Kate Middleton writes letter to EACH’s The Treehouse

Kate Middleton writes letter to EACH’s The Treehouse

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has written a letter of congratulations in honor of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices’ The Treehouse’s 5th anniversary. Kate opened The Treehouse, and gave her first speech, in March 2012 as one of her first official duties as Patron of EACH. Kate also wrote a birthday message for First News, and added several engagements to her calendar.

Kate's letter to EACH The Treehouse 5th anniversary

If you can’t or don’t want to read the photo, Kate’s message reads:

    “It was a great honour to open East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices’ The Treehouse in March 2012 in Suffolk, in my role as Patron of the charity.
    “Meeting the families who are supported by The Treehouse made it clear what a special place The Treehouse is; somewhere families feel safe, cared for, at home and where they are able to spend quality time together.
    “Those who have visited will know The Treehouse is not all about end of life care; it is often a very happy and fun place, where young people can live life to their full potential. With vital support from the local community, the many diverse services EACH is able to provide are inspirational. Their care and support meets the individual needs of children, young people and the whole family, and is such a lifeline at an unimaginably difficult time.
    “I would like to take this opportunity to send everyone at The Treehouse my very best wishes and congratulations for their 5th Anniversary. To the children, young people and family members receiving care and support, the dedicated team of staff and volunteers, and to all the charity’s supporters without whom this wonderful life-changing work wouldn’t be possible.”

I hate to nitpick, but is anyone else waiting for the rest of that last sentence? I realize she is sending her best wishes to the nouns in the second sentence, but the sentence fragment is still bothering me. Either combine the two sentences with a colon or give me a verb and a subject in the second sentence.

To nitpick again: it would have been great for Kate to revisit The Treehouse and give this message as a short speech.

Kate also wrote a message for First News, a weekly newspaper for young people, to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Kate wrote:

    “I would like to wish everyone at First News, and all of your readers, my congratulations on your tenth anniversary edition. You are doing such an important job ensuring that young people are informed about current events and issues. Through my work with organisations supporting children and young people, I have seen the importance of giving children a platform for their voices to be heard on the issues that matter most to them. Children can be affected by such a range of complex and challenging circumstances, and it is heartening to see First News covering important stories such as mental health and wellbeing in an informative and sensitive way. I wish you every success for future editions.”

Camilla officially opened First News’ London offices back in February 2015.

Kate's message to First News

Kate has three engagements lined up:

    On Sunday, May 15, Kate will join The Queen, Philip, Charles, Camilla, William, and Harry for the Windsor Horse Show celebrating HM’s 90th Birthday.
    On Monday, May 16, Kate with join William and Harry for the official launch of the Heads Together campaign at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
    On Friday, May 20, Kate will once again travel to Portsmouth to visit her buddy Ben Ainslie in her role as Patron of the 1851 Trust.
    On Monday, May 23, Kate will join William and Harry and the Queen at the Chelsea Flower Show. It’s William and Kate’s first visit to the CFS, but Harry has been many times.

I still haven’t covered the rest of Kate’s British Vogue cover spread. It’s available to purchase online (finally) but I’m not sure I want to spend the five bucks to buy it. So I’m leaving it up to you my lovely readers: Do you guys want me to cover Kate’s British Vogue spread in it’s entirety?

Today is a two post kind of day. Go here to read about Prince William’s recent engagements to Oxford and his work with male suicide prevention. I will have a post on Prince Harry closing out the Invictus Games tomorrow (I was going to do that today, but they haven’t put Harry’s speech transcript online as of time of posting).

Here are a couple more photos from the March 2012 The Treehouse visit.

142 thoughts on “Kate Middleton writes letter to EACH’s The Treehouse

  1. Kate can make time to visit the sailing ‘charity’ and flirt with her crush, but not go celebrate the 5th anniversary of something she helped open. I agree, it would have been great if she went to The Treehouse and gave a speech. But Kate really doesn’t want to do anything more than she needs to. She thinks she can write something and we will all fawn over what a great job she did, when really Rebecca probably wrote it.

    I said on the William post that it drives me nuts that her and William both always have to refer to their work in letters and speeches. Sure enough, Kate did it here. Why can’t she just say she has seen the importance of giving children a platform first hand. Why does she have to say “through my charity work I have seen…”? We get it-charity is your work.

    Sorry for being so critical, but I have nothing to praise. And i am good with you not covering the Vogue shoot. Don’t waste your money. I think we probably discussed her cover enough and that is all she gets ;). Thank you for all you do.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve heard the “through my charity work…” in W & H speeches too. Maybe they get a template from their PR and adapt it according to what they’re going to talk about (althought I doubt Kate wrote this).

    2. It’s galling that she keeps saying through my work with children, all the time. What significant work has she done in this sector? Nothing? She just shows up, shakes hands, shows her private parts, grins like the Joker and takes credit for other people’s behind the scenes hard work, just like that nasty husband of hers. This is Kate’s idea of work!?!

      1. Just hearing her or Billy say ‘thru my work with’ (fill in the blank) sets my teeth on edge. And somehow that those letters don’t sound like Cathy wrote them. No keen? No hugely excited?
        Don’t waste a dime on the Vogue issue, KMR. We’ve seen it all (of her) and besides I’m pretty sure that the ones that Carole doesn’t snap up might just be available at a discount price in the very near future. Or perhaps at a Drs office and you could discreetly copy the spread?
        Perhaps Cathy should simply write a letter to Wimbledon, expressing her huge interest and huge excitement over being patron, but regrettably family duties preclude her attending in person. She could let it slip so that it makes the DM that she doesn’t want people to expect this attendance of her every year. Oh, but she ***is*** patron and all, the queen bestowed this on her so she’ll drag herself there and try to show enthusiasm. She’s able to clap and make meatballs at the same time so maybe she could multi task?

        1. I agree with royalsareajoke. Don’t waste a dime on the Vogue issue. Buy yourself something with the $5.00 or give it to charity. The photos were unremarkable and the text is probably the same.

          1. Agree, I don’t care about the Vogue shoot. The photos we’ve seen are bland. I’d love a long report on the IG myself.

        1. I cast my vote with the rest of you! That was the weirdest fashion shoot ever, the sooner forgotten the better.

  2. Sad she didn’t visit. Why could she take time to do Vogue, or do the fun Ben Ainslie thing, and then not this? I expect nothing for Children’s Hospice Week which is next week. Maybe a poorly done letter.

  3. Save the 5 Bucks — it’s not worth it. The photos are available on other sites if folks haven’t seen them yet. There isn’t anything to talk about, imho.

  4. Greetings Everyone,

    One last message before I throw myself overboard – dragging out the lamebridges typical just as the Invictus Games are closing.

    Well cardboard kate can get to a vogue photo opportunity however cannot make the effort to actually go to the Hospice or for that matter the Irish Guards.

    Will be interesting when I get a response from my letter to Prince Charles about what is the use of these two “users”.

    Pathetic, whiney and insincere –

    Lights on, and no-one home.

    Will love and leave you now – I need some sleep before my next “Watch” and 2 hours downtime is not a lot in heaving seas and howling winds.

    Fair winds and calms seas for you – and keep these guys honest in my absence, I will be grateful.

    The Wild Rose

      1. Glad to see you are back rhiannon! We really need to know if you met him…come on spill it please!

  5. Can someone on her team please learn to write fluent grammatically correct English? That last sentence is nonsense. Or better still why doesn’t Kate stop writing inane notes and just TURN UP ( shouting…sorry??)

    1. Oh Birdy, I nearly went mad trying to work out that passage. It was a nightmare.

      Send them back to school to learn how to use grammar the correct way.

    2. Right!! I kept waiting for the rest of the sentence and then it never came. And Kate didn’t even have anything else to do this week so there was no reason she couldn’t have showed up for an hour, visited the kids, and given this small speech.

      Kate hasn’t actually visited an EACH hospice since… damn, 2012 when she visited The Treehouse. She visited a different hospice in 2013 in support of Children’s Hospice Week, and then attended the EACH Nook appeal launch in 2014, visited the Emma Bridgewater factory in relation to the Nook appeal in 2015, and visited an EACH charity shop earlier this year. But she hasn’t visited an actual EACH hospice since 2012. Wow.

    3. Agreed! A colon needs to be substituted for the full stop at the end of the penultimate sentence, or the last sentence re-written. It’s reminiscent of the mistakes in the KP social media pages etc so probably the same person writing them and no-one checking.

    4. The incorrect grammar of her letters drives me potty. Not to mention the editing into simpler writing and sentence construction.

      It’s one thing to write chatty, stream of consciousness comments here, quite another to write a formal letter to your organisation, especially when it will be made public.

      Also, it drives me potty that she doesn’t top and tail her letters. Makes it quite obvious that either:

      1. They have a drawer full of blank signed A4 paper sitting in a drawer that they fit the text on

      2. They just pre-write the text and simply put a job lot infront of her to sign, and she doesn’t read the body of the text.

      1. She doesn’t sign anything. Her signature is electronic if not c/p. No one can write their mirror image signature that many times. The flourishes are unique to us, but not mirror images.

        Unless she shows up or hand writes it you can’t be certain she’s done more than trusted a staff member with the task at best.

  6. I’m not going to comment on the lameness of sending a letter. A letter is cool from the queen who actually works and can’t be everywhere—not so much from someone who would just rather stay at home.

    What I have been thinking of lately is the fact that Kate and Will focus so much on children’s charities. Children charities are great, but given Kate and Will’s ages and their position in the royal family, they can work with quite a few charities. I made the comment the other day that Will would never surround himself with wounded warriors the way Harry does because it would force him to face the fact that these are adults who have lost limbs in service to their country and are doing more with their lives than he is. I’m starting to really think that part of the reason Kate and Will like working with children’s charities is because it doesn’t force them to face any of their insecurities and shortcomings.

    Maybe I’m overly cynical, but I just can’t imagine them sitting with homeless people who are trying desperately to secure work when they’ll do anything to avoid work. I feel like it’s easier for them to work with children because what is everyone’s goal for children? For them to have fun and enjoy life and all Will and Kate want to do is have fun and enjoy life doing whatever they want without any responsibility. Children have no responsibilities.

    Children’s charities also allow them to be surrounded by parents who have had to put their lives on hold for their children, which reinforces Will and Kate’s decision to use their children as an excuse to not do anything else. Even though it’s obviously a completely different situation, I think they relate and it makes it easier on them. “These parents want to do everything for their children and so do we! They understand us and it’d be ungrateful of us to not spend every waking moment with our children when these people would love to be able to do that!”

    1. Yes but the issue is that their children will go to school so they will have the time to work!! (or not)

    2. Lilibet, good points. Another reason for especially Kate’s preference of children’s charities could be that she doesn’t need much preparation time for her visits there. Instead of having smart small talk and asking intelligent questions she can play drums or draw a picture.

  7. I don’t think that these letter (from Kate and from other royals -apart for the condoleance letters) has an impact.
    People from the charities are happy : probably. But when you receive a letter like this, it is impersonnal : the text is by computer and a signature maybe registered and plasted on the letter.

    I say that for everybody (not just Kate). A speech is more publicized, mostly for Kate : but she is not very good at speeches, and I don’t think she wants to be better (or she wants to make efforts to be better).

  8. KMR, like others, I would prefer that you not spend your $5 on Vogue so that: (a) you don’t add to their profits for this issue, and (b) we don’t have to see her pretending to be whatever. Spend the $5 on a salted caramel banana tart instead, or something else that takes your fancy.

    The letter sent to The Tree house leaves me cold. Why bother? Why would anyone give a toss about Kate sending a letter? Over four years has elapsed since Kate visited ONCE; surely that fact alone indicates her disinterest. It is apparent this woman doesn’t give a rat’s ass about these charities, despite the bollocks rolled out at the time that Kate have just a few charities so that she could truly ‘focus’ on them. I resent Kate and William talking about their ‘work’ with charities when they appear to do nothing for them except the occasional half-hour (or less) drive-by.

    The choice of children’s charities was just an attempt to paint Kate as a new Diana – does anyone remember the ‘Kate is the children’s princess’ moniker that KP tried to push? It never stuck because there is little genuine warmth in Kate. Kids pick that up. So do dogs. I reckon Shamrock-gate happened because the wolfhound didn’t like her either. The optics wouldn’t have been good. You can’t fool animals or kids.

    1. Drive-by charity work is a favorite of these two. I bet they are looking for drive-thru charity work. Something where they don’t have to get out of the car. Simply have the driver roll down the window and they can wave.

  9. I am looking forward to the horse show since we’ll see the whole family and the next day will include Harry so Will and Kate may have genuine smiles. One of my favorite engagements they did was the Shaun the Sheep kids visit because Kate and Will seemed to loosen up a bit and the same held true for the recent mental health video. As for the sailing, I think she has made more sailing appearances than visits to children’s charities. Or maybe I’m just thinking of her many nautical themed clothes.

  10. I doubt Kate would take 15 minutes of her precious time to write a letter. She could have visited, even one of her speedy 35 minute visit would have been better than a computer typed letter. I’m really beginning to wonder what she does with her time…

  11. I truly wish Ben Ainslie would take part in the children’s hospice movement as it’s the only chance there is of getting the Duchess interested in it.

    When Kate first took on the EACH patronage I was really impressed. This is no light-weight topic, no happy endings for these children and their families, so for Kate to take this on imo showed some of that famous “caring” we’ve all heard so much about. 5 years later I am so disappointed that she has shown so little interest in this heartbreaking cause. Of all of her charities that she’s blown off in the last 5 years, this one angers me the most!! Of course, her “work” on behalf of those suffering from mental health issues is important, no denying that, but to completely drop the ball on dying children…well I can’t find the word to express my disgust.

    1. Lauri, apparently Ben Ainslie’s not a fan of royal engagements. This account from a poster, Celebitchy, 11 May:
      “I went to the same school that Ben Ainslie attended as a kid. I missed my leavers speech day because I was ill but my parents attended, and Ainslie was the speaker/prize giver that year …
      Apparently he’s a very ‘down-to-earth bloke’ according to the ‘rents, overheard him mentioning to my old headmaster that he finds all the Royal events insufferably boring, but usually grins and bears it for the funding/exposure and heads straight to the pub afterwards.”

      Yes, I agree with you Lauri; if Kate finds hospice work so unpalatable, she should never have taken it on .I keep coming back to the cousin’s comment which was that Kate has trouble caring about others. And William’s friends assessment of her as a ‘cold, dull, serous girl’. I think everyone wanted to buy into the idea that a youngish duchess would be kind and nurturing, interested in service et al. Kate’s just not that person. Wasn’t the Queen attributed to saying that Kate as ‘vapid, vain and lazy.’?

      1. Haha, so the whole time Ben is looking all engaged and focused on Kate’s (inane, I’m certain) low pitched lean in closer my pretty chat, he’s thinking “beer, beer, beer, beer, oh God, did she just say that, burger AND fries, beer, beer…”

      2. I love how her fans think that just because she’s pretty and thin, that she must be caring and nice. You’d be amazed how often those qualities just don’t go together.

        1. I’m not amazed at all (sigh). To attribute qualities such as empathy and kindness based on wiglets, Botox, fillers, nose jobs(s), big teeth, dollops of mascara, manic grinning, and thinness is downright bizarre. What Kate’s fans are admiring in the above is a mask.

      3. My brother went to the same secondary school as Ben Ainslie. I don’t know which year Ben Ainslie left but I didn’t get any response when I mentioned his name to him.

  12. KMR, the Swedish court just released 4 new photos of Carl Phillip and Sofia with their new son, will you be doing a post on these photos? I didn’t want to thread-jack and post a link to the photos if you’re going to do a post.

    1. Yes, I’m going to have a post on those photos. But I’m waiting a while since I already have two posts for today.

      1. I just hate when all the various royals have things going on at the same time! 🙂 Especially when Kate sticks her nose into it with a lousy letter 🙁

        1. Agreed! Without majorly thread-jacking, suffice it to say that Will and Kate need to hire the Swedish Royal family’s photographer… no more Mario Testino and crazy photoshop/ weird lighting

  13. I think Kate and children’s hospices is a terrible fit. Judging by her body language in some shots, she seems very uncomfortable. I looked through some photos and videos and, for the most part, she doesn’t really interact with the kids unless they initiate the contact.

    I believe that’s why she hasn’t actually visited one in four years and simply does “non-contact” engagements. I believe EACH needs to find another patron! (Can they fire her?)

    1. Many reasons :

      – To show that they have a deep relationship with the Queen (or rather that Kate has a relationship with the Queen)
      – Because this year, there are not a garden for Sentebale
      – Because Harry went since several years and it is a way to add an engagement.
      – Because nature is important and K and W have a garden with bio products (didn’t we have this story?)
      – Because it is the 90th Birthday of the Queen and she asks them to going because they were the only Royals to not go there (I think)

      ->I am bad with these reasons and I am not objective : I prefer seing Harry without Kate and William.

      1. Don’t forget, Kate and the Pipster had all those nuts from Anmer Hall to bag quite some time ago. No doubt they are still ploughing on with that job.

        1. There is another reason : maybe they will see The Princess Charlotte chrysanthemum if it exposed at the Chelsea Flower Show.

          1. Good point. There was a Charlotte lipstick launched around the time of her birth. Lily of the valley is the birth flower for May though… I’d place bets on a QEII flower being unveiled at Chelsea for her 90th.

          2. Just a small aside but I was so sort of emotionally
            attatched to Diana that when I got married I wanted some Princess of Wales roses in my bouquet. Ones that had be gown to commentate her life’s after her death. Anyway my florist couldn’t find any in UK but the morning before my wedding they found some in the Netherlands and had them flown in for me. I have had them preserved in my wedding bouquet and that are now in a 3D frame hanging in my study. Getting those roses was so important to me at the time as the Princess had only been gone a couple of years.

          3. What a touching story; how wonderful that the Princess of Wales roses came out of the blue for you, and just in time. It’s a lovely gesture on your part, a sweet touch of remembrance.

          4. Mrs. BBV, what a lovely memory of Diana and of your wedding. How wonderful that your florist was able to fly those flowers in for your special day.

          5. Oh yeah just found out about it. I think that is definitely one of the reasons they are coming. Interestingly, in 2014 there was also a flower named after George that was unveiled at the Chelsea Flower Show but W&K didn’t go. I’m not sure though if this coincided with their Aussie tour that year. Anyways, to the comment below, it’d be great if there really is a new flower to celebrate the Queen’s 90th.

  14. You’re on a roll KMR and thank you!

    1. Don’t waste your money on Vogue. We’ve had enough of the eyebrows and faux out of africa look.

    2. The hanging paragraph—yes I’m still waiting with my jaw open. How unprofessional! I’m sure someone else wrote it, but my gawd nobody proofreads?? I had to read it 3x to make sure I wasn’t going dumb or blind or both.

    3. Boy, a rash of new engagements including a sailing gig with her crush but no time for Treehouse. When was the last time she showed up here?

    4. Someone is definitely tightening the screws on “work!”

    1. Re. number 4: oh yes, indeedy. That much is very clear. I’d lay a bet that the Queen has finally stepped in. Might account for William’s passive aggressiveness at Oxford…

      1. Jen: Someone high up there definitely stepped in.

        Will, on the other hand, is such a pill bordering on obnoxious!

  15. A letter! How significant. How personal! How amazingly wonderful of Kate to send one instead of showing up! Sick to death of her flimsy approaches to her charities. I loved the comment above that perhaps if Ben Ainslie showed up at EACH, then perhaps, Kate would. Great, Laluri. Then, read Jen’s great post, too, concerning Ainslie just grinning and bearing it when it comes to Royal engagements. OUCH!

    I am very disgusted that these letters go out instead of appearances. Who knows what she does in her spare time to help them, but I would think if she did do anything, we would definitely hear about it. In fact, these are insulting. If you care, you make the time and you give of yourself to such a worthy cause. The children and their families could use a boost from a visit or two, or more, from the Duchess.

    Also, the last line of the letter was horrible.

    KMR, don’t waste any of your money on the British VOGUE You do too much for us already!

  16. Was this discussed on another thread? Why is there a period after her signature? Why not an exclamation point? That’s more like Catherine!!!

  17. The letter is a meaningless gesture and a gross insult to those who actually do the work at EACH, and also the children and their caregivers.
    The lazy duo need to be sat in a room and have comments from KMR read to them so that they understand how they are perceived. That, or a kick up their backsides.

    1. Yes, the letter is meaningless. I love what you said about sitting the Cambridges down in a room and having the comments from this blog read to them! Wow!!!!!

    2. Sadly I don’t think reading our comments would make any difference. I doubt they care how the public perceives them as long as they are still being funded.

      1. ** Dribbles and swoons** I have bought Hello magazine this week and Harry is on the top of my magazine pile winking at me.

        Can I just add to the save your $5 campaign. I would rather nobody contribute to promoting the fallacy that the Duchess of Doolittle is some modern day beauty and style icon. How many engagements has she carried out since returning from her Royal tour / holiday? And how do they manage to make their letters sound so bloody patronising?

        1. There is an article on the Express (what kind of newspaper is? What political orientation?) about Harry : Is he the new Diana?


          It recalls the error of Harry (naked trip in Vegas) but the end of the article is rather positive with compliments about his strengh of character. The only allusion of WK was how their wedding has been good for the interest in the monarchy.

          1. “Just four years ago, Prince Harry lost almost every shred of credibility when, during an ill-advised trip to Las Vegas on a break from his military duties; he was photographed frolicking naked during a ‘strip billiards’ game, a move that almost ruined his Army career not to mention denting the illustrious reputation of the British royal family around the world.”

            This is such an exaggeration.

          2. Most British people didn’t give two hoots about Harry’s naked party romp in Vegas. In fact most found it rather amusing, good that he was letting off some pre tour steam, and that he was able to be a ‘normal’ soldier boy. I daresay a few of the republican movement used as a stick to beat him with but most grounded, normal people had a chuckle and felt more sorry that someone had sold him out to the papers or that his security had been compromised. High japes and jinks and no one was hurt….well except Harry who was made to feel that he’d let the side down which he most certainly hadn’t. Sometimes the papers, especially mid markets rags like The Express & The Daily Mail really are filled with censorious claptrap.

          3. I learn recently that Harry has been supported by Army men and women, posing for photos naked (not entirely)

          4. Clem: not just military people. There were facebook posts, people rang into radio and Tv talk shows really angry that Harry’s naked pictures had been posted. Many British people supoorted him. The naked military people saluting harry reached about a quarter of the army.

            By contrast a few weeks later when Kate was caught naked in France, though William and all the media thundered on about incasion of privacy, the british public didn’t rally to her defence.

      2. I don’t know how to contact you except through the comments section but you might want to include a link in your next post to the WatchESPN website and app because all of the Invictus Games coverage including full matches is available to stream for the next 30 days. http://espn.go.com/watchespn/

  18. I knew Kate would write a letter and she didn’t let me down. I swear if you could get the originals, stack them up and then hold them to a light you would see her signature in the exact same place every time. I could understand a letter if her calendar was so chocked full of engagements that were made a year ago that she genuinely couldn’t be there. But Kate is sitting on her butt and could take the time to visit and say the words in person.

    Don’t waste your money or time on the Vogue shoot. I truly don’t need to see those photos and hear about the non-story that went along with them again.

    Also, the recent spate of engagements are simply because it is part of HM 90th birthday celebrations. We were told they would be involved last year. The simplest way for them to be involved is to just tag along. Heaven forbid they should represent HM (or their own charities) in some other way.

  19. Greetings Everyone,

    Have literally 2 minutes to get this out before I lose my satnav connection.

    Posted a comment on the DM website about the pathetic wc and suggested that Prince Charles use a home remedy for Laziness on the pair of them…

    Needless to say – the DM jumped in and fired back an email informing me of multiple complaints and that my comment would be removed.

    Wanted to give you all a heads up about these guys (DM w&c bully brigade) picking on the dissenters!

    Keep up the great work KMR Family – it is sorely needed.

    These guys are hammering me again – so I have told them exactly where to go and to have a lovely day while doing it…

    The messing with people’s lives, banner of the month, cardboard kate probably doing her nails instead of going to the Hospice and slack willy’s rude and hurtful comments just make me sick.

    so… The last DM have heard from me was to Praise PRINCE HARRY all the way in a lovely comment.

    Then I received the notice of removal of my comment when it came to the “ice pair”.

    Look after yourselves and remember my happiness is shared with you..

    Fair winds and calm seas for you all – a candle to light your way, and all the love that your hearts can hold

    and I will see you on the other side of midnight..

    The Wild Rose

    p.s. wind is howling, sea is rough, I need I.V. coffee as going on watch and needed just to get this message out just in case I am out of range for a week or so.

    1. Blimey…..I’ve never had a comment retracted by the Mail. I’ve had an email to say one post had been complained about but on review it was reinstated. I must try harder with my constructive criticisms of Willnot & Cannot to see if I can join you on the naughty bench.

      1. I have only commented twice on DM but had an email from them alleging that a rather mild comment – in agreement with others saying the same thing – had received complaints and had been withdrawn. When I looked again, it hadn’t been withdrawn and there were 42 likes and 8 dislikes. I’m guessing there are rabid complainers (paid or otherwise) whose job it is to rid the comments section of criticism. They must be busy these days!

    2. Wild Rose, may I ask what you do for a living? Why are you on a boat? Or can anyone else fill me in? I’ve only been on this site for a few months, but I love Wild Rose’s posts. I picture her on a boat in a storm battling the elements, crashing through waves and trying not to get washed overboard. I sincerely hope that isn’t happening. I hope you are safe and dry, wherever you are!

      1. Greetings JET Texas,

        Thanks for the question – can I refer you to an earlier comment on this very subject “Sunny” another member of the KMR family asked the same question. I gave a lengthy description of my rather unusual life…

        If not just check out my posts over the last 3 months (Sunny’s) as well as it will lead you to it – basically I am on container ships, moving from one to another, either in the lower or north pacific, have been “lurking” about whether by ship, ferry, truck, or walking – with supplies for the homeless and displaced (no I am not a registered Charity, nor do I have facebook, or on twitter) so this is my only communication outlet when I am in a position of good satnav coverage.

        At the moment the wind is hammering us, the sea is rough, I stink to high heaven of Diesel and actually sitting on an old 44 gallon drum full of diesel oil as I am trying to type this.

        I am real, I am a lady (as in woman) – I am feisty, I believe in kindness. I stand up for what I believe in, my home is actually in Christchurch NZ which was flattened in the 2011 Earthquake and subsequent 14,000 since, on a hill that came tumbling down…

        So if you can please check out my response (could be January/Feb) just tried to get into my history however with 994 emails backed up, finding the actual date will take a month of Sunday’s and coffee by I.V.

        Keep up the great comments everyone – I will have to love and leave you for a bit – in the next 5 – 10 days I will be totally off the grid and no it will not be at a SPA.

        Take care, keep a spring in your step, joy in your heart and all the love there is…

        The Wild Rose

        1. Wow. I will look that up. And now I have an even better mental picture of you. Again, you are on the ship, waves crashing, and as the crew runs around securing items, you are at your computer…”Just have to get….one more post out…the world has to know…how ridiculous W&K are”.

          I am so sorry about your home, but in awe of your career and your dedication. Diesel can smell sexy to some people, so don’t worry about that. NZ is on my “to visit before I die” list (yes, because of the LotR films), along with Australia, Greece and Egypt. I hope you are warm and dry, happy and healthy.

  20. Once a wanker, always a wanker it seems. She will bestow her fragrant presence on Ainslie but is revolted by dying babes and indifferent to their simple and innocent needs. Heartless witch.

    1. You know I have some sympathy with not being able to ‘get’ certain causes. I can’t really ‘do’ children but give me an animal in need or mental health and I will be there in a shot. It must be difficult to be given a charity to be patron of that you can’t connect with emotionally or feel too unsure of yourself to really let go with when in their prescence. I also suffer from ‘foot in mouth’ disease so I imagine in her position I would be a liability but I would at least be seen to be trying my best. She really is just too self involved and too self conscious that she can’t laugh at herself or admit she’s a novice on a huge learning curve. She wants to be perfect from the off and not even Diana was that.

      1. I’m the same, there are some causes I can’t really connect to. I don’t feel comfortable around children and would be a disaster if I had to be patron of an organisation like this. Thing is these young royals are being given the privilege to pick very few patronages so that they can choose themes they care and relate to. Kate picks charities she thinks will be well perceived by the public instead of real interests.

        1. I do wonder Paula if she chose all of her patronages or had them given to her by KP suits to build PR? I say that because she’s so stiff and detached from some of them and yet others give her obvious pleasure?

          1. MrsBBV: I agree, somebody probably chose them for her for PR.

            Herazeus: If I were royal I’d pick charities related to women’s reproductive rights. Unfortunately in my country we are still in medieval age when it comes to that matter.

  21. If I wrote that letter on my job, I would be fired. If I were an employee from this charity, I would be insulted. I will be honest, I am a little tired/bored/frustrated with Kate. They (W+K) have an enormous platform that could be used in amazing ways. They could create a legacy and they choose not to. Or, the legacy that they are building is one in which they know will crumble.

    It was a long week for me, but I will tell you this: Invictus was WONDERFUL. The atmosphere was electric. To be among the vets and their family made me quite emotional. Not for their injuries, but for their strength and resilience. This is what Harry created. And let me tell you this: everyone loved Harry. Men, women, children, pets, and plants. They trust him and believe in him. W+K have squandered it and not sure if it will ever return.

    Great post, KMR! Glad to be back with my community!

    1. Welcome back, rhiannon! Did you get your hug from Harry? Even for us watching from home it felt emotional and exciting, can’t imagine what must have been like being there! If I didn’t live so far from Canada I’d seriously consider volunteering next year.

    2. Yay your back! I am glad to hear that Invictus was a great as it looked. Did you get to talk to Harry at all?

    3. Mon amie, we missed you! I already replied to your comment on the William section, but let me say again: How wonderful that you met him! I know you made an impact! The Games were so inspirational and moving. So uplifting! I am sure being there is something you will never, ever forget. I’m glad you talked to him. Glad for the hug. Glad that you were not disappointed in one single way! Oh, we missed you and all wanted to hear just how things went!!!!!

      You are right about W and K being a huge bore. The platform they have to do good and oh, how they fall short. Harry, on the other hand…… Oh, my goodness, take your time and read through all the comments. You will feel at home once more.

      Sending love and thanks for all you shared with us.

  22. As said ad infinitum, she should be giving short speeches by now. These “Catherine” letters smack of Wuthering Heights. Will is Heathcliff, and it is definitely a doomed, twisted road where those two bring no one joy. (I love the original work so not throwing shade on Bronte). Kate looked nice in the 2012 pictures–and a lot more relaxed and normal, but man, she looks like her mother in that last picture. Ugh.
    Biggest irritation is having these wonderful people that could be supported better as they celebrate important milestones (and need that fresh perk to put them back in the public eye for fundraising)and they’re stuck with a letter. I’m putting my mind in a better place and thinking about Sophie and Cam.

  23. I’ve worked in children’s hospice. It’s traumatizing and amazing. The light these children have in them is incredible. I’m tearing up just remembering it. When a child passes it’s a bad day. You miss them like they were family. And yet you still show up with a smile because their joy makes your day. And you can’t help, but want to make every moment they have left as full of joy as you can. When I left that job it was bitter sweet and I still made visits back on my days off to see the kids I knew.

    And the thing that really gets me is this. Even a single visit is enough to form a bond. To get addicted to the smiles and fun you can have with the kids and even their families. How Kate can claim this is a cause she cares about, but cannot return there I don’t understand. She didn’t see the heartbreaking moments. Only the fun. She got the best angle and still has not returned to show support. Or for someone of her position could light up a child’s face.

    THIS infuriates me. She’s only demonstrating how little she prioritises this cause.

    1. Runaway Snarker, what you did was amazing. What you said, too. I am sure these children have a special light that stays on earth to remind us all of their courage and love. I cannot imagine, how you said, that Kate cannot be impressed by them and want to reach out more. The letter is such an easy thing to do. For all the kids, their loved ones and the people who work with them, it is just a shame that more was not done by the Duchess.

    2. I’d imagine many other medical professionals and EACH workers feel as you do, and have much the same impressions of Kate. She does not come across in the images above as a woman with empathy and care. Just mugging for the cameras, with ill children and caregivers as props. Disgusting.

      1. Working hospice requires humility and humanity and brings a personal awareness of mortality. No matter how comfortable a person is made, hospice is end game, and to understand the finality of that and all the emotions that entails…Those waters are too deep for Kate. She would not be suited to this work at all.

        1. Ray
          She doesn’t have to be suited for it. Simply to show up once a year for an hour or 30 minutes is too much.

          For reasons i’ve stated this just makes my blood boil. So, i’m not commenting much more.

          1. And quite frankly if she is not suited she should never have taken it on as a charity. Her whole life has been so cushy but the harsh reality is that these terrible illnesses strike anyone from any background. Diana would have been in there hugging the kids and the parents.

          2. Birdy
            Solid point. She should have never taken on EACH if she didn’t care enough to, well, care.

            I hoped after she became a mother her attitude towards work would change. To see how good she has it. I guess that’s not happened.
            Those children are merely props to boost her own PR image and i’m mad again…
            She can be dim and a clothes horse. And overall fool in many areas. But this? Soulless imo.

    3. +1 million. Hospice care workers are truly angels. They took such good care of my Nana. And while her time there was heartbreaking, it was made beautiful and special by the staff. I agree that Kate missed the boat big time.

  24. Been awol and trying to catch up. Love all the Invictus coverage, go Harry!

    Not impressed with this letter at all, both the language and the fact of sending it in the first place, just visit ffs!

    Meanwhile, I don’t want you to waste money on vogue but could anyone direct to me online pics, or explain the bottom reference?

    1. Hi MadCatLady, nice to see you again! So, the bottom comments are due to this photo:


      It is just a behind the scene photo taken at the shoot and it appears that Kate’s behind is showing. It is amazing that somehow she always finds a way to flash. So, that is what everyone is talking about.

      As for the actual photos in the magazine, I believe WhatKateWore and HRHDuchessKate blogs have all the photos posted, you will just have to look at older entries to see them. I think there were 7 photos total. I hope that helps 🙂

      1. Thanks Overit, had found the other pictures but thanks for the link as I was bemused!

        What a photo, maybe the trousers were too small? Or she just gets a kick out of flashing in secret whilst on show?

  25. What on earth does this chick do? I would love to know what a day in the life of Kate looks like….

    I comment rarely, but I read the comments section for every article and I just want to say how much I love reading them! You all are so thoughtful and witty. I love it!

  26. I guess Kate was too busy to schlep to East Anglia or maybe the helicopter was being used by someone else. Imagine not getting off her bony butt after 4 years to go visit this important place. Maybe she is too busy having some serious spa treatments before the sailing thing or having some fittings for a new striped shirt. Maybe she will wear a patch over one eye this time and go as a pirate!
    I really feel like W & K have sunk so low that they will never recover or be respected by the press or the public. It is very hard to care about them, because they stand for nothing.

  27. Turns out that the reason William and Kate are going to the flower show for the first time is because a flower has been named after Charlotte. Their primary goal is to go look at the flower!!!!

    1. Well, that should take them all of twenty minutes. I suppose they can’t phone ( or write ) that in.

      The more I read about Harry, the more despicable their antics are to me.

    2. Wow, so can’t support Harry when he had a garden for Sentebale, but can go to look at a flower named after Charlotte. Love the priorities these two have.

    3. We all know that they will not go to the Chelsea Show if it is not in link with them : it is like the National Portrait Gallery…

      Has George a flower too or not?

      1. Yes, Grumpy Face has one as well. “The Georgie Boy daffodil, named after Prince George, was unveiled by Walkers Bulbs at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show.”

        1. Can’t take it anymore! Shallow couple, shallow life. Will never change. Have no sense of pride, keep on using the taxpayers’ money for their own benefit. The list goes on…..

        2. But they didn’t show up for that one, but all the attention probably is on Diana 2.0. Poor little guy. Nanny Maria probably adores him. I want to give him a hug.

    4. Kate’s probably jealous a flower has not been named for her.
      So, will they bring Charlotte? I sincerely doubt it. But, if they do, they can be assured even more coverage. They are probably desperately weighing the pluses and minuses as we speak.
      Will Carole be there, too?

        1. Does Charlotte actually exist? When did anyone actually see her not a photo? No chance they will take her to Chelsea.

          1. Kate will be in heels and probably one of her coat dress combos (odds on blue), William will be in his standard issue blue suit. Neither of them is going to want to possibly be upstaged by a squirmy child or two that may show they aren’t as hands on as they claim. Photos of Charlotte looking at the flower named after her would be PR gold for them, but it’s not going to happen.

          2. Yep, the ‘hands-on parents’ cover story could easily be blown if the relationships appear awkward.

  28. They’ll show up to the opening of an envelope between now and Wimbledon. She’ll want to get in enough “appearances” so as not to get any guff when camps out with her family for the tennis.( The Wimbledon thing turns me pea green, I want to be there myself watching from the royal seats!)

  29. I know Kate hasn’t been doing much of anything at all for her patronages, but I think it is not only her fault but also the fans and the media. “Kate is so elegant” “She is a fashion icon” “She is so poised” “So charming” “She is so good with kids” “She is a wonderful philanthropist” “So beautiful” Tens of thousands of people praise her for miniscule things. “Oh, her skirt flew up for the millionth time. At least she handled it with poise/grace/elegance (either of these are interchangeable).” If more people criticized her, instead of giving her a pass and all of these traits we know don’t exactly fit her just because she is a royal, she would work hard.

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