Crown Princess Victoria makes first appearance after birth of Prince Oscar

Crown Princess Victoria makes first appearance after birth of Prince Oscar

Crown Princess Victoria made her first appearance after giving birth to Prince Oscar on March 2 yesterday, March 30, when she attended this year’s Dag Hammarskjöld Lecture at Stockholm City Hall.

*Heads up: There is a video below that starts automatically, with sound.*

Crown Princess Victoria at the Dag Hammarskjöld Lecture
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Crown Princess Victoria, and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

Taking a break from her maternity leave, Victoria attended the UN lecture where UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon spoke on the theme Evolving Threats, timeless values: the United Nations in a changing global landscape.

Ban Ki-moon said in part:

    “The world is changing—dramatically, rapidly. We are more connected than ever before. More people than ever live in cities. New economic powers are rising. There are more than three times as many members of the United Nations as there were in Hammarskjöld’s day. New threats have emerged—climate change above all. And the human family has a new profile: more than half the earth’s people are under the age of 25.
    Our shared challenge is to shape this new world for the better—to build a landscape of opportunity and peace, while conquering persistent injustices, from hatred to hunger. Around the world, we are being tested in old ways that Hammarskjöld would have recognized — and in new ways for which his example can remain our guide. Massive displacement – the most since the Second World War. Terrorism. Atrocious crimes that defy all norms of humanity. At such times, the United Nations relies on its strongest supporters to step up, speak out and stay true.”

He also said:

    “I am also grateful for the efforts of Sweden’s Royal Family. King Carl XVI Gustaf is a champion of climate action; Queen Silvia is an advocate of children’s rights; and I am especially pleased that Crown Princess Victoria has just agreed to be one of our Sustainable Development Goal Advocates — and I welcome her enthusiastic engagement.”


Dag Hammarskjöld Lecture is an annual event that began in 1998 and is held in memory of Dag Hammarskjöld – the UN’s second Secretary-General from April 1953 until September 1961 when he died in a plane crash while on a peace mission in the Congo – and the values ​​he stood for in his work: dedication, humanism, solidarity, and international cooperation.

As we learned earlier in the year, Victoria is one of 16 ambassadors of Agenda 2030 – the UN plan to eradicate poverty and hunger, protect the planet from degradation, and ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social, and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature.

Clearly Victoria is a strong supporter of the UN’s work since she broke her maternity leave after only 28 days to attend this lecture.

Here’s a short video of Victoria taking her seat in City Hall.

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83 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria makes first appearance after birth of Prince Oscar

  1. Good for Victoria to continue her support!

    She looks great, but like any tired mother who just gave birth a few weeks ago lol I trust that Daniel and her family won’t let her push herself too hard.

    1. There was a sweet, little video of her drifting off momentarily during the speech. Of course I do that during speeches too and my “baby” is 28.

      1. 4 weeks after giving birth to my children, I was still living in my bathrobe with very little sleep so I totally get the snoozing — LOL!!

          1. So true!
            I want to cut Victoria major slack and had Kate gone out so soon after giving birth and fallen asleep during a speech I would have cut her slack, too. However, did Kate go to any events so close to her two kids’ arrivals?
            Love Victoria. I think she is awesome.

  2. It’s fantastic that Victoria is advocating for such a great cause. She gives her all for the causes she belives in, she is simply amazing.

    1. Totally agree!

      Crown Princess Victoria is a cham and great role model representing women mothers giving birth {like her sister and the rest of the SRF ladies).

  3. Good to see her again, she is my favorite Royal princess. She has the look, the intelligence, the volonty to help….
    What I love is that what is important is not her look after her pregnancy, but her work with UN : I wonder how the swedish press treats this.
    Now waiting to see the baby of Sofia and Carl Philip!!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, rather than commenting on how she looks like post birth let’s discuss her position as one of 16 ambassadors for Agenda 2030, an initiative that will hopefully improve the state of the environment and reduce poverty. I love Victoria, she’s so hardworking and realises her position is a privilege not a right and so ensures she fulfills her duties. Can’t wait to hear about the birth of Sofia’s & Carl Philip’s baby. I think it’s a boy!

      1. Victoria is my favorite royal. This is just an outsiders view of what it must be like to live in a country with a monarch, but to me it seems in an ever changing world, their presence is one of comfort and stability in difficult times. Look at the recent events in Belgium.

        Victoria gives a strong, intelligent and calm presence. She does so with her husband at her side. I do not get that feeling from W&K. This is at the crux of peoples displeasure of this couple. In times of trouble would these two provide a sense of strength and comfort?

        I am looking forward to the birth of the newest royal baby in Sweden. My guess is in the next seven days and a boy.

  4. Nice to see Victoria attenting this engagement. It shows that some of the younger generation of Royals are going to be awesome leaders. By attending Victoria has brought attention to this topic, I know that I would not have heard about it otherwise. Thanks for the post. KMR!

  5. This is because Victoria is my favorite female royal. I love her, always a hard working woman. Even the Daily Mail pointed “Has Prince Oscar been keeping you up? Princess Victoria of Sweden appears to nod off during a speech as she returns to work just FOUR WEEKS after giving birth” They are emphasizing the words ‘four weeks’. It’s a clear dig at Kate.

        1. This is why I can’t understand when the Kate defenders insist Kate “just had a baby.” Isn’t Charlotte almost a year old?

          1. I agree. Furthermore, I thought Victoria looked fantastic. She didn’t look tired to me (although I did not see the napping moment). I do commend her on interrupting her maternity leave four weeks after giving birth. Yet I must add that in the US, the standard maternity leave is six weeks. Legions of women return to demanding full-time jobs after six weeks.

    1. I know we are supposed to refrain from comparing the royal ladies, but you’re right Jamel, it seems like Daily Mail is doing the comparison for us. It’s hard not to view Kate as slacking off when you can see that being a hard working princess and mom can clearly be accomplished. I think this is the point where the Kate sugars would remind me that CPV is a crown princess and Kate is not.

      1. Crown Princess or not,the fact remains that Victoria was on maternity leave and was not expected to carry out any official public engagements,yet she chose too.Brownie points to Victoria.

        1. In fairness Kate did show up at a palace event about six weeks after giving birth. Forgive me for not remembering the name of the event, but she looked rather ridiculous. She wore a white fascination that was very large and high and a coat dress that i thought looked like curtains. She hid behind Will and the Queen on the balcony, image obsessed as always.

    2. If Kate (or almost any other royal) ever dozed off during a speech, even with a newborn at home, she would be absolutely massacred in the press.

      I think the only two royals who could doze off during a speech, on camera, and have it become an “aww” moment would be Crown Princess Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.

      The way the press is making this a sweet moment instead of an inexcusable faux pas really says something about the amount of love the public has for Victoria. She has really earned that love and respect.

      1. I’ll add in early Diana too. There is a famous photo of Diana nodding off at a museum event in November 1981, the night before the first pregnancy was announced. I cannot find any news reports from the time to see if they were critical or not.

          1. She had on the most princessy gown. It was pink and blue swirls with a big skirt. I adversely 10 at the time but still remember it.

          2. I was 10 too Reilly, and I so wanted to have a dress like that one. It is was one of the most beautiful things that I had ever seen. I can still picture it in my mind.

        1. According to Diana, Prince Charles really disliked the photo of Diana closing her eyes and her head dropping to the side. I think the public thought it was sweet and understandable after hearing she was pregnant.

          The gown she wore was pure early Diana. It was lovely, ethereal and an one of the early times she used her wardrobe to represent something (a secret IMO). Wearing a pale pink and blue gown (with blue ribbons) the night before KP announced she was pregnant.

    3. OMG, if Kate did that during a speech – four weeks after giving birth or not – everyone would be up in arms to call her out for not paying attention and seemingly being bored with the speech and event as a whole. She would be crucified.

      I get that we love Victoria, but I can’t excuse that behavior since there is no way in hell we would forgive Kate that behavior, having just given birth or not.

      I realize Kate “has a history” and Victoria does not, but even so in the interest of fairness I have to call Victoria out for that. I mean, she clearly knew she was being filmed or at least photo’d since she looked directly at the camera after the first nod off.

      1. I completely agree, but I think most people cut her some slack because she is putting forth respectable effort within a reasonable time of having Oscar. Kate gets called out because she does so little, and there are too many moments caught by media where she’s deliberately looking and smiling for the cameras rather than a professionally working woman representing her country or just making her constructive contribution. You and several others made the excellent point last year that royals can no longer sit idly and use military force or vassals to insulate them, and are really ambassadors for their country. That’s a hardworking, high-level job with excellent perks but you have to get the job done and Vic does that. I respect how hard she’s working to continue the birthright for her daughter and family. She shook off (if even that) that she has to work for the people and isn’t arrogantly thinking, “forget the sods.” She appreciates the nice life and deals with reality. The BRF has a LOT to learn from her, even PC, because I think he’s going to go hardline once it’s his rule.

        1. Couldn’t agree more Sunny. What is a momentary lapse for Victoria is the norm for Kate. Hence the ‘aww’ moment accorded Victoria because it is rare to see her anything but engaged, committed and thoroughly professional. Kate, on any given day, is the polar opposite and deserving of all opprobrium that comes her way. She is a poor representative for the UK.

      2. I agree. I’m a bit… Well, if you can’t keep it together, don’t go. I do think it’s great she went, but honestly, royal ‘work’ is not like a real job and I’m sure she has nannies to help her out so why not take advantage of that and rest as well if she’s going to events where she’ll potentially get tired like that. I get it, newborn babies are exhausting, but it’s pretty disrespectful of Victoria.

        I do not think that was concise but it’s 1am EST, I’ve been up since yesterday morning and went on a red-eye from LA to Boston where I got in at 8am so I am pretty zonked 🙂

        1. If she is breast feeding, the nannies can’t help. If she is pumping milk and using a bottle, she would still need to get up in the middle of the night to pump to make sure her supply doesn’t diminish.

      3. I wonder if Victoria planned to go to the event and the baby had a difficult night. Perhaps, he didn’t feed well, colic or restless.

        You are correct. If Kate had done the same thing many of us (myself included) would have been hard on her. Kate (and William) have lost the trust of many people. Once trust is lost it must be rebuilt carefully and over time. She has yet to start repairing the damage.

        I am convinced if Kate was a hard worker and a strong patron for her charities, a good deal of the criticism which happens over her posture, clothing, smile, the way she holds her clutch, the engagement ring ect. would not be as brought up as much in the conversation.

        1. Your last paragraph: Absolutely. I’m positive that if Kate were a hard worker, she would get a pass on a lot of things she currently doesn’t get a pass on.

      4. You said you cannot excuse that behaviour of falling asleep on an engagement. KMR do you have young children? I still have to do night wake ups, with a toddler, and this week has been hell as his back molars are cutting through, so he and I both cannot sleep. I’ve been driving and going to work with a pounding headache and relying on Advil for it. I would personally be very angry if someone told me that they cannot excuse my behaviour of looking tired and maybe even closing my eyes momentarily while someone is giving a long-winded speech. Hard-working Mothers (not ones like Kate who barely work but have 2 nannies and a night nurse so doubtful that Kate has to get up at nights much ) get judged for everything anyway and I frankly do not want to see judgement from those who have no idea what it’s like to stay up night after night with your child/children.

        1. I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding here. It’s not that I cannot excuse a parent nodding off during a speech when dealing with an infant at home in general. It’s that I cannot excuse Victoria’s nodding off specifically because if it were Kate, we wouldn’t excuse it. So in the interest of being fair, I have to say that I cannot excuse it with Victoria since I wouldn’t excuse it with anyone else, especially Kate.

          No, I don’t have kids. But I’ve heard anecdotes about how difficult dealing with an infant is. Again, I’m not saying that dealing with an infant isn’t hard or that there isn’t lack of sleep, and I’m not making a judgement call on all mothers. What I’m saying is that in order to be fair when talking about these royal women, I have to not excuse Victoria here because we wouldn’t excuse Kate if she did it.

  6. I love her! She cares about her charities and wants to be an advocate. This is what normal women do every day: they work after having a baby. I find it impressive that she’s on this committee. This is not.given to a figurehead, but someone who actively participates. Kudos to her.

    As far as her look, I think that she is beautiful. Her work and commitment makes her beautiful inside and out.

    Thanks for the update, KMR!

    1. Beautiful but exhausted. I am so glad she did this because it is so important but hope she takes time out too. You are so right about her beauty, but I think beauty starts within and can be seen in the eyes – Windows to the soul.

      Love love love this lady, Rhiannon she should be someone to turn to for help.

    2. “This is not.given to a figurehead, but someone who actively participates.”

      I love this comment Rhiannon as it is very very true!

  7. How admirable of Victoria to be present for this event during her maternity leave no less. Her strong work ethic shines through and through.

  8. Victoria is a woman to admire and respect. She does take her position seriously and has such a sense of selfless duty. Thank you for this post bringing awareness to Agenda 2030.

  9. Just want to thread jack for a second and say THANKS!!! to KMR and all of you here who were so encouraging and supportive to me yesterday. As I’ve said before I’m not a techy or gadget kind of gal so the thought that someone could “steal” my words and use them as there own really threw me for a loop. The situation has been fixed, thanks to Charlotte at HRH DK, and I’m hoping that this will be the end of it. Thanks again, we all are such a great group of people that I feel so blessed to know you all.

      1. I am glad it has been sorted out. It would be our loss at KMR for you to feel the need to keep your thoughts to yourself.

      2. Lauri, I had to go back and see what was the problem as I didn’t read all comments the previous day. Like you, I only post here and don’t really follow other blogs so I’m oblivious to internet trolls and the like. I’m sorry you were so upset and I’m relieved everything is taken care off. And I didn’t know you had grandchildren! I’m sure they have the best posture! 🙂

  10. CP Victoria is everything an heir to the throne should be. If Kate were invited to be a part of something like this UN initiative and accepted the position it would do wonders for her image. Alas, though, I fear the Duchess Of Chutney and Keeness would use the excuse she has to focus on her family because a commitment like that might mean she has to actually work and use her brain, 2 things which she is really not “keen” on at all.

    1. I would venture to guess that UN Agenda 2030 would not invite just anybody onto the table- the participants would have had to show a commitment to social change and using their public position for the good of the world- 2 things that Kate has not done at all. It is doubtful that she can even show a commitment to make Chutney!

  11. Thanks for a great post KMR! I can’t wait to see how Agenda 2030 moves ahead and what they will be able to accomplish. I am so thrilled that Victoria seems to recognize this inclusion as the honor that it is and is ready to take her place in making real and lasting changes.

    On a totally superficial note, she looked great today!

  12. Victoria is great…period. When you care it shows and she definitely cares. I think she looks really good as well. Still glowing and so very relaxed. She’s a great example for Estelle. Now I need more pictures of the kids, I’m just greedy that way with this family!

  13. I admire people who use their position for the greater good. She not only advocate issues for her country but for the whole world as well.

  14. That was fast. I have recently discovered KMR and this has become my break during work and I work looong hours. I’m checking it in between calls. Hehehe. I really enjoy the discussions and opinions of commenters.

    1. Welcome! KMR provides well written info about Kate and other royals. It is a fun escape for many of us.

  15. KMR, I’m American, so I don’t know everything, but last night I watched the new documentary about the queen and some videos of Kate’s awkward moments. I have the strong impression that she suffers from clinical anxiety and being married to a … Anyway her lack of work, “lack of identity”, how she stutters giving speeches, that ever present grin, how sad she looks in her eyes, her low weight all scream clinical anxiety and depression. That would explain everything. I’ve been depressed most of my life and have dyslexia, so most people have misunderstood me as well. I’m sure she’s insecure as she has a serious medical issue, (I’m basing this off of her behaviors as they fit my own and what I studied in Abnormal Psyche when I was getting my degree in psychology). I feel bad for her, and don’t envy her spotlight. This also explains why her mother is so close to her. As for that St. Patrick’s day fiasco, I saw old videos of her looking uncomfortable at the event in prior years. I could be really wrong, but her behaviors match mine, but all her talk of herself during the documentary said that she was just really grateful to be allowed to breath. Depressed people tend to give off an air of narcissism, but it’s not fair to call it narcissism. It’s not her fault the press loves to print what she’s wearing. She does look good. Anyway, what do I know?

    1. I tend to agree that she does act as if she has rather severe anxiety. My mother in law suffers from really crippling anxiety and acts in much the same way- has trouble making eye contact, stutters, has weight issues- and also avoids alcohol entirely now as she fears losing control (I thought it was weird how Kate wouldn’t have one sip of wine at the wine tasting event in New Zealand). Of course, impossible to say. I too feel bad for her and don’t envy her at all. Could she perform her role better- I think everyone who reads this blog would (and has) said yes. But perhaps we don’t know all the reasons she seems to falter and in any event I certainly don’t envy her.

      KMR- I really enjoy your posts about other royals. It must take a lot of work to post new information so frequently so thank you!

        1. I am never going to be able to forget that insane Christening. Trying to do a throwback to the 50’s era with the Middletons in matching cream outfits, and poor Nanny Maria complete with Uniform hovering in the distance and then seeing Waiting lift the baby out of the pram and not supporting her head. It was a disaster. Only George talking to the Queen saved it.

          1. I sure wonder about a mother who appears to be thinking more about themselves than a helpless infant. This is her second child. Kate walked out of the hospital with her hair and make-up done, and wearing a bespoke dress, but somehow could not remember to support her daughter’s head.

            I took care of my infant sister at the age of eight. I would not make the mistake of letting an infants head fall back unsupported.

            If Kate does have crippling anxiety she needs to withdrawal from royal duties. That means all of them. Even the fun stuff.

        2. Anxiety and clinical depression are exactly like that. When she’s in the spotlight for doing something regular(non royal) or social she would be more comfortable as are most people with anxiety. Her issues would show, of course if that’s what this is , when it’s her official duties that are the spotlight not her. I’m sure she likes herself, but does she feel good about her position in life? Anxiety and depression would be more obvious then. I also would expect her to be more secure whenever her mother or family is around. The more and more that I read about her the more her husband seems to be the problem. He acts like a person who walks all over her, and after a decade her self-esteem would be bedraggled. If it suits him to use her as an excuse to shirk his duties then that’s really his fault as the heir. There are more than one type of abusive relationships, and mental is the worst. I’m sure being called waity Katey in the press didn’t help. It’s unfair to call her weak if she does suffer from depression and anxiety on the clinical level. Depression is a soul killer and she looks dead at times.

          1. Parading your child as part of a strictly-controlled PR spectacle is neither normal nor social to me. It is a performance she has no problem giving when she is the center of attention and being adored.

            When she shows up at a solemn memorial service chock full of royals, and she’s wearing $50,000 in new jewels? That is someone who wants the attention to be on her because she likes the attention. Whitaker even said she loves the cameras and knows where they are even more than Diana.

            You see anxiety and depression and that is your opinion.

            I don’t see someone who looks anxious. I see someone who looks bored, uninterested, and reluctant where you see anxiety. When the work isn’t something “fun” she has a dismal expression on her face because she doesn’t want to be there, not due to anxiety or depression IMO.

            I never called her weak. I am not in the club that thinks she’s a doormat. She let’s William do what he wants, to a point, because she gets exactly what she wants out of it. She’s a woman who plays the poor little kate, everyone has to take care of me, Learned Helplessness card brilliantly.

      1. I’m so sorry about your mil. A lot of actors and entertainers suffer from clinical anxiety and depression, yet they can be on when needed. It’s the downtime that’s hard.

        1. Notasugarhere,

          None of what you said actually voids the idea of anxiety. I’m sure she likes attention, as do most celebrities, and they also suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments. Whitney Houston had crippling stage fright until she died and severe anxiety, but she loved attention. People can be both. I think William married her family, and at first she was okay with that, but now not so much. Her mother may be enabling her hence why she is anxious. Whatever is going on I wouldn’t want to be her.

          1. It is all opinion on all sides. None of what others are typing proves depression or anxiety, or disproves that she may love the attention and have no anxiety at all.

            IMO I find that line of excuses for her behavior, *convenient* in the extreme. Now the excuse for her laziness is either a mental disorder or an abusive husband. It cannot be that both she and her husband proved themselves to be lazy and directionless for a decade prior to the marriage.

          2. I agree with you notasugar. If there is some sort of clinical issue, then IMHO it’s something that is ongoing and has been occurring since her her childhood. After seeing the few photos they have issued of her as a child, I’ve wondered if she had some kind of illness at some point that led to Carole being an overly protective mother and Kate leaning into that over protective shelter at every opportunity.

            However, she appeared to thrive when at school and in the years after school with William and in the first year, year and a half of their marriage. I believe that the ugly reality of her marriage, her duties to the BRF and public hit her and resulted in the demeanor we see more often that not. Kate probably thought (and it may have been promoted that way by William and Carole) that all would be sunshine and rainbows and the public would love and accept everything about her especially since she had Big Blue and the magical powers it held were bestowed upon her once the ring was slid onto her finger.

            Reality however was completely different. She made the statements of hitting the ground running, then the excuses started about learning the role, taking princess lessons, being eased into the role, HG, time off during the pregnancy, time off after the pregnancy, hands on mom, etc., etc. People gave her a grace period, and instead of building on an okay start she deteriorated. Then we get a little spurt at the end of last year where it appeared she had begun listening to the complaints, people applauded her efforts and she blew it all out of the water by going back to the lazy ways.

            If there is an issue there then it needs to be dealt with as they simply can’t squirrel away in whatever expensively redecorated hidey hole they’ve procured for themselves through public funds and expect to continue to receive the blessings and largess of the public that provides their funding. Their joint focus is mental health yet they can’t seem to hold the mirror up to themselves. What kind of environment is that to raise their kids in? What kind of role models are they to the heir to the heir to the heir. Forget the heir situation, as the way things are going there may well be no monarchy when George is an adult. How does this affect their kids views on working period? Two parents who are practically crippled by assumed issues and just want to hide away from every one? It’s just not a good situation all around and I can understand wanting to be able to put a label on her to explain why she/they are the way they are, but sometimes the explanation is the simplest. They are basically entitled, generally lazy people who prefer to play at the dream jobs they want (William) and stay at home and be the rich country wife/mother.

          3. I want to shout “Bravo!” to Lisa for her comments. Perfectly, and I mean perfectly stated.

  16. Aw Victoria. Truly my favorite royal. I love Maxima and really like Mary but Victoria has lived with all the pressures of an heir (maybe one not wanted too?) and she is so committed and dedicated to her role and duty.

    I am truly happy that she chooses to show how important and seriously she takes her job and how invested she is.

    I didn’t like the emphasis on her looking tired (I think I saw a whole DM article devoted to her snoozing for a little bit) and not focusing on how amazing it was that she took a break from maternity leave to attend this event.

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