Prince Harry visited flooding victims

Prince Harry visited flooding victims

Happy Valentine’s Day (or normal Sunday if, like me, you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day). Here are some photos of your boyfriend, Prince Harry, visiting flooding victims in Lancashire on February 5.

Harry with Lions of England

Prince Harry visited the Weeton Barracks in Lancashire to meet soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment who aided in the response to severe flooding which Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Cumbria experienced in December.

Fun fact: As sovereign, Queen Elizabeth is the Duke of Lancaster. The sovereign is always the Duke of Lancaster, no matter the gender of the sovereign (so not Duchess of Lancaster if the sovereign is a woman). The sovereign as Duke of Lancaster dates back to 1399 when Henry, Prince of Wales, the son of Henry IV, was made Duke of Lancaster (he was the third person to hold the title that year due to a death and a usurpation). Henry became king (Henry V) in 1413, officially merging the Dukedom with the Crown (though the Duchy of Lancaster is held separately from the other possessions of the Crown), and ever since the sovereign has held the title of Duke of Lancaster.

Following his visit with the soldiers, Harry visited St. Michael on Wyre to meet with residents who experienced flooding and tour damaged homes. In Wyre, 93 homes and 21 businesses were impacted as extremely heavy rainfall led to overwhelmed drainage systems and the banks of the River Brock to break.

Harry broke his itinerary in order to chat with the people who had come out to see him. One such resident was 97 year old Winnie Hodgson who has lived in St. Michael on Wyre since she was 14.

Harry and Winnie
Harry with 97 year old Winnie

Harry charmed children from Weeton Primary School and Honeypots Nursery, and joked with two women about taking home one of their kids. Harry joked with two women who brought their toddlers in a double buggy. The women said: “We brought them for you.” and Harry replied: “You brought them for me?! Which one can I have?”

Harry had lunch at The Grapes pub in St Michael’s on Wyre.

I know several of you guys mentioned the flooding back in December and how the royals didn’t do anything. I know Charles and Camilla visited areas affected by flooding, and Andrew visited Yorkshire. But William and Kate were maligned for doing nothing – no visits, not even a short statement. So it is good to see at least one of the younger royals getting around to visiting areas affected by the flooding.

Harry St. Michael's

According to the Express, Harry mentioned, again, how he would like a family of his own: “Harry, 31, has insisted he is not dating anyone but would like to get married and have a family and his natural rapport with children was evident during the visit.”

While it would be great to see Harry find someone whom he truly loves and whom we like also, and to see him get married and have children, the “Poor Harry wants to find a wife and have kids but just can’t find anyone” narrative which has dominated his press for the last year is bugging me.

I get that the public wants a new soap opera storyline (because William and Kate are boring) and the press wants a better selling story (seriously, it’s all for more sales), but let the man be. We all saw what happens when a royal is pushed into marriage. Harry isn’t helping matters by claiming he would like to get married and have kids (unless he enjoys being portrayed as the lonely sap who can’t find a wife, he really should stop that), but still, let the man be.

Harry video call

On February 4, Harry made a video call to congratulate the Row2Recovery team of four wounded military veterans, all amputees, who rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2015. The challenge was supported by Harry’s Endeavour Fund.

On February 3, Harry made a private visit to Nottingham.

Harry visit tweet

Here’s a video from Harry’s visit to Lancashire.

I do like seeing Harry with kids. I wonder, if/when Harry has kids of his own, how do you think he will treat them in regards to the press? Do you think he will be screaming privacy and keeping the kids out of the press as much as possible, a la William and Kate, or will Harry be more open with his kids, a la the Swedes?

I don’t know what story Harry is telling in this photo, but I love it. PS. Ginger Beard.

Photos: Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Getty / Twitter

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  1. Well, I know that Rhiannon will be having a great Valentines Day now LOL.

    I love seeing Harry at these sort of visits, he has the natural ability to connect with people.

    I think that when he and Rhiannon do have kids that he will be a lot more relaxed than W&K. People will see them and they won’t be hidden away in the Nursery.

  2. Harry didn’t claim anything like that during this visit. This was an old quote from the NZ interview. Well, he gets asked these questions whenever he is interviewed and obviously he wants to get married and have children at some point, but he always says that it will take time. The press repeatedly forgets parts of the quotes to make him look like a miserable fool.

    1. I agree. The press seems to want portrait him as a lonely guy desperate to get married and have kids. He has said that it will take time, really. I also think that he will be more relaxed about his kids.I love seeing him at engagements, he is always really engaged, even curious, and funny. He charms everybody, women, children, men, dogs, cats etc. I confess that it took me a while to get used to the ginger beard but now I love it. Have a good day everybody.

    2. That’s my point. The press is forcing the “lonely Harry” narrative, and they want him to get married and have kids simply because it will sell papers, and it bugs me.

      1. It’s also because he’s the spare.
        Poor spare can’t find a wife and has no children. Not like the heir that already has produced a family.
        It’s subtle, but a known tactic.

        1. That’s mean that the media (press/ internet press whatever) are doing that as it’s very very personal.
          I’d say Harry is very comfortable in his own skin and any attempts to make him look worse than William (or William + Kate) are just going to make the people doing it look foolish imo.

          1. They do look foolish. Like the Vegas incident. Harry ignored it. So the press went to Charles. And Charles ignored it. Then it vanished. William in similar cases makes. Oise of threats and legal action. He pokes the bear.

            And as harryjsthe spare he just gets ragged on no matter what. Just as his wife will. It’s part of keeping In Good standing with the Monarchy IMO.
            If a spare outshines the heir people could become more noisy about the issue.
            I know I’d make noise if by order or birth the more incompetent of siblings got top rank.

  3. What a Valentine’s treat, KMR! The pictures show a caring and easy-going prince. He also has a natural sense of humour, responding to the lady with the babies.
    You’re right, the royals -or the rest of the state officials if you ask me- should have done more for the flood victims. It was a terrible disaster. This 97 year old lady is an amazing survivor of a century of hardships.
    I wish Harry finds a suitable wife and love (in the same person) too because we all want to see him happy. But that will take time of course. There’s no need for the media to rush things up and create false impressions. He has the advantage not to feel as pressured as his brother, therefore he can take his time. I just hope it won’t be too long of a time! Rhiannon has to make her move pretty soon. πŸ™‚

    1. I loved the comment he made about the babies. So cute! Nothing better than a sexy guy with a sense of humor. He must have learned to bring some humor to situations. Having a humorless older brother must have been tough growing up.

      The Duke and Duchess of Dour. No wonder Prince Harry is taking his time. He must look at the two of them and want nothing to do with that life.

  4. Harry’s a star!
    A team player and a great representative for the Royal Family.
    I do like his quick witted answer to the ladies with the babies. Your man has a great sense of humour Rhiannon ! πŸ™‚

  5. It’s good that Harry went up to see how things were going. We know we’re not going to get that from W&K. And the thing is William is piloting an ambulance. You’d think he’d be more in tune with wanting to get out and make sure things are okay after an event like this.

    Harry and kids…Harry and the elderly…Harry and just about anyone…is a natural. He will find someone one day who fits all the right pockets. He’s very smart for not rushing into it. The press needs to back the @*!& off and let him be. They’ll get a much better story with a happy wedded prince in the end.

    I think Harry will work out an arrangement like his parents had…give the kids their lives and we’ll give you scheduled photo ops throughout the year to see how they’ve grown. It’s the smartest thing to do and it introduces the kids to their positions in the world. I know that as a male his children can be called Prince and Princess, but I wonder if he will want them to have those titles or do as his Aunt Anne and Uncle Edward did. They more than likely will not be involved with the BRF officially as adults so it may be better for them if they don’t have those titles. They really aren’t doing Beatrice and Eugenie any good as they are almost targets for the press.

    Great story, thank you for the wonderful pictures!

    1. “I know that as a male his children can be called Prince and Princess” – if he has kids while the Queen is the monarch then his children will be lord(or viscount)/lady like the wessex’s, if this happens I don’t see him wanting to change their titles to prince/princess once Charles is king.

    2. “I know that as a male his children can be called Prince and Princess, but I wonder if he will want them to have those titles or do as his Aunt Anne and Uncle Edward did. They more than likely will not be involved with the BRF officially as adults so it may be better for them if they don’t have those titles.”

      Because Harry’s children will not be children or grandchildren of the monarch and will not be children of the first child of the Prince of Wales, they will not be called Prince/Princess. Harry’s children will be called Lord/Lady. That is if Harry has his children while QEII is still alive. If Harry has his children when Charles is King, then they will be Prince/Princess from birth. If Harry has his kids when QEII is Queen and they are styled Lord/Lady, they will become Prince/Princess when Charles becomes King (since they will then be grandchildren of the monarch).

      Theoretically, QEII could grant Harry’s children Prince/Princess status like she did for all of William’s children (previously it was only the first son of the first son of the Prince of Wales that could be called Prince, but HM changed that not only to include the first child regardless of gender, but to include all of the children of the first child of the Prince of Wales, which is why Charlotte got the title Princess instead of Lady).

      Whether or not Harry’s children will ever have an official role in the working monarchy is yet to be seen, but my guess is they probably will not.

      Because Harry’s children will most likely be Lord/Lady for a while (and Harry could chose to continue with those titles after Charles is King) and they will most likely not have an official role in the monarchy as adults, they will most likely be able to have more of a private rich kid life (I don’t want to say “normal life” because I don’t like when royals use that phrase, and I don’t want to say “average life” because Harry’s kids will always be a part of the 1%) and because of that my guess is we will see them less than we see George and Charlotte.

      1. People forget that legally Edward’s kids are Princ(ess) from birth. They are currently styled lord/lady because Edward asked for that, but that doesn’t remove their legal status of Princ(ess).

        BTW, they also currently use the lesser titles of their father which will all be upgraded to whatever goes with Duke of Edinburgh if Edward is upgraded as expected after the death of Philip.

  6. He’s a good man. And such a natural!

    It should be a higher priority for royals to visit those in their lands who are suffering like that. It’s important to not disconect. Even if only for a short visit. Or better yet. No visit and instead they work behind the scenes to launch a fund raiser. I find the not visiting when you have all the time in the world tasteless.

    1. I think visiting and doing some sort of fundraiser would be the best. Visit to give the people some sort of “We’re thinking about you” boost, and a fundraiser to help them financially.

  7. πŸ™‚ what a sweet valentine treat!!! prince harry for valentine s day πŸ™‚ thank you!!
    and thank you for your blog ! i always read it!

  8. Be still my beating heart. That second to last picture….

    I am so glad that Harry went. However, I’m a bit miffed that it took him so long. Those disaster was an epic one and wish that he had visited sooner. But, it’s obvious that once he got there, he took his timemail as he broke with his itinerary. Harry likes to connect as evidenced by his time with Miss Winnie and the children. He’s tactile and obviously draws energy from people.

    It’sgreat that he also did some private visits. I hope they get added to the CC to show his value to the BRF vs the Cambridge’s.

    I feel bad for the “Harry is still single” dialogue. He needs to take his time and enjoy life. He’s still young and doesn’t need to rush into anything and find a woman who loves him and could be an asset to the BRF. It’s sad that he can’t have knew without the other. I think a divorce would devastate him. He will find a balance regarding his children. Harry knows how much people love him. People want to see him happy and with his own ginger babies.

    Oh, I’m so ready to meet Harry. Ready to marry him and support him in his endeavors. We would make an awesome team. My only request from him is to bring some good Southern barbecue to London, drink sweet tea on occaison, and do a few races with me. Everything else is negotiable.

    Awesome post, KMR. Thank you for the history behind the Duke of Lancaster. How apropos that it was tied to King Henry.

    1. “It’sgreat that he also did some private visits. I hope they get added to the CC” – this would be great but I doubt it’s gonna happen, from what I’ve seen from reporters, kensington palace will not even acknowledge he is there doing these private/unofficial visits, so I don’t think it will show up in the CC. Which is a shame because a lot of time the CC is the only way we know how much the royals truly do, otherwise we wouldn’t know Princess Anne is the best, or how committed Sophie is to her charities, or how the work of the Gloucesters and Kents is completely overlooked by the press.

      The only person who has near all 100% of events covered by the press is Kate, the other royals aren’t as lucky so the CC is the best way to know and understand how much is being done.

      IMO Harry is not making these appearances official because he does not want the press interfering, he has spoken how much easier is to relax and connect to people when cameras aren’t around. However I think he should do the opposite, he should be inviting them for as many events as possible, because let’s be real, unless he is Kate they are not gonna show up for 150/200 events a year.

      1. Kate really is the only person whose events are nearly always covered by the press (the only exception being her non-press engagements). Even William doesn’t have press at every engagement he does.

    2. Based off of tweet times, Harry spent about 3-4 hours in Lancashire for what counted in the CC as two engagements (visiting the barracks and touring St. Michael’s). His private visit to Nottingham was not counted in the CC.

        1. I don’t know since it was not publicized. All I have to go on is Richard Palmer’s tweet and he didn’t say.

          1. He was there for, at least, two reasons:

            to visit Full Effect and The Community Recording Studio which he has visited three/four times before:

            and to visit Coach Core aprendices:

            both these programs are supported by the Royal Foundation.

            So once again Harry is going unofficial work that tremendously benefits “their” foundation, yet is not consider royal duties, but it will serve to uplift the Cambridges’ profile…

            PS: We have come to the conclusion that Harry is the one who does the most for the foundation out of the three. Even though the foundation was established in 2009 the only time we got pics of one of the meetings was in 2012 when Harry was too busy fighting in Afghanistan and only the Cambridges went – what a coincidence (sarcasm)

  9. Oh my, what a way to start a Sunday!!! Thanks so much KMR!!!

    How great of Harry to visit the flood victims, his easy going ways surely made this visit so nice for those affected by these floods. I recall reading something some time ago that the royals don’t visit right after a disaster because they don’t want to get in the way and I imagine all their security, entourage and such would be quite a bother. That being said it seems that Harry visited as soon as he could.

    I agree, let’s quit with the “poor, lonely Harry” dialogue. While I’m sure he would love to have someone special in his life and he will be an awesome father, let the guy take the time to find someone who really rocks his world, let him meet our Rhiannon!

  10. Of course, Prince Harry would visit the victims from the flood. He is after all, Prince Harry. Step aside Will. Step aside.

  11. C+C visited (and gave sensible help in the way of meals) so Harry’s visit is a timely follow-up. Being listened to by a sympathetic figure is an important part of community healing. If Harry’s visit can also bring ongoing issues with flood victims to the wider public’s attention again, his time has been well spent.
    I hope Harry will find the right partner for him in due course. I’m sure he dismisses all the ridiculous stories.

  12. I think it says a lot that these people have gone through an incredibly hard time and yet his visit has them smiling and positive. They all need that energy as they have to dig deep to come back from a disaster like this, that isn’t going to be over for a long time to come. If Harry comes back and stays in touch during this year, maybe hosts a fun event to keep everyone’s spirits up and highlight how far they’ve come would be huge. I think Harry would like that. He’s a substantive guy. Wishing the best for him for 2016 and beyond. That’s why we set the bar so high by cheering for Rhiannon to be the future Mrs. All good things come to those who wait.

  13. I hope Harry marries someone and has the same type of easy going, loving, and in tune with each other (and great with their children!) relationship as Victoria and Daniel. The problem is they knew each other for years. What towhead (because he does seem to have a type, ladies) in his life could fit that bill?
    I agree, KMR, let the press leave him be. This man won’t settle down till he’s good and ready, nor is there any real pressure on him to. Perks of being the spare? I wish him a genuine happy and loving married life, whenever it so happens. That much he deserves

    1. There was definitely more pressure on William to marry and have children than there is on Harry. Harry can afford to wait several more years, into his mid-30s, before marrying and having children. I often wonder if William envies Harry because Harry has more freedom than William.

  14. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I love these pictures of Harry. I don’t know why I haven’t noticed before, but Harry with his beard reminds me of a young King Henry VIII. When Henry VIII was young, he was trim and athletic, and he, too, sported a gingery-beard. Henry VIII was also a second son (a “spare”) and wasn’t raised to be King. That changed when his brother, Arthur, died young. Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day. KMR, thank you for this post on your blog today.

    1. It would be very interesting if Harry ends up King since the last King Henry was also a second son.

      1. For the last few years I have grown to believe that Harry will be King in his brother’s stead. It’s just a feeling, but a strong one.

      2. And the last King of UK ( George VI, the Queen’s father) & the Queen’s grandfather George V were both second sons. George VI became king ‘cos of his brother’s abdication for Wallis Simpson, the woman he loved. George V became king ‘cos of his older brother’s death. If fate would have it, something bizzare could happen to propel Harry to the throne. Now the question is, does he want to become king?

        1. I’m seeing it. King Henry IX. One of my friends swears Harry is King Henry VIIII reincarnated. She is a psychic. She says he is here on earth to make amends for his horrible mistakes. So, no Tower of London for this Henry’s wife. Even if she doesn’t produce a male heir! Of course, it doesn’t matter any more.

          It is very important for the Royals to visit the sites of such calamity. I’m glad Charleses went. Happy that Harry did, too. He is a natural Thanked those who have been helping out. Made those who have been suffering feel better by his full attention and his caring ways. The photos of him with the children are so appealing. And, his kind demeanor toward the 97 year-old woman melted my heart. What a kind and beautiful heart he has.

          Just love him! I hope he takes him time to find the perfect wife. I believe he and she will share their children with the media in a way that benefits all. Rhiannon, we are pulling for you!!!!

      3. Harry becoming King instead of William isn’t so shocking considering that in the 1000 years of England and UK, aka since 1066, the second son or someone far down the line of succession has been Monarch, even accounting for Usurped Reigns. It’s gone sideways more often than a straight line.

        Skipping the straightforward heir to heir inheritance, this is a summary of the zig zagging line of the British throne.

        In the last 100yrs, we’ve had 2 second sons as Kings, George V and George VI.

        Victoria was the daughter of the 4th born son of George III.

        Before her came William IV, who was the 3rd born son of George III and succeeded his brother George IV.

        George III was the grandson of George II

        George I was more than 50places down in the line of succession and only got the top job because he was the closest protestant heir after Anne – no more catholics!!!

        Queen Anne followed her sister Mary II.

        James II who was the younger brother of Charles II.

        Charles I was the second son of James I.

        In the Tudor Era, Mary and Elizabeth were definitely not the first born. Jane was a cousin, the grand niece of Henry VIII via sister Mary and her second husband Charles Brandon.

        And of course the legendary Henry VIII

        Richard III was Edward IV’s brother. Edward IV was the second son of Richard of York.

        Earlier, Henri IV usurped his cousin Richard II who was the grandson of Edward III.

        Edward II was the fourth son of Edward I.

        And even more confusing was the early Kings of England where Henry II had 5 sons, but the top 3 died leaving the throne first to his 4th born son Richard Lionheart, then Henry’s 5th born son John of Magna Carta fame.

        Henry II’s right to the throne was enforced by a combination civil war and eventual abdication of his mother, Empress Matilda who insisted that he be named heir in her abdication instrument rather than King Stephen’s own son. Stephen had usurped the throne from Matilda.

        Matilda was the heir to the throne only because her brother William died and Henry I insisted that the English barons recognise her as the heir.

        Henry I was the younger brother of William II.

        William II was the 3rd born son whilst Henry I was the 4th born son of William the Conqueror.

        And of course William the Conqueror could claim a right to the throne of Wessex (which was renamed England after his victory) because he was a cousin of Edward the Confessor, largely regarded as the last Anglo-Saxon King of Wessex.

  15. KMR: further to your note on th Duke of Lancaster title, it’s also the only title held singly. Meaning only the monarch can hold Duke of Lancaster, but their spouse isn’t given a corresponding courtesy title eg duchess of Lancaster. Ditto their children are never referred to as ‘of Lancaster’.

  16. Gosh he’s so cute and charismatic and charming and caring and funny and kind! **sighs**

    I have to ask Rhiannon, have you picked out any names for your future children with Harry? If so, what are they? πŸ˜‰

    1. I love David, Louise, Isabella, Eleanor, Nicholas, Margaret and a bit controversial one: Persephone. Incised you he a fan of the name Catherine…

      1. Even though Louise is Harry’s cousin’s name? (Edward’s daughter) I love the other ones, especially Eleanor and Nicholas! πŸ˜€

  17. OH how the lovely Harry has Diana’s charisma! It oozes from him so naturally. It is a great gift – and one that neither Will not Kate possess. The snide remarks and leaked bad press about Harry (coming from team Middleton- Bill included) is as bad as Charles jealously calling Diana stupid because her natural charm was stealing his thunder. How wonderful it would be for Harry to be king. What a fun and jolly king he would be! I’m picturing a slimmer Edwards VII.

    And I think that any children he has can be called Prince or Princess if he wishes. Younger sons of the monarch or heir have that right. That’s how we get Prince Michael of Kent, etc. It was Andrew’s choice to have Princesses Bea and Eugenie and Edward’s to have “Lady” Louise. Probably because Andrew was second in line after Charles and Edward way further down the line.

    1. I wonder if Edward and Sophie’s decision was based on their observation that there is a significant burden attached to the princess/prince moniker in today’s world, particularly since their children will need to make their own way in life, albeit cushioned by privilege and connection.

    2. That’s not how the ‘Prince (ss)’ style works. the children and grandchildren of the monarch in the male line are all styled ‘Princ(ess)’. Prince Michael and his brother Prince Edward Duke of Kent, as well as Prince William of Gloucester RIP and his brother Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester are all grandchildren of George V. As Grandchildren of a monarch in the male line, they are legally and correctly styled ‘Princ(ess).

      All of the current monarch’s children are styled ‘Princ(ess)’ as are her grandchildren except for Anne’s children. Anne’s children can never have the style of ‘Princ(ess) because women do not inherit or pass on the style. Her children can/could only inherit her husband’s title and since he refused any titles, they go without any titles and have no legal claim to being ‘Princ(ess)’.

      Andrew and Edward’s kids are legally and rightly ‘Princ(ess) because they are a monarch’s grandkids, Elizabeth II. Edward asked for his kids to be styled Lord/Lady as befits th style given to children of an Earl, but it doesn’t remove their legal title of ‘Princ(ess)’ and they can change that back at any time should they wish to do so. I suspect that will happen when Edward, as expected, is upgraded to Duke of Edinburgh on Philip’s death.

      The styles have nothing to do with anyone’s position in the line of succession and everything to do with how closely one is related to the monarch. Only children and grandchildren IN THE MALE LINE can use that style.

      Fun fact: The Queen’s father had to write a caveat to the letters patent that govern who is a princ(ess) so that the queen’s children could be given the style because as a female, nevermind that she would eventually be monarch, she couldn’t pass that style to her kids. That’s how ironclad the rule is. As a monarch, she probably could have rectified it, but as a woman, she wouldn’t have been able to pass the style to her children/grandchildren by right per existing laws.

      By the same token, the Queen had to write a caveat to the same letters to make all William’s kids ‘Princ(ess)’ because the original letters only covered his eldest SON (again with the male line thing).

      The reason these letters were written was that George V needed to streamline the royal family, just as Charles is doing. Previously, anybody and everybody, legitimately born to a member of the royal family could be styled ‘Princ(ess)’ and have the HRH as well. This meant that there were many, many HRH Princ(ess)es running around Britain and Germany ( close family links). By limiting it to children and grandchildren, it slimmed down the royal family considerably.

      The Queen has made only one other caveat to the letters patent, and that is to the HRH law. After Diana played media games with her HRH (she voluntarily gave it up, then realised the loss and run to the media pretending it had been taken from her), the Queen wrote a caveat that a divorce was automatic grounds for loss of the HRH.

      Sadly for Fergie, she became the collateral damage in this power play between Diana and the Queen because her HRH hadn’t been removed despite her divorce coming through earlier than Diana’s divorce nor was there a consideration to remove it. Post-Divorce, she remained HRH, but once the caveat was written as a result of Diana’s shenanigans, Fergie retrospectively lost her HRH.

      One could argue that Fergie may still be HRH because even though that law was written, it’s merely been understood that she lost it, but it was never formally removed from her in the same way that it was formerly removed from Diana and all future divorced royals’ in-laws.

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