Queen Elizabeth attends society wedding, Prince Charles walks bride down the aisle

Queen Elizabeth attends society wedding, Prince Charles walks bride down the aisle

Queen Elizabeth made a rare appearance at a society wedding over the weekend, attending the wedding of Alexandra Knatchbull to Thomas Hooper at Romsey Abbey, Hampshire.

Alexandra Knatchbull, 33, is the great-granddaughter of the late Louis Mountbatten (Prince Philip‘s uncle), and her father is Norton Knatchbull, the 8th Lord Brabourne (friend of Prince Charles and godfather of Prince William). Alexandra is also one of Princess Diana‘s goddaughters.

The “society wedding of the year” brought out several royals, including the Queen and Philip, Princess Anne, Princess Alexandra, Queen Sofia of Spain, and King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece.

Charles walked the bride down the aisle instead of her father. I’ve seen claims that this was due to Lord Brabourne’s “ill health”, but he ditched his marriage in 2010 and ran away to the Bahamas with a fashion designer (that relationship ended in 2014, he now lives in a converted barn on the Brabourne estate), and a family friend says Alexandra was “furious” at her father for leaving her mother, so that may have played a role in why she asked Charles to walk her down the aisle instead. Alexandra’s parents walked into the church arm-in-arm, for what it’s worth.

I cannot find an Id on Alexandra’s ivory satin gown with cap-sleeves, but she wore the Mountbatten Star Tiara and a lace veil. I’m not a huge fan of the tiara – those pointy button/star tiaras just aren’t my favorite design – and I dislike the seem around the bust on the dress, but I appreciate the simplicity of the gown.

There are lots of photos over at the Daily Mail.

I think it’s nice that Charles got asked to walk Alexandra down the aisle. He doesn’t have a daughter of his own – though he wanted one – so it’s a nice gesture.

I also think the Queen looked cheery in her salmon pink outfit and Singapore Peranakan Diamond Jubilee Brooch.


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  1. I liked the simplicity of the dress – but I would have had the bodice seam a bit lower. I thought her mother looked stunning – that will be very hard to beat as a Mother of the Bride outfit.

    1. I like the simplicity of the dress too, but like you think that bodice seam should have been under the bust. I think this is a dress that will date well, the bride will not be looking at her wedding photos in 10 years time and thinking “yikes, what was I thinking?”

      Nice that Charles got to walking the bride down the aisle too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I loved her dress. It’s so simple and elegant. There was a suggestion that it was made by a small independent design studio called Tephi, and there is a photo in their gallery that looks like a similar dress, but it’s hard to tell because the bride is in a group lineup/hug so you only see the cap sleeves.( pic no 1 in their gallery)


    One thing i will point out is that those Mountbatten genes are very strong.

    The Bride could be *William’s sister. They have the same nose, mouth and teeth. It’s the first time i’ve noticed anything on William that is Mountbatten specific. Beatrice’s teeth are the same though her mouth comes from Victoria.

    *i mention William specifically rather than William and Harry due to the identical mouth, teeth and nose. Even the long faces (heads?!) Though William’s heavy jaw comes from the Spencers.

    It’s odd because i think Harry looks like a cross between Queen Mary and Prince Philip, yet his specific features aren’t as strong as any one of them to extent that William’s features are strongly in favour of all the people he resembles.

    On a final note, Princess Alexandra was there as was Princess Florence who is descended directly from Kaiser Wilhelm II.

    Ditto Princess Irene, the little known youngest sibling of Queen Sophia and ex-King Constantine, and members of the Jordanian royal family.

    Funfact: this particular Jordanian Prince was heir to the throne until the last few months of King Hussein’s life when his nephew, the current King was named the new heir in his place. Not sure if this is standard procedure, and there do not seem to be any hard feelings or scandal precipitating the change unlike in Dubai.

    1. My goodness, Herazeus: the bride looks so much like William; sister indeed!

      I thought the wedding dress understated and elegant, especially the sleeves with that little pinch at the top. The bride’s mother looked stunning in pewter, with the bridesmaid and flower girls really pretty in blush. The men also looked wonderful in their morning dress.

    2. I heard that, back in a the day, they wanted her to be William’s WIFE but, in hind side, I’m glad she’s not because Alexandra is a tad bit too closely related and she would’ve brought back a genetic disease back *into* the BRF. From what I’ve read about her, she’s quite bright (graduated from Oxford and Georgetown) and, because of her brother’s history with drugs, it looks like he’ll get the title but she’ll be inheriting the family estate (aka: mother load) after her father dies.

      Also, I think it’s incredibly sweet that Charles had the honor of walking Amanda down the aisle. Like you said, he and Diana never had a little girl of their own and it’s clear (from how excited he was at Charlotte’s arrival plus archived footage) he love the delightful, delicate side that girls bring to a family.

      1. I’m pretty sure that some of those genetic diseases are still running riot within the family, but are covered up. For example, the Current Duke of Gloucester’s brother had porphyria. This is a disease seen repeatedly in the royal families of Britain, Prussia and various German aristocratic families all of whom share a genetic link.

        In the BRF, it was thought to have afflicted both Mary, Queen of Scots and George 3.

        Hemophilia was something that showed up in Victoria’s children and grandchildren and extended family members with her Germanic family connection. Since they married into other royal families, they spread the diseases to those families.

      2. I think it was sweet of Prince Charles to step in and make the bride comfortable over an uncomfortable family issue on the day. She must have been very upset with her father. I join the *I love the simplicity of the gown* club.

        My favorite part is reading the husband was sent to live in the barn. I realize it is a converted barn and probably nice, but it is funny.

        1. Totally agree.

          This wedding seem so regal, respectable and grand. Everyone seem very regal, true aristo lovely – so much more than prince normal billy middleton, cannot, kids cambridge; with middleton climbers.

      3. Kimothy, I have been pre-occupied with other things and I don’t know if I replied to your wonderful post on your trip to Cleveland. I am sending you a warm hug and many congrats for all you do! I hope the good outweighed the problems you mentioned. Setting up such a big event can be tough and unless all the details are hammered out and handled most efficiently, there can be ripples. I just hope that your memories of the Games will be positive and that the people whom you met, whom you want to stay friendly with, are now part of your life. They are lucky to know you, as are we!

      4. **face palm** Did I really call her by the correct name the first time and then I call the poor girl “Amanda”?! Epic brain fart on my part!!! D’oh!! And I too LOVE the simplicity of her dress though the tiara *did* get lost in the veil (which I also loved–those tiny dots in the veil are so sweet!).

    3. Herazeuz, I always learn so much from you. Thank you for all your comments.
      I thought the bride looked beautiful and I also enjoyed the elegant simplicity of her dress. The sleeves said it all!

      I also think it was very touching for PC to walk the bride down the aisle. Who can blame her for being so upset with her father?

      Even if William was playing polo, Kate could not attend? W and K continue to amaze me. Oh, well.

      Thanks, KMR, for covering this wedding.

    4. When I first saw the photos on the DM site I immediately thought about William’s teeth. Talk about a family resemblance. It’s a very good thing these two didn’t marry.

      I like the simplicity of her dress. Nothing so over the top that it borders on being a costume.

      Charles walking her down the aisle was very sweet. I’m sure he’ll always remember that moment.

      Can we get a shout out for Prince Philip?? He looked wonderful. I was very impressed by his attire.

      Does anyone know if William and Kate were invited? And if so did they not go because Kate didn’t want to upstage the bride again or they were just rude?

      Anyway, it was lovely (and a bit surprising) to see all the royalty that turned out for the wedding. I wish them many years of marriage. And I mean that sincerely. I really don’t want to read about them separating two years from now.

      1. I don’t think Kate could’ve upstaged her. That’s such a lame excuse to not attend the wedding. “I’m so popular, I don’t want to attend your wedding because I’m so popular it will ruin your day.”

    5. Herazues,you are amazing , your information about the jordanian rayal family is so accurate , king Hussein may he RIP changed his heir few weeks before his death of cancer , prince hassan was prince region for around 57 years,it was tough for him at the beginning but then seems to have gatten over it,he has his own mission in life now,interreligious and intercultural research and dialogue , his wife is from Pakistan and she has always worn their traditional pakistani dress that she is even wearing to the wedding here.

    1. They may not have been invited! William’s idea of a wedding is getting off his face drunk; Kate can’t be bothered. A good turn out from the older members of the BRF, as well as European royals, all of whom looked and behaved elegantly. It appeared to be a lovely event for all. Good of Charles to step in to ease family problems.

    2. The bride’s brother Nicholas was, at one time, very good friends with William (they went to Eton together). Then William’s RPO’s busted Nicholas for drug possession. Heroin and crack cocaine, I think it was.

    3. Kate was probably prepping for Wimbledon. Personally, I wouldn’t want her at my wedding. Those deranged faces she makes would spoil the pictures.

  3. Mother of the Bride…..wow, wow, wow. She has to be one of the best turned out women of the year. Loved the tulle blush bridesmaids dresses, and I liked the Bride’s simple dress but the fabric did look a little crumpled which is a bug bear of mine. I think it was very wise to keep it simple with such a spectacular headpiece and top marks for a Cathedral veil. So romantic.

    Despite the hugely aristocratic turnout there was a real feel of home country wedding about this. Mind you it was a home venue wasn’t it? Prince Charles looks so charming…..I didn’t see Camilla in any of the photos?

      1. If Camilla wasn’t invited there is no way PoW would attend. He fell out with the Van Cutsems over a perceived snub to Camilla when one of their children got married. In fact Gyles Brandreth says that it was the snub delivered to Camilla by the Vans that was what finally pushed PoW into marrying her. He’s very quick to anger if he sees Camilla not being treated according to her status……regardless of the Diana issue. There was another huge spat.re. Diana’s 10 year Memorial service too when he was insistent that Camilla was there even though she eventually pulled out.

        1. I agree MrsBBV, that Camilla was invited but in the end decided not to attend. Or her back might be causing her some pain and since she has engagements in France at the end of this week, she decided to stay home and rest.

          1. I agree Lauri. My feeling with Camilla is that while Charles insists she be given respect et al, she reads a situation more intuitively. I can well understand her pulling out of Diana’s 10 year memorial! No good would have come from that. With regard to this wedding, the reasons for not attending are plausible.

          2. Jen, I agree. Camilla seems far more laid back and chill and isn’t quick to stand on royal dignity in any fashion while Charles and William both are. You never forget they are HRH because of their behavior, especially William. Camilla never wanted any of it anyway from the off, way before Diana.

  4. Alexandra looked gorgeous. I’m a huge fan of simplicity in dress and think hers was one of the loveliest wedding dresses I’ve seen in a while. Also love the veil.

    Wonderful to see a joyful Charles walk with her into the church. There must be a lot of pain regarding her father’s behaviour which might include more transgressions than his running off with another woman. Mother of the bride and the queen looked beautiful. And the small local wedding is much more elegant than a huge monster wedding aka W & K’s.

  5. I wonder if Camilla did not attend it might have been because the bride was Diana’s god daughter? It may have been a sensitive acknowledgement to the bride. Old history still runs deep.

    1. It might be the reason Cam didn’t attend, but I’m sure she would’ve still been invited. How rude would it be to invite a husband and not his wife?!

  6. What a lovely looking couple!!! I do like the simplicity of the dress but I do wonder why a woman would want her bust cut in half?? I recall this “style” was popular a few years back and I never could get with that program. I agree with you KMR, prong tiaras aren’t my favorite either, they remind me of moose antlers, but I do like how the tiara and veil worked together for Alexandra, the tiara added a bit of bling and the veil covered the prong-y-ness of the tiara.

    The mother of the bride looked lovely, a perfect MOB outfit! I’ve read a bit about the whole scandal and have to hand it to Penny for taking charge of the Broadlands estate, she seems to be a very determined and strong woman.

    How lovely did the Queen look today!!! This peach color really compliments her beautiful complexion…sigh. And I really liked Anne’s outfit today, although I think I would have gone with a cream purse and shoes the black is a bit to jarring with such a summery outfit. In fact, I would say the same out the Queen’s purse and shoes, the black just has to go.

    1. Lauri, I hope you are doing well. I hated reading that you had not been feeling well,. Hopefully, your meds are helping. Best to you.

      1. Hi Jenny, awww how sweet of you to ask after me!!! I’m not feeling as well as I’d hope too by now but steady improvement everyday. Of course, 107 degree heat and smoke from various wildfires isn’t helping all that much but I’m back to work today.

        1. Hi, Lauri:

          Gosh I hope you will be feeling better soon. And, stay safe from that heat and all the fires. What a nightmare.

          You and rhiannon are being sent good wishes by everyone on this blog, I know. You both are such an important part of all the comments. So on top of your game, you two!

  7. This struck me (a Yank so going from history books and movies) as a beautiful, classic English wedding. Gorgeous, traditional, old but breathing history site, blushing bride in her lovely dress, everyone with smiling eyes, a perfect kiss at the end. The Queen looks fantastic as always. She’s incredible in every color. The mother-of-the-bride killed it; she made him realize what an idiot he is. I doubt that K&W would want to be there since the world has to revolve around them.

    1. I think this is the kind of wedding that Harry will have but at St George’s Chapel, Windsor. I don’t think Harry will have a state occasion if he can get away with it. Are you listening Rhiannon? Xx

        1. Don’t despair. I think if the Queen is still will us he might, out of respect to her have the full state affair. I am just of the opinion that Harry would be much happier with a family affair. He’s not as grand as William likes to be.

          1. I understand! Still, I want all the trappings for Rhiannon and Harry. I want her to arrive at the Church in the glass coach. I want the amazing appearance by Harry and Rhiannon and all the Royals on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. Isn’t it closing soon for renovations? We need to get this wedding scheduled!!!

            And, I so agree that Harry is not as grand as William likes to be.
            Harry has won all our hearts. William? Gosh, I still remember swooning over him when I was a teen. What happened? He just is not the same guy!


          2. I remember all this talk how William hated the wedding and all the fuss and how he hates tradition and whatnot, so I can see him having hated the whole thing yet believes he’s oh so entitled to it–thus the made up term of ‘semi state wedding’ to make a big affair of the wedding.

  8. I thought the bride looked lovely. Her dress was so simple, so elegant. I loved the veil, too.
    Seeing PC with her was very touching. Especially after hearing what the bride’s father did to the family. I think it was very endearing of Charles to step in and give the bride away. He was very charming with her!

    Saw many pix on the Daily Mail and agree that the mother of the bride looked fantastic. HM also looked just beautiful. Glad in a way that Kate and William did not attend. Kate’s presence would have overshadowed the bride. After all, it was her day and her groom’s. Hope they will be happy.

    1. I think you’re right. I am sure I’ve read somewhere that when Melissa Percy married the Van Strawberry at Alnwick / Hogwarts, her Mother, the Duchess of Northumberland asked that Kate stay away and let the bride have her day. The Percy family certainly have the clout to do that. They practically own the North of England and have a lineage that’s more far English than our Royal Family.

    2. I so agree Mary Elizabeth, a Kate-free wedding can be a very good thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, since their own wedding they have attended very few of their friends weddings, I wonder why?

        1. Hi, Mary Elizabeth! Thank you for asking. I got out the hospital yesterday evening. First let me say that nurses and their care partners are angels. There were lots of cheers, hugs, and tears when I left.

          I had my 5 doses of the IVIG treatment and started physical therapy. I will admit that I broke down when they brought the walker into my room. I will have about 5 weeks of PT and OT ahead of me. I was told that my health and fitness levels will be a hugs help as I recover. GBS is cured, but can take time.

    3. I actually don’t think Kate would have overshadowed the bride. The guest there probably could have cared less and would have focused on the bride. Plus, with all the other royalty there, she wouldn’t have gotten any more attention than the Queen or Charles.

      I know Kate has used that excuse in the past about not going to weddings so that she didn’t overshadow the bride. It has always rubbed me the wrong way. It just sounds so conceited of her to say that and very self absorbed. The media might focus on her, but i don’t think anyone at these Aristocratic weddings care about Kate more than the bride. From the sound of it, a lot of them don’t like Kate. Maybe that is the reason she never goes to weddings.

      1. Oh I agree Overit, the other guests don’t care about Kate attending or not but realistically Kate would receive the bulk of the press attention, as usual. I don’t know if Kate’s “friends” would really want her attending just due to the fact that where she goes the press and/or paps are sure to follow and who would want that nightmare at their wedding?

      2. Unfortunately, whatever the occasion – eg Trooping of the Colour – Kate ends up getting most of the media attention wherever she goes. That’s an editorial decision, and a really tedious and unnecessary one at that. I think it goes with being William’s wife, relatively young and attractive, and what sells. Sigh. I can well understand Kate deciding to stay away though I also don’t think she is desperately interested in going either.

        1. I agree that any woman that married William would have gotten this much attention. It is actually not about Kate, but the position. I know she gets a lot of media attention, but i was actually just referring to the wedding guests. I was saying that Kate doesn’t attend because she doesn’t want to draw attention away from the bride, but the guests and groom whom are the only ones that matter, probably could care less about Kate. There focus is still on the bride. It is only the media that would take the attention, but in all honesty, a lot of the weddings she attends wouldn’t have the media there without her. So it is not like she is taking photos away from the bride when the media wouldn’t have come before. I was just saying she doesn’t take attention away from the bride concerning the guests, so if she thinks she does, then that is a bit conceited and silly.

          1. Oh yes, I see conceit could well be construed from Kate’s comments too. I’m sure guests at any wedding go to support their friends and family, and certainly not to see a prominent person who happens to be a guest. Press would only be there if royalty or celebrities were in attendance, though subsequent press coverage skews the day’s intent, more’s the pity. That probably doesn’t worry the happy couple, it’s just a tiresome bit of nonsense from the media.

          2. Sorry, if I wasn’t clear, yes I completely agree with you regarding the guests or the bride and groom not caring one twit if she attends or not. And yes, I can totally see her being a bit conceited and silly in that way.

    4. Kate’s fans say she never attends social events now as not to upstage the bride, or whatever the event is.

      More like she burned all those bridges while climbing over everyone to get to William and they’re not about to put up with her crap anymore, IMO.

      1. Or she’s lazy and doesn’t want to pretend to care about William’s friends anymore?

        1. My take is that, since she’s now officially Mrs. Prince William, she doesn’t need to kiss their @sses anymore to hook the guy.

      2. I think that she feels inadequate concerning her limited grammar and speech, and even though her family now has money she is acutely aware that they will never be on the same level as William’s family and friends. I think it’s the reason Kate wants her family to be included in everything she possibly could, to make them pseudo-Aristocrats, e.g., the signet ring, the Royal Box, etc.. Aristocrats are those who come from “old money” and the Middletons are not. I don’t know if she cared about unsavoury comments, but for me, I would be utterly ashamed, if my mother took money from my husband, to the tune of 9 million pounds to another home. That, coupled with her pre-marital past, would be enough to get the tongues wagging. I guess keeping away, snubbing the invitation, is her way of getting back at them. And, albeit she wears expensive dresses and jewelery she’ll always be *waity kaity* to those people.

    1. …’.but the rest of us can aspire to more than lobotomy by advert.” While I know this last line of this article relates to fashion, it does however simply express how I feel about the constant media PR push of Kate the Great, the Savior of the Monarchy, ad nauseam, ad nauseam, ad nauseam, as though we are having a “lobotomy by advert.”

      Thanks so much for sharing this link Overit!

    2. I’m tired of being bashed into submission by really dumb media who need to praise Kate Middleton to the hilt for doing nothing. She is not a fashion icon, she’s not anything except vapid and lazy. At least this article attempts to remove the rose-coloured glasses.

  9. I really like the bride’s dress. I have to laugh at some of the comments because as soon as I saw the first picture, I knew a lot of people weren’t going to like that seam across the bust. For some reason, it doesn’t bother me. I seem to remember a dress of mine that was cut that way. I think it was about 1967. I noticed the wrinkles but I am not sure with a dress that simple that they could have been avoided. Maybe if she got dressed at the church but otherwise, wrinkles happen when you wear things. Don’t love the tiara but it didn’t show up all that well in the pictures. Hopefully it is one that looks better in person than in a photograph. Also loved the bride’s mother. She is a very elegant lady.

  10. I was just over at the Royal Hat blog when a thought occurred to me. Lady Brabourne is a very elegant sixty three. Her hair style is very similar to Kate’s favorite up-do. Kate is only 34 but it doesn’t look anywhere near as elegant on her. This is all the more reason why Kate needs a new hairdresser.

    1. And maybe a younger hairdresser? Amanda Cook Tucker is in her 50s. Kate needs someone younger who can style her hair like a 34 year old and not a 50 year old.

  11. Thanks KMR for the beautiful photographs and details of this wedding.
    The bride is absolutely beautiful. And, the Queen and Prince Philip, what can I say –soigne. Prince Charles,who is always so dapper and debonair looking, looked even –moreso walking the bride down the aisle. PC looked so happy, contented and very pleased indeed. I happen to think that PC is the best dressed male of the BRF, Prince Philip used to be the No.1, when in his prime, but that honor now goes to Prince Charles. Camilla’s clothes are very tastefully put together as well, and together, they make for a very dignified and sophisticated couple. IMO. Kate and William should take some lessons from PC and Camilla, but, I doubt that this duo would ever admit that they have imperfections. Kate and Carole know it all when it comes to dressing up.

    The bride’s mother is the epitome of sophistication. WOW! She makes Carole Middleton at Kate’s wedding look ordinary,instead of the mother of the bride. I happen to very much like Princess Anne’s outfit; the color suits her perfectly. I have two dresses that are similar in color, and always receives compliments whenever I wear them.
    I am wondering why W&K were not at the wedding. Maybe, they weren’t invited, or they were, but are trying to recuperate from the *hard work*and time-consuming events for the Queen’s birthday and Trooping the color? Additionally, let’s remember that Wimbledon is now here, and it’s a very laborious task for KM/W having to sit through the matches showcasing their favorite players. They’ll need a very long vacation after Wimbles is over. I wonder if Kate will be wearing her *royal blue* and/or other 50 shades of everytime blue when she makes her appearances. Poor Kate, it must be awful for her having to spend her hard-earned money on those blue outfits. What a shame!

  12. The mother of the bride was perfection for me. Every detail of her look added to her perfect score. I hope her husband realizes what a dope he was. Hopefully she makes him grovel in the barn the rest of his life! Serves him right for thinking with his…well – you know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. It goes without saying that the mother of the brid’s dress is to kill for , she also reminds me so much of princess diana may she RIP,as she used to be in lots of the late princess pictures , she still looks the same with a little touch of age , talking about aging gracefully .It was lovely seeing queen Ann-Marie whose beauty is defying her age, now beside the fact that all the guests looked elegant and lovely , the queen radiant as usual and princess ann elegant in pink , I love how the European royal families are all related to each other at the end .

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