Crown Princess Victoria shows off her bump at the Global Change Award

Crown Princess Victoria shows off her bump at the Global Change Award

We’re getting very close to our first Swedish royal baby of the year. Crown Princess Victoria just completed her last scheduled events (it’s possible she could still add more, but as of time of posting there are no events on her calendar). Since the Swedish court said Victoria would not take maternity leave prior to giving birth, we could get a new royal baby shortly. Victoria attended the Global Change Award 2016 on February 10 in a dress that I probably wouldn’t like on anyone else.

This navy H&M Conscious Collection dress has a high neckline, lots of lace, and a bunch of horizontal stripes and ruffles. Everything I know about my personal taste is telling me that I shouldn’t like this dress, but for some reason I can’t not like it. Maybe it’s because she’s pregnant?

I’m not a fan of the Denimite (made from recycled denim) earrings, though – also from H&M Conscious Collection, as is her clutch. For some reason it’s not the high neckline, lace, or horizontal ruffles that is overwhelming the outfit for me, it’s the earrings.

The Global Change Award is an initiative created by H&M Conscious Collection (hence why Victoria wore so many of their pieces) with an aim to find ideas which can help stop the cycle of textiles.

Victoria presented the prize to the winners: From the old to the new cotton; Polyesterslukaren; E-market leftover fabricl; 100 percent citrus; and Cultivation of textile fiber under water.

Also on February 10, Victoria attended the cabinet information meeting along with King Carl XVI Gustaf, and a presentation of Sweden’s new export strategy along with the King, Queen Silvia, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Sofia.

It looks like Victoria is wearing her navy pleated dress from Seraphine Maternity she wore back in December 2015.

Victoria cabinet information meeting Feb 2016

Swedish royals export strategy meeting
From the side, with that hairstyle, Sofia is giving me Rory Gilmore flashbacks

On February 11, Victoria, along with the King, held a meeting with Swedish climate ambassador, Anna Lindstedt. They discussed the global climate agreement reached at COP21 in Paris and how climate work is progressing.

Victoria wore a polka dot blouse from H&M which she first wore when pregnant with Princess Estelle in 2012.

Victoria preference climate ambassador

Yesterday, February 15, Victoria held a meeting with Mogens Lykketoft, president of the UN General Assembly. They discussed the UN’s global goals for sustainable development and Victoria’s ambassadorship for global goals.

Victoria preference un general assembly

Not long now!

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47 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria shows off her bump at the Global Change Award

  1. Whatever Victoria wears it doesn’t matter to me. Her personality, warmth, diligence & sincerity outshine her outfit. She doesn’t have the movie star looks like Madeline, but with handsome, supportive Daniel & adorable Estelle by her side, who cares? Anyway when you’re that pregnant comfort is the priority.

    1. It always surprises me when I see celebs and royals wear heels this far along in their pregnancies. I would want to be super comfortable at that stage and heels aren’t it for me.

      1. KMR, I agree, and think it is hazardous to wear heels that are too high. You could trip very easily. I cringed and held my breath when I saw Kate Middleton walking around in stilletos so far along in her pregnancy.

  2. When I first saw this dress last week, I was basically with you – everything about it should dictate that I hate it, but for some reason, with CP Victoria wearing it, I think she looks fabulous! Sans earrings, though. I still don’t like those earrings!

    She looks great – can’t wait for the baby to get here! I think she’s having a boy… with my son, I had a pointy pregnant belly just like hers. I know that’s probably an old wive’s tale haha

    1. I had this same reaction to Sofia’s gold dress from the official dinner the other week. I shouldn’t have liked it but I couldn’t help but enjoy looking at it. I think it’s because they’re pregnant and I’m unconsciously giving them a pass or something.

  3. Victoria is by far my favorite royal. She seems so down to earth. I love her and Daniel’s obviously loving relationship with each other and with estelle. Can’t wait for the new baby.

  4. Is it normal to be anxiously waiting for a baby (whose mother you don’t know in person) to be born? I feel weird when I think about it, but I really can’t wait for Vic’s child. Btw I think she’ll have a baby girl and Sofia a boy.

  5. Oh no I think it is definitely a boy! Hate the dress but Vic looks amazing in it – if that makes sense?

    And to repeat my new mantra – Kate – watch and learn, this is how it is done. Vic has overcome some terrible problems, not least the fact that her Father would have preferred her brother to be heir, yet she is proving him wrong and being the most awesome Crown Princess. Like everyone else I am ridiculously excited about a baby whose parents I don’t know, and who will not even be part of my royal family. I wish Vic all the best for a safe delivery and healthy baby.

  6. Agree with everyone: it’s the earrings that make me twitchy! They’re just so……big!! And look sooooo heavy!!! But, Victoria’s warm, friendly smile and personality can thaw any cold-hearted person! I’m looking foward to finding out if she has a boy or girl. My gut was typing boy but my mind just screamed “GIRL” Weird. I also can’t find out what she and Daniel name this little one and if “Big Sis” Estelle has any say.

    When my mom was expecting my first sister, she’d practice all of the names on me and at the age of 3, the only one I could pronounce correctly was “Melissa” hence how she got her name. πŸ˜‰

    1. I agree about the earrings, they look so heavy and cumbersome. Not something I would like on anyone. Your story about your sister is precious. Victoria is glowing, and I love the picture where she just pulled her hair back. Shows how confident she is in herself and it looks nice, casual and a look that says, I’m working here and that’s what its all about. The dress? Agree with those who say that it’s not the best looking but somehow she can pull it off with those bright eyes and contented maternal look. She and Daniel are clearly in love and happy about the upcoming baby. A very very fortunate baby is close to making his or her entry into the world. Good stuff.

    2. That’s cute that you got to name your sister. I, too, am very curious about the name. I don’t know anything about Swedish royal baby names so I can’t predict them at all. So it’ll be exciting to learn the name.

      1. royalsareajoke (LOVE the name! HA!) and KMR, thanks! She’s been “Mel” since forever; heck, even on my phone she’s saved as “Mel”….never Melissa and if I’m trying to butter her up, I’ll call her Meli. πŸ˜€

    3. Putting my guessing tiara on. They put both their mother’s names into Estelle’s name (Silvia and Ewa). I’d expect either Carl-or-Gustaf and Olle in the name if they have a boy (their father’s names), but as middle names so no one feels slighted.

      They’ll avoid Silvia’s father (Walter) because of his WWII past. If another girl, Alice (Silvia’s mother) or Sibylla (CG’s mother) might show up.

        1. Thank you, I never knew that πŸ™‚

          I thought they simply came from the same root word like Mary, Marilyn, Marian. He’s listed as “Olle” and Olaf is Daniel’s real first name, so that puts a version of that name in strong contention for one of the middle names.

  7. Yes the Swedish court said Victoria would not take maternity leave prior to giving birth however, a week or so ago, they also said her last engagement before the baby was on the 15th. So I think we are soon to find out if its a boy or a girl! I’m so excited!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. They also sent out the invites to the Te Deum. No date is set as it takes place the day after the birth, but they’re sending out the “be ready to attend” cards pretty early for someone due in “mid-March”. I think Estelle might be getting a sibling for her birthday.

      1. Did they say mid-March? I thought it just said March. So the due date could have been March 1 but if it’s a couple weeks early it’d come mid-Feb.

        I do think we’re going to get a Swedish royal baby here soon. That’s why I covered this today instead of pushing it to later in the week.

        1. They did said mid-march when they announced the pregnancy but, if I’m not mistaken, in an engagement Vic confirmed she’s due in early march. Anyway its close! πŸ˜€

  8. Sorry for thread jacking but Queen Maxima recently did a visit to Pakistan and I was hoping I’d see some coverage of that here?

      1. Can these “I hate to thread jack” comments be changed to direct emails to KMR, instead? Her address is posted on the site . KMR is a busy woman and always on top of things. I just don’t find it helpful for people to be nudging someone who never fails us. Sorry, if this is out of line in the comment area, but I am always feeling badly when KMR has to respond, “I’m covering this and it will fun tomorrow, later in the week, or whenever.”

        End of rant.

  9. At this point, for me, anything she wears is overshadowed by her wonderful presence. She looks calm, incredibly happy and very comfortable with herself. Not trying to hide, still working and enjoying every second of it.

    I love that she seems to have cut way back on her make-up for the last couple of trimesters. She just glows!!

    I thought the dress looked great on her and I can give her a pass on the earrings because they were part of what she was promoting. I am very much looking forward to the new baby. Would love for Estelle to have a little brother but another girl like Estelle would be great too!

  10. She looks beautiful in that dress; just so warm and friendly and cute too! On anyone else that dress would have been a fashion fail. This is a good example of a person wearing the dress and making it their own.

    I think it’s going to be a boy. When I was pregnant 2 yrs ago, my belly hung low and jutted out like a rocket like that towards the end- had a boy.

  11. I like the lace detail but Victoria does carry it off. I always like seeing Victoria’s warm and caring personality and diligence at her work. I have never met Victoria or likely too but her magnetic personality gives the strength to carry out her job. Madeleine is more glamorous and the conventional beauty but even so undertakes her work with enthusiasm, I think the earrings are not tacky but I think pearls would work better. I would not know. It is strange being excited about a birth in a family I have never met but I hope Victoria has a healthy and safe delivery. I don’t know about another Estelle one is fine but I am sure the children are lucky to have Daniel and Victoria as parents.

    1. *much about earrings as my ears are not pierced though I often wonder whether I should. Just afraid it would be vanity. There is so much more to think about than that.

      1. Yes, earrings are pure vanity. They serve no purpose outside of pure aesthetics. For me personally I think one can wear earrings and care about work and humanitarian issues. I don’t think liking and wanting to accessorize with earrings takes away from caring about important issues. But it’s a personal choice.

  12. Wow, this dress has a lot going on, lace, high collar, ruffles, it’s like the designer stuffed as many things as he/she could into one dress. That being said, only Victoria could pull it off, she looks stunning! I really like the thought of these earrings, recycled denim how cool is that? but in imo they would be perfect without the last 3 hanging pieces. Again, Victoria totally rocks them. I really don’t like comparing Kate to the other royal ladies, but I shudder to think what the reviews would have been if she wore this outfit! The ability to pull of a dress and earrings like this really depend on the wearers personality and I’m sorry to say Kate could not have pulled of this look no matter how hard she tried.

    I’m getting so excited about the upcoming birth!!! And then Sofia’s almost right afterwards!!! I hope both ladies have a safe and easy birth!

    1. IMHO, Victoria pulls off this dress because she is looks happy. Joyous and very confident. She’s standing up straight, she’s got a real smile on her face (not some plastered on open mouth gurning) and she looks like she’s having fun.

      Kate would have her usual slouch, her hair would hide the earrings and the crotch clutch would add even more to ruin the look.

      In the end, Victoria wears this dress, not the other way around.

  13. I wish there had been a better style earring to promote because that earring has a heavy/casual look. The dress is OK, but Victoria has some ‘wow’ gowns from events in the past. I was looking at some old photos of her gowns and forgot how beautiful Victoria has looked over the years.

    Victoria, Daniel and Estelle have made a darling threesome over the last few years. It will be fun to see what kind of big sister she is when the new baby is born. It probably won’t take forever to get new photos and I doubt the mother will be ‘keen’ to take her own shots.

    1. Hi Fiona. As Kinothy said, we’re depending on you for any inside information. So the bets in Sweden are for a girl? I think it’s a boy. πŸ™‚

      1. I believe it will be one or the other. Can’t wait for a photo of Estelle holding her brother or sister. A colleague once said that if a girl was born first then it will mean the big sister is maternal in her actions toward the new baby. Though It is normal if there is a lack of attention too. Which is why I hope Estelle has one more birthday before the new arrival.

  14. Oh, Victoria! You can do no wrong, as far as we are concerned.

    There is something so special about a woman so close to childbirth, dressing up for a fomral event and really managing to shine!. Victoria is one happy and self-confident woman. Her love for her family is always shining through. And, she takes her Royal duties so seriously. Yet, she is light-hearted enough to always make those who are around her feel special and liked.

    I hope the baby arrives safely soon. We are all eager to see the new little princess or prince.


  15. CG appears to be in Japan. Surely he wouldn’t schedule that if Vic was to deliver any day now (not because he needs to be there for a new grandchild but more because Vic could not act as regent if she was in the delivery room)?
    Daniel and CG both have events scheduled in Sweden for the 22nd so I’m thinking maybe mid to end of next week?

  16. Victoria is an inspiration to all. What an amazing woman. She is radiant and hard-working. She has everything one would want/need in a future Queen. I do hope she has a safe and easy delivery and like so many who have commented here, I’m eager to see the new addition to her loving family!

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