Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist: marriage banns and new title

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist: marriage banns and new title

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist held their marriage banns today at the Royal Chapel in Stockholm. The entire Swedish royal family came out: King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle, and Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill and Princess Leonore; as well as Sofia’s family.

Swedish Royal Family portrait for Sofia and CP banns s
[Bottom L-R: Queen, King, Sofia, Carl Philip, Marie Hellqvist, Erik Hellqvist. Top L-R: Jonas Frejd, Lina Hellqvist, Victoria, Estelle, Daniel, Leonore, Madeleine, Chris, Sara Hellqvist, Oskar Bergman]

The banns (lysningsgudstjänst) was held at the Royal Chapel in Stockholm with a reception (Lysningsmottagning) following at the Royal Palace, where they received gifts. The publishing of the banns ceremony is a public announcement of an upcoming marriage that was originally meant to allow anyone to raise canonical or civil legal objections to the union. It arrived in Sweden in 1200. There was no objection to Carl Philip and Sofia’s proclamation of marriage.

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist arrive fro marriage banns

King and Queen arrive for marriage banns

Victoria and Daniel and Estelle arrive for marriage banns

Swedish royal family in church for marriage banns

The Swedish court announced today that after she weds Carl Philip, Sofia will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland. So she will become a Princess of Sweden.

Carl Philip and Sofia receive gifts

Carl Philip and Sofia receive gifts2

I know Sofia is the bride-to-be and should win all the style awards because of that, but she was my least favorite dressed today. Her cream MaxMara dress and jacket and black Malinda Damgaard hat just did not do it for me. I much preferred the dress she wore in the most recent portrait published by the Swedish court – a Reiss “Valentina” Dress in Blue Salt ($340). It’s nothing super special, but prettier than the outfit she wore today.


Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist official portrait s

Madeleine looked beautiful in a taupe coat and dress. She chose a designer both she and Kate Middleton have favored in their second pregnancies: Seraphine Maternity. To coat is bespoke, but the dress is the Champagne Cut Out Lace Maternity Dress ($289.00). Not super keen on the ribbon-themed hat by Philip Treacy. Leonore looked adorbs with her little gold shoes and pouty face.

Not long to go now for Maddie’s second pregnancy. She is due at the end of June. Hopefully she’ll be able to attend the wedding.

Leonore, Madeleine

Victoria won the day for me. I loved her blue Filippa K dress, and I don’t hate the matching flower/ribbon Philip Treacy hat. Estelle looked lovely as always in a coat and dress by Marie Chantal.

Victoria, Estelle

Pics of the boys:

Sofia, Carl Philip

Victoria, Estelle, Daniel

Chris, Madeleine, Leonore

Photos: Kungahuset

122 thoughts on “Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist: marriage banns and new title

  1. Oh, KMR, I agree. Sophie was dressed entirely wrong. And, I never noticed how bad her teeth are. She needs some solid dental work. Her choice in white and black did little for me . And, the Kate fascinator needs to be done with by everyone! Enough, already!

    Victoria and Madeleine looked beautiful in their dresses, but their hats left me cold, too.

    The children? Adorable as always.

    I don’t see a ton of family love around this upcoming wedding. Hope it works out, but I just don’t feel it.

    And, yes, I do hope Maddie delivers safely and soon. It will be wonderful for her to take her little one to a Royal Wedding.

      1. Lol! Lola!
        I hope she grows into her looks. I feel terrible talking about a child but that was a horrible photo of her kid.

          1. Both Princesses V and M hats are trendy; and both children are beautiful. Leonora photos seem moody (I agree this was one …) but both have adorable looks.

            Princess Estelle has her royal duties mastered (as CP Fred/Mary’s children) – Estelle is very outgoing with the people/media (so unlike P George!).

    1. I agree about the dental work. Without being to judgemental here, she would look more refined and drop dead gorgeous if she got her teeth fixed!!! It may make some forget her past. I mean she looks so beautiful until she smiles…she goes from a Princess to Trailer park trash!!! I don’t care for any of the outfits. The hats/fasinators are distracting!! If I had to choose PE and PL win hands down….so cute!!!

      1. The Hellqvist family hit the lottery like the Middletons. Truth be told. I’m sure each and everyone of them can’t believe their good fortune!!!

        1. Her dad looks seem to suggest just so (jackpot!) – he remains me of carol the middlesome.

          The King seem not too please (?!)

      2. I’m with you. I don’t want to say “she should have her teeth fixed” but in all honesty, she should. Sorry. You are so right when you say she is beautiful until she smiles. That would make such a difference.

        If I were her, I would definitely have dental work 🙂

        1. I actually kind of like her smile – it has character! Also, I’m a firm believer in not having dental work done for solely cosmetic reasons. Besides, it is actually not that common to have extensive dental work done solely for cosmetic reasons in Scandinavia (beyond a teeth bleeching). The Hollywood ideal of uniformly even teeth is not the aesthetic ideal in every part of the world.

          1. Yeah, it has character. If she sticks to her guns and doesn’t cave to pressure (I don’t know, it could be limited the KMR blog lol) I will admire her for it.

            I didn’t know about dental work in Scandinavia. I have only lived in the US and in MX (5 yrs) and they had more dental work south of the border than in my neck of the woods. They were very conscious about their smiles and growing up everyone I knew (here in the US) had braces.

          2. Just one quick thing: dental corrective work isn’t always done for cosmetic purposes. Sometimes it’s also because of physical issues that need to be addressed. Just throwing that out there.

          3. Yes, I agree its her teeth – smile.

            Unlike km the middletons total royal makeover (speak how lacking the family was…?) and continues; Sofie H. should keep as her own instead of fake – only need to be groomed as a royal), those are her features.

      3. I know I’m in the minority here, but I absolutely LOVE her teeth and hope she doesn’t fix them. That little quirky imperfection makes her seem real and not like some plastic mannequin with dentures (Kate, anyone?). She would look more generic if she got that gap closed, and I personally, am a fan of the look. I think she’s stunning, sketchy past or not. And unlike some Royals I could mention, she has actually had a life of her own and worked…

    1. Seem her ‘work’ life helped…. as she could hold her own and acceptable to be with the royals – instead of a total makeover (instead of the fake middleton family), km carol and the middletons created to s/climb.

  2. I think Sofia is a “natural” version of Kate. No teeth or nose jobs or hairdressers. She’s like a normal person. Just happened to find a prince, but the prince loves her for who she is and what she looks like now, so why bother to transform into some kind of Hollywood look?

    1. I don’t know, she seems like a cheap golddigger who took skankdom to a whole new level.

      Not Princess material.

      1. Well, we’re all entitled to our opinions but I would argue that someone whose background is less skanky, yet doesn’t earn her keep, isn’t princess material either.

        My point is it isn’t what you’ve done, it’s what you do going forward.

        1. And regardless of her past, Sophia has 2 extremely strong role models in her (soon to be)sisters in law. If she really wants to step up and be a Swedish royal, she’d best be taking notes. Who will care about the teeth or the wannabe Kate style, if she makes it a point to sincerely emulate Vic and Maddie.

          And I think Daniel and Chris are both great compliments to their wives. Strong, smart men, that their strong, smart wives can lean on whenever they need to.

          1. Public opinion turns depending on yhe wind. I remember not so long ago Madde was criticized for just hanging around in NY, pretending to work for mom’s charity organisation. Seems to get her act together now, good for her.

            So maybe Sofia will pull it through. I admire her for staying “real”. It’s movie stars and models that have their bodies as working tools. For royals i think its enough to be graceful and behave accordingly in every situation,it’s not about a slim figure or plastic surgery. Silvia has had herself done, which is a pity, and maybe somehow echoes the inner pain and insecurities she must still feel, her husband the king being what he is…

      2. This girl has very suggestive photos and articles claiming she was a former stripper. Is this for real? How did a skank like this really get into a royal family?

        1. She was not a stripper. She did nude photos and was on a reality show.

      3. Prince Carl has been together sometime now – and we have no photos of the family ‘hanging on’ about with the Prince.

        The nice thing is Sofia is bonding with the RF; Prince Carl sisters seem to get along with her on a few occasions and privately on family time.

    2. Kate never looked this bad natural in my opinion. Her natural teeth were not nearly as nice as her new smile but they were way better than Sofia’s. Kate is much prettier before and after than Sofia.

      Kate has obviously had some very well done work (plastic surgery). Sofia could benefit as well from some nips and tucks and a few personal trainer workouts a week. Nothing wrong with becoming a better version of yourself.

      1. Kate is prettier than Sofia and yes, all her bad teeth where in the lower set, so less obvious. Hm, I wonder if that is why she smiles so much with all her mouth immensely opened, to show of the corrective dental work and perfect teeth? Anyway, back to Sofia, I don’t really think she needs “personal trainer workouts” etc. I’m sure she has a great body from what we see and if she posed nude, she must, right?

        I would say dental work is all she needs. I hope she never goes overboard.

        1. What???! On what planet is Kate prettier than Sofia?! I think Kate was mildly pretty in her twenties, but looks old, wrinkly and one of her eyes is destractedly smaller and lower than the other. Without a full-time beauty team and plastic surgery, she wouldn’t merit a second glance (even now, she only gets attention and flattery because of who she married, not because of anything she’s done or her looks). Give me Sofia over Kate ANY DAY.

    3. I agree Emilia, there is no need to transform oneself to appease others. When I worked in S. California I meet many women who were so insecure about their looks that it was a constant round of nips, tucks, fillers, etc…it was so sad to watch these beautiful women morph into someone else.

      1. Thank you, Lauri. It makes me a bit sad that so many were so quick to say Sofia needs plastic surgery. There is nothing really wrong with her teeth. There is the tooth gap, and her teeth are small and her top lips pulls a lot so she shows a lot of gum, but her teeth aren’t terrible. They aren’t Queen Margrethe’s whose teeth are horribly yellow.

        1. I have to say that I’m kind of leery about this line of argument as well – especially about the idea that she should get dental work because she hasn’t a uniform Hollywood smile. Remember, aestehtic ideals are not the same all over the world. In scandinavia, it is actually not very common to have cosmetic dental work done on a large scale unless there are some very serious problems to fix, like missing teeth, extreme tooth decay, etc. And it is certainly not something that any dentist worth his/her salt would cavalierly recommend to a person with healthy teeth.

          I just find it sad that people look at a pretty girl and the first response is: “she should get this or that fixed”.

    4. I don’t agree that Sofia is a “Natural” version of Kate. There’s natural and then there’s downright trashy. She looked trashy to me on such a special day. The white ensemble did wash her out and the way she was sitting next to her fiancé showed how awkward she feels.
      I tend to think the way some others do — that there’s not tremendous joy surrounding this upcoming marriage. Oh, if the couple are truly in love, that is all that matters, but their family life is going to be tough without major support from others.

      Sophia is marrying into Royalty and needs to step it up a notch. She does not have to be plastic, but she surely needs to carry herself with more dignity and class than she currently does.

      And, yes, let’s burn the fascinators. What a hideous style. Looks better with upswept hair, but not that much better. It’s a look whose time has come.

      1. Google kate middleton before her wedding – lots of many drunken, trashy flashing photos – long stray like slopping of alcohol smoking with PIppa cheering, on and on….

        Will be a huge excuse for P/’ess George and C to behave similar!

        Sofia seem a little more refine (working) than km at the same stage in their lives (before a wedding) – may be less sun, drinking,smoking -partying (?)

    5. Lina Hellqvist – wow – totally gorgeous! On the flip side, Oskar Bergman has the unfortunate look of someone who’s hair is slowly slipping off his head and migrating south. ( the neck could have done with a hot shave, you know, for an official photo call)

  3. Sorry for saying this because it is so vain but her teeth are horrible and something smells fishy around the whole thing. I agree with Mary Elizabeth.

  4. Sofia seems difficult to like. She doesn’t have the warm, loving charisma that Victoria and Madeleine do. Hopefully Sofia will become more likeable once she becomes fully integrated in the royal family and participates in more charity work.

  5. Her teeth are really bad. She needs to see a dentist. Sometimes natural isn’t always good. Either it looks good or it doesn’t and in my opinion her teeth should be fixed if she is going to be a princess.

    Getting some work done can transform you into a better version of yourself.

  6. I just noticed Marie is wearing Kate’s LK Bennett dress. Kate wore the blue dress twice last year.

      1. Wow, really popular. I don’t find it that pretty either.

        I think white is the one I like least of all :/ teal being my favorite.

        1. There was a purple option at some point, which I’ve never seen anyone wear. I thought the purple option was the prettiest on the website. I don’t really like the dress, though. The lapels are weird to me. I don’t see why it’s so popular.

  7. I do agree that this isn’t Sofia’s best look ever, the Reiss dress and her hair that day were definitely better than today. And I have to say I don’t like the fascinators with the hair down, I mean I not a fan of fascinators but imo they do look better when the hair is done up.

    I guess I will be the dissenter today, as Sofia’s teeth really don’t bother me all that much. I’ve seen pictures of the members of the BRF who have way worse looking teeth, crooked and stained. At least her’s are clean and white.

    I was really looking forward to this event and it didn’t disappoint me at all. It seemed that everyone had a good time, except the King who seems to have a permanent scowl on his face. Her parents looked happy in the photo, maybe a little shell shocked to be sitting with the royal family but pleased none the less. I certainly hope we never see her mother writing columns or running her household, one pushy mother-in-law is enough.

    What random gifts they received, paddles, a guitar and what is in the box with the blue lining?? Still the couple seemed happy and looking forward to their big day. I’m not surprised that Sofia will be a princess, the European royal families seem to be more relaxed about that sort of thing than the BRF.

    1. You’d think Carl Gustaf would be more happy considering his one and only son – the child he wishes were the heir – is getting married.

    2. I have always wondered why the males in the BRF don’t have the work they need done 😛
      Like why didn’t Charles ever do anything about his ears? William with his hair? Yeah, he should DEFINITELY WHITEN his teeth too. Even Harry has pretty ugly teeth but he is so likeable I will ignore his 😛

      King Willem Alexander is another who should really whiten his teeth :S

      I think Sofia should fix hers too.
      I hate that we scrutinize and are so hard with women much more,but she will look gorgeous with that done.

      1. Ok. Your post literally has me dying over here.

        I had buck teeth growing up. And I played the clarinet. So, you can picture it …I wore braces for 4 years with headgear. So, in a way I am all for Sofia keeping her teeth as is but…We live in a world that judges you based on your mouth. That’s the mark of truly making it. I’ll admit giving Kate the side eye with her crooked bottom teeth. It always seemed off to me because she got awesome work done. Sofia’s makes her endearing. But, if CP and Will like it…

        As far as the men, Willem-Alexander needs a bit of help there. It’s jarring when he takes pictures next to Max and she has white smile.

        1. I always thought Willem-Alexander to be the worse (in terms of yellow teeth) but seeing William’s most recent pictures (with the soccer team) I’m not so sure.

      2. Why should Charles do something about his ears? His ears are fine. I know people have made fun of Charles’ ears for years, but I’ve never seen anything wrong with them.

        1. I think his ears are huge and sticking out in an odd way. Kind of his worse feature. I think it would have made a huge difference to have them “pinned” back in his youth. Although I’ve read he didn’t have any problem with the ladies… but the was a prince.

          I read somewhere that the Queen, upon meeting baby William, expressed how relieved she was by Will not getting his ears. I wonder if she really did that. Kind of mean, coming from Charles’ mother…

          My dad actually had big ears and sticking out and he had them “pinned” back in his youth. Can’t quite remember if that was before he married my mother. I should check pictures. Anyway, it was a big concern before I was born 😛 lol luckily, I inherited my mother’s ears.

          1. Mountbatten, Philip’s uncle, wanted the Queen and Philip to have Charles’s ears “fixed” when he was young. They demurred, though I have no idea why. And my father inherited my paternal grandfather’s ears. They’re big enough to be cup saucers. Yet both of them are deafer than a post.

          2. LOL @ Seth.
            Well my turned out quite tiny (I guess my dad’s prayers worked) and I believe I have a hearing problem (undiagnosed). My husband says that’s the price I had to pay for getting my dad’s wish xD LOL!!!

  8. I’m still on the fence about Sofia. Her teeth are a bit much, but it makes her a little more relatable. I think that if she wanted to be the barbie princess, she would have had them done years ago. Her outfit washes her out. I think that she is a pretty girl, but this does nothing for her. I’m sure that she wants to tone it down, bit come on. Vic and Madde shouldn’t look more beautiful than the bride. I wish that I could swap Victoria’s outfit with Sofia’s.

  9. The outfit was horrible, the fascinator needs to be burned (along with the rest of all of them in the world) and if she’s going to be a Princess she needs to dress more like one. Her teeth are awful. I wonder why she’s never done anything with them. She couldn’t get a prior sugar daddy to pony up the money to fix them? Or maybe they are a signature for her. (“You remember Sofia, the one with the teeth.”)

    The girls looked adorable and that’s just a bad picture of Leonore. She’s a little squirmer and was more interested in something across the room.

    I don’t get the showing off of the gifts, but I’ll roll with it. So does the guitar mean that we’ll be subjected to a turn of CP as future music star?

    1. The gifts thing is a tradition. I guess the tradition used to be that after the banns the bride would go begging in the street or something, but it changed over the centuries and now they just accept gifts at a reception after instead.

      I actually think Sofia has a really nice day style. This outfit is just boring, though. It’s her night style and gown game that need an overhaul.

  10. My favorite is Chris O’Neill. He always looks like he’s had one more drink they he should have. Or that he just woke up feeling a little hungover. And not in a bad way.

    1. Chris never looks thrilled to be having his photo taken. He really doesn’t seem to like it at all, but puts up with it because of Maddie.

    2. LOL I love Chris O’Neill for that. But I only started liking him after I watched the documentary and seeing him with his daughter and wife and hearing him talk made me realize he’s not a creeper hahaha

      1. Me, too. Before I thought he always looked so grumpy. But then he talked so lovingly about Leonore, which was so nice to see.

  11. Here’s a super strange idea: maybe Sofia likes her teeth? That would explain why she has not had them veneered like Kate.

    The only things “wrong” with her teeth are the gap in between the two front teeth, and the fact that her teeth are small and she shows a lot of top gum when she smiles. There are many people with much worse teeth. Queen Margrethe for one. Her teeth are horribly yellow.

    1. I can buy that she likes the way she is – including her teeth. Time will tell…

      When I was younger, I had some issues with one of my front teeth and ended up getting veneers, but only through intense pressure from my mom and other family members. I was happy with the way I was. The whole process was pretty traumatic for me; of course, now that I’m older, I’m fine with having had that dental work done. More power to Sofia if she is ok with herself!

      I just can’t stand her HAIR!! Not flattering to her at all. Looks like she’s copying DoC… did Kate start this long sausage curls thing, or is she just the one to make it de rigueur for girls trying to look like a princess?

      1. Hi Liz, sorry to hear that you were pressured by family members to go through a painful process just to please them. It’s bad enough that women get so much pressure from the media, society and other women to be “perfect” it’s terrible when that pressure comes from family, those who should be the ones to really love you for who you are, not what you look like.

      2. Liz,

        Sorry to hear about your story. I just find it very sad that you felt pressured by your own family to conform to external standards for beauty. May I ask how old you were? because I’m actually rather surprised that a dentist would perform cosmetic dental work on a child with healthy teeth. I have big front teeth and an slight overbit that was much worse before it was corrected. I am glad that it has been corrected but it was very very painful to wear that brace.

        My sister had to have her over- and underbite corrected as an adult – and it was a very long, very expensive and incredibly painful process that included having several teeth removed and then press the gaps together.

        Both of us go to the dentist to get problems fixed (cavities, etc.) – and that’s it! We also were unfortunate enough to have a really bad dentist for a period – he was extremely hamfisted, liked to drill without asking if we wanted anesthetia and his work had to be redone – so we both have a bit of dentist trauma. 😉

        1. I think I was 15. It just came at a bad time, when I was already insecure about my appearance and struggling to grow into myself – bit of an ugly duckling, I was! My teeth have always been healthy, just not so perfect and white that seems to have become the norm in the USA.

          My husband had to have a lot of dental work when he was a boy – I’m crossing my fingers that my son will have better teeth than his parents!

          Criticizing Sofia for her teeth just leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

          1. I feel the same way.

            I am also just sad that the our aestehtic ideals seem to have become synonomous with a bland sort of anonymous uniformity. It is the unique traits, the slight flaws and imperfections that lends beauty to a person, to say nothing of the quality of the person herself, not just her looks.

      3. That’s terrible that they pressured you so much. They should have minded their own business.

        This is not anywhere near the same level, but on a related note, my father and every dentist I have been to in the last 10 years has told me to get my teeth straightened. But they are only slightly crooked and don’t see the point in subjecting myself to years of braces to fix a small thing.

    2. I agree 110% with you KMR, as I said previous I’ve seen photos of other royals who have the most stained and crooked teeth. I’ve also noticed that some actors teeth as so white and perfect it’s actually distracting to see on film, I find my self staring at these hyper-white teeth that are standing off the screen that I don’t even hear what they’re saying.

      1. I’ve been watching the latest season of DWTS and Rumor Willis has the biggest, whitest veneers ever and they are so damn distracting. I keep staring at her teeth because they just seem so out of place.

  12. Her teeth are an issue to me. I agree they make her look like trailer trash. That is a cruel thing to say, but when you are marrying into the Royal Family of Sweden (or anywhere), it behooves you to be natural, but nice. Her teeth are awful. Just terrible.

    The photos did not show the happiness that occurs prior to weddings. Sure, they are nerves, but something is amiss in that family. I don’t think anyone is really welcoming Sophie that much. As long as her Prince loves her, that’s what matters, but to me, something looked terribly wrong.

    1. I did notice when I was looking at close ups of the HD family pic, that everyone seemed to have really strained expressions.

  13. When all is said and done Carl Phillip is third in line to the throne behind Victoria and Estelle. I imagine that he and Sofia will carry out some royal engagements but he will continue as before, racing cars and designing vases while Sofia will probably continue supporting her charity, maybe take on a few royal patronages and accompany Carl Phillip to various events as she does now.

    I certainly don’t expect Sofia to become super princessy or regal as I do Kate who will be Queen some day, although I do hope she loses the “sausage curl” look soon 🙂 I know I stick up for Sofia a lot but I like her, I know she’s had a wild past but she’s been upfront about it, learned from it and is moving on. As a former wild child (actually still kind of am) I applaud anyone who refuses to be labeled by events that happened almost a decade ago and is determined to be more than that label.

    1. It’s not like Carl Philip is super busy with his engagement schedule. He does only abut 50-75 engagements a year.

      I agree about being forever labeled by events that occurred years and years ago. People grow and change all the time.

  14. Maybe, she will surprise me and be a regal bride. I keep looking at the photos of other Royal brides and cannot imagine Sofia making quite the elegant splash. Even Kate, as boring as I found her dress and veil to be — came across more polished than I imagine that Sofia will.

    I don’t know why, but I dislike her. I find her to be a true opportunist. I guess Kate was/is, too.
    I know Carole is!!!

    When I first saw the engagement photos for the Swedish couple on this site, I was impressed. That has long changed. Sofia is just too common — not class-wise. She just does not have any sense of dignity or charm. Charlene was a gorgeous bride. Looked a bit shell-shocked, but had such amazing grace on her wedding day.

    Now, I know Mary was born to royalty, but her wedding photos had beauty, love and an amazing regal quality. So did Victoria’s and Maddie’s. Of course, again, they were born into the Royal lifestyle.

  15. If I’m not mistaken, Mary actually took classes in decorum and in the social graces prior to her marriage, so she definitely put her time and effort into transforming herself and giving the impression that she was born to her royal role.

      1. I didn’t know where Mary took her classes, nor do I know anything about the company and its reputation but whatever they did, they did right along with the effort Mary put into it.

        1. I think it is more about what effort she put into learning. It isn’t really geared for things like etiquette and business training, but more entertainment industry, modeling, etc.

          1. Interesting that Mary chose a company geared toward that particular segment, but maybe she couldn’t find a traditional charm school, lol. She probably learned some good tips from the modeling aspect which would teach correct posture, presentation and carriage. I get the impression that Mary was a quick study and apt student, and probably got whatever she could out of StarMakers.

          2. One could argue that modern royalty is part of the entertainment industry though not entirely. anyone marrying into royalty would certainly know that they would be scrutinized by both the media and the public – so it’s a good idea to learn how to look good whilst being photographed and filmed (this includes posture, controlling nervous ticks/gestures, etc.). I went through something perhaps not quite similar but close when I trained to become a museum docent giving guided tours – it was not just about what you say but also how you present it with voice, face, motion and gesture – were were filmed and then had to watch ourselves to see where we went wrong – it was very cringe-inducing but very helpful.

            I’ll also point out that according to QMII, she herself has guided Mary through the ropes of what it means to be a member of a royal family. One for of training doesn’t exclude the other. I actually think it would be a good idea for many young royals to get media training – not just what to say, but how to say it and how to present oneself bodily. Royalty has always had an element of performance about it (Elizabeth I and Louis XIV certainly knew that) – and today this performative aspect plays it out through the mass media rather than courtly pageants and processions as it did during the early modern period.

  16. Truly don’t want to be rude to Sofia but like others have said… she needs to get her teeth fixed. Scraggly toothed tanned brunette who’s done little but wait for the ring… hmm, who does that sound like? Good luck to the happy couple. Heavens knows they’ll need it.

  17. Sofia’s teeth do not bother me, i used to have a large overbite! The outfit was o.k. i could take it or leave it! We will see if this princess to be is going to be an asset to Sweden? I cannot shake of the feeling that Princess Sofia is only engaged to Carl Phillip, because of fame & fortune? I read have that S.H. left school at age 16 to presue fame & fortune, her education background is false to make her more acceptable to the swedish people! The white washing continues! Ithink it is very sad that swedish king’s great uncles had to give up their right the swedish thone, because they want to marry female commenors. The females were not acceptables, they had no royal bloodline, I find hard to believe is given a title on silver plater. Vicky’s husband had to prove himself to the king & the people. Why is Sofia given such an easy ride? I wonder is going behind closed doors? jmo!

  18. Wow, I am a little shocked by people’s comments right now. Yes Sofia has a risqué background, but does that really make her a skank? Furthermore, just because of her past does that not mean she is not allowed to change and grow and have a better future? She was young and modeled nude. So what? There are worse things she could have done. Most models are nude at some point and no one is calling them skanks. It is not like Sofia did porn!

    Also, I think it is really sad people are tearing apart Sofia about here teeth. It is one thing to criticize her clothes, since she can change that or even her hair. But her teeth?? Really, come on! She is born with them. And sometimes not having perfect teeth makes someone really endearing. The non perfect faces are more attractive sometimes. I actually like that she doesn’t look like a made-up doll like Kate looks like now. I think Sofia looks like a normal woman, which his refreshing. I find it very sad that people above are saying she should get work done. What is wrong with a woman’s natural face? God gave us it for a reason and who are we to say he did a bad job? I think plastic surgery is too commonly expected now and most the time does not look good. I think people need to give the girl a break, especially in regards to her teeth! She is still a pretty woman and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Look, her fiancé is hot and he obviously doesn’t seem to mind her teeth!

    1. I had braces when I was a kid. If I can have it, so can a Swedish royal. Part of my critique of her is that I just don’t find women like her particularly attractive. My personal preference is for short slim curvy fair-skinned brunettes… no offense meant to anyone.

      1. Seth everyone is allowed their personal opinions and preferences. Having said that, just because you don’t find a woman attractive does not mean you have to tear her looks apart. To someone else she may be beautiful. And just because she could get braces, like you, doesn’t mean she HAS to! Some of the most famous women today have a gap between their teeth. Again, to you that may not be attractive, but obviously Carl thinks it is or she would have changed it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What I am tired of is tearing someone apart because they don’t fit the mold that you find attractive. Just say you don’t think she is pretty and move on instead of ripping apart things that are part of her features. I am so tired of there needing to be universal beauty features that all women must have to make them beautiful.. And people are saying that by saying she needs to fix her teeth, thus saying she can’t be pretty unless she has good teeth. Leave it alone already. I am not just talking about you Seth, but since you responded it does include you. You don’t find her attractive which is fine, but you don’t need to nitpick why. I think there is a big problem with that!!! And again I am so sick of people saying women should get plastic surgery. It is disgusting.

        1. Oh and braces are quite different from Veneers and plastic surgery like some people above have stated that she should get. I actually just read your comment Seth, and yours was not one of the ones I was shocked by. My comment was more directed at people who were just being truly mean about her appearance for the sake of being mean and calling her a skank. Those were the ones who made me sick.

          1. Well said, Overit.

            I like this blog but the comments here have been a bit dishearting to read. Criticise her life choices I you want but ragging on her natural looks and suggesting that she’d only be acceptable if she fixes her teeth, which looks fine to me, is rather mean-spirited.

            BTW, this comes from a person who has a slight overbite and big front-teeth with a gap – who (*gasp*) and perfectly happy with it. I hate the way we are culturally conditioned to not only tear down others but also devalue ourselves on the basis on an unrealistic and often unattainable beauty ideal (teeth, hair, body shape, etc.).

            As a child of the 80s I actually think that it has gotten a lot worse and much more pervasive than what it was when I grew up and it just makes me so incredibly sad for the young girls and women who are maturing today. Learning to love yourself just as you are is an incredibly liberating thing – it also makes it so much easier to love and accept other people for who they are. It can take a lot of time and mental effort to get to this point but it is so very much worth it.

          2. So glad you actually read my comment AFTER you commented. LOL. Yeah, I don’t like misogyny either. I find her unattractive–fine–but I don’t think she’s a skank. Until someone produces evidence that she is, I’m chalking it up to jealousy.

        2. Again I didn’t mean to cause offense. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as you say and I was describing my ideal standard of beauty. If Carl Philip finds her attractive, more power to him. I never said I thought she should get plastic surgery b/c I don’t usually believe in it unless there’s a medical basis for it. I find it unnatural. Again I’m sorry if you took offense.

          1. You didn’t offend Seth. And I meant I read your original comment that had nothing to do with my comment. The one several comments above mine. The one where you say ‘good luck to the happy couple’. That was the one I was referring to that I had not read before. That was why I was saying your comment was not one I was referring to. So you have nothing to apologize for. I was talking about the comments at the top. Those where the ones saying she should get surgery.

        3. Ok, but we surely rip Kate apart very often, don’t we? Oh, I hate her hair. Oh, she gets botox. Oh, her make-up is too much or too little, or not well applied.

          Come on, I think everyone here is entitled to give their opinions about Sophia. If I don’t like her teeth and the way her hair was done for such a big day, can’t I say that? I also said that I thought something was amiss in the family photos. I can’t put my finger on it, but something is wrong. Maybe, as KMR pointed out in the past, Victoria and Maddie don’t like her because of her past and are not welcoming to her. Or, maybe, she is an opportunist and that is what they don’t like.

          It does seem to me that the royal couple’s relationship is purely physical. At least, from the groom’s pov. She, I think, wants the entry into royalty and that is why I see opportunist.
          I think every good relationship has a very strong physical component, but that is all I see in the photos when I see the couple together. And, that is coming from him! She does seem to like him very much — for his title and more.

          1. Agreed, all are fair game to posters’ opinions. Unless it crosses the line into the severely vicious or suggesting/wishing bodily harm. In which case, those comments are dealt with swiftly by fellow posters or KMR herself. And most people admit they have crossed the line and apologize.

            It’s not fair to mash on Kate (for example) all the day long, but then get het up just because someone “trash talks” your pet royal.

            And really, we don’t even know these people. We can only comment on what we see and assume and speculate (all part of the fun, though :)). Long live my favorite internet pastime, that surpasses even my Pinterest and Shopbop addictions -and that’s saying something lol!!

          2. Hmmm, I am a little worried that you don’t see the difference in what I am talking about. The way we talk about Kate is not the same as how people are talking about Sofia. And btw, I don’t even know if I like Sofia yet. I like Kate and if the above comments were being made, I would say the same thing!

            Talking about not liking someone’s makeup and hair or clothes like we do about Kate is not bad at all. Even talking about what plastic surgery she has had or botox is not bad because she has already done it, not should do it. Telling someone they should get plastic surgery like posters at the top have done DOES cross a line. And I am shocked that neither or Ray see that. Saying the girl can only be pretty if she has her teeth done is horrible.

            I am all for critiquing things a woman can change, however, I am not for talking about what is wrong with a woman and how only plastic surgery can change it. It is an unrealistic ideal that all women look a certain way. So it is fine if you don’t like how she styled her hair and talk about it, like we do Kate. But can’t you see the difference between talking about things the poor girl is born with, like her teeth vs. her choices, ie clothes, makeup…. Yes she could fix them, by why does she have to? Can’t a person be pretty without getting veneers. Also, people above were also talking about how she should get a trainer. Come on. Now people are body shaming? It is like some commenters are tearing her apart just for the sake of tearing her apart.

            Other posters have called her a skank. That also way crosses a line. So yes, we do talk about things with Kate about her hair and makeup, but no one talks about what surgery she should get to look pretty or how she is a skank for always flashing her bum. There is a huge difference between critiquing and then flat out being a rude and hiding behind a computer to do it. Can you not see the difference in what I am saying???? Please go ahead and say you don’t like her hair or that something feels off in the family. I don’t even mind if you say you don’t like her teeth, but don’t take it a step farther by saying what she should have done to them. Or how it is the only way for her to be pretty. Now, I don’t know if you ever said that or not, but since you don’t see the difference between how people criticize Kate as opposed to Sofia, I am pointing it out. That is were my problem lies!!!! I hate that women feel the need to conform. Art Historian said it perfectly above. I am not saying don’t critique Sofia, please do, but keep it along the same lines of Kate.

          3. OMG, Overit. I never called Sophia a skank, I just said she had bad teeth. Pardon me. I am not suggesting that she become a plastic princess, or undergo any surgical procedures. I had no idea, nor did most others who probably posted that they did not like her teeth that it would le pounced upon like this.

            I’m not a fan of Sophia’s. So what? And you are and that is your biz. But, again, I am not calling for a complete make-over of Sophia. I was responding to the pictures which I don’t think were flattering. And, if you think criticism of Kate in any photos that run here is different, I beg to differ. We post what we think on this board and as Ray said, if we do it without being harmful, I see nothing wrong with this.

            If you were offended, that was not my intent. I was just making my feelings known about a woman I don’t know at all. So forgive me.

          4. Wow Jenny. You obviously didn’t read anything I wrote. I never said you called her a skank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said people at the top of the comments section did, which is why I wrote my comment. The same people also were talking about how Sofia needs to get plastic surgery. I never once signaled you out and said you did. However, you did make a comment on my comment saying that it is the same as how we discuss Kate. Which the comments I am referring to are not the same as how we discuss Kate. I again was NOT talking about you. Also, I never said I liked Sofia. I said I was not sure yet. So please read someone’s full comment before you attack them!!!!

            You are talking about your specific comment. I am talking about the commenters who are calling Sofia a skank, that she needs plastic surgery to look pretty, and that she needs a personal trainer (body shaming). If you did not make those comments than I was NEVER referring to you. I don’t care if people talk about how they don’t like her clothes, or hair style or how something seems off. I care that people make the comments I just mentioned-I would say the same for those who attack Kate. If you do not know what commenters I am talking about I suggest you go to the top of the thread and start reading. I also hope that this time you fully read my comment instead of breezing over it and thus getting defensive. If you had read it, you would see I was not talking to you specifically, and also that I never said I like Sofia. So please stop getting so defensive when I was not even talking about you!!!!

          5. Overit, there was no reply button after your latest comment, so I hit reply here. Talking about getting defensive, you are! I don’t intend to make this into a slam festival, but I really don’t appreciate being called out by you for not reading threads. I have read this complete posting and your comments that I initially replied to and was slammed for came after Ray and my posts. In fact you referred to Ray and someone, but you did not name that person in your haste to post, and I assumed you were referring to me.

            I appreciate that you were referring to others who said Sophia was a skank and I am glad you were not mentioning that I did that.

            Again, we are all entitled to our opinions here. I don’t call other people out. At least, I don’t believe I do, but you were very rude in my opinion. I said “sorry” at the end of my reply to you and you never apologized for your remarks. You, mon amie, are being defensive and nasty as far as I am concerned.

            Forgive me KMR and others, but I really don’t appreciate being lambasted in this way by another poster. Obviosuly, when posting on line, one can only read the words, not hear how they are being said. If I am reacting improperly to Overit’s comments, then I am reading the comments improperly. However, I think I am getting O’s drift. Dropping it now. Again, apologies.

          6. Overit, you should have agreed with ArtHistorian’s last post and stopped it there.

            IMO, not one person on this site should feel that have to apologize to you, for the opinion they expressed in this posting. You were not personally attacked or singled out at any point.

            Incidentally, there were as many people saying that they did not have a problem with her smile. Why didn’t you cast your lot with them, instead of posting a full out rant at the people who didn’t agree?

          7. I need to defend Overit here. Why didn’t she stop after Arthistorian’s comment? Because you and Jenny commented, so she was trying to clarify on what she was saying. You two got defensive and therefore she wanted to clarify what she was saying. If you didn’t want her to continue, then why the heck did you comment??? Why didn’t you just leave it all alone. Especially since all you did was be rude. I totally understood where Overit was coming from! And Ray, Overit NEVER wanted an apology. It was Jenny who wanted one. So why are you blaming Overit for that instead of Jenny? In my opinion you two are being quiet rude and bullying. And yes Jenny you did too signal her out, give me a break. You are trying to play the victim, when you were very rude as well. And Ray, she had ever right to post a ‘rant’ like you call it just like you have an right to post your rant. But geez Ray, why should someone have to defend why they posted a comment? KMR I wish you would step in here because this has become very unpleasant when all Overit was trying to do was get people to stop making such vulgar comments about Sofia and instead she now is getting bullied.

          8. “Come on, I think everyone here is entitled to give their opinion about Sophia. If I don’t like her teeth and the way her hair was done for such a big day, can’t I say that?” – jenny

            That is what my original reply was agreeing with. And I was generalizing, not speaking to one specific person. It appears Overit thought I was speaking directly to her. I was not.

            I replied to Overit at the end, because nothing truly horrible or bone cruel was being said about Sophia, by anyone. I didn’t like that people were backing down to O, just because she decided to take so much offence at their personal opinions. I’ve seen far worse on KMR, than someone being called a skank or having their teeth called into question.

            Erin – My first paragraph at 2:19pm today was snarky, yes, but bullying? I’ve never been accused of that in my entire life. Please clarify where this came across so strongly to you.

          9. And to be clear, I enjoy Overits regular posts. I love hearing what all the regs have to say, quite frankly. But, if someone says something I disagree with, I will feel free to comment on it, if I choose. And if I’m being a bit of a snot at times, I hope you all “know” me well enough, not to take it personally!

  19. I think what Sofia has done is in the past. The real test will be when Sofia and Prince CP are married. Sofia is a different person after her so called wild past. It what people do that is important. I hope Victoria and Madeleine will befriend Sofia to help her adjust. The Swedish Royals seem a close knit family and that is why the children are happy. I expect her parents were probably wow we didn’t think this would happen and Sofia’s mother doesn’t have a big grin like the Cheshire cat reminiscent of a certain Duchess’s mother.

  20. Seth, do not feel bad! everyone has a right their opinions! As far a sofia is concerned we have to wait & see?

  21. I’m with you KMR. I think Victoria’s look was the best. I love her dress; It’s so elegant and looks quite comfortable. A bit sexy too (I like the slit). It truly flatters her body. I’m not a fan of the fascinators but I even like hers. I’m glad she changed her hairstyle (I truly H.a.t.e her bun with the hair parted in the middle).

    Estelle is such a cutie. I can’t get enough of that little one.
    Leonore, hehe, making cute and funny-baby pouts.

    Maddie looks pretty. I tend to like what she wears and find her very pretty but I’m starting to feel, she too, should chop a few inches off 😉 (and please, never-ever go blonde again).

    Regarding Sofia:
    The jury is still out for her. I don’t really like her, but I certainly don’t hate her. Perhaps she’ll be a great Princess. Kate has really lowered the bar in terms of young royals, so I doubt Sofia will disappoint.

    Her look: not the best. I don’t like the sausage curls and the fascinator is quite annoying on her too, but whatever. I guess I’ll just say I’m not impressed. Hope she doesn’t disappoint with her wedding dress (fingers crossed)

    Is it me, or does the king always look annoyed? 😛 lol Gosh he must be fun. NOT!

  22. I have no proof at all!I am wonder if the king worried that the new princess wil not be popular with the swedish people! If the swedish citizens do not accept S.H. then it might affect the royal royal family negatively! In the worst case scenerio there might be something in sofia’s past that might come back to haunt c.p. & sofia! The worst thing would be that Carl Phillip might to give his place in line of the throne! Sofia would have to give up her title, their children would have no royal title & no place in line to the throne! If it comes to sacrificing C.P. & S.H. to save the swedish royal family? It will be done! I do not agree with S.H. decisions! I also the world’s media will go after the new princess, after the wedding! That i do not wish on anyone! Sofia will be rakked over the coals! I also do not think she is a role model young girls! I can not think of any thing that be so damaging to the royals? To me they looked on sunday very uncomfortable or nervious! I there is more to come, they have every right worry! Let us hope nothing happens to blow every one out of water? Poor Victoria! I hope that no one thinks i have criticized sofia to be mean & i am not envious of her! Just my opinion! Thank for reading my long rant!

    1. Carl-Philip’s place in the line of succession is practically irrelevant at this point. Victoria is her father’s heir, Estelle is her mother’s heir and then there’ll be her (hopeful) future siblings.

      It is like Prince Joachim’s line in the Danish succession – utterly irrelevant since there are 5 people before him.

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