Royal Round Up: Harry’s schedule, following up on that KP letter, and VJ Day

Royal Round Up: Harry’s schedule, following up on that KP letter, and VJ Day

This Royal Round Up includes an update to Prince Harry‘s schedule, some Prince William and Kate Middleton news and follow up on their privacy letter, and other British royals commemorating VJ Day.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Today, August 19, is Crown Princess Mette-Marit‘s 42nd birthday. Happy Birthday, your royal highness!

Prince Harry

Prince Harry Invictus announcement

Kensington Palace announced yesterday that Prince Harry will visit the United States, South Africa, and Lesotho in the fall.

Harry will visit Washington D.C. at the end of October to attend events connected to the 2016 Invictus Games to be held in Orlando, Florida.

From November 26 to December 4 Harry will visit South Africa and Lesotho. Harry is visiting South Africa at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to carry out a program of engagements on behalf of HM Government. His visit to Lesotho is on behalf of his charity Sentebale, where he will officially open their Mamohato Children’s Centre – the newly-built flagship facility to serve all of Sentebale’s work with vulnerable children in Lesotho.

As we know, Harry is currently in southern Africa working on his conservation work. He is due back in mid-September. Once he returns, Harry will work as a volunteer with the Personnel Recovery Unit of London District, where he will assist soldiers with their rehabilitation after being wounded or injured in service.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Firstly, according to the Sunday Times, Prince William and Kate Middleton will attend the State Banquet during the State Visit from China in October. Here’s the article in which this news appears, if you can get past the paywall. If this is true, it will be the third time we will see Kate in a tiara (after her wedding, and that diplomatic reception in 2013). She wore the Cartier Halo for her wedding, and the Lotus Flower for the diplomatic reception. It will be interesting to see which tiara she wears to the banquet. But more interesting for me is whether Kate has the Queen’s family order yet. Diana received hers about 18 months or so after her wedding and Camilla had hers by two years in. Though, Sophie only got hers after a good seven years or so, and Fergie never got one. So I am very interested to see whether Kate has it yet. Of course, they only ever release photos of the Queen, Philip, and foreign guest, so there will not be any good photos of Kate in a tiara. But depending on where she sits, we may see a glimpse of her on the video of the Queen’s speech like with Camilla in March, or perhaps in pap photos in the car on the way in or out as with the diplomatic reception.

kate attending state banquet tweet

Then in November, according to Katie Nicholl, Kate and William will take the kids to Mustique. Because wearing a tiara for a few hours is such a chore that Kate will need a good week-long vacay after that.

Next up: William was spotted at a wedding with Pippa Middleton this past weekend. Kate was supposed to attend, and was first said to have attended. But those reports were wrong as she pulled out at the last minute. Like, so last minute that Kate’s name was still on the seating plan. The Mail is correct that Kate has missed a lot of weddings that William went to alone in the last couple of years. And Kate also missed Mia Tindall’s christening last November. But the Mail is incorrect when they say that Kate went to 0 weddings in the two years after she married. She went to a ton of weddings in the two years after she married. It wasn’t until 2013 that she started missing so many weddings.

In the wake of William and Kate’s, via Kensington Palace, request for privacy, there has been lots of commentary.

First, Richard Palmer at the Express is still upset about KPs letter. He wrote an opinion piece criticizing KP for their demands, bringing up William and Kate’s spending habits and lack of work, and seemingly taking pot shots at certain Kate superfans. Palmer raises some very valid points in his article, but his view can be summed up with these two sentences:

    “Like most royal reporters and photographers, I don’t want to be restricted to portraying the Royal Family completely on their terms, exactly as how they dictate it, ‘allowing’ me to cover just events where they want publicity. To fulfill my responsibilities towards our readers, I want the freedom to portray them in the way that is closest to the truth and that means, just as a biographer would do, writing about all aspects of their life, not just the small amount of time that they are on public duty or show.”


The Daily Beast has an article basically saying that both paparazzi photographers and the British press pack give no you-know-whats about Will and Kate’s letter. The entire article can be summed up with this quote from Jo Piazza:

    “Celebrities, and make no mistake, that is what Will and Kate are, have long tried to shame the photographers into not taking pictures of their kids. It has worked in that large publications no longer publish unauthorized photos. But other outlets do, so the pictures will continue to be taken. It is a question of supply and demand. It is by no means right or moral, but at the end of the day, the demand is there and there is a market for these kinds of pictures.”

[Daily Beast]

It think it’s interesting that William and Kate are playing the “morality” card in the first place. It’s really the only card they have here. It is not illegal to take photographs of children in public places without the parent’s consent. So legally, KP has no leg to stand on. All they have is the morality card. But the problem is, is that morality is not universal. The morality card may work on some people but it will not stop paparazzi taking photos of George nor will it stop magazines and websites from publishing them.

Apparently Jason Knauf gave a quote to the Guardian:

    “The Duke and Duchess simply expect publishers to do the right thing when it comes to protecting their children. They are happy to provide official photos, but it is not part of a deal. We don’t buy into the argument that giving out official photos stops the paparazzi problem. Gentleman’s agreements are a thing of the past. They don’t work when you have overseas publications ready to print anything they like.”

[The Guardian]

Again, morality is not universal. “The right thing” is not the same for everyone. But what interests me the most about this quote from Jason is that he seemingly threatens not to release any photos of George or Charlotte at all. Like, only if the press do what they want will the Cambridges release photos. If not, they will withhold all access to the kids. Because that wouldn’t drive up the bounty on those kid’s head or anything. I understand that Will and Kate think this is a problem, but if they want to stop it they are going about it the wrong way. Pity party letters, threats, lawsuits, and hiding the kids are only going to make the problem worse.

VJ Day

August 15, 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day) and several British royals were out for commemoration services. The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Edward, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, the Duke of Gloucester, and the Duchess of Gloucester all attended a service at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in London.

Japan announced their surrender – and officially ended World War II – on August 15, 1945 with the official signing of the surrender document following at a ceremony in Tokyo Bay on USS Missouri on September 2, 1945.

The Queen wore her light pink suit and hat with the Cullinan V Brooch she last wore to the VE Day commemorations in May.

Sophie repeated an Emilia Wickstead coat she debuted at Ascot in June, a Jane Taylor hat from 2012, and pearl earrings from Heavenly Necklaces.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall commemorated VJ Day at Horse Guards Parade where they attended the Drumhead Service and Charles laid a wreath.

Following the service at Horse Guards, Charles and Camilla attended a Royal British Legion reception in the College Gardens, Westminster Abbey where they met with veterans.

Camilla – in a repeated a mint green dress and hat from Ascot Day 1 in June – danced with Royal Navy Veteran Jim Booth, aged 94.

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan also took part in VJ Day commemorations in Tokyo.

Photos: Sølve Sundsbø/The Royal Court / Invictus video screengrab / Getty

137 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Harry’s schedule, following up on that KP letter, and VJ Day

  1. Lovely photo of Mette-Marit.
    Rhiannon, have you got time to clear your calender for a trip to Washington DC in October?

  2. I love to see the Royal Family with WWII vets. My mom used to work for the VA and she had a special affinity for them. I love to see any and all celebration for them. They are getting older and there are not many around. Kudos to Cam for dancing with the vet. I’m sure it made his day. Sophie was a knockout as normal. HM looked like cake and I mean that in the best way possible. The pink was lovely and the texture of the coat and hat is heavenly.

    Happy Birthday to Mette-Marit!

    I can’t with Will and Kate. The VJ celebration shows that Charles needs his extended family to work. W&K won’t be able to keep up. They can’t now. Can you imagine Kate dancing with Afghan vets? Neither can I.

    I’m a huge believer in those photocalls. It will backfire and quite badly if they withhold photos. The knives are coming out and it isn’t pretty. If they keep this up and withhold pictures it will get worse. I don’t think that they can see the forest through the trees. HM stated this ” We need the press more they need us” and ” I have to be seen to be believed “. This scorched earth policy that they are using is not working. At.all.

    Harry. My dear Harry. He’s bringing value and showing that he’s working. I’m very biased. I do like his work with rehabbed vets. Good work that will yield a positive impact in the eyes of others.

    Wonderful post, KMR!

    1. “I have to be seen to be believed”

      I feel like William never learned this lesson and/or ignored it and believes the opposite or something.

      1. Apparently, the British public should be grateful that William the great disappointment should show up at a handful of galas whenever he feels like it.

        No one can rely on the guy to consistently show up at the BAFTAs. I can’t fathom who will trust him with state papers.

  3. Richard Palmer also confirmed that KP threatened to ban official photographers from official events if they dared photograph Will & Kate at private weddings.

    This is a becoming a total dictator and I am effing furious.

    Also – no photos of G&C? Fine. No affection for them brings the Republic closer & faster so W&K can jack off with their sneering, lazy lives.

    1. I wish that the photographers and journalists would bow to William and Kate’s demands. No photographs, no coverage of any sort. No discussion of those rare charity visits, when they do happen, and no mention of the Middletons in the news. No publication of any official photographs. No fawning over Kate’s wardrobe. Just make it a complete blackout.

      Let’s see how happy William and Kate are after that.

      1. I think its heading that way, tbh.

        Reporters are fed up & increasingly showing it. Criticism of W&K is now rampant in the public comments of newspaper articles.

    2. The thing that William doesn’t seem to get is that people don’t like dictators. Dictators get overthrown with coups. Does Will really want to fight it out with the press? He would get a lot further being nice and establishing professional boundaries that are beneficial to both sides.

      1. I wonder if dealing with William and Kate as King and Consort has anything to do with Harry having a hard time finding a wife? I wouldn’t want to deal with them if I were Harry’s wife. Curtsying to Kate and having William in charge of how much money my family receives every year. No thanks!

        1. I imagine it’s more just that Kate has made the position of wife to a Prince go backwards by a few centuries and that makes other women doubtful of being able to be themselves as Harry’s wife. Kate is the “perfect” royal wife because she’s so anti-Diana – doesn’t ever do or say anything, thus having no risk of doing or saying something controversial. She is perfectly content being a housewife and simply supporting her husband, rather than carving out a role for herself in the royal family. There may be a perception amongst women that marrying Harry would entail the same thing, and that they would not be allowed to do their own thing (and thus risk “outshining” Harry”). I know there’s no way I could marry into the family if I knew that I couldn’t have a personality outside of being a wife/supporter (despite how much I adore Harry!!).
          And then for those who do just want to have a bunch of servants and money and go on endless vacations, why not just marry non-royal heirs? Then there will be no public expectations of work or anything either. Really being a royal wife is the worst of both worlds in many ways (although still a pretty great life anyways!) – all the money of being a rich socialite but not as much freedom (although not as much risk either because you always have a guaranteed future salary).

    3. That’s the thing. Photos and photocalls and outings make the public connect with the children. The royals need that. If they hide the kids the public will not care about them when they get older and will not care to keep them around.

      Same with Will and Kate. If they hide out so much, the public will stop caring about them and when their time comes to take the reins the public will not care about them and won’t want to keep them around. Will and Kate don’t understand this or don’t care.

      1. Hasn’t there been some chatter that the pictures of g&c did not generate major interest.
        Despite having a lower profile, Sweden has consistently released pictures and videos of Estelle, Lenore and Nicolas who are adorable and the photos don’t look like proganda/pr for the royal parents.

        W&K show up, gurn for the cameras and go back to their expensively renovated bunker.

        What do they bring to the table? How do they benefit GB? Are they worth spending 4 million pounds a year? Besides her repetitive fashion and creepy Diana obsession.

        Kate does deserve much of the negative criticism that’s leveled her way. Apparently public affection or lack of doesn’t matter to her.
        However, William seems to be the major problem. They should ship him to Africa because he is never going to change.

  4. Happy Birthday Mette-Marit!! I sometimes forget what a lovely woman she is, her beauty can get hidden in the prairie style dresses she wears but this photo really highlights her wonderful skin and golden hair.

    So glad to hear that Harry will be in the States supporting the Invictus Games! It’ll be great when he finds someone to settle down with and share these awesome experiences with.

    HM, Camilla and Sophie all looked so lovely at their respective VJ Day events. I love the green on Camilla and the pink on the Queen is divine. I love that Camilla danced with that vet!! Only she can make that sort of thing look natural and comfortable, the rest of the ladies would look so stiff and uncomfortable. Go Camilla!!!

  5. Will and Kate will never hold a photocall for several reasons…
    1. Privacy!
    2. They couldn’t handle having to be the total focus of the cameras in their private lives. They behaved like actors at that ridiculous christening. I can’t believe the queen went along with that nonsense.
    3. We’ve learned that their baby photos need to be heavily photoshopped.
    4. They couldn’t give a middleton copyrights to the pictures.

    And they skip the vj commerations. Despicable. Always the bare minimum and less for the lamebridges.

    Then, there is heiry, who continues to shine and act like a senior royal, nay, the heir to the heir should. Professional, charitable, friendly, and a lovely representative of the queen.

    I love that camilla danced with the vet. Love Sophie’s coat. It’s crisp, cool and I have to have it!

      1. kate and carole. I can’t imagine anyone else, who thought it would be a good idea to parade around like Diana 2.0 circa 1950.
        She and William are starting to behave like Charles and Diana did during the war of the waleses.

        Why won’t the queen and Charles put them in their place?

          1. Correct, Maggie. The carriage used for Charlotte was used for Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Not for Prince Charles or Princess Anne.

      2. I’d say Kate, but given that the Queen and Charles/Camilla were attending, I cannot imagine that Kate had carte blanche to plan the event however she wants. I think it’s fairly obvious the Queen does not intervene in her family’s personal lives, but I DO think she would speak up if she had an issue with a public event that she herself would be attending. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the older Windsors didn’t really think of the christening as a throwback to decades ago. Remember that their lives in many ways are also throwbacks to many, many years ago, and it’s possible that this is just the norm for them. Especially the Queen, who was alive when the style of the christening was the actual style haha. I’m sure she knows that this is not how things are done now by most people, but it may not have seemed quite so jarring/odd to her as it does to the rest of us.

        1. What was most odd for many of us was the throwback to William’s baby style via George’s clothing. And I doubt the Queen would even remember what William wore let alone care so she wouldn’t have had the same “Kate’s SWF-ing Diana” thought that we all had.

          Plus, the use of the carriage – Kate probably did that in honor of the Queen and the Queen obviously didn’t mind. She may have even thought it was a nice gesture.

  6. Great roundup!

    Happy Birthday to Mette-Marit. How very lovely she is! A vision in pink!

    Harry continues to impress. All the work he does with such tenacity and spirit for disabled vets is truly inspiring.

    The Queen continues to shine. Her appearances seem non-stop and she appears to do everything with ease. She is amazing. I thought Sophie looked so elegant and loved Camilla’s look, too.
    Her dancing with the vet of WWII was so delightful. As previously said, she is a natural and I am sure she made his day. I don’t think I could imagine Kate dancing with an Afghan vet. That questions made me chuckle!

    So, the threat of no photos allowed anytime is just stupid — I’m referring to K&W. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the media stopped covering as pointed out above. Just ignored them completely. Now, how would that go over?

    I’m still shocked that W may be taking that family holiday too come fall. His colleagues at the air ambulance must resent the heck out of him! How many days off does he need? Especially, when he wants to be considered to be just like everyone else. Earth to W, you are not! Just like anyone else, PW? Check out your digs, the number of servants on staff, the perks and perks and perks that you and your wife and kids receive. Sometimes, I really try to be understanding of him, but often I just think, “Why bother?” He really is not doing much to make people care for him. Harry, on the other hand…. Rhiannon, can’t wait to see photos of you and PH in D.C.

    1. I thought it was really sweet and charming that Camilla danced with the veteran. Since you brought it up, yeah I can’t imagine Kate ever doing that. It’s way too spontaneous for her.

      I doubt William will last too long in his air ambulance job. Not even the two years he’s supposedly staying there. His colleagues will hate him for all the time he takes off. He’s not even a pilot; he’s a co-pilot which is a job they created for him. I can’t imagine his coworkers being thrilled with his special treatment and I doubt his employers will put up with his BS for long.

      1. I keep hearing that William’s job was created for them and I’m honestly curious about this – my understanding is that they acquired a new helicopter and that helicopter happened to be made for two pilots, thus requiring a co-pilot, which William then became. Is it actually that the helicopter was acquired for the sole purpose of allowing William to become a co-pilot, and that before William expressed interest in working for the company, they weren’t going to get this helicopter?

    2. Great Post KMR – thank you.

      Amen ME.

      Secrecy is always the aim of Petulant the Weak and snowflake lack of duties – giving back – and is one of the paps/free press concern/threat by Petulant the Weak, along with reporting on his ambulance ‘job’, vacations, on and on with these lazy ‘regular royal’. It’s mentioned the lazy snowflake had a lift tuck leading to the last wedding (by other sites).

      Time HM POW step in – or the beginning of the end of the Monarchy with Bill the Weak meddleton!

      Give us King Henry!

  7. I love Camilla. Took me awhile, but the past is way passed and everyone was to blame back then. She is just awesome, fun, and up for anything. You can tell she has many interests and is genuinely warm with the people she meets. Interesting people have a healthy sense of curiosity, keeps them from stagnating (ahem, you may get away with it in your 30’s but time stops for no one…) later in life!

  8. William reminds me of the Mickey Mouse character at Disneyland. He’s their ambassador, but has nothing to do with the actual running of Disneyland.

    At least Mickey is not allowed to talk.

  9. I’m surprised you haven’t done a write up on how bizarre it is that Pippa showed up to one of William’s friend’s weddings. She was practically his date. According to DM they stayed the night and lunched together the next day. So bizarre and questionable

    1. The reason I barely even mentioned that Pippa showed up to this wedding is because Pippa is pretty much a professional wedding guest at this point. She goes to almost all the society weddings. The friends of William. Even when Kate and/or William don’t. It is not odd that Pippa would show up to a society wedding.

      1. I wasn’t aware that she was such a regular at these events. That in itself makes her seem even more silly to me, making a career out of one’s affiliations. I find her posing and pauses while being photographed to be so obvious and silly. She really seems to grab as much time as she can. Big sis is definitely more natural in front of the cameras. P has had enough time to get used to it, but she still looks like a gloating elementary school kid having her picture taken.

      2. Love it. Pippa is pretty much a professional wedding guest. What a life!

        For all the Middleton hoopla and the push Carole made to have Kate become Will’s wife, it’s rather sad that her kids — esp. Pippa and James — have not amounted to much professionally. Well, professionally, Kate has not, either.

        In this day and age when people with so much given to them often work so hard to give to others, it would be wonderful to see the Midds doing more for the world. I know Pippa has done some charitable work, but anyone else? Even Ma and Pa could do more.

        1. I strangely feel sorry for Pippa. Pippa comes across a reasonably charitable and nice girl. I am guessing Pippa received the brains of the family. I think beyond the partying of the sisters Pippa and Kate might not be that close. I am surprised Pippa did not get a job working for Kate. Might have outshone Kate.

          1. I get conflicting articles on this. It was said that Kate wanted to hire Pippa as her lady-in-waiting but the courtiers were horrified and firmly said no hence she abolished the LIW job and chose a personal assistant instead. On the other hand, some just say Kate wanted to modernize the monarchy hence no LIW, just PA.

          2. My guess is Kate definitely just wanted to modernize the monarchy and thus got rid of the LIW job. I also don’t think Kate would ever ask Pippa to work FOR her – I’m an only child but I can imagine that that could lead to some weird issues since siblings consider themselves to be on equal footing with each other and so to then work for one would feel not fun. Especially in a situation where Kate just fulfilled a modern fairytale of sorts – I imagine there’s enough risk of (understandable) sibling jealousy without also adding in an employer-employee relationship.

            Plus if Pippa worked for Kate, then between the two of them, one of them would have to be working hard to make it look like Kate was working hard, and then they wouldn’t be able to go on vacation together as much 😛

          3. This reply is actually to Maggie. I think Katie didn’t want a lady-in-waiting position b/c of the necessity of being traditional. In function it is pretty much the same thing as a personal assistant. Being a sibling isn’t really the issue (as far as I’m concerned). Jane Seymour’s sister Elizabeth served as her lady-in-waiting. I think it would be better for Pippa to be a lady-in-waiting to her sister, b/c it would give the Middletons a legitimate excuse to be around the royals so much.

          4. Seth – with all due respect, Jane Seymour’s sister served as her lady in waiting about 4 centuries ago, and thus imo isn’t the best example for why it’s still not an issue. Modern women might have more of an issue with working for their sister than those in the 16th or 17th century would. And if we’re going to go with the Seymour example, Jane’s sister was also nobility, and so still outranked many of the other people in the royal household, whereas in this day and age, Pippa working for Kate would put her at the same level as any of the other people working for the Cambridges, which might be a little weird.
            Or, maybe PIppa just wasn’t interested in the duties of being a lady-in-waiting. Since it’s now the 21st century, she has a little more choice in the matter than Jane Seymour’s sister did 😛

          5. If Pippa became Kate’s LIW or PA, she’d have to actually work and work behind the scenes. Pippa wanted some of that spotlight. That’s probably why she didn’t take the job as Kate’s LIW/PA.

          6. Pip charitable appearance/s is ‘desperation’ – to be in the mags and to snag a ring for carole.

            Below thread on …’no one wanted the ‘royal lifestyle’… it’s more the person the ladies did not want (and Petulant association/connect to on again off w/the meddletons- was a turnoff).

        2. Pippa’s “charity” work revolves around herself.
          Her writing career was DOA and she somehow has to keep herself in the papers.
          Pathetic useless social climbers. Why on earth did William give into them?!

          1. One can only imagine.

            I know William had a big crush on one society girl who turned him down. I hear other society girls grew tired of his personality and walked away too. I guess none of them wanted the royal lifestyle enough to put up with the man they would need to marry for it.

          2. Pippa turns up though. I would say Pippa had the it factor as a Maid of honour at the royal wedding. Pippa is friends with the Duke of Northumberland’s son isn’t she? Her mother must have been pleased that both of daughters were in with right crowd at university. I wonder if Pippa went to Edinburgh deliberately so as to give Kate a chance. I am looking forward to the banquet. Protocol at the state banquets must be a nightmare.

          3. Laura, I don’t know about Pippa being a match for Kate in the looks department. I think Ma Middleton knew who her front girl should be and who to send out after the prince. I really don’t think Pippa would have caught William’s eye at any point. Kate definitely has the prettier face and long, lean body. Pippa is shaped quite strangely

          4. I think Pippa could be just as attractive, if not more than, as Kate. Kate clearly has changed quite a bit in the looks department between when she first met William and now, and if Pippa underwent a similar diet regime, she could probably do the same. I think that in pictures of both of them from the early 2000s, Pippa was the more attractive sister. It’s clear now that Pippa exercises to be in great shape, whereas Kate does so in order to be very, very skinny. They actually both have similar body types (long torso, short legs), but I think it’s fairly obvious they have different diets (Pippa’s strikes me as far healthier). And Pippa wouldn’t have quite so much muscle (which is considered bulky/unattractive on women by many) if she wasn’t training for marathons that involved running 20+ miles, or biking hundreds of miles, etc.).
            I think it’s Pippa’s personality that makes her unsuitable for William – I can’t imagine her putting up with being treated like his doormat for an entire decade. But it’s the same reason I think she would have done far more charity work if she had become the Duchess instead of Kate.
            But really, if the rumors are true that Carole encouraged Kate to take the gap year and switch schools in order to get William, then I’m sure it was really just because of age, and not because she thought Kate was more suited for the “chase” than Pippa was. If Pippa had been older/William’s year, then I’m sure she would have pushed Pippa in that direction (if indeed Carole did push Kate).

          5. Maggie –

            I agree with you that it was most probably about age. Pippa is several years younger than William and the timelines just wouldn’t have matched up.

    2. I read the article by Sarah Vine, as well. I thought her point of view very precient, actually. As a mother of two children, less than 2 years apart, her take on Kate made sense to me.

      I agree with KMR, that it’s less about Pippa showing up “with” W, she’d be there anyway, so no great mystery. Still a bit ew, though. They shouldn’t have gone together. Can you imagine the press, if the tables were turned and it was Kate and Harry stepping out because Wills was bogged down with work (haha) or bronchitis or something. They would be spit turned over the toasty coals of rampant speculation and innuendo! 3 books would be written and the royal family would never be the same! Kate would have to go into hiding ( for real), and Harry would need to relocate to Africa (Rhiannon by his side, championing her man, who we all know was innocent of anything more than giving his SiL an arm in public!) Can you even imagine?? 😉

      1. Ray it has happened a similar thing, though- in 2012 Kate was all over Harry and some papers started telling stories of how close they were, and obviously not in a good sense. Kate seemed more relaxed, fun and excited with Harry than her own husband, the one that usually was right by her side, but for some reason she was more interested in Harry.

        The papers turn Kate’s attention in ‘Harry is flirting with his sister-in-law’ curiously, or not, after this Harry became more and more distant of the golden couple especially of Kate, know he barely acknowledged her or talks to her in events the three of them attend together.

        1. Waity was the instigator on most of these occasions. She was always turning to talk to him, touch him.
          Harry just happens to be a nice and charming person and would respond.

          I thought it was bizarre behavior for her to show up to the Olympic closing ceremony with Harry and without William, who was out in a pub with friends at the time.

          Harry, unfortunately, has become yet another person for waity to step up on because she now has g&c, no more need for ginger.

  10. I appreciate Palmer saying that he wants to portray Will and Kate as they really are and not how they want us to see them. It is about time the media starts showing them for what they are….

    I bet Will doesn’t want his photo taken at weddings because then we discover Kate is not with him. Where is Kate? The last minute not attending the wedding seems very odd to me. Was Pippa originally invited? Or did she go in Kate’s place? Will needs to learn he doesn’t get to pick and choose what is shown about him. That is what free press is.

    I also don’t understand why Will and Kate did not go to the VJ day. It seems like something they should have been required to go to as senior royals. It just makes me think something odd is going on with Kate.

    1. In my opinion, Willnot and Waitnot aren’t senior royals. Senior royals carry out a full schedule of public duties supporting the Queen and representing the U.K. Willnot and Waitnot do next to nothing and think they’re doing too much! The only reason they are possibly considered to be “senior” royals is by Willnot’s position as no. 2 in succession (rarely are numbers so accurate). They reasonably had two periods of grace, the first after their St. Andrews graduation and Willnot’s military service (such as it was). Even though Waitnot had spent eight years in the public eye as Willnot’s no. 1 girlfriend, it is a different thing being a member of the British Royal Family, so they were given a second period once she became H.R.H. In 2012 and early 2013, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it seemed as if they were beginning to step up as royals, since the real “senior” royals, ie. the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, both had health incidents. Instead Waitnot got pregnant and took “maternity” leave. Willnot decided to take an agriculture course, or at least announce it to the public. Instead he did very little. Once Georgie Porgie was born, I thought maybe they’d step it up again, especially after Willnot’s third cousin, the Duke of Kent (who is 79) suffered a stroke. No instead Willy decided to symbolically try to “rescue” his deceased mother by becoming a S&R helicopter pilot (never mind that an 92-year-old Duke of Edinburgh carried out 203 engagements that year and an 87-year-old Queen carried out 394 engagements). I know Waitnot was pregnant that year with Georgie Porgie, so I can excuse her from May onward (though many women I know worked while they were pregnant up to the day of delivery) but what the hell was Willnot’s excuse? That was the end of my giving a damn about them. They aren’t acting like senior royals, so I see no reason to treat them like it.

      1. OH MY! very well put, the work ethic is way below standard from both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Your point regarding the Queen and the Duke re: the total engagements is right on the mark and speaks for itself. The W and Kate, should be ashamed of themselves and now talk of a holiday in November, yes that would be lovely but only after you have been deemed to do some good in the world come on guys!

      2. You are absolutely right. However they are senior royals only bc there is no such thing as ‘part-time royals’ or what ever title they invented for Kate, Will and Harry. (in Harry’s case he could have the work load if he wanted, but for some reason many of his work don’t count – sentebale, WWTW, and other private things. Also least not forget Harry did work and unlike his brother he had little to no special treatment)

        It is not the first time this occurs their wedding was a ‘semi-estate’ accacion – there is NO such thing. It was a term invented so Will would not invite world leaders bc he didn’t felt like it.

        Seth, you are absolutely right when you say they shouldn’t be nor are they putting in the work of a true senior royal – unless of course they remember to use taxpayers money to fund there life style, suddenly they are okay with the use ‘senior royals’.

        If that interview Will gave taught me something is that the most critical choices are completely right: William is a petulant and reluctant prince.

        Is it truly sad when royal watchers know more of their job, or what their job entails, them the future, future King.

      3. They suck up houses, security, and a $4 million allowance like senior royals. If they’re not going to work for the Family Firm, they should support themselves.

  11. I just love that photo of Sophie and Edward – where she is standing aside him, and he in profile; what a lovely unusual shot of them…just thought I’d say…..

    1. It would be wonderful … such a nice family.

      It just dawned on me that there is only approx. 5 years between Victoria and Kate Middleton but the gulf between them in terms of work and achievements is HUGH.

      I know, I know Victoria is the heir and Kate is only the wife of the heir to the heir so naturally there can be no direct comparison but still it’s just shocked me that how much Victoria has done and achieved.

      Go Victoria!!

      PS … really, really hope that they do add to their family. I’m just imaging Estelle as a big sister!!!!

      1. I think Estelle is probably happy at the moment with her parents attention. I think having a sibling to play with would be good for Estelle but in the meantime Estelle has her cousins and is learning to share.

        1. Laura,

          I agree now that P’ess Maddie has moved to London.

          Bf Estelle had two ‘sibs’ – Leonore and recently Nic (the Swede Royals -Princesses are very close family – take note Will the Weak). Estelle was having lots of babysitting/sleepover time with aunt Maddie.

    2. Love her shoes!!!!!!

      Okay, but seriously, what bump? There is not even a small one. Talk about making up an article. Must be a slow time at the DM.

      Victoria always looks so polished and put together. I just wish she would wear her hair differently sometimes. She is such a pretty woman and the bun is so severe 🙁

  12. What bump? I’ll show you a bump!
    Actually, it would be wonderful for Vic, Daniel and Estelle. But, if you can show me the bump, anyone, I’ll say Congrats. As always, Vic looks incredibly lovely.

  13. Watie katie was a uni good time girl and she has extended the idea into her marriage not realizing how serious and deep she is in the firm, well this two wont make it I give them maximum 5 years, ma carole cheese toast wont save them, just look how miserable these two are, I mean turning up with your sister in law oh please!!! is william supposed to drop all his friends, if the midds have np froemds that there problem, william has done enough for this doormat!! he calls a wife!!

  14. I am sorry I am late. Happy Belated birthday to HRH Mette- Marit. I don’t hear much about the Norwegian Royal family except from this lovely blog. However Mette appears to be a good mother and supportive wife to her husband.

    I am impressed with Prince Harry. I am pleased he has and is carrying out his plans representing the Royals and getting involved in his charities. The army life really suited Harry and it seems he is carrying the work ethic into his royal life. Not an easy transition for someone who confessed they get nervous in public.

    I am pleased that the Senior Royals honoured VJ day. A horrific experience for both sides. I only had grandparents fight in Europe and never met my grandfather who fought on Gibraltar because he died just after I was born. So my only memories are through my grand-mothers.

    Camilla dancing with the Veteran was lovely and spontaneous even if it was planned. Sophie looked her elegant self and the Queen well outshone them all in how to do their duty. It is funny to think that in a few days HM will become the longest reigning monarch.

    There are confusing reports about Kate. Some say she studied hard however from the photos of university all I saw was photos of her partying. I guess Kate does not realise that her partying is not applicable now. William had a life before Kate. Even though they are married surely Kate would support William and be friendly to his friends. Chelsy has ironically turned into a smart and serious girl. Better wife material I would have thought.

  15. Harry has been doing newsworthy things. Kensington Palace Instagram posts pictures of random rooftop views from the palace and a picture of a flippin’ parakeet instead. He should have separate PR. Just putting that out there.

    1. Separating their Twitter from Bp and CH was a stupid decision on their part because it only continues to highlight their terrible attitudes towards their role.

      Not just pr, Harry should have his own office separate from the duck and duckess.
      I wouldn’t be surprised, if he officially breaks from them in the next year or two.

      1. Was “duck” and “duckess” intentional? Because if not that’s a hilarious typo. If it was intentional, then congrats Kip because that was funny.

  16. KMR, I don’t think Camilla received the royal order (the personal one from HM) until the Jubilee. It was said that Charles leaned heavily on his mother to have it awarded.

    1. My2Pence- She received the Royal Family Order on October 30, 2007. You’re thinking of her Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, which came on April 9, 2012. The Royal Family Order is more of a personal memento. The Royal Victorian Order is an order of knighthood given for personal service to the Sovereign of the Order. It is lower precedence but of the same stature as the Order of the Garter and Order of the Thistle.

      1. Thank you! I knew she had received one earlier but know which came first. I thought it was one connected to a sash, not the small yellow ribbon/portrait RFO. Was it the RVO that Charles leaned on HM about?

        1. If it was 2012, then yes. Both are marks of esteem but the RVO is definitely much more prestigious in terms of who’s in the inner circle. The Princess Anne received it in 1974 as a mark of her bravery during the violent kidnapping attempt against her (she’s also been the Grand Master of the Order, second only to the Queen, since 2007). Sophie received it in 2010, a year ahead of Andrew and Edward. Notably, Charles himself has not received it. The sash is for Knight and Dame Grand Crosses only and is blue with red-white-red striping. The Royal Victorian Medal is part of the Order but with much lower precedence. Hope this helped! 🙂

          1. Thank you Ray. My family think I’m nuts to know so much detail about the royals. I’m glad I can share it here, though really my knowledge comes from reading a great deal. Some people read trashy romance novels or watch action films to destress and not have to think too much; I study the British royals.

          2. Yes, definitely! It was the RFO two years into the marriage, RVO for 7th anniversary in 2012 (near the Jubilee).

            As past times go, I think royal watching is innocuous.

    1. Previous article says it’s to be privately paid for. It’s nearing winter, why are they building the court now?

  17. I think the idea of the U.K. press totally ignoring the Cambridges is a great idea.Not sure if the foreign press would agree to that, which leads me to believe that they will really be stealth-stalked by the foreign press and perhaps be portrayed in the most unattractive ways as possible.
    Bottom line, W & C are so disappointing, they stand for nothing.

  18. I agree with the idea that the press should ignore Wills and Katie, especially when they do want attention, and especially Ma and Pa Middleton and her siblings. Give them what they think they want and watch the entertainment unfold they get more and more desperate for what they consider “the right’ attention and don’t get it.
    On that note, as a student of history, I’d like to add that the two of them have the arrogance that brings to mind Nicholas and Alexandra, with Scarole playing the role of Rasputin (as in having way too much influence for no good reason). Best not to alienate one’s family, the gentry and the press, kids. Because when you desperately need them, they won’t be there to help.

  19. Im going to play devil’s advocate here and say maybe kate doesnt attend weddings because it overshadows the bride….then again. So many people turned up in support of her wedding to William, she might think about returning the favor, but i really do think she doesnt attend out of respect for the bride. She is the ultimate spotlight stealer right?

    1. Kate does not like being arround females, especially georgeous ones l mean she soo plain geez she wont upstage anyone believe me!!

    2. This could be the reason she didn’t attend that Ralph Lauren dinner? Too much, way too much competition.
      Had to have a bit of a giggle about a Daily Mail article which was included in today’s NZ Herald. It said that Kate was NOT trying to be Diana and that Kate would not be using the “Princess of Wales” title either. It also referred to her as “Catherine of Arrogant”.
      Snark snark

    3. Jenndog, were you reading PEOPLE? Their recent article said the same thing. Kate does not attend weddings because she feels it is the bride and groom’s day. Somehow, I don’t believe that. When has Kate ever not enjoyed being the star of an appearance? Oh, the article also said she is a nursing mum, too. So, she can’t be away for too long from her baby.

      I do think something is amiss, though. There has to be more to her seclusion than new mommyhood.

      1. So if Kate does not go to wedding to not upstage the bride and grum, why did she attend other weddings? Was she trying to upstage that particular couple? That is such a pathetic excuse. When will those people notice Kate does what she wants when she wants if she wants!
        The amount of excuses that magazines and papers and fans have to make to get the lie “Kate is perfect” alive….it is truly disgusting!!!

        1. No, i did not read people…if i had read people i would have discussed that in my comment….i am sure im not the only person to have this reasoning in regards to kates multiple absences…not exactly an original thought im sure. Snowsie, i found your comment to be over the top…almost agressive in nature. What if this is the reason she does not attend? Do you think there is something sinister happening on kates part by not attending? Help me understand why you think im making an excuse for kate? Why would i have a reason to do that? I dont worship her but i am fascinated and a little interested by and about who she is, otherwise, why would i read a blog that had her name in the title?! It just seems natural to me that she would not attend for this reason or a combination of reasons to include this….she stopped attending shortly after several photographers began taking extreme amounts of photos of her at these society weddings…there would be one pic of the bride versus fifty pics of kate in almost every magazine at almost every society wedding…again, she seemed to stop attending shortly after her photographs and what she wore became the focus of magazine and online articles…the bride and the brides dress (Designer) was a side note. Surely im not the only person who recognized that the bride was of secondary focus by the tabloids and public alike. Anyway, im on to the next post. Great post as always KMR

          1. It’s an interesting idea — Kate not wanting to overshadow brides, but I don’t buy it, either. I don’t see Kate as such a “charitable” type of person . Making sure others get their due, while staying in the shadows, herself. No, I think there’s more than that and new mommyhood keeping Kate out of the public eye.

            Something is amiss in the House of Cambridge. It’s sad, I think, but true. Feeling sorry for the children.

          2. jenndog, Let me start by saying: I’m sorry, I never intended to make a comment that came out as rude or sounded like a personal attack to you and your comment.
            You were right it is over the top. Usually I don’t do it, that day I just saw a lot of discussion in tumblr about Kate and endless excuses – for every wrong thing she does. Normally the only blog I frequent is KMR bc it is quite balanced and I feel I can express my opinion without being thrown into a drama fight club – like it does on tumblr, and I took all the built up rage and put it in my comment. So please accept my apologies. 🙂

            On to explaining my comment, I said I was tired of “magazines and papers and fans” making excuses for Kate, bc I didn’t identified you as one of those I assumed you wouldn’t either.

            Kate has attended numerous weddings all eyes from the photographers and pappz were on her. It was always about Kate. All this time even when she was just a girlfriend the publications showed Kate more than the bride and groom.

            Also assuming the groom’s feel bad or are not okay with Kate having the attention of the media might be wrong (even though the press tries really hard to tell us they are just society weddings in truth many of them have jobs and are not living exclusively of old money or being socialites)
            I seriously doubt they give a damn – bc the press only focus on Kate does not mean their guest and friends do the same, maybe they will tell their kids the king and queen were at the wedding maybe they won’t. I doubt the majority of those wedding would make it to magazines anyway or that they read that cr*p.

            Now is different bc those publications are not just in the UK, they can go all the way to the entire world, bc she became the future, future Queen of the UK. BUT that doesn’t change the fact we always saw more of Kate in those wedding than anyone else.

            If we saw this from another perspective we can come to the conclusion it is being more easy for her to attend after she got married: photographers were threatened to be excluded from official royal engagements if they took pics of Kate and Will. []
            There have being instances were she was at a wedding but there isn’t one single photo (her cousin Adam Middleton, Princes Charlotte godfather – I know different ‘type’ of wedding but is a valid point, IMO). [Will did not attend]

            So in the fact she attended 10/15(or more) weddings and the outcome was the same and yet that did not change her behaviour for about two and a half years into her own wedding (31/32years old), what is happening now for her to avoid those things?

            Maybe they are just Will’s friend she does not want to put up with them anymore.
            Maybe she didn’t felt like going.
            Maybe she wants to stop give reasons to folks (like me) who say ‘she can not work but she has time to go on a weekend long wedding?’

            I don’t know the reason but in my opinion is not their kids nor the fact she is going to overshadow the grooms.

            PS: Zoe Warren was at a wedding in Devon on the same weekend than Will and the pic of the grooms she posted is completly different from the Daily Fail one – different as in not the same couple at all. The pic from Will and Pippa could be from anywhere, like KMR said she is a “professional wedding guest” – So IMO Daily Fail fabricated the pics.

          3. Kate has definitely been criticized on blogs and forums for “upstaging the bride” at the weddings she’s attended. It is possible she stopped going because of the press around her.

            I could see that happening, but not necessarily because Kate didn’t want to upstage the bride, but rather because she didn’t want the press.

          4. I disagree with you KMR. Kate would go b/c of the press attention she would get. She’s never seen a camera she didn’t like, especially if she could expose herself.

          5. I, personally, don’t think that’s why she didn’t go. I think there is another reason entirely, and it’s not not wanting to upstage the bride and it’s not not wanting the press attention. If it were, why did she RSVP in the first place? I personally don’t think Kate would care about upstaging the bride since she has done so on many, many occasions both before and after her own wedding. But I could see her not wanting to be photographed one day. Like, she feels like shit and thinks she looks like shit and doesn’t want to put in the effort to get made up, so she bails. That’s what I was meaning when I said I could see her not going because she didn’t want the press.

    4. I always found that excuse interesting. I’m guessing for you to invite the Doolittles to your wedding and for them to actually attend, you’ve been friends long enough. You should know that they get followed by the media, particularly Kate because some people want to see her clothes. Knowing this, you should be prepared to accept the fact that the media want to see them, not you.

      1. I agree with you, J. Those who know the Cambridges well would understand the enormous amount of media coverage and interest that an appearance at their wedding would generate. If they didn’t want that, they would not invite the couple and I am sure that it would be discussed between all prior to the wedding.

        Ah, Kate, excuses, excuses!

        1. Snowsie,

          I left a comment for you a little further down the page. I replied in the wrong spot. Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words, much appreciated!

    5. With this wedding maybe she’s feeding, which I get – it is rude though to say you’ll come and pull out last minute – which mind you throws out the reason that she didn’t want to overshadow the bride – she wouldn’t have said yes in the first place if that was her reasoning.

      She has missed more than just random weddings but special occasions of people that are very important to William – 2 of his closest and childhood friends, (Mia) Zara’s daughter’s christening, despite her being PG godmother. I think she might nit feel the need to make an effort with William close friends and family anymore because her position is secure now.

      Also, about the ‘not stealing someone’s limelight’, Kate might be a big deal to us non-blue bloods and hence the media and paps, cause her fans are interested but the circle that Kate and Pippa tried to break into, and that her parents worked hard to give their children access to, don’t really give a toss about the Middletons – there’s actually been quite a bit of snobbery towards Kate her family, especially in the beginning.

      She wouldn’t be the big deal at one of their weddings the way she would be at say yours or mine, where if even you didn’t make a fuss about her being there your guests might.

      Another good point that was raised is that she has more protection from the photographers and paps (there are less people trying to take her picture) now than before she married William – yet she attended many weddings. Same in the first few years after they got married – and even then there weren’t that many photos of her at these weddings.

      Lastly, if Kate seemingly hijacks ceremonies honouring soldiers that fought and died in Afghanistan why would she suddenly have a conscious about someone else’s wedding?

      She doesn’t come across as that selfless and that thoughtful and that considerate. From her appearances, her charity work (or lack thereof), her interactions with others. She can go to Wimbledon and have lunch with Brad and Angelina but pull the maternity leave card for VE and other such ceremonies. And when she does come study her behaviour – playing with her hair, giggling… etc. She just doesn’t come across as that kind of a thoughtful person would will not come to your wedding to avoid the possibility of being a distraction. She just seems to play by her own rules.

  20. “Catherine of Arrogant”? A play on Catherine of Aragon? I LOVE it, so fitting, though in no way could Kate even measure up to that formidable queen.

    1. From Waity Katie to Lazy Katie to Freebie Katie… she just landed a royal assignment to the Carribean! Holiday in the guise of work.

      1. I just read the DM article; another freebie vacation dressed up as an official trip with sun, sand and water, and will the fur fly when they bring the children and release their pictures overseas that they won’t do for the domestic media.

        1. At least we all know what Kate will wear, when she has clothes on that is…
          Be prepared for another sighting of another stripe shirt, jeggings, the wedges of doom and a navy blue blazer!

      2. Surely the Cambridges’ office would realize how bad it would look PR-wise for their next tour to be located in tropical areas, given how much they are tied to beaches and luxury in the public’s minds. I know the Foreign Office gives recommendations for where to visit, but there are so many options.

        The Middletons (sans Mike it seems) are in St. Bart’s right now – some people seem to think maybe Kate went but is staying out of sight. I really cannot imagine that is the case though – it would be incredibly risky because just one person spotting her would be a PR disaster and I think even the rather oblivious Cambridges know that.

    2. But she can’t attend serious charity opportunities, or other people’s weddings.
      Because everyone, is like, totally obsessed with her. And it’s just not fair to anyone else if she shows up.

      1. Snowsie,

        How cool of you to apologize….takes a big person! Maybe i was being a little over sensative too. Thank you, wow how cool.

    1. Thanks, Snowsie:
      I didn’t see any bump in the photo of Vic in the beautiful dress, but I can see why people may think she could be pregnant by looking at these photos. If she is, God bless. She and Daniel are loving parents and little Estelle is a doll. If she’s not, then, Vic, please pardon everyone for thinking you are. Ugh, I remember a year after my first child was born that I was feeling I was back in shape and someone I used to work with stopped me on the beach and said, “Oh, congrats, when are you due?” More sit-ups were definitely on my agenda after that!

      1. You’re welcome, mary elizabeth 🙂 I personally think Vic is smoking hot in that bikini.

        I’m sorry that happened to you. Once I said that to a woman, she was fuller with a rounded shape and had acne (which can happen, particular in the last semester), but she wasn’t. I felt so bad but lucky for me she had a grocery bag with baby food on it and so I placed my wrong conclusions on the food not on her shape.
        Ever since that day I’ve only wished all the best to people that told me were pregnant!!!

        1. Vic does look amazing, doesn’t she?
          A beautiful woman.
          Thanks for your kind comments, Truly, I am over the pregnancy comment from that woman, but wow, it surely stung at the time.

  21. Any bets on a flurry of royal visits and duties between the state banquet and the midd family vacation in November? Catherine of Arrogant and her loyal lapdogs will remind us how taxing her life is, how busy she is, and how hard she works so that this vacation is truly needed to keep her sane and healthy

    1. Hi, Lauri:

      It certainly seems like Vic could be pregnant. Great news, if true. Such a lovely family will no doubt have enough love for another child. Thanks for the link.

    2. It’s entirely possible, although if I were Victoria and wasn’t pregnant but had people thinking that I was, I’d wear loose clothing just because I’d be feeling a little ashamed of my body (and for me, tight clothing is something I only wear when I’m feeling confident about my body). Not that she should feel at all ashamed, but it’s obviously not the best feeling to hear that people think you’re pregnant when you’re not, in terms of how you feel about your body. Either way, given that she’s struggled with an eating disorder in the past, I hope she’s pregnant just because it’s probably very tough for her if she’s not. And in general, I kind of wish that people would stop ever speculating about whether someone is pregnant based on how their body looks. I know no one here is doing it with bad intentions, but it still promotes very strict societal ideals of what women’s bodies should look like.

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