Prince Nicolas of Sweden’s christening

Prince Nicolas of Sweden’s christening

Madeleine, Chris, Leonore, Nicolas, Silvia at Prince Nicolas Christening

Prince Nicolas of Sweden, son of Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill, was christened this morning in a televised ceremony at the Drottningholm Palace chapel in Stockholm.

Prince Nicolas crying at Christening

Unlike his sister, Princess Leonore, Nicolas was not at all happy about being baptized nor was he happy about receiving his baby Order of the Seraphim sash from King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Nicolas crying receiving Order at Christening

Of course, Leonore may have been well-behaved at her own baptism, but like at Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia‘s wedding in June Leonore was a little squirmy monkey who kept moving around and lifting her dress up during the ceremony. Eventually Leonore was removed by Princess Estelle.

Leonore on the floor at Prince Nicolas Christenting 2

Leonore looking at alter at Prince Nicolas Christening

Leonore squirming at Prince Nicolas Christening

Nicolas has six godparents: Prince Carl Philip (Madeleine’s brother), Countess Natascha Abensperg und Traun (Chris’ sister), Gustaf Magnuson (Madeleine’s cousin), Henry d’Abo (Chris’ brother-in-law), Catherine von Horn (Madeleine’s friend), and Marco Wajselfisz. BTW, it was pretty cold in Sweden, hence the blanket in the photo below.

Nicolas with godparents at Christening

During the ceremony, Chris, Carl Philip, and Natascha gave readings. Chris and Natascha’s were in English while Carl Philip’s was in Swedish.

Chris gives reading at Prince Nicolas Christening

Prince Carl Philip gives reading at Prince Nicolas Christening

Unlike in other countries (I’m looking at you, Britain), royal baptisms are considered a state occasion in Sweden, hence the public-ness of them.

Canons went off ahead of the ceremony.

Canons at Prince Nicolas Christening

Nicolas was given the title Duke of Ångermanland at a cabinet meeting on June 17. Nicolas now has his own page on the royal family’s website, along with his own monogram.

Prince Nicolas monogram

Madeleine wore Valentinohere are some pieces from the Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection with the same pattern as Maddie’s dress. I really like her outfit here; she looks very pretty.

Madeleine, Chris, and Nicolas at Christening

Crown Princess Victoria wore a custom blue dress from Seraphine Maternity (a brand both Kate Middleton and Princess Madeleine favored during their recent pregnancies) that was quite short when she sat down. And Sofia wore a pretty burgundy Gucci dress and the Sweden family order for the first time. She also wore a pink bow in her hair that was quite juvenile. Other than the bow and Duchess Kate Curls, I quite like her look.

Victoria, Estelle, Daniel, Sofia at Prince Nicolas Christening

Estelle wore a Marie Chantal Jacquard Coat (was $475.00, currently $190.00). Estelle is such a polar opposite to Leonore. Estelle has been well-behaved at these types of events since she was tiny.

Princess Estelle at Prince Nicolas Christening

A few more photos from the ceremony. If you missed the ceremony and wish to view it, you can watch a replay of it here. I don’t know how long the replay will be available.

Prince Nicolas Christening

I adore little Leonore, by the way. She’s so cute and squirmy.

Princess Leonore at Prince Nicolas Christening

Victoria at Prince Nicolas Christening

Sofia and Daniel at Prince Nicolas Christening

Photos: SVT livestream screengrab

47 thoughts on “Prince Nicolas of Sweden’s christening

  1. total miss for me on that bow. what the hell was she thinking? rare miss for sofia.

    that’s a cute baby, so adorable.

    and those little girls look like they are going to have so much fun together as they get old. They’ll probably be raised like sisters.

  2. Oh my, how cute! I kind of like it that Nickolas kicked off and yelled, just like any baby anywhere in the world. And I love Leonor getting squirmy and cousin Estelle taking charge. Love the hat that Victoria is wearing, Madeline looks beautiful, I would like to see a photo showing all of the dress.
    Thanks for posting about this christening , the Swedish royals do family events so well and it’s nice they share them with the world.

    1. I updated the post with some more photos and added one of Maddie from the side leaving the chapel where you can see the dress better.

    2. Beautiful!
      SRF was lovely and include their people.

      The yelling, squirming all part of the natural beauty/innocence of children (even royals).

      Of course, Princess Estelle is a pro at future Monarch in training (well done to CP Victoria/Prince Daniel); Princess Estelle could teach a few marry in and royals a thing; (even better at big cousin/future sister role).

      Thank you KMR!

    3. Yes. So agree!

      This is what royal ‘normal’ should mean (not hiding away with the royal luxury perks and palaces and refusing to serve); instead showing they are human like the rest of us (only Royal- dignified, regal than us commoners…) to earn looking up to.

  3. I love that they share the christenings. People should be able to see this. Leonore just doesn’t like to be contained…lol I think she and Estelle are going to be very close as they grow. Nicholas is going to be just as cute.

    Sofia’s pink hair bow – words fail me. As for CP, whenever I see him in his uniform I think of him as a limo driver. It’s the cap, just looks so limo driver/yacht owner playing captain to me.

    The other ladies all looked lovely. If I get some down time I’ll take a look at the christening footage. Hopefully it will still be there.

    Thank you for the great coverage KMR!

    1. Hi Lisa, if you think Sofia’s bow is bad did you get a look at the godmother’s huge red bow with the 80’s headband??? I snorted coffee through my nose when I saw it 🙂

      1. That’s one thing I don’t like about these fascinator type hats. Some (most) of them are just so ridiculous. Perched on the side of someone’s head, I really wish they’d start wearing real hats again.

        1. I’m glad to.know that I’m not the only one. I want to tell them that Shirley Temple from the 1930s called and she wants her look back.

    2. I can’t wait to see what Leonore is like when she gets older since she is already a little fireball.

      Well that uniform is for the navy, so it makes sense that you get a yacht feel from the hat.

  4. Side note: does anyone else here think Queen Silvia is a spitting image of Babs from My Big Fat Fabulous Life? It’s uncanny to me and now it’s all I see. I keep expecting her to whip out a lovely southern accent. 🙂

  5. Another great SRF post! I love how they include the little ones even when they behave less than perfect, something I fear the BRF would never tolerate. In so many ways they seem to be a rather normal family and enjoy each others company.

    I have to say the part i was most looking forward to was seeing Victoria’s baby bump! I am so excited that she’s expecting again! I loved her outfit today, even more than Maddie’s and Silvia looked lovely as well.

    Not a huge fan of the large bows on Maddie and Sofia but they do seem to be the head wear of choice for the SRF at certain events so I guess I just have to get over it. The one that really got me was the red bow/flower, 80’s headband that one of the godmothers wore, wow that was quite a jolt with my morning coffee.

    1. Agree.

      Love the SRF include the children at these ceremonies (no hiding away at the palaces) even if their attendance is less than or ‘behave like most children…’.

      Bows some headbands were different (not really bad since they seem dignified), more a variety feel.

      1. Agree.

        Also, Chris sister’s was big and bold – very special.

        Rewinding the lovely ceremony, seem daddy Chris lost Prince Nic pacifier and big sis Princess Leonore did not want to give up hers (lol) mum tried taking it at the platform/dias. Only when big cousin Princess Estelle took Leonore to the aids/play area, did they seem to get it from her and hand over to the royal grands/aunts seated behind Princess Maddie.

        Big sis, CP Victoria (after including grandma O’Neil) and Estelle, really serve Maddie well.

        Thanks KMR for the coverage – a busy 2016 ahead ;o)

  6. I love how Estelle ran off to get the pacifier. I was reading the comments on Order of Splendor and they said the one Estelle got was the backup one or something. Anyway by the time she came back Nicolas already got one.

  7. Oy, Victoria. I love you but that dress is way too short – especially in a church! Still, everybody gets one pass.

    Love the color and cut of Sofia’s dress. The hairbow is a big WTF, though.

    As usual, Estelle steals the show for me. She’s turning into such a little lady! Amazing how she effortlessly combines personality and spunk with appropriate behavior at these events. She really was born for this role.

    Nice to see a Swedish post! Congrats to the RF on the baby’s christening!

    1. Her dress was custom, too. So it’s odd that they would have made it so short when it was a custom piece.

  8. How cute. Thank you KMR for the coverage of the Christening. It is lovely seeing the family out for Nicholas who seems to like he can see what is going on apart from when he didn’t like the water. It feels strange having water splashed on you suddenly. My eldest niece was two years old when she and her sister were christened who was less than a month old. My eldest niece squirmed like Lenore and didn’t like the water so my brother had to hold her you should see the photo far from saintly. My youngest niece slept mostly. It is good to see Estelle as you say behaving by sitting still. I suppose it is the difference in personalities and age though Estelle always seems so graceful. I wonder what Victoria and Daniel say to her. Hopefully they will be close. I think its best just to let them wander around at that age as they are learning. I do like the bows on the girls. My nieces wear them at events mostly pink or blue. I think Sofia although dressed well looks a bit fussy with the pink bow. Madeline looks gorgeous and Victoria looks elegant. There will be another christening next year to look forward too. thank you again.

  9. Thanks for the coverage of this, KMR. I like that it is a public event. Who doesn’t love babies?

    I love Maddie’s whole look. The pop of flowers in her hair and how they co-ordinate with the colour at the bottom of her dress. Her dress was interesting and stylish without being over the top.

    I liked Sofia’s dress – both colour and cut, but agree that the bow is just wrong. It looks like an afterthought and doesn’t go with the outfit at all. It’s completely random looking.

  10. Hey look! The mother’s family wore color to the christening instead of bland shades of beige. I think that’s what bugged me the most about Charlotte’s christening (well, after the creepy levels of old-fashionedness). Not only did the beige of Kate and her mother/sister make Charlotte not stand out since they blended in with her, it also just looked so….formal and staid. It’s a christening for a baby, it’s supposed to be a happy event. I don’t associate beige with celebrating a new life, I associate bright colors with that. I’m glad the SRF does too.

    1. Hi Maggie, when I saw these pictures I was so glad it wasn’t “themed” like Charlotte’s christening. Although for Charlotte’s christening it was only the Midds who dressed that way, the Queen looked beautiful in her bright pink coat!

      1. Princess Charlotte’s themed christening was ultra creepy IMO. The royal family of Sweden comes across as a nice mix of tradition, chic and informality with the children.

        Madeleine and Chris make a beautiful couple (not that I am comparing). Princess Madeleine looks lovely, stylish and not bothered by handling two squirmy little ones.

        The SRF are my favorite. Thanks for covering them KMR.

        1. The Swedes make it work. They have the tradition but it’s not stuffy or creepily old fashioned.

  11. Loved this post! Wow, Sweden seriously has a monopoly on the most adorable little Royals. Got a huge kick out of little Prince Nicholas working those lungs. And Leonore is so cute and squirmy. I love how relaxed and kid-friendly the Swedish Royals are. Princess Estelle is the definition of what a little Princess is supposed to be like. I think part of the reason their (non baby/toddler) children are so well behaved and poised is because they are exposed to their people from an early age and are used to attention and cameras. It’s the huge mistake Will and Kate are making. Their kids are going to have a really hard time handling their roles if they continue to grow up in secret, in their gilded cage. I predict major problems with those two and the chance to have the people develop a relationship with their future king is slipping away. No one’s going to stand up and fight for the young English Royals if they don’t have an emotional attachment to them. The Swedish Royal family is very, very smart to make christenings a public event and to include their people. Oh, and is it terrible that I actually like Princess Sofia’s bow? To me, it looks like a fascinator because of the small veil, and I don’t mind it particularly. I’ve seen fascinators that were just awful and ridiculous, so I actually liked this one. She gets a pass from me for having her hair down too, because she has been so good with pulling it back for official charity work. Love the raspberry colored dress as well. Lovely family event, that they graciously shared with their people.

  12. Good looking family! I wonder if Estelle gets her clothing free from Marie Chantal – who is the Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark – but is based out of London. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she’s wearing her clothes.

    1. Marie Chantal’s children’s clothes are cute, well made and quality garments so I’m not surprised that we see Estelle dressed in her clothes often.

  13. I don’t like Sophia’s bow but the dress was on point for me. Beautiful dress but she could have done better for her fascinator. There are so many beautiful pieces out there I can’t help but wonder why she chose it.

  14. well, i dont think sofia bow was that bad, if she could have kept her hair out of her face, but at least i have never seen her hands, running through the hair like duchess kate, otherwise she looks ok! the ceremony is beautiful and interesting, KW christening of charlotte was just a very plain and cold affair nothing to remember!!

  15. The Swedish children are adorable. Estelle is as precious as ever. She has so much personality. I think she’s going to be an awesome big sister. Leonore is a cutie pie. She’s so young still and wants to explore the world. I’m glad that she was able to be a toddler. Nicolas wasn’t having it. I love it. Madde and Chris just went with it. The pics at the palace were just as cute too.

    Vic looked beautiful. Her outfit was a tad short. I’m in the minority, but I didn’t like Maddie look. The colors were beautiful and vibrant. But, she looked like she had scales. But, I give her props for such a bold look. Sofia and that bow and curls and eyeliner. She needs to leave it to Kate.

    Beautiful post, KMR. I love seeing pictures of events like this. The world is filled with a lot of horrible stuff. Seeing pictures like this reminds you that life goes on and it’s quite beautiful too.

  16. Thank you for this post, KMR!!

    I’m becoming such a sugar for the SRF…

    Maddie is beautiful, Chris looks like an incredibly happy family man, and those kids – I’ve got baby fever right now and little Nicolas is not helping me!!! 🙂

    I love the atmosphere of the Swedes, in regards to the children and how obvious it is that they are all loved and comfortable with each other.

  17. Nicolas is the spitting image of his dad. Leonore looks like a combination of both her parents, but I see 100% Chris in their son right now. It’ll be interesting to see who the two take after as they grow older.

    Like the other commenters, the family atmosphere and approachability of the Swedes always impress me. There’s a definite acknowledgment of their privileged positions and public role, but they seem to be a real family with affection for each other rather than putting on a show of “normalcy.”

  18. I re-watched it and was surprised to hear Leonore speak Swedish (when Carl Philip was pouring the water, she cried “more!”). I always assumed she couldn’t talk.

  19. Do you think the Cambridges ever invite the O’Niells over since they all live in London? Maddie and Chris seem so much more sophisticated then Kate and William.

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