Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry give joint speech at Heads Together launch

Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry give joint speech at Heads Together launch

Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge officially launched their Heads Together campaign yesterday, May 16, at an event at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. They met with representatives from all charities involved in the campaign and gave a joint speech.

The launch event for Heads Together included a setup with representatives from all of the charity partners involved with the campaign. William, Kate, and Harry spent some time with each charity: Best Beginnings, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Contact, Mind, Place2Be, YoungMinds, and The Mix.

Kate playing with puppets at Heads Together launch

Kate made a beeline for the Place2Be setup, which was a recreation of a Place2Be room where children can visit. Kate played with puppets with Eliana, nine, and Maggie, ten, from Curwen Primary School.

Maggie said afterwards: “I’m really shy and the puppets really help me speak about things. I come from a big family and I am the youngest and I often have trouble is saying what I think and getting myself heard. The princess really understood that. She said she was very shy too and understood. She said: ‘I do feel shy too, everybody is shy a little bit’.”

I wonder if Kate was just saying she’s shy to make the little girl feel better or if she really is shy.

William sitting with CALM
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

When William stopped by Best Beginnings, he spoke with a fellow parent about Prince George and Princess Charlotte. William stayed on-message about his kids, saying that George “never slept” as a baby but Charlotte wasn’t “much of a crier”. William also revealed that running the water always soothed his kids when they cried.

When Kate stopped by the charity’s booth, she said: “The trouble is many people put a sticking plaster over things and feel like they can’t seek help for issues such as post natal depression, or may not even know they have it.”

William, Kate, Harry what makes them happy w

When the trio each stopped by YoungMinds, they each wrote down what makes them happy. William wrote: “my children”. Kate wrote: “a walk”. Harry wrote: “making people smile”.

Harry’s is endearing. William’s is predictable, but nice. Kate’s is really impersonal.

Harry also played “mental health” jenga at the YoungMinds booth.

Harry playing jenga
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

At the Mind booth, the royals each tried their hand at boxing with boxer Duke McKenzie. Judging from the video, Harry and William seemed really into it but Kate kind of phoned it in (at least in my opinion; Duke disagrees with me).

Duke said of Kate:

    “She couldn’t wait to get the gloves on and had a wicked punch.” Kate is “lovely – very, very gentle. She’s better than the pair of them [William and Harry] because she’s more technical. Ladies don’t go for power. They rely on speed and technique and that generates your power. She was better than the pair of them technically. Hands-down! Not just her beauty by the way – the way she carries herself with her hands up and chin down a little bit. I think she’s done this before.”

Speaking of Harry, Duke said:

    “Harry packs a punch. Harry was giving me the eye and I think Harry wanted to take me out but I had to let him know who the real Duke was. Harry wanted to know if I could make a return and come out of retirement and if me and him could do ten rounds but I said ‘no, your highness I can’t do that because you might knock me out and embarrass me’. He was loving every minute of it. A really genuine guy. The royal family have really surprised me today because they’re really matter of fact. They’re very down to earth and thanks to them being here today this campaign will go nationwide. Harry had the strongest punch. Harry’s a banger make no mistake about it. He runs like a Bentley or a Rolls Royce – he purrs quite well. I’ve boxed my whole life and he’s got a fair punch on him.”

[Mirror and Daily Mail]

At The Mix, the royals added their favorite songs to a playlist. William chose “Heartbeat Loud” by Andy C & Fiora, Kate chose “Heaven” by Emeli Sande, and Harry chose “Runnin'” by Naughty Boy. I listen to country music and have never heard of any of these songs.

Harry tunes
[The Mix]

The Cambridges and Harry gave a joint speech during the event. William started the speech by saying:

    Through our work with young people, emergency response, homeless charities, and with veterans, we have seen time and time again that unresolved mental health problems lie at the heart of some of our greatest social challenges.

Kate was the next to speak, saying:

    Too often, people feel afraid to admit that they are struggling with their mental health. This fear of judgment stops people from getting the help they need, which can destroy families and end lives. Heads Together wants to help everyone feel much more comfortable with their everyday mental wellbeing, and to have the practical tools to support their friends and family.

Harry chimed in with:

    The Heads Together campaign wants to involve all of you. We’re already working with our partner charities and thousands of people to change the way that people think about mental health. We do not want prejudice and fear to stand in the way of people getting the help they need to cope with life. As the year progresses, the three of us – working with all of you in this room and others who join us along the way – want to come up with practical ways of providing everyone who needs help with the right support and care. We want to build on the great work that others are already doing, but make it even more ambitious. By putting our heads together, we can all make a big difference.

William finished out the speech, saying:

    But first, Heads Together wants to get people talking. The more we talk about mental health, the more normal the topic becomes, and the more we feel able to open up and seek support. By asking for help, by telling a friend we have a problem, by asking someone else how they feel – by having a conversation – we take the first step to feeling better about ourselves – and the first step to being able to cope better with the ups and downs of life. This is relevant to everyone. So let’s all get our heads together and let’s change the conversation, from one of silence and shame to one of optimism and support. Thank you for joining us at the start of this exciting journey.


Props to William, Kate, and Harry for saying words, because they don’t always. But I’m going to nitpick, and I want to explain why. I am personally involved and invested in this cause, so I am going to be the more critical of this issue and the royals’ involvement with it than I would any other cause they associate themselves with. Keeping that in mind, here’s my nitpick:

Holy Buzzwords, Batman! I care about this cause and want it to succeed, but unfortunately I find myself rolling my eyes whenever I read or hear these phrases: “Through our work with…”; “unresolved mental health problems” (usually followed by “in childhood” but that didn’t happen here); “putting our heads together” (this one is new, but they’ve really run it into the ground in a short time); “let’s change the conversation”. I’ve just read or heard them so many times since Kate (and William and Harry) started this mental health kick that they have lost all meaning to me. I hate to say it, but that’s the reaction I’m having.

Mental health is an important cause, and they’ve brought up some good points, but they just don’t take it far enough. Ever. Mental health is such a broad topic – even when narrowed down to “children and young people”, “young men”, and “veterans”, it’s still so broad – I just don’t know what they are trying to achieve. I hate to compare them to other royals, but give me a Maxima-level speech where there is so much information that I have trouble picking out what to quote (because it’s too long to quote the whole thing and there is so much information given). I want to support them, I want them to succeed, but they’ve got to give me detailed information about what the problem is and how they plan to enact change, because buzzwords just aren’t doing it for me anymore.

Kate wore a new top from Goat, the Binky Blouse in cream (£290.00), as well as a new skirt from Banana Republic, the Geo Jacquard Skirt (£105).

Goat Binky Blouse Banana Republic Geo Jacquard Skirt

Kate accessorized with her Sapphire and Diamond earrings, Cartier watch, LK Bennett Frome navy suede clutch, and Rupert Sanderson Malory navy suede pumps.

What makes me even sadder about having to nitpick the speech is that I actually really like this outfit and think it looks good on Kate. My one nitpick would be that it’s shades of blue again which is so boring on her, but overall I like it. I don’t even mind her hair being down. This is a fashion win; it’s just too bad the speech wasn’t a speech win.

In the interest of fairness, let’s focus on Harry’s fashion for a moment. Harry wore blue-soled shoes to the event: Cole Haan “Great Jones Wingtip Oxford” ($180.00).

Rebecca Deacon sighting (that shirt looks terrible on her).

One last Harry for the road.

This is totally off topic, but I’ll leave you with a gif of The Queen at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and her reaction to when they brought out the cows. This makes me so happy for some reason. #Cows

298 thoughts on “Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry give joint speech at Heads Together launch

  1. I thought it a very good idea to carve up the speech with the three of them to give Kate some confidence to speak publicly. And she did speak in a less affected manner than the Queens 90th Birthday video so that’s also an improvement. I love Goat’s clothes. Their clothes are well made with great fabrics. Simple and classy. She could do worse than to use them for staple daywear instead of trying to be all things to all people. And whilst I do like the BR skirt it really does hang off her. Her weight, her poor posture……she’s a future candidate for osteoporosis if she doesn’t sort herself out and given that she works out with a trainer you would think they would address these issues.

    The message…..all very commendable but I didn’t like the impersonal rhetoric, it smacks of insincerity and a tick box exercise towards the Court Circular numbers. I have yet to be convinced that what they’re doing toward Mental Health is anything more than crowd pleasing. Harry has set the bar so very high with his causes that they have some way to show that these visits are anything more than lip service. But to be fair they have only just started.

    1. I was gonna say, isn’t she super into pilates? Because I am and all the instructors at my studio harp about posture and working the core muscles to help make you appear taller and all that. But I could be mistaken, and it’s actually Pippa who’s into pilates.

      1. Given her rounded back and posture, i sincerely doubt she takes pilates or yoga on a regular basis. She’s known to walk and judging by her muscles probably does something weightbearing. The occassional yoga and pilates session isn’t going to fix such horrendous posture problems. She would need to have tyem regularly. Pippa takes regular pilates sessions, and it shows in her posture.

    2. Harry’s part of the speech made me feel really inspired and then I felt discouraged when I hit William’s because I got concerned that we’re backing out of any real action and it would just be talk. Don’t get me wrong, awareness and destigmatizing mental health is huge but I just got concerned that talk was all we should expect. Like you know, turning up and listening and maybe saying something, no real substance besides just talk and that being it.

  2. I know it’s not right to make a big deal out of Kate’s weight, but I’m genuinely, genuinely concerned for her. I take back what I said about thinking she was hiding a pregnancy belly yesterday. In some of these photos, I really truly worry about how thin she is and it makes me wonder if maybe she needs some mental health help herself. I’ve been there, where my self identity and control and entire reason-to-be was all about being thin, and I remember how unhappy and unwell I felt. Those were dark days for me, and it breaks my heart to see or hear of anyone going through what I went through.

    Aside, I think her hair and makeup look the best today I’ve seen in a long time. Almost looks like blue eyeliner in some images. I could nitpick the shirt, but this is the best look in my opinion in quite awhile and I’ll take it.

    1. Ive always suspected that Kate is mentally unwell, and I feel bad for her. I think she was honest with that little girl about she being shy herself. Liking attention never meant not being shy, anxious, or anything else. Maybe she had postpartum as well. I just really think there’s a huge issue going on with her.

      1. Do shy women consistently flash? I think Kate is anxiety prone, not shy. I think she is very confident in her looks and does not see herself as she really is. She is unhealthy looking. So very, very thin.

        1. I hate to break it to you Jenny but not usually. Well I don’t anyway. At least I was wearing underwear when I did accidentally. I think Kate is confident but she will not accept that she might have flaws and if she did wouldn’t know how to go about fixing them.

          It is good that the trio turned up again. However shouldn’t it read our children and our walks Is Kate not happy in the relationship and William seems to be acting single. Maybe that is just my interpretation.
          I do like HM and the exclamation of Cows. Mind you I would be shooing them rather than exclaiming about them. I think in some ways HM had to grow up fast after the abdication.

          1. I’m sorry, Laura, I didn’t get your drift. I replied to Enjoying it that I did not think Kate was shy as s(he) suggested. That I don’t think shy women flash. I thought Kate might be anxiety prone.

            Then, you told me that shy women don’t usually flash. I think we agree on that. So, were you directing your comment to someone else, or don’t I understand you correctly?

            I feel badly if Kate has anxiety, but there is help for that.available. Post partum Depression is also a difficult issue for many women. But, there is help for that too and anyone who thinks she has it should see a doctor.

          2. No worries Jenny. I didn’t see the comment above and was in a hurry as at work. I think Kate has trouble bonding with all the planning that she has to do.

      2. Funny you should say that because I was thinking that as well. Maybe the reason that we haven’t seen much of her in the past few years is because she is dealing with some mental health issues. Maybe postpartum or anxiety issues. I’m sure it isn’t always easy to go out in public when you’re only going to get picked apart. It also makes me thinking why hide it if it’s something you’re advocating so strongly for….but maybe there is something going on there.

      3. I’d just like to point out that Kate strutted her stuff down a runway in her underwear. That’s not the actions of a shy person. She also routinely sunbathes topless. Also not the actions of a shy person. Posing for the cover of Vogue would tear my nerves to shreds, I wouldn’t even dream of putting myself in that position, where everybody is definitely going to scrutinise you.
        Kate seems to have a very conflicting personality, one minute it’s staying indoors avoiding all human contact, and the next it’s wearing outrageously flimsy dresses in an airfield where there is most definitely going to be gusts of wind to expose her underwear. I wonder how much of this “shy” personality is an excuse or an act? The shy thing totally worked for Diana, and Kate obviously wants to be seen as the new Diana.

        1. She sounds like the girl I replaced at my work. From the stories my coworkers have told me about her, she sounds like Kate. And she was officially diagnosed as bipolar. That’s why she left the job and it was available for me to apply and get the job. This is all speculation. I’d have to read up on it to see if the signs and symptoms describe Kate.

    2. I’ve been thinking the same thing for the past couple of years. If you compare pictures of Kate before and after George, the difference is striking. She used to seem much happier. Now, she always seems uncomfortable and like she’s constantly stressed and struggling. Also, it looks like she’s aged at least 10 years since George was born. She looks so tense….I can’t describe it really, but I’ve cut her a lot of slack ever since I started noticing that something seems “off.”

      I agree with the consensus that William can be lazy and it avoiding responsibilities. However, I think Kate is different. I think she means well, but I think she’s struggling with some personal issues, whether it mental health or her marriage or the pressure of a royal. I don’t know.

      If you look at her engagements as a whole, she’s been doing fine. Yes, she needs weights in her skirts. Yes, she could do more speeches or whatever. But I get the sense that she’s trying, but she’s dealing with some major behind-the-scenes issues.

      Relaxed, spoiled socialites don’t look aged, stressed, and like they’re constantly holding on by a thread. Kate does not look like a pampered princess; she looks like she’s had a very hard couple of years.

      1. Relaxed, spoiled socialites don’t look aged, stressed, and like they’re constantly holding on by a thread. Kate does not look like a pampered princess; she looks like she’s had a very hard couple of years.

        Yes!!!!!! She’s accused of being (overly) confident but also accused of bad posture, crotch clutching, aging fast, speaking badly etc which is a total contradiction! She may be an outgoing person who likes the celebrity (Which is any politician, actor, musician, you tube poster etc because liking attention isn’t a bad thing. Only how you get it. )but she’s not confident or vapid or dumb. That woman is trying, on some level, but something is holding her back. Not to mention that the palace lets her do everything she is accused of. Is the queen blind because the queen is letting her and Will act the way they are.

        Kate seems like a textbook case of mental illness, and that’s not a rub against her. People struggle, and she had the weight of Diana’s memory and her new royal status on her shoulders. Something is not quite right in that camp and spoiled or lazy
        is not the word for it.

        1. I’ve often wondered if the dive into the area of mental illness is a covert way of learning more about what may be affecting them personally. If they are talking to professionals about the subject, they might reach out in private to one of them they feel they can trust. At least I hope they would try to get help if they need it. William definitely needs assistance with his lingering issues about his mother’s passing and privacy. Kate has been struggling with something since her first pregnancy. I thought post-partum after George and she certainly could be going through it again. Or it could be a stressful marriage, I don’t know, I just know something is off for both of them and they need to sit down and sort it out. Fixing other people’s problems in mental health isn’t going to magically wipe their slate clean.

          And after reading the lyrics to Kate’s favorite song I have to wonder if it touches her because of the lyrics. If so, someone seriously needs to pay attention to her.

        2. Kate is fine at wimbledon, yachts, galas, movie premieres, vogue… etc.
          She only appears “stressed or not totally with it” when attending boring engagements in the uk.
          Is her obnoxious “look at me” behavior from india and nepal a distant memory?

          Her behavior reminds me of the way she was described by a reporter… duchess prickly pick’n’mix.
          She seems manipulative enough to put this poor me act on for sympathy and so the palace and public will not come to expect much from her.

  3. About the clothes : I like the skirt but not the blouse (too straight), but they match good. I prefer when her hair are up, but hopefully she doesn’t struggling with her hairs too much during the speach.

    Before yesterday’s engagement, I said that I didn’t understand their campaign (why it is different from their ordinary work) and I want to said that I don”t understand much now. Their speach is generic and vague : I understand that they want to erase the stigma on mental health. Why don’t they talk about the marathon, the work of these charities, about what they want to do for the next months?
    I read that it is a campaign of 1,2 million of £. The objective is to collect this sum and to share between the charities? So what concrete actions?
    They visit many stand from each charities : but it is too vague to understand the real action of each charity.

    I am maybe too critic but I don’t see the difference between their precedent visit to charity about mental health. Their speech lacks of indications about what their program for the year is and I have the impression that I had already hear their speach.

    Poor Harry with his jetlag. Personally, I prefer when he is not with Kate and William : he shines more.

      1. I agree, I think that Harry has been inculcated since birth to take a step back literally and with regards to personality when he is out on a visit with William. There’s a lot of deference there because I think he knows he could outshine William in the blink of an eye. Rather than doing that and receiving buckets of grief from William he just backs off and lets him take the lead.

    1. To erase the stigma on mental illness, you need to ask some questions and really discuss them: 1) why is there as stigma?, “9 why is it so hard for people to understand that a mental illness is an illness just like a physical one?, 3) why, even though the subject is more openly discussed, is it so hard for people to truely understand what’s a play?

      The two first is partly rooted in ignorance and prejudice – information is crucial here. The last one is far harder to pinpoint but in my personal experience there can exist as disconnect between “heart” and head, as in we know things on a rational level that are hard to understand and accept on an emotional level, probably because mental disorders profoundly affect the sufferer’s behaviour and people don’t react entirely rational on other people’s behaviour.

      They say that we need to change the conversation and the is absolutely right. But we cannot change it unless we actually have the conversation – and I feel that they are not really facilitation this on the broad public level that their platform gives them access to. That requires a dedicated work and longterm planning – fx in the form of international conferences (particiaption and even organizing through their foundation) like CP Mary does. Today she opened the International Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen that focus on women’s health and rights. She’s the patron of the conference (and her Foundation a monetary contributor), she’s giving a speech and participating in sessions. It is a HUGE event that covers many many aspects and with a number of prominent guest speakers. Queen Maxima, Princess Mabel of Oranje and Princess Sarah Zaid Jordan are participating. Among other notable guests are Danish Cabinet Ministers, directors of international aid organisations and a Nobel Laureate.

      1. Excellent points AH. In the U.S., we have an astounding amount of gun violence. Every time something horrible happens, there is a political fight over guns rights, gun control and mental health. This is not to start a political debate, only to make the point that we fall into positions, talk about mental health and do nothing. It has become the rah-rah issue for politicians in my country and these three and nothing happens. Mental health is serious and it affects us all in some way, from personal to loved ones to work colleagues and bosses. It is not a linear issue with a one size fits all solution and it runs the garment in terms of scope. Childhood, genetics, mild, severe, etc. Talking about it is great, but I would personally like to see serious conversations on the world stage that can help these charities, medical professionals, families, etc. Apologies for the rant, but it is time for action, not puff speeches.

      2. Excellent post AH. In answer to your question “why is there a stigma” I think part of the answer lies in the fact that people didn’t talk about this until recently. In the U.S., almost 1 in 5 people suffer from some form of illness once a year. Many of these people may go undiagnosed and thus never know they are suffering from an illness that may be treatable. Another problem is that “mental illness” is a large umbrella term that covers everything from anxiety to schizophrenia. Some are short-term illnesses due to life circumstances, other are life-long illnesses with no cure. I think if more people came forward, non-sufferers would see how big this issue is. But we live in a culture where asking for help looks weak and where acknowledging it may be used against you at work. Like the LGBT movement, it will take a lot of brave people to come out and talk about it to make people appreciate the stigma.

        1. I especially wanted to bring up the disconnect between rational and emotional understanding because this is something that I’ve really experienced and thus thought a lot about in relation to both my mother’s illness as well as my own battle with depression.

          With mental illness it can be very difficult to draw a distinct line between the illness and the person, probably because the illness affect personality and behaviour. Though we now know that brain chemistry is at play, there are learned dysfunctional thought and behavioural patterns.

          This is why there really need to be a well-informed public conversation about these issues, in a format that reaches a lot of people. That, however, requires a very targeted and longterm stragety as well as strong co-operation with various organizations.

          They’ve only just really begun this initiative and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here and whether they’ll continue highlighting this issue but they need to do more than a generic speech here and there or a 20 min drive-by engagement where they ask a few leading questions instead of really engaging in a debate with professionals in the field.

  4. I do like her outfit. It’s a win for her. Considering she has been dressing so boring and inappropriate lately. It was actually refreshing.

    I agree with you KMR, mental health is so broad. Which group will they concentrating on? Children, young people, veterans? Or are they going to discuss everyone? I’m just wondering why the big push on they’re parts? Not saying mental health is not important. It is extremely important. Yet they have beaten they’re catch phrases to death. Yes we should change the conversation. That and Will and Kate’s with they’re charity work. I just do hope this isn’t a passing fade for Will and Kate. Harry I believe cares and wants to help as much as possible.

    As to what makes them Happy. Harry is definitely his mother’s son. He can light up a room like she did. William as usual was predictable. Yet I do believe he loves his children. And probably is the better parent than Kate. Now Kate a walk makes her happy? Very impersonal. I’m not a psychologist. Yet to me that is a little odd. Your family doesn’t make you happy? The answer is just so solitary, aloof, and simple. That is something a child would say. Just my opinion.

    1. I think Kate understood the question as being “what makes you feel better when you’re depressed” rather than “what makes you happy in general”. Her answer made sense to me because I do this a lot: whenever I’m feeling sad or anxious about something, I take a walk somewhere and it really helps me clearing my mind.

      I have to confess that I rolled my eyes a bit when I read Harry’s answer. I do think he cares and likes to help people, but this sounded so PR-like.

      1. I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s a big extrovert, and for extroverts that kind of connection with people is necessary for happiness! I’m an extreme introvert (though not shy), and while I help people in my job everyday, I never have the feeling that it is _necessary_ for my happiness. It’s much more important for me to have a sense of my own competency.

        Sorry for the tangent!

  5. KMR, I agree with what you said about this cause. I have mental issues in my family so this topic interests me a lot. How MrsBBV said “they have only just started”. I don’t like when they use the words “my work”, it sounds a bit selfish, but I really hope they make something for those who face mental problems. This issue is much bigger than people think, and more complex. I had a time with depression and my family didn’t help me, on contrary, they were angry at me, looked like it was my fault because I was depressed. I had to overcome all alone. I grew up in a family that still thinks psychologist is for crazy people and that depression is b…shit. There are people who say that if you have depression is because you don’t have faith in God. IMAGINE. The problem of depression begins at home, with family, and I think the question is not only to educate the society, but the families of depressed people so that they are not seen as failures, and worse as, responsible for their own depression.

    I liked Kate outfit, but God, she is so thin that the clothing is very wide on her. But I still think it’s boring and predicable. How I expected, Kate’s speech was the shortest one. I am very skeptical about this charity and its REAL function, but I really hope they make something good.

    P.S: I loved the youtube video is “Harry, Kate and William launch mental health campaign”. For the first time I see Harry come before the Cambridges. FINALLY

  6. I really like the skirt but it is huge on her, suggesting she is losing weight at the moment. Surely she wouldn’t buy it falling off her? She kept having to hitch it up. I simply don’t like her hair down when she is working, it gets in the way. A simple pony tail is all it needs. She needs to stop fiddling with it. The blouse is pretty ordinary for the price, she has lots of other white/cream blouses, but I agree in general it is a win for her.
    The campaign is vague and a bit directionless to me. I am not sure why all these separate charities are joining together and quite what the overall banner is trying to achieve, or what the money raised will be used for, or where the marathon comes into it. It all seems like PR fluff to me.
    I fully appreciate that many people on KMR really appreciate the work on mental health, and I do too BUT I don’t think it should be the only focus for these three young people who have the time if not the inclination to work harder – yes even Harry has to show concerted effort after a well earned break and hopefully a private holiday. There are too many other sections of society in need of their support. We have not been told if this is their long term focus, or are they going to focus on different things each couple of years. We have a real problem, as many countries do, with our aging population, inner city poverty, children in care…… oh well the list is endless. Harry has clear goals and objectives, the other two just seem to swan around with their oft repeated soundbites.
    Sorry – bit of a rant there, but just turning up and looking pretty is not good enough. I want to know what the actions and objectives are in a much clearer fashion.

    But I do like the skirt!!

      1. +2 Though I flirt when I touch my hair or twirl it. Though they say that you shouldn’t fiddle with hair or necklaces during an interview because it makes you look nervous. It is easier to fiddle with hair when it is down.

    1. Niche marketing for the pretties, that is all. Until the next sexy flavour. Harry is already involved to some degree with MH with IG. He also visits vets and cheers them up and supports them.

    2. The first things that came to mind re. Kate’s outfit were: (a) she’s way too thin, and (b) that skirt is falling off her. I would have preferred that skirt to be a short pencil one in a similar bold print, and with hair in a pony tail: something simple, chic and appropriate for a 34-year old.

      I feel that with these mental health events the clock is reset each time: the same sentiments and same buzzwords. Whatever is discussed is so generic that it becomes white noise = random thoughts without meaningful context. Art Historian further up this post makes a great point about taking discrete questions and excavating thoughts and actions to address them. That would focus the event and make it different from the previous outing, and presumably, the next. Hence building the conversation rather than repeating bland statements. I disagree with a comment made further up that they are ‘just starting’ this work. But wait! The royals – and their press – tell us that this has been their focus for several years. That the perception is that they are starting says that the PR doesn’t fly, mainly because the public isn’t that dense.

      I am bored and unimpressed with references about ‘my work’. All of us work very long hours in our respective jobs, paid or unpaid. I bristle when the term is appropriated by people who rock up occasionally to open something but appear to do little beyond that. If they actually do significantly more work ‘behind the scenes’ then I think we would have heard about it; it’s hardly secret squirrel stuff. I am reminded of Mark Bolland’s wry observation that the royals are very good at making a few days a week for five months of the year appear like full-time work. Until there is transparency about what constitutes their working week I remain unconvinced that these events are anything more than occasional one-offs/PR to dampen down criticism of relevancy and indolence.

      1. Oops! I didn’t mean to imply that a poster here was dense, just that William and Kate’s PR flip flops all over the place because it is continual rescue mode due to its clients screw ups. Hence, the PR is unbelievable.

    3. Yes, this campaign is vague. They need to suggest some action items.
      1. Have doctors ask about mental health at checkups. If the patient seems to be suffering, suggest that the patient see a mental health specialist.
      2. We need more mental health specialists! Medical schools need to recruit more and support this field.
      3. The government needs to support this more. Include mental health in health insurance plans. Where the Federal government and California go, the nation grudgingly follows.
      4. Start a grassroots movement. People who have or had mental illnesses could begin discussing it with their friends and family (so sorry for the poster above who’s family was unsupportive).
      These ideas are US specific, but it is going to take a push from all sides to make this happen. Perhaps The BRF can’t get too specific because it might brush up against the government and the NHS, but I agree that these platitudes aren’t acomplishing anything.

      1. It is definitely a problem that psychiatry isn’t a, for want of a better word, “trendy” or prestigious area of the medical profession. there’s a real lack of funding and specialized professionals.

  7. I really hope that their involvement does change the conversation about mental health.I wonder if any of them will attend any international or national conferences about mental health.
    On a fashion note I love the skirt.It pairs well with the blouse,but the blouse is not particularly flattering on the Duchess.She can’t pull of that type of sleeve(figuratively speaking).

  8. Starting with the easy stuff. I like what she wore today. Compared to her usual stuff, this was pretty appropriate for the occasion. This is just personal preference, but I found the dress a little bit too long. I still wish she would wear pants for once. I might actually be wowed if she showed up in a nice suit. I’m happy to see her speaking. The only way she’s going to get better is to keep doing it.

    Now for the harder stuff. I’m kinda torn about this issue. Like KMR, I have a vested interest in mental health. And while I like that they are highlighting it (using their platform for once?!?!), based on their track record, I think this is going to fall flat. If Harry took it on himself, he could take it places. But add Kate and Will into the mix and I don’t see it going anywhere. It is still too vague and broad. From the looks of it, it would appear that Harry is going to focus on mental health in vets, Kate on children and William on men. And that’s a great start. But they need to do more than just show up at events and smile for pictures. Harry has already shown how he’s helping with IG. But Kate and Will? I have no idea where they’re taking this.

    1. Random side note. I was on twitter after posting here. Is it just me, or are their tweets horrible? I don’t proclaim to be a grammar expert, but whoever is tweeting, needs some English lessons. I follow a lot of people and I think their twitter account is probably the most horribly edited one. I understand that in this day and age, twitter/instagram/facebook are starting to become the norm with PR, and I’m all for it. But their PR staff seriously need to go. They have no idea what they’re doing.

      1. +1

        It annoys me intensely when I see them misspell words and place names too.

        If you are reading this Jason, please teach your staff to proof read!

  9. I have thought for a long time that Kate suffers from mental health issues and her mention of postpartum depression (I’m assuming that’s what she means by post natal) makes me wonder if she’s suffered from it.

    When she did her first (I think) speech on mental health, she said that even though she’s never had issues with it, she knows other people have and that’s why she’s taking it on, or something along those lines. It struck me as incredibly strange. You’d never hear the patron of a cancer charity or an AIDS charity say, “Even though I don’t have cancer..” or “Even though I don’t have AIDS…” It also seemed odd to be announcing that you’re trying to de-stigmatize mental health while simultaneously making sure we’re all clear that you don’t have mental health issues.

    That speech seemed very contradictory and immediately made me think she’s struggled with depression or anxiety or some other mental health issue. That combined with just observing the way she behaves, her insecurity, and now this mention of postpartum depression specifically and her reluctance to work after child birth (not that she’s ever worked) has me convinced they chose mental health issues to focus on because she’s had mental health issues. And while they’re trying to say that us normal people shouldn’t have a problem discussing mental health, it’s not an issue a future queen struggles with.

    I might be alone on this, but I’ve been thinking it before they even took on mental health and almost every observation of her makes me more convinced. If it’s true, I wish she’d admit it since that would do far more for the cause and would hopefully get her the help she needs. She’s changed a lot since she first became a public figure as William’s girlfriend. She’s more reclusive, not as confident, rarely seen, struggles to maintain a healthy weight, all marks of depression and other mental health issues.

    I’m a little tired of them telling us to talk about mental health while they don’t talk about it. Diana admitted to being bulimic. They grew up with a mother who suffered from mental health issues but they never talk about it. But we’re all supposed to be comfortable talking about it when they’re not. It seems hypocritical when they could be doing so much more and making it more personal and therefore more relatable for other people.

    1. I agree with you Lillibet. When I first heard they were going to tackle mental health. At first I thought of Diana. I believe she had some deep rooted issues. Yes we all know about her struggle with bulimia. Yet I believe she had more going on than that. Being in the spotlight probably made it worse for her.

      As for Kate, she probably did have postpartum depression. Or perhaps she suffers from anxiety. Either one can be overwhelming to deal with. Kate’s transformation in the decade’s plus in the spotlight has taken a toll on her. She is extremely thin and unhealthy looking. Her demeanor is that of a hermit. Closed off and awkward. Kate’s mental state reminds me a child. Simple and on the surface. No depth at all. It’s like her mental age is stunted. Ma Midds has been directing her all her life. So Kate acts like a child. She probably had a tough transition into motherhood. Not making any excuses for her. I do not think she knows how to be a mother. Too closed off, non nurturing, cannot relate to her children. She sees herself as a child. Just my opinion

      1. Oh, geez. Yammering on about confiding in someone and feeeelings. Stop it! It does *nothing* useful. At least Harry promises some practical solutions in the future but I wonder about any follow through.

        What exactly is this thing they’re doing? Are they ‘conveners’? Umbrella organisers? WTH???

        ETA: This was meant to be at the bottom of the thread. I screwed up.

      2. If she is mentally ill and had postpartum then she would seem stiff and “not nurturing.” I think people really don’t understand how a mental illness affects all of one’s life. I doubt she sees herself as a child since people who do that don’t behave like her. She seems more anxious not child like. I love psychology which is why I got my degree in it, and I’ve always thought Kate suffered from something. Work ethic aside she acts and looks unwell.

      3. I agree Eleanor. Your observations re. motherhood have also been made by others too – at LoveLola: Kate is so dependent on her mother that transitioning to motherhood herself is difficult.

        1. Cut myself off before completing. You know, I think anyone would have mental health issues if needing (or being required) to present as perfect to all people at all times. It’s an unrealistic and unhealthy expectation of anyone.

    2. With all due respect I wish people would stop speculating and insinuating things about Diana who is dead and cannot defend herself regarding her mental health. For instance, it is not uncommon for a person to seem completely healthy when there’s all sorts of things stirring underneath. There is *no* way to determine the state of a public figure’s MH unless they have a psychotic break or their behaviour is bizarre.

      I wish people would stop this. Whether it’s about Diana or Kate. Why is it always the women who are speculated to have MH issues? What about the guys? What makes men so unremarkable and steady? Without clear evidence, I find it unfair, damaging, and misogynistic.

        1. Eleanor, count me in, as well. I don’t want you to leave this site. You are so astute and you never push your thoughts on others. You speak with intelligence and never show disrespect to others. I hope you know you are important here.

      1. With all due respect ladies I’m no longer going to comment on this blog. I gave my opinion and observation about what I thought about Kate and Diana. Which are mine to have. I am not a psychologist nor did I or do I know either woman personally. None of us do. Yet I feel I am not entitled to have the opinion that I have. So with that being said I will keep my comments to myself.

        1. Eleanor, you have made even tempered comments and expressed your opinions in a very measured way. I am sorry that you feel that you were dismissed. Everyone has pretty strong opinions on this site, but we usually respect one another. I am saddened that you feel that you have not been treated respectfully and hope you stay around . You speak with clarity and your opinions are valued like any and every other person’s.

        2. Eleanor, I thought you stated your opinion articulately and for what it is worth, I agree with you. Misogynistic, really? That is very harsh.

        3. You don’t have to leave, Eleanor. I thought you stated your comment well. It’s purely speculation but we all speculate on a whole bunch of topics. If you’re wrong, then we all are. You’re just adding your thoughts to the conversation which is great.

          1. Thank you ladies for your kind words. I probably took the text out of context. It’s also hard sometimes to read a tone of someone. Especially when your not face to face. With that said let’s agree to disagree.

          2. Eleanor, I think you are absolutely right. Sometimes it is best just to agree to disagree and move on. But don’t leave – I find sometimes taking a break is a good thing, and then come back. I find that with ‘real’ friends too – sometimes if we disagree strongly about something I just stay clear for a while and then when we meet again just behave as normal. It works, please stay!

        4. Hello, Eleanor! This happens from time to time where a comment from someone may read a little different than it possibly was meant by the writer.

          Please, consider remaining a part of the conversation and enjoy the fun.

        5. I hope you stay Eleanor. What I like about this site is that, although we may disagree, we are mostly polite about it and agree to disagree. No one try’s to shout down someone else. I put my foot in it a few posts back and offended several people. But I apologised and I’m still here, although treading a little more carefully. I think this site can be an outlet for us. We come together to discuss a topic we love, and in the process we get to know each other a little better.

          I know it hurts when someone responds negatively to a post. Since we can’t see this person, we don’t know if they are angry, hurt, offended, or even joking. I hope you stay and continue to comment. We are made better by learning how to disagree peacefully.

        6. Eleanor. I just read your comment today. I LOVE your posts and I can say that I almost left this blog. I commented about Kate on other sites and was criticized for criticizing Kate. Then I discovered this site and I was happy and relieved to see that it has the same vision as me. A critical view but fair, criticizing but also praises when due. I even posted my complaint and received many comments of support. Do not let this blog because of the opinion of a person. You have YES the right but to express your opinion and no one but KMR can tell us what to write. RESPECT is a word that needs to be present here. STAY. Do this for the people, like me, who are with you here in what I call KMR Family (I vent more here than with my family and I nor have a charity to help me). As Wildrose says: “A basket full of happiness to all”, specially to you Eleanor.

        7. Eleanor, I apologise for upsetting you. It was not a personal comment aimed at you but I can see how you can see it as thus.
          To me your feelings as a result of my comments, supersede any opinion.

          I did not say you were misogynistic. My opinion is that the focus on women’s mental health as the *first* explanation for their (unwanted) behaviour is rampant in society and that is what I object to and find misogynistic. Whether it’s Woody Allen declaring Mia to be unstable, or men in divorce cases declaring their wives to be unstable. No one has to my knowledge, for example, declared William to be unstable, just crabby, with serious psychological issues.

          I was also talking about people who have never declared themselves to have MH problems, not the ones who have disclosed anything; I think that speculation is unfair. That is my opinion. When people start to explain Kate’s historically lazy behaviour as possibly a sign of a serious MH issue, I balk. William’s laziness, to my knowledge, is never explained that way.

          But this is getting complicated and long-winded so I’ll stop.

          I hope you don’t refrain from commenting. It really was a comment on other comments, but it does look like I singled you out. I also didn’t mean to detract from your thoughtful take on things. Again, I apologise. I’ve said my peace on this thread about misogyny when it comes to women and MH so I will bow out. Hope to see you on another thread and another less fractious topic!

      2. “With all due respect I wish people would stop speculating and insinuating things about Diana who is dead and cannot defend herself regarding her mental health.”

        There’s no speculation or insinuation going on. As I indicated in my comment (and as Eleanor implied), Diana admitted to having bulimia, which is a mental illness. She spoke at length about her depression, bulimia, and history of self-harm. Here’s a link to an interview: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2eus87_panorama-princess-diana-interview-with-martin-bashir_news.

        There’s no need for her to be here to “defend” herself anymore than there would be a need for a deceased individual who had cancer to “defend” themselves against the statement that they had cancer. There’s no shame in having mental illness and there should be no more stigma attached to a person who has it than there is to a cancer patient, asthma patient, or a person with a broken arm.

        And it’s not always women. This is a blog about Kate Middleton. Mel Gibson showed signs of mental illness and people speculated about it. As it turns out, he has revealed that he was diagnosed as bipolar. There have been plenty of male public figures who have been speculated to have mental illness and/or made it known that they have a mental illness. Stephen Fry, Craig Ferguson, Hemingway, F. Scot Fitzgerald, Van Gogh, Beethoven, John Nash, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Hugh Laurie just to name a few off the top of my head. I’d have a hard time coming up with as many famous women.

        1. Awesome comment, Lilibet. These would be interesting issues to learn about and for our leaders to take to the world stage. I am not a doctor, but I suspect men and women are either prone to different mental health issues or that the same diagnosis manifests differently. William in my opinion could use help. His levels of paranoia and anger seem well beyond healthy.

          As an American, I would wager that Jimmy Carter was one of our few presidents that is not a pathological narcissist!

          1. I have been told by professionals within the field that men generally manifest different symptoms when it comes to depression. The issue of gender-related symptoms in relation to various diseases is a very important and somtimes undervalued issue. Men and women manifest different symptoms when it comes to various illnesses whether it be depressen or heart attacks.

          2. Art Historian,

            Gender related symptoms are not that significant. If they were, then the symptoms of clinical depression in the DSM would reflect that. But they don’t. Because the face of depression for men is just a manifestation of it, another facet. All behaviours still fall within the clinical depression rubric and none of them are sex oriented.
            If you’re clinically depressed, you show basic symptoms.

        2. This is not about shame. This is about explaining her behaviour in terms of mental illness. I think that does a disservice to all who are deeply suffering with real issues while she gets a pass for her laziness with the MH label.

          If she has a role model and doubt she is that worldly, it would be Wallis Simpson. She is that thin and she is that rich. I wonder what mental health scrutiny Wallis would have undergone in this day and age.

          1. Maventhefirst,

            Arthistorian is correct.The gender-related symptoms are significant enough that psychologists will note them. We had this discussion in almost all my courses for my psychology degree. The DSM notes generalities but psychology is an art that does have to do with race, gender, age, culture etc.

            Professionals have to know that any psych test must be graded different based on race, and gender plays a huge role in how people demonstrate symptoms. A mental illness is only a mental illness if the person demonstrates behaviour that is so different than the norm that it causes problems in their life. Gender plays into that.
            Besides, the DSM has almost tripled since its first edition beacuse the disorders have become split based in gender, age and other characteristics. A women with depression may get labeled one way, but a man another even if they both have depression.

      3. People do it to guys too on sites about male public figures all the time. Mental Illnesses are easy to spot like glaring, red blinking, neon lights, but calling one out is not a bad thing. Thinking people are less than for having one is. I think most of hollywood is mentally ill because those are the types who are attracted to that lifestyle. Nothing wrong with saying or knowing that. Saying Kate has a mental problem is only insulting depending on how the term is meant, and she’s clearly unwell. Compassion is not denial or staying silent. Compassion is understanding the why behind the actions. PS I have a degree in psychology so maybe how I view disorders is not the norm, but a disorder isn’t a character flaw at it’s core.

        1. So very true! The fact that people still confuses mental disorders with character flaws is EXACTLY why we need to have this discussion!

          1. And yes! Men do manifest symptoms differently. Women and men are not the same physically or mentally, neither inferior or superior. Depressed men generally “treat” themselves with drugs or drinking. Sociopaths are more often times men with histrionics more likely being women, even though the symptoms and the mindset overlap considerably.

          1. Maventhefirst,

            They are to anyone who knows what to look for. They are always obvious . I hate to keep saying this, but I do have a degree in psychology. I’ve written six books on mental illnesses, and I study neuroscience and human behaviour as a past time. Mental illnesses are obvious.

      4. Many people have speculated on William’s mental health on this blog. And have you ever read a Kanye West comment thread in Celebitchy? Because all they do is speculate on his mental health. Charlie Sheen also got a lot of those types of comments when he was going through his public meltdown.

        This is a Kate-focused blog, so it makes sense that Kate gets the majority of the comments.

        Also, Diana being bulimic is a fact that she stated herself. That’s not speculating on a dead person’s mental health.

    3. When she did her first (I think) speech on mental health, she said that even though she’s never had issues with it, she knows other people have and that’s why she’s taking it on, or something along those lines. Lilibet

      Oh for crying out loud, this woman is so into herself. That line alone would have turned me off the rest of her garbled speech and got me to thinking ‘why are you here lady with the ugly expensive clothes?’ Not to mention what we all know. She absolutely does have serious issues, flashing, flashing, flashing is not a sign of mental health. Period. There are other things as well that indicate she needs to count her cards to make sure there are 52 and the jokers don’t count but flashing is innocuous and not even coming close to the border of diminishing other serious issues or attributing them to this messy woman. I didn’t think her speech this time was particularly spectacular either.
      The first part could have started with ‘this is a recording’ but this part: Heads Together wants to help everyone feel much more comfortable with their everyday mental wellbeing, and to have the practical tools to support their friends and family. Huh?
      I am not at all convinced that Bill and Cathy give a rat’s patooki about this cause, it just happens to be high profile and popular. I am not sure that Harry is all that into it either but that’s because it may not be his thing. Not everyone has the same passions. However, Harry at least tries to be sincere and probably will do all he can to help. He of the three seems the most together. Between Cathy and Billy together I don’t think you could have a whole healthy person.

    4. I think you are absolutely right Lillibet. William and Kate present as people with several unresolved psychological issues. Additionally, Kate looks gaunt. The personal non-disclosure has more to do with needing to be seen and believed as being ‘above’ the hoi polloi because they are ‘royal’, an artificial construct if ever there was one. There will, inevitably, be huge stresses on a person if they portray themselves as impervious to the gamut of human experience.

      1. I agree. Status means everything to them. That’s what they’re pushing with their PR and that’s how they act when they deign to grace people with their presence- bringing the body is enough of a blessing on the plebs.

  10. Time for general speeches are over. Now we want to see sole concrete plans and actions. For example, Kate and William volunteering with one of the programs to really see the work on a day to day basis. Or how about organizing a fundraiser to raise funds for a specific and new initiative? Attending conferences on this issue, could also be another action item?

    Kate showing up in a brand new and expensive outfit, making a general and poorly executed speech and grinning like a scare crow in a Norfolk cornfield, does not work for me. And William? I am sick of seeing his privileged, sneering and ugly mug. Kate and William should just retreat to the country side, if they have nothing to offer and let Harry do the work- in these pics, Harry is the only one that looks engaged and dynamic, even after his jet-lag.

  11. At least the outfit is nice. It’s elegant and professional with a bold geometric pattern on the skirt. This is the kind of outfit she should’ve worn on the HuffPo guest editing gig.

    1. This is the first outfit in a really long time that I love. It is classic, with a modern twist in the skirt. I don’t even mind the blue because it is interesting to look at. I do wish she had her hair back though. The head bobbing during the speech was better but still obvious. Wearing her hair up would not highlight the head bobbing as much because the hair wouldn’t bounce.

      Love the lighter makeup! She finally invested in New eyeshadow and I like it very much. Would like more lip color, just a bright gloss over a lip pencil would make a difference.

      She is so thin.

        1. um, yes it is a go to for many make up artists. the 90s was all about the dark liner that did not match the lips or gloss and only lined the outline of the lip. if you wear a neutral or a shade a tone brighter than you skin, use it all over your lips, not just around them, so fill in your lips with the liner and put a gloss or lipstick on top. it helps glosses stay on and can change the dimension of a lip stick. it is a very pretty natural look.

          1. I also think women like Kate who have thin kitten lips look better with gloss than lipstick. Pencil underneath gives the gloss something to stick to so it lasts longer.

          2. Oh thank you for clearing that up Reilly!!!! OMG I could not stand the way it was done in the Nineties!!! I was thinking I would have to go into hibernation, because I wanted to slap the lips off of every face I saw wearing that horrible look!!!! 😉

          3. Lol. I was thinking what must she think I look like! I apologize if my response sounded spotty. I responded as if I were talking to you face to face but in writing it reads spotty. Sorry!

            Lol. Would not want that look back!

          4. It really was just horrible! I’m going to try your liner/gloss trick! I’ve never had good luck with just gloss!!! Thank You! 😀

  12. I post this comment from an anon on the heavyarethecrown site :

    “You can tell that Harry wasn’t very well prepared for the Mental Health campaign speech,..” My sister who was working the event said that it was a last minute change. They got a call 2 hours prior asking for extra microphones because W, K & H were to do a joint speech so they had to scramble to get 2 extra podiums. She said that judging by H’s lack of preparation she just assumed he too was informed of this change last minute.”

    -> interesting to see.

    1. From what KMR has so generously provided, Harry’s was the best of the bunch. The other 2 regurgitated their old stuff- nothing new to see here.

      1. He can’t help but outshine them, even when the situation is against him. Just goes to show again how woefully unequipped those two dingleberries are when it comes to relating to the public.

        1. OK Ray, thanks for the laugh!
          I don’t know what dingleberries are where you are but here in NZ a dingleberry is poo that’s caught on fleece around a sheep’s bottom.
          Thanks for the laugh, I haven’t heard it used for a long time!

          1. I did throw that one in there for my friends down under? We had an Aussie chap working for us, oh a dozen years or so ago, and this is one of the gems I picked up from him haha

        2. “… these two dingleberries…” This made me laugh for the same reasons as Cathy identified! Thanks Ray.

      2. There’s always a sense of disorganization surrounding W+K. I wonder why that is. Who was supposed to give the entire speech originally? William?

        Harry manages his own stuff just fine. I get the impression that he’s a bit of a perfectionist too.

        1. I sense the same thing Piper and I don’t know why. Maybe the staff they have behaves more like friends then employees? When Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton was on staff things seemed to be more organized and ran smoother. I mean who makes these kinds of changes to an event and speech 2 hours before hand? What if 2 extra microphones weren’t available?

          1. Lauri, I think that is one of the main problems with W&K’s staff. They are in the same general age group, they are treated kind of like friends (promoting Tash to stylist, please). If there was a better separation of staff and employer, with a staff that understood what the image that needs to be portrayed (flawlessly executed, well written speeches given to the principals in advance for review, well written letters that have some personal connection to the event, etc.), that being on time is not just important but mandatory (how many times did they run late in India?) and that the staff should behave professionally at all times in what they do and how they appear (I’m looking at you Rebecca!) things might come off a bit better.

            William clearly doesn’t want that level of professionalism around him because it probably reminds him of the gray men. He probably also realizes that to have a staff with that level of professionalism and experience in things royal he would have to pull from the BP/HM staff and he’s so paranoid he refuses to do that.

            He/they are just shooting themselves in the foot every time. They come off as amateurish. Thank goodness Harry has ELF and what seems to be a kick ass staff behind Invictus and Sentebale. I’m pretty sure some of their experience has rubbed off on him and he’s learned from the people he’s working with combined with his own expectations and enthusiasm. William and Kate have yet to show that level of enthusiasm about anything other than going on vacation.

            One final note, Rebecca comes from a music industry background. Which is probably what got her the job working on the Diana concert. Unfortunately, she still dresses as though she’s working in that industry and not for the BRF.

          2. Very good points, Lisa. The age gap issues make a lot of sense. William needs it, but doesn’t want it, therefore he gravitates to younger counsel, who won’t really help him at all. They will be intimidated paid yes men. How NOT to move forward with a modern monarchy, what a poster boy. Sheesh

    2. Interesting. Presumably one of them was slated to do the speech, baulked, and so two more microphones and podiums found in order that they share the duties? Easy to blame K+W’s staff, but consider the following: the principals decide to alter the event; their people as well as those organising the event have no option but to scramble to get it done. That said, the KP PR team is simply not lead by someone with the gravitas needed to rein in W+K’s temperaments. That William and Kate chose their team of people in their own age group and probably acquiescent explains something along these lines. They also rejected experienced BP personnel.

  13. The outfit Kate wore is a big improvement over some of her other choices. I just wish the top was a bit more tailored or maybe it is and she is just so thin that it kind of swims on her. Can’t believe I am saying this but I really like the skirt. This is the type of outfit I could see CP Mary wearing as well, but with a statement brooch or a necklace. I do not think Kate is botoxed, as her skin is kind of coarse looking, could be due to excessive dieting and genetics. Also is it me, but does anyone think that there has been a reduction in crotch clutching, do we think she has finally realized how awful it makes her look?

    1. Definitely a necklace. This was a better look than I have seen on her in a while, but as I read articles about her and then this blog, I kept thinking, I like the skirt and the blouse, but something is missing. I think a simple necklace would have been really smart.

      1. A necklace would have completed the look. That trinity necklace, I think that’s what it is called, would have worked well. She always looks incomplete, but this was an improvement. I like the skirt.

        1. I think you hit the nail on the head Reilly, Kate’s outfits do always look “incomplete”, always just put on without any sense of styling or accessorizing. Gosh, thank you for finally pointing my in the right direction, for some time I just couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with some of Kate’s outfits and now, thanks to you, I know the reason. Whew!!

    2. Hi Boston, I wish I had read your comment before I wrote mine as we said just about the same things. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that there has been a reduction in crotch clutching, imo it’s that same as it ever was (to quote the Talking Heads 🙂 ).

  14. I really liked Kate’s overall appearance at this event. What she said and did there didn’t impress me, but that’s par for the course.

    I do understand about walks making her happy though. I cherish my time walking,getting some exercise any enjoying nature while having some fresh “me” time. It’s when I feel closest to God and I have some great conversations with my MiL❤️. I can honestly say my walks make me so happy and centered and without them I would not be pleasant to be around most days!

      1. We are too peas, Lauri from Ca, I am a voracious reader as well. My housework often suffers from it?, but I always make sure meals are made and laundry done, so no one complains overmuch haha. Are you a (slightly crazy in training) cat person as well?? If so, we are soul sisters!

        1. Lol, my husband knows that anything he says when my head is buried in my book goes unheard, in fact he’s commented that a bomb could go off next to me and I’d never notice.

          1. LOL! count me as part of the book devouring, cat obsessed (have 2 cats), walking-makes-me-happy, club!! I have a toddler at home who keeps me very very busy so my walks and reading are my me-time.

          2. I adore books too. I like reading fairy tales to my eldest niece. I wondered is the Velveteen rabbit suitable for an almost six year old?

        2. Sorry to insert myself, but I am a walker, avid reader and crazy cat lady, have three want 10 but my husband would divorce me! Can’t cook to save my life though. What kind of training do you do?

          1. Walker, avid reader, crazy cat lady, bad cook > this is me in a nutshell
            I love meeting fellow crazy cat ladies! I have two and I’m trying to convince my husband to adopt the third, don’t think it will happen though 🙁

          2. Our third was an accident. My husband was shopping for fish for his tank, I found the kitten adoptions and by the time he found me, Shelby and I bonded. Poor guy thought once one of them passed on, we would go back to having two. So cute. We still have three. Two sisters we rescued as kittens and my Jasper. Jasper is an Abyssinian. I don’t know if you know the breed – little head big ears and eyes, a Rudy color with black markings. They look like the cats of ancient Egypt.

          3. Abyssinians are such a beautiful breed. My sister has a couple of Thai Korats. Silver-grey with jade grey eyes – energetic, very vocal and cuddly.

          4. Lol, while I don’t have cats I do have a puppy/dog that I’m pretty obsessed with. Yeah, I’m that dog parent that will whip out photos and compare training my dog to raising children (so much easier by the way).

          5. I had to look up the Thai Korat. Wow, they are so beautiful. Those little faces, I am in love.

            Abyssinian’s are wonderful. They are very smart, they say as smart as a small dog, and they are very loyal. Jasper follows me like a puppy. They train their owners. I know where he likes to sit, how to arrange myself so he can sleep where he wants. I love that cat!

          6. I’ve been promising myself an Abyssinian as a consolation treat to myself when both of our kids have moved onwards and upwards. My husband has no idea, but happy wife happy life am I right;)!!

          7. I am a firm believer in that policy, hence my three kitties! An Abyssinian would be a great choice. They are so loyal. Jasper is my cat and my son’s buddy. Whenever I am talking to my son, J just appears because we are a three some and he won’t be left out. They are so human in some ways and are excellent company, esp after a major life event.

            I really am a crazy cat lady!

          8. In training to be a full fledged and certifiable crazy cat lady!! ?- in response to Reilly up thread

          9. Korats are really beautiful. I didn’t know the Abyssinian and now I’m love with those ears!
            I have two females, both mixed breed, and I’d love my third to be all black. Cats are so addictive.

          1. I’m not into walking, but I love books and have 6 cats plus one who comes by every few weeks. I wanna join your club!!

          2. BamaLynn, how is your dad? How are you and your family? I am sending good thoughts to you and hope all is improving.

          3. Jenny, thanks for asking about my father. He was moved to a regular room from ICU, so that is wonderful progress! Unfortunately, he cannot stand up yet, only sit on the side of the bed. He has a mild infection at the surgery site for the feeding tube and is still continuing antibiotics for pneumonia. The stroke he had affected his swallowing, and he aspirated some liquid early on which caused the pneumonia. He’s tough and a fighter, but at 87 we worry about him, of course.

            During all this, both my husband and I got “walking pneumonia.” We are on lots of Rx and have strict instructions to stay away from the hospital (my sister – LOL, but doctors, too).

          4. Oh, my goodness, BamaLynn, walking pneumonia. You and your husband? Please take care of yourselves and I hope your father’s health continues to improve. Such a stressful time for you. I wish you all the best and hope this site is a fun distraction for you.

        3. Looks like we need a KMR Book Club? I am in for that, but not the cats, I am a mad dog lady!! All my sons have severe dyslexia so I am the only one in the family who reads more than the sports pages of the papers!

          1. I think we can handle a mad dog lady! I am in. if we do this we probably should take if off line. don’t want to hijack KMR!

          2. I am total bibliophile! I love reading – I can still remember that magical moment when the letters in the book coalesced into meaning. I’ve had my nose in a book ever since that day.

            I think a Book Club would be fun.

          3. Count me in for the book club. I love dogs and cats, but am looking at getting a cat (or two) as my others have moved on to the Rainbow Bridge. Took a while to get over them, but I’m ready for more now!

          4. I’ve finished Victoria: A Life and a book about Bertie, her oldest son, and I’d love to re-read them again. It would be the third time. Heh. They are both fantastic biographies.

          5. A KMR book club where we all read an agreed upon royal biography or something similar would be awesome. No one around me is into the BFR like I am. My mother and sister and I were in the ICU waiting room a couple of weeks ago, and I was giving them a rundown on Kate. Their eyes glazed over.

          6. As for suggesting books for our club, a perennial favorite of mine is about the Russian royal family; Nicholas and Alexandra. It goes through the lives of the last Tzars of Russia, Rasputin, George V, the revolution, and the Tzarivich’s hemophilia. Totally fact based but reads like a novel. I’m also really into architecture and reading a book on gothic cathedrals right now.

    1. Funny how she didn’t say her children brought her joy. Hers is the only response that is not people oriented. Willy really likes to push that involved, and therefore I can’t do my duties, Dad thing. Harry, on the other hand is thinking of others first.

      1. I love to walk, as well. Find it my best time to communicate with God, just like you, Ray. Now, that I can push Maddie in her carriage, it is especially nice to be able to share the outdoors with her.

        I guess it is just interesting to me that Kate’s reply was not people-oriented. If I was asked that question, I think I would say that my family and friends make me happiest. I know it sounds so corny, but having a baby really turned my life around and I am happier now than ever. Having a good husband ties that feeling! This is a very special time in my life and I am very grateful for all that I have.

        Still, walking and praying while walking are right up there as happiest moments. . I think many of us have more than one thing that makes us happy. I was just surprised by Kate’s reply. Loved Harry’s and thought William’s was nice, but maybe, a tad predictable, or am I being too harsh?

        1. Running is my solace. It allows me to clear my mind. Reading and naps are second.

          I wasn’t upset with her choice because I am a natural loner and it makes sense. I tend to get overwhelmed after spending a lot of time with others.

          1. I am surprised she did not say exercise. It is generic, but also something beneficial to everyone. I think for once she was giving up a very small part of herself.

        2. To me it makes perfect sense especially if she is shy or has some anxiety. As an introvert, taking some time for a solitary walk really helps me deal with the constant din of society.

          1. Wow, G, what a lovely thing you said. Thank you very much.
            There are days when life just barrels down ready to crush you and then, you look into a baby’s eyes and you cannot help but feel better. Especially, when the baby is yours. I guess it is a really simple thing to say, but I am just amazed every day at how much love can be brought to the surface simply because a child means so much to you. Thanks again for such a lovely comment. You bring tremendous joy to the world!

          2. Bamalyn, Thank you. How is your dad doing? How are you and your family? Sending prayers and good wishes your way. I so hope he is improving.

          3. I’m with you G, and I enjoy hearing about what Maddie has been up to as well!
            Thanks for sharing your stories about Maddie with us Jenny.

          4. Hello, again, all. I posted a reply to you above BamaLynn, so I hope you see it and that you and your husband start doing better. Your dad, too.

            And,Cathy, thanks for saying that you enjoy hearing about Maddie. I don’t want to become an obnoxious parent who constantly talks about her child!

            The towel trick for teething is helping her so much. Thanks for sharing it, Cathy. She holds on to the towel with one intense grip! We also put one of her baby spoons in the refrigerator and often apply it to the spot where teething is occurring.

            She is doing more each and every day and stands so straight on my lap. Of course, I’m holding on to her! Lauri would be pleased to hear that her posture is pretty darn good, too!!

            Wishing everyone a very happy day/eve.

      2. Maven, the three responses seem typical of what we know of the trio’s individual temperaments: William (it’s about me); Kate (not naturally warm, impersonal); Harry (people-oriented).

  15. I haven’t read any of the comments yet so please forgive me if I am repeating what’s already been said.

    Regarding the buzz phrases “let’s put our heads together” and “let’s change the conversations”, this is a “Heads Together” launch so using that phrase makes perfect sense to me and I believe when Kate first starting “working” with mental health issues one of the points she was trying to “work” with was changing how people talk about those issues. I do understand how over the long haul these phrases or buzz words can become annoying but they are the titles of these initiatives.

    I don’t think any of the three did particularly great at their part of the speech, in fact I got the distinct impression that they hadn’t even seen their parts before they had to say them. Usually William and Harry will look up from their papers to make some eye contact with their audience but they didn’t today and it really bugged me that none of them appeared to listen to what the other was saying, as they were to busy trying to read their little bit. And good lord watching Kate flick her hair around is so distracting and annoying, PIN IT UP!!!

    On a more positive note, I really liked Kate’s outfit today. In fact is made me think of CP Mary and how it was an outfit that she would probably wear too. The only changes I personally would have made would be to add a long, gold necklace and maybe wear a dark purple shoe or clutch just to add some interest. And of course to really take this outfit up a notch I would wrench her hands from her crotch and tie her shoulders back. How does her trainer not see how bad her posture is?? I read somewhere that the rounded shoulders can be caused by over-strengthened stomach muscles, without strengthening the opposing back muscles the shoulders tend to roll forward. Personally I think she’s too lazy to stand/sit/walk correctly. Darn, here I was going to be all positive but once I think about her posture all my positive intentions go to hell.

    1. I liked Kate’s outfit too, which surprised me as I usually dislike what she wears or Kate can accessorise with something that jars. The skirt’s front pleat makes it a flattering shapes for most women’s shapes. It made me smile as my 6th form school uniform was the same style, but our skirts were in a plain fabric.
      As for Kate using a trainer? I’m wondering if she isn’t using one (or they aren’t very good) as her posture seems to be even worse and I’ve found myself wondering if she has no core strength. If she was working on developing core strength then her midriff would look better? Even if someone has been to classes in the past or had a trainer in the past we all do need to take a class or 2 just to check that we are doing the exercises correctly. A good trainer will be able to check and adjust positions etc easily and it’s a great refresher too!

  16. I’m also wondering what the direction will be for each of these organizations. I think there is something to be said for the three of the Royals each taking on a different aspect of mental health and which people are affected. Still, I think Harry is more appropriate to champion causes at this point. That’s not to say that William and Kate won’t grow.

    There is something that so many of us keep asking and that is why the interest in this health issue? I wish, oh, how I wish some kind of stories could be told that would show why. With Harry and the military, he has spoken about his interest. William and Kate seem to skirt the issue and I am sure privacy is a huge concern. Still, there has to be something and they don’t have to go into major detail, but if only one would say something that was clear and relatable.

    I guess that is hard because it’s a subject they think others need to be honest enough to tackle, but in the case of each of them, I sincerely doubt they want to divulge anything.

    Art Historian, your comments were so on target and I wish they could take some lessons from what you said. It’s very easy to say that people need to be heard. That nobody should fear mental illness, but how is that going to be approached in a sensible and caring way that will really make a difference?

    It’s good that they are trying. But, somehow, I get the distinct feeling that Will and Kate are flying by the seat of their pants . Harry understands the issue as it pertains to those who served in combat, but I think he is aware of how mental health issues affect others, too.

    I thought it was most telling what each wrote: William said his kids make him happy. Kate said a walk does. And, Harry says he’s happy when he can make people smile. Whether one has emotional issues, or not, that is something that is very good for the spirit. Making someone else smile turns the day around for everyone.

    I wish the threesome luck with this effort and hope it grows and they grow with it and find ways to reach out and help people who really need medical assistance.

    One more remark and it’s a nasty one. Rebecca Deacon is so unprofessional looking. She’s a mess, frankly. I think all this modern royalty has gone a bit too far. When someone looks as slovenly as she does, it sends a terrible message. People who look sharp, act sharp and have the ability to work hard and carefully are true professionals. I think Kate needs a really smart and sharp individual in Rebeccas’s position.

    1. I worry that grouping all organisations together creates stew; hard to recognise one from the other. As Art Historian suggested, addressing a particular question/issue and each organisation showing what support mechanisms each could provide to their respective target audiences would move the conversation beyond platitudes.

      I suspect someone chose mental health for them. The problem is that they still skate over the surface because none of the grunt work identifying detailed plans to move beyond that has not been tackled, perhaps because their commitment is not full throated. I’m sure all agree that mental health is important but it drives neither William nor Kate.

      Harry has clearly gone with interests emerging from his own deep military experiences as we have seen. His empathy is real, the work emanating from his (and various teams’) efforts is robust, deep and has the potential to be long-term.

      William and Kate are in different boats: William flits from this to that, and has difficulty sustaining interest in anything for long so nothing sticks; Kate has had no experience of life beyond being bound to her own family. That is problematic.

  17. Harry’s last picture. Swoon.

    I love that skirt. I agree with Lauri that I would add a little pizazz to it. I think that a pair of navy pants would have slayed that that look. Maybe add a jaunty scarf or a blazer with a big old brooch.

    I agree with all assessments here. I am told at work “the devil is in the details”. As I work, I have to remember the details of the project. I want people to walk away with a plan or resources. This campaign does not offer any of it.

    Rebecca Deacon – oh my gosh. That shirt looks like it is worn backwards and the color washes her out. . Her pants are too tight, too rumpled. The pantyhose doesn’t match and the shoes are wrong with that length of pant. She looks like she was thrown into a dryer on the tumble dry setting and taken out too soon. And that hair!?! Yikes. It looks greasy and in need of a style. From that point, I will see myself out.

    Thank you, KMR for reminding us why a specific mental health focus is needed from these two. They are getting “there” but still have a ways to go. I hope they keep this on their plate and doesn’t fall by the wayside.

    1. Yes, yes, yes, Rhiannon.

      Whenever one is working on a campaign, the goal is to have the message resonate and stay with people. So many things need to be clarified with this particular campaign. I think the fact that the three are involved is important, but things need to be fleshed out more and understood more by W and K, particularly, so they can pass along valuable insight and information. I think Harry gets it in regard to his involvement with military people/vets.

      Yes, I also hope the Cambridges stay with this. I’m not worried about Harry.

      And, I agree with those who think Rebecca is a disaster. She’s so harried, so wrinkled, so slovenly. That does not send the right message. It’s obvious that she cannot handle more than one thing at a time and she never seems to ensure that Kate is prepared for any and everything that can happen when she’s out there in the public.

      Kate needs a real task master who will keep her on the straight and narrow. However, it’s obvious that she is fine just the way things are. Lazy, lazy, lazy!

      BTW, I read a brief item concerning the Canadian PM’s wife (the mother of 3) saying she does not have the time to do all that is expected of her. I really don’t know enough about what she does, or does not do, so I wonder what those from Canada think of her comments. People who commented online were not very much in her corner.

      Kate, meet your counterpart from Canada. Yes, or no?

      1. I am personally not a fan of Trudeau or his wife but I understand her need for staff. This is a new era for Canada, so it makes sense that now this new Prime Minister’s wife would receive more invitations to attend functions. I have only heard of her attending a few things, but that’s not to say that she doesn’t do more. She probably does with with less fan fare than K&W

        1. Thanks for your reply MAfromthe6ix. I found it interesting that so many people complained online that Mrs. Trudeau was not working enough.
          It just made me think of Kate.

    2. Hi Rhiannon, so what do you think happened with Rebecca today?? I was stunned at how unprofessional she looked, almost like she rolled out of bed and came to work. I don’t have to “dress up” for my job but I couldn’t fathom wearing something so wrinkled and ill fitting to work. I wonder if W&K are taking this whole “normal”, “laid back”, “modern” monarchy thing too far.

      1. I work in a business casual office and am still very put together. When I work from my house it’s gym leggings and a Tshirt.

        The problem is that no one is telling Rebecca that she looks bad. I was always told that your dress code echos your employer. And Rebecca does just that. A rumpled mess.

        HM’s ladies in waiting are poised and professional. Rebecca looks as if she bought last years clearance clothes from a mystery box sale.

        1. She looks really unprofessional, doesn’t she? I had seen a pic of her in another site and those wrinkled pants hurt my eyes.

          I agree in that nobody’s telling her she looks bad. Kate never worked, so I guess she isn’t aware that a dress code is in order and doesn’t realize that how her staff present themselves reflects on her too.

          1. “Kate never worked, so I guess she isn’t aware that a dress code in in order.” She cannot be that clueless, can she?

            Everyone who works for other Royals shows a different picture, yes? Does Kate ever see any of those people? Does William?

            I really cannot believe how badly Rebecca looks in so many photos. Even here in the States, the least well paid person who has such a job (but on a far lower level), would not dream of looking so disheveled.

            The Cambridge’s apparently don’t have too much respect for their roles in the Royal Family to have such a shoddy person “working” for them.

            Do they have Dress for Success in the UK? If Rebecca loses her job, she would then be eligible for some fashion counseling and a few decent outfits to wear to work from that non-profit organization. I’ve done volunteer work for them and they are experts at outfitting women properly and teaching biz skills.

          1. Again, she looks this way because she gets away with it. I doubt Kate would ever say, “Oh, Rebecca, your clothing is so wrinkled.”

            When working, one needs to have respect for the job and for the employer. Rebecca just looks so frazzled and so slovenly.

            Nobody wants her to compete with Kate, but she should be dressing professionally, neatly and discreetly. If she wants to call attention to anything, let it be her strong work skills. And, those need to be honed, too.

            Anyone in her position has to have a plan, a back-up plan and a second back-up plan in case the first two go wrong. The person needs to research every event Kate attends and prepare her for every possible scenario of the day. She should be staying on top of Kate’s wardrobe issues, too.

            If indeed, Kate put on that red jacket over the white lace dress the other evening, plans should have been made to ensure she was warm on such a cold evening. Warm and stylish. For God’s sake, don’t just throw a red woolen jacket in the car and say, “In case you get cold.” Either, ax the lace dress for something warmer and/or add a flattering coat. Rebecca really doesn’t think too much, nor does Kate’s other assistant. They are both just coasting along because it’s a modern and lax couple they are working for who have no clue how much work goes into making things look relaxed and comfortable.

          2. Maybe Kate likes Rebecca to look like this so she doesn’t outshine her. Kate loves to be center of attention.

          3. Hi ccoop, I can understand the Rebecca shouldn’t dress in such a way that she stands out but yesterday she just looked slovenly. Whether she likes it or not her appearance does reflect on her employer.

          4. Cathy I’d love to believe that was a reason, but unfortunately her track record isn’t that great overall.

  18. Does anyone think that when Harry is with these two he really tones down his actions? Like, I think if he was allowed to make his own speech he would definitely be able to say more because he has an investment in mental health although it is specific to soldiers. I’m not really sure what I feel about this cause of theirs actually especially with regards to Will and Kate. Maybe if we actually see them being a volunteer in charity activities we’d be able to measure their commitment. As it is, the only thing they really do is visit these places related to mental health causes. They’re not actually, you know, doing the dirty work.

  19. I’m finishing my finals this week and whenever I need a stress relief I watch the video of the Queen shouting cows. True story.

    PS: The Royal Trinity never gets old
    PPS: I really love her outfits of late, especially this one.

  20. I think it’s good that they all showed up together at this event. And it’s a great project, too.
    Regarding the fashion of the Duchess….Aapparently I’m the only one who really dislikes this skirt. The length is odd, the pattern is not my cup of tea, it looks dated, mumsy, old-fashioned. On the other hand, I love the top. This top paired with a pencil skirt (maybe in plum) or (God forbid!) a pair of chic trousers would’ve looked great on her. She could’ve looked modern, young, fresh and professional. But it had to be that patterned mess. And the hair….sigh….it’s all over the place. My first thought when I saw the pictures on DM was “Oh, the Nanny is alive. But where is Mr. Sheffield?”

      1. This explains why the pattern looked “off” IMO. It looks like someone took a few stitches to it to keep it from opening at the pleat. I wonder if it was done to keep a narrow profile. It is hard to tell without seeing the skirt “walk”.

      2. It still has the open pleat. You can see it in the photos on this site above. The pleat is definitely still open.

        1. Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that! I read this blog&comments on a RSS reader so I didn’t see KMR’s pictures. All the other pictures I had seen made the pleat look sewn up.

        2. I missed the photo above the info where KMR reported the prices of the blouse and skirt. Thank God I am not a crime scene investigator since I would be pure rubbish.

          It also explains why I can only get 9 out of 10 in those *what is different in the photo*.

          1. G, that is so funny. One time, I witnessed a store robbery and when the police asked for a description of the robber, I really had trouble remembering. I do recall that I said the man had light brown hair and was probably about 5 foot 8 inches. Two other people, I found out, had totally different descriptions. SO, I am with you on not being able to take things in accurately, or at all.

            When I first saw the skirt on the DM, I hated it. It grew on me and by the time, I looked at this section of the blog, I liked the skirt. Looking at it again, not so much. Oh, well!!!

    1. I hated the skirt as well, Greta, for all the same reasons as you did. I hate A-Lines anyway. When I was growing up (and dinosaurs roamed the planet in the 60’s) A Lines were considered a really bad attempt to marry the full skirts of the 50’s with the scandalous pencil skirts of Paris Couture. I just felt that they never really fit right on any body type. The print looks like a really old Marimekko, but then again, there’s a new Marimekko collection at Target here in the USA now, so who knows, maybe that’s what she was going for???

    2. On her the proportions seem off. It looks girly on her, not professional. She was made for pencil skirts. I don’t understand why she rarely wears them unless she doesn’t care for the mature look, especially between two men.

  21. That’s a very interesting song choice for kate! Seems like a rather personal choice. Very mature song as well.

  22. I am in the minority here, but I liked Kate’s blouse the best. I wish it was cheaper, because it is beautiful. Her skirt is nice, I remember seeing it at Banana Republic a month or so ago, but thought it was too busy. I think she looked great today, but I am opposite everyone else here today-I liked the blouse the best, not the skirt 🙂

    1. We’re both in the minority then because I loved the blouse. I too wish it were cheaper because I want one. The skirt is alright; I wouldn’t choose it for myself though.

    2. I am with you – I love the blouse- wish it was cheaper- the skirt is meh. Its a good change for her but I wouldn’t buy it .

    3. I wouldn’t wear the skirt but I like the fact she is wearing a pattern and it just feels a bit younger than her usual block colours. I just wish she had either bought the right size or had it taken in.

  23. I have tried, but I really cannot figure out the purpose of this event other than PR. Obviously, the charities spent time and money putting up a booth. But boxing? And a baby app? Apparently people need to phone in parenting these days. Smh…

    I’m guessing the people invited were going to get hit up for a donation? I can’t see it being open to the public.

    We’ll see how long this latest batch of keenness lasts. Harry will just go back to supporting his veterans behind the scenes as he has been doing for years. W&K will disappear after Wimbledon until Autumn.

    1. I looked up the app. It’s not about “phoning in parenting”; it’s an app that offers information for different stages of pregnancy and early child care, allows for appointment tracking, and offers the ability to find local support groups. I haven’t used the app, but from reading about it it sounds like something useful, especially for first time moms. Honestly, it sounds like a “what to expect when you’re expecting” type of thing but in app form. I don’t know how it relates to mental health, but it’s not about “phoning in parenting”.

      1. Sounds useful to me. When I was pregnant and my son was a baby I used apps like that to help me figure out, you know, hey, what should he be doing around this age, or what can I do with slug-baby because let’s face it, babies are cute but they don’t do much 🙂

          1. They are seriously little slugs! I was like “um what do I do with you? you just lay there!” so he would hang out in a swing forever, quite happily…

    1. Yep very interesting song : if we speculate, she lost herself when she bekomes duchess of cambridge.

      1. I have a wild theory that I’ve never voiced before. I think that KM really was pregnant at Christmastime when the rumours were rampant and she miscarried because her body was too thin and she had not recovered from Charlotte fully. That would explain the lack of engagements, the seroiusly different personality she has displayed (this year especially, her HORRIBLE appearance, and the shamrockgate. I also think that she had a lot more hair fall out after delivering Charlotte, hence the huge dependence of hairpieces. It certainly explains her obvious fragility, both physically and in her personality. Just my theory, however. 🙂

          1. I remember reading about it somewhere, but I certainly don’t recall her looking anything more than exhausted in some of the pics. I think that would also be the reason only William went to Africa at Easter. I think the both of them were invited and only William went, because it was his dear friend getting married, and Kate was still very distraught. It fits a not to far fetched series of coincidences, at least for me. But as I said, it is pure conjecture on my part.

        1. Interesting theory Anastasia. Personally, I think that if the Duchess did indeed suffer a miscarriage she would have taken a considerable amount of time away from “work”, in fact I rather doubt she would be back to “work” yet.

        1. Emeli Sande has much better songs, like Read All About It Pt III and Next to Me, as well as her stunningly haunting cover of Abide With Me.

  24. You want a Maxima-level speech, you gotta have a Maxima-level brain and it just isn’t there.

    1. Maxima has “it” to the power of 1000. Very few people anywhere can maintain that wattage. She is smart, savvy, warm, caring and genuine. She is pretty awesome and such a stellar role model for women everywhere. I am so pleased she had 3 daughters to pass that on to and hope they pay it forward as they grow up.

  25. Wow,131 comments already…lol

    Love the gif of HM saying “Cows!” and smiling. I have a love for cows too and have to save that gif.

    On the joint appearance, I’m with you on the buzz words…enough already. I’d love to hear them speak…speak from their heart with their own words like Harry did at Invictus. Not dully read phrases from papers they are glued to with little to no inflection. Snooze fest. Harry was the best of the three, but he’s been doing some good speaking lately, but even he was glued to the page.

    I like the idea that they are shining a light on the subject and the charities involved. William and Kate really need to step out and own this on their own. Harry has his part with PTSD and the vets, but he’s got his own thing. I know it’s under the foundation umbrella, but really William and Kate aren’t children and they need to step up their game and show they mean it.

    On a superficial front, I liked the pattern of the fabric in Kate’s skirt but I wasn’t thrilled with ensemble as a whole. And I am so ready to do a commando raid on her closet and burn every pair of pumps she has in every color and make her go out and buy shoes with patterns, bright colors and other styles. Ones with some kind of character to them, not just stodgy pumps that cost hundreds of pounds. I do approve of Harry’s new shoes. They are fun. Pretty scary that he has shoes that are more fun than hers. And William, your tight pants aren’t working, get a pair cut a little looser in the groin and thigh or let them go altogether. Between Kate’s random flashing and your pants enhancing areas I don’t want to see on you, I’ve had enough of Cambridge body parts.

    Oh yeah, will William ever say anything complimentary about George in public? I will probably fall off of my chair if he ever does. And what is Kate walking away from – her husband, the joys of full time mothering, her mothers hovering…it’s not work. Unless she’s thinking about the amount of calories she’s burning when she’s walking. Oh well, good cause, needs more substance from the Deadly Dull Duo.

  26. I love this blog. We go from serious discussions about mental health, on to Kate’s mental health, how badly her staff dress ….to sheep’s poo and how to apply lipstick! Brings a whole new meaning to stream of consciousness techniques.

    1. This blog is my happy place. If I were asked that question about what makes me happy, I would have to answer “the KMR messageboard.”

  27. They really need to find a charity they are interested in because it seems apparent they have yet to connect with one. Like Diana clearly connected with the AIDS and landmine issues. Harry clearly connects with veterans. When they find something they care about, what they do will seem meaningful.

    I liked Kate’s outfit, even the shoes. She is just too thin, the skirt looked like it was falling off.

    Harry’s shoes were great.

    William seemed like a tool boxing. He just always looks like an arrogant jerk. It must be hard to be married to him!

  28. Man- people loooove talking about her weight. I watched all the videos and didn’t see any hiking up. I did notice she tucked in the blouse a couple of times. Its a silky blouse so it was probably coming out a little as she moved around. That’s what happens with some blouses with that kind of fabric. Not a sign of weight loss. It’s disgusting to me how people obsess over the weight of women living in the public eye. It’s incredibly dangerous and sends a terrible message to all women.

    I actually enjoy watching the three of them together. I think they bring a lot of life and energy to events when they’re together. I do see KMR’s (and others) point about the content of the speech. It would have been more powerful if they shared more details about mental health issues and maybe even some of their own struggles. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some kind of personal experience with mental health issues. I think this is a topic that everyone can relate to personally. So it would be incredibly moving and appropriate to have them speak about their own struggles.

    1. Kate looking so frail and thin and being hailed as a beauty for being so thin is more damaging to women and body image. Same with any other celebrity. It is sad she looks so terrible. Something is up and I hope she is getting help but I doubt it. They talk about discussing your problems and working on the stigma issue but if THEY don’t talk, well… who would. That family doesn’t talk about anything.

      1. Ellie- I disagree. I think whether a comment is celebrating a person’s weight or shaming it is equally offensive. It adds to the obsessiveness that our society has about weight and leads to body image issues (and other mental health issues) in girls and women.

        1. So it’s better not to talk about it at all? I don’t know. And I don’t feel like the commenters here shame Kate. Nobody is saying what her body should look like or that she should gain weight. We just point out that something is off and we often link it to her behaviour, which might indicate a MH issue. Personally Kate reminds me a lot of a friend who suffered from bulimia and anorexia.

        2. When someone looks as sick, frail, and miserable as she does, I don’t see it as offensive but concern. Could be from certain people but I don’t ever get hat vibe from KMR posters. We are not cruel people here. Do I like Kate, no, she frustrates me with being so lazy and vapid. Do I feel for her, yes. Do I wish she would get help, yes. She does not look healthy, or happy. Who would be living with such a jerk like William. Judging by how he treats her in public I can only imagine what he is like otherwise.

          She is hawking mental health as her big cause. And it is curious to me as she seems to not be in a good place, between the extreme dieting, looking so stressed, anxious, and worn, when she is pampered and spoiled every minute of every day. Something’s going on and it makes me so sad for her.

          Part of me looks at Kate and thinks how I would love to be that thin. But it is unhealthy. I can’t stop thinking how much better I would look if I were extraordinarily thin like her, or any other super skinny celebrities. It is not a good message to send to anyone, and glamorizing it is very unhealthy for the general population.

          1. We see her in photos and on TV. In the U.S. it is thought that photos and TV *add* 10 pounds. Imagine how slight she looks in person.

          2. I know someone who’s seen her in person a few years back during the Australia/NZ ‘tour’. Frail and ill were the words my friend used–and my friend is a Kate sugar to the extreme. 🙁

        3. I think that the constant comments about weight everywhere reflects society’s (across all cultures) obsession with it which has gone on for centuries. It seems to be human nature and a hard thing to shake, but I agree, it doesn’t help.

          As for shaming- no, it doesn’t have anything to do with shaming. That’s just ridiculous, especially when the target is never going to read these comments (or shouldn’t unless they’re stupid).

          It’s enough that weight concerns us all so much that we need to comment on it endlessly.

    2. I think there’s a difference between being obsessed with certain women’s weights / hailing them as fashion icons and being truly disturbed and concerned by their weight AS IT PERTAINS to their physical, emotional, and mental health. I don’t wish Kate to be the thinnest, most fashionable woman in the world or to be overweight. My opinions on her size do not come from a place of envy or admiration or contempt. I would feel the same way about any woman, man, child, homeless person, malnourished bird or underfed kitten I found on the side of the street. Concern and a desire to help.

      1. Charlotte- I don’t think I can agree with you. I appreciate that you personally may be commenting based on a genuine concern for her health. (And please note I wasn’t calling out any one person for a comment). But I doubt most of the comments I read (not just here) are truly coming from that place of gentle concern. With so many comments on this blog (and elsewhere) about her weight it does seem ‘obsessive’. That kind of negative commentary and criticism about weight is dangerous and damaging to women. But I DO think that discussing the media’s obsession with weight and the dangers of that obsession IS a great topic as it pertains to mental health issues (body image, self esteem, depression, eating disorders …). That’d be an incredible discussion for the trio to include in the Heads Together campaign.

    3. I don’t think the people on this blog are ‘disgusting’ . Can you not disagree with some commenters without being so aggressive ?You seem to think you are always 100% correct, most of us are happy to debate views and be swayed by others reasoned arguments. You just seem to insult everyone.

      1. Birdy- I didn’t call anyone here disgusting. I said that it’s disgusting to me how people negatively talk about a person’s weight. I then went on in another comment and clarified that I wasn’t directing my words to any one person in particular. I’m sorry if you were insulted or took my comment personally.

      2. Zoe, I’ve had my two strong cups of morning coffee now so thought I should explain my comment a little better. Your views are different from many peoples on this blog, and I think that adds real depth to our discussions and challenges our views. I always read your posts with genuine interest as they are thought provoking. However I find your first couple of sentences are often aggressive and seem to be personally insulting which I don’t like.
        With Kate’s weight my view is as follows. From pictures of her before marriage it is clear her current size is not her natural weight and something one imagines she works hard to maintain. We hear that on tour advanced instructions are sent regarding her wish for organic fruit and a vegetarian diet. I recently saw a photo of her in a bikini on her honeymoon and to me ( personal opinion) she looked like a young teenager not a grown woman . She is focussing on mental health and we all know that for so many teenage girls and increasingly boys as well weight is a real issue. Many here, myself included, worry that her ultra thinness is a sign of some kind of MH issues. She is a lady in her mid 30’s with two gorgeous kids, yet being so skinny seems to be such an important focus for her. Her refusal to accept small tastes of food in India was so very rude to her hosts. OK so it may not have been food to her liking, but I for one try to eat whatever I am offered if I go to dinner somewhere for eg. So our concerns ( speaking generally for KMRers if you will allow me) is that a) there seems to be some problem and b) for her to keep going on about sharing problems and talking about issues seems somewhat naive/two faced/insulting when there seems to be such silence on her own issues. Diana shared very difficult personal problems and it did a huge amount to help her cause.
        I don’t think any single poster on here shows any signs of jealousy or envy for Kate, but whilst we think she is lazy and spoiled we all want her to do better. Part of that is surely being really healthy ?
        I hope that explains my position a little more clearly .

        1. Well said Birdy. I wish I could have stated my POV as well as you did, but I’m almost always typing on my phone when I’m on this blog and can only read about 5 lines at a time, plus I’m not the best with words on the fly, so I usually tend to find someone I agree with and +1 it. When I’m on my ipad, I can type more.

          I really wanted to say though, that differences of opinions is why I love this blog so, so much. I wasn’t feeling well earlier today and perused some of the sugar sites that I used to follow for years for nostalgia’s sake. I miss those blogs and the commentors, but I had to gravitate away because it always seemed like differences of opinions were squashed instead of celebrated. I truly love and admire how this community tolerates and indulges pretty much anyone’s differing opinions on the subject matter. I’ve been swayed into different opinions many, many times on this blog by simply reading well-thought-out, well-stated comments. That is why I said upthread that this blog is (one of) my happy places – it inspires me to think, to open my mind, to entertain a multitude of different ideas and notions instead of getting stuck in my own head’s rut. I love that. In a small way, in this small area of my life, it makes me feel like a more tolerant & well-rounded person.

          It hurts me to see anyone feel personally attacked by another commentor, and thankfully that seems to be rare.

        2. Birdy- you seem like a really nice person and I appreciate you taking the time to reach out and express your views. If my tone is off putting to you or others then I am sorry. I tend to be a very direct person. And I tend to only comment when I feel strongly about something. For example, when the discussion is regarding body image such as looks and weight. Or when commenters made negative remarks about the children’s looks. I don’t have an issue with critiques about job performance or public perception of them. Even if I don’t always agree I don’t often comment on those things because I don’t have a strong opinion of them. But when the discussion trends towards these other issues I have voiced my opinions. I have daughters and nieces and have body image issues myself. I think we have to change the conversation regarding body image. It’s too easy to criticize women in public because there is so much attention on looks, clothes, weight etc… We forget that it’s a real human being. As adult women (and men) it’s our job to protect the next generation and change the conversation.

          So- I respectfully am not going to comment on Kate’s weight here in response to your comment. I hope you understand my reason for that. It’s not that I don’t want to discuss the issue of body image as it relates to mental health. But I won’t do it by criticizing one person’s weight even if that person is in the public eye. I agree that by talking about her bulimia, Diana opened up an incredible discussion that helped many many people. But she volunteered that information. She invited the discussion in order to help people. I doubt that she, herself, was helped by reading media articles criticizing her weight. I can’t see how that would help anyone. I think it’s brave to talk about your own flaws and weaknesses. That’s what I hope will come out of this focus on mental health. And I hope that explains my position more clearly as well. Thanks Birdy.

          1. Kate’s MH doesn’t concern me. Nor does her weight. I may guess what’s going on in private, but I don’t think it’s fodder for discussion and I think it’s best to keep one’s own counsel. She is skinny and she wasn’t always so and it doesn’t look good on her, that’s all I’ve got.

            The fact is that there are tons of people out there with or without MH issues who promote mental health. There is no way to know at all who is worthy or lacking.

            What concerns me is the danger and potential harm for disseminating misinformation and ignorance, and Kate possesses that in abundance. Because she is lazy, because she is ignorant, because she seems indifferent to most human beings, because her image and status seem to supersede all other factors- these are the reasons to fear her as a spokesperson for MH. She’s a piece of coal where a diamond (like Harry, Diana) is needed. There are people who follow her and will believe her. It’s scary. I fear what she represents and the damage she can do.

          2. On the money, Maven. We should all be careful whom we elevate, should we even wish to. And if so, I’d hope it was due to genuine and sustained achievement, rather than through manipulative PR and sychophantish media trying to whip up an audience.

    4. Yes, but isn’t that the point of having a top-notch assistant, a really old-world Lady in Waiting? If such blouses do come out of the skirt often, why wear them for such events? Nothing ever seems to be coordinated properly by Kate or her team. It’s just roll with the punches and that is so annoying to me!

      1. Ugh, my previous comment came in rather late after a very long exchange. In it, I was referring to what was said about Kate’s blouse being made from a fabric that is very silky and probably would ride easily out of the skirt. I was trying to comment to that issue.
        As I read through the exchanges, though, I would like to add, that discussing Kate’s weight and people’s concern that she seems unhealthy is just that a concern! While many of us are exasperated often by her seeming lack of dedication to her role as Duchess, I don’t think anyone wishes her ill health. If she is experiencing problems and cannot reach out for help on her own, I hope there are people who worry about her and care about her well-being who make sure that she receives help if she needs it.

  29. Gosh poor Harry – – – to go from the highs of the IG to the lows of third wheeling for the cambs pr. It must be a big drop.
    What a pitiful situation for a man, who by all accounts is a leader and truly wonderful person.

    It’s embarrassing and a little worrisome that the second-in-line couple don’t rate much, unless they force Harry to tag along or make a neutral comment about the children.

    1. Oh Kip I so agree. I wish he would stop this unholy threesome and just get on with his own stuff. I feel as if W&K are dragging him down to their level. He needs a good partner (Rhiannon) to work with him . Hope you’re feeling better Rhiannon?

      1. I am getting there. I am on the other side of ot now. Looking forward to eating solids today. Everything made me ill from smelling food to moving. Thanks for asking.

          1. You are so kind. My sister says that I could have the worst virus ever and just say I have a fever.

            By the way, had some soup today! I managed a few spoonfuls. My bland oatmeal is looking more appealing now, lol!

          2. Oh, Rhiannon, maybe you caught a virus while you were away.
            Rest and eat lightly and know we are sending lots of hugs your way. Hope you feel better.

        1. Rhiannon, happy to hear you are feeling better. If I may suggest sipping on some Pedialyte/Pediasure to make sure you stay hydrated. Much better than Gatorade or plain water for this type of thing. Chill it first though!

        2. Thank goodness. A little food in your system. All that hard earned muscle mass needs fuel.

        1. I’m hoping that by the time you read this your tummy will have settled Rhiannon?
          If not then “slippery Elm” will help, you can get it at health food stores.
          Also ginger ale helps too.

    2. It must be hard to be the third wheel. Harry, under the guidance of ELF and with fantastic teams for Invictus and Sentebale, has matured enormously, and found work that he can genuinely contribute to, and in meaningful ways.
      However, Harry is part of their Foundation so has a role to play, somehow. He just has to work out what that is.

    3. You’re so right, birdy, He is being dragged down. Ugh. I am so over it.
      Misguided loyalty towards his brother or he is being forced to go along with them?

      He kicks ass and is totally on point when it comes to his personal agenda. Toss him in with the cambs and he is parroting the same pr nonsense.
      It diminishes all the good and sincere work Harry does on his own.

      1. Didn’t Diana want Harry to be there to support his brother? I think Harry may have some of his loyalty based out of respect for his mother.

        1. Oh, totally! Harry has been taught well and seems to subsume himself to his brother. But at some point it can become a hindrance. There is loyalty and then there is blind loyalty. I also wonder, if Harry did uncouple a bit more whether that would change his relationship with William, which I understand is still quite good.

          It’s also a shame that William doesn’t seem to share that same virtue when it comes to his brother.

          1. Will never seems to praise his little brother and I’ve never heard him say anything much about Sentenale or IG. Big brothers should always support and help little brothers especially those without their beloved Mummies.
            Love the ‘conscious uncoupling’ phrase, funny how that has become normal usage.

          2. You’re right Birdy and Harry has a tendency to bring William up at the appropriate moments (even though I wish he would just focus on himself). It’s just the kind of person he is.

          3. It’s always hard – and never right – to be less than who you are in having to defer to people who are thoroughly undeserving. William has been taught they he is Christmas on a stick and all must bow before him: no chance for humility or reflection from him anytime soon! And no opportunity for growth either.

            I truly wonder what Harry thinks. Surely he must reflect on the high energy, high commitment of all associated with Invictus just a week ago vs his bored brother and vacuous sister-in-law this week? Personally I’d find it unsettling and the cause of huge reflection of future life choices. I’m hoping he will gradually remove himself from their orbit and even informally set up his own office. Both Sentebale and Invictus require quite a bit of independent management so the precedent has been sent.

            There is family loyalty, sure, though William seems not to be able to reciprocate in publicly supporting Harry in his endeavours.

          4. My favorite Harry blindly praising NormalBill bit was when he went to the north pole.
            There the ginge is walking on snow and ice along with the veterans. Filming a documentary, I might add (willy’s worst nightmare!)
            He goes… “willy would totally love it up here, then, he catches himself, but, only for a few days.” Now that sure sounds like Part-Time Will.

            Iirc the only time William has publicly complimented Harry was in their 2010 Africa interview.

            In another interview, Will was asked… ‘Have you been impressed by the start Prince Harry has made with his charity work?’
            “He’s pinched all [the best ideas] of mine! In terms of Africa and aids and poverty, both of us have very strong ideas of how we want to help and of course in the future I would like to help. But in terms of anything else, there are areas I’d like to help in but it’s more about discovering which areas my particular passions lie in, which I’m still doing.”

            Ahh the humility.

          5. Okay Kip, let me get this straight. Harry has stolen all of William’s good ideas. BUT William has yet to discover what area his particular passion lies in so that that’s why he hasn’t really done anything yet. Theft by baby brother and lack of interest in anything other than not working…hmmmm.

            He just has no clue. He truly wants that life he wished on George of a “bum” roaming around Africa in his sandals.

        2. That’s an interesting thought, G. I guess Harry grew up with a solid sense of how he was to support his brother. He loved his Mum, so perhaps, he is still trying to support William. As he grows in his own way and does so many wonderful things to help others, I hope that William will admire and support him, too.

          1. Yes, that is what I was trying to say. I get the impression Harry is a very loyal person, but I do hope Harry can untangle himself from W&K.

      2. Lol, I love ‘consciously uncouple’, best euphemism ever.

        I think someone made this comment on another post, but Harry outshining William and raising all this questions about whether he would make a better king isn’t a good thing for the monarchy. People might start to question the institution as a whole since it’s based on primogeniture. Harry probably recognizes this and takes one for the team.
        And I might be mistaken, but they don’t seem to be particularly close. If I were in Harry’s place I would be really resentful seeing that W isn’t doing his part to keep the boat afloat.

  30. I’ve popped back in here about 50 times since yesterday to watch the Queen and ‘Cows’. It’s so endearing. ?

  31. “I wonder if Kate was just saying she’s shy to make the little girl feel better or if she really is shy.”

    Good question, KMR. Kate wasn’t too shy to swat away all comers for Willy’s hand. She isn’t too shy to demand and get total control of an entire Vogue photo shoot.

  32. So much has been said I’m really behind…

    I would like to say I actually like her outfit. She looks terribly skinny but I think she is terribly skinny (her frame always makes me think of a coat rack or a hanger). I really like the skirt. I think the print is modern and away from her usual matronly and boring monochrome outfits. I even like her hair (but I’m afraid of pictures of her messing with it and totally getting on my nerves. I doubt she can keep her hands away).

    Harry looks great and I’m loving his shoes. Glad they got noticed. He is no Prince Frederick in terms of fashion but there is something about Harry.

    I would like to add I think they should educate themselves on the topic with experts, conferences, heck even college courses – I think it was Princess Mary who recently completed some college work at a US ivy league? – I volunteered for a few years about 15-25 hours a month in a social work position ; it involved visits, reading reports, writing reports, making phone calls and attending certain court hearings and they expected you to complete X amount of training per month in order to better serve our position. It wasn’t enough to just have a willing heart and availability they wanted us constantly attending seminars, classes, even online courses, reading, etc. I see Maxima and Mary doing that to better serve their charities and their passions in life but the young British royals fall behind, again. I can understand how Harry’s military experience has given him something no book/class can but I honestly think it shouldn’t stop there. They are no medical experts and their involvement with social work is also at a minimum so they should educate themselves to better serve their *keen interest in MH* and move on beyond buzzwords, photo-ops, smiles and waves.

    1. It never ceases to amaze me how people lose all sense when they have come into contact with ‘royals’. Is it mandatory to praise them to the hilt, frothing at the mouth when the royal demonstrates nothing special – and in Kate’s case, just nothing – in terms of talent, work ethic, informed and searching questions etc?
      Kate had every opportunity to pursue photography as a career but chose not to seek training of any kind, just snap away. Her images run the gamut from pleasant snaps to downright embarrassing. Being ‘royal’ doesn’t preclude being talented – look at Zara and Anne for instance who compete successfully on the world stage – but Kate’s abilities just don’t rate. To proclaim her talent based on the few images produced is just silly. No wonder she doesn’t improve when constantly flattered.

    2. So ridiculous.

      Princess Kate grinds my gears, man.

      People, please stop promoting this vacuous girl. I say girl despite her being older than me as I just see her permanently developmentally arrested at about 18.

  33. Here late so apologies if anyone already said it…

    William picks children. Kate picks a walk… Neither say each other. How about my wife and children/family? Idk… Seems odd.

  34. Greetings Everyone,

    A quick overview and feel free to use me as target practice if you believe/think or I appear to be too straight forward with my comments…

    1 Prince Harry – has served with the damaged, in MIND, BODY and SOUL – Prince Harry has walked alongside these people, he has seen their hurt, their physical and mental injuries as well as the effect on their families, friends and comrades.

    Prince Harry gets it.

    2. As for William the weak and Cardboard kate – again with the me, me, I, me, I rubbish – the only reason these two are in the “Mental Health” cause is because Prince Harry is the only one who has credible, relatable, hands on experience of all facets and it makes these two pampered tossers look good.

    3. Cardboard Kate may well have had post natal depression (what harm would it have had to say so?). None. However vanity stepped in – rather than humanity.

    4. A white blouse, a skirt that has become a must have “fashion item” (NOT KMR’s doing) but again it is not the cause that gets the press it is her appearance, kate has no substance, billy boy has no direction.

    5. Both billy boy and cardboard kate attended University – graduated in Geography and Art – had one or other been in the field of a psychology degree, humanities, socio economic impact – I would give them some credit and it would have given them credibility however, in all good conscience I cannot give them points and messing with something as powerful as mental health is a recipe for disaster.

    6. I am of the belief that this is the “flavour” or the “disease” chosen because it was one that Diana did not pursue.

    7. Cardboard Kate is just that – there is no substance there. Nothing. The mundane, day to day bread and butter duties bore her. They are a chore for billy boy – the being a “good parent” is the only excuse either of them can trot out when it is too much of a drag for them to research their duties.

    8. Case in point The Hospice mess – open, say a few words, write a letter but basically it is ditched. A five minute wonder, so again harsh words but an assessment that is straight up.

    9. Yes Wimbledon will come along, so will the wonderful dresses, the shiny hair, the middleton family on display – the old world Royalty watching from the Royal Box being the “special ones” but do you every see Prince Harry there? No. Not once.

    10. On cardboard kate’s own admission she went on a diet for her wedding and kept it up – she has lived the words of the Duchess of Windsor who lived by the mantra that “you can never be too rich or too thin”

    11. Prince Harry has the credibility here.

    Not William the weak or cardboard Kate. W&C are messing with something because it is an “cause celebre” for them.

    Kate is and has always been an exhibitionist – apart from the see through skirt that became a dress, which she had her underwear in full view of billy boy at that fashion parade there is that other photo with another student in which she appeared to be looking like a sultry model (in a bra – jeans) looking over her shoulder with a smouldering look…. Middleton is an exhibitionist, hooked a prince, and now has to do the bread and butter work that goes with it, hates every moment of it – but she knew exactly what she signed up for.

    Middleton is 34 years old. I am truly disgusted with what little she has done with her life, what the hell is she waiting for? Has she been to a refugee camp? Has she been out and worked in the soup kitchens, has she stuck at anything that has her get her hands dirty – gone to a needle exchange programme? Stayed out – where the homeless sleep – and don’t even bother with the security issues or having the children to look after.

    Billy boy and cardboard kate want the money, the Palaces, the people put in their place, while they rule from on high – well that does not wash with me.

    Feel free to yell at me for my comments however there is no reality here billy boy and kate are only interested in the “glamour jobs” and being fawned over. Nothing will change their sense of entitlement until people really wake up, speak up and ask the question –

    Having a “cause celebre” is not worth the print devoted to it.

    The Real Work comes from deep inside, with truth in your heart and above all honesty in your soul.

    I must away – heading down towards the Auckland Islands, south East of NZ (cold, battering climate), another challenge, another part of my journey.

    So, until my next stable connection…

    I wish you all a basket full of happiness, a bright light to guide you, warm arms to comfort you and all the love your hearts can hold.

    The Wild Rose

    p.s. My coffee – is lukewarm, plenty of work to do but I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts.

    1. Wild Rose,

      Your comments are always entertaining, sometimes spot on. The fact is, that even if Kate had post-partum depression it’s still no excuse for her for the rest of her life. I object to all the excuses for her real, concrete indifference and laziness where the world at large is concerned. She is downright lazy and indifferent to humanity and I don’t understand why people keep beavering away at finding explanations for that.

      Maybe she had post-partum depression. Yet how could we tell, given her historical behaviour?

      1. Greetings Everyone…..

        THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSES – I AM “talking OVER the howling wind” as I mentioned now headed down from the lower Pacific towards the Chatham Is and even further down towards the “Auckland Islands” = Cold…..

        MavenTheFirst – I honestly DO NOT even think that she has/had Post Partum Depression, let alone HG – however, as Mental Health is the “banner” she/they “wc” I mean are flying this week (with the exception of Harry who has seen varied MH trauma as well as the Body, and Soul damage) as I said in my earlier comment – it is another band wagon for this lazy anmer hall sods.

        Cardboard Kate has run out of excuses. There is no excuse, for the excuses –

        As for the “one can never be too rich, nor too thin” – it was a Wallis Simpson mantra but I was just so tired, my eyeballs were nearly falling out and I used the term Duchess of Windsor because that was officially the title given after the abdication. Sorry for any confusion.

        I have had a ocean full of contempt for Her Laziness for years after her talking herself up abut how much she will do for her charities, her historical behaviour of chasing down a husband, being waited on hand and foot, having millions refurbishing KP, various palaces, the Anmer Hall Bunker, not having to foot the bill for any of her exhorbitant clothing, shoes, nannies, jewellery – and anything else inbetween I came to the conclusion years ago that the jumped up madam was just paying lip service – to get a life where she could be adored, have the kids, be adored more, and then get praised for the “opening of an envelope”.

        Ten years with an orchestrated positioning system to get billy boy down the aisle – the manipulating and scheming that took (she could set up her own course on how to reel in a prince).

        Middleton has no excuse, absolutely none. As for billy boy and his pathetic I will show who is the “Duke” comment to Prince Harry (referring to the boxing at this event) – it was on a brief TV clip that I saw while heading to the coffee pot – well I would have given billy boy a good right hook. He may be the heir but that “putting Harry in his place and like that” shows you that billy boy is a jerk of the highest order.

        Cardboard kate is as about as frail as reinforced steel – an act, catch her off guard when she thinks the cameras are nowhere to be seen then you can see her “mask” of concern drop.

        Maven – having seen them in action, laziness, self fulfilment, self entitlement, vanity and plenty of holidays inbetween her “jollies” like Wimbledon are as deep as she gets.

        I am sorry that I cannot sugar coat it. Once that ring was on her finger – she believed she is untouchable.

        This does not wash with me – never will and I will not defend the indefensible.

        Whether pregnant or not – she is just lazy and now she probably realises that billy boy wasn’t “that into her” even though he married her – she knew exactly what she was getting into.

        What makes me even more furious is the “people” and “causes” she uses along the way to her appear as something she is not. Middleton couldn’t give a toss and the pair of them want the live the life of riley on the backs of people who give their all.

        Makes my heart hurt – when I see these two just “take” and then “take” some more.

        I totally agree with your comments MavenTheFirst as I do with many others – I was just bone weary when I made that post – however I stand by it.

        Laziness is an excuse not a disease which is used by the “sick bay ranger” middleton as an art form.

        Must away, need a bucket of coffee, but wanted to flick you this message before I drop of the radar again.

        So a basket of happiness to you all, an ocean of joy, and all the love your hearts can hold.

        The Wild Rose

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