Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Camilla tiara it up a CHOGM, Prince Harry falls off a polo pony

Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Camilla tiara it up a CHOGM, Prince Harry falls off a polo pony

As I was finishing up this post yesterday, Duchess Kate/KP dropped two new photos of Princess Charlotte on us and that bumped this post to today. Because while Kate garners goodwill by releasing photos of her kids, Prince Harry (and his Ginger Beard) has been in Africa, and Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall have all been in Malta for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. The CHOGM Banquet brought out tiaras from the ladies, and the Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup brought out white pants from Harry. We’re starting with tiaras, because priorities.

On Friday, November 27, the royals attended the CHOGM Banquet at the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Attard, Malta. By the way, this is the same Malta which Duchess Kate was supposed to visit but then dropped out of which prompted Prince William to take her place instead of going to a friend’s wedding. Anyhoodles, The Queen and Camilla brought the bling.

The Queen was feeling the emeralds and wore the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara with Emerald Drops (which was once owned by Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia and was bought by Queen Mary in 1921), the Delhi Durbar Earrings and Necklace (which were made for Queen Mary for the Delhi Durbar Indian celebration marking the start of King George V‘s reign), Queen Mary’s Emerald and Diamond Bracelet, and the Order of the Garter Star (Britain). These emeralds are gorgeous.

Meanwhile, Camilla was feeling the pink. She stuck to her usual Greville Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara, and went with her pink topaz and diamond clasp for the pearl choker, and the matching pink topaz and diamond earrings. The pink topazes were gifts from Charles. Camilla also wore the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II.

I thought Camilla looked beautiful, and the pink topaz jewelry was a nice combination for the grey gown. Charles looked really good in his tux, too. That man can wear a tux.

Saturday, November 28, Prince Harry was in Paarl, South Africa for the Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup at the Val de Vie Estate. Harry does several polo cups a year in aid of his various charities (as does Prince William), but there is an annual one specifically for Sentebale. This year’s took place during Harry’s tour to Lesotho and South Africa. Harry played against Nacho Figueras, who is a Sentebale Polo Ambassador. During the match, Harry fell off his horse twice. Harry’s team ended up losing 8-7. The Mirror has a video of one of Harry’s falls. I’ve fallen off a horse before and ended up breaking my arm, so it’s lucky Harry wasn’t hurt.

Harry falls off horse

Harry’s Sentebale co-founder, Prince Seeiso, was on hand to present the trophy to Nacho.

Photos: Getty / Twitter

80 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Camilla tiara it up a CHOGM, Prince Harry falls off a polo pony

  1. This is an incredibly yummy post KMR!

    Yummy tiaras!! I can’t stand it. I saw the pictures earlier and was in tiara heaven. These two ladies can wear the bling so very well. And the gem stones just make me sigh. I get nervous thinking about Kate getting her hands on these jewels and doing something to them to make them more suitable for her. I just cringe at the thought. I hope there are some kind of rules or something in place to prevent that.

    Then of course there is the yummy Harry!! He just keeps building and building on his image with his good work. Very happy he didn’t get hurt falling off of the horse. If I remember, PC hurt himself once playing polo. I think it was his arm.

    Anyway, it’s nice to get back to the real stars of the family, the ones who do the work.

    Oh yeah, the shots of PC and Camilla looking at each other are really wonderful. You can see the love between them. And you’re right that man can wear a tux!

    1. I don’t think there are rules preventing Kate from tinkering with the jewels at her disposal when she becomes the Queen Consort. Queen Mary (HM’s grandmother) was pretty famous for her love of jewels and would frequently take jewels from one piece and use them in another piece or create a totally new one. However, I don’t know if Kate has the imagination or desire to do this, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      1. Well, knowing that Kate prefers small jewels, I imagine the royal tiara collection would be broken down into small pieces of drop earrings and tiny pendants. She looks awful with large jewels. Nizam of Hyderabad looked almost like cheap Zara necklace with all that hair. Bye bye royal bling-bling…

        1. Mia, your comment made me laugh because I got this visual of Kate at the age of 70+ wearing a tiara and a major size necklace with this stringy, long grey-white hair falling below her shoulders. I think if Kate wore her hair in an up do and chose some nice gowns that were not buttoned up to her neck, then she could probably look quite stunning when she is all decked out in these jewels that will one day be hers. I am not a fan of her dainty little earrings and necklaces at all. They are lost on her. She really has no sex appeal, and by that I do not mean she needs to dress like Jennifer Lopez to flaunt what she has, but she just has no presence.

        2. I thought the Zara necklace looked better than the Nizam of Hyderabad necklace. At least she pulled her hair up for the Zara one.

    2. Oy, that is a terrible thought. I mean, some of the pieces – basically all the tiaras QEII had made, like the modern sapphire and the ruby – can be changed because they currently look ugly, but it would be all kinds of awful if Kate decided to change things. Her taste in jewelry is terrible. I can’t imagine what kind of hell she would wrought on those pieces.

      Yes, I think Charles broke his arm while playing polo.

      I loved the shot of Camilla and Charles looking at each other. Such love there.

      1. We know she modified Diana’s earrings so she certainly has the guts and will to “modernise” the historical pieces to suite her. The thought of Teck Crescent and Strathmore Rose becoming Middleton Acorn Tiara… *shiver*

        1. The Strathmore Rose is too fragile to be handled – so there are three options: 1) it will never be worn anymore, 2) it will be recreated in a more durable platinum setting or 3) it will be broken up and the stones reused. I’m fine with all three of the options – especially because I don’t think that the design is a particularly successful one and because the larger stones aren’t of the highest quality.

          I know that some might think this heresy but I’m not averse to dismantling awkward designs to make something better. Another piece I’d like to seen made over is the Dutch Stuart Tiara. The famous Stuart Diamond is simply too large for a tiara. I’d love to see it made into a pendant as it originally was because that tiara is a clunky monstrosity.

          While I’m at it I’ll commit another heresy and add that some of Diana’s jewellery is just awful – that includes the Ring of Doom and the sapphire choker. I really don’t like the traditional pearl choker with a central stone. This type of necklace is really hard to wear with grace. You need a lang, slender neck for that – and wearing it like a necklace beneath the neck is the wrong way to wear a choker. I think Diana’s choker could be made into a beautiful sautoir or a pretty necklace with an asymmetrical placement for the stone (it could be worked into a lovely floral setting) – maxima has a neckclace like that. However, Kate may have to wait a decade out of respect, like Mary did with the Danish ruby parure because it was so closely associated with the late Queen Ingrid.

          1. I happen to be a fan of the Strathmore and really hope this piece will emerge in the near future. Say… for Prince Harry’s bride? I was kind of hoping for the Teck tiara but this seems to be on loan to Camilla now. These two are the pieces I am hoping will never be remodelled, and definitely not broken down. I agree with KMR, Sapphire and Ruby tiaras need serious remodelling and I could care less if Kate dismantles these pieces in the future, but definitely not more historical pieces like Strathmore, and definitely not Fringe or Kokoshnik!

            Concerning Diana’s sapphires, I disagree with you. I love her collections, especially the choker. Only women of great radiance and qualities will be able to wear the choker with confidence. I would prefer the ring of doom to be dismantled, not because it is ugly, but more because it is a symbol of Diana’s suffering.

            Maxima and Mary are known for their great taste for jewelleries but Kate’s collection of puny yet ridiculously expensive jewelleries make me reluctant to see historical pieces at her mercy.

          2. The Strathmore is too fragile to be worn – unless it is completely restored it won’t emerge on a royal head.

            The Strathmore is also, IMO, an example of a tiara that looks good when displayed but not when it is worn.

            What really bugs me about the design is the uneven shape and size for the large flower petals. It just not aesthetically pleasing to me.

            A Fringe Tiara should never be dismantled or altered. it is simple the best all-purpose form of tiara that can be found. It is like the LBD – it goes with everything. So i’m not a fan of how Princess Michael of Kent added a riviere necklace to the top of the Kent Fringe Tiara.

  2. I wish Camilla had worn other tiaras or maybe the Durbar tiara again. Or maybe not because I heard this tiara gave her the headache. She looks amazing in tiaras though. Yes, she and Charles look happy and in love. It really shows!!

    1. I, too, wish she would break out of her Greville tiara rut and bust out the Dehli Durbar tiara again.

    2. I do agree with you. I’ve never seen Duchess of Cornwall looks so smashing (thanks to Charles deep pockets) . I am not crazy this tiara though.

  3. Wow, KMR how did you know I’d need a shot of bling to get me started on this Monday?? I love how Camilla can wear these larger tiaras, her hairstyle and personality really help her carry it off. In the second photo of her and Charles, wow the look she was giving him was rather naughty. I guess she liked how he looked in his tux too 🙂

    The Queen looked stunning in the Duchess Vladimir tiara with the Cambridge emeralds. I hope you don’t mind KMR but I’m going to include a link that gives a bit more history about these emeralds, it’s pretty interesting. Is it just me or does the Queen have the most beautiful smile!

    Harry just keeps getting better and better looking as he ages. And that beard, I’m so glad the Queen hasn’t made him shave it off!!

    1. I love the Greville Honeycomb by Boucheron. It has a lovely art deco feel – though I like it better in its second incarnation without the little diamond spikes on top.

      This tiara has been altered twice. Its first incarnation was a rather cumbersome three-tiered structure of a stylized papyrus motif. The papyrus motif is lovely in itself but the original piece would have been better if it had been kept to a single tier.

      The Vladimir Tiara has never been a favorite of mine, though I do like that it can be worn with different jewels, or without any. The rest of the emerald suite is divine. It is also really nice to see QEII smiling and looking happy. She can look quite grim.

      Love the looks between Charles and Camilla. That is a happy couple indeed.

        1. So true.

          Whiny willnot seem very ‘contract’ with W*w fake affection for the public. Petulant Will believe he is entitled and smarter than the ‘regular’ public we wont notice.

          Thank you KMR, lovely bling post for the holidays (including Prince Harry).

  4. Awesome post! Love the jewels and everyone looks happy. Glad to hear Harry didn’t get hurt!!! (Waving to Duchess Kate who is probably in Mustique right now……………LOL)

  5. Tiaras, Camilla, and Harry oh my! Wonderful post, KMR!

    I live for tiara events. HM and Camilla can bling it out like know one’s business. I love HM’s necklace. It is beautiful and intricate. I would love to try it on. Camilla looked beautiful. Her hair really suits a tiara. I also adore that she mixed her stones. I am literally drunk on this bling. And the picture of Charles and Cam are adorable.

    Harry. I am so glad that my beloved is okay. I am so glad that he is okay. He can truly volunteer, raise money and connect. Who would have thought?

    1. Hi Rhiannon, I too was worried when I saw the photos of Harry’s fall, trying to imagine how difficult it is for you being apart from him when he takes these kinds of tumbles. He has truly come into his own, pulling together not one but two impressive charities! You must be so proud!!

      1. I loved the little bow he did at the end. That was for me, you know, lol! I am so proud of him. We need to be ready for phase 2. 2016 can’t get here fast enough, lol!

        1. It needs to happen very soon Rhiannon. We need to wipe Waity and Bill off the front pages and you and Harry will be able to do it.

    2. “I live for tiara events.”

      Me, too. I’m so glad I started covering the other royal houses of Europe so I get to see more tiaras. The Brits just don’t do enough tiara events and don’t show off the tiaras enough when they do do one.

      1. He does have nice hair. Nacho is my type on paper, but for some reason I’m just no into him.

        1. He’s just nacho type KMR! (couldn’t resist, sorry!!) I get it though, he’s a bit too perfect (?) for me too.

  6. Both royal ladies look very beautiful. I think this is one of Camilla’s best looks after her blue/gold wedding gown/coat.

    Harry gets better each and every year. It doesn’t appear any romance news has leaked, because KMR would bring it to us in a flash. Sorry to continually repeat myself, but I so want a fantastic lady to fall in love with Harry. Not that I don’t want a KMR in the future, but I look forward to seeing photos of happy, handsome Harry on this blog with a lovely, grown-up, responsible, compassionate, hard working and supportive spouse.

    1. I agree. This gown is one of her best looks ever.

      I think I would do a “[Harry’s wife’s name] Review” if he were to marry, but hopefully I would be able to write about how awesome and hardworking she is rather than how lazy and horrible at speech-giving she is.

  7. Oh, those tiaras! Magnificent. HM and Camilla truly know how to wear the bling. The Queen has such a beautiful smile! Loved how happy Charles and Camilla looked. He does look fantastic in a tux.

    As for Harry! Keep the posts coming, KMR. I’m also glad he was not hurt and just look at him . On the horse, or off, this guy is fantastic. Rhiannon’s right. 2016 cannot get here fast enough. I feel a proposal in the works. Followed, of course, by the ultimate Royal Wedding.

    Here’s to happy days for Harry. He is the one we all seem to be crazy about, right?

    1. Yes, Harry has definitely built up a fanbase here. His articles are not the most trafficked or the most commented on, but he does get the most positive comments out of anyone.

  8. You had me at “priorities” KMR! Another fantastic post and I agree with everyone that these ladies know how to wear the bling! Camilla and Charles are just too lovely together. I will never forget the pain Diana went through, but it just goes to show how wonderful life can be when you are with your true soulmate.
    And Camilla looks absolutely stunning. She looks airbrushed- but by her awesome makeup job, not the photographer.
    Oh GOD Kate and these jewels!! Let’s all get down on our knees and pray that she won’t have the guts to mess them up and just chooses to wear smaller pieces of that is what she wants. Hell – break out Queen Victoria’s tiny crown if you need to. But don’t tear apart these classics. Go to town with that hideous Burmese Ruby tiara if you want, though. That one is awful. 😉
    She probably won’t even wear any jewels when she is queen. It will all be part of the terribly boring and middle-class “modern” monarchy! Paper crowns for everyone! (Courtesy of Party Pieces.)

    1. Oh man, I’m so hoping she doesn’t alter anything (other than the modern sapphire and burmese ruby tiaras, those she can change since they currently are pretty ugly). She has terrible taste in jewelry.

      LOL at paper crowns from Party Pieces. I could see Kate forgoing the tiaras once Queen. I read that she wanted to wear flowers in her hair instead of a tiara on her wedding day but that she got overruled. I thought at the time, and for a long time after, that that report was BS because she waited 8 years for the chance to wear a tiara. But recently I’ve thought that may have been true. She just does not like big jewelry and seems very uncomfortable wearing a tiara.

        1. Oh yeah – forgot about that horrible aquamarine. The modern sapphire looks like something a six-year-old would win in one of those terrible child beauty pageants. I would almost wish Kate did some remodeling with those, but can we trust her taste?? Maybe she’ll grow into it. Or maybe Camilla will take all three and make one GIANT multicolored tiara! Now that might be fun. Cams and the crown of many colors. 🙂

          1. Those aquamarines are just to big for almost anything – especially the centre stone. I’d have the big one recut into smaller stones – and then do a redesign.

            I love aquamarines and there are actually some lovely aquamarine tiaras out there though the only successful one that has large rectangular stones is a Russian Kokoschnik.

            I’m of the opinion that CP Mary needs a lovely aquamarine tiara since she has quite a lot of jewels with aquamarines – and though I absolutely adore her Ruby-Diamond Tiara, a tiara with aquamarines would be more versatile colour-wise.

      1. I don’t think she’ll forgo the tiaras. The Duchess of Cambridge, when it comes to her turn, she will be a walking, lighted Christmas tree. I think if Carole lives long enough to see her queen, she’ll make sure her daughter at least looks her part.

          1. Carole the Queen Mother, ugh… I am imagining her wearing Queen Victoria’s small diamond tiara and a veil, oh and don’t forget a peacock feather fan.

          2. Carole will be mother of the Queen (like Cecilia Bowes-Lyon, the Countess of Strathmore or Princess Victoria, the Duchess of Kent) but she can NEVER be “The Queen Mother.” That is a specific title made up by Queen Elizabeth when she was widowed and didn’t want to be referred to as the Queen Dowager. To be Queen Dowager, you must be the widow of a King. To be the Queen Mother, you must be a Queen Dowager AND the mother of the current Queen Regnant. Since Carole is NOT royalty, NEVER will be royalty, she can NEVER be referred to as the “Queen Mother”. I am not “shouting” at you over cyberspace, simply being emphatic and putting emphasis on certain words which must be highlighted. 🙂 The tabloid press know nothing about titles and how people get them. They still call the Duchess of Cambridge “Kate Middleton,” which is entirely incorrect. Carole may receive some sort of title by William to mark his coronation but she can NEVER be The Queen Mother.

          3. I know, Seth. I was just joking. I do agree that Wills will probably give the Midds some sort of title, or would that detract from their middle-classness that appeals to him so much?? Who knows.

          4. Good. That would detract from their middle class values but I’m sure King Grandmother would be most appropriate for Carole, don’t you think?

          5. A title along with a decree that everyone must curtsy to her when she is in the presence of William and Kate. Which would be always if he actually did that. I get such an Angelica Huston/wicked step mother in “Ever After” from Carole. She’s got that same look down her nose at you vibe going.

          6. It would be funny but the curtsying part would never happen. Willy doesn’t bow and Katie doesn’t curtsy half the time to the Sovereign, no way anyone would bow/curtsy to “Doors to Manual.” Pippa already received a police escort when going to her book signing, which is totally illegal b/c private citizens aren’t allowed personal police protection under British law.

    1. Yummy! Pass the margaritas and nachos!

      I went to Vallarta market this weekend, biught some sour cream, fresh salsa, carne asada and tortillas. Took them to my parent’s house and made dinner.

  9. Yah – Tiaras! Thanks KMR!
    HM looks great in that Emerald tiara and necklace, beautiful set! I bet that tiara would be heavy though!
    Thanks too for the great photos of Charles and Camilla, I love that grey dress on her and she wears her tiara well.
    As for Kate breaking up tiaras to make something new! Yikes! The thought makes me squeamish! As seen from her attempts at decorating and her jewellery game so far… I’m afraid, very afraid!
    Ah, as for Harry. I did think “ouch” when I saw the photo of him falling so I’m glad to see him on his feet and ok.
    (Thinking of you Rhiannon and hope you didn’t get a fright when you saw that photo)

    1. That tiara does look heavy. It’s got to be noisy, too, with the jewel drops moving around every time you move your head.

      1. That’s a great point KMR, I’ve never thought about the noise! You wouldn’t want to turn your head too quickly while wearing that beauty!

    1. Might be, but I think that is all her real hair. I read somewhere how she cares for it and gets such massive blow-outs. She’s got great hair for someone her age! (Or maybe…)

  10. Charles and Camilla always make me smile. The way they look at each other!

    Poor Harry! I’m sure rhiannon will take care of you! 😉

  11. I’ve just seen the instagram photos of Harry from KP. Harry just keeps on walking the talk!
    I’m sure he’s inspiring alot of those kids on to doing great things with their lives 🙂
    Wow! Harry! Well done!

  12. Camilla’s tiara is gorgeous. I’m curious: it it her favorite or is it the only one she has access to? For a minute I thought it belonged to her family (I recall seeing her wearing it a couple of times before).

    Her hair is styled very nicely with the tiara. Good job to her stylis.
    ‘I can’t watch Harry’s fall. I’ll cry lol glad he is OK and still out there being a royal star 🙂 yay Harry!

    1. Besides the Greville Honeycomb Tiara, she has worn the impressive Delhi Durban Tiara in the past. Both of those tiara belong to Charles if I remember correctly. She has also worn her family tiara, the Cubitt-Shand Tiara. Finally, she has been seen wearing as a necklace the ruby tiara that her ancestor Mrs. Keppel received from her lover Edward VII. That one is very delicate and her hair would probably overpower it if worn as a tiara.

      Camilla in the Delhi Durban Tiara:

      Camilla in the Cubitt-Shand Tiara:

      The Keppel Ruby Tiara:

      1. I thought the Queen inherited all of the Queen Mother’s jewelry in the Sovereign to Sovereign transfer in 2002 when she died and then lent some (most?) but not all of the Queen Mother’s jewelry to Camilla in 2005 when she married in.

          1. I think the Boucheron Honeycomb and the Delhi Durbah tiaras are property of the “sovereign” so yeah, they belong to the queen and she has loaned them to Cams. Technically the queen owned them as soon as the became queen, but of course she let her mom keep and wear whatever she wanted. They pass jewels along this way to avoid inheritance taxes. Charles may have inherited some of the other jewels like broaches and stuff that Cams is wearing from the actual Queen Mother because she does wear a lot of her stuff. Or maybe they are still just keeping it in the family to avoid taxes.

          2. I doubt the QM would have left anything to anyone other than HM due to wanting to avoid taxes. Any jewelry Camilla wears that used to belong to the QM has been loaned to her by HM. Which also means that any jewelry Kate has worn that used to belong to the QM was loaned to her by HM.

          3. KMR, I read in the news article about the Queen Mother’s estate that she did leave some bequests to members of her staff (I think in the form of property). They did have to pay inheritance tax on that.

    1. I have Kate being out and about “officially” 37 days this year, but minus the sports events and Charlotte events that I don’t think count toward her year end engagement numbers she has only been officially “working” 32 days this year. Keep in mind that is the number of days, not the number of engagements. Kate has done multiple engagements on a few of those days, making her total number of engagements 54.


      1. Thanks KMR, yes I was aware that she (sometimes) attends several engagements in one day 🙂 I just find it interesting that with all the PR saying she is going to increase her “workload” this spring, summer, fall (insert season/month/day/hour here) she still does the absolutely bare minimum. I mean really, 32 or 37 days out of 333 is all she can muster?? 54 engagements, when she’s so “keen” about making a difference, when she’s so “caring” and “interested”?? I guess I should have believed her when she said in the engagement interview that she wanted to make the smallest difference. Sorry to vent, just so frustrated with these two and kind of getting frustrated with myself for wasting any of my time on people that I have zero respect for.

      2. 54 engagements. For a 33-year-old woman. God, they’ll probably be reversed when she’s 54 at this rate. I’m not even interested in seeing her do 300 engagements. For love of God, could she try doing 150? Would it be so friggin’ hard for a 33-year-old adult with legs to do that? What about Willy? How many has the second-in-line carried out to date? 200? God Save the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh indeed. I have an awful theory that William hates his father and wants to kill him with overwork, like the 533 engagements he did last year. Then William can become Prince of Wales (and Duke of Cornwall) and abdicate. Sorry KMR, it just frustrates me how much these parasites live in absolute luxury and tranquility, doing virtually nothing for their country, with a staff to see to their every whim, taking trip after trip to warm sunny places, while ordinary people work 70-80 hours a week b/w their actual jobs and then the shopping, the banking, the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, etc. at home, not to mention if they have children. So the Duchess needs a “maternity” break. From doing what?
        Not to mention in an era of austerity, the Lord Chamberlain or whoever decided the best use of their extra funding was to spend £4 million on it making over the largest, most lavish apartment at KP for two people who then take off to Norfolk to their private home for 300 days of the year, while the State Dining Room at Buckingham Palace was closed b/c the roof above it, isn’t structurally sound. Of course why the Queen has to pay for that out of her state funding I don’t know. It’s like demanding President Obama pay for a light bulb at the White House, or Mr. Cameron paying for paint at Downing Street (which I’m sure he’s not). Ugh! Ok, rant over. 🙂

    1. They sure are. I imagine it’s fueled by guilt, hoping that if they give in to his demands now, William will come around in due course. Hmm… not so sure about that plan.The disdain felt for William and Kate by the public is pretty bad news for the Royal Family, particularly when so many are doing it tough in such austere times.

      1. The time for guilt is long past. As if they have anything to feel guilty about. William was a teenager when his mother died. He took a gap year, which was actually useful and worth while, then went to St. Andrews, where the whole “privacy” bit started in very stringent rules laid down by Buckingham Palace, which the press by and large, followed. After graduating with a degree which would only prove useful to give him and his future bride an idea as to where the sunniest resorts were, he went into the military, with some bizarre idea that he would fight on the front lines. Owing to his status as a Royal Prince who is second-in-line, that was always a fantasy, like his fantasies of “saving” his mother. So he trained at various bases in the UK, and undertook secondment to the Royal Navy and Air Force, where he stumbled on the idea of being a search-and-rescue pilot, where he could live out his fantasies of “rescuing” his mother. He spent the next three years doing so, giving him invaluable experience when he ascends the throne by helicopter. Meanwhile his actual role, as a royal, was allowed to languish, with the excuse that there are “enough” full-time royals that he could indulge himself. So aside from a handful of overseas visits, he largely escaped the dread of doing essentially the easiest job in the world. His role as a helicopter pilot ended in 2013. With his grandfather almost 92, his grandmother 87, and his father and stepmother at conventional retirement age, it had been previously announced that William’s royal workload would increase. Evidently Billyboy threw a tantrum about his mum or something, since they then allowed him to become an air ambulance pilot, despite wearing corrective lenses and a permanent petulant smirk on his face that I would not want to see if I needed medical help thank you very much; I would be in enough pain. So now we have a 33-year-old man-child Duke, doing a job for which I can hardly imagine he was best qualified, while his father is exhausted and aged by all the actual royal duties he undertakes and his grandparents are straining to keep up with it, as are his cousins, like the Duke of Kent (who most people I’m sure have never heard of), who suffered a stroke in 2013 but still carried out 206 engagements that year to Wiliam’s 66.

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