Prince Harry observes Anzac Day at three separate services

Prince Harry observes Anzac Day at three separate services

Today, April 25, is Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand (or yesterday for all my Australian and New Zealander readers). Prince Harry, the go-to young royal for military services, observed three ceremonies today in honor of Anzac Day.

Cenotaph Anzac Day 2016
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand to commemorate those who served and died in war, and was originally observed on April 25 to honor those who fought at Gallipoli during World War I. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first Anzac Day observance in 1916.

Harry attended three Anzac Day services: The Dawn Service at the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner; a wreath laying service at the Cenotaph; and a service at Westminster Abbey.

Addressing the crowds at the dawn service, Alexander Downer, Australian high commissioner to the UK, who also laid a wreath, said:

    “When we reflect on Anzac Day we imagine the Gallipoli landings, what it must have been like, at dawn on the water, in sight of that rugged shoreline – and a collectively held breath, a leaden silence about to be broken. We consider the enthusiasm, the courage, and the heroism of the Anzac troops – ordinary men fighting for God, King and empire, for their mates, for adventure, for a world without war.”


Harry wore his three medals – QEII Golden Jubilee Medal, Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan, QEII Diamond Jubilee Medal – and his Royal Victorian Order. He also wore an Anzac Day pin.

As an aside, KP announced two engagements for Duchess Kate on May 4: Kate will officially open Hampton Court’s new Magic Garden children’s play area, and will attend a lunch reception supporting the new center of excellence for children’s mental health in her role at Patron of the Anna Freud Center.

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117 thoughts on “Prince Harry observes Anzac Day at three separate services

  1. Oh my goodness!! What a wonderful way to start a Monday!!! Harry can do these solemn events so well, just the right amount of empathy and reflection. I was surprised that he didn’t wear his military uniforms, does anyone know why not?

    I’ve been having a gut feeling lately that Harry is secretly dating someone. I do hope I’m right and that the press hasn’t caught on yet. Sorry Rhiannon:(

    1. Harry gets things deep in his heart. No fake emotions with him.

      Lauri, I hope you are right and Harry is dating someone. It kind of reminds me of the time John Kennedy Jr. surprised many people with his small wedding. He hadn’t been seen or photographed with Carolyn and the media wondered if they had ended their relationship. The wedding happened and surprise… I hope Harry is dating someone and keeping it quiet until he decides to bring the relationship public.

    2. Lauri I have this feeling too! Maybe it’s just wishful thinking?
      At the same time I think the press or people on social media would have been onto something.

    3. Yes good beginning of the week! Very good for these solemn events (in contrary of Kate).

      Is he not the first time that he wears the Victorian order?
      I hope he finds someone who loves him for him (and not his title) and that he loves.

    4. I hope so too! My bf and I dated secretly for months before we came out in the open. It was a lot of fun keeping it to ourselves. And all of our friends were constantly guessing. No one was surprised when it was out in the open.

    5. I just want Harry to be happy. Preferably it would be me, lol! He needs someone hardworking, affectionate , dutiful, and supportive.

  2. Harry is a real class act. Love him. The last picture he looks so much like a Spencer. Thank you KMR for highlighting Harry again.

  3. The last picture….WOW HE IS HANDSOME!
    I am actually surprised that Kate is not hiding away after a Royal Tour. Granted her next engagements will not happen for another 10 days. I would love a job like this- work every 10-20 days for 1-2 hours each, get an unlimited luxury clothing budget, live in multiple gorgeous palaces and mansions and have full-time nanny to look after my 2 kids, so I can just faff about all day.

    1. As I recall Charles’ old PR man said that the toughest part of the job was convincing the public that the royals worked hard when they worked on average of 4 months a year.

      1. Charles and his PR can say all the wise things that they like, but until and unless they cannot bring the direct heirs, WK, in line, then Charles will have a hard time convincing that UK still needs a monarchy and that some Commonwealth country needs a British Monarch as their Head of State. I am expecting some drama and fun times ahead once the Queen passes.

        Harry, it seems, is the smart one. He is using his position and public persona to build his own projects. Really would not be surprised if the calls for William and his line to abdicate and Harry to become the POW ends up happening over the next decade or two.

          1. It would be even harder in today’s world to convince people that the royals worked hard when just four months of the year is spent doing royal duty. People demand more accountability from royals since we are all subject to accountability now more than ever.
            Charles will need to radically reform the monarchy; I think that means taking considerably less from the pubic purse, trimming events and being more financially independent. As a family it has been propped up for a very long time allowing it to accrue vast wealth.
            A big part of reform is also correcting attitudes of royals, especially that of William and Kate. They have been indulged far too much compared to what they give back. It will be a long time before people believe that these two care for anything but the good life for themselves. All their own fault; character will out which, in their case, is weak.

      2. “The Windsors are very good at working three days a week, five months of the year and making it look as though they work hard.”

        Mark Bolland (former Windsor press officer)

        1. HAHAHAH I love the quote notasugarhere. At least among the next generation, Harry seems to be carving out his own path, keeping busy and finding a role that the public can expect from him and accept him as, while Harry is richly compensated for being part of a royal family. As I said earlier, the BRF will probably need to justify its extravagant wealth and existence once the Queen and Prince Philip pass on.

  4. He’s a class act. Very professionally done, with a heartfelt respect to the courage and loss. I’m in America, and I pay tribute to all those who sacrificed so bravely.

    I too like that last picture. He really does look like a Spencer with his coloring but the way he crinkles up his forehead and looks straight out at a person are just like Charles. I disliked PC for his past behavior but he’s all-in for Britain and I respect that. I think Harry reflects the best of both his parents. And given what’s expected for his privileged position, I think he’s the best choice to lead the next generation.

    1. Sunny, you’re right there is a lot of Charles in that picture.

      I saw Charles once in Scotland. The village next to Castle Mey had their highland games. Picture a football field at the roadside in the middle of nowhere and you get the idea. Some 200 or 300 locals enjoyed the spectacle, there was a small marquee but no stands or anything. Charles showed up and stayed for a while, my sons (teenagers) were thrilled, but didn’t want to show it. Cute.

      These kind of activities do not make it into the big media, but the people there really appreciated it.

      1. Thanks for sharing– I can see it.

        I think that would mean a lot to me too, my kids having a friendly talk with PC. I always heard he was cold and offish with people before he married Diana. Now, there are many video commentaries that show him comfortably talking with people and really discussing issues with them. I wonder if it’s happiness with Cam or he’s gotten older (more comfortable in his skin), or just doesn’t sweat the small stuff anymore. Whatever it is, I’m glad that Harry has a hard-working role model still in his life. I hope he knows what a great guy he is.

        1. I’ve seen Charles over the years when he has visited New Zealand at different occasions. When I was younger I was always left with the impression that he was shy and maybe a little nervous of doing or saying the wrong thing.
          The last time he was here I went to an event at the waterfront where Charles was meeting a group of school children who had been on the Spirit of Adventure, a sailing training boat. These kids were mostly non Caucasian in ethnicity, come from a tougher part of town. I watched as Charles went round speaking to everyone on the boat and totally charmed all of them. Then he came and said hello to the crowd. He was running late and had a plane to catch to Australia but he made sure he could say hello to as many people as he could. He looked very comfortable and happy to be there.
          I agree with Sunny and that he is more comfortable in his skin now.

      2. Hyacinth, I am sure it was a thrill for all of you to see Prince Charles. You are right, such appearances mean so much to those in attendance. It’s something you and your sons will always remember!

    2. I see Charles in his eyes in the last photo. He is a very well balance of both his parents. How lovely for him to attend. Harry is a good man and representative for the Queen. You never have to wonder with him, he’s rock solid every time.

    3. Agree that he is a very even balance of Windsor and Spencer. I can see Charles in the eyes, and even a young Prince Philip with Spencer coloring. Good guy.

      One can’t predict what royal role he will eventually have, but I hope he always has an active one as long as the monarchy exists.

      1. I think the way Her Majesty has used him as an unofficial troubleshooter is a pretty shrewd move. When a bit of calm in troubled waters is needed, send in His Royal loveliness. I wonder if Harry could get away with the tiniest family wedding at Windsor… fuss, no PR. Just a few photos released via the press office after the event?

        1. Forget it! I want a big wedding. St. Paul’s, dress by Elie Saab, all my brothers, sisters, friends, parades and bling! πŸ™‚

          1. Oh I would just die to wear Elie Saab on my wedding day but the problem one would have marrying Harry is that you would have to use a British designer or at the very least a Commonwealth….Ralph & Russo at a push maybe? I have a very odd feeling that Harry isn’t going to do the whole Royal Wedding thing when he marries his girl. At best we might get an Edward & Sophie style affair but I can actually envisage a very private, family wedding and everyone finding out afterwards. I suppose it really depends on the timing. If we’ve had state funerals and a coronation he might get away with it on cost grounds. But then again the nation might need cheering up. Oh God I just adore him so much and want him to find the most adoring girl who loves him for him and not what he was born to. Good King Harry indeed. Xx

          2. I don’t think Harry could get away with a small wedding, he is one of the most beloved royals. And it’s the kind of PR push the RF needs, especially if he gets married after HM dies.

        2. True! Perhaps the Queen giving Harry his KCVO and giving him steady appearances is her way of making sure he’s always going to have a role. Charles will most certainly rely on him regularly, much like HM relying on Princess Anne.

          What worries me is William, and wanting to revamp the monarchy to suit him and Waity, and possibly curtailing him, but I could be paranoid/think too little of him.

          1. You’ve made a really good point. Soon, very very soon, Charles is going to need someone that he can share all the work the Prince’s Trust does, and I think he’s going to turn to Harry. Some might think it should go to William, but I don’t think Charles will give it to him or rely on Will if he is isn’t going to step up. PC has invested too much time and effort to see it squandered even if it hurts Will’s feelings.

  5. KMR, thanks for covering this. Anzac Day is incredibly important to Australia and New Zealand. For those unfamiliar with our history, Australia was a small country of just 5 million, and New Zealand about 1 million around 1914. It was only in 1900/1901 that both countries became independent nations. For Australia, the loss of lives in WWI was around 60,000 with a further 156,000 gassed, taken prisoner or wounded; it remains the costliest conflict in terms of lost Australian lives. New Zealand lost 18,500, with a further 50,000 wounded. There would have been no family unaffected, with a generation of healthy young men lost.
    It was good to see Harry attend the events in London. He has the gravitas but also the knowledge of war from personal experience to bring genuine respect to the day.

    1. Hi Jen
      Thank you for the stat’s as it is a reminder to us of the sacrifices that were made on our behalf, Australia and New Zealand. The figures are staggering, aren’t they. So much life lost, terribly sad.
      You are so right about Harry’s wartime experience, maybe that is why he has such compassion. Just the fact he works with return / injured soldiers, speaks for itself.
      So lovely to see the beautiful photos on this page of the ceremonies and yes that Harry attended these events in London.

      1. I remember being told that the reason there was a disproportionate number of unmarried, elderly women post-mid century in Australia was due to so many young men being lost in WWI. The war disrupted so much of the fabric of normal life…

        I think all future wars should be fought by the leaders of their respective countries, no armies, no-one else, just the leaders (Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings). Then there will be no more wars, guaranteed.

        1. Yes, I’m middle-aged and the grief of this loss is still alive and kicking as long as my generation lives. We had so many spinster great-aunts and so many lost, dead, great-uncles, buried at Gallipoli and the Western Front. Our childhoods were drenched with the pain of our grandparents’ loss and grief. Our grandfathers carried their wounds through life, and their night-terrors. Our grandmothers kept letters from their sweethearts, brothers and cousins who never came home. Both my grandfathers sailed home, packed their medals, insignia and mementoes into their kit bags and stuck them in the attic. Their wallets, fragile now, are still stuffed with the field maps they carried into battle, (Fromelles, Polygon Wood), a tram timetable for the Cairo to Mena service, 1915, letters from home, instructions on how to fortify a trench, etc. I met Harry at the Gallipoli Centenary in Turkey last year. He was grave and dignified and warm and respectful.

          Sorry: this comment is in slightly the wrong place.

          1. A most telling comment. Thank you Ardnamurchan.

            I send belated greetings and warm wishes to everyone in NZ and Australia. The service of your military and the sacrifices their loved ones made, too, are to be always remembered.

            At the end of May, we celebrate Memorial Day in the US. It’s a time to honor those who gave their lives serving their nation. It is always a time to reflect and remember and give thanks. My children love to come with my husband and me to put down flags at the graves of our loved ones. I want them to understand the courage these people made and never forget what it means to serve one’s country.

            I love that you met Harry in Turkey. What a thrill!

          2. Thank you for your acute insights, Ardnamurchan. The pain never diminishes for those generations whose lives have been captured and defined by war. Your description is so evocative; I doubt there is a family untouched by similar memories, indeed, as you say, drenched by them.
            It’s heartening that your observations of Harry add to the consistent and positive picture of him.

      1. Greetings My Circle of Friends….

        Have a few minutes before we change course then will be out of satnav coverage for another period of time.

        Tried to read as many comments as I could – suffice to say (if any of you have read my earlier comments on this particular page “Wreath laying”) with the circumstances around it you will all understand where I am coming from.

        As my handmade wreath slipped into the freezing waters as Dawn Broke – nearest I could get to NZT on ANZAC DAY, my heart felt full, I shed one tear for the many, and for my own losses (through Wars I and II, the family members who returned, were never the same and their screams haunted me until they day they died) however,
        somewhere deep down inside I knew that PRINCE HARRY would be the one to honour those brave souls.

        I had the great fortune of meeting him in Christchurch when he was in NZ on Tour and he what you see is what you get.

        A good, kind, gentle man. Joyful, caring, respectful and showed true empathy without pity.

        I like my partner believe that he will be King.

        I believe that he will marry well – he will be loved for himself, the lady he will marry will share is sense of Duty and belief in Service.

        Prince Harry will stand the test of time just as he stands alongside Her Majesty as her other Jewel in the Crown, Prince Philip being the other.

        This is a testament to Prince Harry’s true character, the fact that he is used for PR purposes to clean up the WC image and that stood out like dogs bollocks – he does what was demanded of him (obviously by W&C & their PR) – Yet made it his own. I admire that in any person.

        My thoughts have always been straight down the line – I bear no ill will to those who do not always agree with me, it is each person’s right to be able to voice their opinions without fear, so always be true to yourselves.

        Prince Harry is his parents son, the Grandson of a Monarch that he fully understands what the weight of that Destiny means and what is required to bear that burden.

        Take heart my friends… Prince Harry will always be himself and that is someone who has grown into his true self. We should all be thankful for that.

        As for me – on the move again, until the next scheduled Port of Call. There is a bitter wind blowing, the seas are choppy, the smell of diesel is in all my clothing, the coffee is just brewing and I have supplies to pack before the next drop off point.

        I am of the firm belief that we are in the world to serve the world and so with kind, loving thoughts,

        A basket full of happiness to you all – just live the life you have and in the best way you can.

        The Wild Rose

        Will check in again next time I am in range… My thanks, as always.

  6. Good Lord he just radiates sincerity, empathy and something I don’t quite know how to quantify except to call it Royal stature??? He has IT! Basically he looks like he belongs there and commands respect because of his actions, not his title. I love Harry!

  7. Yes, Harry is so Kingly. Is that a word? He has all it takes to reach into the hearts and minds of people and let them know that he cares Oh, the photos! Doesn’t he just seem to be the perfect man to attend these events? His service in the military affected him deeply. He has the understanding of what military personnel and their loved ones go through.

    To all our friends in Australia and NZ, our hearts remember your military members, too. Those who have passed and those who are now retired, and those serving today. I sent my heartfelt wishes to you on another section of this blog and do so, again.

  8. I think Harry showed a great deal of respect for ANZAC day. Harry really does care and show empathy. I think Harry was a good representative and he adapts his role to what is needed. Good posture too. To all friends in Australia and New Zealand my good wishes to those who fought with us.

    1. and those who have passed. As kate Aide said when I saw her talk about her book, You must really love your country when you fight for it.

  9. Gosh, Harry looks like a King in these photos. Mature. Respectful. Sincere. His poise and the way he looks at people — just magical. I hope he keeps this up.

  10. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face. He is one good looking guy! I can’t wait til he gets here in May. I will totally not sleep before my night shifts to catch a glimpse of him.

  11. Greetings Everyone,

    A true delight for the Soul.

    Prince Harry has “it” in spades. The clear understanding of Duty and Service above self. He lives and believes in the principle of being one “who would willingly lay down his life for a friend” (and/for his Sovereign) without hesitation.

    The humility that Prince Harry has is an innate quality, along with care, consideration and empathy. Harry is a good kind man – in his own right as I have met him personally in Christchurch when he visited – what you see is truly what you get. The best of the best.

    What Prince Harry did in that simple gesture – of laying down those wreaths mean the world to us, especially to those of us who lost our family members or friends in battle and the wounded who came home yet were never the same.

    Prince Harry has the qualities that set him apart, he stands alone and separate, his own man. Diana was right in her assessment about Prince Harry. She knew he was the one to be counted on.

    This gesture of love and respect came from the heart.

    It gives me more strength and resolve to continue with the work I do.

    Bless him – just for being himself.

    The Wild Rose

    P.S. This was the first message I have been able to access for 4 days, while “on board” – my handmade wreath slipped into the ocean just as Dawn broke through on ANZAC DAY NZT.

    My Aunt was laid to rest at the same time thousands of miles away as the wreath went into the ocean.

    The Silence said it all..

    1. I am sorry to hear about your aunt. But how poignant and what a touching tribute to her that the wreath you made slipped into the ocean at that very moment.
      And I agree with you, Harry is a star.

    2. Hugs to you Wild Rose.

      She sounds like a very special person. They are always with us, as I’m sure she will be with you.

  12. What a contrast this is to Will and Kate’s behavior at India Gate. Totally disrespectful and not just because of Kate’s skirt. They both seemed distant, like they really didn’t care.
    Speaking of that tour, you know when Will gave that speech at the innovators convention? The one where Kate wouldn’t eat that dosa/pancake? Watch that speech if you can on YouTube. When Will finished his speech, there were some celebratory poppers that went off in The ceiling, like confetti. When it finished, Will said “all that innovation and that’s all we get?” I know it was meant to be a joke, Kate laughed and some other people too. But I couldn’t help but feel it was rude to his hosts. Maybe I just don’t share William’s sense of humor. He acts like his royal duties are a joke and I don’t like that. It just rubs me the wrong way.

    1. Completely agree with you Cookie. William and Kate just always look distant, out of place, and always seem to be looking for someone to guide them and to take direction. Harry you never get that from. He is polished, charming, respectful, and has class. He understands why he is there. Also he wants to be there. I never think William and Kate want to be anywhere. Especially if it has to do with work.

    2. Wow, he really said that? It’s not just you, this is incredibly rude. His “jokes” always fall flat.

      Harry just shines, and even if he didn’t, he would still look good by comparison.

      1. Yes he did, Paula. People laughed, but I still feel like it could have been rude to the people who put together the confetti and music that goes off in the ceiling. William should watch what he says. Even if the confetti looked silly, someone put time and effort into putting it together. I didn’t feel it was appropriate. You can see the video here.

        Eleanor, I definitely agree. They either look like they would rather be somewhere else, or they laugh inappropriately like they aren’t taking their work seriously. I believe that I recall that when William became a Knight of the Garter Kate laughed at his robes and William couldn’t keep a straight face either. It seems unprofessional and disrespectful.

        1. The two of them just have not grown up, have they? They seem to be stuck in their very early twenties. There’s no excuse though.

          1. Jen-People always say that Harry is immature, but I think that it is William and Kate who are immature. I am in my twenties myself, and I-and most friends my age- have been in positions during and after college where I worked unpaid internships for work experience. I would do busy work, like spending hours sending emails for professors and assembling lanyards for name tags for conferences. Any time a conference or something like this takes place, there are always unpaid or poorly paid young people running around doing the menial tasks no one else wants to do. So maybe this just rubbed me the wrong way because I can imagine that whoever helped organize the area where William gave his speech and whatever tech support put that music and confetti together could have been offended by him.

            I think maybe the problem is that Will and Kate don’t know what it is like to be an intern, or work for minimum wage, especially in your teens and twenties. I can remember being a tour guide for businessmen who visited my university when I was 19 or so and they all texted on their phones and laughed and joked with each other as I tried to give a speech but only one businessman looked directly at me as I spoke and tried to give the tour. He was the only one who was trying to respectfully give me his attention. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like Will and Kate would be one of those obnoxious laughing people. They just seem so entitled that they don’t think about how much work must go into organizing conferences like this and how many people worked for months for him to be flippant like that. I have worked as a conference intern and I had to do everything from organizing name tags to putting table cloths on tables and helping schlep heavy boxes across campus in high heels. The more I hear Will and Kate talk, the less I like them. Which is a shame. I just feel like they are out of touch.

          2. I think you’re dead right; neither has ever worked, and William has never been anything but the main event wherever he’s turned up. Their immaturity – or rather arrested development – shows because there is no humility, no having to put someone or something else before themselves. Unfortunately, William thinks he’s clever and funny, mainly because no-one dares tell him he’s a dolt so rude comments such as the one uttered in India humiliates those who worked on the event. I thought Kate declining to take a bite of the pancake was also rude and completely unnecessary. So much for being ‘royal’ aka above the rest of us. Neither has grace.
            A conference will run smoothly only if all has been considered and it takes generous souls to help with all tasks. We ran a relatively small conference here last year. Sadly we couldn’t pay volunteers (higher degree students) but did give them book and iTunes vouchers and free admission to all sessions as well as to the (rather nice) lunches provided to conference delegates. Their work was so valuable, and their presence a joy. We (organising committee) had an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to everything; we all pitched in. The behaviour of the chaps on your tour was just rude; can’t imagine them being much chop in their jobs.

        2. I watched the video, Cookie. Although it doesn’t make it less rude, you can see he meant it as a joke.
          In moments like this I get really torn about William: I don’t think he is a bad person, he just seems to have grown up surrounded by yes people (his family included) and still doesn’t have anyone to call him out on stuff like this. And if nobody calls you out, how do you learn what’s inappropriate or not?

      2. His idea of a joke is mockery, criticism and putdowns. On a constant basis in a relationship it would be considered verbal abuse. I’m guessing he’s probably a bully in his personal life.

        1. Both Will and Harry have made insensitive remarks in the past. The difference is Harry was called out for it by both the press and family and learned in his 20s from his mistakes. He now seems to use humor to poke fun at himself and it works. William, on the other hand, seems to get a free pass by his family and continues to make snippy remarks like his grandfather that may not mean to be offensive or harmful but make him certainly seem insensitive and clueless as to how the person(s) may feel.

          1. Anne, I made the comment above before reading yours, but you hit the nail in the head. William can’t learn if people keep indulging him and nobody calls him out on his BS. The press seems to be trying to do this now but I think it’s too late.
            Harry was hammered by the press with the Nazi costume thing and his racist remarks and it gave him a reality check (or at least I like to think so). Having someone say to you that no, you can’t do or say whatever you want, is the best way to make you check your privilege.

          2. I believe it was William who suggested the Nazi costume for Harry, though of course Harry agreed to it. Poor judgement all round. The royal tradition of turning a blind eye to the heir’s behaviour while slamming the spare simply to elevate the former is bizarre.

          3. It’s really bizarre and sometimes unfair, but it was good for Harry in a way. Also it doesn’t seem to be working anymore since William is just so bad.

  13. Awww he looks cute singing with his little order of service. He should be Prince of Wales. It’s not even a joke. Surely, surely William doesn’t want the job. I wish we knew…..

        1. Prince Charles has done a lot of work with the Duchy of Cornwall to make it as successful as it is today. I honestly can’t see William adding anything of value once he takes over, despite the University of Cambridge Agriculture course he did. He just doesn’t seem to care about anything work-related.

  14. Greetings Everyone..

    Thank you for your kind, sensitive and lovely thoughts. They WILL comfort me.

    As for our Prince Harry…

    A good, kind man. Worthy of the title “Prince” – humble, caring. joyful and above all himself.

    Take care all of you. I will be out of range again in 15 minutes – the sea is choppy, it is brutal so keep those messages on the Royals coming.

    They are my “warmth” in a cold wind.

    Fair winds, calm seas and a basket full of happiness to you all.

    And remember – when the silence falls – sit with it, be with it and then you will hear your heart sing.

    Always, and forever

    The Wild Rose

  15. Good morning everyone,
    KMR thank you very much for your coverage of Anzac day. Here in Australia, as you all can see it is a incredibly special day.
    Prince Harry has done superb job, he is outstanding. He has really matured and now we are seeing him coming into his own. He doesn’t need any support carrying out his duties, he is all over this and has it covered (as they say!)
    There is a lot of substance to him, he is the real deal, nothing superficial he radiates a inner warmth. His eyes show what he is feeling, kindness, sincerity and empathy as so many of you have mentioned. He definitely has what it takes. Well done Prince Harry

    1. I agree with you, Ellie. I felt the same way when I looked at the photos.

      Harry’s service in the military had made him understand and appreciate the service of others. Such a man will always serve his country and his people well. He is an amazing person. His mum must be so proud! His dad, too!

  16. FOR ALL HERE IN THE BLOG. I started commenting on this blog in January this year, but long I have accompanied him. I found here the ideal place to exhibit my opinions on Kate without fear, because I saw that the people here, especially KMR, think like me. However I was a little upset with the last post on William, Kate and Harry promoting HeadsTogether. In this video in question, I found rather that William and Kate was relaxed and seemed happy, and commented I finally saw them engaged, after all, despite being a campaign on Mental Health, is also a marathon, and we know how William and Kate are happy to connected to sports events (I will not even mention Harry because we all know that he is REALLY engaged in his causes). But there were people here on the blog covering the comments and writing criticism of those, like me, praised the couple, saying that we (the eulogists) were “buying” the idea that William and Kate were doing an “excellent job”. I felt again I was in the blogs where I was criticized for criticizing Kate and now I am criticized for praising her. Well, I speak for myself. I say, from my first comment, I do not trust William and Kate. For me they are false, pretentious, arrogant, spoiled, lazy and think only of themselves. But that does not stop me to praise when they do something correctly. I always try to be fair in my judgment. The video that Kate released on the Mental Health week, well, I HATE her voice, she NEVER pass security when she speaks, but overall I liked the video, the message was good and the words, important. As I said before, I have cases of mental illness in my family and if Kate help one person with her work I’ll be very happy. And this also applies to her other charities. Falsely and exhibitionism or not, if she somehow help, GREAT. I think Kate’s style extremely boring and predictable, but that does not stop me like some dresses (as happened in the recent trip to India and Bhutan). As you see, I give praise when it is due, but I don’t forget how Kate and William are lacking as Royals. But when Kate is praised, some commentators come to criticize who praises. It seems that we have the “obligation” to always criticize Kate. I, like others, enjoyed seeing Kate drawing with children in India. This is important, OF COURSE NOT. But it was a moment of relaxation in the middle of that trip where the lack of spontaneity Kate (and William) was visible. The same thing happened in the video HeadsTogether. OF COURSE that this video was just PR for the couple after the recent critical (and they even used Harry), but I still saw the couple relaxed. But I was criticized for praising them. The same thing happened recently when I said I do not see any advantage to live in a republic where the people pay the politicians as well as pay for the Royals in the Monarchy. I received ironic responses, and a response distorted my comment. I keep saying that a republic has the same problems of a monarchy, even if politicians only stay for only two terms. I speak for me, I voted for the current president of Brazil and now my country is a mess. How do you think I feel knowing that I helped to elect a person who placed my country in a political and economic crisis that will take years and years to end? If here it was a monarchy I could at least say with certainty that I would not have chosen the Monarch, but who I elect is yes my responsibility. As I said, when I complimented the Monarchy I was criticized, but I realized that very critical of the monarchy are based on William and Kate, and this is wrong. If we were to base the Monarchy in William and Kate, we could say that this system is a failure. I do not want to get into a political debate, but it is not fair to judge the Monarchy based on William and Kate, or the fact that someone has a position only by birth. We must note two factors: 1. A Royal has no fault to be born a Royal, or do we have to blame George, Charlotte, Estelle, Oscar, Leonore and other Royal children to be born Royals? And 2. It would not be fair to HM, Charles, Sophie, Harry, Maxima, Victoria, Mary, and those who serve their country with dignity and commitment being seen as worthless because two Royals (William and Kate) are lazy, selfish and arrogant. It would be like blaming all Muslims because some commit terrorist acts. W & K are the rotten sheep of this system. Well, this was my outburst. I LOVE this blog. It is my refuge, I LOVE reading about the personal experiences of people, I LOVE Rhiannon and her journey with Harry, always answering when someone mentions her “marriage” with him, I LOVE WildRose and the letters to the Royals, I LOVE ArtHistorian and the informations on the monarchy, and I LOVE all that who also give a word of comfort to those who are experiencing problems. We are people who never met but who share a common interest, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. With all her faults, it is her who unites us because if she did not exist there would not be this blog and not us would know. But I have to finish talking about the warrior who is KMR, which despite her problem keeps us updated through this blog, with her WORK EXTRAORDINARY. I speak for myself, THANK YOU VERY MUCH KMR, throughout your life make sure you bring a little happiness to many people, especially US.

    P.S. About Harry and these events, no comment. Harry, like Maxima, speaks for himself.

    1. I’m probably not the right person to comment; although I’ve been commenting here for over a year, I’ve been gone a lot lately, and honestly, I’m fatigued with W&K. When I can muster up a few minutes of time, they aren’t a fun few minutes of escapism. They make me irritated and sometimes angry, like Kate wearing that stupid white dress and making a fool out of herself, but worse, not bringing pride to her country. And I think that’s what you got the tail of IMO. The headband project is cute. If I knew nothing about W&K, I’d be praising. But I just can’t bite at the carrot of one good visit or walkabout or event with K&W anymore. The other shoe drops and leaves you disappointed. Personally, I have enough stress; those two are like having an undependable toilet. Sometimes it’s fine and then YUCK. So please don’t take it personally. A lot of us have unfortunately seen how fake Kate is and probably will always be. Worse is how dependant Will is replaying his childhood, and how well Kate manipulates that.
      I hope Parliment skips the line.

      1. Main point, no one should dump negative criticism on your honest opinion. There are a lot of opinions here and KMR is dedicated to objectively evaluate each news item about K&W. Your opinion adds to the flavor.

    2. Don’t let a few crabby apples spoil the barrel, Jamel. Most of us here are like you, critical of this over privileged unambitious royal couple, but happy and willing to praise whenever we can. Whether it be an appropriate dress or saying a “speech”, or doing something helpful for their charities who need them most. We ultimately want to see this couple, who have the potential to do so much good, capitalize on that. I’m willing to play the long game with them, even though they frustrate me time and time again, because the BRF has done this so well throughout history. I watch with interest, am hesitant to be quickly convinced, but will praise anytime I see fit. We are ALL entitled to our opinion in the end.

      1. I think that’s the thing: Just because we praise one thing doesn’t mean weren’t convinced of them as a whole. We can praise without being convinced.

    3. Thank you for your comment, Jamel. I read the comments on that Heads Together post and made several defending those of us who praised the video. Saying something positive about William or Kate doesn’t mean we’ve forgiven, ignored, or been blinded to their negatives. It just means we see something positive and want more of it. Personally, if I didn’t still want positives from them, if I didn’t still think that were possible, I wouldn’t follow them anymore. But that doesn’t mean I am not fully aware of all their negatives.

      The more I think about the way that comment thread went, the more I’m bothered by it. It’s one thing to disagree on a video, it’s another to put other commenters down for disagreeing.

      1. I don’t think there was anything wrong with that video. I thought it was cute when I first saw it and was surprised so many people saw it differently.
        I used to be a fan of Kate at her wedding, but since grew disillusioned with the more research I did on the subject. However, I don’t HATE her or William. I comment on this site and follow them because I actually wish they would ‘snap out of it’ and stop being so standoffish and aloof. My biggest issue with them is that they appear entitled or pretentious so I liked seeing Kate draw a picture on the floor with children as opposed to when she seems cold to kids and acts like she doesn’t want to touch them. I was surprised people didn’t like that drawing because it felt like something Diana or Harry would have done.
        I also feel that it was ok for them to laugh in that particular video because the entire video had a light hearted feel to it. I have anxiety, but I don’t need people to treat me differently because of it. I like to laugh and have fun. I’m still just a person. My grandfather who had cancer wanted people to treat him the same so he didn’t tell people he worked with that he was sick until he lost his hair because he enjoyed playful banter at work and wanted people to joke around with him the same way.

        Sometimes it is better to be natural with people to make them feel comfortable as opposed to always being serious like you are at a memorial or funeral. It could make them feel like you are treating them like they are already passed away while they are still very much alive (I’m not saying mental health and cancer are the same thing, only trying to make a point).

        And also, those headbands made Kate and Harry’s hair stand up over the headband. They probably realized they looked silly and were joking around with photographers about it. Kate has done more formal sit down videos where she never cracks a smile as she reads from a prompter when she is discussing something more serious. I think if the people who made the video wanted a serious video they would have edited it that way and they wouldn’t have made them put on sweatbands or added the upbeat music to the video.

        I made a comment on this thread about other times I feel they acted inappropriately and laughed or made jokes when they shouldn’t have but I don’t think this particular video was one of those times. We say that Kate only seems happy abroad and never on home soil, so now that she is looking enthusiastic in a video produced in the UK people think she isn’t being serious enough. But Diana laughed with people all the time. I do understand that people are just fed up with them, and that people aren’t going to easily ‘buy’ that Will and Kate have changed all that dramatically and that this video was purely for PR. But I isolate that video just by itself and felt objective about it. The video in and of itself felt fine to me. Yet, at the same time, I know that Jason Knauf is probably in PR overdrive right now because the tour of India didn’t go that well and their images need a major boost.
        I still think William is an arrogant man child and Kate is a stepford wife, but that video was fine to me although I respect the opinions of those who didn’t like it.

      2. Thanks for a great comment KMR!

        Personally I don’t mind if someone disagrees with my opinion, please question my opinion but don’t insinuate that I’m a simpleton who has “fallen for their farce” simply because I have a different opinion than you do.

        As a mother, grandmother and currently training a puppy, I believe in positive reinforcement (with corrections as needed) as the best way to encourage desired behavior, in either animal or human. I personally don’t think constant criticism is the way to build up great behavior but does certainly tear down the spirit. When I have something positive to say about William and/or Kate it’s because they are doing something I like and would like to see more of, not because now I think they are the Golden Couple who can do no wrong.

        Also, there are times when I get weary of always being able to find something negative to say about them, it wears on my spirit, so for the sake of my spiritual life and my soul, I do now and then try hard to find something positive to say about them, even it’s as simple as I liked her hair.

        I love the community that KMR has built here and I hope that we can all move past this, maybe learn something about ourselves in the process, and get back to the closeness I think we’ve all enjoyed.

    4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective, Jamel. We all should be able to share what we do and do not like. I have found that I have either changed my mind on a subject or made me consider my stance. That’s the beauty of this blog. I do agree that we should be able to have an opinion whether it is popular or unpopular.

      I adore your posts as well. Where else will y’all (yes, I’m from the South) indulge my fantasy of marrying Harry? I consider you all my “KMR Family” as well. We’ve welcomed babies, mourned family members, and shared milestones with each other. I keep that in mind whenever I post.


      btw – I am going to the IG games next month. If I can’t marry him, I will surely get a hug.

      1. Through the course of conversations I’ve had on here with various commenters, I’ve reevaluated my stance on certain subjects.

        PS. I hope you get to meet Harry at the Invictus Games!

        1. Me too! That is the beauty about opinions. I may poke out my lip when I read something, but I have to remember that it is someone’s opinion and I have no right to criticize it. The only time I have come after someone, and it was only once, was when she who shall not be named criticized your blog recently.

          KMR – you should be so proud of what you built here.

          I am so hoping to meet him. I am willing to get told off my security to get a hug.

      2. Rhiannon, we will be waiting to hear about your meeting with Harry! He won’t know what hit him! I think he will be most lucky to have the pleasure to meet you!

  17. Thanks to Jen, wildrose, and KMR (and whomever I might have left out) for the statistics about Anzac Day. I thank the soldiers of both countries for their sacrifice. I also want to end love and light to their families as I truly believe that they serve along with their servicemen.

    Harry gets it right. You can tell he has a lot of respect and admiration for vets and those who lost their lives in combat. In my opinion, we are afforded freedom because of them.

    He is just an awesome guy. He knows his role and how he can serve his country. He will always be Good King Henry to me.

    Thank you for a great post, KMR!

  18. Harry shows how to get it done. I went to the KP Twitter account and all the recent posts have been about Harry. He is really getting out there right now. And actually caring, not just showing up. The KP Twitter account to me just really shows how little Kate and William do.

    It is to bad the next Queen/King is chosen by birth order. I wish the current King/Queen could decide which child deserved to be the monarch next and not by the first born. Harry is so much better suited to be King then William. It is sad that William will be King only because he was conceived first.

  19. On a side note: I think it is interesting that Kate’s sweater from the video has still not sold out. I think that is telling about her popularity right now. Especially because that sweater is so cheap ($29.99)! Her really inexpensive clothing used to sell-out within hours. And that sweater is still in-stock in a several sizes after a few days

    1. You are so right…..quite a few of the tour pieces are still not sold out. The Alice Temperley black & white skirt / top combo is still in stock at net-a-porter but that said it is a ridiculous price for Alice Temperley. In certain Fashionista circles I bet one day Kate will end up like Victoria Beckham with designers screaming at their PR people to get her out of their clothes not into them. Alexander McQueen used to go into morning meltdown if VB appears in the paper in his designs and refused to send sample sizes to her people.

  20. Re the comment JAMEL wrote and KMR responded to: I am also a Brazilian/ half Brit (Oi Jamel, tudo bem??), so you could say I am rather schizophrenic πŸ™‚ But I speak from experience due to my two “sides”: my warm and fuzzy Brazilian…and my hyper-critical British one.

    That’s where I see the Brits commenting rather more cruelly and dryly, as only they can do. But then, they pay their taxes to support the Royals, so can understand….in part.

    To explain: I am a recent reader, picked it up during the India tour as I was kind of excited about seeing the fashions, the locations etc. India has always held fascination and, well, British Heroics and all…. πŸ™‚

    However, I was rather taken aback when I thought this was going to be more of a gentle and fun critique of Royal manners, clothes, attitudes, etc. and I saw some of the venom. Some also use this venue to vent generally or talk about their personal issue. (Stick to the topic, I say. KMR does a great job of research and getting the news out there quickly, so give her that courtesy)

    As she even suggested: scroll down past the comments you don’t like and move on.

    I am doing that now but say to you, amigas: take it easy, lighten up, enjoy life, don’t be so negative…and don’t fret the stuff you can’t change. But if K&W DO improve (am sure they read your comments) be sure to give them some credit!

    1. Greetings Vivagal,

      I have limited time to flick this message because I am actually out on a ship – which due to satnav changes positions every 6 to 12 hours…

      Short and sweet –

      We may well disappoint you in being “off topic” on personal issues – as you put this in your 3rd to last paragraph however we are a community of people, who share a common bond.

      Many of us are from Commonwealth Countries, and/or expats, many of us have met these people we discuss in various areas of our lives, due to our work, Charity, or other.

      We expect the best of the best to represent our respective Countries (if they have a Monarchy) – no more, no less.

      To whom much is given, much is expected. Unfortunately on the W&C issue – many of us have waited years for their lack of respect, boredom at events, privileged life displayed while only paying lip service to what really matters, to change and add value rather than waste the very privilege they could do so much good with.

      We all live in hope that these two will “grow up” and realise that a Monarchy will only survive with the goodwill of the people.

      I speak for myself here – I expect more than the “froth, the jewellery, the expensive clothes, the holidays and the blowing off of tradition” from the Royal Family that represent my Country.

      When I see anyone doing what is right, respectful and is indeed worthy of the praise – I will say so. When I do not – I refuse to defend the indefensible.

      It very unfair of you to even suggest that we should not “behave as or be part of a community” as we are. All of us have our personal qualities, fragilities and weaknesses to bring to the table, it is that difference that binds us all.

      KMR does wonderful work gathering all aspects of Royalty and we appreciate KMR and every one who posts a comment on here.

      These are our thoughts, whether you like it or not – if you want all froth, please feel free to ignore our comments as you suggest, bury our heads in the sands and not expect anything from anyone.

      There are plenty of sites “devoted” to this Couple (W&K) in particular – if you wish to have the fawning, frothy, diluted, fantasy then feel free to find it but if you wish to have a balanced, truthful, real exchange of ideas then this is the place to find that as well as the fashion, glitz and work ethic (and the critique that goes with all the Royal Houses).

      Your comment was your right – however being derogatory about our “sharing” of experiences, expecially since W&C are supposed to care about some of the very issues we raise is a bit rich.

      All of us work hard, we all have our views but I take exception to have to modify my beliefs because they do not fit in with the froth that others may wish to see.

      Fairytales are fairytales – we are all accountable.

      Jamels comment, likes yours vivagal is valid – but maybe take a look at it right from the start of this blog – I would suggest that being selective can be a very narrow view especially when taken out of context.

      Thank you KMR for your hard work.

      Kindest regards

      The Wild Rose

      Will check in again when I am a few degrees closer to the Coast… hope this has not cause a riot.

      1. Bravo, wildrose, how true. A newcomer may certainly not understand the community we’ve shared here for so long (new comments appreciated but a little homework may be just the thing before they dive straight in, hmmm?). That’s what KMR has become, and that’s what keeps us coming back.
        Fair winds and safe travels, my friend πŸ™‚

    2. I take exception to the Brits being called cruel and venemous. And I love the community that discusses families, health, trauma, divorce, new lives, babies and detailed discussions on various experiences of mental health. We’ve learned a lot about other royals, which helps with giving a benchmark for the Brits.

      I think the only thing we all agree on is we love Harry!

      1. This site uniformly gives credit where it is due to whichever royal is being discussed. We all have different viewpoints but the overall thrust is to hold those accountable to whom so much has been given. KMR is described as a critical site upfront; there is no ambiguity.

        It is easy to be distracted by the frothy aspect of William and Kate – the clothes, saccharine fiction of their purported lives eg love story of the century, hands-on parents, EAAA hero etc – but this is manufactured by their PR in order to keep the status quo.

        To my mind, this site is deeper still when writers share aspects of their lives, generally to give insight to their perspectives on issues such as mental health, for example. It deepens the sense of community here. I feel I ‘know’ some folk here through their heartfelt honesty, humour and openness and am the richer for it.

        1. I agree Jen.

          The fairy tale PR stuff has done more damage to the Cambridges than even the glaringly obvious facts of the Middleton’s stalking, insinuating and manipulating of William. It’s come to the point where nobody knows what’s true and whether the happy/sad/concerned emotions they express are even genuine.

          I believe people are capable of anything – the least nasty being spectacular acting skills- when there’s a ton of money and power at stake and that the royals should be held accountable. That we’re expected to roll over and idolize them for simply showing up for an hour is an outrage.

          One out of four people will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime. Many will have few resources available to help them. I daresay each one of us has been touched or even scathed by it. This is a huge health crisis and I deeply resent that two spoiled and pampered people who have shown absolutely no interest in the matter are now suddenly ‘passionate’ about it. It simply stinks of yet more PR which would be forgivable if they made a proper contribution of time and energy. But. They don’t.

          Having said that I enjoy each and every comment and viewpoint expressed on KMR. KMR puts a great deal of time into bringing us together and any differences in perception or opinion only contributes to the spirited dialogue.

          1. Beautifully written CR. I agree wholeheartedly with every word.

            Royal ‘insiders’, at the behest of the British Royal Family, re-write – or is that whitewash – recent history. None-too-flattering images simply disappear. But people have long memories, individually and collectively.

            I note that Ingrid Seward, an insider, has a piece in the DM. She opined that Kate’s lack of performance is due to fear of doing anything wrong; yet again, the ‘fragility card’ being played. We are on the eve of Kate’s 5-year anniversary of entering the BRF and no doubt this article is meant to dampen down criticism of Kate’s abysmal performance and invisible work ethic.

          2. That’s interesting Jen and I can understand the pressure she feels that she’s under, being a public figure BUT stress and fear of making a mistake in the workplace or life in general is a feeling all of us experience one way or another. Public speaking is one of my greatest fears and causes me anxiety as I don’t want to make a mistake or look stupid in front of my peers, however being an adult and living in the real world I know I can’t run from it, my boss would not have it as it’s part of my job. So I practise and practise and memorise what I need to say so I have the confidence to do what I need to do, I may look confident on the outside but I’m under a lot of stress and feel ill on the inside. With time I’m slowly getting over this phobia and changing my mindset to think of public speaking as something normal, that we all need to do at some point which causes many people anxiety. Kate has had 5 years (if not more of being the official girlfriend), to know that being out in public, giving speeches and interviews would be part of her job, a job that the public funds. I wish she would spend time preparing and hire someone to coach her, she’s had it easy so far but once the Queen passes on, her duties will only increase. I was impressed when she gave a speech late last year, I could sympathize and empathize with her and I was hoping it would finally break the ice and give her some confidence to try again. That’s why when all she can manage is a vapid smile and one sentence on a prerecorded ad that I become irate and i’m not impressed by her looking ‘engaged’, being an odd 10 years in I expect more. I respect those of you who feel differently and expect likewise.

          3. Cat, I would be sympathetic to Kate if I believed she suffered from anxiety. I’d also respect her if she had made real efforts to conquer this problem, such as you have done with practice, practice and more practice. When you are nervous, everything falls away except your preparation.
            Kate does not appear to adequately prepare for engagements. She reputedly refused offers from experienced hands shortly after marriage in favour of William being her teacher. Oh dear! His approach is an arrogant ‘wing it, they’ll never know the difference’. That leaves Kate with a suite of insincere expressions and empty words, asking the most basic of questions that prep would have taken care of, and making inappropriate comments: see India tour as the latest lacklustre example.
            My patience wears thin when I read silly articles from royal apologists such as Seward, attempting to shore up sympathy for, basically, poor performance borne from Kate’s apathy. It comes conveniently at anniversary time, a natural time to pause and reflect, and after a torrent of uncharacteristic criticism quite rightly leveled at the Cambridge’s. Turning up with their brand of patronising behaviour is unacceptable.

          4. One thing is for certain Jen, the Cambridges are a joke. The monarchy will not continue if these two don’t change. I’m not sure with Kate, some days I think she has anxiety other days she looks so smug…all I know is that Kate and Wills need to make an effort and start working consistently before the plebs start questioning their relevance and purpose in a modern society.

  21. Greetings KMR FAMILY… (all of us who post open and honestly)

    Not sure if you will get this post – HOWEVER if you can please read my response to “vivagal”

    This is my response and was from the heart. In support and defence of all of us. Hope you do not mind. KMR and the family (us) .. are worth standing up for.

    It hurt my heart to write it.

    The Wild Rose – out in heavy, rolling seas.

    P.S. Jamel your comments are yours and are appreciated, as you are – in your own right!

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