Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry in video for new campaign for mental health

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry in video for new campaign for mental health

The Kensington Palace Twitter account dropped this on us this morning: Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry in a video to launch the #HeadsTogether mental health campaign which the trio are spearheading.

William, Kate, Harry HeadsTogether campaign launch

Heads Together is a new campaign which brings together seven charities focused on mental health: Mind, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Place2Be, YoungMinds, The Mix, Best Beginnings, and Contact (two members of which are Help for Heroes and Combat Stress). The campaign is backed by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

The campaign is aimed at building on the work that the charity partners already do in order to break down the stigma and change the conversation around mental illness so that people feel more comfortable with seeking help for their mental wellbeing.

Heads Together is the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year and will have a team running in the marathon which will take place in April 2017.

This campaign is the biggest project William, Kate, and Harry have undertaken together.

Kate HeadsTogether video

In the video, which features runners representing all the charity partners and was shot outside Kensington Palace on April 21, each royal says a line:

Kate says: “Mental health is just as important as physical health.”

Harry says: “We can all play our part by talking and listening to each other, and helping each other find support.”

William says: “Let’s get our heads together and change the conversation on mental health.”

Harry HeadsTogether video

I want to comment on the interaction between William, Kate, and Harry in the video, because they are super charming together. It’s the most charming I’ve seen William and Kate. The threesome don’t do much but toward the end of the video there’s a flash of Harry taking a photo of William with the headband on, and from 1:36-1:51 when they’re taking the photo them trying not to laugh is charming. This is the type of thing I want from all three of them all the time (or when appropriate).

A Kensington Palace spokesman said:

    “Through their work with young people, emergency response, homeless charities, and with veterans, Their Royal Highnesses have seen time and time again that unresovled mental health problems lie at the heart of some of our greatest social challenges.
    “They are passionate about tackling the stigma surrounding the issue. Too often, they have seen that people feel afraid to admit that they are struggling with their mental health. This fear of prejudice and judgement stops people from getting help and can destroy families and end lives. They want to help change the national conversation.”

Kate and William HeadsTogether

The “About Heads Together” section is written as if it were written by William, Kate, and Harry and features their signatures.

About HeadsTogether

Because I’m always interested in where the money goes, on the Heads Together FAQs page the question, “Where will my money go?” is answered with this: “If you are successful in getting one of our Heads Together charity places in the London Marathon 2017, all the money you raise will go directly to the charity you chose on your application form.”

William HeadsTogether

I was thinking last night that though KP claimed William and Kate would really focus on mental health this year as one of their main causes, they haven’t done anything with it in about six weeks. Then they drop this. So… yay. I hope all three of them focus more on this cause, but especially William and Kate since Harry keeps himself busy and has the Invictus Games coming up.

I don’t think Kate has anything on her schedule, but I can’t find out anymore since KP decided to move William and Kate’s website from the one linked to Charles onto the new – which is a terribly designed website and is atrocious to use.

Harry takes William's photo HeadsTogether video

William HeadsTogether video

Photos: Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / screengrab from the video

213 thoughts on “Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry in video for new campaign for mental health

  1. Love this! Kate looks comfortable and happy, and what a beautiful smile she has. I haven’t seen Will look so relaxed in a long time. Harry, of course, is Harry, engaged with the the people and cause. Let’s hope this week is the restart of the Cambridges’ PR and that more things like this are planned for the near future. In other news, supposedly Will and Harry are doing stormtrooper cameos like Daniel Craig did in the last movie which is kind of cute.

  2. FINALLY! I’m glad to finally, after all those years, see a glimpse of the real Kate and William. More of this + a new stylist + more frequent engagements and there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe.

  3. I am pleasantly shocked and surprised. They all look great and engaged. This video needed more Harry. IJS.I would love to see this side of her more often. Unfortunately, we don’t see it. I still don’t like William, so I will leave it at that.

    I wish them luck on this cause. We know that Good King Henry is good with the follow through. However, I hope that this is not another fancy that W+K attach themselves to.

    Thanks for the update, KMR! You’ve been so busy with the many families and your blog update. I thank you and appreciate your hard work.

    1. +1. Clearly, someone in charge has given W+K a bollocking. If this exercise is followed up with ongoing work of substance, Kate and William are on the road to rehabilitation. I’d suggest they and their PR stop with the manipulative stuff and focus on doing things that actually work for and have value to the charities, NOT for the Cambridge’s. Good things will flow for them if they focus on others, not themselves.
      Harry is the magic card at all these things; he is the conduit for W+K to connect to people and with some genuineness. I hope the BFR in general realise what an asset he is, especially Charles and the Queen.

    2. I’m hoping that this new campaign will cause all three of them to devote more energy to mental health as a cause.

      I do think the video needs more Harry, just because I think it was Harry who was able to draw any sort of non-stiffness from both William and Kate.

  4. More Harry! They know that he’s charm offensive and that he brings out the best in William and Kate. (I still say she married the wrong brother!) This is how the public needs to see this duo, more relaxed, natural and involved. The video is a great plug for the organization, but until WK demonstrate that they’re consistently focused and willing to get out and steadily work, I’ll withhold judgment on this latest effort. But it is a fine effort and I hope it continues.

    1. Disagree. She married the right brother because it was all about getting the crown. Ma Midds didn’t raise her to be runner up.

      1. I can’t imagine that air headed vacant perpetual giggly girl married to Harry, that would have been such a waste of a perfectly good prince. She and William are suited to each other as has been pointed out, this woman isn’t going to be motivated by anyone/or anything other than mummy and money. I do think she’s ‘attracted’ to Harry but he has more taste than to be flattered, if anything she’s making a fool of herself every time. Just my thoughts. She is a default wife as it is, although that I suppose could change. In the past arranged marriages sometimes turned out great so who knows. I simply can’t abide her, her mate, or her odious greedy family. End of. Again, just my opinion.

    2. +1 to Sunny! She married the perfect brother. They both love to stay on their beige couch the whole day, they lick each other’s wound, he tells her what to do – she strokes his ego, he wants a commoner wife – she wants a royal husband. They are a match made in heaven.

      1. That may be, but Harry may have brought out the best in Kate and gotten her more involved in his charities and way of doing things. But we’ll never know now, will we?

    1. One of the strongest trinities????? Please. The Cambridges have been riding on Harry’s coattails every chance they get. This is no different. Harry has never shown an interest in mental health. But it’s good for PR. The Cambridges’ PR.

      So I watched the video. What is there so charming about this that convinces me that the Dolittles are serious about their duties? Kate has not changed in her grinning, William is trying kinda, and Harry looks game but a bit lost. Geez, does it take so little to get people melting?

      I see this as another cynical attempt by the Cambridges’ PR team to *promote the cult of personality* over substance. And people are buying it.

      In my eyes, they continue to be lying, lazy wastrels, all the while using the dutiful Harry for their own aims, which are *not* philanthropic.

      What the hell do they know about mental health except to look cute in a video and promote the unidimensional idea of “stigma”? Rah rah and all that.

      1. I agree with you Maven, this is pure PR. Will and Kate joined Harry because they alone can’ t do that much. Indiam tour actually flopped, yesterday they used George and his bathrobe and today they used Harry for their own PR.
        They should start working indeed by themselves. And Kate should start flirting with Harry, I find it so disgusting

      2. Right there with you Maven.

        Until I shake the knowledge that they’re only showing up for PR reasons then they just suck. Make that SUCK in capitals.

        Over the years it’s bcome my mantra: these royal actors, every one of them, only show up to maintain the life of extreme wealth and priviledge they are attached to. Every smile, every heartfelt cause, every hug, every forced appearance at church- it’s all a sham. They work for themselves. We need to call them on it.

        1. Including Harry, right? Harry is just as fake as the rest of them and we need to call him out on it.

      3. I agree with Maven. Call me cynical, but I won’t believe in the Cambridges until a year or two goes by with a steady schedule of royal commitments, and no self-serving PR (specifically trotting out the kids). They are totally riding Harry’s coattails and it annoys me.

        I don’t mean to harp on Kate’s thinness, but girl has no physique. And I’m also sick of seeing her in striped tops.

        1. @MavenTheFirst-When the three of them come together,I find them charming.Seperately Harry is charming and William and Kate as a duo or individually do not radiate any special charisma.
          The reason why I branded them as one of the strongest trinitie’s around is because of their very high profile.

      4. The reason I thought the three of them seemed charming in this video is because the “trying not to laugh but laughing anyway” was more of a real moment than we get from William or Kate usually.

        Does anything in this video indicate that they will devote more time and energy into their duties? No. And I never said it did.

        But personally, I think when one is charming it does sell whatever cause, movie, or product they are trying to sell. The reason people like Harry is because of his charm and personality. Yes, they like his sense of duty, but Charles has an even better sense of duty and no one is fawning over him. People love Maxima for her charm and personality but like other royals with the same sense of duty less.

        William and Kate having a better personality would absolutely help them and their causes. People would pay more attention to them and their causes if they actually came across well.

        Why can’t I say something positive that I want to see more of without it turning into “I’m totally buying everything they’re selling and am blinded to their faults”?

  5. It is nice to see something different and casual, including real smiles. I agree that they have a long way to go to prove themselves, but after India, someone woke up. Oh to be a fly on the wall. It is also the first real warmth we have seen between these two and Harry in a long time.

    1. I don’t think this film was made after India. That sort of thing needs preparation. However, it’s the best I’ve seen of them since….ever.

      1. The images on Getty of this event at which the video was shot claim they were taken on April 21. So after India.

    2. I don’t think anyone woke up except maybe their PR. So they kibbitz. How is that useful to their message? It’s still. All. About. Them. It’s about the cult of personality. That’s what I think is being peddled here.

  6. I actually like this. It’s nice see Will and Kate acting like real people. Instead of the boring card board cut outs they usually act like. Great interaction. I just hope they are finally waking up. And realizing that you need a good repore with the people of Great Britain. Harry as always is the best. Fun and charming. I hope William realizes what a valuable brother he has. And a real asset. I hope they don’t use Harry, George, or Charlotte for they’re PR image.

    1. The point is that this is what they are actually doing in my opinion, today with Harry, yesterday woth George ( using people I mean)

    2. Eleanor:

      Maybe they’ve had lessons from a better acting instructor? Change of meds? A better breakfast before leaving the house? Checked their big bank accounts in Switzerland? LOL

      The chemistry is always more energized with Harry present. They’ll be back in cardboard mode when they’re alone together next time.

      And yes. Harry, George, Charlotte and the inevitable future royal Middleton babies will be fully utilized for PR.

  7. Call me cynical, but this seems like more crap from the Cambridges. They are always announcing big plans for the future. They’re going to do this and that and they really mean it this time!! Then…. either nothing or next to nothing. Hey, remember when Kate was going to guest edit Huff Po for a day? How’d that go?

    Its a good cause and I hope good things happen, but I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Red Snapper, I join you with the cynical crowd. The things which bug me: The left hand shot of Kate so The Ring showed at the beginning of the video. Pay attention world royalty is here. We don’t have to show her face because one flash of the ring and we know H.R.H. The Duchess is in our midst. The other thing which bothered me is Kate messing with both sides of her hair at the end. Anyone who plays with their hair after their teenage years looks ridiculous. The laugh by Kate at the end seems fake as though she wants attention to be focused on her. More of Kate playing her version of a royal.

      More of bringing out Superman Prince Harry to save W&K.

      P.S. Is it my imagination or does Kate sound a little less fake posh?

      1. Big blue will always be Princess Diana’s ring, it doesn’t matter how many times Kate flashes in everyone’s face. Willy was just to cheap to buy Kate one of her own. So he pulled the Diana card .

        1. This is exactly what I’ve always thought. He was too cheap and lazy to go ring shopping. Why bother when you’ve already got a perfectly good one that you can bully your brother into giving you? I wonder if he gave Harry the Cartier watch in trade.

          1. I am hoping he gave the Saudi parure to Harry in exchange. I don’t like the idea that Kate already has the ring of doom, sapphire earrings and Lover’s Knot tiara. If we consider the fact that British royal women do not share tiara, we can assume that future Princess Henry already lose access to Lover’s Knot.

      2. Playing with both sides of her hair gives me the impression of a compulsive need to look good. Always. In front of the camera. The chuckle at the end is so put-on.

      3. Re. the accents: William and Kate slur their words; makes them sound a tad drunk. Couldn’t put my finger on it before but William’s antics at the end clarified it for me.

      4. “The left hand shot of Kate so The Ring showed at the beginning of the video. Pay attention world royalty is here. We don’t have to show her face because one flash of the ring and we know H.R.H. The Duchess is in our midst.”

        And this is Kate’s fault because…? That would have been a choice of the director and editor of the video.

        1. KMR, I stated “The things which bug me:… This was in reference to the video. I never stated this was Kate’s fault. I thought commenting on the video was acceptable. It starts out with all these lively, dedicated individuals giving their name and stating which organization they pledged to run for of the six. I felt this was out of place.

          I am the first to admit my writing is poor. I have a serious injury and a severe chronic pain problem. Between the pain and the three pain medications my brain barely works. I realize many of my postings do not make complete sense, but my intention was never to make the video editing and directing a fault of Kate’s.

          1. I’m sorry, G. After all the negativity about saying something nice about Kate, I think I was overly sensitive to your comment. I thought you were dragging Kate for “showing off the ring” (which she gets dragged for frequently), and wanted to point out that the camera focusing on the ring wasn’t her call. I misunderstood.

          2. KMR, this reply is in the wrong place. I hope you understood I was simply trying to clarify my poor writing. Please, no need to apologize since you wrote nothing wrong. I could tell you were just trying to figure out what I was trying to get at with my comment.

            It is sad what has happened over the video. It must be difficult trying to answer all the comments where people like me don’t explain themselves or people have misunderstood things you have written. This is a lovely group, but I know on some days I seem to trip up and miss the point. I need to read more and comment less (especially, on days my pain is out of control).

            I hope you can bear with people like me who mess up from time to time. This is my favorite royal blog!

    2. Oh thank goodness it’s not just me Red Snapper!! If they had said they were going to run the London Marathon and raise money from their personal friends THEN I might have been more inclined to listen. I agree they look more human and happy than usual and that is good.

      The Sunday papers are not full of any royals which surprises me. Not even HM. I think the Royals are becoming increasingly less relevant, but I may be wrong.

    3. I share the same opinion, we will see how the focus on mental health will go. I hope that we will not have any more engagement in order to learn that mental health is necessary.

      Good video (there is Harry!), Kate seems skinny here.

    4. I’m with you Red Snapper. Easy to make a video and spout sound bites. Follow through and consistency are what they need to demonstrate.

    5. Agree, Red Snapper. It’s just the PR juggernaut trying to change their image. They had a bit of fun doing this. Big deal. How is a sunny moment somehow conflated with genuine work?

    6. Thank you, Red Snapper. Yes, it was crap especially after the Indian holiday resulting in a row with the Press and taxpayer’s right for accountability; William’s “got the t-shirt” interview about the Queen along with William’s “work shy” interview; Kate mumbling after being in the public eye for 5 years and more; Low public engagement numbers year after year after year after year after … do we need more measurable evidence …? UK must be satisfied because they allow William and Kate to “laugh all the way to the bank.”

    7. I agree with you Red Snapper. Nice for some to be more positive in their comments, but I think it’s hard for me to think the best, Yes, to the cause. No, to the Cambridges. They realize they need to up things for their image, so out come the props. George for the visit of the Obamas, and Harry for a three way interest in mental health issues. I hope I will be proven wrong, but I don’t think things are going to change. It’s more pops of colorful interest and then fade to black, as far as I see it.

  8. I agree that it’s nice to see genuine and relaxed Cambridges. We saw a lot of “fun loving Harry” but it is rare to see the duo like this. So thumbs up for their acts.

    Well, I am hoping that this short film is a starting point of the Cambridges busy schedule in the weeks ahead, not mere extras/filler for the next month or two of their absence from work.

    My biggest hope, is for Harry to find The One soon. I am getting really tired and sad looking at him being used by the Cambridges as: 1) Kate’s crutches, 2) William’s scapegoat, 3) The Duo’s image recovery tool, 4) third wheel, 5) decoration. The first thing he MUST do after getting married is to separate himself from the Duo and get his own office. He is meant for great successes but those two keep slowing him down.

      1. @birdy, you made a mistake. I’m sure you meant “No need to wait till he has met GRETA – now she would run the marathon!”

        1. Rhiannon, you need to make your move, there seems to be a queueing system ( something us Brits are very good at by the way !!!).
          You could both run the marathon.

          1. Lol! Line up girls! I will volunteer to stand on the side giving out numbered tags and say “NEXT!”

    1. I so agree! Poor Harry is being used, and because of his intense loyalty he’s easy pickings. I don’t know what it would take to tear him away to totally being his own man. He certainly has made some progress there.

    1. That’s just silly, Harry deserves better than being used by the Cambridges, always a third wheel. Also, they are not engaged in anything other than a bit of fun.

  9. Seems like Will & Kate got some talking to, wonder how long this not being hermits stage lasts. Also, has Harry been linked to any of the charities taking part in the marathon? I know that he’s spoken about soldiers’ and veterans’ mental health before, but I’m wondering whether his appearance here is because he’s focused/going to focus on working with veterans aside from the Invictus Games or if he’s there because he brings good PR.

    1. I’m not sure about the charities that are a part of the campaign, but Harry is the patron of the London Marathon charity, so it makes sense that he’s involved. Plus, Heads Together was created by the trio’s Royal Foundation, so it would be strange if they started a program involving the marathon and he wasn’t a part of it.

  10. Yes, finally I see Willaim and Kate seem engaged, and Harry seems amazing, as always. You are right KMR, I also I hope they focus more on Mental Health, especially the Cambridges, since they said they would really focus on mental health THIS YEAR as one of their main causes. That “This Year” makes me wonder if they choose a charity each year to focus on. How Kate changes her “focus” often, I wouldn’t get surprised if this is the case.

    1. Engaged with whom and about what? People keep saying they’re engaged and I’m not seeing anything but some messing about. Even if its spontaneous, so what? How does that change anything but their image?

      1. Thank you Maven The First, I was so puzzled with all this raving comments. Meanwhile each of them uttered one sentence( the longest was given to Harry) and then they giggle, especially Kate,like an immature kids. On top of it, the crew show up at their place. Spoiled, rich kids having fun.

        1. MavenTheFirst and Ale, when I say that the Cambridges “seem engaged” I mean they are engaged in this video, to me they really look relaxed. BUT I do agree with you and many others that say this video is really PR. As I said many times before,I don’t trust William and Kate, I don’t see truth in them. To me they are really fake people wanting goodwill from people, only this. It’s not a short video which will make me believe in them.

  11. More tosh from the Cambridge PR machine. This was highly, highly predictable. They’ve had terrible reviews of the India-Bhutan “tour” (vacation); William has been forced to address his and Kate’s lazy, idle attitude–thrice!; and negative press is at every turn for this pair. To say that the public has fallen out of love is a massive understatement. And now, predictable as the tides, here comes the onslaught of engagements. I reckon we’ll be seeing more of them for at least 2 weeks.

    Let’s see what bases they’ve covered in their time tested PR-recovery plan:

    1) They’ve increased visibility for the time being;

    2) They’ve trotted out one of the children for the massive “awe” factor;

    3) They’ve brought in much loved and respected Prince Harry, he always ups the positive feedback factor;

    4) They’re oh so genuine and in love, see, just look at them.

    We’ve yet to see a few of the other time-tested methods. Be on the look out for:

    1) A few more pictures of George and Charlotte to be released. It could be on their own, or it could be a family portrait. It’s a toss up, but don’t worry, they’re coming;

    2) The paps will get a few good snaps of George and Charlotte with Kate or the other Midds and those will make appearances in the papers quite soon;

    3) We’ve got at least another week or two of engagements from them, I’d reckon two just to be safe;

    4) Candid Kate comments regarding her children are going to be making an appearance. You know the ones “I just miss them so. They’re such lovely babies and they’re my whole world, I can’t stand to be away from them, I’m so happy we get to be normal and have a stay-at-home family life, although it is quite hard….” Blah, blah, blah.

    If they follow the steps, which I don’t see why they won’t as they’ve already put the wheels in motion, they’ll be back in good graces with the public, or less openly hostile graces, within the month. Then it starts all over. It’s unfortunate really. I, too, would also like to believe that this is a turning point but it’s just been done so many times. They won’t be changing their M.O., but rather changing opinion momentarily. Trying to pad the blows.

    Harry though, as always, is exquisite. And seeing as he is very involved in mental health to begin with it’s believable. Thanks for being Harry, Harry!

    1. I don’t think public opinion will change that much after these “tricks”, people already know them and they are oh, so tired of them JMHO.

      1. But…but…people on this blog are already buying it.

        What I remember is Kate’s response to the mutilated homeless child about how their hands are chopped off all the better to beg- “that’s so interesting”. This is the real Kate. Sooo engaged.

        1. I’m not buying it Maven. Pretty young people making a video. Show me the facts….oh dear there are no facts, everyone else is doing the actual work. Great cause I know, but they are young, not directly in line, so they need to DO things. Run the marathon then I might start believing.

          1. I dont think they are buying it, they are trying to be nice and hoping for the best but deep down we all know the truth 😉

          2. Haha- well personally I don’t need them to necessarily “run” the marathon although that would be undeniably impressive in many ways 😉 I DO wish that one of them would have followed up by showing up at the finish line today with Harry. That would have been one step towards ‘putting their money where their mouth is’.

        2. Why wasn’t that “oh gosh how interesting” comment pasted all over the media? It was horrifying considering the topic was mutilation of children.

          The people of St Andrews U must be mortified and deeply ashamed one of their own could seem so vacuous.

          1. The people of St Andrews surely won’t consider Kate as one of their own. They have a high enough share of posh public school rich kids whose parents have bought them their way into the Uni there. They know it comes with the territory.

        3. Why does saying something nice mean we’re “buying it”!? No one is “buying it”. We’re just saying this was a good video from them. That’s it.

    2. Well, Charlotte’s first b’day is soon going to be here, so let’s hear it for a photo of her!

      Jason and Company are in overdrive mode. What a joke!

    1. I bet you are also lovely when you are happy, because all people are lovely when they are happy. The point is we are not interested in their happiness only in their work to make life easer for the less fortunate.

  12. Harry is the auto-enhancer tool in Photoshop for the dull, original image of Will and Kate. This video and their engaged approach is a step in the right direction. Hope they can change and do a dedicated effort on mental health from here on.

    Someone in their PR must have realized that it does the Cambridges more harm than good to throw Harry under the bus, hence now they are joining forces with the current golden boy of the BRF right now instead.

    1. How is their “engaged approach” a step in the right direction?
      With whom are they engaged?

      They are riding the coat tails of the golden boy of the moment. They’re like vampires.

      Love that bit about Harry being the auto-enhancer tool. Sadly that’s all he is to them, a tool.

      1. Maven, I was trying to say something nice 🙂 I see what you mean…they have done this circus many times before, so it really does become tough to applaud them for making a little effort. However, they have the power and the position to do so much good in the world and I want to hope that they will use even a little of that towards some good 🙂

  13. Do we have any idea when this was filmed? I am just curious if it was before or after the tour.

    A good video, they best by them so far. And the most genuine I have seen. I am not sure why they put such an odd filter on the video though. Kate’s sweater is ivory and due to the filter it looks beige. And why can’t she ever wear flats to a sporting thing?? I loved how Harry ran with the runners for a bit. Gosh, he is so genuine! I never used to care for him, but thank to this site, now I do 🙂

  14. Nice effort from W&K&H, I hope they keep this momentum up. Sigh, watching Kate walk across the grass with her shoulders slumped forward made me want to scream…sigh…

    1. What effort? They mugged for the cameras. I’m removing myself for a while. I can’t believe people are buying this. (Nothing personal. I just can’t take it anymore, so please forgive me :)).

      1. Maven it’s a cute video, but it means absolutely nothing. Time will tell, it’s a bit like ‘fill up my diary’ . It’s all smoke and mirrors, no substance..unless I am wrong,in which case I would be delighted, but I’m not holding my breath.

      2. Dear Maven, sorry to hear that you are removing yourself for a while, I hope all will be well for you. The effort I was referring to was not only this little PSA but their foundations efforts as well. Of course I forgive but just so you know that because I am making an effort to be a bit more positive in my comments about W&K, doesn’t mean that I’m buying what they’re selling, it more about my own piece of mind and how being constantly negative about these two is wearing on my soul.

      3. Maven, W&K are wearing me down, too. So I understand your frustration, but you add so much to the conversation. I follow KMR for her writing and the info she provides her readers. While it seems like I comment a good deal, what I really like is reading all the comments. Hope to see you back after you take a mental health break from W&K.

        1. I can relate. I was a bit burnt out after the last tour. It frustrates me that they are lazy and devoid of respect for their roles.

        1. KMR, this is why you have so many loyal readers and why we are quick to jump to your defense when a *newbie* criticizes you. You truly make every effort to support Kate and Will with positive comments when you see a job well done, she looks nice or has made an effort to speak in public. You balance all things when it comes to Kate and Will.

          I don’t see drama in this discussion, as much as some of us (I guess I mean me), are burnt out after the India/Bhutan tour. All the money spent and not the best showing.

          I need to see a pattern of work, better wardrobe choices and professional behavior from Kate before I can change the last couple of years of lackluster performance from the duchess.

          You do have my respect for being able to find the positive with Kate. I am just not there at the moment.

          1. Well said again G I agree . I’m glad KMR can see the positives I’m just not there yet. One difference? It’s ‘my’ money and I think that is relevant. But I love that KMR challenges my negativity.

  15. OMG I apologize, KMR, for the word I’m going to use, because it truly is the word I hate most in the English language. But once again, when William reveals a little bit more of himself, the A$$Hole meter goes through the roof and is now about to break.

    This video screams to be watched at least 3 or 4 times. It’s only then that you see what all this cr@p is about and you WILL NOT be snowed by these two. Harry stands above and beyond and should not be included with them any longer. He’s a grown man and should have his own office. ENOUGH.

    Back to analysis:
    1) What is with the weird footage Waity’s ring? Did the Cambridges suggest that? If you look at the video, there was no purpose for it — Waity was holding the headband in her other hand, but it’s not the focal point. If they wanted to highlight the headband, they could have done it in another, more effective way. Was this their weird way of trying to give us another so-called subliminal Diana message. NOT.

    2) The lovely girl (I think she said her name was Therese Foster) was the BEST spokesperson and she far surpassed Waity. She was articulate and effective with a lovely speaking voice. Why didn’t Waity have that script? Because she couldn’t carry it off — she can only speak one phrase at a time, a short sentence if we’re lucky. So thank you, Therese, for being a fantastic spokeswoman. We can tell you actually care about your involvement and the cause.

    3) Watch from 1:35 – this is the critical point. Here is VIDEO proof that Harry is the adult in the room and understands ALL OF IT. He says to the other two “let’s take a serious shot.” He’s SERIOUS about this. He knows the power of images and he knows that this is a serious issue. So he, younger brother, has to remind the king-to-be that it’s time to stop horsing around and take some shots of serious looking young royals determined in their cause. He manages to look serious ON A DIME. This is when the true colors of the other two clowns are so obvious. Waity remains in school-girl mode. This is a joke to her… all of it. She and her mother got the ring. She giggles and can’t even think beyond or why they’re even doing the video. She is pathetic. And her husband — like I said, the A-meter is now off the charts. Instead of heeding Harry’s advice, he acts like like the clown and disrespectful jerk that he is. He announces it’s time to be serious, but uses it as a moment to – in my eyes – make fun of the entire situation. He made a “silly serious face” like a 13-year-old would in a class picture with school chums. This is a 30-something second in line?

    I felt for Harry, because they never did get that ever-important shot of the 3 of them looking serious about the cause. Did I say Chopper is an A**—-?

    ASTONISHING how this photo is truly a window into their souls.

      1. I don’t see any “engagement” either. This is SMOKE and MIRRORS involving a great, upbeat tune to some video editing. I see two clowns on a sunny afternoon and then back to more cheese on toast. I was waiting to hear “Duchess of Cambridge, running for place to be,” and then “Duke of Cambridge, running for ….” Alas, not even any surprises like that.

    1. I didn’t read Harry saying to take a serious photo as him being super serious. I read it as he was joking around. Especially since he also had trouble keeping a straight face during that interaction.

      1. Exactly, KMR. But serious face, or not. He is where his heart is and his heart is where he is. And that’s the difference.

        I sometimes think that people want to criticize everything W&K do, simply because those two don’t feel real. But as there are no “real” actions that prove this feeling people try to find the reasons in every move (me included). I sometimes don’t know WHY I don’t like them, WHY I can’t take them serious, there is not so much where I can put my finger on. I just FEEL that these two are not worth a minute of my attention. A feeling is not enough of a proof. So I start creating some. As I already said: if they only showed up once a month in average that would be enough (exaggerated, and from my point of view). But when they do I don’t feel better or inspired or supported or whatever. It always feels like a sham, insincere, somehow wrong. So I start focusing on the only “real” stuff I get from them: clothes, posture. That’s it. On the other hand, when I look at pictures from Harry, I feel instantly better. His aura is so warm, tender, sincere, calm, light…. It’s a pleasure.

        Sorry. Once again: English is not my first language. It’s hard to express thoughts and feelings in a language that is not your first language but your third. (And my French is better than my English will ever be).

        1. I think you expressed yourself perfectly. And your English is much better than many native speakers’ English.

          I agree that our reactions to the BRF (or any celebrity) is visceral. As you said, we don’t know why we like or dislike them, we just do. We create opinions about people simply by how they look. The BRF are in the media a lot, so people have years of appearances, speeches, and photo-ops to build an opinion of them. I liked W&K in the beginning and thought Harry was a silly playboy. 10 years later I can’t stand W&K and love Harry. I don’t want to be cynical, and am happy that some people here are feeling hopeful about W&K, but I will need to see weeks or months of sincere effort out of those two before I feel hopeful about them.

  16. It’s good to see that William and Kate have taken the “work shy” comments to heart. Usually after a tour we don’t see much of them for weeks. I’m glad that they are still working. It’s also been nice to see them working with Harry for this and the Obama dinner.

  17. I must say this – This is the first time when I looked at Will and Kate with smile. There was something natural and fresh when they laughed and they seemed relaxed and happy together. Harry as always added something extra sweet and charming from himself so the result was really good.
    Believe me I am not easy to deceive and probably I will soon change my mind because I don’t think they will change their usual approach toward their work and duty but at least for once I can and I want say something nice about them. I could only whish to see them like this more often

  18. I don’t understand how easily pleased some commentators are, one video does not undo years of not working and money being wasted on pointless holi-tours and pitiful appearances of less than an hour in duration. Harry makes this video, they are riding his coat-tails and some of you are falling for this farce. I’m all for positivity, we need more of it in the world, but not for this lazy, ungrateful and fake duo. This is just a little fun for them, it becomes apparent if you watch the clip more than once. As other commentators have already posted, this is some serious PR to undo the negative press from the holi-tour. Expect some activity for a couple of months and then some silence as they go back into hiding, convinced they’ve satisfied the plebs & the press for the time being…

    1. I don’t understand why saying W&K came across as easy going and charming and that I want to see more of that from them means I’m forgiving all of their crap. This has happened before and it annoys the crap out of me every time. I can say something positive without forgiving all their negatives. Whether it was Harry sparking this or not, W&K did come across well in the bits that I said I liked and I do want to see more of that kind of easy going charm from them way more often because they *are* so boring most of the time. That doesn’t mean I forgive all their sins, and it doesn’t mean I think this will continue, it means I see something I like and *want* it to continue.

      ETA: This doesn’t mean I’m “snowed”, it means I see a glimmer of something there that proves to me that if William and Kate cared, they could be not terrible. The problem is they don’t care.

      It’s like Kate’s eyerollong thing from NYC. There was a glimmer of personality in that one brief moment when she let she guard down. Most of the time she doesn’t and she’s boring AF.

      1. Here, here KMR!!! I feel that I can say something positive about W&K from time to time, that doesn’t mean I’ve drunk the Cambridge Kool Aid or have “fallen for this farce” but rather am encouraging more of this effort, more personality, more caring. Now, it remains to be seen if this was a one off or the start of something more, I guess only time will tell.

        1. Exactly. It’s seeing something I want to see more of and commenting on it *because* we don’t see it often.

      2. KMR, I hadn’t realized that my analysis/commentary directly contradicted yours. Mostly, I was responding to others who had written that they were pleased with Will/Kat and how enthusiastic they seemed. Then I went up and read the post again…and it seems we did have diametrically opposed views of the video.

        Perhaps saying anyone who appreciated it was “snowed” by it was a bit harsh on my part. The same way you and others had a gut reaction when you watched it – I did too. Except it seems I reacted differently and rather negatively. I hope it’s okay to dissent without your feeling that I was antagonizing you personally.

        Perhaps I’m a bit older (I’m 48) and what I’m looking for in the Duke and Duchess is a lot more on the serious and professional side? I think it’s just a matter of perspective. I re-read that you felt the three of them engaging at the end to be somewhat charming. That’s fine– it’s your opinion – and it’s YOUR BLOG! My reaction was the opposite and all I wanted to do was elucidate the reason(s) why.

        I (as you) take mental health issues very seriously and I was really rubbed the wrong way by all their joshing and joking at the end. I have no problem with a “behind the scenes” video – and in the Cambridge’s case, it’s needed more often to show the true personalities behind the curtain. But to me, in all sincerity, it seemed they (Harry excluded) were joking and laughing about what should have been serious. If they were bantering in a lighthearted way about who would say what scripted line, how they could contribute MORE, or we saw them chatting it up with one of the folks on the field, I might have reacted more positively.

        But to see all those young people involved in ‘the cause’ and then see Kate and William guffaw and make silly and not keep a straight face really made my blood boil. I’m a firm believer in levity and making others around them feel comfortable. I just didn’t feel this one hit that mark. William seems “off” to me: disrespectful in his usual sly manner. I hope this clarifies things as I enjoy your site and would like to continue to contribute.

        And I’m disappointed that this is a headline following their recent “work” — don’t see the humor in it.

        1. Yikes! That headline looks awful and now I understand better your point of the importance of being serious. Love your post!

        2. People’s opinions on the video is not what bothered me. What bothered me is this idea that we have to be all negative or all positive and injecting bits of the other side somehow negates everything we feel about the issue. It’s this idea of: “Saying something positive means I forgive or am blinded to their negatives” OR “Pointing out a negative means I hate them”. Depending on which blog or forum you’re on, both of these ideas get bandied about.

          I don’t care about having differing opinions, but I don’t like being called out on my own blog when the entire reason I started my own blog was because of this binary way of thinking on all the other blogs I read and posted on. Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I have a lot of issues with William and Kate. So why does saying one positive thing about either of them negate everything else I’ve written about them?

          Just the other day I got called a horrible person for saying negative things about William and Kate, and now I’m getting called out for saying something positive? That’s what bothers me. Not people having a different opinion on this video.

      3. Why am I happy about this video? Well, even if one thinks Will and Kate only care about repairing their own image, positive press is a positive thing for the cause. When Will and Kate are not involved or seem boring, how many people will click and support a runner for one of these mental health charities? When the media fawns over the Cambridges, that number likely skyrockets. So, although it would be awesome if Will and Kate genuinely want to make a difference, as long as the press gets excited, a charity can benefit by that coverage.

      4. I agree KMR, WK can be charming when they really care, and that’s what everyone hopes to see.

        I liked the video and I think at this point what is left for us to do (at least for me since I’m not British) is to be positive and hope that such privileged people use their power for good.

      5. KMR I hope you’re not upset about the negative comments, they are not directed at you, rather at the Cambridges. As you’ve said previously, we are all entitled to our own opinions and as long as we’re respectful to each other this should not matter. They have a postion of privilege and they seem to not realise that this position is not their right. Only recently has the press caught on and are applying pressure, praising them for doing something with enthusiasm which is how they should approach all tasks imo is being too generous. Most of us would like to see more substance, follow through & hardwork consistently, praise will be awarded when it is due. Personally I will not hold my breath, those of you that are more positive are entitled to that opinion. I love this blog because I enjoying reading other people’s pov. KMR you always do a great job, your posts are so informative, well researched and balanced. Our difference in opinion is not a criticism of you.

      6. KMR, I completely agree with you. Totally off subject, but it is like my ex husband; he can do a million things wrong and then do something very nice and right and positive for our kids, and I praise him and say, “wow, that was totally cool of your dad to do that.” Do I want to jump back into that marriage and ride that pony again? Heck no! But I can still mention and appreciate the good and the right even though the scales are much off-balanced. I think your post was great. I didn’t and don’t read into this video other than they were enjoying themselves and horsing around. W&K seem very much Attention Deficient when it comes to picking causes; “Oh! Look! Mental health!” “Oh, wait, let’s back sports and health!” “Oh, wait! lets do this now!” Very distracted and moving from topic to topic with no follow through. Maybe it is the disorganization of their professional support network, the lack of long-term planning of sponsorship again by their team behind the scenes, but it seems very “flash in the pan” as in whatever is the “Hot” topic of the day, they tend to support. For example, I have a kid with Autism and when she was diagnosed over a decade ago, nobody talked about it. But, here in CA, we have “cluster” cities where there are strong populations of Autism and now that is a “hot” topic and everyone and their brother is supporting and talking about being on the Spectrum.

        Disclaimer: This post is in no way meant to offend ADD, ADHD, or Autism whatsoever and any references were made for example purposes only and not to make someone angry and get their feathers in a ruffle.

  19. Good morning everyone. I hope you all don’t mind me mentioning today 25th April, Anzac day here in Australia, national remembrance. It is the day on which we remember all Australians who served and died in war and on operational service, bless them. Lest We Forget.
    KMR thank you for your up to date coverage, it is always so informative and interesting.
    It is wonderful to see some pro-active effort from both the Duke and Duchess.
    It is rather sad that it seems such a surprise to a lot of us that they have even taken the time to get on with things and show some passion about something, anything and been spontaneous! As some have mentioned so soon after the Royal tour, so this is somewhat refreshing, but should have been going on long before this.
    A very worthwhile cause, and if they can make any sort of difference and bring about change then this is when they will both start to shine. Personally I am very passionate about this topic, my daughter has a serious form of mental illness, so I am very interested in seeing what transpires.
    Well done to Prince Harry he continues to make a difference, he is genuinely lovely it comes from his heart and you can see it in his eyes, how warm he is, no put on there.

    1. Hi Sophia, did you go to any of the Dawn Service’s this morning? We went to the 100 year ones last year and it was so incredibly moving. I spent most of the ceremony in tears. We didn’t get to go this year as we have the flu but we have been watching the marches on TV too.

      Shout out to Cathy who would also be remembering ANZAC day in NZ.

      1. I liked that services from different parts of the country were shown earlier this morning. Lovely to hear the Maori choir singing too, along with both our national anthems. There is a huge street party here (in the city of Adelaide) that has been going for a while with all age groups in attendance. Brendan Nelson (fyi to non-Aussies here: a former Member of Parliament and current Director of the Australian War Museum) for those made a good speech, directed particularly to younger Australians who more and more are drawn to keeping the memory of Anzac day alive, and often caught up in the emotion of the day. He said they need go no further than Anzac Day to understand the fidelity of public duty.
        If only W+K had a smidgen of that, eh?

        1. Oh Jen, if only they had a smidgen of it.

          As soon as I hear The Last Post being played, I turn into a puddle. It is amazing to see how many young ones are getting involved with ANZAC day and I think that it is fantastic that the spirit is still alive and well and hopefully will be for many years to come.

          1. Hi Tanya
            Like you, i always cry when Last Post is played.
            Over here Dawn Services are always well attended and it’s good to see the young ones attend. They all know about Gallipoli and what it means to be an Anzac.
            Lest we forget

        2. Oh Jen the street party would be a terrific experience. Yes the Maori choir, brought the tears for me as does the Last Post, it is a beautiful experience, but sombre moment. Maybe for our fellow bloggers who have never heard it played, u- tube may be a start to witness it. Just a thought if anyone is interested.
          Brendan Nelson I agree was good, the younger generation it is so important.
          I have to laugh at your last comment and do agree, maybe the tide is turning and this is encouraging to see W + K being productive.

          1. Hi Sophia, Tanya and Cathy
            Believe it or not, the street party (promoted by Adelaide City) is still going on here – it’s now nearly 9.00pm and I can hear the crowds and music pumping! The music of WWII has given way to local bands, and the crowd is young, with old diggers (soldiers) long since gone home! As senior military advised today, this is a day of remembrance but also a day of celebration of what we hold dear.
            I agree, Tanya, The Last Post is very moving; it stops Aussies and Kiwis in their tracks. For US, UK and European readers:
            (ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)
            Sophia, that is a long trip; I hope your daughter is recovering. So glad your son marched today. And Cathy, sepcial thoughts to you in remembrance of your father and grandfather. My great uncle also lied about his age to fight in the war, just a boy and not to return alive.

          2. Sophia, Tanya and Cathy:

            Such moving words from you ladies and may God rest the souls of all who served — espcially your loved ones. It is a privilege to honor them. I hope you and your loved ones are all well and I think it is truly wonderful that those who served many, many years ago — and those who served more recently and now, are in our hearts and prayers.

            Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a Day of Remembrance and Celebration. It is nice to learn how other counties honor their veterans. All too soon, the last of the WWII survivors will no longer be with us. What they did should always be remembered and cherished. Their loved ones, too, who stayed at home and sacrificed in many ways, as well.

        3. Jen, thanks for the link below. I’m American and could not hold back the tears. We come from different countries, have different days to honor our men and women from various branches of the military, but all are a Band of Brothers (and we honor them).

          1. Hi Jen, Jenny, Tanya,
            Thank you for your kind words Jen, she is recovering well now, but she has a medical condition so it goes with the territory. I will pass your kindness on to her. Yes it is a fair distance, but we live very remote and no medical infrastructure so we travel for medical assistance/treatment.
            Thank you so much for enclosing the link for Last Post, terrific stuff. Lets hope each Anzac year continues to grow.
            I read today a Navy officer was bashed on a train after the Anzac march in Sydney, it is really shameful, what on earth is the world coming to, disgraceful stuff.
            Jenny, your thoughts are so moving and touching, beautifully put.
            How wonderful to see Prince Harry at the 3 Anzac ceremonies he is continuing to shine, his mother would be so proud of him.
            Thank you KMR for continued wonderful coverage and all the hard work that goes with it. This blog helps me enormously, it is a wonderful distraction and good therapy from life at home which gets very difficult, being a full time carer to a mentally ill daughter. Looking forward to more reviews.

          2. Yes, we do. I’m impressed by how many Americans honor their military, and service in general, awe-inspiring in itself.

          3. Please do Sophia. I’m sure I’m not the only person here wishing you and your daughter only good days ahead. I hope she can find one small thing every day to take joy in, and build from there. I feel for you being so remote. Distances are so vast in Australia and rural people are poorly served by medical service and Assistance.
            KMR is a great place to park oneself for a good old chinwag; this is a truly lovely community.

      2. Hello Tanya,
        No unfortunately I could not attend any service. My daughter is in hospital and I have been going back and forth to see her she is 800 kilometre round trip away from me.
        My son is in the Navy and he marched today and was at Martin Place so he represented the family
        How wonderful that you went to 100 year what an experience. Good though you have watched on the TV.
        I hope you are feeling better from flu.
        Look forward to your comments in the near future.

        1. Sophia, supportive wishes to you and your daughter. I hope she will be better and Tanya, are you doing well? I hope so.

        1. I got cut off there.
          I got up and went to a dawn service then went to lay my poppy for my father who died on Anzac Day.
          I also take the time to remember family members who served and managed to come home. I know my grandfather, who lied about his age so he could fight for the King, was changed forever by his experiences in the war.
          I think of my grandfather’s loyality and then look at some of the foolish things Kate does and shake my head in disbelief.

          1. Oh Cathy, I am so sorry about your Father. Sophia, I hope that your daughter is doing OK. We are in the middle of selling our house and moving 6 hours away as we have bought a business in the West of NSW. Things have been incredibly hectic and KMR is my sanity saving place xxx

          2. Hi Jen,

            Thank you so much for your kind words. It can be vey isolating for both myself and my little one. Yes distance is a real problem for us right now.
            But you are right this is a lovely community and great for a laugh as well, you all speak from the heart and say it as it is, with a lot of humour thrown in, as well as being very informative.
            A real bright spot in the day.
            KMR thank you for all the effort you put into this review site, simply wonderful.
            Take care to all

          3. Love and supportive thoughts, Cathy. I know your dad is smiling down from Heaven at you! I’m sorry for your loss. Your grandfather and father have a wonderful legacy in you!

    1. Not to butt in but mine showed up in spam all of a sudden. Also got a weird message that ‘this might not be from katemiddletonreview’, guess that the server issue KMR had might have caused this.

      1. Thanks for butting in. I wish I could find in spam but so far I can’t. And yes this happened since the server issue. Not sure if due to fact I have an @aol addy. Thanks for any and all assistance.

  20. I don’t see anything whatsoever funny about mental health issues. In the twitter image (I think that’s where it is, not ‘with it’, Kate is smiling, William is smirking, and only Harry looks serious.) To me, this is pure unadulterated pr puke and Harry is simply doing George’s job in this video. Being a prop. It looks like it’s back to William, Kate and Harry and I wonder how Harry feels about it. I am sorry but William and Kate sicken me, and this video didn’t change that. Nothing will change that. Ever. Too much water under the bridge and shameless atrocious unfeeling behavior from them. I sincerely applaud those who are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, the ones who think they’re doing something great. Far more generous than I. I certainly agree that William and Kate looked like real people, and that Kate looked fresh, young and happy but that’s it. They flat out repulse me.

    1. It’s pretty easy to see Kate is much happier around Prince Harry .She definitely flirts with him. you can see it in this video .She married the wrong brother.

  21. Lovely work (as usual) KMR. I watched the video and wasn’t impressed. I think kate looked good (except for the hair twirling) but she just didn’t seem engaged just there. Is this the start of a new more involved and interesting kate and will? Only time will tell

  22. I didn’t like the laughing at each other at the end. William pointing and laughing at someone off camera is just not cool if you’re spearheading a mental health campaign and this is your video!!! They just don’t get it!!! he’s probably the biggest pointing and laughing bully there is!

      1. +1 from me as well. This giggling from Kate is beyond irritating and yes, William, with all of his privilege and status and pampering still finds the need to bully others including his own family. He’s a bitter little man I think and Kate is just a flat out lost cause. A stunted little girl/woman who is obviously thinking she’s ever so attractive to men. She’s pretty but an ugly person imo.
        I’m seeing more and more of Karen Carpenter in Kate by the day and it’s scary. I detest her but that doesn’t mean I wish her ill health and she is a mother of two.

  23. I think it is funny that Kate only got 1 sentence to say during the video. And it is one she has said often.

    I can’t help but feel cynical and think this video is a deflection. Kate and Will’s anniversary is coming up and I just feel like this video and the dinner with the Obamas is a way to look like they are ‘working’, but without really working. They will sneak off on vacation soon, if they haven’t already. But if they are caught, this recent ‘work’ after a tour, will appease the press. They always have a hidden motive. I really feel like this video is to keep the press occupied while they disappear. Anyone else think so?

    1. It is 110% PR. That is all. They know they are on thin ice and they are doing damage control. And I think someone called in a favor from POTUS. For the life of me I cannot imagine George Bush, Bill Clinton–or ANY other past US President having dinner and the Little Lord Fauntleroy photo op–with the grandchildren of a Queen, King, whoever. It’s so strange. Dinner with Charles and Camilla, absolutely fine. But with the queen’s grandkids??? Especially as Will & Kate aren’t senior royals (his words, not mine) It feels like a diss or a downgrade to the president. Maybe the next time he’s in town he can eat with Beatrice and Eugenie. The SLY one is using governments left and right to get his way–and he is getting away with it also. He knows all he has to do is toss a few moldy crumbs to the peasants and he buys himself a little more time to be a layabout. That’s what manipulators do–they buy time.. I guarantee you the mental health thing is just their latest gimmick–it will go nowhere… They don’t have a clue about mental health–only what poor Jason googles for them and tells them to parrot to a camera.

      1. I think the Obamas probably came to meet Harry, as they have built a rapport with each other. And WK came and muscled their way in. From a PR point, it would look terrible if Harry the non-heir got to have a private dinner with the leader of the free world and the direct heir and his praying mantis wife did not get an invite!

        1. Red Tulip, please understand I am not criticizing you nor do I want to start anything, but the *leader of the free world* caught my eye. As an American I have no idea where this phrase started. To me it sounds like someone in the media started it as a way to suck up to a president.

          The phrase has always bothered me. We have democratic allies all over the world. In truth, I don’t think most Americans feel we (our president/the USA) are the leader.

          1. hi G. I am from the US as well. the term came to be post WWII after the devastation in Europe and the beginning of the cold war. at that point, America was considered to be the strongest democratic power, which is probably true, but I don’t know absolutely. anyway, the term stuck and became part of the political vernacular in US politics.

            I am a history dork, so please do not take this as countering your opinion. I just wanted to share some useless trivia that I know!

  24. Someone who has starved themselves down to their skeleton really needs to focus on their own mental health before attempting to “help” others…

    1. Oh, so true! And someone who needs to constantly invoke their dead mother in so many ways as does William also needs to join her.

    2. She looks increasingly skinny and more importantly frail. I have so many friends with daughters struggling with full blown anorexia or just simpler food issues, and as a role model she does worry me, because her younger self was slim but with curves. She may of course just be one of those ladies who looses weight after babies – they do exist! She needs some proper support, I think an experienced LIW and some more experienced advisors would help. She makes easily avoidable mistakes which could be eliminated.
      I’m not at all taken in by the video, but I think she did come across as young and happy, and if she is happy that has to be good for all of us surely?

      1. Have to agree with you Birdy. When the Duchess was younger she looked petite but not like she is now. It is very aging on her. She seems to be getting thinner every time she is photographed.
        What concerns me is the fact that the clothes she wears highlights her frail figure making me wonder if she does not see what we see. A true sign of eating disorder.
        When Anorexics look in the mirror at themselves they see a distorted image, and only see fat. Head, hands, feet take on the image of being larger than the body. What comes to mind, the Duchess last November on her visit to North Wales and abseiled down a wall, she looked engulfed in helmet and boots.
        Holding a coffee cup for example can look enormous compared to the rest of the body. I can recall seeing a photo like this of Tara Reid and it was really shocking.
        Someone needs to provide some counselling and support, she is likely to faint or worse. AS you rightly say these things can be eliminated, but help is needed. Doesn’t William see she is fading away?

  25. Is it just me or does Kate seem rather flirty around Harry? He doesn’t reciprocate but instead looks rather uncomfortable and William seems clueless to it all.

    1. Yes and it’s quite uncomfortable. Someone remarked on Tumblr (not my words, just summarizing statement) that she may view Harry as “hers” until he gets married.

      We all know that my Harry is magnetic, but it’s sad that she’s more alive with him versus her husband. I look at my brother in law as my brother. The thought of flirting with him gives me the heebie jeebies.

      1. Yes Rhiannon, this kind of possessiveness and jealousy from the elder sister in law is not uncommon. It happened with me: my hubby, the younger (and handsomer) brother, was close to his older brother and SIL- until I came into the picture and those two did everything in their power to break us up. They went so far as to poison my husband’s parents against me- as a result my hubby had to cut off his entire family once our child was born. Hope this kind of situation does not happen to Harry and whoever he chooses to marry.

        1. I’ve had the same experience Red Tulip, and my husbands brothers are no longer part of lives. We suffered serious verbal abuse and worse. Better off without them and my wonderful brothers make up for the loss.
          Families ? Who’d have them?!!

          1. Seriously Birdy- who needs enemies when you have “family” like this, right? Same here, my hubby is close to my older brother- they are besties 🙂

      2. Didn’t Kate try to get involved with Harry’s love life a while ago, and was seriously rebuffed? I thought she was simply extending the over-close relationship she has with her own family (normal to her) to her brother-in-law who would have none of it (thankfully). My understanding is that the RF live their lives quite separately, make their own decisions.

    2. That flirty thing is very common with people who are insecure. From my point of view (I’m not a doctor, I don’t know her personally) Kate seems to need constant approval by others. She is obviously not able to identify and/or express her own opinion/taste/will. For people like her, flirting is one way to garner reassurance and has nothing to do with romantic feelings.

      1. I’d guess that Kate needs much external approval and reassurance. The ‘flirting’ probably falls into one of those baskets. All could be addressed with therapy. Her inability to express herself could be addressed likewise if she chooses to put in the work. Kate holds the answers herself. I imagine the BRF is an overwhelming institution to find oneself in, particularly with the spotlight on every move, but the resources to handle this and create one’s own voice is also there.

  26. Ladies, is has just hit me like a thunderbolt who Kate reminds me off. Before I was a stay at home Mum, my last boss was a female and she had all of the traits that Kate has. She did not have any female friends and around the workplace she was not liked by another females as she played the “Poor little old me” card when men were around, and this was a woman who was a senior manager. However we worked in a manufacturing company where the majority of people were male .

    Well you should have seen her perk up in meetings around men. She would giggle like a school girl, flirt, do the hair tossing when they were around. As soon as they left she went back to being as hard as nails again.

    However she did give me some funny moments. One day we were walking back from the canteen with a male, and she was flirting and giggling like crazy. The male then told a joke and it was this one. “Three men walk into a pub. You would have thought that the first one would have seen it”. Well, I groaned as it is clearly a Dad joke, however the woman laughed like it was the funniest thing that she had ever head. Then she stopped and said, “I don’t get it”.

    The interesting thing about this is that while the woman of the company were not taken in by this woman for an instant, most of the men where. HOWEVER they soon were able to see through her and they made sure that they distanced themselves from her as soon as they worked out what she was like.

    I think that this is what has happened with Harry and while Kate still likes to play around and giggle Harry has seen through her and is trying to distance himself from her while being a gentleman.

    I cannot believe that it took me this long to make the connection.

  27. Oh, commiserations Tanya! We all respond to and repeat patterns until we recognise them.
    Haven’t we all worked with women like that… it’s very tiresome and energy-zapping, but you know the most rational thing you can do is leave for as long as she’s in that position no opportunities will come your way. Sadly, many men are initially taken in until they start thinking with their brains, i they ever do.
    Kate has been schooled by Carole to appeal to men of status. I’m sure you’re right re. Harry; too much at stake for him, especially the relationship with his brother. Very delicate to navigate, and in public no less. On another tack, Kate and William will know that Harry is faring well in the public’s eyes so may also, strategically, be trying to gain some ground by association.

  28. It is one of the reasons that I left and the company came to their senses and sacked her about a year after I left but the damage was done. I had been with the company for a lot longer than her and I was very good at my job so I just did my own thing but she was still a nightmare to deal with.

    They certainly are energy zapping and frustrating.

    I do not doubt for a moment that if throwing Harry under a bus will make W&K look good that they will do it. Whereas Harry seems to go out of his way for them. I really hope that Harry marries someone who could wipe the floor with Kate and keep smiling the entire time she does it.

    Hint hint Rhiannon.

    1. Oh I agree. I really hope Harry is learning from watching his brother and Kate, thinking to himself, ‘No way am I going to end up with that.’ He would need to set up his own office from W+K (he should anyway) so that he and partner can forge their way through the inevitable press-instigated ‘rivalry’ between the women, as well as Kate inevitably wanting to preserve the spotlight for herself.
      Sad when you have to leave a job because of poor management decisions that take too long to resolve and well after you departed. More prevalent than you think.

      1. Thankfully it is a decision that I don’t regret making. It has been hard financially but my daughter was picking up every bug at daycare. She goes to School next year and we have bought a business in the West of NSW and we will be moving there in July, so she will be able to settle in at preschool (they only have it three days where we are going) before Kindy next year.

        As for Harry, he really does need to set up his own offices away from W&K. Yep the press will try to instigate a competitiveness that will be there from Kate’s side anyway.

        I was watching The Queen at 90 documentary yesterday and I noticed that the boys did not say very much at all about their Father when they were watching the old home movies of him when he was younger. I thought that it was very very strange. Harry said a few words, but Will said nothing.

        1. That’s a big change Tanya; an empowering one too. Best of luck with the move. And a positive family decision for you all. May I ask where you are locating to in west NSW?
          I haven’t seen the doco yet, just snippets, but William does seem to harbor a lot of resentment. He has made some awful choices in his life; were he just ‘normal’ he’d have been in all sorts of strife. Lucky he has people to sort out his crap.

          1. We are moving to Condobolin just out past Parkes. We have bought a post office and we have no competition for 100km in any direction you go. The move with the four year old, one blue heeler and two cats will be interesting.

            The Doco was lovely I really enjoyed it. Will does harbor a lot of resentment. I am not sure if he would have been able to cope if he was born into a “normal” life.

          2. Oh, I just looked it up – what a grand building! The black and white picture is in the history section of the town so it must have a good old pedigree:
            I bet you’ll make a fantastic go of it, and wish you all the best. The kitties and dog will love the fresh air to run around in (assuming there is a grassed area). A real lifestyle change; you’ll get to know absolutely everyone and are sure to be welcomed into the town.

            I’ll have a look on youtube for the documentary. I don’t think William has the humility to realise how fortunate he is not to been born into a ‘normal’ family.

          3. Thank you Jen, it is a gorgeous old building. The veranda up the top is now enclosed but apart from that it still looks the same.

            Lots of grassed area for the animals and a decent yard for Miss Four and her 14foot trampoline and for a new swing set.

            We just got advice from Aussie Post this afternoon, they want us to come in for an interview next Tuesday so fingers crossed it all goes well xxx

          4. And built in 1886 too! I wonder if you’ll restore the veranda – you can see what it looks like from that early photo. Must be some grant money in that…
            Best of luck with the interview next week; great chance to see if it works for you all as well as get the overall vibe of the town. Apart from anything else you offer, a young family coming to a country town is always welcome.

        2. Oh Tanya that sounds so exciting, what a brilliant life for your family. I love the real Australia away from the cities, but I love the cities too. Will you be living above the PO? It looks a huge building. One of my sons aged 13 went to a small rural Queensland boarding school for 6 months ( long story, my friends thought I had lost the plot). It was the happiest time of his life despite being half a world away from his mum, dad and brothers. The rural community was just so welcoming and friendly.

          1. Sorry for the delay in replying Jen and Birdy, I have been flat out. .

            We are going to leave the veranda as it is at the moment Jen, as it will be the four year olds playroom. We have been to see the building and we got some really good vibes from it. It was welcoming and cheery and very big LOL.

            The Town is lovely and everyone was very welcoming, especially when I forgot what Motel I booked us into and we ended up at the wrong one and had to pack up and leave when I found the right one LOL

            The interview next week is in Sydney, right in the middle, so catching the train in. Then we have another one two weeks later and then we start the training.

            Birdy, I am so glad that your son had a great time in QLD. Hubby was born in a country town and I love going and seeing the difference between the country and the city. No one is in a rush in the country and everyone stops for a chat, which suits me just fine

          2. Hi Tanya
            Congratulations! Wow, big move – it looks like a great move! i had a flatmate when I lived in London who grew up in Dubbo. He said it was the best childhood, I think Miss Four is going to have a great childhood growing up in Condobolin too. My Mum lives in a small town down the line (Turangi) and the post office there is the centre of the community, I am sure it will be the same in Condobolin too. Good luck with all the interviews and training, you guys will fly through them all!
            Think of all the time you are going to save not being stuck in traffic jams! though Mum did complain about one the other day, a slow moving tractor and one car behind it. Then suddenly everyone stopped, the tractor guy, car driver and Mum all realised they knew each other so everyone stopped for a catch up chat.
            Best wishes for the packing up part! The move will be a breeze!

            @Birdy Nice to hear your son enjoyed his time in Oz.

          3. Gosh, it’s quite a process but I am sure you’ll fly through all the interviews and training. I’m glad the vibe was good; it’s great when things click into place. Let us know how you get on.
            Years ago, a friend of mine did some psychometric tests for a job in Sydney; she was able to do them from her hotel and rang me in NZ and we did them together over the phone. The report came back that she (we!) were bloody-minded, which on reflection, was true!

  29. Well the flirting would fit her personality type. Few, if any, female friends. She’ll be awful to Harry’s girlfriends until they get The Ring, then she’ll be lovely to them.

    1. Honest question: why would Kate be lovely to Harry’s partner but only after she’s his wife? What I’m asking is, why would being his wife make a difference in how Kate treats her?

  30. I thought the video was well done, and everyone in it looked great. Hopefully it serves it’s purpose. I rather wonder that they wouldn’t involve Pippa in the Heads Together marathon team, it’s right up her alley.

    1. Ray, I suspect that with the public’s being fed up to here with the Middletons et al, she would need to sign up on her own. If they involved her it would not look professional and ‘royal’. Just my thoughts, and I agree that certainly she would be able and more than likely willing to do a marathon. If I’m not missing something the Middletons have been rather low profile lately which is good. The less seen and heard of this ‘Addams Family’ knockoff the better.

      1. Oh, I’m sure that’s true. Though, she seems to have pulled herself together a bit in the last few years, the rest of the family I have no interest in. I hope she does enter with her own team.

  31. I get the feeling Pippa would take the attention away from Kate. Kate does look happy here. In fact you can see the happiness with Kate when it is anything to do with sport. William should laugh more as he is serious and critical all the time. I get the feeling he is hiding that. It is good that the trinity are highlighting Mental Health but being physically fit does help mentally. William did a lot of sport water polo and running didn’t he at one time. Kate should speak in her natural voice. It seems she sits and watches how Diana talk.

    1. Diana was an aristocrat but she didn’t speak like Kate. She was easy to understand and took lessons in public speaking. Posh but natural. Kate does not speak posh, she is putting it on. Well IMO.

      1. She is ridiculously phony so you’re not alone in your opinion. She has to really work hard to get a word out and she picks the worst times to make her words clear. ‘Gosh, that’s interesting’. I think she is assuming that she looks posh as well as sounds post with the jaw gymnastics.

    2. I’m not sure that it’s due to sport that Kate looks happy. I could be wrong but she always seems to light up when Prince Harry is around. I was enraged at her inability to contain her laughter when the ‘serious’ part of this video was being taken. I know I’m belaboring a point, but there is n o t h i n g funny about the issue of mental health and for her to giggle like that sent me up a wall. And William’s cute little smirk? Blech!! Honestly, there is no need whatsoever for William and Kate to highlight mental health issues. I don’t think so anyway, it seems that everyone and his dog is on board with this cause. It’s a catch all for them and go figure, they had to have Harry with them to hold their little hands and keep the image intact. I remember Patty Duke when she spoke of her manic-depressive disorder. She made a difference. (she said she called it m-d because that’s how it felt, it’s bi polar to be pc). I wonder why this video was released to begin with. Surely they could have done retakes until the serious faces of the Cambridges were set.

      1. To the much older, aged royals, Kate, William and Harry are considered young. Through that lens, yes, but W+K are closer to middle age than youth. So the ‘image’ projected is young and fun, interpreted in this instance through a supposed ‘out take’ of them smirking, joking around. To me it looks forced and calculated. I am still not sure why they have chosen to champion mental health. If it’s just to improve their personal standings, then to use the most vulnerable is contemptuous.

        Over the past five years of their formal partnership neither William nor Kate has impressed in taking a sustained interest in anything beyond themselves. William bores easily (RAF, short course at Cambridge, EAAA); Kate is vacuous and disconnected to a disturbing level. The accumulated evidence of their behaviour, ‘work’ and attitudes consistently reveal an unpleasant couple. The more they are seen, the more obvious it becomes. They will have a hard time walking it all back – people remember.

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