To Hug or Not To Hug: the difference between Prince William and Prince Harry

To Hug or Not To Hug: the difference between Prince William and Prince Harry

Because of how many eyerolls I did when reading it, I wasn’t going to cover Piers Morgan‘s new Daily Mail article in which he calls out Prince William for being an “unhappy, acutely self-conscious” person and says Prince Harry would make a much better King than William, but then I read a rebuttal to Morgan’s article from Victoria Arbiter and thought “girl no, that’s not the way to defend William’s lack of hug-giving”. So I’ve chosen to cover both articles because I think they are both wrong in ways and both right in ways.

Harry takes William's photo HeadsTogether video

Let’s start with Morgan’s article. For space (and to save myself the eyerolls while proofreading), I’m cutting out some intro and bragging stuff, and just quoting the comparison between William and Harry.

    “The truth is that Wills and Harry may be brothers but they are very different people. They carry the exact same baggage; both were exposed to the agony of their parents warring and divorcing in the full bitter, unforgiving glare of the world’s obsessive attention. And then, of course, they both had to endure the horror of their mother being killed in a car crash.
    “But the one thing William’s had to put up with that Harry’s avoided is the mantle of ‘duty’ and the particular pressure and scrutiny which comes with being Britain’s ‘future King.’ It’s not sat easily with him. In fact, it’s often appeared to be wrapped around his neck like an ever-tightening stress noose. […]
    “William’s interviews are toe-curling in their awkwardness and rigidity. I don’t say this as a criticism, but as a sad fact. You can tell he has zero interest in revealing anything significant about himself or his family for the delectation of the slathering populous. He’d far rather just be left alone to do his thing – flying the odd helicopter, making as few official royal engagements as he can get away with, going to lots of society weddings, shooting parties and polo matches, and spending holidays frantically trying to avoid the press as his wife takes the ‘official’ photos. The problem is that his ‘thing’ is not compatible with what the British public expects from a future King.
    “Harry, by contrast, seems to revel in being the only ‘real’ royal out there. His interviews, and there have been numerous ones to promote Invictus in the last few days, are suffused with wit, passion, spontaneity and openness. He also connects with people in a way I haven’t seen since Diana was strutting her stuff on the world stage. Witness the way he hugged that brave little amputee Rio at the Games last night. Or the smacker he planted on jubilant road cyclist Katie Kuiper whose face was badly disfigured when she was shot in the head. You can’t teach that kind of instinctive thing, and William would be incapable of it. Harry seems just as at ease when joshing around with presidents as he does mixing it up with ordinary people.
    “Does any of this matter? I think it does, yes. The clock is ticking. Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, is 67 now. Who knows how long he might live, but I very much doubt given the more lugubrious way he’s led his life that it will be anywhere near as long as his mother or grandmother. It’s not inconceivable that the Queen may even out-last him.
    “Either way, William can expect to take over the reigns (ho ho…) of the Monarchy within the next 15-20 years. And I don’t think he wants it, I really don’t. So why make him pretend he does? Why force this very nice but gauche and, dare I suggest, ever so slightly dull man submit himself to a lifetime of misery? Especially when there’s someone waiting in the wings who seems so much better suited to the job?
    “Prince Harry would make a great King. He’d be a very modern, very different one, but that’s essential for maintaining the Monarchy’s appeal going forward. He’d also be a lot of fun, get stuff done, confine the crusty old royal officiousness to the gilt-edged dustbin of posterity, and be hugely popular around the world. Above all, I think Harry would love doing it.
    “Isn’t a happy, confident King better than an unhappy, acutely self-conscious one?”

[Daily Mail]

And here’s Arbiter’s article. For space, I cut some background info – the gist being that both the Queen and Charles were not as present in their children’s lives as they would have liked, and that Charles has constantly been upstaged by more attractive, interesting royals (Diana, William, Kate).

    “As patron and conceiver of the Invictus Games, Prince Harry has excelled in his position in Florida this week. He has hugged his way across Orlando championing the needs of veterans and urging those of us watching to shelve the pity in favor of being inspired by the incredible accomplishments of the many wounded yet valiant servicemen and women. […]
    “Watching Harry do what he does so well inevitably leads to comparisons to his older brother, Prince William, who has in recent weeks been accused of being work-shy, reluctant and even lazy. For those in the peanut gallery it’s rather easy to sit back and throw around criticism, but there are other powers at play. […]
    “As second-in-line to the throne there is no set constitutional role for William, and with a long royal future ahead, is it really such a bad thing that he be allowed the opportunity to give his children a loving well adjusted childhood? After all, George too will one day assume the mantle of sovereignty. The Queen’s advancing years are of course front and centre when the argument for William to ‘do more’ escalates, but do more he will upon the upcoming conclusion of his air ambulance contract. […]
    “Yes, Harry is doing a cracking job, and as long as he’s single and without children, it is easier for him to keep the focus on his royal role without the added pressure of impending kingship. … He connects in a way that is truly infectious, and his energy and vitality are a tremendous asset to both crown and country. Like his mother before him Harry is a big hugger, and his tactile and affectionate approach is embraced wherever he goes. It is a style that works beautifully for him, but why should the same be expected of William?
    “Out of respect for the position it is unbecoming for the future head of state to run around hugging everybody. The Queen doesn’t do it, nor does Charles, so why should William? William connects with his particular patronages in his own way, and it is individuality that should be recognized. If everyone took Harry’s approach the monarchy would become one big love fest. Us reticent Brits like the formality of our monarchy, and all that hugging would prove quite alarming at a tree planting, state banquet or during a walkabout.
    “The Queen struggled to identify with Diana’s touch-feely approach, but she acknowledged its positive impact right away, and she supported Diana throughout all her charitable endeavors. I am not comparing William and Harry to the Queen and Diana, but rather using their unique styles to illustrate how important individuality is and how neither approach is right or wrong. Throughout the royal family, from Charles and Anne, to Camilla, Sophie, Edward and Philip, each member of the family brings his or her own flair to the table, and each has its place.
    “I too am ready to see William find his calling and to embrace his destiny in a way that inspires confidence, but for a man who lost his mother so publically and tragically, and who has no say in his future, it is also important to recognize that he is a human being wrestling to find an acceptable balance between his public and private roles. We are all fallible and we all make mistakes. William wouldn’t have been forgiven quite so quickly as Harry over the Vegas antics, just as Harry wouldn’t be required to exhibit the same level of decorum with a visiting head of state.
    “Everyone loves Harry, but pitting brother against brother, style against style and position against position is an imprudent exercise. Harry will continue to shine within the royal family, but it is William who will be king, and it is William who has a lifetime of service ahead. I wouldn’t discount him just yet.”

[Victoria Arbiter’s blog]

Before I get to my main point in all this, there is a part of Arbiter’s article which is bugging the crap out of me: Arbiter makes it seem like Harry doesn’t know how to act with a head of state, and that he goes around hugging everyone and that he’s so unseemly. That’s not the case. Harry hugged the President of Jamaica in 2012 but that’s the only foreign diplomat that I know of Harry hugging. Harry knows how to comport himself with a head of state/foreign diplomat, possibly better than William since William keeps making odd, rather creepy jokes with the heads of state he meets.

Arbiter glommed onto Morgan’s line about Harry hugging people and made that the crux of her argument, but she didn’t do the best job of defending him. Arbiter came at this with a “William is a future head of state therefore he cannot hug people” argument when she should have come at this with a “Not everyone likes to hug strangers and that’s fine” argument.

As someone who does not like being hugged, I would fully understand and support someone, even someone in a public position such as a royal, who doesn’t want to hug strangers (I’ve tried defending Kate before for not wanting to hug people). There is nothing wrong with someone not wanting to hug people (the Queen doesn’t hug people because she doesn’t like being touched), and there is nothing wrong with a diplomat who does hug people (Justin Trudeau hugs people). Some people, like Harry, are more tactile and touchy-feely, while others, perhaps like William, aren’t. That’s fine. Being a charming individual does not mean hugging everyone you meet. One can be charming and not hug people.

That brings me to my ultimate point. The problem with William is not that he doesn’t go around hugging people the way Harry does; the problem with William is that he is a crotchety dude who is very awkward when interacting with people and in interviews. The problem with William is that he is not charming. The reason people like Harry is not just that he hugs people, but that he’s a charming dude.

William comes across as being very closed off and, quite frankly, cynical of having to be a public figure and perform royal duties.

Harry comes across has having a good time and enjoying what he does without any cynicism. When Harry does start becoming cynical and complains, which has happened in a few interviews, people get annoyed with him in the same way they do with William.

Imma be super blunt here: the way the Queen goes about her duties – ie. never giving an interview, being terrible at giving speeches, not visiting her patronages for decades at a time – would not fly with anyone but her. The Queen is a 90 year old lady who has been on the throne for 64 years; the way she goes about things will only work for her. It won’t, and doesn’t, work for Charles. It won’t work for William. Times have changed.

Being a silent, stalwart monarch is not going to capture the fascination of the younger generations which is what the monarchy will need moving forward. Being a crotchety cynic who seemingly despises royal work is not going to capture the fascination of the younger generations either. Being a hardworking, charming individual – whether a hugger or not – might.

William does not need to be a hugger to be charming. He just needs to drop the cynicism, relax, get a better sense of humor (because seriously, his jokes are unfunny and make people uncomfortable), enjoy what he does and have fun with it. Harry does that. That’s why Harry comes across better than William. Hell, that’s why Harry comes across better than everyone.

William and Harry with Ant and Dec

William and Harry play with lightsabers

267 thoughts on “To Hug or Not To Hug: the difference between Prince William and Prince Harry

  1. “No say in the future”,Wills can always drop out.William appears to have a serious issue with the papparazzi,he needs to find a solution because there’s no escaping them.
    Also,I don’t want William to hug people.I want dedication.
    And this idea of William affording to slack off in the present because he has to serve in the future doesn’t make sense.Serving in the present has its own value.He is still the Duke of Cambridge.

    1. Yeah, the idea that William and Kate shouldn’t have to do much now because they will have to do a lot later is dumb. They will be a terrible Prince and Princess of Wales if they don’t take the opportunity as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to perfect their royal duty ability. As Anne and Edward and Sophie have said, it takes time to get it right. William and Kate should be taking this time to get things right before they have to become Prince and Princess of Wales. I said the way the Queen does things will not work for William, and similarly the mistakes and gaffs and racist insults Prince Philip has made will absolutely not work for William and Kate. They cannot afford to have such gaffs when Prince and Princess of Wales and later King and Queen.

      1. I agree Kate and William need to work hard now because in a ten, maybe twelve years at most, they will step into Charles and Camillas’ present role as Prince and Princess of Wales. Then, it is maybe another quick decade before they become King and Queen Consort. They aren’t preparing for the Prince/ss of Wales roles at all doing the rare, begrudging public appearances that they currently do. Forget about King. Preparing for the top job isn’t even on their radar yet. It needs to be.

        I don’t even think William completed the agriculture course that was supposed to help him prepare to take over the Duchy of Cornwall. So how is that going to happen overnight? William isn’t the smartest guy in the room. How is he going to pick up all of these skills overnight?

        Really, if what William wants is to be a private, country gentleman, he needs to step down as the future king because the resentment that he feels toward his public role comes off of him in waves whenever he makes an appearance. He doesn’t even need to say a word about it. It just rolls off of him.

        And Kate is clueless and not very bright. I’ve lost all hope in her shaping up to be a decent Princess of Wales. Forget about Queen Consort. Not going to happen. Kate just doesn’t have it in her.

      2. THIS ! plus people are interested in them NOW when they are young – once they are in their 50s people will focus on the younger generation and they will be considered boring/stodgy- this is the time when they can make an impact.

    2. Agree with you about the papparazzi and the press in general : he doesn’t like them, but he is obligated to work with them.
      The press will be always here (papier, TV, or web form) : yesterday, we hear about Cameron and the Queen.
      If he has a peaceful relationship with the press, it will be more easier. In another news, C and C has a new communication secretary

    3. I admire the way that Charles has carved out his own role with the Prince’s Trust and works hard for that, rather than just ‘waiting in the wings,’ for the role of King. William and Kate could take a leaf out of his book.

      1. I admire Charles too.

        I’ve always said William has until he is thirty to play with helicopters and be a private individual. Then, William needs to be settled and working hard at his role as royal.

        Instead, William seems determined to avoid his role as royal for as long as possible. The article says ten or twenty years before William takes the top job. That puts William in his mid-forties to mid-fifties before he has to finally work as a royal. As if waiting until that late is a good idea.

        William is like the kid who doesn’t want to do a big project so he puts it off until the night before it is due. That never works out well.

        Maybe because he was so coddled through life until this point, he thinks it is going to continue into being King. With other people carrying the water for him. If that is the case, William truly is an arrogant fool.

    4. Right, the underside of Will’s point about “years of service ahead” is that he’s enjoying extreme privilege now which will only grow. So he’s really saying he has to be paid 20 million a year to actually put some real effort into it. What exactly is he qualified to do that earns him the POW lifestyle other than birthright? Nothing.

  2. I’ve had it with the “he’s a good father” excuse. Has it not been established that between the EAAA and his royal duties combined, he doesn’t even work part time hours? Its an insult to working parents everywhere.

    And his public remarks are… bizarre. Arrogant, self-pitying, and often belittling to others. He seems like a jerk.

    1. I wonder if William even hears himself speaking when he says things like he has to stay home to be a good father.

      I’ve met some people who aren’t very smart and they need to experience something first hand before they can relate to it so they keep doing the same brainless things over and over again until finally the consequences catch up with them. William reminds me of one of those people.

  3. Thank you for this post. I’m glad someone called Arbiter out for her sophistry. (And it is so obvious that it is sophistry.)

    Speaking of royal reporters, what’s up with Palmer? He’s tweeting about that ridiculous hamster, barely mentioning the Invictus Games, and saying Harry needs to step up his duties/engagements to avoid “uncomfortable scrutiny” — meanwhile ignoring the big elephants in the room named William and Kate.

    1. Yep I am not the only one to wonder what’s up with Palmer. I think that maybe he has enough to regurgitate the discours from KP’s twitter.
      Yes he speaks about an announcement in June about a next carreer step of Harry in the RF : I wonder what it will be.

      1. He probably has to play nice with WK in order to continue receiving info from inside sources.

        Interesting about Harry. I hope he follows through with the projects he mentioned in a recent interview and continues to make more public appearances after the IG. Doing lots of private work won’t cut out, he needs to be seen out there.

      2. I find it hilarious thta Palmer saying that Harry needs to step up his duties when the Cambridges have practically gone AWOL and most likely won’t emerge for any public engagements until late May or early June.

        Rgearding William’s particular brand of “humour”. Someone needs to tell him that what can be perfectly acceptable within a private sphere of close friends is completely inappropriate among strangers and on the world scene. In the public sphere he is is at best spectacularly unfunny and at worst downright offensive.

        I also agree with KMR that QEII’s approach to queenship only works because she’s been sitting on the throne for so long and ebcause she is so old. The public seems to have forgotten how badly she handled Diana’s death and how her remoteness came across as unfeeling and as indifference. William absolutely cannot afford such an approach longterm.

        I guess he can still coast along on the family excuse, a pretty wife and cute children for a while because I don’t think that the general public are a critical of him and Kate as we are. But this approach won’t fly forever and especially not when he becomes Prince of Wales, which can happen anytime. His grandmother may seem like she can go on forever but things can change in the blink of an eye. My grandmother was 97 and I truely thought that she would see her centenary. She had fought off so many things but she died last week. Very very quickly and even though she was so very old and had been suffering from bad back-pain, her death came as a complete shock for me. It still doesn’t feel real.

        1. I am sorry for the loss of your grand-mother. Even if we know that the person that we love are fragile and are dying, it is always hard.

        2. I’m so sorry about your grandmother.

          William actually had three engagements at Oxford University today. I wouldn’t say he’s charismatic or charming — and at times I find him annoyingly glib — but when he’s at his ease, he’s perfectly fine. Not everyone is an extrovert. He’s been at this his whole life, so I think he can turn it on when he has to. I hate to say this, but I like him better when Kate isn’t there. He seems more relaxed and polished and not on edge.

          As for her, I fear she will never get any better at her job.

          1. Have you see what he says? ‘I can’t say I was a regular attender of libraries’: Prince William confesses he was LAZY at university as he tells Oxford students he can’t pronounce ‘Magdalen’

            That is just stupidity : if people criticize you for being lazy, you don’t say that “at the university, I didn’t work so much”. It is elementair!!!!

        3. ArtHistorian, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. It never matters what age someone is because you love them. You always hope for more time with someone special in your life. Sending warm wishes your way.

        4. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother, ArtHistorian. When someone has been in your life that long it’s very hard to fathom life without them. I hope you take comfort in the memories and that she died very quickly, but that will take time. Time is our best friend when things such as this happen and we’re never ever ready to lose someone we truly love and cherish. Wish you the comfort of friends and family and the peace of knowing that she’s in Good and Loving Hands.

        5. ArtHistorian, my sincere sympathy on the loss of your grandmother. I can understand your grief and I wish you a pathway to healing. It is so difficult to lose a beloved person and the one thing I hope will always be with you are memories of all you must have shared with her and the special essence that made her unique.

        6. Deepest condolences on the loss of your grandmother. Even though a loved one has lived a long life, it doesn’t make it easier to say good-bye. My father, aged 87, is in critical care at the hospital after a stroke. Our family is in day-to-day mode, because he is not getting better.

          1. Oh, BamaLynn. I can’t imagine how stressful your father’s illness is to you all. I send positive energy your way. May prayers, too.

          2. I am so sorry to hear about your father. No, a long life lived doesn’t make it better… I hope that your father is in the best care possible and is comfortable. I hope he can come through this.

          3. Thanks, Jen. Daddy is fairly comfortable and getting excellent care. The last 48 hours has shown improvement so we are hopeful. He got pneumonia after the stroke. The stroke was “mild” and it’s the pneumonia that he’s fighting now.

        7. It’s a shock to lose people who have always been in your life, even if they are elderly. And things can go from frail to critical in a heartbeat at that age. I send you my sincerest condolences knowing that you honour her memory in all that you do.

        8. I’m so sorry about your grandmother, ArtHistorian. I wish there were some words of comfort I could provide to take away some of the pain of losing your grandmother. You and your family are in my prayers.

          As you said, things can change in a blink of an eye. My grandmother has outlived all but two of her children. I only have a few living relatives and have lost loved ones at a young age so when I say goodbye on the phone or in person to someone I care about, the last thing I usually say is “I love you.” On Monday, I had a doctor’s appointment and without thinking, i told my doctor I loved him. Hopefully I didn’t freak him out.

          Hopefully the Queen will live a very long life and Prince Charles will enjoy the same kind of longevity but no one knows when Prince William will be king. The interview he gave when he started with EAAA didn’t inspire much confidence when he stated, “The term ‘full-time royal role’ is bandied around quite a lot, and no-one actually really knows what that means…” His suggestion that he might be able to juggle being a Head of State and a pilot shows he really hasn’t been paying close attention to what his grandmother does.

          In terms of Prince William’s sense of humour, I don’t think the courtesy laughs he gets for being a prince helps.

          1. Lola, I got tickled you told your doctor, “I love you.” It reminded me of the time my husband (a police detective) and his best friend (another detective) were on the phone. Not touchy-feely types. His friend who has a wife and 3 daughters unthinkingly told my husband, “love you,” when they said good-bye. We all got a laugh out of that!

          2. Lola,

            Thanks for your kind thoughts. Fortunately, me and my sister had recently visited Granny at her retirement home and we had a lovely afternoon.

            I love your site. You’re have a very elegant wit, which is rare to see.

        9. ArtHistorian, I am really sorry for your loss. I have none of my grandparents, and they were amazing. I miss them very much. Be strong. A hug to you and your family.

        10. Greetings Everyone,

          This message in particular is for you ArtHistorian:-

          My heart goes out to you with the loss of your much loved Grandmother.

          If you are ever asked “how much you loved her” then the answer would be, as wide as the world and then some.

          When asked “how long will you love her” – The answer will be, Forever and a day.

          For as long as you live, your Grandmother will never be lost to you, because your memories – will be her “Bridge across Forever”

          Keep the joy in your soul so that it can be shared, think of your tears as rain and it will wash away the hurt, remember that you without the rain there would be no rainbows.

          Keep a spring in your step, remember her with a deep sense of happiness and I wish you all the love your heart can hold.

          The Wild Rose

          On the other side of midnight… in a heaving ocean. My deepest apologies for being unable to make contact before this. Internet and satnav too unstable as we are heading South.

  4. I totally agree with you.
    Harry loves what he does, he makes his heart in order to help people, he is charming. He knows when he has to be solemn and serious. There are always (or almost) good reviews on his tours.

    William is akward, seems to be bored to be here, he is cold. These are facts, he can change : become a full-time royal and really engage in projects concretly (why will it be impossible? His father makes the Prince Trust; yes he has the Royal Fondation of D/D of C and H : but it is vague and we can’t clearly see what he does from what his brother and his wife does). Honestly, diplomatically, he makes some error : speaking about the diplomatic night like a costume party… argh.

    Like I said on another post, people who defends William are just saying the difference is related to their education to be heir/spare, to their awareness to the issues of the wedding of theirs parents. Yes it takes a place : but I don’t think that the adolescence of Harry was very good (he is bashing by the press, doesn’t have the possibility to make an error or to have his error covered like his brother). Someone post that the IG and Sentebale are just PR : like the Queen says “Oh really, please!”

    I think that people appreciate royals who puts efforts and heart in order to help people, that love their role.

    Personnally, I think that the monarchy can not be the same than the monarchy in the 20th : yes traditions must remained, but monarch can be next to the people, it is not degrading. The Dutch Royal Family conciliate formality, love of their people and accessibility (or it seems like that). The reduction of the working royals is logical after the Queen’s death, but honestly I don’t think that Anne, Sophie and Edward can be erased like that : people are growing to see them, they work more than the 3 younger. And we know that when W and K will be prince and princess of Wales, there will be excuses : we need one or 2 years to have preparations for the role… Their work wont be increase like that.

    I don’t think that Will or Harry want to be King, but I think that if Harry will be King, he will good because he has a sense of duty much more developped than his brother. But if he is King, his risk to not be the same Harry that we loves.

    Last point (I know I ramble…) : some comments suggest that Will is worse since he is married with K. I don’t know if it is true, but I wonder if W thinks that the bad press that he received is due to his wife.

    1. It bothers me to no end when people defend William and Kate’s lack of work by saying that they will have a lifetime of duties later in life so they shouldn’t have to work much now. Working as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge IS preparation for their roles as Prince and Princess of Wales and then King and Queen. What do the people who think Kate should work much until she is Princess of Wales think is going to happen if she doesn’t? She’s not magically going to be an amazing royal once she has the Princess of Wales title. She’s going to be the same lazy royal she is now unless she corrects herself now. Same for William. William is going to be a crap Prince of Wales unless he corrects his bad behavior now.

      Re William being worse since marrying Kate: Perhaps. I also think that William coasted a lot on his good looks and Diana’s memory when he was younger. He also had a lot more press covering for him. I think he’s always been like this, we just didn’t know about it until he did more engagements, the press stopped covering for him as much, and he’s lost his looks and Diana’s memory doesn’t hold as much weight now.

      1. I agree with you on William being always like that. I don’t see he is worse, I think there is more scrutiny about him. We know press covering for him in the past, I wonder how long the press will accept that…
        I think that Kate is not the cause of his reluctuance. But I think that he has married someone that he loves (I don’t say he doesnt love Kate) AND that she has work ethic, the situation will not be like that.

        1. William may have married someone who is right for him but is wrong for the role.

          It is very hard to find someone who fullfills both requirements, which is something the QMII has touched on in interviews when it came to her sons. I found that remark very interesting because there has been some speculation that she had discouraged Frederik from someone who she felt was unsuitable for the position of Crown Princess. It is pure speculation on my part but I do find it interesting that she recently said that she when she first met Mary she knew Mary was absolutely the right stuff, especially when you consider Frederik’s days as a bachelor playboy prince who dated models and singers who reveled in and benefited from the public exposure of dating a prince. The same goes for King Felipe whose relationship with a Scandinavian underwear model was very much frowned upon. He chose right as well though he and Leti had to go through a lot of criticism because she was a divorcee.

      2. It is a ridiculous argument that they’ll work more later. As you say, they need to work now, practicing as it were- especially Waity. She hasn’t gotten any better at this job in 5 years, in fact she actually seems more awkward, ill at ease and downright terrified as time goes by. She needs all the “practice” she can get, and the time to do it is now.

      3. I have no idea why people make endless excuses for this couple. It makes no sense whatsoever to avoid learning how to effectively do your future jobs, especially such public ones. Surely the accumulation of skill, knowledge and experience through application makes you more effective? And, serious question: why should I believe that William and Kate are 24/7 devoted parents when they have shown no dedication whatsoever to anything bar their own pleasure? I doubt not only the intent but also the ability to effectively parent. We know there are nannies, that William was gone for the first 6 months of George’s life, and that he is rumoured not to be at Anmer all that often. Where is he? Privacy = hidden = no accountability.

        I think you are right: William looked so like Diana in his youth, so much so that he had pubic goodwill in his hands. Now Spencer charm and looks have given way to Windsor surliness and horsiness, the press is not covering for him so now we get to see what William really is and it’s none too impressive. I suspect he still sees himself as young even though he is closer to middle age. He and Kate both have that arrested development vibe. Had William married a vibrant woman, dedicated and hands-on, things would have been vastly different. However such a woman wouldn’t want to be saddled with a slacker, even a royal one.

    2. Actually I don’ t think Harry is like this because he’ s not the heir to the throne: He can either be funny when necessary and serious when needed ( meeting diplomats, lying wreaths). William instead is awkward, always. He never learns and he never seems to care. That’ s why I don’ t believe the burden of William was bigger: He doesn’ t care about his duty, he dodges work and he’ s always protected by the press. The one being thrown under the bus has always been Harry, not William. Harry had to earn the respect towards him ( sure, he had some very shameful behaviours ) Will instead has always been Diana’ s golden boy. Yet now the golden boy has turned into a petulant bone idle man

      1. It think that this protection of William, not only by the press but also by his family, has been detrimental to his character. You learn from your mistakes, especially when you are forced to deal with the consequences of said mistakes. Harry has been forced to deal with the consequences of his bad behaviour, in public no less, William never has. It is simply not good for a person’s character because if you are not forced to deal with your mistakes and short-comings, how are you going to grow and mature?

        Kate is another matter because it looks like that she has never been allowed to go out and test herself in the real world, make her own mistakes and deal with them. She has been coddled and protected by her family to an unhealthy degree.

        1. Agree with you. Even Harry aknowledges what you says about dealing about his mistakes making him a better person.

        2. Kate was groomed by her parents, quite willingly on her part, to attract a wealthy, titled husband. William was the biggest prize and through tenacity and luck, she collected. Yes, that’s mighty unhealthy parenting.

          William has never had to deal with the consequences of his actions, but more worryingly, seems to have no moral compass, and no energy for anything. I think he likes to dream of being a top gun RAF pilot but has no ticker for hard work, and I suspect, not much aptitude. And certainly no staying power – William’s history is littered with opportunities presented through status, not merit, and each and every time he fritters them away. He is a liability to his children and larger family, that’s for sure.

      2. I’ve never believed the Harry’s the spare excuse. You have charm and charisma or you don’t have it. You have empathy and passion or you don’t. It is in you or not in you no matter what your order of birth.

        With William I think he can work on being more engaged and learn the difference between appropriate joking around with his private friends and public strangers. He can look at the media and his public role as a means to make the world better rather than a burden thrust upon him without his say so.

        William can improve but he has to recognize that he has areas of weakness and be willing to work on them. Right now, I just see him placing the blame elsewhere in order to protect himself, so that he doesn’t have to change.

    1. I thought about mentioning that but didn’t. Arbiter mentioned William not having a Vegas-type incident blow over as easily as Harry’s Vegas incident. BUT, if it were William, we might not have seen the photos at all. The press has long covered for him when they didn’t for Harry. William was just as bad back in the day as Harry but the press covered for him while they threw Harry under the bus.

      Granted, Harry was not married at the time of his Vegas incident and William was. So if William, married man, had gone and partied naked with naked ladies who were not his wife, then yeah he would have gotten much more sh-t than Harry did (if the photos were released). But if the roles were the same – both unmarried – then that would be a different story.

    2. Part of me can’t wait for the day the press will rebel and publish every dirt they have on William. I just feel for his kids the day it happens.

  5. This is a bit off-topic, but I feel like climbing up the walls everytime I read the “William just wants to be a parent” argument. Just stop with this bullshit. It’s disrespectful to working parents all around. My mother got back to work less than two months after I was born and I never felt less loved or cared for. A gazillion people manage to balance a job and kids everyday without having 1/100000 of WK’s money and everyone does fine.

    I’m sorry for the rant, but this just makes me SO furious.

    Regarding William’s lack of charm: it’s impossible to upstage Harry in this department. The problem is that he doesn’t even try to improve. I don’t hold it against him for being awkward or not hugging people, but he should at least try to develop some social skills since it’s part of his job. Thing is I don’t think he nor Kate realise how much awkward they are.

      1. I remember reading comments from random people online saying something to the extent that William thinks he is better than everyone else and Kate has bought into it. Sometimes you hear confirmation in the press like the one story where Kate and William were accused of being very grand by private sources.

    1. My dad held an important job with long hours all throughout my childhood, but I never felt abandoned or unloved because he knew how to manage his time wisely. William and Kate acting like the only way to be a good parent is to spend all your time with your kids is insulting and I’m surprised that people are buying it.

      1. Seeing a parent answer an alarm clock and go out into the world to work is a good thing.

        William is daft if he thinks having both parents at home living off of the taxpayers and a rich father is a good idea. What kind of work ethic is that teaching George and Charlotte?

        1. A complete lack of one by both parents in this case. Both children are being exposed to the worst behaviour that comes from unlimited privilege. It’s so sad to know what they are likely to become.

    2. I agree about the “I need to concentrate on being a good parent” excuse. I just want to punch him in his smug mouth for dismissing all the parents who can’t afford to loll around and eat cheese toast and hunt small animals all day.

      And sincerity and dedication can make up for any lack of charm. You don’t have to be charming, but you do have to care, and that caring will come across. Just ask Princess Anne.

    3. Kate Middleton admitted he willingly disappeared for the first six months of their son’s life. How is that being a good parent? He wasn’t deployed and unable to be with his family because of work – he chose to be away from them.

      1. This is the first I have read this about Will. So Will is a bad parent and a bad husband IMO.

        1. To use base vernacular, I think William married Kate because she would put up and shut up.

          Hardly a ringing endorsement of Kate as wife and Queen Consort material.

  6. One more thing. I really liked this bit: “Being a silent, stalwart monarch is not going to capture the fascination of the younger generations which is what the monarchy will need moving forward.” Maybe this is why The Queen and Charles are so silent regarding William: they don’t realise to what extent times are changing.

    1. How can they when they live in a bubble of inherited privilege and are so remote from the public. That remoteness is somethng that is very glaring to me as an outsider who grew up in a monarchy where the members of the royal family are much more open to the public and far less remote. It isn’t unusual to see them on the street and when I could afford to go to the ballet, I would see QMII in the Royal Box more often than not. Plus have been a lot of tv programs where they show part of their private selves to the public – recently Daisy taking a TV crew on tour of the royal residences, etc.

      I have lived in England while I studied and my English friends (in my generation and younger) didn’t really have any thoughts on their RF. That indifference may keep them in place but neither will it shore up their position in the future. Especially if the current time of public austerity contines.

    2. The Queen and Charles act like any other family with a difficult son/grandson: they choose to believe that William will come right when the time comes to step up. They won’t discipline or guide him for fear he’ll jump. But he won’t: (a) he’s unfit for pretty much everything, (b) could not replicate his lifestyle on his own funds, and (c) dislikes spending his own money when he can access public money forever. After all, He is the Chosen One! Meanwhile William plays them and the poor UK public for fools.

  7. The people who insist that is ok for William, who is not first in line, do not remember that the queen is 90 and that Charles is nearing 70. When will it be the perfect time for William to get used to working and being in contact with people if not now?

    1. Here’s William’s quote from “The Queen at 90” (the Sky News presentation)

      Rhiannon Mills (Sky News interviewer): “…Do you talk to her about what it’s like to be sovereign, and what that may mean for you in the future?”
      William: “I haven’t yet but I probably should. Hehehe…”

      Lauren, we can add learning from your father and grandmother to the Prince of Arrogance’s ‘I Think I Might Do That Someday’ list, eh?

      1. If I have the possibility to speak to the Queen, I will have so many questions : what was her perception of the WWII? How was W. Churchill? What are her best/worst souvenir during her tours?

        He says that she is the boss and he asks no advice?

      2. That comment to the Sky interviewer: if you ever needed proof that William is a complete doofus, this is it.

  8. Forget where he is in terms of succession he is a man in his thirties with a family to support. The suggestion that he can stay at home and play daddy is ludicrous and insulting to those supporting him financially – the tax payers AND Charles. He should be out here ‘earning ‘ his keep like any other parent who needs to put food on the table. The sugars should stop making excuses for him.

    1. It’s funny to me that he always mentions how well-loved and close he was with his mother, a working woman, but he thinks doing more work will deprive his children! So perplexing

      If he hates appearances so much, why not embrace social media and do more in-palace meetings and charity evens and publicise those like the Swedish royal family? He has the power to do so much in the world. I wonder why he doesn’t.

      1. +100000

        “he always mentions how well-loved and close he was with his mother, a working woman, but he thinks doing more work will deprive his children! So perplexing.”

      2. Recently Jason’s PR spin (in the “leaked” stories) has included criticism about Diana working too hard for charity and William feeling neglected. He’ll not only use his late mother for good PR, he’ll throw her under the bus to excuse his lazy behavior.

        1. That is such a horrible thing to do! I’m hoping they get a huge backlash. Somebody should man up and tell William to start working instead of making excuses.

        2. Could he stoop any lower? I think this will backfire on him, Diana was a deeply loved lady with all her flaws and this attack on her will not go unavenged. He’s so awful, as a man, as a son, as a father (yes, anyone who denies their children access to some pretty awesome people for no good reason is crappy), as a husband, and a brother. I can’t see any good in William anymore and I’ve tried. I don’t believe that he wants to spend time with his children and become the father he never had. No way. Charles wasn’t a bad father but in the war Diana got all the credit and he was really pounded. And it was Charles who demanded the best send off for Diana!
          Jason, you’re on the jerk train right along with your odious client. Blaming, however subtley a dead woman? Seriously? Good God is William the only little boy in the entire world whose mommy died when he was young? This is too much. Get help William and while you’re at it get help for your rail thin mommy dependent whack a doodle wife. England has given you every single solitary thing you have, you owe your country better than this! Jerk. Joker. And other things that I don’t think look nice in print. My thinking is that William is expending all of his energy in being a very bitter little man with a loose cannon for a wife. That, and if that ghastly steamroller Carole is living with them, could drain the very life out of him. Not an excuse because he has control over these things. I think Jason just spit on sacred ground. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see but in my opinion it’s utterly despicable.

    2. So true. We all have to work and this doesn’t mean he cannot do so while not neglecting his kids. A good work ethic is something every parent should pass on to their children by example.

      He has no credibility with all his excuses.

  9. Arbiter, so ridiculous, it’s not about hugging or not hugging, it’s about genuinely connecting with people.

    It’s not about sky rocket high numbers on CC end of year table, it’s about caring so what, showing an interest and respecting about the British (and Commonwealth) people that are so possibly your subjects and that you represent.

    Willian and Kate do not give an inch of themselves. It has nothing to do with being Royal, watch The Queen’s Cameraman and other and you see she really does give a toss. William doesn’t just hate the press or resent royal duties, he comes across as actually hating being around people he seems to think are beneath him, both him and Kate. His jokes, laughs and smiles are so not genuine it’s patronising and not okay. His PR and spin just show what his thoughts are towards the public that have so given him their affection and after Diana’s death took him and Harry into their hearts. And he knows this which is why everything him and Kate do, including the copy cat outfits they put Prince George in, are references to former things Diana did. If it was truly about honouring her legacy what Diana stood for would characterise their efforts, so in whatever shape or form, like how we are able to do with Harry, we’d recognise something in the conduct that would remind us of Diana or that we recommended she’d be proud of.

    Their trip of India sums it all up, they had to go sit on the ‘Diana Bench’ and none of the work they did invoked her legacy. Diana’s dresses at the bottom had the mark of meeting people where they are at and not cleaning them up to bring them into your world like pawns, she went into the slums, when she heard the atrocities people suffered she was emphatic, she listened because there was some level of care not because there was still 20mins left on the engagement. When William and Kate were told of children’s limbs being cut off and those kids being used to beg on the streets she replied “Gosh, interesting.”

    What the heck!! “Gosh, interesting.” Really!!!

    We know William doesn’t do private visits, he can’t even go to work, we know now thanks to that debacle earlier in the year, Kate can’t even pitch to continue more than a century old tradition of female royals involvement, so if she’s skipped official engagements I find it hard to believe she’s taking on private ones.

    There have been many citing of Harry dosing private work. So all this talk about William and Kate not wanting to outshine anyone is nonsense, if they were serious about the work, duties or the future they’d at least be doing behind the scenes work. But no, they’re on shooting parties, playing polo and living the life of royals before revolutions. They’re not moving the monarchy into modern times but the dark ages. Very sad.

    1. + 1000. I have no words, you express what I think with so much eloquence.
      I would like to know what V. Arbiter answers to you.

      1. Thanks Clem.

        Sorry, there were so many grammatical mistakes. And I meant write reckoned and not recommended.

        Victoria Arbiter’s father did not like Diana, or Charles ver much. He’s very old school and would full under the “men in grey suits” Diana spoke of, so it doesn’t surprise me that his daughter would try undermined Harry (and Charles’) more hands on approach to their royal work and duties. Even the Queen’s adapted and changed her mind on the out working of the BFR’s role and relationship with its people (even new media), especially after the Queen Mother’s death. Which is wise, monarchies that last and don’t diminish in strength or influence move with the times.

        I’d like to be believe William and Kate’s use of social media is that but honestly I think it’s a ‘stuff you’ to the press. There’s a stark difference in the way they use social media to Harry’s posts – where he writes personal messages and is able to shine a spot light on the cause at hand, if not just a a sun rise he appreciated in New Zealand that he wanted to share and include others in the moment. Inside William and Kate ask for private time that makes up majority of the day on their Royal tours. Asking for private time on an offical engagement, how is that okay. Not just once but all the engagements they have personal interests in (wildlife, the hike, Taj Mahal).

        I feel like Arbiters is using a measuring stink that even the Queen’s dropped. When a blind man in a wheelchair was trying to get up to greet her she patted him on the shoulder and said “it’s only the Queen.” When Michelle put her arm around the Queen during the Obama’s first visit the Queen reciprocated. She’s allowed a Charles to marry Camilla. When new media come along she’s engaged, her coronation being filmed was opposed within the palace, commoners would be watching, but she got on board, her Christmas speeches, allowing the cameras into her home, the very first documentary where a monarch dicissed her role, never before access to the royal family, filming them on private picnics and watch TV together in their home. She’s done a lot more to lift the lid and bring the people closer to the BFR than we recognise and give her credit for. She might not be all tactile but she’s great at being aware of these and putting them at ease so they can relax and just be and having a genuine connection with her not only as a figuehead but a person, sure she has her off days and it has been a journey but even she said of Diana perhaps we have a lot more to be grateful for.

        1. I agree with you.
          For the grammatical errors, I risk of not seeing them: because English is not my maternal language and I learned a while ago.
          I am with you about the Queen : the last comment of Diana is pretty revealing. If we pretend to judge H and W without seeing them as Diana’s sons but on their achievement, there is no contest between the two.

          I am surprised by the treatment of IG by KP’s twitter : I think that the twitter will not follow with so much attention the Games, so I think it is good.

          I agree with you about the necessity of changment about monarchy : keeping traditionnal events, working with charities with sincerity and not because it is an obligation and not just to giving publicity to them.

    2. AMAZING Gie. Agree with every word. I think that the more William and Kate try to imitate Diana the more they look ridiculous.

    3. I don’t buy the whole not wanting to outshine Charles & Camilla thing. Look at all the work Harry is doing. Is he outshining Charles & Camilla? Nope!

  10. Hi KMR this is a bit off topic but you had mentioned in previous posts that the new monarchy website was a nightmare to use so I had a look ( normally just follow this blog ) and when I checked the Royal diary part the drop down menu does not include the duchess of Cambridge. Quite a big oversight I thought .

    1. Huh. It looks like Kate, Harry, and Andrew are all missing from the “Diary” dropdown. Wow. Ugh, the new website is such crap. And they don’t even have an online contact form to let them know about huge mistakes like that. I’m shocked at how bad the setup is over there.

    2. Every time I try to look at the Court Circular, all I get is the spinning blue circle. I let it go last night, and it was still spinning this morning!

      That has to be one of the worst websites I’ve ever seen (I used to design them so I’m familiar with what they are trying – and failing – to do).

      1. The new British Monarchy website is so frustrating, it’s not user friendly as a reference tool, the overhaul is all about the Royal Family controlling its public image by featuring photos from select events. To navigate through the site, you have to use the search tool. I’ve noticed they’ve been having technical issues with the Court Circular, days are duplicated one after another, it could be why there are so many issues with searches being sluggish. I think they need to scrap the new website altogether.

  11. You either have it or you don’t have it. Harry was always a hugger even when he was little, he liked cuddles and to be hugged. It is part of him. Wills on the other hand not so much. Harry has the easy going charm of his Mother as well and this is something that cannot be learnt or faked. Wills, sadly again does not have it.

    Wills does not have to go around hugging people BUT he can look like he is not bored sh*tless around them and he can also stop looking like he has just smelled a bad fart when he is around people. Unless something drastic or a miracle happens he is going to be King. He needs to shut his whinging, man up and take responsibility. Every parent would like to spend more time with their kids, (unless you have had a day like I have had with Miss Four today, when I started counting down to the 7.30 bedtime at 3.30). However most of us do not have money to live on UNLESS we work. He and Kate are in a privileged position and it is time that he got his head out of his bum and realised this.

    I would love to see Harry take over The Princes Trust. I think that he would do a magnificent job of it. He has the ability to speak to people from all walks of life, something that Wills needs to learn, as he is going to be doing it for the rest of his life.

    1. I agree Tanya – he doesn’t need to be like Harry, but he does need to learn to look interested. Similarly with Kate – she is clearly not a natural at small talk, but she can improve if she bothered to do proper preparation and groundwork so she knew what she was going to be visiting. She could practise, role play, work at it and get better, or she could work with Camilla and/or Sophie on a number of functions and learn from them. Sophie started off as a simply atrocious royal, making huge and terrible mistakes. She brought disgrace on the royal family. Look at her now – fully restored, much loved by HM, and by the public in general at home and abroad. She learned from her mistakes, she was humble and she moved forward, I assume accepting help. Kate, we are told, is terrified of making a mistake, but we have flashing again and again and again – the latest at a war memorial is possibly the worst of all the flashing. Yet she never seems to learn or ask for help.
      As we all know from each others comments over the years here, we all have aspects of our jobs that are challenging and we perhaps don’t enjoy. But we have to do them.
      I think Harry can achieve more of his special blend of magic by not being King.

    2. Agree with you both, Tanya and Birdy. The Arbiter piece is just eye-rollingly stupid; what a sycophant, needing to be at the ‘cool kids’ (= royal) table. She makes her argument speciously by choosing ‘hugs’ as her measure of suitability – presumably her instructions from BP/KP to throw Harry under a bus. Sigh. What a dysfunctional family.

      Relevance exemplified through visibly useful public service will be key to any future the monarchy might have in the 21st century. What we have in William is a lazy, sly, charmless liar. He does as little and as sourly as possible in the belief that he holds all the cards. He and his equally charmless wife just want the goodies. Nor do I believe for a New York minute that William is a hands-on parent; George and Charlotte are just another excuse to avoid work. It’s not about privacy – it’s about hiding from accountabiity.

      The royal family has a dilemma on its hands in William. To periodically throw each other under the bus because the bar is set so low for William and Kate and no-one can outshine them actually leads the public to see ALL of them as completely expendable.

      Harry – if he can continue with Sentebale and IG – could well take on the Prince’s Trust and I hope he does, in deference to his father and the work that has been done. What is clear is that if Charles trims the monarchy to just his line, the biggest liability to his future will be William and Kate.

  12. You are COMPLETLY RIGHT KMR. I agree with you, and with Gie: “it’s not about hugging or not hugging, it’s about genuinely connecting with people.” Some people feel for William because “he hasn’t chosen his destiny” but I always say that no one is forcing William to continue being a royal. Just give up the throne and the problem will be solved. But if he wants to continue being a royal and most importantly the “future king”, then he is responsible for all the requirements that the hole and to do his wife and children face it too. He can not be a royal and have “a normal life”. I feel, and many people also, that William is reluctant to be a royal working, and it was long before he got married. As a child Diana had to beg him to go to engagements. Harry unlike always shown satisfaction in doing their engagements. And the excuse that William has time to become a magnificent royal is absurd. He already is 33 year-old and at this age if he is not an “magnificent royal” I do not know if one day he will be. Harry is younger and makes wonderful thing and his passion is already perceived. For how long we have to wait to see the “passion” of William? William might even become king but I firmly believe that he will not be a happy king. I strongly agree with Piers Morgan: “Is not the happy, confident King better than an unhappy, acutely self-conscious one?”

     P.S. And the Arbiter’s assertion that Harry does not know how to act with the head of state is ridiculous. I agree that the individuality of a person should be maintained, but Arbiter is clearly favoring William. Does not work with me, “honey.”

    1. I wonder if William plan to remove the monarchy…
      I think that Harry knows how to behave with dignity with Head of State (many compliments from Obamas) and during solemn engagements (it is not the case for Kate : playing with her hairs or flashing… But she has the time to be ready….).

    2. Yes, that was absolutely ridiculous.
      That people on this forum have talked about being moved by Harry’s solemn expression and the the way in which he carried himself at the Tunisian and ANZAC memorial events and have, based on pictures coming out of the Invictus Games, said how proud they are of him and how my they like his spark/spunk shows that he is adaptable and knows how to behave in different situations. As does Mrs Obama’s comment about a quieter, more serious Harry confusing George.
      Arbiter’s argument is full of holes- perhaps that it why it was published on her blog privately and not in association with the legitimate media organization that she works with??? Morgan’s article, while not as much of a propaganda piece as Arbiter’s, wasn’t that great either- but it was published by the Daily Mail, which suggests that they would have no problem in defending it…

  13. Well you have either got charm or you haven’t, it can’t be bullied into you. William is perhaps reserved, he certainly seems quite dull. What he really needs to be, however is respected. He needs to show he lives and breathes his duty and birthright. He doesn’t do that. The Princess Royal is not charming, yet commands respect. It’s not a popularity contest but you do need the publuc’s goodwill.

  14. Maybe the new site is still in beta? Anyways, great article KMR. I agree with all your points especially the one about how the Queen goes about her duties. How she does what she does will certainly only apply to her and only her. I kinda think Charles realized that much later especially when he saw how people responded to Diana. He can’t just be a figurehead, he needs to be more. The same with Will. Even if he is still second in line, no one’s really looking at Charles sad as it is, probably because they expect that his reign will be much shorter than HM’s. How Will acts now could be the deciding factor for the future of the royal family. The new modern monarchy needs to be something that actually contributes to their country beyond the charity visits and ribbon cutting. The Swedish monarchy to me is the best example of a monarchy moving with the times, as exemplified by their motto.

    1. The Swedish monarchy may look very successful to outsiders but there is a much larger republican movement in Sweden than in Denmark. The Swedish monarchy is purely ceremonial, i.e. the Swedish monarch has no constitutional duties like signing laws, etc. I think the Swedish monarchy hangs on because Victoria is so incredibly popular. She is much more popular than her father the King, who isn’t all that popular (someone actually threw a cream pie in his head once). There’s a lot of love for Princess Madeleine on this and other sites but she lives abroad and that rankles among some Swedes (I don’t know if she receives any taxpayer funds). She has a certain reputatation as workshy in Sweden and Carl-Philip has a reputation as somewhat dim and lazy. Sofia’s questionable past has caused waves as well, just like Mette-Marit’s did. It is a good thing for them that Victoria is so hard-working and popular as she is.

      1. I didn’t know that the king receive cream pie in his head!!

        The Dutch monarchy is very popular, no? (I wonder…. )

      2. I think Sweden needs to downsize to monarch and heir plus spouses. Victoria’s siblings need to get off the taxpayers dime. Madeleine is trying to work for Childhood, do some royal duties for which she receives reimbursement, but not be a 100 percent burden on the state. CP and Sofia should have followed this example but instead are going to keep living off the taxpayers forever.

        1. The Swedish Parliament has also shown in the past that they are quite willing to make changes when it comes to the role of the RF despite the protests of the king, fx changing the Law of Succession so Victoria became the heir instead of Carl-Philip as well as cutting the monarch away from any kind of constitutional role. The latter part is perhaps the most dangerous one for the RF in a constitutional monarchy because then they have almost become obsolete.

  15. I enjoyed your piece. I’m glad you felt compelled to write it. In point of fact my article really wasn’t about hugging or not, but rather how redundant it is to compare the Princes’ different approaches. Harry is playing right out of his mother’s handbook and he is doing so brilliantly, but he would be appalled to know that his success is being pitted against his brother. Each member of the royal family has something different to offer which is surely better than them all taking the same approach? In lay man’s terms an AC/DC fan wouldn’t want to hear their favorite band singing Britney Spears songs! : ) You may have missed the part where I said I too am ready for William to find his calling and inspire confidence, but he is not solely responsible for all the decisions in his life. Like Diana before him Harry is connecting in a way no other royal does and moving forward both he and William have much to offer and they are a team. I just hope people continue to see them as individuals and avoid the constant comparisons. If I may just correct one of your commenters who states my father never liked Diana – that is categorically untrue. He adored her. If they’d like to read his book they can read his account firsthand. His respect for her and the monarchy is very clear. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thank you very much for commenting, Victoria, and for your quiet corrections. I understand what you’re saying. Maybe I got too hung up on the hugging thing.

      I agree with you that pitting royals against each other isn’t the best since different people do things differently. I also think there are different ways to be charming. Like I said, one doesn’t have to be touchy-feely to be charming. I think William can be his own person, do things his way, and still be a charming individual who is different from his brother. He just has a lot of issues he needs to work through before he can get there.

      Unfortunately comparisons will always occur between William and Harry. Just like there have been comparisons between Charles and William. What won me over about Charles is his dedication to his role. I think William could overcome a lot of personality issues (in comparison to Harry) if he showed that same dedication to his role.

      1. GRRRR! If William and Harry are such great “team mates,”why does team leader W continue to throw H under the bus every chance that he gets?

        Sorry, cannot buy into the special and unique qualities W supposedly has until he starts showing that he cares about his role and cares about people. I agree that no one should be asking him to stop being a good father, but surely there are enough hours in the day for William to take on more Royal responsibilities. Parents who hold jobs — often more than one job — can still be good parents. That excuse is wearing thin. So, I think is the “team mate” concept. I have yet to see W show pride in his brother’s work. I am sure he will have some wise crack to make about the success of the Invictus Games and Harry’s dedication.

        1. The ‘team’ issue is actually one of the main reason that William gets so many backs up IMO. The fact that there is only one brother playing in the team, one team being played for, and the capt. of the team is coasting while his team members do the all the gritty work. I’m not certain William enjoys Harry’s natural popularity with public either. Whereas you do get the impression that Harry is thrilled with William’s achievements. The one way traffic in support terms is another perception William needs to change. If I see William sanction the use Harry to protect himself and throw him under a bus one more time I think I might organise the revolution myself.

          1. I’ ll join you!!!!! I’ ll join you in the revolution!!!

            And I totally Agree with you, Mary Elizabeth!

      2. LOL, I love all these royal reporters saying that you can’t compare both brothers, yet that’s what the press has been doing since God knows when. Throwing the spare under the bus so the heir looks better is what exactly? I guess not pitting one royal against the other only applies when W comes off badly, then it’s ok to make excuses for him.

        William “has a lot to offer” to the monarchy. What does he have to offer exactly? He’s obviously not modernising it. All I see is a 34 year old man avoiding responsabilities because he “hasn’t found his calling”.

      3. I read a comment recently (I think it may have been on Piers Morgan’s piece) and the commenter indicated that back in the day, people wished Princess Margaret would be Queen instead of then-Princess Elizabeth because Princess Margaret was vivacious and glamorous and Princess Elizabeth was regarded as too staid. Have you ever heard that? I was curious if that really was once public sentiment.

        1. I have to say I have never heard that before but I know she was extremely feted for her fashion, wit and daring social life and the artistic types she hung around with. She was indeed the more ‘happening’ of the pair but from what I know of that period post Townsend and during Snowdon / Lewellyn her reputation never really recovered. Her ‘escaping’ to Mustique, her grandeur and capriciousness were the stuff of tabloid gossip and she was really the first Royal to be tabloid gossip. That said I’m sure knowing how fickle the public can be there was a time when she was infinitely more popular that her sister. Certainly by her later life she was more a figure of sadness and sympathy.

          1. Tiny correction. Margaret wasn’t the first royal subject of tabloid gossip and rumour. Royals have always attracted tabloid style gossip and rumour, sometimes to the risk of their own thrones eg Marie Antoinette’s reputation never recovered from the affair of the necklace.

            Tabloid press, in a form we recognise in Britain came about accidentally during the Georgian era. The pamphlets written about the King and his ministers are quite something.

            ….but we’ve always had rumour and innuendo eg that pamphlet about a royal changeling in a pan that was published on the birth of James Francis Stuart aka the old pretender that led directly to the Glorious Revolution that removed the Stuarts.

            All of that said, gossip and rumour at court and through to the country have always been potent currencies.

          2. Yes you are quite right. I should have specified tabloid in their current format…… sex scandals, lack of deference, Kelvin McKensizie style journalism really started with PM. Queen Victoria’s absence from London whilst mourning was also the subject of newspaper comment and speculation but no one would have dared write about whether she was sleeping with John Brown.

    2. Hi Victoria,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. Regarding your father, I am aware of his high regard and great respect for the monarchy and have appreciated the insight he’s offered on the royal family from many documentaries and articles. I didn’t mean to misrepresent your father, so forgive me if I did, my impression came from his views expressed in a recent documentary on the Diana Andrew Morton book, Her True Story, that perhaps he did take issue with certain aspects of her and had some unflattering comments, which is fair and understandable because a lot of couriers and people within the royal fold were deeply unhappy with the War of the Wales and the book especially, Diana’s use of the media and infamous interview where Diana gave comments that called into question Charles’ suitability for the ‘Top Job’ undermined the monarchy – queen of people’s heart vs ever being queen. So correction noted :).


    3. Hi Victoria! I enjoyed reading your perspective and your piece though I like many other posters here disagree re: William. 🙂 I think it’s really nifty. Welcome! Hope we didn’t run you off.

  16. “Hell, that’s why Harry comes across better than everyone.” That’s it right there KMR. That explains everything, and makes it less about W&K and truly about the Prince who is Harry!

    And can I just say, I’m loving this line of chat KMRers! What a great bunch of interesting and well said posts. Awesome start to my morning!!

    1. Quite agree, a great few days on the blog with some really insightful comment. Lovely of Victoria to comment back too and respond to comment. I have Dickie’s book and his anecdotes about Victoria, Diana and the Queen are very touching. I can recommend it as a fab read but I did feel there was an awful lot he didn’t write about and a lot that he skated over. Put it this way… wasn’t as gritty as Wharfe or Jephson but then I imagine Dickie was able to stay on good terms with the establishment after his book whereas neither of them are likely to be on W or H Christmas card list.

      1. I know right.

        Thanks MrsBBV, I’ve read many of his articles and seen in numerous interviews but haven’t read his book.

  17. Oh christ. Enough is enough. This does not come down to hugging, this does not come down to charm and this DOES NOT come down to some 5th grade popularity contest. This all comes to down to excuses, and the public is very, very close to having reached their bs tolerance level with Wee Willie Winge and Waity.

    It seems like every article written sites the same cock and bull excuses as to why William is the way he is, and why Harry is the way he is. Without personally spending a moment with either, let’s try and dispel that right now. Both went through the same traumas, both had to experience the very public and messy dissolution of their parents’ marriage, both had to comfort their parents. That very famous story of William stuffing Kleenex under a door to Diana begging her not to cry, whether it happened or whether is didn’t, who’s to say that Harry didn’t do the same damn thing. Moving on though. Both had to experience the trauma of losing their mother at a very young age, and both then had to grow up in the limelight without a female presence to guide and protect. The thing that gets me though is that in all of this Harry is COMPLETELY discounted like it never happened to him. William is a lazy, self-entitled, spoiled little brat because of his horrific childhood that’s made him mistrusting of the paps and personal relationships and blah, blah, blah. Harry though, you’d think that he’s got a protective shield because he apparently came out without a scratch.

    Harry is two years younger than William, and when you’re 15 and 13 when your mum dies that’s a big difference. I think that it’s safe to say that William was already the self-indulged spoiled little brat that he is today. He’s always been difficult to deal with, just ask anyone who’s every dealt with him and then lent that little gem to the press. But, I digress. Harry was younger and much, much more sensitive. I say this not because he was younger, but because it’s clear to see and many close to the family have said that it hit Harry hardest. William may have strongly resembled his mother looks wise, but Harry was truly the mummy’s boy. It was HIS card atop her casket, not Williams. So to sit and say that William is a sensitive boy and that’s why he’s so skeptical is malarkey.

    Moving on to the “William has been groomed” argument. First, if he’s been groomed as much as everyone says he has, holy christ on crutches, someone(s) failed miserably. He’s a whiney, pouting little wailer that isn’t interested in anything or anyone but himself. He himself has said that Liz and Chuck have let him “do his own thing” and “find his own way”; that they’ve never pushed him in that particular direction, instead allowing him to “spread his wings”. It’s all a lovely way to say that William has been coddled his entire life. He was afforded more privacy and given more leeway than any other royal before him. There was a god damn agreement that the press would piss off for YEARS to give him space to grow and move. So don’t, not even for one second, thing that he’s been groomed in some rigidly formed mold. That’s simply not true and it certainly shows.

    Harry, by contrast, was allowed to do as he pleased because he’s never going to be king. He’s apparently being going here and there, totally unnoticed without a care in the world and not a single person giving a rats behind about what he did. Nope. Wrong again. Sorry. Harry has been William’s fall boy for many, many years. Remember when it came out the Harry was drinking, smoking pot and partying at Clarence House– tsk, tsk Harry. Guess who was there with him. It was big brother Wills, but was the as widely publicised? No. If it wasn’t for the posh bunch that spilled the beans about it, no one would have known. What about when Harry wore the Nazi costume to Harry Meade’s birthday soiree– really, who could forget that? While I’m not making excuses for a then 20 year-old being a total insensitive dick, guess who was there with him? Well if it isn’t our good buddy William, who was apparently so drunk and high he could barely walk in his lion costume. Who heard of William though? Right, that’s what I thought. Or how about Vegas? The end of August 2012 was wild for Harry, so wild that the press kept on talking about it for a month after the fact. His naked behind was published to papers across the globe with headlines like “Harry protects the crown jewels” Hardy-har-har. 2 weeks later, while they’re supposed to be representing Britain in an official capacity at the Paraolympic games, William and Kate are caught doing some nude sun bathing in France. Que the public outcry about invasion of privacy. No one better print these photos or William will have your head. Harry on the other hand, despite the fact that it was also private, he had is coming somehow. Pfft, piss on Harry. My point is that Harry has been far from allowed to live a jolly, private life. In fact, whenever William’s messed up Harry has been thrown front and centre to deflect criticism from his brother. It’s STILL being done, the only difference is that it just doesn’t work anymore. Like you all said, criticising Harry for not doing enough? Seriously? But where is William? What is his press like. Ahh, there it is. Harry is far from a golden boy, and the PR machine had done their damndest to use one for the betterment of the other.

    How about this, how about we call a spade a spade. William is a 34 year-old, over-indulged git with almost zero to offer by way of intelligible contribution. This does not come down to hugs or charm, this does not come down to personal style, this comes down to personality. William has bought into his own hype. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is Wee Willie’s world, he is the sun, and we’re all just lucky enough to be in it. We pay, he does what he wants and that’s just it. I have no doubt he whole-heartedly believes in the Divine Right of Kings, if for no other reason than to justify himself. He’s not a hardworking family man, he’s a self-pitying sponger. He’s had jobs and courses CREATED FOR HIM! Every whim has been and continues to be indulged. Everyone bow to William, including doormat Kate who hung on like a barnacle for a decade. She was trampled all over and did nothing about it, hell, I have no doubt Carole was all for it.

    Is William fit to be King? Not a snowballs chance in hell. The damage is already done, he’s already going to go down in history as a man-child. What William needs is not gentle guidance but rather a slap upside the head. He needs someone who loves him enough to tell him that he’s almost too far gone and he could end the monarchy. That he is not the lord and we are not all pleebs. He’s a pathetic excuse for a royal and a pathetic excuse for a man. Can you imagine your average 34 year old man with no job, no outside interests beyond immediate self-gratification, and no inclination to help anyone but himself being well taken? He’d be a laughing stock because he’d not be a man. He’s got a wife and two kids that he spends massive amounts of time away from, and he’s still playing at growing up. It’s time. For piss sake is it ever. And that whole excuse that William doesn’t have control of the direction of his life– take a look at him. Take a look at his life and what he does. He clearly has control of it, as demonstrated every time he does whatever the hell he wants instead of what’s necessary.

    Harry is perceived as better because he is. He’s hard-working, he’s philanthropic, he’s natural and funny. He’s got his mother’s understanding that at the end of the day, people are just people and all people need love. I would love to have King Henry. I’d be thrilled, as would the rest of the world I suspect, namely the great and the good that have to interact with the brothers Windsor. It won’t happen because William will never give up the money and entitlement that comes with it. He thinks he’s going to just coast through, and sadly he probably will. He’ll continue to do as little as possible and get away with it whilst vacationing and playing. He’s going to be the 45 year-old man playing at what he wants to be when he grows up. William is a disgrace– a letdown and a pitiful disappointment.

    Thank god for Harry.

      1. You speaketh the truth and very well Katie! I absolutely agree and Jason is an idiot for seriously underestimating the intelligence of the general public.

    1. Sums it up perfectly, thank you!

      Re: the Nazi costume — I have read on other sites that William was not in a lion costume as reported. The shopkeeper says that William’s costume was an “African Native” costume, whatever offensive getup that could be. It’s later been whitewashed into a lion.

        1. The shopkeeper confirmed it was not a lion costume, but the press again covered it up and said it was a lion costume. Shopkeeper said William was looking for a costume for an “African Native”, the shop was all out (????), so he made his own from what he found around the palace.

      1. I also read that it was William’s idea for Harry to go as a nazi. I don’t know if that’s true, but it fits the pattern.

    2. Katie, that was amazing to read! BTW, I actually read somewhere that it was Willie who chose and bought the Nazi costume for Harry.

    3. Stupendous!!!! If there were to be a petition to dissolve the monarchy as William approaches, or otherwise get him out of the way, THIS should be the accompanying brief!!

    4. Katie if there was enough room to put this on Twitter I’d be copying and pasting right now. Love your comments and you are spot on.

    5. 100%! William will not give up the good life. He will remember Edward and not want to live with less the way he did after leaving England.

    6. Greetings Everyone,

      From a far off place, miles away from land, in bad weather, very rough seas and pelting rain – by God Katie you took the words out of my mouth…

      I just hadn’t had the internet connection stable enough to post anything when this email came through. I will scream it from the top of shipping containers for us all.

      Like minds, all the way!!!

      One other thing – never say never, history teaches us that much can happen before getting to the throne, abdication, Regency – I just live in hope.

      Harry every time. Willy is a disgrace.

      Satnav range is now slipping away and will be changing course in the next 5 minutes.

      Keep doing what you are doing everyone – you are doing stand out work.

      A basket full of happiness to you all, a light to guide you and more love than your hearts can hold.

      The Wild Rose

    7. Katie, are you a new poster, I don’t remember you, but like everyone else looking forward to your next comments/rant. It was such fun to read and so well articulated.

    8. Hello to all of the lovely people here! I didn’t actually expect anyone to read what I wrote, it’s very long and there are so many great comments on here; you clearly did though, and it clearly wasn’t edited at all, so I apologize. I’ll clean up my act for future posts.

      Anyway, thank you for the welcome!

      I’m not actually a new poster, I just don’t post very much. So, relatively new poster, long time lurker. Regardless, thank you for the welcome, guys. You really did bring a smile to my face!

  18. I liked all that you wrote, KMR. I agree with you. Harry and William surely are two different personalities, but if Harry hugs and William does not, that’s not the real issue. William shows no interest — or shall I say, little interest in others now. Is that interest going to be turned on later in life when he’s closer to inheriting the throne? I doubt it. He comes across as petulant and uncaring

    I’m so sick of everyone defending his desire for privacy with his kids. Kate, too. Nobody is asking them to stop being parents. But, others in Royal Families everywhere have been able to carve out personal time, while still taking on other Royal responsibilities. Let’s not forget that good Dad, William, left his wife and kiddies home on Easter so that he could run off and attend the wedding of a woman who may or may not have been more than his friend. Let’s not forget that he can always find the time for things he truly enjoys and be away from the kids and his other job.

    He is like a child whose parents are always saying, “No, you can’t have it both ways.” Yet, he has never been able to grasp that concept. He wants it every way that he wants it and he is making less and less “friends” everywhere he goes.

    Harry, on the other hand, just embraces life and seems to really enjoy and care for others. Not everyone can have such an outgoing personality, but everyone can learn to have feelings for others and stop holding on to hurtful thoughts and behavior that impede one’s personal growth.
    Harry may be the younger brother, but he surely is the more mature, sensible and caring one. He’d make a great husband and father. He’d make a great King!

    Calling Rhiannon. What’s going on? We are dying for updates. Did you meet Harry? Did you get a hug? Are you able to speak/write? Can we please have an update? We love you and want to know all!

    1. Hello! Sadly, it wasn’t me who lunged at Harry. I did in my heart and mind, but my spirit (and fear of jail) kept me from doing it.

      I flew down on Saturday and came back late Wednesday. The atmosphere was awesome. I’m not usually a fan of Orlando/Disney due to the crowds. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed by it. But this time was different. You saw vets from all walks of life who were excited and energized. I even met a group from Georgia and spent some time with them. You cannot help but be inspired by them.

      On to the juicy bits. I was in the VIP lounge before/during/after the OC. Sadly, I had to watch it later in the evening. We had to leave our phones but a few folks snuck them in. Not me, I am not a rule breaker. Anyhow, I did get to meet him after the OC. Harry is a tall, handsome, red drink of water. He has a magnetism and is very adorable in person. I heard him before I saw him and I was screaming in my mind. His voice is so lovely. He did seem quite tired. But he was still gracious to everyone. I was able to meet him and say hello. It was a group of us and I tried not to stare. I did tell him that he needed to get some rest. Got a hand shake, smile and a side hug. I even got the royal up down!

      I saw him at a few events afterwards. I saw him at rowing and track and field. I got a thumbs up and eye contact. His RPOs were pretty lax. He was very accommodating to a lot of people and quite kind. He never lost his patience.

      My observations of Harry is that he is a warm man. There are some people in the world that you can say are like the sun – people are drawn to them and rotate around them. Harry is the sun. Not one person had a bad thing to say about him. I tried not to stare or look like a stalker. But, he was kind to everyone. From the athletes to the workers.

      Hopefully my warm words and smiles left an impression on him. He sure left one on me. I will say this: regardless of who will marry my dear Harry will be one lucky woman. She will have to be patient because he takes his time. She has to be understanding because he likes to physically connect with others. And she needs to be strong. Strong in the sense of being supportive and a true partner. She has to be comfortable in jeans and sneakers as well as being dressed up. And she has to put up with him because he is a flirt, in the cutest sense. I would love to be that woman, but will be happy for anyone that can give him that.

      I think that we need to engage the next stage in the Rhiannon and Harry story: get Rhiannon to London to meet him at the grocery and gym. I would fare much better in those settings. 🙂

      1. There you are Rhiannon! And lucky you–you got a side hug!! Thank you for the tidbits!!

        I swear, the IG are kind of like the transplant games in terms of:

        1) athletic/Olympic-style events to medal in
        2) the comradery amongst everyone where you’re just with “family”
        3) the desire/motivation to spread a deeper message out onto the world (IG: issues regarding wounded vets, transplant games: more organ donors and that transplantation can be and is a success)

        I love that Harry is created these games for the vets!! I wish a royal (hint, hint Prince Daniel!) would get involved!

        OH OH OH!! I heard back from him!! I heard back from Prince Daniel on Wednesday!! HA! 😀

        Anyway, huge kudos to you Rhiannon and good luck to getting to London! Hugs!! 😀

          1. Birdy and jenny,

            It was from one of his people. Here’s what it said:

            “Dear Kimberly,

            How very interesting to read about your experiences with transplantation. His Royal Highness is, as you mentioned, actively engaged in promoting the question with both patronages and, indeed, will this afternoon visit a symposium organized by Scandia Transplant. Be sure to have a look at for the latest update regarding this.

            We are familiar with the Transplant Games and the great work they do to promote, encourage and stimulate. Unfortunately His Royal Highness won’t be able to attend this year, but we are looking into it for the coming games.

            Thank you for taking the time to write as you did!

            Best regards,

            Fredrik Brodin
            Secretary to H.R.H. Prince Daniel
            The Office of H.R.H. the Crown Princess”

            Crazy that I got a response that fast and that I have this guy’s e-mail address now. I don’t plan on nagging him though. 🙂

            Edited to add: I saw on the Swedish calendar that on June 1st, he’ll be attending the awarding of the Heart-Lung Foundation to major research grants.

            P.S. Rhiannon? I’m so flipping sorry for hijacking your Harry moment post!!! I feel like a heel! 🙁

          2. Hi, Kimothy:

            Thanks for sharing the letter. I am sorry Daniel cannot be at this year’s Games, but hopefully, next time!
            I’m glad you sent the letter and equally happy for a speedy reply. It seemed very gracious — not stilted like one of those Kate letters that her staff write. Whoever wrote this letter did a very kind and sensitive job.

            Onward for you and every best wish. You are doing wonderful things, too!!!!

      2. Lucky, lucky girl! So happy that you got to meet him and get a little hug. I’m sure I would have been screaming in my mind as well. I’m sure you’ll never forget your experiences at the games with the vets and obviously you won’t forget meeting Harry.

        My goal is just to attend the Toronto games. Shaking his hand would be more than enough for me. I just want to be there to cheer on the vets and have some fun.

        Now…how to get you to London…hmmm 🙂

      3. Oh Rhiannon, I am so pleased for you! Your description of Harry is very measured. You have described with elegance the attributes of a perfect partner. Now, how to get you to England so that he can recall you with pleasure. I think he’d appreciate someone who lets him be and brings out the best in him. Again, so pleased that he was all that you hoped. I am shedding a tear or two for that pleasure.

      4. I want to know why rhiannon’s reportage is not a post in itself instead of lost amidst the comments. If I hadn’t been reading comments on another thread directing me here, I would never have seen this in an older thread. And that took several tries.

        1. I wanted to be respectful to KMR and her blog in all honesty. I have a lot of respect for her and didn’t want to be presumptuous.

          1. I’d be happy to make a post about your account. Send me an email of what you want me to post.

      5. It must have seemed surreal to actually meet the man behind the myth. Sounds like it’s not a myth, but the real deal and I’m so glad you were able to see that for yourself. He seems a perfect gentleman, and I agree, you need a little one on one to pique his interest more!

      6. Oh Rhiannon, we do need to get you on a plane ASAP.

        I have been away for a few days and just read this! It made my day

    2. Oh, Rhiannon!! I am shaking and tears are in my eyes. I am so happy you met him . So glad he talked to you! You described him and I could just imagine being there. What an amazing man he is. Like the sun and everyone rotating around him. Wow! So kind and patient and caring toward all.

      And, what an amazing time you had in the throes of all the brave and inspirational competitors. I just think the entire event made so many people’s day! Life is good, yes?

      I loved how you described Harry’s perfect match and do hope you can get thee to London and meet him again at the gym or market, as you said. And, I know he will take away wonderful memories, too. I bet he remembers you with fondness. You did us all proud!

      Bless you. I send hugs. So does Madeleine!

      1. Oh, Rhiannon!!!! So glad to know that you met him. That you were not disappointed and that you obviously will treasure this wonderful time.
        The Games inspired all and Harry is a wonderful man to have done so much to help these brave men and women continue to lead incredible lives.

        We missed you and were all very eager to hear from you. And, now we know that you met the man of your dreams and we wish you happiness always. You must have made as much of an impact on him as he did on you. On to London and we will see you at the Church!

        1. It was a great opportunity. The atmosphere was amazing. I think that Harry has so much to be proud of. Harry strikes me as a dutiful man who would be a catch without his HRH status. There are no airs graces, or bs with him.

          At one point me and my friend remarked that William would have imploded in that environment. It was very spontaneous and we know Will is so far from that.

          Kimothy, I am so glad that you heard back from Daniel!

          1. Rhiannon, please check out LoveLola’s blog too. She let another lady guest blog about sitting in front of Harry at the IG. She said he smelled good. I’m dying to know, did he smell good?

        2. Rhiannon, much love to you and so very happy for the opportunity you had. Meeting Harry will always be a cherished memory. Being part of the Games will, too.

      1. I check every single day to hear if she was lucky and met Harry. I wonder if no news is good news.

  19. William & Harry are brothers born from the same parents but both of them have 2 distinctly different characters. Put both of them on the same situations: sad, horrific or scary, both will have different reactions – that’s human nature. So whatever the situation is in 15 – 20 years’ time when Charles dies, the next king should be up to the govt & the public. Maybe the Queen & Charles have given William too much leeway ‘cos they’re hoping that he’ll find his sense of duty in the long run. But as it is when the time comes for him to be king & he ‘s still a jerk then it’s time to change the constitution or something. People have their rights to have different king or none at all. Actually it’s in the genes of the British royal princes to be lazy, hedonistic, selfish, indulgent & arrogant. But the difference now these princes cannot fool the public anymore. If William doesn’t wake up after reading all those criticisms & character assassinations then he is : an arrogant foolish prince who is in denial.

    1. We all know Billy Boy doesn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks. It’s William world and everyone lives it in. I don’t care that he is not a hugger. He is awkward enough. Add that and it would be more weird than it already is. William seems to me always closed off, stand offish, and arrogant as hell. He has probably been told he is a special snowflake. As well he does probably believes in the Divine Right of Kings. Yet he would have believe in something superior than himself. Which I doubt he is not a deep thinker. It’s all about William and his self gratification. So maybe he will be William the Last. How did we go from William the Conqueror to William the Hugger?

      1. If William appeared hard working, caring and making an effort, I believe people would overlook his awkwardness and lack of charm. It is the same with Kate. Put in real effort and people will give her a chance. W&K cannot fake their way through on 20% effort and think people will be fooled.

        1. W+K just have to be hardworking & make sincere effort – they don’t have to be huggers. As president of children save fund, princess Anne once said that she never liked children & she didn’t have to like children to help them. She didn’t have to compromise her character in her effort to give back to society for the privileges that she’s born into. I’ve always admired her dedication to her royal duties.

    1. Yup it’s clear we all broadly agree that Will is doing a bad job and doesn’t seem to be aware or perhaps care. Waste of space at the moment.

      1. When your only defense is to tear another down you know you haven’t a leg to stand on in the discussion.
        Once a defense jumps to this tactic over promoting what aspects the person has to contradict this image and prove it false the debate is over. You’ve already lost.

  20. There are 101 comments I need to get caught up on but my thoughts are this.

    Harry and William react based on their own separate personalities and quirks. Harry is a naturally more giving, huggy type person but he also knows when to reel it in. (The recent comment from Michelle Obama about George wondering why Uncle Harry was so quiet for example.) He didn’t hug Obama when he met him at the White House, he doesn’t hug most of the diplomats, etc. he meets. I think he is in hug overload at the Invictus Games because he’s overjoyed and wants the athletes, etc. to feel the joy he’s feeling and this is how he’s passing it on.

    William is almost entirely inside himself nearly every time we see him. Yes the head of state needs to be serious a lot of times, but there’s serious and there’s coming off as being standoffish and snotty. We’ve seen moments of amusement from HM and definitely from PC. It makes them more human and relatable. Given the opportunity to sit and talk with Harry or William in an official matter who would you choose? Someone who you believe will listen to you and take what you are saying to heart or someone who you perceive as looking down their nose at you who will forget your name the second he’s told it and appear to not care less? Harry and William are apples and oranges in a lot of areas.

    Harry’s been making comments about privacy and I understand where he’s coming from. In some ways I think he’ll work with the media more after he’s married than William has, but I’m also getting the feeling that he’s going to try to figure out how to slam those doors shut as well.

    I’m not British, but as a lover of royalty I personally would like to see someone as head of state who appears to genuinely be enthusiastic about the things the people of his country, the people of the world are doing and not just be concerned with slamming the doors shut. Didn’t a monarch say something along the lines of their needing to be seen by the people so they can believe in them. William can’t have all the candy at the party and lock everyone out to only show up at an investiture or two, stumble his way through a visit (today’s was so bad in so many ways) or tell corny, sometimes derisive jokes to people.

    Give me Harry the Hugger over William the Stiff any day. In the end both William and Kate have to be real to people in order to maintain the interest in them. That interest is what gives them all the perks they so obviously enjoy.

    Okay, I’m done and the count us probably up around 120 now, so I’ll start reading the other comments. Have a wonderful day people. I hope the sun is shining where you are, my weather can’t make up it’s mind and it is beyond annoying.

  21. Yes, Harry hugged the Prime Minister of Jamaica – after he’d completely won her over (she’s a Republican). He hugs Michelle Obama because I think they’ve become personal friends. And he kept his composure and held his own in the one-on-one with President Obama a few months ago.

    We’re supposed to think William knows how to deal with world leaders properly but Harry messes it up? William who talked to Obama about baby genitalia? Who talked with a visiting diplomat about whether or not the person could see into William’s bedroom at Kensington?

    1. Could you maybe link me to the articles about William and Obama and the diplomat? Whenever I think that Kate & William cannot possibly sound more stupid, they manage to outdo themsselves.

    2. I believe that there is also an issue about a visit of Kate in an Asiatic country (don’t follow Royals at this moment), where she has heels but the King specified no heels in order to not damage the ground. It’s a lack of politness : not a drama, but bad image for the King

  22. William had an appearance today at Oxford. He would be fine with the public if he does not hug or seem outgoing, but the snippy comments ruin him. Remarks about a student not studying or spending too much time waiting for him are a big deal when that is his one interaction with that person. He needs to learn how to make someone feel good and positive in those two seconds with him, and not foolish or unworthy in some way. Harry always talks about being the fun one, but I think a better description is he is the positive one. He tries to make that tiny interaction with a stranger be cheerful. If Will can learn one thing from his brother, let it be this.

    1. Well, he mispronounced the name of the library which was embarrassing: Magdelen is pronounced Maudlyn. That is a big faux pas. I’m sure it would have been in his briefing notes, but of course, he’d have to read them…

      Being kind, I think William’s ‘jokes’ are meant in his mind to tease in order to relax the other person – it’s a very British thing to make fun of someone, not to be mean but to pal around – but they fall so flat.

      1. But would a Brit say a joke to a stranger he meets once for a quick handshake? If it were a longer encounter one can loosen up and pal around, but most of the time these events mean people wait a long time for a quick hello from a royal. A simple “I hope you didn’t wait too long, nice to see you, thank you for stopping by, now make sure you study, I’d hate to be the cause of a bad grade!” would be better banter.

        1. Agree with Jen, William doesn’t seem to do this on purpose. I suspect he doesn’t have anyone to tell him that his jokes come across horribly, so he has no clue.

      2. I’ve said it earlier but there are some jokes that are suited for people who know each other well but that really should eb avoided among strangers. I don’t think William understand this. It is one thing to rib your friends in a loving way but doing that to a complete stranger can really be misinterpreted and cause offense. I think his problem is that he’s not very good at small-talk, so he falls back on these glib “jokes”.

        1. @Anne
          Not trying to defend lame jokes, but I can see, because William was speaking with a young person, he’d make a joke given the student had picked up a book clearly unrelated to his studies.
          @Art Historian
          William is uncomfortable in these situations and ‘joking’ possibly relaxes him too. Hard to know, though teasing is very British in my experience, even from the get go. It’s an attempt to be a bit ‘matey’ or informal or just try to find something to bond over (ie having a laugh) even for those few minutes?
          I guess different cultures have different approaches… they don’t always translate!

          1. Yes, I guess I just didn’t realize how Brits accept it. If a friend pokes fun I’m fine but if a stranger, especially one in an authority role, did I’d feel put down. Unfortunately, I think William has not realized the British tradition may not be welcome in other countries. He exhibited the same tendency at the Indian technology event. I won’t call him out on it anymore on British soil, but I think he can be fairly criticized when he does it abroad.

          2. Jen, i’m going to disagree with you alittle. On the one hand, you are absolutely right. On the other, i feel that William’s ‘jokes’ are strange and not at all funny given that his own persona is not known therefore when he makes these jokes to strangers, British or not, it’s difficult to judge whether he is serious or joking.

            As a public figure, he gets the benefit of the doubt for the content of the joke, which is why he should work on jokes that couldn’t possibly cause offense.

            Eg on the visit to the starwars set there was absolutely no need to say to that actress that her rubber head doll was an improvement on her own features. That can be funny if he knew her quite well, and quite cruel given the acting profession is all about looks, and he didn’t know her.

            His humour is the type of humour we excuse in his 94yr old grandpa on a generational humour basis, where he has no such excuse.

            In the video accompanying his set visit, Harry’s face is a picture after William’s ‘joke’ and William, possibly having seen Harry and Daisy’s faces attempts to walk it back.

            When he made fun of people having transport issues due to the tube strikes last year at Wimbledon. Again, unnecessary and cruel.

            Constantly calling his own brother stupid (or alluding to it) in public, when it’s a well documented fact that Harry has dyslexia, his own cousins do too and are all far from stupid.

          3. I’m a Brit and agree with Herazeus – we do not accept this kind of joke between strangers. I would be mortified if someone made comments like Will does to me, a stranger. Amongst friends it would be acceptable because then you know their insecurities and make sure you don’t touch on them in a hurtful way.

          4. Hi Herazeus and Birdy

            Oh, William is an appalling communicator; I’m with you both here. In my first comment I said that “in his mind” he adopts this communication practice to relax people or maybe himself. It is clumsy, at times rude and inappropriate and I daresay a tactic used to cover the fact that he has done no prep for the event. I’m sure he thinks he’s a riot and has everyone fooled.

            He gets away with it because people are: (a) ambushed by the remark; (b) busy licking his arse; (c) don’t want to make a public fuss. People (and press) in category (b) rile me most because they enable the bad behaviour to continue.

            I’m an Aussie though have worked with Brits over many years and the humour styles tend to be very similar: self-deprecating, always taking the piss, sometimes rather dry. In my experience Brits are quick to break the ice, often with humour, but not with derogatory remarks as per Daisy Ridley which was unnecessary and in very poor taste.

          5. Is this a Brit thing, or a Brit Male thing? Men, seem to enjoy ribbing each other and women, usually don’t. Oh, have I put my foot in it? Maybe, some women do and all men don’t. At any rate, would a British woman make such remarks to a complete stranger in this way? I just think William comes across as unfeeling and insensitive when he does that. If Kate did it, I would feel that way, as well. So, is it a British thing or a British male thing, please?

          6. William’s “joke” to Daisy Ridley was simply appalling! Even between friends looks can be a delicate issue but you just do go there with a complete stranger! I don’t think he does this on purpose but he lacks social skills and doesn’t prepare properly. I always get the impression that he’s winging it when it comes to official engagements and that is such a lazy approach to his duties.

  23. 126 comments and I haven’t had a chance to read them all, so if I repeat something someone else has said, I apologize. William and Kate always insist that the reason they don’t do royal duties is because they’re putting their children first, making sure they give them a proper childhood. I’d like to know what their excuse is for the first three years of their marriage. They were just as lazy before George was born as they are now.

    1. That’s an excellent point PP. They’d probably say they were working Kate into her role slowly.

    2. There’s always an excuse. The truth is: they don’t want to work, even though royal work is not exactly arduous.

  24. William also took a swipe at the BBC whilst at Oxford today which as the National Broadcaster, admired all over the world, seems a bit crass. But then again I don’t think William is smart enough to see the bigger picture with anything. He’s just so blinkered and narrow in his thinking.

  25. I am surprised William does not like hugs. Especially when he hugged Diana on board yacht Britannia. William also hugged a cadet at the Graduation ball when he graduated from behind. As it was was in the papers where I read it.

    1. My gosh, that is the first image I conjured up, Laura, when I started to read this section.
      I’ll never forge the amazing hug Diana gave him. Harry seemed to be pushed into second place that day. I felt sorry for him then. Harry, that is. I think William must have been used to plenty of loving hugs from his Mum Harry, too.

    1. Those were his innocent younger days. Somewhere along the way he became cold & arrogant. & he’s not handsome anymore! Sigh…..

  26. I am sick of the “it’s okay that they’re lazy now because they’re going to have to do so much later” argument. Did Queen Elizabeth loaf around before she took the throne? Oh no, that’s right, she was servicing vehicles for the army during WW2 while remaining in London, a city that was being bombed, because it was her duty. And let’s remember that her home was a pretty big target for the Germans.

    But at least Will and Kate have a no fly zone over their house to avoid the paparazzi. Priorities, people.

  27. Sorry for the double post, but I just couldn’t let some of these quotes from the articles go.

    “They carry the exact same baggage; both were exposed to the agony of their parents warring and divorcing in the full bitter, unforgiving glare of the world’s obsessive attention.”

    I disagree with this. From what I understand and what I have experienced as the eldest child during a divorce, it’s a completely different experience for the eldest child because they tend to become the confidant of the mother unless the parents are incredibly mature. Children should not be brought into their parents arguments, but from what I’ve read, Diana did that with William. He also heard her complain about the paparazzi but as a child he also didn’t know that she used the paparazzi as a publicity tool for herself the same way the Kardashians do. She liked to use them but didn’t like it when they turned around and used her. Like most people who haven’t been through therapy, he looks at his childhood experiences with the eyes of a child and not a rational adult. And of course, her death is always the fault of paparazzi and never the insanely drunk driver who was behind the wheel of her car. So no, I don’t think William and Harry experienced their parents’ divorce and their mother’s death the same way. I do think Harry has been able to grow and mature and look at the circumstances of his mother’s death more rationally. While her death clearly hurts him, he doesn’t appear to hold every photographer he encounters responsible for it. I really think William could benefit from some therapy to get over his hatred of photographers. It would be unhealthy for anyone but is more so for someone in his role.

    “Yes, Harry is doing a cracking job, and as long as he’s single and without children, it is easier for him to keep the focus on his royal role without the added pressure of impending kingship”

    Seriously? Because parents everywhere are drooling idiots who can’t manage anything. Oh no, wrong again, most parents manage to juggle full-time jobs without the world imploding. What deficiency do the Cambridge’s have that make them incapable of juggling a ribbon cutting and plaque unveiling or two a week while having children? Seriously, if that’s too much, then the British public should think long and hard before putting these two on the throne. Like practically every other human being on Earth, I do not think Harry will suddenly become inept at his job when he eventually has children. And the “pressure of impending kingship” is exactly why William should be working more now and why George should be exposed to the press more in controlled environments. The idea that the best way to handle pressures is to avoid and ignore it in the hopes that that will make it easier is an incredibly juvenile notion that should not be indulged.

    “I too am ready to see William find his calling and to embrace his destiny in a way that inspires confidence, but for a man who lost his mother so publically and tragically, and who has no say in his future, it is also important to recognize that he is a human being wrestling to find an acceptable balance between his public and private roles.”

    You know what every single other person in the world gets told when they say they want to find their calling? “Great! Until you do, work at something.” What is this fictional world these people live in where human beings are allowed to just frolic around until their “calling” hits them? Will and Waity are a match made in heaven. I don’t think there are two other people more content to just sit around and do nothing while waiting for their calling to magically appear.

    Really, my heart bleeds for them. Thank God not everyone who’s lost a loved one, who has struggled with finding their passion in life, who has been trapped by circumstance (usually the circumstance of being poor) just sits around like a bump on a log until those situations magically resolve. This world would come to a standstill!

    I don’t want much from William. All I would like is for him to stop acting like never needing to ever worry about finances and being asked to get off his lazy ass a couple times a week is a curse so great none of us could possibly understand. That’s all. That is how low my bar is now.

    The reason people like Harry is because yeah, he may have problems like we all do, but he puts his big-boy pants on, does his work, and keeps in mind that whatever problems he may have, someone else has it worse and rather than think about his problems, he’s going to focus on those who have it worse. Which is also what Diana did. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when surrounding yourself with AIDS patients or Wounded Warriors.

    I think one of the best things William could do is surround himself with people who have lost limbs while serving their country and who still get up and not only live but excel. Except he’ll never do that because then I doubt even he would be able to face his excuses for why being asked to work is a burden to great to bear.

  28. I really think we should consider giving KMR permission to send our comments on this one post to Jason. VA found this blog pretty quickly and thought it was worth her while responding, I think he would get some good ideas from here as he clearly cannot do the job himself. If he only reads about the sugars comments he will completely fail i his role. So Jason, if you are already reading why not let us know your thoughts?

    1. I don’t think the problem is Jason though. My guess is he’s pretty aware of what it’s being said, but he can only do so much with someone who’s not willing to cooperate and I imagine that’s William’s case. He probably doesn’t listen and takes criticism as “part of the job”, as he said himself.

      We were all commenting the other day how Harry was improving in his interviews and speeches, and I suspect Jason has a hand on this. I think he can do a good job if the person wants to put in the work.

      1. William brags in most of his interviews how he never takes any advise given to him by his advisors. I think the most frequently used phrase in his bragging is that he ‘does the opposite of what they tell him’.

        Jason (and others) has failed to manage William in this respect. I once had a boss with a similar attitude, so in order to get them to follow our advise, we’d start with what we estimated the boss would do if we gave him the better advise ie gave them the worst/alternative advise, and then walked them to the correct / better advise.

        This didn’t help in that our boss was convinced in their own intelligence, and didn’t see the manipulation we all indulged in so that they would do/take the better option.

        Jason (and William’s team) need to do the same to William.

        1. It still amazes me that there are still bosses such as you describe. Who on earth promotes them?

          Jason also works with Harry – yes? – and the results are very different, presumably because Harry listens and works through strategies, realising his staff is there to help him.

          1. Interestingly, there have been studies that show that there is a marked discrepancy between what we “think” makes a good boss (usually someone who appears externally extremely confident, i.e. braggarts) and what REALLY makes a good boss. Research actually shows that a nurturing personality can make a very good leader rather than a braying egomaniac. I find that very interesting because it points to the fact that people are much more influenced by bias and unconcious prejudices that we think, even in supposedly completely rational situations.

        2. Well, he doesn’t even take direction from the Queen OR the PoW. They let him spread his wings, unfettered (yadda yadda, look how well that worked for Icarus). Whoever the unlucky s.o.b. happens to be (could Jason have a job much longer??) juggling William’s pr, will just have to take a number.

          1. All William’s talk about being allowed to find his own path etc is just code that his family doesn’t know what to do/ can’t or won’t handle him. I think they are just hoping he’ll come to his senses, and in the meantime placate him with helicopters, tennis courts etc.
            But if his family can’t or won’t handle him, Jason would certainly not succeed either.

  29. Oh Girls, today DM has an article sayin “‘My Prince!’ The moment a besotted fan lunged at Prince Harry at the Invictus Games before being ushered away by security”. The Royal fan said that ‘her life was now complete’ after the experience. I read it thinking it could be Rhiannon LOL. I am waiting for her comment (Rhiannon, of course).

      1. I really think that Rhiannon wouldn’t lunge at Prince Harry 🙂 She seems far too dignified for that type of teeny bopper behavior. I am also looking forward to finding out if she got close to him and I truly hope she did. Just from her posts she’s far more intelligent and suited to a ‘royal’ role than waity.

    1. That would be funny. I’m sure Rhiannon was very lady like and restrained. I do hope she got to see and possibly meet Harry; he seemed to get around and chat to lots of people. There’s a guest post by a person who attended the IG up on LoveLola if you want to read more.

      1. I don’t see Rhiannon acting anything but respectfully. I know this would be the ultimate of experiences, but our Rhiannon knows how to play by the rules and be someone we will always love and admire. Gosh, I hope she met him!!

        1. Why does the little tile in front of my name keep changing? The blue one is what I am used to seeing. The red one, is that new?

          1. The only thing I can think of is that your sign in name at some point was slightly different and generated two accounts, hence two tiles? Maybe KMR knows? I had thought it might have been two ‘jenny’ posters or two accounts for you?

          2. Thanks, Jen. I don’t know. Sometimes I type so quickly when I log on and I wonder if I did something wrong.

      2. I think Rhiannon has too much class to throw herself at a prince. That is more Kate’s style.

        Everyone should consider taking a peak at Love Lola’s Blog and reading about guest columnist Ashley’s account of sitting in front of Prince Harry at the IG. She mentioned he smells nice. Of course, he does. He’s our favorite prince.

        Sorry, Jen I just noticed you mentioned the Love Lola Blog.

          1. Me too. She said was working with her friend in the VIP area (?) so imagine she was very, very busy. She’d put her hand to anything that needed doing, I am sure.

      1. I’m thinking Rhiannon has gotten swept up in the games and is incredibly involved or she caught his eye and is laying low. (fingers crossed) No way was she the woman they escorted out.

  30. And, by the way, the more you read abaout the games, the more you get inspired and also find yourself in tears. Just jumped onto the Daily Mail site and read the story of VP Biden’s remarks. Wonderful photos and Harry just looks so natural, so in tune with all the competitors.

    Mention is made in the article of an American female soldier who won four medals at the Games. She gave one to Prince Harry and asked him to make sure the British medical team who assisted her receive it. That is still making me cry.

    Look how brave and kind so many people are. So many who have been wounded in ways that none of us can imagine.

    We all suffer in life and all have our ways of coping. Yet, when you reach out to others, when you go beyond yourself, you win every single time So does everyone else.

    1. I know what you mean jenny, it’s really hard not to get emotional over these stories and the victories and the determination and love of life these athletes have. I’m determined to get to the games in Toronto. I’m in Michigan so it’s not that far. Just have to figure out the tickets. Definitely want to be there for the opening ceremonies. Have to start planning!

      1. Oh, Lisa, I’m glad you want to go to Toronto and I know you will get there!!!!
        Then, you will meet Harry, as well!!

        Yes, these Games have been truly inspirational.

  31. Part 2 of Gareth’s Invictus Choir is on BBC Tv tonight at 9pm. Part 1 was fab. Can’t wait to see part 2.

  32. There is a video about veterans and their dogs taking part to “25 m support dog freestyle medley” on KP twitter. It is about the important role of dog and the video is so good to watch

  33. Greetings Everyone,

    Have limited coverage but will try and get this through…

    My straight up assessment is:

    1. William wants to be babied through life, has NEVER had to put the hard yards in, always wants to be the centre of attention so that EVERYONE knows who he is, and that he is more IMPORTANT than HARRY (that is why he throws him under the bus at every chance he gets) e.g. Nazi uniform he picked and Club H at highgrove but does not want to be “touched” because he associates “touch” with his mother.

    2. He wanted his mother’s full attention and shoved Harry out of the way after kicking him in the legs when that famous photograph was taken when they met up on that ship after a tour and Diana threw her arms out as William raced ahead – cannot remember the exact tour (I have been up for 36 hours and need I.V. Coffee so please forgive me).

    I truly think he is stuck in a warp which is that of a pampered baby – NOTHING will ever change that.

    He has said he never wants to be King.

    To put it bluntly he married to have a mother and both kate and scarole mother/baby him, the kids are just a nuisance as it takes all the toys away from him.

    Willy is weak, he married the wife that would baby him and that is all we are ever going to get.

    No depth, no warmth, Royal engagements under sufferance and his whole demeanour speaks volumes.

    Niether billy boy or baby kins are interested in the Royal Duty – it is the PRIVILEGE to keep the mobs away that drive them.

    They are takers in this world and these are two of the worst.

    2. Prince Harry –

    He was younger when him Mum passed, spoke about it rarely, being taken out on all those long walks, being guided by the Princess Royal, etc – gave him his bearings which though even when getting a little off course – he was able to pull himself back, get into the Military and learn what loss meant to others, – a loss of life, a loss of limb, a loss of mental toughness –

    Harry listened, learned and turned a truly nightmare of a situation (His mum’s death) into a deep burning sense of what was right (with a few little hiccups along the way).

    Harry was not the pampered one – he had to fight for any affection that he got from Diana, because bully boy William wanted it all for himself.

    So adding it all up – Harry is by far the one suited for the Crown. Diana – knew it, saw it, nurtured his sense of self because she may have thought he would need to step up and be King and maybe in knowing that he was capable of more, thought the day would come that billy boy would step down and Harry would be ready and prepared.

    Some of you may well scream at me for that comment however, having met both of these Princes – one at one of the worst times in my life – when my city fell and we were living in the streets and broken buildings (Christchurch Earthquakes) – William was ice cold, that was 2011, on the second visit with his cardboard mrs both had the warmth of a polar ice cap.

    When Harry was here – that was real. That is what you want.

    When I receive a response from the 3 letters that I wrote (2 to HM and 1 to PC) I will let you know but please understand that I am on a ship, from place to place and my mail is sent to a holding centre while I am out on my travels.

    Keep up all your wonderful work KMR – thank you for all you do.

    Love all the comments, they make me take a little break now and then and take my mind off some of the things I’ve seen. So thank you.

    Finally, last but not least

    A basket full of happiness for you all, a light to guide you and all the love your hearts can hold.

    The Wild Rose

    Must go – getting “Piped” nautical term – have to ditch my pc and get to the cargo hold.

    1. Wildrose, you deal with people so closely, I tend to trust your perception of W&K and their coldness.

      I remember hearing Sir Paul McCartney reminiscing about having lunch with Diana and the boys. He brought one of his daughters. Harry leaned over and told Paul his daughter was very beautiful. Proud papa Paul loved that comment. Harry was always the charmer and Will the charmless.

      1. Three is also a story in one of Ingrid Seward’s books about Harry when he was little. He was at a park playing and a little girl who was younger than him started playing with him but he became a bit too boisterous and the little girl went back to sit with her Mum. The Mum says that Harry then came up with a huge bunch of flowers ( the Mum said that he must have picked an entire flowerbed of them) for the little girl and he apologised for being too rough.

        He has always been a thoughtful soul I have no doubt that he is a cheeky and fun loving guy with a good heart.

    2. I’m still fairly new here but I always enjoy your comments Wildrose.
      I once saw a documentary (back when William was starting uni) and they basically talked about:
      1. William was made aware from a young age that he would be king and by the age of 5 he used to tell people working at KP “You’ve got to do what I say because I will be king. If you don’t I will chop your head off”. Of course back then it seemed such a fun, “kids say the darnedest things” type of thing but I imagine he has never outgrown this attitude and his wife and her mother seem to baby him to continue in his ways.
      2. Diana used to call Harry the sensitive one and she worried about his future. She purposely took Harry along on engagements and instilled in William that Harry should always be his partner because she wanted to avoid the way spares are tossed aside by the establishment. It was something she already saw continuing with Charles and Andrew. I guess she would be incredibly disappointed to see how William is throwing Harry under the bus.
      3. It was Harry who kicked William on the yacht. William rushed forward and Harry got jealous so he kicked him. You can see William wince in the video. The interviewed courtiers said Harry was more of a mummy’s boy.

      I found the documentary on youtube a while back but can’t remember the name anymore. It was about the 2 princes though.

      1. Greetings EL,

        Thanks for reading my comments – most are blatted out in a very short space of time and on next to NO sleep.

        I stand corrected on the “kicking” incident – thank you for that. It was something that had stuck in my mind and had actually read a differing account of it. I have an extensive collection of books, Royalty & Majesty publications going back years, I was given my first picture of Her Majesty when I was 8 years old and have maintained an interest in The Queen & European Royalty throughout the years (studying History/Military History and Art History as well).

        I have not seen the Documentary you are referring to or even been able to get into youtube however I trust your knowledge.

        It was just something that stuck in my mind about it – also the only photograph really shown across the world at the time had that famous “hug” scene but completely had Prince Charles doing the same actually cut out of it. So basically no photographs of that were ever really splashed all over what was available in NZ at the time (again this is only through reading a “real book” )as opposed to a magazine that the Prince Charles thing came to light. It was also raised in an article about “manipulating publicity” a few months, maybe even a year or so back.

        Just forgive me for my brain fade – tired beyond tired.

        Thank you for clarifying it to – appreciate your comments.

        Have a good day/evening wherever you are – and there are some amazing commenters on this site. Their views and insights just rock!

        KMR does a wonderful job – lightens my world any time that I need a pick me up or vent according to the topic of the week!

        Must away – have one more message to flick to JL? in Texas about what I do – and then it is offline for me for a bit. Paper work, rough seas and hammering wind don’t mix.

        Kindest regards and once again WELCOME

        The Wild Rose

        1. Thanks for taking time out to reply. I just pointed it out because I always thought it was a funny story of sibling rivalry, and I thought you might enjoy the documentary based on your comments. It was pretty much everything you said plus a little bit more information from people who worked at the palace before Diana’s death. I hope my comment didn’t come across negative.

          Be safe out there. I’m living/surviving life as an international student/mother in Japan.

          Have a nice day,

  34. I get the feeling William is more sensitive than Harry and that Diana was William’s primary caregiver before Harry came along. I just think it has been different for Harry in that he has seen the positive about events and perhaps a little more spoilt. As much as I would rather William didn’t pretend deep down maybe he is learning from his mistakes. I think William just needs a little more faith but I don’t think he had a choice marrying Kate. Sorry to say.

  35. One thing that bothers me is how people defend William saying because he’s the heir he can’t do as much as Harry.

    Bull. Shit.

    Look at Charles. Look what he has done creating a ROLE for the heir, to serve others. The Prince’s Trust with his Navy pension at, what, 28? William has done jack all, and his father created a charity nad it was a success in short order due to his vision, hard work, compassion, he hustled, and how he sold that thing to anyone who’d listen and made it a big, big deal that’s now celebrating its 40th anniversary.

    Look at Harry and how much he worked to sell, sell, sell IG and make it happen. William could, too.

    Don’t defend William’s “he’s lazy” with “oh he’s the heir so he can’t do so much and he can’t be a decent human being”. He’s always been lazy, always will be, and it wll never change because nobody calls him on it. Thye still protect him as if he were the young man out at uni getting wasted, having sex caught on public CCTV cameras and it got wiped, treating people and girlfriends like dirt, but they protected him because of a media blackout. Harry never got that protection. Hell, no other royal did until William.

    I know it’s been said here before but argh it grinds my gears. William’s not as warm and fuzzy as Harry, that’s FINE. Charles isn’t either! But they are both warm, accessible people who don’t resort to mocking, jokes, and offensive statements trying to be funny when it’s an excuse to be cruel. It would be so easy for William to talk to people instead of, “Haha, you worked for the BBC, I’ll TRY not to hold it against you” or boasting how he never studied or oh I don’t know an number of offensive, rude, cruel things he has said to strangers over the years. It is not funny, it is not mature, it is the humor of a child not a grown man who’s been coddled all his life and told the sun shines out his ass.

    1. Greetings Ellie (and everyone)

      Spot on – I have always believed, and thought it was total bull shit – nothing, and I mean nothing will every change my view on that score.

      I mentioned in my earlier post about seeing these two in action (and the cardboard mrs) – in Christchurch and believe me the difference stood out like dogs bollocks.

      If they ever want an upfront and honest opinion of what people really think – this site should be a guide book on what is required…

      Love the comment, straight to the point and honest. Stand with you and stand by it.

      Must away – I am getting yelled at for checking emails instead of counting care parcels (just needed 10 minutes after being up for over 36 hours).

      A basket full of happiness and I hope you have a day that makes your heart smile.

      Kindest regards

      The Wild Rose

      1. Thanks WR!

        Sorry about the poor language, I just got peeved reading about William’s comments during his engagement yesterday in Oxford and then his new focus–har har, focus–on mental health in men. Not because it’s not a good thing, it is, we need to focus on men and their well-being as well and not just women (I say this as of course a woman) but someone like William who has a habit of saying awful things talking to people who have mental health problems… bothers me a lot.

        I watch Harry and all the good he does. I look at Charles. Camilla. Anne. Sophie and Edward. The examples they give make the excuses for William so offensive and trite. He simply does not care nor do I think he has an ounce of compassion or care in his bones. He could make such a difference–see my examples–but chooses not to, willingly. I wish I had that privilege to do good in the world but I do what I can with little charity projects and things…

        1. You’ve made me realize something with your comment.
          About Charles, Cam, Anne, Soph, etc… When all together they rarely interact deeply with William or Kate. Yes we see pics centered around WK and then the other royals entering frame, but the videos tell another story. The genuine smiles, laughs, and time spent socializing are not with WK. They are with all the others like friends catching up.

          Just an observation.

          1. Charles interacted more with Mia than with Prince George at the polo. To me it seems Kate’s inability to talk to people includes the RF. She always so uncomfortable and spends much of the time waving to people to avoid interacting with the others. Apart from the fact she cannot converse, I heard rumours thatch and Pippa mistreated Beatrice at a party back in the GF days and maybe that adds to the awkwardness around the family.

  36. Kimothy, it’s really great that you got a reply from Daniel’s team and that it came so quickly. I love that they are looking into Daniel attending the next games. You have to be there if he will be there. Maybe you’d be there as his guest or at least to meet him. That would be wonderful. This has turned out to be a good week for KMR commentors!

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