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Royal Round Up: The British, part 3

Here is part 3 of the royal round up on the British Royal Family. This round up includes lots of Camilla (though not her trip to Ireland with Prince Charles, that will be covered later), and some other assorted royals. Go here for part 2, which includes other royals at the same events as Camilla.

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Royal Round Up: The British, Part 1

My series of upcoming Royal Round Ups will be slightly different from the normal weekly round ups. These will feature a mix of royals (or maybe just one) from specific countries, rather than a mix of royals from a mix of countries. Today’s round up features some British royals (no Sophie in this post, but she will feature heavily in part 2 of the Brits). We’ve got some Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, post-birth articles (because those are still happening), some Prince Charles talking Princess Charlotte, some Prince Harry starting his New Zealand tour, the Queen inviting Princess Beatrice to an official event, and Zara Phillips Tindall supporting her crazy-pant-wearing husband Mike Tindall.

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