The Prince William press war continues with the press defending William

The Prince William press war continues with the press defending William

After Emily Andrews at The Sun called out Prince William, multiple times, and Richard Palmer at the Express called out William as well as Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, two reporters have decided to defend William’s choice to put off royal duties and hide himself and his family away.

Cambridge family photo 2015 xl
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Bryony Gordon wrote a piece for the Telegraph titled, Princess Diana would be proud of her progressive Prince William, in which she was so over the top in her defense of William that either she is as delusionally privileged as William or she used such hyperbole to intentionally piss people off in order to get them to dislike William even more.

I’m not discounting what William went through with the divorce of his parents and the death of his mother when he was 15, but all in all William had a very privileged childhood. William never suffered physical/mental/sexual abuse, illness, poverty, homelessness, growing up an orphan, child labor, violence, drug abuse, abduction, lack of access to education, etc.

Not only is this article insulting to everyone who did deal with these issues during childhood or is currently dealing with these issues, the article is insulting to parents who actually have to work in order to put a roof over their kids’ heads and food on the table (because William does not), and insulting to actual stay-at-home parents who take care of their children and household without the help of staff and nannies (because William is not a “stay-at-home dad” no matter what the article said).

This article has to be intentionally insulting in order to get people to dislike William even more, right? There’s no way Gordon actually believes any of what she wrote, right? Right?

Princess Charlotte Christening Photo Cambridge family
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Camilla Tominey wrote a piece for the Sunday Express in defense of William titled, ‘Workshy’ William? No, he is a brilliant parent. I’m only quoting part of her article, but she also talks about how Charles has a standoffish relationship to his sons, how William finds comfort and support in the Middletons, and how William is working at EAAA. Tominey said in part:

    “Despite their high-profile charitable campaigning, however, William and Kate have recently attracted the tag of ‘reluctant royals’, seemingly more committed to their own family than the family ‘Firm’.
    “Much has been made of the fact that even as she approaches her 90th birthday, the Queen still carries out more royal duties than the Cambridges and Prince Harry combined. The Duke of Edinburgh, who turns 95 in June, also clocked up more official engagements than the young royals put together last year – hardly a ringing endorsement for modern monarchy.
    “Yet as Kensington Palace pronounced last week in defiance of his critics, William prides himself on being a ‘modern working husband and father’.
    “While tempting to pick holes in the single-minded and sometimes selfish approach of a petulant prince who can be decidedly prickly at times, especially towards the Press, there is actually an admirable motive behind William’s unwillingness.
    “It is not just that the 33-year-old royal is worried about overshadowing his father: he is afraid of turning into him. As one source close to the Duke put it this week: ‘William does not want to be an absent father because he knew what it was like growing up with one. Prince Charles is and always has been a workaholic. He wasn’t always there for William and Harry and nor was Princess Diana. People forget the princes were brought up on the nursery floor – they didn’t even eat with their parents.’ […]
    “Amid all the criticism William does at least have one stalwart source of support: his grandmother. Although there have been concerns behind palace gates that the Cambridges ‘could be doing more and being less choosy about it’, according to a well-placed insider the Queen understands that William is ‘playing the long game’.
    “While the Cambridges’ cosy existence at Anmer Hall, their Norfolk bolthole, continues to raise eyebrows among courtiers, not least after £4million of taxpayers’ money was spent renovating their apartment at Kensington Palace, HM appears fine with them living the country life.
    “‘The Queen is fully supportive of the duke having his own career outside of royal duties,’ said an aide.
    “Another source added: ‘If anything there is more concern about Prince Harry and what he will do with his life now he has left the military. I think the consensus is that it would be great if he could find a nice girl like Kate and settle down like William.’
    “Once a family completely bound by duty, it seems parenthood has shifted the priorities of the next generation of royals rising through the ranks.”

I said in a comment several days ago that one of the first go-tos to cover for William is always to throw Harry under the bus, and well… they threw Harry under the bus.

I like Camilla Tominey and usually agree with her opinions, but I can’t this time. We don’t live in a binary world. William could work at his royal duties AND be a good parent – those two are not mutually exclusive. And it’s not like we’re asking him to work 100 hours a week; just a couple of hour-long engagements per week.

It’s not the quantity of time one spend with one’s kids, but the quality of time one spend with one’s kids. The fact that my single mother worked a full time job was not the cause of our problems; the interactions we had when we did spend time together was the cause of our problems. The fact that my father worked a full time job was not the problem; the fact that my father cared more about sticking it to my mother than spending time with his only daughter was the problem.

Abusing one’s child makes one a bad parent; abandoning one’s child makes one a bad parent. Working full time does not make one a bad parent.

Prince George 2nd birthday pic
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BTW, We still don’t have any photos of William holding Charlotte.

Blog schedule: Barring any news of Kate, William, or Harry, this coming week will have updates on several European royals including Princess Charlene, Queen Maxima, and the Swedes.

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208 thoughts on “The Prince William press war continues with the press defending William

  1. Well, we expected such back-kissing articles to come out anyway, so no surprise for me. But usually when Harry is thrown under the bus, it means this is a desperate move. Unless the problem is severe, Harry is usually left alive and happy. Wondering whether Wills used the Windsor’s money or tax money for saving his arse. In the budget line, it may have been tagged PR and “others”. Hmm…

  2. Thanks for the summary. I am really not sure about Bryony Gordon, I never really agree with her articles, but yesterdays made me spitting mad.
    If they want to sell us the Will being a full time father I think they need to a) justify the cost to the tax payer of him being able to do what so few tax paying parents are able to do ie stay at home and still manage to live in two multi million pound homes and b) show some evidence of it. As often discussed here we simply have no evidence that Will spends any time with the kids. Although when he picked up George at the hospital he is clearly close to him, but there are no trips or outings to the park etc.
    Harry, as often said before, must get his own team around him and do what is right. Anne didn’t and does’t care two hoots about anyone else she just gets on with her work. Harry needs to do the same now, and publicise what he is doing. If HM and PC don’t want him to do that then he should go back to the military – if he is not wanted as a full time working royal, let him do what he really wants to do. Sorry Rhiannon I know you won’t want him back in any war zone.

    1. If William wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, then Kate would have to be working full time as a royal – like at least Camilla-level number of engagements. The thing about stay-at-home parents is, unless you’re living off a trust fund, one parent has to work full time to support the family. Both parents can’t be stay-at-home parents. But Kate wants to be the “hands on mom”, so unless William is cool with the PR of “I’m a prince living off my trust fund and the taxpayers” then he cannot be a stay-at-home dad.

      Harry really does need his own team who will put him first and really sell him the proper way. As of right now, Harry seems to be an afterthought and scapegoat to the KP team.

      1. I’m fascinated. So far we’ve had:
        * helicopter rescue hero
        * full time, hands on parent
        * MUMMY!!
        * distant, uncaring father (Charles)
        * pap pics of the kids
        * but… Harry is the worst!
        * in the future William is going to work super hard at, like, stuff, yeah

        Is there anything left? Seriously. He’s run through his entire arsenal of work avoidance talking points. I can’t wait to see what he pulls out of his ass next. I bet its another gap year.

        1. Totally agree. Such freeloaders, entitled brats -Willnot*Cannot!

          The SRF children and pregant Princesses, run rings around these lazy in Line who are a joke to carrer and professional plebs with families and children.

          GB UK and the CW is in serious trouble if they ever allow these two near the Throne.

        2. You’ve left off a very subtle dig at Diana.

          Somewhere in the article it also says that the kids (William and Harry) were essentially raised by their nannies because they didn’t see their parents for meals, parents (plural) were also working a lot AND the kids were kept to the nursery wing.

          Since we know that they went to boarding school at 7yrs old, that comment also means that William is throwing his mother under the bus as well for poor parenting.

          That particular paragraph also goes on to say that since his parents worked all the time, it justifies his not working because that would make him a bad parent….just like his own parents (plural)

          So he has gone from ‘leave my family alone because Mummy was hounded to her death’ to ‘Mummy and Daddy were always working and were bad parents’

      2. I really hope that the rest of the press keeps the pressure on. I too find the arguments defending William insulting to how normal people have to manage their lives because they aren’t insulted by extreme wealth and privilge. People who, in Britain, partially fund his privileged existence. Do these autors really think that people work work hard to provide for their families in an uncdertain economy gives too hoots about the “problems” of poor little Prince William?

        I, too, wonder about the intention behind piece in the piece in the Telegraph. Especially since the paper went out of its way to point out William’s lack of work (both royal and helicopter), his pitiful use of CAA (and their following smack-down) as well as Kate’s spendthrift use of the helicopter. It reads to me like they are covering their bases.

      3. completely agree!!!
        another great article as usual!!
        I ve found that two article in favour of stay at home will insulting : my parents both worked and were back home at 6,30 and had the week ends off. i had never ever problems because of their jobs. I had problems about how my mum wanted me to be, how perfect i was supposed to be to her. But their job has never ever caused me any problem.
        people need to work to put a roof on their kids heads, will must work to prove that the taxpayers money aren’ t going to waste and so far these money look wasted indeed. And please quit with the story of the hands on parents: they ve got nannies( george has been spotted a few times hanging around with nanny Maria) and housekeepers so they don’ t stir a finger at home

        1. Ugh, right? I am so sick of the full time parent crap they hide behind. Guess when I’ll believe it. When they lose the full time live in nanny(ies?). Have one on retainer for when absolutely needed. But if they are such FAMILY people, ask “dad” to help out, or the diligent Carole, when you need a hand with the kids. And don’t pay them.
          Really, it’s all just ridiculous, and the ass kissing reporters sound beyond stupid. Oh, ok, so we are letting the Cambridges appear normal in the press ( stay at home mom and dad works full time), but live like spoiled royals because that’s truly all they know.
          And if I have to hear one more aside about Kate packing her schedule with charitable works… She will NEVER do that. This woman has spent a decade keeping her calendar as wide open as a barn door, to accomadate the Prince. Couldn’t even hold down a frickin job, because of it. She’s STILL doing it, and now I blame both of them.
          I hold out hope for the kids, but I can see those two are dumb as rocks.

          1. I’m kinda torn on the “they can’t be hands on parents because they have a nanny” thing. My parents had a live in nanny when I was born. She was my nanny until we immigrated to Canada. My parents actually wanted to sponsor her, but she didn’t want to so she could stay in the same city as her city. We respected her wishes. She was awesome, so it kinda sucked. Anyway, my parents had a nanny because they both worked full time. But at night and on weekends, they were very hands on with me. They did things with me, they took me places, they provided for me. And they included the nanny too in whatever we were doing. So maybe Kate and William are hands on with George and Charlotte. We don’t really know. If only I could be a fly on the wall at KP.

          2. Miss K the difference is your parents worked ..I had a nanny for my kids when I worked full time. Nothing wrong with it, it is one of several childcare options that most of us have to take. Trouble is W&K hardly work at all, so they really only need a babysitter for the odd occasion that they are both unavailable to do childcare. If you have a nanny and DONT work in 21st century , it means you don’t take care of your kids.
            Hope that makes sense it is a difficult and delicate balance, but I think they have got it wrong.

          3. +1 Birdy. If you have a full time nanny and you don’t work, you can’t be considered a hands on or full time parent. Simple as that.

          4. Do you remember when George was born much was said about how they would not have a nanny or night nurse, they were going to be hands on and take care of George themselves? They went for two months being hands on and called in William’s old nanny to take over.

            Then they hired Nanny Maria in 2014. I think they learned that they absolutely cannot handle raising a baby themselves and need a nanny around. This is probably when William developed his image of George. He wanted a baby who was sweet and gentle and cried very little. George looked like a scamp from the start, even when presented at the hospital he wasn’t the serene little bundle that Charlotte was. They were two people who’d probably never been near a baby in that situation and were clueless. I don’t think I’ll ever forget William jiggling George constantly whenever he was holding him. And I mean constantly.

            I’m sure they see the kids, but based on William’s generalities about the kids and never seeing Kate with Charlotte and not even George lately it’s making me wonder what is going on behind the walls of Anmer. The main reason we never hear them talk about the kids is that the parents themselves are rarely out in a situation to say something about them. But this cloak of invisibility William has thrown over these kids is mind boggling.

            I wonder what they think when they see the other royal babies and children photos? Does William sneer while thinking he’s superior to them? Or does he think they are crazy to let the press in.

            I’d really like to have a conversation with these two to try to understand their mindset, but I’m afraid it will lead me straight to a few bottles of something alcoholic in an attempt to wash away the twisted logic they will use.

          5. @ Lisa,

            I agree, but I’d add the wrinkle that both of them–hard to know exactly how much–but were relying on Carole to take care of George while coddling them as well. We know from little pieces over the years that Carole “mothered” William as much as Kate. There was an outcry in the media at how much influence Carole was having over these two and access to little George, so Maria came into the picture. It says a lot that these two adults are so dependent on Carole. They don’t try to find their inner resolve; she whisks in and does everything, then pets them both and reminds them of their rank–and rank should have catering. Both wouldn’t question that; why would they? What William doesn’t see is his manhood is being called into question. He’s becoming less, not more, as he grows older. And if you look at James, Michael, and now William, there’s an ugly trend of men who seem lost and sucked dry.

          6. Babies are babies. Being a first time parent brings a lot of stress and insecurities whether you do things right. You live with it and then you grow as a parent, accepting and loving your child as he/she is.
            W&K didn’t last long as hands on parents and resorted in hiring a nanny and accepted Carole’s help. They had all the help that they wanted when they wanted it. For me that shows that they didn’t have the stamina as any young couple to forge the intimate relationship with their child and accept his character. In a way, their insecurity as parents and their belief that their children should be of a certain mould may not allow their children to be themselves and could result in a distance between the couple and their children.
            William’s generalities may show just that: his inability to get to know his children and accept them the way they are.

          7. Miss K:

            The problem is not the nanny; the problem is the PR lies.

            I have no problems with W&K (or anyone) having a nanny and would probably have one myself if I have kids (and can afford one).

            The problem is not the nanny in and of itself, the problem is W&K’s PR claiming (and trying desperately to pull the heart strings of the average parent) that they cannot work more than they work because they want to stay home and be “hands on parents” like the “modern, average parent”. The problem is that W&K aren’t taking care of their household and kids the way the average stay-at-home parent does so their PR is BS.

            You can have a nanny and be around for your kids. But don’t claim you’re doing everything for your kids when you have a nanny, because you’re not. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t lie to gain sympathy points from “average parents” who do have to do everything for their kids because they cannot afford a nanny and household staff.

            The nanny and staff aren’t the problem. The problem is W&K use their kids as an excuse not to work.

          8. Lisa
            That follows a loooong history or WK PR saying they don’t have staff when they do.
            Kate wasn’t to have her own full staff within first year of marriage. She did.
            WK weren’t to have staff in 1st year of marriage in the cottage or KP or AH later on. They did.
            George was not to have a nanny. He did.

            Same with night nurses as they were in a seperate catagory.

        1. Lisa: as @runnerwaysnarker has detailed, they claimed an intention not to have a nanny for George, yet moved to Bucklebury Towers the day after his birth where a night nurse, Carole and day nanny was waiting. Ditto a housekeeper. I remember the detail of all the waiting staff + Carole because it was being described as an idyll. Carole would provide support, but Kate had nurses and nannies and housekeepers who were separate from whatever arrangement already existed with Carole’s own housekeeping staff.

          William moved back to Wales in a week or two, and Kate followed after a month. At which point they hired Nanny Jessie.

          It’s a complete myth that Goerge has never had a nanny or night nurse or that these 2 numpties were hands on without any help at all at any given time.

          What’s even more mindboggling is that where ever Kate and George were, William was not. She told the world that he was absent for George’s first few months. And we all remember his complaints about George’s crying during the first 6mths.

  3. Sadly, I expect these articles will become the norm as they echo what people think of William because of his PR. The hard-working, awesome, friendly prince who’s a great dad and saves lives flying helicopters LEAVE HIM ALONE! It just reflects what people believe about him because of the KP PR machine and even before that, when the media kept protecting him and pushing the Golden Boy image.

    Now, if I believed any of it, I’d say that’s great he’s an involved parent, but one can work at the same time. My husband works 40-60 hours a week. You bet your butt he’s an involved parent. William doesn’t have to choose, but people push this idea he does, and look, he chose to be the cool dud family guy!

    Obviously this frustrates and annoys me.

    William is on the Facebook sidebar about being interviewed (ha) about George and Charlotte. The gushing, sugary comments make me want to vomit.

    1. Was “dud” a typo and meant to be “dude”? Because that’s hilarious. William is definitely a dud. He may be a cool dud, but he’s a dud nonetheless.

      1. It was supposed to be “dad,” but “dud” is way more appropriate. My fingers didn’t want to cooperate apparently. 😀

  4. Modern husband and father is just not appropriate wording. William has the luxury of having no financial worries and being able to spend a considerable amount of time with his children and wife unlike most modern fathers and husbands, there just is no comparison in that sense. I agree with KMR it is quality not quantity that makes the difference. William should have the time to take his children some where. And as has been noted not one photo of William being involved with his children as Kate and Nanny Maria. Though we haven’t seen much of the children since the birth of Charlotte.

  5. I’m very disappointed in Camilla Tominey.

    I wonder if the Express allowed Palmer his comment piece on the proviso that Tominey offered an alternate view, so providing balance? Express is normally pro-Royal.

    Shame then that Palmers got buried late on a Friday (was it online only?) and Tominey got the Sundays.

      1. RE: Article #3. That was a lot of personal information on what Harry is doing when off duty. He was in CA New year’s eve??? Some of it might have a grain of truth but is this filler stuff to get to the main point. He is having all these ongoing fun things as soon he will be working non stop. And all of a sudden Queen E and hubby are going to release a bunch of their work load etc etc. Yeah right Harry is going to take on a lot and possibly more than his brother. It read like Hello those type of magazines.

      2. Jason is in full crisis control mode. The sugary articles aren’t really working so they are now slinging mud. As I commented on DM, they can sling all they want, once he’s out there working that increased load it will slide right off. And William and Kate will still be huddling in Anmer, twiddling their thumbs wondering why everyone doesn’t love Diana’s son and the Wearer of the Ring.

      3. Years ago HM continued to downsize her workload. Around the time she could not carry out an event because the weight of her jewels for the ceremony were too great. So Charles stepped in. This made it news and that HM was giving more to Charles. In turn Charles had to give more of his duties away. Reasonable assumption would be for his POW duties to start being handed down to William. What happened was William declined. Harry took on their father’s extra workload as did their cousins.

        William should be terribly ashamed, but i don’t think he’s self aware enough to realise this.

  6. Byrony Gordon mentions that Catherine “tirelessly campaigns for mental health” and this is the kind of gross exaggeration that I have a problem with.It would be far more accurate to say that Catherine has shown an interest in the issue of mental health and is expected to increase her campaigning for it.
    As for William-he needs to be seen more in public,otherwise he risks the chance of becoming irrelevant.Maybe he increases his workload in the coming months.I still don’t understand why he didn’t attend the BAFTA event,unless he had duty with the EAAA at the time.According to the aide the Queen fully supports him,so if she doesn’t have a problem than IDK
    And throwing Harry under the bus was not cool.It is probably quite hard for him to find a woman who he likes,who genuinely likes him back and is willing to live in the public eye.

    1. We only have KP’s side of the story when it comes to what the Queen approves of. Her press office hasn’t said a word. Remember when the Queen wanted the Cambridge to have the first two years of their marriage to themselves before they became full time royals? That came from William, not BP. It’s like William is daring the Queen to call him a liar. She never does, no matter how unlikely the statements attributed to her are.

    2. Perhaps an intelligent woman knows that if she were to marry Harry (hey it rhymes!) and she dare be more beautiful and accomplished than Lazy Katie- then the wrath of Will’s PR will land upon her head! She will be trashed, gossiped about and insulted and probably innuendoes about her being a gold digger, all over the media, fed of course by WK’s own PR. Trust me, I am the wife of a younger brother and my husband and I have been trashed by the rotten older brother and his wife in front of my in laws and to all their own family, in order that the older brother and his wife can look good. No woman would sign up for that kind of treatment.

  7. “William had a very privileged childhood. William never suffered physical/mental/sexual abuse, illness, poverty, homelessness, growing up an orphan, child labor, violence, drug abuse, abduction, lack of access to education, etc.” I agree with you KMR. And about Diana’s death I know a loss is a bad thing to somebody but William’s attitude is something more, IMO. It’s like he has some type of remorse or pity. If what I read that he had a fight with her in their last meeting and he said he hated her, so I understand that what William feels for his mother is more than miss, it’s something he did and he couldn’t repair it because she died. Remorse is one of the worst feelings someone can have regarding a loss of a beloved person. I have a situation like this in my family. My father was a very difficult person and he had several fights with my brother. And when my father fell ill my brother hardly showed up to see how he was and help him or phoned to know about him. But when my father died my brother started to speak only good things about our father, almost turned him into a saint. It was not about to remember only good things about our father, it was only remorse and pity for not having helped him when he was dying. My brother just points to our faults than those of our father, and it was not like this when dad was alive. So what my brother feels is remorse and pity, what I think it’s what William also feels. I hate the “poor William, he lost his mother”. Harry also lost his mother and he doesn’t act like this. A clear proof that he does not feel remorse for his mother’s death, like me about my father’s death. And which has to do to be a brilliant father with not work. So only a father who doesn’t work can be a “brilliant father”. Of course NOT.

    1. Thank you for sharing this Jamel, you’re right, remorse is a terrible feeling especially towards a deceased. I often feel that the collective guilt of the fierce pursuing of Diana’s personal life is a reason for her post mordem idealisation from the public.

      As for William, I have commented before about his issues and his need for professional therapy. I think it’s valid, although I don’t excuse his adult choices, especially using his loss as an excuse for his lack of work ethic.

      IMO, the essence here is that is now openly admitted in the press that William has done everything so far to postpone his duties and such a fact is totally acceptable and natural. I really have a difficult time to understand this, even in the case that HM approves.

    2. I completely understand feeling sad that your parent died. And I completely understand feeling guilt or remorse at the last interactions you had before your parent died. But at the same time, you can’t use that as an excuse not to progress your life. It’s a devastating loss, but you have to move on. Your parents would want you to move on, you know. I can’t imagine Diana wanting William to wallow in her death forever. She’d want him to be a productive member of society. Any parent who does not want their child to be a productive member of society is a bad parent.

  8. Remember when Kate told her peeps to fill her calendar up. Hahaha I know she is fuming that her calendar is completely empty. Snark snark. What a joke, The royals are going to start work any minute, you just watch and see dribble is still being pumped out by the pr people in this third article.

    1. LadyJenn, that calendar is soooo very full that Kate doesn’t know which way to turn. That’s why she looks so disheveled on her engagements, she can’t remember which one she wore last and she’s in such a rush to get out the door that she just grabs any old thousand pound thing that’s hanging around.

      Just add this to the list of hitting the ground running, the thousand times she’s been “keen” to do something and all those imaginary private meetings she has.

      1. Hahaha, just last week she had to rush and go buy some fitness clothes so fast that she forgot and wore her old dirty yard shoes to town. The struggle is real. So much to do….

      2. “she’s in such a rush to get out the door that she just grabs any old thousand pound thing that’s hanging around.”


    2. Kate’s work ethic has always been one of empty rhetoric; did we really believe that her diary would be filled? Her personal history is a life of indolence, nothing else. The PR dross is insulting to everyone with a functioning brain.

      1. Isn’t it amazing how they write these articles and apparently believe we go off and never match up rhetoric with reality? Like we’ve mind-numbed robots who swallow everything put out on media both good and bad. William working 20 hours a week and crying off royal-engagements from “needing to rest,” is a scandal. Worse though is if he isn’t working even 20. We can see that he’s not attending events and supporting his patronages. Fact trumps innuendo.

    3. Now, now, I’m sure her diary IS filled – with hair appointments, mani- pedi appointments, shopping trips, visits to the sets of her favorite TV shows, and lunches out where she has only water. She’s BUSY, people!

    4. Oh yeah. They did have that PR exercise at the beginning of the year. So much for that BS.

  9. These sugar filled articles about William are only good for increasing my blood pressure. But then I look at them from a comedic point of view and have a good laugh. Jason, time to use another tactic. Like William and Kate getting off of their lazy a$$es and actually working the jobs they get their lifestyle from. Or better yet, tell William to step aside and go to work full time for EAAA and live off of that and what’s left of his trust fund. That will scare them straight.

  10. The three articles salivating at the wonder that is William are just inexecrable.
    Harry needs to delicately but urgently remove himself from the line of fire, set up his own press office and move ahead with his life. If he wants to return to the military in some capacity, then he should. Perhaps he needs to throw one humongous tantrum himself so that his family and PR office don’t dare use him like this.
    God forbid he ends up with a leach like Kate. Let’s hope Harry has well and truly worked out Kate: when you scratch beyond the ‘naice gel’ rhetoric, there’s nothing there.
    I think William should step away from public work (such as it is) and undergo intensive psychological treatment. I agree with KMR and others’ appraisal. He causes too many problems for others, all of which needed to be addressed by the Queen and Charles a long, long time ago.

    1. I’m just waiting for the article that’s going to throw the York girls under a bus. That’s another tactic that William seems to use when the press is calling him out on something and they’ve been slinging mud for a while.

      And yes, Harry needs to separate his office from his brother and SIL. W & K are clearly toxic for Harry and will only try to make him look bad instead of promoting “the three musketeers” show.

      I don’t think Harry will end up with a leach or flimsy girl but I DO believe the press will do everything to make her the “bad” royal in-law over Kate. They did it 30 years ago (Diana vs Fergie, who I admittedly like) and I’m sure they’d be happy to do it again.

      1. +1. Distract, distract, distract
        While Mommy Carole makes him an extra cheese on toast
        As far as Harry goes, he’s not playing along (or not blind) anymore. That picture of him giving Kate a harsh look at the Spectre opening said a lot. There are a few where he’s smiling at Kate, but very minimal to what used to be. I’ve said that I think he found out Kate was trying to collude something up to get him involved with her sister where it was clear that he thought Pippa was good looking, but not for him. Either that or he’s caught her in a couple lies.

      2. But maybe there will be more mileage in throwing W+K under a bus when Harry marries someone (hopefully) decent. If he does marry a woman with a strong work ethic and together they find strength in each other NOT to be less than they can be because of the Lazies, that would throw the cat among the pigeons. As well as being somewhat karmic.

  11. The only thing that can fix this is to be seen working. To be seen engaged. To continue to tell us is nothing without seeing it. And what we see doesn’t add up to the words. There’s only so much Jason can do. William is a mule. Not a Stallion.

    1. Except that mules do a lot of work, so a lame horse might do instead! I was wondering if William were not royal, what would have been his fate?
      I agree that there is lots of ‘nothing without seeing it’.

      1. If he were not royal, he would be just another ordinary looking bloke. The difference is he won’t have Waity on his side, because she and her scheming social climber mother won’t even give him a second look.

      2. lol They do… I meant more in the terms of optics. That he is presented to us as this strong hard worker. But, what we get is not that.

        If anyone is familiar there was an old Sunday comic strip called Goofus and Gallant. It’s not only William and Harry, but it’s the William presented by PR and the real William.

  12. The press seems to be portraying William as 2 different characters: one lazy another one hardworking. We want proofs: photos or real testimonials from witnesses. Anecdotes from William about his children are not enough: he’s either lying or just doesn’t want to divulge anything personal. A picture really tells a thousand words. When you see private photos of William interacting with his kids then we’ll know whether he’s a stay-home dad or a part time one. If he’s really a dedicated pilot/worker then find real testimonies from colleagues or friends. So the real question is if he’s not at home with his family, not working & not doing royal duties so what has he been doing??!! If he has some mental problems,admit it & get help. Just stop lying to the public & be somebody that he is not.

    1. “So the real question is if he’s not at home with his family, not working & not doing royal duties so what has he been doing??!!” Or who he is doing.

      1. Yes Jen, another royal scandal? Maybe the Queen is saying, ” Can’t all these wait until after her 90th birthday celebration or until she’s dead?” I’m sure the poor woman has had enough of these scandals.

      1. I think I’m going to withhold my comments Birdy until KMR posts her article. I really don’t want to thread jack this wonderful dialogue, I’m simply done with William and patiently waiting to talk (write) about something/someone else.

          1. I love watching the Oscars and the red carpet show.

            BTW, your girl Leti will be covered here tomorrow.

          2. Another one watching the Oscars coverage!! Leo better get that Best Actor Oscar because he should’ve gotten it YEARS AGO!! I thought he was great in The Aviator!!

            I can’t wait to see the Swedes later this week!!

          3. Alicia Vikander’s career has taken off at astronomical speed! I remember her entering the Scandinavian movie scene just a few years ago playing the tragic Queen Caroline Mathilde of Denmark in “A Royal Affair”.

            I’m looking forward to seeing her portrayal of Danish artist Gerda Wegener, whose work is exhibited at ARKEN near Copenhagen at present.

          4. A Swedish girl is awarded for the Danish girl. I’m actually happy for her. I liked the film. When I come in Copenhagen I’ll visit the exhibition. 🙂

  13. Thanks for the précis , KMR. I just can’t read their stuff. It’s made of lies. I marvel at how easily and readily people will lie for them. Makes me sick. So do the Cambridges. The lies from them and about them are practically pathological, they are so shameless and continuous and ludicrous. That’s all I’ve got.

  14. Interesting photos KMR has chosen all very out of date …. Why??? Because we don’t have anything more recent from our loving full time parents living off the tax payer. Says it all really. Charlotte has been seen coming out of hospital, christening, Christmas photo plus a few pap shots. And they want us the peasants to build a relationship with her. Guess what we couldn’t care less. Of course I wish her no harm, other than that she is of absolutely no interest to me, and frankly nor is George because I am sick to death with all the stereotyping.

      1. Oh I don’t think so Cat, I think her parents are just lazy and self obsessed and think the peasants will love her more if she is kept totally secret. We are only paying for her upbring and lifestyle so why on earth would we want to see her??? Actually at this point I don’t want to see her.

    1. There were those George starting school photos that are a tad newer, but they are only of George not the whole family.

  15. Another poster remarked that Kate was out and about with George. I googled images for Kate Middleton and Prince George and sure enough there are shots of her pushing him in a pram thru a park, at a petting zoo with mini tractors, etc. It seemed so “normal”.

    Fast forward to now….nothing. Google “kate middleton and princess charlotte” and there is just the “official” photos. And yesterday, another poster who lives nearby noted that Kate is never out with the kids.

    Something is strange is going on. Kate is NEVER out and about with the kids, at least outside of Anmer Hall. Why would that be? IMO, i think it is William-he has imposed his hatred of the press and his need for privacy on his wife and kids so the end result is that they are holed up at Anmer. Maybe that’s why Kate looks so tired and thin IRL…dealing with a prick, control freak husband will do that to a woman.

    Poor William. I’m sure he understands that the Press is integreal to him maintaining his status as Royal, but yet despises the Press at the same time. Truly a circle made in hell.

    Here is a suggestion Mr. Cambridge: you and your family STOP accepting taxpayer dollars in ANY FORM from the government and you can live like a private citizen.

    1. Seattle, and then he can go out and get a job, have a mortgage and learn that shopping in Waitrose though great is expensive. The nanny would have to go, and he would have to go out without security like most of us. I have a son living in London and with all the worries in the world I worry about him constantly. Perhaps he should understand how that feels for us peasants. In all honesty it would make him a better person and a better King.

    2. I think William has fed Kate so many things about the press and media that he now has her paranoid. Or, he is telling her the comments people made and have caused to her become a recluse.

      1. From her behavior the recluse angle rings false.
        I think she just doesn’t understand what is actually expected of her. And doesn’t want to understand.
        IF anything. I’d say she doesn’t get out more to make sure William doesn’t blow his lid. Although, that’s a stretch. She just doesn’t do much. Never has.

  16. What’s noteworthy about these two articles is that they don’t argue against the main premise that Will isn’t working. Because he isn’t. They try to defend him but they can’t argue the fact. So that’s important because it’s true he’s coasting. The York girls get called out constantly for not working enough, yet Will’s press buddies and super-fans want a different standard for him, and he’s the heir. He has privileges the York girls will never have, so he has no excuse. What’s really ridiculous is how William is still being represented to the public (and maybe exists in his own mind) as a child still, and that his behavior is a product of PC or Princess Diana’s death. That Will as a 30+ year old man has his behavior and lack of work blamed on his father, his mother, his privileged situation, his neurosis, whatever is ridiculous. This is the product of Will believing he’s a victim, a prisoner of his life, and that narrative constantly (and maybe unconsciously) supported by the royal cocoon of HM and most recently, Jason and crew. I’ve said many times that Will needs tough love (ie, a good kick in the a**).

    1. I know of no significant correlation between the death of your mother when you’re an adolescent and being a lazy, self-indulgent. *lying* slacker, especially at age 34. I don’t know where people get these ideas. He’s an entitled, narcissistic *@ss* who fancies himself the Sun King, an absolute ruler by divine right. Also, he has *no* respect for the memory of his mother. He’s actually quite a monster.

    2. + 1
      In fact, I think William must be terribly jealous of the York girls for living a life of eternal vacationing and partying while not having the responsibilities of the heir.

      1. I think the York girls can party all they like ‘cos they’re working girls. They earn real money for a living to support themselves & so whatever they do to unwind is nobody’s business.

      2. Exactly. I think he’d love to switch places. And worse, the York girls do volunteer and have positives that go completely by the media wayside because they are the designated pinata.

        1. I agree about the pinata statement regarding the York girls. They cannot get a break due to the public’s perception and feelings about their parents.

    3. They can’t argue that William isn’t working so they decide to explain away the fact that he isn’t working.

      And yes, huge double standard since the York girls are always put on blast when they take a holiday, yet William and Kate’s lack of work is explained away.

      1. Considering a “holiday” for them has been counted such when it was a visit to a friends. Or a day on a boat.
        I didn’t realise when I stayed so late playing board games at a friends and slept over it qualified as a holiday. On the weekend.

        1. Unless all your friends and relatives live in the same town, if not the same neighbourhood, by the Yorkie Holiday media standard, you are permanently on holiday. Even if all you do is visit your friends in the next town or state for the weekend.

          1. I remember that story only came out when Kate’s holidays started getting noticed.
            1 of the funniest things about that time was how few vacations she had. There was a nearly 3 week mustique vacation that was counted as 1. If there was a holiday built into a tour it was not counted at all.Any weekend show she saw also not counted. Had a York sister taken a day to shop all day it would certainly be counted.

    4. What annoys me the most is that it seems he has two views of his life – he is a victim but he is also entitled. He grew up in the midst of unparalleled luxury and always knew from early childhood that he was a prince. (Remember that story from nursery school when he said something to another child like “I’ll send my knights after you!”). Yet he wallows in the victim mentality. The combination is disgusting. Pick a lane, William. Step up and be a prince or give it up and live a private life fawned over by Carole and Kate because you are “poor William.” You can’t be both.

      1. And I’m sick of the media narrative about his parents. They both were-Diana, and are-Charles, incredibly hard workers. So why isn’t he if the media wants to point at behavioral as his excuse? He comes from a family with incredible service (HM, DOE, PA…) Sophie and Edward are doing great.. Will is just lazy. Everyone else is working and I guess he thinks he’s owed or something, or he can just hide behind their work efforts and still reap the laurels. Honeymoon’s over bud.

  17. I usually never comment on any blogs but I had to do it in this case since you said exactly what I was thinking. I admit I was on the bandwagon that loved following Catherines fashion choices but that’s where it ends. I do find she has done absolutely nothing to prove she can be Queen (for that matter William has yet to prove he’s fit to be king) and if I were any of the other senior royals, I would ensure things change. One doesn’t get to hide behind the “but I don’t want to be King and this is a role I was born into” card and still enjoy the privileges that come with it. I also get furious with the constant mention and reminder that Diana died as if that’s an excuse to be lazy or run away from responsibilities. My mom died when I was 5 years old and I was raised by a mentally and physically abusive father. No way in hell would I use that as an excuse to not be a productive member of society. The excuse that they want to hold onto a ‘normal life’ as a family is also absurd. The Queen managed to raise a family while being Queen and at such a young age. There’s 0 excuse as to why at their 30’s they would rather find excuses. Want to not be in the public eye and aren’t a fan of the royal life or responsibilities? They can choose to do that/abdicate. Stop using the publics money, give up the events and galas royals enjoy, get actual full-time jobs, give up the staff, give up the residences the public paid for. They seem to want their cake and eat it too all while making excuses to not be responsible adults. 5 years (in addition to the entire time of being with William before marriage) is way too much time to stick with the ‘easing into the role’ excuse. If it took me more than 1 month to ease into any job then chances of me holding that job is unlikely. There’s no reason royals should be held to a different standard.

    1. I liked your post. I admired The Queen the time she was in parade on horseback wearing a riding habit with a tartan sash(?). Some troll shot at her, she kept her horse under control, and she kept going. I think that is a tough day at the office.

      1. I remember that day. Yes, the Queen remained calm and steadied her horse. But more clearly, I remember the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles instantly drawing their horses on either side of her to block any more shots. Magnificent.

    2. Welcome Tulip and well said. I agree with you. I am English and really wanted the William and Kate show to be everything Charles and Kate were not. They continue to disappoint on just about every front.

    3. Hi Tulip, welcome.

      I said above and I agree with you that the death of a parent, while devastating, cannot be an excuse not to become a productive member of society. Your parent wouldn’t want you not to become a productive member of society.

    4. Totally agreed. The death of a parent is sad, but eventually you gotta move on. Life doesn’t stop because someone died. I know it sounds harsh, but death is a fact of life. My dad passed away 3 and a half years ago. And while I still feel sad and guilty about some things about it, I don’t sit at home and mope on my bed. I went out and continued to live my life. I’m pretty sure my dad would come back from the dead to shoot me if I didn’t do that. He wouldn’t want me to waste my life away. To not do what my dad taught me would be a dishonour to his name. William needs to grow the f*** up. As for Kate being unsuitable for the role, maybe she should’ve had probation like pretty much every other job out there. You can’t cut it during probation? Sorry, but you’re out.

      1. “Life doesn’t stop because someone died.”

        There’s a reason people have a reception and serve food after a funeral: the living gotta eat.

        1. That was one of the most touching parts of Jewish funeral I experience a few years ago. After the burial, a select few of us were invited back to the house. The family sat at the dining table and we walked around them, carrying the platters of food we made to feed them (our friends), and urging them to eat.

        2. It can feel that way. And it can hurt terribly for a really long time. An it can continue to hurt. You may never forget the loss or even be able to go a single day without thinking of them.
          After that much time though, I suspect William has just taken the easiest route and no one has tried to change his course.

          Currently grieving a heavy loss and it’s certainly near impossible to eat. You don’t feel full or hungry. Food is barely a thought and isn’t something wanted. At least not in my experience.

          1. It is a loss of life in a way, a life that you thought you’d have. Trying to untangle two lives and have both come away as whole people. There aren’t enough words to express how sorry I am.

  18. Wow KMR, this is an honest review. I read a lot of comments on many boards and you nailed the mood. Working 20 hours a week would make most of us have to ask for assistance to pay the bills. I don’t buy the poor upbringing and they did have a loving mum for longer than I did. I wrote a comment on one news article as I was surprised at some of the people who said, well, he does donate to charity. Does anyone know which one? Harry is not entitled to the same privileges as his brother and pitting one against the other is poor form. Its obvious what they are doing.
    Working parents across the globe are upset at this attitude. We have decent children who somehow manage to survive our going out to earn money.

    William is like the boss’s son, the other workers do apparently take up the slack for him and never say anything. He has no idea. It was the same in the army so I have read as people cannot help giving him room due to who he is.
    As for William and Harry being isolated, rubbish. The boys could be heard coming into their mothers room at will on that tape. They were never shut away never to be with their parents.The amount of holidays and photos of them with their parents or at amusement parks says different.
    William was 15 when his mum passed not 5 and he is not damaged, in fact he had a charmed childhood compared to many. They keep saying he was emotionally abused due to his parents lack of love. When does one just stop using that as an excuse and get on with it.
    He is spoiled though and insults us all with the attitude they have. Work is what we all have to do to eat. As for throwing Harry under the bus, he is not in direct line to the throne nor gets the privileges that william gets through his father. They should leave him out of this. I feel William should be appalled at those news pieces. They get it so wrong like the Ant and Dec TV show. Harry used to go for dinner there and was close but when they moved to the big country house he never pops in for dinner anymore. That story was old and I think they were trying to show Windsor unity where there is none these days.

    1. I would like Harry to stay clear of the Cambs for a while and make his own mark. I hate when a wife comes between siblings, a happy marriage should be supportive of each other’s closeness to their siblings. It should not be a threat.

    2. What I found really telling in that Ant and Dec interview is that in response to the question of their father’s work, Harry had definitive things to say. Infact, on question of their father’s work ethic, he could articulate precisely his father’s activities.

      William, on the other hand, just waffled on and on about duty. Didn’t articulate what that meant even though the interview was granted to celebrate his own father’s work with The Prince’s Trust. You’s think in the absence of concrete knowledge of his father’s work or work habits, he could at least speak about the prince’s Trust.

  19. William calls Michael dad which is nice however to imply Prince Charles was a distant father and in the same breath say William calls Michael dad and how he enjoys the loving family that he missed is disrespectful to Prince Charles.
    I know some families prefer one set of in laws more than the other however in this case they moved close to each other and seem to only involve themselves with their royal side with some reluctance.
    I think Harry sees more than we think and could have been hurt by their withdrawal to the country as the brothers were close.
    I am told Kate does a lot of shopping in London, alone or with her mum, hence the children always with the day nanny but I have not seen any pics of her dropping in to visit any Windsor family members whether by appointment or not as Diana did.
    If William want to be a hands on dad where is he when the kids are out during the day. That photo of George and Charlotte last week in the park is one example although it was not published in the UK as he kicks up a stink about it.
    I am starting to wonder if it never occurs to them to take a family pic and release it once every few months. I would love to see William being a family man, pushing his kids on a swing .


        New photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, along with their nanny, Maria, appear in the new Australian edition of Woman’s Day magazine, on newsstands today. No date or location was provided, but the photos are recent and more links here if you cannot see it.

        Prince George on his first Micro scooter:)

    1. If he feels that Michael is more of a father to him than Charles, then Michael should support them financially instead of Charles. Denigrate Prince Charles while calling Michael dad and spending most of your off time with your in-laws. Then let your in-laws support you. It’s like with his conservation thing, he talks out of both sides of his mouth. Don’t kill animals, but I’m going to go to Spain and hunt wild boar or Sandringham to kill a few hundred birds.

      1. If Mike Middleton feels like a father to William than Charles, and we know he has known him since he was 21yrs old, then no wonder Wiilliam doesn’t reflect Charles’s work ethic and other qualities. Mike has raised 3 useless kids into adulthood and seems to be happy to indulge their extended childhood. Throw in William as a sort of 4th child, and voila!! William is more a reflection of Mike and Carole Middleton than Charles or Diana, coupled with his very particular personality and status that leads to people treating him as a special snowflake. He is probably beyond help at this point.

        1. William is more a reflection of Mike and Carole Middleton than Charles or Diana, coupled with his very particular personality and status that leads to people treating him as a special snowflake. He is probably beyond help at this point.

          This is a sad, but true fact. Other than Camilla and William’s personal belief that his father wasn’t there for him as a child, what did Charles do or didn’t do to deserve the enmity of William? Privately not approve of Kate or her family? Tell him to grow up and act like an adult instead of a child (while Mike and Carole said “there, there you’ll be fine”) Work way too much making it hard for William to live up to the standard he set?

          I just don’t get it.

          1. The Middleton’s treatment of William during the dating years and even now always struck me as odd. They treated him like he was made of pure gold. The ski trip for example. 1 of many similalr incidents. They rented a house and gave Kate and William the largest room with fire place and romantic touches they had added. This was when Kate waited by the phone and William never showed up.

            Or just the treatment of Kate and he was still very welcomed in their family. Nothing he did would ever be bad. Meanwhile his family was a real family. Not letting him slack and trying to get him to be the best version of himself. That he ran from 1 to the other is a conscious choice.

    2. The Middleton’s are a closed unit; over several years now, they are seen either alone or with each other. It is never with friends or family (not counting current boy/girlfriends of James/Pippa). The hunkering down in Amner Hall is just what is ‘normal’ for the Middleton family ie isolation. That Kate started to interfere with Harry’s love life and his horror of that suggests that there are also few boundaries in the Middleton world, just a bit too close and intrusive for their ages, and they are all close to being middle-aged.

        1. Yes I do think that William calls Carole “Mum” or a variation of. I don’t have a problem since that does happen with dtr or son in laws who will choose to do that if they are close to their respective in laws. He began to get to know them only about 6 or 7 yrs after losing his mother and probably still in a very vulnerable state. I just don’t think William and Harry received the proper therapeutic counselling they needed. It is not a quick fix may take years. Just my opinion.

  20. I am a Canadian citizen, 56 years old. I relate to British history because my country’s history, and the US’s, evolved out of their’s (your’s?). My opinions on the Royal family have not been favourable over the years – I like my country to myself, thank you very much. I do respect Queen Elizabeth II. The woman performed her duties. In times of strife having Queen Elizabeth as a reminder of that British history, and its struggles, can be a source of inspiration. The world is in great turmoil and changes are coming. If the new Royals want to “phone-it-in” then be honest about it. If you don’t think you can follow the example set by The Queen then find another career path that will make you, and your family, the happiest. (I have the pub beer glass my Dad brought home from England for the Queen’s coronation. It has the Queen’s emblem on it. Dad was on a Canadian navy ship as part of the Royal Naval Review. I treasure it) Thank you for the public access on this site.

  21. Can someone please fill me in why they are throwing Harry under the bus? What has he done? I feel if he helps out more in the RF then that will make his brother mad.

    As others stated above, Harry needs his own official office. It looks so bad saying: The Duke and Duchess of Angridge and Prince Harry. It makes it sound like he’s the add-on or a 3rd wheel. He wouldn’t need a large staff. One or two people. In the grande scheme of things, it wouldn’t be that huge of a money burden. He really needs to spin-off and have his own office and title away from the Angridges.

    William and Kate need to figure out if they want to be modern royals or not. The public will bring them down the more they hide out. The Danish Royals get out and walk their dog and ride bikes in public. I think William overestimates his popularity. If he got out and rode a bike, I highly doubt people would try to touch him or make a big scene. I used to be a die hard royal watcher when I was kid. I even had pen pals in the UK and we’d swap tabloid pics of Diana and The Queen Mother. I barely even look at pics of the Angridges.

    1. It’s the old Golden heir versus the bad spare trick.
      Not unique to harry and william. I.E. David/Bertie – Elizabeth/Margaret – Charles/Andrew.

      In this particular case, it doesn’t work as well because Harry is a genuinely good, charismatic egg compared to lazy, NormalBill.
      That being said, William never let’s Harry have a moment to shine. If Harry does something good or bad, like clockwork, a william the hero prince story pops up a few days later.

      Completely agree with you, Harry needs his own office.

      1. Thank you, Kip. That explains it. You would think they would learn from history. If they keep this up, it will set the example for Bill’s own kids. Throwing Charlotte under the bus.

        I can’t help but wonder if Scarole and Kate are behind some of this. I know William has always teased Harry, but it seems more sinister since he married.

        Thank you for your explanation.

      2. I think Prince Harry knows whats up and tends to leave them to it these days. He must have an unspoken understanding not to upstage his brother and father. The brothers had charities and attended events together, they watched each others backs.
        Harry really did embrace Kate in the early years however he seems to have felt the need to let them have their married space. I understand completely but to publicly acknowledge his lack of involvement in his nephew and nieces life does say something of how their dynamic is these days.

        Princess Masako (Japan) is also seen as being lazy because of her inability to appear in public. Whilst it is known that she suffers from some mental ailments, the Japanese still expect her to work. A Japanese report-

        ” The main message from The Emperor and Empress was ‘We have visited overseas only for official duties but never gone for reason of private matter. It may sound a criticism but it is not. We would like to let both of you recognize the importance of DUTIES’’


        ”MEDIA PUNCH-BAG Princess Masako, wife of the heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne, was reportedly heckled at Tokyo station this March. “Tax stealer! Pretending sickness, lazy tax stealer! Get out of the royal family!” yelled a man of around sixty years old in reference to the princess’s health problems and prolonged absence from public view. Princess Masako was reported to have been “frozen” with shock at the encounter, before then scarpering to the mountains of Nagano with her husband Crown Prince Naruhito and daughter Princess Aiko for an apparently “tense” ski trip”…….

        a right-wing magazine called WiLL, Kanji Nishio expressed likewise that it would be better if the princess could “disembark” the “ship named the Imperial System”, since she is “seasick and cannot stay on board”.

        1. I think there is a very big difference between Princess Masako and Kate, though. Masako is a very highly educated and accomplished woman. She attended Harvard and I believe Oxford as well. She speaks multiple languages and she was making strides in a chosen career path. Masako’s problem is the fact that the Japanese royal family will not allow her to be herself (a modern, independent career woman). Masako’s husband even came to her defense publicly because of this. And Masako legitimately suffers from a mental illness due to the stress and pressure for her to give birth to a son. When she failed to have a son, which was seen as her primary ‘duty’, she further succumbed to her mental illness. I have much more sympathy for Masako largely due to the fact that I know that she was very accomplished and hardworking before her marriage and that she was probably put through hell when she could not conceive a son.
          In contrast, Kate really never did anything before marriage besides obtaining her degree. She doesn’t appear to have any passions or real interests besides sports. And that’s fine, but she really doesn’t even get behind sports issues as much as maybe she could. There is no passion or spark when she performs her duties because her identity is being William’s plus one. I think many people spend their 20s learning about themselves and figuring out how they define themselves as an individual. I think part of Kate’s problem is she doesn’t show any individuality or independence from William. If Kate has a mental illness as serious as Masako’s and she came forward and was honest about it I would respect that and have empathy for her. But I think that Kate just doesn’t know who she is besides being William’s wife.

          1. I agree. My thoughts were that Princess Masako has been treated badly in the press even though she has had to deal with much more protocol and health issues while Kate is allowed much more freedom and room to move in the press, at least up to this point.

            Back in 2012 Queen Noor Of Jordan said of Kate, -”the Duchess had already demonstrated an understanding of concept of public service to something larger than oneself”. She said: “Over time there will be a range of issues that are UK issues to which I am sure she will contribute.”

            Unlike Princess Masako she had lots of time to pick up knowledge of royal routines as they did live together for a time before getting married, so she was aware of the requirements of a wife of a future King of England. I don’t know if she is depressed or not but she does get out and about.

            Sorry for the confusion .

          2. Charlston
            Even thieves have an understanding on the concept of payment for services/goods. That’s where my mind went 1st time I heard that comment.

            Like that was the only nice thing that could be said.

      3. Harry is also a great deal better looking and becomes more so every day. Take a look at the Duke of Edinburgh in profile. Or a picture of the Duke of Edinburgh in his youth. The resemblance to Harry is remarkable. William’s good looks have largely gone.

        1. “If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until it looks so ugly you can hardly bear to look at it”

          – Roald Dahl

          OMG William is Mr Twit!

    1. I agree with everyone that Harry needs his own office, PR contact, etc Forthwith. I believe that KMR and other media sources will make it easier for him to make this case for these. My sense is that Harry is very special to the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh: they won’t be pleased that Harry’s been included in the WK criticism at all.

      1. I hope Harry is very special to his grandparents. If so, they should be a bit more pro-active and direct KP’ PR not to trash Harry, and while they are at it, Beatrice and Eugenie. Doing nothing is weak, and the press rubbishing others when William screws up is unacceptable, and I’m sure causes huge relationship issues.

  22. charlston wrote: William is like the boss’s son, the other workers do apparently take up the slack for him and never say anything. He has no idea. It was the same in the army…I am starting to wonder if it never occurs to them to take a family pic and release it once every few months. I would love to see William being a family man, pushing his kids on a swing as charlston suggested.

    William’s job was bought and paid for by his Gran. The new helicopter was purchased using fines levied against banks for misconduct. The funding for the new EAAA facilities was explained as money from fund-raising but never really made clear. Where does his salary from Bond Air get donated? To his own Royal Foundation? If it does, say so. Time will tell if he is still employed as a pilot of any kind when his contract runs out. If it isn’t renewed, then what will he do for ‘work.’ Find another hide-n-seek job?

    Next Sunday is Mothering Sunday. Will we see photos of the children released on that day? Could we see a family picture that doesn’t look like the subjects were composited into place? Or how about a photo of an activity like William and Kate pushing the kids on a swing in the park?

    William is brilliant in his own mind. Everyone else is cowpoop. Harry needs a separate office from his older brother. He has to be able to manage his own engagements & PR independent of his brother. Split the Royal Foundation so Harry has his own source of funding for his charitable interests.

  23. They had better bring out some pictures of the kids soon, their April tour is still a long way off and people are getting fed up. 2016 is going to be a pivotal year for the Windsors I think.

    1. Isn’t it Mothers Day in the UK soon? Perfect opportunity.
      Just caught the DM ‘s article on W+K’s wedding presents of 2 cashmere dressing gowns @ 8,000 pounds each. Ah, so normal.

          1. Thank you Jen for posting link. Duh on me an £8,000 (how much is this in US dollars) cashmere dressing gown is a bathrobe (at that price I thought it was a gown). I am gob smacked. But after the shock wore off this wondering mind wonders just how does one clean this priceless dressing gown and does one actually wear this every day or just on special days. Last of all how long before wear and tear becomes a problem. One fact noteworthy is this dressing gown can be worn in both hot and cold weather. Wow!!!!

          2. Thank you RunawaySnarker. Whewie that’s a lot of money. They were gifts but still I could not imagine for bathrobes.

    2. If they are going to put out any more bad photos taken by Kate; I say no thank you. I don’t need W&K to reward me for giving their family privacy, nor do I want a crappy photo taken by H.R.H. Catherine to please my little heart.

      1. Oh please, no more Kate photos! It has been said she fancies herself at professional level but really, no, she’s not. Really, really not.

    1. i’m not certain if the wording was ever confirmed.
      To my understanding William was said to have had at least 2 fights with Diana leading up to her passing.
      He was upset with her on Dodi’s (family’s) yacht that Diana was perfectly fine with the paps photographing them. This was during a period where Diana was infact inviting them to her locations. Baiting them along.

      The fight I believe you are referencing was a phone call. He was mad at his mom for being so open to the press. That everything was covered and she allowed it. He might have said he hated her, but i’ve never seen that confirmed. I don’t think that happened the night before. That might be to sensationalize.

      William has always hated the press.

  24. This article made me angry. So angry that I went outside and ran for 3 miles. Really. I truly think that we are seeing the beginning of the end.

  25. Just saw W + K will be “touring” a slum in India…..what will Kate say, “I was so lucky to have a wealthy, privileged childhood and wear Chanel sunglasses that cost $400USD BEFORE I was married to the future King of England, even so, I am KEEN to find a way to help all you slum dwellers”

    1. This is what is going to make me angry: the possibility of the patronizing looks, etc. Regardless of people’s situation, they need to be treated with dignity. I don’t see W+K giving them that.

      1. I feel really evil, but i’m actually looking forward to seeing the look on Kate’s face when confronted with a slum.

        She can barely hold in her disdain when confronted with poor people in the UK. Those have always been her shortest engagements.

        Perhaps it will be like that engagement she had in NZ that lasted all of 15mins.

          1. Nothing catastrophic. There was a huge buildup about her visit to a hospice in NZ and she was going to give a big speech, I think it would have been her second speech as a royal. Subsequent reporting made it seem like she had spent an hour or more at the hospice. And of course the speech was reported as a amazing.

            Turns out she was there for exactly 15mins. One of the reporters working on the tour tweeted it out.

    2. You’ve got to be kidding. What are we going to get a full range of Kate’s concerned and caring looks? I don’t want to see that, how do they possibly think they are going relate and/or what they will do as a result of their visit? Will Kate suddenly dump children’s mental health and champion the poor of India? I mean really…it’s not going to make her Diana incarnate.

      Leave that kind of visit for people who actually care and can show it. Ugh, the pictures, the descriptions, I’m already getting nauseous thinking about it.

    3. If something comes of this, Awesome. As of now I can’t help, but feel it’s more of sight seeing than anything else. To go, they look, they feel bad for a bit. Then all is almost entirely forgotten.

  26. Pain and grief are the same whether rich or poor. What is troubling to me, however is becoming bitter and never letting go. William and Harry lost their beloved mother at a pivotal time in their youth. There will always be a hole in each of their hearts, but going on and doing the best you can to honor the memory of your loved one, is what helps you grow. Harry appears to be handling his loss better than William, but how do we really know? I, for one, have admiration for Harry him and hated to see him thrown under the bus the way he was.

    William holds on to his pain and it will continue to hurt him and Kate and their children.

    I also feel sad that we have yet to see him holding his little girl. In fact, as previously pointed out on this site, it is hard to feel a connection to either George of Charlotte since they are so purposely hidden away from public view.. Nobody is asking for a daily look into their lives, but occasional photos would make people feel invested in the future of these two children.

    As rhiannon said, though. It really does seem as if we are seeing the start to the end of this Royal Family.

    If that is what is to be, stop living off public funds, W and K. You want to be regular folk, start making a living like everyone else.

  27. William is not a stay-at-home dad. William is a dad who likes to stay at home.

    I am so glad it is almost March and April. I am looking forward to the birth of the two royal babies in Sweden. W&K give me a headache.

  28. Thank you for your blog, KMR. I appreciate your dedication and integrity. Just a comment at this point, though: while I agree that William is privileged and is insufferable in general, I do not think we can ever overestimate the particular damage done to William the boy by the years of war between his parents. Exacerbated and publicized by the media, as we all recall. There are many who would characterize his childhood experience as protracted trauma, the kind that leaves permanent marks. Thank you again for your blog.

    1. It would all be arm chair psychologist saying that.
      No one can know. If anything William can only be judged by his actions That do not point to that. It is 1 of many assumptions that only poke out to justify William’s lack of service/duty to those who keep him in the life he indulges in.

      William was also heavily protected from the war fallout by Charles. And post Diana he created an even larger shield to guard them from any such stories or news. It’s not like he was hearing whispers in the halls or catching glimpses on a tabloid. And the internet was not what it is now.

      1. KMR,

        Being referred to as an “arm chair psychologist” by another poster on this board is a bit jarring. I found the label inappropriate and discourteous – particularly as I was offering an opinion and appeal for charity, not a diagnosis. As I understand it, labelling other posters crosses the line suggested by your comment policy. Is this policy still being enforced? If not, I will rethink posting here in future. Thank you!

        1. Mary
          It’s not meant as an insult. Only as a term to identify us. At our screens with no files or therapy sessions with the subject. I’ve found it to be a very common term and never as an insult. Apologies that you took it that way. And I do include myself in this. On matters of this I am an arm chair psychologist.

          And i’ve found KMR does a very good job of weeding out poster on poster attacks. Swiftly too. Which is why I post here. I dislike posters directly attacing other posters personally. I would never want another poster feeling i’ve done this.

        2. Hrm… this is a conundrum. On the one hand, I understand how you, Mary, could think someone was taking a swipe at you by referring to you as an “arm chair psychologist”, especially if you’ve never heard of that term before, and since we can’t tell tone through text (to know whether it was said with malice or not). But on the other hand, I’ve seen people refer to themselves as “arm chair psychologists” on forums/comment threads before (even here, but it was many moons ago) and in real life sometimes as well, so I don’t see that term as necessarily negative (though I’m sure it could be used as such). I didn’t think anything negative of the use of the term “arm chair psychologist” not only because I’ve heard/read it before but specifically because I’ve heard/read people call themselves that before in a neutral, sometimes jokey way.

          I understand where you were coming from, Mary, in your original comment in saying that we should be careful about what we say about William’s childhood especially after the conversations we’ve had here about depression and mental illness. I did have to think about it and reread what I said in my article in order to respond to that comment (which I did below).

          As with all text-only interactions, things can be taken in ways we never meant them to be taken, and someone saying that they did not mean to offend us does not necessarily lessen the hurt that we felt by their comments. Having an explanation and a discussion about what the person originally meant can sometimes explain things, though, and help temper the hurt that we’ve felt.

          All we can go on is Runaway’s insistence that she did not mean to offend anyone with the use of that term. Though that doesn’t mean you, Mary, weren’t hurt by that term.

          What I will say is that, that term does not get used here often, and in the future we should be a bit careful with it since it can be taken in a negative way even if we don’t mean it in a negative way.

          1. KMR
            That’s fair.
            And I apologies again to Mary that they felt insulted. Never my intention to belittle their opinions. Or to use the term as a negative.

            Still, I think you do an excellent job on this blog. Moderating and producing threads.

    2. Even if this were the case, there are many, many ways to mitigate the effects. He’s got the resources to have a daily therapy/counseling session in the confines of his own home if he wanted, with the best professional(s) money could buy. But he seems too much of a PRIG to ever go that route.

    3. One of the most frequently overlooked things about William’s history is that he wasn’t at home when the Wales really began to tear into each other. A myth has grown up about his childhood, largely helped by Diana’s need to make herself the best mother ever and to denigrate Charles.

      William was sent to boarding school at 7/8yrs old, and when he was at home, Charles’s or Diana’s home, he was lavished with attention.

      There is a video on you tube sliced from the documentary Charles made in which he referenced Camilla for the first time. This slice shows William and Harry and Charles and all their nannies, and some of the boys who are still in the inner circle, horsing around. Even if staged, there is no awkwardness whatsoever. At around the same age, the kids were also famously video-ed at a funpark with Diana having the time of their lives.

      Further, both William and Harry can hardly have been traumatised by all the shenanigans especially as postulated by Diana, yet keep all the Charles/Camiila enablers around them in adulthood. Especially William who lives at Anmer Hall, a house notorious as a trysting location for Charles and Camilla.

      The people who lived at the house at the time were great friends of Charles and actively supported his relationship with Camilla. When Diana was still alive, these very same people were actively hostile to her. Yet as an adult William lives in their house, AND keeps them as the closest of personal friends. One of them is his child’s godfather. When was the last time anyone saw him with Diana’s friends? Or her friends’ children? The last connection was the Goldsmiths (not Carole, but Lady Annabel who was a surrogate mother to Diana or Rosa Monckton and all the Lawsons).

      It’s so curious to me that a mythology has built up based on regular people’s assumption that he must have suffered a terrible childhood yet, he wasn’t present at home, AND all his adult connections, even if he is shunning them, are his father’s side of the family, not the mother he constantly hides behind.

    4. Maybe I wasn’t clear in my article, my problem here is not with William, it’s with the reporters. I’m not discounting what William went through, but at the end of the day he did live a very privileged life compared to most people. But Bryony Gordon is acting like William had the most traumatic childhood ever in existence to the point she is surprised William has not killed himself yet (seriously, she went there). So for me, pointing out that William has lived a privileged life is not to say that he has not suffered in some way that left him traumatized but rather saying that Bryony Gordon is being ridiculous in her defense of him.

      1. The PR, The reporters, How the news is twisted when social media makes it easiest for us to know in real time what is actually happening. That is constantly an issue imo with Anything william related.

        The defense is absurd. Almost like for years the press to get into the Cambridge inner circle of approved journalist and photographers trip over themselves to be positive.
        It comes off too over the top and turns people away from the narrative. Nothing genuine is left.

      2. KMR: I wasn’t critising you. I was riffing on a thought i’ve had for some time, triggered by the posters above me regarding his terrible childhood.

        But now you mention it, yes I eyerolled so hard whilst reading that article because that reporter is seriously deluded.

        What’s worse is that she’s on twitter promoting the article with a pride that implies she’s doing William a good deed with this article.

        1. She must really think she’s going to get on the good side of William and Kate with that article. Either she was approached directly with some kind of promise or she’s hoping to be summoned to Anmer for tea and a thank you with a complimentary trotting out of George and Charlotte.

    5. Mary,

      There is *no* way to even begin to analyse William’s psyche, it is all speculation at best, and not of the sort that should be bandied about. Trauma is so freaking complex, not a simplistic , latest buzzword default for explaining/justifying bad behaviour. Once it was the abuse excuse, now it’s the trauma excuse.

      I think people want to find excuses for what a lackluster and lazy jerk he is because he’s a prince. My heavens, he gets treated like fine crystal when in RL (among the plebs) *no one* is treated or excused that way.

      And it is, indeed, armchair psychology, lots of people without the necessary degrees do it, especially on the internet, and not an insult. No self-respecting psychologist would be so irresponsible as to try to diagnose someone like that.

      And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. There are, indeed, entitled, self-absorbed, uber wealthy megalomaniacs who went bad from too much privilege and no accountability. Take away his tiara and he’s a spoiled rich kid, IMO, who will never grow up. It only takes common sense and some life experience to see that.

  29. Agree 100%. I had a very rough childhood in a lot of ways, despite having a very loving mother, but I don’t blame anyone and I don’t use my past as an excuse for poor behavior as an adult. I lost so many people I loved and went through health challenges and family problems that no kid should have to go through. As hard as it was, it made me a lot more compassionate and strong and I wouldn’t change anything. I have a lot of anxiety and stress in my life as an adult as well, but I don’t ever act out because of it. I meditate, play with my dog, go hiking, etc… I developed coping skills because of all the trauma and grief I’ve experienced, but it took facing things, going to counseling and having a positive attitude to get to where I am now. I don’t think William has worked through any of his past and is stuck in little boy, blaming the world mode. None of the things that happened to me in the past were my fault or choice, but I CAN choose now how I handle it. I’ve forgiven everyone involved and moved on and am a very happy person generally. I know so many people that have been thrown some massive challenges and have gracefully and courageously made the best of things and changed their lives for the better. William just strikes me as being emotionally stunted and stuck mentally in his teen years. Both he and Kate have never suffered or gone without and they have no concept of what it’s like to not have a safety net or financial security. Trauma and grief are easier to handle when you’re not also dealing with things like going hungry, being homeless, having cancer, being a single parent, etc… Everything I have is hard won and earned, from my health insurance to the clothes on my back. I’ve had to face extreme grief, while also dealing with serious practical problems. It’s not easy at all. Despite my struggles, I am super, super lucky compared with many people and I don’t take anything for granted. My past has made me so much more appreciative of every good thing in my life and was a blessing in disguise. Bad stuff happens to people and life throws curve balls, but it just makes you appreciate the good stuff more. It infuriates me that Kate has taken on mental health as a cause because she’s woefully ignorant about it and obviously doesn’t have genuine compassion. They are both so shallow, spoiled and arrogant that they have no business speaking on this topic. William should do what he needs to to process his mom’s death and stop blaming and Kate needs to actually work for the first time in her life. That’s not going to happen, unfortunately, but life has a way of knocking you out and I think they’re in for a very unpleasant and difficult future. It’s going to be a rude awakening! I don’t think they could handle a week in the life of the average person.

    1. 1 of the bare minimums that sort of ruins that defense for him is this.
      He takes on duties like BAFTAs that he then neglects. He isn’t there honoring his mother unless there’s something in it for him.

      I’ll say there’s 1 psychological condition William appears to demonstrate. Arrested Development. I could list others, but without a peek behind the curtain there’s little to fully support that like AD. The way william acts and speaks of his life and role arre all very much textbook AD. And he goes to great lengths to not disturb the world he’s created. Like secrecy, press control, resistant to change and maturing.

    2. Well said, Bets.

      Isn’t it a shame that William doesn’t use his enormous platform to make the lives of children, who may be suffering similarly sad childhoods, better.

      Instead he’s content to wallow in his own misery.

      He’s just not a nice person. Prince or not, childhood or not. He hates the world & I’m starting to feel the same way about him.

    3. It is amazing what you have written here and thank you for sharing about your struggles. To overcome what you have, it took work on your part. However, we have seen that William and Kate do not like to work- so any trauma that William may have from his childhood, he is most likely going to sit and stew in it, because it would take him work to overcome them. This is becoming more obvious as the years go on.

    4. Beautifully and sensitively written Bets.
      I would prefer both W+K leave any mental health issues well alone. A case of the pot calling the kettle black… In all seriousness, apart from lacking in knowledge they also have no empathy or genuine concern for others.

      Arrested development? Yep, that seems about right.

    1. Why has the Telegraph suddenly changed their tune? Why are any comments that are legitimately critiquing WK (and Harry to a lesser extent), even asking where Will donates his salary, being downvoted on that website?

      I guess Jason is working hard for his money and is working overtime to turn WK’s standing in the media and the public around.

      However, glad to see that WK are getting justly raked over the coals by Daily Mail commentators.

      1. The case of where the money is going is not going away.
        He or maybe just his PR said it was without question being donated to a charity. His salary was donated to that charity to pay william. And that salary was said to be promised to donation.

        As time goes by it’s only feeding the theory he has the money collecting interest. And maybe now that he’s refused the Prince’s Trust and wishes to make his own less transparent foundation he will wait until it’s up and running to filter that money in.
        And that foundation… I could Rant…I’ll just say it’s sketchy.

        1. Just to have a bit of fun (I admit it) I asked in one of the pro-royal papers to which charity William’s salary was donated and got a “None of your damn business” as a response. Hilarious.

          1. That’s hilarious. Considering he will claim this as a donation of his private funds on public record. If he didn’t ok this course of action it wouldn’t be anything. But, he did. And now it’s time to follow through. Or does the act of donating to a cause not fall high on the list of things to do. Considering he need only name it and all will be carried out.

  30. I read something recently that slots in here. It said in part that Carole was a helicopter mom.She was immensely hands on and made sure their lives were perfect. When William came along she did the same for him and it was implied she keeps them in an ‘infantile’ situation which is why they rely so heavily on her opinion. Its as if they leave all the running of their lives to her and that is not understood by the public when it involves being involved in the running of their households. She has been known to go on a date with Pippa and her date and they see nothing wrong with it as they said, one doesn’t marry the daughter, they marry the family.
    Kate is similar when she allegedly wanted to redecorate Harrys room or made lists of suitable girls for him to date. William was a tad upset and laid down the boundaries in a forceful way when she was publically thought to be flirting with Harry, which is when the rot set in with the brothers as she didn’t get the royals need for privacy and scheduling and would just turn up at Harrys place or lean in and touch Harrys arm in public without thinking. Its the Middleton way.

  31. I posted a similar line of thinking way up this thread but repeat it:
    The Middleton’s are a closed unit; over several years now, they are seen either alone or with each other. It is never with friends or family (not counting current boy/girlfriends of James/Pippa). The hunkering down in Amner Hall is just what is ‘normal’ for the Middleton family ie isolation from others.
    That Kate started to interfere with Harry’s love life and his horror of that suggests that there are also few boundaries in the Middleton world. Then the flirting with Harry compounds that view, reminding me of Pippa and James very physical jousts on the water… just a bit too close and intrusive for their ages. They are all moving to early middle-age yet act like they are young teens. Or rather kept that way by the matriarch. William has surrendered to this, as have the three Middleton children.
    Carole needs to be constantly at the centre of things; the family revolves around her aspirations and played out through her children. Not exactly a model of good mental health or of motherhood for that matter.

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