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  1. KMR, thank you for the engagement ring extravaganza!! Princess Madeleine’s ring is my favorite. I really dislike Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie engagement rings. I’m really not a fan of any stone but diamonds when it comes to engagement rings. I give Kate a pass because it’s really Diana’s ring. I was really surprised by Queen Letizia ring! I expected her ring to be a show stopper instead it fizzled.

    1. Maddie and Margrethe have my favorite rings. I’m not a huge fan of the others. Marie’s is hideous.

  2. I love Sophie’s ring. I have a similar ring (not so many carats but the look). My personal favourite when it comes to royal engagement rings is the Queen’s closely followed by Diana’s (I prefer Kate’s version but I call it Diana’s engagement ring in my head).

    As for Victoria’s ring I think he ring was designed to sort of look like her mother’s. Queen Silvia’s ring is pretty small too. It wouldn’t be surprising since Victoria also got married on her parents’ 34th wedding anniversary. It might also be because while Victoria is a blood Crown Princess, Daniel was not. I’m not saying Daniel was poor or anything but he wasn’t a prince when he popped the question. So maybe the ring is small when compared to the other princesses because Daniel bought it? Either way, I think it suits Victoria since she is so down to earth.

  3. Wow, thanks for such a great post KMR!!! I just love weddings and all that goes with them, especially the rings. I like Sofia’s ring, not too large or ostentatious, but I agree with you that the design is pretty trendy right now. I’m a little confused by Maddie’s ring, I thought the engagement photos show a solitaire ring without the pave diamonds on the band but the ring at the wedding had the pave diamonds on the band?? I am seeing (or not seeing) things?? Maybe I need new glasses lol.

    I like Victoria’s ring very much, very classic and simple. While a larger stone might have been expect for a crown princess as I recall Daniel was a small business owner (a couple of gyms I believe) so he probably purchased one that was within his price range but still nice enough for a princess. Also depending on the quality of the stone it might have cost as much as a larger stone of lesser quality.

    Of all the BRF rings my favorite is Sophie’s as Edward bought it just for her. While of course Kate’s is beautiful and iconic I don’t think I would want to wear my late mother-in-law’s ring, but that’s just me. I hate to admit it but I always felt that William was a bit lazy not getting Kate a ring the was just for her, instead he just went and got his mother’s ring out of the vault. Do any of KMR’s loyal readers have an engagement ring that was a family heirloom?

    I am drooling over QM’s ring!! The stones are gorgeous and the thought that went into the design is so romantic!! Unfortunately I’m just not a fan of Mary’s, Marie’s, Leti’s or Max’s rings. For some reason they leave me a little cold, like Max’s ring is an orange diamond because her future husband is from the House of Orange and Mary’s red and white ring which are the colors for Denmark. They just don’t seem very romantic to me.

    I love Charlene’s ring but I agree with you KMR, she doesn’t seem to be much for wearing jewelry so it would have been better had Albert chosen something more her style.

    1. I have my mother’s bridal ring set. I talk about it in a comment below. But I would NOT, in a million years, wear my deceased MIL’s rings. Hell no! Talk about inviting comparisons and wondering if your husband is judging you by his mother. No, thank you!

    2. That ring was special to a lot of people. I guess this is William’s way of making Kate feel special.

      Odd choice though considering how unhappy the marriage was.

    3. I would never settle for wearing my late mother-in-law’s ring. I could understand if a man would want to give his mother’s ring to his fiance, but I would want to pick out my own ring. Wear the mother’s ring as a cocktail ring and have my own engagement ring. But I’m sure Kate loved getting Diana’s ring.

  4. What a great post!!! Thanks KMR. I can’t pick my favorite. I am overwhelemed by all the rings :). I also have never been a fan of stones in engagement rings, however, if you want to add color, I do love colored diamonds! Give me a blue diamond mixed with a regular diamond any day :).

    I will say though, after looking at all these ring photos, it is hard to make a hand look good close up. So many lines, LOL :).

    1. I was thinking the same thing, was going to write something snarky in the post, then thought better of it and didn’t. Hands really don’t look good up close.

  5. My favorite is Madeleine’s and second is her sister Victoria. So glad it appears Maddie ended up with a much better groom and a much better ring. Hope she gave the ring back along with the finger the first guy deserved.

  6. My inner magpie can seriously get into this. For sheer bling, Camilla’s got it. I bet that thing looks spectactular in the right light.

    I’m getting a copy of The Queen’s Jewels from my local bookshop this weekend and I think Camilla’s ring may be in there. I’m so looking forward to sitting down and drooling all over it!

  7. Camilla’s ring may look dingy because I think the diamonds are old and are the old “mine cut” which doesn’t sparkle like some of the modern cuts.
    Hi Lisa! Hope your surgery went well!

  8. First and foremost, thank you for the shout out Lisa. I hope that she is resting and on the mend. You are a class act for mentioning her.

    I literally squealed with delight when I saw this round up. I am a sucker for a good engagement ring. I love Vic’s ring as it reminds me if my own. Mr. Rhiannon purchased me a tacky ring and I hated it. I love big jewels on others but not for me. He wound up getting the memo and upgraded me to a round diamond with a six prong setting. It was simple and perfect. I also have a small diamond band like Vic. So, I’m partial to her ring. Daisy’s is second as it is unique. Camilla is a also just as beautiful. I’m not a fan of heirloom rings, but I get it. Charles loved the Queen Mother dearly. Sophie’s ring is just as stunning.

    Madde’s, Sofia’s, and Stephanie’s rings are a bit basic to me. You can find them at any mall here in the US. Leti’s is okay. I believe that there was a scandal in regards to its purchase. I think it was tied to Infanta Cristina or Sophia’s husband.

    Max’s ring is meh. Charlene’s is unoriginal. Mary’s is just okay and Marie’s is fugly. I cannot fins one thing that is pretty about it. Fred, Joachim, and Albert had the right thought but the execution is wrong.

    Diana’s ring should have never seen the light of day. At least for a generation. Or on the hand of one of the Wales boys kids on a special occasion. The ring is big and iconic and can easily overshadow the wearer. I just get reminded of Diana and the War of the Wales. Even if Harry offered it, I would say no.

    One thought – a lot of royal women use white gold. I find that to be very impractical. The white wears down to yellow and has to have the rhodium replaced after excessive wear. Why do that when you can have platinum? I have white gold and it’s a pain.

    1. Yes, I have a “white gold” ring that is starting to get a someone golden tone. Most annoying. I prefer platinum too. My engagement ring is platinum with a center sapphire and two unusual side diamonds. It’s not nearly as ostentatious as Kate’s, nor is it oval. I’m quite partial to it, and I like having something a bit different. Although, don’t get me wrong; throw a fab diamond in front of me and I’m all over it.

      When I worked close to the local Cartier store I’d go in and ask them if I could try on the biggest diamond in the place. They let me! My two favorites that I tried are the 11 carat yellow emerald cut solitaire (yes, there is such a thing as too big) and the five carat flawless D color solitaire. $300K and $500K respectively. I need to go do that again. Soon.

      1. Omg, bluhare, we are so similar. I worked close to a Tiffany and tried on an 8 carat blue diamond. It was too big. I think that many people think bigger is better. It isn’t. Ive tried so many stones and cuts. I am the woman who surfs Tiffany and Cartier websites during down time.

        1. An 8 ct blue diamond? I DIE!!! If you’re not busy during lunch tomorrow, I know what we could do! ๐Ÿ™‚

          PS I’d have taken the $500K flawless one in a screaming heartbeat!

      2. Bluhare and Rhiannon: I’m so envious of you guys. If I lived near a jewelry store I’d be in there all the time trying on the baubles. I love trying on jewelry.

    2. “Dianaโ€™s ring should have never seen the light of day. At least for a generation. Or on the hand of one of the Wales boys kids on a special occasion. The ring is big and iconic and can easily overshadow the wearer. I just get reminded of Diana and the War of the Wales. Even if Harry offered it, I would say no.”

      100% agree! See my comment below

      1. I have my mom’s wedding band that my father gave her. She had a horrid marriage to my dad and she couldn’t bear to keep it. It’s now in my safe deposit box and I will probably have it repurposed for my daughter when she gets older. My mom wouldn’t be able to stand looking at it.

    3. Yes, a big shout out to Lisa. I hope the surgery went well and that her recovery will be a positive one! Hoping Lisa will be back with us when she is feeling better!

      I am not major impressed by these rings, I am afraid. Though I loved having a chance to view them. I’ve seen prettier rings in bridal magazines.

      As others have said, I am not a fan of the Diana ring and wish William had not given it to Kate. A stronger-minded woman would have wanted her own ring and would have preferred using Diana’s gem on special occasions.

      Yes, Rhiannon, Diana’s ring can indeed overshadow the wearer. Diana wore it well, but I think the ring has bad energy around it now because Charles and Diana did not have a happy marriage and Diana died so tragically and so young.

      1. Oh, one more thing. Are the rings on the hands of the women who own them now?
        If so, Kate’s hands are not the hands of a woman her age. And, Diana was only 36 when she died. The hand in the Diana ring picture looked older.

        I was surprised by Leti’s ring. Hated Marie’s ring.

        None of these really did it for me!

        1. Yes, the rings are on the hands of the women who own them currently. That’s Kate’s hand in the picture. Hands look terrible up close. Hands just don’t photograph well.

    4. From what I read the scandal around Leti’s ring involved Cristina’s husband. I didn’t read too much on it, other than there was a scandal.

      I’m sure Harry’s ring for you will be perfect. Just your style, and something unique to you.

      I don’t know why the royals don’t spring for platinum, either.

  9. I’m surprised I’m saying this, but I actually really like Leti’s ring. It’s sophisticated and classy – just like her. It’s the same reason I like the way she dresses for engagements (and so dearly wish Kate would mirror this). She looks so professional and, I’ll say it again, sophisticated at all times, and I think her ring also represents that image well.
    I kind of wish some famous royal woman would forgo diamonds entirely for her engagement ring, just as a silent statement against the violence and brutality of the diamond trade. So many people die as a result of the trade, and it would be cool if someone famous publicly basically said sure diamonds are pretty but not worth losing lives over. But, it’s not their obligation to do that, and I’m certainly not trying to judge anyone on here who is talking about their own diamond engagement ring! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. But not all diamonds are as a result of that, Maggie. You can get conflict free ones, although I imagine most on this page are not. I could go on a rampage about the diamond cartel too, but I’ll save you all from that.

      I’m not going to let it kill my love for blingy jewelry, though.

      1. Oh, absolutely bluhare! I just agree that most of the ones depicted here are probably not conflict-free ones. And yeah, totally get your love for blingy jewelry, and don’t get me wrong, I strongly share that love ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. What about other gemstones? Like if a royal woman had only rubies or emeralds in her ring? Would that count or do you want someone to have a plain band? I could see someone publicly stating that their ring had conflict free stones, but no stones at all is a bit odd (since it is not the norm).

  10. Oh also I think William giving Kate Diana’s ring was a bad idea. Who in the world wants to wear their dead mother-in-law’s ring? Honestly, I’m a little shocked he did it because even in the engagement interview, it was clear he wanted to stop any Diana-Kate comparisons. I imagine it’s because he knew Kate wouldn’t be working as much. So then why give her the engagement ring? It’s just asking for those comparisons. I honestly don’t get it when Kate gets mocked for imitating Diana sometimes – I kinda thought her polka dot dress with George was a nice tribute to Diana and kind of like starting a new tradition or something. But that’s not the same as a ring that you have to wear all the time. I think that’s borderline creepy and weird. It would have been much nicer to give it to Kate to wear on a very special occasion (births, coronation, etc.). Or just save it for a potential daughter of William or Harry. And people DO have family heirloom engagement rings, but just with all of Diana’s baggage, I wouldn’t think that Kate would want that. Or William for that matter.

    1. I agree with you – it was very weird to me that William gave Diana’s ring to Kate. He seems to me to be rather tone deaf.

      I have my mother’s engagement ring. When she passed, I got her bridal rings set. When I got engaged, it was unexpected and I was marrying a man who came from a culture where diamond engagement rings aren’t de rigeur. I had my mother’s and grandmothers, showed them to him, and he chose. I’m happy with it.

      But. My mother wasn’t the world famous, controversial, Princess of Wales who died tragically. No one, other than my father, even really notices that the rings I wore were hers. My in-laws gave me some jewelry that belonged to my deceased sister-in-law. I accepted them as sensitively as I could, but they remain safely in my jewelry box. I don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

      1. That is sweet that you have hour mom’s bridal set. I have some jewels that my mother inlaw gave me. Let’s just say that it’s tucked away just like yours.

      2. I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing my deceased sister-in-law’s jewelry either.

    2. Maggie, you hit the nail on the head about bringing out the ring for a special occasion. If she would have worn it on coronation day, it would have been so sweet and touching.

      I remember hearing the news about the engagement and instantly being turned off that Kate got that ring. I woukd want a different one after waiting and being stalked and ridiculed for 10 years. But, I’m sure that Carole squealed with glee and probably tries it on as much as she can.

      1. I’m sure Kate squealed, too. I bet she loved getting that ring. It’s the ultimate prize.

    3. On the other hand, it’s just a ring. It’s also her husband’s mother’s ring. If my husband wanted me to have his dead mother’s ring, I’d have worn it.

      If you’re given jewelry by in laws, it means they’d probably like to see you wear it, even if it’s only at events where they are there and it’s appropriate to wear. Unless there’s a family feud over it, though. Then I wouldn”t wear it to events where it might cause issues.

      1. I don’t think I would have taken my husband’s late mom’s ring as an engagemen4t ring. I would have been happy to wear it on my right hand on special occasions, though. If he wanted me to have it, I would cherish it, but I think I would want my own engagement ring.

      2. I agree with Jenny on this. I totally get wearing the ring if your husband wants you to wear it, but I think that there is a happy middle ground where you wear it as a non-engagement ring for special occasions, but get your own engagement ring. And honestly, I even get it for most women if they DO choose to wear their mother-in-law’s engagement ring as their own engagement ring. I just don’t get it when it’s a ring that symbolizes the beginning of a relationship/marriage that failed very publicly and spectacularly. Not to mention all of the inevitable Kate-Diana comparisons it invites. Marrying into the Windsors already means dealing with a lot of baggage – I just wouldn’t want that baggage on my finger at all times. Although I understand why William sees it differently because of Diana’s early death. And they are also living in Anmer which is where Charles is said to have met with Camilla to cheat on Diana, but that clearly doesn’t bother them either, so clearly the Cambridges and I don’t think alike.

      3. I think sentiment and meaning makes or breaks the situation. I would be touched if my husband gave me the engagement ring that had belong to the most important woman in his life, his mother that he loved so dearly and lost.

        What wouldn’t sit well with me would be knowing mother-in-law came to associate the union that ring represented with her im-prisonmant, isolation and unhappiness.

        It’s either touching (reason above) or calculated – William making share his mother’s memory is preserved and never forgotten, with reminders at every turn (and in this case with little consideration or sensitivity to his bride). [the ring, the hotel they stayed in NY, Charlotte’s name, the move to KP etc., AH and Diana’s childhood home connection) There’s no way William hasn’t picked out on Kate copying Diana’s outfits on significant occasions and dressing PG. I don’t think he wants the KM/Di comparisons.

        1. Now that you mention all those things, it really is amazing how much W&K copy Diana.

    4. I think W&K enjoy the Kate-Diana comparisons on many levels.
      Let’s face it, Diana was iconic. Wherever she went, love seemed to follow. While Kate, in my opinion does not have Diana’s charisma or ability to zero in on important causes and work hard on their behalf, when she goes out and about, crowds seem to be drawn to her and that pleases both W&K, I think.

      Will, as said so many times before, wants things both ways. He wants privacy for Kate on some levels, but enjoys her being out there getting rave reviews. It is a trophy wife type of syndrome. Says a lot about a man who can get such a woman. That type of thing.
      Although, like Charles, he has to have a bit of a bad feeling when the crowds seem to be there more for Kate than for him.

      1. I’ve always found it interesting how I’ve never found Kate to be very charismatic, yet she really does draw so many crowds to her. I wonder if it’s more of what she represents/the possibility of her being like Diana, versus her being the actual attraction, if that makes sense.

    5. Oddly enough I understand the ring thing more than I understand paying homage to Diana through dressing like her. I don’t know William’s mindset but throwing it out there, maybe William really felt strongly about his wife wearing something from the other most important woman in his life, his mother? Charles loved his grandmother so dearly, and then gave Camilla one of his grandmother’s rings as an engagement ring. Clearly it meant a lot to Charles for Cam to have something from his grandmother. Maybe it meant a lot to William to have Kate have something of his mother’s? I still think giving a fiance the ring of a failed marriage is weird, even if you were super close to your mother, and I still would want my own ring if it were me, but if William felt strongly about it, I can understand why he would give her the ring and why she would accept it.

      But dressing similarly to someone, especially a dead parent-in-law, that just seems odd. There are better ways to pay homage to someone, you know.

  11. KMR, I enjoyed this special engagement ring edition very much. Made me love my own ring even more. Despite the royal status of the wearers of these gems, not one of them truly resonated with me In fact, I didn’t like them too much at all.

    I have a light blue star sapphire ring in a simple setting that I am forever getting compliments on. My mom also has a star sapphire — same shade of blue and my husband knew how much I loved her ring, so he had one designed for me. I love it.

    I thought Charlene’s ring was especially unimpressive. Maxima’s ring, in an orange tone, suited the color of the Netherlands. Could not see it well in the photo, though.

    I join you in sending good wishes to Lisa. Yes, may she be on the road to better health and a life that is eased of pain. Thanks, KMR.

  12. Thanks for the engagement ring post! I love all the bling. As much as I love, love, love gemstone engagement rings (I have a sapphire with a diamond halo), the gemstone ones here are a bit ‘meh.’ I think my favourites are Madeleine and Letizia’s. Although I also like Sofia’s, even though it’s pretty popular at the moment, I like halos and split shanks.

  13. Thank you for this post. I hope Lisa’s surgery went well.
    I adore the Swedish engagement rings belonging to Victoria and Madeleine. They sit well on the fingers, and I think quality is much better than a big engagement ring. I am not much of a Jewellery wearer and my attempt at pierced ears failed miserably even though I am envious of those who have them pierced.
    I like Diana’s ring. The blue colour is bewitching and did go well with Diana’s blue eyes. I think William should have used a different ring given the history and passed the ring to any future daughter. It was strange when William said he had the ring for 3 whole weeks in his backpack. It only takes what five minutes to propose, speaking from someone who had a proposal in my Geography lesson with the ring from my compass.

    1. Maybe he never found a good time when they were alone until 3 weeks in? They were on a vacation with friends at the time. Which I think is odd. If you are going to propose to someone on vacation, then take a vacation just the two of you. Why go with friends in the first place?

      1. Possibly because William wasn’t that excited about marriage. William knew he had to get married to produce a legitimate heir, he may have started associating it to another royal duty at some point, so maybe it lost a bit of it’s spark with the pressure of it all – a suitable Queen-consort. He always went on about getting married late in life and definitely not before 30. Harry even said in an interview (2011) that Prince Charles and him never thought William would get married.

        I doubt he thought/was planning for the relationship with Kate to keeping going after University, I don’t think he would have started it so soon since he wasn’t planning on getting married till at least 30. Who wants a decade long courtship with “what are your intentions” type conversations from parents and the media. He definitely wanted to play bachelor a bit more before he settled down.

        It was interesting that one of the first things Kate asked him after they got married was if he was happy… I just find it weird that this just wouldn’t be assumed. Maybe she just talking about the ceremony?? He didn’t even attend the wedding rehearsal the day before (read it in a Katie Nicoll – Vanity Fair article, lots of sugar!!)

        1. Which interview was it where Harry said he thought William would never get married? I must have missed that one.

          I was surprised William got married when he did because he had said not long before that it would be a good while yet before he got married. Then I feel like the engagement happened 6 months later or something.

          That’s interesting how you put it that William may have associated getting married with royal duties, seen as something evil and to be avoided, rather than something he wanted to do because he loved the woman he was with.

          William didn’t attend the wedding rehearsal? What a dick.

  14. I am very surprised at the fact that Mary’s central diamond is announced to be at 8 carat. If you have a look to Maddie’s it’s clearly bigger. Also a 8 carat emerald cut diamond would be 1.4 cm long approximately and hers seems really smaller. I have a 2.something one and I hardly doubt hers is much bigger. Nothing towards you KMR, I know I have already read it somewhere else and I had been much surprised already.
    I love Margrethe’s “toi et moi” as we call these 2 stone rings in France. I didn’t like them much before but I’ve really grown fond of them.
    Not a huge fan of the other rings, except maybe Maxima’s, as for everything she wears when you imagine it on somewhere else you think it’s ugly but she just manages to pull it off incredibly.

    1. I don’t know sizes of diamonds or anything by just looking at them. I read Mary’s diamond size when I was searching for info on her ring.

  15. i love Camilla’s ring, but i love all things art deco.

    ps: did you know this ring is part of the Mrs Grenville haul that the queen mother was bequeathed?

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