Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, Sofia Hellqvist celebrate Sweden National Day

Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, Sofia Hellqvist celebrate Sweden National Day

The Royal Wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist is this Saturday, June 13. As a lead up to the wedding, this week is going to be Sweden/Royal Wedding heavy (including posts on Swedish National Day, royal engagements rings, and past royal weddings). We’ll start this Sweden/Royal Wedding-themed week with the Swedish Royal Family celebrating Sweden National Day (Sveriges nationaldag) on June 6.

The National Day of Sweden was established in 1915 as Swedish Flag Day, and in 1983 Flag Day was merged to form National Day. National Day is celebrated on June 6 to mark two historical events: the date Gustav Vasa was elected King in 1523 and the date the Constitution Act was signed in 1809. To celebrate National Day, the women dress in traditional clothing, while the men just wear suits (the white hat kerchief is for married women, which is why Sofia is not wearing one).

Swedish royal family celebrate National Day 2015

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia started the day in Örebro where they attended the citizenship ceremony at Örebro Castle and visited Örebro city park.

Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrating National Day in Örebro

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were in Uppsala where they attended a citizenship ceremony at Uppsala Castle. Victoria wore a new white striped sleeveless dress from Lindex (€69.95), paired with her white Giambattista Valli cropped jacket she wore last week during the State Visit from India.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel celebrating National Day in Uppsala Lindex white striped sleevless dress

In the evening, the royal family took a carriage procession (Princess Estelle joined) from the Royal Palace to Skansen where there was a concert, and the King gave a speech, saying in part (full transcript here): “We have so much to be thankful for in Sweden. We have peace. We have democracy. We have wealth. All this, which is easy to take for granted today. But that requires our foresight and our responsibility for that to be as obvious in the morning. We must continue to look ahead. To invest in those who come after us.”

Carriage procession during Sweden National Day 2015

Swedish royal family celebrating National Day

Prince Carl Philip opened the Royal Palace earlier in the day, and Sofia Hellqvist and Princess Madeleine joined for the concert. The day ended with a reception at the Royal Palace. Chris O’Neill did not join the celebrations; neither did Princess Leonore even though they brought her out for last year’s National Day. Maddie is heavily pregnant now. She is due to give birth at the end of the month.

The royal court released a new photo of Princess Estelle in honor of National Day. She is pictured playing in the garden of Haga Palace – Victoria and Daniel’s official residence.

H.K.H. Prinsessan Estelle / H.R.H. Princess EstelleJuni 2015 / June 2015

Look at how much Estelle has grown in just a year.

Princess Estelle Sweden National Day 2014-2015

PS. Today, June 8, is Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill‘s 2nd wedding anniversary. Maddie wrote on her Facebook page: “Today we celebrate 2 wonderful years as a married couple and we are excited for what the future will bring us!” Happy anniversary Maddie and Chris!

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill Wedding Photo.

Princess Madeleine June 2015

On June 4, Maddie and Queen Silvia met with Melinda Gates to discuss ways of improving the lives of women and girls all over the world.

Princess Madeleine, Queen Silvia, Melina Gates

Photos: Kungahuset / Getty / Kate Gabor/Kungahuset / Princess Madeleine’s Facebook

69 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, Sofia Hellqvist celebrate Sweden National Day

  1. KMR, I am very excited to follow your blog concerning all of the happening of the Swedish RF this week!! I was very impressed to read about their connection with the Gates Foundation!! Maddie is so beautiful!!!

  2. Not to sound like a drag but the picture of the little one is bright and colorful at the same time. Wish folks across the channel would pick some cues :).

    1. That picture of Estelle is adorable! The pic of Vic smiling proudly at her in the carriage while Estelle is brightly waving to the crowd is precious. Vic is so much like her mother. She could show Will how to be a living tribute to a beautiful, charismatic, caring mother.

  3. Why isn’t Sofie wearing the big hat? Are they like crowns, retro style, or is that just her preference? I’m off to google…

    Ok, the white kerchief is for married women.

    1. It’s because the white hat is for married women, and Sofia is not yet married.

      1. Thank you. That kerchief does help to decrease attractiveness. It’s hard to be attracted to someone when you are laughing at them…

  4. While I appreciate the nod to tradition I think I would be a bit miffed at having to wear a costume with a dolly on my head while the guys don’t have to. I bet if they did this tradition would fall off pretty quickly. Having said that I think Estelle looks absolutely precious in her get up. Is it just me or does she have an impish little gleam in her eye?

    Wow I can’t believe it’s only been 2 years since Chris and Maddie’s wedding and now they are expecting their second child. They certainly don’t waste any time do they? I feel for Maddie being so pregnant and with out her husband around to help out with Lenore, I think that’s why she didn’t bring her to this years events. She was quite the little wiggle monster at the last event they attended.

    1. I just realized that I will be missing out on the big day on Saturday because Mr. from Ca and I will be celebrating our 16th anniversary! I wonder if he would mind if I brought my laptop so I can keep up on the wedding celebrations?? lol

      1. Whao !! 16th anniversary !! That’s sooo great !! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day ! I will just have my 7th anniversary in july, but alone because Mr French Girl is away for 4 month ! I’ll just celebrate with my 3 children and future Baby n.4 !!

        1. And, French Girl, Happy Almost 7th Anniversary. Sorry your husband will be away. Glad you have your children with you and congrats on the future one. When are you due?

        2. Thanks for the good wishes and right back at you!! Sorry to hear that Mr. French Girl won’t be with you on your big day. I know a bit about that as Mr. from Ca works far away from home and frequently is gone for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!! When are you due?

          1. Lauri, Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. CA. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. Sure, bring your laptop, but just take a quick look at the wedding. It’s your time to celebrate your love!
            Wishing you the best and French Girl, as yours is coming up, too. An early congrats!

      2. My congrats too, Laurie! Do you look back and think, no way – it has NOT been 16 years, where did the time go?

      3. To Lauri and Mr. CA, all best wishes for your 16th Anniversary . Enjoy your day and here’s to many, many more wonderful years!

        1. Thank you all so very much for your kind words and good wishes!!! This really is the best online community ever!!! I have had a great 16 years with a fabulous man who indulges my royal obsession and never hogs the tv remote 🙂

      4. Happy 16th anniversary, Lauri!

        If you’re in Ca, then the wedding celebrations will be happening in the morning for you (around 7AM).

    2. There are traditional male costumes, the guys just don’t wear them. I, too, think it’s a bit rude for the women to have to wear them while the men don’t.

      Leonore was a honeymoon baby. Announced literally 12 weeks after the wedding day.

  5. Oh boy how grown up Estelle is now. Estelle must love learning the traditions of her country. Madeleine looks glowing and still working. It can’t be long now for her due date. I love the smiles of the royals. They definitely know that how to get the crowds involved for a day of national pride.

  6. I’m sorry but I think the kerchief-in-the-hair looks ridiculous. It may be a Swedish tradition; it used to be tradition for a Hindu wife to throw herself on her husband’s funeral pyre. They look like country milking maids for Pete’s sake. Thank God the real monarchy has some dignity left in it.

    1. I agree, they need to burn those things. There are other ways of remembering and displaying core traditional values, such as keeping the dresses. The men should don historic costumes too; it’s a bit sexist not to. I doubt that Daniel or CP would have a problem, as they seem like good sports. There are always things selectively left behind.

  7. When Madeleine & Victoria were each engaged at the Sweden National Day, their father mentioned each daughter’s up coming wedding in the speeches. The swedish king talked about how wonderful they are & how they are doing a great job representing sweden! This recent Sweden National Day no comment at all about his only son Prince Carl Phillip & Sofia Hellqvist. Not one word concerning this coming wedding. I do not understand, did Carl Gustav or the swedish government not agree to the marriage? If nobody approved this relationship, why is it going to come official with the marriage? Why is Sofia & Carl Philip suddenly attending royal engagements and why give S.H. a royal title? I do not understand what is going on?

    1. Both the king and the Swedish government had to give permission in order for the wedding to take place, otherwise Carl Philip would have turned in the prince title and all the perks that go with it in order to marry Sofia. So this wedding was definitely agreed to. Some are less thrilled than others but it’s a done deal, official protocol was followed.

      I think the reason the king didn’t mention the upcoming wedding has to do with a greater level of backlash against Sofia becoming a princess than anticipated and Carl Gustaf didn’t want to risk provoking those who oppose the wedding by acknowledging it in his speech even though he did with his two other children. Royal Families get hit with a lot of security threats whenever there is a wedding or a birth, those kind of milestone events draw a lot of tinfoil hat wearers and terrorists, they altered the schedule from previous years which suggests there could have been security concerns. The event wasn’t broadcast until after it ended, it’s possible this was done because they wanted time to edit out any protests about Sofia. Many oppose this wedding, many do not, many don’t care. Opposition tends to be the loudest voice in a crowd so I think it’s likely Carl Gustaf didn’t want to cloud the celebration of Sweden National Day with any protests.

    2. The marriage was approved by both the King and the Swedish Government. Otherwise there would be no wedding.

  8. What a lovely round up. Estelle seems so happy and jolly. Regardless of what people may think, this looks like a loving family..well, if you take out CG, lol!

    I am a sucker for traditions and you provided a great background of it.

    I’m sure Sofia is getting a little nervous as she has less than a week before she marries.

    1. Hi rhiannon, I can’t even imagine the butterflies going round and round in her stomach now. I bet you will feel the same way on your’s and Harry’s big day 🙂

      1. I’m ready to marry Harry now! But I will say that I would be sick to my stomach. The thought of the world literally watching would make me ill from the time I left Clarence House (better photographs) until I see Harry’s beautiful face. I would be crying, but not bawling.

    2. Getting married on national and international television would be terrifying.

  9. I like it that Maddie is still going to functions even though she is very pregnant. But then Maddie is of royal blood and brought up beautifully, unlike Kate with her mother’s idea of bringing up a daughter to sit around, except when she has finished eating dinner then Ma Middleton insists on everyone saying “Thank you”
    *roll eyes!

  10. Because of an air strike, Victoria had to endure a long drive (probably around 8 hours) in order to get to the Sweden National Day events. You wouldn’t know it, though, she’s a consummate professional. The Swedish Princesses are pretty resilient, I don’t know how Madeleine pulled off the day smiling and seemingly engaged either, in heels no less. That picture of Estelle is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, I think it could even beat the combined cuteness of puppy/baby bunny/teacup pig photos.

      1. And don’t forget that Victoria is dealing with “face blindness” too. Makes her even more special in my eyes.

  11. I like the traditional clothing. I don’t even think I would care about the men not wearing anything special. They all look great, I think the outfit suits Sofia. Perhaps it’s her wedding excitement, but I thought she looked quite pretty and extremely happy.

    I really like the Swedes’ United front. They appear to be a tight group who enjoy their public appearances… Well, then there is the grumpy king. He has gone from “annoyance” to “funny” in my book 😀

    I loved the new picture of Princess Estelle. She is such a darling. Amazing how much she has grown – thanks for pulling last year’s picture – I miss her toddler – mischievous smile < 3

    Maddie looks great too. So cool that she is not in hiding and that it appears she will be able to attend the wedding.

    Can't wait to see Sofia's dress¡

    1. I like the traditional outfits, too. Glad I’m not alone in that. There are traditional outfits for the guys, too, which I’d love to see them wear.

  12. Here’s to the Swedish Royal Family. They certainly are fun to follow.
    I agree that Estelle is just darling. What a sweet and natural little girl! The photo of her sitting in the carriage waving is just adorable. Her mother’s love for her shines through!

    Maddie is certainly a trooper. I cannot imagine how she dealt with all the ceremony when she is about to give birth. Wishing her and Chris and their little daughter well and hope the new little one is healthy. Know he/she will be adorable!

    I read that Maddie and Chris and their children will be moving to London. Well, move over, Kate, there’s a new beautiful Royal who will take England by storm. Maddie is so beautiful and caring. I loved seeing her wedding photo again.

    Sad that Sophia and her groom didn’t get the mention in the KIng’s speech. I was interested in the posts that explained the possible why. I am sure the bride is very nervous. Here’s to a lovely day.

    1. Yes, Maddie, Chris, and their kids are moving to London. The reason Chris skipped this event is because he’s setting up his business in London. I wonder if the British media will follow Maddie much when she moves to London.

  13. Before I forget, I wanted to send positive energy and prayers out to Lisa, our fellow follower on this blog. I believe today she is having/or had her surgery., Wishing her a successful operation and
    a complete recovery.

    Also, want to say that this is a wonderful post on the Swedish Royals leading up to Saturday’s big wedding.

    Estelle is a little star. What a cutie. Yes, she looked precious waving to the people from the carriage and you can tell her mother just adores her.

    The historical costuming on the women was fun. I don’t like those headpieces, though. And, yes, if the women are going to suit up, why not the men?

    At any rate, this Royal Family seems to enjoy being together and celebrating their customs. I loved the photos and look forward to the wedding this Saturday.

    1. Thanks for the reminder Jenny about Lisa’s surgery today. Lisa, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I sincerely hope you days of pain and suffering will end and you will be able to lead a happy, healthy life from now on.

    2. Prayers and positive vibes going your way Lisa.
      May you have a speedy recovery and make it back to KMR soon 😉

  14. Yes, here’s to a successful surgery to Lisa. It sounded as if she has been through a great deal of pain and I hope the operation will send her on the road to better health and much happiness.

  15. So I just realized their wedding is the same day as the Trooping of the Color in England. Supposedly Kate will be there, though I am not holding my breath. It will be the first time seeing her since the birth in May. I wonder how much attention she will get over this wedding?

    1. Oh goodness. I hope they don’t steal the show – I say “they” because I’ve read that George is expected to attend, although I will believe it when I see it. I also read that the Queen had requested her presence. I wonder if it true and if so, is it to subtly let her know to get to work or is it meant to show her how important she is to the BRF?
      I know we’ve been lead to believe they all adore Kate, but I find it hard to believe – given the Queen’s work ethic and dedication to serving her country.

      Anyway, I hope we are still able to get decent coverage of the wedding. I’m really looking forward to it.

      1. Hi Overit and Beatrix, it will be interesting to see who gets the most coverage. While the SRF isn’t as famous world wide as the BRF, especially Kate, Carl Phillip is pretty well known and covered in American magazines since he’s such a hottie. Add to that Sofia’s past and this wedding might just beat out the Trooping unless W&K bring Prince Chubby Cheeks with them then all bets are off. Either way KMR is in for a busy day 🙂

        1. I’m kind of hoping Kate doesn’t show so that I can cover Trooping on Sunday.

          It’ll definitely be interesting to see who gets more media coverage. Considering people usually like royal weddings, and they get coverage the people usually wouldn’t get otherwise (Stephanie of Luxembourg’s wedding got press on Yahoo for example though they never cover her since), it’s possible the wedding will get more coverage than Kate at Trooping (if she shows). But as you say, if they bring George, then he may sweep the coverage. You know, I wouldn’t put it past Kate to bring George just to get more coverage than the Swedish wedding.

        2. Of course, if Kate shows at the Trooping of the Color (PG, too), coverage will be extensive. Hope the Swedish Royal Wedding gets the splash it deserves. Everyone loves a wedding, right?

      2. Beatrix I always wondered the same thing. Supposedly they all adore Kate, but I am not sure I buy that. One of the biggest argument the sugars make is that if the Queen was not happy with the amount of work Kate does, then she would make her do more. That means The Queen is happy with the work-load Kate has. I don’t agree. I think the Queen can tell her she needs to work, but ultimately Kate will do what she wants and with Will behind her, she does.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen had told her she needs to be there. I also wonder if it is considered a slap in the Queen’s face if Kate didn’t come. Kate is not sick and she had her baby over a month ago, so there would be no real reason she couldn’t come considering this is a such a minor appearance. I think the Royal Family would take it personally if Kate was too ‘busy’ to attend. She would show herself to be more important than the Queen and her royal duties. I think with the Trooping, she will be forced to go. It would be an insult otherwise. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that family 🙂

        1. Well Trooping is the official celebration of the Queen’s birthday. So it would definitely be a slap in the face to the Queen if Kate didn’t show.

    2. Yes, the wedding is the same day as Trooping. There have been reports that the Queen “ordered” Kate to attend. And the royal reporters are speculating that Kate will be there. Who knows.

  16. The costume the ladies are wearing is not very traditional. It has its origin in the nationalistic movement of the early 1900s and then fell out of favor until 1970. A lot of counties and parishes in Sweden have their own very special costumes, which are much more beautiful. I guess the reason the RF ladies are wearing “Sverigedrakten”, the Sweden costume, is that it will appeal to all Swedes. BTW, when I was growing up in Sweden, June 6 was not a national holiday and there was very little fuss about the date, other than raising the flag in your own yard.

    1. Thanks for the info, Eva! It’s always great to here from people who have actually lived in Sweden. The only info I have is what the internet tells me, but that isn’t always the best.

      May I ask, as someone who has lived in Sweden, what is your opinion on Sofia becoming a Princess of Sweden?

  17. Estelle is a beautiful child. Love the photos.

    If you have to choose between covering Kate at Trooping, or the wedding, my vote is for the wedding!

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