DM: Kate Middleton thinks Prince Harry’s perfect wife is ‘fiercely academic’ with ‘no medical problems’

DM: Kate Middleton thinks Prince Harry’s perfect wife is ‘fiercely academic’ with ‘no medical problems’

This ‘Harry and Kate have a super special bond’ article is several days old now, but I just got around to reading it. When I saw the title over the weekend, I rolled my eyes and ignored it since it seemed to be a rehash of an article from 3 years ago. But then I read it and laughed several times, rolled my eyes several times, and got very annoyed at one part. So I’m going to cover it now.

The article is long so I’m only quoting parts of it.

Harry is super close to Kate, you guys:

    “Harry has plenty of female friends — including cousins Zara, Beatrice and Eugenie — but he is probably closer to Kate than any other woman on the planet. While cheeky online commentators have suggested there’s a flirtation going on, one source insists: ‘That’s not it, although he does have a knack of making women, including Kate, feel good about themselves, commenting on what they are wearing, for example. But as Harry once said, Kate is like the big sister he never had.’ Even, occasionally, a mother figure. ‘While William and Harry get on with Camilla and are delighted to see their father happy, they don’t really confide in her,’ said one source. ‘She can’t replace their mother, and wouldn’t expect to.’ And so, into the emotional vacuum Diana left behind for both her sons, stepped Kate. She has been both a trusted counsel and something of a partner in crime for the persistently single Harry. Theirs is a genuine friendship, founded on nights spent in front of Game Of Thrones boxsets and companionable suppers. From giving him cookery lessons to offering sensible romantic advice, Kate has become Harry’s lynchpin.”

Shade at William:

    “‘Kate has quite a different relationship with Harry than she has with William,’ says the royal insider. ‘Harry appeals to her sillier side because he is carefree, footloose and loves banter. He finds things funny about people and says so. William, partly because of his position, partly because of his character, plays it safe like his father, whereas Harry is free and easy, with a “let’s have the whole bottle” sort of attitude. Kate also adores the way Harry plays with her children — he is very good with them, a charming big kid and silly uncle.’”

Harry and Kate’s friendship is over a decade old:

    “Kate started dating William in 2003, after meeting him at the University of St Andrews. Soon after, she met Harry. He was still a teenager, about to leave Eton, and was deciding what to do with his life. … Another insider said: ‘Cynics — the sort that said [Kate] deliberately swapped Edinburgh University for St Andrews when she found out William was going there — might say she knew that getting on with Harry was key to her relationship with William. Harry, although he can be moody, over-sensitive, and unreliable to his girlfriends, is otherwise enormously good fun. Everybody likes him. Why shouldn’t Kate, too?’”

Harry is super tight neighbors with William and Kate:

    “‘Harry is totally at ease popping over to the Cambridges’ gym to work out next to Wills, and he’s used to seeing Kate in her cashmere dressing gown reading to Charlotte, or joining in cosy family suppers, eaten from their laps,’ says one royal insider. ‘Harry has been encouraged by both William and Kate to see as much of George and Charlotte as he likes. He is a great supporter of George to be as adventurous as possible, so football in the KP garden is a must, along with walking Lupo the dog. There are constant japes with the children. If he can return them muddy, Harry sees it as a job done!’”

Kate and Camilla’s idea of the perfect bride for Harry:

    “‘Both Kate and Camilla have been working through their contacts books to look at “prospectives” for Harry,’ says another royal source. ‘Discretion is key. Candidates must also be athletic, love animals, retain high levels of stamina, be reasonably well educated if not fiercely academic, have no unguarded “mouthy” moments, be fun-loving, able to travel effortlessly and have no medical problems. A tall order in one girl!’”

Kate doesn’t want Harry to find a wife:

    “While Kate would like Harry to find a bride, the potential addition of another person into their tight unit poses its own problems. For the moment, Harry being single ‘works just fine’ says the royal source. ‘It’s not about competition, but turning their threesome into a foursome will be a daunting prospect, whoever it is. The status quo does rather suit Kate because she can be leader of the pack — and doesn’t have to accommodate a stranger. They’re used to their cosy trio. It’s hard to imagine anyone else joining them.’”

William and Kate don’t like the Yorks:

    “However close William, Kate and Harry are, they cannot agree on everything. When it comes to the Yorks… William and Kate will always side with Charles and, like him, would prefer not to have the Yorks too close.”

[Daily Mail]

Some thoughts:

I think it’s interesting that most of the photos in the article are years old.

If Harry lives full time in London, and Kate lives most of her time in Norfolk, how much are they really watching Game of Thrones together? While I can see them being friendly, they are at two very different places in their lives – and live in two different cities most of the time – and I can’t really see them hanging out on the regular.

I can’t believe that the ‘royal insider’ referenced fan rumors that Kate switched universities to follow William in an attempt at meeting him.

It’s a shame we never get to see ‘Harry the super fun uncle to George and Charlotte’.

I got really p*ssed at the ‘wife’s traits’ part. First of all, Harry himself is not well educated and most certainly not “fiercely academic” so why should his prospective wife be held to such high standards that he himself can’t even meet? And the “no medical problems” part… So basically Kate and Camilla are all FU to wounded veterans who might actually be a good match for Harry. “Oh, you lost your leg in Afghanistan while defending our freedom? Well no tiara for you then!” Just because someone has medical problems doesn’t mean they aren’t a great person who would make a fantastic royal. Heck, they would probably make a better royal because they could actually connect to people on a more personal level than whatever level Kate connects to people on.

Lol at the ‘Kate doesn’t want Harry to find a bride’ part. “It’s not about competition”… Sure, keep telling yourself that.

William, Kate, Harry leave Commonwealth Service
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

187 thoughts on “DM: Kate Middleton thinks Prince Harry’s perfect wife is ‘fiercely academic’ with ‘no medical problems’

  1. “…have no unguarded “mouthy” moments…” – Yeah sure. I’ll take that over inane, banal things like gosh, so interesting, the existence of Faberge eggs and the mystery of Tom Hiddleston’s mustache. And please, if he does end up marrying a girl with those qualifications, you’re in real trouble Kate. About the only thing I believe in this article is that Kate doesn’t want Harry to marry because then their only source of charisma will go away. Obvious Cambridge propaganda is obvious.

    1. I know, right. As long as they aren’t racist and sexist like Philip’s then “mouthy” moments are way better than Kate’s boring, dumb comments.

  2. Why haven’t we seen pictures of Harry with Will’s kids? A picture says a thousand words…One of my favorite pictures of Estelle is taken with Carl-Philip, and it’s pretty obvious those two are genuinely close judging by the amount of fun they were having. Come on KP, put your money where your mouth is!

    1. Exactly! I don’t think Harry sees William’s kids. Or does he see them but no photos allowed as Mr Rhiannon is just too darn cute with them?

      1. kate is just very worried, harry will get a much better partner, and she will be history, gosh what a disspointed shes been, no work ethics, hiding her kids, enjoying the perks, and she still cant dress herself elegantly, boring lifeless dull woman period!!!

    2. Or photos from something like polo where Harry is interacting with G&C. I love seeing the Swedes interact with their sibling’s kids during events like weddings, baptisms, and National Day.

  3. I read that story too. It was a bit hard to focus though as I kept rolling my eyes.

    We do all love a tall story (I’m looking at you Mr “Royal Insider” or is it Mrs “Royal Insider”?

    My feeling is that this is a planted piece, probably of Middleton origin, and was meant to make Kate look good and that she was looking out for Harry. More likely William has p*ssed Kate off and this is a little bit of passive aggressive revenge (IMO)

    1. Oh absolutely. It’s very Kate heavy and throws shade a both William and Harry.

  4. Harry who says he didn’t know Kate when the engagement was announced and rumor has it had NO idea William had proposed until it was in the media… That and Kate would be highly competitive with his wife. Can you imagine, she wouldn’t be allowed to work as much as W&K, Kate would treat her like garbage most likely knowing how rude and mean she was to Eugenie, Beatrice and other girls in her life once they weren’t of use to her… Kate reminds me of a gal who’d work well in the film Mean Girls. 😛

    They’re oh so close you guys! And Kate is a mother hen who takes care of him because she can barely tie her own shoelaces without her mum doing it! Kate’s amazing and wonderful and oh so smart and NEVER partied like Chelsy did (who has a law degree now?)…

    Kate treated Beatrice and Eugenie like crap, and William isn’t close to them like Harry is. But it’s of course Eugenie and Beatrice’s fault because Kate’s so perfect, guys.

    This is where their PR about Kate-and-William-are-so-amazing comes from and sadly lots of people buy the rubbish. :/

    I am in a snarky mood. It was 110 today and despite tons of SPF I have a horrid sunburn. Grr!

    1. Oh my gosh Ellie, it was 107 here today. My apartment is still 87 degrees inside! It has put me in an cranky mood all day, so know you are not alone :).

      I so agree with you, whoever marries Harry is going to be treated like crap by Kate. Kate is threatened by women, so imagine if Harry marries a hard-working, accomplished woman who is fit and beautiful? Kate would probably explode. Aww, I could see Kate trying to sabotage that relationship. I think Kate is jealous of women easily and would feel so threatened by anyone Harry marries. I could see her trying to push an unattractive woman on Harry. I would never trust Kate if i were him.

      1. Unless Harry finds a woman strong enough to put Kate back in her place! I hope he does find the person that will not be afraid to stand up to whatever is thrown at her…

        1. Yes! Wouldn’t it be great to see someone confident enough to just say, “Um, no, I’m here and not going anywhere!”

      2. Are you in California too?! I spent my day at the pool. It was ridiculous. And all the fires are scary, we had ash and smoke from the one in Santa Barbara and I’m an hour away from there. Yikes.

        I think Kate would definitely try to sabotage anything Harry has going with someone that is serious because it’s competition for her. She seems very competitive with other women and curiously seems to have no female friends unless they’ve been of some use to her (ie Emilia who is George’s godmother, she introduced W&K in the Highgrove days before uni).

        1. Oh, the heat in the U.S and the western states Those wild fires, too.
          Sending good thoughts to all who live out there. And, anywhere else that is suffering brutal weather and the horrors of fire.

        2. Yes i am Ellie :). I’m just outside of L.A. It has been brutal. Today is only supposed to be in the 90’s which is a welcome relief. I pray they get the fires under control. There were 2 around the Los Angeles foothills

      3. theres nothing absolutely interesting about kate, shes done!! even trying to outshine the queen with her kids didnt work, shes a very calculating woman, I just dont like her at all, shes awkard!!!

      4. That’s why I think he needs to marry royalty (if not Rhi ?). Kate won’t be on a the same playing field as someone born and bred to the life. Especially if she’s a KEEN horsewoman with a sense of humour.

        1. There aren’t many choices left in major royal lines. Mary Laura of Belgium or Alexandra of Lux, if the no Catholics rule has been removed.

          I do not care where his wife comes from, as long as she works hard and is the right fit for him and the job.

      5. Gotta wonder how Harry and Camilla feel about this little goody. Who on God’s green earth cares what Kate thinks. About anything. Let alone a wife for Harry. One thing stuck out, Kate likes being the center of the trio, and I think the trio wasn’t even a little bit Harry’s idea, and I suspect that he might even resent being used but is above saying anything. This article has to rank among the most asinine only a sugar would swallow ones out there. Kate the match maker and decision maker for Harry, the mother hen. And the fun uncle? Really? George and Charlotte (a baby) covered with mud? So we’re to believe that there are secret meetings and play time with Uncle Harry. Anyone want to buy a resort in Siberia?

        1. or some “oceanfront property in Arizona” haha. That’s why we need pictures or home videos or something…it’s one of those situations that need to be seen to be believed, especially after all the crap we keep getting shovelled

        2. lol. that is one of my favorite songs, don’t know if you were referencing that, but it has been in my head all afternoon!

    2. I have only been following this blog for a short time (love it, and had no idea it existed), and am from the US and had no idea she treated the York girls badly? We only get PR fluff in the states and I have only recently discovered the Daily Mail.
      BTW: love all the comments 🙂

      1. Welcome Eileen! Ya the stuff we get in the states are total fluff. They just praise Kate and call her princess, lol.

    3. ellie you read my mind. I posted something inarticulately last night because I was in a mood. what I wanted to say is that she is a Plastic out of mean girls!

    4. I don’t think Kate is smart enough to be the Regina George, though. But yeah, Kate would absolutely be competitive with Harry’s wife and would probably undercut her at every opportunity.

  5. So few comments so far and already I’ve got nothing to add. This is total Middleton madness. Kate will be so jealous of Rhiannon who would be running the mental health marathon. No doubt Kate has now got her feet up after her gruelling week. As I’ve said before most people would have thought her activities were a priveledge to attend not work. Wonder if Will will pop over for a footie match. Isn’t he president of England football?
    I feel like banging my head against the brick wall because people will believe this tosh.

    1. Hi Birdy he was at the England game last night but as you rightly say something people would love to do should not count as work.

  6. This whole article was every bit insulting towards Harry, they make him sound like this big man-child who needs his sister in law to keep him company and give him solid relationship advice.
    Of course Kate wouldn’t want a veteran for Harry, chances are that a veteran will actually do royal work and that would make Kate look really bad and make look Will look even worse.
    I don’t doubt that Harry is the fun uncle when he is around his nephew and niece when they are in Kensington (FLOTUS witnessed one of such events) and maybe he does dine with W&K and maybe he does watch Games of Thrones with Kate, but I do doubt that it happens as often as the article implies since W&K are rarely in London.
    I feel really bad for the York girls always getting dragged into some drama by Kate’s pr machine. They go out of their way and beyond to avoid Kate and as soon as they have to attend something together the hate articles pop up.

    1. It is typical sadly, put others down in order to lift Kate up. The York girls could not possible be good with Kate around. It is just pathetic. I am so tired of these articles praising Kate and putting the York girls down.

      1. Agree and if Kate would be as great as media writes there would be no need to drag Bea and Eugenie down. They could simply focus on the great work Kate does but well…

        But writing the truth on Harry, Eugenie or Bea would hardly be possible without WK looking bad. I mean the York girls aren’t even working Royals and yet are more focused on charity work than WK ever were and mostly likely ever will be.

        1. AWSOME response Lauren! As a Disabled Gulf War Veteran, I want to personally Thank You! I can’t begin to describe how insulting that “no heath problems” crap is.

          1. I actually would like to thank you for your work and your sacrifice. No one has a right to put down some one who has done so much for their loved ones and their nations.

          2. Harry would be damn lucky if a veteran agreed to partner him in life. She would be a constant reminder of service, writ large. I also found the “no health problems” statement utterly insulting. Does the BRF really think that the public does not recognise a raft of psychological problems manifest in the Windsors, and in particular, in Kate and William?
            I would also like to thank you most sincerely for your service Anastasia.

          3. Anastasia, you deserve our respect and thanks. I hope you are well and am glad to read your comments.. I agree. The “No health problems” is garbage. I think Kate has many health issues, Mostly emotional, which could be worked on with the help of solid professionals. I wonder if she even knows she has them.

          4. Thank you for your service, Anastasia. Cannot be said enough.

            The line about “no health problems” is downright bizarre. Did W&K believe the lies about Harry and the married US Invictus Athlete?

            Why go to such lengths to include such an odd and insulting statement? Everyone has “health problems” of some kind.

            The psychological issues running around the Middleton family AND William would fill a textbook.

          5. I want to thank you for your service and agree that the statement is way out of bounds. then again, after the Irish Guards incident, we know that Katelling has no sense of pride, gratitude or appreciation for those that put themselves on the front lines to protect uS. she probably doesn’t even know the names of her bodyguards.

          6. Gosh, Thanks Lovely Friends!!! You brought tears to my eyes! Lauren, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack your post!!! Hugs Everybody!!! <3

          7. Anastasia, you are right! At first it just sounded stupid (like the rest of the article), but you pointed out how horribly insulting it is to say, quote or write such a thing.

            Thank you for your service. I am sorry to hear about your disability. When I see that word from a veteran all I can think about is red tape, fighting for appropriate health care, financial issues, emotional stress from injury/illness and so much more than I could imagine.

          8. Once again I am sorry for the hijak… G. you can be CERTAIN about that Red Tape…I lost ALL my reproductive organs and both my breasts when I was 35, 16 years ago to cancer from the oil fires. It took the me fighting the VA for 13 years…they would play games like send hearing notices to addresses I hadn’t lived at for years, but then send the “You missed your hearing” letter to the correct address. My personal paperwork stack is over 1 foot tall. 10 years into my case the D.A.V. in Washington involved, ultimately, the Veteran’s Supreme Court had to order my regional VA to pay me my disability. I never had children and lost my reproductive rights to the War. To ad insult to injury, I work as an administrator at my VA Hosptal. I try everyday to make a difference in my fellow Disabled Vets lives. I look at it this way…I can still walk, talk, and go to the “little girl’s room” on my own, I’m lucky!!! I GOT to survive bi lateral breast cancer and uterine cancer, so I NEED to make as much of a diffeence as I can for those so much worse off than me. Again, sorry, this isn’t about me, but I though some of you would be interested in the reality of our “wonderful” treatment of our Vets. That’s why things like the Invictus Games are PHENOMENALLY important. Harry used his power and influence to make such a HUGELY POSITIVE impact on all Disabled Vets from around the world. I couldn’t be more proud of him. He is truely his Mother’s Son!!! Hugs Everybody, and Thanks for listening! 🙂

          9. Wow, Anastasia, my best wishes to you. Many people wouldn’t be able to get out bed every morning and put one foot in front of the other after all you’ve been through. You sound like a smart, strong woman and I so wish things had worked out differently for you, but kudos for living your life and doing good in the world, no matter what

          10. Wow Anastasia. Thank you for sharing that with us. First off, I know everyone already said it, but THANK YOU for your service. There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have for people like you who put your life on the line for strangers and our freedoms. You are a true hero.

            Secondly, I knew vets were treated poorly, but your story just reinforces that. Veterans have always been dear to my heart and it kills me how they are treated. To me, veterans are the ones who should be living like kings after service. It takes so much courage to do what you did and risk your life. Anyone willing to sacrifice themselves for this country deserves to be treated the best when they come home. It infuriates me that they are so often swept under the rug. Sorry to go off, but i appreciate your honesty.

            And if Kate really believes only a healthy person should marry Harry, then she is more shallow than we though. I hope, that was just DM making it up.

          11. Thank you for your service, Anastasia.

            I can’t believe that the VA is so bad when it comes to paying disability. That’s something that needs to be rectified.

          12. Anastasia, you are resilient beyond belief. I love your drive to do all to help your fellow veterans and all the while dealing with so many medical issues. Fighting to get disability, and then finally receive it, is a pittance for all you have given. I will remember what you shared and let you know it had a profound impact on me. Remember when you have a difficult day, it may be a day I have just said a prayer on your behalf and the other veterans who have sacrificed so very much.

          13. Anastasia, I’m not an American so don’t know who you (and vets generally) can turn to for advocacy but I’d sure like to hear from the presumptive nominees from both major parties as to what they would do to stop the government department concerned blocking legitimate entitlements to benefits. It’s simply appalling. I know that Melissa Fitzgerald is Senior Director of Justice for Vets, which has been set up for vets who have gotten into some trouble and rather than go through the normal court system they receive help in sorting themselves out. Not sure if she could draw attention to the issues you’ve been facing, but perhaps knows someone who does. It’s unacceptable that veterans have to deal with the rubbish thrown at you. The JFV info is here:

          14. Anastasia, you are an inspiration. My sincere thanks to you for your service and for sharing your story here. It saddens me that you struggled to receive what should have been given immediately. Your service is something all Americans should be thankful for and whenever I hear of the problems that veterans have, it shocks me and makes me so furious!

            I send you my best wishes for all the good things you deserve. We are a community and are here to hear from you whenever you need to vent.

            Take care of yourself and know that there are no words that can reallly offer the gratitude your countrymen feel for you.

  7. I found it kind of off that the article insinuated that Kate fills the motherly role left behind by Diana. Kate is Will’s wife and if she is filling the motherly role as well, then there is something wrong there. She can be motherly to Harry, but not to her own husband. That is creepy.

    1. motherly my foot, have seen her with her kids and she looks like a babysitter not their mother, she has no motherly instincts at all!!

      1. Oh, Tracy, I agree with you. Kate always looks out of sorts when with her kids. I don’t summon up any maternal thoughts when I think of her. How demeaning to Harry to suggest he needs her advice. Harry, it seems to me, can take care of himself and do amazing things that shed light on issues that need the world’s attention. Unlike Kate and Wills.

        Harry with his niece and uncle? Yeah, when? I guess the visit the Obamas made to KP for dinner was the closest most of us were allowed to see Uncle Harry with little George.

        Kate would be jealous of any competition and it’s obvious that Harry’s intended would have it rings around her. I would be overjoyed to see a veteran on his arm — if not you, Rhiannon. A woman who served her country and shares his supportive feelings toward other veterans and service members.

        This article would make me laugh if it didn’t make me so angry. How stupid do they think most people are? Kate is a lightweight who needs her own mother’s attention and assistance on a regular basis. How she is a help to Harry is beyond me! And, dragging in the late Diana to this article is another affront which W and H should resent greatly. William may have fallen into the trap of a substitute mum in Carole, but NOBODY, I say with emphasis, could fill Diana’s role as William and Harry’s mother. Certainly, not KATE, nor her opportunistic Mother.

        Thanks, KMR, for pointing this article out. And for lighting another fire under us non-sugars from the world over! Gotta run. My sister is getting married this weekend and there’s tons of last minute stuff to do!

        1. What a nice sister you are. I wish your sister all the best.

          As for a future *Mrs. Prince Harry* I cannot wait for Kate’s reaction to Harry and his wife getting attention in the media. Of course, DM will write all kinds of articles about helpful Kate guides the new royal.

          1. Sorry if someone already noted this (I can’t see the thread on my cell and I’m still new to this forum). But I think instead of some fierce academic, Harry would do better to marry a veteran. A veteran would understand duty, loyalty, sacrifice, and hard work. Much more appropriate for royal life than a spoiled social climber.

        2. Thanks, everyone. The forecast looks lovely for Saturday! My fingers are crossed. I hope it’s a perfect day in every way.

    2. the whole motherly taking the place of Diana is so disconcerting. it is Freudian at its worse. makes my skin crawl. ha. if I tried to mother Mr reilly the cat and I would be sharing the kitty bed.

      just icky to the whole idea and hello, she is not Diana and never will be.

  8. Hilarious article, I’m wiping the tears from my eyes. My favourite quote: “Kate has become Harry’s lynchpin”. What a load of garbage, the sad thing is people actually believe this crap!

    1. I know! I can’t believe people think this is truth. I sometimes feel like i am the only rational person, lol

  9. OMG that article… where to start haha
    Well the only thing I don’t doubt is that William and Kate don’t like the York sisters. They don’t seem close at all and maybe too much competition as the two non-working Royals do more for charity than WK. Thankfully for WK medias focus is in looks and not work…

    And Kate close to Harry? William and Kate dated for like 10 years before marriage and yet Harry said he is looking forward to get to know her just before before the wedding. Wouldn’t he, after so many years, know her well?
    Also how close neighbours can they be if WK mostly hide in north and are hardly in London… Harry said he doesn’t watch often tv before too. So doubt there had been many hours in front of tv for 2 of them.

    Oh I could go on and on but better not spend too much time on that bullshit.

    But I really hope the one who will date/marry Harry will be strong enough to deal with all the bullshit articles and crap. She will be for sure competition for Kate and that won’t be easy even with all love and support from Harry, friends and family.

  10. Isn’t this just another nakedly self-serving and insincere plant by Middleton PR, the ‘royal insider’ being none other than Carole Middleton? Is this article trying to hose down internal problems within the Cambridge family?

    We know that Kate is an attention seeker from way back, from repetitive mooning at secondary school to stripping off at university and being on-call to William. Over the past decade, we have observed that she has no female friends. Given the way Kate SWF’s Diana, she may well adopt Diana’s penchant for setting up Sarah Ferguson for public ridicule and worse, so any woman marrying Harry will need to be on her toes to avoid the same fate. Due to her own laziness and disinterest in anything but herself, Kate will always come off second best to anyone else – an entirely self-inflicted ‘own goal’. I can’t see Harry wanting to burden himself with such a low-energy woman. However, his choices thus far have been duds (Chelsy and Cressida); it would be in his interests to look beyond his insular set.

    Harry needs to consider several things:
    1. Plan with ELF to deliberately separate his activities into two distinct parts: (a) his own, high energy and purposeful work and (b) the rather loose, fuzzy ‘awareness’ stuff with W+K. The former allows him to lead, and work with outcome-oriented people; the latter keeps the peace. Were I ELF, I’d work to gradually increase the former and lessen the latter.
    2. When/if Harry marries, his partner be primarily involved in the former set of Harry-directed activities lessening comparisons with Kate.
    3. Make sure his family knows that a choice of a partner is his decision alone, and interference at any point will not be tolerated.

    1. I’ve started to have a worry wart about ELF’s employment. I hope he was hired in a long term capacity as opposed to Equerry purposes because Equerries typically last 2yrs at a time. William has an Equerry, but i don’t think Harry does, and i’m not sure if ELF was hired in that capacity or separate one.

      1. Oh dear; that’s a worry. Let’s hope Harry and ELF want their professional relationship to continue; the inroads they have made are considerable. Given his position’s potential, Harry certainly needs an experienced advisor to help him navigate his way to a thoughtful life of service, as well as being able to assist deflecting problems from a difficult family dynamic. Loyal as Harry is to his brother, let’s hope he is astute enough to sidestep the K/W dynamics, and enjoy George and Charlotte when time permits.

  11. “Cynics — the sort that said [Kate] deliberately swapped Edinburgh University for St Andrews when she found out William was going there”

    Perhaps it’s not just fans, or a reference to them that the “Royal insider” is making, but this thought was also talk around the establishment and William and Harry’s circle/the Glosse posse. They would have been aware of her going to Italy for the art trip and the South American programme during the gap year but with both Kate missing her timing to William’s, all instances before the media knew and put it out there. Kate’s schoolmate and friend, Emilia D’Erlanger, who got her into the Royal teen circle who have had conversations with Kate like most friends about each other’s plans after school and about where she was going for uni and would have noticed the changes later after Kate found out about William’s Uni. I don’t think she’d ever speak to the press but in the days when Kate was being called Doors to Manual and William’s friends weren’t keen on her I doubt her changing universities didn’t come up.

  12. What would face someone writing an article stating Kate’s flaws (not in her favor/not showing her in a good light)?
    Maybe it’s hard for me to understand coming from a country that has never had a monarchy, but everytime I see an article about this one member of the BRF (Kate), it’s always showing her in a positive light, and that makes me think there is something to cover up. So why not a news article that would not be kissing her back side (and this is why I really like KMR, the critical analysis and the neutrality)…
    There is good and bad in every human being. Being told one’s flaws once in a while can’t hurt IMO. It makes one think how one can improve themselves…

  13. It makes me laugh when they keep saying William is Mr Sensible who can’t drink to excess unlike Harry, yet William is the one who was so drunk at a wedding in 2013 that he broke his front tooth and it had to be replaced.

    Look at this picture….all i see his his fake front tooth.

    You can see the tooth to the right of it is also partially fake although that could be light.

    With such evidence of his non-sensible partying ways in our faces, how can journalists write this tripe with a straight face?

    1. And wasn’t William in a constant drunken stupor during his St Andrews years, so much so that he rarely attended class and if so, fell asleep due to hangovers? And wasn’t there a blanket ban on reporting William’s misdeameanors until after he finished university – unlike Harry, whose poor choices were continually reported upon? And wasn’t it William who suggested that Nazi costume to Harry? And on it goes… I do wish William was called on his attitude; there is a ‘spare’ for a reason.

      1. Yes. He showed up to class, slept, or was hungover, or never showed up in general from what I’ve been told and also heard from people who were at St A’s at the time. St A’s is a fabulous institution, sad they let in William and catered to him.

      1. It was the Melissa Percy Wedding. Please note Harry, Chelsey, the tabloid annointed booze hounds were present at that wedding, yet it is sensible William who was so plastered he broke a tooth.

        There are other incidents.

    2. There are also photos of him leaving super drunk from clubs. Or even grabbing a woman’s breast while being drunk. Harry was always the obvious one, but someone once said that William is actually worse than Harry. I just think Harry was an easier target.

      1. William did worse than getting drunk. He was caught more than once in compromising positions outside nightclubs. All of those were caught on CCTV. But of course none of it leaked because he’s the heir.
        Deals were made to protect William but then it was open season on Harry.
        How he managed to become this relatively sane and down to earth man, is beyond me.

  14. **face palm** Oh brother……

    Fair warning: I’ve got a bubble in my tummy that has been bugging me since last night so there is a strong chance that I’ll be sarcastic and snarky.

    1) This is obviously a Middleton-induced PR stunt. Making Harry look like an individual who can’t function without his oh-so-protective SIL nearby and throwing shade at the York girls are the red flags.

    2) They used pictures that are 3-4 years old!!! We don’t have any recent pictures of them truly interacting (except for the split-second-shots that KMR provided).

    3) I actually thought the “medical problems” they were referring to were fertility-related!! My bad everyone!!

    **sighs and shakes head** I give up….

    It just drives me bat $hit crazy how the DM (and other news outlets) publicize articles that either say: A) Kate is a mother figure to Harry, B) Harry is totally lost/without a cause without W & K around and C) that Kate is SO MUCH BETTER than the York girls (you all know how much of a York girls sympathizer I am so….. 😉 )

    Edited to add: or may be just frustrated instead of snarky and/or sarcastic. 😀

    1. Your #3 Kimothy, i thought so too. I thought fertility issues as well or something serious like a heart disease/diabetes that could be passed on to kids. Only the creme of the crop for the Royal bloodline!!!

        1. Hi, Kimothy:

          Loved reading your “review” of the games and sorry you had the negative issues to deal with. Sounds like many good things did happen, though. I hope you will remember those more fondly as time goes on and forget the more negative ones.

          I can agree with everyone that “fertility” issues may have been part of the medical concerns that the article referred to, but it makes me so angry that such an article would have been written in the first place. Harry is so capable and caring. So different from the Cambridges. Isincerely doubt he needs anyone’s help in choosing a wife. Kate better get ready because that woman will certainly put her to shame.

          And, Kimothy, you are a winner. Never forget that.

  15. Personally I think this is just tabloid click bait and has no signs of PR strategy by the Middletons because it makes everyone, Kate included, look needy and like high school teenagers instead of mature, independent adults.

  16. Oh yes, that’s why we allways see the Cambridge’s and Harry going on vacacions together or having dinner on some restaurant, even before the royal wedding. Oh yeah…it makes perfect sense!

  17. Oh goody!!! Ever since I read this and posted the link a few days ago, I’ve been dying to get your take on this story KMR and as usual you didn’t disappoint!

    What got to me the most were the “requirements” that Kate and Camilla (supposedly) have for the future Bride of Harry. Imo, Kate is wanting that woman to have all the attributes that she doesn’t have, while well educated Kate can barely put a coherent sentence together, while certainly athletic she doesn’t keep herself at a healthy weight, she loves to travel but has to take a month to recover from said travels, and while not Kate is not “mouthy” she certainly says the wrong things i.e. “Gosh, how interesting” when hearing about how young children are mutilated in order to become beggers. It seems that Kate forgot one more “requirement”, the future Bride of Harry must be ladylike, because Kate would never flash the media at least once on every tour she’s been on.

    Now, I’ve heard that British humor can be difficult for others to understand so I have to wonder if this was really a snark piece disguised as a serious article? Do any of our British readers have insight on that?

    1. She really said, “Gosh, how interesting” in response to that? Just when I thought Kate’s inane or inappropriate comments might be behind her…

      1. Yep, she did according to reporters. And didn’t offer anymore words on the information.

        Days earlier, she responded with,’that must have been surreal’, when talking to a man who told her how he endured and survived the terrorist attck on the hotel Kate was staying in.

    2. I actually read the “requirements” as Kate wanting Harry to marry a Kate-like person. While we wouldn’t think of Kate in those terms described, I can totally see how Kate would think of herself in that way.

      1. I agree KMR; Kate is describing how she sees herself. Add delusional to the list of requirements. I thought the ‘being able to travel effortlessly’ meant that Harry’s intended should also be a job-free layabout just like herself.

        1. I think that requirement was what cemented the idea that she was describing herself. Basically, “have your parents fund you so you don’t need a job and can be available to your man 24/7”.

          1. Would the British public really put up with another lazy Kate type? Harry surely knows through simple observation of the Kate-William train wreck that he needs the exact opposite of Kate. I am hoping he is canny enough to steer clear of gold diggers.
            I also had a giggle at the ‘stamina’ requirement: since when have we seen Kate exhibit stamina? The length of her engagements can be counted in minutes.

      2. I didn’t think of it that way, but since you brought it up I think you are spot on. I guess Kate thinks she is the perfect Princess and has met all the *job requirements.*

  18. Today I am sharing my 45th birthday with William’s 34th. When I was young and William was born it was a source of massive excitement to me to be sharing the birthday of Diana’s first born and our future king. I prayed & prayed that day he would arrive before the day was out so he could always be part of my day. And now he is.

    Little did I know that 34 years later it would be the second born that I wished was going to be our future King and he would be the one we would all adore.

    1. Mrs. BBV, a Happy Birthday to you.
      And, to William.
      I hope your special day is filled with loving moments. And, I so agree. It’s Harry whom we all adore!

      1. Happy birthday my fellow Brit! Although unlike Elina I am much older although also a June birthday. Big week , my sons postal votes are in it will be interesting..
        We’ve have sunshine today for the first time in weeks, interesting to hear Californians suffering heat waves and fires. Our weather patterns are all out of sync.

    2. Thank you all so much for your kindness and your birthday good wishes. I had the loveliest day. White peonies from my dog, the new Dyson hairdryer from Mr BBV and out for dinner at my most favourite restaurant……

      I wonder, as I always do, how William was spending his day? Xx

      1. perhaps he was put rescuing people in his other job . . . oh wait, sorry. he was probably where kate was not, drinking.

        so glad you had such a lovely day. peonies are so beautiful!

  19. So Kate (the savior) is looking through her contact books for a woman to date a “moody”, “over-sensitive” Prince who is “is unreliable to his girlfriends”. How is poor Kate ever going to unload that mess?

    Thank God, lucky Kate managed to meet the good Prince who merely “plays it safe”.

    No wonder Harry is single.

    1. does she even have any contacts to begin with?
      I’ve only ever seen her with her mother, sister and one or two (it might actually be the same person, I don’t know) of her married friends once in a blue moon.

  20. I’ve got to say, the photos of Kate flirting so outrageously with Harry at Westminister made me feel sick. And, shame on Harry for egging her on! She is only in her glory when men are winking, nodding, and adjusting the strap on her safety helmet. (Ben on the boat, most recently).

    This article is so laughable. I second and third and fourth all the comments already made.
    My absolute favorites are the ones that make it seem that Prince Harry is incapable of finding a wife on his own. Good luck, George. In years to come, I only hope you retain that great sense of fun and get as far away as possible from your baby doll Mum.

    I would also like to say that if Harry did marry a veteran, it would be amazing. He has such love and admiration for those who served and if he found a partner with a similar history and outlook, their marriage would already be off to a healthy start!

    Yes, Kate would be most threatened by any woman Harry would bring into the family. She’s such a joke, that I find myself laughing when re-reading the article. Then, feeling sad, because it’s such garbage, and yet, many people must think it’s great.

    Rhiannon, you are still out top candidate to be Harry’s beloved. And, I so hope you are doing better. Bless you with the best of health and a speedy recovery from what is ailing you.

    1. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth! I had my MRI yesterday. I will get my results on Thursday. In the meantime, I’m walking, wobbling, around the house and doing light exercise (arm lifts and leg lifts). It keeps my mind busy. I found someone who will take my place in the race on Saturday’s with the condition that if he sees someone struggle, he must help them.

      Last night, I sat in my yard and looked at the stars. Just to put life into perspective. I’m very lucky and realize there are people who have it worse than me. Whatever is in front of me will be fought and conquered. And I’m ready for it.

      1. I was wondering how you were doing. I hope you get some further info on Thursday which will point to some answers. Take care.

      2. Love your attitude Rhiannon you will get well. Enjoy the stars. I love watching the moon. As a dog owner I’m often out late at night and I’m always surprised at how light it is on full moon.
        One of my best ever experiences was camping out at Uluru in central Australia. The stars unpolluted by electric light were so amazing I stayed awake and watched while my boys slept.

      3. That’s the way to go; it will all come right. Meanwhile, enjoy embracing the little things we take for granted. Thinking of you!

          1. Rhiannon, count me in as a fan and a supporter. You are a very special lady and I wish you well. I believe all will turn out in the most positive way and give you a giant thumbs up for handling this so beautifully. Ah, looking at the stars! That puts so much in perspective, doesn’t it? Enjoy such pastimes.

            I am babysitting Madeleine for a bit today, as I did yesterday. Jenny is out and about on last minute preps for her sister’s wedding She asked me to send you hugs and support. She also wants to thank everyone for the kind wishes for her sister’s big day.

            Jenny swears that Liz B had the baby this weekend. She had a dream that she would. And, LizB has been off the blog, so fingers crossed that all went well, or is going well. Another KMR baby!!

        1. Mary Elizabeth, pleass give Madeleine a hug for me! Please send best wishes to Jennifer. Weddings can be stressful and super busy. Send her patience and hugs as well.

          1. I hope you enjoyed your day Mary Elizabeth with Maddie!

            Please send Jenny a hug from me too and tell her that I hope her sister has a wonderful wedding day.

            (I’m thinking good thoughts for the weather too! 🙂 )

          2. Rhiannon and Cathy, hugs are coming right back to you. From Madeleine and me. The wedding will be here before we know it and all is set. Or, so we think. My sister is going to be a beautiful bride. She and her fiancé are such dear people! They are having a simple wedding and reception. Just closest family and best of friends. No major hokey traditions, just a few, to make it seem “real,” according to my sis.

            I hope you are doing well, Rhiannon. I so appreciate how you must have been worried and I hope those concerns have shrunk. I believe that all will be well and that you will be your regular self again, soon. Just do what the doc wants you to do. Please!

            Cathy, I hope you are feeling well, too!! You have a knack for making people happy!!! Sending much love to both of you.

          3. @Jenny
            “You have a knack for making people happy!!!”

            I do? Oh cool, what a neat thing to say – thank you!!!!!

      4. You’ve got a great attitude rhiannon! You’re going to be great! Just keep thinking the way you are!

  21. First and foremost, thank you for your service, Anastasia. Your duty to your country is to be commended and respected.

    This article is running rubbish. They make Mr. Rhiannon look pretty darn simple and it’s obvious that he’s not. I think this article was published to make Kate look good. What does she have going for her? She’s not working. She has no initiatives that she’s spearheading. She needs press. So, who are the easiest targets who will make her look good? Harry and the York girls.

    I’m quite offended about the ‘medical problem’ comment. Camilla is known to suffer back problems and Kate, well I will leave that one alone. That viewpoint is so disrespectful. If you are blessed with good health, you are a potential candidate for Harry. However for women who have either mental or physical illness need not apply.

    My first hope is that Harry and I meet and fall in friendship, then like, then love. However if it’s not me, I wish her luck. She will need to have a strong backbone in order to deal with not only the BRF, but the press and Kate. She’s going to have a tough time, but if she has the right advisors, she will be fine. I think Kate will be jealous, especially if she works more than Kate and shares in Harry’s popularity. I think this has the potential to be worse than Diana vs Sarah with Camp Middleton feeding the press. No wonder Harry is still single…

    Thank you, KMR, for sharing this article. I loved all of the comments.

      1. Harry will be Mr Rhiannon he needs a feisty bright go get it girl. And the BRF needs new blood ….look at the Danes, the Dutch it really works.

    1. If Kate is so “keen” to end the stigma surrounding mental health problems, isn’t it a bit contradictory of her for to say that a woman who struggles with mental health issues isn’t good enough for Harry?

    2. A slug would work more than Kate. Harry will need to pick a smart, resilient girl who sees things clearly and takes no BS. Harry and partner will inevitably outshine William and Kate, so expect all sorts of crap from the latter.

  22. Let me understand. Kate finds other girls competition and even family? I think Harry needs to distance himself. It was extremely strange when he said he didn’t know Kate before the engagement.

    1. Funny thing is, history can’t be rewritten or whitewashed in this day and age. If it was said and recorded or a picture was taken, it is out there and can always be found. All people can do is make up a bunch of baloney to hopefully bury the real truth. It never goes away dear Middleton pr, and I don’t much like that sandwich you’re making.

        1. hi Laura. Mean Girls is a movie with Lindsey Lohan and Rachel McAdams. it is about a gang of softmore high school girls who terrorize other girls and are obsessed with their looks. it’s actually a very good movie. At least to me, that is what mean girls means.

        2. There is an interesting business book, Mean Girls Grown Up, about how this behavior extends out of teen and young adult years into the workplace.

  23. What a shocking article, what happened to ‘for better or worse’?? When my husband married me almost a decade ago I had no ‘health problems’ but I got sick afterwards. Thankfully he was not as shallow as this royal lot and we are still happily married…. I can only hope that this article was not factual, otherwise all the charity work and working with people affected by mental illnesses is a sham and they are just milking the system to enjoy the benefits.

  24. I saw this article on the DM and just rolled my eyes! Are they actually a respectable news source in England? I used to click on some of their articles but there are way too many mistakes for me. I liked to read the comments and laugh. I love the way the English use words. Bone idle still makes me laugh. Anywhoo the comments got way to vitriolic or sweet, so now I just skim the headlines so thanks for doing a synopsis for me.

    What made me laugh was the part about Harry used to seeing Kate in her cashmere dressing gown!!! Hahahah
    And Anastasia, I too, would like to Thank you for your service

  25. Blegh! What hogwash. I saw this article in the DM and almost puked. I’m glad you brought this up KMR because I think this is total KP or Middleton spin (likely the latter because everyone looks bad in this article except Kate). Kate is neither nurturing nor motherly. If she had a sense of humor she lost it when she got married. I call BS on these two hanging out because we have no photo evidence of that, or even anecdotes about Harry going to Anmer for the weekend. And let’s not pretend that W&K spend any time in their KP home. And to specifically call out the York girls like this was just low. Want to know the difference between the York girls and Kate? The Yorks want to work but can’t, and Kate should work but won’t. Kate is also manipulative, friendless, passionless, humorless, purposeless, and lazy with bad fashion sense and no idea how to accessorize. Ugh, this article just makes my stomach turn. I hope Harry cuts W&K out of his plans and stops letting himself be used as a prop by those two.

    1. Harry is loyal to the institution of the monarchy, which means his brother. And he cannot afford to piss off his bullying, temperamental older brother.

      His financial future depends on William keeping him around. Without William’s approval, Harry will not be part of the working royals and receive nothing from the Sovereign Grant. No access to BP, KP, or any royal properties.

      Without William’s approval, he also has no future access to Sandringham or Balmoral. I expect these will become Middleton strongholds after Charles is no longer with us.

      He needs to make Sentebale big enough to support him with a decent salary, get a brilliant financial manager to invest his inheritance, and marry someone who is independently wealthy. If push comes to shove, he’s going to need the financial ability to walk away.

  26. Personnally I want just that his wife loves him and that he loves him.

    Good luck with William and Kate!

    If she could be not like Kate, it will be a good plus!!

  27. I was really angry about that BS story as well. The Middleton woman a motherly friend to Harry? The Harry who has been in combat in Afghanistan? The Harry who manages the Invictus Games and Sentebale? The Harry who they have to rely on whenever they want to look good? That is beyond ridiculous. Carole is losing her touch.

    I believe Kate lost big in the Queenstakes when Camilla was made member of the privy council. William ascended, too. It will be less easy for him to wiggle out of engagements now. Kate’ll better put up and shut up.

    This story may be the Middleton equivalent of revenge porn and Kate’s latest tantrum.

    As to Harry’s wife. I was smitten with the chemistry between him and the invictus swimmer Elizabeth Marks. That is the kind of woman I would like to see with Harry. Tough as nails, pretty and a heart as huge as a barn. (Alas, she is already married) Kate would be melting in fury like the Wicked Witch when met with a bucket of water.

  28. Billy is age 34 on June 21. I do not understand how a couple who are young & in excellent health can do nothing all day every day?

    1. they are improving their minds through extensive scientific and analytical papers, mostly on the history of the Faberge egg and, what was is, whether you can smell tea by smelling it or something inane like that!

        1. oh no! Sorry ladies. I should; however, add that she pops about the house trying to determine how little she has to do to curtsey properly and placing get shamrocks on Lupo

          1. And perfecting new and more hideous heavyhanded eyeliner techniques, while perusing her “masterful” portrait skills! I mean come on, the kids are cute, it’s NOT that hard to take their pictures! 😉

  29. This whole article had me rolling my eyes so hard I nearly gave myself a headache. Personally, I don’t think Camilla would say no to someone who isn’t physically 100% because she isn’t. How many appearances has she had to step out of because of back issues, etc. The bottom line is Kate doesn’t want anyone stealing her thunder in any way. If he were to marry a wounded vet and they then ran circles around her working it would make her look even worse than she does now. Especially if she goes out on another extended leave for her bouts of mystery HG.

    The whole thing comes off as a Middleton PR piece to promote Kate. It makes me think something may be amiss in Cambridgeville with the shade that is thrown at William and trying to make Kate look super close to Harry. If I remember correctly (and has probably been said already) Harry actually said he was looking forward to getting to know her AFTER they announced the engagement. That’s not ten years, unless you’re doing special Midds counting.

    So tired of the little stories, let Harry be. He’s doing just fine on his own.

    One more thing “fiercely academic”…that one had me laughing out loud because Kate would really look like a dunderhead then.

    1. I wonder if Harry has a problem finding a long term gf because of WK? Esp the girls society girls that Harry tends to go for, would surely know about WK’ rep more than your average person would. This is just speculation on my part ?

        1. That would be horrible. Will seems like the kind of person who would remind you of your “place” at every opportunity.

    2. AFAIK Harry didn’t even know they were engaged until it was announced. Charles and HM knew two hours before when William told them btw I’m engaged, we are announcing and doing the photo call at 9am to force their hands and prove he was in control. He is such a tool.

  30. Hmmm i think they are friendly towards each other, PH is easy to get along with it seems, but I have to say they might not be BFF. I have not seen them hang outside of royal events only a few polo matches and Zara’s wedding though. PH jokes with everyone he’s near, he kind of does this at inappropriate as well, even does the lean in giggle thing with his cousins.
    and I doubt he is flirting with them.
    The York girls on the other hand do seem to be a bit closer, they do hang outside of royal events, I have seen them go to clubs together in their younger days, weddings, vacations, Heck I’ve noticed PH support big change Bea’s foundation, like him doing that speech for we day is supported by big change or occasionally going to a meet up, etc.

    Also the York Women did something interesting for children in crisis recently.
    ‘Royal Love’ The first royal Graffiti? Collaborated By The York Women And TeddyM

    The painting will be auctioned at The Masterpiece Fair dinner on 30 June in aid of Children in Crisis, the Duchess of York’s charity, which helps train teachers so that thousands of children get an education. An exhibition of Teddy M Heart’s including a print of the “Royal Love” painting will be on public display at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London from 21st June 2016

    There is some cute quotes about Princess Eugenie in the article:

    1. I think Harry has manners and is polite and charming to those around him. Even if Kate wasn’t his SIL she is nowhere near his type in looks or character.

  31. This article, where to begin, where to begin….

    As mentioned before, this is clearly a Middleton PR stunt. It must be because I have a hard time believing that Jason would be so stupid as to put this tripe out. It’s clear that Harry is not interested in being the third wheel, and Wee Willy Winge and Waity only wheel him out when they are being lamb-basted in the public eye. It’s not like we see them casually dining together, or going for walks, or socializing in any capacity beyond official engagements and a rare polo match here and there. Before anyone says that it could be that we just don’t see the photos, let’s address the fact that there are plenty of Harry candids, him dining with girlfriends, friends, out at polo, basically being a normal human being and not a lick of them involve William and Kate. And the candids that do exist of Willie and Katie do often show them socializing with family, but it’s always, ALWAYS the “en masse Middleton’s”. Kate is shown walking or dining with the Pipster, James is seen coming and going from their home, Carole is always lurking about; they’re with college friends, attending birthday parties, none with Harry. If it were true then something, ANYTHING would exist.

    Harry as a fun uncle? Really? I have no doubt he’d be a riot, but it’s not with George and Charlotte. Again, we see him with other children but not those two. Hell, just this week there were photos published of him horsing around and playing with a delighted Mia Tindall, and socializing with Zara and her crew. Just a side note: William is also seen trying to play with Mia, she can be seen playing shy and crying. I digress. There are plenty of photos of him with Savannah and Isla Phillps. There are plenty of photos of him playing with random children that aren’t royal! A such, I highly, highly doubt he’s around George and Charlotte. The photos of him with Michelle, Barrack, Will, Kate and George, he looks stiff, like he barely knows George and George is making no attempt to interact with him. This is not Harry, the same man that can connect with any child, any where.

    As for health conditions. It’s laughable on a variety of levels– this is a family that passed on high blood pressure, mental health issues, joint problems and HEMOPHILIA. Yay, there’s not much that she, whomever she is, can introduce that can rival hemophilia. Just sayin’.

    And for piss sake, leave the poor York girls alone. Whomever is responsible for this latest gem should learn that throwing others under the bus is very school yard, so stop. It’s not helping their case, it’s making it much, much worse.

    And, most importantly, as for Harry, the reason we’re all here… oh my… that man.

  32. Thank you for your service, Anastasia! Kate would be lucky to be half the woman you are.

    Happy Birthday, Mrs BBV, you must’ve taken all the good characteristics that this birthdate had to offer and left none for ‘Poor William!’ ?

    This Middleton spin is so amusing. I’m sure they view themselves as masters of the press. She needs to realize that without William (and his family), she would blend in with the beige background, never to be seen again. Kate, along with her mother, needs to remember who butters the bread.

    I’m sure Carole is happy to remind William who butters his cheese toast.

  33. Thanks, KMR for all your work to puncture this false Cambridge media campaign that tries to portray this couple as generous and all around something special.

    First, I have no I idea what the phrase “fiercely academic” means. I doubt anyone in academia knows. The made up term sounds like something someone who knows nothing about academia would write. And the fact that none of the BRF are strong academically is even more ridiculous. Who writes this stuff?

    Second, Kate is not in any way a person who mothers or looks after others. Harry takes care of her by way of engaging her in joking around. At any public event, she constantly looks for someone to take care of her. Wills often ignores her–is he sick of her neediness? She latches onto Harry or any other male in the vicinity and then guffaws her head off for the cameras. Harry flirts and jokes to put her at ease as he does with a lot of people. That Kate dislikes other women, who could offer supportive friendships, was so apparent at the Aster races. Of course, photos don’t tell the whole story, but in many of the photos she had weak, pitiful smiles (Please like me!) when speaking to the femail royals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they really disliked because of her bizarre upstaging behavior. It’s entirely of her own making. She is not a nice person.

    1. That’s a very fair assessment. Harry seems to jolly her along, especially as William seems in his own bored world. Geez, he must be a nightmare to live with. Harry has a knack at putting people at ease. But yes, Kate is always in need of a man to pay her attention. The last thing Harry needs is help from his sister-in-law. She would be better off actually parenting her children, and learning to be a grown-up.

    2. So true, and would explain why she is seated next DoE so often. She needs that type of attention to be comfortable in social situations…not him. Maybe the male members of the family have to flip a coin to see who will pick up the slack in public, for when William inevitably loses interest. But it can only be men….remember when she was shadowed by the Queen’s liw (one of the Remembrance Day ceremonies??)? Haha, what a cross little puss she was that day, it was quite funny actually.

      1. “cross little puss”
        That’s very funny, though unkind to cats. She definitely was lemon-lipped (=sour) that day.

        1. I know, what was I thinking?? Very unkind to my favorite little furry beasties. Sour is a much better way to describe it!

    3. And that’s the part which makes me roll my eyes at the BRF and wait for the day when Uk decides to send the monarchy back to the medieval age. The fact that the senior members of the BRF are neither smart, academic, have contributed in a significant way (minus the Prince’s Trust maybe and Harry’s initiatives), or are even beautiful to look at (they all have the same, Sour and horsey look about them, the whole lot of them need braces to fix their teeth; make me wonder why should these completely ordinary people be worshipped and put up on such a pedestal for?

      1. I honestly have no idea; it defeats all logic! It’s the hubris that gets me: when people are so unaccomplished why are they so snooty? And it’s the fawning on the part of ordinary people that also amazes me. I don’t understand subservience. I often feel like the child in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ who cries, ‘There’s nothing there’. I have tremendous respect and am humbled by those who work incredibly hard, often working against great odds.

  34. Oh, this is hysterical. Harry needs Waity to take care of him like I need a hole in the head. This combat veteran can surely take care of himself. If anyone needs a caregiver, it’s Waity (and isn’t her mummy already doing that?)

    I really don’t think Harry and Waity are that close. Remember, this is the girl he referred to as a limpet. He’s nice to everyone, so he’s nice to her, too. I’m sure he’s sick of being stuck with them in public as a threesome, but he knows it’s for the greater good so he puts up with it (that nice guy thing again).

    I do hope he marries someone who wouldn’t be intimidated by Waity. I can just see Waity pretending to help the girl, but undermining her at every turn with phony advice (you should wear a low cut dress to the Saudi reception!, etc.)

  35. No medical problems? That strikes me as such an odd thing to say! I agree with another poster here who said Harry would be well-served to marry another veteran.

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