Prince Harry sports ginger beard while saving rhinos in Africa

Prince Harry sports ginger beard while saving rhinos in Africa

Do we need a Prince Harry fix? I think we need a Prince Harry fix. As we know, Harry has been in Africa for the last couple months doing his wildlife conservation thing. Today, August 12, the African Conservation Experience released photos and information about their visit from the Ginger Prince.

Harry visited Khulula Care for Wild last Friday, August 7. ACE released a statement on their website saying:

    “The team at Khulula Care for Wild were in for a huge surprise when HRH Prince Harry joined them last Friday! … Prince Harry spent several hours talking to the team and the volunteers at Khulula, taking a walk around the premises – accompanied by baby rhino Warren! – and experiencing a feeding round. … We are sure that getting to know the charismatic little rhino as well as the team who are doing such dedicated work will fuel Harry’s interest in conservation.”

Khulula Care for Wild, located in South Africa, specializes in rhino conservation: hand-rearing and rehabilitation of orphaned rhino calves. The project is the largest specialist care facility for orphaned rhinos in that country. They currently care for over 20 rhinos ranging in age from 2 months to 2 1/2 years.

Ginger bearded goodness. It’s great to see Harry actually getting involved. I wonder, if Prince William does decide to move his focus to bullying and mental heath, will Harry pick up the slack on the wildlife conservation front? Like, will Harry take over doing the video messages for United for Wildlife from William? It really does seem like Harry is more interested in wildlife conservation than William anyway.

Link: Mirror.

24 thoughts on “Prince Harry sports ginger beard while saving rhinos in Africa

  1. Oh, yes, we all need a Harry fix! Thanks so much.
    As always, PH is a bright and shining light. He walks the walk, does not just talk the talk!
    He looked casual and amazingly hot! Lucky girls to either side, standing next to the handsome prince. The beard is actually quite sexy.

    And, cute rhinos, Getting help from the big guys to protect their lives in a cruel, cruel world.

    Thanks for a nice treat, KMR. More Harry all the time is what we need!

  2. I can’t breathe. Let me drool over these ginger, beardilicious pics before I say anything else.

    All I can say is project Rhiannon and Harry 2016 needs to be put in place.

    1. I thought you might be hyperventilating when I read the title of this article Rhiannon. Breathe sweetie, in and out, in and out.

      Laurie C we are going to need a paper bag over here.

    2. I think someone needs a little personal CPR :):). Rhiannon will Harry be keeping the facial hair after the wedding? I hope so, it’s very sexy on him, rrrrr.

        1. I’m better now. I can wax poetic about this man all day. I’ll get to the fluff in a minute.

          He obviously cares about conservation as he puts in time in the field as well as the appearances. This is what charity work looks like. You could talk to Harry about it and he will actually know what it’s like to run a refuge. Kate, take notice.

          Will and Kate need to be really careful. Harry’s work is relevant and he’s become more and more loved by the public. He works, has a sense of duty and people want him to succeed. At 30, Harry has cemented his legacy with Sentebale, Invictus, and conservation. What has Will and Kate done besides provide the ubiquitous heir and spare?

          Okay. I will admit that I was rendered speechless when I saw the pictures of Harry. He looks rugged, dusty and just allover fine. He is truly getting more handsome as he ages. The eyes, the beard and that naughty smile. I need to hop my tail to SA now. I figured that I have a few weeks before he returns to London. Then an engagement can be announced by the spring with a winter wedding.

          1. I am glad that you have it all worked out Rhiannon, Just let me know when I am needed and I will be there.

            I think that a Winter wedding will be gorgeous. Lauri C and I are going to look after you so well.

  3. Ok, pure speculation, here. What if Will is giving up the cause of conservation because he knows that he can’t compete with Harry? He can however compete/compliment Kate’s “work” and “interest” in bullying and mental illness.

    1. I don’t think he’ll give it up. He created an umbrella organization specifically to steal/claim the work of all the existing wildlife groups who were silly-enough to sign on. He does nothing, they do all the work, and he claims credit. His favorite form of “work”!

    2. I don’t see William as the kind to let Harry shine with wildlife conservation. My guess is he will just ride his brother’s coattails…

  4. Much needed relief from the weirdness that is William and Kate. Wonder if he’ll come home with that beard and how long it will last. Apparently HM doesn’t like them. It’s a shame because he looks so good with it.

  5. After reading yesterday’s post I was wondering if the bullying issue was William’s to begin with and then Kate took it over? Is William stepping to one side so conservation can be Harry’s thing? After all Harry does it so much better.
    But then Harry can travel but William is tied to the UK by being the heir (to the heir) plus he has a difficult wife. And yes, I think Kate is the difficult one in the relationship, not William. IMO Kate and Ma Middleton played on all of William’s insecurities to reel him in and now Kate is throwing her toys out of the playpen and acting out. This is the reason why William has looked so much older than he is over the years he has been with Kate.

  6. Cathy, I agree 100% with everything that you have just said. I also think that Kate is the one who is difficult in the relationship and I think that William must be wondering what the heck has hit him. I think that he thought he was going to get a nice quiet doormat and all of a sudden she grows a spine and turns into a nightmare at hone.

  7. Oh, Harry, Harry, HARRY!
    KMR, you know us well. It looks like it’s unanimous, we all need
    a little Harry.
    Rhiannon, so glad to hear the plans are moving forward,. A winter wedding will be
    Agree that Harry with a beard is amazing. Of course, Harry sans beard is amazing, too.
    His work and all his efforts on behalf of the causes he has taken to his heart is so much like the dedication and hard work his Mum pursued.
    I’m thinking more than ever, Move over William. Let Harry rule.
    As for Cathy’s comments, I think Kate is a difficult spouse, too. I think — as you said — poor William was railroaded by Kate and Ma Meddleton and now he may think it’s too late for change.
    It’s never too late.

  8. A much needed break for Harry from the regularly scheduled children’s reality show “William and Kate.”

    (William and Kate being the child stars of the show. Mike is the affable dad. Carole is the type A mom. Lupo plays himself, the dog. James the creepy uncle and Pippa the over-tanned party girl aunt who tried new things like someone throwing darts at a dart board, but she just never can seem to make anything take off. Charlotte and George having guest appearances as Kate’s animated, live action cabbage patch dolls which she plays with, dresses up and then, puts away until she feels like picking them up again.)

    1. India, I love your reality show idea.
      My advice: Get thee to William Morris Agency or ICM and bring the treatment for this show.
      It would be a hit, I am sure. I’m still laughing, btw. You have a winner on your hands!

      1. LOL. Thanks Jenny.

        I’m sure Pippa’s hilarity inducing attempts at finding success professionally will be supplemented with her animated attempts to find a successful, titled man, and failing miserably at both despite early on being picked as the one to most likely succeed in school.

        Then, James the creepy uncle. We could highlight his naughty cakes and make marshmallow jokes. Photos of him dressed in drag since they reference reality must be a part of the act. Maybe, a George V fetish too or is the full beard just a noveau riche attempt to look older and more sophisticated? Either way, a good writer will have fun creating situations and dialog for James.

        Then, stuff always could be made of the early speculation that James might be gay. We might have to be careful with that subject because people are becoming more sensitive about gay jokes. They could backfire. Maybe the burden of being straight but everyone thinks your gay? Thoughts?

        Hmm…what could we do with Donna Airhead? She must make guest appearances. Of course, she and Carole must be some kind of foils for one another, since Donna is just a younger, blonde, prettier Carole doppelganger. What else?

        (I’m having fun at my desk at lunch on a Friday.)

        1. India, you have made my day. I’m doubled over with laughter. Not easy, with my baby bump!

          When you said “a good writer will have fun creating situations for James,” I wanted to shout. “No, you are the creator of this gem and you have proven you can write. Go for it, please!”

          The Pippa material is stellar, as well!

          Thanks for the laughs! Cannot wait to see the show!

  9. Aww, Harry with a beard! Love the rugged look. I have a thing for beards, I guess. I find men look a lot more interesting with them, manly, strong… something like that. (I just love my hubby with his beard too. Plus it ticks of my mother-in-law and he doesn’t care and has it and grooms it just for me <3 lol)…

    Back to Harry!
    I hope the BRF appreciate the "gem" Harry has turned out to be. It is no longer just sympathy and love for him as Diana's kid with HOPE that he has inherited her charisma and work ethic, it is a reality with him! He is it! I feel he really is THE REAL DEAL 🙂

    I'm sure the Queen is pleased… especially given all his other grandchildren and then Kate…

    I know this Harry fix came in a few days ago, but I'm just happy to read about him before going into Will + Kate's new privacy drama demands. ugh (rolling my eyes yet again)

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