Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Mary

Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Mary

Since it was Crown Princess Mary‘s birthday on February 5, and I haven’t covered Mary in a while, I thought I’d do a royal round up for her today. This is one of two posts today – go here to read about Pippa Middleton’s BHF event and a Duchess Kate guest editor preview.

On January 25, Mary attended a reception organized by Women Deliver in Copenhagen. The Mary Foundation donated 250,000 kr to Women Deliver to make it possible for 13 young women and men (11 women and 2 men) from different parts of the world to participate in the Women Deliver’s Global Conference on girls and women’s health, rights and well-being, to be held in Copenhagen in May 2016.

Mary said: “The recipients of The Mary Foundation’s annual donation are all young people who are dedicated to creating a better future for women and girls in their home country. Young people’s voices are important; they are the next generation’s leaders and agents of change. The Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen is a unique opportunity for the grant recipients to contribute their insight and to strengthen their network, gain new knowledge and inspiration for their future work and I look forward to meeting them.”

Crown Princess Mary Women Deliver Committee

On January 29, Mary presented the Women’s Board Award 2016 to Lene Skole. Mary gave a speech, but I cannot find a transcript.

Mary’s grey dress is from Miu Miu.

Crown Princess Mary Women Board Awards

Also on January 29, Mary and Crown Prince Frederik attended a gala for Navy officers at Fredensborg Palace.

Mary wore a purple Alexander McQueen gown from the Fall 2004 collection which Mary first debuted in 2005. I want to like this gown, I really do, but I just can’t. I don’t like the satin bits, they just seem so odd.

Crown Princess Mary navy officers gala

Mary kicked off her February on the 1st by participating in the “Værket” network group, which is a joint participation between the Mary Foundation and the Red Cross. The network group was established in 2015 and is a service for adults who experience prolonged loneliness.

Mary’s tan coat is from By Malene Birger.

Crown Princess Mary red cross group

February 2 saw Mary, as Patron of the Maternity Foundation, accepted a donation of 100,000 kr from Inner Wheel. Mary received the donation from Suzanne Nielsen, former International Director of Inner Wheel, and Benedicte Haubro, Convention Coordinator of Inner Wheel, and presented it to the CEO of Maternity Foundation, Anna Frellsen.

Crown Princess Mary inner wheel

Mary attended Copenhagen Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016 on February 3. She wore a navy Fonnesbech coat.

On February 4, Mary spoke at a Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Crises. Again, I cannot find a transcript.

I’m going to vent some frustrations right now, get ready: It really bothers me that not all of the royal houses post the transcripts of the royals’ speeches on their websites. The Spanish royal website does, and the website for Charles/Camilla/William/Kate/Harry does, and the Dutch one does as well, but the Danish and Swedish ones don’t, and the BRF one only does transcripts for the Queen’s speeches. Come on, you guys, get it together. Don’t you know how PR works?! Okay, vent over.

Crown Princess Mary health conference

The evening of February 4, Mary presented the Cancer Society Merit Award 2016. The Cancer Society Merit Award aims to honor, among others, a person or group that has made a special effort in cancer, and to inspire others to give cancer patients optimal treatment, and care. The prize is awarded in connection with the international World Cancer Day.

Crown Princess Mary cancer merit society

Mary is wearing a blue Issa dress very similar to the one Kate wore for the engagement announcement. I really like Mary’s look here; she looks really pretty. But then again, I really liked that blue Issa dress on Kate, too.

On Saturday, February 6, Mary and Frederik attended the National Collection 2016 in Copenhagen. It’s a televised telethon to raise money for developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik’s Foundation donated 500,000 kr while Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s Foundation donated 250,000 kr.

Crown Princess Mary national collection

Mary wore a crisp black suit with a black lace blouse, Gianvito Rossi pumps, and a Carlend Copenhagen clutch. I love the suit, but I don’t like the lace blouse. It looks like the lace is trying to strangle her.

On a side note: Crown Princess Mary acquired a new patronage. She agreed to be patron of EMS2016 – which is the European Emergency Medical Services Congress – which will be held in Copenhagen from May 30 to June 1.

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45 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Mary

    1. Agree with you Adam. I think the Crown Princess is passionate and believes in the causes that she supports. It shows in her demeanour and commitment. She truly likes what she is doing. I think she is to be greatly admired and a wonderful role model. Her face glows with real sincerity. Just take a look at the lengths she went to before her marriage to be the very best she could and prepare for her future role and has been diligently working away ever since.
      Always immaculately dressed, you may not always like what she is wearing but she is perfectly groomed and always appropriately dressed from head to toe. She seems to have a beautiful family and that is a reflection on how they live there life. There seems to be no animosity/ fuss or attitude with snaps taken at various stages by either parent to photographers, the children appear to be content and casual with no fear. A reflection on there home life and how they are being brought up.
      Credit to her for all that she is doing and a wonderful representative to the Crown she represents.

        1. Mary was very smart that she from the very beginning asked for professional help. She got a stylist after she got engaged and it really shows in her look and how she presents herself. She also really worked on her posture prior to the offical engagement.

          She also has a professional advisor that helps her with her charitable portfolio so it is cohesive and focused, and she has steadily built it up over the years. She was advised to start her foundation with a money gift that she and Frederik got from a collection among the Danish people. That 1 mill. DKR (not much) was used as seed money and after four years of preparation and fundraising, the Foundation kicked off in 2008 with a budget of 150 mill. DKR. It also works together with other very large Danish foundation on various issues.

          She also works with the UN on women’s health and rights in the third world.

          This is what it looks like when a woman has worked consistently within a clearly defined field with focus and dedication for a decade. Mary made a choice to make the Mary Foundation her life’s work. It is a smart choice where she uses her status and the glamour that attaches itself to royalty to support the people who work so hard with passion and dedication to change the world to a better place.

          IMO, Mary, Letizia, Maxima and Victoria are setting the standard for modern royalty, and they do it well, knowing their own strengths and weaknesses and knowing exactly where and how they can do the most good. However, they are all mature women who have embraced their roles (and accepted the limitations that follows with it).

          1. “However, they are all mature women who have embraced their roles (and accepted the limitations that follows with it).”

            That’s the key phrase.

          2. That was really smart of Mary to hire the right people to guide her from the beginning.

  1. Does anyone know how fluent Mary is in Danish? I know she was learning the language but when I read this article it made me wonder if she would use Danish exclusively at these events. It’s daunting enough to get up and speak in front of crowds but to do so in a language that’s not your native tongue must be even more so. The more I learn about Mary the more I like her.

    1. As far as I know, CP Mary is at least semi-fluent in Danish; she had a number of language coaches at the beginning and I’ve seen a few youtube videos of her speaking.

      But it’s really ArtHistorian who would know for sure! We need a “ArtHistorian” signal, like the bat-signal 😉

      1. I’m heeere!!!!!!!

        Mary is relatively fluent in Danish. She speeks it well but with a marked accent, which isn’t unusual since Danish is a very hard language to learn – both in terms of grammar (inconsistent rules) and phonetics (which I’m told are an absolutely nightmare for foreigners).

        Sometimes, she searches for the right word and offer up the English one. I cannot fault her for that – anyone who is bi- or multi-lingual finds themselves in such a situation once in a while. Especially with languages they have learnt as adults.

        I suspect that she and Frederik speak English with each other, just as Margrethe and Henrik speak French with each other at home. It is important to be on an equal footing in a relationship and it really isn’t if one spouse constantly acts the language coach all the time.

        Mary’s father-in-law the Prince Consort Henrik has been made fun of very often for his strong French accent. He speaks Danish well, just as Mary and Marie does but they all have accents. However, an accent can cloak that for the non-discerning listener – and the Danes can be really chauvenistic when it comes to language.

        The former Princess Alexandra was a brilliant exception, she learnt Danish soo fast that she gave a speech in Danish not long after she was engaged (and she had’t lived in Denmark prior – the whole thing came as a blot of lightenong out of the blue). She speaks Danish fluently and without an accent but she is just one of those people with an excellent ear and aptitude for languages.

        1. I didn’t know who the former Princess Alexandra was until recently. I wish I had followed royalty when she was still a part of the DRF.

          1. She was an instant hit and she really did hit the ground running. But then, she had left a high powered career in Hong Kong to marry Prince Joachim. The news of the divorce came as quite a shock but it appears as though she had a hard time adjusting to a very quite life in a tiny hamlet in a distant part of Denmark.

            She has recently been quite a lot in the tabloids because her second husband has been unfaithful and she has gotten another divorce. She has also had financial troubles but I suspect that her now ex-husband was a cause here because she is a well-educated, competent woman with a bacground in finance if I remember correctly.

          2. Yes she did, by the late couturier Jørgen Bender who did a lot of gowns for Queen Ingrid, Queen Margrethe and Queen Silvia as well. He was an under-appreciated talent IMO. I’m sad we never got to see Mary in one of his creations. Today, the Danish royal ladies use their private tailors for their gala gowns.

      2. I’ve just watched some videos of her speaking in Danish. I don’t speak Danish so I can’t comment on her speech but she certainly had a confident and polished manner which is probably a result of her feeling confident in her Danish speaking abilities.

        1. She can sound a bit stilted but Danish is a very hard language to pronounce correctly if you aren’t a native. She can make herself understood perfectly well.

    1. I may be in the minority here but I have always like the McQueen dress. I love deep purple and Mary looks just smashing in that colour. I also love that this is a 10 year old dress that gets an outing once in a while.

      Fergie – wow! That dress really flatters her figure and the colour her hair.

  2. Mary is quite the dedicated and hard worker. This is someone who puts time and effort into her charities. She’s certainly had some fashion missteps (hello lace torture tank and purple monstrosity) but I can overlook that. This is someone who is loised, prepared, and professional. She literally prepared for her role as CP and it’s paid off.

    Love this post, KMR!

  3. One thing I can say about Mary is that she’s out there working. Not just in her country but she does some things internationally as well.

    She’s a bit of a clothes horse, but at least she takes chances. They don’t always work (like the little purple number) but she changes it up. And we see her kids!

  4. Thanks for a great post KMR!!! CP Mary is one of my favorite royals, hardworking, poised and committed to making a difference. While that purple number isn’t my favorite dress, I think it could be improved by removing the bottom cross over and knot.

    I think it’s great that so many of the royal spouses have their own foundations and that Mary’s Foundation really gets out there and spends some of the money it takes in. How great would it be to have your own foundation and be able to direct the money raised toward causes you think will make a difference in the lives of others?! I truly think being able to affect change, support those who work hard to help others and bring attention to worthy causes is the best part of being a royal. Of course, the jewels and tiaras aren’t all that bad either 🙂

    1. I think that concentrating their work with foundations is the way forward for modern royals. Patronage is all fine and dandy but it really isn’t enough for an ambitious royal who wants to help facilitate real change. A foundation like Charles’ Prince’s Trust and Marys Mary Foundation allows for a highly targeted approach to a few chosen issues. I think that is much more effective than being a patron of 500 different organizations. I’m not saying that the traditional form of royal patronage ought to abolsihed but rather a more balanced approach should be sought. I’m in favour of quality over quantity. However, that also means that the royal in question have to work more and harder – having a large number of patronages and a couple of hundred engagements a year lot like a lot of work but numbers can be misleading if all you do is show up for an hour and chit chat. Directing a foundation takes a lot more work.

      1. I agree that having their own foundation with a clear goal is probably the best for the royals. Charles has really built something special with the Prince’s Trust, and other royals’ foundations do good work, too.

        1. Charels has really set a new standard with the Prince’s Trust. I sometimes wonder if Mary and her team has looked to his work for inspiration for her own foundation.

  5. Im getting boring now, but Kate get yourself on a plane and spend a week with Mary, a week with Victoria a week with Leti, a week with Max. You may not be P of W yet but given HM ‘s advanced years you should be doing so much more to support her. Learn from all these people who have married in or have struggled with the position. Elsewhere today it’s suggested Pippa do more to help, but honestly how can she? She may be near the bubble but she’s not in it. Kate be humble and ask for help from all these amazing ladies who will all have had some similar issues to deal with. Mary’s schedule is full on. She doesn’t just turn up, so the preparation must be quite intensive for each visit.

    1. I offered up Pippa because she’s one of the only women that Kate may (note I said may…) actually listen to. I think it would be amazing if Kate reached out to one or all of these women, but that would mean admitting at least to herself that she needs the help. I believe that in her eyes as long as she keeps William happy she’s doing her job. Forget that she’s got a public role. Pippa might, as a sister, get her to focus a bit. And while she’s not “in the bubble” she can get to her sister physically and that is the first step. Kate’s not going to spend a week with anyone in a mentor/student position. I’d love to see it, but it’s just not going to happen. She’s got women in the BRF who could mentor her wonderfully and she doesn’t reach out. She’s very frustrating, especially when you see these other consorts and future Queen’s out there doing what they need to do.

      1. Quite agree Lisa it’s just that while Pippa may be willing to help I don’t think you can understand unless you have experienced it. The biggest issue is whether Kate even appreciates that she is being criticised? I appreciate Sophie’s work ethic and commitment, but she is not in the full glare as all these European queens and CP’s are. Anyway I can dream but I’m not naive enough to think she would actually do to!!!

        1. “The biggest issue is whether Kate even appreciates that she is being criticised?”

          Yes. If Kate doesn’t realize there are problems that need to be changed, then of course she won’t change anything since she doesn’t see any problems.

        2. I understand what you’re saying about Pippa. However, in the minds of the Middleton women I think they believe they do understand because they are so besieged by the paps whenever they step out of the door. (insert sarcasm)

          While Sophie may not be in that full glare she can, as a royal wife and former publicist, give Kate some much needed help in key areas. At least that’s MHO. Sophie was in the glare when she had that run in with that meeting of hers. She has since worked to rehabilitate her image. I think she can give Kate loads of info on that type of thing. Kate isn’t a beloved as she was as a bride. Unfortunately, the best thing Kate can do is get out there and consistently work. And not just show up, but be informed and engaged with the people there. Sophie does that in her sleep.

      2. I’m convinced that Max would take Kate under wing if Kate would only ask. She has done it with other royal ladies new to the role and that is just the kind of woman she is, warm-hearted and caring.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe Kate was offered to opportunity to shadow Sophie in the time after her wedding to William. Kate, however, declined the offer.

        1. Kate was offered the opportunity to shadow Sophie. Either Kate, William or both declined; I think William said he would instruct Kate.
          Is Kate aware of the public criticism or is she protected from it? Surely her family would be reading the critiques.

          1. I feel the criticism towards Will and Kate is justified and I agree with it, but I wonder if they are keeping a low profile in order to not overshadow Prince Charles. Before W+K got married there were calls to skip Charles in the line for the throne, I sometimes get the feeling W+K are told to lay low so the public comes to accept Charles as king. I think the plan is that once Charles is on the throne, W+K can rebuild their profile like other members of the royal family have (people forgive easily) if they still want to keep the monarchy going. Personally, I think William will abdicate once the Queen passes and Charles is on the throne.
            KMR, I love your site, thank you.

          2. We have discussed this issue previously – William cannot skip Charles in the Line of Succession – and neither the BRF nor the political establishment seems interested in changing the law for this to happen so in this instance the public opinion has had no impact whatsoever.

            The idea has been floating for almost 20 years and nothing has happened because no one is interested in this possibility. it was just a petty move on Diana’s part to get back at Charles.

            Furthermore, the Palace has stated that Kate and William control their own schedules and that they are happy with the state of things. This is the time for them to get the experience to fullfill their future roles as Prince and Princess of Wales where their workload will be greater and the expectations higher. As it is they are not prepared, Kate especially.

            In general, I don’t like this argument for themnot working. It rests on a flimsy supposition that isn’t supported by any facts – all of it rooted in an idea that was aired for petty reasons. At present it isn’t even legally possible, nor has any steps been taken to change this in the almost 20 years since Diana aired her opinion. An opinion that she knew that her son wouldn’t even like since she knew that he was very reluctant about his future role as king. She wanted to hurt Charles more than she wanted to protect her son and I really side-eye her for that.

    2. Pippa can’t do anything if Kate doesn’t want help. But if Kate is too afraid to go to outside help then turning to Pippa would be a good stopgap measure. Get some sort of help because clearly she just can’t do it on her own.

  6. Thanks for the post KMR.
    Mary does a great job and I love her involvement in such a different range of topics. Like Sophie Wessex, you can feel Mary’s passion and the involvement in her causes.
    Aussie Aussie Aussie!

    1. Hmm, I couldn’t edit my comment but I did want to add that I’m also impressed with Mary learning Danish as well. I can speak some Swedish so I know Scandinavian languages can be hard to learn as the rules are often different to English as well as pronouncing some of the words too.

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