Prince William continues his focus on male suicide prevention

Prince William continues his focus on male suicide prevention

And by “continues”, I mean he made his second ever visit on behalf of male suicide prevention yesterday, May 12 (his first was back in March). Prince William visited CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), which is part of the Heads Together campaign, for the launch of a coalition of frontline services to help tackle the issue of male suicide.

William CALM round table May 12
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The coalition, convened by CALM, includes Samaritans and frontline services: National Rail, Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), Highways England, British Transport Police, and the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Chief Fire Officers Association, and the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives. These agencies are joined by Unilever’s male grooming brand Lynx, one of CALM’s key partners.

William attended the coalition’s inaugural roundtable discussion and then visited the RNLI Tower Lifeboat Station to meet first responders who deal with male suicide on a daily basis.

During the roundtable discussion, William said:

    “In some of my charity work I have come across issues like this before and, coupled with my air ambulance work where my first job was a male suicide, I realised starkly how big a problem we have in this country. It was really close to me on that first day one of the guys told me that they have five suicides or at least attempted suicides a day in East Anglia alone. I like to think I am fairly well tuned into the charitable world but I hadn’t heard about this at all. My thing really is to get more men talking about their issues before it is too late and to stop feeling so strong and unable to seek help. It can destroy families, it can destroy lives.”


While talking with first responders at RNLI, William had this exchange with Stuart Simpson of the Met Police Marine Unit:

    “William asked: ‘Do you guys think that some young guys don’t talk about their issues enough, don’t want to talk about this before it is too late?’
    “Mr Simpson replied: ‘Well it’s a macho world, isn’t it. It’s very much social media, not want wanting to talk about your feelings. It’s often more macho to open up and show your feelings but a lot of men don’t see it that way.'”

[Daily Mail]

At the roundtable discussion, Jane Powell, CEO of CALM, said:

    “Suicide is frequently bracketed as the actions of the ‘mentally ill’. However, from our helpline we know that men who are suicidal are often tackling the kinds of life problems which can affect any of us, male or female, although it’s damned hard for men to admit to needing help or even find it. With the support of these male-dominated industries who know only too well the impact of suicide, we’re determined to normalise getting men help.”

Jonny Benjamin, who William met back in March, was also at the discussion and said:

    “It’s great to see this fantastic coalition of emergency and transport agencies come together with CALM and Samaritans around the issue of male suicide. There is a real need for a resource to help men feel able to offer help, whether that’s a stranger on a bridge or your best mate.”


Back in March, I listed out some general statistics on suicide in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and listed out a bunch of warning sings and risk factors. If you would like to read those, please see my March 10 post. I’m going to list out some more male-specific suicide statistics in this post.

In the United Kingdom (from a 2015 government report with statistics for 2013):

  • There were 4,858 male suicides registered in the UK in 2013.
  • The UK suicide rate was 11.9 deaths per 100,000 population in 2013.
  • Of the total number of suicides registered in 2013 in the UK, 78% were male and 22% were female.
  • The male suicide rate was more than three times higher than the female rate, with 19.0 male deaths per 100,000 compared to 5.1 female deaths.
  • The highest UK suicide rate in 2013 by broad age group among men was age 45-59, at 25.1 deaths per 100,000.
  • Suicide remains the leading cause of death in England and Wales for men aged 20-34 (24% of all deaths in 2013) and for men aged 35-49 (13% of all deaths in 2013).
  • A generally downward trend in suicide rates was observed between 1981 and 2007, but there has been an increase in suicide rates since 2007.

In the United States (from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention):

  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death.
  • Each year 42,773 Americans die by suicide.
  • The annual suicide rate is 12.93 per 100,000 individuals.
  • On average, there are 117 suicides per day.
  • Males are 3.5 times more likely than females to die by suicide.
  • White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2014.
  • The rate of suicide is highest in ages 45-64 — white men in particular.

Some suicide prevention hotlines and websites:

USA: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) – Suicide Prevention Lifeline

William visited Oxford University’s Magdalen College to open a brand new library on May 11 and made some comments. From the Daily Mail:

    “Speaking about his time at St Andrew’s University, [William] said: ‘I can’t say I was a regular attender of libraries.’ […]
    “Jack Barber, 21, who is reading history at Magdalen and helped raise money for the refurbishment, said William spotted that his book had been placed as a prop for the visit. ‘He saw my book and it was obviously the first one I plucked off the shelf. He said: ‘Enjoy your pretend studying’.’ […]
    “William also revealed to two major benefactors at the library that he struggled with pronunciation of the college’s name. He asked Dusty and Hilarie Huscher whether the ‘g’ in Magdalen was silent, and they confirmed that it was pronounced ‘maud’ rather than ‘mag’. […]
    “William also met a student carrying a poster which read ‘Welcome William’ and mentioned his Heads Together mental health campaign. Katie Shepherd, 20, a biology student at the college, said that while the Duke was pleased to see a reference to the campaign, it showed that she had not been studying hard. ‘He mentioned that I had spent more time doing this rather than work. He joked: ‘typical student’.’ […]
    “While touring the school, the Duke joked with one student who had taken a year off from working as a journalist at the BBC in Indonesia. Alice Budisatrijo, who is studying for a Masters degree in public policy, said of her conversation with William: ‘I said I work for the BBC and he said, ‘I won’t hold that against you’.'”

William also said The Gruffalo is his, George’s, and Charlotte’s favorite book.

I know you guys have talked about some of these comments in the previous comment thread, but I bring them up because the one that bothers me the most is the comment to the woman who had #HeadsTogether on her poster. Really, William, you’re going to scold someone for taking the time to care about the mental health campaign you’re trying to launch? In what world does that make sense?

Today is a two post day with a post about Kate’s recent written messages and future appearances also. I will have a post on Prince Harry closing out the Invictus Games tomorrow (I was going to do that today, but they haven’t put Harry’s speech transcript online as of time of posting).

76 thoughts on “Prince William continues his focus on male suicide prevention

  1. All I can say is – what a total jerk, the things he said to the students at Oxford.

    William, you got into St Andrews for being royal. You didn’t even deserve to be there. So don’t you insult students from yet another fantastic university you would never belong in.

    Thanks for covering this, KMR. You know it raised my hackles big time. Ugh.

    1. Is he an idiot? I’m serious. Or does he just not understand the definition of “Tact” and how to be polite.

      He’s not funny. He’s embarrassing.

      1. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, this coupled with his arrogance makes for awkward moments…

      2. I think because nobody ever tells him that is rude, and probably never did as a child, and considering people act like royals are the best thing ever… They all laugh, so he thinks he’s oh so funny, clever and amazing. No sense of tact, responsibility, or anything. I still cannot believe what an a-hole he was for mocking the girl who talked to him about the Heads Together campaign.

    2. Yeah, his jokes about “typical student” and not going to the library are more indicative of HIS student life. There are reports that he didn’t try very hard at St. Andrews.

      His jokes fall flatter than pancakes. Please stop already.

  2. It has always really bothered me that Kate and William always refer to ‘their charity work’ when talking in a speech, a group or a letter. They always have to refer to ‘through my charity work’. I don’t know why, but this has always annoyed me, like they are reminding people how much they do and how much they know.

    As for what William said to the student-at least she does some research, which is more than we can say for him! He could learn something from these students. He thinks he is being so funny and yet he comes off as such a tool!

    1. That bugs me too. “Through my charity work” sounds robotic, rehearsed, and technical. Most of all, impersonal- the opposite of what we want to see from someone involved in causes.

      1. I agree. I have never seen William express emotion or Kate for that matter. However I did read something about William being saddened about something. I think William and Kate need to reassess what work is. Eugenie , Beatrice and Harry run rings around them.

    2. What charity work? Does he mean turning up on the odd occasion, asking a few obvious questions, then disappearing? I resent him and Kate calling whatever they do ‘work’. It’s not. He needs to be far more diligent and genuinely involved to bring this very serious matter to prominence. The basic questions are just not searching enough and are a dead giveaway to his disinterest.

      1. William stated, “I like to think I am fairly well tuned into the charitable world…” IMO the problem with W&K is they think they work hard and have more knowledge than they really have.

        I have a friend who told me every single person she has ever fired claims they are hard workers. I wish it was simple and W&K could be fired for poor performance.

  3. I have never found William to be particularly funny.He comes across as trying too hard and that kills the humour.

  4. What a jerk with crappy things to quip. I hope he keeps this up, because he needs to be further raked over the coals and reined in. (At the rate he’s going, the monarchy will really be in deep trouble.)

  5. Greetings Everyone,

    The Monarchy is in deep shit with this idiot (all the PR in the world are not going to save him or his cardboard mrs).

    big willy and babykins have as much compassion as the polar ice cap.

    Cannot be bothered being really polite anymore – might as well just say it as it is.

    I am too tired, and too sick of the lamebridges. End of.

    Need an hour or so to re-charge my brain and batteries. And coffee by I.V.

    Sea is rough, wind is brutal – but everyone keeping things real and honest gives me hope.

    Kindest regards,

    Fair winds and calm seas to all. See you on the other side..

    The Wild Rose

    1. Hi Wild Rose,
      You always make my day with your posts. Hope you stay safe and think of us when a whale tape gracefully flicks to the surface or sun shimmers in the water.
      Tired of Willy and Ms. They both wear their constipated “learning” to every event when they are crotch clutching. They are two beige walls echoing each other.
      All my best

    2. And the polar ice cap is melting, no? Not a chance that the cambridge cardboard cutouts will change and metaphorically speaking they’re weathered and worn and not showing well. These two are absolutely worse than useless. “My charity work”. That sets me off like a fat little firecracker and it ranks right up there with prince ‘just this side of legal’s’ comment at that big conference after having been named in a scandal, something to the effect of ‘I just want to continue my work’. What work? The rudest nastiest little man, and now here’s good old Billy Middleton with close to the same comment. He doesn’t do charity work, and to haul out his heli gig? That was handed to him because he wanted to play with his whirlybirds, that’s not charity work. So, he saw an attempted suicide. He has nothing, zilch, zip to offer these people since he has deep unhealed issues of his own. Or, maybe those issues will prove to be an asset and he and they can help each other. I don’t know. But I do know that if he’s *not* serious about this, if this is just another PR shot in the dark, run it up the flagpole, get his name out there, it’s despicable to use hurt people who truly need and want help. I am developing a deep distaste for Jason running about trying to find a cause for Billy and his worthless ornamental show it all, show it off, show off period wife. I can’t stand Billy boy, he’s a rich entitled rude passive aggressive jerk. I don’t think his ‘humorous’ little cuts and jabs are funny, nor do I think that they are ‘unintentionally hurtful’. I think he’s a bitter angry little man/child who’ll take cheap shots at anyone and he may be close to the point of just boiling over. He hates his life but he’s not classy enough to admit that he’s not the best man for his role and respects his country enough to step aside. He’s still that nasty little boy who is kicking people in the knees and sticking his tongue out at them. And thinking that it’s ok, and cute. He just wears bigger clothes now.
      And this may be on the petty side but the word tackle bugs me. It sounds like he’s planning on cleaning house or something mundane like that. I don’t believe he cares but maybe a word like address or take up the challenge of finding the cause of male suicide and helping to address the underlying issues? And destigmatize? Tackle just doesn’t sound right to me, and the way he started out with this, it was like after this oh so very important tour he’ll tackle this. Again, a vacation and then he’ll get around to it.

    3. Stay safe Wild Rose. I completely understand where you’re coming from with W&K. Hoping that they’ll get it together one day is exhausting. I really need to stop wondering about when it will happen, because it’s painfully obvious it just isn’t going to.

      Keep up your great work, I know the people you help know that you care by your just being there.

  6. All I can say is that I’m glad male suicide is getting some attention. It’s a very serious problem that I think too many people are unaware of. I think most people would be shocked by the statistics. It’d be nice if William could announce some plan or draw attention to how this coalition is addressing the problem. Reporting that people are talking about ways to help fix the problem is good but not great. If the coalition could come up with a plan to tackle the problem and then have William with them when it’s announced, it would get good press coverage and also be a way for men to find out about the resources available to them which is more actionable than just reporting about a roundtable discussion. A roundtable discussion doesn’t fill me with much hope that anything is going to actually get done once the discussion is over. Hopefully they’ll have him back to announce whatever resource they come up with.

    Personally, I think they need to make it clear that you can get help and it won’t make it worse. I think the reason some people don’t seek help is because they’re scared of being held for psychiatric evaluation and that that’s just going to make their life worse (missed work, make the stress worse, now the secret’s out that you’re “crazy,” etc.). People need to know that there is help available and it really does help.

    My nitpick about this visit is the leading questions. Any time Kate or Will ask anyone anything, it’s obviously a leading question that has exactly one answer which shows that they’re not really interested in listening. Instead of asking, “Why do you think men aren’t getting the help they need?” it’s “Do you guys think that some young guys don’t talk about their issues enough, don’t want to talk about this before it is too late?” Like the rest of their lives, they’re only interested in hearing exactly what they want.

    1. But but but …Lilibet, his ‘charity work’ does not include actually DOING anything….ever. Except put the topic out there which is of course a small step. He needs to be like Harry and actually look for aids and solutions. His speaking whilst I appreciate is not a prepared speech is almost incoherent – the many non English speaking posters on here express themselves far more clearly.

    2. I agree with you about the observation about the question : the conversation is orientated in a direction and the discussion is marked.

      The charity work of Will and Kate consits to be a copilot (when he makes that : because I don’t think that he was a copilot very much since India), roundtables and to learn what a charity does. I wait for their campaign.

    3. Agree Lilibet, raising awareness is good but not enough. He says he wants to get men talking about their issues, but he doesn’t say how. I don’t think people will relate to him as a spokesperson to this cause.

  7. I love that the blog has a tag named “Stupid Quotes”.

    I hope he follows through with this (yes, I’m being really optimistic here). His statement at the roundtable seems so generic. Even when he tries to connect it with his personal experience in the EAAA it doesn’t feel genuine.

  8. I see that Will has been practicing his concerned look with the furrowed brow and the pursed lips.

    The comments he made at the University to the Student who had made the poster were terrible. He really is a dickhead. He has no idea that his word carry weight with some people and that this girl might have been upset with what he said.

    As for the comments to the student about “Pretend Studying” I would not have been able to help myself. I would have told him to enjoy pretending to be a valued member of society.

    Bring on King Harry!

    1. The “pretend studying” comment I actually thought was funny since the book was actually a prop just to make the scene more interesting rather than what the person was actually studying. But the poster comment bothered me. That woman actually took the time to care about William’s cause and then he just shits on her for caring about HIS cause. He should have been thanking her for caring and bringing more attention to the cause, rather than crapping all over her day.

      1. That last comment to the student that had made that poster is just so unbelieveably rude! I cannot get over his instinctive first reponse is to crack a joke that actually puts down the person. Plus the comment to the woman working in the BBC is also really rude. I actually want to yell “bite me” at him. It would have been easy to actually engage with these people, asking the student’s thoughts on the campaign (she brought it up so it must be important to her), ask the other woman which department she works in, if she lieks her job. Instead he puts up a verbal wall that not only allows him avoid engaging with these people (who have come to see him) on any meaningful level but that also subtly puts them down. It is a rather unfriendly stance. Shame on him!

        1. For someone who keeps going on about wanting to help those with mental health issues, he certainly is not very thoughtful with his words. He belittles Harry every chance he gets and he has said some biting comments about Kate as well.

          He needs to learn to think before he speaks.

        2. After reading your post, I just realised what if the student had a history of mental illness either personally or in her family? That remark would really sting then. William needs to be more careful in how he responds to people.

        3. Those comments actually show William’s true colors. He “jokes” about this because it is exactly the kind of behavior he engaged in while in college. It makes me believe more and more that his degree was handed to him. Someone needs to tell him to put a sock in it.

          And if he talks to adults like this, what is he saying to George??? It actually scares me to think he may let something like this slip to that little boy. I want to think that he doesn’t, but words hurt. I was told things about myself as a child that still rear their ugly heads decades later. I’ve learned to move past them, but they affected me for a very long time. He really needs to think before he opens that mouth of his. As EL said, what if that person had a history of mental illness? Thoughtless is the simplest word that comes to mind.

      2. KMR
        While I see the angle in which the comment you’ve mentioned would be funny I’m not entirely certain he meant it that way. I think he was overall rude and got lucky with context.

    2. Good to see that William has mastered the Blue Steel look…or is it Magnum?

      For someone who is soooo concerned about bullying, he sure does do it a lot.

  9. There is an evolution of their KP twitter : with videos (for Harry and for William; Kate during India tour). There is statistics posted, hotlines….

    But there is lies too : William is not a pilot, he is a copilot!!!
    Personally, I don’t think that his humour doesn’t make me laugh (and I am not too much difficult about humour lol). Maybe it is false but : I think that when he sees people being here to see him, painting poster…. he mocks them in his head (you lost your time to see me and to make that).
    I will like to see a royal engagement without kids taking from school to see the real popularity of royals in question.

  10. Well, I will say it is good to see both Kate and Will picking up the pace this time of year. They have been putting in time for engagements since India, so I think the BRF is fully aware that it was time for them to be more visible. The quality of these engagements pales in comparison to the interactions Harry has with the public (or Charles for that matter, cheerfully tasting Irish food and drink yesterday), but it’s nice to see they have taken the first steps towards becoming more present for their causes. I’ve critiqued William’s humor in the hug thread, so I will not make any more comments on that. I liked his suit; think he finally found a nice fitting one that isn’t his trusty blue!

    1. I think that Kate’s picking up the pace of her engagements so that when she attends Wimbledon she won’t be criticized so much. Actually, it’ll be about 3 weeks between her last engagement and her next and if it’s wasn’t for the Queen’s birthday celebrations I don’t think her engagement numbers would be increasing all that much.

    2. No they have actually not been more visible. All they have done since their India trip was the Obama trip ( it seemed that the trip was more for the Obamas to visit Harry), Star Wars, releasing pictures of the hidden heirs and Kate’s Vogue cover and visit. They have hardly been more visible. They are just releasing videos and packing multiple short engagements within a day, to make it look like they are working.

      1. I also had the impression that they were out more, but this makes sense. They are just keeping their name in the media through other ways. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

        1. Wills and Kate are experts with the smoke and mirrors. If the UK ever becomes a Republic they could give David Copperfield a run for his money.

  11. Oh, William – open mouth and insert foot. Sorry, but your attempts at humor were, for the most part, rude and patronizing.

    I was thinking that when Harry went to Nepal, he released his itinerary with clear reasons why he was dong X, Y, and Z engagements. I never see that with Will and Kate. So Will has formed this “coalition”. What is the plan and how are you going to get men to talk about their issues? Everything W&K say is so darned vague as if they don’t want to back themselves into a corner and actually have to follow up on their line of BS. Sigh…

  12. I hate the name CALM for Campaign Against Living Miserably. Ugh. I guess, Calm, sounded like a great name for the organization and then they had to find words to go with the letters, but I think it is awful.

    As for William, I am just beyond understanding how he could be Diana’s son. Did he inherit any of her compassion, warmth, charm, graciousness? I guess not. Those, and other attributes all went to Harry.

    William’s comments were rather robotic. He was definitely rude to the young woman who took the time to make a poster about one of his causes. So flippant and a real put down, if you ask me.

    Putting Kate and William into positions where they are championing mental health — or any health concerns — is laughable. They are apparently so wrapped up in their own problems (keeping their privacy being the biggest one), that is just not feasible to me that they can do anything of merit to help people who have sincere issues.

    Oh, well……

    1. They both have such issues themselves. A psychologist would have a field day with them.

      I agree, William was very rude at Oxford to the woman who had made a poster. He’s not funny, just a dick. Someone should tell him.

    2. I think William is actually more like Prince Philip- a complete dickhead. People are only more forgiving of Prince Philip because he is the husband of a respected monarch and because social media didn’t exist in his heyday; hence, we do not know the extent of Prince Philip’s racist, nasty behaviours.

      1. I personally will give Philip a pass for certain “racist” type behavior. My father, who is just a few months older than Philip, still harbors a lot of resentment against certain nationalities stemming from his service from WWII. My dad isn’t going to change his mind after 70 years, so we just accept it knowing where it comes from. God, I thought he’d disown me after I bought a Japanese car!

  13. My God, is William for real? The comment he made to the female student who took the time and interest to make the sign was rude beyond belief. He’s impossible. Imagine how the woman felt? Why couldn’t he thank her for her interest in the cause? Why did he have to be so arrogant and downright dumb in his comment?

    Mental health issues deserve to be on the front burner for all. Instead, they are often swept under the rug. If some positive light is shone on the problems, that is a first step, but I just don’t see W and K putting too much real effort into this issue and making a difference. Consider the work the real professionals and volunteers are doing. Now, consider the little bursts of interest the Cambridges make. It’s not anything to compare, is it?

    I know Harry cares as he has shown by his commitment to veterans He will continue to shine a bright light on the emotional issues many soldiers and veterans face. But, W and K? Come on, what are they really doing? It’s as if someone tells them, “It’s Mental Health Day again. Time to go out and show some concern. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stay too long.”

    1. I think his comment to the student who made the poster, shows that he isn’t taking this cause seriously.

  14. This is an admirable cause simply because it’s not really discussed, and it has the potential to be very, very unpopular with certain percentages of the population. So, kudos to whomever picked this one as William’s flavour of the month. That being said, William dropped the ball again. Christ on crutches, Wee Willie. Really? Really.

    First, two visits in 3 months does not a charitable, intelligible or helpful contribution make. Get your head out your rear and DO SOMETHING. It’s not enough to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. The statistics are overwhelming and this git it sitting around doing his best concerned face, which is strikingly similar to Barnacle Kate’s, then off he goes. It’s not enough to say let’s help, you need a clear direction on how to do so. You need to make a plan. Or at least BE PART of making some sort of proactive directive. Alas, nothing.

    And Jason. Oh Jason, Jason, Jason. If I was your mummy this is where I would shake my head, smiling, while I mussed your mop of hair. Let me break this down for you. When you’re coaching William, or trying to coach William (let’s be real here), on what to say, tell him in no uncertain terms that when you’re making a charity visit DO NOT make it all about you. Do not say things like you “like to think” that you’re “well tuned” into the charitable world when you’re so clearly not. Do not talk about your fake job, and if you must, for god’s sake be honest about it, CO-PILOT; don’t direct the conversation in a vain attempt to make yourself look better. ‘Look what I’VE done’ only works on the school yard amongst 10 year-olds, not from a 34 year-old amongst bright, philanthropic, tactile, caring folk. Tell William that all he’s doing is calling attention to the fact that he knows nothing of charity, interaction or genuine care, and these people literally couldn’t give a rat’s ass as to what he’s “done”. And who does? Don’t tell me what you’ve done, which is nothing incidentally, tell me what you’re going to do. Presenting a back story is fine, talking about your fake job, not so much. These people don’t honour the bolster and swagger that he’s used to, so he’d best quit his peacocking and put his feathers down.

    And someone, anyone, needs to save this man from himself. And this is not about William being a right toff, this is about William being dumb as paint. He has absolutely no grasp on the English language. Not a modicum of knowledge when it comes to diction. He’s constantly using words that don’t need to be used, or he’s misusing them, like he’s trying to reach some sort of word count. Learn to form an coherent sentence, Wee Willie. Further, when he does speak he’s so dry. I do think that William has a very stereotypical, very dry sense of humour, the kind that is often attributed to the Brits; the problem is that he’s also very condescending. That old adage “there’s a gain of truth in every joke” is 100% true. He needs to be a bit more sensitive to people and phrase his feelings in a different way. Or, and this would be great, he could just piss off indefinitely and this would all be moot. Just sayin’.

    All-in-all, it’s an excellent, worthwhile cause and it’s a pity that it’s been given to William instead of someone else who would really run with it.

  15. Everyone makes good points about William, but for me, something has slipped by which demonstrates how disconnected he is. And officially, perhaps i know too much about the royal social circle. This is what bothered me about his comment that it was only through his charity work + ambulance job that he thought of male suicide…..

    3 ladies, 2 of whom are sisters, in the royal social are recently without their fathers due to suicide. These ladies aren’t on the margins of the royal circle. They grew up in the circle and partied, dated the Princes.

    Yet when their fathers died, and bare in mind that these suicides were in 2012 and 2014, apparently William didn’t give it much thought.

    Now that he has decided to make male suicide, he thoughtlessly name checks his EAAA job as the first time he gave it consideration. Btw, is he allowed to give out such sensitive medical information to the public? Did the family say he could discuss their suicidal family member?

    I digress…

    Anyway, given how close the 3 ladies are to WK, it is so thoughtless of him to publicly say he didn’t give the suicides of their fathers much consideration before 2015.

    1. Maybe they aren’t as close as it looks like? I can’t see William having a lot of close friends, but who knows.

      The ambulance job is just an excuse to link him to the cause and pretend he cares. They have to come up with a nice little story to justify his envolvement. It doesn’t feel genuine when he talks about it.

    2. That’s awful and totally insensitive on that jerk’s part. He didn’t have to mention names or even hint at anything other than personal experience. That just shows how totally detached he is from this latest ’cause’ and he isn’t going to help one bit. I think that we all realize that males commit suicide and they’re more often successful (awful word)) than females because they use guns and violent means. He’s just a total waste as far as I’m concerned, and even worse he has the platform to toss out digs and hurt people. I have heard that British humor is different from American, but to me William isn’t funny. At all. He is totally passive aggressive and taking out his bitterness on anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. (Also find it interesting that supposedly Diana was suicidal and she didn’t get a mention either). The only reason I’m not sputtering angry over his pretending to care and picking a cause that I can relate to is that he’s such a putz and a joke that he can’t do much aside from crack a few ‘jokes’ and very little attention will be paid to him when he’s not physically present. Suicidal and hurt people tend **not** to give a rat’s patooki what the ‘posh and privileged’ think. They’ll listen to someone who’s been down and got back up and that is not Wimpo. Just my thoughts.

  16. The good first…William is bringing attention to a serious issue. Not very much, but any little bit helps. It’s a serious topic and if his being there makes someone pay attention then it’s a good thing.

    Now for the rest. Unless there are massive amounts of meetings and things going on in the background that we don’t know about, I don’t get the feeling that William (or Kate) do a lot to support their charities. If they are working, taking meetings, making sure things happen, I think the charity would get a lot more help, awareness, attention because W&K are out there pushing the issue. But we seldom see the kind of growth I would expect from their being involved in a consistent manner.

    Unfortunately they will forever be the ants trying to climb the hill that Harry has built with Invictus and Sentebale. He’s proven that working consistently on projects that you completely love and will do whatever is necessary for works. There is no doubt in my mind that when we don’t see Harry he’s not just sitting around on his backside watching Netflix, having cheese toast or planning his next hunting trip. These projects would not be the success they are if he, as the catalyst, wasn’t there working, pushing and demanding a higher and higher level from everyone involved, including himself..

    William and Kate come off as children who have been told they need to get to work on their school project after putting it off for as long as they could. They stand at the front of the class with that “I’m only doing this because I have to” air about them. Every announcement about what they will be attending or doing lately comes off to me as their being scolded and told to get to work.

    I want to believe that they are sincere. And to some degree I’m sure they are, but the lack of activity makes me wish they would just stay at home permanently and let the people who really care get on with it.

    There is a picture on the Twitter KP feed of William with his arm around a man who was homeless as he showed him where he now lives. It comes off as Jason behind the photographer giving William the “put your arm around him” signal. So stiff, but at least he seems to be trying. But honestly, I can understand if you’re not comfortable hugging people, but at least let your body language show that you are engaged, present in the moment, leave the deprecating jokes at home. Just relax a bit, not everyone is out to get you.

    1. I really don’t want to get back into the comparisons between brothers, but geez you can’t help it after looking at the hundreds of photos of Harry this week showing his genuine empathy, exuberance and happiness. To William, it’s only a chore and a photo op.

    2. Given that Harry has now linked into the mental health cause via ‘heads together’ campaign, you know that he will put as much effort and energy into it ss hevhas put into IG, but sadly all his efforts will be seen as WK’s efforts.

  17. ” “William asked: ‘Do you guys think that some young guys don’t talk about their issues enough, don’t want to talk about this before it is too late?’”

    Good ol’ parrot Willy. He and his equally stupid wife think that talking about your feelings is all it will take. They’ve emphasised it before. This is their mantra, talking about feeeeeelings being the panacea. What is this, the 60’s?

    A checklist of symptoms for clinical depression are pretty neutral and don’t require talk about feelings. What is really needed is education of the population at large about the symptoms (which may include thoughts of suicide), about the basis for most clinical depression, and what resources are available .Often people don’t realise they are suffering from clinical depression, but others around them may if they are familiar with the symptoms.

    The macho guy thing is a sociocultural phenomenon which may exacerbate *issues* but females too have their own sociocultural pressures. The real bottom line is that people can talk about their feelings till they’re blue in the face but it won’t relieve clinical depression, because clinical depression is about *brain chemistry*.

    I wish the two dunderheads would lay off this issue. Their flaming ignorance makes me positively stabby. Misinformation is so dangerous in this case, I just have no words.

  18. Yes! Education about the main symptoms of depression, as well as exactly what constitutes a clinial depression (you have to have several symptoms consistently for min 2 weeks). I never got treatment for my first depression because I actually didn’t know what was happening to me. I lived in a very stressful situation, worked and studied – and I just thought that I was burnt out. I cannot stress the importance of early treatment enough. It significantly minimizes the risk of a relapse. The more depressions you’ve had, the higher the risk for subsequent ones, even permanent symptoms. Theraphy, both psyko- a cognitive, is very helpful but at first people need the information so they (and/or their loved ones) know when to seek help – and where to seek it.

    1. This is true AH. And I hope you’re doing well!

      Also, I think KMR has done more by this thread and others like it listing signs and treatment routes than William has personally done.

      1. Oh, yes, Runaway, KMR has done a wonderful job of posting signs and treatments and help hotlines. ArtHistorian, your words are also helpful. So many people are afraid of this subject and the more that is shared, the better we all are. I trust you are feeling better, AH and that you know that we care very much about you.

      2. I am getting better – slowly, very slowly. Each day is a frigging struggle.I did have the energy to crack open a big book on tiaras and read the first chapter. Tiaras make everything better. 😉

  19. Off topic (please, forgive me). Correct me if I am wrong, but has Will said anything about Harry this week? Any tweets? Could it hurt Will to say, “So proud of my brother Harry and the success of IG.”

    1. Not one little blip. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t Invictus fall under the umbrella of their foundation? A foundation they are all founders of? That they couldn’t be bothered to congratulate him publicly is incredibly wrong. But karma is a b***h and it’s going to catch up with them one day.

      1. I’m actually glad nobody’s stressing that their foundation was involved. WK would probably find a way to take credit without lifting a finger.

      2. I’d worry that W+K would try to take some credit for IG for ‘our’ foundation. Harry has cleverly carved out the military niche as his own. W+K would lose even more credibility if they tried it on. William recently blamed Diana’s charity work that left him feeling neglected is so low, so you know he’d try anything. Man, does he need help. And a good slap.

        How easy, how generous would it be to congratulate Harry and his team for a great event? The sooner Harry sets up his own office the better; his reputation is hampered by being linked to William and Kate. I am hoping that IG has given Harry increased resolve to keep going at the pace he feels is needed. What would be great, too, is to have whatever work he is doing counted as such.

    2. I don’t think William can give his brother a pat on the back (has he ever?) I get the feeling Wills is insanely jealous, so I’m curious to see the Dolittles interact with Harry this coming week.

      I really hope the Queen does something for Harry – maybe upgrade him to GCVO.

  20. William really rubs me the wrong way. He just seems surly, mean, and beyond reproach. Only he could directly insult someone to their faces like that. KMR, you summed it up in a post not too long ago about William. The veil has been lifted and we can truly see him for what he is. He isn’t a nice guy and he is not suited for the job.

      1. Birdy: See the Hug section about 3/4 of the way down. She tells it all. Also, she makes mention in the Kate sends a letter section! Our Duchess! Kate will never be able to hold a candle to her!

  21. Seeing photos from a golf tournament, it appears Harry was still in Orlando this afternoon. He is going to be one jet-lagged puppy. He’s been on one hell of an adrenaline high for a week now!

    Gah, plus having to deal with W&K (hm, thought she was “allergic” to horses as I hear she’s going to attend the Windsor Horse Show [snark alert]) for some joint engagements next week. Stay strong, Harry!

    1. Not to the same scale, but i’ve volunteered for large events like what Harry was/is a part of. The staff there survive on cat naps. You work late into the night. Maybe get a few hours sleep. Wake up really early to set it all up again with a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter what role you play. Those take extreme attention and long hours for all to keep running.

      1 event for vets maybe a 10th of this scale for 4 days and 3 nights was 3ish hours a night with cat naps in a staff rv next to a stage blasting live music. You’re that exhausted.

      I’d think Harry is destroyed, but feeling accomplished and happy.

  22. For me the two of them getting involved with these very important charities is super strange.
    I feel they are truly nerves every time they go to them, and make everyone around them uncomfortable.
    They are way over there heads, you have to be a strong person to take them on, and be passionate to truly help people.
    I cringe when I see them go to these important charities.

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