Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry need to step up their game says Richard Palmer

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry need to step up their game says Richard Palmer

Richard Palmer has written an excellent article for the Express calling for Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry to step up their royal game lest the British Monarchy go the way of the dodo.

The piece is quite long, so I cannot quote the whole thing here (even taking out chucks, it’s still long), but it’s well worth it to read the whole thing – go here to do so. Some highlights:

    Kate no longer sells: “The Duchess, the nation’s darling since her engagement to William in November 2010, has been heralded as a fashion icon and has taken on charity work to focus public attention on the long-neglected areas of children’s mental health and addiction. But hampered by a natural reserve, she has struggled at times to get her message across and the same themes every month have made it difficult to maintain interest. A thoughtful, intelligent but private person, she comes over as bland and dull. There are signs that the public are getting bored with her. Newspapers carrying front page pictures of her now often see sales dive and hits for online news about her particularly and the royals in general are plummeting despite an overall rise in internet readership.”
    Kate choosing the HuffPo over UK papers backfired: “Kate’s judgement has proved questionable too. Many of Britain’s journalists are up in arms about her decision last week to guest edit the UK version of a US website, The Huffington Post, which relies largely on an army of 13,000 unpaid bloggers – or people paid by others to get their message across – to fill its pages. […] If Kate and her advisors at Kensington Palace had wanted to stick two fingers up to the mainstream British newspapers that follow the Royal Family week in week out, publicising its work with charities, the Armed Forces and others, they could not have picked a better method than championing an upstart online rival that does not appear to value professional journalism.”
    William, Kate, and Harry’s attempts to control the media are hurting them: “It was the culmination of years of tension between press and palace, which has alienated newspaper editors with its attempts to control everything and prevent off-duty photographs of William, Kate, Harry and their children being published in Britain. Those censorship efforts… have gone way beyond traditional royal territory. But they rarely extend abroad, certainly not to Australia, for example, where pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte out with their nanny appeared again in a glossy magazine a few days ago. It is those sort of images that the public often wants to see. It is the public’s interest in how the royals live, how they get on together, who their friends and lovers are, and what they do in their spare time that has traditionally given the media the reason to cover the charities and other good causes the Queen and her family represent.
    “William and Kate, and to a lesser extent Harry, have tried to smash apart this traditional pact with the Devil but the result is fewer and fewer people are interested in what they are doing. Even on official engagements, William has masterminded an attempt to put many of the veteran freelance photographers who have followed the royals for decades out of business by excluding them from the best picture opportunities. […] In addition, the Royal Household’s efforts to use Twitter, Facebook and other social media aggressively to get its message across have left the mainstream media struggling to find something new to say other than the negative. Again, it seems there is a strategy to put journalists out of business. ‘It will all go to social media eventually,’ one member of the Royal Family told me over a drink a while ago.
    “If that has left journalists increasingly hostile, anecdotally, the public too seem fed up with the younger royals’ aggressive attempts to control the message via spin doctors. […] The problem for the royals is if media coverage dies and they cease to be a part of the national conversation, the writing may be on the wall eventually for the monarchy but, rightly or wrongly, the belief is growing in royal circles that William might not be too worried if that were to happen.”
    Royal aides are even sick of William’s light work schedule: “In some parts of the Royal Household, where they work for the older royals, there is growing disdain for [William] and Kate and their light workload, based around their desire to hide away in the country at Anmer Hall, their 10-bedroom mansion on the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk. ‘It’s clear that the whole job with air ambulance was created for William because he wanted to live the lifestyle of a gentleman Norfolk farmer, like his friends,’ one senior source said. When [William] and Kate moved to North Wales in 2010 as a service couple, it was easier then to buy the argument that they needed time together out of the spotlight to bed in their marriage and enjoy a couple of years of relative freedom before the burdens of State. Six years on, the argument is wearing thin.”
    William, Kate, and Harry need to rethink their current plans for the sake of the Monarchy: “The Royal Family remains a popular institution but a rethink is needed now. A first step should be for William, Kate and Harry, still huge assets for Britain, to change their plans, step up their number of royal duties, stop complaining about interest in their wider lives, and find some additional interesting, varied projects to champion. They remain a huge asset for Britain but they are squandering their popularity. I write this as a critical friend with a vested interest in preserving interest in the British monarchy. It would be a shame to see the job of royal correspondent go the same way as the newspaper labour correspondent of the 1970s or the zoological gardens correspondent of the 1950s.”


I don’t have many words, because Palmer said them all. But I will offer up my own experience as a blogger to echo some of what Palmer said. One of the most annoying things as a blogger is when I don’t have anything to write about, and by that I mean two things: 1) When the royals straight up don’t do anything; and 2) When they give me nothing during their engagements.

For every one of Kate’s engagements, I write the line “Kate visited [such and such] and talked to children/parents/staff/volunteers”. And a lot of the time, that’s all I have to write. It really sucks not having anything to write about other than clothes and what I can glean from (increasingly limited) photos. William, Kate, and Harry stepping up is not just about doing more appearances to me, it’s about actually saying or doing something so I have more to write about than “Kate visited such and such and talked to people while wearing a coat”.

One could argue that it’s selfish of me (I want the royals to step up so that I have a better time writing about them) and of Palmer (he wants the royals to step up so he can keep his job) but at the same time, most of the people of the UK will never meet the royals, so all they have is the press reports. If the press reports are boring to read and offer nothing new, then the public will stop caring about the royals. And if the public stops caring about the royals, then they will wonder why they have to keep funding them, and then… bye bye Monarchy.

I know some of you think Kate should be called out more by the press, and that Kate should be judged harsher for not working since she chose to be a royal and knew what she was getting in to. But the reason I think William should be called out more is because the hierarchy starts with William and goes down. William is the blood royal; he is the heir. A defense of people calling for Kate and Harry to work more is “But William doesn’t work that much either, so why should the spouse and non-heir work more?” If William worked more royal duties, then Kate and Harry could work more royal duties without “outshining” the blood heir. Then maybe all the work Harry supposedly does that doesn’t get counted in the court circular would get counted and I wouldn’t have to criticize him.

Princess Charlotte Christening Photo Cambridge family
[Mario Testino/Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Keeping on that same train, I have thoughts about a quote from William during his engagement in Cardiff yesterday. William was in Cardiff for a reception with injured rugby players and to watch a Wales rugby game. During the reception he said this about Prince George and Princess Charlotte:

    “No broken bones yet, but they’re trying. Running around, pushing things, jumping. Please tell me it gets easier. Charlotte is very easy, very sweet, but all the fathers say ‘just you wait, when you get to nine, 10, 11, they go crazy’. I’m looking forward to it, there will be some drama.”


Reading these quotes, I found myself not caring at all about what William had to say about George and Charlotte. While William and Kate periodically say stuff and release photos of their kids, I have no connection to George or especially Charlotte. It’s hard enough to build a (one-way) connection with someone you have never met, will never meet, and who lives a completely different life to yours through photos and videos of engagements, quotes, interviews, and speeches (which is what we do with the royals), but it’s even harder when it’s a child with a limited or no discernible personality and you so rarely see them.

While the train wreck that is the Cambridges’ relationship to the press is interesting to watch, I’m really getting apathetic to the whole royal thing. I thought it would be better once Kate started working again, but it hasn’t. They are just too boring. And neither William, Kate, or Harry have anything non-tour related scheduled so it doesn’t look like it will get any better.

As Palmer said, step up your game, William, Kate, and Harry. Because while some random American losing interest in you means nothing, the British people losing interest in you means a lot. Some things to keep in mind the next time you complain about your royal duties or the press/public interest in your and your kid’s lives while living the high life off of other people: The American, French, and Russian Revolutions.

Cambridge family photo 2015 xl
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal/Chris Jeff]

256 thoughts on “Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry need to step up their game says Richard Palmer

  1. Bravo and well said, KMR. First off, I don’t have any interest in Char and barely any with Georgie. Why? Because I know nothing of them. I don’t have a fondness of preference. They are like salt and pepper on a table. They are just there. Or, I forget their about their existence. That’s my new way of looking and W+K.

    The tide has turned but I think W+K are still oblivious. They have no earthly clue. They are surrounded by sycophants or even worse, people who know what they’re doing buy they won’t listen.

    All of the senior royals are getting older. Sophie is 50 and Philip is 92. Heck, Anne is darn near 66 and still working circles around them. The only one in the public’s good graces is Harry. My beloved needs to step up while he has the public support and do more. Yes, he does more than the Cambridge’s, but it isn’t counted. And let’s be honest, he’s their scapegoat when times are tough.

    The cracks are showing and I don’t think that the trip to India is going to fix it. People are no longer afraid to speak against William. It’s going to get worse and quite ugly.

    Thanks for the debriefing, KMR. The sad thing is that the BRF hasn’t had it like this since Diana’s death. And all of this could have been prevented.

    1. +1 Rhiannon!

      Will and Kate (and to a lesser extent, Harry) are deservingly getting the crap kicked outta them by the press. William has been acting like a spoiled 2 year old FOREVER, Kate is like his puppet or a puppy who follows her master’s every whim and Harry should break offices ties with them and let the Cambridges handle things on their own!!

      I don’t think there has been this much negativity building towards a member of the royal family since Fergie (who I actually like) 20+ years ago. The duo are going to be in for a nasty surprise when the press is done tearing them into tiny pieces. Whether or not they will be able to pick themselves up afterwards remains to be seen.

      P.S. quick update regarding my doctor appointment from the other day: I went to the vascular center and learned that I don’t have vasculitis so I’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with my feet and why I’m in so much pain.

      Also, guess who started her YouTube channel and uploaded two videos already?! Yup, ME!! 😀

      I’m soooo nervous but my goal is to try to help people on the waiting list. Social media wasn’t around when I was waiting for/receiving/recovering from my transplant and I know I would’ve appreciated being able to “talk” to someone who had already been there and who could help me out with the ups and downs that one goes through with organ transplant. 🙂

      1. I’m sorry to hear about your foot pain, I hope you are able to some answers and relief soon. Congratulations on starting your own YouTube channel!!! How awesome of you to push through your nervousness and reach out to help others!!!! You are an inspiration!!!!!

      2. Foot pain is the worst. I hope you get relief and therapy soon. Congrats on the YouTube channel. It’s awesome that you are creating your own sunshine in the world.

      3. Hi Kimothy sorry about your wretched feet but hope you get them sorted soon.
        Now I’ve just had to contact my sons to find out how to do Twitter, then you tell me you’ve got a you tube channel. Please spell it out in words of no more than one syllable how I watch ? I’m so proud of you – it’s a bit like the Swedish royals, I don’t know you but you’re my friend.

        Wishing you good health and succes in your new venture.

        1. Thanks ladies! For the first time in over a month, I was able to put on my sneakers this morning! A bit uncomfortable but not torture.

          Regarding YouTube (mainly for Birdy):

          Go to site (
          Enter keywords in the search box
          and then, presto!

          You can find videos of all kinds of things: commercials, old clips, and various YouTube channels made by people from all over the place. I’m not sure if KMR would appreciate it if I plugged my channel here.

          1. I’ve found you! I don’t seem to be able to like because I don’t have a gmail account so will need to sort that out too. Oh this modern technology. Well done Kimothy, I am sure you will be able to help and support people.

          2. But you know, Kimothy, you are the expert here. You have lived this. So I’d start with a classic user experience scenario, and ask yourself:
            1. What did I know?
            2. What didn’t I know?
            3. What do I wish I had known?
            As to suggestions you asked for, how about following the process? For example (and pardon my ignorance):
            • Getting a diagnosis:
            – What kind of practical assistance can you you access? (thinking of foundations that support transplant patients through to local /community support plus psychological assistance, so divide into
            federal and then state/community)
            – What kind of support is needed on a day-to-day basis from family and friends? (I would address this as people on the sidelines can feel helpless so how can they help?
            – How to ask for help ( I think this is important)
            • How to weather the wait for a transplant
            • Prepping for a transplant
            • Recovery: what to expect/ the road ahead/ blips

            I think short vlogs outlining the issue you want to discuss plus having some screens of resources that people could access could be incredibly helpful to all.
            Hope this helps.

      4. I hope you get some answers soon and relief from the pain. I live with chronic pain and can sympathize. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

      5. Kimothy,

        What exactly are you suffering from?

        I had terrible heel pain 11 years ago. I was and (still am) on my feet 12 hours/day at work so it didn’t help. I finally sought help and it was just simply due to my flat feet. I got orthotics and the pain went away.

        But now I am still having chronic problems with the sole of my right foot. It’s always tense and tight. So every morning I stretch my hamstring to relax it.

        1. Beatrice,
          I apologize for not responding sooner. I’ve got sores/spots near my ankle, inside of the foot (if that makes sense, location-wise). I first showed the bigger spot (on my left foot) to my transplant team in December but they told me to go to my dermatologist.

          I went in mid-January and my dermatologist AND the head doctor were all scratching my heads and prescribed the smallest dose known to mankind.

          During the last week of January, I experienced severe, searing pain my feet; I felt like my feet were on fire whenever I made the tiniest movement. It hurt to stand, it hurt to walk, it hurt if I sat down for a long time, and it even hurt to lay down and I could only be in certain positions to sleep. I went to my PCP on that Monday and he kindly but honestly explained that this was out of his expertise. I then went to my dermatologist that Wednesday and he was stunned, especially since he’d just seen me 10 days before.

          There a few moments (when I was walking my Cairn Terrier, Missy, or walking around my small kitchen to make a bowl of cereal) where I was almost in tears the pain was that bad and, considering all that I’ve been through, I have to be HURTING for me to be practically crying.

          I then went back to the dermatologist on that Friday (the 29th) and they were all thinking either vasculitis OR something just went haywire in me. I just went to the vascular center and discovered that I don’t have vasculitis because my circulation is good and normal. My saw my diabetes doctor for my usual check up and gave her the whole spiel. She prescribed a stronger dosage for my feet (with steroid instead of antibiotic) but, for whatever reason, the OTC anti-fungus cream that I bought at our local CVS seems to work best! I get almost instant relief whenever I apply it. I try to change my socks every few hours but sometimes, depending on the material, even the socks make my sores hurt and cause me pain.

          So that’s the whole story.

      6. That sucks about not having a diagnosis for your feet, but that’s awesome that you started your YouTube channel!

          1. Kimothy I’m very proud of you for starting your You Tube channel! When I had surgery last year I watched You Tube videos from people who have gone through the same thing I did and believe me it alleviated a lot of fears and gave me tons of help.

            You will be doing the same thing with your channel. It’s a very special and selfless thing that you are doing and I applaud your contribution!! I’ve subscribed as well and can’t wait to watch your updates!

      7. Hi Kimothy

        Make sure you have good orthotics in your shoes too. I hobbled around for 20 years and then an orthotic guy told me my arches had collapsed with my first pregnancy. Nobody else ever figured it out. Lots of little bones plus all those pesty nerves in our feet can make things difficult.

          1. It’s all perhaps patronising as none of know what is wrong with your feet but my 2 pence ( with apologies to My2 Pence) .
            I have terrible trouble with circulation and have a little machine that I put my feet on and it vibrates. I use it about 10 minutes a day and it helps make my feet and legs feel part of my body . But with many comments on orthotics here, two of my sons have flat feet and specialist insoles, and they use this massage thing when home and it helps them too. It is inexpensive nothing specialist.

            Also on your vlog, as covered by Jen but I think you could do a short series on advice for family and friends. I imagine their support is critical, but especially for friends it can be difficult to find the balance between helping and feeling you are interfering.
            Also do you have any friends who have been through the same op who you could interview so you offer a slightly broader range of experiences.
            Just my ideas. Keep it up, it will take time to build an audience. If you look back at early KMR comments there were few regular commentators, not she has built a real community.

      8. Kimothy, wishing you the best in finding relief from your pain and discovering why your foot hurts so much. The doctor gave you no clues, other than the good news that you don’t have vasculitis? I hope you can find another doctor who can help you.
        You have been through so much.

        Rhiannon, I loved all that you said. KMR, you, too.

        I am afraid that William does bear the brunt of the problems here. However, Kate knew she’d be of interest to the media and public, too, and she does little to fulfill her role as Duchess.

        KMR I can imagine your frustrations in having to blog about the Royals when there often is little of substance from them to write of. You always do knock it out of the park, though. I think everyone would agree.

        It’s about time the young Royals are being called out and hopefully, shamed into doing more. I still think Harry does his fair share, but if people want more from him, that is something he must pursue, as well.

        As for George and Charlotte. Yes, it is hard to summon up interest in them because they are hidden away and rarely discussed. William’s comments about them are always so predictable. I wish he would show some emotion and let people know how important they are in his life. The way it stands now, they are as boring as their parents.

        Oh, and ouch concerning the description of Kate. So true!

        1. Kimothy, I also wish to commend you and wish you the best with your YouTube blog. I will be eager to view your vlog and know you will be helping yourself and so many others. Good for you!

          One of my friends knows a woman who started a non-profit called Sean’s Blankets. The hand knit shawls are given to families who are considering donating a relative’s organs. The blanket is placed on the “patient” in the hospital bed and when the patient passes away, the blankets are given to the family. The woman did this to honor her son, whose organs were donated after he was hit by a car and on life-suppport in a hospital. I am sure many people do things like that and if you’d like to interview her and find out more about her cause, maybe my friend could put you in touch with her.

        2. Thanks Jenny. I’ve seen my dermatologist twice, diabetes doctor, PCP and a doctor at the vascular center and STILL no answers. Also, I showed my transplant team one of the sores on my feet back in December and HE told me to see the dermatologist. Said dermatologist gave me the lowest amount known to mankind of cream. It has barely touched me and the diabetes doctor prescribed something stronger and it has helped a bit more but the one thing that’s helped the most? OTC anti-fungus cream I bought at Walgreens! This is getting ridiculous!

      9. I found your you tube channel and I am awestruck. 20 years with a heart lung transplant is beyond encouraging. My little sister died waiting for a lung transplant which was beyond her means so it’s good, very good that you are here to speak. Please don’t feel bad about my little sister, she’s in a far far better place now 🙂

    2. “all of this could have been prevented”

      It really could have. If William and Kate had come out of the gate right after the wedding and worked even slightly hard, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

        1. I really think William thought he could ride the coattails of his mother forever, since for years after her death he was protected by her memory. But the problem with that is that Diana has been dead for almost 20 years now. There is an entire generation of people who were born and grew up without her in the world. So William’s protection isn’t holding up anymore.

          1. Yes, KMR, I agree with you. William did think he could ride the coattails of his mother forever. Palmer really spelled it out, didn’t he? Whst a cold splash of water in the faces of young Royals. Although, I don’t agree that Harry deserved as much flak,

            William and Kate not as mesmerizing as they once were. Or, were they ever? I think the world was so ready for another Diana that the media did its best in the beginning to turn Kate into an icon. Couldn’t be done, though. One is born with charmisa. I don’t think you can just achieve it. And, yes, she is a reserved person. She is a totally different woman from William’s mum.

            What matters most — not her lack of charisma, or William’s — is the lack of interest they have for making a positive impact on their country. The rest of the world, too.

            TIme to re-evaluate your roles in life, W and K. If you truly want to be private, then stop taking all the persk and live the simple life. Stop having it both ways. No one can, you know.

            And, special note to Kimothy. I hope you find relief from your foot pain. Also, send you a huge congratulatory hug for your achievements with your vlog. Good for you. You have my admiration, for sure. May good health and happiness be with you.

  2. I think the more PW is criticized the more he will balk and sulk. If older descriptions are anything to go by he is a very stubborn and critique resistant chap who is used to get his way. I bet he will shrug it all off and continue as if nothing has happened. I also doubt that the Queen or Prince Charles will have a prep talk with him. They are known to let the family just get on with it and mind their own business. Unless the Queen sees some serious danger looming she will refrain from criticizing. And let’s be honest, this could be the start of something bigger, but it is also possible that it will all be just go away again. Prince Charles has his own agenda anyways. He has expressed, through sources, that he is not too fond of the Middletons and the restrictive nature of his relationship to his grandchildren. I doubt that will have brought William and his father any closer. He seems to spend the weekends at granny’s estates shooting or with the in-laws in Bucklebury. I expect that PC will try to persuade the PM and parliament to give the Duchy of Cornwall to the Crown and therefore avoid being dependent on taxes and further scrutiny. The revenue and income has increased enormously in the last few years, so this would make the RF rich beyond believe and very independent. Most of all they wouldn’t be held accountable for every penny they spend, the benefit scrounger argument would be null and void and they could live in true splendor. Especially Charles has a penchant for a very elaborate life style. It looks like Prince William and his wife want to live that way, too. It’s appalling with what they have been able to get away with, it’s very interesting if the pressure is kept up. I also think that if the Palace really believes that it will all play out on social media in the future, bloggers will have an enormous influence as well. So keep it up KMR!

      1. Surely there would be one hell of a hullabaloo in the UK if the Duchy of Cornwall (and maybe the Duchy Of Lancaster as well) was given to the Windsors? Wouldn’t any change need to be part of a larger public conversation as to the value presented by the royals and the future of an hereditary monarchy overall?

        The Royal Family should be accountable for every penny provided by the public. We know that there is obfuscation in some released information, and we also know that security costs are not disclosed. To be less than transparent signals that true costs, if known, would be unacceptably high.

        To Richard Palmer and KMR’s larger points: yes I would agree that Kate and William need to seriously re-think their offerings and obligations to the public. Someone posted that there was ‘nothing special’ about William and Kate. And you have to wonder why in 21st century Britain a couple with no inherently superior characteristics or achievements should be propped up so handsomely, for life, apart from tradition. And then have the audacity to think they need to be shielded from the public, their benefactors, and do pretty much bugger all in return.

          1. He keeps calling it a ‘private estate’ but we know better. There is a campaign started by pressure group Republic to take it back as well.

        1. It’s not acceptable to this British expat public. It’s there to fund the heir. Right now the heir is a member of the Windsor dynasty, but we all know those change — Tudor, Stuart, Hanover for example — so giving it to the Windsors totally abrogates what its there for.

          No question Charles has worked hard and expanded its scope. But that doesn’t mean he should keep it and it go to his family.

  3. Both Prince William and Prince Harry served in the military, 7 1/2 yrs and 10 yrs respectively. Are these considered working jobs for Royality? Yes they were given time off for royal duties but when serving were they treated the same as other soldiers other than having Secuity?

    Then I would be able to conclude they do get the working man to a certain extent as perceived in the military field.

    In other words too were they pampered during their military service?

    Yes I do think they Both need to step up their royalty roles.

    1. By all accounts, Harry worked while he was in the army – lots of regular army people, squaddies and officers in the british and american armies, have vouched for him and his work ethic.

      By contrast, William didn’t put in any effort. He pretty much skived and or put in so little work that he nearly lost his wings in his final year with RAF. The only time the military talks about William’s service, it’s usually a military PR person saying platitudes. Nothing personal about William.

      When they left the military, Harry left with lots of praise, I can’t recall anyone saying anything about William’s departure other than confirming the fact of it.

      1. The army provided a huge opportunity to Harry and he had the good sense and character to make the most of it. It has informed his work ethic and shown him a long life path to service.
        It’s interesting that even his EAAA colleagues are wary of William and that William has learned nothing from the RAF lack of work, visiting his bad habits upon the EAAA as well. This man seems unable to learn.

        1. People learn from mistakes when they face the consequences caused by them. William has never been made to absorb the consequences of his actions. All of his mistakes have been denied, scrubbed from the public record, or just never mentioned. Further, he has been lavished with mansions, vacations, custom made work schemes, and butt licking praise. Affluenza. It’s real.

        2. I think the difference between Harry and William is that Harry wanted to be in the military. From what I’ve gathered, he’s wanted that most of his life. William on the other hand didn’t/still doesn’t know what he wants. It looks like he just joined the military after graduating school because that’s what Harry was doing and it seemed like a good way for him to postpone royal duties.

      2. William has gotten away with things that would get any other pilot booted out asap! I’m thinking here on his propensity to take RAF helicopters on personal joyrides, one of which was to Kate’s family’s house where he landed in their garden to show off.

          1. It was during the girlfriend years. I can’t exactly remember when but the RAF brass had to come up with a lame excuse about the whole thing being part of an official exercise to cover his ass.

            There was another incident where he took a helicopter and flew himself and Harry to a stag party.

            The bottom line is that his misbehaviour was tolerated in the RAF because he is royal. There have never been any significant consequences to his bad behaviour. Combine that with extreme wealth and privilege and you have the makings of an entitled prat of the highest magnitude.

      3. Thank you Herazeus. This was information I appreciate your taking the time to answer. It does explain even more that Harry is for real. He truly does understand and has compassion for what he has under taken in his endeavors for this part of the military. It is most helpful if one has gone through experiences in life to be in touch. Harry has my respect and admiration for the man he has become.

  4. I agree with you 99% KMR . The one minor disagreement – it has actually proved incredibly easy to have a one way relationship with Royal children. Just take a look at Sweden – KMRers are I am sure like me waiting to wake up to the breaking news on KMR of Vic ‘s new baby and we simply disagree on whether Estelle or Leonore is our favourite!! It can be done but they just have to want it. Do the Swedes get pap shots of these two? Don’t think there have been any recent pap shots of Maddie, Chris or their children in the UK.

    But in some ways I am glad they’ve been so lazy because that has given KMR the time to cover all the other royals and that has been so interesting.

    Thank you KMR for your insight into being a blogger. All in all a great post.

    1. The Swedish RF has given us lots of consistent opportunities to form a relationship with the royal children. I guess they may have paps running after them but – Madeleine has mentioned while in their holidays – the difference is first, their pursue is not as hard as in BRF case (we know SRF doesn’t sell the same amount and doesn’t get same coverage as BRF) and second, the Swedes have been much more clever in handling paps by giving away private pictures through their own Facebook pages (again, like Maddie cleverly does).

      So basically, while the Swedes are interested in keeping a steady relationship with the public, the Cambridges prefer to disappear from the public eye altogether and then, in the rare occasion that they do royal engagements, they expect the press & the public to sing their praise. I’m afraid it doesn’t work this way. People finally get to see it.

      Great post, KMR.

      1. We praise the Swedish Royal Family for posting pics and comments on Facebook, so why are William and Kate (well, KP and their staff) slammed for using the social media instead of the Royal reporters?

        KMR called for consistency, and I agree with that. If it’s okay with us that the SRF use social media, so it should be ok for the BRF.

        Maybe I missed a larger point. Let me know, if so.

        1. Because the SRF use both social media and the traditional media. The SRF release official portraits of their children several times a year, and Maddie supplements with personal photos several times a year. I’ve said several times that using social media is a great thing for the royals, but it needs to be supplementary to the traditional press.

          1. Thank you for beating me to this reply KMR. They don’t play games with the media and continue to use traditional channels.

    2. I keep checking the Swedish google news feed to see if they’re headed to the hospital.

      We still don’t have a name for HRH The Gyalsey of Bhutan do we?

    3. I actually care about Leonore and Estelle. I’ve seen them interact with the world in a genuine way at Carl Philip’s wedding, Nicolas’ baptism, at other events, in videos so I have a sense of their personalities. And we’ve seen a good number of photos of them to see them grow and change. I probably care more about Leonore because I was already blogging when Maddie’s pregnancy was announced, so I followed the pregnancy and birth and I’ve been following Leonore ever since she was born. So I do have that one-way connection with her. But I just don’t with George or Charlotte, even though I’ve been blogging since they were born, too. Because I just don’t see enough of them to form that connection.

      1. It’s true, I have a sense through KMR that I follow my fave little monkey Leonore, because the SRF gives us the chance. George and Charlotte? I have no idea of them. I would love to have this relationship with them as well, but obviously William prefers otherwise. So interest is eventually lost.

        1. What is wonderful about how Estelle’s PR is handled is we feel involved and invested without her being aware of the public. Everything is in a private setting in terms of family photos/video. With added bonus of slowly adjusting her to the public with tag-a-long events. This will only help her.

          It’s a huge error to keep George so hidden. That his parents dislike of the public will surely wear off. He could easily become resentful like his father just on how he’s being raised now.
          Meanwhile we don’t see him outside of very controlled releases for their PR benefit and forget about him.

  5. Good on Palmer for writing what we have all been saying for awhile. I doubt Will and Kate will see this or if they do, care.

    I do want to comment on that photo of the 3 younger royals though from the Bond premier. I had not seen it before. But the body language is interesting to me. Harry is turned and walking in one direction, with his arms down at his side, looking very confident. Where as Will and Kate, are walking in the same closed off manner. Arms in front and looking a bit insecure and unsure. It was just striking the difference. I know it is just one photo, but none the less, a bit telling.

    I think Harry needs to do more, but it is hard when you can’t upstage the heir. God forbid how Will would react if Harry surpassed him. Will and Kate deserve the criticism for being lazy and entitled. I still have hope for Harry.

    And I have noticed that Kate doesn’t sell magazines like she used to. Hello used to always put her on the cover when she made an appearance, with at least a 6 page article inside. Now, she is lucky to get a partial cover with a few pages inside when she makes an appearance (with the occasional full cover)

    1. When I was looking for photos of the three of them together, I was actually quite surprised at how different the body language is between them. Both William and Kate had their hands in front of their bodies in many of the photos while Harry ether had his hands clasped behind his back or down at his sides. Harry is definitely more open than either William or Kate.

      1. Yes KMR. I also am of the opinion that hands clasped in front means closed off in terms of body language. Do not enter my personal space. This is very telling from a psychology point of view. Harry is a very open person which results in people from all walks of life responding to him so easily.

        1. It also tells how the couple is mirroring each other’s stance which is revealing of how much united and in accordance they truly are. In this case, since William sets the pace, it’s an expression of Kate’s devotion and submission.

      2. Omg… yes!!! Harry looks very open and confident. The other two look hunched over with their crotch clutching. I don’t know how they do it. I was shopping earlier today and for some reason it popped into my head. I walk with hands by my side, head held high. I’d say I look very confident and sure of myself. i tried to crotch clutch. I think it lasted all of like 30 seconds. I have no idea how they do it!

    2. They’re doing it in both pictures! LOL. I didn’t notice that. In the top photo, Harry has his hands behind his back, while The Cambridge’s are crotch clutching. They’re not looking in the same direction. Harry’s looking to his left, William’s looking at the camera (something else he and his wife share), and Kate doesn’t really seem to be focusing on anything actually. It’s funny when you compare it to the Spectre photo, the similar disparate body language, and Harry going away from them in a different way. It’s not really one picture though, is it Overit? Harry’s been consistently doing that in family and trio appearances. At the very least, he might feel like a third wheel, and William and Kate may not be trying much to include him or make it easier. If the Trooping and Sandringham were anything to go by, they’re not selling The Three Musketeers thing anymore. At worst though? Yeesh. But I don’t really know what to make of it. Harry still seems to fall into that passive, little brother role when he’s alone with William. Maybe he’s just used to dealing with William solo. He knows that Will’s going to tease him and let him know who the spare is. But Harry doesn’t seem interested in “selling it” when partnered with The Cambridge’s anymore. I wish he’d separate himself from them, and insist on having a more central role and get credit for his work. If Charles really thinks he can streamline the monarchy and he, Camilla, William, Kate and Harry can carry it, then those last two points are crucial. The press have fired their warning shots. The honeymoon’s over. There’s no room for a scapegoat in a royal family of 5. Or 6 when Harry marries. Or 7 and 8 when George and Charlotte are of age. Which, if they are anything like their parents, they’ll avoid for as long as possible.

      At least in the US, solo covers of Kate don’t sell consistently or notably well. I heard that she didn’t really sell copy even as early as 2012. (I also recall hearing about books and wedding souvenirs not selling all that well in the UK.) It’s strange. The Firm wanted Kate to be successful and popular for it’s own sake. But William and Kate seem to also want to be popular in the US. I think it’s mostly a Diana thing and thumbing their nose at the British media. The press worldwide wanted another Diana too. So everyone’s been trying to make Kate happen for years. There was a huge People magazine centered “Cambridge family” push last year. But I remember in 2014 that Kate was a consistent hitter for Ok and Star, NOT People. Even then we’re talking about an era of pregnancy and then photos of the kids. Not simply Kate as she is in between. She can’t hang with Brangelina or Clooney for People magazine. William is of no interest. At all. But Kate has never been as popular as KP’s PR would have you believe and the press, trying to increase their own sales, try to make her. It reminds me of the Kardashians. They’re everywhere, on everything. But their tv ratings have been steadily declining for years and were really only noteworthy for the E! channel to start with. And they can do alright or absolutely flop on magazine covers. Yet they somehow stay on them!

  6. Is it me or does PW seems to complain of his children a lot, they are being loud, they keep him up. Now they run and jump into things, trying to break bones. He said Princess Charlotte is easy and sweet but then followed it up with there will be drama when she’s 9. Then asked if it gets better.. We have to rely on his words on what his children are like bc we rarely get a chance to see them in photos or video.

    1. I’m annoyed that he, and to an extent Kate, has already gender stereotyped the children and when he describes them, Charlotte is ‘ladylike and easy’ whereas George is all unruly boy.

      On the one hand I hope they are allowed to express their personalities without gender expectations (little chance given how he describes them), but I would be very amused if Charlotte turns out unruly and not a wit ladylike whilst George was the easy going one.

      All of that said, the invisible children have become the public talking points. He won’t show them, yet is unwittingly shaping their personalities to the public with words. Sad for the kids because people will form opinions of them as shaped by WK’s skewered view of them instead of seeing them in pictures and videos to form their own opinion. Seeing George at his christening and in NZ/AUS went a long way in establishing a favourable public opinion outside of being told by William what a nightmare he was. Charlotte is a blank page to the public. The fact that she’s the spit of Carole probably won’t work in her favour given how the public feel about Carole. They need to show her to establish a separate identity.

      1. I agree Herazeus, it’s very annoying how much they gender stereotype their kids. It would be one thing if that’s how they actually are – which we don’t know since we never see them interact with the world – but to paint a baby as “ladylike” just because she’s a girl is dumb.

        When Chris and Maddie gave an interview about their kids, one thing I loved about Chris’ response about what temperament Nicolas had was that he said Nicolas was “a gentle soul” but “he’s only six months so we’ll see”. I loved that answer because it acknowledged that Nicolas is a baby with no real personality yet and things can change as he gets older. William has not done that with his kids.

        1. William started the tale about the boisterous, loud George from the moment they left the hospital with him. It was either there or a few days later he said that he was very loud with a roar like a lion.

          I don’t know what he expected. A gentle, proper little cry when he wanted to be fed or was uncomfortable?? Most babies I’ve heard wail and I mean wail when they need attention. Once they’re taken care of they are fine. He obviously hadn’t been around very many newborns when they cried.

        2. In fact, invisibility and secrecy can create damage in the public view because speculation may arise. My cynic self has suspected that Charlotte is not being shown because she actually is the spitting image of Carole (or Pippa), as Herazeus says, so W&K are waiting for her to grow a little older in hope she can change more into a Windsor. Lol

          1. +1 Agree Elina! I also think that WILLNOT’s incessant talk about the dainty princess and little-pink-cupcake demeanor of Charlotte is a ruse, too. They know she’s not particularly the personification of a Disney-princess — I mean C’mon she looks like Carole NOT Diana, or even any of his lovely looking Spencer cousins!! Thus, they continue to make us think she’s floating on fairy clouds. Kind of like when the “Wizard” said “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

      2. Completely agree. It’s not surprising to me though, given that Kate is living the life of a 1950’s house wife. I guess she thought getting a college degree was her only personal accomplishment and gave up after that. She has never applied for a job without connections or nepotism and has never held down even a part time job. She dedicates minimal effort to her “charity work” and has not been able to deliver a professional speech. She is an utter failure in the public arena and appears to have put all her energy into stalking William and obtaining the title, wealth and perks. Not exactly a modern woman.

    2. I think he speaks in platitudes as a kind of bonding exercise with the public. He gives nothing away and tags his children in gender stereotypes.

      1. Jen, I couldn’t agree more. He is trying to be ‘a normal Joe, with the “does it get better?” asinine comment. That’s flat out and out condescending and furthermore he needn’t worry about his children and their behavior. He doesn’t care, he’s playing a game, she’s a loose cannon, and this calling them out? I find it sad that Harry is lumped in with W/K since people who defend William say for one thing that he’s just the heir to the heir, so how do they put Harry into that little bundle. I really think that Harry is forced under the radar by the pr machine for the d/d of Dumbville. If Billy is upset when Cathy ‘upstages’ him God knows that Harry certainly will be encouraged not to. Stupid move. I think. I love the comments from the British posters and those who know. I can’t believe that Chuck is trying to persuade the powers that be to give him? the duchy. Did I read that right. Is he nuts or am I simply getting it wrong. This is not the time to poke the Tiger, this is the time to lay low and hope to God that this storm is like all the others. A spurt. I don’t think William cares what the people think, and I don’t think Waity has a clue. She has **the** ring, the title, the houses, servants which is Disneyville. OK, so the people waiting on her are human, not mice and cute little birds but in her mind a servant is a servant, I think anyway. The queen blew her chance to reign William in years ago and fat chance he’ll listen now. Why would he. He has everything he wants or thinks he wants. Prince Phillip is an elderly man and not well, so I hope the people don’t expect him to step in and ‘fix’ things. William is not a fixable person and waity is human but hardly ‘a person’. I am encouraged by Harazeus’ comment. Charles isn’t impressed and fond of the Middletons. Good. I still think that the palace had something to do with the hairy marshmallow man’s trip to Hong Kong and Pippa’s sudden desire for ‘privacy’. Granted, she has a rich dude on the hook but somehow the fact that she has dined on her ‘connections’ and her dude wants privacy knowing that. Maybe? And the Venus Flytrap hasn’t been in the press lately, and I can’t see the “Buckleberry Hillbillies’ just all of a sudden fading into the background. Things are precarious for the ‘firm’ right now and I think damage control is doing anything they can to avoid irking the people any more than they already are. I’ve read that the Middletons haven’t boundaries between them and the ‘royals’, that the Venus Flytrap, Pippa, and Waity share clothes. That Ma has moved into Amner. If the palace is smart they’ll smother that little fire before it becomes a blaze. In my humble opinion if the people of Britain do the math and find out that they’re in anyway financing the Middletons via Waity Katie?
        Gender typing on William’s part shows just how ‘modern and up to date he isn’t. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Clueless. (I’ve taken up too much room but have to throw this in.) Ladylike? Does he **know** waity katie? c l u e l e s s

    3. William has been complaining about George since he was born. Like, I’m pretty sure William made a negative comment about George while doing an interview when they showed George to the world on the steps of Lindo.

      1. Didn’t Kate blame Charles for the split back in 2007. Rather than focus on getting past William which should have happened after university Kate just followed and made herself available. Prince Harry does do more than his fair share of work. I think his volunteering counts for a lot. William and Kate should be inspiring their children with the amount of work they do. I think William and Harry should not have had to go through the publicity of the divorce. They should have been more carefully guided and protected. Then William would not have needed the Middletons. Kimothy, I hope you get a diagnosis for your feet soon. I found your youtube channel.

        1. Laura, thanks. 🙂

          and KMR, yes he did. He “complimented” his son’s lungs. William, I know a lot of people who would’ve given any thing for their babies to be blessed with healthy lungs and the ability to breathe. OY! Sorry but that’s a touchy subject for me (taking good health for granted and making flip remarks). Yes, I know he said it as a joke but….grrrr….

      2. I feel for George, when he gets older and starts looking online he’ll find that the only comments his parents made about him are to complain, great way to make a child feel loved and listened too.

  7. Finally! I’ve been waiting for an article like this for some time. This is only the beginning and there is more to come. As I already stated a few days ago, I’m not interested in Kate or William any more. They do or say nothing that makes me think in different ways and/or inspires me. I’m only waiting for the big crash. And in the meantime I enjoy the Swedish Royal Family and get inspired fashion wise by CP Mary.
    PS: I was just wondering if I’m the only one who remembers this statement made by Buckingham Palace prior to the wedding of WK: “The duchess will focus on her royal work. She is not a fashion horse.”….

  8. Whenever I see that picture of Charlotte I see Carol(e) Middleton. And I’m a thousand percent fed up of seeing / hearing / reading about the Middletons. Therefore whilst I’m sure she’s a lovely baby etc etc she – in my mind – is a Middleton and I couldn’t care less if I don’t hear about her ever. They bore me to tears. Thoroughly enjoying the snark however, and your excellent blog!

    1. Interesting. I see Mike Middleton and the Duchess in Charlotte. When she grows up and loses the baby fat, I think she’ll be a copy of the Duchess.

        1. Yep, agree. When PW was in his teens, a lot of people said he looked like his mom. Now does PW look like her? To me it’s P Harry that looks like Diana not PW.

      1. Beatrice, I actually see William more in Charlotte. George looks like Kate more. Though I don’t understand the brown eyes if Kate has green.

    2. ABC, a thousand times YES! I’m disgusted by the sight of Orangina, with her pigeon-toed gait and her Cheshire grin, the parvenu Wonka-in-Chief brother and beady-eyed Mephistopheles-of-a-mother Scarole. To this day, I picture them scurrying around Kensington palace, gleefully opening every cupboard and pantry, sliding down the corridors in their socks, squealing in victory. Oh, and Scarole giving never-ending piggy-back and shoulder rides to the kids, in public and private, lest the kids ever forget who the BETTER grandparents are.

      The girl looks EXACTLY like Scarole to me and I realize I feel the same way: she is a MIDDLETON, not a Windsor, in mind, body and spirt, so the less I see/hear about her, the better!

      1. Sage, you totally cracked me to tears! So fun to be snarky sometimes.
        I made a comment up thread about Charlotte looking exactly like Carole and therefore is being hidden from the public until her features change. 🙂

    1. Charles officially became the prince of wales in 1969 when he was 21. So he has been holding that title for nearly 47 years. I think he’s the oldest prince of wales in English history. With the queen becoming 90 & still going strong, I think it will be many more years before he becomes king. Maybe by that time the coronation ceremony will be too strenuous for him & Camilla.

      1. Charles was created Prince of Wales by Letters Patent in 1958 but not invested until 1969. 🙂 A bit pedantic, but he has been PoW since 1958 and heir apparent since 1952.

      2. And while people were celebrating Diamond Jubilee or Britain’s longest ever monarch, nobody celebrated PoW and his being in this title for so long. I don’t even know if he’s beaten Edward VII as the longest PoW. Poor Charles. Always overshadowed by his mother, for most of his life.

  9. I worry that my feelings towards William, my future King, are heading towards hate. Certainly I have not one ounce of respect for him. As a British citizen, tax payer & Monarchist – it feels very odd & worrying to feel so strongly against him.

    The Times say William will “tackle suicide” this Spring. A half arsed add-on to get him out there & negate criticism? Sigh.

    1. WTF?? “Tackle suicide”?? Oh my lord. It is of course laudable for the RF to shine a spotlight on mental health and other causes, but KP keeps putting it out that Wills and Kate are some kind of experts. Spotlight yes, “reading scientific papers and being a leader in the prevention of suicide” no. Take a page from Camilla’s book when she spent time talking to victims of rape and domestic violence. Show some genuine emotion and invite the press. That’s how the RF can really “tackle” a difficult subject.

    2. I saw that William is going to “tackle suicide”. It seems to strange to me since he’s made no mention of it until now. I guess I’ll believe it when I see it since he doesn’t have anything on his schedule right now.

    3. I hate the language that KP uses about mental health issue – “tackle”, “bouncing forward”! I find it down-right offensive. Mental health is a delicate and complicated issue and precision of language is crucial when it comes to combatting stigma! They need real input from mental health professionals when crafting the PR on this issue, not glib, “upbeat” PR speak!!!!!!!!

      If they can’t engage with this subject in a sober and respectful manner at even the most basic level then they need to drop it and it leave it to those who can and will speak about it in a sober and informative manner – nevermind that nothing has me convinced that either William or Kate actually care about this issue.

      1. I’m not really in a good place right now so they really make me see red at present because they and their team are so incredibly clueless when they try to be on message on this issue. They either give vague PR speak without really saying anything or else they use language that is wholly inappropriate, language that in some instances actually obscure that they are talking about mental illness and not life challenges in general – and that actually upholds uphold the stigma IMO.

        I absolutely HATE euphemisms because they are only used to make unpleasant or downright ugly things sound innocuous and nice. The most extreme example is “ethnic cleasing” which sounds so much nicer than “genocide”. It is an extreme example but I think you all get my drift.

        To combat the stigma of mental illness you need to be sober and forthright, with a lot of information on symptoms, where to get help, etc. Testimonials are also important – to create awareness among those who suffer that they are not alone.

        vague PR speak and photo ops are not enough – I’m thinking about Kate’s so-called guest editor stint here, which I consider a fail. She was vague in her op-ed and the choice of HuffPo to the exclusion of other media failed to get the message through because the other media outlets buried it.

        1. Hello ArtHistorian! I always look for and enjoy your posts. You have a great knowledge, sophisticated vocabulary, fabulous taste in jewelry, well balanced opinions….and I don’t like that you are in a bad place now. Personally I embrace my “bad place” as one of the aspects of life and I gain some peace of mind.

        2. Well said. Kate’s/KP’s buzzword-y language they use when they talk about mental health is aggravating. Clearly they don’t know much about this complicated topic.

          By the way, if you ever need to talk, ArtHistorian, you can always email me.

          1. Oh FuMama – yes! Like they have at sports events, at cricket matches everyone has 4’s and 6’s that they stick up when the appropriate runs are scored. It would be so funny if all the press pack had them for Kate.

        3. Sending you a cyber hug AH. As almost always I totally agree with you. I am no expert on mental health, but learning a lot from this blog, but these buzz words are just meaningless to me. Hope today brings you a little more sunshine in your life.

        4. To you, ArtHistoriam, peace of mind and heart. I don’t like hearing you are in a bad place and do hope that life will ease up for you. We are here anytime for you. Remember that. You give so much to us at KMR.

        5. That’s not good to hear AH. Hope today is a little brighter. You are not alone; even though we all here are scattered throughout the globe, we are here for you. Your posts are always a must-read and are 100% on the mark.

        6. Thank you all for the lovely comments and cyber hugs! It means a lot to me. This place has evolved to be a real community where people feel safe about sharing their stories. It is a wonderful achievement KMR!

          My depression has come back with a vengeance and even the smallest things are hard. Fortunately for me, my sister lives in my building and I get a lot of fur-therapy from her sweet and cuddly cats.

          Here are som pics of her little Korat cat Fanni (there’s also a kitten now but no pics yet):

          1. I am sorry you are struggling. It seems to be a dark time for a lot of people. I say this not to demean your struggle, but to let you know that you arent alone.

            and ignore me… if this comment offends.

          2. I am totally a dog person, but that cat could make me change my allegiance. What stunning eyes. Take care!

          3. Hugs & prayers, AH!

            I’m also a dog person (I LOVE my sweet Cairn Terrier mix, Missy) but that Fanni is gorgeous!! If that were my cat, it’d name him/her (is Fanni a she or a he?) Jade because of those beautiful eyes!

          4. GORGEOUS kitty!! Just beautiful. A cat always makes life better. Please post more, and of the new kitten too when you can. Happy to see so many pics; love the close up of Fanni’s mouth/nose. Take each day as it come AH; enjoy little things.

          5. ArtHistorian, please take care of yourself. Depression is definitely a battle. Just looking at your fur therapist drops my blood pressure 10 points.

            And for the record, I love cats and dogs. Trying to decide which one I want to get in the very near future.

          6. Fanni is a she – and she’s also a prize winner! I went with my sister and the breeder to a show as a helping hand, and Fanni won her class unanimously and became the second best among all the other cats (around 200).

            She’s a Korat, which is a Thai breed (traditionally considered a luck-bringing cat) with silvergrey fur and green eyes (they come in with age – Fanni’s are particularly beautiful). They are vocal and playful but they also like to snuggle.

            I’m most definitely a cat person. We had the sweetest little black family cat that we had to put to sleep a few weeks ago. But I do love dogs too, especially Corgis. They just put a smile on my face with those short legs and big ears.

          7. ArtHistorian, we are here for you! I am sorry that things are tough for you and send you warm wishes. You are such an important commenter on this blog. Everything you write teaches me so much. Your knowledge and your way of expressing yourself in such a thorough and caring way makes you special. I hope you know that!

            Oh, and there are nothing like cats or dogs to bring warmth and happiness into lives. They often sense we need them and their loving presence can do more than words can ever say.

            Please take care of yourself and know you are loved.

          8. FuMama, may you find peace of mind and heart, too. We are here for you, too. I think everyone here is really very caring.
            I hope you receive good news very soon about the baby.

    4. Personally I feel that instead of “saying” William or Kate are going to do something, William and Kate should just get on with it and actually do it!

  10. KMR do you have access to the Saturday Telegraph or is it subscription only? There is the most staggeringly sycophantic piece in today written by Bryony Gordon. I won’t go into more detail atm in case KMR is able to access and comment, but just one quote ” I mean, come on, the Duchess of Cambridge is everywhere (in italics)”

      1. What annoys me almost more than anything is to suggest that Will has had the worst life of anyone, ever – I know he has had some real challenges, and having lost my own father very suddenly and unexpectedly when I was nine, with three older brothers for my mother to feed, I can honestly say that whilst it had a significant impact on us we have not allowed that to dominate our lives. Many people cannot put a roof over their children’s heads or food on the table, or suffer depression from such a loss and the kids have to go in to care. I honestly do sympathise with Will and Harry, but they do need to ensure the tragedy doesn’t rule everything they do.

        OK rant over, sorry everyone, but the article has made me seethe with fury, like JL.

        1. So sorry for your loss, Birdy. Excellent points.

          If they were truly mental health advocates, would they want those who suffered loss and/or trauma during childhood to act like William? By turning into a reclusive/lazy control freak with an intermittent desire to save people by rushing them to the hospital? I can easily see how being an air ambulance pilot appeals to William because of Diana in Paris. But he does not perform the job with much passion or conviction- he’s hardly ever there. Is his passion real? Is he too lazy to want to save lives? He seems very conflicted. Maybe he needs therapy. In all seriousness, maybe he needs help with his mental state. Is their new charitable focus a cry for help? Then he should get some. And maybe come out and make a heartfelt speech to the public about his own depression or whatever he’s going through. Diana did the same with her bulimia and her unhappy marriage – and people responded to her on such a positive way. Honestly, I think that is the essence of the modern monarchy and why we are unmoved by causes that W&K&H take on that they don’t seem to have a bond with. Diana spoiled us with her emotional connections – and that is how we all live now. Liking and loving (and now even hating and crying) posts on Facebook. We care if they really seem to care. That’s why we all responded so positively to Kate’s natural joy during the tennis lesson. And not to her manic faces at the children’s charities. And we love Harry with the wounded warriors and Invictus games and Cams with abused women. Be yourselves. Your best selves. To quote from one of those dreadful headlines aimed at the queen after Diana died, “Show us you care!”

          1. That’s why I still don’t think Kate had HG. My sister had it with both of her pregnancies and I just don’t believe that Kate had it. HG completely wipes you out. My sister was so weak at one point that she could only crawl to the bathroom. She was hospitalized twice with her first and took a long time to recuperate at home afterwards. She didn’t pop to the hospital and emerge looking chipper with flowers, like Kate. Her weight got shockingly low because she couldn’t hold down anything and even tic tacs made her nauseated. If Kate really had HG, she had the mildest case I’ve ever heard of. My honest opinion is that Kate is so spoiled and protected from the strain of daily living that the rest of us go through (working two jobs while you have the flu, so your children can eat, for example) that she totally freaks out if things aren’t perfect or she experiences mild discomfort.

      2. I can’t find the article. I found the Telegraph on Google and tons of articles about the dodos but no comments and not that article. In any case the fact that people are enraged and insulted just hopefully adds fuel to the fire and melts Wimpo’s cheese toast.

          1. Clem, thanks for the link. I went straight to the comments and William is on the skids. I can’t believe that anyone would try to sell this crap, and to speak for a woman who isn’t here? Desperate much? Oh, I so hope that this is the beginning of the end of the “House of Middleton”. William is an idiot. Waity is a barnacle. Thanks again!

    1. Oh Birdy and JL
      I like the first comment on this article:
      ” What a load of fawning, unctuous, sycophantic tripe.”
      What else s left to say FFS?

    2. I was only able to get through 3/4 of that article. The excuse making for wee willie and out right bovine fecal material (I apologize for the language ) about kates tireless efforts was too much to bear. I lost my mom at 2 had an absent father and was raised by the most amazing woman, my grandmother who took me in and raised me on a widows pension and social security. So this garbage about how much wee willie has suffered and struggled is revolting. I wonder what type of access the writer was offered.

      1. Vickiv, thanks for your story and I am so with you that often someone stands in to support most often a grandparent. But life goes on doesn’t it? Will lost a mother he clearly adored but he did have a huge support network – just occasionally it pops up that Diana’s sisters helped for eg . His story is sad but yours is too, and I’m sure you don’t hide away saying woe is me its not fair why me? The article made me want to hit something – fortunately the only thing near was my dog, and I would never hurt him !!! I am really surprised the Telegraph printed that article.

    3. It’s strictly to counter all the negativity so we all go “poor William”. Getting mad at it succeeds too. You’re paying attention.

      Basically things got so bad they had to run a puff piece detailing all William’s troubles to try to drum up sympathy. Big deal. Textbook tactics and oh, so predictable.

        1. First of all, don’t anyone think I am defending William. If I told you what I really think of him, my mom would come back from the grave and wash my mouth out with soap. However, I think Harry’s memories of Diana are better than William’s are. I read a story in a book, might have been one of Paul Burrell’s or Penny Junor – can’t remember which and don’t have time to go looking for it. It seems Prince Charles had arranged for a photo shoot of him and the two boys at Balmoral on this particular morning. William doesn’t want to do it and calls Diana complaining about it and wanting her to call his father and get him (William) out of it. Diana basically told him he was just going to have to suck it up and do it. William gets furious, tells Diana he hates her and hangs up. Those are his last words to her because the car crash happens that night. I am sure he blames the photographers for the argument too. He probably feels guilty about that but has worked out that the argument was really due to his dad and the photographers. He needs some major professional help. Harry seems to be better adjusted.

          1. Sue, I had heard that too (William’s last words) but if he’s twistedly turned his guilt over his last words and said that those last words to his mother was the media’s fault?? **shakes head** Wow!!

          2. Guilt can be pretty all consuming. I’m still trying to deal with the guilt I felt/feel aftrr my dad passed away. That was 3 and a half years ago. I know what I feel guilty for probably isn’t even a thought my dad would have, still doesn’t change the fact that I still feel guilty. Difference between me and PW is I make the choice to come to terms with it. And I function as an adult. I don’t know what he’s doing, but he has no excuse.

      1. This tells me that KP is running out of ideas to make the lazy duo look good when the simplest solution is to make them work more. Do we have to whack KP with a sledgehammer to wake up?

    4. Wow, what a fawning piece of writing! Ms. Gordon will certainly win the Royal Reporter of the Year award.

      I wonder if Kate’s work with mental health issues stems from her knowledge that her husband is in desperate need of help? I’ve been reading up on the royal family lately and what Charles and Diana put William and Harry through is simply appalling. Does anyone remember Camillagate or Squidygate? The boys were is school when these phone conversations were made public and while the school tried to shield them from this they both found out about it and in turn started acting out, fighting, bed wetting, etc. And then of course came the Panorama interview that Diana gave, then Charles’ interview about his affair with Camilla, these two did some really appalling things with little or no regard on how it would affect their children. It’s bad enough for a child to go through these things but to go through them when the whole world knows about it must be very difficult. I’m not excusing William or Harry’s behavior as adults, at some point one must quit living in the past and quit blaming your childhood for your adult behavior (I know I had to grow up and quit doing that) but people like Ms Gordon continue to give William and Harry a free pass to do what ever they want solely on the basis of their childhood and frankly that’s not doing either one of them any favors. At a time in everyone’s life they must be made accountable for their choices, their decisions and their actions, it seems that that day is upon William, Kate and Harry, I wonder how they will respond?

      1. I read once about how Diana in hysterics from one of her tantrums, locking herself in the bathroom with Willie outside trying to console her. (I always saw pictures of Diana being the devoted mom and how she taught them. .) So when I read this, I saw how terrible the boys lives must have been with parents like Charles and Di.

        I always have a soft spot for Will & Harry and especially Harry with the questionable paternity. I however agree with everyone that PW stop hiding behind this sympathy curtain and rise above everything to become a person benefiting society.

        My brother’s friend’s brother divorced and the 2 boys were splitted, one went with mom and one stayed with dad. From the accounts I heard, mom and dad tried to be the winner who “was in the right”. The oldest jumped in front of a moving subway when he was 21.

        1. It’s terrible when parents use the kids to get back at one another. It’s selfish and only hurts the kids.

          1. I think divorce, regardless of how “amicable” it was, screws kids up. Charles and Diana’s divorce was the furthest thing from amicable possible. I agree that having the world watch you go through that would definitely screw you up. But at some point, you gotta rise above it. You can’t use that as a security blanket for the rest of your life.

          2. I agree KMR and from what I’ve read even after the death of Diana Charles continues to use negative PR against his sons in order to make himself look good. Remember Harry’s one day stint in rehab or William’s meeting with Camilla or more recently the “March of the Middleton’s” ? I won’t be at all surprised if this recent negative press about William’s work ethics was started by Charles’ office (with or without his approval).

  11. Love Richard Palmer’s article. If they started counting Harry’s off schedule work on the CC his numbers would improve vastly.

    As for the Cambridge kids, I am more invested in the Swedish and Bhutanese prince than I am the Cambridge kids and the BRF history is my favorite. No fault of the kids, but fully the fault of the parents for not sharing more of the kids and insisting on branding their natures to the public as the brutish boy and serene girl.

  12. They’re running and jumping all over are they? Even Charlotte, who’s still only 9 months old?? Most babies of this age can’t even walk. What’s going on with this guy that he doesn’t know his own children?! Or is he just copying stuff he’s heard other parents say and doesn’t think we’ll notice that it doesn’t fit his situation??

    1. I know! Doesn’t that comment sound like made up crap? Maybe, Will stole the story from the same friend he stole the engagement story.

    2. My nephew was born a month before Charlotte and he’s just now walking. All babies are different, but I hardly think she’s running around.

    3. I know, right. My first thought was “Charlotte is running and jumping? She must be the most advanced 9 month old ever.”

  13. First time commenter, long time lurker. KMR – love your work!

    Have just read the Telegraph article, oh my word, she is a big fan.
    But not very bright after all she calls Wills a ‘stay at home dad’ – not sure that’s what the British taxpayers think they are funding him for?

    1. I know and Kate is the one out there earning their keep!! It would be funny if it wasn’t so bloody annoying.

      Welcome, by the way. My alter ego name could be mad dog lady!

      1. Thanks 🙂

        Agree at funny but annoying, is what Kate does equivalent to a proper job in Bryony’s eyes? She has a skewed version of a ‘working mum’!

        1. Forget the Mum she has no idea what working entails. Never had a proper job, lazy , entitled, spoiled by first her parents and now her husband.

          1. I am a proud card carrying member! Our youngest “Georgia” (named for the little prince) was 2 last November….my daughter brought her home, so she “calls” me Grama. She really is quite the little chatterbox, and the whole family is smitten…even gruff husband can’t deny it haha

  14. Darn, I wish I had known we would be talking about this today, I wouldn’t have written a fairly long reply yesterday…shucks! Anyhow, I don’t have much to add, other than I do feel a bit sad for the Queen, she has devoted her whole life to the monarchy and by all accounts it wasn’t a job she wanted either but she did it and did it well. I don’t know if either her or Phillip or Charles have talked to William about his lack of focus, his lack of commitment or his lack of work and if they have is this his response?

    I really don’t buy the argument that Harry can’t work more than the Heir, Anne works more than Charles so why can’t Harry? On the flip side I don’t agree that Harry’s volunteer work with the Army shouldn’t be counted in the CC, hell if the Duchess giving birth counts (which is a very private engagement) then why not count Harry’s volunteering?

    In the end I’m super glad that KMR follows the other wonderful royal women!!! I so love hearing about what Mary, Max, Leti and the others are up too!

    1. Lauri my dear, the Duchess gave the public 2 push presents so what more can we ask??:)))

      If all accounts are true, Carole Middleton maybe the person to turn to for convincing PW to work more. I wonder if Mrs. Middleton does inspire her daughter to aspire to greater expectations from the in-laws. Or is she teaching her daughter to enjoy her lavish position and to hell with the in-laws and the public. A lot of mothers do the latter in general.

      1. Well Beatrice, since Mrs Middleton never encouraged her daughter to become anything other than a prince’s beck and call girl I would imagine she is teaching her daughter to “enjoy her lavish position and to hell with the in-laws” and her duties as Duchess.

  15. Palmer needs a reality check. He’s right about them being lazy and spoilt but it comes across as he’s afraid of losing his feeling that being a royal reporter is something special. He needs W&K & Harry to go back to being special so he can feel special too.

    It’s not the royal family’s fault that journalism isn’t paying so much anymore. Since the invention of the internet, camera phones and Twitter everyone is a now a potential journalist, so it’s not even really a career anymore.

    And if the royal family goes the way of Zoos that’s probably a good thing. We could give the Duchies back to the people. Save on all of the £300+ million spent on their security too. Heck we could even probably make more from opening up all of the palaces to visitors than the amount they supposedly already bring in from tourism. Meanwhile they can all retire to Sandringham and Balmoral and live the private lives they claim to want so desperately. Job done.

    1. Don’t forget about the royal jewelleries, especially the tiaras! Display them in the museum so that we mortals can admire & have a closer look at them.

    2. I don’t know about “feeling special” but he is afraid of losing his job. They all are. The reporters and especially photographers have been talking about it for months. There is nothing wrong with that. These people make a living following the royals around and promoting them, yet the royals throw it in their faces. I’d be pissed, too.

    3. Agree on the internet point. Young fashion bloggers are being invited to front row of major fashion shows now, who needs real fashion critics. Maybe the real fashion critics will start blogging too.

      1. I think there is an agile and informative nature to blogs that formal journalism has lost. It also creates a sense of intimacy and truthiness that people respond to now that it is accepted that traditional journalism is arms length and bound to their external obligations. I think that ‘real’ journalism is going through changes.

        we are reading this on a blog…and the quality here is real.

    4. Don’t forget that the reporters and photographers covering the royals are also covering and publicizing their charities and causes. What will happen to those charities and causes when the the reporters and photographers fall by the wayside?

    5. Your plan for the royals’ retirement sounds great! I visited a few royal residences when I toured the UK, and would have done so even if the monarchy had been over/retired for hundreds of years. People want to see the castles, palaces, jewels, gardens, furniture etc and learn about the history of where they are at. I don’t think that will change at all if the royals retire and I would much rather see more of the royal residences rather than less. Maybe in 20 or so years that will happen.

    6. Excellent idea. The resources returned to the state will be more useful to the public than to one already wealthy family.

  16. Fantastic commentary, KMR! Major kudos to you.

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing that both you and Palmer wish you had something to write about. What you and we want is *substance* along with the gossip, a spark of some sort. Right now, everyone’s on a treadmill of blandness. I really don’t think it will change, though. As for Palmer, he flip flops according to treatment, so he is never going to criticise them for long, but that doesn’t make his article less exacting.

    I hate William’s comment once again, about an active, roughhousing little boy. It’s like William finds him endlessly irritating. He never, ever says anything nice about George. And it *was* about George because I doubt that Charlotte is able to cut a swath at her age, “running around, pushing things, jumping”.

    Overall, it sounds like this threesome are shaping media to accommodate William’s self-indulgence and indifference to his role, all the while greedily securing a nice little nest (dare I say, Faberge) egg if things go south. It’s becoming critical, it seems.
    I’m beginning to think that commenters were right in asserting that William is waiting to get hold of the Cornwall Duchy millions.

    What I hate most is that they have that much power- to manipulate and support their lavish and narcissistic lifestyle at total expense to the taxpaying public (and country) which they are meant to serve, feel entitled to everything, and that they might get away with it. It looks like this is becoming the real story now.

    1. Can you explalin why the United Kingdom maintains a monarchy? From this side of the pond, I just don’t get it. They don’t do anything to warrant it…or do they? Serious questions.

    2. Thanks Mavin. Substance is exactly the right word. That’s really what I want from the royals’ appearances.

  17. I just read the Telegraph article. I don’t know what Bryony is swallowing, injecting or smoking but I want some of it; and I don’t even do drugs.

  18. Why do “pro monarchists” say that having a president as head of state would be more expensive than the Queen? I see that a lot in comments.

    At least in the USA, the president makes about 500k a year. He gets use of the white house, camp david, and all travel expenses, food, etc. He certainly, by virtue of being President, NOT entitled to profits off of federally owned lands. His tax returns are published and all expenses regarding the Presidency are subject to FOIA and Congressional oversight. There is no “exemptions” for the President.

    IF our President took liberties with the taxpayer dollars that Royals appear to….hahaha. The President’s political enemies would love that. And it would be illegal and subject hin to prison. Maybe that’s the problem: the Royal family doesn’t have any competing political enemies to take them to task, or any laws with teeth that apply to them. Other than Republic, the only “enemy” of the Royal family is the press?

    The US President also does work. In fact, our Constitution tells him exactly what he can and cannot do, and what he must do. It is a 25 hour a day job. Take a look at any president coming in…then coming out. It’s awful how much it ages them.

    Anyway, the US president is nota do nothing head of state like the British Monarch. It is NOT a ceremoniol role. It’s akin to the Prime Minister, but the Office of the President is a separate, yet co-equal and yes, competing branch of Government along with the Legislature and Judiciary.

    1. Actually Seattle, the President pays for all meals for his family in the White House. State Dinners and official events he doesn’t pay for but any regular, every day meals he does. I just learned this from a show on the History Channel about presidents. Really surprised me.

      1. I think we watched the same show Lisa 🙂 I was just going to write the same thing! I love the documentaries on the inner-workings of the White House, no matter what side of the political arena you might be on the history and inside scoop is fascinating.

      2. Gosh, that’s interesting about the meals. I wonder why since the president gets a residence as part of the job. And you never saw President Bartlet (The west Wing) being billed…

        1. We probably did Lauri!! I love The History Channel! And we’re kind of watching history in the making right now.

          Jen, I can’t imagine them presenting the president with a check with every meal. I’m sure he gets billed monthly or quarterly or something and probably gets a pretty good discount seeing as he’s running the country. 🙂

    2. Also considering the amount of work that the US President has to do and the fact that the President will get blamed for anything that goes wrong in any corner of the world- they deserve that $500K salary.

  19. “hampered by a natural reserve”? (Thanks LolaHeart!)

    No, she’s bored, not all that bright, and completely uninterested in any kind of charity work.

    I see no reason to only criticize William. If she was longing to work more, she’d do a better job when she does. Neither of them have any interest in working and it shows.

    I’m glad the royal insiders, the ones who surround the Queen and Charles, and speaking up this way.

    1. Palmer dilutes his critique with some serious fawning, all in the name of self-preservation! I think Kate, like her family, has a kind of rat-cunning intelligence (my apologies to rats everywhere) and a convincing rhetoric that falls way, way short in actual performance.
      Kate is not so much “hampered by a natural reserve” but haughty, bored with anyone other than a celebrity, little to no empathy for others, and bone lazy. The hands-on mother story is most likely wishful rhetoric on the part of the press, determined to justify Kate’s existence somehow.
      If Kate were interested in her engagements, she’d be respectful of her charities by preparing thoroughly, and asking intelligent searching questions, not appearing as if the charity/event is a complete mystery to her.

  20. It pleases me that Richard Palmer confirms what we have known all along, that Kate doesn’t sell.
    Despite all the PR-help she doesn’t sell. I don’t think any recent Royals have received as much PR push as Kate has, and she still doesn’t sell.
    I don’t agree wit Richar Palmer about Kate’s intelligence. If she was intelligent she would know she isn’t any good. She’d understand to practice and prepare. After five years she still can’t even curtsey properly.

    1. I don’t know Larissa, she’s managed to convince a whole lot of people that she’s the best thing since sliced bread, she “works” 4-5 hours a month but manages to convince people that she’s stressed and overworked, she has staff to deal with every possible thing that could come up, imo she may not be intelligent but she sure isn’t stupid either.

      1. That’s not necessarily Kate Lauri, that’s the KP PR people doing that work. If Kate had just been a regular person and her job was to support charities, she would have been sacked a long time ago for doing such a poor job.

        The press was looking for the second coming of Diana and pushed her as such. If they had covered her as little as they cover the other royal women she would not have the image she does. Just think about the adjective gymnastics the Daily Mail used to go through when describing her engagements. That was a flat out sales job.

        1. Oh dear, how terrible not to be able/willing to fulfill people’s expectations. The press (and people) made Kate the ‘nation’s darling’, eh? Well, that was a falloff waiting to happen. No wonder Kate supposedly disliked the comparison with Diana.
          Diana, always Diana. Her ghost is everywhere, especially with Kate wearing her ring.
          The fact is the Cambridges haven’t done anything to let go of Diana and carve their own road in life. They live in response of her life, projecting William’ interpretation of his mother desire to be left alone.
          I’m afraid that the Cambridges may win in their desire to be left alone, only it may be too late for British monarchy.

  21. This is such a good piece.
    (‘No broken bones yet, but they’re trying. Running around, pushing things, jumping.’)’Reading these quotes, I found myself not caring at all about what William had to say about George and Charlotte. While William and Kate periodically say stuff and release photos of their kids, I have no connection to George or especially Charlotte’.

    I had no idea the baby was walking or running as I haven’t kept up, well, I mean Charlotte hasn’t been seen very much to know at what stage in her development she is.

    Most people like Kate work their way up to earning a big house and designer wardrobes. Kate and William have it already. Its almost as if they skipped 15 years and have the attitude they are semi retired.

    I am used to the royals having a life that gives a nod to the public by attending events that mean something to us, however they give me the impression that they don’t need or care overly what the public is doing unless its to do with sports which I don’t count as work.

    It was said the Queen wished to be a middle class, scarf wearing country woman if she had the opportunity, filling her days with horses, dogs and country pursuits on an estate.

    I see her grandson and family doing just that. I understand William has issues with his mum dying and the press but many of us just have to get on with it. Thats life.
    Meanwhile there are children living on the streets, being abused. People are struggling financially, losing their homes and buckling under the burden of taxes or going without right in their backyard .

    All I see is them talking about ‘terrible situations’ abroad or attending, in the main, sports and concerts. I could be wrong but how would I know what they do when they rarely venture from their estate?

    I know someone on another board who lives near them and she says the children are usually seen with the nanny. She says Kate is not often with them which annoys her when the press show her as hands on. She wonders what she does to fill her time.

    I am sure Kate is a nice person along with William but sometimes I wonder what she thought was expected of her once she married into the succession. Surely they are aware of what is expected. Kate would have read everything she could before agreeing to join the royals.
    Thankyou for the post.

    1. Your comment about your friend only seeing the children with the nanny definitely makes one wonder what she’s doing with her time. I remember seeing pictures of her out pushing George around the park with Lupo trotting along behind. She clearly hasn’t done this with Charlotte because we would’ve seen or heard something. So exactly what is she doing? Concentrating on those scientific papers while Nanny Maria takes the kids out and/or having her “private” meetings with the leading mental health experts and charities? Hands on mom my rear end.

      1. Lisa,
        my friend says since Charlotte was born she never comes across Kate out with her as she did when she had George. She says a lot of other things too and the locals are not as enchanted with them as the papers would have us believe. They seem to stay holed up in their property and she wonders if there is a problem. When those pics came out of their dinner at the pub she was snorting with laughter as Kate doesn’t seem to want to leave the house. I am not saying she is mentally depressed but I am told that in real life she is painfully thin, tall and has an unhealthy look to her. I am told she has aged and looks exhausted which is odd when one has nannies, the best food and no money worries or work to go to each day.

        1. Thanks for the info charlston. I hope there isn’t something serious going on with her. I do find it a bit odd as we have so many photos of her out and about before the marriage. I do realize security probably plays a large part of it, but hiding away isn’t a good thing. Neither is the weight or aging issue. She is not aging well and she’s only been married for 5 years. If she’s that stressed then they need to address what’s going on in that family.

          1. A few recent photos have shown Kate without being Photoshopped. I wonder if that strategy will accelerate after this latest bust-up?

        2. That’s really interesting. I wonder what’s going on. William’s paranoia? Kate not wanting to do anything outside their bubble? She always ran to her parents; now she’s just staying at Anmer?

    2. I think many people would choose to be filling their days with country estate activities. The royals seem to confuse normal with idle wealthy life quite a bit. At least for the Queen her dream of putzing around on a country estate is just that for her – a dream. She knows she has to work. Actually I wouldn’t blame her if she retired at her age and spent the rest of her time in the country. Many working people dream of idle days enjoying their time with family and friends, but they also know they have to work. I guess William and Kate are being allowed to live a life of idle luxury without much work. Everyone enabling that needs to stop. Who all plays a role in that? I am not sure but I think it’s basically the parents and grandparents. Would they be able to take some of the wealth and privilege away if they wanted to? If so, how? It would be interesting to understand the dynamic there a bit more, and the motivations behind the behaviors.

      1. The supposed young innovators of royalty are living the life of old nobility, in intimate retreats and idle conversations over sherry, away from the plebs.
        The sad thing is the older generation of HM and PoW seem to be allowing this, or even approving.

    3. Charleston, I would love to read this other board and the comments, if there are people there who live near Kate and see the kids out in public amd in persom, if you wouldn’t mind sharing the link?

      1. Hi Charlotte, the place I go to is part real, part nice, (they love Harry and some other european royals ) and a lot nasty towards Kate and William. Not like this one, more sleuthing to find the cracks in their lives,they dig for pictures that are not always published and so on. I can post the odd snippet though I usually have to wade through a lot of snide comments to get the gems. I feel it would be impolite to add a link here as its not my site but I will post a few readers comments if that is allowed.
        This was a comment about the helicopter problem from the person who lives nearby.I will clean it up a bit.
        ”….when you consider the Queen caught the train. I could maybe understand one way by helicopter but both ways. I have seen it landing and taking off recently so this must be for her ‘work’.
        Her clothes looks so dowdy and as for her eyebrows – wax for the love of God you look older than your mother.

        A ‘source’ is showing her a summer range of clothes so hopefully she stops looking like her mother”.
        Onto the glass of water I’ve been informed that she did the water for PR as she has been looking ….tired lately and this would help her with her image. Particularly with her mental health ‘work’ with kids…….I am being really horrible here but I would actually love it if Harry married one of the European royals just to see the expression on Carole’s face at the wedding.

        I saw her over the Christmas season with George and she is all smiles and playing with George while people watch the minute people leave she is a different person.

        Please would someone send George a new coat that isn’t blue. Over 3 days he wore the same coat. Surely someone could find something else in his wardrobe.”

        1. Re the person’s comment about George’s coat: It’s a coat. Why should a child who grows out of things so quickly have more than one coat when one coat is all that is necessary? I understand people don’t like Kate, but that’s just too much since it’s more practical and thrifty for him to only have one coat.

          1. KMR and Lisa, its a tough comment and I did rework bits of those post. I had four kids and I get how its good to find a nice coat and get wear out of it. Change the style as Lisa said with the next one

            Doesn’t Prince Philip have a coat that is 30 yrs old that he still wears? I read he had it altered to look more up to date and won’t part with it.
            As I said, some boards are straight shooting but considerate and polite. Some are straight shooting and not as gentle in how they discuss things.

        2. It’s always nice to read comments from people who actually see her/them. It definitely adds another perspective.

          I’m with KMR on George’s coat. If he stepped out in a different one at every outing we’d probably be side eyeing that. He’s a growing boy and will need a new one sooner or later. Now if they continue to put him in the same style coat every time they get him a new one I’ll have questions.

          1. I question putting George in cashmere like that day at the polo. But then that cardigan could have been a gift?
            (Actually I question anyone putting a kid in cashmere, unless the child has an allergy to wool?)

        3. How interesting!! Thanks for the summary of what goes on on that blog. I am always so fascinated by reports from people who see the Lamebridges out and about in person. Thank you Charlston! 🙂

  22. I just wrote an update but it disappeared. I had written that Kate tends to wear the same style of dresses and coats so its hard to tell when she has done something new. Diana used to mix it up and we could always tell when she did something new.
    Kate often wears outfits she has worn before so I never know whether she is doing something new or its an old photo. This aspect of her personality must frustrate fashion photographers.

    Her shoes and hats seem tired and recycled and Prince George is never out of his cardigans. Its no wonder people look at the front cover of magazines and are less excited to see what looks to be rehashed pics.

      1. I can just see it now Big Willie steps out of the Helicopter, he walks in slow motion to the peasants with the wind blowing through what little remains of his hair. He is friendly but professional ( because you know you can’t be professional without being friendly unless you are a prince). The Peasants make sure they don’t get too close to Big Willie’s Helicopter.

        Big Willie tells them about George who is trashing the palace and Charlotte, who is too ladylike at 9 months of age to be doing anything like that.

        Then once the patient is on board with the real heroes, the medics, Big Willie farewells the parents and with “Highway to the Danger zone” playing in the background he walks in slow motion back to the Helicopter and then takes off with a final wave to the peasants below.

        The peasants swoon and talk about the fact that he is a wonderful parent AND he works and that no one else has ever managed to achieve this.

        1. Tanya do you work in Hollywood? This made me laugh so much – the wind and the hair!! But just one error – the real pilot has to actually stay in the helicopter and do his job, while Willie, co-pilot- takes a moment to be the Prince and talk to the peasants.

          1. Sadly no Birdy, I don’t work in Hollywood. I am in Australia and I am a slave to a four year old.

            I thought that Big Willie was just the Co-Pilot but the sugars make out that he single handily goes in and does these rescues and there is never any mention of the actual Pilot or the medics.

        2. Tanya I just howled with laughter. The picture they used in the article only adds to your scenario.

          You know the problem with these good guy, down to earth helicopter pilot stories popping up is that reality is it’s not supposed to be his job. His job is to be prepping to one day be king of his country. This is a side gig and it doesn’t matter that you’re showing he’s there now working. He already blew that. He can work every single day that he’s “allowed” to work for the rest of the year and it won’t matter because it’s not his main job.

          “…wind blowing through what little remains of his hair.” OMG, that image alone will keep me laughing today.

        3. HAHHAHHAHAAHH HAHAHHAHAHAH ‘the wind blowing through what little remains of his hair’-

          I LOVE IT!

          Step aside ALL romantic heroes of past and present. The Romeos, the Mr.Darcy’s, the Jack Dawsons of this world have nothing on Hero Prince Willy and his magic ‘copter!

  23. Oh dear, it appears that Ms. Gordon will have some competition for Royal Reporter of the Year award, Ms Tominey is certainly giving her a run for her money!

    What I really hate about these fawning pieces is the implication that one can’t be a good parent and hold down a full time job and as a parent that raised and financially supported her children by herself until they were teens, this is extremely insulting.

    1. What a load of fawning sugary sweetness. But as well as the bit that that you commented on Lauri, which I agree is insulting, they managed to throw Harry under the bus again by saying that the family is more worried about Harry as he is not married. And then to suggest that he find someone like Kate is incredibly scary. I think that we will find that when Harry finds the girl he wants to marry, that she will be nothing like Kate. Isn’t that right Rhiannon?

      1. That bit about Harry was what we have been waiting for and such utter ‘ crap’ ( excuse the language). They need to realise that throwing H under the bus just makes them look more desperate. The whole thing makes me want to scream.

      2. Yep : Operation Saving Willy :
        – failure of accusation against EU
        – Photos of copilot William in action
        – Speak about boss in order to oppose to his coworker speaking
        – Announce others engagements (rugby, suicide…) and India tour
        – Speak about his wonderful children
        – Criticize Harry
        – Article from pseudo journalist (more boot-licker) : about his terrible childhood, the absence of his parents…..

        But no announced engagement this week… I’m not sure that it works : the fan of W (or more Kate) defends him, but in my opinion the majority of people is exasperated

        If K and W have few engagements when their children are young, I hope H and his wife could have the same privilege…. But we know that it will not be the case…..

        1. Oh I’m sure Harry’s wife will get all kinds of hell when she takes maternity leave. And heaven forbid the woman actually suffer pregnancy complications that cause her to be hospitalized and/or pull out of engagements.

      3. Harry’s future wife, hopefully it’s me :), is going to catch h*ll. First, she will have to curtsey to W+K, which I’m sure they will delight in. If she doesn’t fit the mold (thin/rich/stylish), she will be butchered. And of she works and has better popularity? Watch out. I give any bride of Harry’s six months before the scrutiny.

        1. I hope Harry finds someone with a cheery, ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ take on life. If she has a good heart, thinks of others, and does her best, well, Harry will have a winner. If both bring out the best in each other, no-one will be able to touch them. People instinctively know the genuine article from the imitation; quality always shines through.

  24. I understand what you’re saying about George and Charlotte. I remember this one time they released photos of George but I couldn’t care less. But when it comes to say, Estelle, I feel so happy because this kid is someone we’ve seen grow up. We have such a connection to her even though we’ve never met her. That I think will help her when she’s older and taking on more roles because there will be people who rally behind her because of that connection her parents have fostered between her and the people of Sweden.

    I agree with the assessments of the Cambridges and Harry. Especially with Harry because I think he does do a lot but I do wonder what’s holding him back from doing more? Maybe he does do more but because his press team is the same as the Cambridges, maybe they downplay his actions because they all know it will look bad for Will. At this point I really don’t care about Will and Kate anymore, I just really want Harry to grow into his role.

    Basically, what the BRF needs to do is follow the Swedes formula when it comes to raising kids and doing work.

    1. I always think I’m going to be excited when they release photos of George and/or Charlotte, and then I see them and quickly move on. I just don’t care that much.

  25. Fantastic post, KMR, thank you. I have to say that you do a wonderful job at keeping us entertained and informed even when the royals are hiding out or boring. I read all of Palmer’s article and it just affirmed my belief that we are witnessing the beginning of the end. It would take a miracle and the younger royals throwing themselves 110% into charity work and a modest personal lifestyle to save the monarchy at this point. I’m not at all attached to George and Charlotte either. They’re cute, but most kids are. George doesn’t seem like a very happy kid and is almost always frowning or looking serious. It’s hard to get attached to a kid that looks like he would be a nightmare to babysit. I’ve worked as a nanny a lot and did a lot of babysitting as a teen and I have developed keen radar for which kids will be sweet, easy and fun and which ones will be bratty, spoiled and difficult to handle. Considering that they are being raised by two extremely narcissistic and entitled people, it’s going to be miraculous if they don’t wind up just like their workshy parents. I hope they get love and discipline from their nannies at least. They are being raised like hot house flowers, but the result is that people aren’t attached to them and won’t care when they lose their titles and privileges. I pity them, but save the majority of my compassion for babies around the world who are dying of starvation, curable diseases and unclean/no water.

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