Royal Round Up: Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Zara Phillips, Prince Harry, Prince William

Royal Round Up: Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Zara Phillips, Prince Harry, Prince William

Let’s catch up with some young British royals who aren’t named Kate who have been out and about the last week. This royal round up features: Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Zara Phillips (and her adorable daughter Mia), Prince Harry, and Prince William.

On June 13, Princess Eugenie flew to Switzerland to host the UNAIDS Gala during Art Basel 2016. She even gave a speech (which I can’t find a transcript of).

Eugenie also gave a statement to Vanity Fair:

    “I am honored to be supporting UNAIDS alongside Caroline Rupert and Kweku and Ndaba Mandela. I am keen to play a part in the movement of helping to abolish AIDS and allowing all to live in a world where this disease can cease to affect people from all walks of life. We can all play a part in realizing this goal for future generations to come. I would like to honor those who have dedicated their lives and work to the AIDS epidemic and thank them for everything they do. And we must remember the lives of millions that have been touched or claimed by AIDS and know that they live on in our hearts and minds to continue the work we all can do for them.”

Eugenie looked great in a red Alexander McQueen dress which is actually a repeat from a 2011 appearance at Ascot.

Eugenie joined her sister, Princess Beatrice, at Royal Ascot Day 3.

Eugenie wore a new Roksanda Ilincic “Varga Contrast-Collar Silk-Blend Satin Dress” ($1,857), and a hat by Jess Collett. This dress is a bit of a let down after her style high she’s been riding the last week and a half.

Beatrice wore an ADEAM “Navy Macramé And Cotton Midi Dress” (£566.00). There is also a white version which I prefer and think would have gone better with her orange and blue hat.

Beatrice and Eugenie turned up for Ascot Day 5 as well.

Bea wore a Burberry Prorsum “Long-Sleeve Floral Tie-Dye Midi Dress” ($1,956) with a Gina Foster “Lamington” hat (£650.00).

Eugenie wore a Alice + Olivia “Porla Embroidered Collar Jumper” (£275.00) and “Dianna Skirt” ($445.19), and a Nerida Fraiman “Audrey down brim hat” (£480).

Sophie, Countess of Wessex was also at Ascot Day 3 in new bespoke separates by Suzannah and a new bespoke hat by Jane Taylor.

We didn’t get any polo cuteness from George and Charlotte over the weekend, so to satisfy our British Royal Cuteness Quota here’s Mia Tindall playing around while at the Beaufort Polo Club.

On the first day, June 18, Prince William played polo while Mia played around with her mom, Zara Phillips Tindall, and Prince Harry.

William polo June 2016
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

On the second day, June 19, Mia played with her grandmother, Princess Anne, and father, Mike Tindall, while mom Zara played polo.

Speaking of William, he covered Attitude magazine’s July issue. Attitude is a British lifestyle magazine for the LGBT+ community. On Thursday, May 12, William invited members of the LGBT+ community to Kensington Palace to hear their experiences of homophobic, bi-phobic, and transphobic bullying, and to discuss the mental health implications of bullying in the LGBT+ community.

After the discussion, William made a statement:

    “No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason and no one should have to put up with the kind of hate that these young people have endured in their lives. The young gay, lesbian and transgender individuals I met through Attitude are truly brave to speak out and to give hope to people who are going through terrible bullying right now. Their sense of strength and optimism should give us all encouragement to stand up to bullying wherever we see it. What I would say to any young person reading this who’s being bullied for their sexuality: don’t put up with it – speak to a trusted adult, a friend, a teacher, Childline, Diana Award or some other service and get the help you need. You should be proud of the person you are and you have nothing to be ashamed of.”


While I understand the idea of “don’t put up with abuse”, there are a lot of factors that go into why people stay in abusive situations and “put up with it”, and I think “What I would say to any young person reading this who’s being bullied for their sexuality: don’t put up with it” is a bit of victim blaming. How about: don’t abuse, harass, or murder people just because they are different from you. But anyway, I do applaud William for joining this cause since he is the first British royal to do so.

Prince William Attitude Mag cover

PS. Kate has an event later today, which I will cover tomorrow.

90 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Zara Phillips, Prince Harry, Prince William

  1. Considering William is a bully himself I find it precious he’s harping on about it.

    Mia is just the cutest thing. She seems like a little ball of energy going everywhere!

    1. Yeah, I think it’s pretty hypocritical of William to harp on about bullying when he himself is a bully.

      1. I will not soon forget his rude comment to the woman at Star Wars. I guess it is alright to make rude comments about a woman’s looks.

          1. He and Harry were touring the Star Wars set, and he called over Daisy Ridley (who, with Harry, was talking to some other guests). He pointed to her mask that her stunt double used and said “Daisy, look! This one is a slight improvement.”

            I think Harry wanted to sink through the floor. William is such a dolt.

          1. +1 a third time! 😀

            P.S. Thank you for your service, Anastasia. Also, I’ve always loved your name in general! Have you ever gone by the nickname Stacey or Ana? Just wondering…. 😀

        1. Szolo, it was interested to see Harry and William at 1:02. Harry was animated and literally recoiled. This affirms that Will is a grade A jerk.

          1. Spot on entitled lazy normal willy the dolt middleton!

            Even little Mia sense billy doltness…, she didn’t seem as cuddly and happy as she was with King Henry. Very grand Zara has share Mia love & cuddles with Harry as she has done with uncle Charles in the past (while waity hang on to PG at that Polo event).

    2. Given William’s documented behaviour, the editor might have asked William to also address bullies , not only the bullied. Time for a bit of reflection, William. Perhaps it doesn’t apply when ‘I am a prince’.

      1. Nothing applies to William, he can treat anyone he wants any way he pleases because he’s PRINCE! William to us plebs.

        I wish I could see something positive in this but he says nothing interesting or indicates he understands a thing or even cares. Yeah, confront them! I’ve heard that is how he is with staff. He confronts, and treats them like garbage, yelling and stamping his foot. It was in comparison to Charles who dislikes confrontation and sends notes. It was considered good for William to be so combative.

    3. Totally agree, Ellie. William is a bully himself, and it’s very opportunistic to play the “no-bully prince” after the tragedy of Orlando. I don’t trust him, I may be wrong but everything William does sounds like PR to me.

      Mia Tindall, Absolutely GURGEOUS. I can’t stop smiling seeing her photos. And her with Harry makes me see how will be the “Daddy Harry”

    4. I wonder about the sincerity of his support,would he be fine with either Charlotte or George turning out to be homosexual?How would the BRF react if that happens?Would they embrace it?

  2. Sophie looked wonderful in her bespoke outfit. It would have been perfect had she worn Eugenie’s black Audrey down brimmed hat. Is it my imagination, or is Sophie spending quite a bit these days on outfits? Is this because the Queen is allocating her more duties?

    1. Sophie’s spending seems to be getting totally out of hand. I’m also interested in how the York girls are funded because they have very expensive wardrobes too. If it is Andrew’s ‘private funds’ where exactly do such funds come from? I never quite get royals and private money. W&H ‘ s inheritance came from their mothers divorce settlement which came from Charles, who gets all his money from the Crown.

      1. Since I started covering Sophie, I’ve noticed that the amount she spends on clothes has gone up. Buying more expensive brands like McQueen and Victoria Beckham.

      2. I wonder about the money too. Does taxpayer money gets shuffled around? The Queen and Charles successfully petitioned for exemption from the Freedom of Information Act which means that full disclosure of how public funds are spent would be mandatory. There has been obfuscation for quite some time. And Charles wanted the Duchy of Cornwall to be his; not sure how that played out…

        It’s all very well to have ‘private funds’ but it doesn’t last forever, particularly if spending is lavish. How is it replenished? Where do Andrew and Edward derive their incomes? We know that William is a notorious skinflint and prefers spending Charles’s money, which is really public money when all is said and done.

        I’ve been the recipient of grants for various projects, as well as having worked on large public projects. Being accountable for funds is absolutely non-negotiable, and that’s the way it should be.

      3. Beatrice and Eugenie have trust funds (in the millions) from their parents divorce and from their great grandmother the Queen Mum.

        Their mother did not get money in the divorce but money was set aside and invested for the girls. A house B&E owned as an investment was just sold. After owning for 20 years, they probably made a good profit on it thanks to their investment team.

        1. I’ve read that the Queen Mother left a lot of money to her great-grand-children, but HOW did SHE get it? Where does the money originally come from? As I understand the Queen Mother had many siblings, meaning she could not be THAT wealthy on her own right.

  3. I have to disagree about Eugenie. I think she is still on a style winning streak. I actually really liked the Roksanda dress on her. It really highlights her figure. I think it would be boring on someone else, but because she always changes up her clothes and has fun, the simpleness of it is elegant. It really highlights her hourglass shape. She looked super classy! And my gosh, she looks killer in the red dress. She really is a natural beauty and i love that she actually has curves!

    Sophie look good too. Her dress had a very vintage feel.

    1. I think the Roksanda dress definitely highlights Eugenie’s figure, I’m just not a Roksanda fan.

    2. Agreed. Eugenie has a voluptuous figure and this dress shows it off, but still in a respectable way. I think she should wear more figure-hugging clothes for this reason, and stay away from a-line skirts and poofy blouses that add volume (and thus the appearance of weight) to her figure.

      1. I think that Beatrice and Eugenie probably don’t photograph well – which is a real shame because they do try with their outfits – making bold choices and wearing strong colours, prints, etc.,. I think they would be lovely in ‘real life’ – with their English rose complexions and soft curves.

        1. I think you have hit the nail on the head Hipsterette. I saw Eugenie on TV in the Roksanda and thought she looked lovely in it. I like the fact they have fun with fashion.

  4. Also Mia is so cute! I love that her parents actually let her run around barefoot in public. I can’t imagine Will and Kate letting their kids do this. They always have to be proper, which is sad for a kid. Mia looks like she is having so much fun. And i love seeing a softer side of the royals-a more human side.

    I wonder why Kate didn’t come this year? It would be nice for George and Charlotte to interact with their family, plus we always get good photos. I am sure Kate was in town, but chose not to appear. It just makes it seem like unless she has too, Kate tries to avoid spending time with Will’s family. Just my opinion.

    1. Overit, honestly? Kate didn’t go because she wouldn’t want to create expectations …!!! She’s shown off the kids so she doesn’t need to show them off again, so one can only assume that polo with Will’s family was something she considered work not fun, and you know she’s been working so hard recently.

      Little Mia would get on well with Leonore I think!? They could hatch a plan to run away together.

    2. I agree with Birdy’s about the expectation Kate would create 🙂
      Considering the post about the DM article posted yesterday, could it be that everything that is said in the article would come crashing down if she appeared, as in if pictures are taken people could see that the DM’s article is embellished to make someone look good (Kate’s, G&C closeness to Harry, i.e)?
      I really like to see the other royals as well!

    3. Please don’t say it, Overit!!! I would become cross-eyed in an instant if I see another striped top and a butt crack from Kate’s jeggings when she bends over. If we want to expect anything from the lazy woman, it has to be her outfit for this outing.

      And it was refreshing not to have her and the kids there too. If not we wouldn’t see some cute interaction between Uncle Harry and Mia. I don’t recall seeing Harry this animated with George, as he was with Mia, the last time they were at Polo? Makes one wonder just what is wrong …

      1. It seems like Kate does not want others to interact with her children (at least in public). I have no idea why. Does she want all the camera attention so she can be seen as the “hands on mum” or does she not want a relationship to form with any family members other than the Middleton’s? It seems like she feels anyone touching her children is not allowed unless they are Norland trained paid staff.

        Mia is one of my all time favorite royal children. Can you imagine a play date with Mia and Leonore?

    4. Kate has done a bunch of engagements, trotted out the kids, smiled, waved and got some good press (thanks to kids): work done. End of story. I’d amend your last sentence to “Unless she has to, Kate avoids all work”.

  5. I know we all think Will is a bully, but is there any actual evidence or are we among realistic assumptions based on body language and the looks he gives people? I’m not trying to defend him I think he is a horrid man, but just wondered.

    I think he does seem close to his own kids, but Mia certainly doesn’t seem comfortable with him.

    1. I think the idea of “William as bully” comes from the derogatory comments he has made toward Harry over the years which could be taken as a form of bullying. Also from the fact that William bullies the press.

      1. Yes, this. Mocking Harry for no university education, and in public and in speeches as well; teasing him for being a ginger but doing it not to tease but to be mean… Everything he says and does is bullying to Harry. And the way he treats and has spoken to Kate, as well, is that of a bully if you ask me. Also the things he has said to people he’s met on engagements is rude and bullying at times. Certainly almost always rude and boorish, trying to be funny and people of course laugh because they don’t know what else to do.

        1. Thanks I feel better now. I think his ‘bullying’ of Harry is something most brothers do. My sons do for eg. BUT they do it in private where we all know it is harmless banter. I think Harry probably gives back as good in private but shows respect in public. This is YET another thing Will could learn from his brother. Banter, if that is what it is , is for private time not for the public to hear, discuss and misconstrue.
          We all know that like Diana Harry is not perfect, but he has compassion, kindness and a desire, not always properly followed through, to actually DO something and make a difference. I have to be critical of his mental health initiative with W&K because he hasn’t moved it forward either. But Sentebale and Invictus are both very positive.
          Sorry I’ve rambled off topic. Trying to keep my mind off the fact I’m about to put my son on a plane to Borneo for 10 weeks.

          1. Oh Birdy, Borneo is a beautiful beautiful place. Great culture, greenery and amazing wildlife. I am sure your son will enjoy his time there so you needn’t worry too much. 🙂 May he have a pleasant stay and safe return.

          2. William does not understand boundaries because he’s never had any. He has no respect for people because in his world, respect only goes one way. I’d call what he says to Harry as teasing but in a kind of loving way, but as you say, you need to know when to say those things. William has no idea because people laugh at whatever his lame jokes are and he is never pulled up or been told that his behaviour is rude or inappropriate. Bringing someone up to think he is invincible and that all must bow down to him is parenting of the most heinous kind; actually, it is child abuse. No wonder William is so hopeless.

          3. I’ve asked my husband who has an older brother about the things William says and his opinion, having watched some videos when I asked as I was curious (I’m an only child), was that William is “an asshole and a bully”. He’d never speak to his brother that way. He says it doesn’t sound like it was in jest at all but being mean for the sake of being mean, and you don’t do that especially to your brother.

            Birdy, I hope you’re doing alright! Best wishes to your son. Borneo, wow! What for?

    2. William has been a bully all his life. In every sense, not just a precious snowflake safe space sort of way.

      Eg as a kid he repeatedly hit other kids earning the nickname billy basher. Charles and Diana were called to school for his behaviour on many occassions. You could say he simply didn’t have discipline, but children aren’t automatic hitters if they aren’t disciplined.

      Not to forget that when he realised he would be King, he took to threatening Staff with future sackings as a grown up.

      As a child, he had a propensity to bully, and when he learnt his destiny, his instinct was its usefulness to get what he wanted or else.

      As an adult, his frequent putdowns of other people, Harry the most frequently cited example, also points to his bully tendencies. Calling a wax figure an improvement on someone’s looks as he did to an actress he had just met isn’t exactly kind.

      The press reporters frequently use the word ‘bully’ to describe how he deals with them. It’s rarely a negotiation. It frequently devolves into rows that have to be soothed over because he bullies rather than negotiates.

      We know he resorts to legal action if he doesn’t get his way with the press which makes the recent takedown glorious.

      How can we forget the time he insisted the staff change their staff holiday movie to something he wanted to watch because he’d already watched the staff choice. As he is the boss, they complied with his wish yet he didn’t turn up in the end and the staff were stuck with a movie thry didn’t want to watch.

      Some of my examples are merely examples of discourteous behaviour, but when there is a power imbalance where one has all the power over the other, it amounts to bullying.

      1. Herazeus, I just love your comments and writing. You always include such wonderful stories. Thank you! I see that picture of Wm on the cover of the magazine and I just see his fake tooth.

      2. I don’t know what you’re background is but I always feel like I’m getting a mini history report when I read your comments! Thanks for sharing them. You could be the Antonia Fraser for the Brittish royal family.

    3. Ken Wharfe, who was Diana, William and Harry’s RPO, described William in an article “He was always a sly little boy, and now he’s become arrogant and spoilt. I hear from people who work for William that he can be very difficult. I liked Harry better and I feel sorry for him because he was never really able to engage in his military career. But I think he’s the answer to the family’s longevity, and I bet if there was a vote on who should accede to the throne; the people would go for Harry.”

      Harry is a better helicopter pilot (his instructor described him as a natural pilot and one of the best he had ever trained) and a better polo player (he could have been a professional) than William. He’s never denied he had trouble in school, but that’s one thing William always denigrates him about.

  6. Love these Royal Round Ups so thank you so much for keeping us updated on other Royals too!

    All the ladies looked great at Ascot and great to see Eugenie attending the UNAiDS Gala and giving a speech. It aren’t actually their Royal duties but it’s wonderful to see that the York girls actually care about charity and causes.

    Mia – what a cutie and it’s lovely to see that she is just running around and having fun as a little girl should. And ofc the pics with Harry and this is not a good way to write but aaaaah awwwww!

    And William, obviously it’s good and needed to speak against bullying and also to support the lgbt community but lately I can’t find myself to care about what WK say because it never seems real, they never seem to really understand and to care… especially not over longer time. It’s one thing now and tomorrow they forgot and move on. And yes, also with the stories we got about William this seems bit off

    1. +1

      I never know if it for real or more PR work because of the lazy tag and semi-bad press, which is sad given the recent cause he’s been supposedly lending strength and attaching his name to. Especially with him having shown himself not to care much over the last couple of years and pretty much just doing whatever he want and his staff and everyone else making excuses for him and job posts to facilitate and cater to his wants and lifestyle.

      Honestly, you’d never think he was next in line after his father, even Edward and Andrew so more and are out and about more. I get that they are fighting to earn their keep, perhaps, but maybe William should too.

  7. Princess Eugenie looks VERY va-va-vaoom in that red dress! Looks like she’s shed some weight and found a style that flatters her curves! One tiny suggestion? As a fellow big-chested girl, she needs a bra with more/better support…..I’m just saying!

    I like both of Eugenie’s outfits for Royal Ascot. The soft pink helps “brighten” the navy blue plus, it looks lovely with her pale skin and dark hair plus, the yellow on the second dress also flatters her skin tone. Regarding Bea, like you said, KMR, I think her dress for Ascot day #3 would’ve looked much better in white. Very summery and flattering with her hair and hat.

    Also, I don’t like the second dress Princess Beatrice is wearing. Too long and the pattern/colors is/are just too dark for this time of year. If anything, Sophie’s outfit would’ve looked smashing on Bea! The colors and length–ah well. Don’t get me wrong, Sophie looks great too but it would’ve also looked nice on Bea.

    Now onto Mia Tindall: what a cutie patootie!! That blonde hair just like her mama and so rambunctious! I LOVE how she’s able to run around and just BE an almost two-and-a-half year old!! You can tell that she’s very much loved and immediately liked by everyone she meets! I especially like the picture of her getting a smooch from her Granny Anne! I know that during engagements and whatnot, Anne is the “hard-working royal” but it’s clear that she’s extremely close with her children, daughter & son in law and granddaughters and isn’t embarrassed to show them affection in public!! As someone else said, I can totally see Mia and Leonore becoming BFFs and getting into plenty of mischief!

    Finally, William: Sigh. I too thought his comments about bullying and being bullied were hypocritical since he’s been known to be passive-aggressive towards Harry, Kate and even his own son, George. Don’t get me started on his $hit regarding the press.

    As someone who started getting bullied at the age of five via classmates and whatnot, I’m not sure if he truly knows (or understands) what it’s like to get put down by people to the point where you question or your worth and/or existence (and yes, I’m speaking from experience). I wish someone would just rip off his rose-tinted glasses and force him to see what it’s like and how he treats people truly affects them.

    Sorry but this topic hits close to home.

  8. Loved the pics of Mia with her parents, Princess Anne and of course with Harry. Harry is fantastic with kids. I can’t wait to see him with his own.

  9. I adore Eugenie! She, along with Zara, seem so relatable. I think she’s come into her own. I will always be #TeamYorkGirls due to the way they are treated by the press. She’s a beautiful young woman who is looking fabulous as of late. Bea is wearing clothes that are pretty, but far too dark.

    Sophie looks great, but I have to hold her in the same standard as Kate with the spending. It’s too much.

    Will….I can stand behind his words. The article is quite timely due to recent events. I cannot stand behind his actions. Will has the temperament of a toddler that is up way past his nap time. In my opinion, I think Will feels he is smarter than all of us. I will never forget a round up that KMR wrote recently. He needs to check his privilege. Until he does, I don’t think that I will ever respect him.

    Thanks for the round up, KMR!

    1. I’m also a long-time member of#TeamYorkGirls simply because the press have always treated them like $hit because of who their parents are, insulted their looks (I still loathe that “stepsisters” meme of them), and it has been widely rumored/reported that Kate and Pippa gave them (especially Beatrice) the “Mean Girl” treatment during the dating years.

    2. Totally agree with everything you just said Rhiannon. I feel like Bea is pushing the fashion buck a little far in her own case lately, a bit too avant-garde and can’t really pull it off; it’s border line eccentric. And with Sophie with her expensive boring clothes…uh, one “Kate” in the BRF is plenty, thanks!

      1. The Burberry stuff is lovely (I really liked the black and white coat Bea wore recently) but Bea is too slight to wear these big, bold patterns. When you look at the Burberry models they are very tall and stick insect-like.

  10. I’ve been loving most of B&E’s fashion choices lately but that red dress is…wow…!!! I’m really liking the fit and flare styles on Beatrice and Eugenie, it’s a style that really flatters their body type and the fun hats they’ve been wearing lately are great!!! These girls know how to take risks and how to accessorize.

    I loved Sophie’s outfit! I want that skirt so badly :(! It does seem that Sophie has been wearing more new and/or bespoke outfits lately and seems to have found her fashion footing. Imo, she was a rather dowdy dresser for years and now that she’s found out how important it is for her to look nice, she’s trying to build up a wardrobe. And in her defense it doesn’t appear that she’s purchasing 10-12 of the almost identical outfits and/or pieces like Kate does but is buying some statement pieces that she can build her wardrobe around.

    I just can’t go there with William speaking out about bullying. While it’s a topic that needs to be addressed it shouldn’t be addressed by a man that bullies his brother publicly and has yet to say anything nice about his son.

  11. What a darling little girl Mia is. And, how loved! Don’t Chris and Maddie have a residence in London? A play date for the two girls is definitely in order. Their moms will be exhausted!

    Harry really seems to be wonderful with Mia. We’d all love to see him with George and Charlotte like that, too. For whatever reason he is not allowed to be photographed with them in that manner is beyond me. What a pity that he may not see them so much. Special nod to William, too. He also seems to care for his cousin’s little girl.

    Eugenie looked lovely in the red and is stepping up to the plate nicely. One thing, though. I would love to see the word “Keen” removed from the English language. UGH!

    I hate to be negative, but some of the wardrobe choices of Eugenie and Beatrice just are terrible. Not the red dress, but in the other photos. They seem to be lovely young women, but I cringe whenever I see what they are wearing . Someone, please, take them under your wing. Someone with style!

  12. Both Eugenie and Beatrice look lovely. No need to photoshop their photos. The photos of Zara and Mia give us a glimpse of the genuine warmth and chaos of raising a two year old. Really fun to see Zara’s bemused, exasperated and all round loving approach towards interacting with her daughter. The other royals reinforce how much Mia is loved. Love the photo of Anne kissing Mia.

  13. I’m a fan of Eugenie’s style( that red dress she looks smokin)not so much of Beatrice’s. Do they no longer have their jobs? I thought Bea was supposed to be working in NY but for the past few months she’s seemed to be on London?
    After Harry, Zara is my favorite! Anne’s kids seem to have mostly together. I saw an article about her Olympic qualifying event and her brother and his family were there supporting her. It would have been nice if more of the family was there. It’s the Olympics!!! I’d be out supporting my family if they were out qualifying for anything. They don’t seem to do much of that tho. Missed opportunities

    1. She will not go to Olympics, she has not qualified.

      Zara seems normal, doesn’t think herself better of others.

      1. Don’t mean to be persnickety, but Zara/High Kingdom did qualify for Rio. But they were not selected. The long list of entries was announced yesterday and, from that, four teams will be selected on July 5 to go to Rio.

        After High Kingdom’s injury last year, I don’t think he was quite up to Olympic standards after the lengthy recovery period when they couldn’t compete.

    2. Zara is very lucky that most of her poor behaviour and bad fashions happened before social media and no one is interested in her younger years and have forgotten how awful her public behaviour was.

      She was a drunk mess, once brawling in public, her clothes were really, REALLY awful. By any standards, awful. Chavtastic awful.

      ETA: Dm still has article up

      She used to dress like this

      And many, many horrors.

      She wasn’t as high profile as she currently is, which meant that her public clothes were always memorable and memorably bad.

      However, once she became more high profile, her fashion improved either via a stylist or better sense of fashion. She’s very elegant these days, but she’s come a long way.

      1. Eek! I agree with Rhiannon-we needed a warning for those!! I didn’t realize how busty she was. At first I thought the cowboy one wasn’t so bad until you posted the other pics!
        I haven’t always been a royal follower. Although, I love great biographies on deceased ones, so I guess the interest was there. I was in Amsterdam a few wks before the Queen was stepping down and the proprietor of where I was staying was lamenting the fact that we were just going to miss the hoopla. I had no idea there was still royalty in the nertherlands!! Now, I love me some Maxima!
        So getting some of the back stories is always interesting to me. That’s why these round ups are fun because it helps expose some of the other royal families and get other people’s perspective of them too.
        I know KMR said she wanted to keep politics off her board but to the English posters can I just say I’m interested in seeing how the voting goes tomorrow!!

      2. That is just a hot mess. Who cleaned her up? Did someone crack down on her or did they hire a service? She looks well-behaved and respectable now.

  14. Mia Tinsdale is just precious. I want to fly to London with my baby and let them have a play date.
    The wonderful way she allowed to be a little girl is so heartwarming. She’s a star — just like Estelle and Leonore!

    Eugenie is just beautiful and I think she is coming into her own. It’s been difficult for the York sisters, but as people see Kate for who she really is, the York Women should rise and continue to shine.

    Wasn’t Harry great with little Mia? So sad that he is not seen that way with his own niece and nephew. Kate would have a fit. I can still see her wagging her finger at little George as he traipsed along the gravel road on the way to his sister’s christening What was she so afraid that he would do? Geez, you would think George was a teenager about to pull off his first heist of a convenience store the way she reacted to him!
    Mary Elizabeth and her youngest were my angels today. Babysitting while I took care of things for my sister. Mary Elizabeth’s two kids would be great friends for Mia, too. They are adorable!

  15. I agree, Eugenie looks stunning in the red dress and delivering a speech with what looks like poise and confidence. I like Eugenie’s two Ascot dresses as well. The first dress in particular and Beatrices second dress. I was thinking Beatrice needed more support but being a big girl myself I always worried how it will come across. Eugenie is very pretty.

    I adore the photos of Zara and her extended family. Little Mia is adorable and Harry playing with her melts my heart. I like the fact Mia can play about picking up croquet mallets and run. Also the photo of Anne holding Mia. Who says that Anne is cold. Anne does her duty but you can see the body language of those two.

    Can my middle niece be friends with Mia too? My middle niece is feeling rather left out. Though does gym routines with her older sister.

  16. A little off topic but i had to laugh and needed like-minded people:). I just watched the video of Kate singing ‘wouldn’t it be loverly’ from My Fair Lady (another Kate site has it posted). Anyway, the comments made me laugh because i can’t believe how fanatical the Kate obsessed are. There are comments saying how great of a voice she has, so beautiful and she could have gone professional because she is that good. Also, how her training in drama has helped her today and how evident it is with her breath and confidence, etc. These cracked me up! Kate sounds like a normal kid singing, not bad, but not enough to say she could be professional. And as far as her “drama training” helping her today, it has not since she doesn’t breath properly in speeches. Sorry, i need to vent with rational people. I just can’t believe how bad some Kate fans are. She could kill someone and still these fans would think she is perfect. I don’t get it! I really don’t. I don’t know of anyone can put someone on a such a pedestal. It is not healthy at all and they are the reason Kate and Will get away with so much.

    Here is the link:

    1. Eh. She’s fine for a kid. I was in a musical when I was about 10 and we sounded about as “professional” as Kate does in that video.

      I completely disagree with those fans about her “drama training” helping her in her royal role, though. Her speech-giving is terrible and she breathes at really odd places.

      1. Exactly! She is fine for a kid. No way though could she have gone professional from this video. LOL. I just get so tired of those obsessed with Kate trying to make her out to be better and more perfect than anyone else. It is just crazy.

        1. Overit and KMR, you are correct in all ways.
          Kate, singing from My Fair Lady! If she were that good and her mum knew it, Carole would have been the biggest Stage Mother of all. The Royal Academy would have been her school and she would not have needed William. She’d be successful on her own.

          Her breathing is shallow and her poise is non-existent. Yeah, I feel like venting, too. Tired, cranky and just wishing it would hurry up and rain. Get it out of the way so the sun can shine on. Hope it’s cooler where you are, Overit.

          Kate as Eliza Dolittle! Well, at least she continues to Do Little, if anything, at all. “Ah, wouldn’t it be loverly?!”

  17. Eugenie has looked so beautiful these past two weeks. Bea not so much, but she’s having fun with her style. I do feel sorry for them – the press rarely has anything nice to say about them.

    I thought Sophie’s outfit was a rare miss. That hat looks like a frilled lizard.

    I think Kate and William didn’t show up because they are jealous of Mia’s cuteness. After all, no one talked about G&C in the birthday photo with the Queen. Mia got all the publicity by holding the Queen’s handbag. I doubt you’ll see the kids together as Mia will upstage the two perfect Cambridge children. I don’t think Kate could deal with that.

  18. Eugenie had a great week from the church service through Ascot. I don’t know if she had someone advising her or just made some great calls, but she looked wonderful. And good for her to work with UNAIDS.

    Mia, Mia, Mia is a little bundle of unadulterated energy and joy. She just seems to glow. I would love to see George (and one day Charlotte) running around like that. They are always so contained. And the photos of Mia with Harry are wonderful At least he gets his time in with some little ones for fun. I imagine the time he gets with George and Charlotte are much of the same, at least I hope it is.

    Great round up. Thank you KMR!

  19. Eugenie looks beautiful. Just love the red dress, but she seems to be striking out to be a real individual with such poise and charm, she is still only young. How impressive.
    I think it is terrific that she is showing some passion and substance, affiliating herself with the Unaids.
    I think her star can only keep shining and be on the rise.
    Love Sophie’s outfit, she can get away with wearing a design like that it is so unusual.

  20. It’s entirely possible Sophie is taking gifts or loans from designers. I know Kate won’t accept clothing for free, but perhaps Sophie does. I hope she does! She deserves to look nice as well. I gift free product all of the time to influential bloggers and Instagrammers. I’d gift one of my products to Sophie in a heartbeat lol. I just adore her.

    1. None of them are allowed to do that so I doubt Sophie is.

      Exceptions are things like the gown she was given by the DoE scheme in a country they were visiting. It was logged as an official gift and she’s worn it several times.

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