Prince William attends carol service with Carole and Pippa Middleton

Prince William attends carol service with Carole and Pippa Middleton

So I guess they’re not on vacation? Prince William attended a carol service at St. Lukes Church in Chelsea for the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund last night. Both Carole Middleton and Pippa Middleton came out for the carol service but Kate Middleton sat this one out.

William, Pippa, Carole attend carol concert

William and Prince Harry have been Joint Patrons of the Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund since 2009. The Memorial Fund was set up in memory of their friend, Henry van Straubenzee, who died in a car crash in 2002 and “aim[s] to improve the quality of education in impoverished rural Ugandan schools by investing in buildings and providing hygienic and educational resources. [They] form partnerships with schools to ensure that even the poorest children have access to high quality education.”

William and Harry attend this carol service every year (when in the UK; obviously Harry is busy in Africa right now and William has missed this event in the past).

It looks like the last time Kate attended this event was in 2010 (a year William was absent). She also attended in 2009 (with her friend Sophie Carter – one of Princess Charlotte’s godparents).

The Middletons are regulars at this event, too – though by the looks of last night’s pictures William didn’t actually attend with the Middletons, or at least didn’t arrive/leave with them. In previous years, Pippa went in 2014 and Carole went in 2013. By the way, if you look at Carole’s shoes, she’s totally wearing Kate’s Aquatalia booties. I don’t know if Carole is borrowing the booties from Kate or if Carole has a pair of her own, but either way mother and daughter are bootie twinsies.

I thought for sure William and Kate would sneak away for a vacation in the almost two weeks they have off between their last engagements and their next ones – especially after they released those Charlotte pics – but I guess not. William is clearly in the UK and Kate wouldn’t go without at least her mother and sister so she must be in the UK, too.

I don’t know why Kate keeps skipping this event. In 2012 I get, since this event would have taken place right around when she announced her pregnancy with George, but why not the other years? Did William tell her to keep away or did she decide to skip it on her own? Hm…

In a programming note, we’ll catch up with Harry tomorrow, I wanted to post this today since it disproves our theory that William and Kate flew off on vacation.

PS. Kate continued the trend of dressing Princess Charlotte in Spanish-branded clothing (Charlotte wore Spanish brand Irulea leaving the hospital and for her first pictures with Prince George), Charlotte’s floral dress in the newly released photos came from Spanish brand M&H Tiendas.

Prince George kissing Princess Charlotte taken by Kate Middleton

Princess Charlotte six months old 2

Photos: Twitter / Duchess of Cambridge/Kensington Palace

50 thoughts on “Prince William attends carol service with Carole and Pippa Middleton

  1. *sigh*
    I’m betting all the sugar sites are saying The Middletons went with William when they just happened to be at the same event.
    It’s a beautiful way for the family to honour a missed son and the money raised has been used for good work.
    As for those booties, sorry but I think they are hideous and belong on the fire with that vile belt, the wedges of doom and Kate’s jeggings stash.

    1. I don’t care for this style of Carole’s (and Kate’s) boots. Since we have discussed this before and KMR didn’t seem to get upset, I have noticed this brand on sale for -70% off since cyber monday.

      I don’t understand all the homebody behavior from Kate. Yes, she has young children, but as KMR pointed out, she seems to sit this (and other events) out with semi-regularity.

      1. Where have you seen Aquatalia on sale for 70% off???? I haven’t seen any that low other than when they have 2 sizes left. I really like this brand actually.

        1. Probably, one of the few brands Kate wears that I like some of the styles. I live eastern U.S. and the winter can get cold.

          I wear a 7 or a 7.5, a common size and have still managed to find a few styles better than what Carole has on IMO. I found a few pairs I liked this week for -70% off. I buy from Amazon. I check in starting on cyber monday and look once or twice each day. Things must get returned, the order was cancelled or something, but items can change throughout the day and day to day. I found a $595.00 pair marked down to $178.50, but I purchase early monday morning.

          1. Ya, I have been doing the same thing all week and haven’t seen any drop below 25% off :(. The only ones I found that are that cheap are sizes like 6 or 10. LOL. I am glad you had better luck than me

        2. While we’re on the subject…have worn my Rhumbas 3 times this week dressed both up and down, and plan to wear them to my son’s hockey game tonight as well (dressed down a la skinny jeans, Buffalo plaid flannel, trusty old faux leather bomber, chunky knit half gloves and scarf )! Lovelovelove these boots, would definitely purchase this brand again

  2. I wonder why Pippa has been unable to find a husband? From a historical point of view, the sister-in-law to the future King would have made her a much sought after bride. I know we’ve all read that when Pippa and Kate were younger it was thought that Pippa would be the sister to make the best marriage, being more vivacious and outgoing compared to her more demure and shy sister Kate. It’s been reported that Alex Landon and Nico Jackson were uncomfortable with the attention that came along with dating her but they both managed to hang in there for several years before calling it quits. And over the years Pippa has certainly taken the time and effort to cultivate all the right friends, friends it seems that like to hang out with her but don’t want to take her home to Mummy.

    How nice of William to continue to support his late friends memorial. I found it rather odd though that William, Carole and Pippa didn’t arrive and leave together, I mean they are family after all and I imagine they’re all heading back to KP to see Kate and the kids unless Kate and the kids are still in Norfolk. Now we know where Kate gets her crotch clutching from and why does Pippa find it necessary to try the whole demure look through her lashes look that Diana did? You know the tilt the chin down and look through your lashes, coy look.

    1. This is just a guess but maybe because it is well known that Pippa intentds to marry for the title and not for love? I can’t imagine what sort of hell it might be for the guy and his family: if he’s a titled well to do aristo, people will say she married him for his title and money and then pit his title against William’s (remember when people thought she was dating George Percy and all the tabloids were saying how it is a bettter match because the Percy’s are supremely wealthy?). If he’s a commoner, people will say he is not good enough and that Pippa settled. Imagine being picked apart like that. Also, there have been some rumors that the aristos are closing ranks against Pippa climbing in their midst.

        1. I agree. Though didn’t George Percy take Pippa to a church service. Seems unusual for friends to go. George knows Pippa from sharing a flat with her at university. So he knows her pretty well I imagine. Pippa was at his sister’s wedding as well. I think Pippa would be happy. First as a duchess and married to a friend.

    2. Aristos are like regular people in that they don’t want to be used. And if you are a social climber, be more subtle in your approach. Don’t earn yourself a social reputation of being a climber – wisteria sisters (by tatler magazine no less, the aristo inhouse bible), so nicknamed because Wisteria is pretty, fragrant, a ferocious climber and hard to remove.

      I think Kate was very lucky that she snagged William at the very young age, and that she had her month guide her to hold on to him.

      Pippa was too busy playing the field. And too busy being distracted by the perks of those around her to focus and now she’s on the shelf.

      Landon’s mother is alleged to ha said about her that she was girlfriend material, but not a wife.

      Further, Guy Pelly had a brief daliance with Pippa and his take away was that he wasn’t rich enough for her. So Pippa isn’t helping herself with her obvious game.

      At this point, i’m guessing she needs to employ one of the myriad self help books that hook guys by pretending to be the opposite of who she is. It’s the only way she’ll hook a man of suitable lineage and money. Who cares about love.

      It’s terrible that in 2015 we are discussing women thus, but the Middletons have made it clear that these are their priorities as opposed to the content of their characters and achievements.

      It’s especially mindboggling when wider family members receive a mention in the press because Middleton cousins are ambitious and hardworking and doing very well in their respected fields eg there is one who is a lawyer, another a banker, another a Cambridge professor….so what happened with Michael’s kids?

      1. It is terrible we discuss women this way in this day and age, but Pippa brought some of this upon herself. The ‘I am famous due to my bum’ comments hasn’t helped people form a better opinion about her.

      2. I noticed that right after the wedding in 2011 pippa went a little wild with things and seemed very cocky. I think she was brought to earth with the gun incident in Paris and really hasn’t recovered fully image wise.

      3. In answer to the last paragraph: Mike and Carole Middleton taught their children that social climbing was enough to get ahead, rather than hard work.

        It is awful to discuss women as simply being on the prowl for the richest man to marry (a la Jane Austen but without the witty writing or characterful women or happy ending) but it’s pretty clear that that is the case. Kate and Pippa set a poor example for younger women. And I am sure wealthy people are particularly wary of such sniffer dog women. Kate was fortunate to find William at such an impressionable age but especially because more appropriate matches had the sense to reject him, clearly not in thrall to a title nor a rather silly man.

    3. Our hope that climber carol and the middletons had disappear like Mr. middleton.

      Lazy limpet cannot bother to join Willnot (or an excuse) at his friends events – that insert climber carol and pippy as event consorts to willy and double team to keep an eye. Carol can try locate a title husband for her unmarried – pip seem to have remove banker too soon (hoping pass aristo would commit).

      Willnot don’t look too thrilled or fed up?!

  3. I wonder what Will and Carole’s relationship is like nowadays. Do we ever really see them together, talking or whatever. He’s certainly accepted that Carole is a non-negotiable in Kate’s life. I wonder how he feels about that.

    As for Pippa….. Oh, Pippa. So thirsty! I will never forget her walking out of the Goring, after the wedding and waving at the photographers as though *she* was the new Duchess. Then she wore a different coat every day for three months knowing she’d be papped in it. She just loved the attention so much! Who would want to marry that? Not an aristo, that’s for sure.

  4. Call me cynical, but I always have to wonder if the Middletons would be so eager to attend these events with William if he weren’t a Windsor but just a semi-employed son-in-law who had lost a friend of his…

    1. Yeah, I always wondered if the Middleton’s would have still supported Kate financially, and been okay with her lack of ambition, while she waited for a marriage proposal from the local mechanic.

      1. There is no way they would have supported Kate if Will was a lowly middle class commoner. I doubt Kate would have waited around for Will at that point either though. It is so ingrained in these girls to marry up, that is all they focused on. The title is the prize and any boy that calls without one is looked down on

  5. I’m very surprised they’re not in Mustique, so I must eat my cynical words!

    Carole & Pippa were probably keeping their beady eyes on William to make sure he didn’t chat to any other women. Like well dressed skinny henchmen.

    1. I wonder if W&K were planning a holiday, but were summoned by HM and told to shape up. Something along the lines of getting relocated to a different place much smaller than Anmer Hall (is that what their home is called?), if they didn’t cancel their holiday plans and get off the sofa and do some work.

      I haven’t heard anything about Will’s air ambulance job for quite a while.

  6. Interesting that Kate did not attend this event. Such a worthy cause.
    I agree with those who pointed out that William did not actually arrive with Carole and Pippa.
    I think some people want everyone to believe they were all in attendance together.

    As to why Pippa is not married, who knows! She seems to be doing fine in the financial department and also seems to love riding the coat tails of her sister. Maybe, she is holding out for true love and perhaps, many men don’t want the constant media attention that her name and face seem to bring. Her mother was so astute at helping Kate hook the Future King. Couldn’t she pull a few strings in nobility to latch onto someone for Pips?

    1. I’m guessing the Middletons are considered pariahs by the aristo circles William moves in and hence Pippa is probably tolerated at best, but not considered marriage material. How could anyone not see what social climbing arrivistes the Midds are?

      1. Agree. I was being a bit sarcastic when I asked why Carole wasn’t pulling the strings.
        She got exactly what she and Kate wanted. Carole still seems fine with the outcome, but Kate’s unhappiness seems to show in the loss of more weight than looks good.

      1. I can’t imagine she’s already pregnant again. Char’s not even a year old. The way she and William talk about George, they want ANOTHER kid under three to take care of, when Katie is supposedly “so” busy taking care of the first two? Probably not. Baby #3 will be in a year or so, if ever.

  7. I think Kate has pretty much stopped pretending to like and/or enjoy William’s group of friends. So she’s not going to go out of her way to go to very much involving them. No weddings, no carol services for good causes, no hanging with the friends and their kids on the weekends.

    She got the ring, she got the clothing budget, she got the houses, she produced the heir and the spare, she doesn’t have to guffaw to William and his friends jokes any more. That’s why I think she’s not attending these things.

    1. Every time there is an article talking about what home bodies the Cambridges are, how they like nothing more that to sit on the couch and watch TV in the evenings, their partying days are behind them, I think that’s Kate’s deal. William likes a drink with his friends. Kate doesn’t have friends.

  8. William used to be so cute and lovely. Now he is a mere soggy bald dude who is whipped around by his wife and mother in law… Oh Kate what have you done to him?! He is so boring, not attractive, and sans sex appeal now…

    1. William and Kate are just very boring. Seems like we are all clinging to the hope that the both of them will cultivate empathy and personalities.

      1. No hope!

        The sooner these two layabout, insincere phony 33 year old fade away (leaving the kids with the royals -POW and loving nanny Maria) – the better for the Monarchy to move on.

  9. Totally bizarre that Kate does not attend these events with her husband, but her mom and sister show up. It’s not like the Cambridges have a problem getting or paying for a baby sitter. I am sure the excuse would be her presence would take the focus off the cause….but then again, I really think the bloom is off the rose with her adoring fans and most certainly most of the press.

  10. It is good to see Prince William attending this Carol Service in memory of his friend. I think Kate could have come but I will leave it at that. It would have been good seeing Kate support her husband at something so personal to him. William looks like he is no where near Carole. William does look dejected.

  11. Come on you guys! Leave poor Kate alone. Don’t you see that the reason she didn’t attend a cause close to Will’s heart is because she is so busy??? She was probably at home taking care of the children between vacuuming the curtains and fluffing the pillows, all the while doing so with spit-up on her shoulder. She doesn’t have any time to shower or put on clean clothes, let alone get all dolled up and shop for something new to wear to event to make sure all the focus would be on her! Geeezzzz. Give the girl a break. I mean honestly, put yourself in her shoes. The delicate flower is exhausted!

    1. Good spot – I think that’s dated as lunch on 1 December. Because she’s *such* a full time Mum is Kate. Pfft.

    2. I guess it is entirely her fault that people still call her Kate MIDDLETON after 4 1/2 years and giving birth to two royal babies.

      1. Could you explain where the hostility is coming from? This comment seems completely unrelated to Anne’s.

        1. Well, I don’t really consider this hostility, only realisation. she refuses to attend important events, chose to live away from London to live a quite life away from royal duties, but always makes the time to have leisure. One event takes around an hour at most, but she is still rarely seen. For a wife of a future king, it is about time people stop calling her Middleton, but in fact the media and public in general still do so. Don’t you think that it is due to the fact that she doesn’t perform like a true royal and instead chooses to still live the free life she had before she married a future king and to ignore her duties?

          My apologies if this sounds like hostility. From my observation, people would use royal title widely out of respect, like now Camilla is no longer called Camilla Parker Bowles, Sophie no longer Rhys Jones, not merely because they married royals, but they performed like true royals. It took sometime before Camilla really is recognised as Duchess of Cornwall due to the Diana scandal, but the fact that she is currently called by her royal title and not pre-wed name proves that she has earned the respect as a royal.

          1. Mia, I understand what you’re saying. She’ll get called by her royal title when she acts like an actual member of the family and does her fair share. I completely agree.

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