KP releases Kate Middleton’s photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte (update)

KP releases Kate Middleton’s photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte (update)

Kensington Palace released the first of four photos taken by Kate Middleton of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. **The final three photos have been released. The post has been updated to include them.**

Prince George looking at Princess Charlotte taken by Kate Middleton
[The Duchess of Cambridge via Kensington Palace Twitter @KensingtonRoyal]

I’m actually shocked that the photo looks good. It looks fairly professional, and not completely technically inept like her 2012 Borneo pictures. Well done Kate.

George looks… like his mom plopped a baby on his lap. And Charlotte looks… well, like a two week old baby. But at least her eyes are open.


The final three photos have been released.

I love this one of George kissing Charlotte. She almost looks like she’s smiling, though I know that’s probably not that case (can babies smile at two weeks?). Kate probably told George to do this to get the photo, but still cute.

Prince George kissing Princess Charlotte taken by Kate Middleton
[The Duchess of Cambridge via Kensington Palace Twitter @KensingtonRoyal]

I don’t know why they chose to release this one. George looks either bored or unsure of himself. Either way, not the happy family photo that I would think they would want to put out there. It’s still a nice photo, though, and good to see them together (**we have to be nice to Kate’s second attempt at photography so she’ll keep releasing photos of George and Charlotte**).

Prince George holding Princess Charlotte taken by Kate Middleton
[The Duchess of Cambridge via Kensington Palace Twitter @KensingtonRoyal]

George’s is smiling in this one? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real “smile” smile from George, so I guess this is as close as possible.

Prince George smiling and holding Princess Charlotte taken by Kate Middleton
[The Duchess of Cambridge via Kensington Palace Twitter @KensingtonRoyal]

It looks like Charlotte’s hair in coming in brown. That may change with time (George’s hair looked brown originally, too, and now he’s blonde), but for now it looks brown.

Kate used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II for her portraits which costs about ยฃ2,000.

I’ve seen some complaints about the fact that the photos are blurry in parts around the edges. I don’t know Kate’s mindset, but I will say that I have seen countless professional engagement/wedding/baby/child photos on Facebook with this “subject in focus, background blurry” thing. It’s a trend right now. So I’m going to guess this blurriness was intentional on Kate’s part and she was just following a current trend.

Um… What the hell? This got Tweeted from KP’s Twitter account (did they get hacked?). It has now been deleted. But I print screened it for posterity.

KP Tweet random

PS. I hate to be a downer, but I want to share this bit of info. KP’s Twitter account posted several photos of cards and gifts people sent in after the birth of Charlotte, thanking the people who had sent them in. Then they proceeded to tweet that if people wanted to give a gift to Charlotte, they should donate to a local children’s charity or the UK’s Imperial Charity. If Will/Kate/KP wanted people to donate to charity instead of sending in cards and gifts, why not say that ahead of time, or at or right after the birth? Why wait until everyone who would have donated had already sent in cards and gifts?

Photos: The Duchess of Cambridge via Kensington Palace Twitter @KensingtonRoyal

222 thoughts on “KP releases Kate Middleton’s photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte (update)

  1. This pictures is really good actually, it’s really nice to see both together.
    George looks very cute but I am done to see him with his socks so high. Charlotte looks like Queen Elizabeth!!
    Can’t wait to see the others! I’m always here but that’s my first comment. Thank you for the great job KMR

    1. Hi Ana!! I totally agree with you about the knee-high socks. It’s like Kate is dressing George for the 1800s.

      1. Really cute, not professional, pics. Just like what you expect from a mom. Really no better than what I see on Facebook everyday, but that is fine.
        What is with those clothes?? What is George wearing? I may have Triple Crown on the brain, but he looks like he is wearing jockey silks! That are as big as a real jockey would wear. The socks are the least of it. Poor little Charlotte looks like a sausage. Stuffed into multiple layers, nothing really cute and frilly.
        Someone here nailed it when they said Kate is boring. We get it, George wears blue. Is white going to be poor Charlotte’s signature color? Maybe it is just my American perspective, but they don’t look like “average” clothes to me.

        1. I kind of disagree with you about seeing these kinds of pics on Facebook all the time. The non-professional pics I see moms post on Facebook aren’t as portrait-y as these. Mainly because they are taken on iPhones and cheap-y cameras and the parents have no idea how to actually take a good photo. Maybe your friends are better photographers than mine, but the pics my friends take and post on Facebook don’t look as good as these. I wouldn’t say Kate’s are high quality professional pics, but they are a step above the ones I usually see moms post on Facebook. Again, maybe it’s just that my Facebook friends are crappy photographers.

          Onto George: Don’t you know, Amy, that George is a boy? Blue is for boys, so of course blue is George’s signature color. I mean, suriously. And Charlotte’s signature color will be pink because Charlotte is a girl. Obvs.

          In all seriousness, I think Kate likes to dress George and Charlotte in that way because she thinks it makes them look more “royal”.

          1. Kate loves to make George look like Little Lord Fontelroy.

            I agree. I think Kate believes dressing George in the retro royal baby clothes makes him look more royal.

          2. OMG, you are SO right, KMR! Boys wear blue (and ONLY blue). What was I thinking?? :-). Pink is better than white, so I GUESS that will be a step up. I thought she and Bill were just everyday folks, him and “the missus” ya know. Why make their kids dress so “Royal?” I’ll stop at cute kids and not tack on the comment that, just like Scarole, she’s trying too hard. Or maybe not …

      2. I didn’t grow up in the 1800’s, and boys wore short pants and knee socks to school when I was growing up in Britain.

        1. It’s not just this outfit that gives me that vibe. She’s dressed him in several outfits that are very old-fashioned. She’s also dressed him in outfits that are very modern. But certain outfits give me an old-fashioned vibe.

    1. They are all out – Twitter had all out together.

      Very cute especially with the children hidden, Prince George seem to be directed – whereas in similar props – Princesses Estelle and Leonora, Sweden (last year), seem more natural and P’ess Estelle was curious (w/baby cousin toes, etc).

      KMR photos are always high quality – thank you.

      1. Lauri’s comment was posted before all four were out. When she posted, only the first one had been released.

      2. Thanks Doolittle, my son and I went to the movies after the first photo came out but before the other 3 were released. It was great afternoon, got out of a funny movie to find that it had poured rain and that the other 3 photos had been released ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Well Princess Charlotte is a very alert 2 week old, I loved how wide open her eyes were for these pictures. I think these pictures were very nice, Kate overdid the blurriness on the fringes of the subjects and I would have preferred to have some color as opposed to white on white on white but still nice pictures.

      I read in People magazine that young boys in the upper classes wear knee socks as trousers are considered too “suburban”. I do like the “traditional” look that Kate dresses George in and I wonder how Kate will dress Charlotte in the future for public appearances.

      1. I won’t really go too much with what People magazine say as they are the ones calling Kate… “Princess Catherine”.

        1. Lol it’s not even “Princess Catherine”, that would be too formal for them. They call her “Princess Kate”, so it’s doubly improper.

      2. I wonder how she’ll dress Charlotte. Will she goes with pretty dresses or boring outfits. Because as much as people like to id George’s clothes and whatever, his clothes are all pretty boring. The press are hoping for Kate to turn Charlotte into a little fashionista, but since Kate is not one herself, I don’t think the press are going to get what they want.

        1. I think Kate will dress Charlotte in smocks and hand-embroidered dresses… the ones plebs can’t afford, just to make a point of her status.

  2. I actually like the one you don’t like. Yes, he looks a bit pensive, but it makes me think of photo captions! “you know, cheese on toast really sounds good about now”, or “where’s Lupo? I’m bored”.

    But what I noticed right off is they have a toddler, a newborn and a dog. And a WHITE/CREAM couch.

    1. I like the kissing photo and the George “smiling” photo because they don’t seem as stiff.

      I remarked on Twitter that Kate’s decor is all beige and white. And this is Anmer, which means she has two giant mansions that are both decorated with beige and white (KP is, too). How boring.

    2. For what it’s worth we have only cream couches and twins who are now 5. We bought a third new cream couch after they turned 2. We had our formal living room off limits for the kids till they were around 3 – they could go there but were not to touch the art or climb the couches – the family room is for that. They listened mostly. Sometimes they don’t and leave bits of dirt here and there which are easy to rub off with soap and a rag. But it is not really that hard to have pristine adult furniture and a room full of art and vases and sculptures if you teach kids the value of things since they are born. Now that they are five they are as attached to our pieces as we are and would be devastated if they destroyed anything inadvertenently.
      You bring up kids the way you want. If you want boisterous crazy kids that run around making messes everywhere and jumping on couches that’d what you get. If you have kids that play and put things away and respect what is important to you and your spouse that’s what you get.

  3. I’m a sucker for baby pictures! These are worlds better than that mess her father took. Glad to see George in a shirt that doesn’t look like the collars are attacking him. Charlotte still has some growing to do before we see her real looks, but she looks like a sweet little girl.

    One little note: Did she decorate only with white or beige?

    1. Yes, Kate only decorated with white and beige. TWO giant mansions, all white and beige. Both KP and Anmer are strictly done in white and beige.

      1. I do love the all-white/beige interior design – WITH beautiful pops of colour in accessories. Very bright and refreshing. Also, very Audrey Hepburn.

        Hopefully, she at least decorated that way…

        1. I haven’t seen any color, but I’m sure if we raised a big enough ruckus and other online blogs joined in, the Cambridges’ PR guy will have a few throw pillows in bright orange and green show up on a beige couch in photos taken by Carole (in a foreign country’s magazine of course.)

          1. But isn’t the bright splash of color George’s blue socks and piping? Kate had to dress both him and Charlotte in white to blend in with the dรฉcor, of course! And adorable pictures, so much better than Mike Middleton’s feeble attempts with George.

        2. White and beige bore me to death. I don’t see any pop of major color on those drapes. She will live to regret her choice in decor when the kids are using crayons and spilling from their sippy cups. Who knows, maybe they won’t be allowed to roam around their homes.

          I would hate to come home to such a vanilla home, but that is me. To me it is just B O R I N G !

    2. Yes, much better and lovelier than Prince George first photo op at the middletons.

      Some pose are similar to the Swedish royal baby cousins – Princesses Estelle and Leonora first photos.

  4. An old teacher said that people think that babies are smiling but actually its wind. Babies do copy their faces of those around them. Which is why I always smile at my nieces. The photos are quite good. Better than I was expecting. I don’t see William or his mother in Charlotte yet and when I look at George I see Kate. I like the fourth photo down and the one of George kissing Charlotte.

    1. I’ve heard that babies cannot smile that young, and as you said that it’s actually them passing gas, which is why I said she probably isn’t actually smiling even though it kind of looks like she is a bit.

      These photos are leaps and bounds better than I was expecting. I was expecting some terribly lighted, terribly focused, terribly trying to be artsy and failing pictures ala Michael Middleton’s and Kate’s Borneo ones. But these actually look really good.

      1. I honestly didn’t believe it. All us girls were admiring a teaching assistant’s baby at the time.
        I have to be honest. I am not a fan of dressing the kids in all white .I like bright colours on them. If Kate and William’s children were just normal middle class they would be dressed in high street clothes. Though an acquaintance from school makes some of her children’s clothes, and that person is quite well heeled. Charlotte looks like she is too tightly wrapped up in that babygrow or romper suit. Let the child breathe.

        1. I think if the background were all color – like if the pics had been taken outside in a garden – no one would mind the white clothes the kids wore because they would have popped out from the background. I don’t necessarily mind white clothes on kids, it’s just a bit boring when the background of a photo is also white.

          1. I agree. The white clothes would have been a nice contrast against a green lawn background, but this is Kate here… who took white on white photos of the Party Pieces website when she was supposedly working there.

          2. I’m not a good photographer, but I am interested in hearing what works and what does not. I like what you said about white clothing not being so boring in an outdoor setting, KMR. I also know that I didn’t like white clothing on the children on a white sofa. I googled the photo of Estelle with her baby cousin, Maddie and they were in white clothing against white sheets on the bed, but the photos popped! Can anyone explain why that is? I’m thinking the lighting was important.

            BTW, if you can’t already tell, I take just ok photos of my children. Thank goodness, they are cute because my photography skills are not what they should/could be. I need to take a course.

          3. When Kate’s photos were released, I had to go back and look at Estelle and Leonore’s (taken by Crown Princess Victoria by the way) to see why I remember liking those better than Kate’s. I think the reason Vic’s work better than Kate’s even though they both are white on white is because in Vic’s the light is not shining so brightly as in Kate’s. In Kate’s the light is shining so brightly on the couch, clothes, and pillows that it washes out the photo a bit.

  5. The pictures are quite lovely. Much better than the first ones with George. It would have been nice to see a picture of them as a foursome. I give Kate a shout out for capturing the kids. I would like to see something spontaneous, but Kate loves to live on yesteryear, so it’s okay.

    The beige is weird to me. She’s got two kids under two and a dog. Beige and white? This just means that the kids are relegated to the nursery. And Kate is bland.

    Thanks for the quick coverage!

    1. The photos may have been taken in the formal parlor, which would explain the pristine decor. The rest of the house could be decorated very differently: we do not have pictures of every room there, do we?

      It is common for wealthy families to have formal room(s) where kids and pets are allowed only very rarely, and otherwise they stay off limits.

      1. You may be right about the formal parlor, but that couch looks like a sectional to me rather than a formal sofa. But they’ve got staff to keep things clean, though, right?

        1. Indeed, that couch screams sectional to me… not one that goes in a formal parlor. I just think this is Kate’s taste (or lack of it), similar to those novice/wannabe designers who merely copy from magazines and catalogs… they only see the pretty pictures but not the practicality behind the furniture and decor selection. Not surprising for Kate, given her questionable background in Art.

      2. You may be right. But there is a video of William in a room at KP and that room is all beige.

  6. The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Great job Kate. To put things in prospective she probably had to take 50 photos to get these 4! I am not sure who PC looks like, but it’s clear PW and Kate’s genes are compatible…..gorgeous children!!!

    1. I remember taking photos before digital photography and maybe, maybe get one decent shot out of a roll of 24. Oddly though I still prefer that style of photography over digital

      1. I agree, Lauri from Ca. Film was gorgeous, warm, human and a challenge. Digital is throwaway and cold. Take a look at films before the era of digital and compare.

  7. Color me shocked that Kate can actually take a good pic! The kiddies look wonderful. PG is not grumpy in any of the pictures (shocking! There must be a hill of his favorite toys with Nanny Maria’s head poking out the top) and he looks like he is curious about Charlotte, instead of resentful as I expected him to be based on his previous pics.

    I wonder about Kate – why does she insist on doing everything herself? She’s not perfect – she can’t be a genius at everything so why bother? Why not take one thing she’s good at and showcase that while leaving the rest to professionals? For instance, there was a huge deal about her doing her own makeup and styling her own hair. Then there was a huge deal about *her* decorating skills. Now she’s a bonafide professional photographer. Just pick one thing and shine at it, woman! Nobody expects you to be a perfect all-rounder. I just don’t get it – she waited a freakin’ DECADE for this cushy position and now she’s doing everything like a regular plebe. What the hell? /rant

    1. It’s called having a passion. She seems to really like photography and being a home maker. In a way, I am glad because it is better than sitting around downing gin and chain smoking. She doesn’t have a 9-5 job; I doubt she even holds meetings with her charities. She has all these free time when George and Charlotte is asleep. I’d much prefer to hear about her amateur photography than see her shop all the freaking time.

      1. Problem being she isn’t a home maker. When they lived in Wales they had four staff including cook and housekeeper. They have multiple staff now, doing everything from the cooking to the childcare. Her passions appear to be shopping, exercising, and avoiding work inside or outside the home. The occasional out-of-focus photo of the kids, complete with copyright mark, does not a photography passion make.

        1. Also Kate probably knows that Princess Mary of Denmark takes her children’s photos, so she’s probably emulating that as something she can do as well.

        2. Oh, I am so glad you said that, my2Pence. And now that I have more than a peremptory glance at the pics, this amateur didn’t get the depth of field right. Charlotte, for example, seems to be melting into the sofa. Some passion. I speak as an amateur photographer of longstanding with a crazy passion for it. The pics are adequate but could have been so much better so very easily if she had a real eye for it.

        3. How do you know she avoids work inside the home?
          I am no fan of her, but this sort of “insight” gets me curious. I think she is lazier than most of us, but she seems active and engaged in general. I imagine that she plays with her kids, organizes their wardrobes, takes them for walks, cooks occasionally. I don’t think that she just lies about all day long.

          1. She has staff. Lots of staff. That evidence tells us something that doesn’t require insight.

            How do we know she is ‘active and engaged’? Where is the evidence?

          2. MavenTheFirst – they have two very, VERY large homes. How could they not have staff? Also, the staff may be used as-needed. Just hiring a housekeeper does not mean the housekeeper is used all of the time.

          3. To be fair, Maggie, they could have chosen to live in more modest settings and not needed staff (or at least not so many staff) that way. After all, they’re always telling us they want to be normal, and palatial homes are hardly forced upon a person.

      2. Her photography doesn’t even have to be a passion. It could just be something she thinks is fun and likes to do from time to time. The problem, for me, is her PR paints her as a passionate photographer who has studied photography. Then her 2012 photos showed that to be incorrect. But if it’s just something she thinks is fun that she doesn’t take too seriously, then that’s fine. And it’s cool if she wants to put her photos out there.

    2. I am not a professional decorator nor photographer, but I like decorating and taking photos. If I were a royal, I’d take and release my own photos of my kids, too. It’s not a passion, it’s not really even a hobby, but it’s still something fun I like to do from time to time. Granted I am working hard at developing other skills that are passions, and then I have other things as side fun stuff. I don’t actually know what Kate’s real passions are and what are her side fun stuff – what she excels at and what she just likes to do for fun. But I don’t think it’s necessarily bad that she does a bunch of stuff. People are multifaceted, we can have a passion, hobbies, random stuff we think are fun and like to do from time to time.

      1. So far the only passion I’ve seen demonstrated by Kate was in pursuing THE RING. Nothing else comes even remotely close to the drive and determination she had for that passion.

      2. Very true KMR. Also, when your children are small, most hobbies and side fun stuff kind of go by the wayside. They certainly did for me. I never picked some of them back up, but developed new ones as my kids got older.

        And I will even say it’s the same for a “Doolittle”. Please feel free to jump all over that, as any of you wish. My argument: She’s not really that lazy (can’t be to keep a bod like that)…it’s how we perceive that she chooses to spend her time that we take umbrage with. Just because we don’t see her, doesn’t mean she’s not busy (and honest truth, we all just want to see her, whether we like her or not). Now before you get too excited, I’m not including her official duties in this statement, that’s another discussion entirely in which I DO think she has been remiss.

        She could be going through her voluminous closets, and setting pieces aside for charity. Growing tomato pots and an herb garden. Taking pictures to hang on their walls. Making strawberry jam to use for gifts. Ad nauseum, I know. BUT, I’m making an example of the many things she could be doing to keep busy, regardless of her help, when her children are small. I could have 3 in the kitchen, and I’d still be baking my Sunday night banana bread and making my kids’ enviable (oh yes) school lunches.

        Of course, Carole being on tap perpetuates our outrage (grrr, back to Bucklebury with you), but I’m feeling a change in the air…

        1. Ray, I completely agree with this!
          Honestly, I think Kate seems like she is truly interested in being a homemaker, and is trying to be a good stay-at-home mother and wife. That is just as admirable as a woman trying to pursue a career.
          My only problem with all of this is that Kate is receiving a “salary” (benefits) as though she IS pursuing a career (engagements), except that she isn’t doing much engagement-wise. But really, I don’t think she is lazy – just uninterested in what is expected of her as a royal wife, and very interested in making and keeping up a good home to raise her children in. Yes, they have help, but they also have two huge homes and it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to maintain those on their own. Not to mention that maybe Kate does no cleaning, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t spend cooking or maintaining the house in other ways.
          Long story short – I agree with you, and I think that I really get it when people think Kate doesn’t do enough “work,” when they mean royal engagements, but I don’t really get it when they try to paint her as an overall lazy person. We don’t know what she does in her homes, and I doubt she sits around all day doing nothing.

        2. Mmmm banana bread. Darn it, now I want banana bread.

          I think the main problem with Kate’s photography is that her PR set it up as she was a really good photographer that had been doing it for years, even professionally, and was super passionate about it. So we had certain expectations. Then her Borneo pics came out and were panned. We all agreed that Kate was not a great photographer, but then we apparently still thought her new pics should have been professional quality. So instead of going “wow, these are much better than her Borneo pics” people went “she sucks for x, y, z reasons”. People still go with the old PR line that Kate is a passionate photographer when we’ve all seen that is not the case. If we say that Kate is instead a hobbiest who only practices here and there, then her pics are good. It’s all about perception and people still go off that PR line that she’s a passionate photographer when she could just like taking pictures here and there.

          Re her not doing anything inside the home. I understand why people would think that. W&K have a ton of help from professionals and from Carole, and we don’t see what Kate gets up to day to day except when we see her going shopping. So it’s easy to say she does nothing but shop. Who knows what she does all day. Clearly she works out.

  8. Looks like she used a portrait lens (telephoto). The high priced Canon would do the work for her. I am also sure George was told to kiss Charlotte. So formal.

    Why am I not moved by these pics?

    1. I wasn’t “moved” either. I didn’t really even “ahhhh” the way I did with the first pics of Estelle and Leonore together. The kids are cute and it’s great to see them together but I’m a bit disappointed in my own reaction to the pics. I thought I would get a lot more joy out of seeing the pics than I did. The pics look very staged, and yes formal. And bland since there is so much white. The pics of Estelle and Leonore was also very white – background and clothing – but there was more life to them from the kids and it looked like Estelle was genuinely interested in Leonore – playing with her toes, kissing her head. I still like these photos and am glad KP released them, but I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have the reaction I was hoping for.

      1. A lot of the family photos Kate and William release try to be intimate but end up cold and staged. I noticed it too. In the photo taken from the window, there seems to be more love and affection between Lupo and George than in any of the photos. That part of that photo is my favorite. It made me laugh. The rest of the photos I’m just left cold. With these photos, I think they’re cute kids and good for an amateur photographer.

        1. I do think the children are adorable.
          Has anyone else noticed how long both PG and Charlotte’s fingers are for their age? I noticed that in PG’s photo as he left the hospital as a newborn.
          Wondered who has exceptionally long fingers in either side of the family, then I clicked on the photo of young PW holding PH. William’s fingers were exceptionally long as a baby/topddler, too.

          I don’t think I have seen babies or toddlers before with such fingers. Mayber, one will become a successful pianist.

        1. Seriously? LOL Take a look at that recent pic of the queen cutting the cake surrounded by Sophie and Anne and other British women, all laughing, genuinely. Take a look at any pics of Camilla, and some of Charles. Take a look at Harry. Then get back to us.

          A rather nasty remark when I think about it.

      2. KMR you didn’t “ahhh” just a little???? They are so cute together. I guess I can relate to Kate on the baby pics because I have two small children as well!

        1. To be honest, when I saw the first photo, my reaction was more “Wow, the photo isn’t terrible”. Because I was thinking back to Michael’s photos of George and Kate’s photos in Borneo and not expecting much from these photos. Then I saw them and they were so much better than I thought they were going to be. So that’s why I didn’t “ah” in the same way because I was too busy being surprised that the pics weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be.

    1. Hi India, thanks for sharing this link. I actually liked these photos of Pippa especially the one of her sitting on the floor in the dress with sneakers. I know more about the charities that Pippa supports than the ones that Kate does. At least Pippa speaks about the causes she supports and seems genuinely interested in them.

        1. How are they terrible? I thought she looked nice. I really like the floral dress.

          1. I took another look at the photos of Pippa. I think my problem is that she looks similar to Kate, but not as attractive. This puts Pippa at a disadvantage, I can’t appreciate her for who she is, I keep seeing Kate!

          2. You know what’s interesting, CrazyAMG, is by many accounts Pippa was considered to be the athletic, pretty, popular, outgoing, brainy sister, when they were younger. Everything came easier for her, and Kate was always “quietly proud” of her. How the tables have turned…I guess slow and steady does win the race. And I wonder if Pippa now feels as Kate did ( if that schoolyard account is true), or if she just sits and shakes her head in private, wondering what the hell happened to her
            promising start in life.

          3. Ray – I think Pippa may have too much “personality” to have put up with William for so many years of dating. She doesn’t seem like the type to be okay with being treated like a doormat, like Kate was. Don’t get me wrong – Pippa seems quite interested in “social climbing” (I see nothing wrong with that), but I don’t think she would be willing to give up her personality just to marry a future King. I always felt like Kate was perfect for William because she never stood out at anything – she was just a quiet, country girl. If Kate had been as popular and brainy as her sister, she may have not been content giving up any chance of a career or life. Pippa doesn’t necessarily have a career, but she does seem intent on pursuing writing, even though the royal family probably would prefer that she doesn’t write her books and blogs, or design clothes, etc.

      1. I really like these pictures of Pippa. Better than the sent up ones you see in Vanity Fair! At least in these, she looks natural and comfortable. And I would like that scarf for myself, so pretty.

    2. I can’t really fault Pippa for having an effective PR approach. Really I just feel bad for her. All of the downsides of being related to the royal family – paps, endless lack of privacy, etc. – with none of the benefits. At least she’s trying to use her fame for good – I’d say she’s put more effort into her charity work than Kate has. She’s been doing everything we have been calling on Kate to do – actually speaking about her charities, getting involved, etc. She’s obviously living the life of a socialite, but I admire her for trying to turn unending public attention into a positive. And the royal family does the PR push all the time – why not call them the Windsordashians? Why shouldn’t the Middletons get to do a PR push just as much as the royals? Just because they weren’t lucky enough (if we want to call it lucky) to be born into the royal family? That seems unfair and classist.

      1. I start to feel badly for Pips but then I think to her terrible book. She really could have made something of herself, and there were people actually rooting for her to do so, but then she seemingly put so little effort into that book (which was handed to her on a platter of over half a million pounds) that she lost a lot of what goodwill she had. Though I agree she seems to put more effort into her charity work than Kate does.

        1. I agree with you regarding Pippa’s book. Terrible. Just terrible.
          Does anyone know if Ma Middleton’s articles have come out yet? Don’t ya just know she has a ghost writer?

  9. Why do these have copyright stamp on them? The first photos of their son also had copyright on it, leading many to think her father was making money off them. Any idea if they were charging for the re-publishing of these?

    1. I read that KP put very stringent restrictions on the British press and their use of these photos so that might have to do with the copyrighting by the Duchess. W&K really want to protect their “brand”. KMR, do you have any idea what restrictions were put in place for the British media?

      1. Yes. They are that special. Way to assert your importance, Cambridges. Everything is such a big deal with them. Oh, the drama! I doubt that ‘humility’ is in their lexicon.

        1. They are photos of their children, Maven. Most parents get really upset if photos of their children are used and abused. In this case, I don’t blame them. I agree that they should be fair game, though, but not the children.

          1. It seems in most cases, when photos of royals are released by a royal press office, they don’t play this game. Only with W&K have I seen this, from her childhood photos, the picture taken by her father, and this one. I cannot think of another British royal (or other royal house) that does this – just these two.

          2. Can you give an example of abuse of the photos, bluhare? And as far as I can see in my narrow gossip world there has not been a single attack on the children. Am I missing something here?

          3. If it wasn’t about receiving credit for these and all about protecting the children why didn’t the photos of George released at Christmas last year have copyright Edward Lane Fox’s, Prince Harryโ€™s private secretary, stamped on the images?

            I favour the opinion that it has more to do with Kate getting credit for these shots, especially after the lukewarm reception to her 2012 efforts.

            W&K like to protect their brand and image, and this copyright stamp seems more in line with that then privacy/protection rights of their kids. Which they’re entitled to, it’s just a first for royals.


        2. I didn’t say they have been abused, Maven. I said I understand why they would not want them to be abused. They are their children. Sorry if I wasn’t more clear.

          I can’t speak to what others do, 2Pence, as I haven’t researched it, but I do agree these two seem to think they’re special.

          1. Maven, no you aren’t. ๐Ÿ™‚ But let’s say someone decided to use the photos to advertise goods, sell services, or (god forbid) use them for really ugly things that I don’t even want to think about. A copyright says they can’t even try. Non-copyrighted means the images get out there before they’re pulled by a lawsuit. (I hope I’m right on that; I’m not a legal professional — just armchair. )

            2Pence, I think photographs taken by a professional have their own copyright protections (again; not a legal person, but the professional doesn’t want their work out there without being paid). If Daniel and Victoria release their own photographs as Kate just did, I think they’d be wise to copyright them too.

          2. Oh, okay, thanks, bluhare. I never thought of that. I’m surprised other royals don’t do it (Gad, I don’t want to think about parents on Facebook!). Not being arch, it’s just that the Dolittles seem so paranoid, like each child is the second coming, IMO.

            I personally think that the copyright stamp is to elevate and validate her status as a serious photographer, as people are wont to do on their blogs, etc., regardless of talent or authority.

          3. bluhare, if any of what you wrote was an issue that affected royal houses, it would have been done long ago. And it hasn’t been done, because it isn’t an issue.

            From what I remember, when Harry released photos he took visiting Sentebale sites, he was credited but no copyright stamp was applied.

            If you read copyright law, copyright is implied by the maker whether or not a stamp is involved. These copyright stamps are just one more game on W&K’s part.

          4. 2Pence, I take your point but let’s face facts. As much as I think Estelle is the cutest thing on two legs, the Swedish royal family doesn’t get nearly the attention that the British one does. They’re much dimmer on the radar screen.

            Perhaps this is just an attention grab. But in this instance I can see it. They are their children, and they should be protective. And if they want to copyright the photos they took so only they can profit or use them, then I really don’t care.

          5. I would expect a dimissive comment like that from one of the fans over at Duchess Kate, 2Pence. I hoped that here there would be more constructive discussion. Instead you pick ONE WORD out of what I just said and dismissed my entire point of view with it.

          6. I understand what you mean, bluhare, and I agree with you. I’ve read several stories of parents who have had photos of their children copied from social media sites and turned into memes or other purposes without their knowledge until they went viral. I know I’m not talking about royals, but the general public. I don’t fault Will and Kate for being protective about their kids in this way.

          7. bluhare, I understand what you’re saying, I just disagree with the majority of what you say in your defense of these two. The rules they’re making up – including copyrighting photos of their kids – are tacky. Just plain tacky.

            If no other royal house feels the need to do this, if Harry does do it with his Sentebale photos, then I think the copyright argument doesn’t stand. No matter how popular you think they are, this copyright stamp is unnecessary and just one more game. And if they ARE in fact charging for the use of these photos, like her father did for the other one, tacky.

          8. I highly doubt they are charging for the use of these pictures – we would have heard something about it by now. When did Michael Middleton charge for the use of his pictures of the Cambridges?

  10. George is wearing the same outfit as from the birth when Will brought him. So we should believe that this is the same day. If that’s the case, Kate came home from giving birth and started to set up a photoshoot?

    1. Or Nanny Maria washed George’s clothes and Kate put him in the same outfit (minus the blue sweater) two weeks later in mid-May when she took the photos at Anmer Hall.

      1. Maybe, either way it’s strange that they use the exact same outfit, including socks. Charlotte does look a bit older then that day, but maybe not. Love this blog, thank you KMR for making it happen.

        1. or maybe she put them in clothes we’ve obviously seen before so the focus would be on what they look like and their features instead of on what the clothes are and whether people can order them for themselves. for instance the subtle and beautiful differences in their skin tones and eye colors.

      2. George looks much older than 22 months. Is this just my opinion? Nothing special about the kids, boring pictures.

    2. Maybe Kate just really liked the outfit for George or theyhave multiple ppieces of the clothes

      1. What’s really funny, as I’m following you around this morning, is that I was thinking “I love her name. I wonder if I should steal it and be MavenTheSecond.”

  11. I liked the shots, they were well done though I wish one of the four have been a full blown family picture instead.

  12. Kate has a very, very neutral color palate going on in her homes. Beige, white, maybe some blue (looking at the flowers in the curtains). About as adventurous as her beloved scuffed black boots from her single girl days or her beige pumps. Kate does love to play it safe.

  13. Am I the only one not bothered by how they dress George? I think it’s very appropriate for his age and very cute. I hate it when people dress their kids to follow trends (Burberry trench coat on a toddler, really?)

    1. I agree with you – it’s traditional and perfectly suitable for formal photos of a future King.
      He *obviously* doesn’t dress like this all the time – at the Polo last June, he was crawling in dungarees, and at the park in Norfolk, he had normal toddler clothes.

      These are official portraits of a future King – it’s hardly going to be jeans and a mucky t-shirt, is it?

      1. Furthermore, I think the fact the outfit is repeated is a surer sign that his wardrobe is 99% normal, 1% formal – he has this outfit for formal stuff in front of Press (that will be looked at for many, many, many years). If he had a plethora of formal choices, they would most likely have chosen a different one.

        When my kids were small, I had one formal outfit for posh stuff. It’s nowt more than that.

    2. No you aren’t the only one. I think they look cute, and if I’m not mistaken the baby is wearing the rest of the outfit that the nanny’s mother gave them.

    3. When I was growing up in England, many, many, many moons ago it was common to dress little boys in ‘short pants’, whether royalty or pleb. I don’t know what it’s like today.

      I think that in this instance, given no other data, that it might be meant as a sign of upper crustiness. Which, in effect, negates all those ‘normal’ underpinnings asserted by William the Blowhard.

      As an aside, they also slick down George’s hair, I guess for the formality and regality. I’d like to see him like the kid he is.

    4. Or mini chuck taylors. I think it’s a waste when people buy super expensive clothes or designer clothes for kids because they grow out of them so fast.

  14. Theres others colours for boys like red,green,yellow,brown…and others,i dont like these photos because i think kate could take them in different places of the house like in the garden or in george’s room,playing with his toys,with lupo and with different clothes and show more of amner and show more colours like Diana used to do and it was so warm!!!

  15. It’s only a couple of photos of a toddler and his sister who live in incredible wealth and parents who like a very neutral color palette. I wonder why some seem so sour about them.

    What’s more interesting is they violated their own embargo by releasing one photo early themselves, the royal press are annoyed, and why the hell anyone would want an embargo on baby pictures.

    1. I see your point, bluhare. I think that, for me, the neutral colour palette is indicative of a blandness which also shows up for me in these pics. If, indeed, both residences are all white and beige, then I am going to wonder. I hope they are not! I do recall Dolittle saying that her favourite colour was white. Lovely, but with children? Makes one wonder.

        1. Heh.

          This is not aimed at you specifically but why does George have to be a puncher, not a lover or both?

          He really did look like a bruiser to me a short while after he was born, but I am hoping he was and is a gentle one. Or is this a specific attribute of boys (never had children) and encouraged in them?

          1. When George was visiting the Zoo in OZ, he tried to grab at the Bilby they were viewing. Since then George has been known as a puncher.

    2. I don’t fully know what the embargo was, but KP tweeted that they would tweet out a first photo at 9PM, then the tweeted it 2 minutes early. And a French person tweeted the other photos 10 minutes early. Richard Palmer was very upset with how KP handled the release of these photos.

  16. I say this with all love and no snark, but in the picture in which he’s smiling, he looks like the little boy from the 80’s movie Pet Cemetery. That little boy was stinking cute.

    1. LOL.
      I had to google that, but I absolutely agree. That is a cute little boy!
      (now I’m curious as to what he looks like in present day)

    2. Oh no, not Gage! He was cute till he got hit by a semi then came back from the dead and all I remember is undead Gage slicing through his grampa’s Achilles’ tendons. Gah, it’s all coming back now

      1. He was still cute as a murderous imp. That movie made me really cautious about walking near beds so as not have my Achilles heel sliced.

  17. I have to say the photos are a pleasant surprise! Nice job. I also didn’t realize that both of the outfits were repeats from the hospital.

  18. I honestly don’t think they are repeats now, I think this was taken the same day. Charlottes hands are still pruny. It’s just really strange imo

        1. That movie scared the everliving crap out of me! I spent most of it under my grody theatre seat, watching with one eye open. And what about Zelda, remember her? The freaky aunt with bad spina bifida. She was YIKES. Well played Stephen King, and well worth dropping my entire box of Mike n Ike’s for.

          1. I remember seeing it on cable and on endless loop on HBO. Zelda was the worst. Especially when she ran up on the camera all twisted and humped over. Stephen King knows how to get in your head and never leave. The score was the worst too.

            This is the reason that i do not like cats or kites to this day.

    1. If the photos were taken the day of the birth at KP, why not just say that? Why would KP lie and say the photos were taken two weeks later at Anmer?

  19. I’m just “meh” about the pictures. I don’t find them moving. I also don’t find them objectionable or bad. They’re just there. George does look a bit skeptical in most, as if he’s wondering when this visitor is going to go home, so standard new sibling stuff.

  20. I liked the pictures. I’m glad they are better pictures than last time.
    Hopรฉ she really learns to play with that full frame camera ๐Ÿ™‚ (ugh, can’t help it, I’ve been taught not to chop off extremities, but I guess it is different with little ones?)

    My favorite is the one of George kissing Charlotte โ™ฅ followed by the one of him smiling.

    I guess I felt they copied the Swedes but I was wrong. They emulated another BRF moment:

    1. I still like the pictures of Estelle + Leonore much better.

      Yesterday they also released a new picture of Estelle and I simply love it ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜›

      I’m a real fan of her lol especially since we see so much of her and she seems to always have a blast. Yes, even while being in the public ๐Ÿ˜€ and to me that speaks of how she much she is loved and of the great job her parents are doing – balancing royal duties + a healthy upbringing.

      1. I agree.

        P’ess Estelle seem a lovely child inside out – always smiling, friendly with the kids/the people out to see her, and seem to adore her cousin (+1). P’ess Maddie was out too (heavily pregnant – but continue to attend events).

        P George shirt seem the same worn (under jacket) to the Lindo Wing to meet sister …

      2. I love Estelle’s photo. It looks so formal until you see her foot turned aside rather than posed properly. Her personality just shines through.

    2. Oh gosh, Beatrix, thanks for those links! I had not seen those pics before. My goodness, how ALIVE they are. Terrific photographer, who captured the moment. They are so sweet.

      Yeah, there was copy. Dead copy, IMO.

      1. Come on people, I don’t understand the criticism of the pics of PG/PC! I agree that the pics of Estelle are adorable, but so are the pics of PG/PC. I’m getting the impression that some people are just being critical because either Kate took the photos or because they are the offspring of PW/Kate…. not fair at all!!! PG/PC are beautiful kids…how can anyone not see that. They photography well, they don’t need any smoke and mirrors… IMO.

    3. Kate definitely copied Diana again with these photos. Right down to the white, lace-trimmed pillow sitting behind the baby.

  21. I like the photos! We got our wish of seeing George holding Charlotte. I agree to a certain extent with people about the lack of colour in the background. Although, it does help focus on the children instead of competing with them. I’m just happy that the photo was inside and not George holding Charlotte on the concrete steps outside!

    I think I read somewhere (can’t remember the article, but it was fairly recent) about the fact that Kate and Will (more likely just Will) didn’t want to release any photos that showed the inside of their home(s).

    So, in the spirit of encouragement, Kate, good job! Taking pictures of your kids yourself lets you control their release, while still letting the public feel a part of your lives. I hope this is a regular occurrence and not a once a year thing.

    1. Well, the background of the KP pic was black, so that makes sense. Annoying, because I am dying to see what the inside of their houses look like. I want 360 panoramic, and a thought bubble over each piece of furniture saying when, where, how much, and a fun anectodote from the day it was purchased. J Peterman catalogue style ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. I think with that photo with them looking through the window, they photo shopped the background to black so as to not show any interior of their house. But it ended up being very sterile and off-putting. There was so much distance between the camera and them (literally a wall) as well as eliminating any life from the photo (other than the subjects – but you could argue that they didn’t seem too lively either).

      2. Middletonian Sectional . . . . . . . . ยฃ13,500.00

        You finally finished that exhausting 90 minute appointment. You’ve been saying nice things and shaking hands for what seems like days. The helicopter has finally dropped you off at home, and the children are stashed in the nursery. Time to go have a nice sit down on our Middletonian Sectional. Perfect for those after appointment Pimms Cups and, if you have to, breast pumping so the night nurse can feed your baby. Comfortable, elegant, and less than ยฃ15,000. What more could one ask for . . . well except perhaps for a better trained butler.

        1. OMG bluhare you are too funny!!!! I don’t know if they need the butler, they have Carole after all, the best cheese toast maker in the world ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. Blurring Paint . . . . . . . . . . . ยฃ163.00/litre

          While one does enjoy mingling with the masses on ones own terms, their incessant curiosity does become wearing. That is why we worked with our interior paint team to design blurring paint. Remember when one could holiday without people taking photos while sunbathing on a balcony? Remember when Maison de Bang Bang didn’t mean the noise of shutters banging to avoid the press? You can recreate those peaceful days with our blurring paint. No printable photograph at all when you spray your walls with it. No zooming in by prying eyes. All they see is nothing. Just like their tiny little meaningless lives. Try it. You’ll feel more superior than ever.

          Coming Soon . . . . Blurring Mist. One spritz and you disappear too. Distributed by our partner, RepublicGBR.

          1. Can I preorder? And when might it ship? Just trying to make plans for my husband’s family reunion in July…

      3. I’m a graphic designer, experienced with photoshop, so I had a play with that window shot. After a bit of work you can tell what the inside was like, rather bland. It could have even been an office?
        I did wonder if the white on white photos were done deliberately so it would be easier to photoshop if wanted.

    2. I remember Charles and Diana releasing photos of them and the boys inside their home and it was great seeing the bit of decor we were able to see. I was hoping that W&K would do the same but I keep forgetting about their privacy obsession. I think blurry backgrounds are about the best we will ever get.

      I agree with you bookworm and in the spirit of encouragement….Good Job Kate!!! these are lovely pictures and I hope to see more in the future.

      1. I agree with your perspective, Lauri from Ca, about interiors. A bit of background humanises people, gives intimate information, is a connection. I remember seeing Diana’s apartments a couple of years ago and getting a better feel for her. The feel from the Lamebridges is cold.

    3. In all honesty, after looking back over the past portraits of George, these are the second best portraits of the Cambridge kids we’ve gotten.

      * The Michael Middleton photos: The lighting was terrible.
      * The Christening photos: Far too ‘Shopped.
      * The pre-tour photo: Too dark, and there was literally a wall between us and them.
      * George’s 1st B-Day photos: I actually liked these because there was a ton of color and movement. I would say these are the best portraits so far.
      * The Christmas photos: Were pretty sterile due to the white stone steps he was sitting alone on.
      * Kate’s photos: They are a bit too white, but there is interaction between the kids which I like. Second best portraits so far.

      All in all these are by far not the worst portraits we’ve gotten, and I would say they are second best to George’s 1st b-day photos.

      Re Will not wanting to show the inside of their house. I remember reading something about that when they released the pre-tour photo because people were annoyed that there was literally a wall between the viewer and the subject. And then it was said that W&K chose that pose because Will wanted to set up boundaries and not show the interior of their house. Which he later did himself when he shot his United for Wildlife video in a room at his KP house.

      1. I thought the video was shot in his offices at KP, not at his residence? Wow, I didn’t know that about the pre-tour shot, William is extremely paranoid and more than a bit controlling about “boundaries”, “privacy” and “normalcy”. It’s sad really to not be able to enjoy life, that might be why he’s aging so quickly.

  22. The pics look nice. I think any Mom would love to have pics like that of her children.

    What I don’t understand is this. If I had children and I had access to the best photographers in the world, then I would want to hire those photographers, have tons of great photos, and release at least a few to share my adorable children with the world. Maybe they let professional photographers capture moments and just don’t share the photos?

    1. I kinda get it – Will and Kate are photographed endlessly by professionals, and know that George and Charlotte have been/will be for their whole lives. I bet they don’t see professional photographers in the same way we do. But yeah, I bet they probably do get professional shots and just don’t share them.

    2. Jennifer she could have had the best photographer in the world take the photos…. some would still complain!!! She couldn’t win!

      1. Yeah true. Plus I think they might be trying to look like they aren’t extravagant by not releasing photos from a pricey photographer.

        1. They’d be penny wise and pound foolish if that’s so. I do think the pictures are fine–at least the kids can both be seen! Michael Middleton’s photos focused on Kate and William, not George.

  23. I honestly find these kids have too much middleton looks in them, george has pippa pancake flat face, on the other hand, why cant kate and william just been seen with their kids out and about, everything with them is soo staged, photoshoped heavily and fake, princess charlene is doing a much better job connecting the twins with the citizens, not just stage pics once in a while!!!

    1. I am not an infant person. But that shot of one of the Monaco twins reaching out to the other made me melt. It was so endearing.

      As an amateur photographer, I would take many pics of the babes, George and Charlotte, and wait for THE moment. Kate decided to exhibit the formal, which really, is her style, no matter how bourgeois. Control freak.

    2. You’re kidding, right? You can find something to slag in two small children who had absolutely no say in their genetics?

      1. I’m not sure why people are so upset with the kids looking “too Middleton”. I don’t understand how that’s bad. Kids usually look like their relatives.

        1. And, babies faces change from day to day. Sometimes, you think your infant looks exactly like your mother. A few days later, the baby looks just like your husband’s sister.
          And, our faces change throughout our lives.
          Remember how PW looked so much like Diana? He looks much different now, doesn’t he?

          Harry looks more and more like both his parents these days. Putting those nasty paternity rumors to rest.

          I think PG and PC are adorable.

  24. Kudos to Kate and William for releasing these photos and to Kate for taking them!
    They were better than I thought they would be and my only negative remark would be all that white on white. Wish the background had been a softer color, or that Baby Charlotte wore a soft color. Although, if this outfit was part of the set that Nanny Maria gifted, then how lovely that the baby wore it in the photo.

    PG and his little sister are adorable. PG looked so precious when he kissed his baby sister.

    Nice to have these photos as people feel invested in these children. I don’t expect a barrage of other ones and public appearances, but I do hope we don’t have to wait much longer for some more. Ah, the Christening is coming, isn’t it?

    1. The white background would have been fine if the kids had worn more color. Or if the kids wore white then the pics should have been taken in the garden or something. Anything to have some contrast there.

      The Christening is in a month. So we’ll get more photos then. Hopefully the official ones won’t be ash photoshopped as George’s.

  25. Oh, I liked the photos and think the children are darling.
    Congrats to Kate for a nice job. I’m not saying she is a professional, but a Mum who obviously is smitten with her little ones! The photos are fine!
    The white background was not so great, though. I’m also thinking it would have been a plus to have the children propped up on a soft-colored throw, instead of that stark white sofa. Just my opinion.

    Also, love the new photo of little Estelle. She is darling! Looks like a little angel.

    1. I think the photos would have been great even with the white background if the kids had been wearing more color. The white background is fine to highlight the kids, but not if the kids are wearing white and end up blending into the background. If Charlotte had been in red or something, that would have looked great.

    1. Haha agree. I’m really excited about the wedding for some reason. Plus now I live in the same time zone. Maybe I can watch it live.

  26. They are fine photos. Nothing to write home about though. However, Kate is being praised so much for them. Apparently she is perfect and can never do wrong :).

    I will say though, I am a bit disappointed that Will and Kate were not in the photos. I wonder why that is? I was hoping for a family photo ๐Ÿ™

    1. I imagine that Will isn’t around much and probably wasn’t even there that day, and Kate is too insecure still to be photographed.

    2. I checked the court circular and the calendar. Around the time these photos would have been taken (at Anmer Hall), William was staying in London because he was doing a number engagements. So maybe no family photo because William wasn’t there to take one?

  27. the copy cat is at it again. Someone on royal dish pointed out that George is wearing pretty much the same thing as billy wore at Harry’s christening

    1. Hi, yes it bears a striking resemblance to William’s outfit for harry’s christening. I’ve attached a link below it’s not the best picture but it shows the whole outfit.

      Am I the only one that finds it a little strange that Kate copies Diana’s style quite a bit in both her own outfits and also dresses PG similar to how PW and Harry were dressed as children? I don’t really understand this because if anything Kate should be trying to move away from Diana’s shadow but she seems intent on making sure everyone knows that she’s Diana’s daughter-in law and her children are Diana’s grandchildren. Maybe it’s just me but it’s either she’s got serious single white female syndrome or PW has a lot of mommy issues.,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNFugIaCQcJSvN3rwm4Hblbb_pAq6w&ust=1433934572628308

      PS – Hello to everyone – longtime reader but first time posting!!

      1. Hello, Daisy. Welcome!
        No, you are not alone in feeling that Kate is definitely following in Diana’s footsteps and imitating her quite often., Since you are new to the blog, you have missed many others saying similar things . I could not access the site you posted, but will try at another time. Just taking a break at the moment, so need to be quick.

        Kate wore a polka dot dress when leaving the hospital with Prince George after his birth. Diana wore green and white dotted dress when exiting the hospital with newborn William. There are many photos available of Kate dressing in similar fashion to Diana at many events.

        Yes, she does seem to want to live in Diana’s shadow, though your advice that she should be moving out of that shadow should be heeded, many of us think.

        William does seem to want to keep his mother’s memory alive, but he does also seem to harbor many very sad emotions pertaining to his loss that should be dealt with in order to move on in a healthy way with life. (Who am I anyway, a therapist). It’s just something I think.

        I guess the biggest Diana issue revolves around William giving Kate his Mum’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Probably would have been better if he gave it to her to wear as a cocktail ring and gotten her an engagement ring of her own. But, one can only wonder how Kate feels about that. She seems to show the ring off in photos whenever chance she gets.

        Again, welcome.

        1. Hi Mary Elizabeth, No matter how I think about it I find it strange but whatever their reasons for it it can’t be a healthy way to live your life / marriage etc. I’m currently off work sick (having a horrible pregnancy and still another 3 months to go!) so for me speculating on WK & PW is just a pleasant diversion but I really hope the two of them can just learn to relax, accept the roles / positions they’re expected to fulfill and lead their OWN lives!!

          1. Oh, Daisy. So sorry you are having a tough pregnancy. Let us help you through with some well needed diversion.

            Is this your first? I feel very blessed that my two pregnancies were pretty easy. My daughters mean the world to my husband and me and to be honest, I don’t really remember what life was like prior to their entry into the world. I hope that will be the same for you.

            I agree totally. W&K are not living life in a healthy way. I came to this site at the suggestion of a good friend. I was getting sick of all the positive press Kate was getting and how everyone thought she was the very best at everything. When you look back at the life Diana led and how hard she worked and how nobody in the Royal Family ever helped her or cut her any slack, it amazes me just what Kate is allowed to get away with. Mostly, I guess, because people feel guilty about Diana’s early death and want to placate her son.

            I really do have to get back to work, but I want to send you my best wishes and my prayers for a pregnancy that eases up. May you have a safe and happy delivery in the future and may your new little one bring tremendous love and joy to your life.

            We’re here to help you through these days. As Lauri of CA said, this is an amazing site featuring the wonderful KMR and her faithful, caring followers.

            Hang in there! And, I agree with you 100%, Will and Kate need to lead their own lives.

          2. Yikes, I hope you have a safe rest of your pregnancy and a safe birth. Following the royals can be a fun distraction, even if W&K are annoying.

      2. Hi Daisy!! Welcome to the comments!

        Creepy that Kate dressed George in a VERY similar outfit to how Diana dressed William.

        And yes, Kate Single White Female-s Diana quite a bit. I fully expected Kate to wear red while leaving the hospital with baby #2 just because Diana did with Harry.

        1. I guess I don’t find it that creepy that Kate dressed George similarly to how William was dressed at that age. For one, William may like dressing George in similar outfits to what he wore. He might push for that and that is why Kate dresses him in that style. It is kind of endearing to dress them in a similar outfit that you wore once, like a mini-me. That way you can show them the photos when they grow up of you as a kid in the outfit and them as well.

          Also, the Royals have shown they are very traditional in their outfits. They like to stick to the same styles and colors. They never stray too far. As is evident with the outfits worn by Royal children. That is why I don’t think it is too odd that George is wearing a similar outfit to William. William is his father and therefore William may have wanted this. It is not nearly as bad as Kate dressing like Diana.

          1. That’s true, Overit. Another example of royal children dressing “old fashioned” is Lady Louise, up until a couple of months ago. Seems to be an affectation they all adhere to. I don’t actually mind it, it’s rather sweet.

            And as for DCamb dressing like Diana…she needs an intervention. She didn’t know her, and it’s a really weird way to pay tribute. What she should do, if she so badly wants to emulate her, is take up one of her beloved causes. HALO trust, was one I always deeply admired the Princess for supporting.

          2. I cannot see any man insisting that his baby be dressed in a specific way. Sorry, I just cannot.

            I know I am only a few months pregnant, but I am forever looking at baby clothes now. I saw some cute things online the other night and showed them to my husband. His response?
            Not that he liked any of the items, but he just asked, “Isn’t it a bit too soon for any of that? We don’t even know if the baby is a boy or girl.”

            And, my women friends who have kids are always shocked when their husbands dress the babies. Men — most anyway — don’t have a clue as to what to put with what.

            So, no, I don’t think William even remembers what he and Harry wore as babies and could care less what PG and PC are wearing Unless, of course, Kate put Georgie in a dress at this stage.

        2. Hello, Daisy,
          I am sorry that you are havaing a troublesome pregnancy. I wish you better days in the future and an easy labor and delivery. As KMR said, following the Royals is a nice distraction. I hope you will enjoy this blog and continue to post.
          I can imagine you are having a tough time now, but hope things will go in the best possible way for you and your baby.

      3. Oh Daisy, so sorry to hear you’re home sick. I hope the remaining 3months are healthy and you have a good and safe delivery.

        If it was just dressing like William I could see the random “oh how cute” factor but the outfit George wore at the polo match on Father’s Day was an outfit Prince Harry once wore… Maybe it’s just a coincidence… but she if used to watch tapes of Diana to learn how she handled the press so she may have taken her lead on her to dress PG too.

  28. Hi Daisy, thanks for the picture and welcome! Now if you want to see a boring picture take a look at the link Daisy sent! Maybe, Kate is being directed by Carole, I mean KP on the photos. IMO, it doesn’t really matter the kids are beautiful! More pictures please Kate!!

    1. The kids are adorable and cute. I especially love PG’s facial expressions!! I just wish we had more regular pictures released of them.

    2. Lol William was already stealing the spotlight from Harry even at his Christening. William’s prancing around, pulling focus, and the entire family is looking at him. I guess it started early.

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