Prince Harry’s royal tour to South Africa

Prince Harry’s royal tour to South Africa

Following his opening of the new Sentebale center in Lesotho and falling off a polo pony, Prince Harry continued his royal tour of South Africa. He also released photos from his work over the summer, which is covered in a separate post.

On Monday, November 30th, Harry was in Cape Town where he called on Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and, on behalf of the Queen, presented him with the Insignia of an Honorary member of The Order of the Companions of Honour. The Order of the Companions of Honour was instituted in 1917 by King George V and consists of The Sovereign and 65 members. It is conferred on people for recognized services of national importance, for a pre-eminent and sustained contribution in the arts, science, medicine or government. The appointment is in recognition of Tutu’s services to UK Communities, and International Peace and Reconciliation.

Harry given wood carving

Following his meeting with the Tutu, Harry visited the Ottery Youth Centre – a rehabilitation center for children linked to gang related crimes – where he was given a wood carving of a photo of Harry with his mother, Princess Diana.

Harry made some comments about how he didn’t enjoy school and how he is the better Wales brother.

    “I didn’t enjoy school at all. I would like to have come to a place like this. When I was at school I wanted to be the bad boy.”
    “I’m the younger brother but I’m much cooler than my older brother.”


Wood carving of Harry and Diana

Harry then visited the Football For Hope Centre where he met children and took part in training sessions led by coaches from Grassroot Soccer – which uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize communities to face pressing health challenges such as HIV/AIDS, sexual health, and GBV.

Harry during training sessions at the Football for Hope Centre

The next day, Tuesday, December 1, Harry visited the Kings Park Stadium to join members of The Sharks rugby team on the pitch during a training and skills sessions with coaches and young players. Harry was presented with a personalized shirt for himself, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte.

On a side note, do you think Harry gets bored/annoyed with being presented gifts for William and Kate’s kids? I mean, they aren’t Harry’s kids. And I highly doubt William or Kate will be presented with gifts for Harry’s kids when he has them. I think it’s a bit weird that Harry is still being presented gifts for William’s kids. But maybe I’m overthinking it.

Harry presented with personalized rugby shirt

Later, Harry visited Durban beach to watch Surfers Not Street Children participants demonstrate surf skills. He also met a doggie named Jasper.

Prince Harry with kids from Surfers Not Street Children

Prince Harry meets Jasper the dog at Surfers Not Street Children

Jasper was not the only dog Harry met that day, he also met a dog named Killer, a specialist anti-poaching dog, when he visited the Mission Area Joint Operations Centre (MAJOC).

The next day, Wednesday, December 2, Harry met even more doggies when he visited Southern African Wildlife College, a flagship center close to Kruger National Park in Kempiana, South Africa.

Harry was then shown the carcass of a rhino slaughtered for its horn inside Kruger National Park.

Harry speaks to forensic investigators over animal

Harry stands over rhino

While at Kruger, Harry gave a speech. In the interest of space, I’m only pulling parts.

    His love of Africa: “My love of Africa has never been any secret – it’s just been a huge part of my private life. I’ve always wanted to keep it like that until I had the experience of age to give something back to a place that has given me and so many others the freedom and space we all crave. This continent has given me thousands of happy memories since 1997 and for that I am indebted to it.”
    The increase of poaching in Kruger: “But in recent years Kruger has also become a major killing field. The numbers of rhinos poached in South Africa has grown by nearly 500% in just five years, with most of these occurring in Kruger. Already this year 1,500 rhinos have been killed in this country. That is four every day. If current poaching rates continue there will be no wild African elephants or rhinos left by the time children born this year, like my niece, Charlotte, turn 25. If we let this happen, the impact on the long-term prosperity of this country and on the natural heritage of the planet will be enormous and irreversible.
    “Demand for rhino horn and ivory on the other side of the Earth is fuelling this carnage. Bad taste in fashion and decoration, and disproven beliefs in medicine are leading some people to covet animal products with no care for the consequences. People are willing to let a species go extinct so they can have an ivory trinket, Rhino horn doorstop or get a supposed cure for a headache. The market value for rhino horn has grown significantly and has created a huge incentive for desperate people to risk their lives for a payday from ruthless criminal traffickers.”
    William’s work: “My brother, William, is working at a global level to encourage countries like America and China to lead the way in ending demand for ivory and rhino horn and to help African nations with the resources they need to beat the traffickers.
    “Next week in London, he will host a global taskforce of transportation firms, government agencies, and wildlife experts to agree an ambitious plan to shutdown global trafficking routes. William has put the fate of endangered species back on the agenda of governments, companies, and NGOs around the world. I am incredibly proud of what he is achieving and will do whatever I can to support him.”


I rolled my eyes at the mention of Charlotte, but Harry followed that up by mentioning the effect the loss of these animals will have on the economy so I’m okay with it. It’s a good speech.

On Thursday, December 3, Harry traveled to Pretoria to meet South African President Jacob Zuma and his wife, Mrs Tobeka Madiba Zuma.

Harry moved on to visit Siyabonga Secondary School in the Soweto township in Johannesburg where he met with students at the LifeCo UnLtd project and the Queen’s Young Leaders program.

Harry made some interesting comments about people in the public eye:

    “I would never want anyone to follow me in the bad things I do, only the good things. We have a certain responsibility to make sure that young people look at us and say that’s how I want to live, then hopefully everyone else will follow. It’s very important that people in a public position behave well. Because you have to ask, if I had a young person following me, how would I want them to behave?”


Does that mean Harry has really changed his way of thinking and no more Nazi costumes and naked Vegas parties?

Harry chats to future Queen's Young Leaders

Harry with SA Queen's Young Leaders

Harry with editor of the Siyabonga School newspaper

Harry then visited a Youth Empowerment Exposition where he met young entrepreneurs at The Bus Factory.

Harry’s final stop was the Nelson Mandela Foundation Centre of Memory where he met with Graca Machel (Nelson Mandela‘s widow), viewed memorabilia from Mandela’s life (including a photo of Diana), and gave a speech. Mandela died two years ago tomorrow, on December 5, 2013; the news of which came out during the royal premiere of the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Harry attended the memorial service at Westminster Abbey on March 3, 2014.

Harry said in part:

    “It is not for me to try and put into words the impact that President Mandela had on South Africa, or a generation across the globe – those far more eloquent than I have already done so. However, I was fortunate enough to meet Madiba a number of years ago and I have treasured that memory ever since. […]
    “I know that President Mandela worked tirelessly to protect everything that is special about this beautiful country for all future generations. To that end, I was pleased on this trip to lend my support to the conservationists who are fighting to protect South Africa’s natural heritage, especially its critically endangered animals. Much of this work is a burden that South Africa bears on behalf of the entire world, and there is gathering momentum to support you in this urgent task. I was pleased to be able to discuss this with President Zuma this morning and share my hopes for the future.
    “I can think of no better way of ending my visit to South Africa than by joining you this evening to remember Madiba as we approach the anniversary of his passing. I know he is missed by a generation, a nation and most keenly by his family. However, he will never be forgotten.”


Photos: Getty / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

17 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s royal tour to South Africa

  1. Thanks for detailed post KMR!
    Harry had been working his magic on this trip. He’s brought our attention to a number of causes and what they are doing.
    The images that will stick with me are those of the rhino and calf, both slaughtered so some person can get their rhino horn. I wish there was a way that consumers would have to view that video, and the one of the live rhino with its face hacked, would they still want it? It was horrible to see but I think it needed to be viewed.

  2. Harry just continues to roll on through. It’s so weird that I feel so proud about how he’s turning out. He’s going from strength to strength.

    As for the Charlotte comment…meh. He was probably trying to make people understand the severity of the problem. He could have opened it up more by saying children born this year won’t see them by the time they turn 25.

    And I love the beard, but honestly I’d like to see that face of his again. Ginger Beard needs to retire for a bit.

    1. I think Harry was trying to make it more personal to him, or something, but because of the crappy way William talks about wildlife conservation and “My kids won’t be able to go on safari, boo hoo” any mention of George or Charlotte in connection to wildlife conservation annoys me now. It’s my own personal bias showing there, I guess.

    2. Oh no, not the Ginger Beard!!! He hasn’t had it longer enough for me, maybe in another year or two I’ll be ready for a change but for now I’m loving it!!

  3. Harry did such a great job on this tour!! I thought the comment he made about the responsibility of people in the public, to me said that he is growing and maturing. He seems ready to put away the poor decisions of his youth (but didn’t we all make poor decisions then?) and move forward as a caring, compassionate and passionate man.

    The only bit that rubbed me the wrong way was the mention of William and how great of job he’s doing bringing attention to this cause. Why is it that the Cambridges have to have others talk about what a great job they do? Is it because they do so little? Or because they don’t have much to say about their causes so prefer to have others speak up for them?

    I feel for Harry, he has to make sure that he never casts a shadow on his brother the future King, but he does seem to be much more humble than William and eager to support his brother (who throws him under the bus every chance he gets) so maybe this doesn’t bother him.

  4. Harry shaking Jasper’s paw. I can’t.

    On another note, William’s put the fate of endangered species back on the agenda of governments, etc., around the world? People have done that in response to William? I must have missed that.

  5. Bravo, Good King Harry! I know that my bias is legendary. I find it awkward that he received gifts for Georgie and Char. I doubt William would be as nice or gracious about it. I wonder how hard it has to be for him when ever sees his mother in pictures. To us, she as Princess Diana; to him, Mummy.

    What a nice tour. Everyone loves Harry. He is a hardworking young man who uses his position for good with respect and grace.

    Beautiful post, KMR!

    1. Yeah, it must be difficult for him to be shown and given pictures of his mother so frequently. As you said to us she’s Princess Diana but to him she’s Mummy and what if he was particularly missing her that day, it would tough to hold it together. I don’t have too much about him receiving gifts for George and Charlotte, except it might be making him long for children of his own even more.

      I so wish you could have accompanied him on this tour! I can’t wait for him to have someone (you) by his side to share in all that he does and sees.

  6. Great post, and good for Harry. He is clearly the impressive one! I’d like to see people stop giving him presents for his niece and nephew – enough already!

  7. Have so much respect for Harry, he has done a really great job with this tour. He is doing a brilliant job highlighting this cause, spat my drink out when I read “my brother has been working on a global level” really annoys me that William gets all the credit, who knows what he does in private but to the public eye Harry is the far more hardworking brother.

    I was thinking Royals always have at least one cause they are passionate about; Charles with the Princes Trust, Diana had AIDS and landmines, Camilla has worked with rape victims, Anne had Save the Children among many other things, Harry has wounded serviceman and conservation, but William, there is no cause that he works passionately with, and he is 33! It is disappointing to think this man will one day be King. The whole ‘let him have a normal life while he still can’ is ridiculous, if he doesn’t become experienced in his royal duties, he’s going to have a massive shock when he becomes Prince of Wales.

  8. Where to begin? This is such a wonderfully detailed post. Thanks, KMR.

    Harry just knocks it out of the park every time he makes any appearances. His love for Africa is expressed so beautifully and he is committed to so many issues. The world needs more role models like him.

    The photo with the dog, Jasper? OMG. So sweet. Melt away, ladies! I guess my heart was touched the most by his comments about how he wants to be a good example for youth. He is maturing and doing so many things that are worthy of compliments. Then, there was the photo of young Prince Harry in the arms of his beloved Mum. Oh, my goodness, I got teary-eyed. He truly is Diana’s son in so many important ways. Just look at the faces of those he meets. They certainly seem to love him and his own face shows his care for them. In a sense, it must be hard for him to be presented with photos of her, but on the other hand, how wonderful to know that so many people still love her and admire all she did.

    As for the gifts for Charlotte and George, in a way, it does seem too much. Still, W&K need to realize that people everywhere seem to want to reach out to their children. If they would only stop now and then to think about that, they just might be a bit more generous with photos being released. People really want to see and love those children. If I were W or K, I would be so touched.

    Can’t wait foraHarry to have his own lovely wife and kids. W&K won’t stand a chance!

    Harry is hot beyond belief. I love the beard. Just love everything about him. Rhiannon, this is a good day for you. Two posts about your man. Now, I am off to check out the second one.

    Have a good day, all everyone.

  9. The photo of little Harry with his mom, may explain to those who do not remember her, why so many loved her. Prince Harry used to melt into her arms.

  10. Sneaking a moment to visit And, what an especially wonderful treat!
    Tons of photos and info on beloved Prince Harry! Wow, KMR, you outdid yourself. This is amazing as is the other post, which I doubt I can comment on at this time. I expect someone to wake up very soon!

    I’m in awe of the magical ways of Prince Harry. He is one dedicated Prince. So passionate about the causes close to his heart. So tireless in his appearances, which are not just photo opps.

    I am also amazed by the photo of young Prince Harry in the arms of the beautiful Princess Diana. As a child, she was so special to me. To so many others, I am sure. Just looking at her holding her little boy made me want to cry. Prince Harry must feel touched that so many people still love and remember her.

    As for the presents he continues to get for his niece and nephew, I think he takes all of that in stride. He appears to be a genuinely kind man and I think he realizes that the people who give really want to acknowledge the children with love.

    I was taken with the beautiful colors so many of the beautiful ladies wore in so many of the photos. So vibrant and so full of joy.

    Harry is hot. Harry is dedicated to many causes. Harry represents the British Monarchy with sincere thoughtfulness and a caring eye towards others. He is really so much like his mother in the sense that he really seems to relate so beautifully to people everywhere. I am sure he thinks of her with great love whenever he goes out on an “assignment.” Her legacy lives on because of his amazing ways. He is creating his own special future and present, too.

    Long live King Harry! Rhiannon, you lucky lady!

  11. Well most of Harry’s wild partying took place in his teens and 20s. That’s a very hard time for anyone, worse for someone without their mother and triply worse for someone when everything they do is plastered across every newspaper in the world and everything that comes out of their mouth is broadcast on TV. He’s 31, which is usually when men have matured (his long-haul stint in the military didn’t hurt either). He is definitely being groomed as Charles’ working deputy, while William is off doing whatever he fancies. The latter may have pro forma honours, like the Garter, but that’s just a dingle dangle. Harry’s actually doing something of use. But… but… I thought illegal wildlife poaching was William’s cause! How dare Harry hijack the glamorous and fantastic Dukie’s cause! William’s the one that attended a dinner in London and gave a speech about it. How DARE Harry hijack this. Outrageous sir! OutRAGEOUS! Ha! William talks the talk. Harry walks the walk, not to mention to the South Pole. William would only get there if he could fly a taxpayer-funded helicopter.

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