Royal Round Up: Kate, Harry, William, Camilla, Sophie, Mary, Mathilde

Royal Round Up: Kate, Harry, William, Camilla, Sophie, Mary, Mathilde

Royal Round Up of: Kate Middleton; Prince Harry; Prince William; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Sophie, Countess of Wessex; Queen Margrethe, Crown Princess Mary, Princess Marie; Queen Mathilde. Quick Royal Wedding update: it turns out Queen Maxima WILL attend the wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist.

KP picture tweet

In Kate Middleton news: Kensington Palace will release four photos of Princess Charlotte and Prince George together this evening. The photos were taken by acclaimed technically inept photographer Duchess Kate at Anmer Hall in mid-May. The Kensington Palace Twitter account will post one photo at 9PM BST (4PM EDT), with the other three being released normally at 10PM BST (5PM EDT). 1) Yay George and Charlotte together! 2) God, I hope these pictures are better than the crappy ones Micheal took of George. 3) I hope these pictures are better than the ones Kate took in Borneo. 4) I’m really happy I was wrong and that they are releasing photos before the Christening. 5) I know you guys are sick of Kate, but I’m actually really excited to see the pics – don’t judge me!
[Mirror; Daily Mail]

In other Kate news: Kate was spotted playing with George in Holland Park in London (which is a bit west of KP) on Sunday May 31 – which was apparently rainy and dreary (perfect kid-park-playdate weather?). This Hello article has a bunch of quotes from someone who saw them. The gist is: Kate is just like us, she plays monster with her kid while they wear matching outfits. It’s very sugary. I thought Kate had decamped to Anmer Hall but Hello claims they are now staying in London after spending several weeks at Anmer. Hello says, “It is thought that the family-of-four relocated once Prince William’s paternity leave ended at the beginning of the month.” Which makes no sense seeing as this playdate happened before William went back to work on June 1, and his work is near Anmer so why would the family move back to London when he resumed work? Whatever. I wonder who was taking care of Charlotte while Kate played with George. Nanny Maria, the night nurse, Carole, any other nannies Kate claims not to have? Hm…

Prince Harry's Royal Victorian Order

In Prince Harry news: Harry was appointed as a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order by The Queen on June 4 in a private ceremony in Buckingham Palace. The RVO is awarded personally by the Queen for services to the Sovereign. Prince William does not have an RVO, but he does have an Order of the Garter and Order of the Thistle (both of which outrank the Royal Victorian Order). Kate does not have any orders.

In other Harry news: Harry was photographed seemingly getting cozy with Doctor Who actress Jenna (not Louise) Coleman at the polo aterparty last Sunday. An onlooker described the chat: “It was a very flirty, very tactile encounter. She was leaning in to him and he had his hand on her knee. From their body language, it looked like they were really enjoying each other’s company. They were sitting very close, laughing lots and touching each other.”

For reference, this is Jenna:

Jenna had been dating Game of Thrones and Cinderella star Richard Madden, but now the Mirror is reporting that they broke up a few months ago (because I guess Jenna’s publicist doesn’t want her to look like a cheater). Jenna’s publicist also doesn’t want any “Jenna and Harry are banging” rumors because the “source” added: “They were just two young people on a night out chatting. Jenna was honoured to meet Harry, but the pictures make their chat look a lot more intimate than it was… It was not flirty and the whole conversation has been blown out of proportion.”

I’m kind of “eh” on Jenna as a whole, mainly because I’m not fond of her character anymore. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and Clara Oswald used to be awesome when she was first introduced, but this last season she got stupid and emotional to the point I was hoping she would leave at the end of the season (Jenna was thinking of leaving the show, but then decided to stay, sadly). I hope this next season is better. I like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, though. PS. NEVER abbreviate the “Doctor” part of “Doctor Who”!! “The Doctor” is his name, not a title!!

EDIT: Damn, Jenna’s people are spilling all sorts of crap to the press. Now there is this Mirror article with a “close friend of the Coleman’s” saying WAY too much.

In even more Harry news: Harry was photographed (scroll down on the link) attending Cressida Bonas‘ one-woman play on Wednesday with Guy Pelly and his wife, Lizzy Wilson. Harry entered after the lights went down, then left alone while Cress left with friends.

In even more Harry news: These are photos of Harry and William on the second day of the Audi Polo Challenge, this time playing for Sentebale. The Wales brothers were chatting and Harry threw his arm around Will. The consensus on here is that Harry and Will have drifted apart in recent years, but maybe we’re wrong and they are closer than we thought? Or maybe Harry is just a “tactile and flirty” person, and that extends to his brother, too.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall had another engagement on June 2 after she hosted her Garden Party. Camilla attended the Royal Academy Annual Dinner to celebrate the Summer Exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts. Cam was all dolled up with her white gown, Royal Victorian Order, Royal Family Order, and Cubitt-Shand Tiara. Dame Joan Collins was there, too.

Camilla meets Joan Collins at Royal Acedemy of Arts

Sophie, Countess of Wessex joined Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne for the Women’s Institute Annual Meeting at Royal Albert Hall on June 4. The WI was celebrating their centenary anniversary. The Queen had a bit of trouble cutting the cake and Anne had to come in for the assist. Sophie wore her Emilio Pucci white knot dress she previously wore in the Czech Republic.

That same day, Sophie hosted a Buckingham Palace Garden Party to mark the 100th anniversary of Blind Veterans UK. Sophie wore a powder blue dress and jacket by Emilia Wickstead and a Jane Taylor hat (gorgeous).

On June 5, Sophie attended the Bicentenary Celebrations of The Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Sophie wore a Diane von Furstenberg dress and Joseph jacket.

On June 4, the Danish Royal Family – Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, and Princess Marie – attended the Parliament and Government’s Celebration of The 100th Anniversary of The 1915 Danish Constitution (where women were given the right to vote) at The Tivoli Hotel and Convention Center in Copenhagen. I love Daisy’s blue coat, and Mary’s purple dress is nice.

The next day, on June 5, the Danes celebrated the 100th Anniversary of The 1915 Danish Constitution at Christiansborg Palace. I’m not in love with any of these outfits.

On June 2, Queen Mathilde attended the award ceremony for the laureates of the Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition 2015 at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Waterloo.

On June 3, Queen Mathilde and King Philippe attended the award ceremony of the King Baudouin foundation for development in Africa at the Royal Palace, in Brussels. I LOVE the pink flower print dress. I think this is my favorite dress Mathilde has ever worn.

Photos: Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Getty / Clarence House @ClarenceHouse

45 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Kate, Harry, William, Camilla, Sophie, Mary, Mathilde

  1. Words in daily mail cracked me up ” fiercely protective”. I think “normal” people post more pictures on their social media pages. If the BRF is reading the comments since the Cams seem to do everything which is being commented here.
    Harry, please end up with a woman who is independent and has a life other than shopping.
    Camilla, good job. You are really living upto your titles.
    The royal ladies pictures, nice to see princess anne smile/laugh for a change. It makes a precious picture with all three being in the moment instead of guarding their emotions with straight faces all the time.
    Other royal ladies, it’s fun to watch you.
    KMR, thank you for the post! Happy weekend!

    1. “Normal” people post a shit ton of baby photos on Facebook. To the point of annoying everyone. Seriously, it’s like from the moment of conception parents on Facebook are telling everyone about their offspring and sharing all sort of details and photos. Why people think other people care about their sonogram is beyond me. Family members, I can understand. But all of your Facebook friends? No. Sorry to anyone on here who posts sonogram photos on Facebook. I don’t want to offend any of the moms on here. Anyway, back to Will and Kate, yeah them not releasing many photos is not “normal”.

      Sophie, Anne, and the Queen were adorable together at the meeting. You can tell they all have a good relationship with each other.

      Thank you and enjoy your weekend, Michelle!

      1. LOL, KMR. I’m in your camp. My coworker’s pregnant and I’m not asking to see all the photos. I’m looking foward to seeing the actual baby. πŸ™‚

    1. This struck me as really odd too. I mean if they wanted the pictures to appear in the Sunday papers then release them Sunday morning, but 9 and 10 o’clock at night?? It makes no sense.

      1. It does make sense. KP releases the photos with enough time for the press to print all their papers for the morning. If KP waited until 8 or 9 AM Sunday, all the Sunday papers would have already been printed and the press would not be able to use the photos for the Sunday papers. Usually with photo releases like this, KP releases the photos to the press with an embargo of midnight. That way the papers have time to print the photos for the morning papers, then at midnight they can start shilling their morning papers online and stuff. This time KP is pushing up the release time by a few hours because they are going with a different approach of using social media. The first photo will be released via social media first, then the rest via normal ways.

    2. I know. And they “can’t wait” to release the photos? Well if they can’t wait, no one’s stopping them, right?

  2. Wow, how exciting to see photos of George AND Charlotte together!!! While I am rather sick and tired of W&K and their “fiercely protective” attitude I am looking forward to seeing G&C so no judgement from me KMR πŸ™‚ All I can think is from a PR standpoint these photos had better be the best photos Kate has ever taken. If not the press will be all over them for not hiring a professional simply to protect their precious privacy.

    On to the Queen, Anne and Sophie… I just loved the video of the three of them cutting the fruit cake, apparently fruit cakes are quite dense and difficult to cut so the Queen was really struggling with it and Anne and Sophie found that quite humorous. Anne always strikes me as a bit of a prickly pear so it was wonderful to see her laughing and joking with the other ladies. Lastly, wow I loved the coat dress the Queen wore, the color and style were simply stunning on her.

    Queen Mathilde looked just beautiful!! You are so right KMR the flower dress is by far the best she has ever worn! And how cute, the King and Queen holding hands aww…

    What a great week for Harry!!! A Knighthood and a girl! Go Harry!!! I have to say it was great seeing Harry and Will laughing together.

    1. I saw a video of HM, Sophie, and Anne cutting the cake but didn’t embed it. It was adorable how HM had trouble and Anne came in for the assist. The three of them interacting together just showed what a great relationship they all have. It’s really nice to see.

      Oh yeah, Mathilde and Philippe are holding hands. Totally missed that. So cute. I love when royal couples show a bit of affection to each other in public.

  3. I do want to see the pictures too just to see how they turn out. Maybe Kate improved. I also want to see George; don’t care for Charlotte. At one month, all babies look the same so meh. Maybe I’ll get interested at 6 months.

    1. Yeah, I know they will not look like professional shots, because Kate is not a professional, so I’m not getting my hopes up at the quality, but I am interested to see if she’s improved any since 2012.

  4. Interesting that Kate took the photos. Hope her talent has improved. She has to be better than her Dad. His photos were soooo bad.

    Of course, everyone is anxious to see PG again, and his baby sister. Oh, not J, but others, I think, will be eager to see how Charlotte looks at one month.

    Kate playing with George in Holland Park seemed sweet to me when I first heard about it. The more I think about it, though, the more it smacks of “look at what a great Mum she is.” And, that is why the word got out. If Kate and William want privacy so much, I think their country home is the best place for those games. And, maybe, she does play with him there. The fact that they were dressed similarly was also a bit “showing off” to me. No, there was not a word put out there that she and George were there, but of course, others in the park, spotted them and reported on it. So, it was a win/win for Kate. No overwhelming coverage, but a way to let people know that she plays ‘Monsters” with her little boy. So, she is a good mother! Am I being too jaded, here?

    Of course, Kensington Palace has more private areas for such games, too. Doesn’t it?

    HM, Anne and Sophie really looked like they were enjoying themselves immensely. The women seem to really like it each other. Doubt if things would have been so warm had Kate been there.

    Harry and William in a friendly moment was nice to see. Harry was the one who initiated it, right? He’s a true loving individual. And, he’s still out and about meeting new women! Just a cover for your relationship, I am sure, Rhiannon.

    Why is he still so interested in Cressida and her career, I wonder?

    I thought Sophie looked lovely in the lighter blue suit. Darker one, too.

    All the Royal ladies in this entry of the blog looked fantastic. They surely have great flair and confident demeanors. They look like they enjoy life, too.

    And, yes, Camilla knows how to wear a tiara. Wow!

    Have a good weekend, all.

    1. Regarding Harry and Cressida, it’s SOP for royals to maintain good relationships with their exes. It keeps them from cultivating hard feelings and taking them to the press.

      1. As a normal person I think having such close relationships with exs is a bit weird. But I guess that’s normal for royals. I still think, if I were to marry a royal, it would be odd to see all of my future husband’s exs at my wedding, though.

        1. I kept close with my ex because we had such a strong friendship, and now he’s the future Mr. ABKM. I think it’s definitely a case-by-case thing.

    2. Sophie’s light blue outfit is really pretty. I agree that if Kate had been with HM, Sophie, and Anne, the mood would have been different. Those three clearly like each other and get along well. Kate would have been a party pooper.

      Have a good weekend, Jenny!

      1. DId not go online this weekend. A first!
        Thanks for the good wishes for a good weekend, KMR. Hope you had one, too!
        And, everyone else!

        I thought it was a golden one. A triple crown winner at Belmont Park — the first one in decades! And, the release of Kate’s photos of PG and Baby Princess Charlotte.

        1. I did. I ended up binge watching the first seven episodes of Daredevil on Netflix. It’s a really good show. So unlike the rest of the MCU that I have to keep reminding myself it takes place in the same universe as The Avengers and Iron Man.

  5. I’m not buying Kate and her Holland Park publicity op. They want their privacy so badly, have oodles of private grounds, yet have to go off to public grounds to play monsters? Pull the other one.

    I absolutely adore the pic with the queen, all the genuine laughter. Go, WI!

    Camilla is aces with me.

  6. Good to see the princes together. Harry looks like he is comforting William.

    I like the dress worn by the wife of Princess Marie.

    Was Jenna Coleman wearing that when she was talking to Harry? Very daring and chic. I am sure there is nothing in it. I think Harry with his knighthood is one step to settling down with Chelsy.
    Lovely seeing HM Elizabeth, Princess Anne and Sophie celebrating the centenary anniversary. What changes each generation of royal women must have seen in the WI.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

    Happy Weekend to all.

    1. I meant the dress with the blue beret worn by Marie, The other dress is revealing but does show the curves.

      It is interesting that Kate has to take the photos and be seen playing with George. If William has privacy concerns then surely Kate should as well.

    2. Maybe they lost and Harry was comforting Will? I don’t remember if they won or lost that match, and a quick Google search is not coming up with any results.

      Yes, Jenna was wearing that off-the-shouler white dress when chatting with Harry.

      Why do you think Harry will get back with Chelsy?

      Have a great weekend, Laura.

      1. I guess because Chelsy was prepared to lose him. Chelsy appears a more smart girl to me. I don’t know the whole story of their relationship as I was at university at the time but Harry seemed rather attached to her. I guess it is the relationship which is more long-lived than the others.

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing Kate’s photos. She’s not a professional, so we can’t expect them to appear that way. They should be decent. As any parent would want to take decent photos of their kids. That’s all.

    Do not expect them to look professional, they won’t be and why would they? I don’t think there is anything wrong with that….

    But I also don’t buy their “fiercely protective” PR. If this were true, they wouldnt make shitty comments about their babies, and William wouldn’t have treated his girlfriend/wife like shit the last 12 years.

    1. I agree, Stephanie. They can worry about formal portraits later if that’s what they want.

      I do think they should quit pretending they’re something other than they are. Come on; they’ll never be salt of the earth types who head down to the pub after tea.

    2. I think their “protecting their privacy” is less about actual privacy and more about William’s need for control. He wants to control the press at all times, not just in relation to his children’s privacy.

  8. Long time reader of the blog! KMR you do a fantastic job! I finally read the DM article on Harry and Will playing polo. In some of the photos of Will it looks like Jecca is slightly behind and to the side of him trying desperately not to be seen. She could just be there to support a friend and I dont know who the guy is near her but I think it is interesting if she is there especially if Kate isn’t.

    1. Hi Klein!! Thank you. Do you have a link to the DM article on Harry and Will playing polo, I can’t see to find it now for some reason. When I look up Harry and polo I’m getting the Jenna Coleman stuff.

        1. That’s definitely Jecca. It’s wierd that she’s trying not to be photographed or perhaps it was an unfortunate moment that makes her look furtive.

          KMR: you have to scroll through the article to set of pictures where William is stretching before he gets on his horse.

          Jecca is standing to the left of him wearing that safari hat she always wears, collar turned up, skinny jeans (jeggings?) and white converse shoes. Those converse shoes and the hat are a huge giveaway because she’s been papped on throughout the years in them.

          1. Well, and wasn’t she part of that controversial hunting trip in Spain not so long ago? She’s been part of the “crew” for longer than DCamb, and I don’t think her forbidding William to see her would fly (as with Isabella, allegedly). Didn’t they get engaged while on a trip to Jecca’s family’s reserve in Kenya?? Anyway, she’s woven into the life that the princes continue to be so passionate about, she’ll always be around. Last I heard, she was engaged to a Canadian.

  9. While I’m looking forward to the pictures of George and Charlotte it’s ridiculous how stingy William and Kate are with them. Homegrown photos are nice but taking a few professional pictures wouldn’t hurt. As much as the Wales like to pretend they’re your average family they are not. There’s much for them to learn from other royal families who raise their children in the public eye while doing so in a healthy manner.

  10. LOVE the laughing ladies at the WI! Agree that the Queen looks marvelous in that ice blue suit.

    Sophie is such an awesome, hard-working Royal. Looks great and is always professional. I personally think she should just cut her hair. She almost always wears it up anyway and it is so thin and fine it doesn’t look great long. I have the same type of hair . . . Dreadful.
    I have always been a big fan of Camilla. I am glad that her bad back doesn’t seem to slow her down. Cubit-Shand tiara is not my favorite, but YEAH, TIARAS!
    Queen Mathilde is stunning in both of those dresses. See, Kate, you can be professional and stylish and regal all at the time time!
    Ugh on Jenna Coleman. Although I agree that the pictures just make it look like they are chatting, not necessarily flirting. Maybe the friend can be believed or maybe she’s exaggerating. I sure hope so. Present company future Princess Harrys accepted, I am holding out for the rumor about Harry and Emma Watson to be true. A Princess with a social conscious and a mission? Yes, Please!

  11. William’s orders are routine based upon his status and not anything he has earned. They were given to boost his status as the heir to the heir. Harry’s order was earned. It’s given for personal service to the monarch. It was conceived as such. A personal thank you from the monarch. In that sense, anyone can receive that particular order including servants. That’s not to denigrate Harry’s order, but to point out how much he is esteemed on a personal level by HM. Ditto all who receive this particular order.

    William’s orders are ticks in a box that say everything about his rank and how HM wishes him to be viewed than any personal feeling she might have about him.

    As someone said above, I found Jecca’s furtive moment at the polo really strange. I don’t want to read too much into it, even if I regularly make Jecca jokes and insinuations, but it was so odd how she looks like she’s trying to hide her face with that wide brimmed hat and upturned collar. On a different note, William has a paunch now. I don’t know why that surprises me. You can see it in the Jecca photos! I thought he looked bigger around the waist in the cenotaph pictures from a few weeks back.

    I adored the video and photos of Anne, HM and Sophie together. As everyone keeps saying, they clearly have a good relationship.

    Re: William and Harry’s relationship. I think they have drifted apart, but not because of anything negative that’s happened between them. I think William spends all his time somewhere else and so does Harry. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy their time together when they do see each other.

    Re Kate in London, what struck me about that sighting was the fact that William is supposedly back at work with his helicopters. So he skips out at 2/3wks (?) and stayed in London including being seen at a London cinema, then when wifey + kids come to London he skips back to Anmer? Talk about avoidance tactics.

    From these pictures, the Queen of Denmark stands out for me. How vibrant she always looks. She’s on a par with Maxima for me as far as clothing choices.

    Re Camilla’s tiara, isn’t it funny that Camilla is now wearing her family tiara more often. Diana did that too. To extent that people thought the Spencer family tiara belonged to Diana/Royal family. I know Diana wore her family tiara to throw shade at the royals (and the fact that it was lighter than her designated royal family tiara), but it’s interesting that Camilla has now been photographed on several occasions wearing her family tiara too.

    Boy this is a long post. Sorry.

  12. What a lovely round up. This was a nice way to cap off the weekend. ClCamilla slayed in the Shand tiara. Between the tiara, hair, gown and rainbow stairs…she looked so beautiful. And her and Joan Collins in a picture together? I just melted.

    The video of The Queen, Ann, and Sophie was adorable. I liked how the Queen had a look like, um, are you gonna help me out? It was nice to see Anne smiling as she usually looks dour and sour. Her work with children is commendable. I’ve always respected her. And her kids turned out just fine.

    Will looks so relaxed and at ease with Harry. I find it to be sweet. He needs to be with him more often as Harry probably relaxes him.

    Daisy always looks lovely. She just looks like she is filled with joy. Marie’s looks were really nice. I don’t like Mary’s first look. That brown/beige does nothing for her. She’s starting to take a page from 70’s silhouettes and it’s doing her no favors. I like the last look much better.

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