Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip attend Swedish Sports Gala

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip attend Swedish Sports Gala

Let’s kick off February with Princess Sofia, because Kate Middleton is still MIA. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia attended the Swedish Sports Gala at the Ericsson Globe on Monday, January 25.

Carl Philip presented the Swedish Radio’s Jerring prize to Sarah Sjöström.

Carl Philip gave a speech:

    “Few things break barriers as effectively as sport. Sport is open to everyone. And our country has made ​​fantastic efforts so even more people will have the chance to participate and be part of a positive community. A community that enhances children’s self-esteem and where you can gain good experience for life.
    “Involvement of adults and leaders play a critical role in children and young people to take up sport. It is a commitment that is rarely seen, but that is incredibly important. You are many, all over Sweden, who give up your time to children and young people the sport. Thank you for never giving up! Thank you for your commitment. I am proud sports in Sweden!”

Sofia wore a navy gown – a customized version of the “Martha” gown from Greta. It costs 4995 Kr which is about $585. That’s pre-customization, though, so Sofia’s gown cost more than that.

Greta Martha

Though I thought Sofia looked nice last year at this event, I think she looks much better this year. Sofia’s gown game is definitely improving.

I also liked that Sofia didn’t go with a center part. Sofia’s Zara Horseshoe Earrings (originally $15.90, on sale for $3.99 before selling out) were not my cup of tea, though.

I think it’s a bummer that Sofia doesn’t show her teeth when she smiles as much as she used to. I know a lot of people have a problem with her teeth, but I always admired the fact that Sofia didn’t seem to care that people made fun of her teeth. So if she’s purposely not showing her teeth when she smiles due to the negativity she has received about her teeth, that’s a huge let down.

Zara Horseshoe Earrings

On Wednesday, January 27 (International Holocaust Remembrance Day), Sofia attended a memorial for the victims of the Holocaust at the Great Synagogue in Stockholm. Sofia is pictured with Hédi Fried, who survived both Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen and came to Sweden in July 1945 and is now an author and psychologist.

Sofia at Holocaust memorial

On Thursday, January 28, Carl Philip and Sofia attended a board meeting for the Prince Couple’s Foundation at the Royal Palace. Sofia wore a blazer from Filippa K which she previously wore in 2013.

Sofia and Carl Philip at meeting Jan 2016

On Friday, January 29, Sofia held a meeting at the Royal Palace with Pernilla Hillerås, the research director of Sophiahemmet University College of which Sofia is the new Honorary President. Sofia attended the Sophiahemmet graduation ceremony on January 21. Sofia wore a shirt from Hunky Dory which she previously wore in November 2014.

Sofia meeting with Sophiahemmet director

46 thoughts on “Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip attend Swedish Sports Gala

  1. Very modest understated design for a formal gown. I really love it and admire the taste of the royal lady who selected it.

  2. Not that she should have to bow to anyone’s perceptions of her teeth but perhaps Sofia is having cosmetic work done over time? It’s not okay if she is made to feel self-conscious about her real smile. Kate had a perfectly good set of teeth fiddled with, presumably at someone’s prompting.

    1. I was wondering that myself, Jen. If not now, I believe it will happen eventually. Many married ins seem to succumb (Leti, Kate, etc.)

      Besides that, I love Sophia’s entire look. Very sophisticated, and even if she isn’t getting dental enhancement, I don’t mind her closed mouth smile. It’s mature and rather serene.

      1. Maybe the married in’s aren’t succumbing as much as the availability of expensive clothes, jewelry, beauty products, etc are causing them to really up their beauty game. Also, most of these ladies are maturing and are pretty settled in their lives, that can cause one to overhaul ones look, I know I did when I hit 50. I’m at the age now where I can afford a bit nicer clothes, I can indulge my product lust and if I was inclined to change a part of my body I think now would be the time that I would. Actually since I’ve turned 50 I’ve gotten 3 more tattoos (in highly visible places) because I’m at the point in my life where I don’t care what others think. I’m not saying that they haven’t succumb, just pointing out other options.

        1. Oh, I hear you Lauri. Thank goodness my feet are 2 sizes bigger than my 18 yr old daughter’s or my shoe cupboard would need an alarm!

    2. I was wondering that myself, Jen. Many “married ins” seem to succumb (Leti, Kate, etc.) to changing original packaging.

      Besides that, I love Sophia’s entire formal look. Very sophisticated, and even if she isn’t getting dental enhancement, I don’t mind her closed mouth smile. It’s mature and rather serene.

      1. Haha, oops. Wasn’t going through, and couldn’t remember exactly what I said the first time. It was pretty close!

  3. I have to admit I knew very little about Sofia – so little, in fact, that I knew nothing about her teeth, and had to google them to see what the issue was… only to find that Sofia has teeth that are not perfect. These are the kind of teeth that many of us have and serve us well in everyday life, but photographs often highlight these types of irregularities. I, too, have a set of “Sofia” teeth and for this reason tend to keep my mouth closed when photographs are being taken.

    If you are comfortable with them – like Vanessa Paradis and Jane Birken are – then no more should be said. But it can be a bit of a ‘no win’ situation. People will criticise if you get them fixed and say you are vain. If you leave them as they are – some will find fault with that!

    I also was blissfully unaware of Sofia’s ‘past’, which is probably a good thing. I do think she is a very pretty girl with a natural beauty which I prefer to Kate’s looks (but beauty is a personal thing and this is only my opinion).

    I like the navy long evening gown – my only complaint is that photograph is a bit dark so we can’t really see the detail. In my modest opinion, she looks great smiling either with her mouth opened or closed.

    1. Some people have said some ridiculously mean things regarding Sofia’s teeth. So on the one hand I completely understand if she wants to hide them, but on the other hand I always liked that Sofia didn’t seem to give AF that her teeth weren’t perfect (I don’t have “perfect” teeth either; in fact, I’ve only known one person my entire life with “perfect” teeth and that was because she had veneers). Personally, I don’t think Sofia’s teeth are as bad as some people think they are. Yes, she has a gap in her front teeth, and she pulls her top lip up when she smiles so her gums are showing a lot, but her teeth aren’t horrible. I’ve seen a lot worse. Hell, Margrethe’s teeth are stained yellow and are much grosser to me than Sofia’s teeth.

      Re the lighting on the photos: there didn’t seem to be a lot of great lighting on that red carpet. These photos are much lighter than some photos I saw which were very dark and made Sofia’s dress look black.

      I agree with you in that I think Sofia is pretty, especially in motion on video.

    2. I agree, I hope Sofia leaves her teeth alone. Lauren Hutton’s gapped teeth were her trademark and Madonna also has a large gap between her teeth. Imo, it’s the imperfections that really make a person interesting and beautiful.

      1. I am on ‘team’ nail polish (for myself) and members of the Royal families. A well manicured hand does add the final touch to an outfit on a special occasion – which, let’s face it, are most of events these Royals attend. Of course an elegant hand with long tapered fingers and a long nail bed can get away with a short, nude nails which are subtly buffed. But, having a closer look at Sofia’s hand, alas, she appears not to be the owner of such a hand (or digits). In my humble opinion, her nails need to be a little longer so the tips are visible and this would elongate her hand. I would gently steer her away from the navy (or other such dark colours) and to classic red or ballet slipper pink. I know this might sound boring but most appropriate for a Princess. If Sofia feels the need to wear the sludge (or other colours of urban decay) on her fingers maybe do so “off-duty”.

  4. Sofia should do anything that she wants with her teeth as long as it makes her happy. But after seeing fotos after fotos of her teeth in the tabloids & reading or listening to people’s comments, she must have been moved to do something. Personally, I think she looks better smiling without showing her teeth but how long can she keep that up?

  5. Sofia’s blue gown is very elegant. She is a natural beauty and she does a good job as a royal.
    She and Carl Philip are looking very happy together. Why bothering about her past and her teeth ?

  6. Pregnancy becomes her. I think her face has gotten a little fuller and softer which is great for any pregnant lady. She really looks classy in that navy gown and her modest smile is lovely. I sure hope it has nothing to do with her teeth. Really, who cares about some slightly crooked teeth?

    Sofia now belongs to my favourite RF and I’m hoping she will gradually evolve and join the ranks of Victoria and Madeleine in terms of royal elegance, sence of duty and social responsibility.

    1. “Really, who cares about some slightly crooked teeth?”

      Apparently some people since they call her names because of it.

      Was it you, Elina, who suggested a “favorite royal house/favorite royal” poll? I know someone suggested that a while ago. I’m still thinking about doing that, but was wondering how many royals from each house I should include. And should I include houses like the Japanese and Bhutan and such.

      1. I think so, KMR, thank you for asking. The idea was that we (I for one) have discovered different RFs through this forum, especially the european ones. I wouldn’t mind the Japanese or the Bhutan ones, I suppose the latter willl be covered a lot during W&K’s tour and may become more popular in the western press. Possible categories could include favourite acting monarch, favourite crown prince/princess, favourite royal family member or even royal infant. We all have our preferences but if you think it would be too much, maybe you should limit the poll to the European royals (+the BRF of course). Anyway I think it would be fun, but that’s just me. You already do so much work, I really don’t want to put any more on you :-).

        1. I was thinking about limiting it to the current, active European monarchies since there are a bunch of smaller non-active European ones and Asian ones that I don’t even know of. It would be difficult to have all of them in there. I was thinking of having the British, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Norway, Luxembourg, Monaco. Basically the still active ones of Europe. I don’t think I’d even include the Greek royals since they don’t actually rule or anything – Greece abolished it’s monarchy in the 70s or something, but the royals still use their royal titles for some reason.

          I love the idea of polls for fave royal house, fave monarch, fave heir apparent, fave royal in general, fave royal child, etc. Those sound fun.

  7. The collar ruins the gown for me.The gown itself is plain,which isn’t necessarily unattractive but the collar makes it look matronly.

    1. I agree the collar is not the best, but she does still look nice, and it’s much better than some of her previous gowns.

  8. 1.) I think Sofia looks lovely! The gown is a good length, especially for this time of year and I like the up-do! Not a tight bun (like Victoria usually does) but not down and loose. Also, the color looks good on her and, again, great for the winter season.

    2.) The closed-mouth smile could be for a variety of reasons: maybe she’s tired, maybe she didn’t want the combo of an open-mouth smile and the flash of the cameras to blind her…..or maybe she’s wearing braces (the two far-away pictures of her open-mouth made me think that, for some reason). Either way, as others have mentioned, previous royal women have gone through various transformations after marrying into their respective royal families.

    3.) In that last picture, where the part is still in the middle, she looks a great deal softer. I don’t know if it’s pregnancy or the sweater/top she’s wearing but……I think she looks beautiful in that photo!

    4.) I’m glad CP’s beard got a trim! It looks so much cleaner now LOL! 😀

    1. I thought about the fact that she could just be tired after I wrote my article. It’s possible that she was really tired that night and was pushing through it to attend the event but didn’t have the energy to smile all the way.

  9. Thanks for posting such great photos of Sofia, the other ones I saw were so dark her dress looked black. I think this dress looks very nice on her and while the earrings aren’t my favorite, I’m glad she choose a large, bold earring to compliment this gown. Also, her posture is very nice and I’m so glad to see that she hasn’t adopted the “crotch clutch’ stance.

    I have to admit I love that the European royal women paint their fingernails, it’s that finishing touch that really makes their outfits. In case anyone is wondering I don’t paint my fingernails, I find it too distracting, but I love seeing a great painted nail on other ladies. It’s kind of like Max’s big hats, I wouldn’t wear them but I love seeing them on her.

    And how great is it to see Sofia and Victoria out and about working instead of treating their pregnancy like a disease for which they must hide away? I think the Swedish people are so lucky that they will have Victoria has their future Queen. In fact I read that while the King is away on holiday, Victoria is currently the acting Queen of Sweden.

    1. I’m with Candice in that I hate nail polish. I grosses me out. But I do like that the European royals do more with their nails than nude or clear, just because, if they are going to wear nail polish, it is more interesting.

        1. The fact that nail polish chips is what grosses me out. I don’t like the idea that I could be eating nail polish because it chipped and the chips fell in my food. I get especially grossed out when waitresses have chipped nail polish.

        2. Me too Rhiannon! I don’t wear polish myself, as I said above it’s too distracting, but I love seeing a great, unchipped nail on someone else. I’ve been really taken with the dark colors on shorter nails, very trendy and I think chic.

          1. Well I dislike the concept..I really do prefer the natural shine of for chipped it looks so unkept
            I agree Lauri,differences makes the world go round 🙂

          2. I get regular manicures but have shied away from nail polish not because I don’t like them (I used to get them regularly) but bare nails are just easier to maintain. But I do admire beautifully and tastefully painted nails, especially the French tips. What grosses me out, apart from chipped nail polish, are super long painted fake nails with tacky decorations on them.

          3. I hate long fake nails, especially ones that are pointy on the end. A lot of celebs have them now (especially the Kardashians). I think it makes it look like they have claws or talons. Not attractive in my opinion.

  10. She looks beautiful as always! I liked the dress and like her business meeting outfits as well. My only con is the horseshoe earrings. Kudos for trying something a little out of the box, but I am not a fan.

    I also appreciate that Sofia wears actually affordable brands. Kate got a lot of credit at the beginning for wearing “high street brands” but these clothes were still much too expensive for the average working lady. I think it’s neat that Sofia mixes in much more affordable brands like H&M and Zara.

    1. Speaking of Kate’s fashion being expensive: I always think it’s funny when Kate fan sites post updates about certain pieces being on sale. Even when things are on sale for 60% off they still cost $150-$200.

      Sofia does wear couture for high profile events, but she also wears dresses that cost $35. So it’s a good mix of expensive and non-expensive.

  11. What a lovely review. I liked Sofia’s teeth. It makes her so lovely and unique. Pregnancy does suit her. I think that she is quite lovely and has made a very good start in her role.

    I think that she looks great. She wears accessible fashions and she seems quite comfortable. I like her hair this way. It is cute and frames her face nicely. Dressing a pregnant shape is difficult due to constant body changes. She’s done a great job.

    Kudos to her with Hedi Fried. I find that there is much history to still be learned from the Holocaust which is applicable and timely today.

    Thanks for a wonderful recap, KMR!

  12. Thank you KMR for a constantly great page, just love reading the latest.
    Sofia looks very at peace with herself, she has a beautiful smile whether her mouth is open or closed, she is naturally pretty and has never been underweight looking. She is out there trying to make a difference why be nasty about her, people like that seriously need to get a life!
    I love her navy gown she looks glowing.
    How attractive CP look in his tux! he is a very handsome man, especially when his beard is trimmed!

  13. I love her look! It’s a little off putting when everything about someone looks perfect. She looks naturally beautiful in all of the photos I’ve seen of her.

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