British royals join the Queen at 90th birthday celebration at Royal Windsor Horse Show

British royals join the Queen at 90th birthday celebration at Royal Windsor Horse Show

The final night of the Royal Windsor Horse Show took place last night. The event was extra special this year because it was in honor of Queen Elizabeth‘s 90th birthday. In honor of HM’s birthday, many, many royals turned out to watch the show with the Queen.

The Queen – in a sea green dress with lace overlay and matching jacket by Angela Kelly, and her Turquoise and Diamond Brooch – was greeted by Prince Charles upon arrival.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was there in a cream dress and embroidered coat by Fiona Clare. She also wore her pink topaz and diamond pearl choker.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge got to sit next to Prince Philip.

Prince William and Prince Harry were there in their Windsor Uniforms. Philip also wore the uniform. The Windsor Uniform – a dark blue jacket with red collar and cuffs – was introduced by George III in 1779 and is now worn by male members of the royal family only at Windsor Castle.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie got to sit behind the Queen (and the King of Bahrain) in the royal box.

Prince Edward, Lady Louise Windsor, Princess Anne, and Zara Phillips all rode in the show.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex and James, Viscount Severn sat in the box.

The Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations told the story of HM’s life from birth in 1926 through the years until present day.

The show featured 1,599 performers and over 900 horses. The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery were among the performers, and music was provided by The Household Cavalry Mounted Bands, The Band of the Irish Guards, and The Countess of Wessex’s String Orchestra. The show was prodcast on ITV and included many celebrities.

[Cpl Pete Brown RLC via The Army in London Facebook]

[Cpl Pete Brown RLC via The Army in London Facebook]

[Cpl Pete Brown RLC via The Army in London Facebook]

Kate wore a rather heavy-looking (compared to the lace dress Kate wore underneath) jacket from Zara, the “Blazer with Back Pleat” (99.90). Underneath, Kate wore a white lace Dolce & Gabbana dress, the “Cotton-blend lace dress” ($5,995). The dress has that dust ruffle bottom tier thing that the Erdem gown had that I didn’t like. I just don’t think the dust ruffle tier looks good.

Zara Blazer with Back Pleat Dolce & Gabbana Cotton-blend lace dress

Kate wore the Queen’s diamond chandelier earrings that she’s worn several times now. She also carried a black clutch and black shawl.

I’m not a fan of this look; I just don’t think these pieces go together. The jacket seems too heavy for the lace, the shawl seems unnecessary, and the color combination is odd to me. At first I thought maybe Kate chose this particular color combination as an attempt to echo the Windsor Uniform that William was wearing, but the Windsor Uniform is blue, not black. So this color combination means nothing, and this outfit is just a hodge-podge of pieces.

Some of the celebrities who took part in the show included Helen Mirren (in a gorgeous teal gown from the Jenny Packham AW15 pre-collection), Katherine Jenkins, and Kylie Minogue.

Here’s a funny photo of the Queen arriving in the carriage while seemingly wearing (because of the angle of the photo) a tiny crown.

233 thoughts on “British royals join the Queen at 90th birthday celebration at Royal Windsor Horse Show

  1. Thanks for the great roundup of the show KMR.
    Nice to see a good turnout of the royal family. Great to see members of the family riding in the show too.
    The only minus was Kate’s appearance. Just who dresses that girl? Such a mishmash! And there are some who believe she is a style icon?

    1. How she’s considered a style icon is beyond me. She thinks that just wearing expensive designer clothes is enough to be considered well-dressed.

    2. I must say – if her coat was blue, she would have looked like Paddington Bear’s grandma. And the woman has really aged beyond her 34 years. In the photo of her talking to Phillip, I really thought she was 50 years old! If doing nothing really puts years on you, then I must say we are all fortunate to be working adults!

      1. I agree. she looked at least 50 and the outfit was a disaster. she brings out the blind earrings for this as well. odd. I too thought maybe she is pregnant as is commented on below, but then i decided that she looks like she has a sinus infection. just puffy and like she doesn’t feel well. she looked like she just rolled on out of bed. pathetic. get that woman a stylist and makeup artist. like now!

      2. Paddington Bear’s grandma. Oh, how funny.
        What was Kate thinking? Pairing the lace dress with that heavy jacket? It does look like something one would throw on over black trousers or a pair of jeans.

        Who is advising this woman? It was embarrassing to see her dressed so poorly at such a special occasion for HM. The Queen, btw,looked beautiful. And, Camilla was splendid.

      3. The photo where William is behind her, smiling, waiting for her to sit down, legitimately looks like he’s seating a frail, elderly woman.

        1. That photo looks like Mr. Burns and his date the Spinster Middleton out for an evening on the town.

      4. Is it bad that I really want to see Paddington Bear Grandma now?

    3. Agree. This outfit is terrible. I think that the “Kate is a style icon” is a creation by media and part of public. No matter who Prince William married, she would be automatically “entitled” a style icon. The problem is that Kate’s style is boring and she can worsen the situation in each appearance. Her posture is terrible and although the outfit is elegant and expensive she makes it seem like a cheap clothing.

    4. I know, I thought she looked matronly and a touch eccentric. Even her champions on Twitter seemed confused by the ensemble, and the best most of them could say was that they loved both pieces…just not worn together. Mmhmm! But you could almost see the feathers sticking out at the corners of her mouth, like the cat that got the canary, ahem or the Kate who was given pride of place next to the DoE. Interesting BRF logic, I think they are trying yo tell us something….

    5. I cannot believe people really think she is a style icon. It is so funny that the crazy Kate sites think Kate puts so much effort into each outfit. Yet when she has a horrible miss like this, they blame things, like she probably just grabbed the coat in a hurry. LOL. It is hard for them to admit she choose a terrible outfit. She is no style icon. She isn’t even stylish, she just buys a pretty dress here or there.

  2. I just liked at this outfit and I think that Kate is pregnant again. I am not sure why, I just get a strange feeling.

    1. OMG I came straight to the comments section to comment thenexact same thing. I think the bulky coat is one she’s added to her wardrobe to hide a growing bump. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but her face also has the shape and coloring I’m used to seeing when she’s early in a pregnancy. Of course I could be wrong, but that was my FIRST THOUGHT!

      It would be right on cue for her to announce a pregnancy. Right after a tour… Right when she’s expected to start getting back to work… Just in time to squelch the rumors she and Will are headed for a divorce and distract from all his negative press, etc.

      1. I thought the same thing. But even if she was pregnant right now there wouldn’t be anything to hide. They announced the other pregnancies before the twelfth week and there was no bump for many more weeks. But of course she could be wearing the coat to spark rumors anyway.

        1. I think Lisa may be correct. Kate may enjoy sparking rumors of a pregnancy.

          Zara blazer ($99.90) makes the outfit a deal! Thrifty Kate made the cost of the dress ($5995.00) more palatable after throwing on the inexpensive topper. Especially, when she doesn’t have many coats/jackets or lace dresses in her wardrobe.

          Seriously, why is Prince Charles putting up with this?

          1. Kate has upcoming engagements, though. The last two times she was pregnant she announced early because she was sick and canceling engagements. If she starts canceling engagements, then maybe. But for now I think it’s just a really unflattering jacket.

    2. I saw a photo on Twitter of Kate holding her hand to her crotch/stomach area and because of the volume of the jacket it made her look pregnant. I think it’s just the volume of the coat that is giving her that look.

      1. My first thought was that the coat is an ideal one to hide a pregnancy. I REALLY hope they didn’t make another one. (Given how ultra narrow she’s been at her recent appearances, I’m guessing not pregnant.)

        And what a weird combo. Vivid red with a doily dress?! Yikes.

    3. That was my first thought too! I hope she isn’t pregnant though, more for her sake than anything else. Having three children under 3 together is anything, but easy. Specially if she want’s everyone to believe that she is a hands on mum.

    4. Tanya, I am with you. When I looked at the first photo of her talking to the Duke of Edinburgh, I thought, “Wow, she’s aged terribly, or she’s pregnant.” In the next photos, the pregnancy vibe got stronger. She’s done enough work this year. Time to use pregnancy and then new motherhood as an excuse. This girl is brighter than we give her credit for, I think.

      How are things going with your huge purchase, Tanya? I trust things are moving along well!.

      1. Hi Jenny, we have actually just come back from Condo. We went up yesterday to see an accountant and to sort things out. Last night we slept at the Motel and we had a family room with a Queen bed and two Singles. Miss four fell asleep in the Queen bed and Hubby fell asleep on one of the singles. Miss Four kept on kicking me in her sleep so I moved to the other single bed and she had the huge Queen bed to herself. I had to take a photo of it LOL.

  3. Kate would look beautiful in the gown Helen Mirren wore. That red coat is too informal and boxy for the lace dress. It doesn’t look right. And I am just over the same old Dolce and Gabbana lace dresses in general. They all look pretty similar to me. I just feel like Kate finds one thing she likes, such as nude pumps, or lace, or black clutch bags, and never experiments at all.

    1. I know! I almost wrote a line asking how great Kate would look in Mirren’s dress. Jenny Packham has some really beautiful dress that Kate never chooses. I wish she’d choose some of the more prettier ones.

      1. Yeah I think Jenny Packham dresses really suit her. I think the aesthetics of the designer really fit Kate’s royal style the best. I agree with you about the outfit. None of the pieces matched together. Would have been better if she wore a longer coat, maybe in white or cream instead of the red one. The color was also too striking. Why didn’t she wear a more subdued red? She really stood out from the other ladies. What’s the point of the shawl too since she already has a jacket? So strange. Anyway, I wonder how many of those D&G lace dresses she has? Is this the third one? But forget about Kate. Kylie Minogue’s white dress was beautiful! If it was modified just a bit it could easily become a wedding dress.

        1. I agree that the pieces don’t match at all.
          I also suspect that the use of red is to attract attention to herself.

          1. I couldn’t believe she chose to wear a new 6 thousand dollar dress on a day that is supposed to be a about the Queen. She should have worn a repeat if she didn’t want to draw attention to herself.

          2. I think maybe she wore red because the Queen was in blue, Camillia was in white (including coat), so her wearing red to complete the flag colors. As well as they are the 3 highest Royal ladies. The red in the flag is a rather bright and out there shade.

        2. she cannot dress herself. I am not a fan of lace dresses and this one seems jeuvinelle or like a Victorian Era petticoat, I can’t decide. the coat is something I do with my 11 yr old when we are totally unprepared for a dressy event and I throw one of my old coats or sweaters on top of whatever she is wearing and it usually does more harm than good.

  4. Wow the pomp and celebration really look like they were something! And the Queen looks adorable. She seems to have relaxed a lot more in her public demeanour as she has gotten older.

    And Kate- she really doesn’t know how to dress. I find it funny that she wears a Zara jacket to appear the thrifty Duchess, yet has a 6K new designer dress underneath it. Really it’s cheaper for the public to get Kate to stay at home and muck about in the countryside in her plaid and beige!

    1. Is it just me or is she trying to win back some public affection by reverting to the things the public / media gave her good applause for when she was hailed as the saviour of the Windsors, down to earth and “one of us” nonsense when she was a newly minted HRH? Remind disillusioned fans of the Duchess of High street they held in high regard PR work to counter spoilt lazy duchess of aristocratic country lifestyle enjoying life in Norfolk away from the common folk and doing work for the people or representing them and HM?

  5. Love how fast the posts go up on this blog! KMR, you are amazing!
    Kate’s choice of outfit for this event was bizarre, to say the least. The pieces don’t make sense together, the coat is an awkwardly short length for the dress she wore… She either needs to fire her stylist, or immediately enlist the services of one.. Considering the high profile of the event, her choice in clothing did not reflect any thought or planning… Also– why wear red? It’s so loud and attention-grabbing at an event that is clearly not about her.. Though she’s done this before with the red McQueen dress on the boat a few years ago..

    1. I thought the same thing, she’s trying to stand out amongst the other royals. Not sure why she chose the blazer instead of the red coat she wore a few years ago on the boat. As others before me have pointed out, $6000 for a dress that was hidden from view is an utter waste of money.

    1. That’s the trouble when it’s not your money and you’ve not had to work for it you have no idea of value. I think white was an odd colour for a May night out in the open air anyway. And if I had $6,000 to spend on one dress I think I would get something prettier with a bit more shape!! OK so you get the picture, I really don’t like this outfit, or the fact that she appears to want to stand out among the other royals.

    2. Right?! I furnished our condo with $2000 CAD because that’s all we can afford right now. I’d kill to have the money that dress cost to put towards our condo. This woman doesn’t know the value of the dollar.

    3. Not for that ugly of a dress. A beautiful gown from Elie Saab, absolutely. But this? Nope.

  6. It looks like a bit of an old lady coat (aided by Kate’s hunched posture) and really doesn’t go with the bed ruffle dress which looks like something out of ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’. Nearly 6K for a dress that remains largely hidden is obscene.

    1. seven brides for seven brothers. hilarious. all she needs to complete the look is that bizarre hat she work for Vogue

    2. Oh, Jen. You are so funny. Th bed ruffle dress and the old lady coat. The dress looking like it is out of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I am laughing so very hard!!!!

  7. With all the coats at her disposal, THIS is the one she chooses?!? ANY of them would have looked better with this dress! ANY of them!! I am convinced she is either trying to look like an absolute mess for whatever reasons she wiukd want to, ***or*** she is trying to hide something.

  8. Is it just me or is in that first photo of Prince William, where he is standing wearing the uniform, does he or doesn’t he look like a constipated stuck-up git? I mean he doesn’t need to smile all their me, but he looks angry / irritated.
    I think Waity is pregnant again. That red jacket is too heavy for that delicate dress and hides her figure too well.

  9. I do not understand Kate’s outfit. She looks like a little girl dressed up to go somewhere and then last minute had to grab a coat because she realized it’d be cold. And what is the purpose of the shawl? Something else for her to hold?

    I might be nitpicking, but William looks utterly bored compared to Harry’s intensity.

    Everyone else’s outfits I liked. I am a little concerned that the bruise on the queen’s leg hasn’t gone away yet. It looks painful.

  10. The jacket is too bulky looking and the dress is reminiscent of a wedding dress-a bit too fussy for my taste.A definite miss.

    1. No, not just because her outfit is bad, because of how big it is. It looks like she is trying to hide to something.

      We are used to her outfits looking bad LOL.

      1. Yes, exactly, Tanya. There’s something so boxy about the jacket, which does not go with the dress. It’s as if she’s hiding something and what else could that be but a pregnancy? The countdown begins until the announcement.

  11. This coat looks really cheap for this event. Not the best moment to be “thrifty.” I had the exact same one in navy and I never paired it with anything other than jeans. And why spend 6000 dollars in a dress if you are going to hide it under a polyester jacket?

  12. OMG, I’m watching the replay of the event on ITV and Kate really doesn’t know how to clap! It’s the most bizarre thing. I saw her crazy clapping at Wimbledon but brushed that off as her being goofy while she’s out having a good time. It is so weird. Seriously, someone teach her how to clap!

    1. I’ve seen many videos of her clapping over the years and she really does have an odd clap.

    2. Sadly, but not surprisingly…
      All three midd children seem to suffer from a similar normal clapping deficiency.

      1. Former Vice President Gore suffers from the same problem. MY mom always laughed about his inability to applaud.

    3. Yes Lilibet, Kate REALLY doesn’t know how to clap! It is one of the many wrong things she does that I cringe. I’ve seen her looking disgusted clasping, but most times she looks bored clasping. You are right: it’s the most bizarre thing.

    4. Some time ago on the LoveLolaHeart site she said that Kate’s clapping is like a PSA for helmet safety, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself and now every time I see her clap I can’t get that saying out of my head.

  13. Nice of Kate to wear her Little House on the Prarie nightgown. That is a bad dress with a coat that doesn’t work. It’s like she wants to dress badly.

    Seriously, who would pay 6 grand for that dress?

  14. I love Kylie’s Minogue dress, and Helen Mirren looks gorgeous as always.

    William looks like he is dreaming about his cheese on toast from Ma Midds when he gets home. Kate is looking more like a middle aged matron than a glamorous style icon ( you have no idea how much my fingers rebelled against typing “Style Icon”).

    HM looked amazing and Prince Philip is the energizer bunny who just keeps on going.

    I noticed that Kate looked to be the only one to curtsey to HM when she came up to sit? Bea and Eugenie did not look as though they did, but it might have been missed in the video.

      1. I agree with Megan.

        Either way, her curtsey is bad. She needs to study Mary, Marie, Mette-Marit, and Sofia for a proper one.

        1. Yes it was dreadful……too fast, too shallow. Almost lacking in deference and more sarcasm. Having been at a school where learning to ‘bob’ was the very first thing in the curriculum that creature has never even learned to curtesy properly. How does she get on with Royalty from other houses? Badly I expect. Sophie Wessex has a beautiful curtesy. And even Camilla given her advancing years does it really well albeit not quite as deeply as she used too.

    1. I think that the Queen looks tired and Philip loos ill, especially in the top photo – where Kate incidentally looks a bit robotic. At least she put up her hair to show off those nice diamond earrings. Is it me or does Kate looks more tanned than usual?

      BTW, Anne’s horse is gorgeous!!

    2. I may be wrong on this, but my understanding was that Kate (or Bea/Eugenie) have to curtsey to HM when they first see her in a day/on an occasion… so if Bea/Eugenie had already seen the Queen earlier, they would have curtseyed then… whereas presumably this was the first time Kate had seen HM tonight. Does that make sense? I may be wrong on my royal etiquette as well 😉

      1. Your spot on Megan. I was thinking that perhaps this what the first time Kate had seen HM, but the others had seen her earlier.

      1. I read that James gave a big bow. So Kate wasn’t the only one to do that. But the video only showed hers.

  15. Ok so my son (19) and I sat down to watch the first few minutes….3 hours later we went to bed. How does the Queen do it? And the D of E – that is a long time for them to sit.
    It was AMAZING. If you get videos look out for : the Swiss Top Secret drumming band, we could not believe their skill, the Kiwi army band all dressed in their military finery doing the Haka, the S Aussie Police Band who did an amazing selection of songs that just made us laugh, and the Mounties – well what girl doesn’t love a Mounty? Oh and the horse whisperer with his show stealing little white pony who I just want to have in my garden.
    Kate – not worth wasting my time she looked totally ridiculous and out of place . Fortunately the TV cameras avoided her and focused on HM who seemed very grumpy for the first 15 minutes before she started enjoying it – maybe Charles passed her a hot toddy!
    Charles and Cam are taking centre stage more and more, I wonder if the Queen is going to pass over more and more to them?

    1. How does the queen do it? I’m guessing that if I were so lauded and glorified, just sitting there doing nothing but letting the adoration waft over me, I could stand it for those 3 hours. Sitting is not standing. I bet their chairs were ergonomic ;). Seriously, I don’t see this as some major achievement, Am I missing something here?

      Thanks for the first person reportage. It’s wonderful to have another view of it all. Like filling in the blanks.

  16. I think Kate panicked and threw on the odd red jacket in response to Camilla wearing white. If you look at the first photo, Kate’s white dress would have stood out in the lineup…BUT matched Camilla’s white coat. Now, the red coat stands out. The black shawl is just an accessory, or something to do with her hands. I seriously doubt she carries anything in her mini clutches.

    1. That could very well be true. Don’t they have their people coordinate though?

      I kind of wonder if it is a middleton attempt at windsor dress, leave it to kate to mix up black and blue and not get it right.

    2. I wished Kate hadn’t worn the jacket because I think Cam and Kate in matching white would have looked nice as a framing for the Queen in green.

  17. The Queen and Prince Philipp are tough cookies. Three hours, in the cold…that’s rough.

    And Kate… I sent one of the pictures of her that were on the DM yesterday evening to a friend and her answer was “She’s on drugs, drunk or pregnant.”
    That dress, that coat, the facial expression, the posture…. I can’t hardly look at her! Whenever I see her my first thought is “CP Mary would’ve done it better”.

    Let’s hope that Harry will find a girl/woman with heart, soul, personality, charisma and good sense of style, who will eclipse Kathie immediately the moment she enters the scene, no matter how many babies the Duchess of Drab will give birth to.

  18. Was the Queen the only one wearing a 2 piece jacket & skirt while the others were wearing long dresses & overcoats? Kate’s short red jacket looks so out of place. If she’s pregnant isn’t she’s supposed to be suffering from that debilitating morning sickness? Everything is so weird about her. As if she’s living in another world & she’s not aware of what’s happening around her. Too much Botox?

    1. Sorry I just saw the pictures & Camilla was also not wearing a long dress. She looks lovely & elegant.

    2. I agree IDA, it is like she has this maniacal smile on her face, but the Hamster has fallen off the wheel (Maybe George and Charlotte wanted to play with it) and she has no idea of what is going on. There really looks to be something wrong with her and after seeing some of the pics in The Daily Mail I am concerned for her. She really does not look well.

      1. Yes Tanya S, I forgot to mention that maniacal grin of hers. I wonder what is so funny that she had to grin like that. Weirdo!

      1. For Kate timing is everything. It’s as if she has to plan everything to suit her needs. Not to mention to get away from William’s wrath & irritation. No wonder she’s always exhausted from all these schemings! Too tired to go to any royal engagements & too tired to pretend to be interested!

  19. Good evening everyone,
    KMR thank you for your ongoing coverage.
    I have not had the time to comment, been away commuting with my daughter treatment time. Nice to finally get the time to read and look at your page.
    Helen Mirren looked stunning, she looks incredible for her age. Her evening wear was beautiful.
    The Duchess, I am speechless! What a mess of clothing put together. I could not believe it.
    The Duchess of Cornwell looked regal and dress appropriate. I just love the jewellery she puts together.
    Hello to all the Aussie bloggers out there, hope you are all doing well.

      1. Thank you Tanya, that is so lovely. She is much better presently. This is a wonderful outlet for me, I just love reading the comments. Next week will be interesting wont it with a few appearances from the Duchess. Lets hope it is positive.
        Bye for now.

    1. Goodness I do hope things are going better with your daughter and that you are travelling safely. I have done a lot of driving in Australia and hate doing so at dusk out in the country – always terrified of hitting a kangaroo!

      1. Oh Birdy, I just love your comment and it shows how diverse our commenters are on KMR. I live in a part of the country where driving after dusk puts one in danger of hitting a deer, elk, antelope. A kangaroo, I’ve never seen. We have a man in our family whose roots are in Kenya and he and his family visited there a few years ago. I saw pictures of baboon crossings, and while I think monkeys are cute little animals, to them they are a nuisance much as our groundhogs are here. Awesome and fun stuff!!

      2. Hi Birdy,
        Thank you I will drive safely.
        Yes Kangaroo’s are a problem, and I have unfortunately have hit my fairshare but it is unavoidable as they stare into the oncoming lights and don’t move.
        Another trip this morning but am taking our Ipad so I will keep up with what is going on.

        1. We just came back from Condobolin for a flying visit Sophia and Thankfully no Kangaroo encounters this time. They are scary though and I hate driving at dusk and sunrise. We did nearly hit a Corella on the way home though. A flock were just taking off and flew in front of us and one came close to the top of the car. Hubby could not avoid it as there was a car on the other side but Thankfully it missed us by an inch.

    2. Hello, Sophia. I am sending warm wishes to you and your daughter. I also hope that her treatments are helping her. And, so glad you are finding positive escapism from this blog.

      1. HI Jenny,
        Thank you for your kind words, life has been very tough lately but we are having a reprieve at present.
        Escaping with this blog is keeping me sane. I hope things are going fine for you and my best wishes to you, looking for ward t reading your comments just love it. Take care

        1. Sophia, thank you for your lovely comment. I share the sentiments of Jen. I know you are very caring of your daughter, but take some time to care for yourself, too. It seems that you are doing that by visiting this site and I hope you will continue to come and comment! It’s always good to hear from you!

          My best to you and your daughter and all the people you love.


    3. Sophia, I hope things are progressing well with your daughter and that you are getting enough rest and replenishment yourself.
      Do take care of yourself too.

      I thought Camilla looked great too, but Kate… I sometimes thinks she just spins around in her wardrobe and whatever she lands on, that’s it for the night. I agree with others; the red coat is attention-seeking. She has more coats than all of us at KMR put together so it’s not for want of choice. The black shawl may have been used earlier in the evening at a reception, if indeed there was one. Perhaps Kate has not heard of gloves that could have been carried in her clutch.

      As for the over-the-top manic expressions: stop. It looks very insincere. William, as usual, looked bored.

      1. HI Jen
        Your lovely words mean so much to both my daughter and myself she is very touched as I. Trying to do the best we can.
        Hope all is well with you.

    4. Sophia, I hope you are able to take care of yourself (at least a little) at the same time you are commuting for your daughters treatment. I hope things are going well.

      1. Thank you G.
        We are taking care and things are stable at the moment, hope they stay that way!
        Hope you and yours are all well.
        Looking forward to the coming week of royal engagements it is great escapism for me. Lets see what the Duchess can achieve. I am so hoping it is positive and she gets out and makes a difference.
        Take care.
        I hope all you lovely bloggers have a great week.

  20. Kate looks ridiculous as always. Her updos are always the same, I’ve noticed. I would not be surprised if they’re working on baby 3 but she looks so emaciated I don’t know how that could happen.

    HM and Camilla looked great. It was nice to see Bea and Eugenie too. Harry must be knackered–but it’s wonderful to see him again after how awesome Invictus was!

  21. About the pregnancies : I thought that William doesn’t want a third child.

    She looks like a grandmother with her dress and her coat : not modern at all. Red so we don’t forget who she is.
    The coat of Camilla makes me remember of Diana
    Harry must be tired yesterday night!

    Personally I find the show too long, the best moment was with the little pony

    1. Yes, Clem, I’ve read William doesn’t want a third child. He said before Charlotte was born that “two are enough”. I think that if they didn’t have a girl they would try again, but how Charlotte arrived it’s is fine to them, IMO. It’s Kate’s posture that makes her look pregnant. She curves her shoulders and with this “project” her belly, which makes her look pregnant. With tight clothing (like at dinner with the Obamas) she did not look pregnant. Kate’s belly takes too long to grow when she is pregnant.

      1. William wanted to wait a bit longer before having a second child, but apparently Kate had other plans. So I wouldn’t be surprised if a third is announced at some point. Pregnancy is Kate’s get out of jail free card.

  22. I have a confession to make. It would take Kate diving in a rushing river, to rescue a small child (holding a puppy), for me to say something positive about the duchess.

    1. When I first saw these pictures I thought ‘she can’t be for real, she simply can’t’, and that’s just seeing that crazed/ unreal/ uncalled for/ no reason for/ nobody ever does that look on her face. Then I saw the outfit. My first thought. Pajamas. Ready for bed. Up thread it was said much better, but that outfit is just plain out and out stupid and ugly. And Kate’s facial expressions? Nobody in the sane universe pulls those faces, ever, for any reason. They aren’t even suited to a comedy show, they’re just plain stupid stupid stupid.
      I think Phillip may have drawn the short straw and had to sit next to Koo Koo Katie. And to hide that horrendously overpriced dress under that gawdawful jacket with the over sized buttons just shows how clueless waisty waity is regarding money. That dress could have fed a few of those ‘interesting’ mutilated children in India. Kate is way out of her league and she knows it. Hiding away and popping out babies isn’t the way to learn the protocol and folderol of the ‘firm’. I think a 3rd pregnancy would be met with a bit of anger on the part of the public. A boy. A girl. A heir. A spare. Enough. I think Billy Midds is cluing into the public’s love for Harry and it isn’t setting well with him.
      [ˈfäldəräl, ˈfôldəˌrôl]
      trivial or nonsensical fuss:
      “all the folderol of the athletic contests and the cheerleaders”
      a showy but useless item.

      1. I think there are tell-tale signs on her face that she is getting bad Botox treatments. Bunny lines, eyelid droop, eyebrow droop/overarched “evil” brows, etc.

        Her exaggerated facial expressions may be overcompensation for a frozen face.

  23. Kate is so spaced out, she doesn’t seem to have a genuine emotional reaction to anything going on in front of her. Her stylist buddy should be sacked. There is absolutely no excuse to wear a cheap coat with an extravagant dress. Ludicrous.

  24. I would have thrown her out, to be allowed back in once she’s properly dressed for the occasion.

    Good heavens what a snotty, arrogant woman child she is. I do believe she does it on purpose to get her petty revenge for having to go there at all.

  25. It’s nice to see Louise having an active childhood considering that she had major sight problems until a few years ago.

    1. Agreed. I’m really rooting for Lady Louise to have things go well. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to have the world looking at you when you had an eye issue that people could tell and it made you look wonky. Hard for a young girl anyway, harder when it’s at a world wide wedding – even though to social media and co’s credit no one ever slighted Lady Louise about it.

  26. Morning rant-WHO IS DRESSING KATE? I know many of you have already written exactly what I have been thinking but she is a mess. She looks like she threw on a wool blazer over her nightgown to drive the kids to school. With her supply of coat dresses, why didn’t she just wear one of them to this event. On it’s own the jacket is probably not so bad if you like that type of cut, but it is totally wrong for the dress and to me it is something you wear with a pair of jeans to go out to lunch on a Saturday or wear with a nice pair of black pants to go to the office. Also, I agree who would fork over almost $6000 for that dress, there is something in her DNA that makes her choose the frumpiest styles that a famous designer has made for their over 60 clientele. Why is she dressing this way????????????????? The only statement she is making is that “I have taken the advice of my terrible stylist” Although the raccoon eyeliner is back, along with the semi-Groucho eyebrows (not as bad as the Vogue pictures, but heavier than usual) at least her hair was up. Oh and she may not be pregnant now but I expect that between now and September at the latest that there will be another baby on the way.

    1. I have no idea how she can dress so bad. At my age – 30 – I recall the era before stylists were common place. 10, 15 years ago celebs and public figures often looked bad. Now at things like the Oscar’s or a President’s state dinner you hardly get a dud look. Rarely does the A list drop a clanger. It’s actually taken the fun out of the red carpet a bit! It makes it worse that Kate can’t dress properly in an era of expert advice and very few stuff ups. Look at someone like Amal Clooney. She’s only recently famous and she wasn’t a model or anything before. Flawless every time. There is so much help available how can you stuff it up time and again. Nothing Kate has worn all year has been right.

      1. Hi, Ribbons:

        Even before stylists, there were fashion icons like Jacke Kennedy who knocked it out of the park whenever they made public appearances.

        My mom said there were years when the women in Hollywood were not dressing to the nines. The Academy Award ceremonies were lackluster, often tasteless at that time.. However, in the 50s, if you look back, fashion ruled. You may not have liked those styles, but there was glamour in the room!

        Some women have a natural flair for fashion and know instinctively what looks right on them. Others, may need help. Obviously, the help Kate is being offered is dismal.

        I think she is more comfortable in casual clothes, but she really needs to up her game. This latest appearance was one big fat GLAMOUR DON’T! On my limited budget, I could have put together a better look. Seriously!

        And, note to BostonBrahmin, you are so funny. Kate looking like she threw a winter jacket over her nightgown to drive the kids to school! Priceless and accurate, I may add.

    2. I wonder – if Carole is actually living with them – that she is adding in her ten cents worth in terms of clothes. The choices are matronly.

      1. If that’s the case, Carole is doing a serious disservice to Kate. I’ll ask my mom for opinion every now and then. And she’s come up with some really great choices (eg. my high school graduation dress. Absolutely gorgeous and timeless and I’d probably wear it to my wedding reception.). But at the same time my mom knows when to back off and let me make my mistakes and learn how to be human. Carole needs to stop being a helicopter mom. Kate’s 34, not 4!!

  27. I got 1 word from this outfit: frumpy! She looks way older than she really is. It’s so mismatched. I don’t mind the jacket. But because it’s loose fitting, it needs something more structured underneath it. And her frumpy dress is not it. That stupid dust ruffle thing? HATE! DETEST! ABHOR! Who’s bright idea was it to say that’s a fashion trend?! Does this girl not own a mirror? Because if she did, she would’ve seen that this is a horrible look. Sometimes I wonder if she purposely wears something fugly for the attention. She needs a new hairstylist. It’s the same old hair style over and over again. There’s so much more you can do with hair. As for her clothes, yeah. She needs a new stylist. Hell, she just needs to fire everyone she has working for her and start from scratch. At the rate they’re going, anyone else is better.

    1. Miss K, I agree with you. Kate looks completely frumpy. For a woman of thirty four her posture is horrendous. HM posture is so much better and she is ninety. Kate also just looks haggard for her age. Which I do not understand. It’s not like she works full time and chasing after her kids all day. Every time I see her with that maniac smile I think of the Mad Hatter. Completely clueless about how to carry herself. She seems insecure, closed off, and awkward.

      As to her being pregnant again.. I wouldn’t be surprised. Yet I don’t think Billy Boy wants anymore. He has his girl. So I think he is done.

      1. I think you’re right about William probably leaning more toward two than three kids. Besides, what would they name the third child, if it were a girl? Diana Diana Diana of Cambridge?

        1. I think Kate wants three. Reason one she is the oldest of three. She said that her and her siblings are extremely close. They are probably the only friends she has. Which is weird and sad at the same time. Reason two get out of work for over a year card. If she wants a third one she better hurry up. She isn’t getting any younger. Yet what I do not quite understand with her extreme morning sickness. Which they play as get out of work. On the other hand she can stroll out of the Lindo Wing after only giving birth eight hours prior. Looking like she ready for a runway show. I’ve had two children. There is no way in hell I would have had full hair, makeup, a dress, and heels on after giving birth. It’s just very strange to me.

        2. Hahahaha ABKM!!! or how about Princess Carole Phillipa Dorothy of Cambridge? In honor of Kate’s mother, sister and her social climbing grandmother, who was nicknamed the Duchess?

  28. I thought Lady Lousie looked amazing on horseback last night. She has all the poise of a dressage rider. She really is a dear girl who has the looks of her Majesty and Queen Mary. I can’t wait to see how she develops because she seems such a sweet girl. Her brother on the other hand looks like a bit of a handful.

    OMG did Harry look so gorgeous or what in his Windsor evening dress…..such a shame they can’t wear that more often. I was drooling…..again.

    Very frustrated that they had Her Majesty & DoE outdoors in the chill so late last night and for so long. Have they learnt nothing from the Jubilee where they nearly finished the Duke off?

    Kate……OMG what an appalling combination. It’s almost as if at the last minute she tried to throw something warm and red on and that’s all that she came up with. Such an after thought with the neckline being all wrong for the dress underneath. The combination of fabrics and the clash of evening dress and daywear. I don’t think I’ve seen her get it so wrong…..ever. Not that awful in the Erdem sense just it was such a crazy mishmash. Having seen the picture of her out this morning she is looking bonier that ever. For the love of God someone needs to get a grip of her because she looks emaciated today. The Banana Republic skirt if hanging off her waist and hips and her body looks like a designer clad corpse.

    Camilla looked bloody marvellous last night. I’ll say one thing for her, she really has got herself a great coterie of go to designers, with go to silhouettes. They know what works for her and she is looking as regal as a consort should. Ok her budget is unlimited but whoever is putting her together stylistically is doing an amazing job. She’s almost as well dressed as the Queen.

    1. +1 Camilla took the cake for me. Her outfit and that boss of me choker(love).

      My favorite touch were the family members who took part in the show. Zara looked so majestic and confident, that lady was born to be on a horse. I hope Mia has as natural a seat as her mother and grandmother. Although what am I saying, of course she will. Sweetest little pepita of a great granddaughter for the Queen. Bet she’s the true unspoken favorite ?

      1. Lady Louise shares a bond with riding and apparently she rides with the Queen most weekends and has done since she was about 3. Mia, I believe, was first up on a horse before she was one and could walk. Xx

  29. The Queen looked beautiful. But, alas, she is aging and I admire her ability to go on and on.
    Philip does not look well and Kate sitting next to him? Pulease!

    The pomp of this occasion was just splendid. The photo of the man on the horse with the flag furled in so amazing a fashion was just perfect.

    How lovely that family members took part in the show and how proud HM must be of them. Such a wonderful way to celebrate her life when so many have taken her amazing love of horsemanship to heart.

    I really think Kate looked terrible. Yes, the dress and jacket were ghastly, but her physical health seems bad. If she’s not in the early stages of another “tough” pregnancy, then something else is troubling her and she does not look healthy at all. She is gaunt and sickly looking. All hunched over and not regal in any way.

    The red cuffs on William and Harry’s jackets made me think of bell boys at posh hotels. Harry looked far more attractive than William, who seems to have taken on his anger and refuses to let go. It has aged him and brought a really toxic look to his face and demeanor. Whatever is bothering the Cambridges, they should seek help. They need assistance in dealing with issues that not only impact them negatively, but will surely affect their children. Can you imagine being given so much in life and not being able to show your gratitude by reaching out and helping others?

    P.S. The photo of the Queen riding in the carriage with what appears to be that teeny crown on her head was just so funny, KMR. Thanks for all you do.

      1. Hello, Rhiannon:

        All is well here. Maddie is teething and we are all dealing with it in the best ways we can. The little teeth are so cute, but try to get her to show them to you!

        I was so happy with your reports on the IG and your face to face with Harry! I’m so happy you met him and that you shared such a wonderful and memorable experience with us!

        The Games were so inspirational and to have been there must have been an experience to treasure.

        Nice to have you back here!!!!!


        1. I always offer to babysit around that time. Some babies are champs and others get pretty fussy. I agree that baby teeth are so adorable!

          Glad to be back! I’m dealing with some nausea today and I’m trying to get ahead of it. Note to self: never eat roadside barbecue.

          1. Oh, rhiannon, take care. Sorry about the bad barbecue. Warm ginger ale and dry toast are in order. Not the tastiest of food items, but your tummy needs a rest.
            Feel better.

          2. Rhiannon, glad you are back and hope you feel better. When can we hear all about your Orlando trip? I would love to here about it!

    1. Hey Jenny, I never replied to your question about why your icon keeps changing. It’s because anytime the email is misspelled I approve that email also, so the icon is different. That’s why some comments get caught in moderation also, because something is misspelled.

  30. Along with a lot of others here, when I saw the photos on Twitter last night one of my first thoughts was that she’s expecting. The fluffy white dress (not cut to fit that we could see) and the overly large jacket.

    The jacket and dress just do not go together. Expensive lace and a jacket that comes off very casual. And why was she carrying the shawl??? I could see it if she didn’t wear the jacket, but just carrying it had no point. She could have left it in the car if she was going to wear it at something inside later.

    As for pride of place near Philip, I actually felt sorry for him to have to sit next to her while she pulled those faces. I don’t recall seeing one picture where he was actually looking at her while she was saying something to him. He was always looking off into the distance.

  31. I always enjoy seeing three of my favorite ladies – Princess Alexandra, Lady Sarah Chatto and Lady Gabriella Windsor. Was Charles seated to the right of Camilla? I didn’t see any photos of that half of the Royal Box.

    What a nice touch having Anne/Zara and Edward/Louise ride in the show. I bet the Queen loved that. It was great seeing Zara’s horse Toytown again, too. Hard to believe but he’s 24 now.

    I can’t tell if it was just the arena lighting, but Eugenie’s hair seems lighter. Looks great!

    I hope the HM and Philip take it easy for a few days. They were out and about all weekend.

    Kate – poster girl for hot mess (defined as “visual clutter that draws attention to itself.”) ‘Nuff said.

    1. I think there was someone sitting between Cam and Charles. But yeah, he was on the other side of the box.

      1. Yes it was some prince of nowhere… One of the Germans perhaps. I didn’t see Andrew at all, was he there?

  32. So the first photo I saw of Kate last night she was sitting down so only the top part of the red coat and the lace fringe at her wrists showed, with her hair up and those gorgeous earrings, I thought ummm… this could be interesting, maybe she’s taking a bit of fashion risk. And then I saw a photo of her standing and my jaw dropped, how does a 34 year old woman manage to look dowdier and frumpier than two women who are between 3-6 DECADES older than she is????? Ahd I can’t even comment anymore on her posture, it’s just too depressing.

    And seriously $6000 for a cotton dress??? A dress that is so similar to the one my sister made for my 8th grade graduation (about 100 years ago), a dress that looks like it belongs in a little girls first communion, a dress that somehow manages to make the Duchess look super tween and Miss Marple-ish at that same time!! And oh my god, don’t get me started on the red coat! While the coat is fine and would probably look great with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans, paired with this dress is all kinds of wrong. I imagine Mr’s Dolce and Gabbana having been steadily drinking since seeing how the Duchess “styled” their dress, but you know what they deserve it for charging such an obscene about for a dress a 10 year old sewing student could make.

    I did kind of laugh though thinking about how the editors of Vogue must be regretting putting the Duchess on the front cover of their magazine. Lol

    On a more positive note, didn’t the Queen and Camilla look stunning??? I love both of their outfits and their jewels, well is there any better why to accessorize than with gorgeous gems?? I don’t think so 🙂

    1. Lauri, no one rocks the big jewels like HM and Camilla! I love seeing what Camilla is wearing when she hits a big event. It’s like she was born for tiara hair and big jewels. And HM, there are no words. I have never seen her in a situation where the jewels are overshadowing her. Even when she’s draped in them she owns the whole look.

      And can we get a shout out for both of their stylists/dressers! They do a wonderful job for these ladies.

      1. I so agree Lisa!! Even dripping in diamonds and jewels the Queen always owns it!! I can’t imagine that Kate will be able to pull off the coronation jewels when her time comes, with the weight of the jewels and her poor posture her chin will be dragging on the floor.

      1. Kate’s fashion choices have been off, off, off this year. Designer’s probably cross their fingers in the hope she is not wearing one of their items. Even if the item is well designed, Kate will probably have fit issues and accessorize badly.

  33. I hate the combo for reasons that everyone stated. My issues are two-fold. First, why is she not wearing a British designer? She’s supposed to be an ambassador! Do you mean that you cannot find a similar dress made by any designer in the UK? Or even take a chance and showcase a newcomer?

    Second, why would she think to wear red? Tash should have rang KM’s dresser to find out her palette and go the the opposite and muted direction.This is why you hire a professional.

    Thanks for this wonderful post, KMR!

    1. Hi Rhiannon, that was one of my first thoughts too! Tonight of all nights, at Windsor Castle, honoring the Queen’s 90th birthday she wears an Italian designer!! I think this is her passive-aggressive way of saying “I simply won’t do what is expected of me”

      I noticed that all the other royal ladies with exception of Camilla and Kate wore dark, muted colors so I wonder if Camilla and Kate were asked to wear brighter colors? But I agree red is a bit much, a bit of stealing HMs spotlight.

      Rhiannon, have I missed your tale of the Invictus Games? or has Harry asked that you not yet talk about your romance?

      1. One would think that she would have gotten the memo by now. Tash plus Kate equals hot mess.

        I would love to say that Harry and I are in love and he made me sighn a NDA. However, that’s not the case. I had some bad barbecue over the weekend and have a bad case of food poisoning. I did put my description under the “to hug or not to hug post”.

        I wish Harry were here to make me some chicken noodle soup, lol!

        1. OMG, I am so sorry!!! I hope you are feeling better! I will go over to the “hug” post and check out your tale. Don’t be discouraged though, fate can sometimes be fickle but I am sure you two are meant to be.

        2. Oh no hope you’re feeling better Rhiannon. You don’t know that he didn’t spot you. We need to work out another opportunity for you. I’m just so glad you’ve actually seen him.
          Get well soon.

        3. If you enjoyed volunteering for Invictus and would like to do more next time, perhaps it’s possible for you to be a committee member in some capacity to help plan next year’s event?

          1. I would love to!

            I’ve already signed up to do an OCR with some vets. I will be paired with one to offer support of needed. I have a feeling ot will be the other way around!

        4. I swooned a bit reading the tale of Harry and Rhiannon’s first meeting. I love your description of him and he sounds so much better in person. I am so impressed that his RPOs were so chill as they take some of their cues from their principal, it just shows what a people person Harry is. Now we have to figure out a way to get you to London 🙂

          1. I’m in on finding a way to get Rhiannon to London.
            Great idea, Lauri.
            I used to know a flight attendant for British Air. I wish I still did.
            Time would be right to call in favors and just get Rhiannon on board!
            “Rhiannon, you are now free to move about the cabin.”

            My dinner is going to be ruined if my husband does not get home soon. The boys and the baby ate earlier. But the Mr. and Mrs. were to enjoy a special meal and it is quickly becoming something that will need major revival. So much for my little culinary delight!

    2. She wanted to wear red because she wanted to be the center of attention. Like at Williams Sandhurst event, the one during the girlfriend years.

    3. I don’t know, but she sure has taken to Dolce recently. If she is going to wear them, I wish she’d wear something else form them. They have some great pieces, but the constant lace dress is boring. I did like that purple one but the others not so much.

  34. Kate’s outfit is tragic and that dress is insanely expensive. All these new clothes- wow, and it’s only May. She wore red again, just as she did for the jubilee, because why should the queen have all the glory.

    The Queen recently had her jubilee which cost millions of pounds. Now this 90th extravaganza. More millions. I don’t think it’s justified at this point and reeks of self-indulgence. Big deal that she’s 90. Most people get a card and a cake.

    1. I have to agree with you Maven. Yes I understand that this gives the UK a chance to celebrate and have something to be proud of. However, in austerity times, is it really appropriate to blow all this money to celebrate the Royals who already take so much from the public purse, anyway? Also, what is QEII’s achievement really? The fact that by luck she has lived long? What else has she done that is of note and worth? Her sense of duty? Well most of us have a sense of duty and fulfill our obligations to self, family, country, for as long as we live- but there aren’t any parties thrown in our honour.

    2. Who paid for this evening? What is the cost?

      I don’t understand how the Britishs don’t seem to give importance about what the monarchy costs them, it is so vague

      1. The Windsor Horse Show is an annual event it’s just a bit bigger this year. I may be wrong but I don’t think it is tax payer funded.
        As to why the big 90th overkill? I tend to agree with you. The Jubillee was the thing, I think this is a bit too much really.

        1. Did you know that Mohammed Al Fayed used to sponsor the Windor Horse Show? It is a privately sponsored event. I doubt the Queen wanted all this fuss for her 90th either but Royal milestones are supposedly good for the nation’s feel good factor and the economy so I expect she had little choice. No wonder she looked so pissed off at the start though. I imagine she wanted to be snug in her castle with her favourite Dubonnet watching the tribute to Victoria Wood.

          1. I think she was annoyed the Durrells wasn’t on! I was, I just love that feel good Sunday evening programme and have started rereading the books!
            The King of Bahrain was a sponsor this year which was why he was sat in pride of place.

          2. Well, that’s one explanation/justification. How is this good for the economy? Her 90th street celebrations cost mucho pounds for those who wanted to participate- charities, for one example. Everything can’t be reduced to ‘”good for the economy”. Especially in austere times, because I doubt the poor are seeing their bank accounts flourish..

            It doesn’t help for the 1 per centers to be celebrating other 1 per centers. It’s also
            pretty cynical of them to keep feeding the plebs bread and circuses to offset their hardship. It no longer flies with me. I doubt that taxpayers aren’t funding some part of this either.

            I remember the queen looking really chuffed during her jubilee partying and she looks chuffed now. I doubt she minds this at all.

          3. Privately sponsored or no- most ordinary people wouldn’t even get the opportunity to attend these horse shows and birthday celebrations and the paid street party put on by Peter Philips. So what purpose does it serve?

            As you can tell, I dislike the system of monarchy in general and cannot wait when we are enlightened enough to do away with this silly instituion. Btw, I am from one of the Commonwealth realms and the QEII is my unelected Head of State, before someone says that I am not from the UK, so I should have no opinion of the BRF.

          4. @Maven
            ‘Bread and circuses’ keeps the public’s minds on the pomp while they slowly starve, both literally and metaphorically. I despair with the UK public’s acceptance of providing such unfettered privilege to a wealthy family, I really do. The economy is always trotted out, along with boosting tourism – neither of which has been proven by the way – as the rationale to support of the BRF to such an extravagant level.

      2. The King of Bahrain partially sponsored the event. That’s why he was sitting next to HM. He has sponsored in years past also.

        1. KMR, is the seating (other than the paid sponsors) random or planned? I can’t imagine it is random. Why was Kate next to the DoE? Why weren’t couples together? Aside from Kate’s mismatched clothes, the thing that caught my eye was the bizzare seating arrangement.

          1. Sorry I’m not KMR, but I’m sure that the seating is arranged ahead of time. I thought it was interesting that the heirs, Charles and William, were both seated pretty far from the Queen while the consorts-to-be were seated closer. Other than that it appears to be a boy, girl, boy, girl style seating arrangement.

          2. I’m sure the seating arrangement was planned. I, too, thought the seating was very odd.

    3. The Royal Windsor Horse Show is an annual event, but he way, it wasn’t just put on for HM’s 90th.

  35. Six THOUSAND dollars for that dress? Someone pick me up off the floor.

    I really enjoyed seeing Louise riding in the show. She’s certainly growing up!

    1. As convenient an excuse as the HG. Wheeled out when needed but the truth probably lies in the fact that it’s one area of her schooling to be a ‘Princess in Waiting’ that Carole neglected in favour of the more middle class tennis club. None of the Middletons ride.

  36. A $6000 Italian brand dress covered by a $100 Spanish brand coat at a special event marking the British monarch’s 90th birthday.

    Where is the sense in this?

  37. So here’s my take on the horrible mess of a dress:
    Kate shows up to Windsor in her white dress and black shawl. The queen takes one look at her and goes “Silly girl! You are going to sit for three hours in the cold in THAT! Go put on a coat like the rest of us!”
    And since poor Kate thought she could keep herself warm by sneaking in a bottle of alcohol (Ala Ma Midds); she was left to scavenge through the boot of her car and fish out this coat. 🙂

    1. Kate isn’t the brightest crayon in the crayon box. So she probably thought I flimsy little dress would keep her warm. The coat seems like an afterthought to me. Did she think it going to be warm? I do not live in GB. So I don’t know at this time of year what the temperature goes down to at night. I know it not extremely warm though.

      1. Very chilly of an evening at the moment. Cloudless skies, probably 5 degrees. I wouldn’t do the dog’s last walk before bed without a lined parka on so why she thought she could sit in a lace dress out in the cold for three hours. Sophie had a big faux fur coat on! Which makes Kate’s decision all the stranger. I mean you wouldn’t get it wrong again after having gone through an afternoon like the Jubilee Flotilla event. God they earned their money that day in the rain and the cold. It nearly finished the poor DoE off.

      2. She has 8 million beautiful coats at least half of which are appropriate for the dress and the weather combined. Give me a break with the “high/low” fashion already. Why would any sane person dumb down a D&G dress with cropped boxy coat. I feel like you’re right, she showed up with her shawl, someone told her she’d freeze her ass off in it, and she had to borrow a coat! This one clearly does not fit, and she likes her clothes to be form skimming as much as possible.

  38. This is not a knock at Kate, but I wonder if she’s mentally alright. Mental illness is a very serious issue and she looks like she’s far from playing with a full deck. She looks manic even. If she needs help, which I highly suspect that she does for a whole battery of issues, she should seek it because good lord, it’s a long life when you’re trapped in your own head.

    I don’t like the girl, but I don’t wish her any ill will. Whatever is causing her behavioural discord, and it’s physical manifestations, should be swiftly dealt with.

    And, on a more superficial note, Harry is a morsel!

  39. I saw recently my friend, whom I hadn’t seen for a while. We were actually in a department store, and I asked what she thought of Kate’s Vogue cover. She said it was horrible. How Kate looked like the love child of Conchita Wurst and Kris Jenner.

  40. I get the feeling that Kate tries to flirt with the DoE in order to get in his good graces. Just something about her interaction with him kind of throws me. It just seems like the only way Kate can connect with men is to flirt. Does anyone else get that feeling?

    1. Oh yeah, that’s nothing new. I think that since she doesn’t have a personality, interests (other than William) or anything other than her looks, flirting is her default mode around men. From what I’ve seen through my life, it’s pretty common among women that are insecure.

      1. Overit I completely agree. Her flirting even with her grandfather in-law is completely creepy and gross. Textbook of insecurities. She brings nothing to the table. Her looks are fading quickly. So I have no idea how she going navigate the next chapter in her. Perhaps some more botox, plastic surgery, maybe she might get a clue and personality.

      2. You’re right. I think Kate’s been groomed since her early teens to behave this way around men. Pippa too, and we have see that played out over the years to see who will nibble at the bait. Kate won William, but still her one-note interactions with men – to sexually attract – persist. It is uncomfortable to witness, even more so for the recipient I’d say! Going hand in hand with this is the thinness, attempting to look always available and perpetually 20’s-young. Sadly for Kate, the bloom’s off the rose. William seeing her to her seat, she looked elderly, almost frail by her posture alone.

        Prioritising the physical at the expense of cultivating the mind and personality (that’s just for non-hot people) will cost, eventually. There’s always someone younger, prettier, thinner coming up… shorter and shorter time limits for that approach to life.

  41. I saw some cute photos of Peter and Autumn with their kids earlier in the day at the horse show. While not trying to compare the two families, it’s such a shame that W&K don’t take their kids to these types of fun, family events. I could just imagine George and Charlotte playing with Mia and Peter and Autumn two girls, plus I bet Louise would have a blast joining in. I wonder if the Cambridge children have anything to do with their cousins outside of the occasionally photo event?

    1. I saw those pics as well Lauri. they were very cute and I was thinking the same thing. unlike what I see of other royal families thanks to KMR, it seems like there is a significant separation between the direct heirs and the rest of the family. it seems sad.

  42. My first thought was Kate wore the bright red to stand out. So people would know where she is. The other Royal women are wearing normal coats in dark colors. Not Kate. She likes to do that in crowds.

    I know HM likes to wear bright colors, but she’s allowed to. She’s the Queen.

    Also, Kate never did these manical expressions when she was single.

    1. though I wouldn’t put it past her, coop, I doubt or hope she wasn’t botoxing then and could move her face. I was looking at some pics of her from the 2012 Olympics and wedges of doom aside, she looked healthy and normal. socializing with people around her no manic faces. she and Wills are not aging well. that was only 4 yrs ago!

  43. Was there an event earlier where she may have worn the dress and shawl and then only later thrown the coat on?

    I used to really like her style but lately there is definitely less to write home about!

  44. Did anyone notice the Middleton’s in attendance? During the first couple years of W&K’s marriage it seems that they were included in many royal events but is it just me or has that tapered off in last year or two?

    1. Lauri, I didn’t look but the Middleton’s press seems to have tapered off recently. I wonder whether BP has made it plain that piggybacking so crudely off the BRF is not acceptable? If William and Kate were hard workers and liked, there would not be so much of a problem, but the Middleton family appear greedy for the limelight and anything else they can score.

      We haven’t seen much of Carole these past few months. If she and Michael have separated, and Carole is living at Anmer, I’m guessing being ultra-discreet about it is the way to go. Pippa is still promoting Pippa but framing her public persona around charitable works. But yes, I had noticed a refashioning of the Middleton-press relationship.

      1. I haven’t been paying much attention at all but I haven’t noticed as many Pippa pap walks as she used to do. She used to do them all the time; it seems like she doesn’t do them that much anymore.

      2. Pippa had a run of bad press, like really bad press. She was attacked for her silly book, her bad clothes, her looks, her lack of marriage proposals, etc. She may be focusing on her charity rides/runs in order to improve her image.

        1. Yep, that’s what I took from that too. Makes her more acceptable to possible suitors too I suspect. Not everyone wants their photo splashed across newspapers.

      3. Are Mike and Scarole separated or is simply speculation? I suppose we will never know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

  45. Quick question, anyone know how Mia is pronounced? “Me-ah” or “My-ah”? Not knowing has been bothering me! (Obv I’m not asking how Kate would pronounce it, we’ve heard enough of her mangling the English language recently..).

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it pronounced, but I have been saying “me-ah” in my head.

      1. That’s the way I thought it was pronounced too, KMR. Good question ABC, now we really need to find out!

      1. I have this problem with my daughter, Her name is Kiah, but it is pronounced Kyah not Kia ( the name of a car). However many people forget the “H” and it annoys me to no end.

        I have never heard Mia pronounced any differently from how Zara pronounces it. In Australia they would spell it My-ah if they wanted it pronounced that way. We are simple folk LOL

  46. All the photos I have seen of her lately she looks unhappy. It’s obvious it’s more than just choosing the wrong outfit………..

  47. what i don’t understand is why she continues to wear white to events at which she is NOT the bride. both christenings, the knights of the garter, other peoples’ weddings. camilla does the same thing.
    i’ve kind of had it with her. the queen is said to have said, during middleton’s long stint as lady in waiting, that she did nothing and took five-star vacations from it.
    now she’s doing the same, and dressing very inappropriately — her india trip was a disaster, from the upskirt marilyn moment laying a wreath for the war dead, to dressing up in native costume while representing britain in a diplomatic role, to wearing a see-through lace dress (albeit with modesty panels custom made for her) for a daytime appointment with the PM of india (see previous point: business appropriate for diplomacy representing britain). she truly has her head up her a**.

  48. That pic of Will by himself in his uniform he looks like his younger brother Prince Edward. I remember when Wills was adorable, but he has not aged well and Kate looks so different from her single days (and not in a good way)

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