Prince Harry on if he’ll ever be king: ‘probably not’

Prince Harry on if he’ll ever be king: ‘probably not’

Prince Harry took part in a special edition of Sky Sports’ “Game Changers” with Invictus competitors to promote the Invictus Games taking place in Orlando in May. Harry talked about his time in the army and how it allows him to connect to the Invictus Games competitors. Then a kid asked him if he’ll ever be king.

Harry at the London Marathon on Sunday, April 24, where he handed out the trophies.

Harry was asked about his future by 9-year-old Tristan of Lambs Lane Primary School in Berkshire during filming of the show. The interaction between Harry and Tristan was adorable.

    “Are you ever going to be king?” [Harry] was asked by a student during the filming of a children’s TV show last Tuesday.
    Harry laughed. “That’s the question everybody wanted, let’s be honest!” before adding, “You’ll be glad to know, probably not!”
    As 9-year-old Tristan of Lambs Lane Primary School in Berkshire looked disheartened, Harry dashed across the school hall and commiserated right along with him. “Oh, look at the disappointment! I love that! I’m going to give you a high-five.”
    Later in the day, Tristan said, “I just want Prince Harry to do what he wants, what he really, really wants. I think it would be a fun experience for him to be king. I would love to see him be king.”


“I would love to see him be king.” You and not the only one, buddy. You are not the only one.

Harry at the London Marathon on Sunday, April 24, where he handed out the trophies.

Harry spoke to Sky News about why he took part in the children’s program, saying he loves the honesty children have.

    “There’s got to be a focus on the next generation. There has to be, and the beauty of it, though it’s a massive risk from our point of view, is kids will ask whatever they want to ask, they have no inhibitions.
    “They have no problem with going up to someone and saying: ‘You’ve got no legs, why?’ and these guys are a little bit upset, a little bit bored of the parents pulling the kids away saying, leave the poor man alone, they would much rather tell their story.”

Harry also spoke about relating to what the Invictus Games competitors have been through.

    “The Army put you through a day, two-day course on the way back through Cyprus, which is crucial to everybody. You know, I described it to someone ages ago as one of those slide shows that go through your mind. If you’ve got a good imagination as well, everything that you see, especially if it’s something that is quite powerful, then that slide is in there. It’s always in there and if you have dark moments in your life those slides will pop up.
    “You know there are images I’ve been lucky enough not to see, but there have been images that I’ve been unfortunate to see, nothing like some of these guys, but yes there is a percentage of me being able to relate to exactly what they go through.”

[Sky News]

Prince Harry BBC Radio 1

Harry also stopped by BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show to promote the Invictus Games.

You can listen to some clips from the show here, here, and here.

Prince Harry BBC Radio 2

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106 thoughts on “Prince Harry on if he’ll ever be king: ‘probably not’

    1. Rhiannon will be on the floor somewhere with a paper bag hyperventilating at these pics.

      Out of the mouths of babes! We all want Harry to be King…..well I think that Wills and Kate might be the exceptions. Will wants the big party bag that goes with being King but not with the hard work associated with it.

        1. Safety first please Rhiannon!
          I think you need to read your Harry posts sitting down, with a glass of champagne in one hand perhaps?

    1. I agree, he said PROBABLY 🙂 he didn’ t say ” definitely not, no way, never ever ” 🙂
      That’ s the only thing I cling to

  1. We would all love to see King Harry. I do not think it will ever happen. Unless something drastic happens. William finally comes to his senses. And realizes he doesn’t have what it takes to be a King. Which he has been groomed for his entire life. Yet Billy Boy has that sense of entitlement and stubbornness. And don’t forget Ma Middleton she worked too hard to see her Katie not get the ultimate prize.

    1. “don’t forget Ma Middleton she worked too hard to see her Katie not get the ultimate prize”

      Sad but probably true 🙁

  2. ““They have no problem with going up to someone and saying: ‘You’ve got no legs, why?’ and these guys are a little bit upset, a little bit bored of the parents pulling the kids away saying, leave the poor man alone, they would much rather tell their story””

    He said that? And unscripted, too. He is a wonderfully empathetic man. I am very, very impressed. But then, I have claimed before, University degree or not, Harry is the intelligent brother.

    1. He certainly has the type of emotional intelligence one needs to interact with others in a meaningful way. William seems cold, scripted, and crass in comparison.

      1. +1, Lindsey from DC!

        William is beyond crass (did you hear his comment to Daisy on the set of Star Wars?!) but that’s another story for another time. 😉

    2. Right? Earlier in the year there was this rumour about him attending Yale and I read an article where the author was kind of mocking him, basically saying he wasn’t intelligent enough. He may not be book smart, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t intelligent. I imagine it must be really hurtful for him to read stuff like that.

      1. There are many types of intelligence. I suppose it’s more of a general observation than a Cambridge focused one, though. I hope Harry doesn’t let that get him down, it’s clear he is the much better like of the brothers.

        1. Diana was not what you were called “Book Smart” either but I would rather have what Diana and Harry have, rather than Will’s supposed smarts.

  3. Wow, two Harry posts in a row, what are you trying to do to poor Rhiannon?? Lol, I’m sure she’s in swoon!

    I watched Harry’s interview with Sky TV yesterday and wow, he has improved so much! He has slowed down his speech which makes it much easier to understand him and the eye contact he has with the interviewer is just right. I am so glad that he took the time and worked on this, there really is an art to public speaking and Harry is nailing it!! I hope he is able to encourage Kate to work more on her public speaking

    1. My poor little heart is melting more with each line about my King of Hearts. He is such a genuine soul!

      Re. 2 articles in a row: well, he is out there, working. There IS actually something to write about 😉

          1. Love you Greta, but have to side with Rhiannon. Her face is nearly ‘on the t shirt’ but I’m sure she will be happy to let him give you a hug. Actually lets be honest we will all want a hug.
            And a Westminster Abbey wedding with a KMR section.

      1. A KMR section while Lauri C and myself are bridesmaids We have already promised to keep our bums in check as to not upstage Rhiannon.

        And we will side eye Kate’s disastrous choice of wedding outfit. Because we know that it is not going to be good. I am working on the law of averages here ladies.

        I can just see George being an angel as a Page Boy and his parents nearly fainting as he is so well behaved, while Charlotte cartwheels her way up the aisle behaving most unladylike manner. Lauri and I will try not to laugh too much about Charlotte and we will try not to sigh too much during the ceremony.

        1. As long as Rhiannon invites us to the reception and after party so that I can make friends with the York girls (you know that they’ve got all of the insider, BRF dirt! Rhiannon, play nice with them!) AND possibly try to get my paws on George Percy, Early Percy (future Duke of Northumberland!) AND convince him to stop smoking! 😉 😀

        2. To quote a very famous English play write
          ‘We are such stuff as dreams are made of’ .
          I think KMR would have to be a bridesmaid too?

          1. Oh definitely! 😀

            Rhiannon, have you decided what time of year you’d like to get married? Spring? Summer? Autumn? What church?

        3. Lol Tanya!!! Actually I will teach Charlotte how to do cartwheels and suggest that the long aisle at Westminister would be the perfect place to show off her new found talent! She could well become the Lenore of the BRF and of course Rhiannon will be her favorite auntie! But yes, I will promise to keep my bum in check!

          1. I’ve always loved the thought of a fall wedding. Especially when the leaves turn. I’ll be honest: I love St. Paul’s. It’s gorgeous. Or even the church where the Wessex’s got married.

            I’ll have to add Jenny’s little Maddie to the procession. But to be honest, all of those eyes would make me ill.

          2. Oh, Rhiannon I am so glad you like the idea of St. Paul’s. I am sure you and Harry will have quite a guest list, so that venue suits the day for sure!!!

            I am honored that you would like Maddie to be in your procession. She will be honored, too!! Of course, she can’t walk yet, so are you thinking this fall for the wedding or the fall of 20017? She should be walking well by 2017!

            I know you will be meeting Harry soon! And, I expect a whirlwind romance. So, if the wedding is this fall, may Maddie be pushed down the aisle by one of the older flower girls? In a fancy pram, perhaps?

            You will be a gorgeous bride. Kate won’t know what hit her when you take center stage!!

            Maddie’s two bottom teeth are coming in and I’m sure the top two will follow! So, you will have lovely smiles from her on your wedding day!!!! (Special thanks to Cathy, for the towel teething tip)!

            Here’s to a beautiful wedding at St. Paul’s. You will be fine. Just keep your eyes on the groom the entire walk down the aisle!
            I know Harry will love to honor his parents by marrying at the Cathedral. (Despite the fact that the marriage ended badly, you and he will work out for certain)!

            This is so exciting! Again, thank you!!

          3. @Jenny
            So glad the frozen facecloth trick has worked again 🙂

            I’m thinking Miss Maddie will be so cute as a flower girl!

        4. Oh of course KMR should be a bridesmaid as well. We will get someone to video the entire thing from lots of different angles so that she can write the wedding up later and not miss anything.

          And Cathy can bring her needle and thread…….and may I suggest some weights for someone’s dress, you know just in case there is a strong wind…..or a weak breeze. And maybe a spare pair of panties just in case Kate forgets hers.

          1. Wow, everyone is so funny!! I’m thinking Harry would want to marry in the Cathedral where Diana and Charles met. I realize their marriage did not end well, but I think he wants to see his lovely bride, Rhiannon, float down the aisle at the gorgeous cathedral. I know it’s a scary thought, but you will be just fine, Rhiannon. Just keep your eyes on your Prince and he’ll help you through it.

            I see darling George as a Page, too. And, the little Charlotte cartwheels are a perfect touch. “She’s so ladylike.” This ought to shake things up!

          2. TanyaS, any news on the post office building you want to purchase? My goodness, it sounds amazing and I wish you luck!!!

          3. Hi Jenny, we have an interview with Australia Post next Tuesday to have some Psychometric testing in the morning and then an interview with them in the afternoon. So fingers crossed xxxxx

          4. Thanks guys for the challenge, I’m up for it as my littlest niece was always wanting to go commando when she was potty training, I had to chase her around the house a few times with nappy pull ups in hand until I learnt the best way was to sit down and tell her that nice girls don’t go outside without undies on. If she wanted to go out she needed to put her pull ups on. Sometimes it took a few minutes but she would come to me and ask for her underwear. I wonder if that would work well with a certain duchess as I don’t want to have to chase her around the palace with her underwear.

  4. First of all, thank you for all the answers I received in the previous post. I saw that many people share my opinion. I always respect the opinion of those who disagree. We must not harass a person because she has a different opinion. Intolerance is one of the evils of today’s world.

    Well, Harry, plus a brilliant engagement. I do not need more say how wonderful to see Harry act. You always have passion, enthusiasm and as someone mentioned he wants to be there. Harry has a masculinity that attracts people. I know a woman who is gay and even she has a crush on Harry. I loooooooved he said “probably not” and not “surely not”. It means that everything is possible, it’s like the position of king is uninsured. Oh God, It would be great if Harry were king. Many people cheer for him to marry Chelsy Davy, but I disagree. To me, Chelsy is a blonde Kate Middleton. She lives from her father’s money, a money get from killing animals and she left her lawyer job to do….what? She made nothing, only parties and travels around the world. She has no class and showed up at William and Kate’s wedding like a mess. She is a spoiled girl exactly like Kate. It was reported that she hated the England weather. She mad Harrys’s life a hell, playing games with him, and she didn’t want him to go to Army, she wanted him to live to her. I read her friends called her Princess Chelsy and she loved it. She even had an inner circle who have sworn some silly oath about loyalty. They called themselves the Princess Circle. She’s realized that Harry has to put his family first and she couldn’t take it. Like Princess Diana, she thought she could take priority and that’s not possible. She and a girlfriend spent the morning shouting insults at each other, fuelling rumours that Chelsy has alienated many chums with her arrogance over Harry and her view of herself as a future Royal. Her manipulations pushed her romance with Harry to the edge She called Prince Charles ‘Big Ears’ and jokes that he doesn’t need a plane to fly. And she said that it would be fun to have a dartboard with Charles’ picture on it. She showed him no respect. She used to boast that she taught Harry all he knew about satisfying a woman, and that wasn’t respectful either. Harry may have unwittingly played into Chelsy’s hands by telling her too much about his family. They lived a tempestuous relationship and this is not good to anyone. She “hated” the paparazzi but now she beams to them. She would be a disaster to Monarchy like Kate. Harry got a big heart and he wants to make a difference. What difference Chelsy Davy has done in her life?

    Well, some speculate that Harry has a secret girlfriend. I know who is: Rhiannon. She said she is going to IG games next month. So we can wait to see them making their romance public, LOL. Oh, Rhiannon, next month is my birthday, give me this gift, please. Take a picture of Diana, it always attracts his attention. That’s how I got to speak to him. In fact, he came towards me because I had a picture of Diana (a big one). He came looking for the photo and that was when I spoke to him, and look that was a hell of such security. Imagine, I am very small and Harry is very tall but he still bent a bit to talk to me. Just some words that have been an entire speech to me.
    P.S. For vivagal, the Brazilian / half Brit. Oi, tudo bem. Saudações de Olinda, PE.

    1. Hi Jamel, I agree, I don’t think Chelsy is the best woman for Harry at this point in his life but while they were together it looked like they had a lot of fun! I would like to see Harry with either Rhiannon or someone like Zara, not a fragile waif of a woman but someone who lives life on her own terms, is comfortable in her own skin and knows the value of hard work and being of service to others. As I’ve said on prior posts, my gut tells me that he’s secretly dating or is interested in someone, I just hope it’s someone I approve of 🙂

    2. Hi Jamel, you’re Brazilian too? I’m from Rio 🙂 Did you meet Harry when he came here or to SP?

      Regarding Chelsy, I think they were very young when they dated and probably emotionally immature. I’m not very familiar with their relationship since I only started following the BRF recently, but it seems he cheated a lot on her too. Point is we all make mistakes at that age (I know I used to drive my ex-bf mad when I was younger).

      I read that she’s lauching a jewelry line and part of the money goes to build schools in Africa. Seems like a really nice initiative. People probably get disappointed in her because they expected her to be the anti-Kate in a way, but in the end she’s part of the aristocrat circle and they have different standards. I find it really hard that they’ll ever hold 9-5 office jobs, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard. It’s the same with Harry.

    3. The image of Davy has been looong glorified and reinvented.
      They were young love of 2 wealthy 20somethings with no one to answer to (sort of).Parties, break ups, freedoms, etc…
      What is only remembered by large is Davy didn’t want to conform to a stuffy Royal life and instead blaze her own career driven trail. This is not reality. And I believe she left to design her own jewelry or something close to that.

      However they were it was years ago and people change. Although, many still think because they talk they are close. Not aware their circle of aristo friends is tight and they will always be close in that regard.

  5. Oh my, stars! Everytime you do a post about Harry KMR I say… He’s doing good, he’s hitting his marks, he’s thoughtful, he’s walking the talk…
    And then Harry does even better!
    I think it is due to the person he is, not because he is a prince that people like him.
    Your man is a star Rhiannon!

    1. Yes, he keeps doing better and better.
      Hooray for Tristan and his question! Hooray for Harry’s response, as well. “Probably not,” as opposed to “Definitely not.”

      Where there is life, there is hope.

      Calling Rhiannon! Your man is a super star!

      And, his empathy with those who were injured so badly and his understanding of how the honest questions of children don’t bother them, sums up just how much this man gets the big picture. Oh, for his star to continue to rise!

      A big bouquet of thanks to you, KMR. The Harry posts just keep coming!

      1. He’s pretty cool, huh?

        My mother used to work at the local VA. I met many vets who had both physical and mental impairments. She always encouraged me to ask them about it versus staring. That has stayed with me ever since. I’ve learned so much about their experience and gained a deeper respect for the sacrifice that our vets make.

        1. You are too kind. Mom believes that everyone is special. We just have to talk and find out what makes them unique.

          I travel a lot for work and have stayed in some posh places. I always make a point to thank housekeeping when I see them. Or I will leave a note or a treat. Everyone wants to feel value. And you never know when you.can make someone’s day.

  6. I actually had a dream a few nights ago, where I was telling someone that Harry is going to be the next king. It gave me a pause at first, but then I was like yeah, it’s the truth.

    1. Oh God, please, make Ann’s dream become true. Another ginger King Henry would be amazing, and this new King Henry would have what is most important in a monarch: compassion, humility, charisma, and devotion.

  7. I SO WISH I could head down to Orlando for the Invictus Games (even just for the weekend!) but the busy season is upon me, I’ve got bandages wrapped around my legs (though they ARE helping a whole lot and the wound doctor has already said that by next Tuesday, I’ll have “graduated” to something easy for my right foot–progress!–though left foot still has to heal), and am enjoying the calm when I’m home.

    Rhiannon, I wish we could meet up here in Florida. It would be so cool to have a mini-KMR meet-up! Ah well. 🙂

    P.S. OH!! I forgot to mention! I have a transplant friend, whose daughter is a vet, and they went to the Invictus Games in London in 2014, right? My friend got her picture taken with you-know-who and OMG! It’s a damn good picture and I’m still jealous! Rita (said friend) said that Harry would be more than happy to give itty bitty me a hug, if I ever met him and requested one!! 😀

    1. So glad to hear your legs are improving. It must be so uncomfortable and itchy wearing those bandages. Sounds like you have good doctors.
      Don’t work too hard, we miss you when you’re not on here.

      1. Thank you Birdy! It’s a bit uncomfortable but I’m sooooo glad I started this in mid-April and not mid-July–that would be torture here in Florida!! 🙁

        1. Hi Kimothy,
          I’m glad the bandages are working too, but I was thinking it wouldn’t be fun in a hot summer to wear them. I was in a wrist cast one summer and would have dreams that I managed to pull it off and was free! It was really hot here last summer and we get humidity too but not as bad as Florida I think so I hope you are done with the bandages by then too.
          My transplant friend is doing well and her daughter is way less stressy now after I told her about you. So thanks again for telling us your backstory.

  8. Good news about your health, Kimothy. I wish you continued progress!
    Oh, how nice it would be to meet Harry! I think we all have crushes on him! The man is just amazing!
    Rhainnon and he would be some match. Speaking of Rhiannon, I hope you are well. Am I mistaken by thinking you are not posting as much. Hope you are busy, not ill.

    Nice for your friend to have met him, Kimothy. A memory to be treasured!

  9. Greetings Everyone

    Quick comment only as the ship will change course within the next 5 minutes and I will lose my internet connection for about 6 hours… or more depending on the weather.

    Love what you have all said, have much more to discuss on this a little bit later.

    It is a joy being part of the KMR family.

    HOWEVER please check the previous ANZAC WREATH LAYING update – have just left a message there which has upset me greatly to have written.

    Must away – we have just been “piped” nautical term…

    My good thoughts – to brighten your day

    The Wild Rose

    1. Thinking of you Wild Rose. Please be safe and thank you for your beautiful posts.

      Harry is an absolutely fantastic man. I loved his playful humor, and how he responded to the boy looking downhearted.

      Well done Prince Henry. You’ve won your spurs.

  10. The world without Prince Harry would be a poorer place. It is good to see that there are still people like him or The Wild Rose who care for others and help as much as they can.

  11. I think it’s truly amazing that a blog that brought people together to discuss Kate almost uniformly eulogises His Royal Gorgeousness. I watched this engagement on TV this morning and my goodness if he wasn’t Royal he would make the most amazing TV presenter. Like his Mother he has emotional intelligence in spades and charisma you can surf off. Make him King……please. Xx

  12. As I have mentioned previously I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Harry when he came to the Springs to find out more about the Warrior Games which were held in the Springs from 2010-2014. He was amazing! Not only was he an absolute doll, but also an intelligent. His main goal was to find out as much as possible about the games, how they were founded, implemented, and executed.

    I also was one of the few who paid for the polo even with both Will and Kate. They were barely friendly and did not want to meet with anyone who was not of “value” to them. Yes, I paid the $1500 because I bought in to the fairytale and was quickly disappointed by both of them.

    I believe that Harry said that he “probably would not” be King because he cannot rule it out definitively. There is always a possibility that something would happen to his brother’s family. I don’t think he ever believes that he will but as it is shown the public would like him to become King. Perhaps this will be the catalyst that causes his brother to wake up.

    I noticed from the last video of Will, that he seems to have gotten a wake up call. He was not smug, nor laughing about his claims of being workshy or the complaint of his wife not doing anything. He seems to have been told that he must give an interview and that he needed to toe the line sooner rather than later.

    However, all of this is my two cents and who really knows what is going on behind closed doors. I did, however, attempt to introduce my beautiful daughter to Harry. Unfortunately, although she is blonde, green eyed, and his type of woman including intelligent, she declined. I wonder what that means for other intelligent women that perhaps cross his path?

    1. So frustrating. I think all of us could direct these Windsor men in better partner directions than they seem to do on their own. When will men ever learn to listen to wise advice?

    2. That is a shame that you had that experience with Will and Kate. That is a shame. I always speak to those around me as it is the kind and respectful thing to do. I don’t care about anyone’s station in life, I care to learn about the actual individual.

    3. Well, we never know what is going on behind their four walls. But I bet that William would fight to the death to prevent Harry from getting the throne. He doesn’t want the duty, but it has all the luxury and £18m annual income to fund his lavish vacations and his wife’s bespoke dresses. If Wills loses the right to the throne, they will not be able to use royal estates, facilities and staffs funded by the tax payer. The spoiled duo would never let this happen at any cost. We have seen so many times where Wills threw his own brother under the bus to save his own arse. He will do whatever it takes to protect his right to the throne even if he has to sacrifice Harry.

      It will take a miracle for Harry to be a king, but it is not complete impossible. Wills’ abdication would be the best case scenario, although it would require him to grow up and be mature to be able to realise his incompetence, and that his brother is better fitted to be king. Well, who knows, may be he is a better person than what I gave him credit for. And a whole ridiculous procedures at the parliament, but I suppose that if an heir decided to relinquish his claim to the throne publicly, it will trigger the mechanism. Who knows. I wholeheartedly root for King Henry IX.

      1. That experience must have left a sour taste in your mouth. It certainly adds to the growing evidence of how entitled William and Kate are and that our collective intuitive reactions to this couple is absolutely on the mark. I do hope they get their comeuppance.

      2. I imagine that if Will were to abdicate then he, Kate and the kids would need to move out of England as there really can’t be two “courts”, which was one of the reasons the Duke and Duchess of Windsor lived abroad. I wonder where they would go?

          1. Oh heaven help us if that happens 🙁 But yeah you are probably right, there are plenty of socialites and such that would be more than willing to fawn over them

      3. Hi Mia, once my sister and I were commenting about William and his reluctance in doing his Royals duties. I asked if he doesn’t want to be king why he doesn’t abdicate? So, my sister said that to abdicate it is necessary something very important: COURAGE. I think she is right, William sees the advantages in being a Royal but at the same time he hates Royal duties. But most of all he lacks courage to abdicate.

        1. I disagree Courage is what William lacks (in regards to this and not overall). It’s self awareness. It’s respect for those who support the monarchy. He lacks that.
          Courage IMO would only come into play if he knew he wasn’t ideal for the job, but had fear of leaving for personal/selfish reasons. I just don’t see how this can be the case.

          By his actions and words it appears he feels entitled to this. And if you don’t like it you can suck a duck. And if you criticise he won’t care.

          Yes, William sees advantages, but that is also his normal. He’s only maintaining and not really grasping because of the advantages. That’s our perspective more I think.

          Not to say Abdication doesn’t take courage. It certainly has for some.
          My 2 cents.

    4. Hi SpringsMom
      I am really unimpressed by Will and Kate doing that, it has been commented they did the same thing in New York at the St Andrews fundraising event too.

      It’s even more distasteful as your husband served and died fighting too.

      I cringe at the thought of Kate becoming Queen Consort, I don’t think she will even learn any manners or how to do her job either. And I think she brings out the worst in William too.

    5. Oh, SpringsMom , William and Kate’s attitude didn’t surprise me. Arrogant and spoiled how they are, it is expected they act like that. Disgusting on their part. William and Kate have no consideration for people.

  13. What a lovely post, KMR! We all wish that Harry were next in line to be King. It is obvious that he is a man of the people. Yes he has had missteps in the past, but haven’t we all? I appreciate that he has learned from them. His stint in the army increased his over emotional intelligence. He has found his niche and is doing great.

    It is not uncommon in the history of the BRF for the 2nd son to become king. The most recent example was the Queen’s father, then the Duke of York, becoming king after Edward abdicated. I wish Harry all the luck in the future.

    Thank you for a wonderful, Harry-tastic post, KMR! 🙂

    1. King Henry VIII was a second son ( not suggesting any beheading but it would help ease the Rhiannon, Greta and Lauri situation!!). Then of course after him all three of his legitimate children were monarchs, including the great Elizabeth .

      1. I’ve always thought that second sons were probably much more prized during the Tudor time, or even up to the 1900’s. Disease or any accidental injury could cause the heir to die. The spare had a much greater likelihood of being utilized without the marvels of modern medicine.

      2. Lol, I’m not really in the running Birdy, only willing to step in to prevent a war! Although maybe he would prefer an older woman…mmmm…. I might want to think about this….

    2. It’s almost a Charles/Anne situation. The younger sibling a dedicated workhorse for the people, no matter what went on in her life. Warm, friendly- but has no time for BS. Although I think Charles had accomplished more at 34 than his son, so a very pale comparison indeed!

      1. Just to play Devil’s advocate, I think Charles has worked quite hard. The Prince’s Trust does wonderful work. However, I’m relatively young and don’t know much about his younger years.

        1. I agree that Charles works hard, but have a boo at Anne’s numbers. And she, nor her progeny will never inherit the throne! I do have a soft spot for Charles, but buckets of admiration for his sister 🙂

        2. At 27-28 he started The Prince’s Trust with his Navy severance pay.

          What was William doing then? Oh, right, stumbling out of clubs.

          Charles does his job and knows his position and what it means; as does Harry, and the fabulous Anne who is not into the red carpet garbage.

  14. I noticed The Briitish Monarchy Facebook page has changed its name to The Royal Family. I think that’s interesting that they are moving away from monarchy in their name. Could be a sign of things to come.

  15. Here is what I want/need/pray to happen: Harry finds a perfect wife who is as truly warm and loving as he is. (Rhiannon- over to you). Then Prince and Princess Harry go places together, she wears jeans and t-shirts and completely joins in everything with him. Like real “real” people, they work together to build wells in Africa and clean-up flooded areas of the UK. They have adorable children who play with their cousins like Mia and Isla and Savannah like normal children. We see tons of video of Charles with Harry’s loving little children. A real happy, royal family. Then MAYBE, just maybe Wills and Kate will get a clue. I doubt Harry will ever become king – but this scenario would make him King of Hearts to everyone. And Diana would look down on him and smile.

    1. That would be an amazing thing to happen Amy. I really and truly hope that Harry will find someone that he loves. I don’t think that he would go into a marriage without loving the girl.

      I think that he will become King of Hearts to everyone, he is working on it now.

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