace, detail sleeves and pointy bust. I wondered if she continually tries to manipulate him with clothing choices of if she’s naturally drawn to similar clothes, colors and patterns, which is why so many of us get annoyed with how boring she is. That and her desire to dress like her mother. I wonder if Carole will wear the red coat dress outfit. She’s look good in it too (or Pippa) because all the same coloring. I wish James would wear it; that would make my day.

  19. I liked the color of Mary’s dress – the style, not so much. Perhaps the sleeves were a bit too girlish?

    Sophie always looks amazing. Emilia Wickstead is not a favorite of mine – I’m not impressed with the fit and finish of many of the outfits. The color on Sophie is great. I must tell you, I saw her in New York on Veteran’s Day last year and she is absolutely stunning in person. Hope the training for her bike ride is going well. She’s riding from Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh to Buckingham Palace this fall for the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge.

    Kate – meh. As usual.

    Anne – just being Anne. There is a nice video of her talking about the Queen’s horses at Royal Ascot. It’s an interesting 10 minutes.

    Loved HM’s outfit. Love her in pink. She had three runners yesterday, but came in no better than 5th. Better luck today in the King George V Stakes with Guy Fawkes.

    I was surprised at Princess Haya’s outfit. A bit more subdued than usual. I can’t warm up to that couple – the stable has been accused of cruelty to horses and doping. Two big no-no’s in my book.

    1. I think Haya wears some beautiful designer clothing but it rarely suits her figure or her height. Her Ascot hats are pretty good, the exception being the white one. As her husband has a huge estate in Scotland, I wonder if they spend time with the BRF outside of Ascot.

  20. The Queen, as always, looked fantastic. I noticed in the DM photos that she put a bandage over that bruise on her leg.

    Camilla looks great. So does Princess Mary. Princess Anne, ugh, she wore this at W&K’s wedding, and it is just as ugly now as it was then. These colors clash! It looks like a vinyl patio set my grandmother had in the 70s. But I’m used to Anne dressing this way.

    I do not like Sophie’s dress. It has no details, so it looks very plain. Even the cut is plain. This looks like a dress I would make after taking a sewing class. Have an interesting neck line, some embroidery, a slit with a coordinating peek-a-boo skirt underneath. Anything other than a sheet of blue. And that hat is ugly too. Just a plain, stiff, boring dress on a seemingly lovely lady.

    And then there is Kate. Boring cream again. But this dress shows all of Kate’s styling tricks to make her look better proportioned. The high waist makes the dress look too long. She should have just gone for a full-length empire waisted dress and be done with it. And why is she wearing beige shoes with this dress? It only adds to her lower length, further throwing her out of proportion. I get that the beige shoes and high waists are to give the illusion that she is better proportioned, but that only works with dresses above the knee. I think Kate has spent so much time and energy trying to hide her imperfections that she made herself incredibly boring. Boring clothes, boring voice, boring personality. Kate, do you want to be disliked for being something you are not for the rest of your life? She is playing it safe so much that she isn’t fashionable or having fun, IMO. I also read on the DM that she wasn’t supposed to be with Will handing out the award, but she joined him anyway. So needy.

    1. I think it’s an ulcer and it’s not healing, it’s been there for over two months now and she has a smaller one on the other leg. It doesn’t seem to be affecting her walking ability but it’s not healing and that bothers me……a lot.

    2. Soooo boring. I remember when they were first married, there were reports about Kate’s “cheeky” sense of humor and fun loving attitude. I’ve rarely seen that in her. She just seems so average when compared with the other amazing royal (and non-royal) women out there.

      1. I remember this too, Lindsey, and I totally agree with you. Kate has not a “cheeky sense of humor and fun loving attitude.” Othe thing I read much when she firts married iwas that “Kate was willing to bring freshness and youth to the Royal Family.” She did nothing of this. At first, maybe yes, because everything about her was new. But now we see that she is not the “savior the Monarchy” that many people thought.

    3. So true JET. Kate spends so much time trying to be perfect and hide her imperfections. But imperfections are what make us unique. Sadly, it has taken away her personality. She seemed to have far more before she was married. It is sad she is so subdued now. But clothing does say something about the wearer’s personality. And in this case, it is bland.

  21. How could Dolce and Gabbana make such a hideous dress. It was straight out of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s closet from 1873. Secondly, I thought Kate’s bustline looked really odd, there was a huge gap of space from the top of her shoulders started to where her bust began. I think she needs to wear more supportive brassieres. She did have that hair up again in the presence of the Queen, so someone has definitely said something to her.

    1. I noticed that same thing BostonBrahmin, I think Kate was using a shelf bra with this dress and it’s particularly unflattering and her poor posture isn’t helping either.

    2. How many of these lace DG dresses is she going to buy? This is the third, in almost this same pattern lace, that I can remember off the top of my head. (Black, aubergine, and now this). The lace trend is tired now. I still wear it, but I’m also not called a ‘fashion icon’ by anyone haha. These dresses are *so* expensive and quite boring. I also don’t care for the pattern of the lace or the ruffle.

      1. Yes, Kate loves lace! I agree when you ask how many lace dresses is she going to buy, Lindsey!

        The dress was not attractive, imo. And, that ruffle, was the worst! I did not care for her hat, either. I’m wondering if the Royal women have back-up outfits ready in case the weather is bad. As pointed out I think by Birdy, it rained on this day. Why wear white on such a day? And, her shoes? My God!

        1. I really wish she would hire a more competent advisory team. Her dressing only seems to have gone downhill since Tash has been in charge. I miss the Canada and Australian tour outfits. Rebecca can’t even write a decent speech or letter to top it off.

        2. It has rained every day. I can’t believe it is so wet. I walked my dog in my drizabone and wellies tonight and still came home drenched. It’s just not the weather for white lace and suede shoes.

  22. I hate Kate’s dress. 1. It is lace which thanks to her I now can’t stand. 2. It was completely limp. 3. It just doesn’t match up to my idea of what to wear for Ascot.

    I like her hat more than the cinnamon bun she wore to the garden party but I still prefer something more along the lines of Camilla’s hats.

    I thought the Queen, Camilla, Sophie and Anne all looked good. For some reason, I have always liked the green and purple outfit that Anne wore but I think it looked better when she used beige accessories instead of the black/navy combo she wore this time.

    Last night, in a moment of insanity, I got to wondering about how much Kate has spent at Kiki McDonough’s. I went back on several sites to see how many earrings she has bought – came up with 13 pairs. Total estimated cost $44,245. Personally, I think many of them are overpriced.

    1. I’m not a fan of Anne’s floral coat, but hey, at least she wears patterns.

      Wow!! Good research, Sue. I cannot believe how much she has spent on these little bobbly earrings. I agree they seem overpriced. I wonder if this is what William buys her after he does something naughty…

    2. OMG, $44, 245 for earrings!!!! While some of them are lovely, the green amethyst and the pink ones she wore in India are my current favorites, it’s just too frivolous to spend that amount of money on earrings in the short 5 years that she’s been a Duchess. Now I’m a jewelry lover of the first degree, my 4 jewelry boxes and 1 whole bureau drawer dedicated to jewelry will attest to that fact, I can’t wrap my head around spending that much money on just earrings. Now Mr from Ca buys me a new piece or pieces of jewelry for any gift giving occasion but I’m sorry I just don’t see William doing this. Even the green amethyst ones she wore in India, it was said that they were to mark the occasion of Charlotte’s birth but I don’t think William gave them to her, if he did why didn’t they say so? And that diamond ring she wears, I read that she bought that herself. He couldn’t even buy a her her own engagement ring, he recycled his mothers (sorry but that’s always bugged me), imo it’s a fundamental flaw in man that doesn’t buy jewelry for his lady.

      Sorry for the rant but as you can tell, next to good posture, jewelry is quite a passion of mine.

    3. I am not impressed with Kiki McDonough’s designs, the small stone on top/larger stone on the bottom bordered by diamonds is not very imaginative. Her designs seem to cater to those types of women who like small unassuming, yet expensive jewelry, so she is a perfect fit for Kate. Kind of reminds me of Tory Burch, who in my opinion designs boring, preppy, sexless and very expensive clothing, shoes and bags. Nothing that makes a statement.

    4. The Kikis always look so childish to me. The designs often have a heart or some kind of design that makes me think that they’re better suited for a Disney Princess. The Annoushka pearl earrings she has though should be worn more often…by me lol

        1. The Palace made it very clear that they were not a gift. The first time she wore the pendant. In the days when the Palace would release information publicly in a misguided attempt to deflect on possibility of taxpayer money being used or freebies being accepted. They said these weren’t a gift, but came from her own wardrobe. Other times, they were specific about wedding gifts eg this pink sapphire necklace worn to an award show.

          1. The pink sapphire suite is one of my favourites. It’s so feminine and just perfect for a young princess. It’s what I would choose for myself.

            I once went to Gerrards and really engaged with one of the sales girls in there. For a laugh she suggested and I readily agreed, trying a tiara on. Sat on my head for about a minute was half a million pounds of diamonds and rubies and I tell you I went from 5ft 3 to 6ft. Not because of the tiara height but just how wearing those glorious stones made me feel. It was a totally intoxicating and I think one of the few things about being Royal I envy. I felt beautiful wearing those it. It really was my ‘Pretty Woman going to the opera’ moment.

          2. Mrs BBV: LOL.

            A friend works in the jewellery section of Christie’s the auction house.

            Through her i’ve come to really appreciate antique jewellery and the sheer creativity in usage. I can’t look at tiffany’s anymore or even a company like Mappin and Webb. I find it both plain and unimaginative. The stones are also not that great.

            I was once her plus one to a jewellery party thrown by a private client where we got to try on so many amazing jewels. You can imagine my surprise when one of the tiaras i tried on ended up at Bentley and Skinner. It remains unsold despite being one of the royal tiaras passed onto The Princess Royal Princess Mary by her mother Queen Alexandra. It was used as a prop in Downton Abbey for the weddings of Lady Mary and Lady Edith.




            Tiaras are so amazing.

          3. I love reading your posts about jewellery. So interesting. Your passion and knowledge is inspiring. Such a beautiful piece. Xx

          4. MrsBBV: i wish i could buy it. I would wear it every day because the tiara breaks up into 2 brooches, so it’s easy to add as a brooch to a jacket.

            I went to the wedding dresses exhibition at the V and A which included Lady Sarah Chatto’s wedding tiara which breaks up into several brooches. It was equally lovely.

            That said, another friend sent me this photo from 1st dibs, over which we drooled for hours. This brooch breaks up into 5 pieces which makes it wearable.


          5. seething with the best kind of jealously! I wish kate would wear the pink suite of jewels agin. I only saw her wear it to one event. young Diana made a point to wear some of the amazing jewelry she was given as a wedding present in the years following the wedding.

          6. Herazeus, I now know what I want for my birthday! That brooch is amazing. If I could afford it I’d be sitting here right now drooling over it and the many ways it can be worn.

  23. Mary slays as normal. Those shoes and her posture! I love the dress, sans wrinkle. She does seem a bit “cool”. I mean ice princess cool. I think she would be the type to make fun of me when I walk away.

    Sophie’s look was okay. It was a lot of blue going on. I would have chosen a different gemstone for the brooch. The aquamarine, which I love, is lost on all that blue. HM looked so pretty too. Anne? That outfit is h-I-d-j-o-u-s. I spelled it wrong because it is wrong. It must be burned.

    I am sure that (S)Carole was chomping at the bit to be there.

    I have realized that Kate’s stylists hate her. Her dress looks like something out of Butcher’s Holler. I don’t even think that Loretta Lynn would be caught dead in it. I can’t find one redeeming thing about it. There is no “right” in the dress. I zoomed in on the hem and the boobs. Which was just horrible. I love her hair, but it’s obvious her stylists knows one style.

    Mary and Kate side by side is interesting. Kate is 34 and I believe Mary is 44. Yet Mary looks so much younger than Kate. Kate’s posture and demeanor is so different when standing besides Mary.

    Thank you for the update, KMR!

    1. I so agree that the difference between Mary and Kate is kind of jarring. Mary, to me, seems very comfortable in her own skin and in her current role as Crown Princess. She seems happy and fulfilled in her personal and professional life, supporting women’s issues around the world I believe has brought her a great deal of personal satisfaction and it certainly shows in her smile and overall demeanor. I truly hope that Kate will someday realize this kind of fulfillment as well but it will take some desire and effort on her part and frankly I don’t know if she has it in her.

    2. Butcher’s Holler……LOL. Love it.
      I hear a song…. Momma took some old lace curtains and sewed me up a dress……Next thing I knew I was feelin like a prin-CESS!

  24. Sorry if I’m repeating…I’m at work and can’t indulge in every wonderful, delicious, comment..(I really enjoy reading all of you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just can’t wrap my head around the “hats” that are styled to look tike the wind has ALREADY blown them out of their shape, i.e. Kate, and Sophie. Now, I must leave work to go home and cry because England’s REAL Prince is apparently dating Taylor Swift, and I have found out 14 hours too late ๐Ÿ™ Oh, dear God this is AWFUL, and simply not fair. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I share in your sadness Anastasia :(. Nothing against Taylor, I don’t listen to her music and couldn’t name a song if my life depended on it, but she seems so tweeny to me where as Tom is a delicious, edible, sexy man. I just don’t see this going anywhere.

    2. I just saw that yesterday, lol. I know this site is about royals, but man Taylor Swift moves on quickly. And they seem like such an odd pair. She needs to be single between relationships, especially since the DJ was a longer one for her. I couldn’t move on that quickly. But oh to be a celebrity and get to date each other ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Oh lord, I almost cried when I heard the news. I love Tom and loathe Taylor. He is so smart, sincere and worldly. She is self-absorbed, attention-seeking and immature. If this is real, it is an extreme case of “opposites attract”.

      1. Agreed. She makes great music, but on the other hand, that girl needs a slap upside the head. Same with that Justin Bieber- great music, total brat

  25. Just read through all the comments and can’t believe not one about Charles! Personally I think he was the best dressed out of the lot of them (even if he was in ‘Ascot Uniform’). His tailor must be so proud, he looked awesome!

    1. I find Charles to be quite dashing and debonair. He looks like a complete gentleman. One of the things I like is how he will kiss the hand of a visiting royal princess or queen.

      1. And buys you amazing jewels. Might also whisper in the ear of a Middle Eastern royal to gift a mountain of jewels when you two visit.

      2. Gentleman? I always think of the tampon phone conversation when I see him . Not a fan. He treated his wife terribly .

        1. I have a story for you……my father who was in charge of all telecommunications in West Germany during the Cold War was asked to provide two ‘safe’ mobile telephones when Prince Charles attended the Queens Birthday Parade in Berlin. This was in 1985 and can you guess who this phone was facilitating conversation between? My Dad still has the two phones in his safe. He never spoke with PC but he saw him stood in the middle of the garden using one of them and when he had finished he gave them to an aide who gave them back to my Dad until they were needed again. They are like house bricks in size & weight.

          1. Ugh that says it all. And everyone around him had to facilitate his deceit. No wonder Diana looked elsewhere.

          2. Of course my Dad had no idea about Mrs PB then but retrospectively he does. He just though PoW was very security conscious.

          3. Oh Mrs BVV I wasn’t in any way criticising your Dad, just saying Charles used his position to ensure his sordid little life was kept out of the limelight. It would probably be different now with iphones, social media etc it is more difficult to hide.

          4. I know you weren’t Birdy. Xx

            My Dad wasn’t impressed at all as in military life to have an affair with a fellow officer’s wife was not the done thing at all in the ’80’s. Still isn’t really but back then, very bad form.

        2. First time poster here but I might have been lurking for a month! What brings me to post is that I was actually thinking about this the other day since the balcony pics.
          I’m in my early 30s and I remember the tampon conversation, which grosses me out, but some guys say weird things they think are cute. I think Charles and Diana’s marriage shows what happens when free will is taken away. They both behaved poorly and I do believe that Diana’s were more reactionary to what was going on to her but they both behaved badly. I think once Charles was able to openly be with Camilla and sadly out of the shadow of Diana we see that he’s done some great things. I was watching a show on PBS and they had a series on great estates in Scotland. One was wasting away and Charles stepped in to help save it and his interest in it helped revitalize the local economy. So despite poor personal choices in the beginning he’s redeemed himself afterwards in my opinion.
          I don’t know his relationship with William but I think it’s sad that we’ve never seen a pic of him with his grandkids. The gardens at Clarence House are supposed to be spectacular so they could get some great pics there. My mother has one of those closed mouth grins when she smiles but when she’s with her grandkids she has full on teeth showing smile that lights up everywhere smile!
          Anywhoodles didn’t mean for first post to be so long. Just wanted to say that redemption is possible from past poor/gross statements!

          1. I am firmly in your camp Sarah….but I believe that although Charles stung first Diana was no picnic. In the end I think two needy, mismatched people with pressure non of us can even contemplate couldn’t help each other and nearly destroyed each other in the process. I think history will be kinder to Prince Charles when his committmemt to his country is one day understood. As for Camilla……I rather like her. She’s good for him. I don’t like what happened to Diana one bit but I tend to see them all as victims of cataclysmic forces more than just their own desires.

        3. It was a stolen private conversation between lovers. Something we had no right to hear, but there is ongoing pearl clutching over that private conversation years later. Charles is by no means the first heir to be unfaithful, and given William’s track record, unlikely he’ll be the last.

          We have images of Kate Middleton in playboy bunny ears attending a party to launch a movie about her favorite sex toy. Photos and stories of her buying a naughty Santa costume to wear for William. Photos of her doing yoga naked (for William?) which were stolen from her sister’s phone. Her friendship with the person who runs for-profit orgies. The RPOs and the press calling her The Mattress. Let’s not forget W&K got together via cheating.

          I agree with what some others have written. Charles and Diana were a mismatch from the start and neither was a picnic. He was pressured into marrying at 33 and she wanted a prince charming to rescue her from herself and her life. The more years and distance go by, the more people come to see that Diana was a human being not a saint.

          They married the idea of each other, and neither was prepared for the reality of what they got. They loved each other but they weren’t in love with each other. They never would have made it as a couple, even if all other outside forces were removed.

          If Diana was alive and happy today, would there still be this minor minor minor minority obsessed with C&C’s relationship?

          For most people in the UK they don’t care a hoot about his former marriage. If they think about royals at all, they are far more concerned about his black spider memos. He is the most accomplished Prince of Wales in history, and The Prince’s Trust and Dumfries House will be enduring legacies.

    2. I read your comment and realized, to my shame, that I didn’t look at what any of the men wore. So I looked again, and I agree, PC looks great. I love the gold chain (is that a pocket watch or something else)?

      1. Strictly speaking, a gentleman in morning dress should wear a pocket watch and chain – never a wristwatch.

        All the BRF men look dashing. I always love Prince Michael’s dress. He is a bit bolder, but still classically tasteful.

  26. Terrible terrible day here . One of our young MP’s murdered in the street. Gun crime here is unusual. Very unusual.
    Jo was 41 and listening to what she has achieved in her life humbles me, but it also highlights how lazy and shallow Kate is. Jo was an everyday lady from a small Yorkshire village and had worked for both Save the Children and Oxfam at a very senior level. She had been an MP since last year. Already she had achieved so much particularly in highlighting the Syrian issues. I know Kate cannot do politics but she can work to help change the world, she has a world stage . And this amazing MP, Jo, had two young children and was by all accounts an exceptional mother, but she still managed to do so much good.

    1. This makes me think of many articles which listed celeb fashion icons or philanthropists. She’d be listed with her only “achievement” is “nabbing”*eye roll* a prince. 34 years alive and only your marriage to speak of. And do you know what’s baffling? The thrown oppurtunities before and after marriage.

    2. This is a terrible loss of a woman who was working to make a difference. I am sorry for such a violent end to her life and send prayers and sympathy to all. May her good work go on and may her family cope with their grief and find solace in knowing she was making a difference and that she must have loved them so much.

    3. It’s always the good ones that get taken young. Terribly sad because she really was an incredibly compassionate, dynamic and genuine woman.

    4. The sorrow and grief in the States and Britain is hard to bear and impossible to understand. While similar words are repeated, my tears, thoughts and prayers now include Jo Cox, her friends and family, and our British friends. What indeed is going on.

    5. I woke up this tragedy; what a loss to her family, community she served and the nation at large. i struggle to make sense of this violence, of the alienation individuals feel towards the world to perform such unspeakable acts like this in Yorkshire and of course, in Orlando. My thoughts go to all Brits. We all lose just a little of our humanity when these things happen. Like others here,an in the context of this blog, my mind turns to the unexceptional Kate Middleton. My, how she has squandered her years on the planet and in particular, and most unacceptably, the platform given to her position.

    6. Oh Bridy, I heard about this crime and I was shocked. There was a brief story on TV here in my country about this MP, Jo, and I admire her fight. A big lost, sadly.

    7. I was so sad to hear about the death of Jo Cox. I was watching and hoping she would be alright, but the horrible news came on that she did not make it.

      This has been the worst week. I have had a heavy feeling all week and I am watching from afar. I cannot imagine the pain of those who are living through all the terrible things that have happened.

  27. See, Mary can wear the beige hat and beige shoes because they are used to compliment the bold orange dress. But why does Kate wear so many outfits that are head to toe beige or off white/cream? It is just so boring. I would love to be able to talk about something other than her clothes, as I generally do not like defining a woman based solely on her fashion choices, but I honestly don’t know what Kate’s personality is. She really doesn’t even try to make a little joke in a speech to lighten the room a bit. Or pick up a baby when she visits kids (maybe because it has been so long since she has visited the patronages where children would be like a hospice). Even when I see her with her own children it all looks very meticulously planned like a photoshoot somehow. I know there are some people who don’t like Princess Mary or Mette-Marit or Sofia but I like them all. I am a feminist and like women in general, its the whole sisterhood thing. As long as a woman shows that she has a personality and work-ethic I like her just fine. I’m not catty by nature. As a matter of fact, I really liked Kate circa 2011-12. I was waiting to see what her personality was like. I thought that a modern, college educated middle class woman who managed to make the future King fall in love with her must be someone special. Someone with strength of character and spunk. By I just haven’t seen it yet.
    I want to give her the benefit of the doubt but there is just something about her that seems so cold or fake somehow. The over the top open mouthed laughing, the writing of letters instead of visiting children in the hospice in person for even just an hour, the fact that I don’t really see her being friends with other women besides her mom and sister. There is just something about her that seems very Stepford Wife-y to me. And why can she pose for Vogue and go sailing with the guy she flirts with or go to Wimbledon but she can’t make time for the Irish Guards or for visiting EACH or for going to a memorial service?
    I wish she would show us more of her personality somehow. If she says she is so interested in sports, why doesn’t she train for a 5K in the name of charity or something? I don’t really see her changing much when she becomes Princess of Wales. I’m an American, but considering how English people are complaining about Will and Kate’s lack of work ethic now I can only imagine how much they will complain when the Queen dies and William becomes a lazy Prince of Wales. Why in the world did it take so long for William to go to the Garden Party? Why was this his first year? I think probably the best thing he has done in a while is pose for Attitude magazine but I still just cannot imagine him being King one day. I wonder if the monarchy will survive.
    Sorry for the long post, just my rambling thoughts!

    1. I think the Attitude magazine cover will be the best thing he has ever done. Actually it’s the kind of thing I could have imagined Harry doing so good for William.

      1. Oooooh, I wonder if it was Harry’s idea and the suits at KP thought it was too good waste on Harry so they gave it to Will? You heard it here first!

    2. Posing for a magazine cover? Memories of Vogue.
      Why not actually DO something? He should think of how his mother changed the world’s perception of AIDS. I’m not saying the cover is bad, just that there must be something concrete behind it. Anyone heard anything of the world changing mental health initiative since they launched it?
      And all this recent ‘work’ is not work. It’s doing things that most people save up for and take time OFF work to do.

      1. Well to be fair Birdy his bar isn’t set so high so to see something groundbreaking from a British male Royal…. I’m quite impressed with the vision. Ok it’s not his idea but he’s obviously agreed to do it. It’s the nearest thing he’s done to emulate the legacy of his dear Mother.

      2. He doesn’t NEED to do anything. He poses for a magazine and gets massive kudos. He talks about bullying when he bullies the hell out other people, especially his brother. But people who don’t follow him think he’s the best thing since sliced bread due to this sort of PR campaign. He’s so modest, he hates tradition and frummery, he’s so great! It works and it works well. He is into this bullying thing IMO as HE feels he is bullied for not doing his job, because William does what William wants, always, and anyone who tells him differently is mean and bullying him.

        1. Perfect words Ellie. William is ridiculous. I saw this magazine but I don’t care to read what he said. Nor I do to the Vogue with Kate. By the way, how it’s this magazine? If I’m not wrong, this Vogue with Kate was to be this month, right?

    3. “I thought that a modern, college educated middle class woman who managed to make the future King fall in love with her must be someone special. Someone with strength of character and spunk.”

      I thought that for a while, too. Now I believe the exact opposite, which is that William married her because he could control her. She’s quiet, seemingly self-conscious and anxious, and was desperate to improve her station according to many reports. The perfect candidate for him to have a wife he could control.

      1. I think they both got what they wanted. Her behavior for 10 years prior, plus the activities in as a teen, don’t show a meek and mild person to me. Manipulating the press, playing games with Tanna, their own Middleton PR gurus. She was in it to win it.

        She has steely determination to get what she wants, and what she wanted was the high-life and the status of royal wife. Neither of them wants to work, they both want the perks, and they’re content to do the least amount possible.

  28. Good morning everyone, I hope this lovely community is all well.
    I have a lot to catch up on, been away with my daughter -treatment time.
    KMR thank you for your continued up to date review it’s fantastic.
    The Queen looks beautiful. Her outfit compliments her co beautifully.
    Princess Mary looks stunning, love the complete package. From seeing what the camera captured, it seems Mary is just naturally delightful, very warm and all round genuine nice person.
    I am a huge fan of the work and dedication she shows to all her numerous causes, with little fanfare,she just gets on with the job, as well as hands on as much as is possible with her little ones.
    Sophie looks lovely, she can get away with that look, colour suits her beautifully.
    The Duchess of Cambridge, simply it reminds me of my lace curtains, and I mean that very sincerely. I have liked some of lasts weeks outfits, I have just caught up on much better. The price of the dress is incredible.
    Let’s hope for some substance from her the next few months.

  29. I wonder if any one ever actually looks at the things Kate buys and actually says “No” at any time. Because this bolt of lace that has been fashioned into a nightgown for day wear by D&G is just awful. Add in the nude accessories and the whole look is just blah.

    1. I just saw it and laughed! Being a granny myself, although not quite the granny that HM is but who is, I love being a voice of authority after all the years of just being mom and what does mom know?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes I agree it would be an interesting post – she has so many Kiki’s and whilst I like them they are all pretty similar. There are so many other designers she could give some support to. And why spend so much on ‘public’ jewellery when the crown has so many much more special I appreciate that Will may buy her personal items as gifts because I am sure he listens to Lauri from CA and may even get advice from Mr from CA. Lauri – can you get him to pass on some posture notes too!!??

  30. To all our British friends, I am sorry for the tragedy that struck your PM today. We are dealing with our own tragedy in the States, but I want to send compassion, sorrow, and a general frustration with the current state of this world

    KMR, tha k you for providing a safe place and a community where we can share happiness and grief

    1. That’s very kind of you……we are all living in very turbulent times at the moment and it’s very worrying. I was going to watch President Obama visiting Orlando this afternoon but then news of the MP broke and that’s all UK TV has covered for the remainder of the day. But you too remain in our thoughts and prayers.

      1. thank you MrsBBV. Words just don’t express the depth of grief. I hug my kids and my kitty to remind me of the good in the world. realizing that we can share mutual compassion is comforting.

    2. Thank you for your beautifully written comment Reilly.

      You have expressed what I was thinking very well – thank you.

  31. Some sad news from Ascot……the Queen’s horse Guy Fawkes was put to sleep after a fall that resulted in a compound fracture of his right foot when he stumbled in George V stakes. She takes these things stoically in public but privately she will be devastated. Such a shame when she’s had a very jolly few days. And the poor horse must have been in such a state.

    1. hello KMR , and thank you for the lovely post , you also mentioned princess haya who is a jordanian princess married to the prince of dubai . she is such a nice soul like her late mother queen alia who died at the age of 28 when her helicopter crashed as she came from a charity work in a town in the south , haya then was 5 years old and her brother ali 2 , king hussien and all jordanians mourned her at the time , she was really loved may she RIP , and her daughter now carries the same kindness , this is the sister who owns the big crown that queen rania wore , and yes it belonged to queen alia .

        1. so sorry MrsBBV ,i meant this as a separate comment , although i hate to see animals die , and i’m sure the queen and anyone with a heart does as well , you have such a kind heart .
          and no i was already born when they married , i remember going to school and the sister sending us back telling us you will know why from the radio .

          1. Thank you sweet Alia……could you recommend a book about Jordanian history and your Royal family? So many great Queens and I would love to know more about them. Your beautiful country and it’s rich history fascinate me.

          2. hello MrsBBV , no I don’t think there is such a book , but here is the video of king hhussein’s first marriage to queen dina , of course jordan and amman then had few buildings , unlike now


            dina gave him princess alia only , and she is like zara , a simple person who loves horses .
            then he married princess muna “tony gardner” who gave him our current king abdullah , prince faisal and the twins princesses aisha and zein.
            then he married queen alia who gave him princess haya and prince ali.
            then he married queen noor , “elizabeth halabi” an american from a syrian origin , who gave him prince hamza , prince hashem , princess raya and princess iman .
            the jordanians are maybe the simplest in spending and customs among the arabs and our royal family is more or less the same no over spending on palaces or parties like the rest of the arabs , and as a society we are the least complicated , now some neaveau rich have come lately and brought with them new ways of life along with the technology that invaded our lives and the worldwide changes that are engulfing everyone of course changed us a lot and made us more consuming , but despite everything the simplicity would always be there , of course I’m talking about the cities , as for the villages people are still more conservative

    2. I love animals and am not a fan of horse racing for this reason it is simply my opinion and I mean no offense. More sad news. I can imagine that the Queen is devastated

      1. I volunteered at an animal shelter and one of the vets was an equine vet. He had nothing and I mean nothing good to say about horse racing. I refused to watch after a big race in America, when I saw the horse break her legs and they had to euthanize her on the track. It still makes me sick when I think of her on the ground.

        1. G- we went to Preakness one year and left early for the same reason. I was crying. we have all seen this week how much hatred there is in this world, but to see a horse put down as a result of racing made me ill. I will never ever watch it again.

        2. My next door neighbour was a groom for summer races in Vancouver. He showed me around, I fed the horses mints. He told me how almost every week a horse bit the dust often injured on the track but sometimes just collapsed on the track. He spoke of it so casually. He also talked about how horses are traded like stocks by competitive and indifferent owners. I was shocked.

          Hearing all this made me heartsick. I’m done with that entire scene. The queen is just as complicit in this animal abuse. But hey. she looks so cute in her colourful outfits.

      2. I love animals too, and I just read a heart breaking story about a baby bear being run over in Yellowstone Park. It tore me up to read how the mother bear tried to save her cub and learning about what happens to these magnificent horses makes me just as sick. I know the queen probably does love her horses but I love my dogs and wouldn’t set them to dog fighting or any kind of racing. Actually, in a lot of ways I prefer the company of animals to people. And like you, I mean no offence, it just makes me sick.

  32. wow, sophie looked smashing, so did Anne, then crown princess mary, kate hat was ok, but her outfit meh!!, poor kate she looks like mary sister, what has happened to her is shocking, aging way too fast, how the hell will she look like at Marys age, a decade older, something is not right!!

  33. Hello everyone!

    I have been reading KMR for a while now, everyday in the past 6 months really…I like reading the different opinions of the commenters, and that all can express themselves. Many thanks to KMR for all the work you put for your posts!

    I have a question not related to the topic of the post: I have read somewhere that William/Kate were acquaintances or friends of Victoria/David Beckham. I wonder why Kate does not wear some clothes designed by Victoria Beckham, or if VB could give her some tips?

    1. Hi River and welcome!

      You know i have always wondered the same thing! I think William is friends with David, but the women are more acquaintances. She could still help her though. And Victoria’s clothing line is British, so that works for Kate as well. I actually think Victoria’s line would be perfect for Kate’s body type since she is so lean and a lot of Victoria’s clothing is meant for the small body type. Sadly, I don’t think Kate would go to her for tips since i think Kate believes the hype about herself and thinks she is a great dresser. Just my opinion though.

    2. Welcome River.

      I think VB would work well for Kate. It’s very similar to Mouret.

      Kate just doesn’t seem to like successful women . Whatever people may say about VB she was in the most successful girl band ever even though she can’t sing, and her clothing line is worn by many A listers.

      In addition she is a good mother I think. All reports of her kids are that they work hard, are respectful and support each other.

      It would be a good friendship too because the Beckhams understand the absolute need for loyalty and security.

      1. Roland Mouret is managed by VB’s manager. At the time VB launched her line, RM was in a legal dispute over the rights to his name which he had sold to someone with whom he later fell out.

        Ad a result of the legal wranglings, RM was barred from trading under his own name and or creating his distibct designs because they were so strongly associated with his name.

        He continued to trade for some years under a different label RM which was sold as a younger, diffused line that promoted a different look.

        In the meantime, VB designs looked like they had been designed by Roland Mouret himself, complete with the exposed zip. Due to their commercial connection via their mutual manager, suspicion has always been that RM is designing VB’s clothing.

        1. If not RM I think one of his apprentices is definitely in the VB workroom & studios. I like a lot of ‘her’ clothes but I was always a huge RM fan. Quelle surprise. Xx

      2. I do too think VB would work well for Kate. And VB is British as well.

        “Kate just doesnโ€™t seem to like successful women”. I do not really understand this about Kate. Wouldn’t Kate’s mother be considered a successful woman as well (along with Kate’s dad for their company)? I believe Kate can be one of those successful women if she applied herself to it (I still want to believe that she can do something great, that people would remember her for other than wearing designer clothes at events).

        PS: excuse me if my phrasing is a little bit weird, English is my second language!

    3. My opinion is that VB clothes are a bit controversial as there is still a lot of speculation that she is the front of house name. Also the zip trademark and the very fitted style / very short styles are also quite provocative for a Royal. I think VB is so desperate for Kate to be seen in her clothes she has been a bit indiscreet in the press about it. Finally I think there is also snobbery from the palace. I think it’s only a matter of time before Kate does wear a VB piece but when she does the media will be all over the story like you’ve never seen which could be considered a bit unfair in publicity terms to other British designers….well in theory because Kate doesn’t wear enough British IMO.

      1. Sophie wears VB . She also like Kate wears far too much foreign stuff. Simply not appropriate for tax payer funded item. So many brilliant British and Commonwealth designers both should think about it a little more carefully.

        1. Does she? I can’t remember having seen Sophie in VB. I thought Kate was pushing it in Stella McCartney so I would love to see Sophie & Kate in VB! But I do get hacked off with the amount of Prada shoes Kate wears… excuse. They’re only suede court pumps she could buy from any British accessories designer. And her patronage of Dolce & Gabanna should stop. I agree Birdy what they wear in private is their choice but in public it should be British / Commonwealth or have significant British base. I would just love to get Kate into Ralph & Russo evening wear.

          1. Sophie has an orange VB that I think she wore on the Caribbean tour. But I’m somewhat surprised by Sophie who seems to be spending a huge amount on clothes just recently.

          2. I do wonder where the Wessex’s get their money from. The size of Bagshot Park is vast by Highgrove standards. Thanks Birdy I shall go and ask Mr Google if he can find a picture for me is Sophie in VB. Xx

          3. I’m going to quote Sarah as I feel she has a really good point…

            “If I were a designer Iโ€™d want a disclaimer issued that โ€œthese were altered by original design and not by usโ€™”

            There have been times when I’ve really wondered what was going on in the designer’s mind then I learnt that Kate doesn’t go to fittings and just sends along a list of her measurements (which may be accurate but possibly are not). Then we hear that Tash is altering Kate’s clothing, so what we are seeing Kate wear is probably nothing like the designer intended to garment to look like. Or the Alterations are poor (eg that red McQueen Kate wore on the first day in India, the waistline was never intended to look like that! Who made the comment that Sarah Burton must be bashing her head against her desk in frustration?
            And even at the races in the very expensive dress from D&G Kate had a droppy hem

        2. I agree, the established fashion houses don’t gain much by having her wear their clothes, those patrons will always buy their clothing. As much as I love looking at couture clothing, I’m a nurse so a $8-15,000 dress is a wee bit out of my budget. What she needs to do is find some up and coming commonwealth designers and help catapult their careers. Jason Wu was a rising star when Michelle Obama, wearing several of his designs(especially inauguration dress) helped cement his place there. Although, I actually think he’s Canadian but they’re neighbors so we’ll claim him!=) but it shows what a well known person can do for a career and she should help that way. She could wear his pieces!! As much as I think all of Kiki’s pieces look the same I’d never heard of her before Kate started wearing her pieces.

          1. The only problem with that is Kate is not a fashion person. She doesn’t have the creativity to look at an up and coming designers pieces and choose (and accessorize) them to make her and the designs shine. We’ve seen what she’s had done to multi thousand pound/dollar dresses. I don’t know who does her alterations but they have butchered more than one expensive outfit. If I were a young designer I’d be both thrilled and terrified at the prospect of having her wear one of my designs. Thrilled for the exposure and terrified of how she’d wear it.

          2. This is one of the things that drives me mad. She has the connections to have anybody in the world help her. All she need to is ring Anna Wintour / Alex Shulman and get their private input anout up and coming and she would be sorted. She either has monstrous ego and thinks she’s doing well without the help or she really has no interest in it. Given the comments about her ‘directing, the Vogue team at the 100th Edition shoot I’m beginning to this it’s the former.

          3. MrsBBV: definitely not Alexandra Shulman. I remain perplexed that woman is a fashion editor, especially of vogue. How she maintains her job is a mystery because she kowtows to advertisers and jumps on bandwagins several decades after they’ve moved on.

            She had an initial innovative moment when she first arrived as editor of vogue, giving us Kate Moss and minimalist fashion/ beauty/ photography as epitomised by Corrine Day, and that’s the only innovative moment she’s ever had.

            Say what you will about Anna Wintour, but when that woman makes over a model or person, it shows in the fabulous result.

            It’s very telling that in the era of Diana whenever she went to vogue for an update, she met with people like Anna Wintor and Liz Tilberis, people who really understand fashion as opposed to people like Alexandra who truly doesn’t get it, but is probably a good corporate manager who only listens to big money advertisers.

            Think about this….many current fashion empires were started by people who once worked for Alexandra Shulman, told her their ideas which she poo poo-d which led them to resign and start out on their own eg Tamara Mellon and her Jimmy Choo label, Natalie Massenet and Net-a-porter

          4. I know what you’re saying re. AS but she is on the board at St Martins and does have unparalleled access to new talent…..even if she doesn’t always recognise it.

          5. I totally get it…..I do wonder how she has held on for so long. Compared to AW she’s very average but they are both in a position to steer Kate. In her position I would snatch their hands off. I would also have had the ‘best’ makeup artist, hairdresser, manicurist and eyebrow therapists invited round to KP for tea and advice. In fact Lisa Eldridge would have been the first person I would have had round had I been in the public eye like Kate. No point just sorting the teeth out and ignoring the rest. And no point have access to all that talent without tapping in to it.

          6. After that cover shoot, Kate needs to mature before going back to Vogue. If you all have not noticed, I love makeup. It is a hobby and creative, not vanity, thing for me. Lisa Eldridge is such an incredible talent and her videos stress natural beauty and wearable make. That is not to say that she is not red carpet brilliant. Were I Kate, I would look to Bobbi Brown, Chanel and would have Eldridge on retainer! Check out some of her videos on youtube. I love her approach to makeup and she doesn’t spend ridiculous amounts of time on over the top stuff. There are a few gifted British makeup artists that I plan to visit when I get over to the UK! Wayne Goss is another. As if i could ever afford it!

          7. I agree with you, Lisa and Mrsbbv. If I were a designer I’d want a disclaimer issued that “these were altered by original design and not by us’ type of thing. Some of the alterations being made are terrible. I think it was in one of the older KMR post about India that she said Tasha was now altering her clothes. I don’t know her background but she’s clearly not a, the only alterations they should be making is tailoring it to fit her body.
            The article I was reading about Michelle O said that she had asked the Vogue people for help and they gave her the names of the up and coming designers. She clearly took them up on their advice. Wether you’re a fan of her politics (full discretion I am) she always looks well put together and dresses for her body type!
            I think one(of many) of Kare’s problem is she clearly isn’t listening to anyone. Part of being confident in yourself is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone should have at least one friend that tell them ” no, let’s not wear our 200th pair of beige” ——–fill in appropriate beige item. I sadly don’t think she has any friends of her own tho.

          8. Hey Reilly….so glad you agree about Lisa. I adore her because she makes the best of every woman’s own natural beauty. She is without a doubt who I would go to if I was in Kate’s position. But I also like to take inspiration from Charlotte Tilbury, Jaclyn Hill and Wayne Goss.

            Michelle Obama was so smart in how she approached her First Lady role.

          9. Hey MrsBBV – I love that Lisa teaches She doesn’t push products for the most part and is all about highlighting natural beauty. Love Wayne Goss. I bought two of his makeup brushes and they are amazing.his techniques are great and he too stays away from all of the crazy face sculpting and stuff. Hill I like she is just a little too perky some days and Tillbury puts me off a little because I don’t care for how she does her own makeup. I hear good things about her products though

            I could talk makeup and cats all day, Hough I swear i am not total freak! I have a job two kids and a hubby?

  34. Whatever your feelings about horse racing, the Queen did have a winner on the final day of Royal Ascot. Her horse Dartmouth won the Hardwicke Stakes, her first win in 3 years. A nice birthday present for HM.

    1. Elite athletes die – rugby players for eg we had a recent young, tragic death here. But they make choices. Horses don’t. I can’t claim to know a lot about horse racing but our big race Grand National over huge jumps is very controversial
      I don t like the fact that the royals shoot either. I eat meat but I would hate to think of eating something that had been killed for fun.
      I’m more concerned about killing humans though. Papers are still full of Jo Cox, and it seems all,or most of our female MP’s have suffered on line abuse and bullying. So much for equality.

  35. I’m not on the hail Mary of Denmark full of grace and wonder band wagon. She’s annoying as all get out to me with her posing and nose in the air. Just my opinion. I love Anne’s outfit and she is able to wear something from 4 years ago. Wow. Kate is beyond words. She looks like a little girl playing dress up at a party for grown ups, or as someone else alluded to a little girl playing princess but missing the magic wand. I’m intimidated by ritzy store clerks and I am a dishwasher but if I ran across this empty headed dingbat I would have no problem just brushing her off. No way would I shake that hand, I have seen where it has been. Ewwwww
    I have a question. I can’t remember where I read it but I did read that waity wasn’t supposed to be part of the trophy giving, but decided that she would grace the stage with her presence. Anyone know?
    If she and Bill attended this event as a gift to the queen then Kate’s gift wrapping skills haven’t improved at all since NY.

    1. “Iโ€™m not on the hail Mary of Denmark full of grace and wonder band wagon. Sheโ€™s annoying as all get out to me with her posing and nose in the air. Just my opinion.”

      I’ve found that Mary’s most determined defenders can be as determined as KM’s. There are few royals that aren’t polarizing, but Mary and Kate are near the top of most lists.

      I’m amazed there are even people out there who dislike Mathilde because she’s boring. Really, in Belgium the best thing the royals could hope for is to be perceived as boring and (mostly) uncontroversial. The longer they remain beige-and-boring, the longer they’ll survive.

  36. Has anyone else read this dribble? Somehow I don’t believe that Kate and Harry have the close relationship the DM is desperate to have us believe they do. And really, Kate is giving Harry love advise?? Bahahahaha!! Somehow I don’t believe Harry would want to be with a woman who put her whole life on hold just for him, most men want a woman who has her own goals and aspirations.

    1. Puerile DM at it’s best. Some of the pictures used really were in poor taste. I was far more interested in the pictures of Harry playing with Mia Tindall at the polo today. I think Harry’s relationship with Zara, Beatrice & Eugenie is far more fulfilling to him mind you I was quite interested in the criteria a future bride needs to have to be in with a chance with Harry…..I think I failed on 5/7 of them. ?????

    2. And funny enough the pics used by DM were from a few years ago when WK were newlyweds. Chances are Harry and Kate got on very well then. Mind you, it doesn’t seem as if there is any animosity between the trio; they probably get along well enough as seen in the Thanksgiving service with Harry joking around with Kate, but with WK being cooped up at Anmer and Harry being abroad a lot, they probably don’t get to hang around much.

    3. Yeah, I think they’re just trying to cover themselves after publishing those look at Harry flirting with Kate stories last week.

  37. Oh my, another lace dress in white worn with on off-white hat. The palest pink flower on a white hat with pale pink purse and shoes would have looked nice. Yet more beige accessories. Was she coordinating the white with DofCornwall? The dress comparisons to curtains, ruffled bedcover and tablecloths was apt. Nothing stylish about the dress. Miss Haversham would have liked it.

    Mary’s hairstyle was far better than DofCamb’s. So is her posture. She looks regal. DofCamb does not. This must be the 2nd time they have met.

    Guess it will be another 5 yrs before W&K show up at Ascot again.

  38. In my email I found a response to a comment from Cathy and I can’t find it on here, but Cathy I like the way you think. Rubenesque is good. Very good. And yes, my signing my grandson’s card twice does mean twice the love:)

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