New appearances added to Kate Middleton’s schedule, Prince Harry at reception with Queen

New appearances added to Kate Middleton’s schedule, Prince Harry at reception with Queen

I was waiting to do a post about the official photos from Prince Nicolas’ baptism, but the Swedish court has not released them yet. I seem to remember the official photos from Princess Leonore’s baptism and the official photos from Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s wedding were released the next day. Oh well, I guess we’ll keep waiting for those. In the mean time, Kensington Palace decided to fill the void by adding to Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton‘s schedules.

Edit: Just after I posted this article, Princess Madeleine posted a christening photo on her Facebook page. Though the photos have still not been officially released by the Swedish court. They will probably be released tomorrow. /Edit

    On Monday, October 19, William will give a speech on Chinese TV to talk about the illegal wildlife trade.
    On Thursday, October 22, Harry will attend a service at St Paul’s Cathedral marking the 75th anniversary of Explosive Ordnance Disposal.
    On Monday, October 26, William, Harry, and Kate will attend the charities forum hosted by BAFTA and Aardman Animation where they will take part in a model making workshop and attend the premiere of Shaun the Sheep movie (which opened in the US in early August). *This is on top of their previously scheduled Bond premiere. So they will have two premieres in one day.
    On Tuesday, October 27, Kate will visit Chance UK’s early intervention program.
    Also on Tuesday, October 27, Kate will attend the 100 Women in Hedge Funds dinner at the V&A in support of the Art Room (that’s the charity chosen to receive support this year).

In other royal appearances news, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will visit New Zealand and Australia November 4-15.

I’m guessing if Kate and/or William take their rumored Mustique vacation, it will be during the first part of November, most likely when Charles and Camilla are in NZ and OZ.

In other royal trinity news, Prince Harry attended a reception last night (October 12) hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Prince Philip, Princess Anne, the Duke of Gloucester, and Princess Alexandra were also there. The reception was in honor of the Rugby World Cup. and attended by over 400 team members, officials, and volunteers.

Harry, as Honorary President of England 2015, gave a speech. He said in part:

    “As Honorary President of England 2015, it is a privilege to see this Rugby World Cup being enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people around the world. It has been one of the most competitive and entertaining world cups ever. […] It has also grown into the largest tournament to date. We have seen capacity crowds and new Rugby World Cup attendance records. Fan zones have been packed with hundreds of thousands of expectant supporters from every competing nation. And the global broadcast audience has been staggering. […] Over the last 63 years, The Queen has welcomed people to these rooms from all around the world to celebrate their achievements and recognise their dedication and commitment to public causes. This evening, we would like to thank all of you for making England 2015 such a successful and enjoyable tournament for everybody.”


The Queen received a specially-commissioned World Cup Participation Medal from the director of World Rugby, Bernard Lapasset.

The Queen wore a purple dress and an amethyst floral brooch.

Harry wore a blue suit and a Rugby World Cup pin.

Photos: Getty.

57 thoughts on “New appearances added to Kate Middleton’s schedule, Prince Harry at reception with Queen

  1. KMR, where do you get the future engagement information? I went to the Duke & Duchess’ site and found nothing, same with the British Monarchy site. Just curious really.

    Wow, what a massive up tick in the engagements attended by the Duchess this fall. 2 on the 10th, 2 on the 26th and 2 on the 27th! And double wow the majority are galas/premieres and sporting events. Good to see she’s taking a two week break between her double duty on the 10th and another double shift on the 26th, we wouldn’t want the poor thing to get to exhausted by this crushing schedule. I take then that her and William are not attending the State banquet?

    I think the delay in getting out the official pictures is the time needed to Photoshop out the 80’s style red headband/bow thingy one of the godmothers wore 🙂 it was truly horrible!

    1. Twitter.

      Whether they will attend the State Banquet is still up in the air. They have not officially announced who will attend the Banquet.

      1. I think they’re playing with us and keeping W/K in the headlines but if it were me I would be absolutely terrified at the thought if I were Kate. Forget the tiara and bring on the Xanax.

  2. I forgot to add, I’m so glad the Queen hasn’t ordered Harry to shave his beard off. I’ve heard she doesn’t like facial hair but even HM has to admit he looks so handsome with it 🙂

    1. Yeah she got that dislike from her mother. Philip, Charles and Andrew all had beards when they were in the Navy but once they got on shore, the razors came out pretty quickly. Of course there’s a long, proud tradition of beards in the British and English Royal Family. From the more recent George V to his father Edward VII, uncle Alfred and grandfather Prince Albert’s mutton chops to the Van dykes of the James’, beards have been part of the royal pedigree for centuries. Of course I am biased since I don’t shave from November to April (it’s too bloody COLD where I live! 🙂 ).

      1. Thanks for the little history lesson Seth! This might sound stupid but is there a difference between the British Royal Family and the English Royal Family? I thought they were one and the same. By the way, I saw the post about your mom, how is she doing? How are you doing?

        1. Hi Lauri, Anytime but not too often, I don’t want to get the rep around here of being a know-it-all (which I fear I may have anyway). 🙂 When England and Scotland merged in 1707 and became Great Britain (and thus British), the histories merged as well into “British history.” From 1603, James I & VI became King of England and Scotland (and Ireland) and ruled them under what historians call The Union of the Crowns. The King was separately the King of England and Wales, King of Ireland and King of Scotland. This continued until 1707, when the Act of Union came into force So pre-1707, there are technically separate English monarchs and Scottish monarchs even though they were the same person (except during the Interregnum from 1649-1660–ghastly!). My greater focus and interest is on the contemporary British monarchy (post-Queen Victoria) so I may not be completely accurate on everything but it’s the best I remember. KMR might be able to smooth out the wrinkles in the sheets of my British history lesson.

        2. Hi Lauri, My mom’s ok but she’s not feeling as well as she was, she’s very tired and nauseous. We have a doctor’s appointment this morning for a mammogram with the (grim) hope it yields something. The biopsy last week has yet to come back. Thanks for asking, it means a lot! Best, Seth 🙂

          1. Thanks y’all. Well the mammogram was normal, which is good. It did not reveal anything that explains what the cancerous lesions on her liver and lung are about and she’s exhausted and sick to her stomach, which is bad. So it’s a wait for the biopsy and whatever else. And once again, I just want y’all to know how much I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. They mean a lot. 🙂

      2. It’s not true about HM disliking beards. Its just one of those weird ‘facts’ that gathers traction & becomes truth.
        Philip has had a beard on a few occasions during their marriage. Victoria & Dickie Arbiter both confirm HM has no objection. Its personal choice, is all.

        1. Well in an official authorized biography of the Queen Mother, it is mentioned that she dislikes beards and the Queen feels similarly to her mother. She has no issue with beards in the military but on land/in civilian life, she prefers clean-shaven men, especially if they work for her.

          1. I trust Dickie Arbiter – he really knows his stuff. Victoria Arbiter is certain of her sources too. We can agree to disagree:)

          2. Indeed. I know of Dickie Arbiter as well. A more loyal servant to the Crown could not be found; then he wrote a book for profit of his experiences.

          3. Lol. Seriously though, it might really suck not knowing who of the people there with you everyday that you’ve trusted and let your guard down in front of will be next to use your candid moments, thoughts, actions, reactions and emotions as material for their retirement plan one day.

            You can’t even trust your bodyguard and they are there all the time. If not you then the kids. Diana’s former bodyguard is always cashing in on documentaries on William.

          4. Gie, I know after the 1980s, the Queen and Prince Philip began making their staff sign loyalty oaths which are supposedly iron clad. I believe that Arbiter’s book was written with Palace approval. Even so, my original observation of him stands.

    2. Personally, I don’t like the beard but I certainly do like that the Queen is letting him be himself. I hope I didn’t blow my chance to be invited to his and R’s (can’t spell her name:() wedding.

  3. Thanks for the post KMR, great photos of Harry with the Queen and Prince Philip. Harry was a star (as per usual).
    Hey Rhiannon, I’m glad your man is still wearing that beard! Are you ready for Washington DC?

      1. Rhiannon- Try being in upstate NY from November to May. I don’t wear the beard b/c I particularly like them, they keep my face from freezing. We’re expecting a dusting of snow by the end of the weekend and it’s not Halloween yet. Last winter was the last bloody straw for me. I don’t care if I don’t have any money, I’m evacuating somewhere warm for at least a couple days this winter unless Hell comes north, which would be welcomed. 🙂 D.C. will be in the 60s and 70s for the next two weeks. You’ll be ok. 🙂

        1. When Hell comes North, lol! I live in the South and hate the cold. I used to live in Indiana and got out because the winters were brutal.

          1. Where do you live, Ray? Alaska? Canada? Northern Vermont? My sister and brother-in-law live on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and have already had snow. It can be beautiful in the fall here, but the colors have been pretty muted this year.

        2. I’ll see your November to May, Seth, and raise you October to May, with the potential of snow EVERY month of the year, a definite extreme cold snap December/January and another lurking mid March (when farmers are calving out, natch). We’re talking -30 without the windchill. Upstate NY sounds pretty doable to me, plus I hear it’s beautiful in the fall 😉

          1. Canada, Seth. Alberta, to be exact, and only a 2hr drive from the mountains. I’d never live anywhere else, but damn, the weather can be a pill sometimes!

          2. Oh jeez, well you do win on the cold and the length of winter but I’ll call on the lake effect snow. I’m not far from Buffalo, where last November there were eight feet of snow in the Southtowns and three miles to the north in the city, there was three inches. We got virtually nothing here.

          3. It gets really cold here in winter in Auckland too, it can go down as low as 14.7 °C (58.5 °F) in July. It can be so cold you have to put a jersey (jumper) on! Good luck this coming winter as I see it’s predicted to be a cool one this coming winter.

  4. The official pics of Prince Nicolas’ baptism have been released! I think they’re nice! Especially love the fact that you can see his face in them and they did the traditional types: one family pic, one with grandparents, one with siblings, and one with the godparents.

  5. I love to see HM and Harry. They have such a playful and sweet bond. He balances that out with respect and reverence. I love the beard. It will be weird when he takes it off.

    We all know what’s coming next for Will and Kate. I remember getting so excited by the prospect of an engagement from her. Now I am so unexciting and indifferent. I keep hoping that she will change. I give up for now. So, cue the grinning, closed body language, and “concerned” faces. Oh, and the comparisons of how G &C are super babies. Let me see real work and a substantive speech and I’ll be a convert.

    The christening pics were cute. I need to see one of Estelle and her cousins. That would be amazing.

    Great post, KMR.

  6. I couldn’t care less about Kate these days. Honestly I’d like to see her crawl under a rock and stay there. She just doesn’t have what it takes to do this duchess thing. Now Harry is another matter — he’s perfect as a prince of the realm! Luff him.

    1. I agree. She is completely wasting the incredible platform she’s been given. I think she’s pathologically narcissistic and has been so spoiled her entire life that she has no concept of hard work (or work at all, for that matter) or duty. I genuinely believe that she feels overworked and persecuted and hides in her mansions because she knows she is massively unfit for her role and it causes her extreme anxiety. She doesn’t have the poise or social skills to be a public figure and has a history of flashing and inappropriate behavior. I do actually think that there is some truth to the marriage woes stories in the tabloids and would venture to guess that there are major problems brewing with Will and Kate. I think the whole PDA thing at the rugby match was them putting on a show. They seemed fake to me and the only couples that act like that are couples who have something to prove. At this point, Kate either needs to buckle down and start working more than a few hours a month or she needs to withdraw from public life and give up the perks that go with being a working Royal. I think the same of William and think he should abdicate from his place in line and remove himself from the succession. In that case, he would have to support his family with an actual job and they could live the lives of aristocratic and wealthy country people. I am sick of both of them and the fawning in the press when they make the smallest effort or simply show up to events.

      1. He does have a substantial inheritance from Diana (around £10 million) and received a£7 million inheritance from the Queen Mother as well as an unknown but “substantial sum” annually from Prince Charles. He could buy two or three bolt holes in the country and never have to lift a finger again.

        1. William may not have that much to live on if the stories about William subsidizing Buckleberry Manor for the Middletons is true?

          1. We don’t know how much William may have contributed. The Middletons are quite wealthly in their own right and actually have been for many, many decades. They are not really “middle class” at all. Michael Middleton’s great-great-grandfather Francis Upton was a Leeds textile owner who according to the “Daily Telegraph” a few weeks before the Royal Wedding, left a complicated series of trust funds to his descendants of family property holdings, properties across Leeds and a stake in a shopping centre as well as other investments. Kate’s paternal grandfather Peter inherited the equivalent of almost £500,000 in 1951, which was only a piece of the family inheritance.
            They paid cash for a flat in Chelsea for Pippa in 2002 that is worth over £1 million today. And they vacationed in £20,000 villas on Mustique for years before William was ever in the picture.
            Even if William bought the Bucklebury Manor outright for the Midds, he would still have about £15 million left over. He has the apartment in Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall, neither of which he paid a penny for and the use of Birkhall at Balmoral when he’s in Scotland. Given that my net worth is less than £12,000 and I’m only four years younger than William (and I had to EARN every penny of it), my sympathy for any money problems he may believe he has, is about Goose Egg. 🙂

    2. At least Kate wears clothes (most of the time!) that are worth commenting on. Her husband on the other hand might as well be the Duke of Colorless. What personality he has seems to be in telling awkward tired “jokes” usually at his wife’s expense. Prince Harry is another magnitude all together above the Cambridge-Middleton bunch.

    3. +100
      Spot on.

      those counting on a fist State Dinner (after 4 years), her sister may ask to take her place with Will again.

      The SRF and Danes are to look up to /and include the people. Even Princess Sofia is more dignified and true royal family member, not stealing the limelight from her sisters-in-law (CP Victoria, P/Madeline); by waiting to announce their pregnancy.

      Congratulations to Princess Sofia Prince Carl Philip!

  7. More galas and premieres – Happens every autumn to rack up more engagement numbers. The lamebridges continue to be predictable.

    They willnot and cannot attend the formal welcome for the Chinese president, but will meet separately at some random event.
    Nor will they confirm state dinner attendance.

    William and Kate’s diplomatic “skills” are on the same length as mark zuckerberg’s awkward brown nosing. It’ll be interesting.

    When is Harry’s trip?

    1. The palace never announces who will attend State Banquets in advance. And Charles and Camilla are doing the formal welcome.

      What is Mark Zuckerberg’s awkward brown nosing?

  8. “At the dinner, which included Apple’s Tim Cook and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Zuckerberg reportedly asked President Xi whether he would be able to give an honorary Chinese name to the daughter he and wife Priscilla Chan are expecting.”

    Mr. Zuckerberg may be a bit of a brown noser, at least he made an effort to speak another language.

    It’s more than can be said for one precious princeling.
    william’s major diplomatic sit-down to date was a joke…

    1. I don’t see how that’s brown nosing, but okay. Asking a foreign president to give your child an honorary name may seem odd, but Zuckerberg spoke to the president in Mandarin. Those are some pretty impressive skills.

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