Princess Charlotte to be Christened July 5

Princess Charlotte to be Christened July 5

Kensington Palace confirmed this morning that Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have scheduled Princess Charlotte‘s Christening for Sunday, July 5. Charlotte will be Christened by The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, at St. Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham estate.

Kensington Palace Princess Charlotte Christening announcement

The Christening will be private as with Prince George (unlike Princess Leonore or Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella), but photographs will be taken of the royal family and released afterwards (just like with George). Though the ceremony will be private, there is likely to be a small gathering of press and public outside the church to watch the royal family walk in (like there is at Christmas).

Charlotte is not the first royal to be Christened at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham. Princess Eugenie was Christened there on December 23, 1990, Princess Diana was Christened there on August 30, 1961, and King George VI was Christened there in March 1896.

The godparents will not be announced until closer to the Christening. People still think Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are frontrunners.

Charlotte will of course wear the same silk and lace Christening gown as George, and several recent royals, which is a replica of the Christening gown worn by Queen Victoria. The replica was made by Angela Kelly (the Queen’s personal dressmaker) because the original gown was becoming far to fragile to use.

I am still holding out hope that we will get a family photo like the ones we got with George (except taken by a professional) between now and July 5, but considering the Christening is only a month away, I’m kind of doubting that now (anything the Cambridges can do to keep Charlotte the Unseen out of sight, amirite – skip the first family photo and go straight to the Christening; one less photo out there of The Unseen).

PS. I wonder if Harry will be there. He is supposed to be heading to Africa for three months this summer, but I don’t know when he is leaving. Maybe he’ll wait to go until after July 5, or he’ll fly back specifically if he leaves sooner? Is it possible William and Kate scheduled Charlotte’s Christening a bit early to accommodate Harry’s schedule? Charlotte will be two months and three days old at time of her Christening, unlike George who was three months and one day old at the time of his.

OR did William and Kate choose to Christen Charlotte at Sandringham at two months old because Diana was Christened at Sandringham at two months old and either Kate is still Single White Female-ing her or William still has intense mommy issues, or both?

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  1. Oh, I hope they release a photo before the christening, one of George holding Charlotte would be adorable!! I read in the DM this morning that Beatrice and Peter Phillips are frontrunners for godparents. I’m thinking that Harry and Pippa wouldn’t be chosen as godparents as they are already the uncle and aunt.

    1. I could see Peter Phillips since William has always been close to the Phillips’ kids and Zara is George’s godparent, but I highly doubt Beatrice or Eugenie would be in the mix. Kate has never gotten along well with the York girls.

      Princess Madeleine is already aunt to Princess Estelle, but was also chosen as a godparent. And Crown Princess Victoria is already aunt to Leonore, but was chosen a godparent. I would agree with you that Harry and Pippa might not be chosen since they are already uncle and aunt, but the Swedes chose aunts as godparents so it’s possible. Obviously the Swedes have no baring on the Brits, but people have chosen aunts as godparents before is what I mean. So it wouldn’t be too shocking if Will and Kate chose aunt or uncle as godparent.

      1. I thought it was rather odd that the DM put Beatrice forward as one of the godparents. However, I think Will was close to them when they were all much younger but I thought Kate didn’t get along with them especially Eugenie. And frankly how could a young woman who takes 15 vacations in 6 months be a good influence on a young girl?

        I know that other royals have made aunts and uncles godparents but the Brits seem to be real sticklers for precedence, tradition and doing things the “correct” way. Having said that we are dealing with W&K here and they certainly want to do things their own way, tradition and precedence be damned.

        1. “the Brits seem to be real sticklers for precedence, tradition and doing things the “correct” way”

          Except for William and Kate who love doing things “their way”. Or at least that’s what everyone wants us to think. Even William admitted he doesn’t like listening to his people’s advice.

          Re Beatrice being a frontrunner: She’s not a very good role model considering what she is doing with her life right now (ie. nothing). Add to that Kate’s animosity toward her, plus according to a recent report William doesn’t like her boyfriend Dave Clark. I doubt W&K would pick her as a godparent.

          1. Well, even the Brits with their ‘correct’ way have chosen aunts and uncles and grandparents to be godparents before. In fact, that used to be the common practice until recently. For example: Princess Margaret’s godparents included Edward VIII (paternal uncle), Lady Rose (maternal aunt) and at least one brother of the Queen Mother. The Queen’s godparents included her paternal grandparents King George V and Queen Mary, her maternal grandfather, her paternal aunt, Princess Mary and a maternal aunt (I don’t remember her name). PC’s godparents included his grandfather King George VI, his great-grandmother Queen Mary and his aunt Princess Margaret. Princess Anne’s godparents included the Queen Mother and a sister of Prince Philip. Prince Edward’s godparents included the Earl of Snowdon (Princess Margaret’s husband). And that’s just from the top of my head.

            So if William and Kate stick to ‘tradition’, there’s a pretty big chance that Harry and Pippa could be among the godparents. Hell, even Prince Charles, the Queen and Prince Philip have a chance. If they stuck to tradition, they’d include at least one of William’s uncles or aunt, a high ranking aristocrat (probably from Diana’s side), and at least one foreign royal.

            But this is Kate and Will. As we all know, *they are just like us. OMG!*

          1. Actually Victoria is a godmother to children of four royal houses: Netherlands (Catharina-Amalia), Norway (Ingrid), Denmark (Christian), Belgium (Eleonore). The first three are heir apparent’s themselves so it kinda makes sense.

            Other than the aforementioned royal kids Victoria is a godmother to eleven other kids (Leonore not included).

            I’m kinda hoping Will and Kate will choose Victoria to be one of the godparents for Charlotte. She’d be a great influence on her.

  2. Thank you. I hope we have a photo of George holding Charlotte and one of Harry holding his niece. I think Peter Phillips is a good choice though I think Eugenie is the more sensible choice. Sorry. Eugenie’s christening I read was at a public service. Why it cannot be the same for Charlotte I don’t know.

    1. Yes, Eugenie’s Christening was public, which is unusual. All the others have been private. It would be so nice if the Brits did public Christenings like the Swedes or Monaco, but usually the Brits do private Christenings. Usually the Christenings are done in the Music room of Buckingham Palace, though Eugenie and George obviously weren’t Christened there.

      As I said to Lauri, I doubt either of the York girls would be chosen as godparent. Kate has never gotten along with either York girl. And especially Eugenie would not be chosen since Kate made Eugenie cry at a party once.

      EDIT: I was mistaken, it was Beatrice that Kate made cry, not Eugenie.

        1. I just looked to confirm, and I was mistaken, it was Beatrice not Eugenie. I remembered it being Eugenie, but apparently I was mistaken. Anyway, the story goes that Kate invited Beatrice to a party (it was that disco one where Kate was photographed sprawled on the roller skate floor) without telling her that it was a costume party, so Beatrice showed up in a nice dress and not a costume. Then some stuff happened between them inside (possibly Kate told Beatrice to piss off when Beatrice confronted her), and then Beatrice was spotted crying.

          Here are two links that have some information about the incident tucked in them:

          1. Kate has a very mean expression on her face in the photos in the article. If her husband has a close relationship with his cousins, shouldn’t she try to be nicer to them?

          2. Beatrice wore a black dress to the V&A museum for an occasion recently. I think Beatrice looked very classy. Kate on the floor in hotpants looked a mess. As one of my beloved late grandmother’s said there is nothing worse than seeing a girl drunk in public. Mind you my grandmother who made fur coats saw the Queen mother and Princess Margaret need help staying up while she fitted them.

          3. I have never understood Kate’s behaviour to the York girls. If I had been in Kate’s position, I would have thought “You know, if I marry William, I’m going to be seeing these girls several times a year for the rest of my life, I should probably learn how to get along with them” . Even if she didn’t like them personally, why make enemies of them? She was so focused on marrying William, but the consequences of being his wife just sailed over her head. And where was Carole in this? She’s the smart one, you think she might have pointed out the downside of being bitchy to Will’s cousins, but either she missed it, or Kate didn’t listen, or.. Kate herself was so limited in her social and intellectual abilities that Carole had to pick her battles with her. Kate can only do so much.

      1. No wonder Eugenie elbowed Kate out the way at Sandringham then and having to curtsey to them when William is absent. I think it would be an ideal opportunity to make friends with the York girls with a gesture like that. Princess’s Beatrice and Eugenie and Charlotte are blood princesses. Unlike Kate. I think the British public would feel more involved if the Christening was not private. Thank you KMR. Beatrice and Eugenie are now in the shadows now that Kate has become the main focus.

          1. It was Christmas 2011. It is on Youtube the clip where Eugenie brushes past/elbows Kate and Kate gives Eugenie a look. I would of thought that Kate would warm to William’s relations.

    2. I would love to see a picture of Harry holding Charlotte!!! It would be great to see him interact with either of the children, I think my heart would melt. Too bad W&K don’t release more photos that are warm and fuzzy, like George and Lupo playing or Harry and George.

      1. I know. They only release boring, stiff pictures that are photoshopped to hell with all the life sucked out of them.

      2. Sites reporting Prince (King) Harry has an event scheduled the day of… if true, I hope it is to distance Prince Harry from the workshy duo;

        Why is this event not in London – yes it is easier for Willnot and km at AH (both has been in London); or is it a good way to ensure carol the middletons seen inside HM the RF estate.

    1. They released the Harry is the drunk, party prince article as well. Can’t let him get any positive attention.

      1. They had an article about William being so down to earth and easy to please with his food choices unlike his brother by one of the chefs at an RAF base.

        Is the press/Palace/Will’s PR throwing Harry under the bus having realised that most of the comments on all articles on William are so negative… and those are the few comments that people even bother to leave… of the few articles that journalist bother write on William’s engagements the past few weeks?

        1. They are very similar to Charles and Diana image wise.

          Harry has the Diana magic. Even when he messes up, people are willing to forgive and move on. Harry is visibly committed to his charities and royal duties. So he likes to enjoy himself a bit, how terrible.

          William is old before his time, jealous, petulant, and spoiled. (Will’s laziness, lack of duty, need for total privacy, and his missus are an added weight to his delicate image.)

        2. Petulant W km PR can try – but no one believes –

          Prince (King) Harry’s actions, hard work at royal duties – love of his people/his royal family – speaks louder …!!

    2. Technically W&K announced Charlotte’s Christening the day after Harry received his knighthood as he received it yesterday from the Queen. But still, they kind of stole his thunder.

      1. It’s been William’s sop when dealing with Harry and any good attention he receives. Major jealously.

        Years ago, Harry would do something positive and suddenly, like magic, a superhero pilot William to the rescue.

    3. Just look at that photo of HM and PH! She obviously has a very soft place in her heart for him.

      Harry is doing so much to represent the Royals in a truly positive light. He deserves this honor. I’m happy he is happy.

  3. Let’s just hope that Kate doesn’t have that plastic face she had in the photos at George’s christening. She looked awful, very botoxy…..

        1. At the time I thought it was weird that Kate played matchy-matchy with George’s christening gown, but Charlene also wore white and matched the Twin’s gowns.

          1. That’s true. I just don’t like the matching. It looks like a white or cream blob. I am gonna bet that Kate will wear a shade of blue or silhouette similar to the one that Diana wore when Harry was christened

          2. Oh I agree. I like a bit of contrast so I can see where the baby ends and the mom begins. I liked the color Maddie chose. She wore a nice light pink which went so well with Leonore’s christening gown.

            I just wanted to point out Charlene because I didn’t want it to be “Kate is horrible, everyone else is awesome even if they’ve done similar things to Kate”. I’ve seen people on here criticize Kate and praise Charlene when Charlene has done similar things to Kate. Charlene took several months off after giving birth but did an engagement here and there, just like Kate, but Charlene got praised for returning to work and Kate got called lazy. I realize Charlene had twins via cesarean and Kate didn’t, but still. I think it’s a bit hypocritical, and said so at the time.

            I’d love to see Kate in a nice light green color for the christening. But I doubt that will happen.

          3. I agree with you. You pointed out in a previous roundup that Charlene’s work numbers are on par with Kate’s. Archduchess Stephanie is worst than the both of them. I agree that we have a tendency to call Def-Con 1 when Kate doesn’t work and ignore the others. Thank you for keeping me honest.

            I will say that I was more focused on Jacques showing his big sister some love during the event.

          4. Jacques playing with Gabriella was adorable!! We’ve seen three photo ops of the twins – the first picture release two weeks after birth, the balcony appearance on Jan, and the christening in May.

            Yes, Charlene’s post twins numbers are about on par with Kate’s post George numbers. Or at least they were; I haven’t tallied them in a bit. I just think it’s interesting when people put up other royals to show how lazy Kate is and then when I add up the numbers it turns out the other royal works about the same as Kate or less. I had a discussion with someone about a year ago about that very thing.

            Archduchess Stephanie? Do you mean Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg? Yeah, she doesn’t do much at all, and she doesn’t even have a child as an excuse. I’ve actually been wondering when she and Guillaume are going to have a baby. They’ve been married several years now.

          5. Yes, Stephanie! I forgot her correct title. There was a kerfuffle about her stalking her husband as well. I was surprised that she hasn’t had a baby. I hope that it’s nothing serious.

            His other brother, his name escapes me, married Claire and they have a beautiful baby.

          6. Prince Felix. He and Claire just released some new photos of the baby, too.

          7. Regarding Charlene: I’m not really interested in her except to remark on her endless unhappiness before the twins were born.

            As for her numbers, well, Monaco is a teeny tiny principality with little to no influence. Does that make a difference? Whereas the British royals have to cover an enormous amount of territory and represent a major player on the world map. Just a thought.

            If you think about it, too, what is Monaco, really? A tax shelter and meeting ground for all sorts of shady characters and the very, very rich.

          8. Yes, but somehow Charlene looked so regal. So, amazingly sophisticated and stunning. I think people have been thinking that Charlene has made more appearances after the birth of the twins than Kate did after the birth of George, because Charlene finally looks happy and seems to have eased into the job. She’s relaxed. Enjoying herself.

            Kate mostly looks frozen to me when she is out and about. The frozen smile on her face. The stiff way she seems to present herself. Occassionally, I see her relax, but for the most part, she just seems to walk through those appearances. I guess she hates doing them I cannot blame her on some levels. It is hard to do tehm if you are not an “out there” kind of person, I am sure. She signed up for this stuff, though.

            Ugh, I am not drinking coffee anymore and I am missing it. Herbal tea does not do it for me. I have to get dressed and move away from the blog. Life awaits me away from my laptop.

            Hope everyone has a good weekend.

        2. I find the colour matching interesting. With Charlene, perhaps it’s the bonding- she looks so happy. With Dolittle it’s the appearance of bonding and her usual narcissism (to me, she has never looked over the moon with her babes); I truly believe every choice and move of hers is calculated for public consumption, to paint a false picture.

          I personally think that the cream colour is outstanding. So, wearing a contrasting (darker) colour highlights the babe, not the mother.

          All speculation on my part. It will be interesting to see what she wears for Charlotte’s christening.

  4. People are questioning Beatrice’s godparent suitability? Hello, they have willnot and cannot for parents!

    Harry is unlikely to even attend. Rumor has it, he will already be in Africa.

    I think it’s slightly creepy that they are trying to recreate yet another Diana moment.
    It’s surprising they are having the service in Norfolk, It’s out of everyone’s way.
    The queen will probably be at Windsor/BP. But then again, w&k don’t seem like the people to care about inconveniencing the very elderly. It’s all about them.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t blame them so much for creating another Diana moment. If that is where Princess Diana was christened, I can’t say I blame William for this idea and I would be unhappy if Kate did not go along. But, then, she does seem to go along with all William’s requests, does she not?

      And, yes, a photo of little PG holding his sister would be heart warming. A photo of PH holding his niece and one holding his nephew would send us all into a Harry frenzy for sure.

  5. I don’t think Pippa would be a very good role model for little Charlotte, either. “Just make it off your sibling’s name!” Charlote will be the spare, but I hope she has a personality and a will of her own. I hope she does something strong and positive with her life. With Kate as a Mom, she could go either way. Be just like Mummy, or go the opposite.

    Yes, it would be lovely to see a photo of PG holding his baby sister. And, a photo of Harry with his niece would make everyone smile. That’s probably why it won’t happen. They did steal his thunder. Shame on W&K. Don’t they get enough oohing and ahhing over their ability to procreate?

    1. “Just make it off your sibling’s name!”

      Oddly enough, though, she kind of will (even without Pippa’s advice). George will be the heir, and Charlotte will be flitting around trying to make something of her life – very much the same way Pippa has been since Kate became wife of the heir.

      I hope Charlotte grows up to be a strong, independent woman with a life and goals of her own, but the track record for royal spares is not good (Margaret, Andrew, Harry for a while but he is shaping his life together now) and with Kate and William as parents she will probably grow up having some of their same emotional/mental problems. Because they will inadvertently force their own issues onto her (and George).

      1. Oh, I thought I was being clear. Yes, Charlotte will be a spare, but I said I hoped she would make her own way in the world.

        I remember reading a horoscope for PG after his birth and the astrologer went on and on saying everything was perfect in his chart. He would be a great King. He and his family would get along great. His future was golden. No kidding? Of course, he would have a golden future in most ways.

        I read Charlotte’s horoscopes by a few astrologers after her birth and each said she would be very strong-willed and give Kate a run for her money. So, if you believe in the stars and the planetary alignments, maybe, just maybe, Charlotte is going to come into her own!

      2. In as much as spares have an aimless life, and we assume they are complete wastes of space, a lot of that is because we tend to know more about them than the heirs. In the examples you’ve given of Margaret, Andrew and Harry, we know everything good and bad about them, but we don’t really know anything about Elizabeth, *Charles and William. What we think we know about them is a PR version designed to make them look good.

        *Charles married a woman who was willing to leak about him which has resulted in a very negative version of him. People are genuinely surprised when they discover Charles isn’t a complete sh!t.

        The press is allowed to report on the spares without restraint even if that includes lies.

        The spares are also reported upon in a manner than makes them look worse in every way than the heir such that no matter what the heir does, the public is always relieved the spare isn’t the heir. It never matters if there is any truth or evidence for this perception except media manipulation with collusion of the palace. The public, already primed to believe the worst of the spare, will always believe any negative story about them and discount any good ones.

        There is a policy in place to always throw the spare under the bus to make the heir look good. Many editors have publicly confirmed this policy. The media tends to go along with it until it becomes MORE lucrative to report differently as happened with Diana and Harry.

        And the irony is that in English history, from it’s inception to the WW2, the most celebrated, noteworthy and progressive monarchs have been spares. Go figure.

  6. Well making this one even more private than the first it seems. I wonder if there is a lot of reference to Diana with her being christened there as well. To be honest, right now I wish them all the best, but I have more pressing concerns as I have been in the hospital since Tuesday and am having major surgery the coming Tuesday.

    Hopefully I’ll get some royal diversions on occasion, but to be honest it all seems like a bunch of hooey by incredibly spoiled wealthy people who are too stupid to see how good they have it and the relatively small amount of work they have to do to maintain it so they are seriously the last thing I’m thinking about right now.

    You guys have fun with them while I’m away. Maybe there will be something exciting coming up with them, but I’m seeing more of the same for an indefinite amount of time.

    1. May I ask what is wrong and kind of major surgery? It’s okay if you don’t want to answer, I know it’s an intrusive question. I hope everything will be okay.

      1. Lisa, I don’t want to pry. Just want to wish you a successful surgery and a good and uneventful recovery. I can certainly imagine that you have more on your mind right now than W&K. Hope you know that people here wish you the very best.

      2. I don’t mind. I have Crohn’s and Colitis. I’ve had it for a long time and have reached a point where the meds aren’t working and to be honest my only option right now because of weight loss and damage to my colon is to have it completely removed.

        All of the doctors and nurses have told me it will be a complete turn around for me. No more pain, my gastro said I won’t need my meds any more (Humira which is indecently expensive) the best thing being my diet won’t be restricted like it is now and I can go out without worrying about where every restroom in a 20 mile radius is (I could write a book for my area…lol)

        Following the royals is a fun, escapism thing for me too. Really helped to get my mind of the pain sometimes. I also love history and they are, for better or worse, a part of history whether by marriage or birth so it’s kind of nice to watch it as it all unfolds.

        1. I wish you a speedy recovery. Hope your health improves greatly with this surgical proceedure.

        2. Lisa, you are being sent a great big cyber hug and best wishes from all of us, I am certain.

          I am sorry for all you have had to endure. If, as your docs and nurses have said, the surgery means a positive turn-around in your health and end too such pain, then you are smart to have it.

          May you have a successful operation and a positive outcome to the surgical procedure. I am sure it won’t be easy, but I hope you have many loved ones who will rally around you and offer care and love.

          I agree that this board is pure escapism, but also a wonderful way to learn new things and see how many kind and wonderful people there are out there.

          When you are feeling better, do check in, please. Let us know how you are doing . Maybe, the Royals (Kate and Will) will get their act together and we will all be pleased with that turn around.

          Good luck!

        3. I’m sending you positive energy for a safe and peaceful surgery and recovery. Another poster said that we are a supportive community and we truly are. I hope that you feel the good vibes.

    2. Hi Lisa,

      My thoughts and prayers will be with you on Tuesday. You are so right in times of stress and serious illness the foibles of two spoiled rich kids can seem so irrelevant. However, KMR has built a great and supportive community here and we are behind you 110% with good thoughts and many prayers for a speedy recovery.

    3. Lisa,

      You dream of a better life. You have the fortitude and bravery to pursue it. All the best to you; may you go from strength to strength. I am sure it will happen.

      Meanwhile, these weak and empty pod people waste their lives in empty play, without gratitude for their obscene privilege. It’s sad/pathetic all round.

  7. Oh, Lisa, I would also like to send my good thoughts and prayers your way.

    I do hope your surgery will be successful and that you recuperate in a peaceful way.
    Life is about good people doing good things and I am sure you are more concerned about such positive things that we can all do than the lifestyles of the rich and royal.

    This is pure escapism for me. I want you to know that in the larger picture, good health and kind, compassionate people are what matters. May you, someone who obviously gets that, be blessed with a complete recovery and a future that will be bright.

    Best of luck to you. We will be eager to hear how you are doing.

    1. Well said, jenny. You are much better at expressing this than I am.

      @Lisa: I hope you know we are thinking of you and hoping for the best for you. I’ll be thinking of you and sending good vibes you way on Tuesday.

    2. Thank you Jenny. I think what got me going was hearing about Charlotte’s private christening and Petulant and Silent cranking the walls even tighter when we see such beautiful christenings, especially after the Monaco one.

      Really make me thinks those walls aren’t there for the protection of the kids, but for the protection of the image of their marriage which probably isn’t anything at all as it should be.

      1. Hi, Lisa. You are so astute.
        As my mom and grandmother always say, “Everything works out eventually.”
        I think whatever mistakes W&K are making will damage their image and they may not be the ones the people in Britain want as their monarch and wife.

        More importantly, I will say a prayer for you and I believe that you are on your way to better health. I do wish you a successful surgery and a recovery that allows you to have some freedom from the pain you’ve been enduring. Please take care and when you are feeling better, check in and let us all know how you are.

        Best to you.

  8. Alert: Apparently new pictures are being released for the Sunday papers. Rumor has it Kate took the pictures herself!

    1. Hi Kip, I just read that the picture(s) will be released tomorrow night at 9pm, will be of George only and yes apparently Kate took the picture(s). It will be interesting to see what they look like, the ones she took while on tour were okay, not fantastic but okay. I wonder if she will do better photographing people instead of scenery.

  9. I will be interested in seeing the baptism pictures and the ones released later. What is far more interesting is that they are losing goodwill from the press. They’ve lost all all goodwill from the press when they left the hospital without a word to the press or those darling fans who waited. Or, was the pastries meant to placate them? They are now starting to become a nuisance.

    I, for one, wishes they would use someone on the scale of Earl Snowdon or even Prince Andrew. They are much better photographers than Kate the Vanilla. I find this in stark contrast as a new picture of Estelle was just released. On average, and my math is wonky, we get about 6 sessions on Estelle each year and about a dozen engagements from her. And you will not hear one peep of criticism about it. Estelle was doing engagements or appearances at George’s age. W&K are fast tracking their way into further criticism and becoming irrelevant.

    1. Richard Palmer of the Express is very upset with the palace’s press office. He says the relations between the press and the palace are not good at all, and that the handling of this photo release has been awful.

      Re leaving the hospital: The press said that KP said W&K would do the leaving the hospital photo op at 6PM GMT/1PM EST, but they stepped out of the hospital for the photo op a good 10-15 early and I ended up missing watching it live and was annoyed. I read some of the fans that had been waiting outside the hospital for weeks missed the photo op because they were in the bathroom because KP sucks and didn’t announce W&K were coming out (which would have been the proper thing to do).

      I love the way Vic and Dan handle Estelle. She does a good number of engagements plus official photos. And Maddie releases a good number of photos of Leonore and she she has even brought her to engagements. Leonore was at an engagement at less than 6 months old (National Day). Today is Sweden’s National Day and both babies are going to be seen with their parents. I’ll have that coverage on Monday.

      1. I thought that the presenting of the baby and the hasty departure was a huge f-you to everyone. People stopped their lives to sit and wait. This should not be surprising as they made people wait in the sweltering heat the last time. What they are doing is not working. Will must heed to his advisors. I am tiring of this normal crap. It’s bordering on obsession and it will likely be passed to the kids. The kids will be afraid of the press and it will only get worse.

        I bet you when Harry and I have our babies, there will be none of this. All joking aside, I doubt that Harry would be like this. He gets it. Hea not like oiit, but he will comply.

        The Swedes get it. Heck, Princess Mary will have Princess Isabella christen a ship later today. Prince Christian ran in a kiddie race. Princess Ingrid has been alongside her parents. Okay, they are other European houses. But, even the Queen had regular photos released of Charles and Anne. Will and Kate need to step aside already.

        1. I think the way KP handled the press and public wait for both George and Charlotte was bad. They tried to make it better for Charlotte, seemingly having learned from the clusterfuck that was the Great Kate Wait of 2013, but it still ended up being terrible.’

          I wonder what Harry will be like when he has a wife and babies. I wonder if he will be more open to the press than William, or if Harry will want to shield his wife and babies, too. Given how many good interviews Harry has given, especially lately, I would hope he would understand and give an interview while presenting the babies. I would hope would understand the importance of keeping the press on his side, and letting the public see the babies, and he would be more open than William.

          1. Harry gets it. He has a better rapport with the press than Will. It was so cute when he palmer the photog with the purple paint. He is also known to have a pint with them on tour. I believe that my husband, I mean Harry, gets the he needs to press as much as he does. And he also has the people kn his side because if it. People love Harry because they feel included in his life.Harry has made peace of it while Petulant hasn’t. If you compare Will to his European counterparts, he looks quite mad in a Howard Hughes way.

          2. OH MY GOD Will is totally on his way to becoming Howard Hughes! I could totally see that happening! Hiding away, peeing in jars, dying of heroine overdose with dozens of broken needles in his arms… yep I could see Will ending up like that. Poor George and Charlotte, Will will drag them down his rabbit hole of emotional problems.

            I do agree that your husband Harry gets that he needs to give some to the press. I can’t wait to see Harry with his own kids. That will be adorable. Way more adorable than Will holding George. No offense to Will, but he doesn’t have the same quality as Harry does. Harry with kids is adorbs, and Harry with his own kids will be even better.

          3. Nothing to do with William here, (he’s busy creating his own personal steaming pile of hot mess every time he makes a move in public) but don’t you think Harry can afford to be more relaxed and just one of the gang with press? I don’t think it’s calculated at all, and his personality is obviously more “don’t worry be happy” than his brother’s. He’s 5th in line, and realistically, why would William step aside? His explanation for making Catherine wait 10yrs, was that he wanted her to be sure about becoming part of that life. She wants it, he wants to keep it, they’ll do it their way, and Harry’s safe to just be who he is (turning into a pretty nice guy, and you know, just one of the boys!). I can see his life shaping up to be devoted to his causes, like his mother, or his aunt Anne (girl is a workhorse!). He just won’t have to deal with the glaring critical spotlight at all times. Overall, it’s looking good for Harry!

          4. Ray,

            I’m a firstborn and I generally find firstborns to be overresponsible and inclined to pay respect to authority. I think William had a choice: to take on duty and discipline or not. He chose the latter. Yet he wants to have his cake and eat it,too, without lifting a finger. This makes him irresponsible and lazy.

            He certainly despises his father as a role model, who, IMO, is a great role model when it comes to kingship. William made choices, BECAUSE he is the heir, because he can, and he chose to be a wastrel, because he can do anything. None of the choices have anything to do with responsibility.

            Meanwhile Harry also had a choice. We see his choices on display now. As so far down the line, he could have ended up a total reprobate. He didn’t, did he?

            I agree that birth order and expectations have an influence. But everyone still has a choice. It seems that Harry has risen above expectations, while William spits on everything.

          5. I think Harry will be protective of his wife and children — once he has them. I also believe he will do that in a less rigid way than William does.

            There were tons of amazing, loving photos of Will and Harry when they were little and those photos and their public appearances made the people love them even more. They felt close to the boys.

            DIana wanted privacy, but she knew that her children needed to learn to deal with the exposure. She knew how important it was for them to be seen. The Swedish Royals have that understanding, too. Other Royals don’t place their children in isolation, either. The media knows to respect privacy, but also wants an opportunity to showcase the little ones, too.

            It’s a shame that William seems so angry and impatient with the press. How does he think anything will change later on? If he does become King, PG will definitely be someone the media is not only interested in covering, but he will be someone they MUST cover.

            I, for one, don’t believe that William let Kate wait ten years before he popped the question to make sure she was certain she knew what she was getting in for. How dumb did he think she was? She was alive when his Mum was “hounded” by the media. She knew what the future would hold I can understand his wanting things to be less traumatic for her, but they both had to know they couldn’t live in an isolation chamber for the rest of their lives.

          6. MavenTheFirst, I half agree with you. Yes, Harry has a smorgasbord of choices, and is becoming more sophisticated and forward thinking in what he chooses. He is starting to be taken more seriously, as he’s been “putting his money where his mouth is”. Always great value in that.

            I don’t think it ever entered into William’s mind that he had a choice to take it or leave it, or behave a certain way. Honestly, he’s known since he was old enough to talk that he will be king one day. Who he is, who he married and if we like that or not means nothing to him. He will do as he does, and that will be that. And we will just have to continue gritting our teeth when his entitled attitude pisses us all off. No choices there, it is what it is.

  10. I seem to recall that Kate at least asked WIll if they should talk to the press when they left the hospital with Charlotte. He said, “No,”

    I do think that his intereaction with PG was charming and loving. People loved that. It was heartwarming and now, William is back to shutting the media out. Big mistake.

    I agree with others that Harry gets it. He has a more easy going personality and a way of coping that puts William in even a poorer light.

    I’m still pondering Lisa’s intriguing post above. She said she thought the walls being built around Kate Will and the kids were more to protect the “sham” that is their marriage, than to protect the children. That is interesting and may be truer than we know.

    1. I agree with Lisa’s guess. The Dolittles have a lot to hide, especially William; it’s the only thing that explains that level of paranoia.

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