Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander celebrate King’s Day

Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander celebrate King’s Day

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, and their three daughters, Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia, and Princess Ariane, celebrated King’s Day in the Netherlands yesterday, April 27, marking the King’s 49th birthday.

Dutch royal family King's Day
[Koninklijk Huis @koninklijkhuis]

The Dutch royals were in Zwolle, Netherlands for King’s Day celebrations which included a series of demonstrations and performances, as well as a walkabout to greet the public who had come out to see them.

Even the young princesses got in on the walkabout.

There were also a series of games and pony rides for the kids.

It was very cold during the outdoor event, so the royals wrapped up in blankets while watching the performances. I love the photo of Maxima eating. It’s so rare to see photos of royals eating, so it’s always interesting to me when we get photos like this.

Maxima wore a fuchsia top and cardigan with a floral A-line skirt from Natan with pink pumps and a wide-brimmed pink hat.

45 thoughts on “Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander celebrate King’s Day

  1. Great post thanks KMR.

    Love Max’s outfit from hat right down to the gorgeous shoes.

    Lovely to see the girls out and about too learning the ropes and joining in the games.

    1. I also love that they include their daughters in larger events like this. I think desensitizing the girls to the public and cameras at a young age is a great thing. I also think it encourages the paps to leave the girls alone at school and in their everyday life.

  2. Ohhhh, I was really hoping for a three-peat of Prince Harry…darn 🙁 Oh well, Max is certainly a great second choice!

    I love how she’s trying to bring Spring to the Netherlands with her fashion, how can it resist such a great invitation? She sure can rock the bright colors and big hats better than almost any other Queen around. I just love how smitten her husband always looks around her, you can tell he is sure he’s won the prize by marrying her! And it’s great to see that even a Queen can’t resist a pastry and hot drink, hopefully cocoa.

    1. I agree on all accounts, Lauri! The King always looks so thrilled to be around the Queen and I love to see that spark. Walking around like that, she deserves a pastry! I also don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve always found it a bit rude that Kate regularly refuses the food offered to her at events. It also doesn’t help to dispel any rumors about her lithe frame.

      1. Hi Lindsey, I agree she deserves lots of pastries just for being able to walk on cobblestones in those heels!

        As I recall Kate did eat an oyster while on the Canadian tour but yeah, I haven’t seen her eat anything else since. I know I would have a problem eating food that I wasn’t used to as I have a very sensitive stomach, it is a quandary when I’m offered food at someone’s house and I don’t want to be rude but gosh I just don’t want to suffer for 2-3 days either. What should one do in that instance?

        1. Hi, Lauri:

          I guess just say, “This looks delicious, but will you please forgive me? I have a sensitive stomach and have been bit queasy of late. My apologies.”

          I can sympathize with you because I have a very sensitive stomach, too.

          You are so likeable on this blog, Lauri, I am sure you are also very likeable in person. Who wouldn’t accept your words and wish you well?

          1. Hi, again, Lauri. I was thinking you might be looking for excuses of what to eat in everyday situations I am certain that any list of dietary restrictions were sent out from the Duke and Duchess’ office prior to their trip. Those receiving such lists, would know what to offer them and what to not offer.

          1. That makes sense, Lauri and I certainly didn’t mean to offend with my comment about them not taking food. I completely understand the sensitive stomach issue. It makes me wonder if Kate has food restrictions, is always on a diet, or just doesn’t want to be photographed eating.

          2. Hi Lindsey,

            I hope my comment about having a delicate tummy didn’t sound cranky, cuz I’m not…today… But I did worry about this before the tour to India, how would I handle the food issue when so many people have gone to so much trouble preparing local cuisine for me to try (if I was a Royal)? Bring an extra suitcase full of tummy pills? It’s always been my biggest block to traveling out of country.

    2. Love Maxima’s big hat – and that she always wears a bit of bling.

      W-A always looks besotted around his wife. I think it is lovely after so many years together.

          1. Oh, we know how you feel. I am taking some breaks between emails I am sending out regarding an event I am working on. If I was not so bored by this mundane aspect of the job, I would be off the blog for a bit, too. I am tired of Will and Kate, but enjoying the company of regular commenters and KMR’s well written material on many subjects, not just W and K.

            Glad you read your comments, always, ArtHistorian.

          2. It’s hard not to get sick of Will and Kate. I know the posts with Kate seem to get the most comments, but I honestly enjoy the posts about other royals the most.

            Talking about Kate and her regular screw ups can feel like beating a dead horse after a while. The other royals (both British and other) adds much-needed variety from the mundane coat dresses, suede heels, and watered down mental health commentary that KM brings. Although, following this blog obviously shows my interest in monitoring Kate. It’s my sincere hope that she is able to up her game in the future and become the Princess of Wales, then Queen, that the UK deserves.

  3. I loved to see the girls shaking hands with the public, they seem really at ease doing it. And Maxima is something else, so exuberant and full of life.

  4. Alexia looks just like her mother! I saw pics on Tumblr of the event. The DRF mingled with the public and even posed for selfies! The girls did the same. I pove this family looks like they’re fun and loving.

    Max is still my style queen. She is perfection from head to toe.

    Thanks for highlighting my favorite queen, KMR!

  5. Max is just picture perfect! She knows how to work a room. In this care, an event outdoors! Just amazing! I loved her outfit and that hat! Loved that she enjoyed a pastry, too. The princesses are darling and will certainly be groomed perfectly for their future roles. The King has it all!
    All best wishes to this Royal Family now and always! Thanks for helping us keep up with all that is happening in other Royal lives, KMR.

  6. How cheery! Well, that certainly cheered *me* up. LOL I love the bright warm colours (LOVE the shoes), I love how Daddy hovers over the girls during walkabout. The ever stunning Max is an Amazon in the finest sense of the word.

    It’s lovely to see a cohesive, normal family behaving with grace and great good humour. I guess I should thank those whose names shall not taint this thread for giving me an appreciation of royalty (if not an acceptance) when it’s done right, and that it can have some relevance.

    When I look at these photos, I feel spring is in the air. It’s so, so refreshing!

  7. Wonderful post! Thank you so much for highlighting this cute family. The girls are so cute and I absolutely love the last picture where their mom is encircling them with her arm and they are all smiling. I love the braces! So glad to see all the princesses looking so comfortable and NORMAL. They have cute outfits but they don’t look high-end or styled; more like they chose their clothes and dressed themselves. I also love the wide, happy smile showing the braces; so glad she is not self-confident about that! This looks like a lovely, normal loving family. Thank you, KMR, for showing royals that work hard and enjoy being with their people.

  8. I love the Dutch Royals! They are a good-looking, loving, happy family. You just feel their joy of life in every photo. THank you, KMR. It’s nice to see how other Royal Families enjoy one another and greet the public with such affection and charm!

    Maxima is just amazing. So beautiful, so confident, so dear. I love the pink and that hat! Those shoes, too. She just radiates charisma and care!!!! The photo of her enjoying that pastry is just wonderful. She really knows how to live life to the fullest!
    The young princesses are so very pretty and it’s good to see them meeting and greeting everyone with such a sweet air!

    Happy Birthday to the King, who seems to enjoy being surrounded by all the lovely and dear ladies in his life! I am sure he is a most loving husband and father!

  9. Just a reminder to those of us typing away on the computer, don’t neglect your posture, sit up straight and try not slump over the keyboard 🙂 Have a good day!

    1. I’ve been out on a paddle board today, my friend couldn’t believe how straight I was standing ( when I didn’t wobble). I told her posture was important at all times!!

          1. Well I’m in the paddle board again tomorrow, determined to crack it! Had a beautiful turtle as company today which was awesome.

    2. I’m on my phone sitting at a restaurant while my son plays in the play place and I sure say up straight reading that! Haha. I have a bad back so posture makes it hurt less.

      1. Hi Ellie, kudos to you for practicing perfect posture. I too suffer from chronic back pain and have noticed a difference good posture makes. I think it’s one of the reasons I get so mad at Kate for her poor posture, if she only knew how it will affect her in the future she would make strides to correct it now, while she still can. I know that due to physical issues not everyone can sit up straight but I think if one can sit as straight as their body allows then it can really help, if nothing else it certainly can make one feel more confident.

  10. No wonder Amalia’s photo is the main feature of Wikipedia’s Bicycle Monarchy article. The whole family aware of what their people want.

  11. Thanks KMR for introducing me to this beautiful family.

    Maxima’s best accessory is, as always, her beautiful smile.

    I am rather loving her collection of coloured leather gloves!

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