Royal Round Up: William, Beatrice, Sophie, Zara, Charlene, Mary

Royal Round Up: William, Beatrice, Sophie, Zara, Charlene, Mary

Royal Round Up on a Tuesday! This one includes a report about Prince William wanting to champion anti-bullying, Princess Beatrice‘s birthday holiday, Sophie, Countess of Wessex and her family as well at Princess Anne and her family at an eventing competition, Princess Charlene at the Red Cross Ball, and Crown Princess Mary at fashion week and the Danish royal family summer photocall.

British Royal Family

There is a report in the Sunday Times that Prince William wishes to “to devote himself to championing the cause of young people who suffer bullying or mental illness” and has “asked his aides to help him establish what he sees as his defining role until he becomes king”. William “believes he should focus on helping young people when he leaves [his air ambulance job] in about two years’ time. He will scale down his emergency work as Prince Charles takes more royal duties from the Queen, with William in the supporting role”. From the Times, William “expressed an interest in helping young people suffering from depression, including victims of cyberbullying and gay people who face discrimination”.

I find this… odd.

1) I find it hypocritical that William wants to champion the anti-bullying thing when he himself was a bully when in school and continues to bully the press now.
2) Isn’t Duchess Kate the one who is “championing” charities focused on young people who face bullying and mental illness? Is William taking that cause over from Kate, and Kate will find something else to do? Or will they work on that together?
3) We have heard SO many times that William and Kate are going to step up their royal roles and royal duties, and then William takes an air ambulance job and Kate has another baby. So I don’t believe William will actually step up his royal role. He took the air ambulance job to get away from that role.
4) Is William not going to start championing young people who suffer from bullying and mental illness for two years? Why announce that he is going to focus on that cause when it won’t happen for two years?
5) I thought William’s big “defining role until he becomes king” cause was wildlife conservation. Did he get bored of that or something?

I could see why William may want to focus on the bullying/mental illness cause. He himself thinks he’s a bullying and cyberbullying victim, and of course he did lose his mother when he was a teenager so he may have suffered from depression himself. So focusing on young people who suffer from bullying and depression makes a bit of sense if that’s the way he’s thinking. But this still seems odd to me. This isn’t an official announcement, though, so who knows what will happen in the future.

Did you ever want to see some behind-the-scenes photos from Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s wedding day? Well then here’s your chance. 14 never-before-seen candid photos from the reception at Buckingham Palace on July 29, 1981 are set to go up for auction next month. You can see lots of them at the Express.

Princess Beatrice turned 27 on Saturday, August 8. Happy Birthday, girl! To celebrate her birthday, Bea jetted off on her, what, 16th holiday this year? I’ve lost count. This time, Bea went to Ibiza where she was seen on board Roman Abramovich‘s ยฃ1.5billion super-yacht with Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, and Disney CEO Bob Iger. Oh, and let’s not forget the Male Waity, Dave Clark. Bea then flew to Sotogrande in Spain to spend her birthday with her parents. According to the DM, Beatrice moved to NYC three weeks ago to start a new job at a private equity firm. Okay.

On Saturday, August 8, Sophie, Countess of Wessex attended Day 2 of the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park in Stroud, England. Sophie brought out her husband, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and both kids, Lady Louise and James, Viscount Severn. The family watched the eventing competitions and James played on an inflatable slide which looks like a lot of fun. Edward and Louise are very matchy matchy in their polo shirts, slacks, and baseball caps. I love that now that the kids are getting older Sophie and Edward bring them out more. It’s great to see the whole Wessex family together.

The Wessex family were not the only royals to attend the Festival of British Eventing this weekend. The Princess Royal’s family did, too. Gatcombe Park is the home of Princess Anne, so she, her kids, and grandkids spent the weekend at the event. Peter Phillips, Autumn Phillips, and their kids, Zara Phillips Tindall, Mike Tindall, and daughter Mia Tindall were all there hanging out. Mia was not thrilled and threw a tantrum on Sunday, August 9. Go here to see photos from the other days.

Princess Charlene

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene stepped out on Saturday, July 25 (the same day as Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo’s civil ceremony in Monaco), for the Monaco Red Cross Ball at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. Charlene wore a bright red Valentino jumpsuit which I like WAY better than the navy Dior gown she wore to this event last year.

I love that Charlene and Albert look so much more connected and happy with each other than they did in previous years. Having the twins really seems to have improved their relationship.

Danish Royal Family

The Danish Royal Family had their annual summer photocall at Grasten Castle on Saturday, July 25. Among those that came out were Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, along with their four children.

By the way, Princess Josephine broke her arm recently in a horse riding accident.

On Friday, August 7, Crown Princess Mary attended Copenhagen Fashion Week and presented the Designers Nest Award to Sara Lundberg.

Photos: Getty

84 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: William, Beatrice, Sophie, Zara, Charlene, Mary

  1. I agree with your comments on Will’s announcement, KMR.

    I’m conflicted about it. One the one hand, it sounds really good. And they are important issues that many organizations are working on, and continuing to highlight these issues are great. On the other cynical hand, it’s easy. Sometimes, I feel like they can be reduced to buzzwords by people/celebrities like Will who want some good PR.

    1. On the one hand, I think mental illness is a worthy cause and one that is close to my heart due to my own experiences, but on the other hand I think this is a cop out for William. You are right that mental illness is a buzz word cause right now – the “in” cause. Also, for William, it is so out of the blue. Kate was the one doing things with organizations supporting young people suffering from mental illness, and now suddenly William is all “I want to do that, too” when he used to be all about wildlife conservation. It just seems so odd to me that he’s seemingly giving up on wildlife conservation to steal one of Kate’s causes.

    2. Wills is always making promises, usually with little follow through. Makes him look good without doing any work.

      I find it VERY interesting that now he’s talking about staying with his ambulance job for only 2 years. What the heck? He must be bored. Or those 2.5 days every 2 weeks are too much work for His Royal Laziness. In fact, announcing another “commitment” in the future sounds like an excuse to justify his abandonment of the heli job. He trained ALL this time just to hang around for a measly 2 years?! And now, suddenly, he must look to his royal duties? Yeah. Sure. Lying, manipulative weasel. He hates his job and he wants out, IMO.

  2. Wait- is he already giving himself an out of the Air ambulance thing? He must really hate it if he’s already thinking of royal duties instead! I find it funny that he’s doing so little work right now that the biggest news is about the potential work he’ll possibly be doing in 2 years…???

    1. It sounds like he is laying the foundation for when he leaves. I say he fades out before a year. I wonder what it is he hates: the work he is doing, being photographed and tracked by the plebeians, or just working in general!

      1. I agree that I don’t think he’ll last a year if he’s already considering what he’ll be doing when he leaves.

        Considering I think William took the air ambulance job because of some deep seeded mommy issue (saving car crash victims because he couldn’t save his mommy), it could be that he is not finding the satisfaction in his job that he thought it would bring him. Or he just really hates working and they are making him work more than he wants to.

        1. When he “worked” in Anglesey, he was protected by the RAF in terms of hiding things from the press and also being shielded from his co workers. Presumably it wasn’t such a great career move to bitch about the future King’s laziness or unprofessionalism. I’m sure a lot of those guys were happy to see the back of him.

          He probably thought the EAAA would be the same. Him, swanning about, nobody saying boo about it (to his face), then its off on holiday. The reality of working a real job is probably an unwelcome surprise. He already knows he can’t stick it, so he’s laying the groundwork for leaving.

          He’ll be “forced” to leave for security reasons, then he’ll have a transitional period to consider thinking about maybe one day,in the future, exploring the idea of working with young people. Or whatever.

          1. The Express already had an article about some phone app that could tell you exactly where William’s helicopter was and how it was a huge security risk, so the planning as already started.

          2. That’s what I was thinking. That he got an easy ride with the RAF and the EAAA is expecting more from him and he wasn’t expecting that, so he’s upset with this job and looking for something else.

            And yes, Lauri, there was a security concern with that app.

        2. I don’t doubt that Will identifies with the issue of bullying. He most likely feels bullied and his is well known to bully others.

    2. It certainly seems like he’s laying the groundwork for when he leaves. It’s so weird that he’s talking to his aides about what he’s going to do after the air ambulance job when he literally has been there for less than a month.

        1. Right! He was just talking a month ago that he wanted to do the air ambulance thing for decades to come, and now he’s leaving in two years and only a month in thinking about what he’s doing next. So odd.

          1. Several biographers believe that Diana suffered from borderline personality disorder. Some of the key diagnoses are:
            1. Disturbed sense of identity. William exhibits this b/c he seems to flit from thing to thing trying to “find” himself: Military, agriculture, royal duties, air ambulance.
            2. Impulsiveness. “I’ll take a course in agriculture. I’ll have another baby. I want to “be” an air ambulance pilot.”
            3. Depression, anger, anxiety. He has exhibited all three of these in the last several years, with Katie, with the public and the press.
            4. Fear of abandonment. It’s why he runs to Bucklebury all the time. Ma Midds can serve him cheese toast and he can watch “Downton Abbey.”
            Any thoughts KMR?

      1. I’m wondering if the Duchess and her Mother have something to do with this. The press seemed to be aching to rile up Kate with images and news of William’s female colleague – no less than an intelligent and accomplished individual – and what threats this could pose to the Cambridges’ marriage. There could have very well been tensions at home over this, which might also explain the rumours about getting baby no. 3 on the way.

      2. It must be exhausting to be part of his staff! I can just imagine all the work that they have put in making this job a reality. The hours and hours that must have been spent in negotiations and figuring out details. And then after all this work (which who knows how many hours and how many people spent time working on getting Will this gig), your boss turns around after a month and wants to do something else!

        1. Not to mention the hours of planning and negotiations that the EAAA had to do to accommodate him. And now he’s thinking of leaving. A huge slap in the face to them.

          1. And I would imagine that other co-workers’ schedules would have been rearranged to accommodate Will’s whims. His actions cause a huge ripple effect on everyone remotely involved.

  3. KMR, that is exactly what I got out of the article….he is laying the groundwork to leave the air ambulance job…the rest is smoke and mirrors!!! Poor Char, she is so beautiful and looks so unhappy!!! Princess Beatrice….I expected nothing less!!!

      1. I wonder if one reason Kate and Bea don’t get along that well is because Kate is jealous of Bea. Bea is a blood royal and Kate has to curtsy to her (unless William is there, then they curtsy to her) and she also gets to take vacation after vacation and is required to do very little, if any, work for the BRF. She has Kate’s dream job – traveling to a lot of places with beaches, shopping and not having to do a lot of work.

        1. Hardly There’s video from Christmas at Sandringham, I think in 2011 or 2012, where Kate was sort of fawning for the cameras while the Queen was struggling with an armful of flowers from well wishers. Eugenie came along and forcibly body checked Kate aside. It’s rather amusing. Try Googling it.

  4. Thank you KMR for the roundup. Happy belated birthday Beatrice. I have to say I am getting a little tired of Dave Clark and his not proposing. Beatrice should propose to him. It was lovely seeing photos of Edward, Sophie and their children Louise and James out and about Louise looks much more comfortable being in the public eye and James looked very happy. It is interesting seeing Mia tindall displaying normal behaviour for a toddler instead of the impeccably well behaved image that is usually preferred. It shows she is human after all. My eldest niece threw a tantrum over candles I guess she does not like them. Mia seemed calmer in Aunty Autumns arms. The Danish Royals are growing up fast. It is good that William is investing in another cause but the mystery continues.

    1. I thought it was cute seeing Mia tantrum out in photos. So human.

      I really am wondering when Bea and Dave will marry. They’ve been together for about a decade. But they started going out so young so it makes sense that they would be together a long time without marriage. But she’s 27 now, so marriage is a possibility. I’m hoping they get married because I want to see what kind of wedding dress she’d go for.

      1. I’ve been wondering if it remains to her financial advantage to stay single – at least while the Queen’s alive. Right now she is the Queen’s granddaughter and that comes with some social advantages — when Charles becomes Kings – she’s the Monarch’s niece – the way Sarah Chatto is now. Mrs. Dave Clark is not quite as interesting.

        1. And you never will unless that relative is Ma Midds. We’ve never even seen George with Pippa, James or Michael. It’s all Ma and Kate with a little William thrown in on occasion.

  5. Great round up, I really look forward to them!

    On the William front. To be quite honest, didn’t we expect him to do something like this. He’s actually worse than Kate. At least she flat out doesn’t do anything. He makes agreements and promises and then backs out on them. All of the trouble EAAA had to go through for him and he’s already looking at leaving.

    Bea – she shares a birthday with my sister, belated Happy Birthday! As for her work exploits, it’s an I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s as if she and William have a private bet going on as to who can do the least amount of work.

    The Wessex family is great. Louise looks so much like her grandmother when she was young and I love that they are bringing James out more.

    Is it wrong of me to love the public meltdown that Mia had? And how they handled it…oh well, get over it and carry on. I think if it had been George, Kate would’ve whisked him away to some place where no one could see him being a regular little guy.

    You should have a romance comeback piece on Albert and Charlene. I love that they have reconnected and think it may have been the stress of conceiving, etc. that had her so down. The whole issue of whether or not Monaco has a royal family hinges on a male heir at this point and I can imagine there was a great deal of pressure on Charlene. Not to mention just the desire she probably had to be a mother. Anyway – I’m so happy to see these two together now!

    And finally, would someone please tell me why Mary is in the center of this group photo? Shouldn’t Fred be there as Crown Prince? I know it was a slightly informal photo call, but really Mary???

    1. I think this angle of the photo shows Mary in the center, while another angle would show the Queen, the Crown Prince and the next line sitting together, you can see them all sitting together on the left of this picture.

    2. Happy belated Birthday to your sister!

      Re William and Beatrice trying to out-lazy each other: I actually wrote a quip about that for the post, then deleted it and wrote something else. It really does seem like they are trying to out do each other in who can keep a job the shortest.

      I loved the photos of Mia’s tantrum.

      I don’t know why they sat the way they sat in the Danish RF group photo. You would think Margrethe would be the center as she is Queen – I think she has been in previous years’ photos. Who knows.

      1. My thought about Queen Margrethe is that she is secure enough in her position that she doesn’t haven’t to always be front and center. The Danish royals (all the Scandinavian royals really) seem much more relaxed and informal than the British. She gives press interviews, something Elizabeth II will never do.

        1. The Scandinavian royals are much more relaxed than the British! The DRf is also a rather large family – the children of the Queen’s sisters are also in this photo-call. Usually, there are also a lot of photos – and Mary is very popular in Denmark.

          The summer photo call is, I believe, a tradition started by the late Queen Ingrid, who resided at Graasten Castle during the summers after she was widowed.She was very much about family (especially since she lost both her mother and her brother, the Cp of Sweden under very tragic circumstances).

          The DRF also do photo calls and press conferences at their French Chateau de Caix. The press conferences QMII does are live and there are no restrictions about what can be asked! She’s actually quite good at deflecting potentially problematic questions and she’s a good sport about the really stupid ones.

          I’m less familiar with the Swedish and the Norwegian RFs but I think that it is safe to say that no other European RF matches the BRF in formality and adherence to protocol.

          1. Completely agree with Rhiannon on that ArtHistorian! It’s wonderful to have someone who’s an expert on other royal families, so we can get a different perspective and compare it to the British.

  6. Well, I’m not going to get too excited about William championing those suffering from bullying or mental illness, as the Times says it’s only an “interest” and William seems to lose “interest” in things pretty fast. He and Kate sort of remind me of magpies, total focus until something shinny crosses their path then they’re off following that.

    I really don’t have words to express my disappointment in Beatrice and those that are encouraging her frivolous pursuits. KMR, I believe this latest jaunt is her 17th vacation since she quit Sony in December. I really feel for the Queen, the younger royals must be such a disappoint to her given her sense of duty and service.

    I wonder why Joachim, Marie and their kids missed the photo call this year? Troubles within the family maybe? KMR, have you heard any reason why they didn’t attend?

    Albert and Charlene look so happy together, but this red jumpsuit isn’t my favorite outfit that Char’s ever worn ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad she didn’t make it to Italy for the second wedding I was so looking forward to her outfit. Did anyone see pictures of her at the civil ceremony in Monaco? I don’t recall seeing her in the group shot.

    1. Yikes, 17 holidays in 8 months. That must get so boring, right? I would be bored out of my mind lounging around that much. What does she do all day?

      And you’re totally right. The Queen must be so disappointed with the younger generation.

      Re who attends the Danish RF summer photocall: I looked up past photocalls and it’s always a rotating number of people who attend. Always the Queen and Henrik, and Fred and Mary, and then sometimes it’s Joachim and Marie, other times the Queen’s sisters or their children. I don’t think there is any other reason why Joachim and Marie didn’t attend this year’s photocall other than they probably weren’t staying at the palace at the time.

      Charlene did not attend the civil ceremony.

        1. I would love it if it were going to Paris, Rome, London, and going to museums and historical sites. But Bea is lounging on beaches and yachts, which seems boring to me. But that’s just me. I like history.

          1. We can do that too, KMR. When I marry Harry, we will have a girl’s cruise. We can cruise from London all the way to the Amalfi Coast. There are a bunch of museums along the way. Or, we can do beach, then culture, then skiing, then hiking. Your choice. We’ve got 17 vacations!

          2. I think I am the same. I can sit on the beach but I have to go in the water too. I would much prefer visiting the historical sites and museums. Didn’t Beatrice study the History of Ideas or something? Surely she would want to visit actual places rather than just sit around. All Beatrice does is shop, vacation and attend vip events.

          3. Okay, who’s putting this trip together because that’s my idea of a great vacation. Keep the sand and the beaches, give me a great city with history and museums and I’m there!

      1. I don’t think the Queen is disappointed at all in her privileged Grandchildren. When she was that age (before her father passed) SHE was living in Malta and touring the world – she was enjoying herself in Africa when her father passed.

        I think the Queen’s “dedication to service” is more towards longevity, then to what she actually does in a given year – she takes 4 months vacation time and when she is working – it is only 3-4 days of the week. I think these kids get their work ethic FROM their grandmother. No one is ever going to say “those hard working Mountbatten-Windsors”.

        1. Hi Lady, I have to disagree, the Queen is and has been well known for her duty and service to her country. In 2010 she performed 444 engagements, in 2011 370, in 2012 425 and in 2013 341. Of course she is starting to slow down a bit but my god she’s almost 90!

          She was living in Malta because that was were her husband was stationed while he was in the Navy. She was in Africa on behalf of the King when he passed. And yes, she is away from London during the summer and winter but she still reads her red box daily, handling all the correspondence involved, her PM visits Balmoral to go over state affairs. She is now only working 3-4 days a week because of her age, also many of her days involve morning engagements, afternoon meetings and then another event in the evening.

        2. The Queen still did official duties even though they lived in Malta. And she was on an official trip to Africa on behalf of the King when her father died. She wasn’t just lounging about.

      2. I feel bad for Princess Beatrice though, b/c she’s doing something which titled royalty in Britain have done historically, which is trying to find something useful to do besides royal duties, like Willy does. Unlike Willy, who is senior enough in succession that I have no sympathy for him, Beatrice and Eugiene have to have “normal” lives, with jobs, while carrying around the title and style “Your Royal Highness.” Prince Richard, Prince Edward, and Princess Alexandra didn’t have to forget about being royal and go work at the butcher shop, they represented their cousin in official engagements at home and abroad (and still do). But now William’s cousins are even being deprived of their birthright and being illegally called “Lady” and “Viscount,” when by LP, they are a Princess and Prince.

  7. AGGHHHH!!! Will and Kate AND their crack team of advisors are ridiculous! It is shocking and shameful that they consistently do NOTHING with the incredible platform that they have been given. Not earned in any way, but given.
    Not that bullying and childhood depression are not worthy causes, but YES, KMR, that was supposed to be Kate’s focus (ha ha ha). Not that she does anything for those causes. Maybe if there was an anti-bullying tennis match or yacht race she’d be all over it.

    It is so infuriating because of the amazing examples that Will has had all of his life of royals using their platform to make a real difference. Diana did not take on easy causes. AIDS was a very risky cause to take on in the 1980s. Land mines? C’mon! She had guts and felt called. And still managed to raise two children.
    Charles has done similar work with his Prince’s Trust. He is making a lasting difference. Organic farming?? That’s silly! Chuck is a crackpot, right? Or maybe prescient.

    Gosh, maybe I will pretend to do something for kids who are bullied because I see how the press looks sad when I bully them. Children who are depressed could use some support. Maybe I will make another video message between my vacations. Will that help? I hope so because that’s probably all I can manage. But my team will keep leaking to the press that I am supporting you!!

    Ok, on to something fun! REAL HAPPY FAMILIES! Love the Wessexes and Zara’s family. I AM surprised that everyone seemed to be wearing modern clothes. How is that possible? Lady Louise is becoming quite the young lady. Love seeing her poise and sense of natural fun. Clearly Sophie and Edward have done a good job as parents. I want to go down that slide with James!
    I also loved Mia’s temper tantrum. It was well-handled by Zara and her whole family. Feeling blue? Maybe Aunt Autumn or Uncle Peter can cheer you up. I love that they all feel comfortable with each other’s children. Again, like normal families. Mia is not constantly within arms reach of her clinging mother or grim-faced granny like poor George.
    Ok, I will stop now. Getting chocolate.

    1. Lol an anti-bullying yacht race with Ben Ainslie, then Kate would be there with bells on and would be happy to spend hours at the event.

      It really is a shame that William didn’t learn anything from his father. Charles really was well ahead of his time when he was talking about organic farming and environmentalism in the 70s. And he took his military severance and started his own charity and grew it into a huge charitable force. Charles has done so much and William hasn’t learned anything from him.

      I want to go down that slide, too! It looks like so much fun.

      Also, I want chocolate now, too.

      1. I had some Godiva for you both just now.

        The Prince’s Trust will truly be Charles’ legacy. I do not see anyone, outside of Harry, who can carry that mantle.

        Btw, I would love a picture of Anne holding her grandkids.

        1. Mmm, Godiva.

          I’ve never seen Anne hold her grandkids. It would be nice to see. I’d also love a pic of Charles holding Charlotte. But then I’d like to see William holding Charlotte, too.

          I could see Harry taking over the Prince’s Trust, but not William. William doesn’t seem interested in anything of Charles’, but Harry has shown interest in gardening with his Chelsea Flower Show entries. I think Harry will carry Charles’ legacy more than William.

          1. Good call about Harry! And the Godiva!
            It would help Anne’s hard ass image to be seen holding the grandchildren, but that’s clearly not her thing. But you have to think that she was a good mom because her kids seem so happy and good, hands-on parents.
            As for Will and Charlotte, maybe when Kate has baby number 3 he can bring her to the hospital. Why do I feel like we will see pictures of Scarole with Charlotte before we see one of her own father holding her?
            Had to “make do” with new Oreo thins. Ooooohhhhhh sooooooo goooood! ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. I think we’ve never seen Charles with his grandchildren because Kate and William have always tried so hard to limit pictures/exposure of their kids. And it would be weird not to have Cambridge family pictures released, so then they can’t release those and also a picture of Charles with the kids because that would be too many pictures lol.

          3. @Maggie:

            W&K do want to limit the number of pics of their kids, but my counterargument to that would be that W&K have released sets of photos were all the photos look almost exactly the same. Why not do one less same-looking photo in order to include a photo of the kids with grandpa?

  8. Another great roundup, KMR! I so enjoy seeing all of the new posts.

    William – I won’t believe anything that he does until he actually does it. He is known for quitting. The only thing he actually finished was his university degree and I seriously doubt it now in retrospect.

    Bea – well, I tried to defend her, but it’s hard. I will always hold a special affinity for her and Eugenie because of the way their parents are treated. But now she is playing right into that. It would be interesting to see how Eugenie stacks up with her vacations.

    The Wessex family – note to Kate: you don’t have to wear nautical attire and skin tight jeans to look regal and classy. Also, your kids don’t have to wear cashmere and slicked down hair to show their status. It was nice to see them sitting on the ground and enjoying themselves. It was also nice to see James without shoes on the inflatable. We will never see Georgie like that.

    Charlene – her dress or jumpsuit was perfection. This is a way to look classy. The tailoring and styling are perfection. She didn’t have to wear a lot of jewels to add to the dress. In my opinion, her perfect posture was the best accessory. I also like to see pics of her leaning in to Albert. It’s a glimpse of intimacy between them.

    The Danes – I, too, am incredulous why Mary is in the center. But, all in all, it’s a cute picture. I always like to see Daisy’s smiling face. I can honestly say that I am neutral toward Joachim, but it would have been nice to see Marie.

    Mia Tindall – omg. I love every picture of her, especially the tantrums. You never know what will set a toddler off. I personally loved the toddler years. I viewed a tantrum as they are frustrated and cannot communicate what they want. My daughter threw one that was like having Patti LaBelle, Christina Aguilera, and Mike Tyson in one body. I just think that Mia is the cutest and would love to much on those legs of hers.

    Charles & Diana wedding pics – they made me wistful. There was so much hope, promise and fairy tale that was conveyed on that day. We all know how it turned out, which makes it a little sad. It also makes me miss her that much more. They were truly a beautiful couple.

    1. Hi Rhiannon,
      How goes the Harry Hunting?? I’m just waiting for the call and I’ll have your new wardrobe ready to go ๐Ÿ™‚ I also feel bad for Bea and Eugenie but really their parents have brought all the negative press on themselves, except for the bashing of Fergie for her weight. And now it seems that Bea is following in their footsteps and no one is stepping forward to help her out. Apparently courtiers suggested a “Beatrice Makeover” but the Duke was having none of it. Like Kate, she has such an incredible platform to help others and highlight causes but is too self involved to be bothered.

      I too loved the pictures of C&D’s wedding! The Picture Gallery is just stunning and much larger than I thought.

      1. Didn’t Andrew pay for a stylist to help Bea and Eugenie a couple or three years ago? (Maybe longer??) I remember how they were beginning to look really pulled together at one point. I wonder if just thinks he solved the problem or if it was just throwing good money away? Interesting that they’d want to do a makeover on Bea. I would think Andrew would jump at the chance if it would give Bea a leg up in the family and possibly lead to her being used in a more official capacity.

    2. My sentiments, exactly, Rhiannon, concerning little Mia and many of your other observations.

      I just loved the photos of Mia in tantrum mode. What a darling and typical little tot. I loved how there was not a bit of “OMG” in regard to her little outbursts by her family. Just the realization that toddlers will be toddlers. I also think it’s a precious stage of life.

      The photos of Charles and Diana’s wedding made me so sad. That was a promised fairy tale to all and look how it fell apart and how many people were hurt. Makes me miss Princess Diana even more.

      Loved Charlene in her gorgeous red jumpsuit, too. Loved to see her and Albert so close and in love as those photos suggest. She is sheer perfection when it comes to style. I’m always eager to see what she’ll wear. She doesn’t disappoint.

      William and his ambulance job? I’m also wondering if this is all a security issue, which would be sad, since he really does seem to like the work. Or, he did.

      As for him stealing Kate’s thunder on bullying and depression, well, isn’t that par for the course? She acquiesces to him on everything, it seems to me. Or, let’s hope she will work with him on such causes that are dear to both their hearts. Hope this is not all hype, but something of true promise.

      The Danes are one happy family. Good for them.

      Loved seeing Edward, Sophie and their children together. I thought Sophie, as usual, looked fantastic. She really rocks!

      Beatrice? Hope her birthday was a happy time. I’m afraid, though, I am not too taken with either of Andrew and Fergie’s girls. Maybe, Eugenie does more of substance. Bea doesn’t seem to do so. As for what her wedding dress might be like, KMR, that’s something to ponder!

      Nice roundup. Thank you, KMR.

  9. Why not just stick to the wildlife thing? Or is he giving that up? Mental illness is his wife’s advocacy, why steal her charity?

    I was about to say something about him leaving in two years, then I remembered that maybe his contract is about to run dry. Too bad they didn’t give the job to a more competent flier who can stay for longer.

    1. But he’s not even a pilot- he’s a co-pilot. I thought the idea was that he would earn his way to pilot status. Yeah. Sure. He’s one lazy, shifty bugger.

  10. Great round-up, KMR.
    Where to begin?
    William already leaving the air ambulance job — or, two years down the road. No, seriously!
    Very disappointing, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for a moment as to this being a security issue.

    I can see Kate, who was supposedly bullied being into that cause. William and depression? Ok.
    But, to announce this now and have everyone wait for two years? What?

    Beatrice. Happy Belated. But, I am sorry, I am not a fan of this princess. Too lazy and just blah to me.

    Rhiannon, you took the words out of my mouth concerning Sophie’s great attire for a casual event. THe entire family looked happy together and great.

    Loved little Mia and her tantrums. She’s one cute little girl and so real. Good idea using the photos, KMR.

    I also loved seeing Albert and Charlene looking so relaxed and happy together. Charlene looked awesome in the red jumpsuit and her red lipstick. Just beautiful.

    Well, September is just around the corner. Does that mean we will be seeing more of Kate? Place your wagers as to when and where her next event will be. I’m not holding my breath.

    1. OMG, how did I forget to comment on the lost wedding photos of Charles and Di?
      Rhiannon is so right, “so much promise,” and all lost! Diana looked so sweet holding the little flower girl. What an amazing princess she was. An amazing woman. Just incredible. A loss to her family, her country and the world.

    2. I think the security issue was his fail safe, get out of work card. We were all stunned that his security team would have missed such an obvious flaw. I doubt that they did. His PR team leaked that to the press because he was already laying the groundwork for his escape, IMO.

  11. I thought the lost wedding photos looked haunting and fascinating in equal measure. I liked how Diana held the little flower girl and is that Prince Andrew in the background? Where is Charles. Didn’t Prince Andrew used to play with Diana when they were youngsters?
    I think the Wessex’s and Anne’s two children definitely have a more grounding influence. That must sting for William and Harry. I think Eugenie will get married and am interested in the style of dress she would choose.

  12. Do you think there is a possibility that William wants to get involved with the bullying charities because Kate can’t handle them on her own??. She is supposed to be the one who really cares about mental illness, but maybe they are too deep and difficult for her? With William now so interested in them, it will relieve some of the pressure from Kate and they can make appearances together. Or William will just take over and Kate can do even less. Kate seems to be a very anxious person, so this gives her an out.

    1. Apparently doing more than walking and twirling her hair at the same time is difficult for this woman/child. It’s really pathetic.

    2. It’s very much a possibility that Kate can’t handle her charities on her own, seeing how she has interacted in the limited engagements she’s had with them. There is an obvious absence of passion from her that contrasts greatly with her demeanour when in Ben Ainslie’s sailing charity, or being a spectator at Wimbledon.

      William will have to invest his time on Kate’s patronages if they are to save face as a couple. He may be paving the way out for her, while they can still use motherhood as an excuse. William might be too deep into the Middletons by now to realize what a dead weight Kate is around his neck.

    3. Kate seems like a woman my mom knows. She only cares about her hair, her clothes, decorating and redecorating her house, and wandering about town entertaining herself. She is lucky she found a man willing to bankroll her life just like Kate. Her daughters haven’t been so lucky.

      Kate will do the bare minimum royal duties like her husband. Neither or them want the role. However, they can’t let go of the lifestyle. Perhaps looking at what happened to Edward and Wallace Simpson or seeing what has happened to Uncle Eddy and Andy as they’ve moved down the line of succession has made an impression. Or perhaps, as I’ve heard William enjoyed lording his position over Harry, he won’t. That type of personality won’t give up his power and position even if he hates the responsibility that comes with it. Put himself even lower down than Harry is and will be as time marches on by completely stepping out of the line of succession? No way. Prince Charles and the little gray men are going to have to man up and disappoint Billy the Basher by taking his toy crown away. If that day ever comes, perhaps for the first time ever in his life Billy isn’t going to be able to stamp his foot and see everyone back down. Or perhaps, England will just limp through antoher lackluster monarch as it has done in the past.

  13. To be honest, I didn’t read the new articles about William getting into mental health stuff as a sign of him leaving his job quickly. In the past, Kensington Palace has often leaked tidbits along the lines of “William and/or Kate will be doing this work later” whenever the media coverage has gotten especially negative because they haven’t been doing appearances. So I read this new stuff as yet another “don’t worry, they aren’t shirking, they are doing stuff behind the scenes and already have great plans for the future!”. It’s like last summer when it was “leaked” (after a really quiet first half of the year minus the tour) that Kate would be picking up her work schedule in the summer, only to not do that at all. This leak happened right after her absence was starting to really get commented on. So I think this may was also just a way to be like William isn’t avoiding royal duties! But that’s just my interpretation and who knows. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s getting tired of the constant coverage of his new job and every mission he ever flies. I’d be pretty annoyed by that too. Although lol someone might want to tell him that if he does royal duties, then the constant coverage thing is not really going to change ๐Ÿ˜›

    As for Beatrice – I mean, she’s not living on taxpayer money. She doesn’t have security and she isn’t allowed to be a working royal despite wanting to be one. She is a very rich socialite, and is living the life that most rich socialites lead. I don’t really think she has any kind of obligation to work.

  14. Amy @8:16 August 11

    Amen! so spot on

    Agree with KMR, Lauri Ca & most comments. William threesome-carol, insecure snowflake km and the meddletons will be the end of the Monarchy if William remain heir to King Charles.

    William could learn ‘regular’ family if he look inside his own – Aunt Princess Anne Royal family – cousins Zara, Peter as well as uncle Ed the Wessexs family is what royal regular is…. look at your brother Christening, William note how your mom POW Diana, stoop w/baby brother for the other children – especailly Zara to see Prince Harry… that is family. NOT threesome carol, km and the meddletons low class/creepy hangers (could learn what class is from Princess Royale, Wessexs, Zara, Peter and their spouses (lovely Autumn, Mike).

    Give us King Henry (who earn, work and dedicated to the Monarchy!)

  15. I think William wants to work on the same causes as Kate, in order to cut their very busy workload in half.

  16. Billy the Basher is championing anti-bullying? That’s a laugh. Too many stories of him engaging in his own bullying and in negative manipulative behavior against others as a child. Not to mention he sounded like a right royal brat when he didn’t get his way. Then as an adult, some bloggers have found interesting video of him putting down Harry when Harry is having a moment of achievement. Perhaps a bit jealous of little bro stealing the spotlight, which is a competitive, envy thing and ungracious behavior. Sorry William but you make about as good an advocate for anti-bullying as you do an advocate for anti-poaching given your blinkered approach to life.

    And mental health advocate with his mommy issues? Sorry, but I’m past feeling bad for William for losing Diana. William is like the friend you spend hours listening to sympathetically as he vented and complained about his loss and then, you just got tired of hearing about it. So you tried to let him down gently by handing him the card for a good therapist, but instead of booking an appointment, he threw the card in the trash. Now, you just make a face whenever he brings up mommy again. This mental health crusade is just providing another opportunity to talk about mommy. I wish Harry was doing it. He seems a lot more positive and had troubles but seems to have learned and moved on from them while William just seems negative, put upon by his role and in general a Debbie downer.

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