Royal Round Up: The British, part 2

Royal Round Up: The British, part 2

This royal round up features three members of the British Royal Family: The Queen, Prince Harry, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex. There will be a part 3 later in the day that will feature Camilla, Prince William, and others. I couldn’t fit everyone into one post – it just got too long.

The Queen

We’ll start with the Queen, because, well, she’s the Queen. Queen Elizabeth attended the VE Day 70th Anniversary Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey on Sunday, May 10. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh attended as well – you can kind of see him in the background of this pic.

The Queen and Prince Philip hosted the first (of three) Garden Party of the year at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, May 12. HM wore lovely pale yellow and her Scallop Shell Brooch. Phil looks like the Penguin with his top hat, tails, and umbrella.

The Queen attended the Chelsea Flower Show, as she does every year, at Royal Hospital Chelsea yesterday, May 18. HM wore a blue Karl Ludwig coat, which she previously wore to royal ascot in 2013, and an Iris brooch.

Prince Harry

The Prince Harry Review continues! Prince Harry just got back from his hugely successful tour of New Zealand and darted on over to his Sentebale garden at the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday. This year’s Sentebale garden is called ‘Hope In Vulnerability’ and was inspired by the Mamohato Children’s Centre in Lesotho.

Prince Harry Sentebale garden Chelsea Flower Show 2015

Here’s Harry visiting another exhibit. I love that they used robotics!

Harry giving the Queen a kiss as she arrives. Harry showed HM, Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall around his garden.

Close up of Harry’s face because why not.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

On Tuesday, April 28, Sophie, Countess of Wessex attended a reception for the London College of Fashion at St James’s Palace. Sophie wore her Victoria Beckham “Cap Sleeve Embroidery Fitted” dress she previously wore to a Buckingham Palace reception back in February. Sophie gave a speech. This was before Princess Charlotte was born and Sophie mentioned hoping the baby would be a girl. I guess she got her wish.

Sophie did not attend the VE Day Service of Thanksgiving because she was in the Channel Islands (Guernsey and Jersey) where she read two messages from HM. Go here for lots more pics of Sophie from that day. Sophie wore a green version of the Suzannah Silk Gazar 1950s influenced Midi dress (£2,350.00). Sophie wore ruby earrings borrowed from the Queen. The colors are symbolic for the places she visited: Green for Guernsey and red for Jersey. I’ve noticed that Sophie wears a lot of black, so it’s nice to see her in a different color than she normally wears. Different silhouette, too. It looks good on her.

Sophie gives speech in Guernsey
[Steve Falla @steve_falla]

Sophie visited the new Thames Valley Air Ambulance base at RAF Benson on Monday, May 11 in Benson, England.

Sophie attended the Buckingham Palace Garden Party on Wednesday, May 12. This hat reminds me so much of Duchess Kate‘s Jane Taylor hat she wore in Belgium in August 2014.

On Thursday, May 14, Sophie attended a performance by Ballet Central to mark their 30th anniversary at Corn Exchange.

Sophie attended the the Royal Windsor Horse show with the Queen.

Sophie with her daughter, Lady Louise Windsor, on day 4 of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Louise is getting so big. So was so young just four years ago when she was a bridesmaid at Will and Kate’s wedding.

Sophie attended the annual Chelsea Flower show. She wore a Peter Pilotto “Flux” Border Print Chiffon Insert Midi Dress ($1,830). I’m not a huge fan of Pilotto’s designs; just not my taste.

Photos: Getty / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Steve Falla @steve_falla

46 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: The British, part 2

  1. Love HM. She has some severe soft spots when it comes to her family, but she’s a really good woman. And I’ll say it again, I love her hats!!!

    What was that dress Sophie was looking at. I love it and need more information about it. It just intrigues me.

    Louise is going to be tall and it was really good to see her not dressed as a six year old…lol

    And Harry, well he’s Harry. I think I’m actually approaching the point of overload with all of the goodness he’s had recently. Almost hoping for a bad boy moment…lol

    1. From what I understand, the art exhibit that Sophie was viewing was comprised of fashions made by students at the College of Fashion. So I guess that dress was one of the student’s creations.

      What kind of “bad boy” moment?

      1. Agree Lisa.

        Lauri – as to the extend of Prince (King) Henry’s naughty side – he should maintain his forward thinking ideas to royal duties/service and stay focus to be King.

        KMR thanks for the update on the lovely C/Sophie, representing HM duties in Channel Island (missing the WW 70th Service); was lovely to see HM with her male heirs in a frame together at the Service.

        What in the world is William trip overseas about – seem he has not a care in the world to his duties to HM BRF – and is about PR for his waity and carol middleton PR benefit. He seem to have not coordinated with BP HM POW; no one seem to know of this quickly hatched trip (to counter Prince Harry’s duties and another lovely idea at Chelsea FS (as with Invictus Games).

        Compared to Prince Harry duties and service for HM POW, William seem irrelevant – of no purpose or representing HM POW or BRF. He seem ‘over there’ all by himself (and secretive, to avoid the media?)

        1. Hi Doolittle, I’m certainly not suggesting that Harry go off the rails but part of what makes him great is his ability to let loose occasionally. Personally I think we already have a Prince Perfect (and dull) in William and I’d rather Harry be Prince Alive and Fun. As much as we’d all like to see Harry become King (and Rhiannon his Queen) it’s not going to happen and I believe he can still maintain his royal duties and service to others while cutting lose now and then.

          1. Hi, Lauri:

            Let’s not be too sure about William’s future and Harry’s lack of a Kingship in his. I am really sensing that Harry is going to be the next in line after Charles. I just feel it.

  2. My goodness, that closeup of Harry! He just oozes charm! Quite the mix of Charles and Diana.

    Re the green dress and ruby earrings of Sophie – I read somewhere else that those are the colors of the islands she was visiting, so she wore it in honor of them.

    1. I know, right! That close up makes me swoon.

      Yes, Green for Guernsey and red for Jersey. I updated the post to include that.

  3. I love that green dress on Sophie!!! The 50’s silhouette is so flattering on her, I love it myself as it can hide some sins while still looking stylish. I wonder if she is trying to grow out her hair? It just hasn’t looked it’s best lately.

    Great to see Louise looking so grown up and in clothes that aren’t styled for a 3 year old. When I first saw the pictures of her a couple of days ago I had to do a double take as I didn’t recognize her at first. She seems to be maturing into a lovely young lady.

    Not much I can say about the Queen because I think she always looks lovely. It’s hard to believe that she’s 89, she is so active and spry. Definitely an inspiration as to how to age gracefully while staying active.

    1. I love the dress too!! The 50’s silhouette looks so good on Sophie. And the neck reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would always wear :). She looked lovely. And I can’t believe how much work she actually does compared to Kate. Shoot Kate should use Sophie as a role model. Sadly I doubt we will ever see Kate work that much. She will always find an excuse to stay home

  4. Her Majesty looked lovely. I love her in blue and would love the first coat for myself.

    Ahh, Sophie. She gets the clothes right and gets on with it. I love when royal women wear clothes that have a nod to the event or location. That green dress was perfection. Louise is growing to be a lovely young woman. I do like to see girls dress their age versus looking like adults. They have a lifetime for that.

    Harry looks like Diana in the first picture. I love all of the Harry coverage. He makes me smile.

      1. I think Lousie looked very well groomed too. There was a photo in the mail of Lousie entertaining Savannah and Isla at the fair.
        It is good seeing Sophie out working. I do prefer the green outfit with the red earrings and as other people have commentated adjusting her outfit for the occasion. Sophie always looks so interested in her causes and uses her PR to advantage. Seeing Prince Harry out at the Chelsea Flower Show, continuing his support for his charity makes him more and more likable. No hiding away and going to various things no matter what.

  5. HM did look lovely in all the photos. What an amazing woman she is. Out there all the time and keeping up with those who are much younger. Often surpassing them! (Guess who)?

    Sophie is quite a busy woman and looks so lovely. Love that green dress, too. And, so nice that she wore colors to honor where she was.

    Harry? Come on, he is just the tops! What a man! No negative comments here. Loved him kissing his grandmother!

  6. I love seeing all the members of the royal family interacting with one another. William is so removed from it all…sad for his kids.

    1. I know, it’s weird how Mike Tindall texted him congratulations after Charlotte’s birth and made it sound as though George and Mia have never met. I always thought Will and Zara were pretty close growing up, too bad W&K can’t be bothered to maintain any family connections that aren’t Middletons.

    2. It would be so great to get nice fun family photos with the Cambridge kids interacting with the other royal children. Sadly, I don’t think that will ever happen due to William’s paranoia.

  7. I am adoring all of these photos of Harry. Rhiannon had best get moving or else someone will get in before you lovey!

    1. Right?! I already have my engagement outfit picked out. I already planned to be called Princess Henry of Wales just to put all the ladies in check.

      I don’t know if you all realize that I was right out of frame in the chair pic. I tried to tell him that it wasn’t appropriate for me to sit on his lap in public. The close up was him telling me that he can’t wait to marry me. Don’t be jealous, ladies, lol!

      1. So that is why he had that dreamy look on his face Rhiannon, he was looking at you LOL.

        I adore that close up pic of him. I can see Diana in him for the first time. He has her mouth.

      2. I think it would be entirely appropriate for you, his one true love, to sit on his lap in public 🙂 Shake up those stuffy royals and show W&K how to rock PDAs !!

        1. Rhiannon, you are so funny!
          Remember us all as the Big Day approaches. We will want to be there to cheer you on~
          And, please have the wedding in St. Paul’s Cathedral and take that Cinderella Coach to the Church. We also want to see you in the Spencer Tiara. Harry will persuade HM! No teeny Kate-style tiara for you!

          Oh, and please tell us your engagement outfit is not Diana/Kate blue.
          Have a good day Princess Henry of Wales! And give Harry our best!

          1. As Princess Rhiannon’s official dresser I can say with certainty that she will not wear a blue dress for her engagement photos, nor will she wear polka dots after the birth of her first child. And she will be given, not just loaned, a substantial tiara for her wedding day. There I have decreed it, so it shall be!

          2. It’s not HM Harry/Rhiannon would have to persuade if Rhiannon wants to wear the Spencer Tiara on her wedding day. Charles Spencer owns that tiara now (as it always belonged to the Spencer family, not the RF). Harry/Rhiannon would have to persuade him to borrow the tiara for the wedding.

      3. What color is your engagement announcement outfit? And what kind of ring are you going for?

        1. I’m thinking of a dove gray or maybe a lilac suit. It will work with Harry’s hair.

          As far as a ring, something similar to Camilla’s.

          1. Perfect choices, Rhiannon. You are the Royal Fashionista.

            As for the Spencer Tiara. I was under the impression that HM loaned one of the Royal Tiaras to Royal Brides. I think Harry needs to tell her, “Thanks, but no thanks.” THen, speak to Uncle Charles Spencer about the loan of the Spencer Tiara. That tiara is amazing and Harry’s bride may not have the Diana ring, which I feel is ok, since the tiara will be much more dazzling on your wedding day. I also don’t feel it has any negative vibes to it. Diana would approve.

  8. I’ve got no problems with the Prince Harry Show continuing!
    Thanks for including the “just because” close up of Harry!!!!!
    I saw somewhere that he hasn’t even seen his new niece yet, straight down to work in London and no time to get to Norfolk?

    1. Well, William has been away and one would not want Harry visiting Kate and the kids without his presence. Even though Carole would be there to chaperone.
      Seriously, though, it is odd that he has not seen his new niece and his little nephew. William may be seething over Harry’s positive tour and not be willing to share his Middleton family with his brother right now.

    2. Harry said that he had only arrived back in London the afternoon before the flower show. I imagine he was pretty wore out from such a hectic tour and long flight, plus AH is about 3 hours from London so not just a quick hop over to see the kiddies. I hope he does get to see them soon though, George must be missing his fun Uncle Harry 🙂

      1. I wonder how much time Harry and George actually have spent together since he was born. I’m guessing not much, right. George was in Buckbury, then Wales. Then Harry was with Cressida and doing his own thing. Then the Cambs were on tour, then at Anmer.

    3. I read that, too. Seems normal since he just got back from NZ and then headed to the Flower Show. No time to hop over to Norfolk. And William has been busy not in Norfolk the last three days as well, so I wonder if Harry has seen her yet.

      1. Please tell me the article from OK magazine is not true. It states that Harry and Cressida are dating again.. I was hoping he would find someone completely new and that was interested in the same charity’s and goodwill. This girl doesn’t seem interested in anything but her acting career.

  9. Sophie is one of my favorite royals. I feel she is so underrated. I’m sure she has given the Queen reasons to be so well liked. She is always busy working without looking for recognition.

    1. I agree. She does her work, looks great and actually appears interested. Really, Will and Kate? It can’t be that hard, especially after all the years you have been trying to get it right.

  10. Can I just say that I LOVE that Harry always bows to his gran after kissing her. So respectful. Which William DOESN’T always do.

    If you see the footage from George’s christening William only did so after seeing Harry keep up with with Royal Protocol.

    We know Kate doesn’t always curtsy, no guesses where she takes her lead from. 🙁

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