Kate’s new appearances + Did William give pro-EU speech?

Kate’s new appearances + Did William give pro-EU speech?

I was going to save the news of additions to Kate Middleton‘s calendar as a footnote on tomorrow’s articles since it is odd that Kate gets credit for simply adding things to her calendar, but there are several and Prince William made a speech, so to get it out of the way before tomorrow’s guest editor stint, here’s a quick update to Kate’s calendar.

Kate Middleton Place2Be video Feb 2016 1

On Wednesday, February 24, Kate will visit Edinburgh to visit three school-based charity projects, two of which she is patron of:

    1) As royal patron of Place2Be, Kate will visit St. Catherine’s Primary School – Kate will join the school assembly before joining headteachers from schools in Edinburgh for a discussion about the mental health challenges of their school communities, and the benefits of having a partnership with Place2Be.
    2) As patron of The Art Room, Kate will visit Wester Hailes Education Centre – Kate will visit students working on a Frida Kahlo project before joining a roundtable discussion about the role and impact of the charity’s presence in the area.
    3) Kate will visit Craigmount High School to take part in a “Tennis on the Road” workshop hosted by Judy Murray (Andy Murray‘s mother) – expect Kate to swing a racket around as she will join Murray and her coaching team for a demonstration workshop.

The 100th anniversary of the Battle of Somme will be commemorated by many British royals this summer. Kate, William, and Prince Harry will attend events in France on June 30 and July 1 (Prince Charles and Camilla will also be in France for events on July 1).

William visited the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) today, February 16, to mark the first anniversary year of the FCO’s Diplomatic Academy. William gave a speech in which he talked about the Queen and her years of service and how the Foreign Office and the Crown are connected. He also discussed how Britain has been an outward looking nation and lauded the country’s ability to work with other countries.

William said in part:

    “I thought I might therefore take a moment to say something about what I interpret to be our shared values: internationalism, tolerance and service.
    “For centuries, Britain has been an outward looking nation. Hemmed in by sea, we have always sought to explore what is beyond the horizon. That sense of mission and curiosity is something that I know continues to drive our economy, our cultural and educational exports and our Armed Forces and Diplomatic Service. And wherever we go, we have a long and proud tradition of seeking out allies and partners.
    “In an increasingly turbulent world, our ability to unite in common action with other nations is essential. It is the bedrock of our security and prosperity and is central to your work. Right now, the big questions with which you wrestle – in the UN, NATO, the Middle East and elsewhere – are predicated on your commitment to working in partnership with others.”

[Full speech here]

Europe and the EU was not mentioned by name in the speech but that didn’t stop people from questioning whether that’s what he was talking about. The organization Republic had some thoughts:

    “The palace knows what it’s doing, they would have known how these comments would be interpreted. These comments were clearly aimed at supporting the government’s position. […] “The myth of the non-political monarchy is unravelling and that poses real risks for the royals. A lot of people opposed to the EU will be angered by this latest royal intervention. Republic has no view on the EU, the issue here isn’t the rights and wrongs of the EU but the rights and wrongs of royal interference in politics.”

Kensington Palace insists “The speech was not about Europe.”

Regardless of the intention (remember, this is not a political blog), this is yet another example of William and his team’s lack of planning and forethought. His team should have anticipated that his remarks would be taken in several different ways depending on the interpreter’s political leanings. And if referencing the EU was his intent, his team should have known he was going to get called out for it. The staff at KP really need to get their act together.

The thing from William’s speech that I care most about is that he confirmed he and Kate are going to India and Bhutan in April, though the dates have still not been officially announced. Of their schedule in India, William said: “[Our program] is in keeping with India as the dynamic and powerful country that it is in the 21st century. Our visit will reflect the best of the modern, forward-looking relationship between Indian and Britain.”

I wonder how tourist-y their tour of India and Bhutan will be. The programs in New Zealand and Australia were basically ads for the New Zealand and Australia tourism boards. I wonder if India and Bhutan will be the same, or if William and Kate will focus on more substantive works.


135 thoughts on “Kate’s new appearances + Did William give pro-EU speech?

    1. Welcome indeed. I thought between his vacations, part-time job, and tour preparations he wouldn’t be able to make the time to do something for his royal part-time job… I can’t believe it is his *second* engagement of the year! And that is only due to the unfortunate passing of Henry Worsley – RIP he was so close to make History.

  1. This dude needs as much training in deportment & etiquette as his clumsy wife. He’s one of the few, if not the ONLY public person, worldwide, (in business, politics, monarchy) who consistently stands in the fig-leaf pose. GROSS. Personally, I think it’s proof (subconscious or conscious) that he DOES NOT WANT THE JOB. He never, ever, stands properly, either in a masculine “at ease” pose, with his arms by his side, or even with his hands behind his back to show openness. I repeat: Gross. Oh, and while I’m at it, his overactive blinking when he answers questions or gives speeches is also evidence to me of his unease with – or even DISTASTE – towards his royal responsibilities.

    1. The overacting blinking is an effect from wearing contacts. I had the same problem with excessive dry-eye, so I usually wore glasses until I got Lasik. I don’t know if he would be able to fly if he got Lasik, but I do know that giving a speech with glasses on sometimes the glare is murder. I got migraines sometimes. Having said that, the fig-leaf needs to go. What is it with the Cambs and crotch-clutching?

      1. Sunny, happy to hear you got Lasik after your uncomfortable/unfortunate contacts situation. When I wore contacts for long stretches (8+ hours) my eyes would mostly burn!

        As for the Cambridge crotch-clutch… I think it’s a scientific ( ! ) indication of how in sync those two are in terms of rejection of royal responsibilities. To me it’s so clear that they’re only out there doing royal engagements because they’re literally forced to. Neither wants to, neither is comfortable, and their body language legitimately reflects it. They are absolutely closed off. Body Language 101 to me in their case.

        Whenever I see her with the clutch, crotch-pressed, I’m fascinated (in a bad way). EVERY time, I have to try it — I grab anything in arm’s distance — a book, a vitamin bottle, a mug — and clutch it with both hands, and place firmly at my crotch area. Then I TRY repeat TRY to walk as a human but feel more awkward than a chimp! Even as a trained dancer I find it utterly impossible to not naturally move my shoulders and arms when I’m walking. It’s not NATURAL in the human realm. Maybe Scarole and Waity are missing a link because it seems to be their default gait! lol
        see also http://lovelolaheart.com/?p=1845

        1. That’s funny to think about (the crotch-clutch). Thanks for sharing! Maybe it should be a mini-sport at the Brazilian Olympics. It would definitely lighten things up and ensure some laughs.

        2. Oh Sage it appears we are kindred spirits!! I could wax poetic for hours about Kate’s poor posture and constant crotch clutching, in fact many here are probably a bit tired of it 🙂 I actually spent about 1/2 hour one day walking, sitting, standing with my hands firmly pressed against my nether region and at the end of that time my shoulders and back were so sore from being hunched over like that I will never do it again. Imo, Kate’s poor posture and hand placement fairly scream of insecurity and unease, as though she is trying to fold up into herself to protect herself and it has definitely gotten worse over the years, as though she is more insecure about her position than she was right after the wedding. Thanks for the link, Lola is so funny!!!

          1. Lauri, I echo your every word! I hope you had good reason for that off-half-hour… like a bad bikini wax you desperately had to hide! You don’t sound like a skulking gal like Waity!

            We all know the clutch bag is used by newly-minted royal women because they’re ill-at-ease and don’t always know what to do with their hands, like unseasoned actors. It’s a CRUTCH. But in Kate’s case, not only does it NOT WORK, it makes her appear infinitely more awkward. She STILL fiddles with her hair, does not know how or where to hold it, never holds it like a lady with a capital L. (I guess she really does need it because she grips it with both hands for dear life lol.) In 5+ years it hasn’t taught her what to do with her hands at all, because when she struts into events without her clutch, instinctively starts the hair flipping and smoothing and twirling and flicking. So I say ditch the clutch! She’d do better with a less-elegant looking shoulder bag: at least she’d be forced to walk with open shoulders. Or maybe she could start carrying those hideous suitcase things that Pippa always carries…although I fear she’d wind up grabbing the handle, and holding it in front, in her usual nether-region resting-pose!

        3. Is it possible that Kate picked up the crotch clutch from William? She saw William doing it at engagements so she started doing it too, but then with her added insecurities she does it all the time?

          1. I definitely think that’s part of it…. she has no natural poise, she follows William’s lead, saw him do it, voila, with no consideration of whether or not it might be proper or elegant or whatever. BUT I also think Carole’s genes run mighty strong in that Middleton household. I’ve seen many photos of Carol, both in repose AND walking, where she’s crotch-clutching or doing the fig-leaf. https://www.weddingroundup.com/images/royal-wedding-carole-middleton-dress.jpg

            See also http://i0.wp.com/royal-fans.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Joanne-claims-they-havent-seen-Kate-since-the-royal-wedding-wenn.jpg?resize=585%2C400 and James

      2. I think William’s blinking could be due to contacts, but it could be nerves, lying, or something else. I wear contacts and don’t blink any more than the average woman. My eyes do tend to get dryer in the cold when I wear my contacts v wear my glasses but I still don’t blink them too much more.

  2. I heard Will speaking on the radio on the way home from work. I suspect given the nature of the event the speech was written for him by the Government. ( most of the Queen’s key political speeches are written by the government ). As a Brit I have clear issues on the politics, but as a KMRer I have to say how poorly he spoke. It wasn’t fluent and the breaths seemed to be in all the wrong places. Come on Will this is your birthright. HM makes hugely significant speeches to foreign visitors and most importantly at the State Opening of Parliament. He must must must get training to do better.
    Lack of practice Will is making you go backwards.
    Appraisal notes from a tax payer : you must do better.

    1. “how poorly he spoke” – yes! we have discussed were a few times. the royals do have good speeches on paper, it’s the delivering that ruins the whole thing. Imo they don’t act, write, and sound like people with one of the best educations in the world.

        1. Will went to Eton arguably the best school in the world? And St Andrews a top uni. Surely as well as exams his tutors were aware of the training that was needed. How many British Prime Ministers went to Eton? And whatever their politics they can all speak in public. Honestly I despair. HM has virtually no proper education her early speeches were poor with a high pitched voice. Like Maggie ( love her or hate her) she learned to speak more slowly and in a deeper voice. W and K need expert training. There is no shame in that. Many on here have posted that they got help to enable them to speak confidently in public.
          Aaaaaagh I simply despair at the arrogance. Today’s speech was important for the UK, and Will didn’t fail us but he didn’t come up trumps either.

          1. Art historian
            I love the imagery! Experts flying over the net.
            Effort is critical.
            And lack of effort demonstrates a lack of respect and awareness IMO for his positions. Now and future.

          2. Unless tempered with wise parenting, the over-privileged will aspire to little. Just because William had access to good educational opportunities doesn’t mean he made the most of them. The comparison to PMs who attended Eton needs to acknowledge drive and wanting to succeed, qualities William lacks.

        2. If I’m not mistaken the Queen was homeschooled, according to some, far beyond university education, not to mention she can speak several languages fluently. Her kids were homeschooled until a certain age and than send off to boarding schools with excellent reputation. The younger generation always attended top notch schools. At least Charles, Edward, William and Kate have degrees from some of the best Universities of the world.

          If you look at it they are the example why education is not all, the best speakers on BRF don’t have degree: Sophie and Harry.

          All that been said they have the best education status, prestige and money could buy.

          1. Sadly Snowsie despite their Governess’s best efforts The Queen Mother was of the opinion that young ladies should not have their heads filled with too much learning and it was only due to the efforts of the Governess and Queen Mary that HM and to a lesser extent Princess Margaret received any sort of proper education when it became clear that HM was going to be the Queen. There was a teacher who came from Eton to teach HM about Monarchy when they were at Windsor, but sadly Princess Margaret was excluded from these lessons. Princess Margaret it was said, often regretted not having a better education when she was younger. I think that HM has done a fantastic job with the limited education that she received.

          2. I never gave it much thought as to Queen Elizabeth’s educational upbringing. I also thought that the aristocrats all would have tutors along with their nannies. She does quite well for not having the type of education that would have been given to the sons in a Royal family. Things must have stepped up at a faster pace when the realization a female was going to become Queen. Thank you for sharing these interesting and fascinating facts.

    2. No wonder Kate is so bad at public speaking. William is also bad and he doesn’t get help to get better either.

          1. I think critical media. She was the UK/American sweetheart and when you can do no wrong–plus she was living in the protection bubble with Will. Those two had no conception of reality, of reasoned criticism of their behavior, of being selfless, of being anything other than spoiled brats who live to go out and party/wear nice clothes/be adored. It’s a cold, cruel world now and it’s making her stutter (IMO). I think Will just dials out ala Les Majestee. Who are we little nobodies to criticize a future King?

          1. Yes, but still way better than the deer in the headlights she does now with lots of hiding behind her hair (bangs speech). Her delivery was better then so arguably she should have improved, not be the mess she is now.

  3. And whaaaat is Kate going to wear to play tennis with Judy Murray? Skinny jeans and wedges? Judy Murray adores the limelight so I am waiting for the train wreck.

      1. Judy = Scarole !!! Yes I agree
        Overly ambitious mother who will do absolutely anything to get her kids to fulfill her own dreams. And like Carole Judy hasn’t bothered to ensure her child can speak in public. Honestly even when Andy won Wimbledon he sounded bored and uninterested. ( don’t get me wrong I realise it was the pinnacle of his career ) . Andy could learn from Nadal and Federer in the same way Kate could learn from Max, Mary, Leti and Vic.

        1. Oh thank you and you are British. I have so noticed Andy Murray and he does not come across as classy as the tennis players you mentioned. Even Novak finally improved into a mature tennis player so I could enjoy him. Perhaps it can be attributed to upbringing in Andy’s case. I am a huge tennis fan so this area of Kate’s interest is fascinating.

    1. Lol Birdy. I was thinking the exact same thing. I hope she surprises us and is dressed appropriately in some athletic shoes. Jeans would be fine, as I doubt she will actually take more than a few swings (if any).

      1. How about a Stella McCartney for Adidas outfit. Love her stuff for adidas just don’t love the prices. British designer so a good reason for Kate to wear her.

        1. Stella could sew a life-size hand on the crotch part of the outfit so as to leave Kate’s actual hands free for playing tennis. Otherwise it could be difficult.

    2. Oh dear, this will be fun (?) to watch.
      (My snark is wanting to get out of it’s box in readiness!)

      Cue something looking rather like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”?

    1. It is actually a huge amount more because the 56p does not include their security…. And many other things. It also assumes the Duchy of Cornwall money is private when in fact they only have it as courtesy of the UK taxpayer.
      I accept still cheaper than POTUS but the numbers are unhelpful and frankly wrong.

      1. Not to mention that number is divided by UK total population, including babies, legally speaking not all of a country’s people contributes for taxpayer money.

      2. It’s actually huge amounts of money, most of it undisclosed.
        Republic estimates the cost to taxpayers is closer to 334 million pounds per year, and of that, 103 million pounds is allocated to security alone: https://republic.org.uk/what-we-want/royal-finances
        The report can be downloaded. It makes interesting reading. Hard to get anything more since much expenditure is hidden. The Duchy of Lancaster monies also remain ‘private’ when, like the Duchy of Cornwall, it too is owned by citizens.

        1. At worst cost estimate from not especially reliable sources the ACTUAL cost may be as much as….£4.49. Oh the horror! Will someone think of the children…..

          1. Any monies wasted behind “royals” who do very little to contribute back to society, is money wasted. Be it 56pence or 4 pounds. And yes, you must think of the children- as the money wasted behind WK could go toward worthwhile causes such as those helping children. But of course, you must not care about money being wasted. Those of us that work hard for our money do, though.

          2. Man, if I were paying even that for someone with no constitutional position to live in luxury, I’d be seething. Love or hate your leaders, at least in America they actually govern the country and don’t cut ribbons for a living.

          1. Sure is…
            I followed KMR’s link to Republic and read their latest report calling for full costs to be disclosed (June 2015). Their figures (p.8) come from a variety of sources: FOI requests, Duchy Annual Reports, Govt funded research papers, and media reports (the latter being the least reliable).
            Many of the figures have been mentioned here at KMR in various posts and are not new to readers.

          2. I don’t look at it, being American, we can enjoy the BRF exploits without the price tag. But I’m feeling for my English brethren here. That’s wayyyyy too much moola. HM/DOE/PC/Sophie are definitely hardworking and worth supporting but I think the people need to be keeping more of their money.

          3. Yeah, Republic opined that there are 18 working royals, costing 18.5 million pounds each per annum. Since (they allege) that William worked 47 days in 2014, that is one heck of a lot of moolah!

          4. Crap Jen! 18.5 million for working 40-85 days 2 hrs tops per work day? Somebody would be in the prison part of the Tower. I don’t direct that at the hard workers. The slouchers have got to go!

          5. Well, I suspect the Republic math might be a bit simplistic but their point is sound: the monarchy’s expenditure should be transparent. All of it. So should their tax obligations. It’s fair enough to debate the value the monarchy provides in the 21st century.

        2. Thank you, Jen, for providing proper figures and where they’re based from.

          And yes, a lot of us DO think of the children who live in poverty. And the elderly who go without heating to pay their bills. And the NHS which is vastly underfunded and overstretched. I could go on and on. There are many, many better ways for £334 million pounds to be spent, IMO.

          Sarcasm not needed.

  4. Speaking as a former Wills fan, I can say that I have no desire to go anywhere near his “jewels” so no need to cover them up. 😉

  5. I liked some parts of Wills speech but other irked me the wrong way, if I was in his position I wouldn’t say something like: “For centuries, Britain has been an outward looking nation. Hemmed in by sea, we have always sought to explore what is beyond the horizon.” it’s true but is the way that ‘exploration, and mission’ was done that, Imo, is wrong to bring up in a context of diplomacy.

    I got very hopefull and excited about the tour when he said: “Our visit will reflect the best of the modern, forward-looking relationship between Indian and Britain.” – it sounds like they will take it as work rather than a tourist visit.

    However he goes on saying “As my wife and I will be reminded so powerfully in April, the United Kingdom has much to give” – he could not find a better verb than *reminded* taken into account he’s not keen on knowing what royal duties are, the use of that verb only ensured me he still doesn’t understand the nation he represents.

    PS: I don’t like his new hair style.
    PPS: Is it just me or he (and Kate the other day) seems to have a tan?

    1. I may be wrong but sincerely suspect his speech was written by the government . He was speaking as a representative of the constitutional monarchy.

      1. I would not be surprised, plus it explains why they sometimes sound like a well informed person and other times a 12 year old… Their speech patterns changes a lot, not in a evolved way.

      2. That’s what I thought when I read the text of the speech. Much like the Queen’s speeches are written by the Government (though she has a lot of influence on how things are said or particular things she wants to bring up; we know William would never care).

    1. I don’t think it’s a program so much as a project. According to the KP press release:
      ‘The Duchess of Cambridge, Royal Patron of The Art Room, will visit the charity’s first studio in Scotland at Wester Hailes Education Centre. The Art Room’s presence in Edinburgh represents a new phase in the charity’s growth. In addition to providing an Art Room studio offering therapeutic intervention to children and young people, the charity is working closely in partnership with local support agencies in the area to maximise the impact of its work within the community in Wester Hailes.

      ‘Upon arrival, Her Royal Highness will be welcomed to the art studio by students who are working on a Frida Kahlo project. The Duchess will then join practitioners, school representatives, local stakeholders and members of the wider community for a roundtable discussion about the role and impact of the charity’s presence in the area.’

    2. Best I could find is program is put up by Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund, and that Frida Kahlo was a self-expression portrait painter, creating dozens of herself because she said “I am so often alone…I am the person I know best.” Interesting. I can see the correlation to mental health and can imagine using art therapy for people to paint their self-portraits as a demonstration of self-worth and exploration.

    3. I think it’s just a project the kids are currently working on, not a specific program.

      1. I don’t know, the EFExpoFund does list the Frida Kahlo traveling expo and that they are sponsoring so that could be the tie-in.

      1. Frida Kahlo is a very interesting read on the internet. Her paintings are quite unique. With her physical situations (polio as a child resulting in a limp and a street car accident resulting in life long pain) she seemed to be a self reflective type person (self portraits). She may have had problems with depression and self image.
        Her oil paintings were her expressive outlet. I can see this as being very good for children studying her paintings which also included animals and for encouragement of doing self portraits. Coloring and painting are also stress relievers even for adults.

  6. Poor Kate is going to need a vacation after pretending to be interested in these three events. I expect to see the hair down, complete with sausage rolls, lots of playing with the hair. There will be giggling at the wrong moment and as someone mentioned up thread she will be wearing black as she will be dealing with children. And it will be short, because there is nothing more practical than short dresses/skirts than crouching down to speak to children/receive flowers from them.

    And I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall with the “round table” discussions. I can just see it now, the fake concerned look, lots of head nodding and nothing but crickets chirping away in her head and Kate mentally calculating how soon until she gets to escape.

    I have had enough of both K&W and their laziness and when they do actually do something it is like the second coming to the sugars.

      1. LOL! I think this might be more egg-on-face visits because with Kate’s art background, people are going to be looking for her to paint something, and I don’t think she will risk that. Maybe because she’s frightened of being torn down, or she’s a lousy artist, but her staff should already see this bump and have something ready (or don’t send her). I could make a suggestion that would probably help her for the visit, but I’m not going to because I’m not getting paid. We’ve all been over-helpful and I never see a positive shout-out to you KMR, so it’s on them. Hint: My idea would be something that portable and Harry made spectacular use of it before.

        1. Here’s something that bothers me. Kate studied art history, but that doesn’t mean she ever had any interest in actually painting herself. The only art form we’ve been told she ever had a passion for is photography. So I kind of think it’s unfair for her to be criticized too heavily for any lack of painting or drawing ability since that’s not what she studied.

          I have the same bothersome feeling about the Fabergé egg comment. Just because Kate studied art history doesn’t mean she studied late 19th/early 20th century Russian art. She may have a ton of knowledge about the area in which she studied, but know nothing about other areas. And that’s fine and normal.

          I have degree in history, but that doesn’t mean I know everything about Chinese history (for example). In fact, I know very, very little about Chinese history, because I studied ancient Greek and Roman history (with a sprinkling of British history and America history). My entire education and intelligence shouldn’t be discounted based on if I ask a question about Chinese history.

          PS. If Kate were to take photos of her charity visits and post the photos, that would be a fantastic idea.

          1. Good points, if she would share what she focused on or we knew about her senior paper focus, it might tell us a little about what she can do. If she focused on photography, I’m surprised she doesn’t demonstrate some mechanical know-how at visits bringing a bevy of cameras to events and taking personal pictures like Harry did at Sentebale. His were very meaningful, and Kate could take a page out of his book and bring some life to her patronage interaction.

          2. The Hipsterette wrote a few posts ago that Kate did her dissertation on some aspect of various photographic interpretations of Alice in Wonderland.
            Yes, KMR and Sunny, it would be great to harness her interest in photography to make the visits more memorable. For example, those at the event, including Kate, could upload pics to a site that recorded the events for all.

          3. As I recall Sophie asked one of the kids at her latest charity visit about cameras and photography and it was a big hit. If Kate is so keen on photography, I wonder why she and her handlers didn’t even think of this as an opportunity to engage and connect with the kids at her charities. Are they that obtuse or dense? There’s such a huge disconnect between KP’s PR machine versus reality and it just irks me. Or maybe K&W are just terrified of pictures being taken randomly at the charities that could “violate” their privacy.

          4. Pfft, she only took Art History because Wills was there. What kind of career she could have in mind with that degree? Kate as a museum guide? Curator? Photographer? Professor? She had no plan but Wills and life in luxury.

        2. “people are going to be looking for her to paint something, and I don’t think she will risk that. Maybe because she’s frightened of being torn down, or she’s a lousy artist, but her staff should already see this bump and have something ready ”

          How about paint-by-numbers? LOL

          Actually an interest in art history largely has nothing to do with being an artist. Or even an ersatz photographer.

          1. Art history is mainly an academic field. Art academies and fine arts programmes often teach some art history as well but art history programs doesn’t have course work in artistic practice. A exemption I know about is art history in Copenhagen where those aiming at employment in gymnasium (high school equivalent) has a couse in practical artistic work in terms of teaching adolescents.

      2. Maven, we also forgot another favourite, “William and I …….”. We get it Kate we know that you are married to Big Willie, no need to keep reminding us.

        Ahh yes Lauri, how could I forget about the Eyeliner of Serious Concern. I also neglected to mention the Blush applied by Bozo the Clown, and the What on earth is going on with the Eyebrow problem.

        And these visits are going to take place on my birthday. So I will be able to sit back and watch for the hundreds of photos that will accompany these visits.

        I am really looking forward to next Wednesday.

        1. Well, I stand corrected. She is, indeed, an artist. She drew those brows.

          Okay, that’s a low blow for me. But seriously, the Cambridges and their team just set them up for mockery.

          1. That’s what happens when the Cambridges and their PR team are scraping the bottom of the barrel for redeeming qualities that may be nonexistent.

    1. The “roundtable discussions”, which she has done before, often never result in any of her quotes being published. So she never says anything of value or interest to publish.

      1. Yep, I get the feeling that there are lots of awkward silences when Kate is asked to contribute anything. But they do give fantastic photo ops for the Concerned look and the nodding.

        I might have to get some popcorn in to look at the pics.

  7. The reason Kate’s calendar makes news is because she does so little. As for William…skill develops from practice. They both need near constant tutoring behind the scenes and then the experience of applying it in real world situations. But above and beyond that they need people telling them the truth…they are not, I repeat not, doing well in the public arena. Until that happens we will continue to get these lame performances from them.

      1. It’s lucky for him that he doesn’t have to be accountable because no-one would put up with that attitude in the real world.
        Didn’t William brush off assistance offered to Kate when she married, saying he’d teach her the ropes? He would have taught her the crotch clutch for sure. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

        1. Kate was said to not be interested in shadowing another royal closer to her age. The ropes were of no concern to her.
          And I think William prefers it that way.

    1. “The reason Kate’s calendar makes news is because she does so little.”

      Very true.

  8. Thanks for a thorough post KMR. I agree with you that Will’s speech should have been listened to with a critical ear before he gave it. A few posts ago, I made the point that Will doesn’t have people looking out for him as REAL professionals. Some disagreed with me, but I think this proves it again. He’s surrounded by people who are picked to be friend-workers, which is the worst. His job as the future POW will be a professional one, and this is the time for him to get out/represent. It’s incredibly frustrating. Kate is no better. You can see where things are going: Will doesn’t do an real work appearance until this one, so he’s going to hit as lazy and spoiled. Kate is visiting her patronage (good) but then takes a helicopter that costs the public $ even though this is a year lease. She is trying to do more (what we’ve asked) but it’s so Les Incompetent that public criticism gets worse. They need to bring in a professional team to help with PR, speech writing, basic coaching, and explaining domestic/foreign issues. I.e.; they need a full body wax. I’m almost dreading the Huff stint.

    1. Sunny, you see this attitude in poorly managed organisations: the ‘leader’ who surrounds him/herself with ‘yes’ people, ultimately leading to failure. That’s why “The Emperor’s New Clothes’ still resonates brilliantly as a cautionary tale even today.
      I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. But it takes a confluence of attributes accorded to W+K for it to happen: humility, wanting to step up, a sense of service, drive, and vision. Sadly, I see none of those qualities in William or Kate. Short of tying them down and getting a de-programmer in (hmm…), or until the UK public calls time on the monarchy, I can’t see things changing for the simple reason that there are no consequences for W+K’s poor performance and crap attitude.

    2. “They need to bring in a professional team to help with PR”

      That would assume, Sunny, that Wills wants to be challenged. Meanwhile, he does have a professional PR team.

      1. I know, but I think there are degrees of professionalism. Jason being their age and, yes he has a professional background, but he hasn’t been around the block a few times or shown that he can get out in front of obvious problems. I brought up the CEO severance package Jason and team (RBS) missed the boat on. It was so clear that would be an issue and it was. Not everyone can see The Emperor’s New Clothes point as Jen referenced and that’s ok. But they shouldn’t be in PR. PR is such a delicate business. The star-cred these two had you can work years to try and get for your client and not achieve. These two had it. And they are completely blowing it. Plus there’s a continuation of stupid moves like this one that should have been foreseen. Somethings you can’t.

        I’m not blaming Jason/team for everything although it probably sounds like I do. Some problems are probably W&K stubbornly wanting to do or not do things and Jason picking his battles. But when they do go out and do stupid stupid stuff, we should all question the professional team. So that’s what I’m doing. I had a stupid boss that had his position because of his dad’s connections; I saw problems and shot them down. Not everything (like his affair the media got hold of–but I tried to get him to stop cheating) but most of the other things–and he gave a lot of speeches that I wrote, plus running for State Senate, press releases, etc. I thought about each thing. And I’m not at Jason’s caliber with study and experience. I look at it as Jason being their buddy when they need an employee. W&K need to start seeing themselves as the boss instead of two privileged people who “care,” because it’s obvious they don’t. A professional front would go a long way. Sorry for a long post.

        1. W+K have large egos, plus they dislike criticism. What argument could be advanced that they would heed? To be blunt, wherever they go, they are the least accomplished people in the room, yet the most privileged. I think the ‘star cred’ has gone; they are just a burden.
          One of my best bosses wanted people who were smart and would argue a point of view, even if different to his own. Sadly, most ‘leaders’ feel threatened with such a scenario because their egos and comfort rule.
          Jason can only do so much, though I agree, he needs to be an employee, not a friend. William has bragged that he does the opposite of advice provided. He and his wife are bad clients, pure and simple.

        2. I can’t disagree with you on all points. Perhaps his being an American and not savvy about Brit royals context and issues is his downfall. Along with the petulant prince’s puerile hubris and stubbornness- I agree with Jen, above.

          Sounds like Willy needs a smooth, oleaginous operator like Sir Humphrey from “Yes Minister”. Still, the juggernaut/trainwreck proceeds and aren’t we all fascinated by it.

          I wonder who is Harry’s flack.

    1. It is civil servant speak, i.e. saying something without saying anything substantive. The 1980s Tv-series “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister” makes fun of this mode of discourse in an incredibly witty and intelligent manner. I cannot recommend it enough. It is absolutely hilarious and features Nigel Hawthorn as a pompous civil servant who manages a dunce of a minister.

      1. Hahahahah I ADORE the show “Yes Prime Minister”! My hubby works in government and he spends a lot of time making these briefing notes and issue notes that say a lot of long-winded stuff without really saying anything substantive.

      2. Oh, AH, funny! I hadn’t read your reply till after I posted above about Yes, Minster! I’ve seen it and thanks for reminding me. And now I understand the non-meaning of the meaning (or is that the meaning of the non-meaning). 🙂

        1. “I understand the non-meaning of the meaning (or is that the meaning of the non-meaning).”
          That sounds like my working day when I worked in local government!
          (Anyone for meeting minutes full of fluff and buzzwords?)

        2. Srs, Bernard has THE best lines in that show – just subtle snark!

          One of my favorite Sir Humphrey lines is when he’s suspected of perhaps being a Communist spy:
          “But I didn’t even go to Cambridge!”

          Intelligent humour has almost become extinct. *sigh*

  9. I’m so confused. One minute he wants to be private. The next he wants to play with the big dogs. I’m going to need him to go back to the children’s table until he can be a working royal who actively contributes.

    1. Lol. Seriously, though, William needs to make up his mind. Either he is the “No one knows what working royal means” normal guy who flies helicopters or he is the guy having official audiences with presidents and giving speeches about international affairs. He cannot have it both ways.

  10. In defence of William, he did gain an A in Spanish GCSE, so I am surprised that he would get involved in politics knowing full well there would be a backlash. My parents voted for joining the European Union Market as it was back then and in the UK at the moment there is a lot of debate about the European Union. I think it must be hard when it comes to the Royal family and making speeches about international affairs. I always think of HM and the speech that she made when becoming queen as the benchmark strangely enough. I don’t understand why William isn’t being given guidance by the HM or Charles. I am pleased that William and Kate are touring India. Kate at the tennis event will be interesting. Will the wedges of doom be making an appearance? Kate needs to get Sophie on speed dial about footwear for sports events. I am not a fan of William’s hair cut either. It does make him look more unattractive. Judy Murray has calmed down a bit as both sons are married now.

    1. I don’t know what GCSE stands for. Nevertheless, the man is not a thinker, and most importantly, has shown he doesn’t think of anything or anyone but himself. So, I’m taking his comment with a flat of salt.

      1. School exams taken by 16 year olds. Most kids take between 8-10 subjects that must now include Maths and English. In the last two years at school we go on to do A levels – 3-4 subjects more focused on future career plans.

  11. It means General Certificate of Education. I think when Royalty gets involved with politics whatever they say they get criticized for.

  12. This post is way out of my league. I did read the comments and it appears that some people think that William crossed the line over into politics. Wasn’t Charles under fire for that sort of thing not too long ago? Jason is fighting a losing battle and in my opinion he should just tell William and Kate that if they chose not to help themselves out a bit, if they don’t care about public opinion then they can find themselves another PR person. Having said that it’s possible that Jason figures what the heck, until they totally tank themselves a job is a job. I can honestly see myself trying my best and then deciding that if they want to play games let them. Just make sure my paycheck is on time. I love the defenses for Kate’s ‘heli’ ride as far as cost goes. Well, the queen took up the entire train, the queen had security, the queen’s ride somehow became less costly than Kate’s ‘hey, I get to ride in this whirlybird and make an entrance’. I am no expert on what the ‘royals’ cost but common sense would rather dictate that if the queen took up the entire train why couldn’t Kate be on it. I am horrified at what the citizens of the UK are forced to pay for two over privileged spoiled brats and as someone else said earlier I would be seething at the thought of a penny of my money supporting them. Just a little side note, for whatever reason I have been watching you tube videos of the slums in India. Horrible living conditions obviously, beyond words to describe. Slums and poverty are rampant everywhere and the talking heads are doing nothing of substance to help. So not singling out India at all. It’s just so overwhelming to me so of course my anger factor goes up at seeing W/K living in the lap of luxury and doing absolutely nothing. In my opinion anyway. The people living in those slums in India are absolutely awesome people. They amaze me, and I really admire them as human beings. Yep, waiting for the ‘concerned interested keen Kate face’ and love how many people are seeing right thru her. And William.

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